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Megyn Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is an American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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. on Megyn Kelly's plastic surgery Q. This is in response to whether or not she was "shocked" by the Q
Megyn Kelly should have asked Jane Fonda if she thinks Vietnam Vets will Ever forgive her for her treachery to American POW's.
after the trainwreck of Megyn Kelly interviewing Jane Fonda. i hope takes this as inspiration for something for season 4!
Megyn Kelly did not please Jane Fonda today.
Jane Fonda has zero time for Megyn Kelly's annoying question about her plastic surgery 😂.
From the stone-cold look Jane Fonda gave, she certainly didn't think Megyn Kelly was asking about aging gracefully. htt…
Mood: Debra Messing and Jane Fonda wondering how they ended up on Megyn Kelly
Jane Fonda is NOT impressed with Megyn Kelly, because you can take the girl out of Fox News, but you can't take Fox News o…
I saw Robin Redford & Henry Fonda on Megyn Kelly show today
Debra Messing "dismayed" after Megyn Kelly asked fan if he was inspired to become *** because of "Will & Grace."
Why Debra Messing 'regrets' going on Megyn Kelly's new NBC talk show
Debra Messing says she didn't know she was going to appear on Megyn Kelly's new show: "Regret going on."…
Debra Messing regrets going on Megyn Kelly's new show ( they deserve each other )
'Will & Grace' star Debra Messing says she regrets her appearance on Megyn Kelly's new NBC daytime show.
Debra Messing says she regrets Megyn Kelly interview
John Oliver just reminded us what a repugnant human Megyn Kelly is.
John Oliver here to remind us why Megyn Kelly isn't a “Unifying Force” via
This week's John Oliver reel of Megyn Kelly's fox channel time was epic roastery.
Megyn Kelly launches new show by telling 'Will & Grace' superfan the *** thing' is 'going to work out great'
Megyn Kelly launched her new show today and is banking on viewers forgetting how she built her career: ht…
you're the next Megyn Kelly! Ratings will be way down! You are not smart for taking America!
John Oliver destroyed Megyn Kelly's makeover attempt. Congrats on the
Megyn Kelly debuted her new morning show today. Which one of her past comments made giving her a morning show seem like a good id…
Shep Smith is woke and I now fear for his well being at that station. Can we save Shep like Oprah's SEAL team got Megyn Kelly to safety?
Megyn Kelly Today can see my softer side when it kisses my ***
The good news story of the day.😃Megyn Kelly has Trump Derangement Syndrome!
Why isn’t trending! Instead we have Weiner, nfl, nascar and Megyn Kelly, this is exactly what’s wrong with…
NBC told Megyn Kelly "No more politics--Just interview Erin Andrews about her new mascara line"
The look on your face after hugging Megyn Kelly was priceless. Would love to know what you were thinking.
This review is dead on of Megyn Kelly's show!
That's one thing we did not hear about on social media: Megyn Kelly's new talk show. Kelly has ticked off the Fox...
"Megyn Kelly fails to connect with the audience during her 'Today' debut"
."The truth is, I’m kind of done with politics for now—It's everywhere. And it's just gotten so dark"
Today is Sunday. Not watching the NFL. Tomorrow is Monday. Not watching Megyn Kelly Today. The power of the Remote Contro…
Shep Smith will run for pres ...featuring Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly ditches politics in her new daytime show. Review:
After seeing the cast of W&G on hateful Megyn Kelly's show, I won't watch the new epsds. Not funny. N…
Idc abt Megyn Kelly but NBC10 has the best women in news. I…
"I think the Will & Grace thing and the *** thing are going to work out great," Megyn Kelly said to a *** W&G superfan this m…
Megyn Kelly reminds me of a serpent.
The only way Americans could ignore Puerto Rico any more would be if it was on the Megyn Kelly Show.
