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Megyn Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is an American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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Citing occupational "brain damage," Megyn Kelly again hints that she’s sick of Fox News, opening door for exit
Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump: There can be peace in our time - San Francisco Chronicle: San Francisco Chronicl...
Alan Dershowitz told Megyn Kelly was one of his smartest students.
"Megyn Kelly made up with Donald Trump. Everyone else on the right will do the same. (It's all about the grift)" https:/…
Kanye West obsessed with Taylor Swift. Trump obsessed with Megyn Kelly. These guys are creepy.
Megyn Kelly had to hand pick most of the clowns giving their opinions. I wonder how much she paid the clowns? Megan Kelly give up.
The Donald and Megyn Kelly have a chat at Trump’s Manhattan offices
Megyn Kelly: Meeting with Trump allowed us to 'clear the air' groveling to the master
Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly met at Trump Tower this morning.
ask Megyn Kelly that same
So. Why are the two best journalists in this election cycle Megyn Kelly and Mika Brzezinski? How does this happen?.
If Donald Trump had made the Megyn Kelly comments about Rachel Maddow all of the Fox News guys and GOP candidates would…
You should do one with Megyn Kelly, or Rachel Madcow's head on the corporate owned Include a Saudi prince shareholder...
Billy Eichner: "I feel like this is my bar mitzvah, except Megyn Kelly has replaced my Aunt Joyce." https:…
Robert Zimmerman. on Megyn Kelly is simply. so unlikable he should not. be allowed on normal TV. And, she puts him on again and again!
Kelleigh Nelson -- The Lies of Romney, Megyn Kelly and Ted Cruz via
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
TV Journalists, Anderson Cooper & Megyn Kelly need to go & do their homework on Basset's PRG website about Rockefeller Initiat.
Megyn Kelly is starting to sound more & more like Rachel Maddow. Make of that what you will.
Is this a message of who Mrs. Megyn Kelly advocates for (Wednesday at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center)? 🇺🇸 TRUMP was right 🇺🇸
I believe it b/c I stopped watching some of the news and shows like Megyn Kelly or Shep, juan williams the ***
Megyn Kelly takes on President Obama's silence after Kate Steinle's murder. via
Remember that time Ward Churchill absolutely destroyed Megyn Kelly & had her actually proving his point?
I'd rather watch Megyn Kelly on @ Fox than Ann Coulter on And that's something.
Ted Cruz to Megyn Kelly: Donald Trump has a ‘problem with strong women’. Story at
Megyn Kelly not sure she will stay at Fox News
Megyn Kelly you are not Oprah, Charlie Rose and definitely not Barbara Walter! so come down from that cloud ☁️ and get real! Stay home
Obama praises Paul Ryan for the budget. Hillary praises Megyn Kelly on The View. And the GOP wonders why us voters are PIS…
.Hey what did you think of Megyn Kelly's shoes last night and what would you do to her feet?
Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly you're both wrong the appeal to Donald Trump is nothing like what you're talking...
Megyn Kelly: I wish Bill O'Reilly defended me more...
Megyn Kelly on Fox is interviewing Ted Cruz tonight at the Madison Masonic Center in Madison, Wisconsin. It is...
Cruz to Megyn Kelly: Trump "seems to have a problem with strong women"
My advice: Avoid talking to or about Chris Matthews, Ralph Madcow aka Rachel Maddow & Megyn Kelly-they're bad news for you.
Jeff Sessions, Megyn Kelly, Mike Lee, Steve King and right on down the line. Again, all you have is smears and lies. carry on
Megyn Kelly calls out CNN and Bill O'Reilly for supporting Trump. via
Trump boycotts Megyn Kelly but talks to Chris Mathews & Anderson Cooper? not too smart. GOP shouldn't let the press moderate debates. period
Thx Would ❤ to see Megyn Kelly take on . Kambree Linda Christi Steph & Lori👍. Out of Your League😜 http…
Ya obviously a Fox News poll would show that considering trump isn't the biggest fan of Megyn Kelly.
. Megyn Kelly is at the top of my dislike list. Don't like the others you mentioned either.
. Agree!! I've stopped watching most fox shows. Megyn Kelly is out. So are several others!!
