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Megyn Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is an American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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Do us a favor and go on Fox for a real interview just once. Megyn Kelly, O'Reilly, Wallace , Hannity??? Once?
"Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly, and Sean Hannity are the Mount Rushmore of keeping old people angry"
Honestly between Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly, & Geraldo Rivera this conservative is about done with More brains less mouth please!
Megyn Kelly looks and acts like a liberal version of Mika Brzezinski.
Luntz is an Establishment hack, mo different from Rove & Megyn Kelly.
.Hit piece featuring interview with Megyn Kelly, Trump is no Bill Clinton!!
Megyn Kelly: Are the American people “going to get” why Benghazi should bring Hillary Clinton down?.
Wolf Blitz, Chris Cuomo, and Megyn Kelly give the greatest interviews.
If you don't like Megyn Kelly don't let that keep you from watching interview with Tig, Oz & Tanto about
It's okay Megyn Kelly makes a lot of us feel weird...
SU alum Megyn Kelly claims Newhouse takes credit for her success; dean denies it (don't need J-school to make it)
A tension-filled drama with great performances from Megyn Kelly and Gregg Jarrett.
Megyn Kelly is a fraud and a liar. Saudi's own Fox News. They are spreading their agenda. There is also operation Mocking bird.
Trump 3 times married mostly to gold diggers.Megyn Kelly says he pursued her sexually,Trump can't humiliate Clinton.
So-so character study anchored by Megyn Kelly, featuring Gregg Jarrett, John Gibson.
BTW I'm no Megyn Kelly - On CSC Talk Radio you will be respected by Beth Ann "Be my Guest!"
Ted Cruz is a PHONY . Sarah Palin and Donald Trump should run together and drive Megyn Kelly and Murdoch to the psych ward
Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly to meet again at next GOP debate
Steve Hayes foams at the mouth at the mention of Trump. He would make a great tag-team partner with Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly: "Jesus was a white man too. He was a historical figure, that’s a verifiable fact, as is Santa" via
U guys will get blasted by Princess Megyn Kelly for playing the Bush/Trump tape 2 much. You know she's not going 2 show it.
Did miss FNC Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume expose w/VIDEO Cruz caught in lie Rubio bloodied last night but Cruz 2.
Trump calls Megyn Kelly 'the most overrated anchor' at Fox News
If Megyn Kelly weighed 400 lbs and had one tooth she would be flipping burgers, no talent, Trump is THE man!!
Trump goes after Megyn Kelly for brand-new reason via
Cruz is being exposed for his lies on Megyn Kelly right now. She showed the video of him supporting legalization. Brut…
"We have no obligation. To be respectful to her or her family." -Megyn Kelly. And she's totally 100% correct.
[Palin and Varney's] courtroom power struggle holds this Megyn Kelly drama together.
Donald Trump rekindles feud with Megyn Kelly. Story at
Fox News host Megyn Kelly tells kids: Jesus and Santa are both white guys
Every night. He's sounding more and more like Megyn Kelly.
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I still wanna see Megyn Kelly sucking on The Princes *** ! Please release that footage !
Why are Megyn Kelly & Britt Hume ganging up on They got talking points from establishment who are scared to death…
Megyn Kelly gets to bottom of CAIR’s interest in San Bernardino terrorists’ baby via
Hey Megyn the 3 am version of the Kelly Files.Love the black leather dress you had on...OMG lol Keep up the good work
I'd love it if Megyn Kelly went to and in return we got the Judge Jeneane File!
Trump: Megyn Kelly is very bad at math
Jeb Bush lost. Megyn Kelly is a horrible person and so is this network. From a conservative voter.
Surprisingly biting show with great performances by Megyn Kelly and Peter Doocy
Megyn Kelly Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!
Megyn Kelly wasted no time Factchecking your remarks about 9/11 bombers whisking their families back to Arabia. All single?
Stop this obsession with Megyn Kelly already !
Megyn Kelly playing video on Fox right of Ted Cruz . . . supporting a path to legalization, which he said tonight he has n…
Someone tell that FLAT OUT LIED! Megyn Kelly just had it on her show!
Anchor-cinematographer Megyn Kelly gets points for breathing a bit of life into an already tired indie sub genre.
