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Menin Gate

The Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing is a war memorial in Ypres, Belgium dedicated to the British and Commonwealth soldiers who were killed in the Ypres Salient of World War I and whose graves are unknown.

Last Post Great War First World War Semi Final Vimy Ridge Gary Edwards

I'll be there for the event remembering Spencer Parkes d.13/10/17 now commemorated on the Menin Gate.…
QMGS Battlefield Tour: Arrived safely at Flanders Lodge, Ypres at 8.00pm. Evening meal, walk to see Menin Gate and the 2 Lions...bedtime
RCMP visit the Menin Gate today. March past my shop. Via Steve Douglas Makes me so proud.
2nd visit to Menin Gate ceremony. So many people every night. So moving remembering the awful history of the Ypres Salient. 500k killed
This is going to be such a joy! Iconic Menin Gate lions to return to Belgium via
Look who we ran into at the Menin Gate!!!
Iconic Menin Gate lions to return to Belgium
Menin Gate. Very average for mine there at Melton.
Clearing home Menin Gate for a nice return.but he's got the drifts
looking forward to seeing that photo of his name on the Menin gate 😎
Our guide Jacques has checked it out - his name is on the Menin Gate! We will visit next week
.will we get any updates of the Menin Gate lions and their return to Ieper
if you go to the Ypra bar next to the Menin Gate. See the Glosters plaque i put in there to the lef…
Day 2 of ends with a moving Last Post ceremony at Menin Gate
A, D & A laying a wreath on behalf of @ Last Post ceremony at Menin Gate, Ypres, honouring those that die…
History Trip Update: we have laid a wreath at the Menin Gate and have just arrived at the hostel for the evening.
Final evening meal in Ypres before going to the Menin Gate memorial ceremony
A great way to end the day here in with a tour of the Menin Gate with
An inspiring day is nearly over here in the old Salient, but we've still got a talk on the Menin Gate by to look forward to.
.With a very special place in my heart... & the Menin Gate led me to so much I had…
31 July centenary commemorations over subscribed at Tyne Cot. Will go another time & stay in Ypres for Menin Gate Last Post.
Honoured to lay a wreath at the Last Post Ceremony at Menin Gate
A few from Bruges and the rest from Ypres and the Menin Gate!
(I am prob just not enthused by it as I find its chopping down of william longchamp's menin gate at midnight for the cover
Proud of our resident piper Arran, who paid tribute to our WW1 Old Ratcliffians at the Menin Gate recently:…
My daughter Alice will stand at The Menin Gate. Leper, Belgium at 8pm tonight at the service that has happened...
It's funny you chose the "Buffer State" as was, as your example. . Happen to have driven to the Menin Gate today. Flowers
it's off the motorway near the ferry. Mrs M's great uncle MIA 3rd battle of Passchendaele. Name on Menin Gate. 100 years ago July
they are well done..the Menin Gate ..most memorable !
Visit to Menin gate made more memorable by coming off my bike in spectacular fashion on the approach. Pride…
Kundu Productions to make documentary on Menin Gate Lions
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At 20.00 this evening, EBHS students will be laying a wreath at The Menin Gate, Ypres, as part of the daily Last Post Ceremony.
I've been wanting to take a tour of the sites where my grt uncles fought and died. Langemark, April 22, '15. Menin Gate too
Travelling to Ypres today to attend St George's Church and then onto Menin Gate to lay wreaths in memory of OBM fallen in WW1.
Reservist AB Molly Osborne from lays the wreath from the at the annual Menin Gate Service, Yp…
I was at Menin Gate Tuesday evening. V emotional. My father is CWGC grave in Jakarta
participated in the Last Post ceremony - Menin Gate Ypres
students gather with the crowd at the 30611th Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate Ypres
what a coincidence, Tony and I are attending the Menin Gate Service on Armistice Day this year.
Delighted to be attending Menin Gate Memorial and Tyne Cot Event in July for cousin Spencer Parkes, who is on the gate.
