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Megyn Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is an American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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Tason VanceAmerica United Tue · Our Crumbling America- By Tason Vance (This is a letter I wrote overnight that i sent out this morning to Megyn Kelly with a few modifications so it would make more sense to the average reader) My name is Tason. P Vance. I am a 30 year old OIF combat vet and concerned veteran/citizen of Texas. I went to the border to see for myself what the real situation is. In my past, I was stationed in Kirkuk, Iraq, the city currently being held by the outstanding Kurd's. I have never been a huge political guy but due to the VA scandal I started getting myself more informed. It is time we fully connect the dots for Americans and put it out there in a way the American people can understand. Those that are not soldiers, lawyers, journalists, politicians, etc. This letter will have many points i touch on, and some of which have been brought to light, but my true purpose is to give you a first hand account of what I have seen and also potentially help you connect a few dots on the side. I ...
So, now a letter has surfaced showing that the U.S. State Department has devoted its resources toward an effort to silence Fox News' reports that Hillary's State Department knew from the getgo that the Benghazi attack was perpetrated by terrorists, having nothing to do with a YouTube video. Way to go, Megyn Kelly! Where does the federal government get off in suppressing a free and independent press? (And the liberal progressives still call it Faux News. Ha!)
Megyn Kelly has the best show on Fox News.
I won't watch CNN even of Megyn Kelly was on. To biased.
“The American public overwhelmingly regrets ObamaCare, our veterans are dying waiting to see doctors, the IRS intimidates conservative groups, the southern border is compared to a sieve and the president assures us not to worry – smiling, golfing and at this very moment partying... Because the fundraising never stops – not when four Americans die in Benghazi, and not when Baghdad is at the brink.” —Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly recently took an Obama spokeswoman to task over the president's inconsistencies in his stances with Iraq.
Megyn Kelly claims that Hobby Lobby's reason for not covering these forms of birth control is because they are "abortion-related drugs."
Can someone tell me what Megyn Kelly accomplished by giving Bill Ayers so much air time on Fox?
“Is Barack Obama’s presidency imploding? Al-Queda is resurging, Iraq is disintegrating, and now we may look to Iran to help us stop it.” Megyn Kelly iterated. “Iran. A terrorist regime responsible ...
Megyn Kelly told her audience on Tuesday that CAIR wrote the show and demanded a retraction to their coverage of "Honor Diaries". Megyn Kelly said, "We discu...
By Cliff Kincaid - Bill Ayers shouldn't be interviewed; he should be jailed. Megyn Kelly's interview of Ayers made reference to the role of Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in the bombing-murder of San Francisco policeman Brian V. McDonnell. Unfortunately, Ayers lied his way through the interview, which aired over two night…
Fox News host Megyn Kelly took Sandra Fluke to task for purposefully spreading lies regarding the recent Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case.
Dinesh D'Souza speaks to Megyn Kelly about his new movie, out now, which is really doing well. Reports I've seen...
I love those brief moments of complete rational clarity Megyn Kelly has on Fox News, as if she’s momentarily broken the m…
Megyn Kelly is hot as *** though, and I like how she stuck it to *** Cheney on Iraq
Megyn Kelly Blames Obama for the Fall of Iraq [VIDEO] via Conservative Tribune - President Obama's ...
ICYMI: 5 examples of Megyn Kelly's "fair and balanced" coverage on Fox News.
The indispensable Megyn examines how yesterday's terrorists became today's college professors
MUST-WATCH video of Fox News' Megyn Kelly taking on Sandra Fluke over & more
Palin manages to make Megyn Kelly's temperamental tempestuousness not only credible and admirable, but deeply alluring.
Yeah, I was happy to see Shep Smith lose one of his hours. Megyn Kelly is holding dems accountable, I love her show.
Interesting watching Megyn Kelly last night. Bill Ayers, a professor at a prestigious university in America, was on to justify his support of domestic terrorism and his connection to men and women who murdered in the name of the organization he helped start. The Weather Underground is a radical group that used bombs and violence to prove a point...what that point was I am not sure of. However, Ayers has no regrets and will not condemn the violence and harm caused by his colleagues. He also said that he would re-create those same kinds of violence if the need arose. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is Bill Ayers. Friend of the President of the United States. The same Ayers in whose living room Barack Obama's political career launched. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. This is why our nation is in a mess. These are the people we have allowed into our government. Is this making sense yet? (DVR Megyn Kelly's show on July 4, to see this person, Ayers, try to justify his domestic terrorism.)
Wow! Many thanks to Megyn Kelly for her reporting on Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and other domestic terrorists with close ties to Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and other haters of America. Happy 4th of July to those Americans who still love this country!
Megyn Kelly sits down with Bill Ayres – justifying not only his actions but the fatal actions of Bernardine Dohrn...
Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington University Law School, is interviewed by Megyn Kelly on the subject of whether or no...
Also realized how much Megyn Kelly is the new Ann Coulter...
I had a chance to interview Bernardine Dohrn 10 years ago on racism & white privilege. Love to see her take on Megyn Kelly's on white Santa
Fox News host Megyn Kelly told former Weather Underground radical Bill Ayers that he sounded like Osama bin Laden for criticizing the U.S. government’s violence against the people of Vietnam.
“And so the answer is to then make yourself a murderer as well?" Megyn Kelly presses Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers on his multiple alleged bombings of government buildings during his time with the violent radical group tonight at 9p ET on 'The Kelly File.' Don’t miss it.
Megyn Kelly calls Obama buddy, Bill Ayers, “Osama bin Laden” right to his face via
Fox News host Megyn Kelly relentlessly grilled former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers on his past terrorist activity in a highly-anticipated, confrontational interview that aired on Monday. One of the most interesting moments came after Kelly confronted Ayers about the Weather Underground’s su…
Checking out "Megyn Kelly calls out Bill Ayers in Interview" on Tea Party Command Center:
Did any of you watch Megyn Kelly interview Bill Ayers last night? Great job. He is truly a disgrace to our country. Oh wait, isn't this the same Professor Bill Ayers our former Jefferson County School Board President, Cindy Stevinson spent our tax dollars to send her faithful staff to hear lecture? More than once! I will find the YouTube to post. You must watch.
Megyn Kelly is cool. Michelle Malkin is cool. William Kristol playing Alan Colmes? Cool.
Megyn Kelly faced off with former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers in an explosive interview tonight in which Kelly repeatedly confronted Ayers about bombings and killings that the radical group was reportedly involved in.