Don't show this to Megyn Kelly...I'm just sayin' lol
List of FOX ppl who aren't in the tank for Trump: Megyn Kelly, Greg Gutfield, Brit Hume, Shepherd Smith, George Will. Sadly, all else fail
I added a video to a playlist Megyn Kelly vs Richard Fowler black protester vs white cop
Watch Fox News and see that O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity turned democrat and they support Obama and Hillary
"Why is Megyn Kelly talking about me?" "I don't talk about her?" .
2. As a writer for the NewsHounds you write for a site that said Megyn Kelly got her job by sleeping with Brit Hume...
It has been said that Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume had an affair while she worked "under" him. Is that what they call getting a Leg Up ?
dear Americans don't miss Marco tonight on the Kelly File with Megyn Kelly. It will be another brilliant interview.
The Kelly File adds to Megyn Kelly's legacy in ways we might not have expected.
Fox News’s Megyn Kelly ignores her own policy of not naming mass shooters: Christopher Harper-Mer...
while Megyn Kelly sings hey Jude in the background
'Reckless eyeballing' really is a thing for Megyn Kelly
"The US is at war with every *** country in the Middle East and you're at war with Megyn Kelly...?"
Scarborough: Megyn Kelly ‘Sounded Like Rachel Maddow,’ ‘Vicious’ When Going After Trump: Joe Scarborough was struck today by just how...
After Donald Trump attacked Megyn Kelly, the network's CEO Roger Ailes asked him: “What the *** is wrong with you?”
attached is Anderson Cooper video from 2009. Megyn Kelly is lying
Stuart Varney's live action cartoon, as usual w/his favorite star Megyn Kelly.
ooh the field seems pretty wide on that side. It's def not Megyn Kelly though. Maybe Anderson Cooper?
"Remember, folks, Megyn Kelly is on the channel that defends a terrorist's right to own a firearm…" — The_C_a_t
Shepard Smith is the female version of Megyn Kelly... Both sickening
Megyn Kelly invited Glenn Beck and his chalkboard back to Fox to blame Obama for terror attacks:
I have called for a boycott on Shepherd Smith along with Megyn Kelly!!
Megyn Kelly...turns [Paul Gigot's] play into a visually achieved, intense and unforgettable TV show.
You pompous *** makes me feel like I'm watching Megyn Kelly; don't ever lose Watters & Dennis Miller, you'd be washed up!!
Megyn Kelly, Brett Baird and Chris Wallace should be feeling two inches high this morning.
Megyn Kelly just nailed it about John Kasich!!! Done!!
GOP candidates complained about Megyn Kelly and FOX debate - hardly the liberal media.
Imagine so. Megyn Kelly must work 4 her $6mill/yr salary. She's nothing but a pawn 4 her big boss. https:/…
Never a Megyn Kelly fan from the start. She's more about women's looks than Trump ever was or will be.
During the first GOP presidential debate on August 6, Megyn Kelly of Fox News questioned Donald Trump on his derogatory comme…
Sadly, just as offensive as Trump's attitude...Megyn Kelly, anyone?
Megyn Kelly gives a masterful performance in The Kelly File, a predictable but stylishly produced and rousing period drama.
Megyn Kelly hates Trump and blocks anyone who supports Trump. She hates period
Megyn Kelly trots out 2 female conversions
Megyn Kelly confronts woman over video of her ranting about ‘open season’ on white people via
Let's hope the fledgling FBN does a better job next week
. You got your badge of honor after megyn "Harwood" Kelly blocked you. Congrats 👍👍👍👍
She is not worth it Dan, Megyn Kelly is a hateful person!
Megyn Kelly will block anyone who doesn't agree with her messed up brain! Her agenda is clear!
Rumor has it Megyn Kelly was seen running into the FOX bathrooms crying and yelling "It just can't be"
When Trump was getting into trouble with Megyn Kelly, it was I who helped him to blame it on her period
MEGYN KELLY, HOST: Breaking tonight, new clues in a mysterious passenger plane crash that killed more than 200...
Megyn Kelly prominent among those who linked Fox Lake officer suicide to
A celebrity calling Trump a racist right off the bat is like Megyn Kelly trashing him the open of the debate.
