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Merritt Island

Merritt Island is a census-designated place in Brevard County, Florida, United States. It is located on the east coast of the state on the Atlantic Ocean.

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Homecoming here at Merritt Island. Sun will an early issue for team facing west. This is an E-W stadium.
Merritt Island Mustangs' 14-15 varsity football game schedule. The Mustangs have 10 games scheduled. Find out when they play next.
Happy Friday everyone! Stop by the S. Daytona branch today and pick up a freebie from Enterprise Car Sales. Or, stop by the Merritt Island branch today for free popcorn with Victor! We have lot's of things happening around here.This coming Tuesday night, stop by our booth at "National Night Out Against Crime" at McLarty Park in Rockledge. Next Friday, October 10th, bring your papers to the Merritt Island branch from 8 am - 10 am for FREE SHRED DAY! Then we'll be hosting "Java with Joe" that day from 10 am - noon. Come have a cup of coffee with Joe, the CEO of Launch FCU. Also, we will be out at Space Coast Stadium next Friday and Saturday, Oct. 10th and 11th for the Mike Erdman Toyota-Nissan car sale. Great vehicles, great deals, great financing!
Great weekend in Melbourne, Florida!! Saturday you can see the Thunderbirds flying at the Melbourne International Airport, then you can visit our OPEN HOUSE Sunday 1-3 at 275 E Lauren CT in Merritt Island!!!
Backcountry Tarpon on the Mosquito Lagoon and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
Getting ready for our presentation at Merritt Island High School in Merritt Island, Fl. Dream Big & Never Give Up!
Merritt Island High School was amazing! Thank you to the students! You guys Rock! Never Give Up tour rolls on!
yeah my internet has been going out. I'm in Merritt island and my girlfriends in port St. John cable as wife went out too
New Century Buffet in Titusville, FL was just found at
made it from Merritt Island all the way home without noticing before😂😂
Twinsies for the PINK volleyball game at Merritt Island Christian School! Love my baby girl!…
Lets crush Merritt Island tomorrow and show Disney what a great team he is missing!!
Beautiful bobcat spotted at Merritt Island in
Me n my son got drawn for the Merritt Island Duck Hunt for my birthday, Nov 22nd n also the 29&30th! Woohoo! Whack em n stack em!
Stop by the Rotary Park Nature Center on S. Courtenay Pkwy. in Merritt Island for their After School Arts &...
I told mom I'm going to Merritt Island and I'm expecting, "Do whatever you want. I don't care" as a response.
If you're looking for something to do take a drive up to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge visitor...
Thanks to Calvary Chapel of Merritt Island and reaching out to our Merritt Island Yourh. It was a moving night!
Got to do a heist with one my best friends today. Me and killed it @ Merritt island forida
Just took a pic set of pics and a video on Merritt Island. A storm is coming.
If there's any rad hot girls with good music taste that reside near Merritt island, Fl hit me up bby
ATTENTION GAMES AND PRACTICES ARE ON!!!. We will be having our home game vs Merritt Island as planned. See everyone tomorrow night for...
I will be in these areas this Saturday:. Port St John. Titusville. Cocoa. Merritt Island. Rockledge. Orlando. Winter...
Merritt Island National Wildlife Refige offers some of the darkest skies around...
Headed to the beach this weekend? Come join some great bands at the Space Coast Island Classic at Merritt Island...
Here's to heading towards the weekend! Photo: Green sea turtle hatchling at Merritt Island NWR by Tom Dunkerton. http:/…
North Tropical Trail on Merritt Island closed Thursday at Quail Drive north of SR520. to replace power pole damaged in crash
Palm Bay has 2 quality wins and a chance for 3 more (Titusville, Merritt Island and Bayside)
Congratulations Penny for winning a 7 night stay at Pender Island at the Business Excellence Awards!
Cool video of Merritt Island grad Andrew Adair hitting FLORIDA TODAY columnist John Torres:
Photo: Broken dragon at the southern-most tip of Merritt Island
Adorable Axel found his furever home this morning at the Central Brevard Humane Society's Merritt Island Adoption...
Sweet little Patti found her PURRfect match yesterday at the Central Brevard Humane Society Merritt Island...
If you've never seen the bioluminescence, it's beautiful. Grab a kayak, a bottle of wine, some cheese and...
- Awesome attractions to enjoy in Merritt Island (United States of America)
- Amazing spots to visit in Merritt Island, United States of America
Job Seekers: Transportation Operations OFC position available in Merritt Island, FL. Apply at today!
Space Coast!. I will be at Fitness Club Merritt Island at 9:00 this morning leading the BEST calorie burning class...
Reminds me a lot of the double I hit off of my neighbor that IMO sealed me for the South Merritt Island All-Star team.
If you're near Merritt Island tomorrow go show some support for the premiere of Green From the Grave directed by...
FBC Merritt Island, Fla Adrian Rogers . Pastor. Packed out, even on the platform. 1968. Hundreds saved..Freddie Gage evangelist!
it was straight I still like Merritt island better
How can I air them on WRDJ here in Merritt Island, Florida
Featured in Beauty 'Merritt Island Snowy' from collection by Dawn Currie
aww ): it's cause you're new prob people can be mean to newbies, everyone is so nice at the one in Merritt island!
I'm from Merritt Island!! That's crazy that you'll be on mtv!
Searching for in Merritt Island, FL? Send your to Aspen Dental Management, Inc..
Caption call! Tell us what's going on with this alligator at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.
were you in north Merritt island today
My first time back at Shuttles since it reopened! (@ Shuttles Dugout Sports Bar & Grill in Merritt Island, FL)
I checked in at Kelsey's Pizza Merritt Island on
Sat night at Coconuts in Cocoa Beach, Sun night at Carrabba's in Merritt Island! Great weekend, off to Pittsburgh.