Megyn Kelly is the Iggy Azalea of TV anchors
Review: "Megyn Kelly Today" attempts to show a softer side to the former Fox News host
Megyn Kelly cracks 'joke' asking 'Will & Grace' fan if watching show made him choose to be ***
Megyn Kelly is to TV what Mitt Romney is to politics & public service; willing to do and say whatever to remain relevant
Megyn Kelly is a white supremacist.
perhaps "lady who yelled at children about the race of santa" a bad fit to host an uplifting, non-political AM show https…
NBC insiders confused by Megyn Kelly's new show via
Megyn Kelly gets thumbs down from critics
Megyn Kelly gets thumbs down from critics via It's a big thumbs down 👎for
Megyn Kelly is not a likable or charismatic and I can't remember the last time I wanted something to fail this badly.…
[They] really want megyn kelly to happen.
Looks super promising. . “Like watching NBC assemble Bride of Frankenstein using Ellen DeGeneres and Kelly Ripa.”.
Megyn Kelly is every mom trying way to hard to "relate" to her *** son but instead just makes it way worse https:…
Ah, the rhythmic sounds of Megyn Kelly failing as she tries to rebrand herself after years of anti-Black rhetoric. I love…
I am not a Megyn Kelly fan, but it's her first show, give her a break and a chance. People are being haters.
Is Megyn Kelly running for office? Seems NBC is really over selling this new Megyn. The ad is creepy.
State of the art takedown by of the debacle at via
"If I talk about politics, you'll remember I'm a hateful bigot who worked for Trump's propaganda network. Let's keep i…
Megyn Kelly joined the Today Show, and suddenly she doesn't want to talk about politics.
Megyn Kelly Today needs you to forget how she built her career:
John Oliver is here to remind you why Megyn Kelly isn’t a “unifying force”
As NBC tries to sell us a warm and fuzzy "kinda done with politics" Megyn Kelly, a reminder of what she did in her old job…
I could care less over the perv Anthony Weiner or how much Megyn Kelly bombed in her debut. 3.5M Puerto Ricans, ALL Amer…
I don't understand the Megyn Kelly phenomenon.She's pleasant but she's not a serious journalist like Di…
Megyn Kelly is still on TV? And just like other liberal hypocrites, Ellen shows that there is no room for a…
Why was daily reward today to watch an ad for Megyn Kelly and then enter your email address? Absolutely not.
Megyn Kelly repeating a line she's said in the past...that she's not "political." Then why were her first interviews with Putin…
But I'm happy for her, she's very pleasant, feminine and likable, the anti Megyn Kelly ... and again, very smart and beautiful. 😍
WATCH : Megyn Kelly dropped a bombshell on Ellen this week — and it’s something Trump is…
Watch: Ellen DeGeneres tells Megyn Kelly she refuses to allow Donald Trump on her show
NBC is desperately trying to show off Megyn Kelly's "softer" side:
Marked as to-read: Settle for More by Megyn Kelly
is live! to discuss Megyn Kelly's new gig and how the Deep State gets us to support invasions.
Kardashian diva ditches Megyn Kelly last minute before critical-for-career interview
Because she would be forced to reveal who gave her hiv virus.
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Just wanted to let you know,as I’ve told I will NEVER watch Megyn Kelly.I even ff thru her promos.No faux news 4 me.
The last place I wish to see our Pres Trump is on Megyn Kelly Gossip Show. Kelly nee…
Megyn Kelly: "You've called women you don't like 'fat pigs,' 'dogs,' ‘slobs' and 'disgusting animal…
No Thank You I can't forget years and years of ignorance and stupidity.
Gretchen Carlson Megyn Kelly Eboni K Williams cat Temps they should all get together and start their own little cut…
That's what I thought. Just seems like people are working really hard to make Megyn Kelly into a reasonable human.
NBC’s Megyn Kelly sits down with Kendall, Kris, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe to discuss their decade of reality-TV dominance (…
'Who the *** wants to woo her!' Donald Trump renews attacks on Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly tells Ellen that Trump influenced her to leave FOX. Video:
Ellen let Megyn KELLY pander away then nicely blew her out of the water - Dem Underground via
Just got around to watching that clip of Megyn Kelly saying she isn't a "political" person. Beyond idiotic.
Ellen DeGeneres to Megyn Kelly: I refuse to allow Donald Trump on my show
Megyn Kelly says she left Fox News because of Trump
There's the know nothing partisan hack. Sitting next to Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly explained to us that she left Fox because of Trump. Gee, I don't recall asking . . .