If they make Kate McKinnon be evil Megyn Kelly, I boycott everything.
Megyn Kelly probably hopes that we’ll forget she tried to pin Gliniewicz’ death on but we won’t. http…
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When people confuse my big for Megyn Kelly on Fox News
Is the woman playing Maddow the same woman who played Megyn Kelly?
Not only did Megyn Kelly admit that it that exists, she proudly shot holes in O'Riley's denial propaganda.
Megyn Kelly nails Jeb for defending his brother over 9/11 & attacking Hillary on Benghazi.
Megyn Kelly accuses news networks of cowering in fear of Donald Trump
Boo hoo Megyn Kelly is mean to me. And this thinks he can run this country?
All they did was expose Megyn Kelly for the lib she really is.
Trump takes a jab at Megyn Kelly. Again
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton should jointly be interviewed on Fox by Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace.
I like it when Megyn Kelly goes after Hillary Clinton.
Trump should ignore Megyn Kelly. His real target should be Hillary Clinton!
Fox's Megyn Kelly defends Marco Rubio over debunked claim Clinton "lied" about Benghazi:
The first -- and best -- of the witty, well-produced sex comedies starring Megyn Kelly and Andrew Napolitano.
I agree with you 100%. Megyn Kelly did do a horrible job in the Fox News debate, as did Chris Wallace and Bret Baier.
Chris Wallace *** bad Megyn Kelly is wrong, as usual
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Megyn Kelly is like a mother/aunt type figure who's too conservative for you but you still love her
.challenges Pat Lynch to debate. Watch him bring truth to Megyn Kelly show here: ht…
Megyn Kelly said his name, a power broker, named Paul Singer, I think.
Tony Perkins with Megyn Kelly: Persecution of Christians in Iraq via
Megyn Kelly has John Harwood dead-to-rights on his Rubio lie. . BRUTAL and GLORIOUS
Biggest takeaway tonight: Every presidential debate should be hosted by Candy Crowley, Martha Raddatz and Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly cut her hair, and now she looks like Kate Gosselin; and has a similar temperament 👎🏻
Don't watch Fox News & don't believe Megyn Kelly she hates Trump! Not me Trump2016!♥
Megyn Kelly having a bad hair day, while again bad-mouthing Donald Trump.
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is annoyed that this Satanist is intelligent
Ouch! Megyn Kelly has no time for Jeb Bush: Fox News anchor dismisses him on 9/11 and Trump: WATCH: In an amaz...
An original romance story with brilliant central performances from Paul Gigot & Megyn Kelly makes this one a winner in my books.
"I quit watching Megyn Kelly, but I never miss Judge Jeanine Pirro. Wish she was on more than once…" — yooperpatriot
The Kelly File features sharp dialogue and moving performances from the talented Megyn Kelly and Paul Gigot.
Donald Trump goes after Megyn Kelly again via // But he FIGHTS!
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no, I thought you were saying that about megyn kelly. Sorry
Ivanka said wouldn't be where she is professionally if her dad wasn't supportive of women
Ivanka Trump on Donald: "I think everyone can appreciate the fact he’s creating dialogue about ... very real issues”
Overrated poor journalists Megyn Kelly will continue, because for her it's a Publicity stunt.
Trump is on the warpath again with Fox & Megyn Kelly. So entertaining.
"My father is an unbelievable listener & I don’t think people realize that until they actually know him"
Please take a minute & listen to Megyn interview Charles Koch.Dingy,dirty lying hairy shld have some explaining2do.
Eat your heart out, mean-spirited Koch: Politicians Aren't Going to Reverse Trajectory of USA
Megyn Kelly GRILLS Carly Fiorina on why she isn’t connecting with voters
"Donald, Megyn Kelly seeks ratings, not truth Not much of a journalist. Stay focused & make your own narr…
Every poll, Time, Drudge, Slate and others, said I won both debates - but heard Megyn Kelly had her two puppets say ba…
Megyn Kelly has two really dumb puppets, Chris Stirewalt & Marc Threaten (a Bushy) who do exactly what she says. All p…
Megyn Kelly wants ratings cause no one watches her show anymore. I never even watched her show to begin with.
He may be just a bit obsessed with Megyn Kelly. It's getting a bit weird.