Megyn Kelly has a theory about why Donald Trump hates her(Orlando news)
I may have to change my point of view with Megyn Kelly with having Allen Combs. And supporting his point of view.Without challenge.VoteTrump
Racist & Bigoted Kelley Praises Trump-Megyn Kelly calls out CNN and Bill O'Reilly but praises Trump via
is afraid. To debate or face Megyn Kelly. How will he face Vlad Putin. When his spine is made of…
Megyn Kelly: I'd 'absolutely' welcome Trump on show
This is the reason why people hate Megyn Kelly so bias against Trump she has a Jerry Springer type show!
Glee & joy at all the shows (Morning Joe, Megyn Kelly, etc.) is actually interesting to watch Who's acting like a 5 yr old?
how can you not dig a TV show that offers Megyn Kelly and Alan Colmes on top of Hasselbeck?
Oh look. Another anti-Trump gang hosted by Megyn Kelly. We didn't care about the others, we don't care about this one.
Megyn Kelly is the one who pushed her to file the charge. Didn't you know that?
I don't watch any Fox News except Megyn Kelly File! & I don't want 2 c Herman Cain making excuses 4 dt!
Megyn Kelly outclasses everyone @ FNC & The Kelly File is the only show worth watching on Fox or any other network.
Debra reminds me of Donald Trump shaming Megyn Kelly. All night, all day, RT's, and on and on.…
She's the worst scumbag I can't inagine next to Megyn Kelly
We live in a culture that hates women. True when Megyn Kelly mocked me for saying it in 2014, true now.
.When Trump dissed Roger Ailes' darling, Megyn Kelly, I didn't suspect he'd throw the entire weight of Fox News at him.
Donald Trump you're pathetic ,your big *** threatening to sue a hundred-pound Megyn Kelly,you're hateful womanizer Megyn Kelly is a lady
By withholding the NRO, Levin, Krauthammer, Kristol, Megyn Kelly, The Right Scoop,did a disservice 2 ppl of …
Megyn Kelly started with an affair with Brit Hume, landed her gig, then Roger Ailes had to tell them to break it up
Megyn Kelly goes on a 'date' for charity -
Fox News needs to replace Megyn Kelly with Andrea Tantaros! Ra…
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Oh is believe that ! Fox is the hit squad for trump. Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume ans Karl Rove and Stephen Hayes etc
.Lobo Lying Allah warned to keep his sniffling hands off his wife Mary Ann Todd Lincoln, she's not Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly's coffee buddy Saudi Prince no wonder she gets away with lies Islamic faith says lie to the unbeliever.
Megyn Kelly should be replaced by Judge Jeanine Pirro.please!
Steven miller looked like a complete *** on Megyn Kelly. Hello Steve there is a treaty with Ukraine. What a freakin joke
Stephen Miller on Kelly File. Love him. After 5 minutes turned show off. Megyn Kelly is a creep. Twists things around
Trump has a sick obsession against Megyn Kelly. He has a psychological disorder. What if Angela Merkel gets under his skin!!
Remember when we had REAL journalists now we have rambling morons like Andrea Mitchell,Blitzer,Megyn Kelly & A.Cooper
Megyn Kelly says Bill O'Reilly didn't have her back with Donald Trump. Story at
Does anyone think Donald Trump saw "The Seduction" one too many times. Megyn Kelly is HIS Morgan Fairchild
Megyn Kelly is like Yulia Tymoshenko, consumed by hate and going too far.
Fox News to Trump: Your “sick obsession” with Megyn Kelly is "beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate”
Megyn Kelly: How to deal with the haters
Central Texas News: Fox: Trump has 'extreme, sick obsession' with Megyn Kelly
Little Timmy Miller is like a one-testicled Megyn Kelly - with less credibility that the bloodstain herself
Fox says Trump's "vitriolic attacks" v Megyn Kelly are "beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate". But the rest o…
Fox News slams Trump over his attacks on Megyn Kelly. His attacks on Mexicans and Muslims are still ok.
Unable to resist, Donald Trump calls Megyn Kelly a “total whack job” with “no talent” while speaking to Maureen Dowd https:…
Weird to find myself siding with Megyn Kelly & Hulk Hogan in the same week.
Fox News hits Donald Trump for 'sexist verbal assaults' on Megyn Kelly:
Predictions this week . Water boarding is introduced as 4 play, Trump adds Megyn Kelly to his ticket n Hulk Hogan donates money to NAACP
I wonder if Megyn Kelly will vote for Trump...especially with how disrespectful and unprofessional he has been towards her?
