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Megyn Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is an American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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“Hands up, don’t shoot didn't happen!” Megyn Kelly flips out over Department of justice Report
Muslim who speak for Islam KNOW how to game the system. Megyn Kelly doesn't buy it. Listen to double-speak from Harris Zafar. PI
Megyn Kelly mocks Melissa Harris-Perry, which is like Jenny McCarthy mocking Jonas Salk.
Attn: Megyn Kelly - really like you adding John Podhoretz to your guest list-- respect his opinions
Since nobody said "doobie" I'm going to guess that was a Megyn Kelly imitation and not Nancy Grace.
It's hard to imagine anyone other than Megyn Kelly taking on the role of Paul Gigot.
he should go on O'Reilly or Megyn Kelly they have both been tempered in their comments
. George Soros praising Megyn Kelly of Fox News on vaccine stand.
Imagine if it were Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith or Bill O'Reilly instead of Brian Williams.
Sean follows me too, Sean and Megyn Kelly are My Top 2 Night time Shows on FoxNews
oh thank God! I just have visions of O'Reilly, Hannity and Megyn Kelly kicking the masses into a frenzy over this.
Can u imagine if Sean Hannity or Megyn Kelly lied about being shot down in Iraq? What do u think mainstream media would do with that?
I hope Harper Lee goes on Fox News so Megyn Kelly can ask her all about black on black crime and the New Black Panther party
Yeah... I have always liked Michelle. I knew Megyn Kelly would eventually get own show, Michelle will also.😎
Mike Huckabee informed by Megyn Kelly about women |
Megyn Kelly has news for Mike Huckabee about "trashy" women in the workplace
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Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity have nearly the exact same facial structure. Insert your leftie They Live joke, but you might be right.
"Well just when you think you've seen it all. Ted Cruz praising Michelle Obama and now Megyn Kelly schooling Mike...
Megyn Kelly and John Gibson create an almost magical balance between the tragic and comic elements of this story.
It's nearly a profound concept, but only nearly. Remember that The Kelly File is an Megyn Kelly TV show: there are limits.
You should watch this great and honest conversation between and from
I shut my TV off. I'm not watching O'Reilly the 2nd, aka Megyn Kelly instead of my beloved
.Still, if the ratings are as high for a Megyn Kelly repeat, they might think they could save money w/o
.I need to laugh. Megyn Kelly does not make me laugh! we are angry there is no -a repeat would've been OK
Am I the only one who finds Megyn Kelly's delivery style incredibly annoying? It's gonna be another early night for me.
.you are NOT going to turn fans into Megyn Kelly fans this way, but will create resentment instead.
Does anyone else here think Megyn Kelly is the hottest and smartest...
Megyn Kelly smacks down Bill O’Reilly after glowing NYT profile of her: “Jealousy is an ugly emotion, Bill.”
Anyone else see Megyn Kelly grilling GOP contenders after SOTU? Power relationship was clear. Luntz supplied the evidence, she the smirk.
Megyn Kelly smacks down Bill O'Reilly after NYT profile: "Jealousy is an ugly emotion, Bill"
I'm guessing that graphic was created by Megyn "SANTA HAS TO BE WHITE!111" Kelly.
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A weasel pundit called Sarah the loser in Iowa on Megyn Kelly's show last night.
Megyn Kelly: "The Ghostbusters are men. Sorry kids, they just are.".
I heard Mattel is in trouble. My fix: a line of Fox News Aryan Barbies, with Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, etc,
Nice spot with Megyn when you argue for arguments sake...Thought you'd also blame Obama?...LOL
A fascinating piece on Megyn Kelly and her rise at to the no. 1 slot, well almost.
Megyn Kelly is the best at getting to the truth and responding as most of us would. No spin. O'Reilly could learn from Megyn.
*** Megyn Kelly has some dollar store hair extensions in right now
I wish megyn kelly would let people talk on her show without constantly interrupting them. Especially when they know more than she does.
Megyn Kelly of the Kelly File is an ignorant c.
Leaks out of Fox News are highly unusual. So read this -- Bill O'Reilly "jealous" of -- with that in mind htt…
and Megyn Kelly reports our State Dept is giving money to the advisers..this is very wrong
The second, charming teaming of Andrew Napolitano and Megyn Kelly, probably his best dancing partner
Dinesh D’Souza is a documentarian with the sensibility of a YouTube conspiracy theorist. Megyn Kelly is a Fox News anchor who infamously went on an on-air…
Can never forget this Megyn Kelly interview with Gallagher, the yeye man who called maternity leave a racket. Great.
Scott Walker, last night w/Megyn Kelly was impressive--I'm open to him...want to hear more.
It was one year ago this week that President Obama dismissed ISIS as “jay-vee.” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told Megyn Kelly that the president continues to send “mixed messages” to our allies on who our enemies really are in the Middle East. Watch more and weigh in:
Megyn Kelly asked Sen. Ted Cruz if he thinks President Obama was setting the stage for the next presidential candidate.'Oh, I think he was trying to and he hopes that the next candidate engages in the same far left policies. This is a man of the left,' Cruz said.'You know, it reminds me of the class…
Actually sort of love when professors associate my name with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly during roll call
Megyn Kelly talks with Dem Congressman Anthony Weiner over Estate Tax - 2010 In case anyone forgot what a jerk he is.
