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Meles Zenawi

Meles Zenawi Asres (Ge'ez: መለስ ዜናዊ አስረስ Mäläs Zenawi Äsräs; born 8 May 1955) has been the Prime Minister of Ethiopia since 1995. He was President of Ethiopia from 1991 to 1995. Since 1985, he has been chairman of the Tigrayan Peoples' Liberation Front (TPLF), and he is head of the ruling Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

Azeb Mesfin Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Addis Ababa Mohammed Al Amoudi South Africa Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn South Sudan Renaissance Dam United States Director General Haile Selassie

Geldof Gives Ethiopian Wine a Boost The winery is part-owned by a UK equity firmed chaired by the famous Irish rock star, Bob Geldof (Sir) Bob Geldof (Sir), an Irish rock star, left, and Abraham De Klerk, head wine maker at Awash Winery, witnessed the fruitful farm of Awash Winery on the two hour visit in Awash Merti Jersu, 115km south east of Addis Abeba. ‹› Five months after being transferred into private hands, Awash Winery is eyeing an increase in its production, over three years, from seven million litres to 20 million litres. The Winery has also been using the expertise of foreign nationals to improve the taste of its wine branded as Axumite and Gouder. One such expert is Philip Pritchard, a senior advisor, with several years of experience in China, who was persuaded to come to Ethiopia by Bob Geldof, the knighted Irish rock star and activist, who owns a stake in the company. Awash currently bottles seven million litres of wine annually. It plans to boost production under 12 brands, including th ...
Besaw 15:- Part 1 The journey of U-turns He has long been known by all Ethiopians in the arena of politics for his wavering stance big time. Dissatisfied by red terror, He kicked off his journey of U-turns by standing up by the side EPRP first. The Derg military junta was *** EPRP activists and tousends were martyred where and when they were spotted. Afraid of his circumstance, this debelbel agobdiyo switched side and helped the derg comrades in identification, set up and inevitable merciless extraction of EPRP heroes. Thats saved him from verdict. Many years passed by and all the memories and people who know all the facts seemed to get out of site. In a very short sighted vision of only waiting for all the deceptions and political prostitution he played to vanish out of histories account, He first showed up in the arena of the Ethiopian politics back in the time of Kinigit 97. By now, you know that I am writing about Aba Mela(Berehanu Damte (Birehanu Debur), Owner and admin for a paltalk room called ...
Mekele residents in northern Ethiopia believe that the late Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi was assassinated by the CIA.
Tigrigna Tribute song for Meles Zenawi Video by Ethiopia Tigrigna Tribute song for Meles Zenaw
Meles Zenawi was Ethiopia’s former Prime Minister with a net worth of $3 billion. Before becoming a Prime Minister of his native country, Zenawi was the president Ethiopia
Mrs Bazeto Eshete: Paid and grieved following Meles Zenawi, the late dictator, death.
Former Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi, use to systematically withhold aid-financed famine relief from anyone not belonging to the ruling party. (The Wall Street Journal)
Ethiopia, music, Fikere Addis, News, Madingo and Dawit Tribute song for Meles Zenawi.
Ethiopia - Late PM Meles Zenawi Predicted what Egypt Politicians Discussed word by word.
Azeb Mesfin's speech at the late Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi's funeral.
Addis Ababa (Sept 2) - Mrs Azeb Mesfin, the wife of the late PM Meles Zenawi, pays her last respect at the funeral held at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in the ...
Dance compilation of Meles Zenawi, Azeb Mesfin, Al-Amoudi, Dr. Tedros and PM Hailemariam and more
hey there`s a picture of Meles Zenawi in my international business textbook lol
Meles spoke openly, wout political maneuver, back then. Paul Henze conversation with Meles Zenawi in 1990
Our struggle is not a marathon but more to a relay race where those who ran earlier pass on the baton to those who come later…
Voice of Assenna Interview with PM Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia - Feb 25, 2011: via featured in NBC s Science of Love
...for the remembrance of Great leader zenawi and other who struggled for peace and stability …
Can Ethiopia Grow? Since the death of Meles Zenawi in 2012, the world has been closely watching how http:…
Didn't know there was an app called 'Late PM Meles Zenawi Quotes'.What's written under z description is jaw dropping http:/…
Thinking of PM Meles Zenawi today... My vlog on his death: …
Who said what? The public debate between Prof. Mesfin W/mariam and Meles Zenawi in 1983 E.C. …
The famous debate between Mesfin W.Mariam and Meles Zenawi just after EPRDF took control of Addis in 1991
what in 1991 professor Mesfin Woldemariam, colonel Mengistu Hailemariam and Prime Minister Meles Zenawi about the... http…
And they are. Ethiopias growth isn't driven by just a commodities boom but by genuine reforms courtesy Meles Zenawi
Alex de Waal's powerful review essay on Meles Zenawi's theory and practice of government.
"Zenawi as he arrived in Addis Ababa on June1,1991 to take the helm of power.
FINELINE-The late Meles Zenawi, influenced by the historical perspective…...
Amanda in "We were here when Zenawi died and a whole country cried for days." and many more.
In the 1980s and 1990s, increasingly many Sub-Saharan African countries were holding multiparty elections. The Cold War, the proxy wars of the U.S. and Soviet Union as well as Apartheid in South Africa had come to an end. A new generation of African leaders had been anointed who promised to transform their continent. That dream was dubbed the African Renaissance . This concept is often defined in contrast to the big man syndrome - the autocratic rule by the so-called "big men" of African politics during the first two decades after independence. When US president Bill Clinton made his African journey in March 1998, he helped popularize this notion when he said he placed hope in a new generation of African leaders devoted to democracy and economic reforms . Although Bill Clinton did not identify the African leaders by name, it is generally assumed that he was referring to, among others, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia and Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea. [1] Other leade ...
"We shall negotiate while fighting. We shall fight while negotiating, ... Whichever road leads to peace quickly will be the road we follow.” Meles Zenawi quote
a glimpse at the past... September 8, 1999 THE POLITICAL MURDER OF QALA WAKO BERO IN MARSABIT, KENYA QALA WAKO BERO, a businessman, was gunned down in Marsabit (Kenya) by a lone gunman suspected to have come from Ethiopia. The murder, which happened on August 12, is now being linked to the action of the EPRDF government. The gunman who shot Qala Wako at close ranges has escaped. This is not the first time that the EPRDF government has been accused of killing dissidents in Kenya. In 1991, EPRDF gunmen killed Jattene Ali: two of the killers escaped but their identities were revealed at the time, two others were caught, confessed that they were sent by the EPRDF (specifically by the late TPLF commander Haielom) but were eventually released because the EPRDF paid huge bribe money. Another dissident killed by the EPRDF was Afeworki Alemseged, the brother of Mulugta Alemseged (in charge of the personal security of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi). He was shot in the Thika refugee camp by an EPRDF gunman who used .. ...
