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Megyn Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is an American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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Inbox: Megyn Kelly exclusive: Jessica Leeds, Samantha Holvey & Rachel Cooks, three women who have publicly accused Presid…
The story has entire paragraphs on Republican voter Leigh Corfman, former Fox News member Megyn Kelly, and Fox Spor…
November sweeps - Megyn Kelly set the all time record for lowest ratings, across all demos, in the 9am hour in the histo…
Congrats to Megyn Kelly for making The Guiness Book of World Records for having the lowest ratings of any show in T…
As much as I don't like Megyn Kelly & as much as I'm usually a fan of Kathie Lee Gifford's, Megyn's response to Mat…
ICYMI: Here's this morning's Megyn Kelly interview with one of Roy Moore's accusers
Megyn Kelly allowed her guest, Mark Fuhrman -- the white ex cop of OJ infamy who liberal…
Jenna Bush Hager tears up talking about Matt Lauer scandal, Megyn Kelly invites his accusers to her show…
I’m watching Pam Anderson on Megyn Kelly cause everything’s going great
Wow fired, Megyn Kelly on the skids; could this day get much better! . .
Geraldo's playing both sides against the middle and about to find himself in Megyn Kelly territory.
Megyn kelly invites Matt Lauer and his accusers to appear on her show: via
do not replace Matt with Megyn Kelly. I will stop watching. Can't stand her at all.
Megyn Kelly invites Matt Lauer, his accusers onto her show
Megyn please remind you guests that a no vote or a write in is a vote for moore. This happened with trump. Look at…
Pamela Anderson opens up about childhood sexual abuse .
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'We now have the highest paid person at NBC News hosting one of the lowest rated shows and rather than being humble…
F You Megyn Kelly and your attempt at ratings. These women want to be anonymous without having to face their abuser.
Megyn Kelly opens up about how Roger Ailes allegedly sexually harassed her
NBC says Matt Lauer created a hostile environment and made people feel uncomfortable. Megyn Kelly does that every mornin…
cut 100 people yesterday & cut 150. Or, by my back-of-napkin calculations, one Matt Lauer and maybe 3/4 of a Megyn Kelly?
Let me get this straight. Megyn Kelly who is a sexual harassment victim herself is giving Matt Lauer an invitation to be on her show?
Today staff throw shade at Megyn Kelly's handling of Matt Lauer firing via
Hey NBC, is available for Matt Lauer position. You already passed her over for Megyn Kelly who's bombing fast.
If Matt Lauer and his accusers want to speak publicly, Megyn Kelly's doors are open.
'No one wanted Megyn here, she was forced upon us and today reinforced why she will NEVER be part of the Today…
Same. The biggest stars on news shows earn in that range. Even common Megyn Kelly.
Her "safe space" for Lauer is about ratings. And it's disgusting. Megyn Kelly Invites Matt Lauer (And His Accusers) To Appea…
Safe to say doesn't have a lot of friends at Get the deets on all the shade from staff…
Megyn Kelly, on-air, invites Lauer’s accusers — and Lauer himself — to appear on her NBC morning show.
After Matt Lauer's firing, 2 of the 3 highest-paid TV anchors are women
Was Megyn Kelly behind the takedown of Matt Lauer?. Wow! A fight to the bottom! .
Jenna Bush Hager tears up while talking about the Matt Lauer scandal.
Seriously, not Megyn Kelly. Tamron Hall or Ann Curry. Let's not replace a sexual harasser with a racist.
Matt Lauer got Ann Curry fired just to go out a complete disgrace. Megyn Kelly replaced Tamron Hall's top rated show…
So, Megyn Kelly can sexually harass Trace Adkins ON AIR and she gets a pass? Double standards
Matt Lauer firing: Megyn Kelly says firing 'hit close to home,' more reaction via
Tamron Hall, Ann Curry, Jenna Wolfe have left NBC: Black woman, Asian woman, out *** if Megyn Kelly gets into…
Trace Adkins tells Megyn Kelly about his concert to benefit veterans
Megyn Kelly about to bust into Matt Lauer's office with measuring tape like:
I'm afraid it may take years for Megyn Kelly to rid herself of the stench from working for Fox.
