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Melvin Ingram

Melvin Ingram (born April 26, 1989) is an American football defensive end for the San Diego Chargers of the National Football League (NFL).

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Chargers hosted the Rams today. Here's video of Melvin Ingram and Philip Rivers gushing over StubHub Center
In no order.KMack, Melvin Ingram (his moves so nice but they never get him any sacks 😂) Vic Beasley, Dwight F…
who needed Melvin Ingram, Chandler Jones or Donte Hightower? Rex is a defensive genius!
Do you expect Melvin Ingram to sign a long-term contract before the season? Will he play on the tag? Thanks in advance.
What are your thoughts on Melvin Ingram's mix tape?
new signature series Olsen, award winner Matt Stafford, and competitor Melvin Ingram!
come to the bolts!! Joey Bosa, Casey Hayward, Melvin Ingram, Jason Verrett, Jahleel Addae, we would do special things w/ you bro!!
I have a share of Melvin Ingram, he's listed as DL on your site. Do you know if he'll retain that tag or be LB at some point?
Nice i have that Collins/Kwon start in Nostradamus too. Great steal…
"Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram and Corey Liuget make up one of the better fronts in the NFL.". Yet Chargers ranked fairl…
Hey Eric, I haven't heard much about Melvin Ingram. Do you know anything if he'll get a long term deal or not?
Kinda wanna see Chad Kelly start for the Broncos, just so I can see Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa do ungodly things to him twice a year
Brandon Mebane, Corey Liuget, Melvin Ingram, and Joey Bosa will eat up Marshawn Lynch x2 this season
did you look who might be a free agent next year Melvin Ingram and Kyle fav QB Jimmy G and Kirk cousins
Yet AP averages 1.9 YPC and Melvin Gordon is 3 yards off from 1,000 AND Mark Ingram gets 1,000.
Im telling you now, next year with Bosa, Melvin Ingram, and Mebane all healthy, Bosa will have…
Watt, Mack, Wake, Beasley, Bennett. It's too easy Vic.. bosa is *** he's not even the best pass rushe…
Fair trade or not I'm commissioner Melvin Gordon Allen Robinson for Mark Ingram Christine Michelle
Whoever proofreads before posting articles needs to be fired. This thing is full of spelling & grammatica…
With not addressing the DL in the draft, I'm about 100% sure Melvin Ingram will be getting a long term deal. Any thoughts? ⚡️
He's more Brandon Graham than Melvin Ingram imo. He needs to add 10 lbs of muscle
Glaring need of a pass rush? Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram are gunna get tons of sacks next year
They called Melvin Ingram "T-Rex" with the Chargers. I guess Trey can be a T-Rex with the Saints too
about to cut o. Franklin and pay Melvin ingram
Should I trade cj Anderson and Tevis Coleman for either Mark Ingram or Melvin Gordon an Jordan reed
Love that the Chargers franchised Melvin Ingram. Didn't think it'd happen. If they can lift the curse on their OLine they'll…
Melvin Ingram available possibly I think I heard Julio jones but maybe I'm wrong but hey I mean *** I love it bro
Top pass rushers - JPP, Melvin Ingram, Chandler Jones, Kawann Short - basically off the market. So much for that.
I really want this Melvin Ingram, Sheldon Rankins , Bennie Logan, and Jordan as our front four.
I don't think this is a hot take, but I can never tell anymore. Melvin Ingram is a more impactful rusher than Jason Pierre-Paul…
Melvin Ingram at Sam, Bowman at Mike, and Reuben Foster at Will. I think that could work for our 4-3 Under lineup, no?
If Ryan Pace really wants to upgrade the Bears' pass rush in free agency, Melvin Ingram should be the top priority: ht…
add Chandler Jones and Melvin Ingram to that list and both higher tham CMIII
Best edge rushers in free agency will be Melvin Ingram and Chandler Jones. Both will cost 10 mill plus
Such a bad fa market. Only player that makes sense is Melvin Ingram. They did show strong interest in Bruce irvin
Miami needs to target Melvin Ingram in free agency and DE William gholston to bolster our defense and target Dt Akeem spence.
you can pick up Zach Brown and Keenan Robinson and solve it. also Melvin Ingram, Jamie Collins, Kevin Minter
Personally, I think Melvin Ingram should sign over half of his next deal to Joey. No doubt he got better when 99 arrived.
hi Jason have you looked at Melvin Ingram for the chargers and what he is expected to get $$ wise?
If Joey Bosa can get better at the next level... He and Melvin Ingram can do damage. Btw glad to see Ingram healthy and mashing folks again
What can you tell us about Melvin Ingram coming up limping after position drills yesterday?
PODCAST: Did Melvin Ingram get hurt at OTAs yesterday?. iTunes: Google:
are the Chargers planning on extending Melvin Ingram before the season begins?
