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Mensa Otabil

Pastor Dr. Mensa Otabil is a Ghanaian theologian, philanthropist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur. He is the founder of International Central Gospel Church headquartered in Accra, Ghana.

Dr Mensa Otabil Pastor Mensa Otabil General Overseer International Central Gospel Church

Dr. Mensa Otabil blessed us immensely yesterday at check this out! .
We had a great and blessed time with Dr.Mensa Otabil. continues today. Don't miss out.
Starting massively this Saturday 9am right at ICGC-Christ Temple with Dr. Mensa Otabil
It's good to have fun but while you have fun, THINK! Don't be foolish. Foolishness is expensive!!! - Dr. Mensa Otabil
Do not let your eyes see what your heart cannot manage. -Dr. Mensa Otabil
Life is one constant movement forward! It just goes forward! The mistakes you make you carry with you. - Dr. Mensa Otabil
Life is tough all by itself, don't complicate it any further with bad decisions. - Dr. Mensa Otabil
Determine not to live above your means. Be yourself. - Dr. Mensa Otabil
You can't wait to grow up before you build the right habit. Start today! - Dr. Mensa Otabil
You can't stop thoughts from going through your mind but you can stop them from dwelling there. - Dr. Mensa Otabil
It is good when you fall and God lifts you up but it is better if you don't fall at all. - Dr. Mensa Otabil
Praying in tongues is not a shouting competition! Neither is it an endurance test. Dr. Mensa Otabil
Bitterness poisons the soul and imprisons the spirit. Forgive. Forget. Move on. - Pastor Mensa Otabil.
The fact that you have a birthright doesn't mean you will fulfill it. Some have a birthright but have sold it. - Mensa Otabil
In order for us to be effective, we must discover why God placed us on this planet..- . . Join Dr Mensa…
Life is not a gamble. It is clearly defined by the things we do and their consequences. - Mensa Otabil, Christian Statesman & Educator.
Understanding your appointment with destiny.. Mensa otabil
1. Dr Mensa Otabil is a respected Pastor, educator, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. .
God has a Word for you through His mouthpiece, Dr Mensa Otabil at Plan to attend.
I liked a video How to stay STRONG when you feel WEAK - Dr Mensa Otabil
Why did Jesus Ascend to Heaven. 4. To send out the Holy Spirit - John 16:7. Dr. Mensa Otabil
General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Dr. Mensa Otabil, has described the energy...
"When we walk in faith, we open ourselves up to a life of miracles, signs and wonders." . -Dr. Mensa Otabil. The...
Nails did not hold Christ to the cross. His love for you did.- Dr. Mensa Otabil
Mensa Otabil tops list of most influential preachers on social media
Living Word Devotional by Pastor Mensa Otabil. Tuesday, 31st January, 2017. POWERFUL DECLARATIONS. As you end the...
"Great leaders learn from their mistakes. Don't use failure as an excuse to stop pursuing your dreams, goals and vision." (Mensa Otabil)
Dr Mensa Otabil has taught me that the preaching of The Word must be doctrinally sound and spiritually inspired...
Dr. Mensa Otabil has taught me that you don't pray once about something and stop, he said be persistent in prayer.
Dr. Mensa Otabil has taught me that, when pillars start moving, those who sit on the structure start dislocating.
Dr. Mensa Otabil has taught me that as a generational thinker, whenever I use a public amenity, I must maintain...
You cannot rise to the next level of you life with the junks of your past - Mensa Otabil
A leader is always set apart for a special Assignment by Mensa Otabil
It's like today Mensa Otabil is subbing me heavy with this message
If you were not paid for what you are doing, will you do it?. Dr. Mensa Otabil, 2017. LEADERSHIP (The Shepherd...
"God is not a man that He should lie. He will bring to manifestation what He has declared in His Word."-Pastor Mensa Otabil
"If the grave could not hold Him, then nothing can stop God from accomplishing His plans and purposes for your life."-Pastor Mensa Otabil
Life is about what God wants you to become and when that happens you become number 1. Dr. Mensa Otabil
Share a lesson from a book or sermon of Dr. Mensa Otabil that blessed you. Use the hashtag
KICC Marriage Summit 2017. Come and be ministered to by Dr. Mensa Otabil. 11th February, 2017. 9:00 am. It's Free!!!…
Dr. Mensa Otabil has taught me that poverty is a choice, that by strategy and diligence I can generate my own prosperity. .
