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Metta World Peace

Metta World Peace (born Ronald William Artest, Jr., November 13, 1979) is an American professional basketball player who is currently with the Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Read the story:. DON'T MESS WITH THE GOAT . Metta World Peace reveals a moment he had with Jordan…
Jordan? Kobe Bryant? Or LeBron James? Former Houston Rockets forward Metta World Peace just let NBA fans know the...
"Metta World Peace is probably my favorite player.. but Ron Artest is also pretty cool"
Practice Report: Luke Walton gives an injury update and talks about Metta World Peace's role on the team.
Wow! MVP chants for Metta World Peace in Madison Square Garden. - Lakers...
Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James? NBA veteran Metta World Peace just broke it down for New York...
Metta World Peace: Warriors years and years ahead of everybody
Metta World Peace details the time he broke Michael Jordan's ribs -
I liked a video Metta World Peace on LeBron yelling at Tristan, LaVar Ball and more | THE HERD (FULL
Metta World Peace celebrates his bold Curry prophecy from 4 years ago.. Related Articles:
That zany Metta World Peace.what a gas
- The quintessential enforcer. Metta World Peace flashes back to time he broke Michael Jordan's ribs
Metta World Peace recalls the time he broke Michael Jordan's ribs in a pickup game (it did not go well for him)
Why Lakers’ Luke Walton played Metta World Peace in win over Spurs
Luke Walton explains why he played Metta World Peace against the Spurs
She deserved that metta world peace elbow.
The Lakers are up 14 with a lineup of Tyler Ennis, David Nwaba, Metta World Peace, Thomas Robinson and Tarik Black.
i want World Peace like Metta, countin cheese that's the feta💸
This was how I learned Metta World Peace is still in the league
What's it like to guard Lebrun, Kobe, and Jordan? Ask this guy!
Metta World Peace has been awful this year.
Luke Walton on playing 37-year-old Metta World Peace when he's talked about developing younger players. Ingram's injury…
Metta World Peace on toughest to guard: MJ, Kobe or LeBron?
Metta World Peace reveals whether MJ, Kobe or LeBron was the toughest to defend
Metta World Peace has played limited time but remains a leader for Lakers
Artest is the son of Metta World Peace, Logan Johnson is brother of Heat's Tyler Johnson, King is part of Sacramento's killer 2018 class.
Lakers forward Metta World Peace thinks Russell Westbrook is currently the NBA’s best player. http…
As if a guy once known as Ron Artest now goes by 'Metta World Peace'. Go back to the being the guy who got drilled in the face by a cup of
Metta World Peace got MVP chants after scoring a tough shot over Carmelo Anthony at Madison Square Garden. 😂🐐.
I'd like to see Grayson Allen try and trip Metta World Peace (Ron Artest). He would def send him packing!
LAL-IND tonight. My Nov. piece on Metta World Peace lamenting how it all went wrong during his time with the Pacers: http…
Rajon Rondo/Nick Young/Lance Stephenson/Draymond/Boogie with Javale and Metta World Peace off the bench. Make it happen, NBA.
Slow-mo of that Larry Nance Jr. dunk on Brook Lopez with Metta World Peace reaction
Metta World Peace: Luke Walton is 'going to be in the Hall of Fame'
It's official: Metta World Peace has made the Lakers' 15-man roster. Ditto for Thomas Robinson. L.A. makes room by relea…
love watching breakfast club interviews 💞. Brother Polight . Minister Farrakhan . Metta World Peace
WATCH: Metta World Peace goes undercover as ‘Panda’ for sporting goods store
and you can Suck my Metta World Peace ***
Why he look like Metta World Peace right here lol
I would compare Stanley Johnson more with Metta World Peace than Draymond Green.
I'm lowkey crazy lol but like Lil B crazy not Metta World Peace or Mike Tyson crazy
Sept 17, I'll be in Detroit with Metta World Peace &more! Meet us at Osborn High School for the HipHop & Hoops bball tourny!