I've been 16 for two days and my parents are already having me apply for jobs all over Merritt Island 📝
there's one here on Merritt Island.
Check out these fancy kids, with a headline on the main Merritt Island street corner!
Beautiful old Florida style Oaks here on South Merritt Island just beautiful!
he lives on Merritt Island if that helps 💁
I just checked in at Merritt Island with
Just drove all over Cocoa Beach and Merritt island looking for a dunkin donuts that had chocolate glazed munchkins. We took them all. 🍩
aww I'm in Merritt island. Wish you were here! I might go see Penny 😂
Why does every cute girl at Merritt island have to be a senior? 😒
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I think everyone between the ages of 15 and 23 in Merritt island have died bc it's all old ppl and kids here right now 😒😴
Having another delicious brunch. Andres Alex Chris Jorge (at in Merritt Island, FL)
Pastor Bob Arthurs from Merritt Island, FL ministering in his home church, this morning.
Win a kayak at the Kayak Fishing Boondoggle! Oct 10 in Merritt Island, FL
YESS the new shop is open to the Public! 175 South Banana River Drive in Merritt Island. Just look for the...
Local 6's Erik von Ancken goes behind the kitchen door of a Popeye's restaurant in Merritt Island.
Right now my ship is in Port Canaveral with the Disney Dream and the Freedom of the Seas. Any other act in town with me? I'm at the Merritt Island Mall
"I'm so Merritt Island"...The bouncer doesn't even want none! lol
doubt it... We were in Merritt Island
The fact that the ABC in Merritt Island is being torn down makes me want to throw up 😷
Merritt Island, it's been cool for the past 10 days but I'm so ready to go back to Groves to what I'm used to. M.I. Just ain't for me 👌
Need somebody to text/snapchat while I wait to arrive at Merritt Island
About to not be hangry — at Bizzarro Pizza of Merritt Island
Headed to the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. To introduce students to a phenom called bioluminescence.
Nice. I used to live like an hour south in Merritt Island. I'll be moving back in like a year and a half.
First date night in Florida! And currently under a tornado warning! (@ Pacific Rim) on
we are about to leave Merritt Island the sun is starting to come out!
in Merritt Island. The crew is handling this surprisingly well. Big storm knocked power out
It feels like a hurricane coming across Merritt Island right now!
If I didn't have to go to walmart on Merritt island I woulda stayed my *** in the house til sun down
I know. Gotta be within 30min of work. So I can't go to Merritt island or anything. It's all good though.
Behind the Kitchen Door: Popeye's in Merritt Island | Latest News - Home here you go!
Glad to see my local Merritt Island Popeyes is following regulations to the T.
Driving to Merritt Island, sharing real-time road info with wazers in my area. ETA 11:31 AM using - Drive Social.
Imma fly a helicopter to Merritt Island if she don't wake up lol
There's a BMX contest at Graffiti Skate Zone in Palm Bay and a skate contest at Brevard Skate & BMX in Merritt Island today.
Tonight last night of moth week. Merritt Island Refuge shows history + roles moths play in our ecosystem.
While those lightweights over in France are wrapping up their tour, the Tour de North Merritt Island will c...
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a car stopped on the shoulder on SR-528 E, Merritt Island on - Drive Social.
Merritt island 😩 it's like 1 hour away from Orlando
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Today was a great day at LaPorte Farms. Visitors from NE, NY, Vero, Merritt island, satellite beach are just a...
500 apache Tr Merritt Island FLslide through if you Trynna turn up
Volunteer Tom Dunkerton captured a shot of the sighting at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. http…
Drive slow at Merritt Island in FL you may catch a glimpse of a bobcat!
Bird watching at Merritt Island Natl. Wildlife in the summer is still worth the trip! by Chuck Tague. ht…
Thanks in Merritt Island FL for a great dining experience tonight. Amy was the best!
Tomorrow night show on Merritt Island at KDI is open to the public 18 and above Showtime 08:00 p.m.…
dang it! I was at Merritt Island mall a week ago 😩
Hey Brevard, looking for something fun to do with the family this summer? Check out Florida Air Tours. They offer...
Get outside and help wildlife by helping clean up Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge this Saturday
Merritt Island, Florida sky in between a storm. It was beautiful!
can't wait to be out of Merritt Island tbh
Huge and wonderful news...Hilary out of Merritt Island, Florida has donated for the remaining bed nets needed for...
This is probably the stupidest hashtag to date. Merritt Island children are so smart and cool. 👍😒
Come find our enthusiastic blood program volunteers and Merritt Island on Sunday, July 27
A week in the keys seems to go by so fast, but a week in merritt island seems to go by so slow.
Did not expect to see a Lotus Evora on Merritt Island today. So low and sleek, from a distance I thought it was a Viper. Gorgeous.
We're number 20 on the ReverbNation Instrumental charts for Merritt Island, FL!
If you are anywhere near Merritt Island, FL you can work out with me live this morning!!!. Please share this status.
INSANITY class this morning!! . Fitness Club Merritt Island. 9:00am. $5 if you're not a member. $2 for child care...
Sad to learn of Merritt Island legend Patrick Smith's passing. "A Land Remembered" is an American classic. FL lost a l…
my sister just took this from Merritt Island
Prayers and Positive Thoughts this Morning for two of Our Merritt Island Children Tyler Young and Julie Spurlock. Tyler was hit by a van yesterday on Banana River Drive and Julie is battling a fever while fighting leukemia, both are at Arnold Palmer Hospital. Lets take a minute and leave a positive comment to show support for these Islanders :)
Dr.Green is officially leaving Merritt Island. We are getting a new principal again.