Megyn Kelly took on domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground, in an exclusive interview tonight on “The Kelly File.
Great interview Megyn Kelly! . And WHY is Bill Ayers not in prison along with his wife? for Brian McDonnell
Megyn Kelly asks tough questions of Bill Ayers tonight. Here is the first video in that interview, aired just a...
Megyn Kelly lists the bombings committed by the Weather Underground. | Bill Ayers: "That's destruction of property."
Bill Ayers, former focal member of Weather Underground, is currently on Fox News with Megyn Kelly. Ayers recently...
Megyn Kelly's occasional grilling of Republicans and conservatives doesn't really bother Fox News brass. Far from apostasy, those interviews — like Kelly's pointed questioning of *** Cheney earlier this month — serve as a bulwark against critics who believe its "fair and balanced" mantra to be a jo…
Megyn Kelly is the most biased and uninformed journalist, then again she does work for Fox News
Fox News viewers perturbed by the way Megyn Kelly went after former vice president *** Cheney over the Iraq War must have breathed a sigh of relief when they tuned in to see Cheney interviewed by Sean Hannity on Tuesday night. The host provided t...
Back to food court job for State Dept. spokeswoman after Megyn Kelly smackdown?
Days after her explosive interview with *** Cheney, Megyn Kelly continued to hold supporters of the Iraq War to task, calling out former UN Ambassador John Bolton in the middle of her show on Thursday.
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly took yet another Iraq War architect to task on Thursday, this time calling out former United Nations ambassador John Bolton for saying that America's entry into the conflict is "irrelevant" at this point.
Hey, media watchers. What's up with Fox and Megyn Kelly? She's taken out the Cheneys and now John Bolton this week. Is the RNC sacrificing retired/retiring bodies to blame from Iraq? She's been a pit bull, and there is no way that this is happening without Roger Ailes' blessing.
John Bolton frustrated Megyn Kelly a bit tonight with his singular focus on the current state of Iraq, as she wanted to discuss the legitimacy of the criticisms Obama has been getting for allowing ...
Megyn Kelly grills *** Cheney: 'History has proven that you got it wrong in Iraq' via
We now live in a world where Terry Gross sticks it to Hilary Clinton and Megyn Kelly calls out *** Cheney. Do Pants go on our heads now?
Megyn Kelly shines in The Kelly File, capturing the magnetism and vulnerability of Charles Krauthammer.
Megyn Kelly having sex with Alan Colmes is not hot. It's hilarious but not hot
NBPC VP Shawn Moran will appear on Fox News tonight to discuss the flood of unaccompanied juveniles. 630PM Pacific with Megyn Kelly.
"The chilling details of Sunday's Las Vegas ambush produced public shock and intense media coverage. One major news outlet seemed to lag behind, though: Fox News. Primetime hosts Bill O'Reill and Sean Hannity both ignored the shocking cop-killer story last night, while Megyn Kelly devoted four sentences to it. (By contrast, the story covered extensively during CNN and MSNBC's primetime.) Fox talkers on Monday were still far more interested in debating the prisoner swap of Bowe Bergdahl than they were examining the political ambush in Las Vegas. For Fox News, the Las Vegas killing spree represents a toxic mix of guns, far-right insurrectionism, tea party implications, and the Cliven Bundy ranch standoff. For Fox News, the story about right-wing gun violence and the seeds of a bloody political revolution present all kinds of problems for the channel and its outspoken hosts, some of whom have previously championed limitless gun rights, insurrectionism, the Tea Party, and racist rancher Bundy. In the 36 hours ...
If anyone emerges as first among equals, it would be Megyn Kelly, who lends enormous dignity to the role of the ship's captain.
Can I assume Megyn Kelly is playing the part of Carrie Mathison? If so, she might want to dial her makeup gun down to level 4.
Scene: Fox News headquarters. Morning editorial meeting. Rupert Murdoch: OK everybody, what do we have for tonight’s news? Megyn Kelly: A little boy fell down a well and broke his leg. Rupert Murdoch: Good story. Blame it on Obama. Megyn Kelly: But it wasn’t Obama’s fault, boss. Not really… Rupert Murdoch: YOU’RE FIRED! Hannity, take it. [Later, that night, on the Sean Hannity Show] Sean Hannity: What’s behind the epidemic of kids falling down wells? Are they falling, or are they being pushed? We’ll hear from former New York Mayor Rudi Guliani on the Obama connection to these shocking crimes. You won’t believe your ears!
Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney joined Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File to discuss the ongoing VA scandal.Romney said that President Obama must "take responsibility for his failures", and in regards
MediaMatters was hard pressed for content yesterday, so they came up with this epic. Whether this velocipedic drama is worth reading or not only Yoda knows, but how could anybody be down on that cuddly little porcupine of the Fourth Estate, Dorothy Rabinowitz? I'd take her on my side with Megyn Kelly any day up against Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, and Denise Robbins, and Kelly and I wouldn't even have much to do.
Barry Gibb and his brother Robin welcome guests Madonna, Megyn Kelly, Senator Paul Ryan and Barry Gibb himself to their talk show.
Tune in: National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger will be a guest on Fox News The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly to talk about the Department of Veterans Affairs scandal at 9 p.m. ET tonight.
Karl Rove just sent Megyn Kelly down the hall to check on the attendance figures.
Karl Rove wonders if Hillary has brain damage, though Megyn Kelly thinks that’s something you wonder as a Republican to make yourself feel better. The rest of conservatives across the country are waiting further instruction on what to think from Rush Limbaugh - "Do we believe she faked this to avoid answering questions about Benghazi, even though we have replayed her testifying over and over?? Or do we now go with the story that she has serious damage and therefore should not be President?" "Or do we admit the truth - today's Republicans have serious brain damage" oooh Rush and Fox what to do - please advise.
Megyn Kelly, Peter Johnson, Jr. astound in touching, well-told tale of rebirth and redemption.
Fox’s Megyn Kelly called out the Obamcare website for failing to add a payment system to In response, the Obama administration said that insurance companies would simply “estimate” the cost of each healthcare plan when Americans enroll and then the government would “true up” the difference at a later time.
The CRISIS at hand Momentarily; ...LOOKING for Excuse to exit or SEARCH for SOLUTIONS ; SELFIES in self...
I added a video to a playlist Dr. Ben Carson Tells Fox Megyn Kelly: 'America Needs to Wake Up'
Megyn Kelly is now the only The Kelly File cast member with a chat-worthy show career.