The Menin Gate designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield, built and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commision re…
This was Menin Gate, Ypres on a riding date right now and not in a good way.
Standing at the Menin Gate at the edge of Ypres, Belgium--a memorial solely to the British…
As a Belgie he could do worse than visit the Menin Gate. He might also do worse than remember why we invented his c…
Prayers & minute silence at the Menin Gate en route home
Rather proud of our Dan laying the wreath Rather proud of our Dan this evening at Menin Gate memorial in…
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Laying the wreath at the Menin Gate
Ceremony of remembrance at the Menin Gate.
Yea saw that. What an amazing contribution over such a long time. We'll raise a metaphorical toast to him at the Menin Gate tmrw.
It would help you to give up beer. BTW did you see that the bugler who played The Last Post at Menin Gate for 61 years has died?
I remember Antoon he was one of the firefighters who played the Last Post at the Menin Gate. Sorry to hear he's passed away
Mr Roberts proudly wore his campaign medals during the Last Post at the Menin Gate
Waiting for the Last Post at the Menin Gate
After an early start the Year 10 Battlefields visit arrived in Ypres and visited the Menin Gate this afternoon
Beaufort pupils Ben & Kasha did a brilliant job representing the Academy during the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin…
Y9 students have just returned from a fantastic Battlefields Trip. Here are two students laying a wreath at the Men…
Laying our wreath at Menin Gate this evening. Not a dry eye amongst us.
Beaufort pupils studying names on the Menin Gate
Thanks. No known grave, he is remembered on Menin Gate. My son visiting with school next month
In two hours yesterday Menin Gate would welcome large crowd including many young to honor memory of victims…
I have established a few local connections with key WW1 sites we will be visiting inc L'hook, Thiepval, Tyne Cot & Menin Gate.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Quick phone shot of the Menin Gate..
Seen many a time on my visits to Menin Gate RIP Antoon
A successful second day on the battlefields visit with Y9. Looking forward to visiting the Menin Gate for the Last Post ceremony tonight.
Students have created an amazing wreath, with personalised messages, to lay at The Menin Gate Memorial in Belgium…
He played the Last Post some 15,000 times, over 60 years. Now, his colleagues will play for him Menin Gate Me…
My son is learning about WWI - I told him about Ypres/Ieper & the nightly Last Post trumpets at Menin Gate -
Excellent article on a subject that has surprisingly little commentary. Where are all the men named at Thiepval & M…
Our sympathy to Antoon's family & huge gratitude for all he's done to remember the 57,000 men on the Menin Gate & m…
Boys laid our wreath at the Menin Gate.
Wreath laid on behalf of SWGS at the Menin Gate Memorial
Jesus visits the Menin Gate in honor of the Last Post & Antoine Verschoot. 33 years after Pope John Paul II.…
Antoon verschoot played over 11000 times at the Menin Gate to remember our fallen,he died today. It should be covered in the uk
I was honoured to attend the occasion when Antoon celebrated 60 years of playing the Last Post under the Menin Gate…
For those that know Antoon turned up to play the Last Post at the Menin Gate for many, many years. Thanks Antoon
Antoon Verschoot died: He played 11000x the Last Post at Menin Gate over 61 years, over 30x in total
Agreed. I was just noting a parallel to another case; a person also remembered on the Menin Gate
A VC in Hampshire. Hewitt has no known grave; curious. He is remembered on the Menin Gate.
Learning about the Western Front at the Menin Gate.
PM Bill English at the Menin Gate in Belgium. It was history lesson day on his European tour. Tomorrow he meets with NAT…
The stunning Lion sculpture atop the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium. Taken by Regional Director in 1971…
call on the Ypres bar by the menin gate and see my plaque post a pic please Jo.
Just leaving trenches at Hill 62; bringing home some Flanders mud. Now heading to Ypres town, Menin Gate and...
Great photo of Alfred Edward Bass QWR KiA 10/8/17 remembered on the Menin Gate.
Westfield students placing a wreath at the Menin Gate tonight.