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Meles Zenawi Asres his net worth currently stands at $3 Billion. He was the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia who presided over the country from 1995...
[Breaking News] - PM Meles Zenawi addresses Ethiopians on the tragic crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET-409
Look Ehiopia, the country in ze horn, is going to transfer in ze coming few years. Don forget Meles Zenawi
Columbia University's World Leaders Forum "The Current Global Environment and its Impact in Africa" Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia September 22, ...
with z same background rebel leader as him Ethiopian leader z late Meles Zenawi have 3billion dollar with in 20 yrs.
Dictator Issayas Afewerki (DIA) likes to name names. In a funny way, he is good at nothing, but creating nicknames: Americans – Gebeti/bela’eti & Afra/bubble China - Koratsat Meles Zenawi/weyane - kedemi/kedemti/chifra Eritrean opposition groups – hawteti/kedemti nai weyane/halemti Arab - Lazy/weak “the escape goat for their failures is always Israel, for example, the reason for their kids failing exam is Israel” Irony: the same DIA uses US as a escape goat. USA is to blame for all of his failures (economy, migration, diplomacy etc). Opposition and others gave PIA nicknames: Tsulul kelbi (Mad dog) DIA - Dictator Issayas Afewerki Tifanos (the name of a murderer in one of Eritrean movies) Wokaria (Fox) because he is now living in basement of his house in Massawa - hiding himself from the public Little Jokes for the day? In year 2002, Rumsfeld visited Eritrea and met with PIA. Wichu was with PIA at the time of discussion. Before Rumsfeld entered the meeting room, Wuchu asked PIA how to pronounce th ...
What do Seyoum Mesfin, Addissu Legesse,Girma Birru, Bereket Simon, Tefera Waliwa, Iyassu Berhe, Hilawe Yoseph, Andreas Eshete, Samora Yunus Amare Aregawi and Meles Zenawi have in common? They all have HIV virus and are spending millions of dollars of public money for treatment abroad, mostly to South Africa, Thailand, India, the US, France and Switzerland. There are many more military and civilian officials who are wasting scarce resources abroad while the same kind of treatment is available at home.The Chief of the OPDO is just one of the few of those parasites to come to public attention.
“If you want political office and political legitimacy from the people, start by accepting the people as your equals. Don’t patronize them. They know better than you. Understand them, accept their views, and help them shape their own future. Do not try to shape the future for them. But leadership cannot be learned through theory alone. You must be in the thick of things and practice it.” Meles zenawi.
When Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia’s leader of more than 20 years, died in August 2012, many anticipated significant and potentially destabilizing change. However, Ethiopia was never a one-man dictatorship. Rather, the ruling EPRDF party is key to understanding Ethiopia’s stability and the regi...
CGS Affiliate analyzes transition from 20 years of rule under Meles Zenawi in
Egypt: From Israelization to Turkishization of the GERD the Tale of Two Rivers February 19, 2014 gerd new By Zerihun Abebe Yigzaw Among the rivers mentioned in the Genesis in the Holly Bible two rivers are of mysteries and characterized by paradoxes and in fact similarities and differences. The Nile which originates from Africa-mainly from Ethiopia (as 86 percent is from its Highlands and the rest 14 percent from the Equatorial Lakes through the White Nile) flowing from South to North through eleven countries and finally buried in the Mediterranean. The twin rivers-Euphrates and Tigris originating from the Anatolian Highlands runs North to South through Turkey, Syria and Iraq and finally forming the Shatt Al Arab concludes its journey in the Persian/Arabian Gulf. These two river basins had been the cradle of human civilization hosting the Ethiopian/Egyptian and Mesopotamian/Sumerian or Assyrian Civilizations respectively. Among the major transboundary watercourses in the world such as the Colorado, the Eu ...
New Song Dediated To PM Meles Zenawi - Minew For the latest and Hot Ethiopian music, comedy, and other Ethiopian videos follow us on Google+ :
The future government of ethiopia must abandoned it's relationship with the backward arabs and must work with the children of jacob [ with the state of Israel] because both Israel and ethiopia have the same fate, surrounded by people who do not value human life and very aggressive Ethiopia and Israel: Enhancement of Close Relationship Part I: Foreign Policy: Ethiopia, Israel, and Arabs By Tecola Hagos February 18, 2014 Professor Tecola Hagos Prof. Tecola Hagos Even though I was very hopeful that PM Hailemariam Desalegn would be a starting point for an Ethiopian governmental transformation away from the antiquated despotic style of governance of Meles Zenawi, the current Ethiopian leaders seem to be confused and irresolute. However, I find also this same Ethiopian Government making visionary long term strategic policy decision like the decision to expand the rail system from Djibouti (suggest Berbera) to the highlands of North Ethiopia, which ought to include expansion to the South and South-West of Et ...
Can Ethiopia Grow?. Interview with Hailemariam Desalegn. Since the death of Meles Zenawi in August 2012, the...
Daughter of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has deposited $5 billion in 1 of the banks in NY.~Dr. Mekonnen
JULY 2, 1992,THE DARKEST DAY IN BORANA HISTORY. Originally posted on THE NAIROBI LAW MONTHLY NO.62 MARCH 1996. ( for my Borana Family who want to learn the story). On July 2,1992 Mr.Jatani Ali was found dead in his room at Tea Zone Hotel,Nairobi. jatani Ali, a former army major and governor of borana province under president Mengistu Hailemariam,was shot twice in the head by three hired killers. Since the overthrow of the Mengistu regime by EPRDF & EPLF, Jatani had been turned into an opposition activist of the Meles Zenawi government. Jatani ali was a honest and strong Borana leader. those who were with him during the final days of the mengistu regime say he was unsure what to do; he was in Negelle, Borana, when Mengistu's government fell and the south was cut off for a while. At the time June 1991, some garrison resisted the advance of the rebels. Negelle garrison planed to resist, but eventually,led by Jatani Ali and his friends, defected to the bush taking some vehicles and the remaining " die-hard" s ...
Desperate migrants go to extreme lengths to leave their homelands, but only a select few resort to hijacking. The Ethiopian Airlines co-pilot who landed his plane in Geneva joins a club that previously consisted of nine Afghans who forced an airliner to fly to Stansted Airport in 2000.   In reality, the co-pilot’s choice might not be as inexplicable as it sounds. At least 620,000 Ethiopians live abroad, including 10 per cent of all those with a university degree, according to the World Bank.   Ethiopians with marketable skills are highly likely to seek their fortunes abroad: the country’s emigration rate is 30 per cent for doctors and 17 per cent for nurses. A qualified pilot would fall into the category of those most likely to leave.Two key “push factors” lie behind this outflow: repression and poverty. Ethiopia is a de facto one-party state, dominated by a small autocratic elite. Under the previous Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, elections were shamelessly rigged and the opposition simply closed ...