Megyn Kelly was being a racist *** when she insisted Santa is white, but given the past month of sexual misconduct stor…
.it’s as if you conveniently omitted all of these white people👇🏻? . Rosie O’Donnell. Megyn Kelly. Alec Baldwin. Kati…
Gayle King defending Megyn Kelly is a workplace lesson for all of us
Eric Erickson is a racist. He snubbed Ben Carson at his event in 2015 but he invited Megyn Kelly instead.
I'll never forget Megyn Kelly's face when Fox called the race for Trump. Absolutely priceless.
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make sure to send one to Megyn Kelly.
At the first GOP prez debate in 2015, Megyn Kelly called Trump out for the despicable names he called women. His respo…
Jane Fonda uses the word "weird" to describe moment with Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly 'done with Donna Karan' after she defends Weinstein via
Lauer at NBC for 23 years salary $25m. Jimmy Fallon host of a late night show; $15m. Megyn Kelly: $23M. They all really s…
Megyn Kelly and Eric Bolling Slam Bill O’Reilly on Sexual Harassment Denial - for .
"I complained": Megyn Kelly may have stopped O’Reilly’s comeback with this powerful statement…
Fox News: Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly clash over sex claims - BBC News
Fox News: Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly clash over sex claims 
Kelly calls out Bill O'Reilly and Fox News - #
Megyn Kelly is several kinds of awful, but this monologue on Bill O'Reilly and sexual harassment is truly incredible https:…
1. One thing about the Megyn Kelly segment today on Fox News that hasn't gotten a ton of attention but should
She is a case study in self-destruction. MEGYN KELLY Continues to Bash Fox News as Her Ratings Continue to Drop
"O'Reilly's suggestion that no one complained about him is false. I know because I complained." . - Megyn Kelly
There’s only one good costume this year for friends/siblings: Megyn Kelly/Hoda Kotb dance party
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Megyn Kelly blasts Bill O'Reilly and Fox News in emotional monologue on her new show via
Read the entire transcript of Megyn Kelly slamming Bill OReilly and Fox News
Yet Megyn Kelly forgets to mention that NBC covered up the Harvey Weinstein story for a year. Must have had another hard…
Megyn Kelly speaks out against Bill O'Reilly, Fox NewsBill O'Reilly is going on the offensive to defend himself after the latest bombshell …
Megyn Kelly trying to attack Bill O'Reilly so she can get some attention since she's failing miserably on her pathetic show.
Bill O'Reilly fires back at Megyn Kelly; shares hand-written notes from her and Gretchen Carlson
My former FNC colleagues Megyn Kelly & Gretchen Carlson wrote me notes when we worked together. You can read them on https…
⚡️ “Megyn Kelly reads an email she sent to Fox co-presidents on air”.
Megyn Kelly said the teen girl assaulted by a cop during the infamous McKinnley pool party incident was “no saint eithe…
Megyn Kelly has only sexism card left in playing the victim for relevancy. Thanks for playing, megyn, you're cancelled 😁…
If Megyn Kelly wants to talk about victim-blaming, maybe she can talk about the time she blamed Sandra Bland for her own de…
His sister appeared on Megyn Kelly's show this morning to talk about her sexual harassment at FOX and FOX fired her broth…
"This must stop. The abuse of women, the shaming of them, the threatening, the retaliation". http…
Just the facts:. In Megyn Kelly’s own handwriting. The only real proof. is .
In response to Megyn Kelly's comments today, Bill O'Reilly's rep Mark Fabiani sent me photos of a couple thank you notes she…
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That uncomfy moment when Megyn Kelly goes after Bill O'Reilly, but Bill bites back.
Megyn Kelly: “Fox News was not exactly a friendly environment for harassment victims who wanted to report.”