"school at the Menin Gate proud of you
Proud and humbled by the respect of our young people representing school at the Menin Gate
Paying our respects at the Menin Gate ceremony tonight
The sky was looking moody before we attended the Menin gate with a great day new learning curve and fun it'…
Following good break, Menin Gate is back jogging for tr. Larry Eastman. It will be a New Year return, it will be good, strong build-up.
EventBrite, 1927-style. Invitation list for unveiling ceremony of Menin Gate Memorial to the Mi…
Found at Menin Gate memorial: Private H F Burden (Shot at dawn, 21/7/1915 aged 17). Underage and shot for desertion
Day2 final stop in Ypres to see the magnificent Menin Gate
The Menin Gate, unveiled in 1927, commemorates the 54,896 killed at the Battles of who have no known grave…
Our 2 competition winners & Miss Coles are having a fabulous educational trip to the Battlefields of WW1 - wreath l…
Attended "Last Post" tonight in Ypres at The Menin Gate (a memorial for British and Commonwealth…
P7 visited Ypres to see the Menin Gate then toured the seven Wonders of the World
Fantastic trip to Battlefields with our History students last week. We were fortunate enough to lay a wreath during…
Menin Gate, Ypres: the iconic daily act of remembrance by deserves the utmost respect and support. I…
Yesterday was Remembrance Day. We attended parades in the gate and watched the ceremonies. Some cadets laid a wreath in…
11am on Nov 11 at the Menin Gate - remembering the 17 members of my family who fell in WWI
We are over the moon, 4th attempt and finally reached the pinnacle of drill for the corps. Can we do the Menin Gate?
Ypres is fascinating. There are really good guides who will take you round the sites of the 1st world war. Menin Gate also
Wonderful evening at the Menin Gate! The students got to meet members of the Belgium Parachute Regiment 🇧🇪
Year 9 about to lay the wreath at the Menin Gate.
the city was liberated by Polish troops of 21st Army Group who paraded at the Menin Gate that night.
There's a great great great uncle of mine listed on the Menin Gate. I've always found it nice to think he's remembered there.
Tonight my mother & I laid a wreath at the Menin Gate during their daily ceremony. My great grand-uncle's name, Malcolm Campbell, is here
Mrs Mac introducing May God Support Us by Christopher Walker- to be sung at Menin Gate tomorrow - WoW
& Archbishop Clarke with young pilgrims Chris and Nicola with wreath of peace at Menin Gate
He was his mother's baby boy & my Grandad's brother. To find Uncle Vic on Menin Gate is a permanent ache of thanks. http…
@ British Legion Picture of the day Petar & Hannah at Menin Gate
hello , I'm doing a walk for veterans in august I would like to show everyone the Menin Gate ceremony . How do I use Periscope
Great initiative, you can lay a wreath at Ypres, Menin Gate Memorial.
Reading some of the 56,000 names on the Menin Gate today was very moving. Names of men with no known grave. The sheer scale is staggering
Privileged enough to have just witnessed the Last Post at the Menin Gate. Lump in throat moment
Another one of the Menin Gate, this morning.
Crowd waiting for the start of the wreath laying ceremony at Menin Gate
Rachael, Mrs King and Dan just before laying the wreath in the Menin Gate Ceremony.
Students gathering with people from all over the world for The Last Post at The Menin Gate
Visiting the Menin Gate this evening to see The Last Post.
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Can't see the Menin Gate without being moved. 54,000 names of boys who just... vanished. (And that's only 60% of Commonweath's total MIA.)
So cool to see riders go thru the Menin Gate when I was just there a few months ago! Even saw the frite stand where we had dinner!
Hoping to go to the Menin Gate next Saturday night for the Last Post, we'll be staying very near there for the Ronde Van Vlaanderen.
Bike TV Def not up on history or architecture like Just passed Menin gate not a peep
In October a group from the school visited the Menin Gate, where his name is inscribed
Atmospheric visit to the Menin Gate and the Last Post ceremony. We will remember them.
