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Melania Trump narrative is how Albert Speer became known as the "Good Nazi" and got off ea…
how I picture our country Trump is Voldemort, Pence is Professor Snape's, Paul Ryan as Cornelius fudge, Melania Trump as Dolores Umbridge
BREAKING: Melania Trump now under investigation for her Russian ties & meetings with Vladimir Putin at G-20
Jacqueline Onassis and Melania Trump, two of the most beautiful 1st. Ladies that have ever passed…
Who plagiarised Michelle Obama's speech for Melania Trump tonight at ?
Unsurprisingly, this is what Melania Trump secretly said about North Korea: "Scarce revolutionized survival tips."
Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron offer two different takes on French style in Paris.
& Its so THRILLING to have D.J. and Melania Trump as our President and First Lady! God Bless them an…
(Photos) Melania Trump's parents visit the White House As US First Lady,MelaniaTrump officially moved into the
Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron dined at the Eiffel Tower—and celebrated the occasion in French labels.
Melania Trump dons a red skirt suit from Dior to meet the First Lady of France.
Melania Trump dons a red Dior skirt suit to meet the First Lady of France:
"Melania Trump is the most graceful First Lady so far" . Jackie Kennedy?. Michelle Obama??. Eleanor Roosevelt???. Any of the others?
Melania Trump speaks French with children in Paris hospital
Melania Trump is the best dressed First Lady in history; but Eleanor Roosevelt lit candles in darkness.
So proud of FLOTUS. Absolutely love Melania Trump. First Class. Combo Nancy Regan and Jacki…
Melania Trump was sent in to end the meeting between her husband and Vladimir Putin after it ran overtime
Watch as Trump assumes the handshake by the Polish First Lady is for him but she goes for Melania instead.
Trump to visit Slovenia, country of wife Melania's birth
For First Lady Melania Trump, a pledge to combat cyberbullying followed by inaction.
Melania Trump in flapper-style dress steals the show at Family Photo during concert. Proud to have a First Lady with clas…
Melania Trump LIVED UNDER in Slovenia, knows suffering. . Now returns to as wife of Go…
Melania sent in to break up lengthy Putin-Trump meeting
Welcome to another Resistance Saturday. Do something to annoy Trump today. Perhaps ask Melania if she is missing her…
Tillerson said the two men engaged one another and Melania couldn't pull em' apart! Trump quickly acquiesced over interf…
If a Trump needs to pose in a skin mag, Melania has the expertise.
Inside the Beltway: Melania Trump shines on global stage with her diplomatic skills, grace - Washington Times
A critic tried shaming me, saying Melania Trump is "stunning" Then it hit me: is using…
First Lady Melania Trump stuns in a bold red ensemble at G20 summit
After a tumultuous start to the G20 summit, Melania Trump stepped out in a flapper-inspired dress.
Cut from the same cloth as Jacqueline Kennedy & Nancy Reagan, Melania Trump is a wonderful Ambassador for the American People to the World ! featured in NBC s Science of Love
President Trump to visit Slovenia, homeland of First Lady Melania Trump
"The Photographic Eye of Melania Trump" - an interesting analysis of photographs on an Instagram account
To be fair, it's likely the Polish First Lady shook Melania Trump's hand first according to the de…
WE ALL BELIEVE SHE IS RIGHT!! POOR Melania Trump responds to Mika Brzezinski: You don't know me
Melania Trump fires back at Brzezinski: You don't know me
"Melania Trump and I both grew up in a country that no longer exists.” in the Daily News
WELCOME TO FRANCIKE'S BLOG : Melania Trump returns to the White House to welcome the president:
Melania Trump once said "our culture has gotten too mean.". Congresswoman Jackie Speier says maybe the First Lady should talk to…
Mika Brzezinski is up against Melania Trump who's a real John Robert Powers woman.
Anderson Cooper calls out Melania Trump for not doing anything about cyber-bullying
Melania Trump body language: . Hey Mr Modi, if you liked Donald so much, why don't you…
> | Donald and Melania Trump compete for the spotlight as Scots actress Louise Linton ties the knot …
Melania Trump upstages BRIDE Louise Linton at her wedding to millionaire Steven Mnuchin
Melania Trump says Barron 'loves' life at the White House.❤️
Now in Washington, Melania Trump still no social butterfly - WSIL-TV 3 Southern Illinois - WSIL TV
The president and First Lady Melania Trump brought two bouquets of white flowers to the hospital
Laura Benanti - star of Broadway theater, Supergirl's aunt, and Melania Trump on late night TV. She's terrific!