Hulk Hogan has a sex tape and Drumph says Megyn Kelly is obsessed with him: what is the world becoming?
gawker hogan trumps Trumps minor win... news at 11. Megyn Kelly will comment on the sore winner.
I stand with Tired of the Megyn Kelly, Cruz establishment conspiracy. Unfollowing.
Megyn Kelly was trying to stir the pot with these two young black men that are Bill Ayers type (domestic terrorist)
la raza, KKK, and Megyn Kelly, 3 arms of the Democratic party
In the movie of "Donald and Megyn" Michael Douglas can play Donald. But should Glenn Close or Megyn Kelly play Megyn?
Megyn Kelly: far brighter, more lucid, far more knowledgable in political, legal and current affairs than Trump
Let go of narrative Trump would treat a man like he treats Megyn Kelly. No one believes U
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'Crazy' and 'overrated' Megyn Kelly interviewed Trump policy adviser Stephen Miller on her 'bad show' last night
Not to forget Megyn Kelly's own obsession for weeks on end the New Black Panther party story, but.
Because, as a company and news network, Fox is defending Megyn Kelly against Trump's sexist assaults currently.
I remember when Megyn Kelly went on O'Reilly to claim this story of Sharpton was old news it was actually new.
Fox News response to attack on Megyn Kelly:
Boom. Megyn Kelly is a saint. The Veronica Corningstone of political anchors.
“Trump’s vitriolic attacks against Megyn Kelly and his extreme, sick obsession with her is beneath the dignity of a presid…
Trump calls for boycott of Megyn Kelly from his iPhone, which he also wants you to boycott https:/…
but it was fun watching Megyn Kelly and Steve Hayes turning green last night!!
Yes, the grapes are mighty sour in the mouths of Steve Hayes, Karl Rove, Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino.
Fox New # Megyn Kelly# Steve Hayes. You're hate for Trump is oozing out of your eyes.
"Megyn Kelly trying to do a hit job on Breitbart. She did not have Steve Bannon or someone…" — Victoria Richardson
Publisher's Clearing House, Marie Osmond, William Devane & Megyn Kelly? You're all on notice ...
Strange list. Should be more like Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Dana Loesch, Megyn Kelly...
Too wussy to release tax returns. Too wussy when Megyn Kelly was moderator. Too wussy to debate in SLC?
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Ben Shapiro to Megyn Kelly: Breitbart Would Call for Lewandowski's Firing if He Were on Hillary Campaign - Breitbart
I saw Rubio's town hall with Megyn Kelly which clearly left me thinking (based on Rubio's words) that he would...
Actually had a nice town hall with Ted last night, with Megyn Kelly asking some good questions
This Ted Cruz, the one I'm watching with Megyn Kelly, can win a general election
Watching Ted Cruz with Megyn Kelly . liking this guy MORE EVERY MINUTE.
Megyn Kelly is so biased in her reporting! She needs to take lessons from Troy Aikman because Aikman who of...
I don't trust Megyn Kelly one bit. She will turn so fast to gain notoriety. She's the Kim Kardasian of Fox News.
This goes in line with my Megyn Kelly as Emma Frost shoop from the other night!
Here Trump is DOMINATING tonight and Megyn Kelly is spinning this as a negative for Trump. Incredible.
Sean, please tell Megyn Kelly to accept Trump's olive branch. Unless, you want to monopolize his interviews. :)
WATCH: Megyn Kelly laughs as Trump gives her a shoutout in victory speech
Megyn Kelly says, "A fascinating hour with Donald Trump." Sure, that's one way to put it.
Inbox: Fox News (Greta Van Susteren, Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity) to Host Hour-Long Interviews with the four GOP Candidate…
If you R referring to Megyn Kelly it's not going to happen, she's like a rabid dog, out of her mind with hate.
Trump showed his cowardice again this weekend, just like when he was too weak to face Megyn Kelly at the 2nd Fox...
Megyn Kelly just said I sounded Presidential. Looks like someone wants me to give them a tour of the Lincoln Bedroom.
Here's one of my blogs on Megyn Kelly - wish it would go viral. watch first Youtube at bottom
a blog of mine on Megyn Kelly. Watch first Youtube at bottom
Ted Cruz says Trump is scared to go to because Megyn Kelly or conservatives may be there.