But... you basically did by inviting Megyn Kelly.
Colbert invited Spicer to the Emmys? Kimmel had on Spicer? Ellen invited Megyn Kelly on her show? Reckless
Are people dragging Charlie Rose for the Bannon interview as much as Megyn Kelly got dragged for her Alex Jones interview?. Didn't think so..
NBC in ‘total panic’ as Megyn Kelly attracts only old white people | Raw Story via
The network reportedly fears that Megyn Kelly can't attract non-White, younger audiences for her daytime show.
NBC just screwed up again. Ppl will turn off when Megyn Kelly joins TODAY. The treatment of Ann Cutie and Tamron Hall was mistake
Megyn Kelly to Host an Hour of the Today Show, Replacing Al Roker and Tamron Hall via
The outcome of the kinetic The Kelly File is never in doubt, but it is fun watching Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume work.
Yeah...didn't Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly, among others, already do this?
Tucker Carlson takes over Megyn Kelly's slot, Martha MacCallum gets new show |
I was over at my aunt's house and saw Megyn Kelly's book. I thought the same thing
Mark Thiessen has been lost since his girl Megyn Kelly left
CNN,scraping bottom of the barrel,I'm pretty sure thats Megyn Kelly with a short wig
I'm waiting for the segment where Hugh Hewitt pulls off the rubber mask to reveal that he's really Fox News throwaway Megyn Kelly.
Romney didn't have many conservative friends to begin with. Democrats will love him a little until he's n…
Same reason megyn Kelly has a job on NBC. Andy Lack is senile.
She is another Megyn Kelly wanna be!
Fox is winning Big League in the personnel turnover dept. What hypocrites to report on WH ppl who can't cut it.
Thank God!! No Ebony, or Kat. Y'all need to go with Megyn Kelly!!!
"Bannon and the Breitbart editors had the same reaction and immediately turned on Megyn Kelly, with a fusillade o...
Cernovich is the female version of Megyn Kelly or however you spell her name.
'It turns out that Megyn Kelly can act after all. Who knew?'
Tucker and the five are mediocre. Not in the same league with O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly 🙁
Fox News Trish Regan wants to be their next Megyn Kelly, she has the same delivery style
Just a lite happy not that you are as beautiful as Megyn Kelly. My two favorite on the news take care
Megyn Kelly "if crazy didn't cover me so much on her terrible show, her ratings would totally tank." (03/19/2016)
They'd shutdown It seems & Eboni are turning into another Megyn Kelly to viewers
I 'm with you. I keep telling them to get rid of the slimy toad.I also tell that…
Archive: Fox News was fine with sick right wing obsessions until Trump took on megyn kelly.
Trish's show is the Intelligence Report, its not primarily a business show, she was brought on ori…
Hamilton Collection
To Andrew Lack: if you want this to continue, more like Maddow & O'Donnell, no Van Susteren or (Megyn) Kelly!
Just a question.. is Megyn Kelly still on the air??
via News Pro - Breitbart app for iOS. IHaveFailed
You have lost me. You are despicable & a disgrace to your profession. You belong at MSNBC or CNN with Megyn Kelly
"Advertisers withdrawing from Megyn Kelly's show due to Alex Jones interview"
All Trump supporter really need to watch BTW F…
Hence we have the return of the new and improved version of Megyn Kelly…
BREAKING NEWS: Fox still far ahead of WH in the number of Peopl…
Flashback: when Donald Trump obliterated Wolf Blitzer and Megyn Kelly in one fell swoop. h…
Which begs the question... how could you have waited this long? Shoulda been out of there after Megyn Kelly blood r…
Learn more about the Megyn Kelly Dr Oz skin care cream! -
Megyn Kelly is something to behold; a brilliantly holstered interview with an extraordinary woman, by Vassi Chamberlain in
How do you feel about NBA jerseys showing ads? My answer: I like it. What do you think?
Wow since you left a Republican party you have really Let Yourself Go. Good luck on your new…
I refuse to call Megyn Kelly a bimbo, because that would not be politically correct. Instead I will only call her a lightweight reporter!