Rep. Gowdy discusses the failures of the Affordable Care Act with Megyn Kelly.
Bozell to. Megyn Kelly. MSM devoted a whopping 15 seconds to this story.
Megyn Kelly of Fox "News" says Jon Stewart called her "one of the three journalists he respects." The others must have been…
Okay, just for the kicks of it, I am proposing the next GOP candidates for President/Vice President of the United States. I propose Larry the cable guy for President with Megyn Kelly for Vice President. The whitehouse press spokesman I propose Jay Leno. For Surgeon General I propose Dr. Ben Carson. Thinking about more positions.
Screw the 'primary' debates. I'd like to see Megyn Kelly mod of a presidential debate. Or Michelle Malkin
Megyn Kelly calling Mikey Weinstein an Atheist is inaccurate, but is it really defamation?
[ ] TREY GOWDY: Hillary Clinton's got a lot of explainin' to do: Megyn Kelly's rec... [ ♥ POKEL ♥ ]
And in another moment of Megyn Kelly toxicity, she discusses MTV's new "Look Different" campaign. She brings on...
Ben Shapiro appeared on Megyn Kelly to denounce MTV's Look Different Initiative.
Isn't it amazing that every time Tony Perkins is featured on Fox News, context of the details of a given current...
Fox News host Megyn Kelly invited anti *** hate group leader Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (FRC) to comment on HGTV's decision to cancel a program that would have starred a rabid anti *** extremist, pushing the FRC's own talking points to baselessly frame HGTV's decision as an attack o…
FNC anchor Megyn Kelly explains why FNC doesn't care if it has to go it alone to get important stories to Americans.
On Thursday’s edition of The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly invited on attorney Cleta Mitchell, who represents groups targeted by the IRS, to talk about a new House Republican report that found
My daughter's commencement address at Furman Univ. She aspires to be the next "Megyn Kelly"
10/11/2013 - Judge Judy Sheindlin on taking personal responsibility - Has the government forgotten its vision about serving the public? Megyn Kelly Judge Jud.
A thoroughly captivating and engrossing drama with a raw, unforgettable performance by Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly's 1967 morality play has been translated into a high-spirited and well-delivered show.
On Friday night’s The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly explained there were important new developments in the IRS-targeting scandal, from Lois Lerner being cited by the House for contempt of Congress t
“Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity are the Mount Rushmore of keeping old people angry /Make that old AND stupid …
Megyn KellyYou are the epitome of what a real. woman should be.A woman with Class and Substance.:)
"The Obama REGIME and their willing accomplices in the StateRunMedia have been involved in one…" — da_real_killa
"In Nazi Germany the Jewish population was persecuted by the state.In South Africa the black population was…" — JET
Megyn Kelly of Fox News repeatedly refers to Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Fou…
Fox News' Megyn Kelly received a huge honor this week. She was the only woman in media named to Time Magazine's annual…
Megyn Kelly is well on her way to becoming Fox News’s most popular host.
Last August, the head of a homophobic hate group, "Americans for Truth About Homosexuality," Peter LaBarbera, accused Fox News of pro *** bias. Much of the report focused on Megyn Kelly who was deemed to be too tolerant regarding *** issues. La Barbera should rest easy because Megyn Kelly has obviou…
A decade ago Megyn Kelly was practicing law and moonlighting as a local TV reporter before Fox News Channel came calling, starting a relationship that would take her career from newbie legal correspondent to the host of her own prime-time gig. Currently ensconced behind...
“I was a prosecutor for 16 years. This is not my first death threat. I’m always happy when it doesn’t come from my wife, and this one did not, so I’m gonna be fine. It’s not gonna keep me from doing my job,” Gowdy told Megyn Kelly.
5/31/13 - Megyn Kelly took two of her Fox colleagues to the woodshed this afternoon. In response to Erick Erickson and Lou Dobbs making controversial comment...
Allen West with Megyn Kelly: Weighs in on the Fort Hood shooting
NEXT UP — Monica Lewinsky on Fox, with Bill, or Hannity or Greta van Susteren or Megyn Kelly? Many expect this. I like Monica. I met her at a Vanity Fair Oscar party. She seemed quite nice. She had a bad choice of disloyal girl friends. She got a raw deal; she suffered. She is a sweet woman. However, is it simply coincidence that her new Vanity Fair profile emerges at the very moment the Republicans are desperate to hang anything negative on Hillary Clinton, prior to her expected presidential run in 2016? Lewinsky has not, she says, been able to “get over” her trauma. Again, a pity, but why repeat what she’s said, in one way or another, years ago? The affair was consensual. She was 24 (Not 18 as many people seem to believe.) She was not raped or deflowered. And frankly, over sixteen years later, her name is no longer the vulgar byword it once was. Everybody’s moved on. She was one of the first to be scorched by 24-hour cable news and the ugly opinionating Internet. But, she wrote a book, did int ...
MUST READ - timeline of Hillary ClintonS BETRAYAL of over 300 girls kidnapped in Nigeria. These are FACTS as confirmed on Megyn Kelly, tonight. ALL can be vetted by anyone questioning * Hillarys State Dept RESISTED labeling kidnappers as TERROR GROUP in 2011 & beyond. It was Hillary, herself, that CAMPAIGNED AGAINST putting Boko Haram on the TERRORIST LIST! Rep Pete King & Rep Patrick Meehan stated March 30, 2012 (election year - like Benghazi) stated: "We are deeply concerned that Boko Haram's tactics, targeting & fundraising operations appear to be increasingly international...including within the U.S. Homeland." A Former Senior U.S. Official May 7, 2014 stated just recently: "The one thing she could have done, the one tool she had at her disposal, she didn't use. And nobody can say she wasn't urged to do it. It's gross hypocrisy." We're talking 4 YEARS of Hillary SYMPATHIZING with the ENEMIES - once again... and NOW that little girls are kidnapped that will make her look BAD -- she's all over twit ...
Judge Andrew Napolitano told Megyn Kelly tonight that the House Special Committee on Benghazi could subpoena Barack Obama to testify.
House Chairman of Veterans Affairs Rep. Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) joined Megyn Kelly to discuss whistleblowers' allegations. "We've had 23 preventable deaths [in the VA]," Miller said.
Megyn Kelly finally came into her own as a first-rate actress in this poignant 1981 Michelle Malkin show.