I haven't watched Fox News in a long time but Shannon Bream looks way better than Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly trots out 2 female cnversions
Megyn Kelly trots out two female conversions
Sean Hannity just released a photo from the night he and Fox News head Roger Ailes discovered Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly: Roger Ailes and I never wanted a war with Trump: "I'm sure he'll come ba...
Fox News host Megyn Kelly opened up about her feud with Republican presidential contender Donald Trump,...
Who knew, it's evidently been Megyn Kelly's goal to become the electronic version of The National Inquirer
Chuck Todd is another Megyn Kelly only worse he was rude changed subject every 2 sec interrupted&was condescending
Megyn to Carson: Do You Have the Constitution Right on Muslim President Issue?: Megyn Kelly asked Ben Carson today if he actually has...
Megyn Kelly is the ideological offspring of an unholy liaison between Bill O'Reilly and his own EGO.
Ben Carson with Megyn Kelly: Responds to CAIR & Krauthammer. Come to
Dr Ben Carson just shot Megyn Kelly & media down in the nicest way possible, with a smile, but it was absolute honest criticism.
Megyn Kelly compares to in a gotcha question. *** was a psychiatrist for like 5 min. Ben was a BRAIN SURGEON!
If Bill O'Reilly interviewed Megyn Kelly would she be pushed off for spinning in the No Spin Zone?
can someone tell Roger Ailes to replace Megyn Kelly and give the show and time slot to Martha Maccallum? Please
The moon tonight reminded me of Megyn Kelly, there was blood coming out of everywhere!
Gary Forbes Defends Donald Trump: "Donald has done more for humanity than Megyn Kelly can ever dre…
Trey Gowdy explains the situation to Megyn Kelly : 
I can't be the only one who saw this coming: The transition from outrage to attaboys RE misogyny towards Megyn Kelly, then Hillary Clinton.
Fox News is the 1 done for, Fox is nothing more than the People's Banner & Megyn Kelly is Ellsworth Toohey
Rand Paul rips into Hillary Clinton on email scandal on Megyn Kelly
Interesting. Megyn Kelly seems hypocritical to me. On her rise to the top, she went on the Howard Stern Show.
If Trump flipped out over Megyn Kelly & Rich Lowry...I can only imagine the impending meltdown over Trey Parker & Matt S…
Megyn Kelly tries to fact-check thr birther conspiracy theory she and Fox helped create:
Good for the Donald in his comments about polling to Megyn Kelly and Fox. He's keeping them honest.
Great piece Chris. I enjoy reading your work and your appearances on Megyn Kelly's show.
wanna loose the liberal left...cut Shepard Smith, Megyn Kelly out...if ya don't you will loose for sure
I thought Trump's Fiorina moment was bad, but his Megyn Kelly moment was way, way worse.
S. Hey Megyn Kelly – even Obama is confused on his faith!. Read more at...
Megyn Kelly should not pick a fight with Ted Cruz because he is a lot smarter then she is. She likes picking fights with Repubs. Another lib
What has happened to Megyn Kelly? She seems to have her own agenda lately.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Megyn Kelly asks trump unpresidential question. He defends himself. Now she tries harder to hurt him. She must have a Trum…
💢 I thoroughly reject liberal premises whether it is spoken. by Rosie Odonnell or Megyn Kelly. Of course it's more disappointing from Megyn.
Trump has brought out Megyn's true colors; bleeding heart liberal. Something "against" Muslims Kelly?
Give Megyn Kelly the gift that keeps on giving, for trashing Trump... BAD RATINGS!
Megyn Kelly...and Shep Smith.just two of the fast and unbalanced girls at Faux News...
this bs. I guess Megyn Kelly is taking a trump bash break
via Kelly now a part of Creative Artists. They represent many Hollywood air heads. She'll fit right in.
Last time he got in a jam over his Megyn Kelly comments, three out his immigration plan. Today, guns.
So Megyn Kelly has decided that John McCain's opinion is the final word on whether Obama is a Muslim? Who the *** does s…
WATCH: Megyn Kelly laughs at Mark Fuhrman who blames ‘passive aggressive’ Muslim teen for his own arrest
Megyn Kelly hates Trump so much she's defending Obama now. She was so condescending 2 Andy Dean in spite of his logical argu!
