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Metropolitan Police

Metropolitan Police is a generic title for the municipal police force for a major metropolitan area, and it may be part of the official title of the force.

London Metropolitan Police Metropolitan Police Commissioner Metropolitan Police Service Black Museum New Scotland Yard

Interesting to see the sanction detection rate falling in last yr for almost all crime types in >>
Yes you should. I suggest you start by knocking on this door:
Finally got around to watching last night! Amazing documentary and credit to the Metropolitan Police!!
Response to certain media reports (eg the Sun) on Commissioner's position on solving burglary - Metropolitan Police
Man arrested on suspicion of encouragement of terrorism - Metropolitan Police
How Chief Superintendent Glenn Tunstall used the 4 enablers to double the crime solve rate in 3 years at Kingston
To all our colleagues in London and friends in the Metropolitan Police; stay safe.
Response to Commissioner's position on solving burglary - Metropolitan Police
Appeal to trace man following noxious substance incident at... - Metropolitan Police via
for lengthy jail sentences the plethora of “privileged elite” paedophiles and other perverts that the hierarchy of the Metropolitan Police
87% of times Metropolitan Police officers drew a Taser last year, it was not used, new figures show…
'Counter Terrorism Command arrest in north London - Metropolitan Police...'
A re-investigation by the Metropolitan Police concluded that his death was "probably an accident".
Installed at a chaotic intersection, this gave London traffic cops a place to hang their heavy woolen coats
Police constable charged with sexual assault by touching - Metropolitan Police via
New Commissioner talks about campaign to raise funds to build a... - Metropolitan Police via
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Reward offered in anniversary murder appeal - Metropolitan Police via
Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, Cressida *** confirms she is in a same sex relationship. Did merit or diversity get her the job??
Metropolitan Police want to question 25-year-old Arthur Collins from Hertfordshire over an acid attack at a nightclub in…
Remembering Police Constable Michael Perry, of the Metropolitan Police, who died on duty on this day in 1993
.> All data from - latest available today to Feb 2017
.Tokyo Metropolitan Police identified "2 Chinese females" as prime suspects of Shrine vandalism cases…
TRAFFIC GUIDELINES. . The Traffic Police Commander of Kampala Metropolitan, Norman Musinga has warned the...
AHMM completes work on New Scotland Yard for Metropolitan Police
boys warming up for their final London match at Metropolitan Police FC with
17-year-old girl charged with IS-related terror offences. terrorism offences, the Metropolitan Police Force has said.
Metropolitan police bristish is paulette Goddard mom can you remove Cyber-glitches thank you
The Metropolitan Police has reported a 42% year-on-year increase in gun crime, and a 24% leap in knife crime across London.
Metropolitan police used to refer to Madeleine as a serious crime investigation . Now they call it a "Full Mur…
The Metropolitan Police Service has published its end-of-year crime statistics for 2016-2017.
Statistics for 2016/17 published by the Metropolitan Police showed that gun crime increased by more than two...
Little Giant Ladders
D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department doesn't bother getting pictures of missing children to put on posters..…
Metropolitan police detained in an underground bakery of migrant workers, baking Easter cakes:...
Everyone [including the metropolitan police] knows that majorleak2017 is Simon Just. Watch what happens when he ans…
Sir , Dhaka metropolitan police already applying this and feedback is very, very positive.
Mr. Trump. As a police officer in a major metropolitan agency, we support you wholeheartedly.
Rajshahi Magistrate court orders local metropolitan police to start Raudha's death as a case of homicidal murder as facts we…
Man found guilty of sexually assaulting woman on bus - Metropolitan Police via
"The two central London Metropolitan Police are putting the go back to heart from Teshacris" when an earlier suicide attack.
.& are holding a charity rugby match to support us & victims of the Westminster incident https:/…
Metropolitan police corrupt as *** by investigating anyone who questions hbos Lloyds bank bribery corruption forgery…
"Why the Pitchford Inquiry labeled the Metropolitan Police incompetent"
'What this chilling picture shows is the real threat to life that domestic abuse is' -
Teenager charged with terrorism offences - Metropolitan Police - .