First Lady Melania Trump and Barron Trump have spent their first night as official residents of the White House:
Despit the ridiculous level of viciousness media lies Melania Trump still is the most beautiful First Lady in American…
: Melania Trump: First Lady makes rare appearance with Barron as they move into White House . MELANIA TRU…
Melania Trump and son Baron are moving into The White House -
Melania Trump shimmies away from Trump's hand yet again..
arrivata alla Casa Bianca BBC and thought you should see . Melania Trump and son Barron move into the White House -
Thank you America for putting a classy First Lady in the White House, Melania Trump -- Not "Bill Clinton the R…
Melania Trump, son Barron move into the White House
Melania Trump and son Barron officially move to the White House
Melania Trump becomes first woman to live in WH since Bush Family. Barron becomes first boy since Kennedy Jr. 1963. ht…
First Lady Melania Trump, son Barron officially move into the White House
BREAKING: Barron and Melania Trump just moved into the White House. Welcome to DC!!❤️
It’s as Melania Trump, son Barron move to White House
Melania Trump, son Barron officially move in to the White House via
Melania Trump, tyke Barron move into the White House
. Have you seen Mini Melania?. "8 year old girl from Alabama picks Melania Trump for her schools favorite first…
Netizens react as Melania Trump wears Monique Lhuillier gown
President Donald Trump Speech on London Incident with Melania Trump at The Fords Theatre Annual Gala -…
Melania Trump's Sweet Revenge on the Designers That Refused to Dress Her via
Donald and Melania Trump manage to make 'The Handmaid's Tale' even more terrifying.
Melania Trump BANS Monsanto's GMOS from White House. They're too unsafe 2 feed her children
I don't care if this is true, this is just an amazing headline. Also, is at her level best.
Sophie Trudeau Didn't Wear a Veil Like Melania and Ivanka Trump's to Meet the Pope via
This is Gloria Allred's daughter Lisa. She's lawyer now. Lisa called Melania Trump the "First Ornament…
I wish Michelle Obama bared as much as Melania Trump. 😏
The Travel ban would only be accepted if it was imposed on Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Barron Trump,…
"Thank you for posting this. We needed a good laugh today." . -- Ivana Trump, Marla Maples, and Melania Trump, et al. htt…
Melania Trump Has Reportedly Been Having an Affair w/ Head of Security at the Tiffany & Co in Trump Tower for Years https:/…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Melania Trump with a stern message for Kathy Griffin
Is this the time for me to leak the gossip I know about Melania Trump or should I wait. (And I'm serious btw.)
Melania Trump is no victim. yes, I wondered. free Melania from;. gold bathroom fixtures. fine dining &. haute couture?
They are into the Kellyanne Conway type who can tell a lie at the bat of an eye or a plagiarist Melania Trump
Pope Francis asks Melania Trump: 'What do you feed him?' – video. Well this is curious? She doesn't understand???
PM Netanyahu and Mrs Sara Netanyahu welcome Donald Trump and Melania Trump to the Prime Minister's Residence…
Anti-Donald Trump ads criticize Melania Trump for nude photos in bid for Utah's voters..,.
Melania Trump takes André Leon Talley shopping with her. She wouldn't be cau…
Queen Mathilde of Belgium and Melania Trump walking through the famous Royal Greenhouses at the royal castle in L…
Melania Trump changes into lace to meet Queen Mathilde at Royal Palace. via
Melania Trump reveals she is a devout Catholic after meeting the Pope
In jest, Pope Francis asks Melania Trump if she feeds pastries to the president
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mrs Sara Netanyahu say farewell to Donald Trump and Melania Trump upon…
Melania Trump , most beautiful Flotus in history, meets Queen Mathilde at Royal Palace
Did you confirm to the Daily Mail that Melania Trump is a practicing Catholic? If so…
Melania Trump is the first practicing Catholic in the White House since Kennedy, spokeswoman confirms... -
Melania Trump: first Catholic in the White House since the Kennedys
Good meeting with Donald Trump and Melania Trump at the Royal Palace of
Pope Francis asked Melania Trump what she's feeding Donald
Melania Trump's attire during her Papal visit has sparked some questions
Melania Trump dressed as Hester Prynne standing in photo with the Pope.
