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Mel Gibson

Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson, AO (born 3 January 1956) is an American born but Australian-raised actor, film director, producer and screenwriter.

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And forgive Mel Gibson already! He's too talented to only be able to be in a movie every 5 years.
incld's 5.5 acre estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean for $17.5M .
Mel Gibson doing Echo and the Bunnymen karaoke?
Look inside Mel Gibson's Medieval-inspired Malibu home, now on the market for $17.5m
*Does a search* Oh my god, you're not joking. That *i…
Mel Gibson has been my top crush since the first time I saw mad max and this photo didn't change my…
I must admit I love the William Wallace statue at St…
If you're a Christian then he might be saying if someone is a Christian then in turn well .. Passion…
So Donald Trump and Mel Gibson walk into a bar..
The patriot & Brave Heart . This has to be my favourite Mel Gibson's movies
Mel Gibson is his dad in daddy's home 2😂
Mel Gibson's Malibu mansion goes on sale for $21.3 million. .
I think that was Homer Simpson's rewrite of the Mel Gibson version...
Ok...Woody Allen, Mel Gibson, and Roman Polanski. First choices were relevant to today's news. . And…
EXT. WESTERN TOWN - DAY. CHARLIE FORD, early 20s, anyone other than Mel Gibson, trots into town on a stunning white steed.
Idk how such an awful film got such an A list cast. Amber Heard, Lady Gaga, Sofia Vergara, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Antonio Banderas...
Mel Gibson as Turdhat. Dolph Ludgren as Esta. Kenan Thompson as Fen. Bonus: Charlie Sheen as Sauce in a cameo part.
You know who else might wind up with a cult someday? Chris Brown. Charlie Sheen. Mel Gibson. Bill Cosby. Donald Tru…
2. Like Chris Brown, Mel Gibson, + Charlie Sheen. There are people out there that have allowed R Kelly to thrive. Remember them…
I'm a guy so I don't get his hotness. I dunno about him as an actor. I know Mel Gibson is a much be…
Angry dudes were faithfully written and directed by Mel Gibson so I shake my head at Family Guy reruns on the CW.
Mel Gibson would totally be that one guy who tips way too low and gets mad when you call him out on it
Mickey, you go right on defending Mel Gibson. He's a brilliant actor, terrific director and very nice guy. Team Mel for life
Now commencing astral projection into Mel Gibson's rugby shirts in "Tequila Sunrise".
It's unrealistic that Mel Gibson didnt have a beard in Braveheart. Like a guy living im the woods in the 1300s has time to shave every day?
Me: "I feel like Mel Gibson could play a good Johnny Cash." . Jacob: "That's the guy from Mortal Kombat right?". Me:
The first picture looks like Mel Gibson
I never knew why that French guy was in the Mel Gibson movie “The Patriot” until cleared up they were our allies...
True face of Guy Leboeuf . Film career in the toilet. He can sit next to Mel Gibson in the irrelevant line
Seriously though, how many of you actually thought this guy wasn't a Mel Gibson style *** . Anybody? Hello?
Remember when Mel Gibson had a mullet and ponytail in Lethal Weapon 3? 😆
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Monster, starring Mel Gibson and Richard Dean Anderson. Directed by M Night Shyamalan, music by Cornershop. Budget: $2m
imagine if Wes Anderson did blow and married Mel Gibson, and then they did a Lifetime movie
Watch the first trailer for featuring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, John Lithgow, and Mel Gibson!:
Mel Gibson + John Lithgow join the family in the first trailer for 'Daddy's Home 2'.
Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell pass the baton to Mel Gibson and John Lithgow in the trailer for
.mark_wahlberg, welcome Mel Gibson and John Lithgow in trailer
.welcome Mel Gibson and John Lithgow in trailer
Watching the amazing 1987 by Richard Donner with Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Gary Busey
There are three Golden Rules of history: Mel Gibson is wrong,. Andrew Roberts is a fool, and you never, ever invade Vie…
I hate nerds, specifically those who bash Snyder and not say Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, or someone like Mel Gibson.