Crime statistics show a surge in knife and gun in Breakdown of figures, here:
Matchday: Metropolitan Police vs Needham Market in the Ryman Premier Division with a 3pm kick off at Imber Court
Beware! tourists! Metropolitan Police is asking for witness to track down a kidnapped into a car by men in…
After the incident in London, View updates from the Metropolitan Police at or follow at…
RAP, Metropolitan Police are providing pension disclosures and interference and misinternational search areas across the Washington media.
Assistant commissioner of Metropolitan Police is appearing at event by right wing think tank Henry Jackson Society
Scotland Yard is just a building, Greater London's police force is called the Metropolitan Police
Family of Jean Charles de Menezes slam Cressida *** s appointment as new Metropolitan Police Commissioner
by extention,she is an advocate for the Kalergi Plan.She is another enemy of the people.
First female Commissioner for London & the most senior police officer in the U.K.
Seriously good news that the Metropolitan Police has a appointed a woman asCommissioner/top bod. Hats of Cressida *** Well done.
She has a reputation for being incompetent and useless.
Cressida *** becomes first the female Metropolitan Police Commissioner in its 188-year history
Cressida *** will be the 1st woman to break the mould of the metropolitan police in its 187 year history by...
Cressida *** is appointed as the Metropolitan Police Chief - the largest police force in the country
Only the metropolitan police could appoint a new commissioner call MISS ***
Cressida *** will become the Met Police's first ever female Commissioner
Met Police appoints first ever female commissioner
A new leader, a new era. Wishing the Commissioner all the very best.
Cressida *** will be the next commissioner of the Metropolitan police - first time in the history of Met that it has been…
When you hear that the first woman to take charge of the metropolitan police is called Cressida ***
Congratulations to our new Commissioner Cressida *** on becoming the first woman to take charge of London's Metropolita…
Metropolitan Police still headed by a ***
First female commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Force appointed.
Home Secretary Amber Rudd announces Cressida *** as new Met Police Commissioner. More details on our new media blog http…
Cressida *** named new Metropolitan Police Commissioner first woman ever to head ...…
Cressida *** becomes first woman to take charge of London's Metropolitan Police
A historic day for London as Cressida *** is welcomed as new Commissioner h…
Congratulation go to Cressida *** - who will be the first female Commissioner in the history of the Metropolitan Police.
Cressida *** has been named as the Metropolitan Police's first female Commissioner replacing Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe
Fighting fit? Challenges for new Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida *** by ht…
Metropolitan Police records one of the highest amounts of hate crime in country following Brexit
"This debate will have speakers from the Metropolitan Police, CLEAR, the drug policy reform group, an agency for...
Busy “adviser” | PPT Perhaps if the Office of the Ombudsman paid Metropolitan Police chief Pol Lt Gen Sanit (cont)
"Tennison" focuses on 23-year-old JaneTennison (Stefanie Martini) joining the Metropolitan Police in London in 1973.
REVEALED British police may be forced to carry guns and tasers because of the religion of peace & obviously NWO PLAN http…
I am, going on a decade, a reserve with the metropolitan police department in Washington, DC. Very rewarding community service
The Metropolitan Police should now open a full investigation in to this as it appears there are criminals at large.
ALERT: Two cousins are missing, and the Metropolitan Police Department want the public’s help to...
Scotland Yard accuses honour crimes whistleblower of gross misconduct for speaking to the press 
Two men found guilty of terrorism offences - Metropolitan Police via
The Metropolitan Police in DC say it is fictitious. Many independent organizations agree
Chloe turned away from the Metropolitan police officer as he stomped back inside
PC Norwell Roberts, the first black police officer in London's Metropolitan Police Service, directing traffic in 19…
We need more police officers with the character of Det Sgt Pal Singh, why is he being persecuted?. .
This man should be honoured and not persecuted by the corrupt police. No wonder people hate them. Morons!
Leadership and man management: Bernard Hogan-Howe style
Metropolitan Police accused of racism by parents of Thames death teenager - International Business Times UK
Police accused of racism by parents of death teenager - via
Whistleblower who exposed police mishandling of honor violence cases facing disciplinary action
This a picture from the Metropolitan Police control room. Come on Heart! Support your local county's 999 teams.
