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Megyn Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is an American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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Megyn Kelly -- the woman who says Jesus and Santa Claus are white -- has pushed out Black anchor Tamron Hall at NBC/MSNBC. What a joke.
Will come before or after Hoda and Kathie?
Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is taking over an hour from the Today Show
All 5 of the viewers at MSNBC are freaking out that Megyn Kelly is going to replace
Al Roker & Tamron Hall helped make the Today Show & they are STILL being replaced by Megyn Kelly. I'm sure race had NO…
Megyn Kelly to Take Over an Hour of ‘Today’ Show, May Replace Tamron Hall and Al Roker: via
I guess blacks are not good enough for your shows. Megyn kelly a known racist taking over the AFrican Americahs time slot.
Ugh. Megyn Kelly was super racist and horrible on Fox. // She's an unpleasant person
Huge shakeup at 'Today' to make way for Megyn Kelly via
Megyn Kelly I found your Democratic fans!. Good luck on 😉
I'm stunned. Hope this report of fellow Texan leaving NBC isn't true.
Have watched Today for 30+ years. If & are replaced by Megyn Kelly I will never watch again. Shame on you.
one would think CNN would fire only 1 African American for 1white privilege megyn kelly ,
Megyn Kelly is going to cause a shift in the Today show schedule:
Megyn Kelly so feminist she pushed out two black people one of whom is a woman
How are they going to fire Al Roker and Tamron Hall for Megyn Kelly
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I'll be switching to GMA or CBS. Megyn Kelly to Host an Hour of the Today Show, Replacing Al Roker and Tamron Hall
NBC bounces Roker & Tamron Hall for the woman who said the Ferguson PD’s racist Obama jokes were just “office humor”
I am disappointed in I am an educated Caucasian 48 y/o woman, and I do not want to watch Megyn Kelly! Love to
The is replacing and with Megyn Kelly, despite them having the hour for 7 weeks. Get t…
Megyn Kelly to replace Al Roker and Tamron Hall on the TODAY SHOW. I'll just let the optics on that soak in for ye. https:…
Enjoy your time with the left Megyn Kelly, seems to be off to a great start.
Hey please explain how Megyn Kelly is worth more to your show than both AND We'll wait.…
Is NBC really going to replace two African American journalists with Megyn Kelly?
Megyn Kelly is part of a long history of dubious staffing decisions, just ask Ann Curry and Deborah Norville
An introduction to Megyn Kelly, who will be replacing & on the Will you still be watchin…
"I could should some1, live from Studio 1A in Rockefeller Plaza, & not lose any voters."- Donald Trump on Megyn Kelly joining The Today Show
NBC will reportedly cancel the third hour of the Today show in order to make way for Megyn Kelly
.EXCLUSIVE: NBC is canceling the third hour of "Today" to make way for its new star Megyn Kelly
Look at this. Al and Tamron produce RESULTS and RATINGS. And still getting kicked out for Megyn Kelly. Do explain,
So Tamron Hall and Al Roker's 9am hour of The Today show beats every other 9am show in ratings and they replace them with Megyn Kelly? 🤔🤔🤔
Juan Williams, Shepherd Smith, Megyn Kelly, Marie Harf...Fox is going to *** in a hand basket. Geese!!! PI
yeah dox news says goodbye to air head Megyn Kelly and hires A bigger Air head Marie Harf *** ..
Any reporters throwing a fit about Hillary snubbing them and talking to People yet? Megyn Kelly? Andrea Mitchell? Politico people?
Abbey Huntsman did bashed President Trump. Abby,the bimbo brunette Megyn Kelly..BOYCOTT!! on weekend…
Perhaps it's time for Chris Wallace to join Megyn Kelly in NBC obscurity. His panel this weekend was biased. Chris, you are not your daddy.
My family, my friends and I stopped watching Megyn Kelly because if her liberal leanings. We intend to stop watching Chris Wallace!
Watching "Fox News Sunday" it appears with the departure of Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace has appointed himself the official Tr…
Fox, you are part of main stream media. Juan Williams, Richard Fowler, Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly, etc.
Chris Wallace was an *** today. I am going to start turning him off every time he appears like I did Megyn Kelly. Maybe he will disappear
Is he taking over Megyn Kelly's spot?
