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Mercury Cougar

The Mercury Cougar is an automobile which was sold under the Mercury brand of the Ford Motor Company's Lincoln-Mercury Division from 1967 to 2002. The name was first used in 1967 and was carried by a diverse series of cars over the next three decades.

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Mercury Cougar, Studebaker Golden Hawk, Reliant Kitten (yes it was a 4 wheeled reliant)
1978 Mercury Cougar 🚗 The pictures speak for them selves. The Cougar is just
1970 Mercury Cougar 🚗 1970 Cougar that spent much of its life in a Barn, Was
I guess. TFW your aunt slips on a model of a Mercury Cougar that was hidden under 400 slim jim wrappers in your room
By 1970 car-buyers wanted a little luxury with their muscle; answer was the 351 Cleveland o…
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The 302 Tunnel Port in Bill Ockerlund's 67' Cougar is probably more sanitary than i teas campaigned by a Lincoln-Mercury dealer in the 60s c
1969 nicely restored; 351 wearing factory correct Dark Aqua and a white vinyl roof
I bought my first car at black hole car lot, I was 13 years old wit the 79 Mercury Cougar green wit the white soft top and white leathers
A step up to my 2nd car. 1970 Mercury Cougar.
My 1978 Mercury Cougar is up for sale DM for more info. cougar
For sale my 1978 Mercury Cougar. One of the last things to sell before I can travel.
For Sale my 1978 Mercury Cougar. DM for more info.
My 1978 Mercury Cougar is for sale. DM for more info.
Someone wants you to pay $59,900 for this Bugatti Veyron that's actually a Mercury Cougar 😂 htt…
This Bugatti Veyron is actually a Mercury Cougar in disguise :O well! Good Luck replicating the sound ;)
"68" Mercury cougar ready to restore for another run
Mercury: Cougar 1970 mercury cougar great condition
eBay: MERCURY COUGAR 1967, same runing gear as ford…
Mercury S CODE COUGAR all stock body, no rust, nice buildable 68 390 with FE
A Mercury Cougar, with a Boss heart, barn find
I need one of these for my 1979 Mercury Cougar XR-7
billymcfishing. ・・・. About 12 more hours until go time the Basscat cougar and mercury…
Mercury Cougar History | ... the Ford Mustang eventually turned into the marauding Mercury Cougar
2002 Mercury Cougar Base for sale in Louisville, KY 40213 at: via
Work is progressing nicely on the 1968 Mercury Cougar restoration project. Here you can see Loren has broken it...
Yeah man it's awesome. As much as I love the T/A the real prize is the 69 Mercury Cougar 428 CJ
A 2002 Mercury Cougar was just scanned near Clarks Mills, PA 16114
Car of the day .. !!! 67 .! No compromise with the comfort and look.
1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator 6.4L 390ci. . Find out more in 'Muscle Cars' at...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
I liked a video 1999 mercury cougar
Pretty please Father Christmas. If I promise to be good all year?. "1967 Mercury Cougar
Oh, and 78 Mercury Cougar armored mad max car, or what's left of it, and parts to a LOT of other rigs. Cleanup there will be tough.
A 1997 Mercury Cougar was just scanned near Haines City, FL 33844
Mercury Cougar (1969) This car was sold new in California and ended up in Kansas
May I suggest a Mercury Cougar as the subject for an episode in 2016? Who doesn't love classic Cougars!
Dad: "you do know that Now that I'm going to buy you a horse, I can't buy you your Mercury cougar". Me:
How about "cougar big cat?" You could say that you don't want them to get info about the Mercury...
A 2002 Mercury Cougar was just scanned near Scranton, PA 18504
1970 Mercury Cougar XR7 *** Code: The Best Cougar Online. from Muscle Car . Click for more -...
How do you install a new power window motor in a 1997 Mercury Cougar?
1968 Mercury Cougar 351W 4 Speed. . Find out more in 'Best Muscle Cars' . at...
Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar, 1983-1988 No. 1338 by John Haynes and...
I was 10 & we just finished shopping at Zayre when the fam piled into the ol' Mercury Cougar to hear the call of Len Barker's perfect game.
Classic Car For Sale 1968 Mercury Cougar - Colorado springs CO: No it\'s not the mustang that everyone and the...