Mel Gibson and Danny Glover stand back to back in the poster for Lethal Weapon 3. 😂😂
Lmao! Poor guy needs a super hero movie with Tim Allen and Mel Gibson.
So no one excuses Chris Brown's behavior but Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson, Woody Allen, and Danny Masterson are all in the clear?
Glad we forgave Mel Gibson's action because he made an overcooked melodrama about how great it is to be Christian. he's a HACK-saw Ridge.
None of them really got off the hook. Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Roman Polanski, Johnny Depp, they all h…
Mel Gibson reunites with partner Danny Glover at tribute event for Lethal Weapon director Richard Donner
We're waiting for Mel Gibson. I think he's on safari rn
Diane Keaton on her Mel Gibson 'crush' and AFI honor: 'It's the wedding I never had'
Dude. Mel gibson never really came back or proved anyone wrong. Lol
Saw Hacksaw Ridge last night and it was so good. Mel Gibson is one *** of a director
Diane Keaton talks about how it was to work with Mel Gibson in the movie Mrs. Soffel
: "Blood Father" good action, witty dialogue, A+ cast, underrated film starring Mel Gibson. Watch this movie!
I feel like Mel Gibson. Always saying & doing dumb stuff to get myself in trouble then proving all the naysayers wrong with huge comebacks.
This is what made Sessions, Trump, Mel Gibson, or Paula Deen stop being racist?. Why are Berners so obsessed with c…
Mel Gibson Tells Stephen Colbert the Advice He’d Give to his Younger Self: ‘Shut the F—k Up’
I think USA history is a recent German colony clash southern France slaughtering Indian Nation land oil food water We left at Mel Gibson
Me and some friends used to bark "GIVE ME BACK MY FACE" to each other like Mel Gibson's line from Ransom
New post: Diane Keaton on Her Mel Gibson "Crush" and AFI Honor: "It's the Wedding I Never Had"
6:20 AM PDT 6/8/2017 by Andy Lewis Ahead of receiving the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award, the star recounts...
'Late Show': Mel Gibson Advises Younger Self to "Shut the F--- Up": The actor-director would love to know whi...
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Too old for this! Lethal Weapon Mel Gibson reunites with Danny Glover via
Mel Gibson, Woody Allen...did she date Bill Cosby too?
WATCH: 'Lethal Weapon' reunion with Mel Gibson, and Rene Russo! -
*** And I pulled a Mel Gibson in one night.
I think he'll be too busy with Gotham City Sirens, I'm excited or the sequel as long as Mel Gibson isn't directing it
rare comedy vid from Mel Gibson on set of Lethal Weapon 2
same w anything w Casey Affleck, Mel Gibson, Woody Allen, the list goes on.
Mike Tyson (an actual world champ who beats women at home?), Charlie Sheen (ppl use drug abuse as an excuse lol), Mel Gibson...
Congrats ted, you win. Contest is popular celebrity to despised. Mel Gibson has nothing on you.
Immigrant-Life Art Political Based on Contemporary Literature set in the Victorian Era about Fame Directed by Mel Gibson
I dislocated my ring finger and tried to slam it back in place, just like Mel Gibson in "Lethal Weapon." Didn't wor…
When I wake up, I'm like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon 1.
I'm thinking Joaquin Phoenix is purposely TRYING to look like Mel Gibson...
Non-inclusive emojis are robotically written and directed by Mel Gibson and I jive on a Latino Tyler Perry.
Shakespeare: What if I want Mel Gibson to play Hamlet forever?. Jonson: Ugh, Bill. Gross. You're better than that.   10% Off
Watching Pocahontas and can't help but think that Mel Gibson as John smith was perfect casting. He's still a racist.
Trump to give speech to Muslim world. Next up Mel Gibson addresses the Jews and Paula deen talks black lives matter.
*sighs longingly* it wasnt so long ago when Mel Gibson was the standard-bearer for crazy
At 11:15 is showing Point Blank. Great movie with Lee Marvin & Angie Dickinson was the basis for Payback the awesome Mel Gibson movie
Happy birthday to the biggest legend to come out of Scotland since Mel Gibson. Arise, Sir Andy Murray!!! . I salute you.…
Can just admit he takes performance enhancing drugs at times? Apparently he got Mel Gibson to partake. Walberg is such a bag.
