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Met Office

The Met Office (originally an abbreviation for Meteorological Office, but now the official name in itself), is the United Kingdom's national weather service, and a trading fund of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Storm Doris Travel Safety

Fantastic news! If he had come here (UK) he'd have met protests on a massive scale. I'm off to do a dance o…
im delighted to learn that you met Somali Finance Minister about the Somalia Debt. I contacted ur office many times no reply.
The Met Office has now been forecasting for 3 years. Find out more
UK weather WARNING: Torrential rain and flooding TODAY as Hurricane Nate batters Britain
The ECMWF ensemble looks to take the storm further east than the Met Office model.
Should we tell the Met Office there really is a hurricane coming this time!
Met Office admits it would still fail to predict the impact of the great storm of 1987
30th Anniversary of the 1987 Storm - Met Office -
Thirty years ago The Met Office computer had less power than a smart phone!
Parks and Rec is amazing. It's in my top five shows. You've seen Office plenty I'm sure but ASIP,…
Hurricane unpredicted! Hmmm?? Dont believe it! I'll bet the Met Office were briefed to keep low profile by HMG!!
Michael Fish would not dismiss great storm of 1987 today, says Met Office
30 Years Ago the UK Met Office Mainframe Computer had Less computing power than a Smart Phone
Hey Met Office. You said it wasn't going to rain here today but I just checked and it's spitting. .
30 years ago the met office computer had less power than the smart phone I am sending this from. MIND BLOWN.
North East braced for gale-force winds as Met Office issues weather warning
Met Office cancel weather warning as Spanish Plume heads for UK
Met Office say due to blow into Cheshire this evening with strong winds & heavy rain. Take care driving http…
Met Eireann & U.K. Met Office have announced storm names for this Autumn and Winter. Starts with Aileen, let's hope we don't r…
So...meant to reply to you and replied to Met Office instead. Lols.
Get up at 5 as at 7 am 3 hours of sun was predicted by met office... now it has changed surprise surprise…
I entered the Met Office contest! You're probably in the pictures on the wall!
Trade analyst SumitkadeI predicts the performance of .
Trade analyst predicts the performance of .
Just just checked Met office weather for today & it looks dry! Please be right :)
Travel Safety: Fine for most? What weather does the UK Met Office forecast for Sunday, July 30?
I met him in person in his office at Ozamiz City Hall some 2 or 3 years ago (it was his daughter who was mayor...
Supercomputer predicts 10 years of record rain in England
Just met my first Janice who isn't an office worker in an improv scene.
Brother.They are all same.just for exmple 1 supr famus jurn met me in…
Democrat Michela Skelton (met supporters at the Boone County Democratic Party's office.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Also from Beck - "I wish it was my call to fire her - id have done it the first day I met her in the office hallway"
WEATHER: The Met Office has issued a weather warning for ➔
I used to not be into Netflix... But I have successfully finished The Office and tonight wrapped up How I Met Your Mother! What's next?
Will await hourly SYNOP from Andrewsfield, but as usual so few official Met Office st…
Today I have met with different youth delegates in NSS central office; AFG youth has the potential to lift the countr…
Had a dream the other day I met in the Oval Office for some fellowship 🙏🏾 hmmm🤔
Truth is I didn't care about any of those reasons until I met you . -Pam (season 3: The Office)
Having a difficult time understanding why the guy I met from America is sending me continuous snapchats of the office theme song
I met these two guys at the office today 😂🙏. They will soon be a part of some movies here at the office :). (the…
I met with a city council candidate today and talked politics . It made me realize that I should probably run for office
Good point. Also, I met guy who will take Ted Cruz out of office: US Rep. Beto O'Rourke (smart, ded…
Local community leaders whom I met with this morning encouraging me to return home, get involved in local politics, and run for office.
Please scan also spies INSIDE ICE, work for commie China. I met one officer at JFK whom claimed work on behalf C…
Just met Jan Levinson from the office lmaooo
Coventry could experience thunder and lightning today with blustery showers forecast
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Removed from office in a battle with a President, then by a military coup, then by the supreme court 😂 Next time he'll be impeached
Lol. So the (former) Pakistani PM Nawaz Shariff has been removed from office of PM 3 times in the last 25 years. Dude must like that office
Yep. I’ve been able to refer folks from OOH and we just recently hired someone I met via office hours last year.