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1970 Mercury Cougar 428 SCJ Drag Pack. . Find out more in 'Muscle Cars' . at...
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This is the last 1971 Mercury Cougar XR7 built with the 429 CJ. Seen yesterday, at Pavillions car show.
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"Will trade for a race car." A guys post on his mercury cougar on craigslist 😂😂
1968 MERCURY COUGAR GT-E 427. . Find out more in 'Best Muscle Cars, Readers Rides' . at...
This television commercial for the 1975 Mercury Cougar stars Farrah Fawcett.
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So I just got back from the car show in San Francisco and had tons of fun gonna also pick up a 68 Mercury cougar and fix it up for my first
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Well preserved Mercury Cougar XR7 from my favourite Bond film, OHMSS.
I drive this car for six years in Northern California. The classic Mercury Cougar, '67, restored. Beautiful car.
67 Mercury Cougar is up for auction on trademe with 18k reserve. This is a very nice ride which only needs some... htt…
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New York bans posing with large cats. Anyone else reminded of the Mercury campaign with Chauncey the cougar? ...
“4. What's the fastest speed you have ever reached in a car? 70 in Mercury Cougar
Mercury : Cougar coupe and convertible 2 69 mercury cougars 1 is a rx 7 2 is a convertible
A 2002 Mercury Cougar was just scanned near Des Moines, IA 50312
Mercury : Cougar White with black interior 1973 cougar convertible
1968 Mercury Cougar XR7. . Find out more in 'Readers Rides' . at...
A 2000 Mercury Cougar was just scanned near Leoville, SK S0J 1N0
New in stock! 1 in stock now! Hot Wheels 2014 HW Race Track Aces 1968 Mercury Cougar White -...
This mercury cougar had two big cup holders in the central console
Just in! We have recently added a 1995 Mercury Cougar to our inventory. Check it out : .
A 2001 Mercury Cougar was just scanned near Houston, TX 77095
2001 Mercury Cougar question: 2001 Droaning Brake Noise. just changed the rear brakes in my 2001 cougar now when i -
I added a video to a playlist 1968 Mercury Cougar TV Ad
Where is the map sensor located on 1996 mercury cougar 4.6 litre? We found the answer for you!
A 2002 Mercury Cougar was just scanned near Montello, WI 53949
Anyone ever seen a '70 Ford Mustang BOSS 429 race a '70 Mercury Cougar Eliminator 428 SCJ??? I have never so I'm curious if anyone else has... ~ Cotton
I think I might be jonesing for a Cougar. Make your own joke.
A family stick figure decal-but with me *** the Cougar nameplate on a Mercury and my family looking down in shame from the window above.
A 2000 Mercury Cougar was just scanned near Wayland, MI 49348
mercury Cougar *** ..know for a fact it'll beat that Mazda
It's Friday, the weekend is here!. Great tunes on the way from John Cougar, Rihanna, CCR, Freddie Mercury,...
Partning out a 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7. No title and motor locked up.
Anyone know of any nice mercury cougars around for sale ?
I have a 1990 Mercury Cougar LS 3.8L V6 with 69,500 Original Miles. MN12 Chassis. Paint is Alabaster (Tan) over Alabaster (Tan/Brown) Interior. Does have a Black Carbon Fiber covered roof. $5,250 This is about as well equipped, all original as you can get with a few exceptions. The car has Power Windows, Power Locks, Keyless Entry Pad (Do not know the code, you can pay $40 for dealer to scan for it), Power Leather Seats, Automatic Transmission, Headlamp Delay and Auto Night Mirror, Digital Dash, Information Center, Auto Trunk Release in Glove Box and a Ford Premium Sound AM/FM Cassette Radio with Factory AMP in trunk. The car has been well maintained but does have some wear for a 24 year old car. Comes with a CARFAX report I ran on 3/19/2014. I bought the car as a back-up and a toy to play around with but have other goals now. It stays in the Garage except on rare sunny day drives to Milford and back. Between the previous owner and myself, there has been $5920.43 worth of work put into the car. ...
2000 mercury cougar for sale 3,000OBO or trade for 4 door or truck/ SUV
I liked a video from mercury cougar 428CJ, '68 Mustang GT/CS and Ford RS200
by vcamnowaa &1974 Mercury Cougar XR7 Coupe Startup,Tour and Drive
I need a cougar and I aint talking about a mercury
King Cobra Trivia Question 7-10-14. Mercury introduced a muscle car version of the Cougar in 1969 called what?