With Phase II in the books, here are the best sights & sounds from the last two weeks:.
must start thinking extension for Melvin Ingram
Get and flex with after today's workout. 🎥:
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Melvin Ingram's outstanding 2nd half of 2015 via
need to be a game changer: In the ...
Melvin Ingram's outstanding 2nd half of 2015
The Chargers need Melvin Ingram to be a game changer: In the 2nd half, he was just that: Kyle Posey looks at the…
The Chargers need Melvin Ingram to continue his 2nd half dominance
So, Melvin Ingram developed into quite a player the last half of the szn
Melvin Ingram had 10.5 sacks last yr & in the 2nd half of the season was a top 3 OLB (w/ trash all around him
Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram are probably drunk in the street right now trying to pick a fight so the 76ers won’t draft the…
Chargers must start thinking extension for Melvin Ingram
Bosa. Perryman. Melvin Ingram. Manti Teo. Decent pieces on the front 7.
And who have the Chargers drafted and developed that have become good/elite? Keenan Allen (maybe?)..Melvin Ingram (?).
I've temporarily lost all respect for Keenan Allen and Melvin Ingram .. Lol .. They play good , but sure as *** not street smart
Keenan Allen, Melvin Ingram call for Chargers fans to sell out every game in 2016.
Keenan Allen and Melvin Ingram don't even know about "you can't run!" Their opinion is irrelevant
Melvin Ingram and Keenan Allen lost some respect in my book Never call out the fans. U guys went 4-12, play better. Fans been here 50 year
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Keenan Allen and Melvin Ingram is all I saw
Is it just me or did Keenan Allen & Melvin Ingram just threaten their own fan base?
Keenan Allen and Melvin Ingram have a lot to learn about fan relations. Every fan has been with the team longer than you.
If you strike down Fabiani, Melvin Ingram and Keenan Allen will rise in his place.
J'Marcus Webb walled off Melvin Ingram on that touchdown. Lee Smith nice block as well.
Melvin Ingram on track to lead Chargers in defensive snaps (a look at snap counts against the Chiefs):
Melvin Ingram, you have to tackle Alex Smith. No matter what.
Melvin Ingram with one of the salties missed tackles I have ever seen!
...Melvin Ingram just got juked out of a sack by Alex Smith. was right, folks.
wow! If melvin ingram flames out or when he retires the WWE will be calling!
Melvin Ingram just tried to take Kielce head off
Melvin Ingram going X games mode on Kelce
Melvin Ingram just hit the clothesline from *** !
Melvin Ingram hit that clothesline from *** lol
Melvin Ingram just smacked Kelce in the face😂😂😂 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Melvin Ingram just smoked someone with a clothesline from ***
Melvin Ingram hit Kelce with that clothesline
Vicious tackle by Melvin Ingram brings up 3rd-and-5.
If I'm TT (and I still have a job) this offseason, I'm trying to find interest in trading Melvin Ingram.
need two of Melvin Gordon, Alfred Blue, Matt Jones..had Bell and Lewis, traded Ingram cause surplus, waiting for Hyde
Had deke been the coach since 08 we never would have hear of eric norwood, melvin ingram, and devin taylor
With Manti still limited and Perryman practicing fully, would you start Perryman over Melvin Ingram or B. Graham this week?
I wanted Melvin Ingram or Chandler Jones. I got Coples. I blame Rex.
okay, I do every week. Melvin Ingram for example gets "hurries" that turn into completions. So what?
I have a Mark Ingram bye and I have to fill my rb2 spot the choices I have are cj anderson. Denard robinson or Melvin Gordon
I was born the day after you April 26th I share one with Melvin Ingram
I told y'all of that SC pass rush tandem that Melvin Ingram was the only reason clowney was good. Yall said I was dumb
Photo Op at the South Carolina girls basketball game on Friday, 11/13/15 with Melvin Ingram former…
Melvin Ingram is probably spending this bye week making mix tapes!
Amazing to be back tonight .. Loved it .. Make sure you watch us on at 9 with Roch and Melv…
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Met the Gamecock player that made the best play in Gamecock history in my opinion, Melvin Ingram. Great guy!!
Melvin Ingram, Patrick DiMarco, Mike Davis and Busta Anderson are all on hand to watch whatever this is today.
Big Melvin Ingram on the sideline today. Think Akeem Auguste standing next to him. Think we can convince them to suit up at halftime?