There are 34,984 missing at Tyne Cot & 54,395 listed on Menin Gate. Roughly 90k total. Thanks for pointing it out.
CORRECTION: 35,000 missing named here. A further 54,300 named on "Menin Gate" which brings total to almost 90k for the Ypres battlefield.
Last Post: Off into Ypres for Last Post at the Menin Gate...a flute band tonight!!!
So proud of our Rangers and leaders at the Menin Gate yesterday
Well done to the Rangers who laid a wreath at the Menin Gate yesterday. Head over to FB to see the video
Ieper: memorial to the fallen soldiers of India by the Menin Gate
Full steam ahead now for Belgium trip. Menin Gate & Gent Cathedral going ahead.
Menin Gate at Midnight by Will Longstaff. A favourite World War One painting of mine. What does this mean to...
Ieper: just been to the daily act of remembrance at the Menin Gate. Incredibly moving.
Greg & Laurence lay crosses of remembrance at the Menin Gate for their relation TP Ward
Moving ceremony this week at the Menin Gate in Belgium. Then we hear.about the appaling attack in Brussels.
I think there's near to 36k remembered not 90. You are grouping both Tyne cot and the Menin Gate to come up with 90k
Farhaan, Emily and Peter have the honour of laying the wreath at Menin Gate.
Off to the Last Post ceremony at Menin Gate
July 24th is the day in 1927 that the Menin Gate war memorial is unveiled at Ypres.
Quite agree with Simon, & hence the school changing the destination away from the Menin gate means the terrorists are winning
Was great to see the crowds out last night at Menin Gate ceremony
A thought-provoking and moving memorial at the Menin Gate last night.
Placing a wreath at the Menin Gate: an experience that this pupil will remember for ever. https:…
Roads to the Great War: The Menin Gate: 1914 – Today. "For the Greater Glory of God".
Fantastic to see business as usual at the Menin Gate
we did a day tour of St Symphorien, Menin Gate, Vimy Ridge, Tyne Cot, Essex Farm & some other places I can't remember right now.
The proud students of East Manchester Academy meet the UK Ambassador to Belgium at the Menin Gate
The Menin Gate. Engraved are the names of 54,000 officers and men…
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Here you are the same view now of Menin Gate
yesterday at the Menin Gate visiting the only Watsham that fought in WW1 - such a moving place.
Ever been to a Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate? Share your memories with us!
Brilliant day. Been and paid my respect to the fallen and my great great uncle at the Last Post ceremony, Menin Gate
I'm off to Bath, any ww1 sites of interest?I know the lions on the war memorial are same as the ones on Menin Gate
The panel (part of) of the famous Menin Gate in Ypres commemorating the lost officers and men of the...
The Menin Gate at Ypres brings home the vast scale of WW1. One area, just the missing, yet I have 4 namesakes here:
He's the Lance Corporal from the 15th mentioned on p.116 ref.30. No known grave. Name on Menin Gate.
July 2015: 30,000th sounding of the Last Post Menin Gate Memorial
Michael Kelly - Ghosts Of Menin Gate Mike's new song video
Took the boys to the Menin Gate today. Always poignant. Glad they appreciate the sacrifice for us all.
Seeing poppy by the wayside always reminds me of the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing in Ypers.
Menin Gate, Ypres. Downend choir and instrumentalists on way back home.
ask rob auber about his failed trip with his horse. Similar path to menin gate!
Reigning Aust. 3yo of the year Menin Gate has cleared ALL tests carried out following unsuccessful Perth trip. Spell now, NO Chariots.
Hamilton Collection
A superb, poignant performance at the Menin Gate this evening.
Pte. Cornelius Doiron has no known grave, and his name is inscribed on the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres.
Beautiful night to be under the Menin Gate with staff & pupils of St Anne's Roman Catholic High School
In beautiful Ypres, ready to lay wreathGate. Proud of our students! Great meal after!
