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Mel Blount

Melvin Cornell Blount (born April 10, 1948 in Vidalia, Georgia) is a former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back, five-time Pro Bowler and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee.

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crazy part is people are complaining about his speed but he has the same speed and accel as Mel Blount and everyone loves Blount
Don't know why people are spending all this money on this new Sherman. Mel Blount still best corner in the game
you forgot Mel Blount changed the game
Upon further review I'll stick w/ Mel Blount and pass on the new Sherm but thx anyway
He is not even Archie Manning one other thing know you will hate this I will take Mel Blount Over Prime time every Sunday
Mel Blount, as being hit by a hard Blount object
I liked a video from 28 Seconds Left! Legend Mel Blount with the Game Winning Pick
Ben Roethlisberger will tie Mel Blount, Terry Bradshaw & Franco Harris for most playoff game appearances in history…
Team update time! Sold Gronk bought Sean, Dallas Clark and Travis Kelce. Going after LT Mel Blount next.
This list is cringe worthy, no way Rod Woodson is better than Mel Blount or Jack Lambert
Mel blount and that jaguars Tackle Collectibles like 20k each
.Steelers would select the only future HOFers in the 1970 Draft: Bradshaw in Rd 1, Mel Blount in Rd 3.
They came up with the 5 yard rule bc the WR and coaches complained about Mel Blount putting hands on them being too…
Exactly, that's why it's hard to compare. Cliff Branch said Mel Blount wouldn't let you off line of scrimmage.
GOAT CBs:. -- Mel Blount. -- Deion Sanders. -- Mike Haynes. -- *** LeBeau. -- Champ Bailey. You can argue about the spots all you want.
Again, you guys with these "GOAT CB" lists don't get to speak if you don't address Mel Blount and Mike Haynes.
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Your list is invalid without Mel Blount or Mike Haynes.
OBJ better be glad he didn't have to go up against Mel Blount. He wouldn't put up with his bs.
Mel Blount wouldn't put up with OBJ's bs if he were playing today
tom is more appealing to me, the NIght Train.. Isn't much better than Mel Blount TBH
Joe Greene, Rocky Bleier, Jack Ham, Mel Blount among the GREAT signatures that are in this Steelers book!…
I just remember the dents Mel Blount put it on his head.
Mel Blount has good reason to smile. His son Jibri with seven early points and a hustle play for a rebound.
And Steel steps right up with a 3. Dukes 10, Cleveland State 9 at first media TO. Jibri Blount, son of Mel, has 7 already for the Vikings.
Steelers legend Mel Blount on hand to watch his son Jibri play 6'7 sophomore played at the same high school as LeBr…
Cleveland State starter Jibri Blount is a Pittsburgh native, son of Steelers Hall of Famer Mel Blount. Went to St. Vincent-St. Mary in Ohio.
NFL Hall of Famer Mel Blount is here today as his son Jibri plays and starts for Cleveland State.
I wonder what Mel Blount does when he watches the receivers nowadays who cry ever single play at how they get sneezed on?
I just added another legend to my defense! CB Mel Blount, a member of Pittsburgh's le…
To be fair, it's like having a clone of Mel Blount across from Mel Blount. But Mel Blount is 700K less.
Mel Blount is still the best CB in MUT. You can @ me if you want. That being said, NTL is no slouch. Great compliment, but not for 900K.
Covering Duquesne vs. Cleveland State. Mel Blount's son, Jibri, is a sophomore forward for the Vikings. Averaging 7.8 ppg in 4 starts
yea . I have Blount , DRC and now NTL. Do I go Mel or NTL in the slot?
Now that I have NTL, I'm trying to decide where I want to play him. FS up top with Krause, or in the slot across from Mel Blount?
Paul Krause and Mel Blount at safety>
Imagine Jack Lambert, Joe Greene, Jack Ham, Mel Blount or other HOF Steelers acting like that? Score, give ball to ref.
Mel Blount just came up to me and introduced himself 😮 as a diehard Steeler fan I'm in awe
I want Cooks, for sure, not at 250 tho. Heard great things about Mel Blount as well, haven't seen new Irvin he's always good
B cooks, mel blount, 90 ziggy ansah, and the new Bruce Irvin. Gg
NTL ain't even worth it tbh same card as Mel blount
Mel Blount the best CB for me, i dunno if I should go after NTL
boom you just wasted $160 on a mel Blount with better coverage skills and can't press
I meant compared to mel blount. Wrong convo. Oops
Are you stupid? Mel Blount is good but NTL is them taking Blount upping his stats a slight bit and playing it off
did you see the comparison to Mel Blount 48 ?