Photo of delegation which met with UN's Genocide Prevention Office's Castro, by
I never met an office supply store I didn't like. xoxo
Brutal UK storms may be the new normal
Has the Met Office become a victim to cognitive dissonance?.
Looks like the Met Office will be watching!
The Met Office says the rain will stop for our Family Fun Day tomorrow from 9:30am. All welcome to join us!
Met someone last night who worked at the Dept of Energy and left as Trump took office. Said per her friends nothing is b…
No one I've ever met loves the Office as much as I do
Met Office weather warnings for ice and snow
70mph winds forecast for Swansea as Met Office issues yellow weather warning…
Five day weather forecast from the Met Office
Weather forecasters at Met Office to go on strike
weather: Snow forecast as Met Office issues ice warning ahead of
Its common practice and everyone knows it..every single politician in federal office has met…
I work for the Met Office. I'm developing an e-course for the public, and was hoping you wouldn't mind me using ur volutus pic?
I feel a social disconnect to ppl who havent watched every episode of the office and how I met your mother and cant understand my references
I met this woman that was v friendly (older bw) always has snacks in her office and one day I was all "idk I'm tryna cut calories..."
.U.S. Attorney’s office in NY confirmed Wednesday that it let Veselnitskaya into the country on a grant of parole
What's wrong w/ Kennedy today. Don Jr did Not meet w/ a delegation from the Russian Gov't. He met w…
1/2 Today in I met with Charles Anyidoho, the Chief of Staff of UN Office in West Africa (UNOWAS) in Dakar, Sene…
Can I interest any of you in a police force which won’t answer simple Qs?
Which means he committed contempt or perjury because we know he met Russian in his office plus video with Rus Ambassador.
She was proved correct. She lived to see 10 of her husband's successors take office. Not sur…
Met some new friends at happy hour last night with leading to flowers delivered to my office today. Tha…
Have you met Uncorked has an east side office and he is rad, super supportive!
Congressman’s office denied this to me on record. Said they met her at film the night before. But she showed up (1st in line)…
Met office predicts potentially it could get hot again .
Met Office confirms potential again next week.
WE EACH HAVE A STORY! How Marketing Associate met Lane Office CEO for the 1ST time!…
I met Councilwoman and Mayoral candidate Simpson when she talked about the work her office is doing to address...
Dan Gilbert met Cavs assistant GM Koby Altman for dinner in Las Vegas on Monday and discussed future of front office, sources tell ESPN.
Context: Obama was not "given his 4 years" with the political opposition yearning to respect the offi…
This guy about to be screwed his office processed the entert privilege for the attorney!
Have you ever met this Russian lawyer Marco? She has been in your buddy McCain's office.…
John McCain: I would have never met with the Russian lawyer that actually visited me in my office.
remember when Obama was running for office how he went from Country to Country and met with the leaders before he even became president
Natalia Veselnitskaya . John McCain. We r getting more & more now. DeSantis . Dellums. These people met with this woman.
Carl met Matt and Felix from the Cabinet Office to talk about our experience of and in the construction sector
Shelving all set up in our new warehouse! ✅. Preparing for our office move ✅. Met our new neighbors ✅. Lots of good things will happen here! 🏡🏡
DG met with the EISA Somalia Country Director Justin Doua and his team at MoCA office. They discussed issues re…
New airborne system ready for testing with Met Office aerosol sampler
Met office predicts rainfall in Karachi on weekend -
Met office predicts rainfall in Karachi on weekend - via
You should. I have the Galileo thermometer and a skew-T in my office. The skew-T is purely to int…
Drove down to the office to shower. On my way out of the neighborhood I met a caravan of power line trucks coming in. Like Paris in 1945!
met Hon'ble Cheif Minister Shri in his office today at Janata Bhawan .
So 18 years ago I met Marcie while I was pregnant when she was hired at my office and I might…
Visited Baldia Nallah, Baldia Town, DMC authorities were instructed to clear the Nallah as MET Office predicts…
met with to discuss partnering college and k-12. Great experience!