Funny ! Whenever I hear the word "Period" I think of Obama's promises about keeping your doctor, and I think about Megyn Kelly
;'( Sad to say, but Megyn Kelly, John McCain, David Muir, & the rest that state otherwise are a bunch of LIARS!
I want a GOP debate moderated by Melissa Harris-Perry, Rachel Maddow, Katie Couric, and Megyn Kelly.
Will Megyn Kelley have her legs on display on FOX? On CNN who will replace Megyn Kelly's legs?
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Ian should take the phony Megyn Kelly's spot on the panel. Dump the Israeli and war machine supporters.
Megyn Kelly had love fest with Ben Carson & Rand Paul. Nothing but softball questions & comparing notes on how to attack Trump
The only pairing of archetypal girls-next-door Megyn Kelly and Trace Gallagher
I'd love to see TVOne's Roland Martin put the Irish Brigade (Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Megyn Kelly) in their place.
my friend William Goldstein with his friend Ruth Gruber, she is going to be 104. Megyn Kelly could learn a lot...
You want the face of FOX's true soul? Megyn Kelly? No, just a puppet w/legs. Greg Gutfeld! A twit egoist who stands for...nothing.
Megyn Kelly completely stumps Ben Carson with straightforward question about Kim Davis
Megyn Kelly trips up patently unprepared Ben Carson with softball question about Kim Davis and slippery slopes
Megyn Kelly's lost her fan base Her reporting went downhill when she left her morning show Not even following O'Reilly will keep her ratings
Murdoch just bought Nat'l Geo, so look forward to great science articles from geniuses like Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly. *shoots self*
Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly, Bill O'Reilly, Geraldo, Green, etc. Now you know why I don't watch Fox.
This witch will back on her show tonight Megyn Kelly and O'Reilly both are bias *** fox can go to *** !!
Katherine Harris screwed the people of Florida for her own despicable gain and even Megyn Kelly thinks Karl Rove is an ***
Hey, Trumpies, if The Donald thinks Megyn Kelly, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Eric Erickson,Jeb Bush, etc are losers. Imagine what he thinks of you
" Hillary sits down with Megyn Kelly to talk illegal server use for govrnment work containing classifie…
Blocked also by Megyn Kelly, Chuck Todd, Keith Olbermann and Lizz Winstead. Guess I get under peoples' skins :-))
Megyn Kelly interviewed Michael Whaley, the young black Marine that says is racist.
You're complainin' about Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne in the news?? It had been Megyn Kelly. Take yer pick.
We are clearly in stage 3 right now. The key indicator was "journalist" Megyn Kelly's "moderating".
Fox News -. Megyn Kelly,. Charles Krauthammer,. Karl Rove -. ALL have to go, fire there worthless *** now !
try this out of that ignorant Megyn Kelly and Charles Krauthammer
Bill OLDreilly and Charles CrotchGrabber are predicting Trumps decline and Megyn Kelly is All In "No Spin Zone" My ***
Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, all clueless as to why Americans are angry. Give 'em *** Donald!
Amen to that, Robin! Katie Pavlich is much more intelligent and conservative than Megyn Kelly. A fabulous choice!
Looks like Megyn Kelly is paying a big price for crossing Donald J. Trump
Blog: Megyn Kelly and Jorge Ramos gang up on Donald Trump
"Good lord Fox. Dana needs a time out vacation as much as Megyn Kelly did!" — bornfreeamerican
Lindsey Graham sticks up for Megyn Kelly after Donald Trump attacks yet again.. Related Articles:
said Jorge Ramos was pushing his agenda. Isn't that what Joe and his faux Megyn Kelly do every morning?
this if you want Monica Crowley to replace Megyn Kelly. LETS LET THEM KNOW!!!
Ex-husband of Fox News' Megyn Kelly speaks out about his marriage to the star | Daily Mail Online
What did Dana Perino bring to the Megyn Kelly show tonight besides a pretty face? She sounded like an excuse-making liberal.
Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos is going to talk Trump with Fox’s Megyn Kelly tonight. This should be good.
Teflon Don, do America a favor, buy Fox News and fire Megyn Kelly,Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera and Tamara holder. That is all.