Listen to this amazing story: Amb. Seyoum Mesfin to the late PM. Meles Zenawi on their way to Addis Ababa from Sudan following the demise of Derg (after one of the small plane's engine died on them while on flight)... [this is my fault, we were advised against fling in by our comrades in Addis, I went against it. The late Prime Minister responds back to Amb. Seyoum, [you are being worst than Gergis] (Meles' older sister, who apparently is too emotional when ever she get to see her younger brother) if you understand Tigrigna it is at the 2:21:50 mark of this video.
the federalism idea came soley from the late dictator Meles Zenawi. Federalism does not fit into a country like ours.
Letter from our greatest son/national servant to late Ethiopian Prime Minsiter Meles Zenawi.
| One of Three Individuals Close to the Late Meles Zenawi ... - Addis Fortune: One of Three Individu...
...where the late strongman Meles Zenawi's party has dominated politics since the 1990s.
Hello from Celebrating 39th Anniversary of A day to remember our Great Leader Meles Zenawi. The...
One of three individuals close to the late Meles Zenawi .
meles zenawi daughter about Ato ledetu worada leba new!
I think no other politician in contemporary has understood and articulated the basic problem of the state as Meles …
Developmental Teacher: In another class, the civics teacher said, "Whoever tells me the name of the greatest man in the history of the world will receive a chocolate from me. Little Joseph stood up and said: "It was Meles Zenawi!" "Excellent, Joseph! You are improving!" said the teacher, "Come here for your chocolate." Joseph went up for his prize and on the way, said to himself: "Sorry, Michael Scofield, but business is business." (C) The Valvet Jokes
'Meles Zenawi murdered thousands of Somalis', hello lost soul, let me introduce you to 'Somali warlord' and his 'suicide bomber' friend
when the mass murderer Meles Zenawi died, Somali politicians were mourning over his death. This is a man who murdered thousands of Somalis.
Ethiopia - [English] Information Minister, Bereket Simon Press conference on the death of Meles Zenawi.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Developmental Ethiopia surges forward. ‘Democratic’ Tanzania lags behind. Rethinking wrote this in May 2012) Ethiopia Growth and Transformation Plan Ethiopia is trending. The AfricaReport of May 2012 had Meles Zenawi on its cover page with the heading ‘The rise and rise of Ethiopia’. NewAfrican of the same month had Special Report on Ethiopia with an article ‘from bankrupt to middle-income’ and The Economist had, on its Finance and Economics section, a balanced article on ‘investing in Ethiopia’. Of course the World Economic Forum Africa took place in Addis Ababa so the coverage of the country was expected. Tanzania hosted the same and the content of the coverage was not as trending as Ethiopia though. Both countries are comparable in some key areas. Ethiopia will have largest population in Africa after Nigeria in the year 2050 with 174 million people. Tanzania will be the fourth most populous country in Africa with 109 million inhabitants. Ethiopia will be the third biggest Economy in Afr ...
Ethiopia Has a Terrible Human Rights Record – Why Is the West Still Turning a Blind Eye? January 23, 2014 Eleanor Ross Writer and journalist based in London The Huffington Post Some disappeared, others were given lengthy prison sentences. One thing all thirty men arrested in 2012 in Ethiopia had in common was that they had criticised the state and the policies of the former Premier, Meles Zenawi.Human Rights Charter look ever more vulnerable And yet last week Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and a group of Japanese business leaders met with the current Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn to discuss further support for Ethiopia at “government and private sector level.” The former Meles Zenawi was a staunch supporter of American counter-terrorism policy while at the same time overseeing a country with a violent human rights record. In the eyes of the USA, Ethiopia is strategically situated. Located in the Horn of Africa, next to Somalia, northern Kenya and Sudan, it acts as a buffer zo ...
# U R correct Right. He just surrender for Nothing. We will see it soon. Q Body know his Role with CIA and Meles Zenawi long ago
Late Prime Minister resting place at trinity church
only Meles Zenawi was able to keep that meddling old dude in check! what is the take of Ugandans on the whole issue?
The tribute to Meles Zenawi or as it says on most of these Meles the Militant. Got to love it.…
The South Sudan peace talks are missing one powerful ally to push them forward. Indeed IGAD and AU miss Meles Zenawi.
yeah I do and btw even Meles Zenawi...I think its an African way of calling it a day !
Poem for Prime Minister Meles Zenawi by Fantaye Getaneh
MT "Tamrat Layne said he proposed an idea 2 Meles Zenawi about declaring all assets but was rejected.".
Abebe's suck ! i luv Meles Zenawi he did a lot thing that will remember forever !
"Meles [Zenawi] was a better democrat." Ato Lidetu Ayalew. Lidetu Ayalew, founder and member of the executive...
The messiah of african politics,Meles Zenawi made that conclusion..
Good read from 2012 on Meles Zenawi and Sudan/South Sudan. Imagine they're missing him now (via
2a. [she delivered the eulogy at Meles Zenawi funeral]
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2. As assistant Sec of State Rice became cozy with Ethiopia’s dictator Meles Zenawi responsible for 100K deaths ...
"...In history, it was a fight between Alula and Urabi at a battle of Gura'E and Gundet...both are gone, the British and the Italian colonizers are gone, Hailesselasie and Gamal Abdel Nasser are gone, Anwar Sadat and Mengustu are gone, Meles Zenawi and Mubareck are gone too. Today, we have Hailemariam Desalegn and El Sisi. And the Egyptians saying clear and laud "we will kill for Nile" and we shall say "we will die for Nile"... via - Yoel Alem
The 20 Richest Ethiopian in 2011-2013 (The net worth amount is in U.S. dollar) 1. Mohammed Al Amoudi, owner of Midroc Corporation, estimated net worth: $10 billion 2. Meles Zenawi, self-declared Prime Minister of Ethiopia, head of the terrorist group Tigrean People Liberation Front (TPLF), estimated net worth: $3 billion 3. Azeb Mesfin, wife of Meles Zenawi, member of the TPLF politburo, head of the $40-billion Endowment Fund for the Relief of Tigray (EFFORT), partner in several large businesses in Ethiopia, widely known as “the Mother of Corruption,” estimated net worth: $3 billion 4. Sebhat Nega, former chairman of TPLF, ex-TPLF politburo member, former head of EFFORT, current chairman of Wugagan Bank, owns several buildings and luxury villas in Ethiopia and the U.S., net worth: $2.5 billion 5. Berhane Gebrekristos, TPLF central committee members, personal investor for Meles Zenawi, paid his wife $4 million in divorce settlement and hush-up money in Washington DC when he was an ambassador, currently ...