Flops more than Vlade Divac... | Megyn Kelly confronts Donald Trump with brutal highlight reel of past statements
That dude HATES BEING mocked. Megyn Kelly went Emma Frost on him at the debate, Trump started backfiring like a '57 Chevy.
Every time Megyn Kelly, Stuart Varney, and Alan Colmes connect in a scene, we hear the happy ding!
Megyn Kelly is lying on national television.
Megyn Kelly is the right's best weapon against the Greg Stillson of our time
Oh well ... watched the debate. The winner was Megyn Kelly. There was no runner up.
Christopher Guest & Co. would SLAUGHTER that. Parker Posey as Megyn Kelly.
'Why is Megyn Kelly debating'? Fox News moderators armed with videos, slides
Megyn Kelly goes hard at Trump over scammy Trump University.
Megyn Kelly up there looking like Brigitte Nielsen
Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace should step down and let John Kasich moderate the debate.
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I think Megyn Kelly deserves more respect as a journalist than most people give her. She's asking good questions tonight
Megyn Kelly is looking like a Nancy Grace, your ego is bigger than Trumps.
Megyn Kelly comes armed with graphics against Trump on Trump University... this Trump U is biting him in the ***
Megyn Kelly straight up looking like Emma Frost in the best way possible
Trump just got trumped by Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly is kinda hot but Im still an Erin Burnett kind of guy. ~_^
Megyn Kelly rocks the Mrs. Ivan Drago look, I'll give her that
I feel like every sorority girl's life goal is to be Megyn Kelly 🙄 Republicanism is such a joke 🙄
who wore it better: Megyn Kelly or Brigitte Nielsen?
Megyn Kelly is giving me Audrey Hepburn tonight - the blonde version.
Doesn't Megyn Kelly resemble the Brigitte Nielsen character in Rocky IV?
Why won't Megyn Kelly ask Ted Cruz if he killed multiple people in the late sixties and early seventies in northern Calif…
I can't tell if the guy next to Megyn Kelly is Bobby Brady or Butch Patrick
Megyn Kelly reminds me more and more of The Portrait Of Dorian Gray.
Megyn Kelly is dressed like the press secretary for the Imperial Army in Star Wars.
Donald Trump: tough on Megyn Kelly, easy on the KKK.
Trump faces Megyn Kelly in GOP debate for 1st time in months: Republican frontrunner Donald Trump comes face-to-face with Fox News an...
Makes me like Megyn Kelly. She's honest. Cruz is definitely the most qualified candidate in the race for President!
Megyn Kelly has become Nancy Grace. The most hated Media Hostess on the media. Now Nancy is on late night.
Steven Hayes from the Weekly Standard (establishment rag that nobody reads) is the biggest Trump-hater on Fox, and Megyn Kelly, of course.
I would rather hear "Chootem Tommy Chootem".. then to listen to lying Megyn Kelly or Chris Stirewalt.
Megyn Kelly is turning into the wicked witch of the West! It's good that Mrs. Pierson is here. It's pretty obvious she's 4 Rubio
Watched the Texas town hall meeting last night. No Trump he is afraid of Megyn Kelly!
Chris Cuomo this morning was more fair and balance than Megyn Kelly.
Joe has been more fair in his coverage than the very hateful Megyn Kelly of Faux/Coyote News
take all their viewers. Maybe they should shake it up over there and let some liberals go, like Shep Smith, Megyn Kelly and a few
Dr. Carson was awesome on Megyn Kelly's Fox forum last night. He showed the depth of his knowledge on all issues...
If Trump lost the US Election I will blame Megyn Kelly forever for it. she is the ODD MAN OUT.
Many thanks to Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Megyn Kelly, and Carl Rove for making Donald Trump such a over the top winner.
Oh, you're kidding! I thought Greta was a pro. Now she joins Brit Hume, Krauthammer, Megyn Kelly, Stephen Hayes, etc.
morbid fear of blood would make him a terrible C in C."Trump to Skip Panel Hosted by Megyn Kelly"
John Kasich's on Megyn Kelly's show. He's really not a niwit, but *** well comes across like one. Needs to stop the Mr. Rogers' act.
Britt Hume and Megyn Kelly are establishment MSM/GOP. Their perspective is not relevant anymore. Lost faith in some at FNC!