Former DE Melvin Ingram is in the house
LOVE Keenan, love Rivers, LOVE Jason Verrett, love Melvin Ingram, LOVE Eric Weddle, like Attaochu, like Kavell, like Fluke…
Melvin Ingram wearing number 13 to honor Keenan Allen.
on that note should I trade Tate for Melvin Ingram. My wr depth is decent. Got Jeffrey Lockett maclin and wright
Melvin Ingram does as much as Larry English.
waviers pretty thin for lb..Can you rank these Ronaldo McClain (when he returns), Melvin Ingram, Nate Palmer, Jake Ryan thx
Melvin Ingram is good. I'll die on this hill.
do you mean Melvin Gordon or Mark Ingram?
I know who Melvin Ingram is *** I was saying he was thinking Peter meant the RB, who is mark.
my god you r both stupid. Melvin Ingram OLB for the Chargers.
Melvin Ingram. A RB built in a lab with Melvin Gordon and Mark Ingram's skills. Well played, King.
favorite part is how many people are gonna think that's Mark Ingram. Melvin aka QUICK6 is gonna explode!
Tom Telesco just showed his hand in the preseason. He said Melvin Ingram will play at halfback 😶😵
Melvin Ingram and Jason Verret will be top 10 players at their positions by the end of the season.
Dwight Freeney's influence lives on, thanks to Melvin Ingram.
Alexander: Dwight Freeney&influence seen in rise of Chargers linebacker Melvin Ingram
Columnist Dwight Freeney's influence seen in rise of LB Melvin Ingram.
2012 I wanted Melvin Ingram, we took Coples. 2013 I wanted Kenny Vaccaro and Tyler Eifert, we got Dee and Shells.
Six sacks for Chargers in first half: Melvin Ingram (two), Donald Butler, Nick Dzubnar, Darius Philon, Jerry Attaochu.
Melvin Ingram and Philip Rivers exchanging words after an altercation on the field moments ago. Began after David Johnson was hit hard.
My top 5 players for breakout years in 2015 in order:. 1. Jason Verrett . 2. Ladarius Green. 3. Melvin Ingram. 4. Jerry Att…
My only concern is Shane Ray was a 1 year star @ Mizzou. Robert Ayers, Melvin Ingram were the same in college, & haven't worked out in
San Diego Chargers running back options: The San Diego Chargers have a big decision coming up in regards to wh...
I know and maybe Mark Ingram and they're most likely getting Melvin Gordon in the draft
isn't Melvin Ingram on the Chargers lol
why is Melvin Ingram playing RB on the Saints in the Gauntlet???
can't wait to see Melvin Ingram kill Peyton again next season
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For the gauntlet challenges. For the saints starting RB you have Melvin ingram who plays for the chargers and is a ROLB.
Peyton Manning meet Melvin Ingram lmao that was a weak sack.
Melvin Ingram is gonna eat him alive again
Melvin Ingram is playing RB for the saints in MUT gauntlet
When the dumbasses at EA make MELVIN Ingram the starter for the saints..
A good NFL comparison to Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon would be New Orleans Saints impending free agent RB Mark Ingram.
someone needs to fix Saints roster in the gauntlet. Melvin Ingram playing HB instead of Mark
I first read that as Melvin Gordon and then Melvin Ingram. So, yeah.
The gauntlet solo of the saints has LB Melvin Ingram of the Chargers as RB, your people need to fix
Only successful example I can find is Melvin Ingram
no way we get Murray lol. I'd love to get Ingram and draft either Melvin Gordon or Tevin Coleman.
We HAVE to get Melvin Gordon, Tevin Coleman or make a huge free agency move like AP or Mark Ingram.
looking to trade 93 Jack Ham for either 94 Aldon Smith or 93 Melvin Ingram on Xbox 360. All about 60-65k on muthead.
With bush being cut i want one of these possible scenarios filled 1. Melvin Gordon in RD1 for Lions 2. Mark Ingram signed to the Lions
“I goofed and bought the wrong card😩 It happens. I have done that 2, Bought a Melvin Ingram rookie auto taught it was Mark Ingram
i feel you on age. But the draft has Gurley, Abdullah, Yeldon, Duke Johnson, Melvin Ingram. Buncha good backs.
Bruce Ellington en route to his 2nd TD... passing by Melvin Ingram. Think they might talk about this one? htt…
you have to think Melvin Ingram is learning a lot from Dwight Freeney. finally showing off this last 2 weeks!!!
Donald Brown playing like AP and Melvin Ingram out her like Von Miller
I bought 10 rookie auto cards today: 6 Ladarius Green, 3 Melvin Ingram & 1 Jason Verrett. Verrett out for the season
Once our players *** back we will be better we going have Jason Verrett,Ryan Matthews,jaheel addae,Manti Teo,Melvin Ingram etc
Cannot wait to have Ryan Mathews, Melvin Ingram, Jason Verrett, Manti Te'o, Jahleel Addae, Jeremiah Attaochu, and Deight Freeney back.
