Mel Brooks & David Lynch

Mel Brooks (born Melvin Kaminsky; June 28, 1926) is an American film director, screenwriter, composer, lyricist, comedian, actor and producer. David Keith Lynch (born January 20, 1946) is an American filmmaker, television director, visual artist, comic book artist, musician and occasional actor. 5.0/5

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David Lynch teams up with Mel Brooks to make "Elephant Man"
"If AFI put me on the map, Mel Brooks came along and put me on a beautiful mountaintop." -- David Lynch . Happy Birthday,…
Love your But no David Lynch or Mel Brooks movies? Nor Edgar Wright??
"Mel Brooks hasn't made a movie in 20 years" is my "David Lynch hasn't made a movie in 10 years"
Best audience Q for Bill Pullman during Q&A: "Is this election more like a Mel Brooks movie or a David Lynch movie?"
Today has been more Mel Brooks than David Lynch.
“I love you! You're a madman.” —Mel Brooks to David Lynch after seeing Eraserhead.
Watching Blazing Saddles by Mel Brooks only makes me truly understand how David Lynch was taken in to Hollywood after Mel watched Eraserhead
After reading Mel Brooks talking about producing it, with David Lynch being the the news, and seeing as it's on Netflix, The Elephant Man.
The story of my life will star Jodie Foster and be co-directed by Mel Brooks and David Lynch.
The best way I can describe 'The Spoils of Babylon' is if Mel Brooks, Wes Anderson, The Coen Brothers, David Lynch and half of Monty Python joined forces and decided to make a mini-series in the style of Ed Wood.
"For Indians, Thanksgiving is a Mel Brooks movie directed by David Lynch." Popaganda podcast with . http:/…
"strange guy you could only meet at a Big Boy..a Bob's Big Boy." Mel Brooks on David Lynch
David Lynch last night presented Mel Brooks with the jacket that he wore during the filming of The Elephant Man.
Sarah Silverman, David Lynch and more help honor Mel Brooks with AFI Life Achievement Award.
David Lynch, say hello to Wes Anderson by way of Mel Brooks. Sybil Kempson just out weirded the lot of you.
Imagine Mel Brooks watching it & making the decision that David Lynch is the only real choice to direct "The Elephant Man".
Ooo, David Lynch. You know, Mel Brooks once said he was like Jimmy Stewart from outer space...
Last month David Lynch received an honorary doctorate from his old alma mater the American Film Institute Conservatory. He was honored alongside a fellow recipient, Mel Brooks, who as the producer of The Elephant Man (1980) helped usher David Lynch from relative cinematic obscurity into the Hollywoo...
David Lynch's unexpectedly classical follow up to Eraserhead was spearheaded by none other than Mel Brooks, who downplayed his involvement least the audience...
Today at the 2012 AFI Conservatory commencement, we were proud to confer Doctorate of Fine Arts degrees honoris causa upon American comedy icon Mel Brooks and celebrated surrealist David Lynch for...
POTD: Mel Brooks and David Lynch Get Honorary Degrees From AFI: It’s easy to overlook the fact that David Lynch...
Mel Brooks and David Lynch receive honorary degrees from AFI: Laura Dern and Carl Reiner also honored with Docto...
David Lynch and Mel Brooks pick up honorary degrees
Got to listen to Mel Brooks and David Lynch today! Laura Dane too!
Walking toward Graumann's! Going to hear Mel Brooks and David Lynch..,
So the news has arrived that both Mel Brooks and David Lynch are to be given an honorary degrees from the American Film Institute (or AFI) to congratulate them on all their wonderful work over the years.
Mel Brooks, David Lynch to get honorary degrees
Way to go AFI love Mel Brooks and David Lynch!
Mel Brooks and David Lynch to Receive AFI Honorary Degrees: The American Film Institute AFI announced it will co...
So here is a list of My Greatest Top 50 Films. Consider it a work ever in progress. My vague rules: Nothing goes on that didn't emotionally move me and connect with me, regardless of how "important" it is. Avoid repeating directors or doing too many of one thing. Like 1970s horror films or Disney movies. I believe four directors have repeats: Kubrick, Rob Reiner, Ashby, and Spielberg. Kubrick and Reiner had several other movies I considered but didn't include because they were already in more than once. Other directors whose inclusion here is at least partially recognizing an entire body of work from which I've chosen only one: Mel Brooks, Sergei Eisenstein, Stephen Frears, David Lynch, John Hughes, Ridley Scott, Christopher Guest, and the Coen brothers. 1. Dr. Strangelove (Kubrick, 1964) 2. Silence of the Lambs (Demme, 1991) 3. The Princess Bride (Rob Reiner, 1987) 4. Die Hard (McTiernan, 1988) 5. Blazing Saddles (Brooks, 1974) 6. Alien (Scott, 1979) 7. The Shining (Kubrick, 1980) 8. Dangerous Lia ...
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