ICYMI: Bret Baier on with Megyn Kelly last night on The Kelly File on
I'll be joining Megyn Kelly on Fox News at 9pm ET to discuss newly-released emails showing an AP reporter and Obama State Department spokeswoman bashing Fox News "BS" on Benghazi. Don't miss it!
As a former attorney, Fox News's Megyn Kelly should know full well what defamation is, and she should know full well that what she repeatedly said on last Thursday's episode of her show The Kelly File was indeed defamation. Who is it that Ms. Kelly ...
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Spoke to The legendary Barbra Walters, interviewed my idol Megyn Kelly, high fived Frank Ocean, and talked to Carrie Underwood again and she remembered me and asked me where my skirt was from. Successful Tuesday!
Fox News host Megyn Kelly blasted the media for failing to ask President Obama in South Korea earlier today about the Phoenix VA scandal.
Megyn Kelly. My new favorite news person. Tells it like it is!
Megyn Kelly is on list of the world's most influential people via
VIDEO: Megyn Kelly basts media for failing to ask Obama about dead veterans in Phoenix VA scandal CC
on Megyn Kelly show this dude slyly tying the prom murder to the ACA. “As you know, our health care system has been devastated”
Today's Hirsi-fanboy/girl on Megyn Kelly was.Ben Shapiro. Because the Breitbart community cares about Muslim women.
I see Megyn Kelly is in Time Magazines's 100 Most Influential People. That makes her dangerous, no?
Please help with our hosting fees... Click on one of our ads if it interests you. Se. Ran' Paul Appeers un Fox’s...
Megyn Kelly's still talking about Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She mad.
MSNBC caught doctoring video to make it look like Megyn Kelly called Harry Reid a terrorist when she didn't
Is Megyn Kelly the lady who says dumb things on Fox News?
Watching Megyn Kelly seems The president is again using the pen to by pass congress and implementing immigration amnesty.
Megyn Kelly looking hot in hot pink tonite. She should be on the cover of Time - not has-been Beyonce.
Tune into Fox News Tonight at 7 pm PST Paul Rieckhoff of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America will be talking with Megyn Kelly about the latest and outrageous suicide numbers among veterans.
Going on Megyn Kelly's show in a few minutes.
Ugh. 'Brit Hume on why Megyn Kelly is a Time 100 “Pioneer”: She has “great looks”'
Tonight on Bundy News: Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity debate whether Megyn Kelly's White Jesus would think negroes are better off in Africa.
They mock getting news from Jon Stewart but he's no less qualified than Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly and at times more honest
Megyn Kelly just reported mainstream media ignored the ranch story until the racism claims came out. Fox make…
she's the truth. Also gives me a chance to claim (whisper) Megyn Kelly. Don't tell nobody.
Call me a perv but thinking about megyn kelly and Dana loesch together talking about how much they like the 2A gets me hot.
It's a Fox News Friday night for this guy. Tonight at 9 pm EDT, I'll talk with Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File about the outrageous news of vets dying at the Phoenix VA and the latest suicide numbers released by the Pentagon. Tune in or DVR while you watch the NBA Playoffs.
Congratulations to '95 for being named one of The 100 Most Influential People in the World by
We support all women. Unless if they are Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, or Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly’s show is like the white supremacist news hour & today O’Reilly is devoting his show to attacking Beyoncé. AGAIN!
DIN 3 INTERVIEW: Megyn Kelly Reacts to Making the 'Time 100' GO ->
Time Magazine’s 2014 list of the 100 Most Influential People in the world is out, and among them is SU alumna Megyn Kelly ’92, host of Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly Files.” The online version of the list is here: The print version hits newsstands today and features four alternate covers: singer Beyonce, actor-director Robert Redford, General Motors CEO Mary Barra and openly *** NBA player Jason Collins.
Megyn Kelly making a big announcement this morning, exclusively on FOX & Friends! She’s been named to Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the WORLD! Listen to how she did it!
Megyn Kelly. She looks SO hot tonight. I'm not usually into the Stepford Wife Fox News type but she is killing me this evening. Even as she is advocating for issues I find repugnant. Is it the old Groucho Marx thing that turns me on about her?
Megyn Kelly, of Fox News Chanel and “Santa Claus just IS white” fame was named to the 2014 TIME 100, its annual list of the most influential people in the world, featuring Beyoncé on the cover. Robert Redford, Mary Barra and Jason Collins are featured on three additional covers inside the magazine.…
Wait, wha... huh? I had to check like 10 times to make sure this was Fox News. Credit where it's due. Megyn Kelly has a smug, mean demeanor... but she's spot on this time.
BREAKING NEWS ~ Fox News, Megyn Kelly, has been named one of Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People" ~ CONGRATULATIONS, Megyn!
I like what Megyn Kelly said this morning. "Keep your head down, your mouth shut and do your work. "
NOW LINDSEY VONN'S AFTER ME TOO Lindsey Vonn lost interest in Tiger Woods after she saw a video showing me swinging a driver. She noticed first that my drives were just over 300 yards. Then she noticed that I wasn't teeing up real golf balls, that I was using marshmallows on the driving range. I do that because if I use real golf balls I hit my drives way beyond the fence well out into residential communities. Sometimes the balls puncture peoples' windshields while they're driving along. Other times, the balls thwack into houses, doing severe damage. When I play on a course, I'm not permitted to use real golf balls either. Anyway, when Lindsey saw my perfect swing, her heart jumped up into her throat and she was overwhelmed by amorous sentiments toward me. But now I have to explain to her that she has to go back to Tiger because I'm deeply involved with Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly and behold. An action TV show that isn't about 'seize the day' or 'follow your heart' opportunism.
Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, joins Megyn Kelly to weigh in with his take on the President's attempt to fix Obamacare, and what the lasting effec...
Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza is out at the Bundy ranch to explore the story, and he was on with Megyn Kelly the other day to respond to Harry Reid&
Megyn Kelly exposes Obama’s embarrassing hypocrisy on something he did today…
Calling all snipers, militias,anti-government anarchists, women and children human shields and Fox News ~ I was thinking about cutting down some cherry blossom trees in the Tidal Basin for firewood - if Clive Bundy can ignore and break federal laws with Sean Hannity's and Megyn Kelly's blessings then why can't I? ~ then on to Muir Woods for some timber for redwood decks! Fox News The Rachel Maddow Show
I liked a video Megyn Kelly 'Shocking' for Jenny McCarthy to Claim She Was Never 'Anti Vaccine'
Geez ! Doesn't anyone go on Hannity, O'Reilly, or Megyn Kelly anymore ?