Megyn Kelly {still on Fox News!} deceptively editing a tape of Alex Jones talking about Hillary Clinton.
One prominent neo-Nazi blogger has praised Megyn Kelly's prime-time replacement as a "one-man Holocaust".
Tucker Carlson is winning d ratings war BIGLY. So far, he is leading Rachel Maddow, O'Reilly, Hannity and Megyn Kelly. Good one for Fox News
Megyn Kelly is gone, Hooray! Juan Williams, Shepherd Smith, and Julie Roginsky next! Housecleaning time, FNC!
like Megyn Kelly and Shep Smith, Obama was always for the Muslims, day one he said "Not Christian Nat"
The numbers are in! Tucker is already KILLING Megyn Kelly&ratings &and that&not all . . . http…
Megyn Kelly, You suck !! When you don't get the answer you want you just keep interrupting. Kelly Anne Conway was awesome as usual.
Agreed. Megyn Kelly, Tomi Lahren and Kimberly Guilfoyle just to name a few 😍.
5/ Would love to hear someone like Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Megyn Kelly, Katrina Pierson, or Kellyanne Conway go 'round w Dean Richards.
I don't have a problem, stop spreading fake news, a claim that Megyn Kelly herself denied. Go away
Do you know Trump got questions in advance according to Megyn Kelly? Get a real problem.
Shepherd "SKIPPY"Smith, Juan Williams, and Megyn Kelly have BEEN what ails for a long time. All…
Megyn Kelly wrote in her book that Trump was given inside information from Fox about the first GOP primary debate:
Btw, when Megyn Kelly came out with her book and detailed her claims about Roger Ailes, O'Reilly accused her of "making my…
Bill O'Reilly in November about Megyn Kelly: "You don’t like what’s happening in the workplace, go to human resources or lea…
Megyn Kelly is gone. now needs to get rid of extremely biased DNC operative Shepard Smith.
Carrie Underwood is pretty girl but why cut her hair so short? Who does she think she is Megyn Kelly? 😂
Conservatives have Fox, two of the most important shows at MSNBC & Megyn Kelly at NBC. As progressives, we need to build u…
Yes, the racism is a feature, not a bug. . Megyn Kelly is a younger, less angry Ann…
Megyn Kelly better realize Deidre Hall is the no1 blond at NBC.
Fox brought Megyn Kelly on as token crazy liberal Democrat because of political correctness bye bye we will forget you…
Gayle King knew Megyn Kelly was going to make a move
Alternate ending Megyn Kelly takes over Nightly News & Lester Holt replaces Lauer on Today. Put your strongest people in AM.
So, MSNBC will now feature:. Joe Scarborough . Megyn Kelly. Greta Van Susteren. So much for the liberal alternative to Fo…
Honestly, Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren to MSNBC may turn out good in long run. Maybe it will shift eyes to real progr…
Replace with new co-hosts Megyn Kelly and Willie Geist. The show needs a change of linen.
I'm sorry but Geraldo Rivera is an *** he needs to go just like Megyn Kelly
Tucker Carlson will take over Megyn Kelly's 9 p.m. time slot on Fox News
Megyn Kelly? Seriously? Chet Huntley, David Brinkley and John Chancellor are rolling over in their graves.
Leah Remini is a better journalist than Megyn Kelly.
Instead of Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren, give a daily news show. Quit catering to rightwingers
show is savage!. Congrats I will now return to watching @ 9:00!. Megyn Kelly who? 😂.
Do you think Lester Holt will dress up with Santa on Megyn Kelly's first day just to mess with her
I hope replaces Megyn Kelly with Andrew Napolitano or Shannon Bream.
.line-up:. 1. morning Joe. 2. Greta. 3. Megyn Kelly. Starting to look a LOT like Fox News.
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Tucker Carlson to replace Megyn Kelly at Fox News, taking over for host who is leaving network to join NBC
Tucker Carlson will replace Megyn Kelly as a Fox News anchor despite the fact that he's less of a journalist than a writer a…
Congrats You truly deserve the slot! ⚡️ “Tucker Carlson takes over Megyn Kelly's time on Fox News”. ht…
Let's hear it for Tucker Carlson who will replace Megyn Kelly's 9pm slot on Fox News!