If we had Danny Woodhead, Ryan Matthews, Jason Verrett, Nick Hardwick, Manti Te'o, and Melvin Ingram we would be playing amazing rn
Coples could be doing so much better. Wanted the Jets to draft Melvin Ingram, actually went to NY for the draft that year
Chargers lose Melvin Ingram for at least eight weeks -
Another injury for chargers. Nick Hardwick, Melvin Ingram and now Danny Woodhead sigh
Congrats to FS Eric Weddle and OLB Melvin Ingram for making the Pro Bowl. Great job fellas
Offensively, E.J. wasn't great by any stretch, but O-line was worse. I shudder to think how bad it would've been had Melvin Ingram played.
Melvin Ingram was important against the Seahawks. Stopped beastmode and put pressure against Wilson
you sleep. Melvin Ingram important to your defense
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LB Melvin Ingram (hip) has been placed on IR/designated to return. This means he is out at least 8 weeks.
The best part of Melvin Ingram going to IR is more Reggie Walker.
Reggie Walker working at OLB with Melvin Ingram (hip, IR to return) out.
I like what I'm seeing without Melvin Ingram so far. This defense has played really well for the most part all year so far
Yo! Melvin Ingram is out for the rest of the season 😔
The Chargers have a guy named Melvin Ingram so that's my new favorite player.
I still think the pass rush is better without Melvin Ingram.
Ryan Mathews- out, Melvin Ingram-out, both 4 some time. Great teams have great depth, we'll see how Telesco's improved depth looks today.
Since the did not make a move to replace Melvin Ingram on the roster, they go into today's game with "the best 52."
Injuries start again for the Chargers..Every season.. . Melvin Ingram out for months. Brandon Flowers out again...Ryan Mathews out 5+ weeks
If Melvin Ingram put those stats up in the NFL that would be 50+ fantasy points
Imagine if the had a college football fantasy football and Melvin Ingram was your running back yesterday
BREAKING: Melvin Ingram has been placed on IR-Designated to Return with hip injury.
Melvin Ingram of San Diego Chargers placed on IR designated return list with hip...
Chargers list Danny Woodhead as starter for RB Ryan Mathews, Dwight Freeney for OLB Melvin Ingram.
list Danny Woodhead as the starting RB for Ryan Mathews. Dwight Freeney will start at OLB for Melvin Ingram.
One of the Chargers inactive is LB Melvin Ingram, who is a very good pass rusher. Break for the
Chris Berman says Melvin Ingram with the stop while Corey Liuget us the one who actually made the play.
Chris Berman, Corey Liuget made that tackle...not Melvin Ingram
couple of years ago I sat close like that , I could almost spit on Jadaveon Clowney and Melvin Ingram!
Former Richmond Raider Melvin Ingram ready to play for the Chargers this year!
Depends on who the safety is but I'm 99% sure I'd play Brown today over a safety & 100% sure I'd play him over Melvin Ingram.
you like Preston Brown today in IDP? Specifically over Melvin Ingram or a safety? Sack heavy league
I expect you to have sprint races with Duke, Sammie, Corey, Melvin, NIck, CAP, and Roc.
They were 11th in scoring last season. I think Melvin Ingram has a breakout year. I like Jason Verrett too.
9/3 BTB: Ingram Previews Cardinals: Linebacker Melvin Ingram is ready for a fresh start after being injured fo...
Melvin Ingram: "We Have to Play to Our Potential": Linebacker Melvin Ingram addresses the media following Wedn...
I think Melvin Ingram has a huge season. Same with Corey Liuget.
Maybe Melvin Ingram is healthy and ready to finally FSU. I love that guy so much.
Melvin ingram rolling up at work in his rr phantom . wsp .still wack day ...lmfaoo
if I'm betting player stocks, I'm buying Melvin Ingram. Mark it down
Disumkes said the toughest player he's gone up against is former South Carolina star Melvin Ingram.
Good stuff from on the addition of Brandon Flowers & why Melvin Ingram is the key to the Chargers D
Apparently Tom Telsco doesn't realize that we have Dwight Freeny, Melvin Ingram, and Jarrett Johnson at outside linebacker...
Not the pick I expected, but Attaouchu looks like a beast. With Te'o, Jarrett Johnson and Melvin Ingram, have a nice LB group.
That pick was to replace Larry English or supplement Melvin Ingram and Jarrett Johnson, Dwight Freeney
Bored so ima watch Film of Vontaze Vurfict, Luke Kuechly, Melvin Ingram, Manti Teo, Jordan Campbell & Kiko Alonso
Next year we're getting back Dwight Freeney, Danario Alexander, Malcom Floyd if he's still alive, and an entire year of Melvin Ingram.