It is High Time Americans throw these America Hating Liberals out of office Once and for All...
A group of evangelical leaders met with President Trump on Monday and laid their hands on him as he bowed in...
Since taking office, has met with courageous survivors, non-profit groups, and faith leaders devoted to
I just yelled to the whole office that it's & was met with no response only to find out I'm alone in the office so ...
Russian attorney posted pic of her associate standing w/ a prominent senator outside his DC office just days b4 she…
Met office predicts rainfall in Karachi on weekend |
Met a new friend at the office and she asked me what my favorite scent is I said "gasoline and Pentel pen" and then I lost my…
Ha LOOK: office processed the entert privilege for the attorney!
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Met some new colleagues on my way to the office this morning.
Yesterday Liar in Chief, Con Man met with God's own TV Preacher Con Men for their "Grift Convention' in th…
That how I met your mother reference in the office gave me life
my dentist office is really the biggest bunch of *** I've ever met..
Met Office forecasts widespread rains from Sunday; Warns of flash floods and land slides.
We are blaming the Government for a lack of communication with the population? ODPM, Met Office and TTEC work for Sant…
Bright flashes of white &red filmed in the skies over London are so mysterious, even the Met Office can’t explain it.
official highs from Met Office stations were 29.8C Woburn and 29.7C Bedford (Thurleigh 85m), in the…
I trust Snapchat over the Met Office to tell me what temperature it is outside. Every. Time.
The day after I got laid off my brother and his friend met a guy who works @ a dental office @ the bar and got his card, fate? 🙏🏽 hire me
Follow the chain. A grown man arguing with the Met Office.
The mean temperature in Scotland last June was just under 14C according to the Met Office.
Weather warning: Met Office issues second highest alert as Yorkshire bakes in sunshine
Hamid Karzai met with François Richier, Amb.of France to Kabul in his office on Thursday evening. Both sides discussed the sit…
Eidul Fitr to fall on June 26, predicts Met office. Read:
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Looks state of the art that, I'd send your findings to the met office
Office but it didn't. If as women we are truly outraged then both of them sh…
...will continue to broadcast Met Office National Severe Weather Warnings and, as the UK’s n…
The Met Office continues to work with the BBC through this transition period. When the BBC s…
And they are. As I recall, before mole-Obama, they were.…
Great British Bake - soaring temperatures warning in The Star...
When met office gets the weather totally wrong
I would follow this up with a warning. All future leaks from any exec branch office will be met w/ federal prosecution (3)
Give it three or four days, and the met office will declare June as the hottest ever.
The loveliest thing just happened. A social worker whom I've never previously met burst into my office with this:.
Indeed, as long as Met Office model and GEFS precip signal for Aberdeen. All other models were useless on this occasion.
Met Office increases heat health warning to second highest level as Sheffield bakes in heatwave
NEWS: Met Office warning for heavy rain in Surrey and Hampshire ➔ via Eagle Radio
Flash Flood Watch issued for all parishes, Met Office projecting heavy rains -
Storm Doris means Met Office are issuing a yellow snow warning for the parts of Stoke on Trent where UKIP are canvassi…
Storm Doris has been upgraded to a weather bomb by the met office!
Met Office:if you don't want *** venturing outside then try giving storms names like 'TREE REAPER' or 'KILLER' instea…
We are recruiting Architects for our Dublin office.
Met Office predicts mainly dry weather in most parts of the country .
Met office amber warning:- Some outdoor activities have been cancelled due to severe winds. Please contact Guest Servic…
Met office amber warning:- Due to extremely strong winds we ask all guests to limit movement around the village. Take s…
met a wonderful Burmese woman and her kids today at Dr. office I was glad to meet a safe happy family 😀
.I called your office asking for a town hall and a response. You were here and only met with industry groups.
The name of last 3 storms in Britain are Doris, Angus and Barbara. Do people at the met office take turns naming them after there nans
Here is the latest information from the Met Office - for more details please visit...
How the Met Office chooses names for storms in the UK
join the club, we have been watching the office everynight before bed since my wife and I first met. Helps after day of kids!
Not quite the snow event that Met Office were predicting across the Borders, but plenty snow higher up at...
