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Melissa McCarthy

Melissa Ann McCarthy (born August 26, 1970) is an American film and television actress, comedian, writer and producer.

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LOLOLOL! Wait - is this real Sean Spicer or quote from next Melissa McCarthy sketch? It's SNL, right? RIG…
Casey Affleck, Jason Bateman, Sacha Baron Cohen, De Niro, Melissa McCarthy, C Walken all have multiple movies in the bottom 50.
Top choices for MC:. Alec Baldwin, or... Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon.
John Stones' City career becoming such a train wreck, Melissa McCarthy will start playing him on Saturday Night Live
See how the real Sean Spicer compares to Melissa McCarthy's 'Saturday Night Live' parody
SNL this week is just going to be Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer going full Gallagher on a watermelon with a journalist's badge attached.
Thank you ! Thank you Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon! Laughter is great medicine !
had their best ratings in 6 years thanks to Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon
last week's SNL 'Sean Spicer press conference' Cold Open with Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon
Jeff Sessions get the Saturday Night Live treatment; Melissa McCarthy brings back Sean Spicer
Thank you Melissa McCarthy for giving us radical 😂
Ivanka bracelet and shoes really ought to help POTUS warm to the Melissa McCarthy impression
Watch Melissa McCarthy go for the jugular with a triumphant return
Melissa McCarthy returns as Sean Spicer in cold open
If hated a woman playing on he's really going to hate Kate McKinnon as Sessions: http…
Prize for performance by please recognize Jensen's talent…
The funny thing is that Melissa McCarthy might be playing Sean Spicer longer than he has his job.
Melissa McCarthy back for another spectacular turn as Sean Spicer on
‘I’m going to freak if you ask me stupid questions’: Melissa McCarthy returns to SNL as Sean Spicer
Melissa McCarthy better get an Emmy for this. Masterpiece.
I didn't think that anything was better than Alec Baldwin as Trump until I saw Melissa McCarthy as Spicer.
Melissa McCarthy returns to SNL as an even more frustrated Sean Spicer
Watch Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer return to hit Donald and Ivanka Trump where it hurts htt…
SNL is not funny anymore. But I did laugh out loud at Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer skit. A bit mean, but funny
Watch Melissa McCarthy take Sean Spicer’s advice during her triumphant return to
Melissa McCarthy reprises Sean Spicer (in heels) on "SNL," Kate McKinnon plays Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway
This would be EPIC. Rosie O’Donnell Offers to Help S.N.L. Drive Over the Edge .
Trent Partridge Melissa McCarthy returns to 'SNL' as Spicer - Melissa McCarthy returned to “SNL“ with her explo...
Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer is back and better than ever (!):
Alec Baldwin sets host record and shows what would happen if Trump took 9th circuit judges to "People's Court"
Remember how Trump got mad that Melissa McCarthy played Sean Spicer on Allow me to introduce you to Leslie Jones AS TRUM…
Website Builder 728x90
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on "Spice is going to explain it so you dumb babies can understand it."
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer rejecting Moana at the border is too real.
TVLine’s Performer of the Week: Melissa McCarthy – TVLine brillant 😆😂
hey, what's the AV Club president doing with Melissa McCarthy?
Maybe they should have written in Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy for pres instead of tapping Republican
Chevy Chase praises Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy's Trump and Spicer impressions on http…
Melissa McCarthy's impression of Sean Spicer on 'Saturday Night Live' is everything via
It's nice to see the Trump administration working *** jobs by guaranteeing Melissa McCarthy's ongoing employment.
Trump was apparently most bothered that Spicer was played by a woman.
Melissa McCarthy brought him down with one *** sketch. Wow.
Politics aside, I'm watching Scott Spicer on TV right now and all I can picture is Melissa McCarthy.
Almost as if Melissa McCarthy, err planned it… WEIRD.
picture it, Melissa McCarthy giving this line, with some funnier than *** props
Written hours before Warren was silenced: From Streep to McCarthy, why women are getting under Trump's skin
Wait. I thought that was Melissa McCarthy. Are you sure?
The power of comedy to change politics.
Truth be told, as hard as I try, I can't look @ Spicer and NOT see Melissa McCarthy skit. Some things ya just can't unsee
This is the last time I've watched since he is horrid and Melissa McCarthy nailed him!