Our friend is missing. If you think you may have seen him please call the Metropolitan Police on 0203 276 3172. Pl…
Metropolitan Police sex abuse case 'failings put children at risk': "Serious failings" in Met Police inquiries…
BREAKING: Metropolitan Police confirm officers will be deployed within London Stadium to assist stewards during West H…
Two Polish men jailed for throwing bacon in north London mosque - Metropolitan Police via
Friends, this is the esteemed Metropolitan Police Force:
RPC Kampala Metropolitan Police South briefing the police officers on the days tasks.
Police identify man shot to death near Metropolitan Community College this past weekend
I just uploaded “Metropolitan Police Special Constables promo” to
Wow.., exactly 1yr since was brutally MURDERED by the Metropolitan Police Dept here in DC
Q122: What is the headquarter of the British Metropolitan Police Force?
WASHINGTON - A man has been rescued from the Potomac River. The reports that the Metropolitan Police
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Metropolitan Police moves headquarters after 49 years following sale of New Scotland Yard
Yes I could do with losing a few lbs but there is no need for the Metropolitan Police to take the *** !
More suspect foreign entity purchases in the London property market. . This time an Abu Dhabi investor buys up...
The Met moves from its historic New Scotland Yard HQ
Young people are given a new voice in policing - Metropolitan Police via
This man ⬇️ is under investigation by both the Metropolitan Police & under an inquiry by Leicester Police & advo…
Officer who was convicted of sexual offences against a child is dismissed from the Metropolitan Police
BBC News - Metropolitan Police apologise over *** abuse investigation
TOP had his practical exam at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency hall this afternoon. Final exam results will be announced…
Metropolitan Police move out of New Scotland Yard after 49 years... more luxury (empty deposit box) flats next stop
Metropolitan Police make seven arrests after violence in West Ham EFL Cup match:
even Ealing Council says you are meant to enforce it. From a FAQ. The speed limit would be enforced by the Metropolitan Police.
Hi Kate, those buses are hired from private companies. Please call Metropolitan Police or Council if nuisance
Bruce Robinson reveals that a letter to the Metropolitan Police supposedly from the Ripper, was sent from Sheffield
Update - Metropolitan Police says nine people are staging a protest on the runway of London City Airport and flights have…
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Metropolitan Police says the body of a 15-year-old boy has been recovered following a search opera…
Was this British tennis player deliberately poisoned at Wimbledon?: Britain's Metropolitan Police has reveale...
93% of serious youth violence in London is committed by non-black people. 78% of the ppl in metropolitan police's gang databas…
UK's top police officer says risk of terror attack high but mitigated by community policing & tolerance in society htt…
“We will not become like them, we will not hate, we will not be cowed and because of this, they will never win”
The head of London's Metropolitan Police says a terror attack in Britain is . . .
Three teenagers playing Pokemon Go have been robbed at gunpoint of their mobile phones in a north London park, Metropol…
The old "good guy with a gun"//Off-duty officer charged with shooting Indy detective via
UK risk of terror attack remains a case of 'when, not if', says Met chief
A terror attack on the United Kingdom is a case of "when, not if", the Metropolitan Police Commissioner has warned.
Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police are gearing up for this weekend’s July 4th and First Friday festivities; and...
BREAKING: Metropolitan Police confirm singer George Michael arrested and charged with four counts of impersonating a zookeeper.
1901: The Fingerprint Branch of the London Metropolitan Police commenced operation in England
The Metropolitan Police. The Padre who emptied his Bergen begs to differ. So was I
The Metropolitan Transit Authority (NY) has posted its MTA Police Officers vacancy with NOBLE:...
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Former Met Police homes in London sold: Dolphin Living has snapped up 75 London homes from the Metropolitan P...
I'll report you to metropolitan police for sexual assault
I think Patlabor holds up especially well in a modern era where military equipment is regularly employed by metropolitan police.
IMPD's sweep continues with 8 more arrests: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers hit the streets again e...
How to remove Metropolitan Police Virus from Android Phone - YooSecurity Removal Guides
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is now accepting applications for the following position(s):. Victim...
The metropolitan police force are nothing but GRAVE ROBBERS just like John Darwin the canoe man.
