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Merlin Santana

Merlin Santana (March 14, 1976 โ€“ November 9, 2002) was an American television and film actor. He was best known for his role as Rudy Huxtable's admirer, Stanley on The Cosby Show and high school student, Romeo Santana on The WB sitcom, The Steve Harvey Show.

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Yall remember Merlin Santana? Aka Romeo from the Steve Harvey show? I remember he passed tragically but never knewโ€ฆ
Merlin Santana was bae. I'm talking since The Cosby Show. I was so hurt when he died, smfh
And may Merlin Santana continue to Rest In Paradise because his death was not only untimely but cruel ๐Ÿ™
the way Merlin Santana died is heartbreaking
Lamont Bentley and Merlin Santana were like some of my first crushes. Great actors and fine as ***
Who knows maybe Steve Harvey . had Merlin Santana Killed for his Illuminati sacrifice & give Drake a stolen shtick character to go by .
Ok let me check myself first. Steve Harvey might be doing this out of real concern. Everyone forgot about Merlin Saโ€ฆ
I was just randomly reading up on Merlin Santana's death, it's really tragic tbh ๐Ÿ˜ข
Steve Harvey ain't been funny since Merlin Santana was alive. But notice as soon as he insults an Asian person, Trump finds a job for him.
Merlin Santana's death still makes me sad
We love Merlin Santana for portraying who on the Steve harvey show?
I used to think Merlin and Juelz Santana were brothers
It's been years and Merlin Santana and Lamont Bentley's death still send a shock through my heart.
In the loving memory of Merlin Santana (March 14, 1976 โ€“ Nov. 9, 2002) xoxo forever our Romeo โœจ
My only regret was too young for Merlin Santana
When I think of Tupac, I always think of Merlin Santana.
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Merlin Santana aka Romeo's death always upsets me he was set up for no reason cause the little hussy was cheating on her bf
RonReaco Lee reminds me alot like Merlin Santana...
I use to think Merlin Santana was so fine ๐Ÿ˜ฉ R.I.P
Watching the Merlin Santana story is exactly why I don't invite females over..& I'm definitely not sleeping over๐Ÿ˜‘
I can't believe that girl setup Merlin Santana, & only got 10 years in juvenile hall. Smh
I hate watching shows or movies with Merlin Santana in them, that man was so fine ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜
I seen Celebrity Crime Files. It was interesting to see you talk about Merlin Santana. + Artwork i did
I had no idea Merlin Santana was murdered omg! I loved him on the Steve Harvey show
*** Merlin Santana was on Moesha too and he dead now! Brandy is a curse
Today in 2002 the final episode of The Steve Harvey show airs on The WB. RIP Merlin Santana
I was sad af when I found out Merlin Santana (Romeo) diedโ€ฆ RIP
Merlin Santana ain't pictures but still
Merlin Santana probably would've been far in his acting career if he were still alive.
Liked his sitcom but can't think of it w/o thinking how some *** had to go and murder Merlin Santana. Sad.
Somewhere in Heaven Merlin Santana [Romeo is upset for Steve Harvey not bein on his episode of
"It was Romeo and Bullethead playing on the teleprompter.". "Steve, this is real.". "Lydia helped!". "Merlin Santana's been dead for years."
Man, you just brought back some memories. ๐Ÿ˜‚ RIP Merlin Santana.
The ghost of Merlin Santana gets the credit for this
Changing my bio to:. Merlin Santana was my soulmate & since he's gone everyone else is merely a warm body to hump at night.
Merlin Santana was really some fire. Why they had to kill my boy๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
*** .. I can only imagine how fine Merlin Santana would be now
The way Merlin Santana died was horrible. He was so fine and seemed like a really nice guy, no one deserves that kinda death ๐Ÿ˜•
Celebrity Crime Files gave an account of what happen. . Celebrity Crime Files- Merlin Santana pt1
1. Merlin Santana (March 14, 1976 โ€“ November 9, 2002) was an American actor. He was best known for his roles as Rudy Huxtable's
One of the most heartbreaking and tragic cases of false allegations happened to actor Merlin Santana.
Rip to Merlin Santana AKA Romeo Santana from the Steve Harvey show
Did you watch the TVOne Celebrity Crime Files on Merlin Santana?