Yeah Mel Blount a much better value
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Can you Check the price of 90+ cbs or Mel Blount to be more specific? Not at home and MH app not working.
gonna need that NTL across from Mel Blount in the slots in this Dollar D.
My cousin Mel Blount used to play for The Pittsburgh Steelers!
95 Josh Norman, Mel blount, and night train!! Rip to whoever plays me..Lol
dude him and Mel Blount would make some tandem
I bet Mel Blount loves this secondary
and hes the reason players have to be " nicer" when they tackle u. Just like when they changed the rules becuz of Mel Blount
Deangelo Hall was a frustrating, inconsistent corner and whenever he played Dez Bryant he turned into Mel Blount. This rivalry can be weird.
Just learned that Mel Blount is a distant cousin.
check out Willie Brown & Mel Blount.. I was thinking about getting em too
You are the G.O.A.T! Better than Rod Woodson, Night Train Lane, Mel Blount, and Deion Sanders! 2016 is OUR YEAR! Superbowl LI!
Mel Blount and Donnie Shell = bad day for opposing QB and his receivers.
Darrell Green, Mel Blount, Ty Law, Willie Brown, Aeneas Williams, Larry Wilson and Cahmp Bailey. All either in HOF or going to be.
in 1989 Vidalia-native & former Steelers great Mel Blount was inducted into the h…
Illegal Contact has been around since Mel Blount. So Jerry Rice benefited like any other WR.
Congrats to 2015 Mel Blount Defensive POY JAVON HARGRAVE, drafted by the in 3rd Round of 2016 Draft!
I could see him being a similar player to Mel Blount. Has a similar build already. I think Blount was faster though.
I hope Mel Blount is in madden 17 along with Earl Campbell and Hershal Walker :)
Two Blount Countians have led the effort to change laws and create a safe place for mothers to leave newborns:
The Blount County Budget Committee is recommending no property tax increase for the fiscal year 2016-2017 budget:
would be better now. You cant beat up WR's anymore. Mel Blount use to box WR's. Lol. Drew would be GREAT now.
Mel Blount was shaving his head in the 70s!
Former Steeler Mel Blount headlines the 30th annual Washington-Greene Hall of Fame event.
Yeah, if you're going back that far, I'd go with Lott, too. Kenny Easley & Mel Blount make my list, too
Steelers cornerback Mel Blount checks in at No. 3.. https…
My favorite Football Player, Mel Blount of the Steelers. Best Cornerback to ever play the game. Imitated; never duplicated.
Mel Blount’s son Akil Blount signed as undrafted FA with Dolphins was a three-year starter at Florida A&M.
Chris, have you seen any film on Akil Blount? He's got nice size an bloodlines. Mel Blount's son.
*** Mel Blount r Rod Woodson gets no Love 😂😂 they was good cover corners & physical hitters real complete
and look how many of the top DB ever were from small schools. Start with Willie Brown, Mel Blount,
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Doug Williams, EdtootallJones, Bob Hayes, John Stallworth, Mel Blount, Buc Buchannon...they suck now cause whitey wised up
Definitely going w a home jersey. Maybe Mean Joe or Mel Blount.
Franco, Antonio, Rocky Bleier and Mel Blount all saw it at the same theater as my family yesterday 😍😍
I got White, Greene, Haley at D-Line. Taylor, Singletary, Lewis and Jack Ham at LB. Deion, Mel Blount at CB. Lott & Woodson at S
The rules corners have to deal with are precisely because of Mel Blount. He also played under them and thrived.
Brown is not a better athlete than either Swann or Stallworth. Richard Sherman not better than Mel Blount or J.Tatum
Mel Blount Stopped by TFM today he is only the greatest cornerback of all time! NFL HOF and Steeler Legend!
Hi Mel B! - Benton Blount is doing a show in Pittsburgh 12/17 - I'm opening! Pls - Trying to get an awesome turnout
that wasn't exactly true it was made to stop Mel Blount the defenseless WR rule was made cuz of the Raiders
I could've mentioned him & Mel Blount. Shows the absurdity of Harrison's statement.