Dr Mensa Otabil is my best preacher rn.
Even Pastor Mensa Otabil has a beard,and a gentle one too
Dr. Mensa Otabil's By The Rivers of Ethiopia was one of the best books I read this year.
2 sermons I will recommend for y'all to listen to before d year ends. Dominion mandate(pt1-3) &purpose,priorities& pursuits by Mensa Otabil
"Until your own vision makes you feel dizzy, it's not big enough." - Dr. Mensa Otabil
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Happy Boxing day! I hope you had lots of gifts to unwrap. Here's one more for you -Go borrow vessels
When God gives you a place in a manger, He knows how to direct wise men to you. - Dr. Mensa Otabil
If we believe n do not doubt God, we will hav d privilege of experiencing His power 2do supernatural things. -Mensa Otabil
It doesn't matter if Jesus Christ was born on Dec 25 or Oct 31, Christmas is Christmas! - Mensa Otabil via
"Cheating is never honorable! You may think you are being smart but when you cheat, doors of opportunities close quick…
May u not eat è bread of sorrows. In this season, let the sound of laughter be heard in ur home. . ~Mensa Otabil.
wow. The first book i bought by Dr. MENSA OTABIL
Mensa Otabil wrote: His grace is sufficient for you. You will finish on top and not beneath. 8 Days of ����
CHRISTMAS is about God sending His Son to die on the cross - Dr. Mensa Otabil. (LWD).
If you don't train your words, your fists become sharper. - Dr. Mensa Otabil
In a negotiation silence can be a powerful weapon... Mensa Otabil
Don't be timid when making ur requests to God. There's nothing you'll ever ask that'll intimidate him. ~Mensa Otabil .
You are wonderfully made in the image of God. Don't diminish your value just to be accepted by people. -Mensa Otabil
Living Word Devotional by Pastor Mensa Otabil. Thursday, 22nd December, 2016. GOD GAVE HIS SON. But when the...
God can take the mess in your life and turn it into a great message. There's nothing impossible for God to do. ~Mensa O…
Happy birthday to this great leader and mentor, and Dr. Mensa Otabil. Such a blessing he is to our generation.
Let's wish this GREAT MAN Dr. Mensa Otabil a Happy Birthday as he turns 57 Today
Today we celebrate a great gift to our generation. A great man of influence. Happy birthday to Dr. Mensa Otabil,...
happy birthday Dr.Mensa Otabil! It's been a blessing being under you covering! A spectacular and unique man of God you are🎉🎈🎂
Happy birthday to Dr. Mensa Otabil. He turns 57 today! @ Ahomka Radio UK
Happy birthday Dr. Mensa Otabil. May you continue to influence the world with the *word of God*. God bless you.
Poverty is not a financial condition, it is a mental state - Dr. Mensa Otabil
When Satan realized that young men are shy of standing in front of lotto kiosks, he introduced superbet. Dr. Mensa Otabil
Living Word Devotional by Pastor Mensa Otabil. Friday, 26th August, 2016. YOU HAVE THE POWER. But resist him [the...
Daddy always said " Read the book of Proverbs and pay attention to Dr. Mensa Otabil whenever you hear his sermon".
NowPlaying on Praying Radio Pathway to Success by Dr Mensa Otabil by Unknown
"When people have no hope for the future, they mismanage their present opportunities" -Mensa Otabil
'When people fall in love, they disdain wisdom' - Mensa Otabil
International Gathering of Champions with Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Creflo Dollar + more 24-28 August
Don’t reduce your capacity to make other’s comfortable.Pst. Mensa Otabil
Update your maps at Navteq
"Don't reduce your capacity to make others comfortable". -Mensa Otabil
t was an event attended by creme of the Ghanaian society - Pastor Mensa Otabil who blessed the marriage, Kwami...
This "Be a Generational Thinker", by P.s Mensa Otabil always hits me.
Pastor Mensa Otabil. I'm listening to blast radio online with TuneIn.
I added a video to a playlist Christ Our Risen Saviour # by Dr Mensa Otabil
Mine was the message I heard on the radio by Mensa Otabil. APT!!!
LIVING WORD Devotional by Pastor Mensa Otabil. Sunday, July 31, 2016. YOU ARE ABLE. 'I can do all things through...