My brother Metta World Peace playing for Ross team today. We still gon whoop him. Ha!…
Game of throne issues with Metta World Peace
Joakim Noah, Tyson Chandler, and Metta World Peace have DPoY wins. Mark Eaton has two. How many of them are making the HoF?
Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace responds to Ayesha Curry saying the NBA is rigged. He basically tells her to CUT IT http…
Metta World Peace admits learning how to cook crack at age 13 when he lived next to Mobb Deep.
Metta World Peace has a story to tell...
I wanna see Draymond act tough to a guy like David West or Metta World Peace, not a quiet guy like Kanter. He would get falsed real quick
Metta World Peace: I learned how to cook crack at 13:
.revisits childhood memories of growing up in Queensbridge:
got them elbows like Metta World Peace does.
Metta World Peace acknowledges his failure to listen to Reggie Miller while with the story…
Metta World Peace calls time with Pacers 'one of the...
Metta World Peace said he learned to cook crack at 13. .
screening of film with Shamique Holdsclaw and Metta World Peace
Metta World Peace talks about how he learned how to cook crack at the age of 13.
Lakers would be in the playoffs if they got Aldridge this past summer but instead y'all signed Metta World Peace and Brandon Bass lol
Me: "Name ANY player in the NBA besides Steph Curry." Wife: "Ummm...the hot French guy, tattoo guy, and Metta World Peace."
That dude on the sideline is the soul reason why you know metta world peace ended up punching out some fans there lol
What is Bud doing leaving Schroeder in lol. He is reminding me of an out of control Metta World Peace
MLB: Dog Turds 2, Cameras 1; Metta World Peace wins with on the runway play
So Metta World Peace came to campus last night.and I slept thru it 🙃
Want to workout with Metta World Peace and FITCON LA team?. Rules are simple. 1.…
Dudes never call Metta World Peace Ron Artest but can't seem to get a trans person's name right
New post: Metta World Peace on Decision to Make ‘When the Bell Rings’ Doc
Who wants to join LA Lakers very own Metta World peace this Sunday for a private workout!!…
Ron Artest/Metta World Peace has to be the Dennis Rodman of this generation of basketball.
Ron Artest. Who went on to rename himself Metta World Peace. Its how he do
When you get a friend request on Instagram from Metta World Peace
Formerly Ron Artest, Metta World Peace changed his name because he wanted to be his true self
Charles Oakley, Reggie Miller, Jermaine O'Neal are a few teammates who have helped Metta World Peace along the way
Metta World Peace explains how he sold his NBA championship ring for $671,000, donating the proceeds to mental health charities
Metta World Peace explains his belief in the importance of counseling: "I wanted to improve myself."
Metta World Peace has arrived for a Q & A, explaining how Holdsclaw is a close friend of his
go replay the vid of Metta World Peace elbowing him.
Ron Artest changing his name 2 Metta World Peace, just like changed his name 2 a symbol no 1 could pronounce. Lol
Stay tuned for "ASLMU stomps out stigma," an event featuring a mental health discussion with NBA player Metta World Peace
westbrook has to be the craziest baller since Ron Artest/metta world peace. I love every bit of it
Watching the old episodes of Khloe and Lamar when Metta World Peace's name was still 'Ron Artest' 😂😂
Buddha & Metta World Peace are virtually the same person. World Peace plays better perimeter defense. Buddha never got a T.
"Anger has a honey tip but a poison root." I forget if that was the Buddha or Metta World Peace. Either way it's good.
Y now it's time for the clown show starring Metta World Peace. Oh, diarrhea.
TIL Metta World Peace (then Ron Artest) is now friends with the guy who threw the cup at him in Detroit, igniting the 'Malice at the Palace…
Metta World Peace and Marquis Daniels had the best songs on this video. Idk *** mfs was thinkin when they made...