Megyn Kelly complained to Fox execs about Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment stand
An early look at Tuesday's front... Megan demands the truth from O'Reilly:
HM Megyn Kelly now claims she was sexual harassed by sorry have a hard time buying it . To little To late
Megyn Kelly calls out Bill O’Reilly’s claim no one formally complained about him: “I complained” - Vox
Megyn Kelly is quickly becoming the next Kathie Lee Gifford
Someone needs to mashup the Megyn Kelly dance video with Husker Du's "Eight Miles High" cover, or better yet "Goodbye H…
What say you Megyn Kelly? No comment about NBC??. Jane Pauley: I Was Sexually Harassed at NBC via
As a woman, can tell you I am certain that Megyn Kelly & Gretchen Carlson - BOTH - are LYING FOR PROFIT, pretending…
I respectfully disagree. Contrast Jemele Hill to Megyn Kelly. He went after Megan in a big nasty way…
Megyn Kelly is living proof that messing with the is bad for business.
Megyn Kelly needs all the help she can get.Impacted entire lineup esp Kathie Lee and Honda. ABC doesn't get it.
Pathetic - Megyn Kelly (Or Nicole Brown Simpson) started her show with the Harvey Weinstein story. Then she was sucking up to Kate M's Bump!
“This morning on TODAY with Megyn Kelly: Megyn makes hoagies with Miles Teller!”
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Totally enjoying watching Megyn Kelly, Colin Kaepernick, and Hollywood fail spectacularly at the same time. It’s what they deserve!
BREAKING: Ratings Are in and Megyn Kelly is DESTROYING NBC via
Megyn Kelly is going to rival Cal Ripken's game streak by seeing how many consecutive shows she can make celebrities uncomfortable.
I actually watched Megyn Kelly do a segment this morning about the glories of high waisted pants. What is wrong with me.
Megyn Kelly has had a bumpy first week with her new show, but Savannah Guthrie thinks she's doing great:
I have been quoted in a Daily Beast story. About Megyn Kelly. And managed to slip Mariah in there. I have reached P…
Huh. One was given a gift job she clearly *** at. The other came back due to popular demand. Wonder who wins here?
Megyn Kelly ran into the arms of leftists thinking they'd embrace her. Elementary mistake.
The Megyn Kelly pile on is ridiculous. A lot of jealousy, I think, especially from less successful media people. https:/…
He'll be replaced by Megyn Kelly in less than two weeks.
NBC is getting exactly what it deserves and should have expected. Thanks a lot, Megyn Kelly
More bias. Surprise!. Megyn Kelly on 'Today': Why the caustic critics keep harping on Fox
Megyn Kelly closes 1st week of NBC talk show by taking shot at "media response," praising "viewer response" (her ratings hav…
SCOOP: I obtained the unedited footage of Putin interview. Her last question is troubling. My story:
NBC execs assuming Megyn Kelly appeals to a mainstream daytime audience reminds me of how the media always forgets Clinton…
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Megyn Kelly's trainwreck first week of celebrity interviews has come to an end... but it's only the beginning:…
Megyn Kelly Jokes About 'Media Response' - It was a tough week for Kelly in the trade press, and at the end of ...
I think the idea is to get someone to slap Megyn Kelly on air.
NBC is desperately trying to shove Megyn Kelly down our throats, aren't they? How about no?
Megyn Kelly is the Typhoid Mary and Hindenburg Disaster of TV Horrors
Learn. Grow. Settle for more. Watch Megyn Kelly TODAY – weekdays at 9AM on NBC
I wouldn’t mind getting buried in Megyn Kelly.
I used to really want to be Megyn Kelly, until I realized that Megyn Kelly doesn't really want to be Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly’s First Week at NBC Got Attention for All the Wrong Reasons
Megyn Kelly is working her way down to NBC Page.
All the things that went wrong during the very awkward first week of Megyn Kelly Today
I have to say the Today Show isn't the same without you! BTW, that Megyn Kelly show is painful to watc…
EXCLUSIVE: Debra Messing is in hot water with NBC after bashing Megyn Kelly
NBC has misread not only Megyn Kelly’s talents but also the changing nature of our cultural wars: ht…
Wouldn't be possible for you to be Megyn Kelly unless you started taking yourself and everything else WAY too seriously.