Mel Blount changed the game. He's in top3
I'm not saying he's ahead of those 3, but man dies Mel Blount seem to not get much love when discussing best corners..
John, if you ever saw Joe Greene in his prime, or John Stallworth or Mel Blount or Lynn Swann or Jack Ham.
Just heard that John Stallworth, Lynn Swann, Franco Harris, Mel Blount and Joe Greene are at the Steelers game tonight.
CB & WR could be throwing Mel Blount-level forearm shivers tonight, there's no pass interference calls coming
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I've had a crush on Mel Blount for eons. SI did a story on him; included pic of him on his ranch. He was shirtless; wearing chaps.
Shook hands with Mel Blount and Mean Joe Greene today. Pretty successful if you ask me 👍🏻
Saw Mel Blount at the PIT v CLE game this year and then the pregame tonight. Same spot on outfit, must be his signature.
Madden said: "when I was a coach, there were 3 guys I didn't mess with: Jim Marsalis, Mike Haynes, and Mel Blount"
Mel Blount is there does he need to remind the refs about the rule he caused? No contact after 5 yards.
Look how big Mel Blount is... game changer
Mel Blount killin em with the outfit!
Debatable I think id put Prime, Rod and Nightrain over him though. The Mel Blount rules gives him a case though...
Seeing (Blood Relative) Mel Blount on television, can't help but laugh. Clearly, was supposed to be a Steelers fan. Didn't work out.. Lol
Mel Blount is straight off the set of The Hateful 8.
Just saw the big dawg uncle Mel on tv at the steelers game😂
Poor Mel Blount showing early signs of brain issues with that jacket.
Mel Blount still looks like he could kick your ***
Why does Mel Blount always dress like the airline lost his luggage and he had to stop at a New Mexico gift shop for a quick change?
Mel Blount is in a dude ranch phase.
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Mel Blount's jacket is complete and utter fire
Mel Blount is forever bout that cowboy hat.
Mel Blount got on some craziness lol
The game is 2 fast ( Thanks 2 the NFL & the Mel Blount Rule), Concussion R going 2 happen, The players association needs 2
Not their fault, played by the rules in place, even after they instituted Mel Blount rule he still as an all pro
Deion, Ronnie Lott, Rod Woodson, Mel Blount, & *** Lane. In that order, but Deion and Lott are 1A and 1B
and What's wrong with a SWAC school. The Swac's legacy is better than most. Walter Payten, Jerry Rice, Mel Blount, Etc, Etc, E
Interesting to see Fast Willie, but not Mel Blount.
Rooting for James Conner. Not just a great RB.. also volunteers at Children’s Hospital, Mel Blount Youth Home & severa…
hey did Franco Harris catch the immaculate reception and did Mel renfro catch TD against Steelers over blount Steelers nation
if I was a Steelers fan I'd have too many vintage jerseys. Mel Blount and Lynn Swann.
Him and Mean Joe, Jack Ham Mel Blount, Rocky Swann Stallworth Franco LC Greenwood Terry the list goes on and on
NFL Hall of Famer Mel Blount visits North Park football team
NFL Hall of Fame corner Mel Blount stopped by North Park to share words of wisdom with our Vikings.
Pops and sons with the legendary Mel Blount.
Mel Blount was on hand today as part of the Homecoming festivities! Still looks like he will knock…
Just ran into Mel Blount and Lebron James' high school basketball coach at the steelers game
Mel Blount came to our tailgate and took my hat:(
Mel Blount is huge. Guy looks like a former DE.
Wow look at how big the great Mel Blount is compared to the current guys...
FAMU LB Akil Blount Mel's son has been invited to Play in NFLPA All Star Game
North Park had a great visitor in NFL HOF Mel Blount (CB-Steelers). Great message! Pics to come soon
CSU has one named Jibri Blount, son of Steelers DB Mel there
I love all the legend this year. Will MUT ever get players like Paul Krause, Darren Sharper, Mel Blount, or Darrell Green?
Recently on this is the nfl u stated that revis was the best cornerback ever? Are ya crazy ? What about Darrel green? Mel Blount? Primetime?