PM Meles Zenawi will be back in office sooner than the coming Ethiopian New Year! Minister Bereket Simon interview with SBS.
Ahhh how this warms my heart. . Ethiopia: Abebe Gellaw protests against Meles Zenawi.
Meles Zenawi begging Carson tocut remittances to pre-text
Meles Zenawi was an oppressive puppet of Western imperialism, yet his obituary read out like that of a glorious king.
[she delivered the eulogy at Meles Zenawi's recent funeral]
Kiir is turning into a dictator, learned from the neighbouring country, Ethiopia of the late Meles Zenawi's legacy
on Ruto what has changed since then?
I like Mengistu's speech as much as I hate Meles Zenawi's
Meles Zenawi: The Man who gave back: via
if u support changing the name of the 'public' holiday Ginbot 20 from down fall of the Dergue to of Meles Zenawi.
The professionals who made the likes of Meles Zenawi, Isayas Afeworki and many millions crazy
South Sudan is in need of a brain that of Meles Zenawi's caliber!
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I support appointing Seyoum Mesfin as an Special Envoy for Seyoum & Meles Zenawi were deeply involved with SS.
Time to Bring Eritrea in From the Cold: By Hank Cohen,  AllAfrica  The late Meles Zenawi and Isaias Afwerki o...
Meles Zenawi 1995 - Discussion on foreign policy and strategy
Face of a dying dictator, last interview Meles Zenawi
Mengistu Haile Mariam was a coward so was Meles Zenawi, they both committed atrocious crimes against several tribes, such as the
Meles Zenawi, Kagame, Museveni.they haven't imploded (~20 years on)
A year after Meles Zenawi's death here is a look back at my piece on 'The Death of A Prime Minister' |
THE GREAT ICONS The best world’s icons in my heart that I have read about very well for their great historical: 1. The Prophet Muhammad ibn Abd Allāh ibn Abd al-Muṭṭalib (S.A.W). 2. King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia. 3. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the first president and founder of UAE. 4. Mahatma Gandhi, the preeminent leader and freedom fighter of India. 5. Mr. Patrice Lumumba, the Congolese independence leader. 6. Mr. Kwame Nkrumah the leader of Ghana and Africa. 7. Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the United States. 8. Father Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist and first President of South Africa after the freedom. 9. Mr. Meles Zenawi, the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia and one of the great leaders in Africa. I love you all. Yours sincerely, Omar A. Al-Sagaf
Meles Zenawi was born on 8th May 1955 at Adwa in Northern Ethiopia. He received elementary education at Queen Sheba Junior Secondary School and completed High School in 1972 at General Wingate School
Can't help but think EPRDF will make a turn around on PM Meles Zenawi's legacy like China's CPC on Mao sayin 70% good & 30% bad. I expect it
I remember MEP Louis Michel singing loud praise on PM Meles Zenawi's funeral, is he changing his view on
“Louis Michel is scratching the back of EPRDF Whats new? always unashamedly did it: best pal of dictator Meles Zenawi
What will be the impact of the death of Meles Zenawi on Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa: I’ve never been to Et...
Ethiopia – Meles Zenawi’s Death Grip: Pointing a bloody finger at Eritrea  for its fail...
Madam,during Meles Zenawi u're almost persona non grata inhe died widow said "so long as his vision not diluted.
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As Meles Zenawi said: “There is no connection between democracy and development”.
Tamrat Layne says Meles Zenawi refused to take Asab Port when Herman Cohen offered to "convince" Eritrea
CIA takes over as Ethiopian regime crumbles: analyst: Press TV | Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is turnin... ht…
How contradicting is to see two opposing statues being mounted in the same city? Sayid Maxamed Cabdulle Xassan …
Aend Ethiopia - PM Meles Zenawi Visit DC, at ETH Embassy over the question of the Aseb . p3 -
Ana Gomez, who prompted Meles 'What's love got to with it?' quip (to return to Ethiopia
Anything that replaced that hidious Meles Zenawi statue would of been A+ in my books but this has to be A*
Rare photo of the late PM Zenawi as a rebel leader in Mekelle in 1990
"As Meles Zenawi said: 'There is no connection between democracy and development.'" Richard Dowden on Ethiopian boom: ht…
Here's an intriguing quote from the late PM Meles' Zenawi's "Dead ends , new beginnings.". "Developmental policy...
really proud of you Dr. U are the next MELES ZENAWI 4 ETHIOPIA.
Meles Zenawi's photos still many in public places
The two TPLF factions are appearing to be close to resolving their differences and turning their attention to getting back the Prime Minister’s position from their puppet, Hailemariam Desalegn, according to Ethiopian Review sources. The Sibhat Nega faction reportedly has the upper hand, and Abay Woldu and friends have chosen to retreat instead of getting crushed. TPLF insiders have informed Ethiopian Review sources that Tewodros Hagos has emerged as a consensus choice to lead the party and become the next Prime Minister, but Sibhat Nega’s camp is still campaigning to put Teodros Adhanom in the PM’s office. And Hailemariam is done. He is to be disposed of before the 2015 fake elections get underway, our sources said. It’s been over a year since Hailemariam became the Prime Minister in Ethiopia, taking over from the khat-addicted former dictator Meles Zenawi who died in July 2012. Under the Woyanne constitution, the Prime Minister in Ethiopia has dictatorial powers. Meles Zenawi and his wife used th ...
Upon completion of his studies and researches in the late 1970s, he started working for NASA as a system engineer and space research scientist. He collaborated with other scientists on the space shuttle and other rocketry projects. he was Ethiopia's first aerospace scientist. The only Ethiopian in the field, he also worked for Rockwell International and Boeing. Apart from his work as an aerospace scientist, he was also known for his efforts to bring about political change in Ethiopia. He publicly denounced the regime in Ethiopia and its actions and policies. Even though he was ambitious about using his knowledge, experience and high-status to help his homeland Ethiopia, he repeatedly said he was not made welcome by the regime. In 2002, he founded a political party, the Ethiopian National United Front, to help overthrow Meles Zenawi's regime. he died at the age of 58 on 13 January 2006 in the United States; prior to his death, he was planning to work with the founder of Africa Needs Community Development . ...