Anna Kooiman has me in her clutches. Martha Mccallum and Megyn Kelly..Andrea Tantaros..the power is too great
they're being hosted this year by Megyn Kelly.
Liberals think I am racist for calling Barack Obama incompetent. But, I thought Jimmy Carter was incompetent too! So, Liberals then call me racist because I call Democrats incompetent, but I thought Truman and Kennedy were among our best Presidents and they were Democrats. Liberals keep squirming to find names to call me, but I keep deflecting them with facts that just *** THEM OFF! Here's another one: This RACIST is actively supporting Dr. Ben Carson for President, Allen West for Secretary of Defense, Herman Cain for Ambassador to the United Nations, and Donald J. Trump for Postmaster General. OK, so Donald J Trump is white, but that hair! Oh yes, and let's not forget the women. Laura Ingraham for Press Secretary, Megyn Kelly for White House Chief of Staff, and Carly Fiorina for Secretary of Commerce, Sarah Palin for Secretary of the Interior, Senator Kelly Ayotte for Secretary of Education, and Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State. For good measure, Bobby Jindal for either Secretary of Labor or Secr ...
It wasn’t easy but Sean Hannity outdid Megyn Kelly in dishonestly making the Prince Andrew underage sex scandal about Bill Clinton. Just like Kelly, Hannity did it without a lick of evidence to show Clinton’s involvement! He did, however, have Ann Coulter.
There are lots of salacious details in the lawsuit alleging Prince Andrew and legal giant Alan Dershowitz engaged in sex with underaged prostitutes. But Fox’s Megyn Kelly and Chris Stirewalt ignored Fox’s own reporting that found no evidence that Clinton was involved in order to suggest otherwise.
Megyn Kelly vs Al Green. Democrats took to the House floor last night to make the “hands up, don't shoot” gesture popularized by Ferguson protestors. One of ...
TONIGHT: Megyn Kelly has never-before-seen interviews with missing baby Lisa Irwin's parents and an update on their lives now. Tune in to 'The Kelly File Special: The Baby Lisa Mystery' tonight at 9p ET on Fox News Channel.
“I just feel like I didn’t save her.” Baby Lisa Irwin’s mother, Deborah, told Megyn Kelly that she still believes her daughter is coming home after having gone missing more than three years ago. Watch and weigh in with your thoughts:
Dr. Ben Carson on Hillary Clinton's Saul Alinsky Letters: ‘We’ve Had These Kinds of Warnings Before’ Dr. Ben Carson spoke with Megyn Kelly about these new re...
Absolutely Not! She tells the truth. If they don't like it that's just to *** bad!!! These morons in Ferguson who destroyed there community for no reason deserve to be in prison. Megyn Kelly deserved a medal for going after these *** holes. The truth is the militant morons wanted free bees that's the only reason they looted and went wild in the stores. Then burning them down. In my opinion if you did this to your community you deserve to live in the community just the way it is. If you want it better grab a hummer and nails and start fixing it yourself. I don't want to pay for your criminal activities.
We all know that Al Sharpton is a media *** but no one was aware how bad he was until Megyn Kelly decided to dig a little bit deeper and proved that Sharpton is nothing more than a gangster who runs...
See what and more looked like in high school:
A romantic detective story starring Megyn Kelly that harkens back to a time when even gumshoes had their own moral code
..I can't stress enough the grace and beauty of Megyn Kelly's haunting treasure..
Minority Black Outreach of Fox News is to get Megyn Kelly to wear Black face & change her name!
Fox puts up Megyn Kelly, Sun puts up Ezra Levant. Doesn't seem that odd to me...
Nothing personal, gents, but you'll need eye candy. Get Megyn Kelly to bartend.
It is time for all Good Americans to unite and bring down the 3-Stooges (Sharpton, Jackson, Rangle).
Megyn Kelly's modest drama is one big, obvious argument against the vow of celibacy for Roman Catholic priests, but it has heart.
Megyn Kelly earned her law degree from Albany Law School w/honors, was editor of Albany Law Review.
Really good Megyn Kelly noir that's never gotten its due
I don't call any day wasted if it contains a chance to *** off Megyn Kelly. In fact, far to…
I don't know who Megyn Kelly is but I wanna *** her off
PRICELESS — dissects Megyn Kelly on Fox News, who insists Jesus & Santa Clause are White. Right ..
I like Megyn Kelly she's a hard core consecrative "I think" she does good on Fox News.1 of the Best I think
Megyn Kelly puts NYPD assassinations in proper perspective
AFTER calling Lui racist led 2 his execution, he attended corpse viewing.
The best Western Hume ever made without Megyn Kelly on board.
I bet she won't ask Megyn Kelly or Ann Coulter.MHP would have her tampon earrings spinning.
Megyn Kelly's High School Photo ... Me thinks she followed her dreams👍.
*** straight you should be watching Sid roth It's supernatural, Sean Hannity, and my favourite Megyn Kelly real news no cnn
Fox needs more of Megyn Kelly and MUCH less of O'Reilly. We really want fair and balanced.
Megyn Kelly is extraordinary, but Alan Colmes is just astounding as Monica Crowley. It is really a beautiful show.
Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Kelly Ripa & Brooke Baldwin are the sexiest, most beautiful women of 2014.
It stars the somewhat homely Megyn Kelly as Elisabeth Hasselbeck, whose whole purpose in life is to get married.
Featherweight romantic comedy has a few nice twists in a standard plot... and the charisma of Megyn Kelly and Trace Gallagher.