I will NEVER forget that Georgia game where Melvin Ingram owned it
How did i forget that i am friends with Chris Culliver, Cap Munnerlyn, Devin Taylor, Melvin Ingram, Mike Davis &Vic Hampton on FB?
SD Charger linebacker Melvin Ingram who just got that interception played his college football as a South Carolina Fighting Gamecock.
Melvin Ingram gets to Andy Dalton a tick too late. Jermaine Gresham releases vs. Jarret Johnson in flat for TD. We're tied 7-7.
Eric Striker on one side, Melvin Ingram on the other, that would be awesome for the Bolts. Draft this cat he's gonna be great.
tons of undersized guys. Trent Cole, Bruce Irvin, Melvin Ingram, Robert Mathis lol. If u can rush the passer u can play for me
lol so were we, we had Dwight Freeny out and Melvin Ingram, with 2 of our top recievers out for the season
I liked a video from Melvin Ingram big hit San Diego Chargers
Rex Ryan went and saw Melvin Ingram at South Carolina's pro day a few years back and was mad that clowney wasn't Ingram. He's that good.
I would like the chargers to draft him but we already got Melvin Ingram and Dwight Freeny is comin back
Chargers who were did not play last game against the Bengals:. Jarret Johnson,Melvin Ingram,King Dunlap,Eddie Royal. All will play Sunday!
Playing-time breakdown: Chargers By Eric D. Williams SAN DIEGO -- An examination of the snap counts from Sunday’s 27-24 overtime win over the Kansas City Chiefs: OFFENSE (Based on 73 snaps) Quarterback: Philip Rivers 73. Running back: Ryan Mathews 37, Danny Woodhead 36, Le’Ron McClain 6. Wide receiver: Keenan Allen 73, Eddie Royal 62, Vincent Brown 48, Seyi Ajirotutu 3. Tight end: Antonio Gates 65, Ladarius Green 32, Jake Byrne 3. Offensive line: Jeromey Clary 73, D.J. Fluker 73, King Dunlap 73, Nick Hardwick 73, Chad Rinehart 73. Offensive analysis: Mathews has carried the ball at least 24 times in four straight games, all wins for San Diego. In games in which Mathews has carried the ball at least 19 times, the Chargers are 7-1. ... Green has been targeted just four times in the past four games. ... Rivers finished 8-of-15 for 118 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions on third down. He was not sacked, and posted a 118.9 passer rating on third down. For the season, Rivers has completed 64.7 perce ...
Morning Links: Keiser arrested after fight Eric D. Williams SAN DIEGO -- Good morning. Teri Figueroa and Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego report that San Diego Chargers linebacker Thomas Keiser was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge at a restaurant bar in the Gaslamp Quarter, a popular area for nightclubs here in San Diego Sunday evening. According to the report, Keiser, 24, and another man had an altercation that turned into a fight. Keiser was arrested at about 11 p.m. on Sunday, hours after his team’s victory over Kansas City. Keiser is out on bail. Per the report, the man involved in the fight had minor injuries and refused treatment at the scene. “We’re aware of the issue involving Thomas,” the Chargers said in a statement. “We’ll continue to monitor the situation and let the legal process run its course.” Keiser's arrest is bad timing for the Chargers, as they try and build momentum for the playoffs. With the return of Melvin Ingram and Jarret Johnson, Keiser's playing time has b ...
be awesome if it was a melvin Ingram situation. Get him back to help the d
We didnt have Melvin Ingram as a backup OLB that game ***
Melvin Ingram Trained at Velocity Sports Performance for the 2012 NFL Combine -
Jets have the 18th pick in the Draft. Last 5 picked at 18: Eric Reid, Melvin Ingram, Corey Liuget, Maurkice Pouncey and Robert Ayers
I just added Melvin Ingram to the Madden NFL 25 Auction House! You know you need him.
It seemed to me that Manti T'eo had a very good game today. He was fired up. KC was succesfully running towards their right attacking Melvin Ingram.
Ingram spotted him at ! Let's go Christmas miracles do come true!!! Santa
Melvin Ingram be celebrating at Wings rn.
...I'm happy for Melvin Ingram. He and Succop are both in the playoffs now. I hope Ryan has a chance to redeem himself.
Man SD aint been in the playoffs since a couple.years ago, yes yes yes Manti Teo Donald Butler and Melvin Ingram finna do work.and 2Time probowler Eric Weddle makin plays son man and rivers and that Kennan Allen connect
Chase Daniel won't forget that hit by Melvin Ingram any time soon.
jeez im sick of melvin ingram ALMOST getting sacks
Chase Daniels just ate that Te'o hit and got up and pushed Melvin Ingram! Yes sir u r a tough lil' guy!
Melvin Ingram is so good that his defense is getting torched by backups.sit down somewhere
By the way, Melvin Ingram was held right in front of the referee on that last play, no call. have not been called for a penalty yet.
