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Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Everyone is a popular festive song by the Welsh singer-songwriter Shakin' Stevens.

Happy Birthday Paul McCartney Shakin Stevens Chris Rea God Bless Best Wishes White Christmas

Great tune to kick off the Christmas music season! ♫ Merry, Merry Christmas Everyone – Jon McLaughlin
Over 830 hits on the Christmas song "Merry Christmas Everyone" thanks for all your sup…
Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Hope you have an amazing oh is that a sprout on my plate MUM WHAT THE FU..
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens
Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope this makes you smile and brings you joy on this wonderful day. .
Merry Christmas Everyone, this is a quick note to let you know that the Sunday Evening bible study/discussion time is taking a break this week and resume on Sunday 5th January at 5pm in the St John's Conference Centre.
Merry Christmas Everyone! What a better way to spend Christmas eve than to hit up a course! So Ralph and I went down to Pirates Cove in Lake Buena Vista (at the crossroads shopping area). We’ve been to Pirates Cove Adventure Golf before,… [ 373 more words. ]
A day late but Merry Christmas Everyone... We miss our extended family tremendously. Hope everyone is safe and having a wonderful christmas time... Side note. How f'n cool is it that Lennon & McCartney each wrote xmas songs that ended up being some of the most well known, most played christmas songs ever. I love hearing them in between White Christmas and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.
Keith Harkin 1m Better late than ever... No internet in the hills of Donegal... Merry Christmas Everyone!! Love k x
Merry Christmas Everyone! Looking forward to tonight antics at the Koosday Casino Royale Boxing Day Special!...
Merry Christmas Everyone! I like to Thank Everyone that stop by my house today and Thanks For the gifts! Kimberly Perry! I love that Ruster and Thanks very much love u !
Merry Christmas Everyone! Whether you believe in the Christian way of life as taught to mankind by Jesus of Nazareth, ascribed to have been born on this day in a manger in the ancient city of Bethlehem matters not! On Christmas Day in Bethlehem, over two millenia ago, the Christ child arrived to enlighten humanity with the spirit of brotherly love. A spirit which now appears to be long lost in many corners of this big blue marble. Many of those who CLAIM to be Christians have lost touch with that for which HE sacrificed so dearly. Tormented and crucified as result of HIS attempt to show us how to live together in PEACE and harmony... HIS word spread far and wide, ... but never truly took hold in the hearts of man! "Brotherly Love" is a rare notion amongst many in this multi-cultured world where humanity dwells. Hatred has a far greater hold on mankind in this era. Let us depart from this for a moment to discuss the featured element in this post. According to my Polish father, our family surname translated ...
Merry Christmas Everyone! "When we keep the spirit of Christmas, we keep the Spirit of Christ, for the Christmas spirit is the Christ Spirit. It will block out all the distractions around us which can diminish Christmas and swallow up its true meaning." President Monson
Did someone tell Ray Allen he Had to Put up the Christmas Three. lmao... Merry Christmas Everyone
Merry Christmas Everyone! We hope you enjoyed this wonderful day with your family. May the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth bring you peace, joy and love throughout the coming year!
Watching Buck Commander! :) Makes me wanting to go hunting, which makes me happy, happy, happy :) lol Merry Christmas Everyone
Thank you Heavenly Father for bestowing love & happiness in our lives. Merry Christmas Everyone. Feliz Navidad.
Happy Birthday to you. As we praise and adore you. Happy Birthday dear Jesus, Please make our hearts new. Thank you Lord Jesus for coming to this earth and loving each of us so much that you would demonstrate just how much you desire to save each and every one of us by dying on the cross and taking on the full wrath of God for the sins we commit each and every day. John 15:13 New Living Translation (NLT) - There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. This scripture speaks volumes because it represents who we are in Jesus eyes. "FRIENDS". How do we have and make friends? Lines of communication (Prayer), learning about each other (Read Bible), go and do things together (Make Him Lord Of your Life). After all this is a relationship he seeks with us not just blind religious following. God Bless each and every one of you on this Holy day. Merry Christmas Everyone! Lori Johnson, Lori Gregrich, Melissa Light, Alicia Gregrich, Teresa Coynor Williams, Terry L Gehrig, Tammy Jones Tetr ...
Merry Christmas Everyone from the Ladies of the Omicron Nu Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc ❤️🎄🎅
Merry Christmas Everyone! Santa came by canoe again this year guided by one of our instructors!
Merry Christmas Everyone, Steve and I want to thank you for all the support with the band and my Jewel Kade Business; if it wasn't for these our paths may have not crossed We love each an everyone of you. Have a Blessed Day.
Merry Christmas Everyone. Just want you all to have a bless day today, and to announce that Upward Bound Ministries would like invite everyone out to its OPEN HOUSE at St. Joseph Berea Hospital on Friday January 3rd and also Saturday January 4th from 12:00 pm until 3:00 pm each day. I can’t express how excited we are to be bless with this new facility and we know it will be blessing to you and your love ones who are struggling with addiction issues. Have bless day in the Lord. Love you all, Bro. Darnell
Merry Christmas Everyone! Lots of goodies in store for 2014! Skate and Surf Festival, The Break Contest, tons of bands coming to GameChanger World including Ballyhoo!, Neck Deep and more! Have a safe and happy holiday!
Merry Christmas Everyone & A BIG thank you to my beautiful children, Rhyan Lofts, Jordan Sparks & Caleb Sparks for a wonderful day yesterday. I couldn't have asked for more :)
Watching Rio Bravo with John Wayne + Dean Martin.. YEE HA.. Dont get much better than this.. Merry Christmas Everyone..
Merry Christmas Everyone!!! A special thanks to Jason White for making this year extra special for me.. You've made me happier in more ways than one!! :D
Merry Christmas Everyone and congratulations to my first born daughter Alyssa May Birely and Rich Moore who got engaged this morning. After the boys were done opening all their gifts the groom to be got down on one knee and asked my daughter to marry him. Of course she said yes. The cool part is he asked our permission 2 weeks ago. He is a keeper! Now we get to plan a wedding. Woo Hoo!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone! Congratulations to Tim Phillips! You are the lucky winner of a brand new SS…
When I start having dreams about liquor runs to New Hampshire maybe it's time to retire as social chair...also Merry Christmas Everyone! 🎄🎅
Merry Christmas Everyone, God Bless us one and all.
Early morning... Watching some boardwalk empire! Merry Christmas Everyone
Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Especially our military men and women who are not home for the holiday. :( AND... a VERY Happy 30th Birthday to my hubby Jeff Ross!! :)
Merry Christmas Everyone!!! :)) been well and truly spoilt this year!! Loads of lovely presents from my wonderful friends and family. And Mark Nicholas Garner you've done exceptionally well! Very spoilt! I bloody love you 󾬏x
Enjoyed FaceTime with Natalie Brown, Andrew Smith, Anthony Smith and Matt... And of course the beautiful Betty :D Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
Lucky Charms for breakfast what a wonderful start to a wonderful Christmas, Merry Christmas Everyone.
Today is a day to be spent with family sharing old memories and making new ones. Merry Christmas Everyone 󾔒 Luke Edwards hurry up and get your bottom down here!
Jessica did well - I had a voucher for some more Ink at Nu Tatu - good work Miss Jones - Merry Christmas Everyone
Merry Christmas Everyone. Let's spare a moment to remember a hero: Have a great day y'all!