Dr. Mensa Otabil. BLESSING DECLARATION - GREATER WORKS 2016. I stand today as a shepherd of your soul in the name...
The blessing of BIGGER! BETTER & GREATER!!! - Tudor Bismark and Mensa Otabil at Greater Works 2016. . Receive it...
has left me looking Can't hold back...God bless ICGC..God bless Rev.Dr.Mensa Otabil
"The devil is watching us and is looking for vulnerabilities; that's why we need to watch and pray " -Mensa Otabil
Dr session on "Making Full Proof of Your Ministry" is available to watch on our website at
This Greater Works is beginning of something NEW! - Mensa Otabil
Excellent organization at its peak. . God bless Pastor Mensa Otabil and the ICGC family. .
Mensa Otabil . The kingdom of God is everywhere but it is also imprinted in every person.
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We look forward to a night of supernatural release. - Dr. Mensa Otabil. See at the Communion and...
Great time with Doc Mensa Otabil yesterday night at Independent Square. @ Accra, Ghana
In the next one year, you're going to be greater, better and bigger! - Dr. Mensa Otabil .
Dont miss the FINAL NIGHT of GREATER WORKS 2016 with Pastor Mensa Otabil. Tonight will be an anointing service.
The AU building is a monumental reminder of Africa's inability to solve her own problems. - Mensa Otabil
God's way is best because it comes out of the goodness of His character. ~ Mensa Otabil
Living Word Devotional by Pastor Mensa Otabil. Wednesday, 25th May, 2016. EXPERIENCING GOD'S BEST. Then you will...
Peter with his little faith walked on water. You can also do wonderful things with your little faith. Keep Faith-ing! -Mensa Otabil
I added a video to a playlist Perfection # by Dr Mensa Otabil
Refuse to give up or to give in; you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. -Mensa Otabil
When you know who you are you don't go around proving yourself but you manifest the power at work in you!. -Dr.Mensa Otabil
"Time, pregnant with meaning, now dogs our footsteps." -Mensa Otabil
Boldness, Grace, Righteousness gives you access to reign in Life. Mensa Otabil
Psalm Radio app is on Google play and Apple stores. Download and Listen to real inspirational: Dr Mensa Otabil...
Significant moments of history are sometimes determined under very ordinary circumstances. Mensa Otabil.
Little Giant Ladders
It is an insult to your intelligence if you put your vote on auto pilot - Dr. Mensa Otabil
Your vote shd not be fixed but rather vote for d party the helps u achieve ur dreams - Dr. Mensa Otabil
" Parties don't govern nations. Laws and policies do. Look for the party with the right policies to vote for. ". ~ Dr. Mensa…
Is Mensa Otabil your father because you look like a miracle
Success is more a product of wisdom than of physical strenght - Dr Mensa Otabil
"If you want to gain time give God your time." - Mensa Otabil
Mensa Otabil wrote: Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.- 3 John 1:2
Pastor Paul introduces our first speaker;one of Africa's greatest teacher Dr. Mensa Otabil.
thanks for sharing Mensa Otabil, have a great Saturday :) (Want this FREE feature too?
I added a video to a playlist Cross Over 2015# by Dr Mensa Otabil
Mensa Otabil, Mark Zuckerberg and the Parable of Becoming a Dollar-Millionaire
Living Word Devotional by Pastor Mensa Otabil. Saturday, March 12th, 2016. THE REACH OF LOVE. I who speak to you...
I added a video to a playlist Discover How The Word Of God Works # by Dr Mensa Otabil
When Dr. Mensa Otabil spoke at the National Convocation of Springboard last week, where he made the analogy with...
I added a video to a playlist You Are The Light of The World# by Dr Mensa Otabil
I added a video to a playlist Moved by The Spirit# by Mensa Otabil
I added a video to a playlist Great Message Titled # The Cross # by Dr Mensa Otabil
I added a video to a playlist Using The Name of Jesus # by Mensa Otabil
Figure out your purpose & let your purpose guide the goals of your life.-Dr Mensa Otabil
The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has denied allegations that Dr. Mensa Otabil, head Pastor of International Centr...
Your gift will bring you before kings but your character will keep you in their presence - Mensa Otabil
Generational Thinkers at the 25 Years Anniversery Thanksgiving Service # by Dr Mensa Otabil: via
"The voice you believe in is the faith you have."-Pastor Mensa Otabil...
