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Melania Trump

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Brown immigrants = bad. White =good. obviously. "Melania Trump would have been deported under new immigration rules."
Melania Trump refiles Daily Mail lawsuit after removing all mentions of profiting from being First Lady
Melania Trump just removed all references of her plan to profit from being First Lady from a lawsuit
Melania Trump. Opens her speech with the LORDS PRAYER We are a Christian country let us no…
Liberals bash Melania Trump for Christian prayer but are Awe struck in 'cat-nip' like reverence towards Muslim prayers! http…
.I guarantee you know what Jacob Bernstein called Melania Trump last week but you don't remember 'flexibility'?. Sure.
The male reporter, Jacob Bernstein, who called Melania Trump a "Hooker" is the son of Nora Ephron and Carl Bernstein (…
NYT Carl Bernstein son Jacob called Melania Trump a "hooker" in public ! Didn't go over well !
Reporter who called Melania Trump a 'hooker' has finally owned up Sue them for 500 millions…
Politicians are demanding to see Melania Trump's immigration documents
Melania Trump opens with The Lord's Prayer. This lady is SO refreshing after Michelle Obama! BEAUTIFUL!.
Melania Trump begins her introduction of President Trump by reciting the Lord's Prayer, I don't remember Michelle Obama ev…
Of course she is. Look at who she married-->Report claims Melania Trump is 'miserable' as America's First Lady:
Melania Trump debuts as White House hostess alongside Netanyahus
Melania Trump begins her First Lady revolution with a hashtag via
Melania Trump Fast Facts - Here is a look at the life of Melania Trump, wife of the 45th US President Donald Tr...
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Melania Trump lawsuit says being First Lady is 'once in a lifetime' money making opportunity
Melania Trump looks STUNNING in her lovely Ralph Lauren outfit. Sophia Theallet, your services will not be required for the…
'When it comes to power-crazed partners, we have a lot in common', Andrew Turner tells Melania Trump on official visit to Roud.
What did Melania Trump hope to gain from becoming FLOTUS?
At $400,000 a day, it'll cost the nation $548,000,000 to keep Melania Trump in New York City for four years.
Melania Trump has received an apology and a substantial sum of money over claims she once worked as an escort.
Melania Trump says escort story stopped her from making millions as First Lady -
Melania Trump says being First Lady could mean millions for her brand -
Melania Trump sues over lost millions
Sophie Turner's response to name a better duo that Donald and Melania Trump has made my day!
Melania Trump claims she lost millions after Daily Mail story calling her 'elite escort' - New York Daily News
Throwing Shade at Designer Ralph Lauren Dressing Hillary Clinton, Melania Trump - Lacey on First Lady in White House htt…
Melania Trump views being First Lady as a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity for her brand
Melania Trump sues the Daily Mail for $150m over 'lies' about her past
Melania Trump sues the Daily Mail using the specific argument they prevented her from cashing in on being FLOTUS.
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Melania Trump admits to plans to illegally profit from her Husbands Presidency in lawsuit against Daily Mail.
The Daily Mail should sue Melania Trump for treating it like a john.
In which Melania Trump admits her intent to illegally profiteer off the presidency in her legal pleading:
Melania Trump has re-filed a libel lawsuit against the corp that publishes Daily Mail's website, this time in NY.
Melania Trump: Libel kept me from cashing in as First Lady via
Melania Trump's lawyers admit she hoped to cash in on being First Lady by selling clothes and fragrances
President Donald Trump dances with First Lady Melania Trump, at The Salute To Our Armed Services Inaugural Ball in…
Why did Donald Trump and Melania Trump wear red in Palm Beach?
Credit where credit's due, Melania Trump may mark a turning point in the retrograde "feminine" responsibilities of the First Lady
CA lawmaker demands proof of Melania Trump's immigration status in protest of Trump's exec orders
Melania Trump: 18 things you might not know about President Donald Trump's wife
Big slob Trump wants his female staff to look like REAL WOMEN, AKA hot tarts! Stepford wife Melania is a great role model!
Our great is moving to the White House this summer! We're lucky to have her!.
UPDATE: Melania plans move to DC this summer...
Disappointing! Depositions might have made best reading since Starr Report...