Reuters "RT ReutersShowbiz: Fox News says Tucker Carlson will replace Megyn Kelly in its 9 pm time slot: …
Tucker Carlson to succeed Megyn Kelly at 9 p.m. on
Trigger warning to liberals:. King lib slayer Tucker Carlson, will take Megyn Kelly's time slot!
Tucker Carlson replaces Megyn Kelly, now that's an upgrade!
Megyn Kelly at NBC News to be replaced by Tucker Carlson at Fox makes both networks worse. Look for much more of this kin…
.to replace Megyn Kelly at 9:00 on Fox News. OUTSTANDING!!!. Source:
Fox saved 25 mil and Megyn Kelly is on Katie Couric's path to obscurity.
The 5 women most likely to replace Megyn Kelly on Fox News, and where each stands on the issues
Who will replace Megyn Kelly @ Fox? A Trish Regan or someone like Shannon Bream?
Kathy Griffins salute to Megyn Kelly - for saying she admires 🐸Trumputin .
CES buzz; Megyn Kelly updates; Hulu's deal with CBS; and much more in tonight's newsletter -->
Megyn Kelly leaves Fox so why can't the Liberal Trump Haters leave the USA as they promised?
Megyn Kelly's rebrand has been as cynical and successful as Taylor Swift's and it would be cool if you didn't fall for it l…
Megyn Kelly gets Emotional talking about her move to NBC
Cari Champion, Robin Roberts and for comic relief, Stacey Dash are far more appealing than Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly and MSNBC/NBC a union made in he'll. With Howard sterns foul mouth blessings.
Congrats to Megyn Kelly on her move from Fox to NBC - gives her daytime show and Sunday mag show!
The answer to Megyn Kelly's replacement is pure and simple.Dana Perino!!!
In before Megyn Kelly goes full Rachel Maddow for NBC debut
Freaked out that is gonna be cancelled & replaced with Megyn Kelly. No one wants another stupid talk show. Guarantee it wont last.
Megyn Kelly bolts Fox for NBC; House Republicans reverse course on ethics reform, and more news
Most people seem to be happy Kelly will be leaving Fox.
Hey glad to hear you are leaving crack pots on Fox. Y didn't fit there ⚡️ “Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News for NBC”.
Anchor Megyn Kelly to join NBC after 12 years with Fox News
Also, any place away from Megyn Kelly is better
Hey Megyn Kelly- GOOD RIDDANCE! You'll probably bring down the ratings for NBC!!
NBC: "We're excited to have Megyn Kelly. Her crusade to keep Santa white will help us with white supremacists now that Tru…
Megyn Kelly Enjoy your little ones now - life goes by so quickly that one day you will wake up and be a grandmother.
My mom & I started crying when Megyn Kelly gave her statement regarding her leaving Fox News..
And so it begins. I called it hours ago b4 they put together their memes & video montages. The left doesn't want Megyn Ke…
If all the black employees in the NBC newsroom could dress up as Santa on Megyn Kelly's first day that would be great,…
I'm still confused as to when everyone decided Megyn Kelly isn't a racist?
Word is Megyn Kelly leaving FOX for NBC. FOX employees celebrating!
Megyn Kelly telling viewers she's leaving: "I have decided to pursue a new challenge... I'll be leaving Fox News at the w…
Call me crazy, but I like Megyn Kelly. I haven't really watched her for months...but always enjoyed her when she was on at a restaurant/bar.
Bye bye Megyn Kelly. You belong on NBC, Nothing But Crap. Time for Tomi Lahren to fill your old time slot on Fox News.
Megyn Kelly to leave Fox News later this year and join NBC News
. Good riddance, Megyn Kelly. You, and, NBC deserve each other. Liberals go hand in hand.
Best explanation I've seen on this ==>> Popular anchor will leave after 12 years to join NBC http…
Now that Megyn Kelly is going to NBC she'll be free to be the raging liberal she really is
Trump continues to get results before the inauguration, Megyn Kelly is gone, and D-list celebrities are still whining.…
Megyn Kelly leaves Fox News and signs with NBC where she will reportedly never have to report on a Democrat scandal ag…
Megyn Kelly will leave Fox News for NBC - LA Times
I do have to say. Megyn Kelly just Made Fox Great Again .. . Bye 👋🏽 😁
Megyn Kelly leaving can best be described as addition by subtraction. became a better network today.…
Megyn Kelly is out of the liberal closet and going to NBC, the fake news network next to CNN. Good bye and good riddan…
Whence is derived this notion that Megyn Kelly isn't a conservative?