So Santa came down my chimney last night... Dirty old man, he didn't even wipe it up!! Hope everyone has an amazing day. Merry Christmas Everyone!! X
Merry Christmas Everyone and if you don't calibrate Christmas then happy holidays and if not that either then happy winter season :D
Watching Disney's A Wind in the Willows. With Basil Rathbone Narrating the original Sherlock homes :) Merry Christmas Everyone
Merry Christmas Everyone, but very special wishes to Sally Slade, Alec Baker, Lucee Lewis, Shelby Jay Lewis-Turnbull, Olivia Lewis, Maani Baker, Hannah Jordan, Mark Haynes, Alex Jordan, Abigail Rose Jordan'x, Mimi Jones, Gemma Holmes, Anthony Farndell, Josh Elliott, Jack Hawks and Pj Farndell, my three lovely daughters and their families, miss and love you all so much, have fun x
Merry Christmas Everyone!! :) Gonna celebrate with a glass of white Zinfandel & enjoy the rest of the night with my familia :)
Merry Christmas Everyone...Merry Christmas World.from the Sacendoncillos here in Piczonville, Catbalogan City, Philippines.
Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men! Merry Christmas Everyone
Christmas Eve in South Africa Skydiving! Life doesn't get much better. Merry Christmas Everyone!
When eating a gingerbread man, take pity on him and eat the head first. This way he will not have to endure the pain of you slowly gnawing each of his limbs off one by one. Merry Christmas Everyone.
What a wonderful Christmas Eve Service at University City United Methodist Church! I had two grandchildren singing, quiet a service! If God didn't touch everyone there they were not listening. I'm so blessed to have a loving family and live in a free country that I can worship God where I choose, Merry Christmas Jesus and Happy Birthday. Thank You for sharing it with all of us sinners. Merry Christmas Everyone.
It Is More Than Just The Chicken.Chick-fil-A Elkton, Bear DE, Christiana mall, and Concord Mall, joined Chick-fil-A Middletown to feed 250 patient families, and staff at A.I. Dupont Childrens Hospital. A VERY special Thank you to those who sacrificially serve and are care-takers of children over the Holidays. Merry Christmas Everyone
Thank you again National Grid and friends !! It's nice to be warm.and see what I'm doing with this wrapping paper !! Merry Christmas Everyone:-)
This is a little later than I had planned, but a huge Thank You to Cheri and everyone that helped to put together Sunday's Practice Group and Holiday Celebration! Glen Duncan School is ALWAYS a wonderful place to sniff and everyone had a great time. We may have learned that you CAN put too many hides in one classroom, but we'll have to consult the experts to be sure! LoL Everyone went home with a dog toy or two and the human handlers didn't suffer any what with the Croissant Sandwiches and home-made Cinnamon Coffeecake! Next Sunday's Practice Group will be at S & W Feed Store in Carson City, NV. Hope to see everyone there! In the meantime . Merry Christmas Everyone!
Merry Christmas Everyone! Jeffrey R. Holland-"First and forever there was just a little family, without toys or trees or tinsel. With a baby-that's how Christmas began." I am so grateful for the gift of my Savior, and for his love!
Just finished making cookies with my babies listening to my kind of Christmas carols you know Seether, Sixx Sense, Five finger :) Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone:) Please remember to pray for eastern canada tonight, many of them have no heat, water, power.
Merry Christmas Everyone, wish you magic moments not only today but for all year long󾌵xxx
Merry Christmas Everyone, may your Christmas be full of happiness and celebration. Love and Best Wishes, William Moseley xx
Merry Christmas Everyone. Missing my northern hemisphere family and friends today, but am thourghly excited to celebrate with my southern family! Now if only I didn't have a hangover! Love you all! X
Merry Christmas Everyone. Good luck NORAD tracking the big guy tonight.
Merry Christmas Everyone and we'll welcome back Bill Lawry tomorrow at the MCG and hopefully Andy Flower can make England some magic like they did in 2010!
Merry Christmas Everyone from the DeckHardware family! We hope you all have a great day with a little (or a lot) of sailing talk thrown in. After all tomorrow is going to be big! One more sleep! No doubt we will see a lot of you on the beautiful Sydney Harbour tomorrow hopefully packed from shore to shore.
Nineworkz - Hope (Watch in HD for better audio) I dedicate this to all our kababayans in Tacloban and all the victims and survivors of the typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. I tried my best to capture a lil' bit of something in this ambient instrumental. Simple notes and chord progression but animated by delay (Zoom ms50g) and pitch effects pedals (from Boss ME-50). Initially, I wanted to put beats/drum machine in there but the song said to me: "Jam, Do not. Keep it heartfelt, simple and warm." =) I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think! Mejo senti but I want you guys to hear and feel the sound of HOPE. Merry Christmas Everyone!
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PACKER UPDATE: Aaron Rogers says he will "DEFINITIVELY" know by Thursday if he will play or not on Sunday. He had another scan in the past 24 hours. Hope he has good health insurance. I've had those scans and they aren't cheap. I bet Obabacare wouldn't pay for all those. Anyway, TT and McCarthy will sit down and discus it at length before making a decision. I know we will all be happy to find out the answer this week on Thursday instead of having to wait till Friday. Merry Christmas Everyone!
Merry Christmas Everyone from The Gibson girls and The Grinch xx
Wind and rain and Mariah Carey carols... this is torture... Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
On December 25th in the Second World War, both Axis and Allied soldiers declared ceasefire and celebrated Christmas together. ((Well guys it's past 12 am here in my place. Merry Christmas Everyone! :) )) God Jul. May happiness follow wherever we go. *smiles* -Norway
Merry Christmas Everyone ! Hope you all have great time ! From Us All here at Worcester Sea cadets !
I wasn't feeling too Christmassy this year until at 2am I was visited by three ghosts. Steve Jansen, Dave Davidson & Mark Davies. The first two showed me the error of my ways and the third had a Santa sack full of cans. Merry Christmas Everyone!
Merry Christmas Everyone! Heading down to Albany Medical Center to see Mr. Kevin Oldham in a little bit. Wish we could all be celebrating Christmas out of the hospital this year but we will make of it the best we can because that's what this family does. Please send a special Christmas prayer for Kevin!
Merry Christmas Everyone, thanks for the support, it's been a great year, I hope everyone gets some time off to spend with family. Here's to 2014!
Those of you with Little ones... Go outside between 6.00pm - 6.05pm and See if you can Spot Santa! If you Lucky you'll see a light trail blazing across the sky. He will be seen coming in from the South West (Dartford Direction) and will travel towards the South / South East Direction (Canvey Island) - Merry Christmas Everyone!
Merry Christmas to you and your family! Our office will close today at 3:30pm so that the staff can spend time with their families. We will re-open at 8:30am on Thursday, December 26th. Merry Christmas Everyone.
The HomeTel office will close at Noon today so we may start Christmas celebrations. We will reopen at 8AM Thursday, December 26. Please call 644-2111 to report a service disruption. Merry Christmas Everyone!
Dave Hill came in the cafe so the naughty Elf put 'Merry Christmas Everyone'. Turn's out he's a JW
Well folks it's Christmas Eve!! Are you all prepared for the big day? Or still running around mad looking for a Christmas turkey lol ??? Well whatever you are doing all of us here at the Essence would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and remember the rules. Eat too much Drink too much Laugh too much It's only one day. make the most of it!! Merry Christmas Everyone!