No, we're taking about the 400k-1M PER DAY it costs to keep Melania in Trump Tower, PLUS their own vacations.
oh furthermore, Melania has a right to take care of their son, you will just cherry pick.. it's funny to watch
The est. security cost for Melania living 200mi away from Trump is double the annual budget for the National Endowment…
I overheard Melania tell Donald: "No! Pretending to like you full time EXTRA. I see tax returns. You can't afford.". https:…
If we're deporting people, can we deport Melania Trump. She's an immigrant and she stole good ol Michelle's job.
Melania Trump hires her chief of staff
Melania insists on living inside her Trump Tower penthouse at tax payers expense WHAT IS REAL LIFE ?
Melania Trump says she'll move to the White House in 3-4 months. Wow. Talk about extreme vetting...
It's ironic and funny given on immigration and his tantrums over Obamas birth, that this is now happening.
How victims of Narcissistic abuse behave
Melania Trump vanished from public view days after her husband's swearing-in 2 weeks ago
Trump & Melania expected @ Red Cross Ball in PB on Saturday, which is raising $ to help those affected by travel ban https:…
Judge dismisses Melania Trump's £120m case against Daily Mail over 'racy' past
The Trumps are nothing if not tradition-breaking.
Is Melania Trump secretly part of the resistance?.
Melania Trump libel claim tossed, judge rules case cannot be refiled in Maryland.
Over 100,000 visas revoked. Was Melania's revoked?? NO WAIT!! Trump married an illegal and she got away with it. .
For let's all recognize Melania Trump for her performance of Michelle Obama's speech
The cost of $1 million a day for Melania in NYC doesn't include any travel. This weekend VACATION for will c…
Mabe she refused to and Trump fired her.
Subsidizing 1 month of Melania Trump's stay at Trump Tower = subsidizing 1 month of Section 8 housing for 30,000 famil…
Trump: Lose the attitude or get the D. Melania: Oo I kinda like that idea-. Trump: Deported
Trump is going on his first taxpayer-funded vacation this weekend, which will cost ≈$3 million & Melania's security already…
Trump probably thought they were all Melania's credit cards.
California State Senator has called for the release of Melania Trump’s immigration papers:
Can y'all please look at Melania's face when Trump turns around 😂💀😭
Melania Trump staying at Trump Tower instead of the White House:$182,500,000/year. Budget National Endowment for the Art…
Trading in a tower for the White House: Will Melania Trump move to Washington soon? ^Salon
Melania Trump may permanently stay in Trump Tower and not move to White House: report
Y'all I just realized that they was saying Caitlyn Jenner looks like Melania Trump on South Park 💀💀😂
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Nicolas Cage as Donald Trump. Jeremy Irons as Vladimir Putin. Kevin Spacey as Mike Pence. . A Woolworths mannequin as Melania Trump.
Melania Trump will reportedly have a glam room in the White House.
Appalled at how Vanity Fair compared Melania Trump to First Lady, Jackie Kennedy. Melania exemplifies: The best trophy wife to plagiarize.
Melania Trump can proceed with libel lawsuit, judge says. Does this mean can sue
Melania Trump prevails over blogger in round 1 of libel suit. Also is suing Daily Mail in London for similar story https:…
From Reagan, to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and now to Trump and Melania Trump! Poor Uncle Sam!
Bill just looked at a nude pic of Melania Trump
Joy Behar - Melania Trump pushing the racist narrative that Barack Obama was an illegitimate president.
What if best friends and Norma Cook use their GoFundMe to drive their Ford Thunderbird cross-country to save Melania Trump?
Donald Trump and Melania Trump during Pamela Anderson Joins Donald Trump for Birthday Celebration an
oh and bash Melania Trump all you like but the lady speaks 5 languages. let that sink in for a min. how many does Michelle Obama speak? yeah
Melania Trump classic First Lady Chelsea Handler cant deal with it
Chelsea Handler has good looking hair. Too bad there's so little brain underneath it. Melania Trump is really quite intelligent.
Chelsea Handler accused of immigrant shaming Melania Trump via you are fool
Watch: says she won't interview Melania Trump. . Also: Chelsea Handler is still in the US after promisin…
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Melania Trump's face DROPS after Donald faces her at inauguration - Daily Star
Chelsea Handler does not have a college degree and Melania Trump speaks five languages
Ha! It's meant to be Albert Steptoe and Melania Trump - I forgot to put the title on.
Melania Trump: Secret Lives of the First Ladies: Strange Stories and Shocking Trivia From Inside the White House: >>
Melania Trump is simply the most beautiful First Lady in American history. She brings a Sophia Lauren look to the White H…
Melania Trump has some NERVE! What is it when even people who just got off the boat can deign to talk down the "N" in the White House?