Mango grove merritt island with Pete George and Justin Zabinski
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a visible police trap on SR-528 W, Merritt Island on - Drive Social.
4 bedroom home in the Iroquois Village in South Merritt Island Florida: via
things I'll miss about Merritt island Is being so close to the beach and rivers and seeing dolphins swim when I drive by..🐠🐬
Being at the Merritt Island mall brings back so many memories😭
"Getcho nails done in Viera because you're too good for Merritt Island"
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Jennifer who has friends in Merritt Island Florida is zealous about WomFriends. >> Exciting concept! > Expert website.
Drive slow along the wildlife drives at Merritt Island NWR and you may get a glimpse of a bobcat.
FAN APPRECIATION NIGHT THIS WEEK AT NEW SMYRNA ...: Merritt Island's Justin Reynolds is still undefeated in the...
I just wanna live in Merritt island for the rest of my life
Merritt island like 45 min from Orlando 😅 and I don't think there's a single one here
I've been in love with checkers since I lived in Merritt island that's all me & Tiffany used to eat lol
Big thunderstorm here over north Merritt Island. :-)
merritt island. Looking like a nice one headed this way! Nvr get tired of thi
Thx for the interview w/I aired live on WRDJ here in Merritt Island.
Great question! The 140,000-acre Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is a wildlife sanctuary and an overlay of !
Fyi Dr.Greene is leaving Merritt Island there was an advertisement for a new principal
my house is on Merritt Island but work in Miami - about the same time from my house - too old to want to camp lol
I just had a great experience shopping at Books-A-Million in Merritt Island, FL! Click to shop onl...
We're looking for talent to join the ECI's Family of Companies family!
Beautiful morning for camp at merritt island
*UPDATE** Bella, Boxer/Shepherd Mix (Merritt Island, FL). Owner was able to take Bella with her to California!...
I can't believe there are still people in Merritt Island that have never had Bagel World.
I swear everyone on merritt island lives under a rock , people here are so stubborn holy crap.
looking good here in Merritt Island FL
Merritt Island does not have cute boys. I am grumpy.
"I mean, I love being the hunchback of Merritt Island and all, but maybe I should start sitting up straight for my health."
we can't scrimmage other leagues. We just gonna have to scrimmage Merritt Island
bro pick me up 1545 Mercury St Merritt Island, FL
Made this mirror from a very old door. The wood is Merritt Island Pine, beautiful and rich but not available any...
I'd hangout with you but I live in Merritt island & have no way too hang out with you.
Michael's is coming to Merritt Island where the old toys r us was, I'm so freaking excited!!
Please share to find this Shiba Inu's family!! Found in Diana Shores, Merritt Island.
Okay lets try to pass along some suggestions for folks looking some great locally owned restaurants from our post earlier this evening (BTW there were some great suggestions for new chains and yes some chain restaurants are very good). We're only going to post a few suggestions for each type of cuisine because well it's late and this is going to be the longest post we've ever put up. Please feel free to leave more suggestions under comments if you'd like. Sandy Ellison , Michelle Cahela-Kirkland, Tammy Jackson Brown, Rik Tracy Venerable, Linda Tyndall , Rosalie De Fini Outlaw and Callie Martinez want real Mexican food but the trouble is that everyone has a perception of what they consider real Mexican and the cuisine in Mexico varies greatly. Try El Tequila in Melbourne, El Tucan in Merritt Island and La Marimba Cocina in Rockledge. Joe DeSua, Laura Fournier , Sarah Beckler Webb and Charlene Hodge would like a good Chinese restaurant in Melbourne and we suggest Red Ginger in Suntree or at the Melbourne .. ...
Merritt Island, FL; Thomas Roger Parks 77; was called Home to be with his Heavenly Father on June 7, 2014, after a brief illness. He was the husband of Yvonne (Picchiarini) Parks for 55 years. Tom was born September 3, 1936 to the late Thomas Richard (TR) Parks and Louise R. Parks in Charleroi PA. Tom graduated from Charleroi high school in 1954, lettering in both Baseball & Football, and graduated Westminster College in June 1958. He joined the United States Army in September 1958 and honorably discharged in 1961. Tom and his wife Yvonne moved back to the Mon Valley to raise their growing family. Tom took a position teaching for Pittsburgh Public School, and dedicated his entire career teaching on the Northside, at Manchester elementary. Tom was a member of Lock 4 Volunteer Fire Department in North Charleroi and moved to North Belle Vernon, where he joined the North Belle Vernon Fire Department in 1966. Tom’s passion and career was teaching; the fire department was the perfect place for him to help tea ...
The Central Brevard Humane Society (must be 16 years of age or older to participate in the orientation program) is in need of dedicated individuals or groups who care about the welfare of animals. Volunteering opportunities are available at the Shelter in Cocoa, the Molly Mutt Thrift Shops (Melbourne, Merritt Island, Palm Bay and Rockledge), the "Low Cost" Spay/Neuter & Wellness Clinic, the Merritt Island Adoption Center or as a "Society Ambassador" during community outreach (off-site) events. Volunteer activities may include walking dogs, socializing cats, grooming animals, shelter beautification projects; as well as retail help at the thrift shops and assisting with community education and adoption events. The Humane Society is always looking for volunteers with grant writing, fundraising, clerical and animal handling/obedience training experience. The next Shelter Volunteer Orientation is schedule for Saturday, June 7th, from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at the Humane Society in Cocoa. Pre-registration is requ ...