If avoiding the touch of your grabbyhands husband were a sport, Melania Trump would be Dikembe Mutombo.
So much spoken with no words. First Lady Melania Trump slaps at President Trump's hand on Tel Aviv tarmac in Israel:
Gucci's creative director says he's cool with Melania Trump wearing his clothes:
Melania Trump gets rave reviews in Saudi press
Melania Trump forgoes head scarf in Saudi Arabia, despite Donald Trump's prior criticism of Michelle Obama for same
Melania Trump refuses to wear a scarf on trip to Saudi Arabia- well done
Ivanka and Melania Trump go without headscarves in Saudi Arabia visit
Saudi Arabia people are acting right now, as they have never seen a woman like Ivanka or Melania Trump.😂👩👸 .
No headscarves for Melania and Ivanka Trump: First Lady Melania Trump and first…
Criticized for not wearing headscarf in Saudi Arabia: Michelle Obama. Not criticized: Ivanka & Melania Trump. Draw your o…
Melania Trump foregoes headscarf in Saudi Arabia, Shakes hand with King Salman
So King Salman of Saudi Arabia shook hands with Melania Trump whose hair flew everywhere. In Nigeria my muslim folks go dey f…
President Trump, Melania Trump and Saudi King Salman visited an art exhibition in Saudi Arabia.
Joe Lieberman has changed positions more times in his life than even Melania Trump, and she used to be a Slovenian Prostitut…
Caitlyn Jenner Saturday night live should have you play Melania Trump. I can't get that out of my head. You'd be awesome.
The 11-year-old is currently living in Manhattan with First Lady Melania Trump.
Will wear a headscarf during her visit to
Happy Mother's Day to Melania Trump! Sorry this is late.
For the naysayers that said Melania and Baron would never come to Washington!
Why Trump didn't spend mother's day w/ Melania: nobody is allowed to steal the spotlight from him. NPD sabotage other people's celebrations!
Melania wasn't at Trump Tower to stay away from him. She stayed back to flush & burn evidence, and sound the alarm. 👀
son Barron and Melania will relocate to the this fall.
Gifts I bought for Mothers Day. Mom- Flowers. Wife- Day at the spa. Melania Trump- Tax money to pay for security while she…
Before we judge too harshly, just think, if you were Melania Trump you'd probably want him at the golf course on Mother's…
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She's smartest of all!! Melania wants to b nowhere near D. Trump 👏👏
Trump spent Mother's Day away from Melania. So, he gave her what she wanted.
Melania Trump is 24 years younger to Donald Trump. Brigitte Trogneux is 25 years older to Emmanuuel Macron. No big deal!
There won't be a divorce unless Trump finds a younger woman to marry him for his mone…
We need an independent prosecutor with no personal relationship with Trump. I suggest Melania
Melania Trump: “As an immigrant who grew up under communism I know the value of freedom and equality”
I'm pretty sure Trump was doing Melania a favor by staying away from her on Mother's Day 😂
First Lady Melania Trump announced that Barron will attend a private Episcopal school in Maryland beginning this fall
"Melania Trump celebrated Mother's Day with Barron while Donald Trump played golf." Trump is a one-of-kind jerk!
First Lady: Barron to attend private Episcopal school in MD - First Lady Melania Trump has announced that her s...
I added a video to a playlist Melania Trump's full speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention
Melania Trump letter to Pam Anderson. Why does her signature look like her husband's signature?
Melania Trump writes letter to Pamela Anderson: "I am grateful for your support"
Trump administration position on Supreme Court case suggests Melania Trump could be deported:
How w/ even a DROPLET of sanity would one compare Queen Noor w/ Melania Trump???
Melania Trump celebrated her birthday in DC, when she blew out her candles, she wished she was married to Barack Obama.
The only thing Queen Noor Of Jordan and Melania Trump have in common is they are both earth signs
Queen Noor of Jordan Says It's Impossible To Compare Her to Melania Trump (VIDEO) via Who would want to? nope!