At this point John McCain is about as much of a "maverick" as that film with Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson.
On recalled steamy moments with Mel Gibson and Warren Beatty: (via…
Wait... Mel Gibson could have directed Good Will Hunting?. You can watch the whole interview with on Matt…
Had an incredibly good dream about a sex romp comedy involving early 80s Mel Gibson and Paulina Porizkova.
Leave Suicide Squad 2 to Mel Gibson. Guy Ritchie would be more apt for The Flash or Shazam.
uh yeah! That's straight from the mouth of Mel Gibson..
Mel Gibson was blacklisted for a decade for antisemitism. Colbert just launched a scripted homoph…
Mel Gibson and Ashley Johnson on the set of What Women Want.
My Earth Day plans include blasting Colors of the Wind outside the White House, John Cusack style. If it made Mel Gibson see the light...
Mel Gibson nominated for best picture this year? Try and get it together Ben. Oliver St…
William Powell lead three games to one versus Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson. I know he racist but Im sure he still would pay for everything and Amy Shumer is too *** aggy for my t…
"Buzzfeed is to journalism what Mel Gibson is to cultural sensitivity."
If you're including Mel Gibson and Clint Eastwood, that just makes your argument null and void!
I haven't been outaged by Pepsi or a dude thrown off a plane. I was outraged by Mel Gibson not winning Best Director. I'm doi…
Gibson threw ashtray through a wall in movie meeting
In addition to the crazies at Breitbart, Fox News, Drudge & Alex Jones, the va…
Watching Logan with my mom. She really thought old looking Hugh Jackman was Mel Gibson for like half the movie.
What do Paul Verhoeven and Mel Gibson have in common? VASTLY different protrayals of Christ. Tune in to episode 36!.
New post (Mel Gibson threw ashtray towards wall in the course of 'Braveheart' ...) has been published on !nfin ... -
I think this would be perfect casting. Even better if they have either Mel Gibson or George Miller at the helm.
New post (Mel Gibson threw ashtray in opposition to wall during 'Braveheart' ...) has been published on !nfini ... -
Mel Gibson threw ashtray while negotiating for 'Braveheart'
Would you rather heal Jesse Tyler Ferguson or coil Mel Gibson
Coming this Fall to theater's near you: "Steeple Chase: Passion of the Cops." Directed by Mel Gibson.…
I liked a video Robert Downey Jr asks forgiveness for Mel Gibson
When the Uber driver says u remind him of Mel Gibson making his pre-battle speech in Braveheart.
Like tv show. Crawford as Riggs doing crazy has shades of captain jack sparrow. Not the same wild eyed Mel Gibson crazy
Pete Ham and Ted Nugent and Mel Gibson and Russell Crow is something not to be
O_O That's... scary. But then, the Roman Catholic church and Mel Gibson's Catholicism are pretty good e…
I have always loved Mel Gibson. I tend to look at someone's life as a whole, rather than one comment, before...
Look what conservative actor Mel Gibson has been doing as the media mocked him for years. All this time and the...
I liked a video Mel Gibson on why Hollywood is like a kidney, his faith, his beard and comeback
Asked missing cat her fav actress: "Meowl" Merle? Merle Streep? Asked her fav actor: "Meowl" Mel? Mel Gibson? I guess she's on TMZ now.
best war drama so far. Nice one, Andrew Garfield, Vince Vaugh, Luke Bracey and Sam Worthington! 👏🏼 Mel Gibson!
I dunno why but I'm guessing Mel Gibson or Kirsty Alley
I have no idea what movie is on right now but theres an EXTREMELY YOUNG Sir Anthony Hopkins & Mel Gibson & maybe Liam Nesson?
Tony Hadley.with all the subtlety of a Mel Gibson movie.
I'm about to watch Franco Zeffirelli's 1990 film version of 'starring Mel Gibson in the lead.
I should have seen that coming. No cracks about saucy leather or Sam Jackson, please. No Dolph Lungren or Mel Gibson either.