2nd lineup would be Charles Woodson, champ bailey, Steve Atwater, and Mel Blount
Mel Blount is out there . Just sayin. (Sarcasm)
Fans worry about the conduct of players today but Lambert and Mel Blount were probably snorting coke off a dead hooker's *** back in the 70s
Doe today honor "better?'' Look at Mike Haynes or Mel Blount and tell me Revis is biger, stronger faster. Not. Open your eyes.
If i can get Mel Blount to sign with you guys will you put him in madden?
*** "NightTrain" Lane and Mel blount revolutionized the DB position but I promise you, they never covered someone 6'3 230 and runs a 4.35
I was gonna say Deion. Cannot forget Mel Blount
Mel Blount inspired me to and be a fan of the best team ever.
thank u Mr & Mrs Mel Blount for the tickets today!
Mr Carter. What if that rookie was Abner Haynes, or Lester Hayes, Jack Tatum, Mel Blount in 1975. Or *** Lane 1955?
Brady's first game back is against the Colts? Indy better sign Rod Woodson, Mel Blount, Paul Krause, Lawrence Taylor. NE will be angry.
Rod Woodson said Mel Blount the best corner to ever play the game like he ain't ever seen Deion play...
Mel Blount the most physical corner ever
Met Mel Blount today while I was working!
NFL changed rules because of Mel Blount and to name 2
I'm not even calling Moss wack he's top 5 without doubt but Sanders and Mel Blount can compete
“We don’t want to be ‘just Pitt’ anymore. We want to be at that national level."
the Mel Blount rule really? Really? Any other rules been made in the 35 years since he retired? Like I said psychos.
the Mel Blount rule, Heinz Ward rule, The safety protocol \james Harrison rules, and even more but the "Brady rule" is
Mel Blount reminisces about training camp featured in NBC s Science of Love
From today’s PG: freshmen bond working with kids at Mel Blount Youth Home
Great day with at the Mel Blount Youth Home
freshmen give back during visit to Mel Blount Youth Home, writes
.CB Mel Blount shares his thoughts on training camp at READ:
Pitt freshmen give back at Mel Blount Youth Home, writes
Panthers freshmen give back, visit Mel Blount Youth Home
PHOTO: Check out this photo gallery from the Mel Blount Youth Home:
freshmen run drills at Mel Blount Youth Home
Top 5 Steelers I would like to see in Madden 16 are: . 1: Terry Bradshaw. 2: Lynn Swann. 3: L.C Greenwood. 4: Willie Parker. 5: Mel Blount
The best defense of all time Steelers of the 70's. Mean Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Mel Blount. Forget it.
Hall of Fame CB Mel Blount will announce our second round pick tonight. READ:
Steelers legend Blount to announce team's second-round draft pick: Hall of Famer cornerback Mel Blount will a...
Mel Blount and Rod Woodson are the greatest Steelers cornerbacks in franchise history, not sure if another team has a better duo
You know what the steelers need! another Rod Woodson or Mel Blount just good *** Db's
1. Mel Blount 2. Rod Woodson 3. Jack Butler 4. Carnell Lake. are definitely the top 4 CBs in Steelers history, who would be No. 5?
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For those of you who couldn't attend my roast at the Mel Blount Youth Home fundraiser, there was a wonderful...
Mel Blount, Primetime, Ronnie Lott and Revis the only real shutdown corners to me
Mel Blount was the changed the way the game was played, 57 career interceptions
Mel Blount honors teammate at annual roast.
Had the honor of meeting Hall Of Famer Mel Blount. Tremendous player and a great man.
we talked about all time teams picture this Mel Blount, Rod Woodson, & Troy Polamalu in the same secondary
Grew up watching the HOF Steelers defense with Mean Joe, Jack Lambert, Mel Blount, Jack Ham. Believe would have fit right in.
Born on this date: Mel Blount, Clarke Hinkle, Neil Smith, Mike Stratton... see more:
Hanging out with the legendary Mel Blount. Looking forward to going to his Youth Home dinner on April 3.
Pro Football Hall of Famer and Steelers legend Mel Blount turns 67 today
He would have. Mel Blount is the original big corner.
Mel Blount changed the CB position forever, the way Bob Hayes forced rise of zone defenses
Ham, Mel Blount, Woodsen, Lambert, Jack Butler. and a better man off the field. Truly a childhood idol
Mel Blount was a corner who played with the physicality of a safety. Couldn't play in today's . Imagine the fines.