Every time there's a little bit of wind the Met office has to call it by some *** fool name in a pathetic attempt to be…
.says Progressive Caucus met w new city Biz Affairs Consumer Protex head Fields, open to understanding what office would do
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You and me both - originally met him years ago in the bank-vault office in the first location... love that space
Check the nick of these recent Storm names!. Doris, Barbara, Desmond... Is the Met Office next door to a Mecca Bingo???
First time ever we have cancelled a session :(. Had a check with the met office and weather gets loads worse at...
Ice warning issued by the Met Office for tomorrow following Storm Doris chaos
The Met Office has issued a yellow warning of ice for this evening
Storm Doris sparks commuter chaos with dozens of train routes across UK cancelled or delayed.
The Met Office is now describing as a 'weather bomb'
Apparently it's the Met office and the public vote
Tree falls on house in Chiswick as strong winds hit travel after Met Office label a 'weatherbomb'
A tree has been blown over-only one. Bit windy hardly hurricane strength.Met office over egging the pudding again.
Today DVM delegates met Sh. Shesh Paul Vaid, DGP J&K State in his office in Jammu & presented him the memento & a…
it's been forever since I've seen u! You knew me in Nashville as Randy Lynn! We met at T Collins office. I hope you're well.
You'll have to take it up with the Met Office!
Storm Doris is now a WEATHER BOMB the Met Office says
Doris sounds more like an old lady in the canteen at the met office more than anything else
Update your maps at Navteq
Met Office declares Storm Doris a 'weather bomb' as strong winds batter the UK
Just met the lady version of Forrest Gump at the dentist office
Having met you, I always thought you're rather nice. :D
Are you joking? The regarded Met Office using terms such as "weatherbomb"? Have you been taken over by Fox News? Brass Eye?
I can't argue with the Met Office! When you get a drop in pressure that great/sudden, that's the meteorological term for it.
Army put on standby as Storm Doris is set to hit Britain TONIGHT
Current temp at our office in Greenwood is 65 as of 11am. Remarkable. 🔥
Adrian Cowin from the IoM Met office ob Storm Doris.
Except she met while Obama was still in office and, moreover, Trump has yet to change our Syria policy (still tryin…
Met Office alert after sighting of Geordie woman wearing jacket in Newcastle.
Storm Doris: naming storms has made Britain safer because we are more prepared, Met Office says  
If you haven't met our office Clarabelle, check out our "Ode to 360 PSG's Unofficial Mascot" here:…
just met the designer of the Starbucks stores in the elevator and she asked me to come by her office to intern lol
Be careful out there today as winds reach 87mph as Met Office warns high winds likely to send debris flying
JonPritchard published Met Office announces storm names for this winter
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Get up to date with all the latest Met Office weather information before you head out
Thank you, I will do - judging by my weather app/Met Office it's due to be lesser mph winds and dry 🤞😬
So what's a Met Office 'red' alert like? This was a 'yellow' one, like they do when there's a bit of mizzle in the offing.
Met Office issue severe weather warning for ice and snow quoting : “Press and Journal”
Today Mark Rutte and I met in "the Tower", his office next to the Parliament and we discussed US-EU relations.…
A more precise comparison of climate models & observations, by also showing Met Office forecast for 2017 http…
Met Office issues snow and sleet warning for Staffordshire quoting : “Essex Live News”
Further snow is expected before strong winds batter Wales on Monday: The Met Office has issued a yellow severe…
this morning in in from Big Al the Blues Man. Met Office snow warning fo…
We’re supporting See what it’s like to be a Senior Operational Meteorologist at the Met Office https:/…
Sunday will remain cold, but sun will come out on Monday, says Met Office Parts of the UK have been hit with sno...
TV reporter whose girlfriend was killed in on-air shooting quits to run for office
There's a Met Office weather warning for in the Pennines. Details here: Nick
Indivisible Citizens host protest at McHenry's office, met with opposition in Hickory
How likely do the Met Office forecasters think snow is in Bristol this week?
Met Office issues yellow 'be aware' warning of wind for tomorrow
We have a Met Office yellow weather warning for snow covering the Peak District&Pennines
More snow expected in parts of Sheffield as Met Office issues Yellow warning.