The Lincoln Zephyr was made until 1940. The Ford Zephyr until 1972. Mercury (a part of Ford) had the Capri and Cougar.
Been awhile since we posted a classic. This 1969 Mercury Cougar, . we used 35% LLumar film on the windows.
awesome. I love the old Ford Falcon and Mercury Cougar type cars from the 60s
I believe it is a 1958 mercury cougar. It by they would be a valuable collector car, so unlikely to be an everyday car.
1997 Mercury Cougar Junked. Our Drawing for the baseball tickets is @ 9 pm 18th of July.
If anyone is looking to buy a 1968 mercury cougar xr7 hit me up
Did you know the '67 GT500 used Mercury Cougar tail-lamps, whilst the '68 model used tail lamps from the Thunderbird?
Your mother picked me up bumping master p in a cougar mercury. We got two OEs and rolled up a pinner of dirty mids. She gave me slow neck...
"Give us one word to describe this 1967 Mercury Cougar 427 Wildcat restomod. Evil!
A 1995 Mercury Cougar was just scanned near Cabot, AR 72023
hauling *** in my Mercury Cougar with Third Eye Blind on my system & a cocktail of tranqs in my bloodstream
Mercury Cougar Eliminator. . Find out more in 'Readers Rides' . at...
my high school boyfriend's mercury cougar had little kings bottle caps as the radio knobs! I can feel that radio still.
in a 1994 mercury cougar. I didn't know it was evil though
1968 Mercury Cougar. . Find out more in 'Muscle Car' at COMMENT.
1968 Mercury Cougar two-door coupe. Owned by Drew Ruckle of Des Moines, IA, this vintage first-generation Merc is a restoration-in-progress – a father and son endeavor. Notice the several pictures of the custom touch – woven into the floor mats and on the front seat backs – truly a one of a kind ride!
Attention males: it's time to retire the following vehicles: Mitsubishi Eclipse, (especially the convertible), Mercury Cougar, Toyota Celica
A 2001 Mercury Cougar was just scanned near East Orange, NJ 07017
Seems I am comparing my 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis to Jackie's 2000 Toyota Camry. So I am now acting on a few ideas I have wanted to do forever..I once had a 67 Mercury Cougar that had the big 80% of the back end tail lights and it had Sequential turn single lights, my Merc. Grand Marquis has fake lights on the trunk and I want to light them up. And there are a few other fixes and changes I want to so so: I hit Pull n Save Junk yare and got a pair of 98 GM front turn lights with the cornering lights, a set of red gauge pointers, (I am thinking I may like red pointers to the orange ones in the Mustang Cluster) A unmarked (unworn) head light switch and a second set of lights for it..I found a nice Black CV grill but then found a nice chrome GM Grill and thought best to test fit the CV grill and darn Ford made the two grill different so I cannot use the CV grill so I took the GM and will paint it black. I also grabbed a set of the window switches with the arm panel as a couple of mine are not working and th ...
facts: Production of the T-bird may have stopped in 2005, but its legacy lives on in the Mercury Cougar & Ford Mondeo.
It's warm enough out for me to hear two goths blasting Atari Teenage Riot in a Mercury Cougar.
1997 Mercury Cougar featuring , . Click here for detailed information and to view our entire inventory of Used Cars.
Parting out 99 mercury cougar, 105k mile, good 2.5 l engine i have a some of the parts it is missing off anouther car i parted out the trans mission case is broken where the trans mount is
Pull up to a stoplight to see this guy saying "you wanna go?" No man, I do not want to race you in your mercury cougar
I'm scrapping a red 2000 mercury cougar, it's been well taken care of. I'd like to get $1000 for it.
Farrah Fawcett selling 1975 Mercury Cougars about a year or so before Charlie Townsend hired her to be a private detective.
Super clear 1999 Mercury Cougar. Beautiful gray exterior and tan interior. Power doors and windows. AM/FM CD entertainment system. Runs and rides like a dream. Make a plan to stop on down and test drive this beauty!