All-time Stillers secondary. Starting safeties. Mel Blount. Rod Woodson. Troy Polamalu. Someone has to sit. Which one? 😳😳😳
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when are you going to put T.O back into the game? How about Charles Haley, Lynn Swann, Terry Bradshaw, Mel Blount, stallworth
Cowboys fan that saw you on HGTV. Are you Mel Blount's son? The resemblance is there. Great player. God Bless, have a good one!
Richard Sherman has more first team all pro selections than Mike Haynes or Mel Blount.
Mel Blount and Aeneas Williams, on top of others previously mentioned
Mel Blount was a great CB for the steelers back in the day .
Mel Blount is the greatest CB in Steelers' history, Rod was great too but Blount changed the game
you mean Mel Blount not Legarrette. Just wait someone is gonna ask
My cousin the hall of famer Mel blount
So are you saying if Mel Blount, Mike Singletary or Lawrence Taylor came along today, they couldn't play this game? LOL
Mel Blount 6-3 205 played corner and has a NFL rule named after him
how big is Sherman compared to Mel Blount
All the white cowboy hats on earth won't make Michael Bennett into Mel Blount. media day.
CB Revis, native of Aliquippa, Pa., grew to watching Steelers. Franco, Mel Blount his guys
Glen Edwards delivers a forearm to the head of John Gilliam, resulting in a Mel Blount INT. Today that play gets Edwards tossed
Ssaw his name mentioned as recruit with that size instant nfl material !I thought Mel Blount clone immediately!
All about Mel Blount : height, biography, quotes - see at
That Mel Blount played corner at his size is a sporting phenomenon.
he played b4 the wussy NFL rules. Strict PI. And the mel blount rule. No chuck after 5 yard etc
Pittsburgh Steelers great/HOFer Mel Blount today at the Augusta Futurity on “It’s a lot to do about nothing."
For all you NFL fans Mr Mel Blount is here competing this week at the Augusta Futurity in Augusta GA.
Richard Sherman may be the best, most dominant corner-back I've seen play the game since Mel Blount of the 1970's Steelers. Larry Hawke
Steelers players have forced NFL rule changes. (Mel Blount, Hines Ward and James Harrison)
ESPN's own Eric Allen turns 49 today, deserves to be in Pro Football Hall of Fame, career is similar 2 Mel Blount's
(LT) That means Mel Blount is Tre Tipton's uncle by marriage.
Before when the league went to Mel Blount sized CB, Gibbs & Shula went with small fast WR to counter. Circle of life
What a picture “Steelers CBs now and then and Mel Blount.
Mel Blount, Franco Harris, Rocky Blier, Loved all of them. In high school I got to meet Franco Harris, and in college Rocky Bleier
Joe Greene on Mel Blount: "We all know he did some mayhem on the football field. The question is: Did he kill somebody?"
««Steelers CBs now and then and Mel Blount.
Mel Blount looks like he could suit up and still play!
Steelers CBs now and then and Mel Blount.
BOOM! put the hammer down Mel Blount style. Forced the incomplete pass.
*** the whole reason they have pass interference is bc Mel Blount literally killed receivers constantly.
Steelers used to put Mel Blount on special teams because their coverage was so bad.
on our show last night, Mel Blount said NO other jerseys shall be retired...that's how great Mean Joe was.
The old gang is back; Franco Harris, Andy Russell, Mel Blount, Lynn Swann, and John Stallworth
Hall of Famers on Joe Greene the player: Hall of Famers Lynn Swann, Mel Blount, Franco Harris, and Art Shell t...
Teammates on Joe Greene the person: Former Steelers teammates and Hall of Famers Lynn Swann, Mel Blount, and F...
need to change mojo, do I wear Mel Blount throwback or Pouncey Super Bowl patch jersey tomorrow at the game?
but Mel Blount totally would have made that play.
Mel Blount realist most physical corner to ever to play the game
I would like Mel Blount jersey or Le'veon Bell..
Yea CJ had Mel Blount's help but Mel ain't making him jump 46 inches and running 4.4
Derek Moye released over CJ Goodwin. Mel Blount must REALLY have some pull.
Mel Blount. All-time great CB, founded AppleBees, wears a big stetson hat.
Thank you and I'm a die-hard Steeler Fan!! Favorite player of all time is Mel Blount, the best corner to play the game.