I'll NEVER understand how Jarnell Stokes can't get a roster spot but Kendrick Perkins & Metta World Peace get mins. http…
Thunder fans conflicted about booing Metta World Peace. They still remember his elbow, but then they remember it was on Jam…
Harden flops so much it makes me wonder if he faked getting elbowed by Metta World Peace 🤔
Boxing moment of the weekend is Metta World Peace telling "I love pandas."
man. Da PG should've summoned his inner Metta World Peace & elbow Green in his neck
Any way Silver could get JR Smith and Metta World Peace on the Grizzlies next year?
domain names
Metta World Peace only gets garbage time for the Knicks. Yet they stink. Hope to see him on a team that can use his energy and defense
Salute 🐼Metta World Peace🐼 for being a role model in the Los Angeles mental health community.
.Metta World Peace in corner of Whittier's Pablo Rubio (in purple & gold)
Metta World Peace in the corner of Pablo "The Shark" Rubio Jr as he gets introduced in the ring.
At the Andy Mineo show. is performing in a Metta World Peace jersey. A Metta World Peace KNICKS jersey.
I wan see metta world peace & Matt Barnes vs ibaka and Demarcus cousins fight bruhh dat shii would be da funniest fight ever in nba history
David west, metta world peace, Zach Randolph... Easy
basically anything Metta World Peace has ever done in the history of ever. Or Dennis Rodman in the wedding dress
I hope metta world peace writes a book one day
D'Angelo should be happy he's teammates with Metta World Peace and not Ron Artest. 😂
Lakers considering bringing back Metta World Peace, report says
zero respect! I saw this one video where D-Russ was running down the court wide open and Metta World Peace didnt pass it smh
Is it okay to quote The Guardian (in a law research paper? Why does it feel like quoting Metta World Peace for bball authority
Ron Artest biked right past me at work once. But by that time he was known was Metta World Peace
I guess James is metta world peace.
1 thing I do know...D'Angelo Russell would NEVA NEVA NEVA record Metta world peace without him knowing
Metta World Peace -- The Lakers are all Good via thanks it was all good 2 weeks ago!
Metta World Peace has made more 3's than Durant, Harden, Klay, Iverson, Melo, Arenas, McGrady...etc. Not sure why I didn't know this earlier
Jordan clarkson look like he went to metta world peace barber 😂😂"Let me get the Ron"
If Metta World Peace can comeback from his infamous brawl at the palace, so can De'Angelo Russel.
Clarkson really looks like metta world peace
'Metta world peace' the 2nd time :D...
Metta World Peace will look past prior attitude problems and play to a level that was unknown before.
That's crazy how Ryan Kelly & Metta world peace took Nick Young minutes Byron Scoot deserve to get hired
Metta World Peace is the least dramatic person on the Lakers this season. Just let that sink in
When the veterans on your team are Metta World Peace and Swaggy P your team is gonna be a show.
We really have the corpse of Kine and Metta world peace on the floor Jesus lol
I know its been a while but this *** Ron Artest really changed his name to Metta World Peace.
Just realized i've had Siri call me Metta World Peace since 2011 😂
Metta World Peace (inactive) is out for Wednesday's game vs Miami.
this might sound stupid but why is Ron Artest named Metta World Peace
How in the world in Metta World Peace the most level-headed person the team. . When did this happen?
BREAKING: D'Angelo Russell found elbowed to death. Metta World Peace seen fleeing the scene and his location is unknown.
I feel bad for the fans who thought they were paying to see four full quarters of Metta World Peace.
Kobe doubtful and Metta World Peace to start vs. Kings
Status note: Report that Kobe Bryant is closer to doubtful Tuesday; Metta World Peace expected to start.
Metta World Peace said he was told he's going to start in place of Kobe tonight. This will mark Metta's fourth start of t…
Another game without Kobe Bryant tonight. Metta World Peace expected to start in his place against the Kings.
Metta World Peace praises Kobe, says Melo needs to be more like him.
Metta World Peace no quiere ser como Kobe Bryant
Mannn talked to Metta World Peace, Faith Evans and Dame Dash all in one day. Legends 🙏🏽
Metta World Peace: 'I want to do a couple more years': On Tuesday, Metta World Peace came off the Los Angeles ...