Yeah, that's how a boycott works. isn't very smart. Or ethical. Or sane. you looked g…
Is he just *trying* to give Melissa McCarthy more material? It's an embarrassment of riches for SNL this week, I sw…
Impossible to watch Sean Spicer without seeing Melissa McCarthy
I believe Melissa McCarthy has ended the career of Sean Spicer.
Tuned into Sean Spicer's briefing for a few minutes and all I see is Melissa McCarthy. "The president will 'knot' be de-turd.'"
Hey Sean, does it bug you Melissa McCarthy makes a more believable man than you do?
I still can't believe how accurately Melissa McCarthy captured Spicer's weird sweaty aggressiveness & hostility.
From Streep to McCarthy, why women are the ones getting under Trump's skin
That purple tie is going to look so cute on Melissa McCarthy!
Sean Spicer thinks Melissa McCarthy "could dial back" her SNL impression.
Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of your press secretary was right on.Is everyone on your team mad all the time?
. Wow Sean channelled his inner Melissa McCarthy today. Lol.
We are going to be seeing a lot more of Melissa McCarthy.
sorry all I see is Melissa McCarthy when I look at you.
Spicer: "You think Melissa McCarthy made me look like an incompetent fool? Well watch this!"
Spicer really getting into character as "hostage video guy" after seeing how Melissa McCarthy played the role.
Wow, Sean Spicer sure does a great Melissa McCarthy impression.
Really scary thought for today Melissa McCarthy's contained more truth that actual press conferences.
How about a little dignity Spicer. Or should Melissa McCarthy come and spray some soapy water into that dirty mouth of yo…
Man, the White House press corps is really raking Melissa McCarthy over the coals in this briefing today.
He didn't until he saw Melissa McCarthy lampoon Spicer on SNL &of course he blames someone else. Isn't that his MO. https:/… this a Melissa McCarthy skit?
It’s fun that I now read these in Melissa McCarthy’s voice.
Melissa McCarthy mastered his circular talk. It is so frustrating
Mr. Spicer is begining to sound more like Melissa McCarthy. 🤣
Spicer could always get a job as Melissa McCarthy's body double.
"Slow your roll.". Spicer just gave Melissa McCarthy her next line.
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The gender-bending wasn't what made Melissa McCarthy’s skit funny, though that seems to be what irked Trump the most https:/…
Thanks, Melissa McCarthy needed new material. Wait, this is real?
Wow...GB2 was horrible... lol... and its sale at box office were worse than a melissa McCarthy joke.
Just heard Melissa McCarthy make up terror attack that happened in Atlanta! So funny. Oh wait, it REALLY WAS Sean Spicer???
If you haven't seen Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, Trump's press sec, you really, really should. Incredible. https:/…
Week three: Putin good, Nordstrom's and Melissa McCarthy bad.
After the Fall. The shaming of Meryl Street, the dismissal of Melissa McCarthy. Shut up and sit down.
Melissa McCarthy put on a master class by using the greatest tool a physical comedian can have: presence
and Melissa McCarthy wasn't even hosting - I know snl does cameos (Baldwin, Larry David) but… assault with intent to maim?
Lost in all the Melissa McCarthy hoopla was the fact that Alex Moffat does an uncanny Casey Affleck. Talk about a niche skill.
Mad props for Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on SNL
Melissa McCarthy is Jackie Gleason & Lucille Ball in one hilarious, fearless, comedic genius.
Melissa McCarthy played White House press secretary on "SNL" and omg
Best SNL sketch in years. Melissa McCarthy is a modern day Jackie Gleason.
MT "confident Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer will go down as one of greatest snl sketches of all time http…
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So with all the BS in the US, can I marry Melissa McCarthy, Colin Jost, AND Michael Che? I love them. Maybe THEY can run our country.
Melissa Mccarthy playing Sean Spicer is the best thing to happen in 2017.
“I will put you in the corner with CNN,” Melissa McCarthy, playing an agitated Sean Spicer, said on SNL
Can we get Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin for the next four years instead??
Melissa McCarthy took on Sean Spicer for SNL... And it was amazing
4 more years of Trump Humiliation. Alec Baldwin & Melissa McCarthy are brilliant.
I thought Alec Baldwin's Trump was tedious after a few minutes, but Melissa McCarthy doing Spicer, priceless.
SNL's Alec Baldwin taunts Trump again, but Melissa McCarthy steals the show playing Sean Spicer
Dear White House Correspondents: For your annual dinner, please hire Alec Baldwin as the host (and Melissa McCarthy).