Shepard Smith is the voice of reason no matter the issue. Megyn Kelly only reasonable if it involves women's rights.
Franklin Graham appeared on Fox News’ The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly to discuss the issue of Christmas and the changes that are taking place in the culture. In fact, before interviewing Graham, Kelly pointed out that in just days … Continue reading →
“Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told me personally: ‘Your country will turn on you. The liberal media will turn on you. The people will grow tired of this. They will turn on you – and when they do, you are going to be abandoned.’” TUNE IN for part two of Megyn Kelly's interview with Dr. James Mitchell tonight on Fox News at 9p ET.
Marco Rubio tells Megyn Kelly: Rand Paul “has no idea what he’s talking about” via
On Wednesday evening, Fox News star Megyn Kelly appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and relayed a hilariously awkward story about her first encounter with President Barack Obama. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough took notice of the interview, but his first thought was not about the contents within.
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'Don't stoop to that’: Scarborough's snark about Megyn Kelly's outfit and more beautiful than the myopic hags
Joe Scarborough...Joe Scarborough? I know who Megyn Kelly is but who the *** is Joe Scarborough
🇺🇸. Joe Scarborough makes the mistake of taking a swipe at Megyn Kelly's clothes
Hey what tips do you have for Megyn Kelly's wardrobe?
'Don't stoop to that’: Joe Scarborough's snark about Megyn Kelly's outfit met with ratings zingers
In an interview with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R) Tuesday night, Fox News host Megyn Kelly pressed the likely presidential candidate on Jeb Bush's announcement Tuesday that he will "actively explore" running in 2016.
Remember the Fox News darling of the airwaves Megyn Kelly that started the Christmas race war by stating that Santa Claus is a white man
Megyn Kelly is the reason I watch Fox News at night.
I want to be Megyn Kelly from Fox News she's absolutely gr8
Congratulations to Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly for interview with CIA official. This should make Sen. Dianne Fienstein hide in shame.
Part Two of her interview with this Interrogator is on Megyn Kelly's Show tonight on Fox News Channel!
Did you see the Interview on Megyn Kelly's Show on Fox with Someone who Interrogated Khalid Muhammad-behind 9/11 attack
Listening to Megyn Kelly on Fox bang the drum for torture and neo cons
It's time once again for our annual Christmas reality check for Megyn Kelly and all the other nitwits at Fox News.
On Fox News, host Megyn Kelly (also a lawyer) says Sony won't be able to stop news outlets from writing about hacked Sony materials.
Megyn Kelly, "journalist", interviewing James Mitchell, DOCTOR who tortured people, on Fox: "Jim, continue, I'm sorry, you…
VIDEO Megyn Kelly dropped the f-bomb while chatting with Mike Huckabee!
You're going to want to see this one: Pete Hegseth gets fired up when he joins Megyn Kelly to talk about Harvard Law students asking for delays on their exams - the reason? They feel "traumatized" by the decisions of Ferguson & Staten Island. "When I was in school at Princeton during 9/11, I didn't get a day off for bereavement for those events, which were clearly traumatizing."
Rachel Maddow tonight took a shot at Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly for their less-than-prescient commentary about the end of Ferguson protests.
.called Megyn Kelly on "baldest racism I've seen in a while". went a bit deeper on Fox http…
I know plenty have called Shepard Smith a liberal, but never Megyn Kelly.
| Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly — what is the one shared cont.→
Megyn Kelly and Congressman sparred over the decision not to indict Officer Wilson via
Megyn Kelly knows exactly who's to blame for all the violence in Ferguson, and his name is Al Sharpton.
Megyn Kelly taking apart Texas Congressman Greene on his antics in the US House over Michael Brown was terrific. Megyn doesn't suffer fools
Fox News host Megyn Kelly isn’t ever one to hold back, and on her show Monday night after rioting broke out in Ferguson following the announcement of the g
Megyn Kelly: "Look, turkey meat is just white. It just is!"
Megyn Kelly goes off on Sharpton for fanning the flames of violence in Ferguson.
Richard Fowler, a nationally syndicated radio host, tried to argue to Megyn Kelly that Michael Brown's case should have gone to jury trial and blamed the grand jury process for Michael Brown not ge...
Chris Wallace points out how a number of the Senate races are “remarkably tight,” given the low approval numbers and discontent with the Obama “presidency,” asking Megyn Kelly for her insight into just why that is. She says this isn’t some “pro-GOP” election in her opinion; it’s an anti-Obama electi…
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A Word to the Wise is Sufficient... The preponderance of evidence revealed and objectively studied by a 12...
"Who are you to second-guess the grand jury?" Richard Fowler has no idea what he's talking about.
On-air news debate around the Ferguson situation.
I would let Megyn Kelly and Kimberly Guilfoyle do unspeakable things to me.
Megyn Kelly sums up Ferguson with one question for protesters, and she’s not afraid to ask! via
I just said the same thing like literally! He must have a crush on Megyn Kelly or something.
Megyn Kelly UNLOADED on Al Sharpton for Being a Race Pimp in Ferguson
Al Sharpton hates white people. He has always hated white people. He will always hate white people. Therefore...
Variety Mistaken: Megyn Kelly (and the Fox News Channel) had the No. 1 cable news show not CNN // via
Megyn Kelly explodes about Al Sharpton stoking the fires of Ferguson violence via
Megyn Kelly is so sexy when she's ripping apart a biased, lying, propaganda spewing, hack.