So... US air force, Mercury Cougar, English Dictionaries from 800-, Iliad and Austrian Narrow Gauge Steam in the Alps all flying off shelves
Mercury : Cougar Convertible As good as it gets sweet 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible $18700.00
1999 Mercury Cougar &- 1999 Mercury Cougar for sale. Needs windshield and battery. The car has been si...
Mercury : Cougar Convertible The best of the best 73 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible totally $13600.00
1971 mercury cougar parts (Lawrence): Looking for front bumper, grill, left front quarter ...
Anyone wanna buy a mercury cougar? It's back in the shop once again and it's getting very annoying
For sale:95 mercury cougar 2door v8 got a new car and had out sitting for a few months.went to crank it and it won't. Turns over good but won't crank. Tired of putting money into it. Has alot of new stuff under the front end. 700 obo.
1/24 Scale 1972 Mercury Cougar. Bought this kit at a garage sale for a buck! It was semi-complete. New paint... and finished building on 12/05/13.
I have A 1999 mercury cougar with183xxx withe 3.5 v6 has new breaks and tires asking 1800 obo or trade for a four door car and
1968 Mercury Cougar - Screaming yellow means this 1968 Mercury Cougar XR7 attracts A LOT of attention. Fortunately, it's good enough to stand up to the scrutiny, and with a snarling 289 under the hood and a modern 5-speed transmission, it's a flat-out hoot to drive. The car was torn down to bare met...
1970 Mercury Cougar - When Mustangs grow up, they want to be Cougars. With the same long nose, short deck styling as the Mustang, but in a slightly larger, more luxurious package, the Cougar offers grown-up performance for people who like a little luxury with their muscle. Of course, perks like A/C,...
Looking to trade my 99 Mercury Cougar for an suv or a bigger car of equal value or less value plus cash. 148,000 miles, some new parts, newer tires, runs great, minor rust, clean interior, and clear title. Message me or comment on here with what you have to offer. Can send pics if interested.
Some friends, Shelly and her Mercury Cougar puts AJ's Mercury Marauder on the trailer.AJ never had a chance as Shelly puts the whoopin on him.Look for ...
Selling my 99 mercury cougar sport v6 asking 1500 I stay by walnut n cheyenne inbox me for more info reason why im selling it its because I need the money
Used Part Parting out 1999 Mercury Cougar in Grand Prairie, Tx in Grand Prairie, TX - Buy Used Parts at
Used 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7 30th Anniversary in Illinois. Description of used 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7 30th Anniversary. Pictures, price, options, features, and easily contact to the auto dealers and sellers.
R.I.P. 1989 Mercury Cougar. We had a great 5 years together. Also R.I.P. galaxy sIII screen sorry for the knee to t our face. Stupid knee pocker having cargo pants and gravity.
1999 Mercury Cougar. Runs and drives great. Only thing wrong is sunroof doesn't work well. 1600$ OR best offer! Message me if interested!
Find 1970 MERCURY COUGAR Heidts Replacement Rack and Pinion Kits MP-038-C-K and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Heidts is an industry leader in hot rod and musclecar parts that you can trust for quality. These replacement rack and pinion kits come complete with the rack, tie r...
2000 Mercury Cougar for sale- 1400 OBO (Edison, NJ) $1400 A 2000 Mercury Cougar for sale in good condition. The car is running great with 170 miles on it and has recent Oil change and safety inspection till May 2015. There is nothing wrong with the car, but I need to sell it since I am moving out of the [...] 4 Test Drive go to:
Used MERCURY COUGAR M White Petrol Convertible for sale in Harrow. Find your perfect used car with Auto Trader
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Just got a new car 2002 mercury cougar im not sure if im gonna either sell my 97 taurus or merc soon
1999 mercury cougar runs ok needs a tuneup 1300 or best offer605 630 0209 ask for dennis have pics in my phone I can send
1999 mercury cougar two door two thousand dollars and two flat screen tv's 40 in. Element tv for two hundred and Sanyo 28in tv for one hundred
Watch part 1: My 1967 Mercury Cougar "Freddy Cougar" after I decided to see if the car would start after 10 years, and to our sur...