That's the best SNL of the season so far, F-bomb, Colin premature ending, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, i enjoy all sketches. Hands down.
Melissa McCarthy should be immediately granted an Emmy for her Sean Spicer impersonation on SNL last night.
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer is easily the funniest SNL bit of the last 5 years. Absurdity as therapy
I will cede this point.Melissa McCarthy's take on Sean Spice on Saturday Night Live was funny-assuming you never watched him in a press conf
More from Saturday Night Live with Melissa McCarthy as Trump alternative facts minion Sean Spicer on
Waiting for the meltdown from Trump and Co over Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Saturday Night Live impersonation like h…
Melissa McCarthy steals the show as Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live
Melissa McCarthy was unbelievable on SNL tonight by literally becoming Sean Spicer! Just watch!
I just watched Melissa McCarthy perform the best sketch of all time.
I think 2017 actually started when Melissa McCarthy became Sean Spicer
One of the best SNL skits ever: Melissa McCarthy NAILS Sean Spicer.
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. Oh. My. God. Better than Larry David as Bernie Sanders. Better than hot cocoa in December.
Melissa McCarthy deserves to join Alec Baldwin as an Honorary SNL Cast Member for Life (a more prestigious "Five-Timers Clu…
Whoever thought up Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer deserves a Presidential Medal of Freed…
Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer is even better than Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump on
Here’s the entire skit of the impersonation of by
Melissa McCarthy you were fantastic as Spicer on I'm still laughing girl! Thank you!
Donald Trump and company are in the situation room coming up with how to deal with that and Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy in the role she was born to play: Sean Spicer (via
Whats insane is that Melissa McCarthy makes a more convincing Spicer than Spicer.
If I had a kid, I would've woken them up during Melissa McCarthy's Spicer like it were the moon landing.
Oh my God my face hurts from smiling so much bcuz of Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer impression
This is pretty amazing from Melissa McCarthy on SNL.
Is it really parody if Melissa McCarthy basically repeated Sean Spicer verbatim?
In case you missed it, here's Melissa McCarthy's hilarious sketch on "Saturday Night Live" -
Melissa McCarthy Plays Sean Spicer Going Nuts on the Press in Hilarious Sketch: 'APOLOGIZE TO ME!'
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on is something that you just NEED to watch! So good!
Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer .. This might be the best skit I've ever seen 😂😂
When journalists saw Melissa McCarthy on tonight.
Ok, who wrote the Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer sketch because they just made America great again
If you didn't love Melissa McCarthy before... But seriously, why didn't you love Melissa McCarthy before?
Melissa McCarthy did an amazing job and is being recognized more and more
Melissa McCarthy should do the briefing every day
On SNL, Melissa McCarthy makes a better Sean Spicer than Sean Spicer
Whatever your politics--don't miss Melissa McCarthy playing White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Instant classic…
Thank you Melissa McCarthy for making sure nobody ever looks at this the same way ever again.
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melissa mccarthy did not play Sean Spicer. SHE BECAME Sean Spicer
Melissa McCarthy crashed SNL to play press secretary Sean Spicer, slam reporters, and swallow gum
Melissa McCarthy's explains why it's not a ban on Saturday Night Live
Man this is such an insane episode, the cold open, Kristen Stewart swearing, Melissa McCarthy and Colin AND Michel messing up WU. 😂
Sounds like you need Dan Akroyd...or Melissa McCarthy.
Kia Motors America's ad just dropped starring Melissa McCarthy! Best one yet?
OMG, if you’re in need of a laugh check out this Kia Motors America commercial with Melissa McCarthy! Can’t wait...
The wait is finally over! Kia Motors America Super Bowl commercial with Melissa McCarthy is here early! Enjoy :)
Melissa Mccarthy and Kevin one screen...oooh mahn!
My 2-day hiatus won't be completed without a Melissa McCarthy with Miranda Hart! Great tandem!
The Silence of the Lambs, now starring Tim Allen and Melissa McCarthy. You're welcome!
The Boss is hilarious😂 Thank you Melissa McCarthy for never failing to make me laugh😂😂
First it was Fuller House, then it was SJP's turn to get excited running into Melissa McCarthy backstage at the…
Literally anything with Melissa McCarthy in it is *** good😂
alsp, Zach g as James Coco, James F as Peter Sellers, Melissa McCarthy as Elsa Lancaster, Sandra Bullock as Nancy Walker
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How did Melissa McCarthy with over Kristen Wiig what
Melissa McCarthy is such a legend. 🙌🏻
Melissa McCarthy would be such a cool mom omg
I can never tell the difference between Melissa McCarthy, Megan Trainor or that lady who thinks black men owe her attention.