- can we sign Rod Woodson and Mel Blount?
Do you think Donnie Shell, Mel Blount and Mike Wagner can still play? Good grief.
yeah I do but I believe more in rules back in the days of Mel Blount so I'm a bit of an extremist. Too flag happy 4 sure tho
yep it's a passing league. In the middle of writing a post about the emphasis on the "Mel Blount" Rule.
Dog I don't ever wanna hear the name Josh Wilson ever again. Worst cover corner in history. Made Ade Jimoh look like Mel Blount.
You have to play better defense, the Jack Ham, Jack Lambert, Mel Blount, defense, never looked that bad.
To be BLoUNT, the Chili Kickoff Cookoff for Make-A-Wish is only 47 days away! Do you have your tickets yet? Mel...
Craig Campbell and Mel Blount are from Lyons, Georgia not Vidalia, Georgia! Good lord!
This started way before Putin and you know it. I have seen Mel Blount do just as bad in the 70's.
lol! It'll be fun. We are going on a pub crawl,ducky tour, game,a Mel Blount fundraiser and more. 15yrs I've waited
Charlie Brown, Homer Simpson and Elmer Fudd then shame on you guys: Mel Blount and Shaq
Great stuff by our freshmen at Mel Blount youth home.
Steeler Hall of Famer Mel Blount is No. 20 on Louisiana's list of all-time top 51... (via
Can't wait for the first time 2014 Collingsworth says "What's wrong with the Steelers?" Still has dents in his head from Mel Blount.
What? Acquiring LeGarrette Blount? Y'all may as well go get Mel Blount...
Southern's not all Hall of Famers Mel Blount and Aeneas Williams share via
.Jealous! Are you going to wear the jersey or carry it and wear your Mel Blount jersey?.
In my mind, Williams was second only to Mel Blount in that era.
He was very good, but when I think of elite NFL CBs I think of Deion Sanders, Rod Woodson, Darrell Green & Mel Blount.
A great group of Hall of Famers including my former teammate Mel Blount.
oh I know but I was a twinkle in my dad eyes when Mel Blount went it
If you're a football fan and don't know who Mel Blount is, don't talk to me
Props to Aeneas Williams for paying homage to HOFer Mel Blount. One of my fave players of all time
Aeneas Williams gives Mel Blount a shoutout as another former Southern University player to make it to Canton.
Southern has two and they are Aeneas Williams and Mel Blount. Not a bad two players to have enshrined.
S/O 2 Mel Blount...who I saw this past fall...still looking good!
Mel Blount went to the Southern too
Grandkids and The Pittsburgh Steelers are what make her happy...and tonight it was her beloved Steelers from the '70s that made her smile. It was a concert to see Official Terry Bradshaw, and five seats beside us was Franco Harris, and a little further down was Mel Blount and Rocky Bleier...all so gracious and willing to let me take a photo of them with Mom.
Chuck Noll, who coached the Steelers to four Super Bowl titles, died today. RIP Coach!! He won in'74, '75,'78, and '79. Joe Greene, Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Jack Lambert, Mel Blount, Lynn Swann, Jack Ham,John Stallworth all made the HOF
Just sayin.I am a bourn and raised Pittsburgh Steeler Fan...I grew up in Homewood .My dad and mom grew up in Pittsburgh...Hermatage street.My grandmas house.going to Nesbits corner store to get candy and treats in my young years...This is crazy.!...I rememer when my Gandma Norman bought me a Fire truck set.all movable parts!...Her House was huge...3 flores...!.My dad and my uncle Busy took us to see the Steelers camp.Got Joe Greene,Mel Blount,Rocky Bliar, Franco Harris,Dwight White,Terry Bradshaw.Autographs.My uncle was a promoter for the Steelers...!...Then I came to Carolina and played with the Foxfier Steelers and won a championship!...With Claud Slaton, BoBo Walker,Monfred Bowden,John Norman,John Harvey,Pierre Brown ,Popey Crespo,Keith Crespo,Darrel Bassant,Dan Norman,Pierre "The Assin"Browne,Putts Cohen,Rodney Kinlaw,Kim "Newdels" Byrom,The Grayson boys Big Charles Lovelace and his sis Donna.The Potts Girls.all 100 of them...Lol (starting with let me stop naming names cause I could ...