1999 mercury cougar 107k miles. Clear is peeling, painted rims tinted tail lights, Leather interior,automatic, resonator delete to dual tips sounds nice. Brand new tires. Needs front right wheel bearing and speed sensor replaced I have the parts just needs to be installed. New spark plugs and spark plug wires. $2000
01 mercury cougar 163k runs good great on gas standard...used as my work car just no need for it no more its a standard ...only problems heater doesn't work and blinker switch needs to be replaced and cracks windshield but still drivable $1600 OBO NEED IT OUT MY YARD
Transmission just put in a 95 mercury cougar maybe 10 miles on it for sale 500.00
01 mercury cougar $1800 obo Standard 163k Needs minor work heater does work but a/c does Great on gas
So the Mercury Cougar I had a deposit on yea he sold it on me and gave me the deposit back to make another 200$ , BUT today I bought a 1987 Monte Carlo SS with T-Tops, has a 350 Good-wrench crate motor, with a holly 650 cfm double pump duel feed carb, edelbrock intake manifold, headers, and magnaflow exhaust. Transmission is was a turbo 400 with a winters shifter on the floor, and 3.73 gears. What the car needs a new window power motor, headline and ac lines, the car needs paint as well but it isn't that bad.
I have a red mercury cougar 2000 It runs perfectly nothing wrong at all I will sell for 1000$ today Kelly blue book value is 1400$ In salt lake Pick up today
1970 MERCURY COUGAR - Here is a 1970 Mercury Cougar XR7 equipped with a 2-Barrel 351c.i Windsor V8. This 300 horsepower everyday driver has a 3 speed automatic transmission, Air conditioning, disc power brakes and power steering. The exterior of this XR7 is black with black vinyl top and re-chromed…
Our mission is to utilize this space to connect Classic & Vintage 1967 & 1968 Mercury Cougar owners and fans alike, and help them to celebrate the 67 & 68 Mercury Cougar.
I have a 1999 mercury cougar for sale. Runs great just needs a lil love on outside. Asking 1,000 for it. Will post pics in lil. Good on gas inbox me if interested.
95 mercury cougar for sale , 94k miles 4.6 v8 interior isnt that great. Good gas milage for a v8 .no rust anywhere. All new front suspension. Great tires. Electric sunroof. Dayton ohio $800
This the Mercury Cougar after I put a new fuel pump in it! Wha...
2001 Mercury Cougar 5-speed new motor with 60,000 miles great on gas 3000 best offer located in Charleston
1999 mercury cougar 130,000 miles 5 speed Has brake problems new clutch and a lot of other parts have receipts to show clean interior 1200
Mercury Cougar. Lik den jeg hadde for ca.9 år siden./// Like this one,I had for ca.9 years ago.
1996 mercury cougar V-6 124k miles. Runs great! In great condition! $2500/negotiable. Message for more details
2001 Mercury Cougar 168k good on gas needs a little work but runs good heater doesn't work and small leak on windshield cheap fixes title in hand was my work vehicle mostly hwy miles asking $2200 obo
Hey what ya think about a mercury cougar 2001 are they good cars ?
The Mercury Cougar looks like it was a 1967 model. The two boys are excited to see a Mercury Cougar pass by their window. I guess they don't get out much. Fo...
1999 Ford Mercury Cougar 255,000 km Licensed until June! Comes with 4 like new studded winter tires and 4 all season tires ! $1100 or best offer!!
2001 Mercury Cougar for sale. 120, 200 miles, runs good. Asking $2900.00 OBO.
For sale mercury cougar v84.6 L ,very strong car has a new starter new battery new alternater six months ago good tires snow tires on back works great clean tittle asking $1200 obo
My friend is selling a 2000 mercury cougar for $600 she needs it gone asap it needs a new starter. Heres the craigslist address
99 mercury cougar 2.5 v6 5 speed manual tranny. Body has 214k on it but motor has 25k and tranny has 21k on it. Power windows/locks after market security and tires and rims comes with factory bumper as well as body kit. Needs some minor work. 3,000 firm or will trade for good 4wheeler or 4x4
Selling my car $999.99 obo. '95 mercury cougar. Trying to sale before Xmas. Inbox me for details...nd plz repost to get the word out!!!