And there’s Melvin Ingram. Big sack to bring up 3rd-and-11.
Not putting Melvin Ingram on IR is paying off Huge Now!!!
Chargers are the team nobody wants to play. They beat Denver and KC on the road. Melvin Ingram back solidifying the D. love SD futures
exactly! I dont mind Q pick at all.. Maybe Melvin Ingram but id still take Q
DJ Fluker w/ big games on both sides of the line. And so great to get Melvin Ingram back. Anyway, it seems the team is close. If they get in
Wow, I saw Melvin Ingram last night and didn't even realize it
Believe it or not, Melvin Ingram's first solo sack
"That's all you're guaranteed in this world is your work ethic" -Melvin Ingram
In the latest installment of Game Time, linebacker Melvin Ingram was wired for sound against the Oakland Raiders.  
When speaking about Raiders rivalry, Melvin Ingram said we want to destroy every team, not just the Raiders.
The San Diego Chargers defense has been playing a lot better of late. Not coincidentally, Melvin Ingram made his return within that time and has helped inspire his teammates on the defensive side of the ball. You can’t say enough … Continue… [ 192 more words. ]
SAN DIEGO -- In his third game back from major reconstructive knee surgery, San Diego Chargers outside linebacker Melvin Ingram finally cracked the st
John Green Melvin Ingram toughens Bolts' defense, Simon Le Bon: is he. Watch Hot Girls at
Melvin Ingram notches first sack of 2013
Melvin Ingram notches first sack of 2013 - ESPN (blog)
just finished watching football night in SD we overlooked the return of Melvin Ingram to Chargers D.
Ryan Mathews has arrived as a star RB in league...Melvin Ingram looks close to 100% back-hope for defense for future..
locker room audio- Eric Weddle, Vincent Brown, Keenan Allen & Melvin Ingram on win over the Raiders
Super Melvin had a clean shot at McGloin and over ran him. Pass incomplete but Ingram will be kicking himself for that one.
Melvin Ingram is so close on getting sacks
Melvin Ingram in on the pressure and he forces a bad throw from McGloin.
Melvin Ingram visibly frustrated on missing second sack.
Great pressure by Melvin Ingram forces misfire, and more importantly, a punt. How great is it to see Supa Melvin back?
Melvin Ingram seems to be getting healthier each week.
Dude, look how fast Melvin Ingram is coming if the edge!
Melvin Ingram with the sack and forced fumble. Raiders recover at the 20.
Strip sack by Melvin Ingram but Raiders recover. Good rush there by Ingram. Bullied his way to that sack.
Melvin Ingram knocked the ball out of McGloin's hands but Raiders recover
Melvin Ingram was relentless on that sack, but also give credit to the coverage.
Melvin Ingram around left edge, gets strip-sack. Raiders recover. First sack by Ingram this season.
Chargers OLB Melvin Ingram announced as starter for today's game.
Manti Te’o showing progress in his play By Eric D. Williams SAN DIEGO -- He's been caught out of position, missed tackles at point-blank range and failed to defeat blocks in order to make plays in the run game. But in between those mistakes, San Diego Chargers middle linebacker Manti Te'o has gradually played more consistent football in the second half of the year, and his rookie season overall is viewed as a success by the organization. The Notre Dame product missed most of the preseason and the first three games of the regular season with a sprained right foot. Once cleared by the team's training staff, Te'o was promptly thrown into the starting lineup in his first game back, with his reps increased each week. Not surprisingly, Te'o played tentatively and was fooled easily due to limited reps during preseason and training camp. But as the linebacker's time on the field increased, his ability to play fast and anticipate, considered strengths in college, have become more evident. In 11 games played, Te' ...
So, since I've been working so "hard," I think it's time I treat myself to a nice present. What should I get, a Keenan Allen, Danny Woodhead, or Melvin Ingram elite jersey? I'm having such a hard time choosing lol.
NFL news roundup: Usama Young to injured reserve, Melvin Ingram could make debut: Oakland Raiders safety Usama...
Remember when Melvin Ingram and Clowney were on the same defensive line
I cant wait for Melvin Ingram to break Manning and Smith a new *** next year -yuri
Two thoughts I had at the game today... 1) I really hope Melvin Ingram is activated soon, cause our D *** .. 2) I really want a pic with
Fans that whine and are done with chargers because there may not be playoff potential aren't real fans . You are band wagon riders and that is all ! So good riddance ! Everyone else BOLT UP ! This was a rebuilding year for us we should be proud we even got as far as we did . This is a great team that has a lot of potential next year. Of course our defense *** we've had so many injuries throughout the year. We lost Larry English, Dwight Freeney, Melvin Ingram, and Byron Jerideau. We should all be proud considering we lost our number 1 wide receiver last year Danario Alexander and a great wide receivers Malcom Floyd. And we fixed our biggest problem last year which was Philip Rivers turnovers. He has played like a beast this season ! proud of our bolts and looking forward for great next year. GO CHARGERS !