Pres. Donald Trump pats a U.S. Marine on the back as First Lady Melania Trump looks on in Washington. by Pablo Mart…
If this is true then why does everyone love Michelle Obama and rip Melania Trump?
Melania Trump has upended the role of First Lady in 100 days POTUS gets paid, not FLOTUS. Michelle Obama should have stayed in kitchen.
Happy birthday to Melania Trump, the most classy First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.
Melania Trump's $150 million lawsuit shows that Donald & Family are incredibly illiquid and may well be tottering on t…
Kid Rock has now spent more time at the White House than Melania Trump.
Melania Trump style: First Lady sports RARE casual look on duty with Donald Trump
Salma Hayek wants to hear more from Melania Trump
"Melania Trump read a story and then walked back toward the White House
Melania Trump reminds her husband, the president of the United States, what to do during the national anthem.
Melania Trump had to remind her husband, the president, to place his hand over his heart during the national anthem.
Donald Trump is that disgusting sugar daddy nobody wants to have sex with, I give Melania props for being so brave
Breast Cancer Awareness
"She’s living inside a dark fairytale, and in fairytales women trapped in towers never save anyone but themselves." http…
Melania Trump introduces kids to 'Party Animals' at Easter event
It appears that Melania hits Trump when the National Anthem starts to remind him to raise his hand.
This is great... 'Fairytale Prisoner by Choice: The Photographic Eye of Melania Trump'
"This way, the children of our VIPs did not have to mix with the common children. It's better that way.". http…
Brilliant and haunting: what we learn about Melania Trump from her photos (via
.I recall you demanding be impeached for not putting hand-over-heart.
Melania Trump appeared to remind POTUS to cover his heart during the national anthem at the WH Easter Egg Roll:
Melania "reminds" Trump that his hand belongs on his chest 4 the Nat'l Anthem @ To be fair, they salute i…
Today had to be reminded by to put his hand on his heart when he recited this, his Nationalist...
USA President Donald Trump gets nudge from Melania to raise hand for National Anthem.
Everyone's Talking about the 'Nudge' Melania Gave Trump at Easter Egg Roll, but Look What They're Missing...
U snow trump beat Melania for that nudge
Melania Trump wins $3M for false report that she worked as escort, but Daily Mail still defiant
Melania Trump visits abused kids and it barely makes news, press covers her SHOES!.
Donald Trump (the Great American Patriot) received a not-too-subtle reminder from his wife, Melania (the...
Melania Trump hosted a private Easter Egg Roll exclusively for the rich and powerful
.Melania thanks the military during the at the White House.
And later she reminded him of his name...
That's a subtle nudge from Melania to remind Trump to lift his hand during the national anthem...
*national anthem begins*. Melania & Barron place hands over heart. *Melania nudges Trump to do the same*. *Trump raises ha…
Just gonna say it... Melania Trump is by far the most stunning First Lady in the history of First Ladies! . https:…
Watch Melania nudge President Trump to put his hand over his heart for the national anthem
Melania Trump reads to kids at her first Easter Egg Roll at the White House. "I hope you enjoyed the book!" .
Melania appears to subtly nudge Trump during national anthem, reminding him to lift his hand
First Lady Melania Trump appears to remind Pres. Trump to put hand on heart for national anthem…
Yea...I have fam that worked closely w FBI, FinCen, his $$ ti…
Can you *even* imagine if this had happened with Obama?!?!?. via
First Lady Melania Trump speaks at the White House Easter Egg Roll:
President and Melania Trump host their first annual White House Easter Egg Roll
"Mr. Trump goes to Mar-a-Lago" starring Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, no one as Melania Trump, & Jerry Mathers as the Beaver.
Melania Trump's first act as First Lady suggested she might play the rebel. In reality, she's doing the opposite.
.Melania Trump and have arrived at Excel Academy, a public charter school for girls in southeast Washi…
Tough budgetary choices: paying for legal services for the poor or keeping Melania Trump in New York
Melania Trump wins damages from Daily Mail over 'escort' allegation
Bess Truman & Melania Trump have 1 thing in common: Stay away from Wash as much as possible! - daug…
Melania Trump is ditching the White House's annual Easter Egg Roll. Imagine the outrage from the "right" if Michelle Oba…
IT - Persons: top stories of the day; Melania Trump wins damages from Daily Mai… see more
Melania Trump, US First Lady, wins damages from Daily Mail over allegations that she worked as an 'escort.'