Marlon wayans, method man, Kel Mitchell and Merlin Santana (RIP) are my childhood baes.
I had the biggest crushes on Merlin Santana & Fredo Starr growing up . Something about NY *** man ๐Ÿ˜
Watching Celebrity Crime Files Merlin Santana. My gawwwddd that was a fine man, my childhood crush ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ so sad he lost his life like that.
Merlin Santana's story is just so sad.
Apple Music adds 20,000 indie labels by signing Beggars Group and Merlin: Indie musicians havenโ€™t been too kee...
If the love of my life (crush) was not murdered, Merlin Santana, would have been perfect at Hillman. Only issue he was on SH & CS.
Merlin Santana was the only actor that could have portrayed Tupac correctly in a movie :(
Khalil Kain and Merlin Santana. growing up I was determined to be with one of them one day ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Merlin Santana (Steve Harvey Show) Freestyle - 2001- JAGTV: he could have definitely played the roleโ€ฆ
If Merlin Santana was alive he would be with me right about now. Lawd I would have thrown him a 40th Birthday Bash
In Hollywood when someone goes to the next level, making a bunch more money someone's GOING to be sacrificed (not saying that he was aware of this at all). Notice all the shows he has nowadays. Not to mention his clothing line. Someone mentioned the "Moesha" cast. I didn't know about that, but Brandy sure did blow up after Moesha. Interesting.
actually.. That's not the worst story... Ask them what they think about the Merlin Santana murder.. The actor
death does not make you an icon. If that's the case, Lamont Bentley, Merlin Santana and all others who died
GOD BLESS YOU, "Merlin Santana are MISSED; U left a MEMORABLE, UN-forgettable Mark...May your SOUL Be at REST N IN PEACE
"Whats this actor's real name and what urban show did he play in? MERLIN SANTANA. Sโ€ฆ
Merlin Santana was killed cos a babe lied that he raped her. Her friends killed him cause they believed her. Let's confirm first Pls.
Merlin Santana would play 2Pac if he was still alive
My only regret couldnt take Merlin Santana home.
Merlin Santana was shot and killed, so many Moesha cast died at such a young age.
So I just watched a video on Merlin Santana death
Gettin By made me fall in love with Merlin Santana. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
I would still leave you for Merlin Santana so it's whatever.
My only regret, could never take Merlin Santana home ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Merlin Santana had all the ladies the day on the Steve Harvey show
FYI: Fazion Love is Cuban and Juelz and Merlin Santana are not cousins
Merlin Santana was so fine, still can't believe he's gone
RIP Merlin Santana aka "Romeo" from the Steve Harvey show. He died too early & it was bogus how he was setup smh. ๐Ÿ‘ผ
I hated The Steve Harvey Show (except for Lovita and Merlin Santana) so I had no idea who this chick was on
Wasnโ€™t the prosecutor in Dangerous Minds? Or was she Merlin Santanaโ€™s gf on the Steve Harvey Show?
I used to have the biggest crush on Merlin Santana
Why did Merlin Santana from the Steve Harvey show have to get shot just because one 15-year old girl said he falsely tried to rape her? What
โ€œI remember the day Merlin Santana got killedโ€
I remember the day Merlin Santana got killed
I can see my career now ... In the 90's playing Merlin Santana Lil brother on a Tv Show
I loved the dam Puerta Rican black men !!! >>>> all Merlin Santana fault !!!
Wow he's really attractive and romantic also intelligant ?
Merlin Santana is on this episode too. Lorddd
I liked Mo with Ohagi.. just cause Merlin Santana was so fine
Merlin Santana didnt deserve six shots to the head all over a lie smh
ugh! It's not professional but wording is is his health? He looked sick on TV 1, talking about Merlin Santana
does he still keep in touch with and how did Merlin Santana's death affect him?
The deaths of Lamont Bentley, Michelle Thomas and Merlin Santana was disturbing 2 me because i grew up watching them.
Merlin Santana from The Steve Harvey Show was shot & killed in 2002
Merlin Santana from the Steve Harvey Show was so fine too bad he died a long time ago RIP though .
Happy birthday & R.I.P Merlin Santana better known as Romeo Santana from The Steve Harvey Show. โค
Wait a minute. Watching the pilot episode of Moesha & Merlin Santana is guest starring. RIP to him and Lamont Bentley. That's wild.