I see Megyn Kelly wasted no time having Jorge Ramos on her show and he wasted no time bashing Trump gutter yellow journalism at it's best!
In interview tonight w/ Megyn Kelly, Jorge Ramos said Trump treatment of press is more like a dictatorship
The father of the slain journalist tells Megyn Kelly he will do "whatever it takes to get gun legislation" passed:
I have to say it: why does Megyn Kelly look like Kelly Ripa tonite?Face too gaunt?
Megyn Kelly is no better than Juan Williams and Tamara Holder. She should be relegated to 'The View'
Lauer to Trump: Do you have a 'schoolyard crush' on Megyn Kelly? reply: "there is no crush."
The Donald has Fox News in a nut shell, they are afraid of him. I too think Megyn Kelly is a bimbo. She should look and be like Robin Meade.
Megyn Kelly has become unwatchable. Now she's disrespecting Ted Cruz.
Sign the petition to oust Megyn Kelly now:
Ted Cruz TRUMPS Megyn Kelly on unfair question, says 'I'm not playing the media's game'
Ted Cruz just called fast and unbalanced Megyn Kelly.a Liberal.America agrees.
Donald Trump is making Megyn Kelly like Muhammad Ali made Howard Cosell.
Megyn Kelly lying now about kicking out Jorge Ramos. Is any1 shocked by this?
Do you have researchers Megyn Kelly and Chris Stirewalt both went on a snarky dialog against Trump last night. He hits back.
Has Fox apologized to Trump for letting Megyn Kelly come back from vacation yet?
Howard Trump pulling the pig tails of Megyn Kelly in the school recess yard again. They just need to bone and get it over with.
Nor I! I mean, not watching Megyn Kelly was the easiest decision I've made all month! LOL She's a Bush pet!
What's the deal with Megyn Kelly? Doesn't the price have enough services? Who ARE these people?
Megyn Kelly comes back frm vacay & every1 wants her viewers back-WE'RE NOT COMING BACK, this will NOT blow over-FOX just same ol-same ol MSM
Roger Ailes musta heard Brian Kilmeade this morning say he was "Bothered" by Megyn Kelly comments-DO WE CARE WHAT BOTHERS MSM?
Trump's constant barrage at Megyn Kelly worries me. His bluntness is good but what would happen if he referred to Angela Merkel as a bimbo?
Donald Trump on The Howard Stern Show -- re: Megyn Kelly | Bob's Blitz via
Megyn Kelly is using the Trump debacle to capture sympathy from the public and media and to pad her resume!
Faux Noise says it won't be bullied by Trump. LOL. Roger Ailes rebukes Donald Trump for Megyn Kelly attack.
Megyn Kelly could dish out but now has to have coworkers fight for her. Congrats to she is a h…
O'Reilly isn't news, he's commentary. Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, Shep Smith et al are news.
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The week Fox News got Trumped: Roger Ailes sold out, Megyn Kelly took off & the Donald won very, very big
Megyn Kelly has lost all my respect forever!! I'm not a fan of Fox like I used t…
"Kelly File was much better without Megyn Kelly. Her replacement while she was out on vac…
Trump going after Megyn Kelly non-stop. I guess trying to make a point to anyone who wants to take him on that there's a price to pay.
Spot on, Gary Forbes. She made conservatives look bad. Let's keep it politics! No more Megyn Kelly!
It's why I don't gush over Jake Tapper or Megyn Kelly or their sops. MSM has blood on its hands since Cronkite.
Lawyer *** Megyn Kelly she's part of the American Bar Association
Fox News lady until the debate! Megyn Kelly's attack on Trump turned me off! Last night watch CNN Chris Cuomo, I'm a new fan!
Trump is a movie fan. . He's essentially comparing all Hispanics to Tony Montana & Megyn Kelly to Carrie White.
Shannon Bream is doing better job on Kelly File than Megyn Kelly. Fox News should keep Bream and get Kelly packing.