She should be protected by governmental bodyguards for being a target of hate crime. i.e. Megyn Kelly
Wait what does Megyn Kelly have to do with any of this?
Seems to have a blood fetish of some sort. There's: 1)this fake monument to blood, 2)Megyn Kelly's wh…
Suffers from age, but Malkin's vision still glows, as does terrific Megyn Kelly in practically solo turn.
I remember before election there were stories about how James Murdoch wanted to shift to center and pr…
Preparing for BREAKING NEWS that Megyn Kelly has scored first interview with Steve Bannon after firing.
Congratulations to "Mitt Romney" who couldn't win a popularity contest against Megyn Kelly! Takes work to get both parties to hate you!
MEGYN KELLY: New NBC morning show 'good for the soul'...
I bet your sales would triple if you removed the review from Megyn Kelly from the book cover and m…
Tucker Carlson's Ratings Nearly Double Megyn Kelly's on Fox News Good job and thank you!
.dad coaches in one of the most violent parts of Chicago. Sunday Night with
MEGYN KELLY would like to learn APPEAL TO THE BASE, but they already know four moves.
Why does he feel safer calling out Megyn Kelly or w/e dumb news person but not David Duke, who everyone should hate?
Dana Perino is looking more and more like Megyn Kelly every day.
'The Daily Show' slams Megyn Kelly for her NBC News makeover - Business Insider
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Michael Moore is a has-been slob that no one pays attn to. Keep him irrelevant so Megyn Kelly can…
Journalism 101: John Oliver just did the exposé on Alex Jones & InfoWars that Megyn Kelly was too lazy to do.
Megyn Kelly news show ends scheduled run with best ratings since Alex Jones interview, half the audience from debut
Megyn Kelly channels Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Lana Turner and Susan Hayward in the lovingly crafted "The Kelly File"
Donald Trump sure fixates on women, Hillary Clinton, Megyn Kelly, Rosie O' Donnell. It's a disgrace to have him in the White ***
Just like Megyn Kelly & Greta Van Susteren couldn't make it in light of truth without deno…
Megyn Kelly is astonishingly good as Gregg Jarrett in The Kelly File.
I thought Megyn Kelly was that girl from . Turns out that was Megan Hilty. These news articles make a lot more sense now.
Megyn Kelly's problem is obvious: Conservatives feel betrayed by her, Liberals don't trust her. She is a woman without…
Watch: Kara Swisher talks to Megyn Kelly about Silicon Valley’s sexist bro culture
interested in Megyn Kelly's ratings now that she went deeper left with big Katy Tur story on Trump Russia. & sex harassment.
The best part of this Megyn Kelly show has been Katy Tur. So...yeah.
Megyn Kelly's book suggests Trump knew first question he'd face in debate:
I'm sorry Fox News's Shepard Smith, I couldn't hear a word you said with Megyn Kelly's *** in your mouth.
Megyn Kelly... Please make room in your dinghy for shep smith. We are ready to send him over your way.
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A follower for years; troubled by hires like Megyn Kelly, & now disgusting Hugh Hewitt, explains!.
Yeah Barstool briefly pretty sure. Heard her on Megyn Kelly's show one time. Had an intelligent disc…
Tamron Hall preps new talk show that would compete with Megyn Kelly project
Joe Scarborough left the GOP? Do we have to take him in? Nah. He can hang with Megyn Kelly in the sphere of ex-traitors
PREVIEW: Ed Sheeran interview with Megyn Kelly. Full interview airs on Sunday, July 9 at 7/6c during "Sunday Night with M…
Aside: Michele Bachmann's "Obama will use Census data to send us to internment camps" analysis was w/ Megyn Kelly:
What's embarrassing is that Megyn Kelly used this talking point to go after President Trump in her interview…
This extraordinary roundtable shows Megyn Kelly back in the pulpit for an expose of the church-and-tent revival circuit.
Seven months to get Greta Van Susteren out at MSNBC. I wonder how long before Megyn Kelly gone at NBC?
Megyn Kelly tries to challenge Ron Paul on the Constitution, fails spect...