Let me see a niggah that looks like Merlin Santana ๐Ÿ™Œ ๐Ÿ‘€
They should play the movie The Blues on Centric ! Since they play Steve Harvey shows with Merlin Santana !
*** I never knew Merlin Santana was killed
If Merlin Santana was alive, he'd be a perfect fit for playing Roberto Clemente.
I miss Merlin Santana. I wonder what he would've been up to these days.
R. I. P. Merlin Santana and everyone who life has been taken away by some senseless act. Life is so precious.
Merlin Santana-Romeo-of the steve harvey show has passed!
What do all these people have n common? Bernie Mac, Awatef Aboudihaj, Merlin Santana, Yvette Wilson, Lamont Bentley & Whitney Houston ... ๓พƒ
I was watching Celebrity Crime Files last night on the centric channel the guy who play romeo on the steve harvey show merlin santana he was killed in 2002. I didn't know until yesterday
TV One profiles actor Merlin Santana from Moesha and The Steve Harvey Show
It's sad that all the great TV show legends have passed away. Sherman Hemsley, Isabel Sanford, John Ritter, Yvette Wilson, Lamont Bentley, Bernie Mac, Merlin Santana, Gary Coleman, Conrad Bain, all of the Golden Girls (except Betty White) and NOW James Avery. TV will NEVER be the same again! :(
I wish would put a book out about being friends with Michael Jackson && Merlin Santana tho! Or put pics up ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Merlin Santana was my first guy crush.
This dude at the gym looks like Merlin Santana from Steve Harvey show...RIP
At least Laz Alonso get to play both. OCCASIONALLY. Rest in peace Merlin Santana. He meant a lot to Blacktino actors, mayneโ€ฆ
I woulda preferred his Moesha co-star, the late, Lamont Bentley, who played him in the MC Hammer biopic on or Merlin Santana.
Merlin Santana and Juelz Santana had to be blood brothers...
Little Giant Ladders
oh you ole merlin Santana in the face *** *** lol
it was so random because it was a solo car accident. Ohagee's (Merlin Santana) murder was wild.
I used have the biggest crush on Merlin Santana! ๐Ÿ˜
Am I the only one that thinks Big Sean look like Merlin Santana(Romeo from Steve Harvey Show)
TheTurnstyles: JET Beauty of the Week: Merlin Santana - theturnstyles: I was watching TV Oneโ€™s Celebrity...
every time I see the Steve Harvey Show reruns I think of Merlin Santana and the events surrounding his murder.
(-_-,) I miss him so much. Merlin Santana
didnt like Fabolous steal Merlin Santana" Romeo" style after his mysterious death.u got a couple of cloners runnin around
Wait... other than Yvette Wilson and Merlin Santana.. are there others??
You can't convince me that Merlin Santana and Juelz Santana aren't related.
yeah merlin santana's was very sad too! Hope it re-airs
Yall know Merlin Santana as Romeo from the steve harvey show. We know him as Ohaji from Moesha ๐Ÿ˜
I favorited a video Celebrity Crime Files - Merlin Santana
I would have love to seen Merlin Santana and Lamont Bentley do a movie together
Photo: Merlin Santana, known as Rudyโ€™s admirer, Stanley on The Cosby Show in the early 90s. Santana died in...
you Santiago so I think Ima run with Merlin Santana lol
Merlin Santana. I remember him from Cosby Show and Steve Harvey Show. I didn't re...
Sheesh, I ain't know that cutie Merlin Santana from the steve harvey show died
Randomly watching Moesha and I peep this. Ha! Rip Merlin Santana tho
I'm late as a mf I just found out Merlin Santana was killed when Celebrity Crime Files was on. Maybe cause I was so young when he was killed
Snorting flake with the Ghost of Merlin Santana...
My heart can't take another gun crime case..after hearing that verdict, seeing & watching how Merlin Santana got murdered
I'm still thinking bout merlin Santana sexy *** .
Kinda of creepy on how b4 Merlin Santana's death he told his parents that he was going to be their guardian angel
R.I.P. Merlin Santana.. too many young men gettin shot & killed for no reason smh. Much love to Merlin's family.