Should Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly be included on the I voted NO. Vote now via
Megyn Kelly walks into a bar.hands bill O'Reilly a hand full of singles and says I don't do that anymore
Hannity, O'Reilly, and Megyn Kelly are salivating at the concept of trademarking the word "Punditface"
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Megyn Kelly just said on O'Reilly that she is not an opinion host. That was funny.
Agreed but just not too long ago, Megyn Kelly made a more serious error. In addition to Bill O'Reilly's outrageous comments!
I like it! Kristen Schaal as ridiculous Megyn Kelly caricature.
Megyn Kelly tears apart the obnoxious, arrogant spokesman for CAIR, Ibrahim Hooper in part 1 tonight. Tune in tomorrow night for part 2. She then has an intelligent, civil discussion with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. If you missed it, watch it on your computer.
I urge you to watch Megyn Kelly tonight at 9 pm on Fox. She's going to talk to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Brandeis U. has withdrawn an honorary degree because she's criticized Islam. I read her book, Infidel, a couple of years ago, and she will explain her viewpoint--she was raised Muslim, but after much mistreatment by other Muslims, including genital mutilation, she renounced the religion. If anyone has a right to criticize Islam, she does. You should read the book--it's very compelling.
John Boehner obviously proved in his Megyn Kelly interview that he is no longer fit to be Speaker of the House
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) joined host Megyn Kelly on the Kelly File to discuss whether the House will seek criminal charges against one particular former IRS official allegedly involved in targeting conservative groups. Boehner said the House will likely hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Con...
Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) told Megyn Kelly on Monday that former IRS official Lois Lerner could face contempt charges after the Easter break. "We know that Ms. Lerner gave up her rig...
Boehner was on with Megyn Kelly tonight and he confirmed that the House will vote to hold Lois Lerner in contempt. But he also downplayed the reason for a special committee on Benghazi, despite hav...
Recently, Megyn Kelly and Brooke Goldstein thoroughly exposed the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) on "The Kelly ...
Fox anchor Megyn Kelly criticizes the Council on American-Islamic Relations for impeding screenings of a film on “honor violence” against Muslim women.
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly took a stand against naming the soldier who opened fire at Fort Hood on Wednesday, but she didn't have a problem dropping an ethnic description of the shooter.
What's wrong with her? — For every race!. Megan Kelly says she won't report the name of the Fort Hood...
Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly is refusing to utter the suspected Fort Hood shooter's name on her show, saying that she doesn't want to glorify mass killers and give them the infamy they seek. "Authorities are identifying the shooter, she said on The Kelly File...
Dear last time I checked Latino nor Hispanic was a 'Nationality' but American is.
"The nationality of the shooter, it sounds Hispanic, Latino ..." -- Megyn Kelly. And here I thought he was American!
course Megyn Kelly refuse 2said his name wasn't an Islamic name just made sure her audience know he wasn't pure white
I LOVE .refuses to name shooter on her show! No publicity for mass murders.
Hey MB = CAIR So you really want to play around with one of our own people ? Megyn Kelly ! Keep your blood soaked hands off our people .. Got it ! You don't belong here in the first place GET OUT ! We don't want your sharia law , we have the constitution ... Hands off !
O’Reilly-Kelly Juggernaut Blows Away the Competition on Wednesday - Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly...
That unbiased fox for you. Fox's Megyn Kelly refuses to name Fort Hood shooter via
how did Megyn Kelly determine that Jesus Christ was a European?
Megyn Kelly, is a vapid twunt without an ounce of integrity or compassion,
Megyn Kelly answers CAIR's retraction demand: 'Well, guess what -- you’re not getting it!'
Video trending now: refuses to name shooter on last night
Fox News' Megyn Kelly tells CAIR to go pound sand! Brooke Goldstein also does an excellent job of calling CAIR out for its well known ties to Islamic terrorists. See an extended clip of Honor Diari...
You go Thanks for standing up to CAIR. They are a disgrace. Where are the real feminists?
Megyn Kelly won’t name the Fort Hood shooter, she will merely describe his ethnicity:
Megyn Kelly says she won't name Ft. Hood shooter: "It sounds Hispanic, Latino, but you can look up his name online"
Megyn Kelly won't name Ft. Hood shooter, but is fine with describing his ethnicity (VIDEO):
The film this Islamic advocacy group doesn't want you to see...isn't having it:
FOXNEWS Megyn Kelly refuses to utter shooter's name...
Megyn Kelly just announced she won't cave over a Muslim group demanding that she retract a documentary telling the truth about violent Islam. Good.
The truth hurts sometimes, especially when it comes to the truth about Islam and its violent and oppressive history. When Megyn Kelly did a segment on honor killings and the treatment of women in Muslim countries on The Kelly File, the Muslim group CAIR, or the Council on American-Islamic Relations, immediately came out to denounce * Related Stories - A Florida House Subcommittee Just Passed the Anti-Sharia Law Bill - North Carolina Bans Islamic “Sharia Law” in the State - BREAKING: Oklahoma the Next State to Repeal Common Core - via Conservative Tribune
I was very disappointed in Megyn Kelly on Fox News yesterday on how she was already villiafying the shooter before hearing all the facts. Yes, this is a tragedy but our soldiers are dealing with alot. My prayers also go out to this soldiers fam (SPC Ivan Lopez) for they also have to deal with this and the criticism that they will recieve because their loved one did this.
Megyn Kelly has a panel discussion about Gary Peters and his attacks on Julie Boonstra for her claims that Obamacare caused her to lose her insurance.
Fox News' Megyn Kelly discusses CAIR and honor violence
Tonight Megyn Kelly used her opening segment to expose CAIR’s efforts to suppress a documentary on Muslim Honor Violence. But CAIR is actively working to suppress the movie on college campuses and have done so because they claim the documentary is being pushed by (OH NO….wait or it…) JEWS and is isl...
I have an April fun challenge for my liberal friends. I have done my due diligence and have watched MSNBC for over a year with morning Joe and Laurence O'Donnell's last word which I really like. I challenge you to watch Fox News for one week, and tell me were they get the news wrong. Not commentary shows, but actual news, like Gretchen Carlson or shepherd smith, and show me how it is right wing news. I even challenge you to wach bill O'Reilly, megyn Kelly, or on the record with Greta van sister and, a former prosecutor. If you can do that I shall reassess the news I watch. You win, you win, you lose, I show they are a reliable news organization.