Meles’ selected speech: completing the story September 3, 2013 by Hindessa Abdul It has been a year since long time Ethiopian ruler Meles Zenawi died of unestablished causes in a Belgian hospital somewhere between June and August of 2012. The Government hasn’t come out clearly about the cause of his death. During the last several weeks the state run media were preoccupied portraying a person akin to a saint. The praises showered upon him were more than needed to canonize him. 21-gun salute was fired; millions of trees planted; fellow leaders of neighbouring countries were at hand to give pomp to the event; scores of parks renamed after him, and the list goes on and on.ETV even took a page from North Korean manual on cult of personality. University professors, army generals, cabinet members, and party operatives were paraded to give testimony about the deeds of his excellency. They said he was an intellectual, a military strategist, a farmers’s best friend, and man of the people. ETV even took a page ...
Stalin's love of editing & his habit of cutting out references to his achievements remind me of Meles Zenawi pre-2007.
Ethiopian people are supporting to build Meles Zenawi foundation via sms. . they R using :-. 6002. 6005. 6010. 6050. 6100 htt…
A heart of Gold stopped beating, two shining eyes at rest. God broke our hearts to prove, He only takes the best. R.I.P !!…
Meles Zenawi Quotes are now available for download for free on Android Phones - Just search for "Meles Zenawi" in Google P…
rumored former Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi told pirates where to go. Did they tell how they knew where the ships were?
I'm actually talking about Meles Zenawi. He probably played a key role in the selection of our new president.
Oh The guy had been the right hand man of Meles Zenawi at OPDO. During the TPLF factions Teshome literally saved Meles' tenure!
Mbeki was friends with all Africa's dictators and warlords. Mugabe, Al- Bashir, Taylor and so on. Even Meles Zenawi was PM for years.
How to be Meles Zenawi for dummies (HMD)
The late Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi "funny" re...
The Chronicles of Meles Zenawi, Hailemariam Desalegn and the three advisers .
Harry Potter and the thing that probably killed Meles Zenawi
Memorial service the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was marked in Melbourne, Australia: The first anniversar...
The 8th October Ethiopian presidential election brings focus to a country in transition, after the death last year of Meles Zenawi
How are you different from Ato Meles Zenawi? what are the differences between him and his colleagues?
they will eventually pull out b/s they bit more than they could chew with the help of Genet Zewde & Meles Zenawi.
Open letter to PM Meles Zenawi From Eskinder Nega | March 4, 2011 To: PM Meles Zenawi, Addis Ababa From: Eskinder Nega Subject: Message from the people Dear Ato Meles Zenawi, . . . . . Here is the gist of this letter, the real message from the grassroots: a nation outraged by high soaring inflation; a public scandalized by unprecedented corruption, rampant unemployment, political oppression, chronic shortage of land in rural areas. In sum, the nation is desperate for change. You have essentially wasted the two decades with which you were blessed to affect change. In place of pragmatism dogma has prevailed; in place of transparency secrecy has taken root; in place of democracy oppression has intensified; and in place of merit patronage has been rewarded. Ato Meles Zenawi: the people want -- no, need -- you to leave office. The people are closely watching events in North Africa as I write this letter. They are debating the implications for Africa, including Ethiopia. And they have been inspired by the heroi ...
I miss.the dynamic & lovely answer of p.m meles zenawi.
Meles Zenawi did not die; he morphed into Hailemariam Desalegn--this is not a joke- from the actions of the"new" dictator.
Haile Selassie, Mengistu, or Meles Zenawi. Which leader was better for Explain your choice
Speech by PM Hailemariam Desalegn on the first year memorial of Meles Zenawi
Al Bashir to Attend 1st Anniversary of Late Meles Zenawi in Addis Ababa
what Meles Zenawi thought of muslims & how to deal with them in his own ...: via
Tigrai Online August 15, 2013. Mark your Calendar. Tribute to our great leader late PM Meles Zenawi at a memorial...
Cornerstone Laid for 'Meles Zenawi Green Growth Center': [ERTA]A cornerstone was laid on Tuesday at a park in ...
tell that to ,the daughter of the dead PM of Ethiopia zenawi,who is $5 Bln dollar reacher.
An iconic picture of the late Prime Minister of Meles Zenawi in a bulletproof-glass & his bodyguard!
Did PM Meles Zenawi endorse Dr. Ashebir WoldeGiorgis for Presidency? Ashebir refuses to answer the Q
One of the authors of that piece used to be a minister for... Meles Zenawi.
Till now the news circulated claims as August 20 is Meles Zenawi memorial day. But, they know as we know :)
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Demonstration against Meles Zenawi in London member of Oromo Community in London: via
like our great leader Meles Zenawi at 17 he went 2 z bush declining college education
"I took the late Prime Minister . Meles Zenawi from them" so I paid the price "took my wife"Game is over if So.If not let us see???
Dos Santos taking the Meles Zenawi option - 'missing'?
just one year since we lost our hero H.E PM MELES ZENAWI
ethiotube ETV News - Former first lady Azeb Mesfin plants trees in memory of her late husband PM Meles Zenawi ...
"Africa is indeed rising, and it is within our means to keep it going" meles zenawi.
I am so sad today because we Ethiopians lost our Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. R.I.P
ETV News - Late PM Meles Zenawi's brother participates in tree planting in memory of his brother...
let us realize the goals of former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, "green economy and environment"
Meles Zenawi. Describe him in few words..
May God bless our PM Meles Zenawi to see his effort (Renaissance Dam)!! Hop he will resume his work soon.
A kind reminder to government: Please remember how the muslim community passionately reacted to the death of Meles zenawi
Today in History August 4, 2012 - PM Meles Zenawi alive, well and working from home
English News Today - War criminal or hero: the legacy of Ethiopia's Meles...
Tribute to the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia, H.E. Meles Zenawi...
Gezachew Zenawi, Meles Zenawi Younger Brother Speaking about him for the first time. ግዛቼው ዜናዊ የአቶ መለስ ዜናዊ ወንድም...
The theory and practice of Meles Zenawi:
THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF MELES ZENAWI (Dec 5, 2012 - not new but felt to share it)
"When an organization starts depending on a single person it is believed as the organization is totally dead", Meles Zenawi.
Meles Zenawi's Younger brother speaking out for the first time - DireTube
As an Oromo,who among the following is your hero?. A) Haileselassie. B) Mengistu Hailemariam. C) Meles Zenawi. D) Jawar Mohammed
ETV News - Tree planting in memory of the late PM Meles Zenawi underway | July 31, 2013
Is it true that Meles Zenawi's photo is everywhere in ? If so, what is the purpose?
Remember Haj Nejib Mohammed? The guy who spoke after Jawar Mohammed...
The daughter of the late PM Meles Zenawi - Semehal Meles is reported to have deposited $5billion in one of the bank of NYC.