Battlefields: Coach A are preparing to attend the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate after a busy day sight-seeing on the Ypres Salient.
sad to be told by you today I will have to pay to transport 3 poppy wreaths on trip to Menin Gate - hoped for better...
.students paying respect to soldiers with no known grave. Ypres, Belgium at Menin Gate.
Particularly, a reminder of all those who served and whose body was never found. Menin Gate Memorial 2015
Last night at the Last Post Ceremony, Menin Gate, Ypres. We will remember them.
After the Last Post Ceremony at Menin Gate, Lancaster RGS are heading back to the hotel for some well earned rest!
Quite ironic that a mate was at Menin Gate last night at 8pm for the playing of the Last Post
Absolutely brilliant afternoon cycling around Flanders visiting WWI sites & just made it back for Menin Gate ceremony. Thought provoking.
Emotional observing the Last Post at the beautiful Menin Gate
MENIN GATE sends his rivals a message with a tough all the way Semi Final win
Here's the eventful replay of R7 with Menin Gate winning
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Trots: Raised as many q's as it answered that semi. Menin Gate great stayer but vulnerable to classy dive bomber. Love Heslightfingered
Next at Ballarat is a great race. Craig's tipping Menin Gate. Should find the lead and be hard to beat.
Best of luck to MENIN GATE, looking to be the second Semi Final winner tonight at
Chris Alford takes the reins with MENIN GATE. How does he rate his chances?
Guild member Gary Edwards using an unorthodox approach to explain the construction of the Menin Gate.
For a hobby/amateur photographer as I am the Menin Gate is a wonderful place to practice
Having a cool drink and 2 doughnuts from the Spar in Zonnebeke before heading to the Menin Gate for the Last Post.
Explaining the difficulties of building Menin Gate using Lego great explanation by one of potential guides
Client comfort, working in the shade - Gary Edwards delivers his stand on the design & construction of the Menin Gate
Waiting for the Last Post at the Menin Gate, Ieper.
Club Class on P&O Ferries tomorrow but I cannot drink my champagne...I am driving!! 😒😢. Last Post at the Menin Gate tomorrow night...superb!
The Last Post was first sounded at the Menin Gate Memorial at its unveiling on 24 July 1927
Quiet moment as in Ypres Menin Gate lest we forget!
The story behind the making of a new video song 'The Ghosts of the Menin Gate' would you please share?
Today I found the grave of a relative in Artillary Wood cemetery, and attended the Last Post at Menin Gate.
A corner of the Menin Gate this morning
23rd Croyden Scouts take part in Last Post Ceremony at Menin Gate
Dobcross Silver Band at the Menin Gate. Thanks Les for appearing at the Swan to help make this possible
Dobcross Band at the Menin Gate. Your appearance at the Swan helped make this happen. Thank you.
On parade at Menin Gate, cadets and staff did us proud
Me and the guy that played the pipes at Menin Gate. Ypres. Belgium. Just now.
A few of the names listed on the Menin Gate in Ypres.
With your help Stuart, Dobcross Silver Band at the Menin Gate. Many thanks.
For last minute visit to Flanders Fields Museum & Last Post at Menin Gate, found family owned Hotel, Ypres — ideal overnight stay.
Behind the scenes on our recent themed shoot in Belgium…
Dobcross Silver Band at the Menin Gate. Thank you for your help in making this possible George.
Thank you to all our customers who helped get to the Menin Gate to play The Last Post
Molly doing the Legion proud at Menin Gate. Video by Kevin Hughes
So proud to see our children playing the Last Post at Menin Gate. What a privilege, in front of so many.…
Day no.3: Performance at Ypres market, In Flanders Field Museum & Brass Ensemble performance at Menin Gate.
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Read more about tonight's wonderful tribute to the in commemoration of the Menin Gate ceremony.
Richard Shipley of Usworth, missing from 15/16 June 1915. Served as Richard Smith (why?) in North'd Fusiliers. Named on Menin Gate.