How do people still enjoy Melissa McCarthy
Mood rn: Must binge watch Melissa McCarthy movies. 😂
Totally forgot a young Melissa McCarthy is in this movie.
If you think Melissa McCarthy is actually funny then natural selection should have taken you long ago.
How honored are you that Melissa McCarthy would rather not tussle with you?
.and both won Favorite Actress honors at the WATCH:
Melissa McCarthy and Sarah Jessica Parker won Favorite Actress honors at the Peoples Choice…
Melissa McCarthy's acceptance speech was clever and funny. Sarah Jessica Parker's was heartfelt and well-said.
Joel McHale, The Rock, Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Hart and Melissa McCarthy earned big laughs at the awards show
Your choice for Favorite Comedic Movie Actress at the is Melissa McCarthy!
On Fiverr you can hire a Melissa McCarthy impersonator to fart out your birthday candles but I think it's the real
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
The award for 'Favorite Comedic Movie Actress' goes to Melissa McCarthy!
.will star in 60-second Super Bowl ad for the Niro Hybrid:
I appreciate Paul Feig purely for his ability to showcase Melissa McCarthy's talents. She's great and he gets it so well.
Chris Pine, Pierce Brosman,and Melissa McCarthy's business mergers with Tim Allens and Johnny Knoxvilles. Netflix comedy. Who doesn't watch?
R5: Another thing that Spencer did was make up a ham sandwich scene in Melissa McCarthy's Girls Night Out
Just got asked in an interview who has the best Chicago accent. Went with Joan Cusack, Melissa McCarthy, and
Melissa McCarthy as Brody, Leslie Jones as Hooper, Kristen Wiig as Quint, Chris Hemsworth as Ellen and Kate McKinno…
Easy. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon as the shark.
In order: Melissa Mccarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, and Chris Hemsworth. Kate McKinnon is the Shark because fuc…
Kingsman, and it's exactly the same except replace Colin Firth's Harry Hart with Melissa McCarthy's Susan Cooper
honestly, I'm some kind of mix of Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson... I ain't mad.
Watching Charlie's Angels and just peeped Melissa McCarthy had a small role in it.
OMG Melissa McCarthy is in Charlie's Angels??? 😍 how nuts how did I not know that
Just realized Melissa McCarthy is on Charlie's angels 😂
spy! Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law and Rose Byrne and Jason Statham omG i cri
Lip Sync Battle with Melissa McCarthy via Her second song is the only part that matters
Melissa McCarthy is an unlucky in love baker who risks everything to start a dating agency for lonely dogs
what was your favourite part with working with Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy?
Yes, any designer should be. The same way a true designer should've been proud 2 dress Leslie Jones or Melissa McCarthy.
We need a better cinematic vehicle for Kate McKinnon, Kristin Wiig, Leslie Jones, & Melissa McCarthy next time. They're too good.
"Melissa McCarthy is one of a kind and is such a genuine and sweet person!"
Idk. Melissa McCarthy & Kevin Hart consistently perform at the box office. Maybe we need to redefine "leading [whit…
Melissa McCarthy just opened this new movie, 'Identity Thief,' and Rex Reed...
Kevin Hart & Melissa McCarthy should so do a movie together! 😩😂🙌🏼
Melissa McCarthy becomes the first woman to win the Comedic Genius Award.
Lane Bryant seven Melissa McCarthy new with tags black cover up size 4x
If a "State Party" cut Assange's internet, then this is the dumbest plot ever. Like, this is Steve Carell/Melissa McCarthy spy movie bad.
Your mcm is built like Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy will forever be my fav actress
Melissa McCarthy is not funny. Whoever "discovered" her needs to never step foot in Hollywood ever again
Hmm...I haven't had good experiences with Melissa McCarthy movies...but I'll give it a try.
(Please do not tell me encouraging things about Melissa McCarthy. For various reasons, I'm not her and don't want her career- except Abby)
The only reason y I'm watching the new ghost busters is bc of Melissa McCarthy
I Wonder if Coach McCarthy is feeling like Melissa McCarthy?
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