The week where Megyn Kelly is a beloved liberal icon, and Erick Erickson is the anti-misogyny arbiter of civility and decen…
How would the right act if Candy Crowley gave the Megyn Kelly debate performance instead? They'd say it was biased/unf…
Megyn Kelly no better than Candy Crowley 2012 Shame on foxnews is biased 4 BUSH
Megyn Kelly is biased and unfair as is fox. Where is Chet Huntley, David Brinkley when you need them
Took me 15 mins to realize it wasn't Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File tonight. Does fox have an endless supply of blondes?
Brett Baier and Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace all equally guilty Targeting Trump, Megyn Kelly should not be criticized alone.
HEY! is a much better program when you don't have Geraldo Rivera on the show trying to be Megyn Kelly.
*** Maybe women were right. Time for Megyn Kelly to file-out back to network news or local news.
Shannon Bream was such a refreshing change from the biased and loud Megyn Kelly. Make it The Bream File! MK is no longer credible.
Even atheists may find their world rocked by Megyn Kelly's The Kelly File.
Trump escalates his sexist attacks on Megyn Kelly via
I dreamed Hillary won the Presidency, Megyn Kelly as Veep, Nancy Pelosi as Sec of Homeland Security, and Michelle Obama as Sec of Defense
Megyn Kelly asks why Brendan Tevlin case not being treated as terrorism
James Murdoch: Exclude Megyn Kelly as a host from future Fox News debates
- Erickson, Megyn Kelly, Brett Baier & others are hypocrites, who play journalists. May they can all vacay in the gutter together.
Britt Hume goes way back with Megyn Kelly. He made her a rising star when he hosted the 6PM show before Baier did.
Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly and the man's business of nasty politics
James Warren: Trump-Kelly & the man's game of nasty politics: Megyn Kelly's debate tussle…
Trump blasts back at rivals, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, RedState organizer, former aide
I am never going to watch Chris Wallace, Brett Baier or Megyn Kelly again Mr. Carson.
Megyn Kelly has Mark Fuhrman on to talk in case u thought she wouldn't go back to racism pandering
I'd bang Megyn Kelly on a pile of Wango Tango's though
Megyn Kelly announced she's taking a vacation. Hopefully it's in Syria.
Sounds like a good idea to me. Ambushing took a lot out of her!!!. R & R for Megyn Kelly - Fox Nation
I turned on FOX to watch and Megyn Kelly said she was taking a 1.5wee…
From the Acting game Ted Nugent on Donald Trump- Fox's Megyn Kelly is 'acting like an *** : Rocker and enemy...
There were no articles asking us to stand with Michelle Obama after 7yrs of being attacked, but Megyn Kelly needs us? FOH.
When "every feminist" also stands with First Lady Michelle Obama, I'll stand with Megyn Kelly. Call me when that happe…
lol remember when Megyn Kelly called maternity leave a discriminatory entitlement until she had a kid herself?
To The Left. Cartoon by Rob Tornoe. Anyone who has watched Megyn Kelly had to have been surprised at how well she...
Michael Savage: ‘Megyn Kelly has gone over to the dark side’
MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: It's clear now that Megyn Kelly is working for the other side
Photoset: fallontonight: Jimmy got footage of Donald Trump addressing his Megyn Kelly comments.
Donald Trump should just hire Andrew Dice Clay to be his speech writer. "Hickory dickery dock,. Megyn Kelly was sucking my …
Megyn Kelly reportedly receiving death threats from Trump supporters over debate questions. Says a lot about Fox and its view…
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Can you imagine Megyn Kelly, Rachel Maddow, Melissa Harris-Perry, Katie Couric all on one news show. OH MY WHAT? Please make this happen.
Prof. Hutter on Megyn Kelly as law student, in the Times Union:. "She wouldn't take any guff."
Brett Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace just don't get that voters get to choose the candidates.
Megyn Kelly is certainly getting a lot of mileage out of refusing to give an apology no one asked her to give.
Megyn Kelly: I will not apologize to Trump "for doing good journalism"
CNN> Hillary Clinton weighs in on Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly: Jeff Zeleny reports on…
Megyn Kelly on Trump: 'I certainly will not apologize'
Megyn Kelly seems to be the latest example/casualty of "active complicity within patriarchy as a woman will not spare yo…
CNN: Donald Trump on Megyn Kelly: 'She should really be apologizing to me' . this is the kettle calling the pot black.
Donald Trump wants Megyn Kelly to apologize to him
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