If you want to know how much people are paying attention to the Ferguson situation, know that Liberty News Network and its websites have broken an all-time daily record for traffic/visits today. We've seen more traffic today than we usually see in a seven day period. And 90% of today's traffic came via Ferguson related news and updates. Additionally, Megyn Kelly's Ferguson special on Fox News last night was viewed by almost 7,500,000 people. That's astonishing. 7.5 MILLION viewers! I don't like that this is what's driving the news cycle right now, but I can't ignore it. What are your thoughts on the whole thing in general?
Megyn Kelly is stumping this Left Wing Nut "intellectual" left and right! Good for her ...
Email to Megyn Kelly: Can you please wrap up and let Shepard Smith continue. No offense. Thank you.
Why in the *** would Fox News have Sean Hannity be live right now where is Shepard Smith or Megyn Kelly
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The night before President Barack Obama was scheduled to announce that he was removing the threat of deportation from up to 5 million undocumented immigrants, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, launched a preemptive strike during an appearance on Fox News. Cruz told Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly that
The host of the F***abee show. Megyn Kelly may need time to live this down via
Megyn Kelly gives 4 options for stopping options for stopping on immigration...
Megyn Kelly floats the possibility of defunding entire Department of Justice over executive action on immigration:
Trey Gowdy on the Arrogance of Liberals Wednesday - November 12, 2014 RUSH: Congressman Trey Gowdy was on Fox News last night with Megyn Kelly. She asked him about this. She said, "For years now the American public has disliked this law, Obamacare. They have complained that they felt it was crammed down their throats, that there was dishonesty in the process. They were not told the full story. And now you've got the chief architect of the law on camera saying (paraphrased), 'Yeah, we had to lie. You're too dumb to know what's good for you.'" GOWDY: It's really serious. In a participatory democracy, when you tell your fellow citizens that you're either not smart enough to understand the truth or we can't tell you the truth because you wouldn't go along with it... Well, if you wouldn't go along with it, maybe you shouldn't pass the law. It's not the responsibility of your viewers to read thousand-page bills. *** the people who voted on it didn't read it before they voted on it! So it's not my fello ...
Megyn Kelly of Fox News accidentally let slip something that I’m sure isn’t the first time it’s been thought or uttered quietly over at Fox.
Megyn Kelly went off on the deception & fraud that went in to pushing Obamacare in a clash with Democratic pollster.
"Megyn Kelly here to remind you that Jebus is white and also
Megyn Kelly had an unfortunate moment when introducing former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on her Fox News show - she accidentally called him 'F***abee', and he cracked a smile. We pronounce, you decide. Watch the uncomfortable moment here (NSFW):
Megyn Kelly introduced Mike Huckabee with a swear word accidentally Monday evening during a segment of her show “The Kelly File.” The Fox News anchor mixed up the beginnings “Fox News” and “Huckabee” and ended up with something crude and hilarious.
LOL! Add this gem to the Fox News Blooper Hall of Fame. Megyn Kelly’s Huckabee “F” bomb.
And we're thrilled that Megyn Kelly called you out for using same old lies
While introing Mike Huckabee for a segment on her show, Megyn Kelly slipped up and almost said "*uckabee" with the letter 'F'. Watch:
Megyn Kelly made an unfortunate error when introducing Mike Huckabee during the airing of her show on Monday night.
Obama is a liar and should be impeached we cannot afford another two years. Wake Up America!
Trey Gowdy to Megyn Kelly: "'Comprehensive' is Latin for 'there's a lot of bad stuff in here.'" Word.
Megyn Kelly accidentally turned Mike Huckabee's name into an f-bomb on her show The Kelly File -- watch the video
Is Megyn Kelly that dumb or is it just an optical illusion because of all the Botox?
This Gruber went on MSDNC to say he spoke off the cuff but Megyn Kelly showed that this apology was empty because this jerk called us stupid on another occasion. Kelly continued to rip not Gruber and was joined by Trey Gowdy who couldn't get over the ...
Fox News' Megyn Kelly rise to journalistic stardom has occurred at meteoric speed. Her interviews are tough and among the very best in the news...
"Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage."~J. Gruber, on how Congress passed the *Affordable* Care Act.
Megyn Kelly will tie the US/China climate deal to the New Black Panthers
Megyn Kelly irate over video bragging about how easy it is to lie to stupid Americans via
"The stupidity of the American voter was really, really critical to get the thing [Obamacare] to pass" ~ J. Gruber.
On The Kelly File Monday, Megyn Kelly and guest Marc Thiessen discussed the “explosive” new video of MIT’s Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of Obamacare, admitting that Obamacare was written in a “tortured” way to hide its tax implications from the CBO and mask its redistributive cost structur…
Megyn Kelly from Fox News had a little trouble with her introduction of her guest, Mike Huckabee. Wait a minute Megyn, he's the host of
"Democrats who voted for that health care law just got fired by the American people because eventually they...
Oh life is good. Fox's main *** Megan Kelly introduces Mike Huckabee live by saying "Welcome Mike Huckebee,...