On Monday evening (March 31) Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly had a segment on her nightly television program that dealt with disturbing news. Kelly exposed the recent successful efforts of the Center for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to stifle the free speech rights of a documentary film
After Fox identifies Ft. Hood shooter, Megyn Kelly says she won't, as a matter of policy, to avoid giving publicity to mass murderers. I've always liked that idea
GOP congressman warns against 'cow fart tax' The Hill ^ Posted on Tuesday, June 9, 2009 11:48:12 AM by Sub-Driver GOP congressman warns against 'cow fart tax' @ 11:32 am by Michael O'Brien A tax on bovine emissions could hurt American farmers and consumers, House Select Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee Ranking Member James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.) warned Tuesday. Sensenbrenner condemned a proposed tax from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on cattle and some pigs on the basis of those animals' methane emissions, which contribute in part to global climate change. "This cow fart tax shows how outrageous the whole global warming and climate change debate is," Sensenbrenner said during an appearance on Fox News. "It might be more civilized. The EPA calls it digestive gases. We all call those farts." The Wisconsin lawmaker, who leads Republicans on the committee overseeing the effects of global warming, said the taxes would be passed on to consumers who buy animal products. "Well, the av ...
Congressman Mike McCaul, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told Megyn Kelly Wednesday night that concealed carry should be allowed on bases like Fort Hood, arguing, "if you're trained for combat, you ought to be able to carry a weapon." ...I agree.
Tragic day in Texas. So very disappointed with news coverage. A lot of nonsense talk and filler material. If Megyn Kelly says, "Wow," one more time . . . ( bet she didn't learn that in journalism school). And two Fox reporters say, on camera, that Fox is not releasing the name, but Fox is scrolling the name at the bottom of the screen. Then Kelly makes a crack about him being Hispanic or Latino (couldn't remember what's politically correct?) and anyone wanting to know more should Google it. So an on-air personality just directed her audience to the internet. Feels like I am watching that other cable news channel. The level of amateurish reporting is shameful and the American public tolerates the more but poor news in lieu of succinct, well-written, well-presented information. And speaking of that other news network, their scroll had tbe location as Ford Hood! FORD! Are you kidding! Does no one spell check?
So, the FIRST host on FoxNews to talk live after today's Fort Hood shooting, Megyn Kelly, immediately has a Republican congressman on talking about allowing everyone inside Fort Hood to be armed so that they can defend themselves. Then she says that "the nationality of this shooter sounds hispanic/latino, but you can look up his name online..." Please, Megyn, explain to me the relevance of your comment.
Prayers for families and soldiers at Ft. Hood. Like how Megyn Kelly has refused to say the shooters name, this should be standard media practice- don't make them famous!
Kudos to Megyn Kelly, she will not mention the Ft Hood shooter's name to add to his infamy. God's peace, mercy and comfort to the families of the victims.
This in my Newspaper today. So what exactly are Bill O'Reilly, Kilmeade & Megyn Kelly going to debate?!
I threw Agnieszka Karoluk to the lions yesterday. And she dealt with it. I am so proud of her for her courage. This was her first interview ever, and it was with no less than Fox News' anti-CAIR shill, Megyn Kelly. My first was with O'Reilly. Welcome to the hard knocks school of CAIR-Chicago, you only learn by jumping in the deep end. I believe she'll only grow bigger and better from here and will become a formidable and respected voice on Muslim-related issues.
Looking Ahead at the Right Picture... On March 28th, I published Act~Sept da Touch, my latest advocacy video containing the attached picture in a sequence blasting Chris Christie for his post~Hurricane Sandy/pre~election embrace of Obama. On March 31st, Fox News' Megyn Kelly interviewed Mr. Christie and pressed him on the very subject of his notorious embrace of Obama, stating: Kelly: "They didn't want you to have such a smile on your face when you did it." Christie: "If anybody saw me smiling during Hurricane Sandy they weren't looking at the right pictures." Hmm... Methinks da Rev~R'z a bit prescient. Perhaps ??? ;-} Take 5 minutes to enjoy all the eye~popping parody Act~Sept has to offer !! Wyn Young, Esq.
Good for Megyn Kelly and exposing (Hamas-Linked) CAIR, they are still the Unindicted Co-conspirators for funding. (( TERROR )) in the Holy Land Foundation Trial, Obama & Holder 'Dropped' the case!!
found this on Megyn Kelly site today thought it was a good read What do Muslims and Liberals have in common? 1. Both are champions of tolerance and inclusion. But it only extends to those of which they want to tolerate and include. 2. Both are peaceful people. Except if you either disagree with or challenge them. Which in that case death, murder, hate, violence, and malice are ok. 3. Both try and hide their true intentions by obscuring the facts. 4. The only people they hate more than their counterparts is the people who were with them and decided to join the other side. Liberal to Conservative, Muslim to Christian. This is punishable by death. 5. Liberals love children like Muslims love women. 6. Both want big government. Liberals want every right taken away from Conservatives while they continue to enjoy them, this is called Liberal Law. With Liberal Law you must unquestionably agree with the Liberal Hive Mind If not prison mutilation, torture, or death await you. Muslims want Sharia law, this is where ...
Where can I find the story Megyn Kelly gave abt showing abortion related movie?
a thank you to Megyn Kelly and Fox News for exposing this.
During an interview with Fox News host Megyn Kelly aired Monday night, Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., was asked to name his top candidates for president. Christie said former Florida governor Jeb Bush would be an outstanding candidate for president, and also named Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and Marco Ru...
Andrew Cuomo, Bill O'reilly, Big Sean and Megyn Kelly all coming to Post? Since when did this place get so famous?
In a cable news exclusive, Megyn Kelly sat down with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) after he was cleared by an internal investigation of any wrongdoing in the George Washington Bridge scandal.
BREAKING Megyn Kelly just reported that the White House is now extending the "Open Enrollment" period under...
Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver joins Megyn Kelly to discuss the government detainment of Justina Pelletier.
Part two of Attorney Mat Staver's guest appearance on Megyn Kelly's show. Here Mat explains the unprecedented gag order placed on the Justina Pelletier detainment case.
My hubby & I watch Megyn Kelly just about evry nite. RT
I proudly watch O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly, and Hannity every night. You should try it sometime.
Megyn Kelly - Attorney at Law - Would never be a boring night at the Dinner Table :) Also a Fox News
On Wednesday night Megyn Kelly declared on her Fox News show that both Santa Claus and Jesus were white. Discussing an article in Slate by Aisha Harris about a Black vs. a white Santa, Kelly said, “just because it makes you feel uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean it has to change.” “You know, I’ve given...