And the metropolitan police and South Yorkshire Police should be looked into over the miners strike
PC Ricky Haruna is likely to receive a five-figure sum after London's Metropolitan Police confirmed a tribunal case for racial
What Metropolitan police teach and bring back? Sioux Falls SD Police Department
ASP association cannot offer insight let alone field training like metropolitan police department can. Sioux Falls SD Police Department
Join me in a patrol with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Following the vandalism of a Polish Community Centre in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, on what the Metropolitan Police described as
Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority renews contracts with area police departments for security via
Nearly 8,000 people were arrested for drug-driving in England and Wales in the last year, new data shows. The Metropolita…
do u want to starve, be blown up by metropolitan police drones, deported to rockall, or work a 300 hr week for £2 an hour
Metropolitan Police still compiling as they catch up with the Labour party's anti-semitism report fiasco...
Special for perverting the course of - Metropolitan via
Last I saw of them Metropolitan Police were training with them somewhere in Gravesend!
When is Police England going to act on the heads & fmr heads of the DWP! . Pse Sign Ptn: .
First shots of the Metropolitan Police BMW i3 added to this morning
“I’ve asked our police to be extra vigilant for rise of hate crime The Metropolitan police promised to investigate .
NEW. SNP MP has written again to the Metropolitan Police on . https:…
Breaking: A Metropolitan Police car has overturned on Clapham Road in Stockwell, South London. The road is closed in bo…
ALERT: Police arrest 2 men on suspicion of funding terrorism in raids at 2 addresses in south London - Metropolitan Police …
Man arrested in relation to West Ham bus attack at Upton Park finale: London's Metropolitan Police have arrested a man on suspicion o...
Metropolitan Police says 20-year-old man arrested in east London on suspicion of planning to travel to for terrori…
Photo: London's Metropolitan Police release images of men wanted over attack on Manchester Unite..
Metropolitan Police, London explain how to apply (is the name of the initiative):
Islamaphobic attacks in london are up by 51% according to the Metropolitan Police
LONDON (Reuters) - London's Metropolitan Police said on Wednesday that officers had established that a suitcase…
Metropolitan Police figures have shown that in London reports of Islamophobic hate crimes increased by 58% between 2013 and 2015
London police investigating unattended item on bus, cordons in place: London's Metropolitan Police said on We...
> abandoned item on bus was non-suspicious: London's Metropolitan Police said on Wednesday th...
The main event of the tournament is at Saturday April 9th at 8pm when DC Fire Hockey battles the Metropolitan Police department.
Croydon man, Matthew Doyle, hits out at Metropolitan Police after mistakenly being charged with inciting racia... http…
Appeal to find missing boy from Walthamstow - Metropolitan Police via
I also found out today Horsham was known in the SE for its begger pooking, a guy with a big stick, a 17th century metropolitan police
"After a brief chase, the assailant lost consciousness and was airlifted to safety. He's now in custody of Metropolitan Police and the NHS".
"GMC, London's Metropolitan Police + the RUC did not tell the RVH that Fraser had been convicted of child abuse.".
Have the Metropolitan Police outsourced your protection to the Red Army Choir?
Remembering PC Matthew Allen, of the Metropolitan Police. Fatally injured when responding to a call on this day in 1992.
Incoming fact! Hirst has refused to apologise for the Metropolitan police his own home!
These changes are hurting my hubby, his colleagues and our family. They can't strike but you can sign this
We,Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department,have released an English PR video.Please visit our official YouTube channel !
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
PC Katie Dennell meets her greatest female role model from the Metropolitan Police Service
Heartbroken girlfriend cradled dying boyfriend after he was stabbed ‘over £120 debt'
Shoot to rule on whether Metropolitan police officer was jean charles de Menezes inquest).
Thank you LexisNexis for a wonderful night at the circus at Verizon Center! Washington Metropolitan Police Dept.
Update: Appeal to trace a car following the death of a man in... - Metropolitan Police via
"Charles de Menezes was shot in the head SEVEN TIMES by the Metropolitan police in 2005 at...
The Metropolitan police trying to kill everyone 😂
Dear Kampala metropolitan police spokes person Patrick onyango. Museveni is not a candidate but rather president elect
fans - what do you think the Metropolitan Police should spend your taxes on?
"I have read an alarming report from the Metropolitan Police which led me to this decision"
Metropolitan Police hires BG Group's Angus McCallum as new CIO -
lies that cost the metropolitan police a lot of money, so I'd be a bit more careful. I'm
Dublin Metropolitan Police constable James O’Brien, pictured center, from Kilfergus, County Limerick, was an...