Fox News host Megyn Kelly slightly slipped up while introducing Mike Huckabee onto a segment this Monday night. It was pretty funny, and it suggests a perfec
MIT’S JONATHAN GRUBER WAS SHARING HIS MARXIST VISION “Top down, bottom up,” is how Van Jones described the strategy of bringing about more equity in society. Van Jones, who was Obama’s choice for the role of the nation’s energy czar, saw his nomination go up in flames when his communist views were made public. He, interestingly enough, ended up hosting a program on CNN, instead. The “top down, bottom up” view, expressed by Van Jones, is, apparently, the view, also, of Jonathan Gruber, a professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who was paid $400,000 to help craft the Affordable Care Act, which Gruber’s comments indicate was intentionally written in a manner intended to deceive the American people as to the proposal’s political content, and economic character. Jonathan Gruber is often described as the architect of “Obamacare,” which is the federal government’s subtle takeover of the nation’s healthcare system. Gruber’s comments about how he, an . ...
Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. on Fox. The Man who Actually Shot Osama bin Laden. Megyn Kelly said she was in tears and couldn't move in her seat while watching the clips. I'm going to record this because I want to be able to watch it again.
Megyn Kelly just tearing it up on Fox News tonight
The for President Committee will consider Vice Presidential running mates occasionally. . First up: Megyn Kelly
“It’s been a great week to be a Republican,” Dana Perino said tonight on 'The Kelly File.' “I don’t remember having this much fun since 2004, when President Bush won re-election.” Dana told Megyn Kelly that she believes President Obama helped “unify” the GOP in the midterm elections. What do you think?
I never realized MSNBC was a comedy network but now I know where auditions are held for Saturday Night Live. last Saturdays show mocking Megyn Kelly and how Obamas' approval rating had fallen 7 points to 92% among black voters is fresh in mind. Gonna be tricky digging up some relevant material for a while. Maybe Tina Fey can do her impersonation of Sarah Palin again. Chris Matthews could do his imitation of Jimmy Carter and if all else fails Joe Biden can impersonate...well he could impersonate being happy to be overlooked completely in anticipation of Hillarys run. Just thinking out loud. Like yesterdays voters.
REVIEW OF THE MEDIA'S ELECTION COVERAGE • MSNBC refused to call the Florida gubernatorial race... even though the other networks had called it, and even after Charlie Crist conceded. • MSNBC also called a number of the Democrat losses late, including North Carolina. • Fox News called the New Hampshire loss for Republican Scott Brown later than the other media outlets. • The best place for results was on the Drudge Report. They posted the correct election calls long before the networks and other outlets did. • Nate Silver was somewhat off his game. He gave the Republicans a 44% chance of winning 52 or 53 seats in the Senate. It looks like they'll end up with 54 seats, which he'd given only a 15% chance of happening. • Pre-election poll numbers were biased in favor of Democrats by an average of 4 points in the Senate and 4 points in the elections for governor. • Fox's Brett Baier had the strongest election night performance. His co-anchor Megyn Kelly was somewhat shaky. Juan Williams was ...
With countless experts closely predicting the outcome of the midterm elections, the only real question Tuesday night was: Would Fox News host Megyn Kelly take the long walk?
Joni Ernst sat down with Megyn Kelly to talk about an issue that matters: castrating pigs.
As the news networks begin preparing to cover tonight’s closely watched election results, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly told President Barack Obama and liberal Democrats just how sad they will be tomorrow. This isn’t some pro-GOP election, it’s an anti-Obama election. Megyn also explained just why voters, w…
Megyn Kelly -- biggest star in all of news, cable or otherwise.
When it gets late--we eat candy! Thank you Megyn Kelly for bringing it back from your walk to the decision desk.
VIDEO - Megyn Kelly Again Takes the Long Walk to Fox’s Decision Desk
McCarthy says repealing Obamacare won’t be on House agenda: Megyn Kelly cornered Rep. Kevin McCarthy who...
VIDEO: & analyze why rhetoric failed this cycle
ELECTION NIGHT LIVE Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly bring you the latest results:
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Megyn Kelly takes viewers behind the scenes at Fox, as only she can, on election night via
Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier will be bringing you tonight’s midterm election results LIVE as they roll in. Stay tuned to Fox News for the latest along with expert analysis beginning at 6p ET.
Why did the "War on Women" rhetoric fail Dems this time around? & discuss:
Tight necklace game from Fox's Megyn Kelly tonight
.& on why "war on women" didn't work for the Dems this time. (People got a little smarter?!) ht…
Megyn Kelly took a walk to the decision desk and found out that Fox News is projecting a win for incumbent Republican Rick Scott over ex-governor Charlie Crist in the Florida gubernatorial race.
The next level of reality show will just be Megyn Kelly and Chris Matthews in a room desperately trying to ignore each other.
Fox's Megyn Kelly made quite the stretch tonight in suggesting there may have been a connection between the death of Ebola patient Thomas Duncan and a change in New Hampshire Senate race polls just a day later.
One of the reasons I watch on nights like this. Megyn Kelly is a babe. . . Maddow - not so much. :-/ lol
Thanks to Megyn Kelly for having me on tonight to discuss President Obama's last-minute endorsement of Senator Hagan.
Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst joined Megyn Kelly tonight to react to Senator Tom Harkin apologizing to her for a comment about her looks. But Kelly also asked Ernst if her outrage about the comment was feigned.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Bobby Moynihan) defends his decision to quarantine Nurse Kaci Hickox (Kate McKinnon) with his usual brand of brashness on The Kelly Files (with Cecily Strong as Megyn Kelly).