Merritt Island - Used Whirlpool Duet Electric Dryer. MINE IS USED, a brand new would go for $648 at Home Depot. I am asking $300 for it. It does need a cord and possible a new heating element so I'll knock $50 off for parts so $250 AS IS.
Having a great fun soccer Saturday with Landen and his team in Merritt Island for the tournament! They are playing awesome ball! 6-4 & 2-1 both wins for St.Cloud!
Morning workout on a kayak tour in the Barge Canal, Merritt Island.
Merritt Island - Used heavy machinery tires for sled hammer workouts & flipping. $25 each or $45 for both.
Anyone up for a big fish turny at Merritt island tonight
About to drive to Merritt Island, in the rain, alone. Scared does not even begin to describe what I'm feeling right now
Might as well move to Merritt Island consider I find myself here almost everyday now
The men wanted to challenge the ladies last night at Joe lee in kickball the ladies want to challenge the men in bowling tonight at 6:30 at shore lanes in Merritt Island .
HPU exercise science students kayaking in the Merritt Island Reserve in FL.
Sunrise over Merritt Island, taken from the back side of the Cape Canaveral power plant in Cocoa Beach. Man, I love where I work. Tossed in a couple more industrial looking shots.
Thanks for adding me. I'm from an Air Force family and we lived on PAFB, then Satellite Beach when dad retired. I went to Cocoa Jr. high in the late 50s and graduated from Melbourne High in '61. Then I lived on Cape Canaveral and Merritt Island. I finally left the area when the NASA layoffs started (around '69) and landed in the greater Miami area. I'm retired now, and live in Sebring, but I stay in touch with many of my old high school friends.which is how I found this page! (Thanks Nancy Atwater Lipgens and Mary Beth Deters).
Let the games begin! The Merritt Island 3v3 Challenge is underway. Good Luck to all the teams playing! Score lots of goals!
Panthers are in action today in Merritt Island. Come see the show!
Recital week-end with Ultimate Dance, Inc. in Merritt Island. Dress Rehearsal today - all day for both studios and 2 shows tomorrow. Long week-end, but can't wait to see these girls on stage. Should be a great show.
Made it to merritt island safely. Now time for sleep so I can go jogging in the morning
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Unlimited Weekend Theme: Dangerous Reptiles. I kept a respectful distance and we went our separate ways. ; ) Merritt Island.
Schedule update for tomorrow. . As of right now only 2 locations have been confirmed.. Merritt Island & Eau...
"Sign up for our FREE Giveaway!" Fulmer, an associate with Titan Properties, said his company believes there is demand on North Merritt Island for a residential development of this type, including for people who might want to commute from jobs in the Orlando area and also for more
Day 79: I am grateful that Pete is back in Merritt Island, safe & sound. I am also very grateful that he doesn't have to travel for work more often! I hate it when he is gone & have great admiration for couples that have to be apart regularly.
Proud of my former teammate, Keland White. He's a tremendous athlete, and I can't wait to see what's up next for him after high school football. I enjoyed playing with him for 2 years at Landmark Christian, where he literally destroyed defenses running the ball. I remember his first year I played with him, he ended the last two games of the season with 319 rushing yards each game, back to back. That was the year we won the SSAC Bowl game against Merritt Island I think, like 44-7. The 2nd year, we won the last championship at Landmark, the SSAC State vs. Seven Rivers, 40-0. He'll be awesome wherever he goes. Remember to keep the Lord 1st KeKe. Love ya man! Here's an article from a local scout. He'll be playing receiver/running back/safety for Lakeland Christian High School this fall.
Merritt Island and its unfortunate surrounding areas smells like dead fish.
MEDICAL ALERT! If you have a dog and live on North Merritt Island, your pup (and family) could be at risk for Leptospirosis. You can find out more at but the basics are: "Lepto" is a type of bacteria carried by wild animals such as raccoons and skunks. Dogs can become sick from it even if they didn't have direct contact with another animal. If a dog becomes sick and it is caught early, it can be successfully treated. If not, it can be fatal because it affects the liver and kidneys. Lepto is also transmissible to people, making it a zoonotic disease. There have been 2 confirmed cases of Lepto in dogs on our Island this week :( There have been more cases in Florida this year than is considered typical. Most of our patients are vaccinated to protect against this organism but patients who aren't up to date on vaccines or have not received the vaccine at all (puppies and some others) are at a higher risk. If you aren't sure about your dog's vaccine status or have other concerns, please ...
Hey Merritt Island. Guess who is coming home. Yep I am. Don't worry bout the mule just load the wagon.
At Longhorn' in Merritt Island! Spinach Artichoke Dip to start out with...I have to day though, Crystal Stevenson still makes it the best!!!
Looking up videos of the FR-S. And there is a video of my exact car when it first got delivered into Merritt Island 2 years ago.
Come support a GREAT new thrift store that gives back to the Merritt Island community. They have already helped local families and organizations and they just opened. They have some great door prizes including an "I Love My Island" Origami Owl Locket, refreshments and entertainment. I'll be there hope you will too. 10:00 am to 12:00 pm My Island Thrift Store In the plaza behind Burger King, where Goodwill use to be. Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for My Island Thrift Store Fabulous Door Prizes given away every 15 minutes, refreshments, music by My Island Entertainment … Come on out and join in on the Fun. Supporting Merritt Island Community Outreach.
Merritt Island is all set up for rehearsal tomorrow then recital Sunday ☺️
Diane, we need to go back to Merritt Island.
Any rising 9th or 10th graders that want to play basketball for Merritt Island high school come out to practice tomorrow starting at 9am
Badass headlight on a guys bike in Merritt Island! Lol
Hamilton Collection
I liked a video New Video of Long Island Medium Exposed!
I liked a video Reporter Catches Long Island Medium (Caputo) off Guard!
