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Melania Trump

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California state senator demands to see Melania Trump's immigration documents 🤣CALIFORNIA HAS…
Hot new conspiracy theory: Melania Trump has been replaced by a body double
Melania Trump to donate her inaugural gown: This week, First Lady Melania Trump will…
I can’t imagine Melania Trump saying this, but if there ever were a time to copy Michelle, this would be it.
Melania Trump stepped out in Cefinn, a label founded by the wife of former British Prime Minister David Cameron. https:/…
Victoria Beckham on whether or not she'd ever dress Melania Trump (via
And what the *** was Melania Trump Doing at that Ceremony?. She plays Hockey?
You have to admire Melania Trump. I couldn't have walked up & down all those steps in such high heels without tripping or…
"Hot" 12 yr old daughter of friends & didTrump want to "bang her" ... Melania Trump brought Trump sex tape to view https:/…
Melania Donald Trump lends voice in battle versus Opium abuse at infant healing facility
Melania Trump wears a smart gray pinstripe suit as she and Donald welcom... via Looks into his eyes
Melania Trump responds to Ivana Trump, President Trump's first wife, calling herself "First Lady" https:/…
The office of Melania Trump slams Ivana Trump for calling herself "First Lady"
Melania Trump responds to Ivana Trump calling herself 'First Lady' - CNNPolitics
Melania Trump and Ivana are fighting over who is the real First Lady
Melania Trump slams Ivana for calling herself First Lady
Are domestic feuds also a part of your reality TV WH: Melania Trump slams Ivana for calling hersel…
Ivana Trump's "First Lady" comment prompts curt response from First Lady Melania Trump, White House ht…
Ivana Trump: I'm the First Lady!. Melania Trump: No, I'm the First Lady!. Me: Ladies, ladies, stop fighting. You're both awfu…
Melania Trump is hoping to profit from her 'multi-year term' in the public eye, court papers show
Melania Trump denounced the claim that that Ivana Trump, as Donald Trump's first wife, is the actual "First Lady."
Melania Trump has just launched an unprecedented attack on Donald's first wife
Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana Trump and current wife, Melania Trump, are publicly feuding over the "First Lady" title http…
Laura Bush was the last decent First Lady until Melania Trump.
Donald and Melania Trump reportedly compared life in the White House to being in a Venezuelan jail
This is Lynn Yaeger the FASHION writer for Vogue magazine who put down Melania Trump for wearing high heals on her wa…
President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have arrived in Puerto Rico. Follow along for live updates…
what does Melania Trump, Michele Obama, and Barbara Bush have in come? Reading Dr. Seuss to children. Liz Phipps Soeiro ***
This evening Mrs. Sara Netanyahu called Mrs. Melania Trump to congratulate her on becoming the First Lady of the United Stat…
Ironic: Barbara Bush and even Hillary & Mrs. Obama have read and promoted Dr. Suess to children and it's not wrong until Melania Trump does!
Cecily Strong tells Megyn Kelly she has to go "full drag" to become Melania Trump on
*** is she wearing?Body language experts explain Prince Harry's strange pose with Melania Trump via
'I was lost, but now I've got something'
Is there any meaning behind that odd hand gesture Prince Harry made in photo op with Melania Trump?:…
Trump is finally sending someone to puerto rico a little late!why isnt melania and him going there like texas and Florida people are dying
And you know the only reason Trump would beef with LeBron is 'cos he knows Melania would ride his fine *** dry firs…
Compare that pic to any of him with Melania. Doesn't even compare. He looks like he'd rather be anyw…
Social Media Perplexed By Trump's Remark While Standing Next To Melania. One more reason baby trump thinks women are second best to himself.
Melania Trump hosts her first event in the garden Michelle Obama founded
⚡️ “Prince Harry and Melania Trump meet for the first time ”.
Video clip of Trump making bizarre remark while standing next to First Lady goes viral: via
Donald Trump says he may have a 'psychological problem', admits having 'felt up' Melania in public
'Melania really wanted to be with us': Donald Trump forgets his wife is standing next to him.
In 1993, Melania Trump played the first female U.S. president in a commercial for a Slovenian clothing company.
Trump says he groped Melania in public, Ivanka looks down on him in newly released recordings https:…
Newsweek: Trump Says He Groped Melania in Public. "resembles live stream from boys’ table in a 7th-grade cafeteria."