Quintin Coples vs Melvin Ingram(hurt) will be like Brandon Graham vs Jason Pierre Paul, compared due to draft status
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San Diego Chargers outside linebacker Melvin Ingram (54) in the rain during the fourth quarter against the Oakland…
Melvin Ingram impressive in practice via
Anthony Barr, Melvin Ingram, and Dwight Freeney coming off the edge next year sounds swell.
Ever since SC's Melvin Ingram ran that fake punt TD vs. UGA,.. ;) It was WR DeAndrew White. PA guy had it wrong.
Seen Melvin Ingram at the barber shop
Melvin Ingram looks poised to make comeback from torn ACL. "He gets better every day":
Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union Tribune reports that there is a "real possibility" that the Chargers could get OLB Melvin Ingram back and playing at some point during the first half of December. Ingram was initially believed to be done for the 2013 season after having injured his left knee...
San Diego Chargers Melvin Ingram could play in first half of next month
Us gamecocks could sure put some value on your moves this year.Melvin Ingram for Presedent.Dont stop steamin brother
Melvin Ingram impressive in practice: The Chargers outside linebacker won't play Sunday, but he m...
Mike McCoy mum on DB competition By Eric D. Williams SAN DIEGO -- Derek Cox was the last player on the field at Friday’s practice for the San Diego Chargers, working on back pedaling and speed work. About 30 yards away, San Diego coach Mike McCoy talked with general manager Tom Telesco and team president Dean Spanos. That conversation likely included a decision on if Cox would make his 12th straight start of the season on Sunday against Cincinnati. However, for now McCoy will not make that decision public. “We have a very good idea of what we’re doing,” said McCoy, when asked if he had made a decision on who the starting cornerbacks will be after holding an open competition in the secondary this week. Cox followed suit in the locker room, telling reporters that he did not know what decision had been made. “I’m not sure, you’ll have to ask Coach [McCoy],” Cox said. Signed to a four-year, $20 million deal in the offseason, Cox has been benched in three of the past four games. Cox said he’s ...
Melvin Ingram impressive in practice. [from U-T San Diego]
Ballcoach McCoy on Melvin Ingram's status: "We know what we're doing and we'll let everybody know. He's just taking it one day at a time.''
I drafted a few players who were injured Melvin Ingram being one who looks like he is going to sit out the entire year.
Nkmedeche looking a lot like ole Melvin Ingram impersonation
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Melvin Ingram says he's out vs. Chiefs
Chargers Injury Report Wednesday: -- Ann LT King Dunlap (neck), TE Antonio Gates (hamstring), C Nick Hardwick (neck), RB Ryan Mathews (hamstring), S Darrell Stuckey (concussion) and WR Eddie Royal (toe/chest). Gates, Royal, Hardwick and Mathews should be fine and ready for Sunday’s game against Cincinnati. Linebacker Jarret Johnson (hand) returned to practice for the first time after missing last week’s contest at Kansas City. Johnson was a limited participant. Defensive end Lawrence Guy (toe), defensive end Corey Liuget (shin) and long snapper Mike Windt (ankle) were full participants. Outside linebacker Melvin Ingram enters his second week of practice. The South Carolina product remains on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list as he rehabs from anterior cruciate ligament surgery performed in May. The Chargers have until Dec. 10 to place Ingram on the 53-man roster or leave him on the reserve PUP list.
Chargers' King Dunlap still on the mend By Eric D. Williams SAN DIEGO -- Left tackle King Dunlap has suffered two concussions and a neck injury this season, so you can understand if the San Diego Chargers want to make sure he’s fully healthy before letting him take the field with a helmet and shoulder pads again. “They’re just being a little more cautious with it, with everything [that’s happened],” Dunlap said. Dunlap missed San Diego’s past two games with a neck strain. Before that, he missed two games earlier this season with concussion issues. Rookie D.J. Fluker has filled in and played solidly for Dunlap at left tackle, but would be better suited to return to his regular position of right tackle. Dunlap said he’s trying to stay in game shape by running and working out in the weight room with the team’s training staff. “I ran with Coach Kent [Johnston] today,” Dunlap said. “I just go in there and work out with him by myself, which is pretty rough when you’re the only one. But I ...
Yesterday I found out my son Melvin Ingram will not be spending thxgiving w'his fam. All I could do is cry, I miss & love my son'son so much & these MFs are play'n w'my emotion & really tryn my MF patience .. W'everything in my heart & soul they won't snitch up my son again I promise dem that, If i think my baby is messing up if I gotta show up at party's kick backs bars girls hse's etc etc in my pj & hair rollers MY. Baby is to live a straight, honest beautiful life...