SNL tries and fails to mock Megyn Kelly and Chris Christie on Ebola
SNL kicked off tonight's episode parodying Megyn Kelly as she took on both Chris Christie and nurse Kaci Hickox oer their roles in the nation's Ebola panic.
Megyn Kelly opened her show tonight with a big story brewing in Louisiana where Mary Landrieu told Chuck Todd today that the reason Obama has struggled in the South is because "the South has not al...
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Colorado station bust Megyn Kelly for outright lying.
New book. "Injustice" (Exposing the Racial Injustice of the Obama Justice Department) - J. Christian Adams (former DOJ attorney). Today Eric Holder came out in one of his most tempestuous flares of indignation and lectured on the leaks that have come out Ferguson, Missouri, in recent days showing all the latest evidence in favor of policeman, Dennis Wilson. Are you ready for this - Holder indicates it is an attempt to "mold public opinion". Not that his getting on the Vice President's 757 and flying to Ferguson himself and spending a month trying to "shape the process" - not that assigning 40 FBI agents to the case, not that sending in the hounds of the DOJ's Community Relation Service to go to Ferguson, not that sending 3 high level administration officials to Michael Brown's funeral when 794 police officers have been killed in the line of duty since Obama took office with no special recognition by this White House -- not that any of that was "molding public opinion". Megyn Kelly on Fox said it best - " ...
Fox's tells CO voters they can print ballots at home (they can't), calls it "voter fraud Frankenstein." htt…
Less than an hour after reports that New York Dr. Craig Spencer tested positive for Ebola, Fox News' Megyn Kelly remarked that his reported actions after returning to the U.S. from Guinea sound very irresponsible.
Megyn Kelly is on fire again tonight!!!. Sharp insightful !!!
"Local news in CO have been correcting Fox News..." As I cackle in sheer delight! Oh Megyn Kelly. LOL!!!
damned filthy judges supporting this criminal administration...After pleading guilty, D’Souza was sentenced to five years probation and eight months in a community confinement center in San Diego where he checks in every night and is free to leave and work during the day. However, now a judge appointed by Democrat Bill Clinton has placed further restrictions on D’Souza and it may greatly impact how much of his activism he can do. WND reports that U.S. District Judge Richard Berman has instructed D’Souza that he may not leave San Diego County during the time he has to be at the community confinement center. He must also receive permission of his federal probation officer before doing any media. This ruling stemmed from a clarification requested by D’Souza’s probation officer regarding a travel policy for him. The probation officer recently gave D’Souza permission to travel to New York City for an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File. During that interview, D’Souza said he ...
Megyn Kelly condemned the New York City physician who tested positive for Ebola Thursday night for not quarantining himself when he returned home from West Afric...
Megyn Kelly and I discussed the latest Ebola case in New York last night. Quarantines have to be taken seriously. I'm concerned we are woefully unprepared to deal with a pandemic.
Megyn Kelly BLASTS THE IRRESPONSIBLE Doctor With Ebola In NYC for roaming nyc sick for a few days before checking himself into the hospital. Kelly File ebola...
Megyn Kelly Trying real hard with Dr. Keith Ablo to explain the reason for the tragic shooting today at a high school near Seattle. Megyn, Dr. Ablo won't tell you that evil and the Devil are real! The answer always has been and always will be Jesus Christ! May the Good Lord comfort all of the suffering. Pastor Greg
Megyn Kelly is unbearable. That is all.
Reporting on Thursday night about news of the first Ebola patient in New York City, Fox News host Megyn Kelly was apoplectic.
A Denver, Colorado news outlet corrected Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s allegations over a Colorado law that she said “opened the door to possible voter fraud.”
DENNIS MICHAEL LYNCH on Megyn Kelly 2nite 8:00 central. Wants 2 run for prez as people's choice, not establishment dictated choice.
The personalities, not real reporters, on cable channels attempt to create fire not light in order to advance...
I liked a video Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses ISIS and Ebola with Megyn Kelly
Ed Henry wins! Megyn Kelly would, but if I post her pic again..
I love Megyn Kelly.. Now, if I could just get her to love me... ;)
Fantastic News Megyn Kelly for having Dennis Michael Lynch on your show Friday night to talk about the road to …
.who lies for a living, calls Craig Spencer, who saves lives for a living, "irresponsible."
.takes NYC Ebola patient to task for "irresponsible" actions:
We keep up to date with Outnumbered, The Five, Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly. All on the Fox
NY Doctor Was 'Irresponsible' and *** has Megyn Kelly done for humanity lately? Or ever?
“We can’t be sitting back and being passive. We can’t be somehow hoping it’s not going to happen – they are serious about this.” Rep. Peter King told Megyn Kelly that in the wake of the Ottawa terror attack today, the United States needs to be “more aggressive” in its tactics to thwart similar attacks on American soil. Do you agree?
“They can hit our embassy.” Lt. Col. Oliver North told Megyn Kelly tonight that he believes ISIS fighters are plotting a “complex assault” on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.
Please have a skit with kristen schaal as lead fear corespondent to poke fun at Megyn Kelly on fox
Post by The Kelly File. With multiple people suffering from the fatal disease Ebola in Dallas, Texas, people are asking the hard questions about President Barack Obama’s false promises to keep Ebola from reaching America. Watch (above) as Fox News’ Megyn Kelly destroys Obama on his easily avoidable…
WATCH: Speaking with Megyn Kelly on Thursday night, D'Souza explained life in his court-ordered confinement center.