Olly Murs getting all festive singing a mash-up of All I Want for Christmas and Merry Christmas Everyone :) Enjoy :) x Taken from The Sun's website No Copyri...
Instead of playing Christmas music today I'll play by Merry Christmas Everyone!!! :)
Breast Cancer Awareness
Thank you, John Noakes, for making a cardboard Christmas tree something to aspire to. Merry Christmas Everyone.
What a great job the Allen Chapel Ame Sacramento YPD did today for their Christmas Program and singing Christmas Carols with the Voices of Allen at the service this morning. What a great group of people! I'm blessed to be a part of this wonderful church family! Merry Christmas Everyone!
The Racers of Murray State gave Western a run for their money, but slowed down in the second half. WKU wins for first time in four years 71-64. WKU now stands 7-4 with a week off before their next outing against Brescia (KY) on the 28th of December. Merry Christmas Everyone!
We have added a new Sales Person to our staff. We would like to welcome David Jensen. We feel he will be a great asset to the Company and welcome him to the Ken's Family.Merry Christmas Everyone. The Hitesman Family
Southport Meols Rotary Club are in Tesco at Kew10-6 Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday collecting for Mc Millan Cancer Support if your shopping please come and give us your support. Merry Christmas Everyone.
Its Friday! Time for the office to enjoy some much deserved cocktails now! Have a Merry Christmas Everyone and See you all in the NEW YEAR!! Party! n Party! n Party! n Party!
We still have a few stores that we are looking for staff members to fill, If you or someone you know might be a good fit please contact ( james) . Please only serious inquires. *Hampton, VA *Myrtle Beach,SC *Altoona,IA *Miami,FL *Ashland,VA *Tallahassee,FL *Utica,NY *Hooksett,NH *Port st. Lucie, FL Merry Christmas Everyone..
Start making plans for New Year's Eve with The Moonlighters at The Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis! This is our 4th Year in a row, and it always sells out. Call them for details. Also, The Moonlighters will be at The Courtyard 12/28, not 12/21. Merry Christmas Everyone!
Merry Christmas Everyone!! We will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Merry Christmas Everyone! Beginning Friday, December 20, 2013 and continuing through Sunday, December 22, 2013, Fabulous Finds will be offering the following merchandise on sale. FABULOUS FINDS WILL BE OPEN ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 23RD (10 am – 3 pm) AND TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24TH (10 am to 2 pm). Fabulous Finds “Your Place To Find Wonderful” South Bend Chocolate Candies– 40% off Copper Leaf Harvest Blend Jelly – 40% off Copper Leaf Home for the Holidays Jelly - 20% off Necklace & Earring Sets - 10% off All Fabric Purses – 30% off All Bracelets at the Annex Location – 20% off All Purses - 20% off Scarves - 20% off All Scarf Jewelry – 20% off Christmas Shirts – 20% off Christmas Jewelry – 40% off All Winter/Christmas Wreaths & Candle Rings – 40% off All Wooden Tree Picks, Snowman Picks & Angels Picks – 50% off Specials apply to in stock merchandise only. Everyone at Fabulous Finds sincerely appreciates your business and continued support and will strive to provide quality merchandise an ...
The new year will be bringing some changes at the Optimum Wellness Centre. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Claude Weichel to our team :o) Our new hours will be Tuesday 10-6 Thursday 2-6 and Saturday 9-12. Acupuncture treatments are available on Tuesdays. Christmas Hours: Dec 24th closed, Dec 26th closed, Dec 31st 10-2 Merry Christmas Everyone!
Merry Christmas Everyone: Young uns. Have a look at this, especially that David Hirst fella. ...
Had a great time at the Muscle Shoals Music Association Christmas party. Thanks to Jimmy Nutt for the invite. Good to see so many old friends. With Noble C Thurman, Michael Dillon Curington, Tonya and Kelvin Holly, Mark Narmore, *** Cooper, Rodney Hall, Coy Fulmer, Rusty Moody, Will McFarlane, David Hood, Jimmy Johnson, and many more. Merry Christmas Everyone!
Merry Christmas Everyone. May your Day be filled with Family, Friends and Love. If you are looking for last minute gifts remember we have Gift Certificates. What better than giving someone a meal when they don't feel like cooking. Lottery tickets make Great Stocking Stuffers too. Wouldn't it be awesome Christmas morning to Win a ton of Money.. Merry Christmas to all!!
I saw White Christmas at the Surflight Theatre in LBI on Thursday with friends. The play was 2.5 hours and superb. I highly recommend seeing it if you have time. Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy Healthy Holidays!!!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Today - Saturday, 14th December and tomorrow, Sunday 15th December - from 12pm to late evening.if you are wanting a change of scenery and have friends and family from overseas to show around the island, why not come down to Return To Paradise Beach Resort & Spa for tapas and pizzas in our wood fired oven right on the beach. This is a series of trial runs before we open the resort next year for all our friends of friend of friends of friends (lol). If you are curious to see how Return to Paradise is coming along - it's only a 40 minute drive from Apia town to the south west coast. Come, re-connect with the beach that was made famous by the Hollywood movie of the same name "Return to Paradise" and which holds so many memories for most of us. The sunsets are stunning. The beach is still as beautiful as ever. Merry Christmas Everyone!! Raz Gilchrist, Lutuiloa Vaiula Sialaoa-SolomonaCarmel MooreRamouner Porter Fong, Olga Von Reiche Keil, Lupe KapisiDean SefoXavier MartelThierry Faitala MartelGuillaume Marte .. ...
Merry Christmas from everyone at Ph! in support of
Merry Christmas to you all Folks. Thank you everyone for your love, support and prayers throughout this year.
As another busy term draws to a close, may we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. We look forward to seeing you all ag…
Wish everyone a merry Christmas this year
Thanks, reporting as I type! Merry Christmas everyone at AMD, my gift to you this year: Lots of bug reports.
Merry Christmas everyone! . We hope you have a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy 2014
I love this time of year, I get to smile and say Merry Christmas to everyone and it's just so joyful ❤️
I have no presents for any of my friends wow merry Christmas everyone
What a fantastic carol service by - a lovely end of term. Merry Christmas everyone!
Making the world better with a sweater at CISI! Merry Christmas everyone!
Our offices are closed this afternoon for our Christmas party! Merry Christmas everyone!
can you play slade merry Christmas everyone for Craig Dolan at mazuma, it's his favourite song
Hope everyone has a relaxing and happy holidays, merry Christmas and a happy New year :)
Wishing everyone a happy and blessed Merry Christmas from all of us at Onyx Digital. May all your dreams come true *
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And a new Plastikman album is coming out. Merry Christmas to you all. God Bless us, everyone!
Christmas shopping yesterday & everyone was saying merry Christmas to me even though I had my Jew shirt on
I'm done for the term. Back on 13th Jan. Merry Christmas everyone!
Merry Christmas everyone...except those working in parking enforcement.
Tis the season for love and understanding.. Merry Christmas everyone! ⛄🎅🎄🎁
So merry Christmas EVERYONE!! Thanks for an amazing term everyone!
The Coach House would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Just a reminder the salon will be closing for...