* LOCALS * Cathy’s Cats & Critters Dog owners please read. This is a quote from a tech at Animal Specialty and ER on Viera Blvd... Important ... Veterinary PSA for you Brevard County pet owners: We have 3 confirmed Leptosporosis cases hospitalized, each of their bills have already hit $3000 and counting. If you are not familiar with Leptosporosis look it up on google/wiki (is spread through infected urine/soil just by touching it/walking in it). It is easily preventable with a vaccine (for dogs). If you are not sure if your dog has been vaccinated for it please call your regular veterinarian and ask. All three cases are from the Merritt Island area. It IS zoonotic (which means it is transmissible to humans from pets/wildlife). Affects the liver/kidneys typically. Signs may include (but are not limited to): Anorexia (not wanting to eat), vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice, lethargy
So lovely. I'm walking around Target and my cell phone rings and with my wireless headset I answer the phone, "Ma'am this is 911 calling are you ok, are you experiencing distress? Me: Um no. 911: So your ok? Me: Ah yes. 911: May I have your location for verification purposes. Me: Target in Merritt Island. 911: Ma'am can I have your full name? Me: Elizabeth Brooks. 911: Ok thank you Ms. Brooks. Me: I'm really sorry I must have purse dialed you, I apologize. I will be more careful.
Got a gig with Mangos at the Island Bar in Merritt Island, 7 til 10. :-)
Hey guys just wanted say thanks for add. And wanted to send out a open invitation to everyone in this group I'm a member of a Riding group name "Dolo Ryderz" one of our co-founders died couple weeks ago and we are having a memorial tomorrow at 1pm at the first Baptist church in Merritt island and a ride after that we reserved the park on fiske and 520 where Will ride to there will be food and drinks any one that wana go hit me up there will be a lot of bikes there you can also drive you car if your bike is down. Thank you
A Merritt Island couple has applied for a permit to fill in a third of an acre of wetlands linked to the Indian River Lagoon's Banana River to build a house.
Possible job interview tomorrow at 10 am I'm Merritt island. Let's hope this is "the one".
Pond and Garden Tour June 7, 2014 ACE Hardware in Merritt Island 8 a.m. This tour includes ponds both natural and manmade and gardens throughout the county. Between 15 and 20 homes are featured each year. Maps can be picked up at local ACE Hardware stores beginning the week before the event. Free admission Pete Dombkowski Sue Van Durme Fetterolf this could be fun
We moved from the Palm Bay/Melbourne area - about 20 from Merritt Island and it's so tough there. I feel for your aunt.
Good afternoon does who's attended Brian Boyle aka *** Boy viewing today bless does cause no drama let his memories live on. Also his funeral services has change to First Baptist Church on Merritt Island across from Wendy's Old Fashion Hamburgers.
Just had to share this morning's pic of a male Bobcat crossing a water area at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge... what a treat!!! Nikon D700, 600mm+ 1.4tc and a Puffin Pad from the car .
supplies, supplies, get them all in one stop only at the Space Coast Geocaching Store Merritt Island, FL
Ruby Saunders it was great taking your class today Merritt Island Yoga ~ what do you have to share from Mind Body Health Yoga?
My trailer park for sure in Merritt Island
I wish Merritt Island was part of that. Maybe it is?
I live in Merritt Island it's about 15 minutes from Cocoa Beach.
I always wonder what people think of merritt island when they are passing through
our stores are all stocked up with Aunt Ruthie's Zesty Mustard. please stop by and visit these wonderful specialty shops... Hayes Meats & Gourmet Foods in Merritt Island Petty's Meat Market in Suntree, Melbourne, and Longwood Cavallari Gourmet in Oviedo The Florida Key Lime Pie Company in Cocoa Village Historic Sanford Welcome Center in Sanford Hollieanna Groves in Maitland Thank you so much to these stores for their support!
Just a quick reminder about the seminar tomorrow. There are several people coming and it promises to be a good time. If you're on the fence about coming this will be a great beginner friendly, non-competitive environment to try out the art. If you've ever been curious about the Filipino Martial Arts or martial arts practice in general just come on out! The seminar is being held from 10am to 1:30pm at Kelly Park West in Merritt Island. The cost for the event is $20. Kelly Park West's address is 2455 N. Banana River Dr., Merrritt Island, FL 32952. There are two parts to Kelly Park, an East park and a West park. The East park is by the river, with boat ramps, etc. We'll be at the West park which is about a quarter mile past the east park (heading from 528). We'll be meeting at the big pavilion. Clarence
Is there a waffle house in Merritt Island?
Thursday June 4th Walmart workers are going on strike across the country to protest against walmarts illegal retaliation against workers when they speak out! Actions will take place all across Central Florida. A few of us will be out in Solidarity. Please add your voice and support to that of these workers, and supporters. Merritt Island - - -
ISO anyone hiring in Cocoa Merritt Island area. TIA
Please pray for Li'at. All of her tubes and pick lines were removed a few days ago. Last night they had to put them back in and she had another operation this morning. Poor little thing has come through so much. Her mother, Megan Shaked, is shop tired and such a trooper. She works at night on Merritt Island and drive back and forth to Winnie Palmer. Sleeping when she can. Love to them born.
Its Merritt Island, but the subject is applicable to this page...
Mia was adopted by her new mom last night from the Central Brevard Humane Society 's Merritt Island Adoption...