Is Megyn Kelly turning into the Geraldo Rivera of the 80s. Really, a tour of the plane the nurse was on?
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Dinesh D'Souza obtains special permission to appear on Megyn Kelly’s show, calls his sentence “a great political win”
Megyn Kelly sat down with CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden to discuss the failure of the CDC to contain the Ebola virus.
Megyn Kelly: “The American public looks at you and says, ‘Why should we trust you?’ and ‘Why should we trust the administration when Barack Obama told us we are prepared if Ebola reaches our shores and that the medical personnel would be adequately trained?’” Listen to CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden's response and weigh in with your thoughts:
ISIS militants have reportedly claimed control of a key military training camp in Anbar province – the "gateway to Baghdad" – as a spate of deadly bombings shook Iraq's capital city, hitting mostly Shiite neighborhoods and leaving at least 30 dead. TUNE IN: Blackwater founder Erik Prince joins Megyn Kelly tonight at 9p ET on the intensifying crisis in Iraq and Syria.
I don't know why, but when I'm on the treadmill and Faux news is playing closed captions calling it an "Ebola Ceasar".. It gives me deep belly laughs. I have no way of knowing if it's a CC error, or if MegYn Kelly really thinks it's called that. Happy Friday peeps!
Megyn Kelly is miscast, but the show is entertaining enough.
Why hasn’t the president issued a travel ban on commercial flights into the U.S. from Ebola-stricken countries? ICYMI: Megyn Kelly pressed CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden on this issue on 'The Kelly File' last night. What did you think of his answer?
'Santa just is white ... Jesus was a white man too', says American Fox News presenter – video (Jesus was Palestinian)
I agree, he does not deserve that Megyn Kelly (most of the time I agree with you)
.president and CEO flew plane "Finn" to NYC today to do interview with Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly Blames Fiasco On Debate Moderators: . Gov. Rick Scott may be the laughingstock of social m...
Here's Megyn Kelly, on FoxNews, rightfully ripping him a new one.
WATCH: Bill O'Reilly gets schooled on white privilege
O'reilly's personal attacks for 1 hour on Frieden because he refused to go on his program and went on Megyn Kelly's instead uncalled for.
Megyn Kelly is one of the dumbest people on tv right now.
Dinesh D’Souza tells Megyn Kelly what life is like in confinement
"Does it or does it not answer the question?" Megyn Kelly
Non-action TV show fans will enjoy it, patriots will enjoy it, and Megyn Kelly fans will enjoy it
.Last night I told Megyn Kelly about my life in the confinement center--watch here
Tony Perkins on Fox News: FRC President Tony Perkins appeared on Fox News' "Kelly File with Megyn Kelly" to di...
Megyn Kelly's hooters? An "Ebola Czar?" Tune in Saturday at 9 PM EST to find out what Rooster's up to!
Megyn Kelly tonight pressed CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden on the government’s response to the Ebola threat.
24 hours ago, CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden told Megyn Kelly that those who had contact with the initial Ebola patient were being tracked daily and none had fever, but he left out the fact that 76 other people were left to “self-monitor.” One of those individuals – a nurse – was allowed to board a plane after reporting a fever to the CDC, just hours before she was diagnosed with Ebola.
Megyn Kelly asked CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden last night if the protective protocols listed on the agency’s website are insufficient to prevent the spread of Ebola to health care workers. Dr. Frieden responded, “No. We know how Ebola spreads […] Sometimes more isn’t better.” Today, a second Dallas nurse was diagnosed with the Ebola virus. Watch the full interview and share your thoughts:
With the diagnosis of a second Ebola patient in the U.S. – a Dallas nurse who treated the first patient who died from the virus – the White House is facing serious questions on its handling of the health crisis. Megyn Kelly fact checks what we’ve been told vs. what has subsequently occurred:
Once again Megyn Kelly drops the hammer on an incompetent Obama Admin. Official- today's victim- Thomas Frieden, CDC Director.
CDC Director Dr.Frieden,you don't know Jack.Does Ebola call you up when it's mutating?You're so FOS.Megyn Kelly-you're so smar…
What questions would YOU have for Dr. Tom Frieden? Tune in to Fox News tonight at 9p ET as Megyn Kelly interviews the CDC director on the serious threat of Ebola to Americans.
You don't see this kind of selfies from Fox ladies: Megyn Kelly, Dana Perino, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrea Tantaros
She's a smart, beautiful woman, of course they HATE her!! . I support Ms.Tantaros, Megyn Kelly and ALL OF...
'There it is!' Megyn Kelly leaves Jen Psaki dumbfounded in Perry Mason moment - BizPac Review
Didn't know Germantown High's own is in GONE GIRL until I saw it today. She's terrific as a Nancy Grace/Megyn Kelly divagogue.
“Right now over the Atlantic, a fully loaded Delta 767 – Flight 479 – is coming from Liberia to land at JFK tomorrow morning. It’s been happening every day for a month while this crisis has melted down and they haven’t done a single thing about it.” Former Department of Justice attorney J Christian Adams told Megyn Kelly tonight that President Obama could merely “write a paragraph” to halt air travel into the United States from Ebola-plagued countries.