Megyn Kelly just called the people at NBC "journalists." Lmao and now she's promoting her new NBC show on fox. What a b…
Multiple great options at FNC to replace seeming opportunist, MK.FNC having ratings bonanza with Tucker Carlson show
New NBC hire Megyn Kelly built her career on race-baiting, chicanery, and imbuing propaganda with legitimacy:
Megyn Kelly will host her last segment as a Fox News anchor on January 6
So, Megyn Kelly is joining MSNBC? I remember Megyn talking down to blacks, "Jesus & Santa Are White" get over it! Welp, s…
On NYT page one tomorrow: what-it-all-means story about Kelly, NBC, Fox, TV news, and Trump
Forget Megyn Kelly - if u want REAL JOURNALISM watch an all new Billy on the Street in 10 minutes on
2017 already off to a great start with Megyn Kelly leaving Fox News 🙏🇺🇸
Megyn Kelly leaving for *shocker* NOT. Hey the will do wonders for ur ratings. 😂Just as…
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Megyn Kelly signing on to a legit network and saying good-bye to faux news?
Megyn Kelly Quits Fox News for NBC - Good. Out with the old, in with the new. You're a liberal, this we knew.
.Should Replace Megyn Kelly on Fox News, The Tomi File! Tomi would be EXCELLENT replacement! What You Thin…
Megyn Kelly becomes the news as she leaves Fox News for NBC
Megyn Kelly is likely leaving for NBC because Tucker Carlson has been overshadowing her with his high-energy wokeness.
Brian Williams to Megyn Kelly: "You're from Fox? Did you ever hear how I almost captured Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox?"
Fox News is losing Megyn Kelly. She will move to NBC, where she will have her own daytime and weekend shows.
EXCLUSIVE: Megyn Kelly decides to leave Fox News for broad new role at NBC News
Megyn Kelly to host final Fox News show Friday
"Megyn Kelly" Congratulations It must feel totally awesome to finally be able to tell Rupert Murdock to Eff Off!!!. Yay! .
Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News for NBC News. . staff and viewers are reacting.
Suggestion for Fox on what to replace sex-crazed Megyn Kelly's show with...
Megyn Kelly built her career on bigoted race baiting, but her real skill is pushing propaganda into the mainstream ht…
Brian Williams and Megyn Kelly on the same network, and news of Mariah still swirling.
Megyn Kelly is reportedly leaving Fox News for new job at NBC, the New York Times says.
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Sorry to say but it probably is. Wish she could go back to Fox to take Megyn Kelly's show
Megyn Kelly started off the new year with a special continuing negative talk about Trump. Move on give it up. Find new topics plz
Megyn Kelly's $25 million offer from James Murdoch landing with a thud across TV land this very minute.
Ya, just because Megyn Kelly and James says so. No investigation completed yet and they say this? They are the fake news
James Alefantis Instagram - This is he who Megyn Kelly treated as the victim of "fake" News!
he's comforting HRC female fans + pushing Megyn Kelly over Andrea Mitchell (!)
Where is Andrea Tantarous? She would do awesome if you replace Megyn Kelly with her or Kennedy, or Harris Out anybody else is b
Sources: Kathy Griffin's heckling of Megyn Kelly was a setup by Anderson Cooper to show MK who is the real Queen B of CNN, whoa
Get your fix of Megyn Kelly looking terrified in Elisabeth Hasselbeck's iconic 1968 thriller The Kelly File.
Unlike Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly, Kennedy does her own show !! Very good show !!
Boycott the Kelly File with Megyn Kelly on the FOX cable network. Replace her with Trish Reagan Judge Jeanine Andrea Tantaros.
I agree 100%. has changed, time to houseclean...Megyn Kelly, Ainsley Airhead, et al. But bring back Andrea Tantaros.
Megyn Kelly: 'Fox was not without sin' in 2016 campaign coverage
Megyn Kelly's producer shifts to executive role at Fox News -
... but as suspected Trump vs. Clinton was pretty much paralleled by Hannity vs. Megyn Kelly for the future of FNC...