Melania Trump definitely loves her husband and is very happy to be here
I can't hep but think that Melania Trump is an abused spouse.
hey actually i don't wanna see you cyber-bullying Barron Trump, happy-slapping Richard Spencer or *** shaming Melania Trump
On her 12th wedding anniversary, Melania Trump returns to New York, Barron in tow.
"I would be very traditional. Like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy. I would support him." -- Melania Trump, First Lady.
Jackie Kennedy on Inauguration Day in 1961 and Melania Trump on Inauguration Day in 2017
Melania Trump channels Jackie Kennedy on Inauguration Day
Melania Trump channels Jackie Kennedy as decides it may be a good idea to give 1000% support to th…
Jackie Kennedy vs Melania Trump. Beauty is finally restored to the White House
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Melania Trump vs Jackie Kennedy, who wore it better
Melania Trump gave Michelle Obama her speech back.
Melania Trump's dress is a collaboration between herself and Hervé Pierre, former creative director of Carolina Herrera
Can people just stop dissing Melania Trump because she's an immigrant? She speaks English just fine. via
Melania Trump look like she gunna go try and win the tri-wizard tournament
Melania Trump: Regardless of politics, the poor creature reminds me of a modern day Wallis Simpson. Nowhere to run !
Ralph Lauren see their shares soar thanks to Melania Trump.
United States Army Staff Sergeant Jose A. Medina dances with First Lady Melania Trump during the Salute to Our Arme…
Melania Trump looked like she was gonna go try and win the tri-wizard tournament
Melania Trump's full speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention..
Melania Trump: "We will fight. We will win. We will make America great again."
President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump take their first dance. What a beautiful couple!❤️ .
"From the moment the First Lady, Melania Trump stepped out in the baby blue cashmere frock from Ralph Lauren, America…
JUST IN: President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrive at the
Melania Trump was dressing like Jamie Kennedy not alma coin from the hunger games
Men AND women can't take our eyes off Melania Trump channeling Jackie Kennedy at inauguration | Daily Mail Online
Melania Trump's hometown in Slovenia marks inauguration
I don't want to see Jackie Kennedy and Melania Trump in the same sentence ever again
HORNY Bob Beckel licked his lips and said of FLOTUS Melania Trump:. "Oh she's gorgeous, I'll tell you. Amazing."
New First Lady Melania Trump dresses in Ralph Lauren for Inauguration Day...
Melania Trump instead of Hillary Swank in Million Dollar Baby. (appropriate title perhaps, but very opposite women)
President Obama kisses First Lady Michelle Obama on the cheek as they await Pres.-elect Trump and Melania Trump's arrival at White…
the woman next to Melania Trump looks like a stretched face Linda Gray/Stefanie Powers.
Melania Trump going for the Jackie Kennedy look 🙌🏼
Melania Trump straight killin it in that sky blue cashmere cropped Ralph Lauren jacket *** honey!
I told my husband this as soon as I saw Melania Trump! 👌🏼
Losing followers on ig bc I say that Melania Trump looks great in Ralph Lauren.So far for tolerant liberals.Stop bu…
Melania Trump in the sky blue Ralph Lauren ensemble got it right, simply spot on... Priorities people, priorities!
Gotta admit Melania Trump looks very trendy and classy in her blue Ralph Lauren outfit.
After weeks of speculation, Melania Trump has cast her first fashion vote:
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Evoking Jackie Kennedy, Melania Trump steps out in Ralph Lauren ensemble
Melania Trump went with an all-American favorite for Inauguration Day.
Melania Trump debuts sky blue Ralph Lauren Inaugural outfit...and an updo! via
Melania Trump and Karen Pence have made their way outside the US Capitol for the ceremony
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama welcome President-elect Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump to the White Hou…
Why the fashion designers refusing to dress Melania Trump are surely American patriots - South China Morning Post …
Media comparing Melania Trump to Jackie Kennedy seriously shows how far our media culture has slid into the abyss.
Summer Zervos compared to Melania Trump. Thats like eating at a five star restaurant and then eating out of a garbage can behi…
My top 5 would be Jackie O, Rosy Carter, Michelle Obama, Frances Cleveland, and Melania Trump in no order
CNN reported today that Melania Trump as First Lady, vows to take on cyber bullying. She might wanna start with her husband
Melania Trump's makeup artist responds to designers who refuse to dress the future First Lady.