UK Metropolitan Police Commissioner: "Banks 'should not compensate' victims of online fraud".
One rule for the Metropolitan Police... and another for innocent folk minding their own business. I could have...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The SAS and Metropolitan Police are prepared to tackle up to 10 simultaneous terrorist strikes in London, it has been claim…
Metropolitan Police appeal for help with locating 18-year-old Mohammed Ali from in London who escaped after bein…
Big games affecting top of Ryman Premier tonight: Tonbridge Angels v Metropolitan Police. Hosts go joint 2nd with with win
Sir Robert Peel was from Bury. He was Prime Minister, founder of the Metropolitan Police and the Conservative Party. https:…
Not sure the Metropolitan Police's eagle squad would enjoy this weather
No. no, means what he says. There will be free Metropolitan Police horses for all, not just
As I said I would never accuse those politicians of anything but it dos have to be said that others have.
Commander Richard Walton plans to quit the Metropolitan Police, in a move that would allow him to avoid answering a miscon…
Forty years after mysterious teen death officers appeal for... - Metropolitan Police via
Vitriolic article by Paul Gambaccini "The rotton apple at the MetPolice is right at the top."
Memo to Metropolitan Police: Keep a close eye on the postal voting trend in London mayoral race ! Remember Oldham ?
Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe QPM Metropolitan Police Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis Misconduct in Public Office
The rotten apple at the Metropolitan Police is right at the top - The Independent
He has not responded till now? We need to call Metropolitan Police.
I'm black and born and bred in England I've been subjected all kinds of abuse from metropolitan police, courts
Bud is doing well in the Metropolitan police, here he is teaching some new recruits
Met Policeman remvoes help for heroes wristband after Anjem Choudary shouts at him! ridiculous …
Second man charged with David Darko murder (The Metropolitan Police) {wn}
Met police urged to investigate contracts then the sw…
Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story series is prob my second fave next to cases that has to do with black organization LOL
Met police urged to investigate contracts then the swindle
Second man charged with David Darko murder - Metropolitan Police via mynewsdesk_uk
Metropolitan Police Service allegedly getting one of these on is rare
PAUL GAMBACCINI: The rotten apple at the Met is right at the top
Metropolitan Police Service LX53AGY In 2013 I was amazed this was still in service in Central London
Metropolitan Police Service BX62BFZ Not the 1st photo but I was the 1st to post one of these online
I have a list of suspects which I have to narrow down...bruuuh I should work for metropolitan police😂
160130 bus around Seoul Metropolitan Police Stn~~ since will have an event later . Photo: YJLB
thanks for sharing Metropolitan Police, have a great Saturday :) (FREE Automation >>
CPS accused of suppressing Metropolitan Police corruption evidence
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Main lesson of . = regardless of what taxes you pay you'll get Keystone Cops service from the Metropolitan Police
Jail for Peckham pair who stole high value motorcycles - Metropolitan Police via
Deputy Police Chief to Join Hulman Motorsports: A deputy chief of police with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Po...
Sign the petition and voice your opinion!.
UK's Top Cop covered up Blair Minister who abused children
BUSTED: Bobbies caught sleeping in car on New Year's Day duty
Metropolitan Police Officer attached to appeared in Court *tut, tut, tut* via
BREAKING: armed Metropolitan officers arrest trio after unmarked police cars swarm on road,
"Officer in court - Metropolitan Police via good really hope he goes jail
London revellers have been watched over by every available officer at the Metropolitan Police's disposal, including hundreds of firearms
PCs photographed dozing off in illegally-parked patrol car via
Daigo is doing safety ads for the Tokyo metropolitan police. Daigo you can say no to some jobs.
[Kemoner] MOE of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, please refe...
St. Louis Metropolitan Police's First Paddy Wagon, it was also able to be pulled by horses if needed, ca. 1910's.
In the movie Good People a Metropolitan police office starts shooting people in a park. ***
Metropolitan Police, CPS: Investigate the Manslaughter of Benefit claimants - Sign the Petition! via
A few from the New Years Day Parade. A long but fun day. Well done to the organisers and the Metropolitan Police...
Appeal following assault in Deptford - Metropolitan Police via
The Ian Blair Years Danny Shaw tells the story of Sir Ian Blair's tenure as Metropolitan Police ...