Napolitano and Megyn Kelly are risking merging their black holes of derp and destroying us all
This will so be on the Daily Show: Fox News analyst spews false info. Megyn Kelly doesn’t correct him:
I wonder if questions have been raised that Megyn Kelly smears infested condoms ?
I would take Megyn Kelly over Brian Kelly and Chip Kelly
More of the white stuff due in NY. Or as Megyn Kelly calls it, Christmas
I wonder if I haven’t heard that Megyn Kelly belches sticky crossing guards ?
LOGIC LETTER 3/25 Dear Lojiks, The G-8 is now the G-7. The U.S. and its closest allies have kicked Russia out of this group of industrialized nations and rescheduled a meeting set for Sochi, Russia. It is symbolic, but better than nothing. As I reported yesterday, the EU gets 30% of its natural gas from Russia. If the pipelines are turned off, Europe is in trouble. I have written a column about this and will post it later today. BILL O'REILLY blasted TV journalists -- including those on Fox -- for silly and repetitive coverage of the Malaysian jetliner. Strangely, the show before the FACTOR and the show after it covered the jetliner extensively. Make no mistake. O'Reilly was criticizing the decision of Fox to go wall-to-wall-jetliner on shows hosted by Greta van Susteren, Megyn Kelly, and Sean Hannity. The Logic Letter suspects that those 3 shows had no choice and were directed to cover the plan while O'Reilly had the power to say "no" to network brass. O'Reilly is right. You haven't heard much ...
I wonder if it has been claimed that Megyn Kelly supports dank condoms ?
Megyn Kelly refuses to stop with the conspiracy theories. From malay govnmt to woman with a phone to family. Targets on backs.
I wonder if studies might show that Megyn Kelly touches intimate Benghazi ?
Republicans are waging a war on women! You can tell because they oppose killing female babies and think women should buy their own birth control, just like men! Also, they're so mean to women! For example, they oppose Hillary Clinton becoming President -- obviously because she's a woman. All criticism of women from conservatives is based on gender. Not like criticism of that Sarah Palin, who is so incredibly, unbelievably stupid that she only managed to become a mayor, a governor, a VP candidate, put out best selling books, had a successful TV show and became a wealthy, sought-after speaker while getting married and having 5 kids. She's almost as bad as those -- Michelle Malkin, S.E. Cupp, and Dana Loesch, although a little more evil than Ann Coulter and Megyn Kelly and more of a Laura Ingraham and Jan Brewer! Also, conservatives call women names!
I am extremely disappointed in Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity of Fox News. After last night's excellent subject-balanced edition of the O'Reilly Factor, (during which O'Reilly opined that many news organizations are over-covering wild speculation of what happened to the Malaysian plane) The Kelly File and Hannity immediately followed up his broadcast with TWO SOLID HOURS of complete conjecture and bull crap on that subject. I believe FNC is much fairer and more balanced than most of the other media news as a rule.but I've got to say I was severely disappointed with them last night. Break into regular programming when you've got something solid and definite.until then, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc, AND FOX. SHUT UP and cover something you know something about!
That became clear Thursday when an appellate court judge questioned his group’s motives in fighting the placement of a cross at the World Trade Center museum – and when Fox News host Megyn Kelly openly ridiculed him on national television.
Megyn Kelly: "I just saw the trailer for the new Annie movie. A black girl? No, no, no, no, no! Annie is blond. SHE JUST I…
YAY! Where have u been Megyn Kelly. ...jus waiting 2 c if ur really on O'Reilly Megyn
Megyn Kelly is finally back! She will be on The O'reilly Factor tonight and will of course be back on The Kelly File! :)
Last night on The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly talked about the series of lies that President Obama has told about ObamaCare, including the most recent lie that was denounced by The Washington Post...
If you're overloaded on my Megyn Kelly @ mentions... well. Tough! :) Goes double for So: Where is
Great job filling in for Megyn Kelly this week! Just between you and me, I always liked you better lol :)
"does anyone know where megyn kelly is?" Cc news
Why isn't Megyn Kelly on the Kelly File tonight
Martha MacCallum can fill-in for Megyn Kelly absolute bombshell
Megyn Kelly is the token 'really white' in a sea of merely mostly whites on
breaking news would be news about Megyn Kelly!
What has happened to Megyn Kelly? Is she gone from her own show now...?
...get over my annoyance that Megyn Kelly is getting the credit for exposing the Pelletier case! ;) (2/2)
The fans are getting restless, Where is Megyn Kelly? Tell us something Fox News
My wife just referred to Megyn Kelly as a "vaginal catastrophe". Just uh, thought that was worth mentioning.
Does anyone know where Megyn Kelly is??? Not on since Monday.
Karl Rove is STILL sending Megyn Kelly to the basement to check because he couldn’t believe it!
When FOXNews's Megyn Kelly decided to invite Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman to discuss the latest Koch Brother-funded and lie-ridden anti-Obamacare ad featuring a woman battling leukemia, they probably weren't expecting to get hit with such a hard...
Dana do you know where Megyn Kelly is, we miss her
Can't someone tell us where Megyn Kelly is..vacation, assignment, ???
Kitchen Table Talk: Be encouraged! On the case, Megyn Kelly, TheBlaze, one ABC report in the state and a local newspaper article is ALL it took (with the prayer behind it) to make the authorities want to back off. (No NBC, CNN, CBC, MSNBC etc at all!!) It will not take the entire nation to get things done. They still need our prayers...huge step towards Justine going home, back at Tufts, back to her own doctors, gag order dismissed...but not home yet. Still controlled by the DCS, but not in Boston! And - with the family miracle this week (two in one week!) - you may want to consider helping with this project (below) anyway you can...even if it is passing along the website - that is a help! This is a start to the state's passing parental rights bills that will not allow this - as Michigan did.
Earlier this week, Harry Reid made an incredibly offensive comment, calling the troubling and heart-wrenching ObamaCare horror stories being told by Americans all over the country “untrue.” But Senator McConnell, in his interview with Fox News host Megyn Kelly, brought a letter from a Kentuckian nam...
(May 20, 2013) - Michelle Malkin joined Megyn Kelly on Fox News Monday afternoon to discuss the latest developments in the investigation into the IRS targeti...
I came across this video clip of Shepard Smith from defending So in all fairness I thought I should post it since Megyn Kelly from Fox was so far the other way. I wonder if they speak to each other at the company Christmas party?