Ron Artest aka "Metta World Peace" aka "The Panda's Friend" Basketball shoes he plans to wear in China….
We cut Jabari Brown and Robert Upshaw for Marcelo Huertas and Metta World Peace...
all day I have hoped that the Selena Gomez lyric was. metaphorical genitals. and that it had something to do with. Metta World Peace
gabe rosado on nba star metta world peace - he knows boxing! EsNews Boxing via
Once Metta World Peace retires the NBA will officially be all softies
Highlights of the experience : 1. Metta World Peace interactions 2. Kendrick Lamar surrounded by flames.
Looked oddly familiar to the way Metta World Peace would run that post blast cut.
My dad really met metta world peace lmao
Either Shaq vs barkeley or Metta World Peace vs the World
Metta World Peace doesn't believe Derek Fisher's string of losses&the only reason the former New York Knicks coach was fired
Why did we sign metta world peace if he dont play lol
Best rapper/basketball player of all time? Shaq, Dame, Cam'ron, Master P, or Metta World Peace?
After helping the Lakers win the 2010 NBA Finals, Metta World Peace gave a shout-out to his psychologist and inadvertently became one of
Metta World Peace (inactive) is out for Friday's game vs San Antonio.
still waiting for Doc to pick up Metta World Peace...
nooo! Massy and Saucy never gave them back!😩 They still have my Metta World Peace and Paul Gasol jersey 😩😭😡
We just need Metta World Peace on the Grizz roster😂
Metta World Peace says Lakers will go "20-7:" his take on the young core, KOBE and coaching https…
Metta World Peace gave his thoughts on how the Lakers' crop of young players has developed thus far:
Thx for the great interview with Metta World Peace 🐼 yesterday_ hopefully, fans and brass respect..
Love Steph , personally I think Kanye is closer to Metta World Peace.
Metta World Peace in the prime time spot, tomorrow, 8:20, at W-L.
Metta World Peace: "I love to see Kobe fired up. It's almost intimidating.".
Metta World Peace on plans for the future: "One day I do want to be a coach.".
We're live with Metta World Peace for his Lakers Voices chat! . Join the conversation with
Jason Kidd, Matt Barnes, Metta World Peace three most likely to hit your wife/girlfriend right in front of you?
Metta World Peace would make this game a bit more exciting!!! Come on Byron put him in💜💛
So and Metta World Peace sitting next to 2 oblivious kids on the bench at Clippers game.
he became a corpse once he found out Metta world peace fouled him that time
Metta World peace the goat😂 a name change is extremely expensive so Pera won't do it anyway.
looks like Metta World Peace with that left hand move
thefanaticsview Metta World Peace on his mental health history . …
Metta World Peace on his mental health history .
Honestly if you don't know what Metta World Peace used to be called you are a SUPER new *** ..
Lakers got: Brandon Bass, Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams, Metta World Peace all available for trade.interesting
U tweakin bro metta world peace a dog
The time he elbowed Metta World Peace in the throat and Metta got ejected
Metta World Peace recalls the famed Pacers-Pistons brawl from '04 with
He said he want a Peace like Metta World
I move fr in the streets in the World with that Peace I'm like Metta with that!
My brother is the white version of metta world peace according to metta world peace.
Metta World Peace offering a tear-jerker quote on Pau Gasol. Metta: "I’m so grateful for Pau. He forever has a spot in my…
I'm pretty sure Metta World Peace followed people Back to their homes
Pau Gasol speaks of his friendship with Kobe Bryant: Los Angeles – Metta World Peace said he generally dislike...
I'd take it a step further and go Metta World Peace on him!
this smells like a Metta World Peace kind of game 🌍✌...
my bad Gasol and Metta World Peace the great
I would pay Metta World Peace my tax refund to sleep Curry
Hear what Metta World Peace told about playing on the with Kobe!.