Merlin Santana's story was a tragedy that did not have to occur.
The girl who set Merlin Santana up only got sentenced to 10 years.
Up watching the documentary about Merlin Santana's death. SMH. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy.
Watching the story behind Merlin Santana aka Romeo Santana from Steve Harvey Show death. Remembered when it happened but never knew details
I can't go to sleep until I finish watching the end of Merlin Santana's death!!!
Merlin Santana got killed cuz of a lil fast *** ***
Came n caught the tailend of this Celebrity Crime Files. Jus learned the details of how/why Merlin Santana died. Why she lie for?! ***
Watching Celebrity Crime Files. I TOTALLY remember that Cosby episode with Merlin Santana! I am afraid to see what happens to him.
Who boy Merlin Santana was so fine .
Merlin Santana was so fine & sexy๐Ÿ˜. I would've married that man if he was still alive.
I still get a little upset about the way Merlin Santana died
Hopefully this Celebrity Crime Files with Merlin Santana comes on cause I wanna see it ... If not , I'm taking myself to bed .
Watched the Merlin Santana story. It was tragic.
I heard a whole different story how Merlin Santana got killed. This is so sad.
Just occured to me, *** 3 people off Moesha is dead. Merlin Santana, Yvette Wilson, and Lamont Bentley
Just watched " Celebrity Crime Files " about Merlin Santana ( Romeo) from the Steve Harvey show crazy story how he died smh โ€ฆ
*** remember brown skin heartthrob Merlin Santana who played Romeo on The Steve harvey show? That dumb girl that murdered him needs2suffer
This Celebrity Crime Files show is about Merlin Santana. I should've gone to bed..
I finally caught "Celebrity Crime Files," Merlin Santana episode... *** that's crazy that a 15yr old set him up like that...
I'm sad now why did I watch this Celebrity Crime Files episode? Merlin Santana died over a girl who lied smh ๐Ÿ’”
Watching Tv One Celebrity Crime Files on Merlin Santana, never knew the real story how he got killed
Watchin Celebrity Crime Files wit Merlin Santana (Romeo from Steve Harvey) he looked so good. God rest his soul
Merlin Santana was a cool dude. He never let the fame get to his head. I could find him at the local pizza spot on any given day. RIP
Omg Merlin Santana is so cute in The Cosby Show *_*
Wow... Didn't realize that three actors from Moesha are dead: Ohagi, played by Merlin Santana (most known for The Steve Harvey Show); Hakeem, played by Lamont Bentley; and Andelle, played by Yvette Wilson.
Merlin Santana in his Cosby Show years R.I.P
Merlin Santana from Steve Harvey is so fine.
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Tommy Sotomayor is BRILLIANT. Nothing wrong with stepping outside the race as far as the women you date. Infact I strongly encourage it. Get off that "pro black" foolishness. Why? I can give 6 reasons... Nas, Tupac, Allen Iverson, Mike Tyson, Merlin Santana and Sean C Norfleet. Check out some of Tommy's videos on youtube and you'll see what I'm talkin about.
Every time I watch The Steve Harvey show I get mad at the fact that that dumb broad got Merlin Santana killed.
ill be visiting Dominican republic for a week โ€” *** bring me a Dominican man back that look like Merlin Santana
โ€œName your first crush? Merlin Santana was my first celebrity crush and ewww on my other first crush
Name a dead celebrity you wish you could make love to? โ€” This is kind of a rude question but Merlin Santana (Rom...
Read This Interview With Merlin Santana, He was 25 at the time... Merlin, is Romeo Santana similar to you in anyway? Merlin: Romeo is a really happy guy; he likes to have a lot of fun. He is really mysterious. He doesn't intend to be the guy that all the women are after, but since they are he plays on that and uses that for his own good. I myself am more mysterious. I bring a lot of my younger years in high school to the camera. That's not hard for me to do. In turn Romeo gets in trouble and I provide the mystery for him. That's how I'm like my character. Your character's last name is Santana, which is your last name as well, how did that come about? Merlin: I asked them if they could incorporate that just because I wanted to shed light on the different shades and colors as per people's colors so to speak. A lot of times when people see Latino they either think Portugal or Mexican. There are those that are black and Dominican. So that's why I wanted the Santana in there. You have a very interesting name, ...