. See you there! . Marriage Summit 2016 with Pastors Mensa Otabil and Dipo Oluyomi . ht…
"How things appear can be frightening but you have to look at who He [Jesus]is."-Pastor Mensa Otabil...
I pray for God to give Africa more people like Leader Mensa Otabil.
God bless you Leader Mensa Otabil with more wisdom, sound health and long life. Nothing will happen to you sir.
Our with Dr. Mensa Otabil yesterday pastors' conferences.
Dr. Mensa Otabil is an epitome of excellence. His works speak for themselves. He believes in the best
Having a wonderful time with Dr. Mensa Otabil @ ccc.
Pastor Ransford mounts the pulpit to introduce Dr. Mensa Otabil.
Dr. Mensa Otabil will mounts the Pulpit tonight to minister God's word.
Dr. Mensa Otabil mounts the Pulpit now to minister God's word.
Pastor Ransford Mounts the Pulpit to Introduce his friend Dr.Mensa Otabil.
God bless Africa with more men of God like Mensa Otabil. Is not all about jumping up & shouting, making unnecessary noise
Mensa Otabil has taken preaching and teaching to the next level. Africa is blessed to have this man of wisdom.
can one download inspiiring message of Dr Mensa Otabil on your site and some other great men of God
When God gives us talents, He only recognizes and commends the value we add to it - Pst Mensa Otabil - quote
This should be a reason for you to keep moving forward. Source: Mensa Otabil
Wise people do not act out of emotions but out of information - Dr Mensa Otabil
I added a video to a playlist MENSA OTABIL# OUT YOUR HAND#
"are complex; when you think you know them then they do something crazy." - Mensa Otabil
Living Word Devotional. Mensa Otabil. Wednesday, 20th January. NO PROCRASTINATION. “Do you not say, ‘There are...
A prayer for y'all from Dr Mensa Otabil
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Is it a coincidence or did mensa otabil quote lecrae in one of his sermons
"Don't ever negotiate when you are hungry or tired" Mensa Otabil
Powerful Message from Dr. Mensa Otabil from God bless you
so, now that Pastor Mensa Otabil has dashef the Accra Sports Stadium floodlights, can he be asked to repair the scoreboard? Oliver Twist
Blowing out another person's candle. will not make yours shine brighter. Light your own candle. ~ Mensa Otabil
# God the Master of Breakthrough by Dr Mensa Otabil of 2
Mensa Otabil is a profound teacher. The other "show boys" have a lot to learn from him. Inspiring humility.
Crucifixion was done to humiliate the one who is crucified and to put feat into the followers. Dr. Mensa Otabil
We have more than enough to make impacts! We don't have to wait for big things before we thank God & reach out!. - Excepts 4rm Mensa Otabil
:) Dr Mensa Otabil, can you please rebroadcast this sermon?
Understanding the Goodness of Serendipity # by Dr Mensa Otabil via
Hi, Listen to this Powerful Teaching, and discover the path to success to Success# by Dr Mensa Otabil.
"The problem of Africa is not the abundance of witches; the problem of Africa is lack of vision." - Mensa Otabil
🎶Call me your IGP, salute me anytime . Yesa massa!!. Call me Duncan Williams or Mensa Otabil. Hallelujah!!🎶
Its only in Africa, listen to Dr Mensa Otabil, Buy The Future.
Hi, listen to this Teaching & Discover more things about Sin. Understanding The Meaning of Sin - By Dr Mensa Otabil.
I added a video to a playlist Out of the Strong Came Something Sweet# 1 of 4# Dr Mensa Otabil
Mensa Otabil I received it in Jesus Name. Enjoy your day.
Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a knowing God. - Ps Mensa Otabil
Hi, Listen to this Life Changing Teaching titled Changing Teaching titled By The Future# by Dr Mensa Otabil .
Pastor Mensa Otabil is on with Living Word. The series is "Wisdom". Tune in now.
it's going to be great, Dr. Mensa Otabil, Rev Anthony Cudjou and Rev Morris appose will be ministering
They say Pastors children are bad. Same with Mensa Otabil and his central uni students
If you don't know where you are going you will not know when you've arrived - Mensa Otabil
Mensa Otabil says . It is vital for you to know that you are special to God. You are part of a chosen generation,...