C Megyn Kelly's used in Tim Allen for her agenda and greed she just don't stop
Megyn Kelly praises "very brave" former drug trafficker Tim Allen for coming "out of the closet" via
Trump wins Yuge and Megyn Kelly has blood coming out of her whatever...
Megyn Kelly rocking that slicked back wet hair look, like Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies. 🔥🌋
and Megyn Kelly almost chocked announcing Trump's landslide victory, fun to see!
Megyn Kelly tells actor Tim Allen he's "very brave" for coming out of the a conservative:
Megyn Kelly to actor Tim Allen: It is "very brave of you" to be "out of the closet as a conservative"
yes Herman your right but Megyn Kelly shows a Bogus Poll that even Karl Rove and Larry Sabato said is cooked numbers
Fox News has the most *** working for them then any network. The two biggest ones are Shepherd Smith and Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly,ROVE, RUSH ALL SO biased & wants to join the hacks who want to defy all voters who want TRUMP HERO
. Brit Hume who can understand what he is talking about? Megyn Kelly block me after blame her defending Trump!
megyn Kelly's looks have rapidly faded and she'll be out of a job in 2 years. I like
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Megyn Kelly would love to suck Donald's ***
Megyn Kelly is a full on propagandist working for Muslims.
the more you ignore megyn Kelly the more it pisses her off press or no attention to megyn
Is it possible to get a You Tube of you speaking on Megyn Kelly re: Trump suing?
Didn't Megyn Kelly rise so quickly at FoxNews b/c she was banging Brit Hume?
. Jeb is a wimp, please leave GW alone. Your my guy! . Make up with megyn kelly. My vote is casted!
I know it wouldn't be the 1st choice but a 2 nite no hold bars interview with Megyn Kelly would be Yuge TV. It would be epic
Megyn Kelly has run a HATERS OF Donald Trump show since she asked that tabloid question. She does not deserve to moderate!
you know nothing Jon Snow, I mean, Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly crazy broadcast Trump HATE causing teen girls to threaten to assassinate Trump.
I respect more than trashy Megyn Kelly
Did you see the kray gawker story that claims Megyn Kelly is Nicole Brown Simpson
Megyn Kelly and Brit are eaten up by their jealously and hatred.Hillary may go insane or be indicted
I don't watch Megyn Kelly anymore. She shows her bias. She's frustrated that Trump doesn't need her.
Megyn Kelly has a 5m deal with Murdock for a book she supposed to publish! She is bought & paid for!
Can't pay any attention to Megyn Kelly, biased from the start, Doesn't know what she is talking about
your navy seal supporter did amazing on megyn kelly. He's such a great guy and I'm so happy he is a trump man
Megyn Kelly brings in 3 anti-Trump vets. Can't find any pro-Trump. Match the 6 mill. Trump raised in an afternoon
if Megyn Kelly really wanted to hurt Trump she would ignore him. She feeds into the news media frenzy he gets.
-Megyn Kelly prefers to hang out with Micheal Moore.
Megyn Kelly is not a news reporter but she is a bias sleaze bag and fox should be ashamed for letting her have a show!!!
Trump will take it all!! Look...he eve turned Megyn Kelly into a man. Lol!!
why is Megyn Kelly always bringing people on to bash Trump? I think she secretly wants him! Lol ge…
What's with the ton of makeup lately megyn kelly jr?
Megyn Kelly is so vindictive and unrelenting on Trump, I can't watch her any more!
Plz bring back the old Megyn Kelly ... What is going on with this new look and hairstyle?
Why doesnt Megyn Kelly File ask their guy Rubio about how . he told Univision 1 thing in Spanish & another @ SC debate?..-Mark Levin
Megyn Kelly show really bashing on Trump 2nite They r doing 2 Donald Trump exactly what they are accusing DT of doing to others. Hypocrites
Megyn Kelly trying to define who true conservatives are. That in its self is hilarious.
Does anyone even listen to Megyn Kelly? Move this feminist to Huff Po
Again, Megyn Kelly is very jealous of Melania Trump.
Megyn Kelly has some Green Beret on reading Bush talking points off a page. Ridiculous
Megyn Kelly--- you look so much better here: pre bleach blond and nose job...
Jeb! can't handle Trump. Trump can't handle Megyn Kelly. I get the feeling Putin would stomp both of them.