As a boy growing up in football-fanatical Western Pennsylvania, little Dan Marino wanted to be part of The Steel Curtain. Marino was consumed by the Pittsburgh Steelers, whose ruthless defense helped define the NFL during the 1970s. This weekend, the Hall of Fame quarterback will get a chance to hang around with Joe Greene, Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann and the other football heroes who shaped his childhood. ''I can't wait,'' Marino said. ''It reminds me of when I was a kid. I can't wait to see those old Steelers like Jack Lambert and Mel Blount.'' Marino, Jim Brown, Joe Namath, Don Shula, Bruce Smith and nearly 100 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame are getting together for a two-day, inaugural ''Fan Fest,'' an unprecedented event that will include the signature bronzed busts of the gridiron immortals from Canton. Fans will have a chance to mingle with the greats, who will conduct ''chalk talk'' sessions on next week's draft, sign autographs and share stories from their playing days. The layout on the ...
we can go wayyy back and name people in the convo Mel Blount, Willie Brown, the raiders had 2 shutdown I forget the names
If you can take a player from the past and match him up against a present day player who would you like to see go up against each other and if not individual players what teams personally I would like to see Mel Blount go up against Calvin Johnson and the Steelers 75 defense against the present-day Broncos
ummm Mel Blount was big name in the 70's & Rod Woodson to the 90's. The steelers went away from that & we did ok. Yes we
Pittsburgh Steelers (Mean Joe Greene, Mel Blount, Team Prayer) 9 1/2 in x 7 1/2 in custom framed collectibles. $12 ea or all 3 for $30.oil city
Key plays by juniors Jibri Blount (son of Steelers hall of famer Mel Blount) & Josh Williams help advance to regionals over Alliance
I posted this on January 25th! I would say I was pretty accurate! In eight days, we are going to introduce Peyton and his receivers to the LOB! The Legion of Boom! And they are not going to be nice! In fact they are going to be flat out nasty! The LOB is led by Richard Thomas, Byron Maxwell, Earl Thomas and Cam Chancellor! This is an old school secondary, I'm talking Mel Blount, Donnie Shell, Jack Tatum and Ronnie Lot old school, elbow to the ribs off the line of scrimmage, come across the middle if you want to, stop crying to the officials you sissy's, man on man football the way it was meant to be played! They are tired of hearing about Peyton and his golden arm! They are mad about how Sherman as been treated, and they are looking to make a statement! And that is just what they are going to do!
PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST - I am raffling chances to win an Authentic Full Size Pittsburgh Steelers Helmet autographed in silver sharpie by the following Hall of Famers: Terry Bradshaw, Mean Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Mel Blount, Jack Ham, Franco Harris and Coach Chuck Noll. Included is an acrylic display case with wooden base. All moneys raised will go to 16 year old Taylor Thoryk, a junior from Wyoming Valley West High School who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Taylor is receiving chemotherapy at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville and all funds will help her and her family with all of the expenses that they are incurring. Taylor is the niece of our dear friend, Jennifer Ghannam Gardner. Each chance is $10 and I will only sell 100 chances with the hopes of donating $1,000 to Taylor and her family at a benefit to be held at the Pierce Street Deli, Kingston on March 7, 2014. I will draw the winner at the benefit. This helmet is worth at least $1,500-all signatures were obtained in person by me. I will ...
Join Tunch Ilkin, Hines Ward, Mel Blount, Craig Wolfley, Franco Harris and many others on March 10-15, 2014 on the Brilliance of the Seas
Donnie Shell, JT Thomas, Mel Blount in that group early on?
Mel Blount, Jack Tatum, Donnie Shell, Steve Atwater .. nasty nasty hitters, drop the hammer on you for reals
right here. Last 4 digits of phone # is Neil O'Donnell & Mel Blount or Scott Shields, whichever floats your boat.