Merlin Santana was one good looking man.. Now, I feel like watching The Steve Harvey Show.
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Cost of Fame...Was always curious how Merlin Santana died. Loved him on Steve Harvey show.
R.I.P Merlin Santana โค I love watching the old episodes of the"Steve Harvey Show"
Been watching the Steve Harvey Show all day. This show is/was mad funny. R.I.P Merlin Santana
I HATE THE FACT THAT MERLIN SANTANA WAS KILLLED. He was homie on the Cosby Show as Stanley and on the Steve Harvey Show as Romeo.
Since I couldn't have Merlin Santana I'm gon take his nephew ๐Ÿ˜‹he handsome too them *** Dominicans lawd! Jesus
Only good looking niggah Moesha really had was Ohagi ( Merlin Santana) && Ginuwine the rest of them niggahs was through but she had niggahs
aww im watchin right now, Merlin Santana was too cute
Watching the Steve Harvey show, wish I could be cuddled on Merlin Santana.
Merlin Santana, who appeared on The Cosby Show and The Steve Harvey Show, was born March 14, 1976. He died November 9, 2002.
Merlin Santana would have been 37 today. Known for his roles on The Cosby Show & as Romeo Santana on The WB sitcom The Steve Harvey Show
Up early... Laying here watching this special on ID about Merlin Santana (Romeo from The Steve Harvey Show). I never knew he got killed because a girl falsely accused him of rape. Smh - a scandalous woman is always a good person's downfall.
tht Merlin Santana story!! was crazy!! thts y you gotta be careful wit these females!! cuz you dnt know wat they been thru!! or wat they holding inside!! like 4reals! smdfh!! A THIN LINE BETWEEN PAIN!! AND PLEASURE!!
I need to watch Merlin Santana because my adrenaline is like going and i need to calm down!
I'll take Merlin Santana, but Fedro Starr did have this baby boy sex appeal thing going on lol
Girls of a certain age had crushes on fredro star and Merlin Santana.
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Thinking about how Biggie, Pac, and Merlin Santana got killed; all with their "friends" at the time. Life is like a pair of dice so watch the ones u roll with. So many tragedies could be avoided just by not going to certain environments.
You may not agree but I think you look like Merlin Santana
Merlin Santana's birthday is in 7 days!
I'm watching this documentary on the life of Merlin Santanaโ€ฆ smh I been cussin at the TV for the last 10 minutesโ€ฆ
Ohagi could have got it got *** Merlin Santana coulda got the business anywhere *** it his Birthday next week ill pour it up for em R.I.P
I wonder what this kid is up to these days? He & Merlin Santana were the go-to young black boys for 90s sitcoms.
I always wanted to marry Merlin Santana and Lamont Bently
Merlin Santana was such a good actor,it's unfortunate he's gone :(
I might be late...but my girl just told me that "Hakeem" from Moesha died a while ago...anybody else heard that?
I used to be in love with me some Merlin Santana. He was so fine
I realized this wasn't on the internet any where, so i decided to post it! R.I.P Merlin Santana Forever! 1976-2002
Oh yea, one more observation Mr Box Office is a rip off of the old Steve Harvey show with RIP Merlin Santana
The latest from Mr. Merlin Santana (''Never give up. Believe in yourself. You just have to keep on trying. No one is going to give you anything.'' - Merlin Santana. Bronx, NY
Florence & 30 seconds confirmado no rock in rio, que foda isso *-*
Lamont Bentley, Yvette Wilson & Merlin Santana.. Even tho he wasn't a regular but he was on there..
Breast Cancer Awareness
Hillcrest Stables would like to welcome Merlin, Abe and Santana to our farm family. We are very excited to have such a wonderful group of people and horses/ponies at the farm.
Ain't nothing to do but watch old episodes of "The Steve Harvey Show" today R.I.P Merlin Santana fine ***
i watched the true story of how Merlin Santana (Romeo from Steve Harvey Show) was murdered last night. sad story.