*Maddow, Chris Hayes, and Lawrence O'Donnell get huge ratings boosts* MSNBC: Time to hire Megyn Kelly, Greta, Hugh Hewitt, and Bret Stephens
Happy to see Megyn Kelly failing.I was done with her at the first debate when she disrespected Donald Trump.NB…
PEACOCK PANIC!. Megyn Kelly's ratings fall another 20% in week number 4 on the air. .
Re: Megyn Kelly, is this how we spell "racist" now??
Megyn Kelly is like the opposite of Jurassic World except instead of being good and nobody watches her she's bad an…
All purpose parts banner
Megyn Kelly at the moment Bret Bair officially announced Trump had won the White House.
It was so unfair of Megyn Kelly to edit her Alex Jones interview to include footage of him talking.
Megyn Kelly only thrived at Fox because she was between O'Reilly at 8 and Hannity at 10 & we j…
The Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, a nonprofit group opposed to gun violence, dropped Megyn Kelly as host of an annual gala.
Megyn Kelly dropped from Sandy Hook Promise event over Alex Jones interview
Good Megyn Kelly is a horrible human being. She and Jones together were too much for only the most despicable to stomach.
Megyn Kelly's globalist hit piece drops like a lead ballon - career over?
Well had to show us one more time, it's not about real news, but sensationalism. .
Megyn Kelly is a SNAKE. After taking selfies w/ AJ she comes out with a fake statement talking about being "disgusted" b…
Poor Lib life can be tough🙄. Megyn Kelly’s Poor Ratings Suggest an Uncertain Future vi…
"Kelly Megyn Pump the Breaks" has been the most successful record of my latest Album... download for free here
My main takeaway from the Megyn Kelly flap is that America's Funniest Home Videos still exists and *millions* of people w…
Megyn Kelly's show got beat in ratings by a show I haven't watched in 20 years and I thought Bob Saget still hosted it.
Inside scoop: NBC now trying to get rid of Megyn Kelly. Even trying to get FOX to buy out her contract and take her back.
A re-run of ABC's "America's Funniest Home Videos" beat out Megan Kelly's interview with Alex Jones. 😂.
Megyn Kelly "easily" beaten in ratings by a 60 Minutes re-run and America's Funniest Home Videos.
Wait Megyn Kelly gets an hour of the today show AND an hour on sundays? 2 hours of her aggressive mediocrity every week!…
According to Megyn Kelly you as a citizen cannot determine Drugs Being Smuggled in this video. >>>She's so stupid!
Megyn Kelly was a disaster it was the biggest hit job from the establishment I may have ever seen. T…
The failing MSM is trying to kill independent media, the truth media! -.
It was unacceptable that Megyn Kelly gave air time to Alex Jones, and I don't give her any credit for making a lunatic look like a lunatic.
Because f*** that sh**. Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones interview got lots of attention, but not many viewers
We get it Megyn Kelly smeared you. There's more important things to talk about. I'm cert…
Megyn Kelly's much talked about interview with Alex Jones got plenty of attention, but not many viewers ht…
Not much interest in Megyn Kelly's interview of Alex Jones, ratings were awful. My column on the situation
Megyn Kelly sold out to NBC by dishonestly attacking Trump, now she has no ratings. A well-deserved failure.
This should make you happy to see. Megyn Kelly Beaten By '60 Minutes' AGAIN Even With Overhyped Alex Jones interview.
Megyn Kelly's interview with Alex Jones brings in her lowest ratings yet
Megyn Kelly is a touch dramatic, but it's worth watching. We should expose lunacy like Alex Jones, not hide it.
Alex Jones interview is yet another embarrassing hit to Megyn Kelly's ratings
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I don't like Megyn Kelly or care what she has to say. I don't care if she's interviewing Santa Claus--who she feels very st…
Hey folks, we have a poll here.😏 Who won today, Alex Jones or Megyn Kelly?. (RT & make this poll more representat…
I am glad Megyn Kelly is paying the price for this stupid, sensationalist stunt.