For Sale: 2000 Ford Mercury Cougar where is as is, $1000,all that is need to put it on the road is struts and new tires
=1992 Mercury Cougar for sale!= (Poconos, PA) $750 92' Mercury Cougar for sale! Only $750 I was saving this Mercury Cougar to eventually set it up as a street/race car, maybe a sleeper, but never really had extra money to set it up. The Title is Clear. The interior is in pretty good shape. The e [...] 4 Test Drive go to:
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1996 mercury cougar great car current tags 227k tranny was replaced at 200k has the good v6 motor. new alternator and battery in January car has been well taken care of over the years. got a new truck and don't have room for an extra car. Its time for a tune up and front tires. sitting on the trailer cause I just moved and didn't have a second driver. asking $1200 asis don't have any funds to do the tune up and smog it other wise I'd be asking 2k sorry wont take payments need cash for Christmas and redg on my new truck.
1987 Mercury Cougar V8 107,000 mls We have owned this car for about 15 years and it's been sitting around for a few years now and we are ready to let it go. Great car in great condition but it’s in need of a new fuel pump. The car starts with some starter fluid but shuts off quick after. Pwr windows and seat with leather interior. Needs some body work. Tires are in good condition. Asking $900 obo Call 801.634.4789 or txt 385.222.9464 Se habla Español
1999 mercury cougar 165,000 miles Air/heat automatic few scratches and ding great teen car 1100.00
1968 Mercury Cougar Automatic Center Console Good condition small one inch crack in the rear This Console has been reupholstered at one time Sliding Door Works Well Wiring Harness for Rear Light is included $495.
99 mercury cougar $2500 In very good condition! Runs great A/C nd HEATER work awesome great interior nd good on gas!! Tags nd sticker up to date Good tires nd new battery!
I have a 2001 mercury cougar V6 with sunroof and power windows for sale.. has transmission issues no clue what it is but dont want to fix it either asking 500. pics available if wanted everything else is super clean on car..
2002 Mercury Cougar. Doesn't run. I'm pretty sure it's a head gasket problem, but I did put a new transmission in it last year. It's got a new thermostat and a few other little things i put in it. The tires are good, almost new really. It's a great car. $1500.
Mercury Cougar I think! I love these cars. My boss bought one when I was an apprentice about 100yrs ago!
99 MERCURY COUGAR, great running car, heat & air doesnt work, could be a fuse or relay, aint got time to see. $1300 firm, horn lake,ms.
1988 Mercury Cougar xr-7 FOR SALE OR TRADE Here I have a 1988 Mercury Cougar xr-7 with a strong running 5.0 need's a transmission won't shift out of first gear I changed the transmission and I have the original transmission that came out of the car it the original transmission need's rebuilt because it leak's and make's noise's very solid car has a few rust spot's I have two set's of rim's that goes with the car it has a little over 95'000 original Miles if interested please call (269)-804-5170 Located in Hastings MI MAKE AN OFFER
Have a driver side headlight for a 2002 mercury cougar xr and a driver side electric door mirror with a red cover plate over it. Bulbs are not in the headlight but it does work mirror works too..I just bought two different headlights and different color mirrors. Would take 75 for both or offer me something. Will post pics later on.
Enjoy this vintage street racing video from 1979 featuring a 1970 Mercury Cougar race a first generation Camaro SS. The Cougar is no ordinary car it is a former NHRA Eliminator from Ford Canada's drag team.
Mechanics special 2000 mercury cougar with 127,695 miles Needs engine replacement completed, comes with a replacement engine. Has new tires, new brakes, after market stereo, stock radio is included, comes with a sub BOX with wiring, solid car with minimal surface rust, $1600 or trade for 4x4 truck Located in midland
1967 Mercury, Cougar - Super good project car with this 1967 Mercury Cougar! 8 cld with manual transmission, she needs floors and restoring, but will make a beautiful car. Give me a call, let's talk!!! I sure would love to make this Classic yours, what can I do to make that happen? If this Classic is the car of your dreams, then the best time to buy it is before someone else does, NOW is the time. The customer who looked at it yesterday and said "I will buy it tomorr...
1968 MERCURY COUGAR - 1968 Mercury Cougar stk C541756 AFFORDABLE project car that runs and drives good!! V8 sounds nice w/lopey sound (was told 302 but unable to verify), Automatic, buckets, PS, Weld rims, older orange paint is amateur but shines well, front floor pans has been patched, solid trunk,...
For sale. 1986 Mercury Cougar 130k miles not running. $800 needs camshaft. Has $2500 worth of new parts. Brand new transmission c5 3spd automatic. New brakes New shocks. The list goes on and on.