Ay ...: Semehal Meles Zenawi, the daughter of the late Ethiopian Prime ... - - For More Click
Must-read. And shame on Susan for her support of Meles regime.
Must-read. And shame on Susan Rice for her support of Meles Zenawi's regime.
Our Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was an icon in african history now on.
This week Meles zenawi 1 year will be celebrated but has any one ever asked what was the cause of his death?
Our Honorable PM Meles Zenawi, this is our reference to keep your legacy we will work hard to (
I liked a video New Tigrigna Poem dedicated to Pm Meles Zenawi by Jornalist Awet
The Meles Zenawi International Center in will be tallest building.
Ethiopia: The Anniversary of the Death of the Late PM Meles Zenawi to Be Observed
I liked a video Meles Zenawi The Comedian - Funny moments at the Parliament
Afar Tribute song for the late prime Minster Meles Zenawi
1st Year Memorial of the Late Meles Zenawi to Be Observed
Late PM Meles Zenawi to be remembered one-year after death - Ethiopian Ne...
The dictator of ethiopan leader . meles zenawi die last year . julay 15 . But the gov't official aug 20 .
It is one month left since we lost our great leader,researcher,deep analyzer,an inquisitive seeke of truth and thinker,PM Meles Zenawi.
1 year ago today: banned newspaper over a frontpage story on of Zenawi
Too often you forget that Meles Zenawi did not = just as Isaias Afterwerki ≠ There are many other actors at work...
Meles Zenawi statue built in Jijiga, Ogaden, Ethiopia. Them Ogaden *** gave up lol
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi today in parliament 20 10 2011 Ethiopian Eth...: via
Like all those dictators, the late Zenawi, sought to make himself larger than life
Oh GOD,congratulation to meles zenawi/m/p/s student's,today are transition time.
I wish the 36 yrs old Meles Zenawi envisioned this and befriended Lencho Leta et al during Transition Govt.
I loved his humorous take down of Meles Zenawi on national TV centuries ago and he's never changed a bit.
Eth n Rw offer Africa a model wd zir growing economy.President Kagame reminds me so much of my late …
Russia Today - A report on the legacy of Meles Zenawi and how the US government backed him the...
ethiotube Meles Zenawi and Why ESAT should report about the US government\'s support of the Ethiopian government
The Meles Zenawi International Centre in will be tallest building.
We miss u'r pm meles zenawi. u great for ethiopia & africa
My favorite speech of about his dreams to . Othr thn eating 3X a day rest are accomplished
Until Meles Zenawi's grave is dug up & DNA test is done, he & TPLF shall remain criminals & must be brought to
Yesterday was the biggest demonstration in Ethiopia since the dead of late dictator Meles Zenawi. I hope Democratic change now!
Ethiopia is an emerging market even tough their beloved and successful Prime Minister Meles Zenawi passed away last year.
Ethiopia Airlines CEO is from the ruling party member and close relative to late dictator of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi! poor CEO!!
I liked a video from Meles Zenawi's discussion with business community Part II
Is it possible that Meles Zenawi might have faked his death after stealing billions through corruption & killing thousands?
US Government's comments on Meles Zenawi desire to use . Global War on Terror against Oromo
I miss Meles Zenawi parliament jocks! I wish i have it in some kind of DVD
Ethiopian PM names new ministers Ethiopia expects 11% growth rate Addis Ababa - Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn appointed 10 new ministers on Thursday in his second cabinet reshuffle since taking office last year, including a new head of customs whose predecessor was arrested on corruption charges in May. Hailemariam, 47, became Prime Minister in September after the death of long-serving leader Meles Zenawi, one of Africa's most influential political figures who ruled Ethiopia for 21 years and steered its economy into double-figure growth. So far Hailemariam has shown no sign of a major shift in policy away from Zenawi, maintaining his predecessor's focusing on business and the economy. Ethiopia wants to boost its manufacturing sector and has been wooing Asian economic powerhouses China and South Korea. It has carved out large plots of land for construction of industrial centres. In parliament, Hailemariam announced Beker Shale as Director General of Ethiopia's revenue and customs authority ...
# Actually he is Right.Like dictator Meles Zenawi robbed. that poor country 3Billion $. However I doubt since Zero Action
The widow of Ethiopia's dictator Meles Zenawi told delegates to the ruling party's conference in Bahr Dar yesterday that the late dictator's monthly salary w...
Meles Zenawi Asres (Ge’ez: መለስ ዜናዊ አስረስ Mäläs Zenawi Äsräs) died in office as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia on August 20, 2012 after a long health battle. He was born as Legesse Zenawi Asres. He changed his first name from Legesse to Meles (nom de guerre Meles, which he later adopted in honour of a university student and fellow Tigrai Meles Tekle who was executed by Mengistu’s government in 1975) while fighting the Russian supported Derg military government. Meles Zenawi was born in the town of Adwa, Tigrai, in northern Ethiopia, to an Ethiopian father from Adwa and a mother from Adi Quala, Eritrea. He completed from grade 1 to grade 8 in just 5 years. He was awarded a scholarship to complete his high school studies in Addis Ababa (Ethiopian capital) at the General Wingate High school. Up on successfully completing his high school in great distinction, he studied medicine at Addis Ababa University medical faculty (at the time known as Haile Selassie I University) for two years ...
If we have to go by today's reporting by Reporter, the Amharic bi-weekly, the next administration of Addis Abeba will led by Diriba Kuma as a mayor with a deputy Prime Ministerial portfolio. Azeb Mesfin, wife of the late Meles Zenawi, Mekuria Haile, minister of Urban Development & Construction, and Diriba Kuma, minister of Agriculture, will be deputy mayors. Challenges lay ahead for the EPRDF, however. On the one hand, losing experienced hands from the federal government structure will create problems. On the other, deviating from the established culture of having one mayor, without justifiable political reason, will be a question to the integrity of the Party. Hence, I doubt the reports.
Just remembered I met meles zenawi's daughter at a club last night lmao
PM Meles Zenawi was fascinated by S.Korea's FAST Economic development. A UK official once said MZ wanted to emulate that.Do U too?
Surely the ANC could have learnt something from the late Meles Zenawi of Ethopia who successfully resisted seductive charms of the IMF.
By doing so, AU members were accepting the late Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi's actions as acceptable practices.
Priceless thank to Walyawochu that keeps their promises to late P.M Meles Zenawi. Unforgetable an Ethiopian coach ever Sewnet Bishaw; thank you so much for all your efforts.