Merry Christmas everyone! I am delighted to offer you an early Christmas present - apply to join our fantastic Body Shop at Home business before 20th December, and you could win the cost of your kit back* PLUS When you apply to join you will also enter a draw to win an additional £75 worth of make up. So you can join the business now, purchase your kit after Christmas, and get the opportunity to get a free kit, plus lots of make up! To find out more, contact me now as this is a very limited offer… if you want to earn extra cash in the New Year, it’s the perfect time to join. How about asking for someone you to buy your kit for Christmas? How exciting would that be, getting a Business for Christmas! Achieve £150 sales before 31st December and you would get… - £25 worth of products for free in our sales promotions - you will earn at least £30 commission So ask me now how you can join, and I will tell you more. * Achieve £500 sales by 28th February 2014 and receive the cost of your kit back
XMAX CAR AUDIO would like to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Please be safe out there. . see you in the lanes!!!
the BEST EVER Xmas songs Merry Christmas Everyone tied with Pogues -Fairy tail of NY
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Rougemont School
Great. Merry Christmas, everyone. "New research shows alligators can use tools to hunt."
Merry Christmas Everyone! In January, Addo Records will release our 20th title - Woohoo!! . In 2013 we released...
Santa let the kitchen staff off earlier this year so brunch is canceled! Merry Christmas everyone!
So – Merry Christmas everyone!! :D . Thanks so much for following, you are all amazing :-)
AN OLD FASHIONED CHRISTMAS STORY FOR YOU “My Mother had come to spend the Holiday with me and my husband and children. We had gone shopping and while we were out my Mother FOUND SOMEONE’S CHRISTMAS BONUS CHECK. We got home and looked in the phone book hoping to find the owner. Well we did! He lived about 30 minutes or so from us. My husband offered to bring it to him but he said, no, he would come and get it. We all STOOD BY THE WINDOW looking for him to show up and when he did, well, I have tears in my eyes right now REMEMBERING THE LOOK ON HIS FACE. He had been saving Susan B Antony quarters for some time and said this was all he had, as a reward, but please take it. My husband said no, but he pleaded with us to take them. I STILL HAVE one of those quarters. That was 50 plus years ago and every now and then when I pull out that quarter I smile. SOMEWHERE THAT MAN WHO LOST HIS CHECK IS TELLING THIS SAME STORY AND STILL THANKING GOD FOR US, the same way I thank God for them. Merry Christmas everyone, ...
Merry Christmas everyone!! Have a wonderful holiday and we look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday 7 January (boarders return 6 January)
Merry Christmas everyone On Friday 20th of December we are having a children's Christmas party 5pm-7pm. Santa will be there at some point with gifts for the children Who will also have a choice of chicken nuggets or sausage and chips, and a bottle of pop. Karaoke will be available for the youngsters to have a sing and show off their talents, there will be free face painting.DIY... Or we'll find a volunteer to help (this will also be available new years eve)...£5 per child...please hand in names, ages, fees and choice of food by lunchtime Thursday 19th December. Friday 20th is also our Christmas Draw party night with Live Music provided by 'CUDA' playing rock and blues from 8:30pm, the Christmas Draw will take place during the interval. Draw tickets cost only £1. You could win a new LCD tv or a cash prize among other depends on what Santa leaves behind... There will be Happy Hour from 8pm-9pm...House double vodka for the price of a single...50p off all pints (cask and keg) All 330ml bottles ...
From my Family to yours... A blessed Merry Christmas everyone!!!
Merry Christmas everyone and especially to your new arrival! I hear you clicking your heels precious.
Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Merry Christmas Everyone! The Blue Pumpkin will have an exciting game with our Snowman Photo Booth at our riverside shop. Hurry! Come and Visit us now to win exciting prizes from The Blue Pumpkin!
Merry Christmas everyone, this is a special too you all, highlighting the true spirit and tale about Christmas. I actually think is one of the better hip hop Christmas songs out atm! comment opinions and share around if you like! This one will be getting recorded soon !
Merry Christmas Everyone... God Bless you all... ;-)
Merry christmas everyone God Bless take care have a nice day
~ Merry Christmas Everyone! My gift this year is my own branded social network (YOBSN) where we give away great items like laptops, ipods, cash and more, plus provide free education, we write our own games and our exciting mobile app is in beta testing and soon to be released. No fee to register, no fee to use. Register now at
Merry Christmas everyone, wishing you all a safe and happy holiday break, see you all in the New Year. School starts Feb 3rd, but we will be there Wed 10 -2pm, Thurs 10-2pm & 4-6pm & Frid 10-2pm the week before to sell stationery packs, uniform, and enrolments.
Merry Christmas everyone! today we have a lesson by our own loveable Super Hero Kathy. Kathy brings us a different angle on art which is fresh and inspiring! Grab a set or two of Mont Marte pencils and give this project a try!
Merry Christmas everyone! I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family, especially my two precious grandchildren. They give me such joy and happiness, they put a smile on my face every time I'm with them. So I love sharing their pictures with you.
Merry Christmas everyone! To celebrate the season, we are giving away a gift crate full of all 5 G&M rubs worth $45! To enter click on the "Giveaway" tab above.
Merry Christmas everyone...have a blast and a wonderful holiday.
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Merry Christmas everyone! The shopping time is almost gone! Need to find an AWESOME gift for that GREAT musician you know? (or maybe yourself...) Check out this great Breedlove guitar I have for sale! (only because I'm funding another project) You can save $1000 from the cost you'd pay at the music shop! I'm asking $1650. It is LIKE NEW. I purchased it this year and have only played it a couple times. Spruce top, AMAZING Myrtlewood back and sides. The sound is between a Maple Taylor and a Martin.
I only have two remaining slots available this week due to increased demand. They are 7pm and 9pm this evening. Please message me ASAP if you would like to train! The final Royal Arsenal Boot Camp before the Christmas Break will take place this saturday in Wellington Park. Personally I will close for Christmas for one week, 22nd December until the 29th of December. Merry Christmas Everyone :-)
ah good choice - can't go wrong with a bit of Chris Rea! We like Shaky's Merry Christmas Everyone - a Welsh Xmas No 1!
The magnificent Norway Spruce in Rockefeller Center is lit!!! The spirit of Christmas is spreading quickly to everyone and I can't wait to celebrate this joyous season with all of my family and friends who mean the world to me!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
I don't know, I feel I'm being stalked by Paul McCartney singing Merry Christmas Everyone...
So I'm listening to the Yuletide Fireplace channel on TV and I just can't wrap my head around Bruce Cockburn singing Christmas songs. Yesterday it was Joy to the World and today it was Merry Christmas Everyone. It's just weird. He was then followed by Neil Diamond singing Christmas carols. Equally weird.
I need your help with my Christmas quickstep. Driving Home For Christmas by Chris Rea or Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin' Stevens? Votes please.
We had the best time walking in the parade tonight! Merry Christmas Everyone!
Merry Christmas everyone .. gift and full of joy with your loved ones ;) x 
Merry Christmas everyone. Have a safe and joyful time.
Merry christmas everyone ❤💚❤💚. Spending the day with my family and fiancé is the best gift I could ask for :)
Merry christmas everyone!!!Happy Birthday papa jesus,our savior: )enjoy and God Bless everyone!!let's give love on christmas day!
Merry Christmas Everyone..have peace and love within us..
Merry Christmas everyone, happy holidays and a happy new year!
Merry Christmas everyone! I am so thankful for everyone and everything in my life!!!
Merry Christmas everyone, I'm going to chill and eat,before I have to go to work tonight enjoy people :) x
Christmas is nearly over, great Christmas anyway. NZ is the best. Merry Christmas everyone in England, have a great day xxx
Merry Christmas everyone, hope u all have a safe and fun Christmas
Merry Christmas everyone! A-Rod is most likely suspended the rest of this season and all of next season!