Pastor Mensa Otabil wonders - Why do you need alcohol to eat well? -
GET,GET, READY. Mark your calendar 23rd September, 6pm . Hosting Dr. and Lady Mensa Otabil... It going to...
U watch Mensa Otabil ein teaching this morning for etv?
when God sends His word it doesn't come back to Him void rev Mensa Otabil...
Photo: When God sends His word it doesn’t come back to Him void – Rev. Mensa Otabil:
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Pastor Mensa Otabil is a Ghanaian theologian, philanthropist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur. He is the...
Pastor Mensa Otabil is such an awesome gift to our generation
Grace is Gods unmerited reward, not given to you for what you've done but for who he is... - Mensa Otabil ah
'Yes, there are big things that must be done, but we can all do our little parts to contribute.' - Dr. Mensa Otabil
The root cause of many problems is a wrong culture. An internal culture that has made abnormality normal' - Dr. Mensa Otabil
'When we tackle problems we should learn to aim for the root cause, not just the obvious effects' - Dr. Mensa Otabil
'We have to seriously ask ourselves 'Why?' our systems fail and we do not progress at the pace we desire' - Dr. Mensa Otabil
'You have integrity when your actions are consistent with your internal values' - Dr. Mensa Otabil
Dr. Mensa Otabil has taken the stage now for his keynote address at
"An opportunity of a life time must be seized in the lifetime of that opportunity" Mensa Otabil
"Values ultimately dictate policy and priority." Dr. Mensa Otabil
"TO BE PART OF THE SOLUTION, for positive change, you need to disengage from all those that are associated with the Problem". Mensa otabil.
The Most Anointed Person can't take the chains off you. It is only when you act that you'll break out of your chains - Pastor …
God might be with you the whole time, but until you wake up from your sleep, you will not experience His visitation - Pastor M…
If you stay the same location where you were arrested the first time, you'll be arrested again. Change your Location! - Pasto…
"Each one of us is given an opportunity and advantage to make it in life." - Dr. Mensa Otabil
ok mensa otabil.any book coming out soon or this is all u got.having a blast this morning. Hop u gud
Christ in you you dont go chasing after power you go releasing power Mensa Otabil
Good deeds without genuine love is emptiness before God- Mensa Otabil
Mensa Otabil wrote: We cannot please God and still remain comfortable with sin in our lives. The person who loves God, must hate sin.
In every visitation of God, there are things God will do, and there are things we must do. - Pastor Mensa Otabil
Tell God to Touch your life, bless you, increase you and expand you. Let Heaven hear you tonight - Mensa Otabil
Your story will change right before your eyes because the power of God will hit you and Touch you - Mensa Otabil
God will not start a process He. cannot sustain; neither will He start a. process and not end it. ~ Mensa Otabil
DTC 2015: ALL THINGS ARE READY CONTINUES 2day @ 7pm @ JHB with Prolific teacher - Dr. Mensa Otabil. See you there!
Dr.Mensa Otabil is the most influential person in Ghana 😄
I liked a video Dr Mensa Otabil : Mindsets 6 (The MIND of CHRIST)
“Balanced game.we have held our own.only one goal in it to be honest” >>> wow pastor Mensa-Otabil 😂😂
And the message that Dr. Mensa Otabil shared is life changing
Most influential personalities in my life 1. Jesus Christ 2. Dorothy Sackey (my mum) 3. Pst. Mensa Otabil 4. Bob...
Listening to a greater message from Mensa Otabil
No matter how anointed you are without wisdom you will shipwreck your life.Mensa Otabil
Until you know what you lack, it is very difficult to pursue what you need.Mensa Otabil.
Run Your Race. Whiles others rush in haste,Stay In Your Track. Refuse to be envious of other peoples Success. "Mensa Otabil"
If you're in Harare tonight join us for a special midweek service with Dr. Mensa Otabil at the ICC starting at 6P.M.
DAILY PUSH. "If you have a vision, it will contradict your reality". - Dr. Mensa Otabil
In Zimbabwe attending the council of African apostles conference.great time with Mensa otabil.bismark,bishop later.