Day 25 I am thankful for teachers, guidance counselors, principals, teacher assistants ect for all they do for our kids. I know the impact school staff have had on our son. Jennifer Beck, Brooke Stebbins Dawkins, Deanna Lewis Bynum, Jannie Rhyne, Coach Wright, Melvin Ingram, Jennifer Oneal, Kate Oneal, Ashley Davis and many others have had such a positive impact on Treys life. Teachers and school staff have a tough stressful job and are def underpaid. I had great teachers that I still at 42 think of things they taught me not just about school but about life in general. Marcia Lambeth, Linda Snead and John Frye just to name a few that had positive impacts on my life. Thanks to the wonderful people who look after our kids.
SAN DIEGO -- Outside linebacker Melvin Ingram said he had a good week of practice, but will not be added to his team’s active roster for the San
Punters here are your NFL Tips for tomorrow's games! Tampa Bay Buccaneers +9.5 - TAB - $1.80 The Tampa Bay buccaneers had an impressive last start against the Atlanta Falcons. WR Vincent Jackson had 10 REC. 165 YDS and QB Mike Glennon had 20/23 completions for 231 YDS and 2 TD. The Buccaneers have been losing this season to a variety of short margins from 3 PTS in the Seahawks 3 weeks ago to then go on and beat the (4-5) Miami Dolpins 22 - 19. They travel to Detroit to face the Lions and giving them +9.5 start after the momentum built in the last couple of weeks seems like the most appealing thing to do. Kansas City -3.5 TAB $1.90 The Kansas City Chiefs go into this weeks game with a 9-1 overall record and a 5-0 home record. We see no reason as to why this Chiefs team cannot keep their solid season alive after their first loss last week to the Denver Broncos 27-17 under the hands of Peyton Manning. With outside LB Melvin Ingram out for the San Diego Chargers, the Chargers have managed to secure 9 of 11 wi ...
Chargers | Melvin Ingram has a good chance to play - San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy said there is a very good chance LB Melvin Ingram (knee) will play in 2013.
Melvin Ingram has returned to practice and it looks like he could come back to the San Diego Chargers this season. But is it a good idea?
Melvin Ingram uses Manti Te`o as a tackling dummy in his return to Chargers practice. We have the video at 10:45 on Fox 5 News. See you then!
Melvin Ingram looked comfortable maneuvering through individual drills with his San Diego Chargers teammates Wednesday as he practiced with the team for the first time this season. Ingram is still rehabbing from surgery to repair a torn ACL…
Linebacker Melvin Ingram returned to the practice fields on Wednesday.  
Getting my laundry done before the wkend,(maybe some of my deep cleaning). This wkend getting my hair done by my baby girl/daughter N'law Ashley Fong, if ya know her then you know she can hook up sum hair.make you feel like a brand new woman I'm so excited for thxgiving it's my fav holiday... Cant wait to go to my sis house all that fam luv food I might have to cut a rug have a cooler or something The only thing is my youngest son'son Melvin Ingram might not be there to celebrate w'his fam, I'm praying for the best and preparing myself for the worst
Pass rusher Melvin Ingram is reportedly close to returning to the practice field, but the Chargers may want to just keep him on the shelf.
The San Diego Chargers have taken Melvin Ingram off of the PUP list, starting the three-week window in which he can practice with the team without being on the roster. It's time to see if the pass rusher's knee is healthy.
I just heared on channel eight news that our Melvin Ingram will be able to play in December 10, and our Coach has a plan but he not talking or telling any one.But I say Rivers And all the chargers know,I need to find out, I know it good,I can't wait to see Ingram play again I love our Ingram he awesome player.
Melvin Ingram has return to practice after tearing acl
Melvin Ingram is scheduled to return to practice -George
Melvin Ingram will return to practice on Wednesday!!! Yay!!! 󾌳󾍘
Not only do the Chargers need DB's but they need a LT and a really good pass rushing OLB to team up with Melvin Ingram next year!
FOUR CONSENSUS: The University of South Carolina Gamecocks have had four consensus All-Americans. Jadeveon Clowney joins George Rogers (1980), Del Wilkes (1984) and Melvin Ingram (2011) on that elite list.
I got Melvin Ingram down with the squadron
Chargers | Melvin Ingram not ready - San Diego Chargers LB Melvin Ingram (knee) is not ready to return to practice...
Melvin Ingram not yet ready to come off PUP ...
Melvin Ingram--LB: Chargers LB Melvin Ingram still not ready to return from the PUP list
Melvin Ingram is allowed to practice now, but he isn't ready yet
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