Here is the information for my mom... Obituary for Mildred Virginia Long Wages age 91 DOB 05/11/1923 DOD 05/27/2014 Born in Greenville, SC to William and Buena Long, Married to Herman N. Wages Jr deceased, Daughters, Virginia Wages-Plotkin of New York, NY (Marc Plotkin deceased), Susan Wages Johnson deceased, Helen Wages-Duggan (Robert Duggan), Merritt Island, FL Granddaughters, Erica Plotkin Sklar (Scott Sklar), Long Island City, NY, Susan Duggan, Merritt Island, FL and Grandson Sam Duggan, Merritt Island, FL, Sister, Marjorie Wilson (Robert Wilson), Greenville, SC. Mildred came to Brevard County, Florida in the 1950's and opened Wages Bookkeeping Service in Merritt Island, Florida. She was an Enrolled Agent since 1966 and founded the Space Coast Chapter of Enrolled Agents. She was a past chapter President for Epsilon Sigma Alpha Cocoa Chapter and was an avid Bowler for twenty-five years. She was also a member of First Baptist Church of Cocoa. Calling hours will be on Sunday June 1, 2014 from 1:00 ...
Rare Bird Alert for Florida from eBird for the last 7 days Will the Iceland Gull at Huguenot stick? Dunk's Ruff stick at Merritt Island NWR? State lifer!
Macon Bacon Nothing like Florida flatlanders testing their early season fitness at the Coliseum Rock'N Rollman half-ironman distance in Macon, GA tomorrow. The day begins with a 1.2-mile swim in Lake Tobesofkee (say that fast three times); a 56-mile one-loop and HILLY ride through Bibb County and then a 13.1-mile trot up and down more rollers. Good luck to Cyndi Bergs, 44, Merritt Island; Suzie Enlow, 51, Merritt Island, Theresa Miller, 54, Merritt Island and Christy Zieres, 53, Merritt Island. GO BREVARD!
The farmer was surprised when his pumpkin won a blue ribbon at the State Fair. He shouted, 'Oh, my gourd.' That's what the new callers said when he found the corner. 5th Saturday dance in Merritt Island.
Who live in Merritt island or Cocoa Beach ?
FRNT Brake IOMC Merritt Island Fl Broke Basterds. I was challenged by Pork Chop Andre Suicide-iomc Oleasan Prospect Jonny Portnoy True crew. I am Challenging pKOK Jay Church an Iceberg Ioffio. you have 24 hrs to respond to the challenge or pay $100 to the Brotherhood Fund
Senior Bombers were definitely dropping bombs tonight against Mims. They took a 15-6 win. Great job boys! The Junior Albino River Monkeys took one to the chin (as their coach said) against Rockledge 9-0. That's OK boys you will come back strong next week. Tomorrow nights line up Seniors vs Merritt Island Senior for the CHAMPIONSHIP and Major Elite vs Merritt Island. Lets show the Gold and black that PURPLE power! Come out and show your support!! Both games at 6:30 Seniors @ Mitchell Ellington and Majors @ Mila
Anybody in Merritt island or cocoa or Cocoa Beach even, never move into Hampton court. You'll want to kill everyone who lives here.
These are some of the sights along the Black Point Drive in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
Mallory...that is titusville..right across that little river is Cape Canaveral which is where NASA is..and just south is Merritt Island which is one of the cities I would love to live and work in
Merritt Island is about to get it this weekend 😏
Bagged and bodied hardbody out of Merritt Island
Wishing we were on Merritt Island tonight for the Showstoppers Banquet and Celebration! We miss you guys, post lots of pix! Kisses and Hugs from Grayson!
I am done troubleshooting your inability to provide coverage to me. I can't even get consistent 2g in Merritt Island.
A Merritt Island couple wants to fill in wetlands for a house in Brevard:
Anyone go to CAR CLUB ON MERRITT ISLAND still. At Barnes n noble
One of things I like Coldwell Banker Residential is having offices throughout the county! (Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Palm Bay, Port St John & Viera). I have been enjoying the Cape Canaveral office this week...only a few blocks from home ; ) I was able to enjoy lunch at home with my Baby and 2 girls today!!
hey how did you finish with your grades and so you know I'm moving back too Merritt island
hey how were your grades ??? I'm going to be moving back to Merritt island I'm tired of you and your bro not talking to me
Live from Merritt Island, FL it’s The Maddy Show bringing you eclectirc array of music and talk here on
Couple wants to fill wetlands for house via
Got some great shots today for my song FAME ! will be taking more shots tomorrow will be in the Merritt island and Cocoa Beach area! Turnup
Couple wants to fill Merritt Island wetlands for house
go pros are the Merritt island paparazzi
Fire department just put out a trash fire in a garbage truck on 528 on Merritt Island. Traffic is down to one lane westbound.
I find myself in Merritt Island way too often
Enjoyed bing in Coco, Merritt Island and Rockledge Florida area working. If your in area and need a reputable company contact us
Attention Merritt Island Members:. Morning swim classes are canceled today. You will be contacted about makeup lessons.
As we head into summer vacation season don't forget that the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge has programs...
Come join Ambassador Christian Academy of Merritt Island as we host a Ribbon Cutting Event with the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce tomorrow from 4-6pm. We will be promoting our school (K-12) and our new summer camp program for grades K-7th. Visit our site at
Help us make room for new inventory!! Multi Family Yard Sale - Join us TODAY for a multi family yard sale. St Charles Ave. N Merritt Island (north of 528 off Courtenay) - follow signs). We will have furniture, appliances (big & small), electronics and computer accessories, TVs, DVDs, CDs, VHS movies, home decor, name brand/designer clothing (baby to adult) & shoes/accessories, Semi formal/formal dresses, collectible and vintage items, toddler/children toys, bedding, building material/remodeling items, tools and much more.