Melania Trump gets apology, damages from Daily Mail over report about her modeling career
Daily Mail to pay Melania Trump damages over modelling claims: Britain's Daily Mail agreed on Wednesday to pay…
Congratulations to Melania Trump on winning a $2.9 Million libel settlement from Daily Mail.
Daily Mail retracted its statements that Melania Trump “provided services beyond simply modeling”
Melania Trump has won a libel case against the UK paper Daily Mail over false claims that she "provided services beyond simply…
Melania Trump gets settlement, apology from Daily Mail |
The defamation case settlements continue: "Melania Trump and Daily Mail Settle Her Libel Suits"
Melania Trump gets settlement, apology from Daily Mail ///
🎉Melania Trump receives a settlement and an apology from the Daily Mail
Melania Trump wins $2.9 million in damages from Daily Mail, gets apology.
UK's Daily Mail to pay Melania Trump damages over modeling claims
Melania Trump wins $2.9m in her defamation lawsuit against the Daily Mail - and they apologized
Daily Mail to pay Melania Trump $2.9 million to settle lawsuits over article via
Melania Trump settles libel case against The Daily Mail who agreed to pay damages and retract allegations
Melania Trump accepts Daily Mail damages of under $3m and apology in libel case
Melania Trump wins damages from Daily Mail publisher
Who in the *** is Christian Siriano? I don't think Melania Trump is going to lose any sleep over this... 😂
Sounds like Christian Siriano is the Melania Trump is elegant and beautiful
Fashion designer Christian Siriano on why he won't dress Melania Trump
See The New York Times Food section - a photo of me with President Trump and Melania Trump on my TV show.
Why does Melania Trump have no influence on her husband? by John Raymond Peterson
Melania Trump & Queen Rania of Jordan stroll through the WH Colonnade before eating lunch and visiting local school:
Anyone know why Melania Trump's portrait was taken in front of the Muppet Babies Window?
People have a lot to say about the ring in Melania Trump's official portrait
White House releases first official Melania Trump portrait.
I really, really want Jennifer Coolidge to play Melania Trump in something. Anything.
Mike Flynn has agreed to testify in exchange for immunity. "Can someone please offer me a deal?" responds Melania Trump.
Vacate Trump Tower: People want Melania Trump to be forced to leave New York City
Melania Trump has been declared Queen of America --Her duties will include special assistant to special assistant--includes no salary
Melania Trump: 250,000 sign petition demanding First Lady move to White House or pay for Trump Tower security
Mike Pence won't eat meals with any women who aren't his wife while Melania Trump refuses to eat with anyone who is her hu…
The amount of money it cost to protect Melania Trump for a single day is 3x more than what the average black family make…
Melania Trump presents award to activist Rebecca Kabugho of
Melania Trump holds speech at the International Women of Courage Award
Melania Trump awarded 12 Women of Courage. Her husband wants to keep some of them out of
First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump twinning with her stepdaughter.
"Wherever women are diminished, the entire world is diminished with them." Melania Trump, speaking at the State Dept https…
Melania Trump's speech at the State Dept honoring women made no mention of her husband
Melania Trump highlights women's empowerment in a keynote speech at the State Department
First Lady Melania Trump at the State Department: "The era of allowing brutality against women and children is over" https…
Melania Trump presenting International Women of Courage Awards. is just WRONG and insulting.
Brave of Melania Trump to present the International Women of Courage Awards when her husband hates both internationals a…
Melania Trump speaks at International Women of Courage event. To be fair, being married to Donald must be horrifying.
.Melania Trump delivers remarks during International Women of Courage award ceremony. Watch now on Fox News Channel. h…
Melania Trump: Fight for women's rights. Sean Spicer: Melania was not talking about Maxine Waters, Sally Yates, or April…
Fascinating --> In New York, searching for the reclusive and elusive Melania Trump
Why the *** are U.S. Taxpayers Footing the bill for Failed Marriage?. 30Mil per Month for Melania to live in…
Nunes has spent more evenings with Trump at the White House than Melania.
Melania Trump’s being asked to leave the Big Apple
Two months after her husband took took power, Melania Trump remains largely AWOL
Petition for Melania Trump to move to White House or pay own security tab hits 100K
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Petition says Melania Trump must live in White House or pay for NYC security
I've looked at papers from Betty Ford & Rosalyn Carter. I can't imagine the disaster & fluff of the Melania Trump papers.