So what's this all about Dotard? Was Fred Trump Abusive to you as a child?Is Melania not making l…
He needs to be invited to White House for a hero’s dinner with trump and Melania. Just the 3 of them. Love this guy
New Trump tapes with Howard Stern emerge:. h…
Fake news stating that POTUS is on record saying he gropes Melania pblcly. that's not what Trump said at all. He said he was well behaved
Melania Trump and Justin Trudeau’s body language shows THIS about her relationship with the Canadian Prime Minister…
Trump holds the purse strings, Ivanka and Melania will never answer that question.
If only Melania Trump would copy THIS from Michelle Obama...
Melania Trump Hosts White House Garden Event. Not impressed, take sunglasses off & bring yourself down to level of whom your talking to.
I dreamt last night that I was secretly helping Melania Trump escape her cheeto 😣😂
Melania Trump reminds us of everything thats wrong with this presidency in her public appearances
Prince Harry sends a very controversial message to Melania Trump owes FLOTUS an apology
We'll never be defeated as long as we love our country more than the enemy hates her. God bless America Melania…
Trump had to be reminded by Melania to put his hand over his heart during the anthem
Melania Trump and son Barron move into the White House
Experts Explain Prince Harry's Strange Pose With Melania Trump! He should be so lucky to stand NEXT to OUR First Lady! She's lovely.
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Remember when Melania had to elbow trump on the balcony to…
It happened at the White House at the Easter Egg Day. Melania had to…
Melania Trump spoke against bullying at a United Nations luncheon last week. The irony is palpable. -R
LISTEN: Trump says he likes to grope Melania in public — and admits he may have psychological problems
Melania Trump donned a suit for her first meeting with Prince Harry
Melania Trump carries on Michelle Obama's garden tradition
JUST IN: First Lady Melania Trump meets with Prince Harry on her first solo trip outside of the US as First Lady
Melania Trump begins to embrace the First Lady’s platform — finally In her busiest week since assuming the role, t…
Melania Trump: First Lady and Donald wear MATCHING hats as they land in Florida .
Prince Harry snapped with Melania Trump – but can you see what’s WRONG with this pic?.
Melania Trump is no First Lady👎 And her anti-bullying is a joke. She should start with you about bullying
First Lady Melania Trump is expected to meet Prince Harry and Justin Trudeau on a solo trip to Canada http…
See the evolution of Melania Trump: from model to First Lady
Melania Trump meets Prince Harry on first solo trip abroad as First Lady . CLICK BELOW FOR FULL STORY...
WATCH: First Lady Melania Trump meets with Prince Harry at Invictus Games in Toronto
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Thoughtlessly picking on Melania Trump is wrong. Thinking Slovenians are all Melania is also wrong. Here, Slavoj Ži…
Melania Trump's public appearances remind us of everything that's wrong with this country and it's current president
Melania Trump's United Nations speech preached about setting an example for our children and preventing bullying…. Umm…
Melania Trump set to meet Prince Harry at Invictus Games
I added a video to a playlist Melania Trump will take Wayne Newton and ex golfer Nancy Lopez to meet
Melania Trump's UN speech confirms she is the Imelda Marcos of our time
Melania Trump taking a stance on bullying is kinda like Casey Anthonys mom opening a day care center. SMH
Prince Harry is about to meet Melania Trump for the first time
Melania Trump, wife of a notorious online bully, plans to condemn bullying at a UN luncheon . http…
Melania Trump talking about cyber bullying to the UN is like Mike Huckabee talking about being humane to dogs to PETA.
Melania Trump turned heads at the United Nations on Wednesday in New York City wearing a jaw-dropping hot pink dress.…
White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Melania Trump listening to Trump's first speech at the UN. (📷: AP)
Melania Trump calls Hurricane Harvey and Irma first responders ‘guardian angels’
First Lady Melania Trump meets with children at a youth center on Joint Base Andrews https:…
washingtonpost: Melania Trump slowly finds her First Lady persona: More Bess Truman than Jackie Kennedy
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
This is a Croatian billboard. Melania Trump represents the American dream more than any other First Lady has. https:/…
Melania Trump & Heidi Cruz is trending, yall are missing comedy gold here... http…
Vanity Fair outrage: Michelle Obama, not Melania Trump, makes International Best Dressed List and people blame...