He was treated as such w/ Boniek & Driver's signings. Merry Christmas Everyone! :)
In a picturesque Venetian café with "Merry Christmas Everyone" by Shakin' Stevens is playing very loudly. Free wifi though.
The sun is shining, it is warm, and the boy has chosen The Muppet's Christmas Carol to watch. Merry Christmas everyone!
Yup, just listened to "Merry, Merry Christmas Everyone". Winter thoughts will get me thru this heat wave! ❄
Currently have "Merry Christmas Everyone" by Shakin' Stevens in my head. No idea why.
+ | The LOD/H Presents | + + \ A Novice's Guide to Hacking- 1989 edition / \ = / \ by / \ The Mentor / \ Legion of Doom/Legion of Hackers / \ / \ December, 1988 / \ Merry Christmas Everyone! / \+/ * | The author hereby grants permission to reproduce, redistribute, | | or include this file in your g-file section, electronic or print | | newletter, or any other form of transmission that you choose, as | | long as it is kept intact and whole, with no ommissions, delet- | | ions, or changes. (C) The Mentor- Phoenix Project Productions | | 1988,1989 512/441-3088 | * Introduction: The State of the Hack ~ After surveying a rather large g-file collection, my attention was drawn to the fact that there hasn't been a good introductory file written for absolute beginners since back when Mark Tabas was cranking them out (and almost *everyone* was a beginner!) The Arts of Hacking and Phreaking have changed radically since that time, and as the 90's approach, the hack/phreak community has recovered from th ...
jjs999jjs is playing Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone [
Making up my own lyrics to Merry Christmas Everyone
Freya gets out of bed singing Slade's ' Merry Christmas Everyone' followed by 'Baby it's cold outside'. Enough already! Aidan goes straight into Robbie's 'Candy' including skipping and sassy moves. Ready to go back to school?
Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you all have a fantastic day. Lovely day. Lots of love. X.
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Just want to wish all our fans a very, very merry Christmas! Hope everyone has a fabulous day tomorrow :-) xx
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & a Good New Years!! Now its time to start 2013.We are getting things ready for the Awards don't forget to call & make your reservations! It will be Jan. 26th at the COTTILION BALLROOM!! Everyone is invited to join...You don't have to be a Top Ten, sponsors,etc!! Tickets are $30! Call the Speedway to reserve your tickets & tables.316-755-1781.
We hope everyone had a Happy New Years and a Merry Christmas! Now time to try and get back into "work mode".
Hoping everyone had a very Merry Christmas with Christ as the center of your celebration and a truly Happy New Year with Christ as the center going forward. (If Christ is for us who can be against us?!) Let's get this new year going!
"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!" u to!
Welcome to T&G Chemical Supply. We are dedicated to serving the janitorial needs of our diverse customer base and providing personal consultations to help our clients find the right equipment for their organizations.
Merry Christmas to everyone from your friends at Pit Bull Gear.
I know I drew this way too freaking late, but merry christmas and happy new yr everyone!
Merry Christmas everyone I hope you had a great day! Iam so tired ready to sleep goodnight.
Merry Christmas, everyone? Hello! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas with family and loved ones. My day began at 4am when I rushed down to Durban beach front to watch the sun rise. Unfortunately the cloud cover just above the horizon played havoc with me capturing the perfect sunrise. I don’t think I need to say much more…
Merry Christmas, everyone! Drink Nog, eat a lot and fart like you don't care!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I wish everyone a year full of surprises and happiness :3
- Merry Christmas from everyone here at E3! Hope everyone has the best Christmas ever!
Belated MERRY CHRISTMAS and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR was too silent for the past few months..too much restriction was added in our Vessel Net Server...Godbless everyone.May 2013 be great for you and to your family !!! Admin Sid
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, sory bout the latness i had no time what so ever... in a couple of days the holiday pics i found will be up... hope everyone enjoyed their holiday
Notts County Football Club can confirm that defenders Tom Williams and Carl Regan have been released.
Hope Everyone had a Happy New year and a Merry Christmas!- Hounds are back at it this Friday- details to come. !!
Kind words from one of our Board Members..."Good morning! What a pleasure to have Revelation Management working for us. I pray and believe that this will be a wonderful and profitable business relationship for everyone. And, I am thankful to see that with all that you and your company do, you would take the time to have such a tasty box of cookies delivered to my door for Christmas! Merry Christmas and thank you for thinking of me and giving me one more reason to give God "thanks". Evelyn" RCM is so lucky to have such great people to work with!!
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Hi everyone! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and good luck in 2013. Khan7 provides you with the latest football scores around the world and also. if there is a big game on. live text commentary. Khan7 belongs to and was created by Skhan Productions. Your Sincerley Skhan - Admin Skhan Productions
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Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a wonderful 2013!!
Hey! Hoped everyone had a merry christmas and a happy new year! Hows 2013 for you? Just had an awesome talk with someone on my fav site about this. She said we inspired her and now I feel so honoured. Thanks! We have so much amazing likerz and amazing people who like this page and I would like, no LOVE to say thank you! -K
I hope everyone had an Merry Christmas & enjoyable New Years celebration. Time to get back into a routine and regular training.
As you might have noticed, the site has been down for some time. This is simply due to lack of payment on our admins' parts. David is having difficulties getting his payment to myself. I'm now trying my best to get a few extra bucks to renew our hosting service, and thus give David and I a little bit more time to brainstorm ideas on how he'll get in his payments. Thank you all for you patience. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year everyone! -Bullet
CD: Massachusetts mom gives son new iPhone for comes with an 18-point contract. A life lesson if you will. Read this, and you'll know that Moms know best. Dear Gregory Merry Christmas! You are now the proud owner of an iPhone. Hot *** You are a good & responsible 13 year old boy and you deserve this gift. But with the acceptance of this present comes rules and regulations. Please read through the following contract. I hope that you understand it is my job to raise you into a well rounded, healthy young man that can function in the world and coexist with technology, not be ruled by it. Failure to comply with the following list will result in termination of your iPhone ownership. I love you madly & look forward to sharing several million text messages with you in the days to come. 1. It is my phone. I bought it. I pay for it. I am loaning it to you. Aren't I the greatest? 2. I will always know the password. 3. If it rings, answer it. It is a phone. Say hello, use your manners. Do not .. ...
Did everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year?
Everyone loves scoring Christmas decorations on SALE after the holidays! If you order any of the Christmas sets (Merry, Jolly, Believe or your own Christmas idea) thru my FB page by Wed., Jan. 9th you will receive one of your tiles FREE! That comes out to be close to 20% savings on most holiday words! Or you can order through the link on my page to my Etsy shop & receive 10% off any order! Message me your order by Jan. 9th to receive the discount & get a head start on decorating for next Christmas!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I hope your break is going well. Just a reminder that classes start up again next week- Year 2 confirmation classes monday and Wednesday night and Youth Group Monday night...
Hello everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D Hope it was a good one for you all ;) Who's up for training on Sunday? Same place, same time.