Who will dress First Lady Melania Trump for inaugural balls?
Incoming First Lady Melania Trump faces 'political fashion police'
It should be a crime for Cecily Strong to make Melania Trump this attractive
Donald and Melania Trump's 2005 interview as newlyweds (CNN Larry King L... via
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Carolina Herrera says it's an honor to dress Melania Trump
I think the biggest winner after tonight will be Melania Trump who can finally call herself the First Lady instead of the…
FUN FACT: Melania Trump will be the first First Lady that all Evangelical Christians have seen naked.
Time to go purchase myself some cologne. Dolce&Gabbana catches heat 4 Instagram post about future FLOTUS MelaniaTrump https:…
Someone said dragging Melania Trump for plagiarising is anti-feminist. So I said so is not acknowledging black women's int…
IMO if Melania puts her hand over her heart at the appropriate times, she'll be a better than Michelle ever was.
screwing TRUMP used to make melania quesy until she discovered 'the art of the deal' (self-administered tasering beforehan…
What comes to mind is that scene in "Pretty Woman" where Julia Roberts walks back into the stores where they...
Omarosa just officially got hired at the White House as someone who vaguely looks like Michelle Obama to be a role model for Melania Trump.
At last an honest assessment of Melania Trump by someone who really knows what he is talking about re her fashion…
dressing Melania trump? Nothing like a couple of *** dressing the dumb wife of the next Hitler.
I can't believe melania trump invented the quadratic formula
DOLCE & GABBANA catch heat for Melania praise...
Melania Trump is a High paid prostitute
I'm definitely no fan of Trump, but I think it's unfair to attack Melania just because she's married to the moron.
Still waiting on press conference from Melania trump , press conference on business .Won't happen
From cakes to slippers, Slovenia stirs 'Melania' hype.
Stefano Gabbana took credit for Melania Trump’s New Year’s dress on Instagram
So strange that Melania Trump won't move in and Donald Trump won't stay over the weekends. That's not normal.
Her dress was pure classic. Simple black dress is not sexy. .
Meet our new First Lady Melania Trump
So on Friday, will we finally find out what Trump knows that other people don't about hacking? WIll Melania show her papers…
Just when you thought we were at peak stupid:.
I can't help but think Barron's sad/mad/sad face & state of mind doesn't JUST come from trump> think Melania lacks…
Melania Trump proves that we currently don't possess the technology to make robots replicate human emotions and characteris…
Dolce & Gabbana catches heat for Instagram post about future FLOTUS Melania Trump
You're insinuating that this gorgeous portrait is't a LEGITIMATE use of charity income, How would Trump ge…
70-year-old Donald Trump plans to grope underage entertainers at the as Melania is "too old now" a…
It doesn't matter what Melania wears She looks gorgeous, 200% better than the gorilla Michelle
Watching my beautiful wife, Melania, will it take for African-Americans and Latinos to vote Trump=SAFE!
All purpose parts banner
-Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump pose for a portrait on April 14, 2010, in New York City. (Regine Mahaux - Getty Im…
Leaked video of Michelle Obama talking to the Donald and Melania Trump in the White House
Is there is price tag for Melania Trump to show up with Donald Trump? Is she being paid to stand next to him like a…
Donald and Melania Trump attend Christmas Eve service in Florida church where they were married 11 years ago
People have the Right to believe!. Last night, when arriving for Eve services Donald Trump & Melania Trump g…
Melania Trump, who's currently suing a publication for defamation, says her goal is to protect the First Amendment
Donald and Melania Trump got a standing ovation after arriving at Christmas eve services
My nephew just said he want Melania Trump to make school lunches great again.
Olivia Wilde cuts hair to avoid looking like Melania Trump
Kellyanne Conway says Melania Trump will "make an amazing First Lady"... So why is Ivanka Trump taking on the duties of First…
Sean Spicer in July, citing My Little Pony to argue that Melania Trump did not plagiarize her convention speech.
Andre Leon Talley distances himself from Trump, says "I don't want Melania Trump to fail"
Donald & Melania Trump are basically Caleb & Julie [Cooper] Nichol from the O.C.
What did Tom Ford refer to Melania Trump as? Something like, a low grade escort with poor taste in men.
Melania Trump wants to be a 'traditional' First Lady like Betty Ford. Good luck with that. The future First Lady...