WW1 - His inscription on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial added for Private 17114 Samuel Wilson:
As the 100th anniversary of my Great-Uncle George Allman's death draws to a close,here's his name on the Menin Gate.
heading to Ypres today to lead the Poppy Parade at Menin Gate. Read
Forgot to post my Cardboard poppy for Menin Gate memorial with my donation so put it on Great War Memorial in our Lady Chapel.
Honouring great, great uncle Frank today who gave his life in the Great War. Name one of many on the Menin gate in Ypres.
Wreath laid at Menin Gate by students, June 2014
cadets in Valenciennes practising marching with the bagpipes ready for Tueaday's parade at the Menin Gate
And one I took a couple of years ago - Menin Gate, Ypres.
I hope Antoon Verschoot was on duty. There is a piece on his 60 years as a Menin Gate bugler in the latest Saga magazine.
The Somme as seen on Countryfile. Our tour departs on the 5th August visiting, Arras, including the tunnels, Vimy Ridge, Ypres and the In Flanders Fields museum, Albert, Thiepval and the Grand Guerre museum. This is a 5 day tour for just £429 for 4 nights bed and breakfast, 3 dinners in the hotel and 1dinner in a restaurant in Ypres before we witness the sounding of the Last Post which takes place under the Menin Gate every night.
Witham wreath laid at Menin Gate: The chairman of the Witham branch of the Royal British Legion has laid a wre...
Sgt Jordan’s brother, Lamech Jordan was killed earlier in the same year, 1915, at the Battle of Ypres and his name is on the Menin Gate
.My pleasure. Here's another shot of us at Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres, Belgium
Middleton Explorer Scouts paying their respects at the Menin gate Belgium.
The Menin Gate Memorial for those soldiers with unknown graves: TONIGHT 8PM
Haven't seen the Menin Gate from this side before!
Attending the Menin Gate ceremony this evening. If you are around come and say Hello.
Contacted by distant relative today - I have an ancestor, AEL Porton, on the Menin Gate - I didn't know - v poignant!
Definitely. No more appropriate place for it to be sung than Menin Gate/Ypres. Not cheeky at all.
I'd like to it at Ypres events next month. Don't suppose you'd let me arrange it for unaccomp singing at Menin Gate
A silence at Menin Gate. We should all see our memorials and cenotaphs, at least once. via
My photos from last year of the Menin Gate Memorial and Tyne Cot Cemeteries
I have never been to the menin gate, but i feel a huge sense of pride for the members of my family who were involved in WW1 &WW2 who sacrificed and gave everything so we could live in the free society that we have today.I think remembering our fallen heroes should not just be on one day in the year but everyday.we are here because of the sacrifices our forefathers made and i try to instill this in my children by telling them about their family so that the sacrifices their family members made will never ever be forgotten. I saw the post about my great great uncle James Bendorffe who was killed in Ypres when only 19 years old i feel nothing but immense pride that although i would never ever have the opportunity to meet you, you are and always will be a hero in my eyes, and i thank you and your comrades for standing up for what you believed in.RIP James Bendorffe xxx.Dan Vincent
Would love to be back at the Menin Gate tonight or Tuesday. Look at all the names of missing soldiers from WW1
BBC News - WW1: What is the significance of the Menin Gate?
Had a chance to have a look at the Menin Gate model in the In Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres
I remember laying down a wreath at The Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres, for a ceremony in 2004.
I defy anyone 2 go 2 war graves nr Ypres, then go to nightly 8pm Menin Gate memorial & not shed tear or two
Would love to be at Menin Gate tonight 🌺❤️
4 Junior Instructors on the coach ready to represent in the Armistice Day Parades at the Meni…
Can't believe it was 7 years ago today, that I was at the Menin gate in Belgium. Lest we forget.
I wear my poppy for my great uncle Jimmy whose name is on the Menin Gate. If you object feel free to delete or unfriend me.I won't miss you
Throwback to France & Belgium at Menin Gate, Flanders Fields Museum & Tyne Cot Cemetery. Lest we forget
Since I saw the graves in Belgium & France & heard the Last Post at Menin Gate the scale of the sacrifice has never left me.