Mel Gibson's beard is pretty tight. He's going up on my Beard Wishboard. Right next to Kurt Russell and Walt Whitman.
How did man not know Tom Hanks? Then say Mel Gibson was Liam Nelson?😂😂
Sam: I'd like to be Mel Gibson from Braveheart and bring freedom to the students at the University of Portsmouth
All goofs & spoofs aside, has anyone ever seen Ben Carson and Mel Gibson in the same room at the same time?? 👀
This has been on my mind since the oscars so Ben affleck was accused of sexual assault and was still awarded an oscar, Mel Gibson was
Kyra Sedgwick describes a "perfect combination of Mel Gibson and Holden Caufield" which... yikes
THE MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL: Mel Gibson. Jimmy Smits. Ensemble cast. Oddball flick. Make sure you have a good bottle of wine han…
Sam Worthington and Ryan Corr star in the incredible story that is Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge. See it in cinemas now. https…
Rosalind caused quite an internet stir when she arrived with parter Mel Gibson — who is 35 years her senior.
I think would be really good. Also Bruce Willis, Kurt Russell, Mel Gibson or maybe Tommy Lee Jones
Wow, look at Mel Gibson at the not beating a woman or spewing racist epithets or blaming Jews for war. He's so presi…
While everybody was talking about Mel Gibson being let back into the industry, Sam Worthington sneaked back in.
Mel Gibson is so hot in the first mad max but what the heck where is he now
Mel Gibson describes girlfriend Rosalind Ross giving birth to their child: "She was like a professional." 🤔
Mel Gibson seen for the first time since assault charges were dropped
Stories of white redemption:. Mel Gibson. Casey Affleck. Hulk Hogan. George W. Bush. Jeff Sessions. Yesterday's monsters are today's…
Baby love: Mel Gibson and girlfriend Rosalind Ross stepped out in Santa Monica, California, a d…
Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross Hit the Red Carpet for the First Time Since She Gave Birth (to Gibso...
Creepy fact: . Rosalind Ross was 5 years old when her boyfriend Mel Gibson won Best Picture & Best Director for Bravehe…
Glad to see two of the best back where they belong. Mel Gibson & Micheal J Fox!
Mel Gibson shares the first pic of his 5-week-old son & he is ADORABLE!!
Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughan, two dudes who at least appear to have denied the cult of Hollywood.
Anyone else know that Rosalind Ross (married to Mel Gibson) is from Aptos?
Best Director nominee Mel Gibson wore a Giorgio Armani black one-button shawl collar tuxedo to the
Mel Gibson, 61, attends Oscars with girlfriend Rosalind Ross, 26. "Not a bad idea," said Stefano, 60 something, who just gave me his number.
I immediately knew this was Mel Gibson's girlfriend because he's a racist skeez and I'd expect nothing less.
Lol I see the academy trying to look more ~progressive~ but yet they still support trash like Casey Affleck, Mel Gibson, Woody Allen etc
Helen Buday as Savannah Nix, Angelo Rossitto as Master & Mel Gibson as Max Rockatansky in Beyond Thunderdom…
Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross arriving at the Critics’ Choice Awards
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I added a video to a playlist Mel Gibson & Rosalind Ross first ever attend Oscars 2017
Mel Gibson's epic reaction to GF Rosalind Ross' post-baby body at the
Well, the Mel Gibson stuff is obvious, but here's the scoop on Casey.
I think Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughan represent really bad values and they have no special talent. That's why I shudder.
Everyone realized all at once that Mel Gibson's date was his girlfriend, not his daughter
Mel Gibson is 61 and his girlfriend, Rosalind Ross is 25. That's a 36 year difference or, two years older than I am.
Mel Gibson is always exactly one drink away from hate speech and you can feel it
I love that Mel Gibson is back and Jimmy Kimmel is having fun joking about him. :) oh and !!! Is on!! Go C…
Just a reminder that Mel Gibson is a terrible person.
An industry that has re embraced Mel Gibson and nominated Casey Affleck doesn't deserve to do that much back patting.
how much cocaine do you think Mel Gibson did tonight
Don't forget Mel Gibson is a horrible person:
Mel gibson's teeth are the same colour as his face.