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I don't know why Fox would offer her that much: Megyn Kelly meeting with ABC and NBC as she lowers salary demands
FOX 'Sick' of Megyn Kelly Only Woman Journalist Who Wears Spaghetti Straps on the Air, Berates Her Men Guests and Has a Thing…
I think it's time for to move on and go work for communist, racist "Fox 'Sick' Of…
That's great news, now if they would only fire Shepard Smith and Megyn Kelly, the world would be a better place.
I lost all respect for Kelly this election. The whole thing became about her in her mind & she became a left SJW "Fox 'S…
"FOX sick of Megyn Kelly" is my fave story today. Would be happy to never see her opportunist face again.
On the topic of 1st Amend. Terry Gross interview with is a must listen.
Russia. Just in, NYT reports that Megyn Kelly tried to trade sex for Hillary votes, but alas there were few takers.
Movie about Roger Ailes harassment accusations, Megyn Kelly involvement in the works
⚡⚡a Roger Ailes-Megyn Kelly movie in the works from 'The Big Short' writer Charles Rand…
Exclusive: Roger Ailes-Megyn Kelly harassment film in the works from 'Big Short' writer
A movie about Roger Ailes and Megyn Kelly is in the works.
The story of Megyn Kelly's harassment by Roger Ailes is heading to the big screen
Aren't we all?. Source: Fox 'Sick' of Megyn Kelly..."clearly the weakest link in the lineup.”.
I know who Megyn Kelly is,...but who the *** is Kathy Griffen ? and why does anybody care what she says or does ?
Hamilton Collection
I do watch some Fox News so i was just playing. Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino are smart and not bad on the eyes.
CNN, WSJ, NYT, Weekly Standard some Fox--Megyn Kelly,that's it; the rest is *ridiculously* slanted BS (Hannity, Pirro, etc.).
Slanted,but not duplicitous/intentionally misleading.I've never watched MSNBC,only watch Megyn Kelly on Fox, seldom read HuffPo.
Emma Stone showed her support at the event, where Tina Fey & Megyn Kelly were honored:…
Megyn Kelly accuses Trump social media director of inciting online abuse Sad day when reporters need protection.
Megyn Kelly blames Trump, social media director Dan Scavino for months of threats
Scientologists are banned from googling Scientology, Leah Remini tells a sympathetic Megyn Kelly via…
Megyn Kelly: An 'underground army of women' helped oust Roger Ailes from Fox News
he will go the way of glen beck, Megyn Kelly,Mitt Romney & all the "greats". In a myspace graveyard
Whose bung hole is the stinkiest? Megyn Kelly's, Robin Meade's, or Stephanie Abrams? -
Fox host says Megyn Kelly not biased like Helen Thomas: 'That woman' asked
Megyn Kelly should check out what's happening at the Mall of America - just saying...
Megyn Kelly being pursued by CNN for primetime spot. .youll fit right in you HILLARY LOVER
Strong familiarity does not breed contempt, and that's all due to two pairs of words: Megyn Kelly, Stuart Varney.
BREAKING NOW-Sources at Fox have confirmed they are excited to replace messy Megyn Kelly with Sultry Sandra…
as big Trump supporters we were a bit rough with megyn kelly but she clearly loves the US and it's people & she's a true hero
Gingrich is that the guy that said Megyn Kelly was obsessed with sex?
Megyn Kelly also had people trying to put diwn Trump's effort. I am so proud of for saving those j…
Megyn Kelly Talks to Carrier Employees Who React to Saved Jobs by President Elec: via
Megyn Kelly "I refuse to call Megyn Kelly a bimbo...I will only call her a lightweight reporter" (01/27/2016)
Democrats have no failings thus they are never responsible for their failures.
Megyn Kelly is so U professional even down to her fake talking voice & she…
is hands down the sharpest writer this election. Megyn Kelly's book has spoken of blackmail and bribes o…
Megyn Kelly takes swipes @ Trump every night after promoting her book10 times a nite!. Boycott, she belongs @ CNN
I know Megyn Kelly ain't happy at Fox
I agree love this show glad it came when it did. Got rid of Megyn Kelly awhile back.
it's a good thing for Fox News because Megyn Kelly let it go to her head trying to champion her own cause. No more fair & balance
gives as good as she gets.. I love it when she takes down Megyn Kelly..Ivanka doesn't flinch or raise her voice
. If we had a nickel for every time Megyn Kelly self-promotes her book, we'd have a plane like Pres-Elect Trump.