A number of big-name advertisers were conspicuously absent from Megyn Kelly's NBC show
Megyn Kelly probably wishes she was back at FOX at this point.…
Whether you like Alex Jones or not. Megyn Kelly with a massive hit piece.. The Left wants to destroy anyone that doesn't…
Oh look Megyn Kelly apparently did just fine with Alex Jones. The people who are trying to destroy her can now move on to n…
how about Megyn Kelly confronts James Corbett on his 9/11 short story?
I will not be watching Megyn Kelly's interview of Alex Jones. The man is vile. Instead I will be following the hashtag…
OPINION: Megyn Kelly, NBC Should Probably Be Prepared for Lawsuit on Heels of Alex Jones Interview vi…
Reminder, this is airing Megyn Kelly's interview with Alex Jones over the objections of fathers who lost…
I have a feeling this is dedicated to Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones.
What is your take on the Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones interview?
Really NBC? SEEMS to ME that you paid Megyn Kelly $15M to DO ANYTHING she could to defame First Putin- FAIL! Now Al…
Megyn Kelly laid bare the truth in her interview with Alex Jones from Infowars.Jones is the garbage man that peddled the…
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NBC Connecticut refuses to air Megyn Kelly's interview with Alex Jones
Sean, you're going to side with Alex Jones over your former colleague Megyn Kelly?
We will not be watching Alex Jones on Megyn Kelly tonight. Instead, we send love to survivors of gun violence.
I just watched Megyn Kelly's interview w/Alex Jones. It was turgid, pointless and a waste of time.
Megyn Kelly confronts Alex Jones over Sandy Hook, warns he 'isn't going away'
Megyn Kelly's interview with Alex Jones has finally aired.
The problem isn't that Megyn Kelly talks to Alex Jones... It's that president of the United States talks to him, praises…
Alex Jones I wasn't a big fan of yours before. After the interview with Megyn Kelly. I am your biggest fan!
'Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly' ran w/ fewer ads than most first-run programs. Good job, everyone.
Couldn't watch that Megyn Kelly debacle, so fired up Beeman's Republic while…
Megyn Kelly 'disappointed' she was fired as Sandy Hook gala host via
So you think Megyn Kelly's "interview" with Alex Jones was worth it in the end... Sandy Hook parents be damned? Goo…
NEW YORK — Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones hemmed and hawed when pressed repeatedly by Megyn Kelly to admit he wa...
Megyn Kelly lost he MoJo. NBC better be looking for a replacement quick. |
Alex Jones cries foul ahead of interview with 'Medusa' NBC host Megyn Kelly.
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"It's Not Going to Be Some Gotcha Hit Piece, I Promise You That." - Megyn Kelly on tape when begging Jones for the interview.…
10) Alex Jones has right to speak, Megyn Kelly has right to make career ending mistake of interviewing him -…
Megyn Kelly: nice one sided story on Alex Jones. Yes, he's a nutjob, but instead of letting him presenting his...
LIVE! Mike Cernovich in Austin with exclusive Alex Jones interview about Megyn Kelly
1/ On the eve of Megyn Kelly's risky interview with Alex Jones, I offer in this thread a fable. It's title: The abyss of…
and yet Megyn Kelly interviewing Alex Jones is too extreme.
Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones: NBC News under fire for 'botched' rollout of Kelly on eve of interview |
Megyn Kelly's response to the Alex Jones fallout is to invite Sandy Hook parents on to "he said/she said" the situation. Co…
The secret Megyn Kelly tapes Alex Jones released are, uh, not good for Megyn Kelly
Just a reminder that Megyn Kelly's interview of Alex Jones (who said the murder of 20 children was a hoax) will air on Fat…
It appears that Alex Jones has launched a real info war with Megyn Kelly. He's releasing the uncut interview early. . htt…
Scooped by Alex Jones? InfoWars host releases pre-interview recordings with Megyn Kelly
Never seen Megyn Kelly's scam, in general & re Alex Jones specifically, exposed as clearly as does here htt…
Megyn Kelly to Alex Jones: "I’m not looking to portray you as a boogeyman or do a gotcha moment."