Is that Mel Gibson's youngest daughter? No, it's the mother of his child. Just 35 years apart
Mel Gibson is back because holocaust deniers are so hot right now
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Can the camera people stop cutting to Mel Gibson? Asking for a friend. And the whole entire universe. KthxBye.
Everybody is getting too loose with Denzel tonight. Everybody is too nice to Mel Gibson tonight.
Jeff bridges and Mel Gibson are probably sulking in their seats.
Every time they mention or show Mel Gibson, it makes me cringe. STAHP HE'S A RAAACIST DUUDE DO NOT WAAANT.
Now Only If Mel Gibson Strikes a Deal with Warners for that Rumored DC Movie it'd Be Fun Slaying All those Candy As…
just stating a fact. Like the fact that everyone forgives that & bigots like Mel Gibson
Want to feel old? When Mel Gibson was punching his last wife in the teeth, his new wife wasn't even born yet.
If the Oscar cameras show me Mel gibson's lizard face one more time, I will not be held responsible for my actions
The best part of Kimmel’s OJ joke was Mel Gibson laughing while the rest of the crowd booed.
"Hacksaw Ridge" - a brave film about a pacifist serving in WWII and the battle of Okinawa. Mel Gibson's redemption. Yes, belie…
Just a reminder: Mel Gibson said "Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." This is why everyone loathes him.
Mel Gibson's smiling face in the front rows is currently the reminder of this institution's moral bankruptcy
Gotta respect Mel Gibson for just taking the beating tonight. Taking it with a smile.
I'm surprised that Mel Gibson allowed any sort of mixing.
That moment you find out that Mel Gibson's date is his new wife and not his daughter.
Mel Gibson pretending he's offended by an OJ joke.
Mel Gibson looks like the terrorist Hollywood invited just to mess with Trump's head
Anytime there is a camera shot of Mel Gibson, you can look at this lovely pic instead!
Every time Mel Gibson shouts the n word, an angel gets its wings 👼.
Mel Gibson looks more racist as he's aged.
Mel Gibson just flashed the racist Pepe hand gesture at the Oscars. Mel Gibson is signaling to the Alt-Right.
Mel Gibson looks like a villain who just stole candy from a child
Mel Gibson proves that being a drunken anti-Semite won't stop you from rising to the top. Inspiring.
If a woman had a drunken, abusive episode like Mel Gibson had that time, would she be at the Oscars today? Asking for a frien…
So funny how quickly Hollywood forgave Mel Gibson for this
Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross step out for five weeks after welcoming son Lars
Mel Gibson has 35-yr head start in life on Rosalind Ross, mother of his newborn child? Her parents are thrilled wit…
Mel Gibson & Rosalind Ross hit the Red Carpet for the first time together after giving birth to their son!
Casey Affleck () is a serial rapist, and to ruin the Emma Roberts and Mel Gibson are also th…
From my point of view should be taken today Awards😀. Hacksaw Ridge : Andrew Garfield : DEV PATEL : EMMA STONE : NAOMIE HARRIS : Mel Gibson
New movie review! Chris gives his opinions on Mel Gibson's academy award nominated
1) they actually talked about Mel Gibson. 2) the Casey Affleck joke
when will Casey Affleck and Mel Gibson be read for the filth they truly are?
Can't wait to watch Brie Larson and Isabelle Huppert kill Casey Affleck and Mel Gibson at the Oscars
MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME. I miss the days when I could watch Mel Gibson in a film without being reminded how he's the WORST!
Mel Gibson may be an *** but Hacksaw Ridge is a fine film about a true hero. Loved the anti-war slant of...
on what Mel Gibson and Martin Scorsese have in common
Dear Lethal Weapon without Mel Gibson & Danny Glover is not Lethal Weapon, Prime Suspect without Helen Mirren is not Prime Suspect
In other news, Mel Gibson found out that his direct line ancestor is William Wallace; sorry Scotland.