Do us all a favor and next time your at Fox could you please smack the Trump hatred out of Megyn Kelly's condescending Mouth???
Apparently bone spurs and Megyn Kelly have stopped him in the past.
megyn kelly just lied on her show tonight 9:40 pm"we only lost million viewers without Trump ".
Trump ejects Univision reporter from press conference. Univision reporter Jorge Ramos was acting like an illegal al
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly explains how she deals with the haters
There she goes again. Megyn Kelly drumming up her venom against trump. Gr. Such a paper tiger. Gr
Megyn Kelly is a committed Trump hater. Trotting out war veterans to trash Trump for his stupid 9/11 stuff is pure propaganda.
Ammon Bundy's brought down by the FBI with guns and Donald Trump is brought down by Megyn Kelly with an inconvenient quest…
I can't figure why, Chris Wallis, Megyn Kelly, Charles Krauthammer, and a few more at fox are so against Trump? no sense?
What is it about wealthy men and women on Fox?!. First Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly. Then Charles Cooke and Andrea Tantaros
'Bernie Sandals': Megyn Kelly just gifted us this summer's hottest look
Meet Black Singles 300x250
no kidding - look at the tantrum he threw over Megyn Kelly - Merkel will eat him for lunch
Megyn Kelly signs book deal with HarperCollins -
Roland Martin as a moderator at a and Megyn Kelly as moderator at DEMDebate would be WILD!
I did too Robert but tto much massive manipulation pushing immigration/migration Megyn Kelly spearheading for Murdoc
The Rubio town hall crowd watches while Megyn Kelly gets her makeup done to do an interview with Marco
You know mainstream news media's days are numbered when you still have Brian Williams, Luke Russert and Megyn Kelly being gainfully employed
Megyn Kelly went to law school up here in Albany.
Megyn Kelly: Dem race is media 'mirage,' Hillary will likely win (via
Alan Colmes, caught in a mistruth (lie) on Megyn Kelly show, 2/5/16, just starts talkin' faster to get by it. lol! Ah,
Megyn Kelly says she didn't want to be the main story, but she was out to show up Smith, Baritomo * McCallum "rough & tough!
CNN is much better than FoxNews these days. FoxBiz is not bad. Shepard Smith & Megyn Kelly are the worst.
Barbara Bush on CBS knocked Trump for attacking Megyn Kelly.
Being on the Wrong Side of Donald-Megyn Kelly vs. Donald vs Blood Moon Productions
Latest blog post from Brett Fingerhut - Megyn Kelly of Fox News Signs Book Deal by ALEXANDRA ALTER
Maria Bartiromo is far superior to Megyn Kelly journalistically, temperamentally and stylistically.
Fox News Channel brings back Megyn Kelly for a GOP debate in Detroit -- what will Donald Trump do?
Used to watch Megyn watch Michael Lynch.Truly Fair, and non-hypocritical.(so far)
You were conflating my disdain for Megyn Kelly with remarks made by Trump!That is moronic and unrelated!
Trump has nothing to do with Megyn being *** Megyn Kendall was better than Megyn Kelly!
Come on now Megyn Kelly is deffinately a bimbo Bill Clinton and Teddy Kennedy taught us all what liberal gals like her are good for
I still think Megyn Kelly looks like the love child of Bridgette Nielsen and Max Headroom.
Just told my barber I want my hair to be “Megyn Kelly in the front, Donald Trump in the back.”
Megyn Kelly tones it down a second time in the relaxed The Kelly File.
Trump doesn't have balls, he couldn't even stand up to Megyn Kelly. Lashes out at anyone who criticizes him. He's weak.
Megyn Kelly will lose her show? Matt Drudge will buy CNN? Murdoch's sons will inherit FOXNews?
Andy Borowitz: The worst thing about Donald Trump is that he's forcing people to take Megyn Kelly's side for once.
Trump is to Reagan as Megyn Kelly is to Edward R. Murrow.
Today is Backwards Day! One of high holy days! We're taking NC backwards faster than Donald Trump can insult Megyn Kelly!
Donny Trumpo: call Judy Dench a dame, it's an honor... call Megyn Kelly a dame all a sudden I'm this big sexist... ;)
This exchange between Dana Perino & Megyn Kelly about Rand Paul earlier this year is quite ironical:
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Megyn Kelly pretty? Not after the butcher job she did to her hair, *** was she thinking?