The NASA clean assembly room on Merritt Island, FL has never been opened to the public. ... -
Stuck on Merritt Island watching the kings game in a weird bar/club spot, the DJ played George Straight in between Quad City DJs and Waka Flocka Flame, now a fat guy behind me is singing along word for word with "walk it out"... The kings are on, but this ain't Gasser Lounge.
Come support Raider Baseball in the district championship tomorrow at 7 as we play Merritt Island with a chance to make schoo…
Hi y'all and a happy Thursday... If any one of my peeps in Merritt Island ain't doing much this morning/afternoon come to the Cocoa Beach Ron Jon Resort and hang with my fam and I... I have an xtra wrist band for the day... Hollar at yo boi.
Today in Cape Canaveral history: 24 April 1925: Two Real Estate Men from Chicago – Mr. C.C. Miles, Assist. General Sales Manager for Frederick H. Bartlett Company and Kenneth P. Gleason, visited with Mr. Gleason’s father, Mr. Fred C. Gleason, who is associated with the Allen Realty Company, last week. Both men were very much fascinated with Cocoa and particularly with Cocoa Beach, Mr. Miles never before having seen the Atlantic Ocean. Desiring to explore Merritt Island and look for alligators, they borrowed Mr. Gleason’s Hudson and started for Merritt Island and after giving the island the once-over, they started doing stunts on the beach. After driving up and down the beach for a while, they drove down to the water’s edge and made some snapshots, then sat down for a rest, paying no attention to the tide, thinking they were on Lake Michigan. When, finally, they awoke to the fact that they were surrounded by water and that the Atlantic Ocean had a tide. Mr. Miles, claiming to be an expert drive ...
Tim Dorsey author event on Wednesday, Feb 05 2014 in Merritt Island, FL
These two events are going on this weekend at Kiwanis Island Park in Merritt Island.
Experience this awesome flight from Merritt Island airfield, over Banana River. Out over Cocoa Beach, Ron Jon Surf Shop and The Cocoa Beach Pier. Then back over Banana River and Merritt Island.
Last Sunday & Monday night's services with David & Debbie Hogan were incredibly powerful and challenging. I've been stoked all week. I suspect that my God and the Great Holy Ghost are up to something BIG. Join us in the morning at Riverview Fellowship on Merritt Island for church and come expecting!!!
KSC Flag Presentation On Saturday, March 29, a United States flag flown over the Kennedy Space Center will be presented to the family of Michele A. Chodkowski, Human Resources, Sierra Lobo Inc. This presentation will be made by Sierra Lobo management as a token of gratitude for her service to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Ms. Chodkowski died Friday, March 21, and her memorial service will be held Saturday, March 29, at the Wylie-Baxley Funeral Home, 1360 N. Courtenay Parkway, Merritt Island, Fla., 32953.
One of two winning Mega Millions lottery tickets was purchased at a Merritt Island gas station.
*** yeah! is uploading old CFB contest videos for Throwback Thursdays!. ^CLICK . ^
Check out this Single-Family Home: $315,000 3 br 2 ba 1,813 sqft in Merritt Island. Completely REMODELED!! Canal home in the very desirable Diana Shores Subdivision on Merritt Island. Don't miss out on this one! THERE ARE ONLY 14 CANAL HOMES LEFT ON MERRITT ISLAND UNDER $350k and they are going fast...
Check out this Single-Family Home: $266,000 5 br 2 ba 2,157 sqft in Merritt Island. The only 5 bedroom home in this sought after Central Merritt Island location. Even though Copperfield is close to shopping, dining and Orlando access on the Beach Line, it seems a world away with its quiet tree lined...
Ehh done going out my way to make some friends. The effects of getting kicked out of school back in the day for some thing I couldnt control. Went to merritt island for one year and was off to college. Came back to this town and have a couple friends. Thank god. I appriciate the ones I do have. But it looks like no new friends for me. On my own ish!
firefighters contained a small wildfire on the southern end of Merritt Island this morning, the fire will be monitored
Pine Needle Basket made by Melissa Smith Abbott on Merritt Island, FL in March 2014. Materials used are locally sourced Merritt Island Long
Wishing my mom and dad the safest of travels! Here's to their first, of many road trips, in their long awaited retirement! See you in 2 weeks at the Jamie Visser-Gurney resort in Merritt Island, FL!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
I'm bored asf this class is dead this school is dead Merritt island is dead 😒
Merritt Island Air and Heat, the highest quality of air conditioning and heating service with unequaled integrity while exceeding at every level the expectations of our customers. Serving Central Florida’s Homeowners, Contractors, & Businesses Since 1971
$400 Million LOTTO WINNER IN MERRITT ISLAND! Well, it's been an exciting few days here. A $400 Million Mega Million Lotto winner was picked. One of two winning tickets was purchased on Merritt Island at the Sunoco Gas Station on the corner of South Courtenay Parkway and Cone Road. One and a half miles from our house and exactly where WE BOUGHT OUR TICKETS! Well, we checked our tickets and... WE HAD ALL OF THE WINNING NUMBERS! Unfortunately, the numbers were found on over ten of the tickets. So, life as usual today. No new boat. No travel around the world. No finishing all the projects on our old house. No paying off all our debt. Our 24 yo Toyota Corolla wagon still runs fine and can take us to the grocery store and to buy gas at the 7-11 across the street from the Sunoco Station. Good luck to the actual winner.
Join us tonight to bid farewell to Teresa Henisey who will be moving to California. We will be having dinner at 7:30 at Tijuana Flats at 76 E. Merritt Island Causeway in Merritt Island. Teresa has been a regular in our group for a long time and we will miss her! on the St. John's Young Adults' calendar: Thursday, March 20: Going-away dinner for Teresa Tuesday, April 1: Theology on Tap
I need to close for a timeshare sale in Merritt Island any suggestions? Fidelity National doesn't do them!