I think megyn kelly haircut has affected her thinking.. both have been horrible. OMG yep I said it
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Feuding with Donald Trump is good for business. Just ask 'Hamilton,' Megyn Kelly and the New York Times
Alright! 10:58 pm!! All I gotta do is listen for Megyn Kelly to talk about her dumb book for 2 minutes then .is on!! 😂
Boycott megyn Kelly Kelly she will always b against r President elect Trump she is a fraud
Imagine the ratings boost if they fired Megyn Kelly, Shep, Geraldo
should put him in Megyn Kelly's spot.
Please oh please replace Megyn Kelly! That would make me tune into FoxNews again!
Remember when Megyn Kelly mocked & ridiculed Mary J. Blige for getting an interview with Hillary because she was jealous?
I got two books in the mail as presents from different sources. Megyn Kelly's Settle for More & Stacy Nelson's Inner Council. Hmm
Megyn Kelly go away!!! Your bias is showing. Enjoy the Soros payola, slob. Trump will whether you like it or not!
Does that mean Megyn Kelly is no longer the 'darling' at FOX? HA HA HA HA HA
So, what she does is not 'work'? I guess Megyn Kelly et al have never worked a day in their lives? The Left is s…
NY Talk Radio reported that FOX is looking to dump Megyn Kelly for Jeanine Pirro 👍👍👍 Sounds go…
I boycotted all MSM in 2012. I only watch Fox minus Megyn Kelly who is so full of hate and incompetence. Trump shou…
Trump supporters leaving onslaught of negative Amazon reviews for Megyn Kelly's book
Remove Megyn Kelly from Fox: Petition update - 50,000 has been reached, and exceeded.
REMINDER: On Oct. 25th, Megyn Kelly declared "The Senate is likely lost" and blamed it in advance on Trump, whom she gave no…
Newt calls out Megyn Kelly's BS polls, she says "These are from non-partisan outlets just trying to call the electoral score…
Megyn Kelly had Utah, Iowa, and Ohio as toss-ups—Trump won those states by 20 points, 10 points, and 9 points, respectively.…
Ben Shapiro Donna Brazile and Megyn Kelly had an interesting exchange after the debate 2016: qua
we want Sandra Smith to replace Megyn Kelly ,Sandra is a honest and all-American woman,who reports the n…
I liked a video Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Race-Baiter on Megyn Kelly
That's awesome ! 👍🏻I like that channel, Discovery, Smithsonian, Science, Fox except Megyn Kelly lol 😂😉
i like the show, but keep Megyn Kelly, Geraldo Rivera and Carl Rove off the show. They parade as Republicans, ha!!
Megyn Kelly claims some reporters prearranged questions with Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.
Mark Levin dissects Megyn Kelly and her so-called 'journalism.. in case people forgot.
They can't deal with a musical or with Megyn Kelly asking a question but they are totally gonna destroy Isis.
Her new book reveals dirt on Donald Trump that she kept from Americans until after the election
Fox News Ainsley Earhardt's book is on Amazon. Ice Princess Megyn Kelly's book is It's why she is getting more out…
Megyn Kelly is burying you,loser. Now we know you are a big baby behind the scenes too: calling women and threatening them
Megyn Kelly is using the Democrat playbook...accuse others of what they are doing themselves. It's bee…
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Megyn Kelly: 'I didn't want to be the story'
Busted! Megyn Kelly gets shutdown after making bold claim about other TV hosts
Sean Hannity fires back at Megyn Kelly’s criticism of Fox News’ Trump coverage
... once things have shaken out re. her (Megyn Kelly) book, and they've reduced losses on that $10m as much as possible...
Megyn Kelly, just another fake feminist, liberal finger pointer and false hope!
Well at least had the manners to admit to fraud after the election. So we could focus on the real issues, like meanie Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly still biased against Trump, parrots debunked NYT attack on his KIDS... Newt quickly flips it & WRECKS her with a…
Megyn Kelly that's who. She is so full of herself.
here's what I think of Megyn Kelly. She's a vicious bully.