Metta World Peace proud to earn a minimum contract
🏀🍑 Big Booty Judy You think you Kobe on the court when your really a girl version of Ron Artest metta world peace but you slim thick 😌
Absolutely no disrespect to Meadowlark Lemon, but doesn't his name sound like Metta World Peace's next name?
probably cause you called him Ron instead of Metta World Peace amiright
When you walk right pass Metta World Peace on the street leaving the game. 😳
Didn't get to meet but did run into Ron Ar-Metta World Peace on the way out!
he reminds me of Metta World Peace for some reason lol
Video Extra >>> Stephen Jackson and Metta World Peace Recall the Malice at the Palace
Metta World Peace’s Defensive Player of the Year Trophy could be yours.
Metta World Peace stays positive, for the Lakers and friend Lamar Odom
Metta World Peace had slaps that game!
is Metta world peace still on lakers rotation ? Not playing because too sore or what ?
Predicting where college basketball's top 10 uncommitted recruits ...
If it takes human beings dying to win another Super Bowl, I choose world peace anytime. The only exception is that Metta guy.
Who's better Metta World Peace or his son Ron Artest III?! . with the answer.
solid time I ended up tryin to convince metta world peace's kid to chill with me
Metta World Peace is officially changing his name again to "PandaFriend" to coincide with his move to the CBA.
Brazill always reminded me of an older metta world peace. Traub similar to Jeff foster. WVD a lot like Jj barea.
Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace's new name is "Friend Of The Panda"??? ...the things u learn hanging out with Cousin Jake!
Dec. 27, 2008: Sub Metta World Peace scores 28, Yao Ming adds 26 and has 4 blocks, and the Houston Rockets beat the Jazz, 120-115, in 2OT.
Not his season. Many come back within 2 months. Metta world peace missed like 3 weeks
Metta World Peace over the chill'n in a designer
We take 80 points in the 3rd by the Grizz, and still Byron "best coach ever" Scott don't put in his best defender, Metta World Peace ! --'
Metta World Peace (inactive) is out for Sunday's game vs Memphis.
Laker inactives for the game are Metta World Peace and Tarik Black.
I didn't see them make a movie when metta world peace gave James harden the concussion of a lifetime
I just entered for a chance to WIN Metta World Peace's Trophy in support of
Boy if the jets win today im changing my name to Metta World Peace
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
A grown man change his name to Metta World Peace because of the image this fight gave him.
Incredibly saddened to learn that Dave Henderson has passed away. He will be dearly missed. Rest in peace, Hendu. https…
pssh I'm going low key God Shammgod or Metta World Peace 😂
Tony, ya boy Metta World Peace said Lakers fans are horny for Kobe!?
Metta World Peace on fan love for Kobe: 'It's amazing. It's like they're horny for it. Horny fans ... Make sure you word…
Metta World Peace should be doing commercials for Meta Mucil.
Before he signed a training camp contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, Metta World Peace was constantly at the team’s training facility wor…
Ron Artest changed his name to "Metta World Peace". He misspelled the 1st word. It's "META" (maximum) not "Metta", U dummy!
Metta World Peace holding a signed Kobe letter. "I'm so happy I got a chance to witness this." (via http…
Remind me again why the Lakers signed Marcelo Huertas and Metta World Peace? So painful to watch. At least we got Robert Sacre...
Shane shares his birthday with the coolest people/things: Metta World Peace, Beauty and the Beast, Disney's Fantasia, & Michael Bennett!
Metta World Peace will start in Kobe Bryant's place at small forward. Anthony Brown is also on the active roster
Wolves should sign Ron Artest or Metta World Peace or whatever his name is next time wolves play the Hawks. Show Teague a lesson
Lakers waive Jabari Brown, will keep Metta World Peace on roster
Metta World Peace is diagnosing a cat in Antarctica. Brent Spiner and John Travolta are having a CD player party.
Metta World Peace reminds us of the summer he and Lamar Odom ruled AAU basketball
are you suggesting a man named Metta World Peace to help someone else out psychologically?