Breakfast Show Early Bird Quiz = Which singer joined Mel Gibson in the movie Mad Max: Beyond The Thunderdome?
Kids in the Hall, Thanks Hitler - YouTube. . We will be watching Mel Gibson doing this soon...
80) Hacksaw Ridge is a movie directed by Mel Gibson, based on a true story, and it stars Andrew…
Mel Gibson to make film in Italy soon - Actor, director accepts award at Los Angeles-Italia Festival
is up next for Best Picture Festival! Interested to see how Mel Gibson did this one.
Much like Mel Gibson's character in the Patriot, the Providence Hall Patriots are putting forth a gallant effort. South Sevier up 13-11
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Rachel Griffiths reveals why she worked with Mel Gibson | Daily Mail Online
Steve Megatron is joined by TFG1 Mike as we discuss life, Mel Gibson, Geeky Guilty Pleasures, Star Wars The Last...
Trump is the least antisemitic person he knows, although he only knows Steve Bannon and Mel Gibson.
Cons: Mel Gibson's accent. Danny Glover's whole family visiting him while he's in the tub *** ). Gary Busey's horse teeth.
All I want is Mel Gibson to direct suicide squad 2 and team up with Danny Glover to do lethal weapon 5! Is that to much to ask for Hollywood
omg could y'all imagine? Danny Glover and Mel Gibson on ? I'd laugh till I would be amazing.
Warner Bros. courts Mel Gibson to direct sequel
What's the deal with Mel Gibson? Doesn't Brooks have enough guitars? Who ARE these people?
She could be the bar singer when Mel Gibson, Michael Richards and James Woods get drunk.
Mel Gibson was excellent as Moore, but I think my favorite character was the CmdSgtMaj played by Sam Elliot, with no mustache...
Now wants us to find audio of Chris Pine doing impression of Mel Gibson for material.
'Hacksaw Ridge' review – Mel Gibson's war drama piles on the gore
Breaking news Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn glare through Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes…
Mel Gibson at the Oscar Nominee Luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (2017).
Don't miss Mel Gibson's Academy Award-Nominated starring the incredible Andrew Garfield in cinemas now. htt…
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yeah but conventional wisdom also says don't be a racist *** and Mel Gibson and Casey Affleck are up for Oscars so
Mel Gibson might be a bit of a *** but he's also an exceptional director. is excellent, with Hugo Weaving particularly good.
This is just like the upcoming Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn drama except good and way more attractive.
Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn are teaming up again for an upcoming film titled Dragged Across Concrete. [ 83 more...
"Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn making a movie together about police brutality" I don't think I even have words to begin a…
Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson together isn’t appealing, it doesn’t matter what the premise is
Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn speak about new film: Hacksaw Ridge
Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn speak about veterans and Hacksaw Ridge at DAV'... via
"Conservative actors Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn are set to star in a police thriller titled Dragged Across Concrete”
Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn will portray cops in a movie about police brutality
Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn to share the screen in a new police thriller.
Vince Vaughn, Mel Gibson reunite for police brutality movie
Remember the look of hate for leftists on the faces of Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn?. Now they are about to start dropping…
Conservative actors Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn to star in movie about cops out for revenge
'Beyonce's babies deserve better than... a world where Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn play antihero racist cops'
Just in, Matthew considers invitation to join Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn in India for their new Bollywood careers.
And it gets framed as *respectable*. Mel Gibson or Roseanne Barr or whomever goes off into some bizarroworld rant,
The plot of Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn’s police brutality movie sounds questionable
"...hope you get raped by a pack of *** - Mel Gibson
Hollywood thinks it's a good idea to cast Mel Gibson in a movie about police brutality
This let us thank Mel Gibson for helping to teach women their place.
How is Mel Gibson still a prominent figure in Hollywood?
Actually Diana your taste in movies is Troubling and your fond of Mel Gibson hmmm I wonder why??
So 10 years is the time Hollywood needs to forget about antisemitism.
Trump had a bad phone call with Australian PM. The good news is maybe it'll get Mel Gibson deported.
Wow that Mel Gibson film is dreadful
A president with ties to neo-nazis randomly picking fights with Australia marks the most conflicting moment of Mel Gibson's…
Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn to unite for a thriller called Dragged Across Concrete. I guess we're giving *** a second chance this year.
Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn to star in gritty crime thriller about police
Trump is so racist, Mel Gibson got nominated for an Oscar and nobody even noticed
Mel Gibson's Oscar-nominated Hacksaw Ridge marks his return to the director's chair for the first time in 10 years.
As begins, we remember how great Mel Gibson was with Danny Glover in all four LETHAL WEAPONS.
Mel Gibson is an schizophrenic but we told some truths about Zionists. And finally the Pope is evil
With Mel Gibson being brought back in the movie industry, do you think another Lethal Weapon could happen?
Mazel tov, Mel Gibson, you're having your best week in a decade.
9. 1.Leo Getz: I love Lethal Weapon 2 and 3. That’s how good Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are. cont. . .
with you 100%! Spot on!! And the Oscar goes to Hacksaw Ridge!! Andrew Garfield and The one and only MEL GIBSON!
Should've realized it was going to be a bad week when Mel Gibson was nominated for an Oscar.
I thought Mel Gibson pulled this down with his truck in one of the Lethal Weapons...
Um... Besides Mel Gibson? I think they are the two biggest. Kat would probably know better than me.
In Lethal Weapon 2, who takes care of the dog that Mel Gibson lives with in the camper by the beach while he chases the bad guys?
the real question is what movie they're going to watch... probably a Mel Gibson movie. I bet its a Mel Gibson movie.
what a surprise, Mel Gibson doesn't know what women want.
Ben Affleck is now my 2nd favorite actor. 2nd after Mel Gibson, of course.
Confessions: I STILL get Mel Gibson and Tom Hanks messed up
I want to know what movie. It could show us his state of mind. I'm guessing the Mel Gibson movie...
Deeply moved. Hope this wins best picture. Thank you Mel Gibson for sharing Desmond Doss' story. What a remarkable…
i am now watching Hacksaw Ridge. it feels very 2000 oscar movie. but boy mel gibson sure does enjoy filming violence.
One of the best war movies ever made. Mel Gibson has done it again in Hacksaw Ridge.
By the way, Nate Parker, Casey Affleck, Mel Gibson, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski - all have different crimes and misdemeano…
Thank you Mel Gibson for another faith based movie. ❤
Hacksaw Ridge was great got me thinking of Mel Gibson movies and now it's time to pop in one of the greatest ever
i hate Mel Gibson but the movie is good
I think i just saw a man with a neck tatoo of Mel Gibson.
- simply the greatest war film of all time. Mel Gibson is a master of his craft. Period.
In honor of I am proud to announce my latest cabinet appointee, the new "ambassador to the Jews," Mel…
.So, White House position on Holocaust is same as Mel Gibson and his antisemitic dad's: Lots of people killed, some were Jews
Obviously evolution seems risible to him,he thinks we evolved from Neanderthals & that Mel Gibson is the apex human
With Mel Gibson who is now back better than ever we like to remind you that Blood Father is now out on DVD. Great...
Hacksaw Ridge: first hr is a slow burner but it pays off in the end. stunning story telling, stunning visuals. Mel Gibson MUST get the oscar
domain names
"Mel Gibson passed in 2002 and in 2010" - Bill Mechanic on the lengthy development for "Hacksaw Ridge" at the Producer…
was so incredible. Mel Gibson did an excellent job and I really really REALLY appreciate the just right amo…
Mel Gibson is an insane man but also an incredibly talented filmmaker
No we have Not forgotten what Gibson said about the Jewish people! It is not" Jodah Christian Tradition " (Scoffs )
yeah no getting around Mel Gibson simply being a great filmmaker
we shouldn't hold an Academy Awards if farhadi can't be there but mel gibson is
. is what's wrong with America. Mel Gibson calls it . intellectual terrorism. He's right!. h…
Just waiting for Mel Gibson to rip out of Steve Bannon's body
Mel Gibson and Andrew Garfield can be proud of the movie Hacksaw Ridge - what a masterpiece.
it's Barack, not Barak. What are you, Mel Gibson or something?
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