Megyn Kelly: Trump tried to influence coverage with gifts (from Let it Go Megyn B4 it's to late
One of the great moments of this election cycle was the look of absolute shock on Brett Baier and Megyn Kelly's faces when…
Oh, how fast we forget! Mark Levin 'dissects' Megyn Kelly's so-called 'journalism.'
Donald Trump publicly applauds Gingrich for his 'amazing' attack on Megyn Kelly..
Mark Levin dissects Megyn Kelly from last August. In case some people forgot about her 'journalism'
Megyn Kelly reveals disturbing Trump threats in interview
Keep in mind, President-Elect Trump never felt the need to apologize to McCain, Judge Curiel, Khan family, Megyn Kelly & Serg…
I added a video to a playlist Donald Trump on Megyn Kelly: "There Was Blood Coming Out of Her
Megyn Kelly will pay a small price for her book ,but that is the price you pay for telling the truth,but good...
Megyn Kelly speaks out about her feud with Donald Trump, Roger Ailes and losing her father.
Megyn Kelly: 'I felt like a human being who had been dropped into a shark tank' via b…
Because both of you & Megyn Kelly are opportunistic self absorbed liars.
I saw Megyn Kelly on CNN tonight being interviewed by Anderson Cooper. Can't help but think she is planning on leaving F…
Megyn Kelly having to scream: u can't cite Japanese internment camps as precedent 4 anything president-elect will do
No idea why Anderson Cooper is interviewing Megyn Kelly & treating her like a feminist icon. She's not & it is insultin…
Shep Smith and Megyn Kelly should go work at CNN
Megyn can dish it out but can't take it!! Megyn Kelly was a "Bully" to us: Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and I.
Megyn Kelly believed the cover of her new book made her look good...
Fox News, are you listening to your viewers? They want Megyn Kelly, Juan Williams, Shep Smith, Leslie Marshall to move on. W…
What a team! Shep Smith and Megyn Kelly doing their Trump thing. How cute!
389080 - NBC: Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly talks to TODAY's Savannah Guthrie about her new book, Settle for More...
Megyn Kelly's new book is doing well.
Megyn Kelly fires back at Bill O’Reilly after he shamed her for speaking out about harassment
Megyn Kelly, on her year of guards, guns, and Donald Trump.
(Good Savannah Guthrie interview of Megyn Kelly on -- but not even ONE little question about "next career move?")
Why are the only Conservative female stars smoking hot blondes? This one, Megyn Kelly, Ann Coulter in an evil libra…
What's going on here? This FAILS to mention what I think is the most important part of her account as reported a...
Watch Megyn Kelly's gestures and remarks..very theatrical lately. Is she auditioning or late night talk show?
Bimbo Megyn Kelly ignores FBI probe of Hillary via
FOX needs to get Megyn Kelly off the network ASAP. She is such a Benedict Arnold. Always saw her as a traitor. Ashamed of her.
Megyn Kelly claims in memoir Donald Trump got debate question.. Related Articles:
Roger Ailes denies harassment allegations in Megyn Kelly memoir (Read more:
It's Megyn Kelly! She is always promoting and marketing herself. It's just who she is.
Kelly says "called me up & threatened me & made very clear 2 me that he was extremely displeased"
Megyn Kelly opens up about famous 'feud' with Trump
put opposite Not smart! How about moving to Megyn Kelly's time slot??
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Bannon speaks... Ingraham stirs the pot... Megyn Kelly's book tour begins... and more in tonight's newsletter --> https:/…
'Mr Trump I'm sorry that u are unhappy but you don't control the editorial on the Kelly File.' He started screaming https…
"He called me up and threatened me and made very clear to me that he was extremely displeased." v…
I've decided to press charges against Megyn Kelly for stealing my haircut.
So Miss Megyn Kelly is making the rounds on TV. Live With Kelly, GMA, and now Dr. Phil. Is she promoting her book or another agenda?
Megyn Kelly is clever-or more accurately deceitful-she can't outright bash Pres Trump anymore so she slips in words "pr…
To Nameless-It's *** Megyn Kelly-b/c for months I criticized her biased reporting & she persisted in her ignorance-…
Exclusive: Megyn Kelly on her 'Year of Trump' via anchor could❓ Trump for raping Lavanka in 1st GOP Deb
Megyn Kelly claims Trump 'threatened me' before debate via
Megyn Kelly alleges that Trump called her up "screaming" just days before the debate she moderated in August 2015
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