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Megyn Kelly's new show is hyped for DOUBLE MURDER!. (audio unmanipulated)
Megyn Kelly’s new show is 60 minutes of complete Beckery. .
How many Megyn Kelly rebrands are we from a Saturday morning animated series
dcexaminer Megyn Kelly buried in bad reviews after launching new morning talk show Megyn…
Cecily Strong tells Megyn Kelly she has to go "full drag" to become Melania Trump on
Megyn Kelly just asked Christopher Darden if the public should feel safe if OJ gets out of prison. 🤔
Megyn Kelly's work at Fox News doesn't compare to Alex Jones in any way. It'd b…
. on Megyn Kelly's plastic surgery Q. This is in response to whether or not she was "shocked" by the Q
Megyn Kelly should have asked Jane Fonda if she thinks Vietnam Vets will Ever forgive her for her treachery to American POW's.
after the trainwreck of Megyn Kelly interviewing Jane Fonda. i hope takes this as inspiration for something for season 4!
Megyn Kelly did not please Jane Fonda today.
Jane Fonda has zero time for Megyn Kelly's annoying question about her plastic surgery 😂.
From the stone-cold look Jane Fonda gave, she certainly didn't think Megyn Kelly was asking about aging gracefully. htt…
Mood: Debra Messing and Jane Fonda wondering how they ended up on Megyn Kelly
Jane Fonda is NOT impressed with Megyn Kelly, because you can take the girl out of Fox News, but you can't take Fox News o…
I saw Robin Redford & Henry Fonda on Megyn Kelly show today
Megyn Kelly is about as serious a journalist as Anderson Cooper. Overpaid Clowns both of them.🤡🤡
Debra Messing "dismayed" after Megyn Kelly asked fan if he was inspired to become *** because of "Will & Grace."
Why Debra Messing 'regrets' going on Megyn Kelly's new NBC talk show
Debra Messing says she didn't know she was going to appear on Megyn Kelly's new show: "Regret going on."…
Debra Messing regrets going on Megyn Kelly's new show ( they deserve each other )
'Will & Grace' star Debra Messing says she regrets her appearance on Megyn Kelly's new NBC daytime show.
Debra Messing says she regrets Megyn Kelly interview
John Oliver just reminded us what a repugnant human Megyn Kelly is.
John Oliver here to remind us why Megyn Kelly isn't a “Unifying Force” via
This week's John Oliver reel of Megyn Kelly's fox channel time was epic roastery.
Megyn Kelly launches new show by telling 'Will & Grace' superfan the *** thing' is 'going to work out great'
Megyn Kelly launched her new show today and is banking on viewers forgetting how she built her career: ht…
you're the next Megyn Kelly! Ratings will be way down! You are not smart for taking America!
John Oliver destroyed Megyn Kelly's makeover attempt. Congrats on the
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Megyn Kelly debuted her new morning show today. Which one of her past comments made giving her a morning show seem like a good id…
Shep Smith is woke and I now fear for his well being at that station. Can we save Shep like Oprah's SEAL team got Megyn Kelly to safety?
Megyn Kelly Today can see my softer side when it kisses my ***
The good news story of the day.😃Megyn Kelly has Trump Derangement Syndrome!
Why isn’t trending! Instead we have Weiner, nfl, nascar and Megyn Kelly, this is exactly what’s wrong with…
NBC told Megyn Kelly "No more politics--Just interview Erin Andrews about her new mascara line"
The look on your face after hugging Megyn Kelly was priceless. Would love to know what you were thinking.
This review is dead on of Megyn Kelly's show!
That's one thing we did not hear about on social media: Megyn Kelly's new talk show. Kelly has ticked off the Fox...
"Megyn Kelly fails to connect with the audience during her 'Today' debut"
."The truth is, I’m kind of done with politics for now—It's everywhere. And it's just gotten so dark"
Today is Sunday. Not watching the NFL. Tomorrow is Monday. Not watching Megyn Kelly Today. The power of the Remote Contro…
Shep Smith will run for pres ...featuring Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly ditches politics in her new daytime show. Review:
After seeing the cast of W&G on hateful Megyn Kelly's show, I won't watch the new epsds. Not funny. N…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Idc abt Megyn Kelly but NBC10 has the best women in news. I…
"I think the Will & Grace thing and the *** thing are going to work out great," Megyn Kelly said to a *** W&G superfan this m…
Megyn Kelly reminds me of a serpent.