Here is a 1976 Mercury Cougar XR7 that would make a great project. Go to website for more details:
2000 Mercury Cougar *MUST SEE***OBO (Westfield) $2600 Hello Craigslist viewers, I have a beautiful 2000 Mercury Cougar, worry free. It was used as a daily, coming back and forth from college. Now it's just sitting their for about a week, without proper love due to the fact I got a newer car. I have rec [...] 4 Test Drive go to:
Trying to sell my 88 Mercury Cougar for $600 frim
1986 Mercury Cougar 98000 miles runs good motor is great battery wont stay charged asking for a 1000$ or best offer really need the cash
Scaley Mercury Cougar being the only exception,Maybe they have the balls for something original
So I seen a mercury Cougar 2002 for sale decent price asked jake if he wanted to buy it and his reply " I have a 1986 Cougar!" Gr thinks he is cute.
Melissa Short and her 1994 Mercury Cougar! Customer of John Petro and Rich Flaherty!
If you wanted to sell something in the 1970s, Farrah Fawcett was a good asset to have your side. I remember this particular Mercury Cougar because an old guy on my block when i was growing up had one, but … Continue reading →
Either a Mercury Cougar, Honda Civic, Toyota Celica, Mitsubishi Eclipe, or another Hyundai Tiburon will be the next car I buy
What is Trans-Am racing? The Trans-Am Series is an automobile racing series which was created in 1966 by Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) President John Bishop. Originally known as the Trans-American Sedan Championship it has evolved over time from its original format as a manufacturers championship for modified racing sedans to its current form as a drivers championship open to GT style cars. The series was formed at the dawn of the pony car era and was derived from the SCCA's A & B Sedan amateur Club Racing classes,[1] based upon commercially produced cars which had been modified for racing competition. Originally the series was open to FIA Group 2 Touring Cars[2] and it featured two classes, Over 2.0 Liter and Under 2.0 Liter, with both classes running together. The series was best known for competition among American V8 sedans such as the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Plymouth Barracuda, Mercury Cougar, AMC Javelin, Pontiac Firebird, and Dodge Challenger in the 1960s and early 1970s. Marques such a ...
We currently own a 2002 Ford F-150, used to own an '87 Ford Thunderbird, an '89 Ford F-150, have a '69 Mercury Cougar and '73 Ford Bronco AND an old Ford tractor in the backyard. Oh, and our cat is named Edsel, after Henry Ford's son Edsel Ford (which is also the name of a failed division of Ford). I think it's safe to say we're a Ford family.
This is the next page plus of my posting of me ol brother's pre-passing story. What's getting increasingly spooky for me (since I guiltily rarely read his stories) is we talk very similar on paper- It's almost like we were brothers... PG3...Dutchess County Fair/Jay Jenkins. ... Craig’s father had bought him a Mercury Cougar, which I got to drive around Belgigue while he was on duty fighting the good fight against Communist aggression, I would pick him up at the base when his watch ended and I took to arriving early and I would meet him at the base library. I’d hang around here and read up on classic books I heard about but hadn’t read yet and that was pretty neat. Then, one fine day, right there sitting on a lamp table was a big thick book of poetry by e.e. Cummings. Not Edward E. Cummings, mind you, but e.e. I had heard about him before, but when I sat down with it, I couldn’t believe it. Is this poetry or what? This guy is brilliant. He uses words like a Master of Wordology. He played with words ...
Quote of the day: 'when I saw Ashley with the (Mercury) Cougar, I thought this chick is alright.'
2000 Mercury Cougar question: Leaking Power Steering Fluid. replaced ps pump and still leaks. can not see pump beca -   10% Off
My top 3 cars to get: 1. Toyota Celica 2. Mercury Cougar 3. VW Golf.
Wow I just saw a 1967 Mercury Cougar in the flesh in real life this is a beautiful moment
Watching a pair of students attempt to maneuver a futon into a mercury cougar
Nah, I can't believe my eyes!!! A Mercury Cougar V6 right in front of me!!
Shout out to the dude with the red with black wheels Mercury Cougar. Your car *** and I hate you. Please come find me kid.
So I dunno why someone thought tht looked ok. I think it may be a mercury cougar.
I saw a yellow Mercury Cougar on Cooper today. It wasnt my Momma. Sure drove like Old Girl though lol
Who wants to buy this mercury cougar.