Up watching Celebrity Crime Files...first off I never knew merlin Santana(Romeo) was Stanley from The Cosby Show!! The second this is I had a misconception of how he passed I was told his gf stabbed him,but actually a chick lied and told her friends he raped her so the guys actually shot him... wow still feeling the hurt from watching one of our childhood stars killed in such a horrific way
i'm the luckiest, sexiest, freakiest, handsomist, lovabalist man in the entire creation of life to have a love this strong with the person I know god meant for me. wow!. and i don't need know special occasion or flowers to show it. I love you ! baby!
Flippin thru the channels and I'm at the steve harvey. Looking at Merlin Santana. Boy I remember when dude would come back to NYC to get *** of high snorting a smoking coke blunts. I swear I could not believe it. What. The amount of coke this dude would go thru. Harlem. 131 and 7th Ave.
Me and my mom was watching Celebrity Crime Files on Merlin Santana... It's a *** shame how his life ended over a lying chick smh... His story truly saddens me like I can't even sleep.. Guess Ill watch full house or the nanny to clear my head.. Everyone have a bless safe night
Watching the story of Merlin Santana. Smh. Brothers, sleeping with the wrong woman can indeed cost you your LIFE!
Watching Celebrity Crime Files.It`s a shame the way this chick set up Merlin Santana to get killed.
Sad what happen to Merlin Santana ..watching his story on Celebrity Crime Files..these lil young girls a trip...
Lord Jesus.watching Celebrity Crime Files of the murder Merlin Santana."Romeo" from Steve Harvey show.smh.because of some woman ..
Finally caught Celebrity Crime Files...the murder of Merlin sad!!
Watching Celebrity Crime Files.Merlin Santana was FINE!...My celebrity crush growin up. His story is sad.
Somethings are just better unknown. In 2002 I recall the day I heard Merlin Santana had been shot in the head while sitting in a car in California. What I didn't know was the details surrounding hi...
Watching Celebrity Crime Files: Merlin Santana, its always been a cold world out there in the streets of the Crenshaw district
I woke up in the middle of the night to this tvOne story coverage of Merlin Santana. This story was very interesting! Wow!
I watched the story of Merlin Santana (Romeo on the Steve Harvey show) its sad his killer Recieved 7 yrs to life and the girl is on the streets.and trouble.
Watching the life of Merlin Santana and his senseless death. How sad!
Watching Merlin Santana story on Celebrity Crime Files.I think if that girl didn't set him up he will still be alive he got involved with the wrong girl
Wow Celebrity Crime Files is interesting. This one was about Merlin Santana. The one who played on the Steve Harvey show {Mz. P}
OK um what is Karine Steffans relationship to Merlin Santana
Watching Tv One Celebrity Crime Files-the life of the late Actor Merlin Santana.great Actor...R.I.P.
Watching Celebrity Crime Files: Merlin Santana.he was sexy af
Another day get money watching the story of one of my good friends Merlin santana
Man everytime I see Merlin Santana on the Steve Harvey show I just huuuh man he was so fine ๐Ÿ˜
Merlin Santana or something like that.
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Merlin Santana looks so good in this episode of "The Steve Harvey Show"
You never forget your first boyfriend and for Moesha thatโ€™s Ohagi, played by Merlin Santana.
just checked Carlos Santana is still alive it was Merlin Santana who died he was in the Cosby Show I loved that programme!
Omg I use to be in love with him back in the day. RIP Merlin Santana!!!
Working on this Black History Essay ! Any ideas on people I should write about ?
Merlin Santana lost but not forgotten
Watching that Merlin Santana documentary will definitely make one fear and respect God,the way he got set up...poor dude,he was so talented
The only actor that could have portrayed Tupac correctly would have been Merlin Santana
Congratulation to Merlin for winning with I Santana for S.Yeoh Stable.
Its crazy that Merlin Santana died smh.
Me too! The best ones were the one on Rae Carruth and Merlin Santana...all the rest of em are lowkey still unsolved :/
"Women love a man they can complain about" lol Merlin Santana
lol chile idk. And then when Merlin Santana played o'hagi. He gone too. Smh.
Merlin Santana is fine..that's all..oh and juelz is too
Moesha had Merlin Santana, Fredro Starr, Usher. I don't like her :(
Look at Merlin Santana Lil' Brother ain't he a cutie? :)
Celebrity Crime Files about Merlin Santana .. Lawd the sexy ones always end up screwed up so bad ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜ž
Watching Celeb Crime Files -Merlin Santana. *** Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong girl.