"90% of what you do everyday, you do without thinking" ~ Pastor Mensa Otabil
"Friendship binds you longer than romance does in a marriage" Dr. Mensa Otabil
"Until you are ready, let love sleep and friendship awake. (you don't excite romance till you are ready for marriage)". Dr. Mensa Otabil
"If your friendship starts with romance, you will most likely overlook many things.". Dr. Mensa Otabil
"For Christians, every relationship must first begin pure and end pure" . Dr. Mensa Otabil
Perfection; it is the action or process of improving something until it is as faultless as possible. - Dr. Mensa Otabil
Your relationship with God is your covenant shield. — Dr. Mensa Otabil preaching on As For God His Way Is Perfect
The safest place to be on earth is to be in the Will of God ~ Dr. Mensa Otabil
is the bridge between your problem and your solution. - Mensa Otabil
Yes; the right place in Life is not where You want to be but where God wants You to be! "Mensa Otabil"
"Even if your enemies are as fast as the cheetah; God has made your feet like the deer to outrun your enemies."-Dr. Mensa Otabil
I just feel great whenever I listen to Mensa Otabil.
I liked a video FAITH without WORKS is DEAD (Great Message) - Dr Mensa Otabil
It means he has changed lives of individuals for the best.RT"Expantiate Dr. Mensa Otabil has paid his dues.."
'Achievement based on deception is not sustainable.' - Dr. Mensa Otabil.
Dr. Mensa Otabil has paid his dues..
Mensa Otabil wrote: DON’T QUIT BECAUSE OF YOUR ENEMIES. They can hate you but they can’t stop you. Keep moving!
"CHARACTER is the SUPREME CURRENCY; it is WHO YOU ARE when the MASK is OFF" - Ps. Mensa Otabil
God doesn't put his promises into our hands he put them within our reach, it is our responsibility to go get them. Mensa Otabil
Buy the future by Dr. Mensa Otabil showing on
The safest place you can be, is in the perfect will of God_ Mensa Otabil
“There are things of much more importance than these rants. Why not address em. Make no room for these people"okay Mensa Otabil
Mensa Otabil. …Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with...
my friends who use apple can't download the Mensa Otabil app. Told all my friends to download it for devotional sake!
We are the light of the world, the city that is set on a hill. — Dr. Mensa Otabil preaching on What's We Want To See In Our Church In 2015
Dear Gh ladies,. No guy can ever be Sam Jonah, Van Vicker, Tagor, Mensa Otabil, and Sarkordie, at the same time combined for you…
Faith is not magic, but God at work. . Dr Mensa Otabil
"don't tell me you are a human being as an excuse for failure" - Dr. Mensa Otabil
Enjoy this hot afternoon, join me : Generational THINKING - Dr Mensa Otabil: via
Mensa Otabil. SCRIPTURE. “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are. your ways My ways,” says the LORD. “For as...
Dr. Mensa Otabil message for us all... SCRIPTURE:. Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times...
Just finished listening to preaching by Dr Mensa Otabil "can the blind lead à blind"?
I love this message from my head pastor Dr. Mensa Otabil. SCRIPTURE:. Whoever has no rule over his own spirit, is...
The Head Pastor of the International. Central Gospel Church, Mensa Otabil. has advised President John Mahama. to...
Mensa Otabil SCRIPTURE: And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 MESSAGE: The key to living a happy and significant life starts with discovering the purpose of God for your life. God has a unique and individual plan for your life. He wants you to be a champion for Him in the field He has assigned you to. Isn’t it amazing the number of champions we have in the world? We have boxing champions, soccer champions, science champions, music champions, spelling champions, marketing champions, brick-laying champions, driving champions and on and on. Life does not produce only one champion. There are many of them and there is room for you! The way to becoming a champion for God is to discover His plan and follow it wherever it may lead. Just make it your desire to follow and please Him, and daily ask Him to lead and guide you. God wants to make you a champion; He wants to do significant things with your life. There ...
INVITATION TO TWO MAJOR OCCUPYGHANA-IMANI PUBLIC FORA ON CONFRONTING CORRUPTION IN GHANA’S PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS AND NATIONAL LIFE: WEDNESDAY, 12TH NOV, 2014 & THURSDAY, 20TH NOV, 2014 @ THE PARISH HALL OF THE CHRIST THE KING CATHOLIC CHURCH, @ SWITHBACK ROAD EACH DAY. “When a classroom block that is known to cost GH¢ 200,000 to build, is given out on contract for GH¢ 800,000, the name of the game is stealing ; or if you want a fancy name, you might employ fraud. The engineers and quantity surveyors who pad up the numbers to get to GH¢ 800,000 are engaged in fraud, and they should be treated as such.” - Daily Graphic, 22 October 2014- Elizabeth Ohene, former Minister, former BBC Anchor “Corruption is the enemy of development, and of good governance. It must be got rid of. Both the government and the people at large must come together to achieve this national objective” - Pratibha Patil, 1st Female President of India 2007 to 2012) Ghana has been plagued with weak institutions since independen .. ...