The only way Americans could ignore Puerto Rico any more would be if it was on the Megyn Kelly Show.
Megyn Kelly is the Iggy Azalea of TV anchors
Review: "Megyn Kelly Today" attempts to show a softer side to the former Fox News host
Megyn Kelly cracks 'joke' asking 'Will & Grace' fan if watching show made him choose to be ***
Megyn Kelly is to TV what Mitt Romney is to politics & public service; willing to do and say whatever to remain relevant
Megyn Kelly is a white supremacist.
perhaps "lady who yelled at children about the race of santa" a bad fit to host an uplifting, non-political AM show https…
NBC insiders confused by Megyn Kelly's new show via
Megyn Kelly gets thumbs down from critics
Megyn Kelly gets thumbs down from critics via It's a big thumbs down 👎for
Megyn Kelly is not a likable or charismatic and I can't remember the last time I wanted something to fail this badly.…
[They] really want megyn kelly to happen.
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Looks super promising. . “Like watching NBC assemble Bride of Frankenstein using Ellen DeGeneres and Kelly Ripa.”.
Megyn Kelly is every mom trying way to hard to "relate" to her *** son but instead just makes it way worse https:…
Ah, the rhythmic sounds of Megyn Kelly failing as she tries to rebrand herself after years of anti-Black rhetoric. I love…
I am not a Megyn Kelly fan, but it's her first show, give her a break and a chance. People are being haters.
Is Megyn Kelly running for office? Seems NBC is really over selling this new Megyn. The ad is creepy.
State of the art takedown by of the debacle at via
"If I talk about politics, you'll remember I'm a hateful bigot who worked for Trump's propaganda network. Let's keep i…
Megyn Kelly joined the Today Show, and suddenly she doesn't want to talk about politics.
Megyn Kelly Today needs you to forget how she built her career:
John Oliver is here to remind you why Megyn Kelly isn’t a “unifying force”
As NBC tries to sell us a warm and fuzzy "kinda done with politics" Megyn Kelly, a reminder of what she did in her old job…
Megyn Kelly's former Fox News colleague. Kirsten is now at CNN.
I could care less over the perv Anthony Weiner or how much Megyn Kelly bombed in her debut. 3.5M Puerto Ricans, ALL Amer…
I don't understand the Megyn Kelly phenomenon.She's pleasant but she's not a serious journalist like Di…
Megyn Kelly is still on TV? And just like other liberal hypocrites, Ellen shows that there is no room for a…
Why was daily reward today to watch an ad for Megyn Kelly and then enter your email address? Absolutely not.
Megyn Kelly repeating a line she's said in the past...that she's not "political." Then why were her first interviews with Putin…
But I'm happy for her, she's very pleasant, feminine and likable, the anti Megyn Kelly ... and again, very smart and beautiful. 😍
WATCH : Megyn Kelly dropped a bombshell on Ellen this week — and it’s something Trump is…
Watch: Ellen DeGeneres tells Megyn Kelly she refuses to allow Donald Trump on her show
NBC is desperately trying to show off Megyn Kelly's "softer" side:
Marked as to-read: Settle for More by Megyn Kelly
is live! to discuss Megyn Kelly's new gig and how the Deep State gets us to support invasions.
Kardashian diva ditches Megyn Kelly last minute before critical-for-career interview
Because she would be forced to reveal who gave her hiv virus.
Just wanted to let you know,as I’ve told I will NEVER watch Megyn Kelly.I even ff thru her promos.No faux news 4 me.
The last place I wish to see our Pres Trump is on Megyn Kelly Gossip Show. Kelly nee…
Megyn Kelly: "You've called women you don't like 'fat pigs,' 'dogs,' ‘slobs' and 'disgusting animal…
No Thank You I can't forget years and years of ignorance and stupidity.