CNN to Cancel Gun Hating Limey By Washington Times (DC) February 24, 2014 6:48 am Piers MorganCNN has given up on trying to make Piers Morgan the new Larry King after a three-year run and will pull the plug on the Briton's 9 p.m. talk show, which has been finishing far behind rivals Megyn Kelly on Fox News Channel and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. According to Nielsen ratings from last week, "Piers Morgan Live" was seen nightly by just 270,000 viewers nationwide and only 50,000 people in the key advertising demographic of Americans ages 25 to 54. Ms. Kelly and Ms. Maddow had, respectively, audiences of more than 2 million and 900,000 overall and more than 350,000 and 220,000 in that key 25 to 54 age group. Mr. Morgan's much-hyped debut-week audiences were in the 2 million neighborhood. "CNN confirms that 'Piers Morgan Live' is ending. The date of the final program is still to be determined," CNN spokeswoman Allison Gollust told Politico on Sunday evening after Mr. Morgan himself said his show had "run its cours ...
I knew CNN would axe him as soon as Megyn Kelly went primetime on Fox. Piers Morgan was no match for her and MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.
I would much rather see Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino hosting Olympics than Matt Lauer and Bob Costas' pink eye!! Sochi was a let down..,
wait till you see what Alan Colmes does with Megyn Kelly; it involves a Stevia shaker ;)
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Megyn Kelly shared the amazement that the media can obsess over Mitt Romney at 17 or George W. Bush at 25 and...
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has long been presented as the face of the network's hard news side that eschews the partisanship of the channel's opinion programming. On Thursday morning's The Daily Rundown, however, host and NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd casually tossed aside that distinction...
CLINTON 'SEX VICTIM' GOES FULL FRONTAL ON HILLARY Megyn Kelly gets earful about former first family Read more at
Kathleen Willey to Megyn Kelly: ‘Hillary Clinton is the war on women’: While appearing on Tuesday’s edition of...
Megyn Kelly spins and catches the bullet with her hand, then beats me and my friends unconscious with a mug
Megyn Kelly has mastered the art of the pouty face. via
Fox News brings on 1990s Bill Clinton accuser to declare Hillary 'is the war on women' It’s 2014. Hillary Clinton has not yet announced she’s running for president in 2016, and this is where Fox News is: Megyn Kelly brought a 1990s-era Bill Clinton sexual harassment accuser on her show to declare that “Hillary Clinton is the war on women.” According to... -
Liberty News The insanity of the left knows no limits. And it’s amazing to watch them pounce on a single accurate comment made by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, even going as far as hinting she’s a white supremacist. All for saying Santa Claus is best...
Really Fox News & Megyn Kelly, this is the best you've got? Pitiful
Don Lemon Attacked By Megyn Kelly and Gregg Jarrett for his LEGITIMATE OUTRAGE via
I see Megyn Kelly liked my interview with Kathleen Willey so much she repeated it :) .
megyn kelly - Tearing down Ronald Regan - Liberals always scream when they're terrified.
America is unraveling at a stunning speed and to a staggering degree. This decline is breathtaking, and the prognosis is dim. For starters, Obama now rules by decree. Reportedly for the 27th time, he has changed the rules of Obamacare single handedly, with neither congressional approval nor even ceremonial resolutions to limit his actions. Obama needs no such frivolities. “That’s the good thing about being president,” Obama joked on February 10. “I can do whatever I want.” In an especially bitter irony, Obama uttered these despicable words while guiding French president François Hollande through Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson — a key architect of America’s foundation of limited government. That very day, Obama decreed that the Obamacare mandate for employers with 50 to 99 workers would be postponed until 2016 (beyond an earlier extension to 2015), well past the November 2014 midterm elections. This eases the pressure on Democrats, whose campaigns would suffer if voters saw their c ...
This was discussed last night on Megyn Kelly's show. It is outrageous! Please contact the Committee on Higher...
Megyn Kelly interviewed Utah Senator Mike Lee on the lawless Obama regime looking for…
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Fox News Channel generally gets on my nerves, even as a conservative. Can't watch or listen to O'Reilly, Hannity, Greta, Megyn Kelly (ok, I can watch, but not listen to the latter). But the 20 minutes of commentary/discussion at the end of Brett Baier's program (640-700pm) with Charles Krauthammer, George F Will, and either Mara Liasson, Kristen Powers, AB Stoddard, or Juan Williams, is a daily salve and stimulant to the brain. Wish they had their own hour-long program.
The conservative cheer-leaders have perfected their craft. It works with the least common denominator. Co-opt,...
Yeah, it matters, since Hillary may decide to run for POTUS.
Kathleen Willey to Megyn Kelly: 'Hillary Clinton is the war on women'
I love Blondes charlize Theron is smoking .so is Megyn Kelly Babe ha ha ...ok crashing & yeah it would better if she were blond
We Elected tea party for action,so far we get excuses.Sue O
Megyn Kelly is stealing his audience and he's getting wishy washy.
Megyn Kelly A very short but must read: Sharia Law for Non-Muslims by Bill Warner. To understand events world wide.
A low blow Megyn Kelly! You know she's a liar and perjurer.
Nothing much about Megyn Kelly's creation has changed.
Fueled by Megyn Kelly and Peter Doocy, this enjoyable romp has plenty of kick.
Megyn Kelly Interviews Top constitutional lawyer, Jonathan Turley on Obama’s Abuse of Power.
Megyn Kelly, the Fox News news host, just did a show segment asking the public why Obama is not being impeached for committing crimes against the constitution. She argues that he has been guilty of many illegal acts that have broken the constitution, so it seems time that someone on the right makes…
I agree with much of what you said tonight on Megyn Kelly, but they aren't Liberals, they are Marxist Progressives
The most amazing special effect in any Megyn Kelly TV show will always be Charles Krauthammer.
Megyn Kelly is the best looking 40+ on tv. Sorry, Anniston is second. Crawford a close third.
“One of these charts from is exactly like other. They can't all have Megyn Kelly's legs. -R. Ailes
Google Megyn Kelly & look at the pic they're using for her (bio on the right). Seriously?
kelly Excellent interview with Kathleen Willey! Ms. Willey is absolutely correct--beware of the Clintons.
Clinton 'sex victim' goes full frontal on Hillary. Megyn Kelly of Fox News just got a sizzling earful about the... http:…
After a decade of taping and watching O'Reilly, I have deleted that lib lover for good! Megyn Kelly!
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