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I've also seen them. I find Melania Trump to be a pure embarrassment. She's also done girl on girl photos.
says it would be an honor to dress Melania Trump as First Lady.
Designer Carolina Herrera to offer her services to dress Melania Trump as the future First Lady of the US
Liberals make fun of how Melania Trump looks and speaks..Do that to Michelle Obama & you're a racist.
Rosie O'Donnell Apologizes to Melania Trump for Autism Comments via as if anyone cares what says.
Melania Trump is threatening to sue over the YouTube video speculating that her son has autism
Tom Ford (who dressed First Lady Michelle Obama to meet the Queen) has declined to dress Melania Trump. . "She’s not n…
Tom Ford doesn't think Melania Trump should wear his clothing:
Tom Ford doesn't want Melania Trump in his garments, but it's nothing personal.
Tom Ford reveals he refused to dress Melania Trump via
Melania Trump is a gold digger people will not like her as Frist Lady.
Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford refuse to dress Melania Trump
Tom Ford was refusing to dress Melania Trump well before our dystopian nightmare began
Ford won't dress Melania Trump but "That, I thought, was appropriate...and it was an honor" to dress Michelle Obama
Ahead of his time: Tom Ford refused to dress Melania Trump years ago
Tom Ford on why he won't dress Melania Trump |
Tom Ford basically said that Melania Trump is not glamour. Bless.
Tom Ford declined to dress Melania Trump before the election by via
This smug: Tom Ford disses Melania Trump, he never expected what followed
LOL! So what do you say about fashion designers refusing to work with Melania Trump?
14 fashion designers on whether they'd dress Melania Trump as First Lady
From Diane Von Furstenberg to Marc Jacobs, designers reveal how they feel about dressing Melania Trump.
But Jacobs didn't hide his feelings: "I have no interest whatsoever in dressing Melania Trump. I didn't see...
how about NOT spending $1M daily on Trump Tower to take care of Melania & Baby Trump. Send them to the White House.
I LOVED impression of Trump. We can never stop making fun of these people. Laughter is now the only…
Melania Trump threatens to sue over ‘autistic son’ video, letter calls Rosie O’Donnell bully for sharing it
Melania Trump and attorney Charles Harder threaten to sue YouTuber over comments about son
Melania Trump Threatens to Sue Creator of Video Insinuating Barron is Autistic via
Melania Trump stop it, Barron was always a main target in school, you know this, he has no friends because he's emotionally…
Donald and Melania Trump's 10-year-old son is 5 foot 10?? Sheesh! "I vill crush you" *in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice*
Melania Trump should grow a thicker skin, but she won't because that would mean eating
By Melania Trump's own words, we'll have a teenager at the White House for the next four years.
.is completely right and Rosie O'Donnell is a disgusting, argues
Of course, I always loved fashion - and I was always the tallest one...
Just remembered my dream!! I was doing my incars to get my license & Trump was my instructor & Melania was there & we had the same sweater!!
I've seen pics of him groping Ivanka, Trump Jr holding a severed tail, Melania naked, and this is the picture that upsets…
You GO > does not know when the bull is enraged-get the *** out of the way.
President Trump and Melania will pass laws to protect you Ms. Tara!
Number one, liberals didn't attack Barron, no one did. If Trump is such a tough guy, he needs to quit whining...
YouTube user behind the video says it "will be deleted in 24 hours and I will publish a full retraction and apology"
The liberal media has no morals at all. They called Melania Trump, incoming First Lady, a prostitute and thought... https:…
Here is designer Sophie Theallet open letter re her refusal to dress Melania Trump in the White House
Fashion designer Sophie Theallet, who has dressed Michelle Obama, pens open letter refusing to dress Melania Trump
you are so right.. however.. I really don't see Melania Trump dressing like Michelle Obama.
Tommy Hilfiger: Designers ‘Should Be Proud' to dress Melania Trump and shouldn't get 'political about it'
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Melania Trump is a designer's dream. I would design a dress for her. I'm not famous better than Sophie Theallet.
Tommy Hilfiger says: Designers should 'be proud' to dress Melania Trump
Tommy Hilfiger insists 'any designer should be proud' to dress Melania Trump | Daily Mail Online
Designers should “be proud” to dress Melania Trump, says Tommy Hilfiger.
