Merlin Santana & Steve Harvey

Merlin Santana (March 14, 1976 – November 9, 2002) was an American television and film actor. He was best known for his role as Rudy Huxtable's admirer, Stanley on The Cosby Show and high school student, Romeo Santana on The WB sitcom, The Steve Harvey Show. Broderick Steven Steve Harvey (born January 17, 1957) is an American actor, comedian, entertainer, television and radio personality and best-selling author. 2.3/5

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Merlin Santana had all the ladies the day on the Steve Harvey Show
RIP Merlin Santana aka "Romeo" from the Steve Harvey Show. He died too early & it was bogus how he was setup smh. 👼
Why did Merlin Santana from the Steve Harvey Show have to get shot just because one 15-year old girl said he falsely tried to rape her? What
Merlin Santana from the Steve Harvey Show was so fine too bad he died a long time ago RIP though .
Happy birthday & R.I.P Merlin Santana better known as Romeo Santana from The Steve Harvey Show. ❤
They should play the movie The Blues on Centric ! Since they play Steve Harvey Shows with Merlin Santana !
This dude at the gym looks like Merlin Santana from Steve Harvey Show...RIP
Just watched " Celebrity Crime Files " about Merlin Santana ( Romeo) from the Steve Harvey Show crazy story how he died smh …
Watchin Celebrity Crime Files wit Merlin Santana (Romeo from Steve Harvey) he looked so good. God rest his soul
Merlin Santana from Steve Harvey is so fine.
Cost of Fame...Was always curious how Merlin Santana died. Loved him on Steve Harvey Show.
Watching the Steve Harvey Show, wish I could be cuddled on Merlin Santana.
Oh yea, one more observation Mr Box Office is a rip off of the old Steve Harvey Show with RIP Merlin Santana
Lord Jesus.watching Celebrity Crime Files of the murder Merlin Santana."Romeo" from Steve Harvey Show.smh.because of some woman ..
I watched the story of Merlin Santana (Romeo on the Steve Harvey Show) its sad his killer Recieved 7 yrs to life and the girl is on the streets.and trouble.
Wow Celebrity Crime Files is interesting. This one was about Merlin Santana. The one who played on the Steve Harvey Show {Mz. P}
Man everytime I see Merlin Santana on the Steve Harvey Show I just huuuh man he was so fine 😍
Watching the Merlin Santana story on IDTV... He was my childhood crush as Romeo on Steve Harvey 🙏😘
Watching the a show on TV-one it's the story 'Merlin Santana' (he played Romeo on Steve Harvey Show) I forgot he was murder :-/ sad !
Rip Merlin Santana. U shouldn't have went out like that 😢 (Romeo from Steve Harvey Show)
U see tha one on Merlin Santana from Steve Harvey??
I had the biggest crush on Merlin Santana. The guy who played Romeo from Steve Harvey. It broke my heart when he got killed.
This Celebrity Crime Files show is good. Last week it was on Merlin Santana..dude from Steve Harvey Show that was killed.
nah they did jam master jay, Merlin Santana (Romeo from the Steve Harvey Show) and tonight Donald Goines
Watched a doc about the murder of Merlin Santana (Romeo from Steve Harvey Show) sad the way he went out
Was I the last one to find out Merlin Santana is dead? Ya know that cute half Dominican teen guy on Steve Harvey Show.
Watching Celebrity Crime Files on TV one,theyre doing one on Merlin Santana. Thats romeo from Steve Harvey Show. I aint kno dude was dead. Everybody from Moesha show got killed even Hakeem in a car wreck
Don't miss featuring Merlin Santana (aka "Stanley" from Cosby Show, "Romeo" from Steve Harvey and "Ohagi" on Moesha)!!
Tonight. Season 2 Celebrity Crime Files. Remember Merlin Santana? We watched him grow up on tv. He starred on the Steve Harvey Show for yrs & was shot to death in 2002... Find out the story behind his murder. Tv One 10pm...
Merlin Santana was my BABY! I couldn't watch The Steve Harvey Show for almost a year after he passed.
*** Merlin Santana from Steve Harvey Show has been dead for 10 years...
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I'm sittin watchin the movie Play'd with Merlin Santana, Romeo from Steve Harvey Show! I love this movie its my favorite movie ever! Y did Merlin have 2 die?
gonna rock one o dem parts that Merlin Santana rocked on da 'Steve Harvey' show.
Aaliyah died. Aaliyah was in Romeo Must Die. Merlin Santana got killed. He played Romeo on the Steve Harvey Show.
"Bully Call" Comedy. (1997) Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertain, Merlin Santana. A bully thwarts Romeo's plans for a dance date; Steve's ego is hurt when Regina beats him at Scrabble. Series.
RIP Merlin Santana him and Fredro Starr were fodder for many hot dreams in my adolescence
he didnt play romeo in steve Harvey...they 2 different ppl , the *** that played on steve Harvey was named Merlin Santana
Watching the Steve Harvey Show. Makes me sad that Merlin Santana got murdered a while back. I love him.
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