The late tyrant Meles Zenawi left behind a series of time bombs ready to explode and destabilize the region to the utter disadvantage of Ethiopia which has no credible ally except the almighty God and her people as I always say. The decision by the communist TPLF warlords and their puppet Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn to implement the legacy intact is solid proof that draconian problems are waiting to be overcome. All the incendiaries are in place to ignite and unleash havoc to regional stability, inter alia: gross violations of human rights of citizens contrary to UN Declaration on Human Rights and the TPLF constitution; divisive ethnic policy; balkanization into nine ethnic-based federal states; Endemic corruption perpetrated by top TPLF warlords still untouched; give-away of fertile Ethiopian land (Emperor Theodros II has graphically illustrated that a spec of our fertile soil is vital to our national security); the Renaissance Dam: extensive and in-depth cost-benefit analysis including national ...
Ethiopia's utilization of the Nile River is not a Meles Zenawi or EPRDF thing. Beginning with Haile Selassie we fought for greater rights.
I don't think the Egyptians will be any different and I think they know that" -Ethiopia's Former Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi
Rice hugs President Obama and her successor, Samantha Power. (Photo: Alex Wong/ Getty)In her diplomatic career, Rice has fronted for African strongmen. When Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi died last August, she eulogized him as a “true friend,” calling him “brilliant” and describing him as “a son of...
The death of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on the night of Aug. 20 will amount to no less than a...
Umm..has anyone noticed the scary resemblance of Vladimir Lenin to Meles Zenawi?
Mind you this is not a report from diaspora opposition media who probably would make false reports because of their vested interest. This is a report from an independent organization called . The website even showers Meles with praises, among others, "He was one of the most recent literate and forward thinking leaders of Africa." The site obviously has no animosity towards Meles Zenawi but simply is stating the true wealth of Meles. 3 billion dollars is above 55 billion Birr. That is above the national economy of our county. You could cover the entire streets of Ethiopia with this whole lot money. You could probably eradicate hunger from Ethiopia with that money. The new exposé makes Meles Zenawi the richest leader in Africa and among the top 3 leaders in the world. Congratulations to Woyannes! That is a great achievement by our late "great and visionary" leader. Meles sets a great example to all of us on how to make 3 billion dollars out of "a monthly salary of just 4 thousand birr."!
Ethiopia Has Arisen! By Alemayehu G Mariam June 3, 2013 Prof. Al Mariam Tens of thousands of protesters on June 2, 2013 at Ethio-Cuban Square in Addis Ababa (Photo: Courtesy of Bitanya Alemayehu) On Ginbot 20, 1983 (Ethiopian calendar; [5/28/1991]), Meles Zenawi and thousands of his guerilla fighters marched into Addis Ababa toting AK-47s, RPGs and hand grenades. They marched into the capital promising democracy, freedom and liberation from a brutal military dictatorship. The people of the capital welcomed them with some anxiety; but they were greatly relieved to see a regime that had brutalized them for 17 years finally consigned to the dustbin of history. On Ginbot 25, 2005 (Ethiopian calendar; [6/1/2013]), over one hundred thousand young men and women marched in the streets of Addis Ababa demanding the release of political prisoners, religious freedom, respect for human rights and the Constitution and public accountability. They demanded action on youth unemployment, inflation and corruption. They marc ...
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (WIC) - Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said on Tuesday the Ethiopian Youths Sports Academy would enable sports persons to be supported by scientific and professional trainings and register better victories. The Premier made the remark while inaugurating the Ethiopian Youths Sports Academy built on 24 hectares of land at a cost of 290 million birr in Gerji area of Addis Ababa. Hailemariam said beyond the political and economic achievements gained on May 28 Victory, the academy would have a significant role in bringing aspired results in sports. The government would do its best to build such academies in the future, he added. Sports Commissioner Abdissa Yadeta for his part said the construction of the Academy was started in 2007 with the initiative from the late visionary leader Meles Zenawi. He expressed his belief that the Academy which is the first of its kind in the nation would have immense contribution to the growth of sports. Two months later, the Academy is expected to adm ...
Shame on u Elias.very stupid letter to Egyptians. "A message to Egyptians from an Ethiopian Elias Kifle | May 31st, 2013 I understand your concern over the construction of dam on the Nile river in Ethiopia. Egypt’s very survival depends on the uninterrupted flow of the Nile. Every Ethiopian understands that. The so called Renaissance Dam was launched by the late dictator Meles Zenawi and his minority junta to divert the people’s attention from domestic problems. It is also to preempt the people’s desire for freedom and democratic governance. Before the ruling junta launched the project, it didn’t consult with the people of Ethiopia and countries like Egypt who are affected by it. I want the people of Egypt to understand that Ethiopia is ruled by an ethnic minority junta named Woyanne that does not represent the country’s best interests. Any government that represents the interest of Ethiopia would not try to dam the Nile when the country has many other underutilized rivers we can dam for electri ...
Museveni donates $300,000 to Meles Foundation President Yoweri Museveni has donated $300,000 to the ‘Meles Foundation’ which was established in honour of Ethiopia’s late Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi. The Foundation was officially launched at ceremony held at the African Union (AU) headquarters in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa on Saturday, April 5. Apart from Uganda on whose behalf Museveni made the $300,000 donation, Sudan announced it would contribute $2million, South Sudan pledged $1million and Djibouti pledged $500,000. The ‘Meles Foundation’ will serve as a memorial centre to the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s great contribution towards peace, socio-economic development and his lead role in climate change negotiations and environmental protection among others. It was disclosed at the occasion that the Foundation had elected 13 board members, including the former first lady, Azeb Mesfin, who will serve as board president and house of federation speaker Kassa Teklebrhan, who was elected vic ...
Oromia-Ethiopia: The Mystery of the Black Nile December 24, 2010 By Tuji Jidda* A lot has been said about the Abay River and the Blue Nile: patriotic poems have been composed, and beautiful songs sung in their honor; accords signed; major wars fought; and boundaries demarcated. After the recent inaugurations of the highly political Tekeze Dam in Tigray and the Tana-Beles project in Amhara region, the issue of Nile politics has resurfaced once again. Meles Zenawi is touting a renewed possibility of war and is accusing Egypt of backing anti-government rebels in Ethiopia. There is no reasonable ground for Zenawi’s allegations, and his swagger is based on inaccurate facts. This article tries to challenge the correctness of previous opinions of Abyssinian rulers regarding the Nile River. Westerners do not understand the difference between Abyssinian and non-Abyssinian Ethiopia. It was only fairly recently that it was made known that 86% of the Nile’s water originated in the Ethiopian highlands. As the sayi ...