Melania Trump [should have got a medal yesterday for beating Bill Clinton for the job at the White House]
Tommy Hilfiger doesn’t get why people wouldn’t want to dress Melania Trump. Let me educate him.…
Tommy Hilfiger says designers 'should be proud' to dress Melania Trump via
Tommy Hilfiger: Designers should be 'proud' to dress Melania Trump
Tommy Hilfiger doesn't get why people wouldn't want to dress Melania Trump. Here's why:
Tommy Hilfiger: 'Any designer should be proud' to dress Melania Trump
mocking is "Melania Trump doesn't know how to give speeches" not "I can't wait for that ape Michelle Obama to leave the White H…
Gigi Hadid imitates Melania Trump at AMAs Racist rant against immigrants and whites. . It's ok.. Cuz she's black
Gigi Hadid imitates Melania Trump at AMAs i will never watch ypu guys again. Gigi u should be ashamed
Gigi Hadid imitates Melania Trump at AMAs: While hosting the 2016 American Music Awards…
Just read that Melania Trump wants to address cyberbullying as First Lady. . God is real and loves irony.
‘Fluent in ghetto’: Officer fired after comparing Melania Trump to First Lady Michelle Obama | BizPac Review
Melania Trump had ZERO interest in being the actual First Lady. She's lazy and entitled.
should be First Lady. not Melania Trump!
Queen Elizabeth II to Invite Donald and Melania Trump to London for Official Visit
Gigi Hadid doing an impression of Melania Trump while hosting the American Music Awards.
I do hope Barron's parents are paying attention to his Melania Trump not moving
The Queen 'will host Donald and Melania Trump' at Windsor Castle
ABC NEWS: Melania Trump will collaborate with an interior designer of her choice to add personal style to the White Hou…
Melania Trump seems to have better taste than those fashion designers who world seen on Michele Obama.
Oh, please! Melania Trump on her worst day dresses better than Michelle in the freak show designer creations of the past 8yrs
This fashion designer is refusing to dress Melania Trump
Designer Sophie Theallet calls for fashion boycott of Melania Trump
Fashion designer urges industry to refuse to dress Melania Trump:
French designer Sophie Theallet vowed never to design a dress for Melania Trump. I also vow never to dress Melania.
Melania Trump, a reluctant campaigner, has been on the trail more lately
Melania Trump reminds me of Lily Munster, her son reminds me of Pugsley Addams, and Giuliani reminds me of Al Lewis(Grandpa).
W.Va. mayor and friend excited Melania Trump will replace "ape in heels" Michelle Obama
The irony of calling Michelle Obama an 'ape in heels' is that it is factually accurate. Melania Trump will also be an…
Melania Trump is honestly iconic she married a man for money and now she's the First Lady. The most successful sugar baby in h…
What kind of First Lady will Melania Trump be?
So this election is a little more fun! Who dressed better while campaigning: Ivanka Trump or Melania Trump? Vote! https:…
Michelle Obama an "ape in heels"? Melania Trump "classy and dignified"? I have no idea who Pamela Ramsey Taylor is but i…
Not hating on Melania Trump, but why isn't Michelle Obama classy enough for Pamela Ramsey Taylor? Because she's black? "a Ape". Really?
Melania Trump vows to take on cyberbullying as First Lady
Melania Trump will become just the second foreign-born First Lady in US history
The lady who is posting pictures of Melania Trump and passing comments on Melania Trump being FLOTUS is a self proclaimed Feminist,
As a Slovenian-American, I am ecstatic that the famous people who represent us are Anthony Jeselnik and Melania Trump...
A look into Melania Trump's social media accounts
Actual footage of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump meeting today
First Lady Michelle Obama and Melania Trump met over tea at the White House today.
Jimmy Kimmel: Michelle Obama said to Melania Trump, "welcome to the White House" Melania said, "Welcome…
Donald and Melania Trump and Mike Pence meet with GOP leaders on Capitol Hill
IT’S GONNA BE BIG: Donald and Melania Trump made their first official trip to the White House on Nov. 10 for some quality time with Preside…
Donald and Melania Trump walk alongside Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence to a meeting at the Capitol htt…
While Obama and Trump talk in the Oval Office, Michelle Obama will give Melania Trump a tour of the WH. That's gotta be so…
From Betty Ford to Melania Trump: America's most fashionable first ladies
🚨🚨 BREAKING MUSE 🚨🚨 . ©Meredith McIver, SPOX for Melania Trump, confirms that she did in fact receive a degree from Electoral College 🚫🎓
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