Gretchen Carlson Megyn Kelly Eboni K Williams cat Temps they should all get together and start their own little cut…
That's what I thought. Just seems like people are working really hard to make Megyn Kelly into a reasonable human.
NBC’s Megyn Kelly sits down with Kendall, Kris, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe to discuss their decade of reality-TV dominance (…
'Who the *** wants to woo her!' Donald Trump renews attacks on Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly tells Ellen that Trump influenced her to leave FOX. Video:
Ellen let Megyn KELLY pander away then nicely blew her out of the water - Dem Underground via
Just got around to watching that clip of Megyn Kelly saying she isn't a "political" person. Beyond idiotic.
Ellen DeGeneres to Megyn Kelly: I refuse to allow Donald Trump on my show
Megyn Kelly says she left Fox News because of Trump
There's the know nothing partisan hack. Sitting next to Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly explained to us that she left Fox because of Trump. Gee, I don't recall asking . . .
But... you basically did by inviting Megyn Kelly.
Colbert invited Spicer to the Emmys? Kimmel had on Spicer? Ellen invited Megyn Kelly on her show? Reckless
Are people dragging Charlie Rose for the Bannon interview as much as Megyn Kelly got dragged for her Alex Jones interview?. Didn't think so..
NBC in ‘total panic’ as Megyn Kelly attracts only old white people | Raw Story via
The network reportedly fears that Megyn Kelly can't attract non-White, younger audiences for her daytime show.
NBC just screwed up again. Ppl will turn off when Megyn Kelly joins TODAY. The treatment of Ann Cutie and Tamron Hall was mistake
Megyn Kelly to Host an Hour of the Today Show, Replacing Al Roker and Tamron Hall via
The outcome of the kinetic The Kelly File is never in doubt, but it is fun watching Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume work.
Yeah...didn't Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly, among others, already do this?
Tucker Carlson takes over Megyn Kelly's slot, Martha MacCallum gets new show |
I was over at my aunt's house and saw Megyn Kelly's book. I thought the same thing
Mark Thiessen has been lost since his girl Megyn Kelly left
CNN,scraping bottom of the barrel,I'm pretty sure thats Megyn Kelly with a short wig
I'm waiting for the segment where Hugh Hewitt pulls off the rubber mask to reveal that he's really Fox News throwaway Megyn Kelly.
Romney didn't have many conservative friends to begin with. Democrats will love him a little until he's n…
Same reason megyn Kelly has a job on NBC. Andy Lack is senile.
She is another Megyn Kelly wanna be!
Fox is winning Big League in the personnel turnover dept. What hypocrites to report on WH ppl who can't cut it.
Thank God!! No Ebony, or Kat. Y'all need to go with Megyn Kelly!!!
"Bannon and the Breitbart editors had the same reaction and immediately turned on Megyn Kelly, with a fusillade o...
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Cernovich is the female version of Megyn Kelly or however you spell her name.
'It turns out that Megyn Kelly can act after all. Who knew?'
Tucker and the five are mediocre. Not in the same league with O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly 🙁
Fox News Trish Regan wants to be their next Megyn Kelly, she has the same delivery style
Just a lite happy not that you are as beautiful as Megyn Kelly. My two favorite on the news take care
Megyn Kelly "if crazy didn't cover me so much on her terrible show, her ratings would totally tank." (03/19/2016)
They'd shutdown It seems & Eboni are turning into another Megyn Kelly to viewers
I 'm with you. I keep telling them to get rid of the slimy toad.I also tell that…
Archive: Fox News was fine with sick right wing obsessions until Trump took on megyn kelly.
Trish's show is the Intelligence Report, its not primarily a business show, she was brought on ori…
To Andrew Lack: if you want this to continue, more like Maddow & O'Donnell, no Van Susteren or (Megyn) Kelly!