Alabama State University head football coach Reggie Barlow was elected to the Southwestern Athletic Conference Hall of Fame, the conference announced today. Barlow will be officially inducted on Thursday, December 5 in Houston, Texas at the Westin Hotel Galleria and take part in festivities during SWAC Football Championship Weekend. Joining Barlow in the SWAC Class of 2013 is James 'Jimmy' Jones (Grambling State), Charles Ruth (Mississippi Valley State), James 'Jim' Osborne (Southern), Carol V. Cummings (Prairie View A&M), Bob Hopkins (Grambling State) and Richard P. Myles Sr. (Alcorn State). The official announcement was made Wednesday as Barlow joins some of the greatest players to ever compete in the legendary conference, such as track and field Olympians Rodney Milburn and Willie Davenport, pro football Hall of Famers Mel Blount, Kenny Houston, Walter Payton, Jackie Slater, Jerry Rice and Deacon Jones, and baseball Hall of Famer Lou Brock. "It's a blessing," said a very reflective Barlow, the former H ...
Diva receivers never had to face a Mel Blount or a Jack Tatum. That would shut them up right quick.
Cris Collingworth still suffering the ill effects of all those Mel Blount shots to the head.
I think it also is the reason QB numbers are so crazy. You couldn't have these numbers when guys like Mel Blount played
How cool, steeler great, mel blount, talkin with all the kids and answered questions. Great speaker for a kids' banquet
That Ray dude from Pitt that just picked off the ND qb in the endzone. I met that dude at the mel blount youth home 2 yrs ago. Realcool dude
*sigh* Memories. The Steel Curtain.Mel Blount...Donnie Shell...John Stallworth...Rocky Bleier...4 Super Bowls in 6 was the Best of Times.
My daughter got to meet Mel Blount today :) got her pic taken, she was excited to meet a former steeler.
Q3: What WR had one reception in his entire career and, remarkably, that one reception was a touchdown where he beat Mel Blount in a SB?
Just saw Mel Blount.. Lol he just ate at Rialto.. And I got to make the food!
I know a lot of y'all wideouts is happy they made that Mel Blount rule years ago cuz y'all ain't bout that 5 yard action y'all rather line up off the line but u can still get this work.
Got to meet Mel Blount today at work
For you youngins out there who think Deion Sanders is the best cornerbacc in nfl history I got news for you ure wrong. A he had to leave Atlanta to win his 2 super bowls with the 49ers and the Cowboys. B Darrell Green was just as fast ran bacc punts and kiccoffs is also in Hall of Fame and won his rings with the team that drafted him the Redskins C Mel Blount is the BEST corner that ever played football all with the Pittsburgh Steelers 4 Rings yes FOUR and he was the most physical cornerbacc eva and he did something Deion never did and that's make taccles not on receivers but on running baccs outta the baccfield Deion didn't want no parts of that MEL BLOUNT DID GOOGLE HIM TO!
This Calvin Johnson/Deion talk is annoying.i know a couple of corners that would have dug in Calvin's *** y'all ever heard of Mel Blount,aneas Williams,Chris Mcallister,a young champ bailey
having said that, do I go with Mel Blount or Rod Woodson?...and if nobody votes, then i hate you all
We just got a bunch of autographed items that we are bringing to Open House - donated by a former CM graduate! We are going to do these as a silent auction. If you are interested on bidding, please see us at Open House or email yearbookThe items are: - autographed, game-used, hockey puck from Mario Lemieux - autographed picture, Jerome Bettis - autographed picture, Dermontti Dawson - autographed picture, Franco Harris - autographed picture, Jack Hamm (Hall of Fame added to signature) - autographed picture, Mel Blount - autographed picture, Marc-Andre' Fleury (with Stanley Cup) - autographed baseball card, Jerome Bettis - autographed baseball card, Dermontti Dawson - autographed baseball card, Hines Ward
isn't that the Mel Blount rule so the CB can't rough up the WR at the line?
Jack Tatum Ronnie Lott Mel Blount would never be able to plat today.
AFTER I get a Mel Blount or a Mean Joe though.
I can't disagree with any if those picks. Fantastic read. Was Mel Blount considered? Rule changes cuz of him, right??
Was there ever a more physically intimidating CB than Mel Blount ?
I'm giving away: Mel Blount 1982 Topps. Check it out -
John Taylor breaks past Mel Blount for a big gain
Video just posted of the nephew of legend/NFL Hall-of-Famer Mel Blount -- and it's pretty good:
We have been playing the 'sack the qb before he cab throw' defense since Mel Blount left. All hope is in Shamarko, why do we do this
Castle Shannon is shuddering at approval of a BaltRaven. Pls recant by saying "Mel Blount is the man" 100 times.
are going to be pulling Mel Blount out of retirement at this rate.
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