Why do the right-wing nut jobs (Sean Hannity, Rudolph Giuliani, Sarah Palin, Megyn Kelly, Fox News,
Megyn Kelly showed State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki the clip of then-President George W. Bush’s prophetic 2007 warning on what would happen if troops were withdrawn from Iraq too early and asked her this question: “Wasn’t President Bush exactly right?” Watch Psaki’s response and share what you think:
Megyn Kelly: "What happens if Baghdad falls?" Oliver North: "A bloodbath of biblical proportions."
Jen Psaki basically says to was like 3 years ago.Obama's foreign policy team!
Megyn Kelly SHREDS Psaki re:Obama not leaving troops in
Megyn Kelly v Jen Psaki: an adult lecturing a petulant child. When will the adults be in charge again?
Megyn Kelly: Iraqi Christians skip Holy Communion for the first time in 2,000 years because of...
“The fact is people like ISIS can only be controlled by troops on the ground. And where are they? We haven’t got any.” As a terror army looms on the outskirts of Iraq’s capital city, the Vicar of Baghdad has sent out a plea for prayer via social media, telling Megyn Kelly tonight that “very little,” if anything, is being achieved by U.S. and coalition airstrikes in the region.
“This administration has not found the will to do something for Christians.” Family Research Council's Tony Perkins spoke to Megyn Kelly tonight about the urgent plight of Christians in Iraq as ISIS bears down on Baghdad. Watch and weigh in:
Megyn Kelly Interviews a man named "Noor" who Went To Same Mosque As Alton Nolen oklahoma beheading suspect. Kelly File. noor talks about the faces the mosqu...
. Megyn Kelly is the voice of America and she is doing an awesome job!! God bless Megyn Kelly!
RightScoop Megyn Kelly SHREDS Jen Psaki over O. not leaving troops in Iraq
Megyn Kelly throws the truth at Jen Psaki on pulling troops out of Iraq-Psaki, unflapped, continues with lies:
Now that Megyn Kelly's viewers have heard about taqiyya, maybe they'll do more research on Islam's methods & the death & hate they spread.
Jen Psaki vs. Megyn Kelly. Megyn is a very serious and powerful intellect. Psaki has brought a water balloon to a gun fight.
When Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly was interviewing Trey Gowdy last week, she expressed concern for the Republican Representative from South Carolina. Apparently, Gowdy has been receiving death threats. “I was a prosecutor for 16 years. This is not my first death threat,” Gowdy told Kelly. “I’m alw…
Another clip: Missi Pyle is giving some serious Megyn Kelly vibes. (When is the first showing Friday?)
Megyn Kelly investigates why Brendan Tevlin case not being treated as terrorism
How great is this photo of Megyn Kelly and Janice Dean?!
Was the State Department embarrassed by President Obama's favorable mention in his UN speech of a controversial Muslim cleric who backed a 2004 fatwa calling for the murder of American troops? "Not at all," Deputy State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf told Megyn Kelly. Watch and weigh in:
And Glenn Beck and Mark Levin & Laura Ingraham & Sean Hannity & Megyn Kelly ,,, Actually just close down the WH and let Fox do the job
Sean Hannity brought this up becasue he has had him on his show quite a bit-then Megyn Kelly also showed his picture Etc
I liked a video Sarah Palin accuses Fox News of 'misinformation' and attacks Megyn Kelly - Lawrence
Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza spoke out tonight about his five-year probation and eight-month sentence to a community confinement center on Fox News. D'Souza told Megyn Kelly, My faith in an independent judiciary is affirmed.
Last night I spoke to Megyn Kelly about my questioning of DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. Johnson claimed not to know about 4 men apprehended at the border who came from Middle Eastern countries and had ties to terrorist organizations. I'm not sure what scares me more - that he may not know about this, or that he would deceive us about it by running out the clock and not answering the question.
Just how many instances of President Obama ignoring his top generals have there been? We have a list. Tune in to Fox News at 9p ET for an hour-long ‘Kelly File’ special called ‘The Coming War,’ where Megyn Kelly examines the latest events involving ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and the implications those events may hold for America in the not-too-far-off future.
Megyn Kelly on Fox News' "The Kelly File" invited Congressman Jim Jordan on to discuss reports from former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson (now with the Daily Signal), that Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State during the Benghazi attacks, ordered documents damaging to her to be destroyed. "Hilla…
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Bill Ayers 2 left-wing rag:"Megyn Kelly's eyes are very cold." Only when I'm looking man who bombed the USA & home of a …
Following President Obama's humorous non-sequitur, "the Islamic State is NOT Islamic..." Foxs’ Megyn Kelly tangled with Hassan Shibly the leader of CAIR, Flo...
Bob Bechel (The 5) said Megyn Kelly is the Barbara Walters of her generation. She's passed O'Reilly. Not any doubt.
“They’re not coming back to the United States to buy a house with a white picket fence. They’re coming back to hurt and kill us and change our way of life… Let’s keep them there with their new friends.” Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown spoke to Megyn Kelly tonight about a bill that he introduced, but which subsequently died, aimed at revoking the passports of Americans who are fighting for ISIS abroad. Watch and weigh in:
ICYMI: Last night on 'The Kelly File,' Michael Foley told Megyn Kelly that he was "specifically threatened by the Department of State" about raising funds toward the ransom demands for the release of his brother, murdered journalist James Foley.
I don't know how many saw the interview on Fox News by Megyn Kelly on "The Kelly File" of Ward Churchill and...
Fireworks erupt as takes on former professor Ward Churchill over 9/11 comments:.
I love miss Kelly, but I think Megyn missed a wide open lob ball with this one!
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