That *** Merlin Santana got set up the worst. r.i.p
watched Celebrity Crime Files & saw how Merlin Santana died ( romeo from steve harvey show ) smh , lawd knows that man was fine !
Watching TV One Celebrity Crime Files. Its crazy how Merlin Santana was murdered.
I saw you this weekend speaking about Merlin Santana, you are truly a sweetie.
Watching the Merlin Santana story on IDTV... He was my childhood crush as Romeo on Steve Harvey ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜˜
Wow I'm watching the crime investigation of Merlin "Romeo" Santana from the steve harvey happened so long ago
Watching Celebrity Crime Files about Merlin Santana this is sad ! Is sad that a lie can cause someone to get killed !
Merlin Santana would be way cooler if he's name was Marlon, Merlin is an ugly name.
Merlin Santana looked the same as a child.
Merlin Santana was soo fine! *** He was Moesha's finest boyfriend TBH!
Just watched the story of why Merlin Santana got murdered, to sad!
Watching this show documenting Merlin Santana from The Steve Harvey Show life. Rest in peace!
Just gave advice to someone and it reminded me of my homie Merlin Santana. Wish I could have given him the s
I never knew Merlin Santana was dead :O
Watching the a show on TV-one it's the story 'Merlin Santana' (he played Romeo on Steve Harvey show) I forgot he was murder :-/ sad !
just watched Celebrity Crime Files: Merlin Santana.. avoid *** with extreme daddy issues
*** watching this segment on ID about the murder of Merlin Santana and just so sad he had a whole life ahead of him
This Mercedes chick was only 15yrs old at the time she set Merlin Santana up, posing as a 21yrs old
Looks lk Merlin Santana was set up by a girl he meet name Mercedes.
I didn't even know Merlin Santana died in 2002, *** ๐Ÿ˜จI thought he was still alive
watching this documentary on Merlin Santana. Sucha shame he had to go that way.. RIP Romeo.
I never knew that Merlin Santana was murdered!
Girls can be so devious. Just ask Merlin Santana. Oh wait, you can't. A girl got him killed.
Merlin Santana is probably one of the best looking guys i've ever laid eyes on. He should still be alive.
Check out 'Final Cut' on channel. Thr doing a story of Romeo fr Steve Harveys show murder. Merlin Santana, i thk was his name.
Hmmm story of merlin santana on ID.smh how this girl got him killed smh
Merlin santana killing on ID right now
They talkin about the Merlin Santana murder on the ID channel
Photo: R.I.P Merlin Santana a.k.a Romeo I watches the Steve Harvey Show and thought of him smh
I'm waitin ta see Final Cut about da murder of Merlin Santana's fine *** (The guy from The Steve Harvey Show).
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Watching the Merlin Santana episode, and they managed to book Karrine Stefans.
Still weird knowing that merlin santana passed away when i watch the steve harvey show
The very first thing I see when I turn on my TV ; Merlin Santana ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ .RIP๐Ÿ™
lol oh you watched it?! funny thing is I looked nothing like Merlin Santana. The other guy did lol but I gotta get how I live! ๐Ÿ˜œ
This ni66a did a Rae Carruth/Suge Knight style set up on Merlin Santana tho. This episode of Final Cut brought to light things b4 unseen
The individual that set up Merlin Santana is BLARINGLY OBVIOUS. Its the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM.
Watching Celebrity Crime Files on TVOne the episode about Merlin Santana. *** he was so cute. Why they have to kill him over nonsense
Rip Merlin Santana. U shouldn't have went out like that ๐Ÿ˜ข (Romeo from Steve Harvey show)
I never realized how much Merlin Santana and Reagan Gomez look alike. They couldve been siblings. RIP Romeo
My babies are home from their rehearsal..Im laid back watching The Steve Harvey show.I loved me sum Romeo(R.I.p) Merlin Santana
I just saw this episode on ID called "Final Cut" wit Merlin Santana...did u get 2 see it?
Had a great dream about Merlin Santana (aka Romeo from 'The Steve Harvey Show') last night. ***
U see tha one on Merlin Santana from Steve Harvey??
Merlin Santana look like a darker version of Juelz Santana
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