Interesting met office state the expected scenario is for our weather to probably colder overall
⚠️ Weather Alert: The Met Office has issued a warning for strong and gusty winds for Monday
Can honestly say I've met the best people at work I just love em all, post office & shop ❤️
We certainly didn't get the snow that was forecast, throughout the UK. Not like the Met Office to get things wrong. ;)
Check out the latest poetry book group reading notes, this time on Rebecca Watts' The Met Office Advises Caution
Timelapse: Willmott Dixon build home for Met Office supercomputer |
Met Office "Yellow" warnings for in force for parts of Northern England today, especially the hills -
Met with Male' City Council PPM Candidates at PPM Office along SG and MP
Met with DGP Singh at his office. Applauded his efforts to modernize the police force and emphasis on protecting…
UK weather warning: Freezing temperatures and snow to hit UK this week -
It was an honour & privilege to have met you Thank you for the dignity, gravitas & grace you brought to the of…
A fine Navy Officer, whom I met just a few months before, was in his office right where that pl…
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Trump met with Martin Luther King Jr's son at Trump Tower just a few days ago...bust of his father now out of the Oval Offi…
Zimbabwe to continue receiving rains up to the weekend- Met Office:
When I met Trump as President elect I asked him to return the Churchill bust to the Oval Office. First day:
2016 was the warmest year on record, Nasa and the UK Met Office say
UPDATE: Met Office issues weather warning of snow for Dorset (From Bournemouth Echo)
Met Office say there is a small chance of snow settling with transport disruption as well as interruptions to power…
The Glenn Quagmire ☣ - Globe Top story: Severe weather warnings - Met Office see more
Storm Barbara: fears over Christmas travel as Met Office issues warnings
Note: Horus meeting in the office at __ on date A__ for approval to part next to list note TOD (I met with Todd at Safeway?) time of death
EVEN the UK Met Office has admitted there has been actual warming since about 2000
So, have you met B.H.Pirkle, the mayor of Onett ?. Mayor Pirkle's office is on the second floor . of Onett City Hall.
Met commissioner& officials at BMC office.Soon going to share info about d work, all of them do a thankless job which…
I like to believe that if I met in person we'd be friends, also that he watches the office.
Met office update on Storm Barbara: She's a cow. 2 cans of budweiser keeping nice and cool on my window ledge are now in neighbour's driveway
What's the name of this flipping storm then Met office? Didn't see this one coming. It's ferocious out there
The Met Office weather have been updated. All the details here: Nick
Do you like the office or how i met your mother better?
Had a dream I met at my orthodontist's office. I gave her my card and I told her we should grab lunch when I get to DC.
Christmas Day weather: Met Office forecasts wind and rain rather than white Christmas
Weather World crid:3wa7fe ... Graham Madge of the Met office and previously the RSPB, so Graham, this is a very idyllic and ...
The Met Office has raised its weather warning threat.
He was a pizza guy and I was a receptionist/night student. That's how I met him--he made deliveries to our office. So he asked me out.
Brits may be in for a white Christmas as Met Office predicts snow on December 25
Storm Conor set to cause Christmas chaos with 80mph winds as Met Office raises weather warning threat.
Met Office advice for drivers after heavy rain overnight - Hertfordshire Mercury
UK faces snow and sleet as amber alert issued by Met Office The first named storm of the season – Angus – will……
Britain braced for Storm Angus as the Met Office issues weather warnings
Met Office warning for heading our way overnight!
We just met Ryan from the office lol
The Met Office has issued an Amber "be prepared" weather warning of wind for the south east of England ahead of Storm Ang…
Really like the Met Office's color-coded warnings. Amber warning for gusts of 70-80 mph along the SE coast of Engl…
I met someone from Scranton Penn. this weekend and all I can think about was The Office and I feel like I've progressed as a fan cause of it
Tomorrow could see gales gusting up to 80mph accompanied by heavy rain as arrives, warns Met Office.
'Gales for many' says Met Office as Storm Angus heads to the South West
I met Richard and Pat Nixon when I was ASOTI Pres. They used my office for a family prayer mtg.