Melania Trump wore heels to rustic Camp David
melania trump doesn't care what shoes she wears to a flood zone cuz she thinks she can FLOATUS
VANITY FAIR are sum IGNORANT DELUSIONAL *** who snubbed our Flotus Melania Trump frm their Best…
Just a reminder that Melania Trump was working in the U.S. ILLEGALLY w/ an improper permit, taking away from "well-deserving A…
Ouch, this year's best-dressed list snubs the Trumps and honors the Obamas
Recall This? 09/06/2017║Melania Trump, former model and did not make 2017 best dressed
A deep analysis of Melania Trump’s social media photos reveals a woman in hiding from the world via
There is a base in Norfolk that has submarines with ionic heaters , and NASA is based in DC, they can redirect Irma!
I want to say thanks to Donald J. Trump & Melania Trump for giving to to help
Wow, Trump met with Melania's future father-in-law yesterday. Just waiting for next senior WH appointment.
It wasn't about shoes, it was much more than that. She is devoid of any emotion and reality.
Navratilova became a US citizen in 1981. You nativist need to shut-up. By your standard, Melania Trump is not an Am…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Melania Trump worked illegally in the U.S. as a model. Happy Donald! 😎.
Who wore it best, Melania Trump or Danny Glover?
Melania Trump has no class. That's not how you work hard for the American Dream!
Pres. Trump, Melania Trump, Gov. Abbott join children displaced by at a hurricane relief center in Houston.
First Lady Melania Trump to Texas and Louisiana: "Be strong and everything will be OK"
Which Leading Lady, do you prefer Melania Trump, Princess Diana or Michelle Obama?
Following defence seen for why Melania Trump wore v high heels when flying to Texas. "(They) were worn for the purpose of boarding the plane
Pres. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump touch down in Corpus Christi, TX
JUST IN: President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump depart for Texas
Kim showing Melania Trump how to look like a real First Lady
Melania Trump's full speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention
Forbes names Mark Wahlberg, The Rock and Melania Trump as highest paid actors.
President Trump and Melania Trump viewed the partial eclipse from the Truman balcony at the White House
(WTKR) to skip Kennedy Center Honors : President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump..
They are a disgrace. Donald and Melania Trump to Skip Kennedy Center Honors -
President Trump & Melania will not be attending the Kennedy Center Honors. I knew they wouldn't bother with this even be…
Breaking: Trump, Melania, will not attend Kennedy Center Honors ceremony to avoid "political distraction."
In another major break with tradition, the Trumps will skip this year's Kennedy Center Honors: ht…
Donald Trump to Skip Kennedy Center Honors citing his desire to avoid any honor.
Next week on Trump:. Kelly resigns as Chief of Staff. Mueller charges Don Jr with treason. Justice Ginsburg falls ill. Melania file…
Why would veterans support him when he risks soldiers lives? Donald would have contradicted Kennedy Center Honors
as you can plainly see Melania, only racists & ignorant trump supporters can withsta…
And this list (which leaves out White House Passover seder)
Donald and Melania Trump, citing "political distraction", will not attend Kennedy Center Honors
Showing the man's disdain for anything that's not about money. Congrats to all recipients. .
Donald and Melania Trump will skip the Kennedy Center Honors, in another sign of the president's growing isolation
The Kennedy Center said the White House "graciously signaled its respect” by not participating in its Honors event…
President Trump, Melania Trump won't attend Kennedy Center Honors "to allow the honorees to celebrate without any politica…
Seventeen people just resigned from Melania Trump’s committee in protest
Melania Trump feeling the 'pressure' in First Lady role: via The CURE is plain and simple…
could be saved if lived in DC for just 20 days
Donald and Melania Trump set to skip the Kennedy Center Awards after artists’ boycott.
Donald and Melania Trump said they wouldn't participate in Kennedy Center Honors to avoid "political distraction"
He's not being selfless, he's trying to avoid more rejection. Donald & Melania Trump to Skip Kennedy Center Honors ht…
& Melania Trump will skip Kennedy Center. Honorees said they'd boycott WH reception
Melania Trump is the Honorary Chair of group resigning bc of the President's actions. Note: the first letter of each par…
Senator Rob Portman's official comment on Nazis in the streets consists of agreeing with Melania Trump... enough sa…
Why was Melania Trump's portrait taken in front of the Muppet Babies Window?