& Metta World Peace was his childhood friend are we blaming him? No. Just Kobe
Lakers like first glimpse of Metta World Peace - OCRegister
Lakers like first glimpse of Metta World Peace
Lakers like first glimpse of Metta World Peace: HONOLULU – At least he didn’t shatter into a million little Wo...
like first glimpse of Metta World Peace
I'm kind of disappointed we're not seeing a Joe Ingles/Metta World Peace matchup. It'd be fun.
Get your first look at Metta World Peace back with the Lakers (PHOTO)
Coming up: did Colin Kaepernick take a shot at Jim Harbaugh & is Metta World Peace back in the NBA? Plus, all the usual stuff you'd expect..
ugh. im probably going to lose Melo, Myself, and Metta World Peace when they enter the nba draft. gotta make my recruiting count.
Metta World Peace on Kobe: "He told me he’s going to come back and carry the team. I believe him".
it's a good day when Metta World Peace tells you that you're a great rebounder...
# Lakers' head coach Byron Scott stated during a recent interview that Metta World Peace is still in "great, g...
4 years ago today . 2011 ~ Ron Artest legally changes his name to Metta World Peace
Electronic Device Insurance
Lakers may still sign Metta World Peace to reach 19 players - max is 20 for the offseason and 15 for regular season
Diego Costa is the Metta World Peace of soccer
Diego Costa is basically Ron Artest before he became Metta World Peace
Metta World Peace signing for the Lakers...Lol...what for? To teach Clarkson and Russell how to brawl?
Now playing: Peace by Metta World Peace - @ - Buy it
The Lakers are seriously considering bringing back Metta World Peace!
love stories like this. In a few months he will be waived. Metta World Peace all over again
Report: Lakers close to signing Metta World Peace to return to team
There can't possibly be any sound logic to the Lakers bringing Metta World Peace back. could there?.
Metta World Peace: ‘I’m Still One of the Best Small Forwards in the World’
Report: wouldn't bring UFA SF Metta World Peace into camp with plans to release him.
Report: It's more likely than not that UFA SF Metta World Peace will join the for training camp. (1/2).
Lakers are reportedly considering signing Metta World Peace to a one-year deal
Instead of signing Metta World Peace? The Lakers should focus on the rebuild by signing young players like Jeremy Tyler and Robert Upshaw!
"The world was once chaos, war, and blood. Then came the time of Metta World Peace...the time of utopia."
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Lakers need to:. 1. Bring Robert Upshaw, Metta World Peace and Rasaul Butler in on training camp deals
of Metta World Peace in that ENY Memorial Classics(Gersh Park) Jersey. He came and had a quick…
Best 15..Lakers looking to re-sign Ron Artest..aka-Metta World work with Julius Randle..
NBA rumors: News on Jeff Withey and Metta World Peace, plus ...
Nick Young, Kobe, Lou Williams, Metta World Peace. They're bringing back Showtime Lakers but as a comedy.
NBA's Metta World Peace + secret meatballs make a baller on @ 9|8c: ht…
Currently developing Artested Development: the rise and fall of Metta World Peace. how you doin'?
I always see Metta World Peace in the darndest places
how about a Dennis Rodman or Metta World Peace impersonation.
Just said hi to Metta World Peace in Hollywood! Wow!
I take great pride in the fact that Metta World Peace was following me on his old account & refollowed me on his new one
I'm gonna legally change my name to Metta World Peace
Metta World Peace on - "I needed a psychologist to help me perfect what I love":
Metta World Peace said "I want to be in discussion for All Star Weekend this year." . Here is him in the offseason. htt…
I say Metta World Peace is the baddest
ICYMI: Metta World Peace tried to pull down pants once. He still hit the 3.
Metta World Peace discusses the importance of mental health in sports and in life. .
Many NBA players over the years have used sports psychologists. Here's why Metta World Peace needed one.
That time Metta World Peace tried to pull down Paul Pierce's pants, but he still hit the 3 ...
I'm a mixture of Metta World Peace and Eddie House with a lil Phil Jackson
More like a Metta World Peace without the 3 pointer and lockdown defense. From my view.
I met Metta World Peace today... so that was cool.
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