By Katrina Manson in Addis Ababa, Financial Times Ethiopia’s leader aims to maintain tight rein on key businesses * “Meles Zenawi was an extraordinary man ...…
.next Violations of the Oromo Right to Life since 1991 The present Ethiopian regime has been lauded during the last two decades by foreign observers for achievements in terms of socio-political and economic development. Its former Prime Minister, the late Mr. Meles Zenawi, was praised particularly by politicians from the West as a progressive leader who had promoted peace in the Horn of Africa. These views are not shared by the oppressed peoples in Ethiopia, including the Oromo. By and large, the views are contradicted by scholarly reports and facts on the ground. Reports from regional and international human rights organizations such as the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa, genocide Watch, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch also negate the rosy picture of Ethiopia’s socio-political development drawn by pro-regime sources. The following are some of the facts which are overlooked by those who present the yearnings of the leaders of the TPLF regime as an African success story. To start ...
General Constantine Guvheya Chiwenga and his thick plotters against the President, which has managed to rope in Emmerson Mnangagwa after they turned down approaches from Jonathan Moyo's group are currently locked in a meeting with the former Ethiopian dictator and strongman Mengistu Haile Mariam at his Gunhill hideout, getting strategies and tactics of how to stage a coup. Chiwenga who all along was having secret meetings with Mengistu who is in political exile in our country after having been overthrown from power by the late Meles Zenawi used to be President Mugabe's security consultant is now working will Guvheya Chiwenga, Mnangagwa and their team to see how they can usurp power. He is the one who gave Chiwenga what the group term a "masterstroke strategy" when he told Chiwenga and his team to implement the strategy of fielding military parliamentary candidates during the forthcoming elections. Mengistu has assumed a very important and influential role to the group's plans to gain political power. He h ...
Just looking in to his merciless gaze with blank cruelty of a cannibalized warlord sends shivers down the spine of his enemies. Since his master Meles Zenawi died Federal police boss Workneh Gebeyhu has been in sullen and vituperous mood; raging against any opposition to the TPLF. The most feared and hated man in Ethiopia, never seen smiling or talking without angrily raising his fist and punching the air, TPLF warlords see him as an ideal replacement for the self-exiled gun and sex crimes maestro, Bisrat Amare of Columbus Ohio in the US. The iron lady of murky Tigre politics, former first lady Azeb Mesfin still adores Workneh for his ability to defend the TPLF hierarchy and for the role he played in protecting her late husband Meles Zenawi for more than two decades. He is dangerous, extremely unpredictable and erratic with tremendous charisma to terrorize the people. Besides the federal police, Workneh commanders various mobile death squads including the all-Tigre elite Trojan horses known as the Agazit; ...
I was watching the Bono, Gendolf celebritization of poverty & hunger, how they, quote unquote, had to, work with Meles Zenawi
Britain went to bed with Meles Zenawi over the whole Make Poverty History campaign while he killed opposition revolters. Uhuru can relax.
Tigist Weyiso's comment about Meles Zenawi's hair is 1 example. I'm gonna say they do it on purpose. A cry for help kinda thing.
Idea of building Haileselassie's statue, which Meles Zenawi vehemently squashed is now revived: via
I remember late PM Meles Zenawi at least once a day.Thanks to the people who remind us our great leader's birthday.
forget others, Meles' Zenawi's father die a poor man death. I will show you how! Why are TPLF lying and who is growing???
Today is birth day of late pm. meles zenawi.
I liked a video Greatest speeches made by late Pm Meles Zenawi
58 years ago on this day, The Great Leader Meles Zenawi came to this world. He fighted, lived & died for his...
May 09, 2013 - Meles Zenawi's 58th Birthday! Your great name will live on through history!
I liked a video from Meles Belelegn - New music dedicated to Meles Zenawi
I liked a video Song Dedicated to PM Meles Zenawi
Meles Zenawi you are engraved in the hearts of millions. Your rich legacy will long endure. May your soul rest in peace.
May 9, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's Birthday. You will always be missed, and always be remembered. May Your Soul Rest in Peace our Hero.
Is banning the right for is Meles Zenawi's legacy too?
pays a special tribute to Zenawi and were brothers. Had so much in common
To day, May 8, 2013 would have been the 58th birthday of the late PM Meles Zenawi -
- PM Meles Zenawi Interview with Egyptian TV on Nile Sharing - Part 4 of 4 Playlist:
Somalia, Oromia, Afar, people have to unite in order for the late meles zenawi's regime and his followers ruins everything.
Hailemariam Desalegne takes a page from Meles Zenawi playbook
Why not, are you pointing that he is not worth of it or Jesus should have appeared to Meles Zenawi before Tamirat Le-ayne?
ICC must rather focus on the real criminals which includes the dead body of Meles Zenawi. lol
Meles Zenawi = Yenoh Ergib a poem by Alem Feleke, Dire-Dawa, Ethiopia: this is the least i can offer for our b...
'90 Interview of Meles Zenawi: on Independence, Isaias and Eritreans
I just wonder. Did we EVER know PM Meles Zenawi? He's most brilliant student at OpenU. He's MAN UTD die hard fan.
Lessons From the Life of Meles Zenawi,By Paul Kagame,President of the Republic of Rwanda.
Interesting CCTV doc on Meles Zenawi by Tom Kirkwood with civil war memories by yours truly
His name 'Meles' means the 'one who gives back.' Meles Zenawi supported the peasantry during his reign in Ethiopia...
You are another Gual Mekele too. Who knows u might be Meles Zenawi's cousin. :)
Generational shift may shake up Ethiopian politics after Meles Zenawi, writes
Now that Meles Zenawi is dead, its time for me to return to Ethiopia as President and re-federate Eritrea
Last RT: one of the baddies who overthrew Emperor Haile Selassie later to be ousted by a certain Meles Zenawi
But,if Mengistu Hailemariam died of heart attack in Zimbabwe,he would be happy to dance w/th Meles Zenawi in *** settle scores
"African voice can no longer be ignored" - Paul Kagame during tribute to Late Meles Zenawi
President paying tribute to late PM Meles Zenawi at Tana High Level Security in Africa.
After Haile Selassi & Meles Zenawi, finally the last Ethiopian dictator died! Guess who is still standing!
Now on youtube! Tribute to Late PM Meles Zenawi by President Tana High Level Forum on security in
Whatever mistakes Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi might have done,as Africans,we must pay our respect when someone passes away
slams west in a special tribute to Meles
The Prez let the people who elected him down by not speak out against Ethiopian agression,& praises Meles Zenawi
Sad that the prez did not speak out against Ethiopian agression, praises ex dictator Meles Zenawi & ignores Khatumo State.
Whatever next statue for Meles Zenawi in Mogadishu. Shame on you
“Statement By President Hassan Sheikh did he REALLY just thank Meles Zenawi for advocating for peace and security??
Thank you for coming to the Your tribute to the late PM Meles Zenawi was touching and an honour to his legacy
pays tribute to the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi ...
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