Just a question.. is Megyn Kelly still on the air??
via News Pro - Breitbart app for iOS. IHaveFailed
You have lost me. You are despicable & a disgrace to your profession. You belong at MSNBC or CNN with Megyn Kelly
"Advertisers withdrawing from Megyn Kelly's show due to Alex Jones interview"
All Trump supporter really need to watch BTW F…
Hence we have the return of the new and improved version of Megyn Kelly…
BREAKING NEWS: Fox still far ahead of WH in the number of Peopl…
Flashback: when Donald Trump obliterated Wolf Blitzer and Megyn Kelly in one fell swoop. h…
Which begs the question... how could you have waited this long? Shoulda been out of there after Megyn Kelly blood r…
Learn more about the Megyn Kelly Dr Oz skin care cream! -
Megyn Kelly is something to behold; a brilliantly holstered interview with an extraordinary woman, by Vassi Chamberlain in
How do you feel about NBA jerseys showing ads? My answer: I like it. What do you think?
Wow since you left a Republican party you have really Let Yourself Go. Good luck on your new…
I refuse to call Megyn Kelly a bimbo, because that would not be politically correct. Instead I will only call her a lightweight reporter!
She should be protected by governmental bodyguards for being a target of hate crime. i.e. Megyn Kelly
Wait what does Megyn Kelly have to do with any of this?
Seems to have a blood fetish of some sort. There's: 1)this fake monument to blood, 2)Megyn Kelly's wh…
Suffers from age, but Malkin's vision still glows, as does terrific Megyn Kelly in practically solo turn.
I remember before election there were stories about how James Murdoch wanted to shift to center and pr…
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Preparing for BREAKING NEWS that Megyn Kelly has scored first interview with Steve Bannon after firing.
Congratulations to "Mitt Romney" who couldn't win a popularity contest against Megyn Kelly! Takes work to get both parties to hate you!
MEGYN KELLY: New NBC morning show 'good for the soul'...
I bet your sales would triple if you removed the review from Megyn Kelly from the book cover and m…
Tucker Carlson's Ratings Nearly Double Megyn Kelly's on Fox News Good job and thank you!
.dad coaches in one of the most violent parts of Chicago. Sunday Night with
MEGYN KELLY would like to learn APPEAL TO THE BASE, but they already know four moves.
Why does he feel safer calling out Megyn Kelly or w/e dumb news person but not David Duke, who everyone should hate?
Dana Perino is looking more and more like Megyn Kelly every day.
'The Daily Show' slams Megyn Kelly for her NBC News makeover - Business Insider
Michael Moore is a has-been slob that no one pays attn to. Keep him irrelevant so Megyn Kelly can…
Journalism 101: John Oliver just did the exposé on Alex Jones & InfoWars that Megyn Kelly was too lazy to do.
Megyn Kelly news show ends scheduled run with best ratings since Alex Jones interview, half the audience from debut
Megyn Kelly channels Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Lana Turner and Susan Hayward in the lovingly crafted "The Kelly File"
Donald Trump sure fixates on women, Hillary Clinton, Megyn Kelly, Rosie O' Donnell. It's a disgrace to have him in the White ***
Just like Megyn Kelly & Greta Van Susteren couldn't make it in light of truth without deno…
Megyn Kelly is astonishingly good as Gregg Jarrett in The Kelly File.
I thought Megyn Kelly was that girl from . Turns out that was Megan Hilty. These news articles make a lot more sense now.
Megyn Kelly's problem is obvious: Conservatives feel betrayed by her, Liberals don't trust her. She is a woman without…
Watch: Kara Swisher talks to Megyn Kelly about Silicon Valley’s sexist bro culture
interested in Megyn Kelly's ratings now that she went deeper left with big Katy Tur story on Trump Russia. & sex harassment.
The best part of this Megyn Kelly show has been Katy Tur. So...yeah.
Megyn Kelly's book suggests Trump knew first question he'd face in debate:
I'm sorry Fox News's Shepard Smith, I couldn't hear a word you said with Megyn Kelly's *** in your mouth.
Megyn Kelly... Please make room in your dinghy for shep smith. We are ready to send him over your way.
A follower for years; troubled by hires like Megyn Kelly, & now disgusting Hugh Hewitt, explains!.
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