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority says two MPs have been referred to the Metropolitan Police over expenses cl…
A copy of the report by Professor Roy Lewis of ACAS. - Metropolitan Police via
Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, resigned over a stay at Champneys.
New Met HQ officially 'Topped Out' by Commissioner and Deputy Mayor - Metropolitan Police via
You can grill Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe at Croydon College:
Police Fact: Hot Fuzz is based on the early career of a Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police
Commissioner's statement in response to Comprehensive Spending Review. - Metropolitan Police via
Ok seriously, what's wrong with this end of London. Murder investigation launched in Uxbridge - Metropolitan Police
Commander of Metropolitan Police,London, Mak Chishty issues 'request *** warning' appeal to protesters to be peaceful during PM Modi's visit
London's Metropolitan Police released a video today showing a m...
Watch this guy cut a hole in a Porsche roof to try to steal it: London's Metropolitan Police released a...
I'll bet the govt. argues that no-one complained when Metropolitan Police levy was added to London council taxes...
The creation of London's first crime prevention force, forerunner of Metropolitan Police in The Hi…
Metropolitan Police says a 14-year-old boy and two men have been charged with the murder of a 21-year-old man in Brent in…
Metropolitan Police's ethnic minority deficit is destroying trust in British policing - via
The commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, was invited to attend a home affairs select committee hearing.But he
Three for the Met: Jim Cooper, manager of Ryman League Premier Division club Metropolitan Police, has announce...
And unlikely that the Metropolitan Police would find themselves in a car park containing only American cars.
Worcester park is covered by the Metropolitan Police, so do not believe this would be us. Regards.
A second police force is to investigate the Metropolitan Police's handling of allegations against Lord Brittan.
Go inside the Metropolitan Police's 'Black Museum' of crime. The collection from the Metropolitan Police's Crime...
BBC News - Inside the Metropolitan Police's 'Black Museum' of crime
Inside the Metropolitan Police's 'Black Museum' of crime -
I've been here! Inside the Metropolitan Police's 'Black Museum' of crime - BBC News
OH... I'm the OTHER Charles Warren... OH, I was Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police during the Jack the Ripper case... SPOKY...
to London's Metropolitan Police which became the first official police department in 1829!
On Oct 9 Items from the Metropolitan Police's Crime Museum will be on display at the Museum of London. . 9 October
This is the biggest slap byLondon Metropolitan Police n Scotland Yard on the face of Ch Nisar's face that they don't believe in their story.
Metropolitan Police "raised concerns over ... the ability for [National Youth Theatre] to control all social media responses" to a play?
[PRESS](150821) EXID chosen as promotional ambassadors for Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency.
Timothy Chu, a Metropolitan Police Service officer, was on holiday in the Victoria area last month when he...
oh they must be if the govt and police are saying so. Must protect metropolitan commuters at all costs
City’s fiscal body commits to funding body cams for cops: The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department will be…
London Metropolitan Police seek 3-month extension to hold cash seized from the residence of MQM chief Altaf Hussain
Iran is Great van: no apology or compensation to family. La suite...
Metropolitan Police seeking to 'turn' ex-jihadis
MISSING PERSON: Rhashad Hall. The Metropolitan Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating...
MPD confirms shots fired in NE D.C. Man struck, but conscious and breathing, police say:
Metropolitan Police seeking to 'turn' ex-jihadis - BBC News
Lib Peck is putting a lot of effort into answering questions on behalf of the police, the IPCC, and Metropolitan Housing.
Media-savvy young Muslims stand up to online radicalization.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Man who pushed cyclist into path of traffic turns himself in to police
Well unforchantly if these cyclists want to be abusive to everyone they have a grudge against its hardly surprising…
Metropolitan Police seeking to 'turn' ex-jihadis -
If May hadn't been persuaded otherwise, the American Bill Bratton would have been appointed to clean up Metropolitan Police
Delighted that social-media savvy young Muslims are helping the Metropolitan Police to stop online radicalisation.
The Metropolitan Police say a 3-year-old girl, shot with an air rifle in London "is lucky to still be alive" & "Officers are reviewing CCTV"
Man jailed for historic sexual abuse - Metropolitan Police via
History of the Metropolitan Police - Time Line 1829 - 1849
Take a listen to my radio interview about my career in the Met & my book via this link...
We support Project Genesius, run by the Metropolitan Police.
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