Pastor Mensa Otabil wanted to be a boxer
Next week is nearly on us. Please vote on Tuesday! I appreciated this message from Dr. Mensa Otabil just before...
I will always remember what Pastor Mensa Otabil said. We in Africa are creative in bringing up problems. Just...
Is Pastor. Mensa Otabil a carpenter? Dela your hypocrisy is annoying.
You have to choose how you label yourself; who are you? - Dr Mensa Otabil
You don't need things to happen to You. Instead,Watch&Observe Others&Learn from what they go through.Mensa Otabil.
A divine interruption is a moment when God changes your agenda and sets a new agenda for you- Dr Mensa Otabil
Dr Mensa Otabil will be in the house on Sunday 11/30/14.
if you want favour in life you have to work on your name. ~Mensa Otabil~
The reason why many people stay longer in the wilderness is because they are looking for already made solutions- Dr Mensa Otabil
DON'T marry someone with the hope of 'renovating' him or her to your taste. Pastor. Mensa Otabil
this is a repost enjoy: Be careful who you give your EYES & EARS TO FRIENDS SHAPE YOUR LIFE. LAZY FRIENDS divert vision. FOCUSED FRIENDS direct vision. Some friends add to you; others take away. BE A FRIEND WHO ADDS. To win in life you need these friends: 1.MORAL GUIDES – those who help you do the right thing. 2.FAITH BUILDERS – those who believe in you and in your potential. 3.DREAM MAKERS – those who create opportunities and help you achieve your dreams. Do your friends celebrate when you win? Are they envious of your achievements? Are you a true friend to your friends? MAY GOD BLESS YOU WITH TRUE FRIENDS (Mensa Otabil)
Every Great Achievement was or is achieved by Human-beings. Mensa Otabil.
Who do you know, who has achieved anything who is not a human being? Being human is not an excuse for failure. - Mensa Otabil (Life Seminar)
Ghana And Pastor Mensa Otabil: I recently saw in a news article in a Ghanaian newspaper what, I think, was a v...
You have the Keys to make things right for You. God has given You the Power. Mensa Otabil.
Now its time to listen to Dr Mensa Otabil ... My Pastor Crush :o Too much love for his preachings !!
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You need to have the willingness to fail and the fortitude to get back up and try again because you are a winner- Dr Mensa Otabil
I think I now understand what Dr Mensa said some time ago that 'Ghanaians make fun of every serious situation'..
You have the Power to Permit what happens in Your Life. Mensa Otabil.
Ignorance will not become knowledge over time mensa otabil
“In making choices there is the gate, the path and there is the destination” – Mensa Otabil. Choose right!
Lil Win,Mensa Otabil,Sam Jonah,Bisa K.Dei.They blend to rep each aspect of life
Can't tell pizaro to remove this topic of my TL. Some boy get VISA and like Doc ( Mensa Otabil) would say he thinks he has arrived.
I added a video to a playlist Precept upon Precept - Pastor Mensa Otabil
I added a video to a playlist RELATIONSHIPS - Roles and Responsibilities - Pastor Mensa Otabil
I added a video to a playlist Faithfulness - Pastor Mensa Otabil
I added a video to a playlist Defend Your Portion - Pastor Mensa Otabil
I find I have never succeeded in listening to Pastor Mensa Otabil without taking notes...
Between you and your destiny is a lie you are believing." Dr Mensa Otabil
You don’t need to pray for the Wisdom of Solomon instead you need to pray for the Wisdom of Christ. -Dr Mensa Otabil -IGOC
It's happening here at The line up is heavy today; Dr . Mensa Otabil, Ps Steve Munsey and Bishop Tudor...
God will Honour His word no matter what. He is our friend Otabil
The father and his household otabil @
“God does not respond to your tears. He responds to faith. Dr Mensa Otabil
You have to operate here on earth with a currency that will get you the things you hope for in heaven, Faith. Dr Mensa Ot…
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