Seniors won't eat, but Melania Trump, in her golden tower, costs the taxpayers millions. Who thinks this is OK?
The most costly Welfare Queen in the USA is Melania Trump who costs the taxpayers $3mill/day to stay at the top of her…
In rare public appearance as FLOTUS, Melania Trump reads a Dr. Seuss book to children at a NY Hospital in honor of National Re…
Melania Trump, occasional First Lady, $180 million/year. Barack +Michelle Obama, 2 for the price of one $400K/year. Which is better deal?
Aren't any of the professional feminists going to disavow Bow Wow commenting about 'pimping out' Melania Trump? . I'll w…
Melania Trump is an immigrant:. WHEN DOES HER BUS LEAVE?. via
Dan Savage, anti-bullying activist, bullies Melania Trump as ‘ugly on the inside’ .
The Most Beautiful First Lady of the United States...EVER, Melania Trump. God bless you.🌹
Taylor refused to attend the First Lady, Melania Trump luncheon for because she does not support Trump. https:…
Melania Trump is the best First Lady America has had in a long time...
Melania Trump delivers her first speech as FLOTUS in classic Ralph Lauren:
I agree w/Melania Trump's not a 'princess in the tower locked up by the orange ogre'. She's laffing all th…
Leftists savaged Melania Trump for reciting Lord's Prayer, but "Allahu Akbar" is to be respected. Let that sink in. https…
Melania Trump in bizarre hospital visit: Is this why she's out of public eye?
tbh I think Melania Trump feels more trapped in the White House than R. Kelly did in the closet
Is anyone investigating Melania Trump as Russian connection? Talk about hiding in plain sight. BTW, is she legal? Never had presser in Aug.
Anne Graham Lotz praises Melania Trump for Lord's Prayer reading at rally: "Thank you, Melania Trump, for your... https:…
Michael Kors makes it clear he didn't dress Melania Trump for
Michael Kors commented on Melania Trump wearing his designs
it sounds like Melania Trump thinks we live in Fern Gully
Melania Trump compared to Joan Collins in a £8,800 outfit at Congress joint session
Get all the details on Ivanka and Melania Trump's Congress Joint Session outfits:
Melania Trump sparkles in Michael Kors for joint address - ABC News - via
Melania Trump glitters, literally, in Michael Kors at joint address to Congress via
Melania Trump literally glittered in Michael Kors at
Well, with the way Conway is perched on the oval office couch we know who's blowing Trump when Melania hides in NYC
THE INTERPRETER: CNN attacks Melania and Ivanka Trump for being thi...
When the Highest Court in the Land sees... MELANIA TRUMP.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Melania Trump literally looks just like Madison Ivy
First Lady Melania Trump arrives for President Trump's address to Congress
First Lady Melania Trump and making the First Lady Classy, Elegant and Beautiful Again! So Blessed to have our First Lady & Family!
Melania Trump hosted her first official White House party via
Sequins in Congress: Melania sparkles for Trump's speech.
please don't hold me accountable for my ex husband. Trump hit on reporter while Melania was pregnant and he's pres.
So you Legalized California Child Prostitution? How can you wanna be Melania Trump wear white? You have blood on your hands.
Thank you for your column on our First Lady. It is appreciated!
he said immigration should be merit based. I asked Trump what exactly was the contribution of Melania except a Fake degree?
If that’s the fashion statement the Democrats intended to make, it’s a very scary one.
First Lady Melania Trump wore Michael Kors again for address after other designers boycott her 
With the money it takes to protect Melania Trump in New York for a MONTH (30M), NYC could house ALL its 16,000 home…
Yay! Melania Trump's photo is in the Museum of American History First Ladies exhibit! Inauguration dress not here yet http…
So true.😂 I can imagine Trump dashing towards the lifeboat, leaving Melania behind, just like he did during pre-Inaugura…
Melania Trump is clearly so proud of her husband, as we all are.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Gorgeous First Lady Melania Trump was applauded as she arrived at Congress to hear President Trump's "Big…
When Melania Trump wore white the media claimed it was scary. Hate to think your white lawmaker message is. Terrifying!
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