Megyn Kelly filled her show with, well, you decide: Glenn Beck, Chris Stirewalt, Rich Lowry.
When will Juan Williams admit FOX shill Megyn Kelly admitted she lied about Cruz record during debate?. The Five
Megyn Kelly's question akin to yours re: Roy Williams, tough but has to be asked.
Stephen Hayes, Sourkrauth, (pun intended) Rich Lowry and Megyn Kelly are hacks. Nice work destroying yourself because of ego.
Megyn Kelly was her usual obnoxious, smart *** self.
some people just have an over valued sense of themselves! Brian Williams, Chris Cuomo, Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly is so obsessed with me that she asked her hairdresser to give her the Donald Trump.
And the winner of the GOP discussion is...Megyn Kelly... -
I’m guessing the overlap of people who don’t like FURY ROAD and who don’t like Megyn Kelly is very pronounced.
It is no more Megyn Kelly than it was NBC hack Brian Williams. The owners CONTROL their on air shills. Go backstage and blame them.
This is dedicated to Robin Meade Melissa Knowles, Megyn Kelly and Amy here at Fox 2 in Detroit. And I know your...
Megyn Kelly on Donald Trump feud: I ‘will not apologize for doing good journalism’
Is it weird that I secretly want Megyn Kelly to go all Lisbeth Salander Donald Trump?
Hey Trump is on CNN. God he's funny!! You should fire Megyn Kelly and sue Dana Loesch.
Cruz is patronizing ala Uriah Heap. And very unfunny. Megyn Kelly nails him for flip-flop on Trump relationship
Donald Trump and Kanye West . are pathetic male narcissists obsessed with women they can't control (Megyn Kelly, Amber Rose)…
Megyn Kelly is rude ! Her tone is off , Maria Bartiromo has so much class and polish in her journalism.
Barbie recommended Megyn Kelly be nominated an Oscar; 2016 NBC Barbra Walters Award.
Megyn Kelly is a racist. Had on Mark Fuhrman many times to diss & Now, that is dangerous, Ms. Feminist!
Megyn Kelly: the journalist who dinged Trump's ego – and got under his skin
I don't blame Trump haven't watched Megyn Kelly since the first debate. Trump is making a statement and I st…
Trump is brutally assaulted in broad daylight by Megyn Kelly for no apparent reason
It's a shame if the MSNBC Flint Town Hall gets overshadowed by Trump hiding from Megyn Kelly.
This from Trump who says he's offended by the FOX response and Megyn Kelly,
I refuse to call Megyn Kelly a bimbo, because that would not be politically correct. Instead I will only call her a li…
Megyn Kelly is not journalist. Barbra Walters and Diane Sawyer are joutnalists.
Megyn Kelly is a cheap *** Not a journalist. Barbra Walters and Diane Sawyer are journalists. No comparison.
Barbra Walters and Diane Sawyer are journalists, Megyn Kelly is an Enquirer reporter at best.
Replacements for Trump who would still give Fox great ratings: . -Megyn Kelly. -Jim Gilmore. -Michael Bloomberg. -El Bloombito. -James Woods
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I stopped reading at "Megyn Kelly reacts to Trump pulling out".
"After the first debate, Megyn Kelly's favorability went from 44 to 42 and her negatives went from 9 to 20.". -Public Policy Polling
LMAO! Trump refuses Fox News debate because Megyn Kelly won't let him lie to the public.
.will not particpate in tomorrow's GOP debate, says Fox’s Megyn Kelly is unfair
Megyn Kelly is Trump’s straw dog; he’s her excuse; he doesn’t want to debate because he can only lose poll points now that he’s so far ahead
"Trump haters have short and/or convenient memories. They all hated Megyn Kelly after the last…" — Marcus Porcius
. Why is It OK to criticize Candy Crowley & Becky Quick. But not Megyn Kelly?
Megyn Kelly's stupid and biased question made Candy Crowley look like Rush Limbaugh.
Trump can't face his own bald head or Megyn Kelly, how can he handle the presidency?
Megyn Kelly trends after Donald Trump pulls out of debate; Is she the next Candy Crowley?
I didn't plan on watching anyway due to Megyn Kelly's Candy Crowley like blatant bias & her disdain for "God".
you need take a page out Megyn Kelly's book. That beautiful lady can teach a lot about courage.
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