Tyn Cot Cemetery, the Menin Gate, Ypres Salient. The endless scars of
Sassoon is so powerful on the deceptions of public remembrance. See the final stanza here
This weekend I always remember when I was at the Menin Gate it is unimaginable what those poor souls had to go through
Antoon Verschoot's been a volunteer bugler @ Menin Gate for 60 years.Says he'll never retire. My story htt…
A poppy wreath from the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium
Watching Remembrance Day ... can't wait to see my Dad in his kit on Tuesday at the Menin Gate!! Life Guards LAD Suez veteran
So lucky to have visited the Menin gate ceremony, where everyday is remembrance day💕
And not just the elderly. When I took part in the Last Post at Menin Gate in Ypres people of all ages thanked us for what those men had done
Remembrance Sunday 2day but every night 8pm there is Memorial @ Menin Gate, Ypres Everyone should go once in their life 2 re…
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Very busy at Menin gate as King of Belgium been in Ypres today.
then to Flanders field museum and cloth hall. visited ceremony of remembrance at the Menin gate.
Belgium marks centenary with ceremony at Menin Gate. Viceminister Neris Germanas representing Lithuania.
Speech by the Governor General on the Occasion of the Official Belgian National Commemorative Ceremony of th...
From mr Wilson. The Menin gate - I did say colleagues had better photos!
My boy has been at Last Post ceremony at Menin Gate tonight. Wish he'd switch his phone on so I can speak to him.
My wife and I were at the Last Post Ceremony at Menin Gate a couple of weeks ago, very moving.
Tonight world leaders gathered under Menin Gate for 100y ago Hitler prepared for 1st baptism of fire near Ypres next day
Talking hotels with student tonight. Told him about Talbot House & Menin Gate. He was interested & wrote down the details, hope he goes.
Fresh from the slaughter of the First World War, Siegfried Sassoon saw Menin Gate as a monument to a great crime:
Official Belgian National Commemorative Ceremony of the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Ypres – Menin Gate:...
A profound address delivered today by at Menin Gate in Belgium:
Bought one for my Mum in honour of her uncle who died in 1915. His name's on Menin Gate as his body was never found
The Tower poppies are the greatest piece of war remembrance art since the building of the Menin Gate surely
youth attending war commemoration in Menin Gate, Ypres, Belgium
Opening soon: "Fighting in Flanders" exhibition at See the original Menin Gate Lions starting Nov. 7
Belgium marks centenary today with key ceremony at Menin Gate, Ieper. Minister Heather Humphreys representing Ireland.
At Ypres watching the international commemoration at the Menin Gate
I can supply you with local names on the Menin Gate should you want them.
there anyone from Poltair on the Menin Gate?
With my colleagues at Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres
A year ago today, I was playing at the Menin Gate
The British Army returns to Ypres, the Menin Gate, 100 years after the First Battle of Ypres
Dan laying the Cadets Wreath at Menin Gate tonight 🇬🇧
Menin Gate, Ypres February 2014. Almost 55,000 British and Commonwealth soldiers with no known grave.
Wonderful. I am so privileged to have witnessed haunting "Last Post" at Menin Gate in Ypres gt uncle in roll.
A very moving Last Post ceremony at the Menin gate x
PCR Presenter & Community Volunteer Faz Patel MBE at the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres, Belgium.
Fantastic service at menin gate. Great work by the LANCS
Not many 'public' at Menin Gate in '77, nor Thiepval in '76. Got...
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Paul Reed was telling us recently how 30 years ago no one visited the Battlefields or the Menin Gate
Battlefields: just been at Menin Gate for the evening ceremony alongside 5700 other people. Very emotional.
Menin Gate stone lions on loan to Canadian War museum for First World War exhibit
Great day in Ieper. Tyne Cot, Langemarck and Essex Farm. Tonight at Menin Gate. Lots of Canadians and a pipe band.
Evening Remembrance Ceremony at the Menin Gate with the Royal Canadian Mountain Police pipe band
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