All the proof, Marilyn Monroe was a transgender just like Melania Trump. Tran…
Added later? "In God we Trust," "Under God," all the constitutional amendments, and Melania Trump
Ingersoll Lockwood wrote 3 novels in the 1800s: Two about a boy named Baron Trump and another, The Last President: https:/…
Can someone tell me why Melania Trump looks like Orochimaru
If a gold-digger earns her keep every day, Melania Trump works harder than all of Trump's administration and legal team…
Sooner or later, Trump is going to realize that’s just a sack of potatoes in Melania’s bed.
I thought that was Melania Trump in whiteface. They use the same plastic surgeon?
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Ivanka and Melania offended by Mooch. Not offended by Trump's behavior. Ever. I'm sure the $$$ flow has nothing to do with those poor morals
Melania Trump announces her first solo trip as US First Lady. -via
Even Melania Trump has to wear her clothes more than once
I love that he goes out golfing and leaves Melania and Barron behind in the "dump." Unless they sne…
Off topic but do you think Melania and Barron have been living at Trump Tower?
Melania Trump narrative is how Albert Speer became known as the "Good Nazi" and got off ea…
how I picture our country Trump is Voldemort, Pence is Professor Snape's, Paul Ryan as Cornelius fudge, Melania Trump as Dolores Umbridge
BREAKING: Melania Trump now under investigation for her Russian ties & meetings with Vladimir Putin at G-20
Jacqueline Onassis and Melania Trump, two of the most beautiful 1st. Ladies that have ever passed…
Who plagiarised Michelle Obama's speech for Melania Trump tonight at ?
Unsurprisingly, this is what Melania Trump secretly said about North Korea: "Scarce revolutionized survival tips."
Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron offer two different takes on French style in Paris.
& Its so THRILLING to have D.J. and Melania Trump as our President and First Lady! God Bless them an…
(Photos) Melania Trump's parents visit the White House As US First Lady,MelaniaTrump officially moved into the
Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron dined at the Eiffel Tower—and celebrated the occasion in French labels.
Melania Trump dons a red skirt suit from Dior to meet the First Lady of France.
Melania Trump dons a red Dior skirt suit to meet the First Lady of France:
"Melania Trump is the most graceful First Lady so far" . Jackie Kennedy?. Michelle Obama??. Eleanor Roosevelt???. Any of the others?
Melania Trump speaks French with children in Paris hospital
Melania Trump is the best dressed First Lady in history; but Eleanor Roosevelt lit candles in darkness.
So proud of FLOTUS. Absolutely love Melania Trump. First Class. Combo Nancy Regan and Jacki…
Melania Trump was sent in to end the meeting between her husband and Vladimir Putin after it ran overtime
Watch as Trump assumes the handshake by the Polish First Lady is for him but she goes for Melania instead.
Trump to visit Slovenia, country of wife Melania's birth
For First Lady Melania Trump, a pledge to combat cyberbullying followed by inaction.
Melania Trump in flapper-style dress steals the show at Family Photo during concert. Proud to have a First Lady with clas…
Melania Trump LIVED UNDER in Slovenia, knows suffering. . Now returns to as wife of Go…
Melania sent in to break up lengthy Putin-Trump meeting
Welcome to another Resistance Saturday. Do something to annoy Trump today. Perhaps ask Melania if she is missing her…
Tillerson said the two men engaged one another and Melania couldn't pull em' apart! Trump quickly acquiesced over interf…
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If a Trump needs to pose in a skin mag, Melania has the expertise.
Inside the Beltway: Melania Trump shines on global stage with her diplomatic skills, grace - Washington Times
A critic tried shaming me, saying Melania Trump is "stunning" Then it hit me: is using…
First Lady Melania Trump stuns in a bold red ensemble at G20 summit
After a tumultuous start to the G20 summit, Melania Trump stepped out in a flapper-inspired dress.
Cut from the same cloth as Jacqueline Kennedy & Nancy Reagan, Melania Trump is a wonderful Ambassador for the American People to the World !