Gracie's sermon - Dec 30th How many times have you heard someone say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas? Advertisements only use Happy Holidays. They don’t say Merry Christmas because it’s not “politically correct” and they don’t want to “Offend anybody” When I was on the internet yesterday, I heard about this radio talk show who made up this song about how we “politically correct” we are about the holidays. Now I wouldn’t recommend you listen to this song. I like the point it made, I just don’t like the way they made it. But they took all the religious holidays and combined them into one word and wrote a song about how we always have to be politically correct and sang it to the tune of “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” But instead they said, “Have a Rama-hanu-kwanz-mas!” But if we take out Christmas then we take out Christ. Why does everything have to be politically correct anyways?? We’re not trying to be BFF’s with everyone! And we don’t have to walk around what ...
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to all! Thank you everyone for a fantastic 2012, and here is to an even better 2013!
Happy Christmas to everyone! We hope you have a wonderful time so do drink (from your crystal glasses) eat and be merry!
I apologize for the lateness in this but Sweet Dream Murals wishes everyone a very blessed 2013 and hopes you all had a very merry Christmas. We are still recovering from illnesses in our home (for over a month now), but are blessed to be together. Peace and joy be with you all!
We're back! Happy 2013 to you and yours from everyone at the Sub Shops. Today at the Shop on Seminole, we've got our Ham & Turkey sandwich on special again! Freshly sliced Ham, Turkey, and Cheese, along with lettuce and mayo, served with a 20oz drink, and your choice of chips or homemade cookies ($6/small $7/large). Try it with our famous Sub Sauce!
Happy New Year everyone. Sorry I have been away for a while but I have been spending time with my son, his wife and my family. My son is in the Marines and has not been home in 9 months. We have been doing alot of catching up. Thanks to all my fans for your support. Before Christmas I was super busy on Christmas orders and now I am ready to get busy on Valentine's Day, Baseball and Softball orders. I will be posting pictures of some orders I worked on before Christmas. Thanks again for your support.
Story 2. School - Josh: Nick do you think Chloe is coming to school today. Nick: I think so I seen her and her mom in the parking lot. Josh: Good im so glad cant wait to see her, her mom has a melt down because we kissed the other day and she seen. Nick: wow dude Christi is gonna hate you. Josh: Chill its Christmas and I got her this really cool necklace . Chloe: Josh i'm sorry but im no longer aloud to date you. Josh: what i.. Chloe: Stop my moms words not mine meet me in the gym after school before my mom comes for me to talk to the principal. Josh: Okay. Chloe: I still love you Josh: So do I Chloe: *makes out with Josh before the bell* Okay I got to go Josh: Bye babe. Nick: Dude that was totally solid. Josh: Yeah I know Nick: Now I got to get to my babe. Josh: The fugly Brooke. Nick: Dude your sisters Gorg Josh: Paige still dosen't have a boyfriend Nick: You haven't heard her and Mikey are officially dating again. Josh: if he hurts her i'm gonna.. Mikey: Hey guys Josh:heyyy Mikey Mikey : I wont dump Pa ...
The Christus Health Foundation of Southeast Texas is the local affiliate of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 100% of the funds we raise stay local.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to everyone from the team at Austin Wakesurf
A belated Merry Christmas, and Best Wishes to all of our friends for a happy, healthy 2013! (Sorry to have disappeared for a little, but we needed a mental vacation from this crazy holiday season...back and rested now!)
Merry Christmas! We want to emphasize that the most important in this feast day is the remembrance of the Savior's coming to earth to save us. In preparation for the holiday, we invite our family and friends, prepare a supper, and buy each other presents. But the most important part of Christmas happens in church - worship, confession and communion, to which the Lord calls us. To do this, we need to prepare accordingly: plan our time, so we can pray in church, confess our sins and partake of Communion, and share a celebratory meal with friends. I would like to remind everyone that Christmas Eve is a strict fast day, and traditionally Russian Orthodox Christians prepare kutya and other lenten dishes. Christmas Eve as a fast day, on which our ancestors traditionally did not eat any food until the first star in the sky appeared (imagine how it is to comply with this tradition in the southern hemisphere, where they have the shortest nights of the year now!), and we try to follow this tradition. We break the f ...
My sister took her Christmas tree down the day after Boxing Day. I wanted to take ours down last weekend but my hubby prefers taking it down 12 days after Christmas. Have you taken yours down yet? Ruth on the Afternoon Drive.
Happy New Year, Everyone!! We hope that you all had a Blessed and Merry Christmas, and are now ready for the year to come!! We look forward to hearing from you!! And, as always, please keep the ministry of KCMH in your prayers...
Wow 2013 already.Hope EVERYONE had a wonderful Christmas season with family & friends! We have been busy here at the Sweet Shoppe and finally get time to say "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year." Best to all of you in the New Year!
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all those OLV Families out there. May God Continue to bless our parish in 2013! We hope everyone was able to grab a present after the Christmas Masses!
Update your maps at Navteq
We hope everyone had a great new year and a merry Christmas. Don't forget our competition for a chance to win big logo grey intelligence sweat and a intelligence clothing photo shoot with us All you have to do is like and share the intelligence clothing page and like and share the grey intelligence sweat on page or when uploaded competition closes 25th January winner will be picked at random. good luck!
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Happy new year, Everyone. New year, new hope, new spirit.. ^^
DIARY UPDATE: December 26th, 2012 Merry Christmas Everyone! This has been such a blessed few days. Thanks to our church, school, Girl Scouts, and ECF, my children have had one of the most memorable Christmases ever. The gifts have been amazing but what is even more touching are the cards received from such caring people. The Girl Scouts have touched our hearts so dearly. The phone calls and texts received just to make sure we were OK made me feel so loved and we love you all too. Our family is so over joyed by the support we are receiving. Because of your support I gain strength. Tyreek is a very happy camper right now. He thanks everyone for blessing him with such a wonderful day. He is looking and feeling good thus far. He is so very determined about life. Nothing is going to stop him from getting back to normal. We are looking forward to a few days off for winter break. He only has physical and occupational therapy to do this week so thats a nice break for him/us. Well thank you all for listening in... ...
Merry Christmas Everyone, Happy New Year, & God Bless!!! ♥PRESS Like♥ & share everyone.♥ Thank ya'll so very much!!! ♥God Bless♥ ♥Angel's Of Sharing♥ *Remember Hunters* Keep an eye out when your out in the woods hunting over the next few weeks please & thank you, Judy C, Family, & Friends. Stay Safe & Warm!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you all had an amazing day and got spoilt rotten! I sure did :) I am doing free photo shoots in London so anyone that would like some done or know anyone please send them in my direction :) x
Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Join us this Sat at the WIPP for customer appreciation night! sing like a star and drink like a fish! Food and drink specials all night!
As our joy escalates to such a high level for the Christmas Holidays, I always find myself with a bit of the Christmas blues on Christmas night. I think I'll hop in my new red velour footie pj's and watch a few episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond. Ray always seems to put a smile on my face. :-) Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you got some good family time! Enjoy your break and I hope you all are doing great! Let me know how yall are doing. Anyone get anything good or do anything exciting with their families? We played games all day and watched the two new dogs we added to the family chase each other all day!
Here's tonight's Retro-Replay...Finishing up our Holiday songs...As you're waiting for the snow on this Christmas night, Take a moment to give thanks for all of Gods gifts...Merry Christmas Everyone!! ..Enjoy!!
Merry Christmas Everyone... I sure miss the family atmosphere we had growing up & I don't even think I'd mind having all the stores and stuff closed for the day!
Merry Christmas Everyone! We got the best present ever! Our lil girl was discharged from the NICU on christmas eve.. just in time for her for christmas at home :) Hope everyone elses christmas was awesome! See you in 2013!