That winning Mega ticket was purchased on Merritt Island Fla. I think I know of someone buying a new guitar! Lol.
Anyone know any places on Merritt island that's hiring?
Titusville, FL. Merritt Island National Wildlife Rescue... One of our favorite places to animal watch .. Here is a Great Blue Heron, up close Suzanne is a Naturalist and sees just about everything. We also saw "Roseate Spoonbill" and. "Shovelers" "Alligators " "Wild Boar". And the list goes on Left Titusville. Now in Jacksonville at the airport.
There are Beginning Bird Tours and a Visitor Center Boardwalk Tour at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge...
Walkway at the visitor center for Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge.
GENERAL PI Mega Millions winner brings buzz to Brevard: Winning ticket is purchased on Merritt Island. It's un...
Silver lining of yesterday: I stopped @ Habitat & found a yunomi by master potter Melvin Calvin of Merritt Island Pottery for 50 cents!
Merritt Island with 3 ladies in my life and members of the In Focus Photography Club. Norissa Wollard (daughter), Cassandra & Kelli Sullivan (granddaughters).
Headed to Merritt Island High School this morning to facilitate Raku Pottery on-site field trip for 100 art students
This Friday and Saturday MERRITT ISLAND will be visited in a mighty way, We expecting Miracles signs and wonders and the fires of revival to burn in that region… Join us from all over Central Florida…. CHILD CARE PROVIDED..
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Merritt Island showed us a great time, and couldn't have asked for more! Time to head back to the Hoosier state. to
Cocoa Beach softball earns state ranking One more Brevard County high school softball team joined the state rankings this week after Cocoa Beach ended Astronaut’s unbeaten run last week. The Minutemen made their debut at No. 8, three spots behind the War Eagles in Class 4A. P.K. Yonge of Gainesville was first. Melbourne, which lost its unbeaten status on Saturday at Astronaut, dropped to sixth in 7A, where St. Thomas Aquinas was the top-ranked team. The War Eagles play at home tonight against Viera, while the Bulldogs host Merritt Island, both at 7:15. The fourth ranked team from the area remained Melbourne Central Catholic. The Hustlers were third in 3A, behind Westminster Christian and Lake Worth Trinity Christian. They will host Covenant Christian at 4 p.m. Friday. Holy Trinity hosting appreciation day Former Major League Baseball pitcher Tim Wakefield will be the special guest host for a volunteer coaches appreciation day at Holy Trinity on Saturday. Events will begin at 10 a.m. and will include a q ...
Birthday gold: Local Paralympian wins second title Paralympian Greg Shaw’s 17-day trip to Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Winter Paralympic Games began with a birthday celebration and concluded with a gold medal ceremony. The 24-year-old from Merritt Island has sacral agenesis, a rare congenital condition that causes spinal deformity. Never one to succumb to the physical limitations of the disease, Shaw grew up playing Little League baseball, surfing and skateboarding. And when he was 16 years old, he fell in love with sled hockey. Eight years later, Shaw is returning home from Sochi with a second consecutive gold medal as a forward on the U.S. National Sled Hockey team, which defeated host Russia 1-0 in the final game for an unprecedented second consecutive world title. “The flight to Sochi was good, but kind of surreal celebrating my birthday (Feb. 28) that way,” said Shaw. But the team sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me every hour so the seven-hour flight went pretty fast.” Shaw and his teammates were ...
When I was growing up on Merritt Island, I watch the Dredge dig from Indian River across Merritt Island, across Banana River and then right out into the Atlantic Ocean. You can thank the Air Force for pushing the project to have a place for their tracking ships to dock.
This hits a little close to home... but the guy in the picture raped a 7 year old, & BCSO needs help locating him. Whoever spots him first & calls him in gets a huge cash reward! Probably in Cocoa or Merritt Island. Please keep your eyes open for him!
All my Merritt Island Friends and Acquaintances ... if one of you guys won the lottery. Congratulations to you.
Merritt Island baseball boys beat Viera tonight! Now get ready for baseball in Key West baby, and a little fun😉
Network Media offers pc repair and computer support for Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, Rockledge, Viera, and Melbourne. There's no pc problem we can't fix!
Be robust. How to be bubbly. Merritt Island Florida. Join the Classified team. Free Mentor.
Tom Gerber, was it you who won the Mega Millions? Sunoco near Merritt Island??? I'll come up and drive you to Tallahassee for a minimal fee.
Blue Spring State Park. May still have some manatees lingering around. Merritt Island NWR is also great - good birding.
Yes, I live on Merritt Island and NO, I wasn't the winner!
Another reason to buy property in Brevard. We have winners! Merritt Island. Congratulations, Let's get you a new home!Call me. lol
AT&T ◄ INTERVIEW EVENT ► April 8th and April 9th ★ Melbourne, FL (for locations in Melbourne, Titusville and Merritt Island, FL) ★for more details
around the corner. Always shop at 7-11 across st *** so close,but still, probably forever,so far. Merritt Island
In Florida, the $414 MILLION winning ticket was sold at a Sunoco convenience store in Merritt Island on the Space Coast.
someone won the lottery in Merritt Island.. excuse me?
Ok Merritt Island, Fl family that winning ticket was purchased at a gas station there. I am hoping it was you!!
1 of Tuesday's jackpot winners bought their ticket at in Merritt Island, FL. They'll split $4…
Any of you Merritt Island peeps know who won the Mega Millions jackpot? I used to stop at that Sunoco on South Courtney all the time on the way to the kids soccer games.
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Merritt Island's Pioneer Day - February 8, 2014
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