President Trump to visit Slovenia, homeland of First Lady Melania Trump
"The Photographic Eye of Melania Trump" - an interesting analysis of photographs on an Instagram account
To be fair, it's likely the Polish First Lady shook Melania Trump's hand first according to the de…
WE ALL BELIEVE SHE IS RIGHT!! POOR Melania Trump responds to Mika Brzezinski: You don't know me
Melania Trump fires back at Brzezinski: You don't know me
"Melania Trump and I both grew up in a country that no longer exists.” in the Daily News
WELCOME TO FRANCIKE'S BLOG : Melania Trump returns to the White House to welcome the president:
Melania Trump once said "our culture has gotten too mean.". Congresswoman Jackie Speier says maybe the First Lady should talk to…
Mika Brzezinski is up against Melania Trump who's a real John Robert Powers woman.
Anderson Cooper calls out Melania Trump for not doing anything about cyber-bullying
Melania Trump body language: . Hey Mr Modi, if you liked Donald so much, why don't you…
> | Donald and Melania Trump compete for the spotlight as Scots actress Louise Linton ties the knot …
Melania Trump upstages BRIDE Louise Linton at her wedding to millionaire Steven Mnuchin
Melania Trump says Barron 'loves' life at the White House.❤️
Now in Washington, Melania Trump still no social butterfly - WSIL-TV 3 Southern Illinois - WSIL TV
The president and First Lady Melania Trump brought two bouquets of white flowers to the hospital
Laura Benanti - star of Broadway theater, Supergirl's aunt, and Melania Trump on late night TV. She's terrific!
First Lady Melania Trump and Barron Trump have spent their first night as official residents of the White House:
Despit the ridiculous level of viciousness media lies Melania Trump still is the most beautiful First Lady in American…
: Melania Trump: First Lady makes rare appearance with Barron as they move into White House . MELANIA TRU…
Melania Trump and son Baron are moving into The White House -
Melania Trump shimmies away from Trump's hand yet again..
Thank you America for putting a classy First Lady in the White House, Melania Trump -- Not "Bill Clinton the R…
Melania Trump, son Barron move into the White House
Melania Trump and son Barron officially move to the White House
Melania Trump becomes first woman to live in WH since Bush Family. Barron becomes first boy since Kennedy Jr. 1963. ht…
First Lady Melania Trump, son Barron officially move into the White House
BREAKING: Barron and Melania Trump just moved into the White House. Welcome to DC!!❤️
It’s as Melania Trump, son Barron move to White House
Melania Trump, son Barron officially move in to the White House via
Melania Trump, tyke Barron move into the White House
. Have you seen Mini Melania?. "8 year old girl from Alabama picks Melania Trump for her schools favorite first…
Netizens react as Melania Trump wears Monique Lhuillier gown
President Donald Trump Speech on London Incident with Melania Trump at The Fords Theatre Annual Gala -…
Melania Trump's Sweet Revenge on the Designers That Refused to Dress Her via
Donald and Melania Trump manage to make 'The Handmaid's Tale' even more terrifying.
Melania Trump BANS Monsanto's GMOS from White House. They're too unsafe 2 feed her children
I don't care if this is true, this is just an amazing headline. Also, is at her level best.
Sophie Trudeau Didn't Wear a Veil Like Melania and Ivanka Trump's to Meet the Pope via
Little Giant Ladders
This is Gloria Allred's daughter Lisa. She's lawyer now. Lisa called Melania Trump the "First Ornament…
I wish Michelle Obama bared as much as Melania Trump. 😏
The Travel ban would only be accepted if it was imposed on Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Barron Trump,…
"Thank you for posting this. We needed a good laugh today." . -- Ivana Trump, Marla Maples, and Melania Trump, et al. htt…
Melania Trump Has Reportedly Been Having an Affair w/ Head of Security at the Tiffany & Co in Trump Tower for Years https:/…
Melania Trump with a stern message for Kathy Griffin
Is this the time for me to leak the gossip I know about Melania Trump or should I wait. (And I'm serious btw.)
Melania Trump is no victim. yes, I wondered. free Melania from;. gold bathroom fixtures. fine dining &. haute couture?
They are into the Kellyanne Conway type who can tell a lie at the bat of an eye or a plagiarist Melania Trump
Pope Francis asks Melania Trump: 'What do you feed him?' – video. Well this is curious? She doesn't understand???
PM Netanyahu and Mrs Sara Netanyahu welcome Donald Trump and Melania Trump to the Prime Minister's Residence…
Anti-Donald Trump ads criticize Melania Trump for nude photos in bid for Utah's voters..,.