Merry Christmas Everyone! I just want to say whatever you may face just remember Jesus loves you always. He is the reason for the season.
Merry Christmas Everyone! Thank you trickin/freerunnin buds, regular buds, wjhs cheer, xeno, and bombsquad for the wonderful year!!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Hope your day has been filled with cheer and laughter!
Merry Christmas Everyone! Next year (hopefully) i will be making a christmas album! :) yay! So if you don't mind, post your favorite christmas song/holiday song!
Merry Christmas Everyone! Going to my last family Christmas party since Sunday. Sorry I didn't get to do a Christmas Review/Video like I planned but ill make it up in tons of video reviews starting tomorrow! Hope you all have a safe & Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!! We are doing a few showings tomorrow if anyone else is interested! 2014 Calendar is starting to book already and 2013 is booking fast! Call, text or message us!
Merry Christmas Everyone! This is an unedited recording of TATU performing ALL ABOUT US on the TV program THE VOICE. There are no camera cuts so you get to s...
Merry Christmas Everyone. Thought of sharing some of my latest events: Video Interview with a Modern Mother, Author and Scholar - Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar, PhD on January 6th 2013. Recording will be posted after the interview. Video Interview with Jim Tosone, MD of IMPROV means Business on January 9th. Recording will be posted after the interview. I am looking forward to speak at the Breakfast Club of New Jersey - An audience of 150 members and a network of 1000's of professionals: Topic - No Limits - Leap to your next career junction: January 12th 2012 at 8.00 am in New Brunswick, NJ I will be reading from my book - Spaghetti Minds and talk about conditional non-duality and the linkage of mind, body and soul - January 17th 2012 at pm at the North Edison Library, Edison, NJ
Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I'm going to be selfish this year and ask for a gift from you! If I have done your hair or makeup, please go onto a site such as Yelp and do a quick review for me under Bangz Park Avenue. Normally I wouldn't ask, but you may have had a little too much nog at this point and be feeling extra generous!
Merry Christmas Everyone! Had lots of fun making sugar cookie trees and chocolate caramel clusters.Will be posting reviews on the recipes very soon.So all of you have some recipes for next year or atleast new years eve treats.Enjoy the day!
Merry Christmas Everyone. Lets all look forward to a rocking 2013!!
Merry Christmas Everyone.. Today is Super Tuesday. Unfortunately we are unable to offer the discount for movies released on Tuesday. DJANGO UNCHAINED, LES MISERABLES and PARENTAL GUIDANCE are considered Special Engagements and subject to regular admission price. All other movies will be $5 and $7 for 3D. Thank You for understanding.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I hope you are having a Fabulous day ;-)
A winter wonderland...if I can't be on a beach for Christmas, than at least some snow would be nice (rather than this Western Washington rain). Merry Christmas Everyone!
Merry Christmas Everyone! I now leave you in the very capable hands of your better more amazing admins. Working, going to college and making a marriage work pushes Admining out to the wayside and that is not fair to you guys at all. I will miss you but trust me it's better this way. I am so very proud of what this page has become. If you want to still talk to me friend me personally and leave a message saying who you are and that you're a fan of my page. Look up Jody May Wilson Mills and you'll find me. I love you all. Goodbye!!! ~Luna
Merry Christmas Everyone!! Looking forward to 12/28 with Celebrate Recovery at Saddleback Church!! ... See ya at 7pm!
Merry Christmas Everyone, Santa Bought me a Copy of Linda L Green's "First, For the Duration, the Story of the Eighth Alabama Infantry" . I'll Post a review when I am done,
Erock: "Merry Christmas Everyone!! The babes & I are headed to Salt Lake City" He is wearing Apocalyptic Love Hoodie. Thats awesome to see how guys are supporting each other!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope everyone has a great Christmas, and remember were a week and a half away from New Year Showdown -January 5-6, 2012!!
Merry Christmas Everyone! I'm loving the submissions for the Christmas Instagram Photography Contest! Remember, today and tomorrow are the last days to submit your Instagram photograph! I can't wait to see your art :). View the link for rules.
Today Christmas 1946...Jimmy Buffett born in Mobile, Alabama. With a devout following of Parrot Heads, he combines pop, country and Caribbean influences, gaining a country hit with "Margaritaville" in 1977 and returning to the genre with several collaborations 30 years later 1948...Barbara Mandrell born in Houston, Texas. She wins the Country Music Association's Entertainer of the Year award twice while hosting the "Barbara Mandrell & The Mandrell Sisters" TV show, ultimately joining the Country Music Hall of Fame 1954.Steve Wariner born in Noblesville, Indiana. The singer-songwriter-guitarist arrives in Nashville as Dottie West's bass player at age 17, acquiring a recording contract in 1978 which yields a string of smooth singles that stretches more than two decades Merry Christmas Everyone ...everywhere
Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope to see you Wednesday, we are open from 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9 come SKATE!!
Merry Christmas Everyone! Happy Hannukah Everyone! Happy Kwanzaa Everyone! * WE HAVE A PRESENT FOR YOU!* We are releasing a sneak peak of the new merchandise that we are going to be selling to you guys! Please remember to go to the Forbidden page at 6PM PST! Like and Share!
Merry Christmas Everyone! Golden Bear basketball will return on January 3, 2013!
Merry Christmas Everyone. We hope everyone has safe travels this week!
Merry Christmas from your local Democratic Party. Whether Democrat, Republican or other, we are all God's Children first and then Americans. Let this be a day of Peace and let us all hope and pray for Peace all over this great planet and that it last forever. We can only hope and pray. Merry Christmas Everyone.
Merry Christmas Everyone! As you spend time with your loved ones today, take a moment and think of all of the children in Harford County that had a magical morning because of your hard work with the Sheriff's Christmas Drive. Thank you for loving the families and children of our town. Be safe!
Merry Christmas Everyone!! Are your dogs getting anything special tonight?? Mine are going to get lamb necks again! They will be SO happy, and full... 2.5lbs each neck!
We are very excited to announce our very first ever winner of our Special Holiday Giveaway! But before we announce the winner, we want to thank every single one of you guys for your support! Enjoy this White Christmas with loved ones! Our first ever winner of our Special Holiday Giveaway is... Jeff Myers! Congratulations Jeff!!! Merry Christmas Everyone! -Stage 1 Films Crew
Merry Christmas Everyone!! Share your holiday beerventures here
Merry Christmas Everyone!! Blessed with an amazing fun daughter on her first Xmas!
Merry Christmas Everyone! Today for the last day of our giveaways we'd like to honor our parents. Thank them for not only choosing Childcare Network to care for your child, but also for being such a dedicated and wonderful part of our big family this year! Our staff and parents allow us the ability to continue to educate the future of our world and as a token of our appreciation we would like to give away 1 FREE MONTH OF CHILDCARE to 1 currently enrolled child. THE RULES TO ENTER ARE DIFFERENT from the rest of the giveaways. In order to enter this giveaway, please comment below AND then share this post on your wall with your family and friends and let them know what makes your Childcare Network school so great. We’ll pick a winner at the end of the week and contact you. Good Luck and May you have the best Christmas yet!
Merry Christmas Everyone go and follow and they will follow back too x
Merry Christmas Everyone, here's Wishing you the Best of Today. is here on the Drive Time Show... Make your Happy Hour Christmas Shout Outs here. Legooo!!!