Met Office:Angus the first named storm of autumn 2016
Met Office warning gusts of 70-80 mph in exposed coastal locations. Likely disruption to transport and…
Right I'm off to sleep, if you are still awake and have a spare few seconds please sign this below. 😀
Angus you've been a very naughty boy
"UK faces 'shock' tonight as 80mph Storm Angus prepares to hit Black fog.
*Market cancelled* Unfortunately we have had to cancel the Sunday market tomorrow due to weather warnings of high wind…
Met Office has issued an amber "be prepared" warning before Storm Angus reaches the coast from Bournemouth to Dover overn…
"President-elect Trump met in the last week in his office at Trump Tower with three Indian business partners"
please back my petition to rename storm S - Stormy Mcstormface
Fine and dry? What weather does the Met Office forecast for the UK for Friday, October 7?
Head Masters guest lecturer this morning is Phil Evans, Government Services Director at the Met Office who will be…
gets the latest updates from US National Hurricane Center & local Met Office
I think the BBC should hire Russell Grant to predict the weather, he’d probably do a better job than the Met Office.
Earlier this year, David Whitehouse of GWPF drew attention to a striking decrease in the UK Met Office deca…
BBC Scotland Weather just forecasted scattered showers for Glasgow & East Kilbride today. BBC & Met Office apps forecast clear all day. 😬
Met Office predicts the weather for this bank holiday weekend
Hi. Starting in Regents Park with my daughter. Hope the weather holds, Met Office long range is hopeful. Canterbury this Sat.
I can watch this over and over! supercomputer installed at UK Met Office
Somerset Latest: Western Daily Press published Flood warnings in place for the South West as Met Office says.
Why is the go to weather for Google always different to the more accurate BBC weather and the Met Office?
Getting windy this afternoon, Met Office warning in place for North West...
Met Office issues severe weather warning for strong wind
A Bank Holiday to remember - the Met Office have issued severe weather warnings for two days in the space of 15 minutes.
Met Office wind and rain warning for the Isle of Wight on Saturday
Interesting news article on Met Office findings regarding the extended season now compared to 1990.
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Happy from this dude I met in our office building elevator. (Heretofore named…
The Home Office lawyer kinda dissed the Met Police submissions to the inquiry yesterday, May's leadership campaign trumps all.
When I walked back into the office today I was met with the feeling that this group really accomplished a great deal this…
Met the Mayor again today, just sitting there in my office at work and all of sudden, in walks the Mayor. :-) Top...
I'd like to believe Obama and Raul Castro's meetup was just like when Steve Carell and Will Ferrel met in the bar in th…
UK Plant-growing season a month longer than in 1990.
We met your team at Expo Northwest recently, and they won our prizedraw! Which office should we send the prize to? :)
LE Study for commissioned by finds Met Office has benefit-cost ratio of 14:1 - £14 for every £1
Hear how the UK’s Met Office uses IBM LinuxONE for reliable weather forecasting
Ted Cruz met his wife Heidi when they were both working on getting George Bush elected to office,Heidi is big wig in Goldman Sachs
Be in the know on climate change with easy read Q&A by Prof Julia Slingo Chief Scientist Met Office
The British Met-Office produces "Mostly Weather", which is nice and educating in the best possible, British way.
I've had interesting interactions with various business persons and bank managers today. I've met the DEBS at his office here in Kitwe too.
Plant-growing season in UK now a month longer than in 1990
Had a dream that I met Rick Pitino and went to his office and talked about basketball for hours. Weird but cool.
We met in beijing at OKcoin's office
.Expect many more stories like this. growing seasons are shifting worldwide:
Met Office review finally available. 14 to 1.
Hear how the UK's Met Office Uses IBM for reliable weather forecasting!
News Release: Met Office involved in research to revolutionise pollen forecasting
Growing season longer in the UK as local temperatures increase - pros & cons:
Interesting article about changes to the length of plant-growing season in the UK since 1990
The growing season for crops and plants in England over the past decade is around a month…
See our new Instagram account for pics from recent Met Office members' lobby http…
Chinese history, the youngest of the fashion Met Ball Male Stars, the 1st star wax from 90, movie debut - box office https:…
Out today General Review-LE Study finds £30bn of value to UK from MetOffice services over next decade https…
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