Melania Trump takes André Leon Talley shopping with her. She wouldn't be cau…
Queen Mathilde of Belgium and Melania Trump walking through the famous Royal Greenhouses at the royal castle in L…
Melania Trump changes into lace to meet Queen Mathilde at Royal Palace. via
Melania Trump reveals she is a devout Catholic after meeting the Pope
In jest, Pope Francis asks Melania Trump if she feeds pastries to the president
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mrs Sara Netanyahu say farewell to Donald Trump and Melania Trump upon…
Melania Trump , most beautiful Flotus in history, meets Queen Mathilde at Royal Palace
Did you confirm to the Daily Mail that Melania Trump is a practicing Catholic? If so…
Melania Trump is the first practicing Catholic in the White House since Kennedy, spokeswoman confirms... -
Melania Trump: first Catholic in the White House since the Kennedys
Good meeting with Donald Trump and Melania Trump at the Royal Palace of
Pope Francis asked Melania Trump what she's feeding Donald
Melania Trump's attire during her Papal visit has sparked some questions
Melania Trump dressed as Hester Prynne standing in photo with the Pope.
If avoiding the touch of your grabbyhands husband were a sport, Melania Trump would be Dikembe Mutombo.
So much spoken with no words. First Lady Melania Trump slaps at President Trump's hand on Tel Aviv tarmac in Israel:
Gucci's creative director says he's cool with Melania Trump wearing his clothes:
Melania Trump gets rave reviews in Saudi press
Melania Trump forgoes head scarf in Saudi Arabia, despite Donald Trump's prior criticism of Michelle Obama for same
Melania Trump refuses to wear a scarf on trip to Saudi Arabia- well done
Ivanka and Melania Trump go without headscarves in Saudi Arabia visit
Saudi Arabia people are acting right now, as they have never seen a woman like Ivanka or Melania Trump.😂👩👸 .
No headscarves for Melania and Ivanka Trump: First Lady Melania Trump and first…
Criticized for not wearing headscarf in Saudi Arabia: Michelle Obama. Not criticized: Ivanka & Melania Trump. Draw your o…
Melania Trump foregoes headscarf in Saudi Arabia, Shakes hand with King Salman
So King Salman of Saudi Arabia shook hands with Melania Trump whose hair flew everywhere. In Nigeria my muslim folks go dey f…
President Trump, Melania Trump and Saudi King Salman visited an art exhibition in Saudi Arabia.
Joe Lieberman has changed positions more times in his life than even Melania Trump, and she used to be a Slovenian Prostitut…
Caitlyn Jenner Saturday night live should have you play Melania Trump. I can't get that out of my head. You'd be awesome.
The 11-year-old is currently living in Manhattan with First Lady Melania Trump.
Will wear a headscarf during her visit to
Happy Mother's Day to Melania Trump! Sorry this is late.
For the naysayers that said Melania and Baron would never come to Washington!
Why Trump didn't spend mother's day w/ Melania: nobody is allowed to steal the spotlight from him. NPD sabotage other people's celebrations!
Melania wasn't at Trump Tower to stay away from him. She stayed back to flush & burn evidence, and sound the alarm. 👀
son Barron and Melania will relocate to the this fall.
Gifts I bought for Mothers Day. Mom- Flowers. Wife- Day at the spa. Melania Trump- Tax money to pay for security while she…
Before we judge too harshly, just think, if you were Melania Trump you'd probably want him at the golf course on Mother's…
She's smartest of all!! Melania wants to b nowhere near D. Trump 👏👏
Trump spent Mother's Day away from Melania. So, he gave her what she wanted.
Melania Trump is 24 years younger to Donald Trump. Brigitte Trogneux is 25 years older to Emmanuuel Macron. No big deal!
There won't be a divorce unless Trump finds a younger woman to marry him for his mone…
We need an independent prosecutor with no personal relationship with Trump. I suggest Melania
Melania Trump: “As an immigrant who grew up under communism I know the value of freedom and equality”
I'm pretty sure Trump was doing Melania a favor by staying away from her on Mother's Day 😂
First Lady Melania Trump announced that Barron will attend a private Episcopal school in Maryland beginning this fall
"Melania Trump celebrated Mother's Day with Barron while Donald Trump played golf." Trump is a one-of-kind jerk!
First Lady: Barron to attend private Episcopal school in MD - First Lady Melania Trump has announced that her s...
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