‘The opposite of journalism’: Megyn Kelly under fire after Alex Jones leaked audio of her interview via
As NBC's reputation sinks, Alex Jones vows to release his own recordings of Megyn Kelly
.nails Megyn Kelly's gratuitous interview of Alex Jones in this cartoon. A picture is worth a thousand words.…
Megyn Kelly's her own words...…
Alex Jones releases audio of Megyn Kelly assuring him his NBC interview wouldn't be contentious & he could review it
Alex Jones releases more secretly taped Megyn Kelly audio
Connecticut NBC station won’t air Megyn Kelly interview In a memo to the staff at New Br…
I believe that MSNBC was short on blond fascists and Ann Coulter turned them down so, hence, Megyn Kelly.
Lol. Tucker interviewing Oliver Stone and Megyn Kelly interviewing Putin and Alex Jones. Absolute bottom of the bar…
Megyn Kelly looks like Michael Jackson with breast implants.
PANICKED trying to stave off Lawsuits. SEE
A spokesperson for said Alex Jones cancelled his scheduled appearance for next week. No plan to reschedule. https…
Alex Jones has the uncut version of his Megyn Kelly interview & is releasing it ahead of NBC. If you play with rabid dogs…
Sure hope your voting criteria is deeper and more substantial than Megyn Kelly
Fascinating, upsetting read and it starts, in my opinion, with the problem of Megyn Kelly in this role for NBC in the firs…
.You need to announce that you are pulling the entire Sunday Night Megyn Kelly show and you need to do it NOW.
Megyn Kelly is a really bad liar. Hilariously bad liar listening to her phone calls with Alex Jones.
Megyn Kelly isn’t a crusading journalist. She’s a bullhorn for bigots. Alex Jones is just one of many.
Megyn Kelly's interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is necessary via
I do love that Alex Jones played Megyn Kelly. I hope that those MSNBC folks realize how ridiculous it is that she's on the netwo…
This just needs to be cancelled: Exposed by Alex Jones in leaked audio recordings ahead of interview https:/…
Why won't Megyn Kelly have Santa Claus on her show? What is she afraid of?
*** Alex Jones confirms he doesn't actually believe what he says on-air in tapes he himself released!
Give Megyn Kelly a chance. re:Alex Jones, he represents the platonic ideal for conservatism. Let pe…
Alex Jones scooped Megyn Kelly on her own news special!
Megyn Kelly reported I was the Comet gunman. That woman is a liar and a schemer and her vile chickens are coming home to…
Holly, you're just mad that Alex Jones destroyed Megyn Kelly and her pathetic career at NBC over the weekend. Death…
Alex Jones says 9/11, the Sandy Hook shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing were "false flag" operations
"I’ve been personally attacked by InfoWars employees who work for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones."
Well, this could get interesting... Alex Jones releases unedited TAPES of his Megyn Kelly interview
The Infowars clip is masterfully constructed with the purpose of embarrassing Kelly and NBC News. http… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Watching two already well known people trying to get more famous on the backs of the dead makes me sick.
Alex Jones proves NBC & Megyn Kelly are FRAUDS. Good for him. Megyn Kelly should be ashamed.
Well well.could karma finally get Megyn Kelly? Her "Witch Hunt" is coming to an end!
Megyn Kelly's interview with Alex Jones shows her, and NBC's, lack of news judgment, writes our TV critic
Birds of a Feather fall together. Megyn Kelly has destroyed whats left of her career with edited Alex Jones interview.
Exclusive Sneak Peek! Alex Jones To Release Full Megyn Kelly Interview via lol You are screwed if u lie
Sharp piece on how the NBC/Alex Jones fiasco shows how legacy media is unprepared to cover today's trolls: htt…
We sure did. . Sandy Hook families’ lawyers urge NBC not to air Megyn Kelly interview | Page Six
Can I just say? These 2 deserve each other “InfoWars recorded the Megyn Kelly interview and is releasing it early”. https:…
NBC played itself. Shame on them and shame on Megyn Kelly. They played with a snake and got bit.
Alex Jones discusses with Roger Stone the upcoming hit piece on NBC Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly learns lesson of dealing with Alex Jones, NeNe Leakes Bravo rick and Bella Thorne
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