I had a 351 n a Mercury Cougar it was hunted it would stall without fail everytime I pulled out in front of a semi no joke
My Harley and Brently's bike and his 75 Mercury Cougar in the background.
going to look at a mercury cougar today... I hate small cars but yolo
mercury cougar 1999 (Des Moines) - $2000: I have mercury cougar 1999, great condition run great and good in ...
99 mercury cougar (Central NJ) - $1800: I have a nice looking & running cougar body has no dents it has 1...
"How do you change the instrument panel dash lights on a 1997 mercury cougar?"
Alfonso N. is selling a 1993 Mercury Cougar in Las Vegas, NV with a Standard Ad.
James C. is selling a 1999 Mercury Cougar in 60107, IL with an Enhanced Ad.
1995 Mercury Cougar hub cap for alloy Wheels
GM! In search of myself & my YELLOW Special Edition Mercury Cougar, this is what I came up with.
Car shopping is such a drag.. I miss my vibe so much.. 2002 Kia sentra? Or 1999 mercury cougar?
I'm sorry "gatito" that's my car, I have a Mercury Cougar
2013 Lexus car transported from TX to Whitehorse Yukon, canada ...: 2013 Lexus car transported from TX to Whit...
Hopefully my new car. 2000 mercury cougar
Ways to design and build a lift kit for a Mercury Cougar.
Welp.add Mercury Cougar to the list of cars driven while being DD.
The 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator was one cool car, especially with thos hidden head lights
So, since I got rid of the wee beastie (my jeep) I have replaced it with my lil kitty (mercury cougar - well mostly lol it's modified a LOT)
Used car What should my first car be a 1970 Chevelle SS or 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator:
A 49 mercury..I had a mercury cougar once upon a time..
.nice! My family had a 1986 mercury Cougar. Not the one God intended.
Just saw what I take to be a 1968 Mercury Cougar drive past 1 Laird. The one that God intended. The day is off to a fine start.
Used car Car over-heating in idle: I own a 2002 mercury cougar V6 2.5L. It over heats in idle after a few minu...
TIL my father's John Deer tractor has a better turning radius than my Mercury Cougar. Cool.
Everybody should have a Hot Rod once in their life. I had two. A 1970 Mercury Cougar & a 1966 Ford Thunderbird Ooops! Was I doing 110 MPH?
My 99 Mercury Cougar UPDATED. (how it looks now. Lots of bodywork done)
Going to look at a 200 mercury cougar sunday so excited.
Tucked in the back is good ol' Gwen. 1970 Black Mercury Cougar. A pair of red racing stripes run parallel up the center of the car.
Used car my car is very confusing (2000 mercury cougar) transmission slipping/leaking v6 auto: ok so today i w...
1999 Mercury Cougar (v6) (Whitehaven) $2300: I have a white mercury cougar 163xxx miles fully loaded with tint...
School was out, summers were spent @ the beach, & driving my Mercury Cougar w/the windows down on road trips to anywhere.
I drove up on a mercury cougar this I approached I realized it was a 70yr old woman. Clearly that is false advertising.
If I had a dog I'd name it scrappy-doo. Then we would go solve mysteries together in my mercury cougar instead of a mystery machine. Ha
1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator Boss 302. Matte Black .with pretty lady in the passenger seat ready 2 ride
Can't believe you guys didn't know I was referring to a mercury cougar
There is a very good possibility that my first car is going to be a yellow 2002 Mercury Cougar!!!
Think he's looking to take some of that wood? Is that a magazine rack I see (Yellow thing) and is that a mercury cougar?
*** no lol town rich boy... first car was a 68 mercury Cougar... then his mom bought him a Porsche lol
Found my car... 2002 mercury cougar
ok so a mercury cougar wit a 5 speed?? Lol your picky!
That's not the worst part. I had recently totaled my first car, which was a '68 Mercury Cougar! Talk about an epic downgrade. :|
1. 72 Plymouth Gold Duster 2. 69 Pontiac GTO Judge # is a lil rough might have to add Mercury Or put in Ford the 67 Cougar XR-7!
Someone double parked their Mercury Cougar in the parking deck. That's all I need to know about them as a person.
I found a zinc yellow mercury cougar and fell in love.
2002 Mercury Cougar (Jackson) $3500: 2002 Mercury Cougar V6 with only 72,000 miles.yep only 72k miles.m...
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