Apple and Corn for the chickens, bones for the dogs, Apple, pear, sweet potatoe and oatmeal salad for the horses, llamas, cows and pigs... my holiday cooking is almost over. What I want for christmas is health and happiness for my friends and family. Peace, compassion and safety for the horses and animals... and .. A HOT SHOWER!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Merry Christmas Everyone!! Have a Great day spending time with friends & family!
Merry Christmas Everyone...:)...Don't forget to roll one up this morning.and call me for a pull...;)
Merry Christmas Everyone! What did Santa leave you guys this year?
Merry Christmas Everyone i got Aston merrygold under my tree what Present did you get? siobhan
Merry Christmas Everyone! The new fields of fire campaign starts this thursday at the Games Workshop in Canterbury. I'll be there. The question is. Will you???
Merry Christmas Everyone! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Let us know all the Bad *** gifts you received this year in a comment below. Let's have a contest to see which person got the most awesomest gift this year.
Merry Christmas Everyone, have a great day and make sure you come to Regiment Fitness over the festive period.
Merry Christmas Everyone x I'm on the radio doing my 12th LIVE Xmas Day Show ! whoop hope its going well :D
Merry Christmas Everyone! Make sure you spend some time with your guests instead of playing Sonic Adventure 2!
Merry Christmas Everyone! It's me, Luanne and John this morning.kinda cozy in the studio AND we have breakfast! Seems like we're always hungry, so I made a quiche.that's right...a "quiche" Real men eat and make them! It's usually a hit when I bring the eggy, cheesy goodness in. Anyway, increasing clouds through the day, eventual rain by tomorrow late morning/Early afternoon. Watching it for you. Have a great day.
Merry Christmas Everyone, we hope you all have a lovely day, from the team at Coventry Sports Foundation
Merry Christmas Everyone and Many Blessings in 2013. Thanks to all my friends, family and those who have come into my life as my readers of "On the Wings of Autumn," for your kindness and support in reviewing and promoting my first novel. Sales have moved dramatically since I revamped my author page on Amazon - thanks for the help Robert Bidinotto, bestselling author of HUNTER: A Thriller. ON THE WINGS OF AUTUMN: An Unforgettable Love Story.
Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope that your day is filled with lots of love, laughter, family and friends. From all of us here at I Blame Jared Padalecki For Everything.
Merry Christmas Everyone from work. Mad I'm at work but hey I rat @ Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)
Merry Christmas Everyone from all here at Leicestershire Search & Rescue! Have a great day with family and loved ones... Spare a thought for volunteer teams such as ourselves, the armed forces, and the emergency services who are on call and working throughout the festive period to ensure this Christmas we all stay safe! MERRY CHRISTMAS! LeicSAR 100% Volunteer, 100% Professional, 0% Pay
Merry Christmas Everyone - hope Santa brought you everything you wanted!!!
Children would go without gifts and Cash converters would be filled with them lmao Merry Christmas Everyone :D
Since I havn't been able to get into the studio to finish my first piece. In awhile I'm just going to post some guitar/vocal Covers of songs my fans choose until i can get back in. So comment with a song and ill work on it. Or if you guys just want me to post a few vids of some really good songs I already have down pretty well just like my status (: Merry Christmas Everyone.
Merry Christmas Everyone!! By now, Christmas arrived at most homes across the world! I hope no matter what challenges your family has, today you have joy in your heart, and warmth in you soul. Please give all of your children a big hug today, and know in your hearts you are the best gift that anyone could ever bring them. Your love and support make the challenges of this world a lot less scary, and provides the strength to grow and develop! Merry Christmas and warm wishes to all of you!
Guys help me omg OMFG I'VE FANGIRLED SO HARD. I GOT THE D12 HUNGER GAMES BOARD GAME, AND THE 16 MONTH CALENDAR I FANGIRLED UNTIL I COULDN'T GET UP I also got Doc Martens, iPod Dock, Red (TayTay CD), Soul Cal top, Soul Cal bag, 3 of the TMI series, Awesome hat, Owl Bracelet and jewelry but the Game omg. I'm the only one in my family who knows how to play it, or understands any of it. Merry Christmas Everyone! ~AvoxJay
From this John 2 Your John . Merry Christmas Everyone . Been a great year , lets have a bunch more !
Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope all of you are able to spend this day surrounded by those you love the most. I would encourage you to spend a moment thinking of all the brave American men and women overseas and stateside who will not be able to celebrate with family this Christmas. Many police officers will be on the streets all day. Some will stay out late into the night. Firefighters and EMT personnel will be called upon to abandon their own loved ones to save the lives of another's. These, our sacred national heroes, represent the true meaning of Christmas. Over 2,000 years ago, the Creator of the entire Universe left the majesty of Heaven to be born in a stable. Duty and love pulled him from his own world to save ours. Christmas has always been about loss, loneliness, and sacrifice for some. And that sobering reality has always ensured it will be about redemption, joy, and blessing for many more. Ladies and gentlemen of the armed services and domestic emergency personnel, we salute you on this Christ ...
Merry Christmas Everyone, as a special gift, were droppin our single tonight
Fact of the Day: St.Nicholas was in fact a member of Kappa Sigma, initiated at the Nu Pi chapter at North Pole University in 1934! Merry Christmas Everyone!!
I am officially done and head out, but I leave you in good hands, Shawn Gillie is on until 6am!!! Merry Christmas Everyone from all of us here at Fly 92.3!!! -DJ MyLow
Merry Christmas Everyone! We have TWO winners to announce to you tonight! 1st our $100 Luvaboos gift card goes to Brian and Colleen K. AND our Pin It to Win it Contest winner is Anna B! Congratulations and thank you so much to everyone for supporting our small business this year. We wouldn't be here without you and are so thankful you've made us a part of your journey :) Off to enjoy the little people in our life...
Merry Christmas Everyone! We wish you a safe and happy holiday from the volunteers at the New Ross Volunteer Fire Department.
Merry Christmas Everyone! So who had a visit from Santa and his reindeer last night? Did you wake up to what you had wished for?
Merry Christmas Everyone! What did Santa bring everyone this year?
Merry Christmas Everyone! Here is the countdown of the top 15 Ding Dongs of December, as heard on 107.7 The Bay this afternoon. Trou in Court Maurice Donelson, 19, of Gary, Indiana, who apparently decided a court hearing was an appropriate place to drop his trousers. Donelson was attending a hearing in Gary City Court when he stood up, pulled up his shirt and pulled down his pants to his thighs, showing off his undies. Police took him into the hallway and asked him to pull up his pants due to courtroom dress code. Donelson struggled with officers and he was arrested. Alarm Tech Turned Robber Jason Michael Adams, 37, an alarm technician, who was caught stealing jewelry while installing an alarm to protect a homeowner from getting robbed. Adams was installing an alarm in the home of a 50-year old woman when she caught him rummaging through her jewelry chest. He tried to cover his tracks by telling her he was looking for a panic button, but the woman asked Adams to empty his pockets. He had tried to g ...
Merry Christmas Everyone!! Amazed: For Today -- Baby I’m a man and maybe I’m a lonely man Who’s in the middle of something That he doesn’t really nderstand -- Paul McCartney * If we are painstaking about this phase of our development, we will be amazed before we are half way through. -- Alcoholics Anonymous, page 83 * Of magic doors, there is this: You do not see them, even as you are passing through. -- unknow
Merry Christmas Everyone. Please remember the reason for the season.
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