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Megyn Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is an American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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Why did you just tell Megyn Kelly you weren't aware of Darren Wilson DOJ exoneration, then cite same report?
I think the Pokemon know more about current events Han Hannity and Megyn Kelly
The only thing i agree on with Donald Trump is that Megyn Kelly is pure trash
Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, Martha McCollum, Dana Perino, Shep Smith, are on my Boycott list, FoxBusiness is much better
And let's not forget Megyn Kelly, Stephen Hayes, Rich Lowry, & Dana Perino. I refuse to watch any of them. They should go to CNN.
DL Hughley dragged Fox on their own network and Megyn Kelly had to cut him off 💀
I keep seeing "bring Andrea T. back". I do not miss her. She was trying to be the next Megyn Kelly and became obnoxious.
Hughley had a heated debate with Megyn Kelly on the death of Philando Castile. Source: DL Hughley: 'The Only...
D.L. Hughley rips Megyn Kelly and Fox News in bitter back-and-forth about race DL didn't bring 'em any funny
DL Hughley you were right what you said on the Fox News racist Kelly File. Now as for Megyn Kelly people are able to see racism become her.
D.L. Hughley confronted Megyn Kelly about why Fox News was hosting Mark Fuhrman to talk about policing in America
Bruh..Megyn Kelly and D.L. Hughley going at it on live tv. ***
Megyn Kelly,an enemy to most black people tried to use a DOJ findings to say Wilson ,an enemy to most black people, did nothing wrong!
Top of the line Megyn Kelly with wonderful Gregg Jarrett and surprisingly funny John Shadegg.
Harris who would not defend Megyn Kelly from Trump's attacks is defending her boss from Carlson's accusations.
Megyn Kelly instrumental in ousting Andrea Tantaros! Saw her as a threat that supported Trump? htt…
Bellevue Hospital? The question is, Where did they find Megyn Kelly?
Today: Megyn Kelly to Andrea Tantaros. "Did YOU"?. O_O "YOU first".
Black Fox commentator shuts down Megyn Kelly: ‘I was pulled over and I was afraid for my life’
It's tripping me out how much Megyn Kelly looks like Nicole Simpson. Exact replica
Everyone needs to turn on Megyn Kelly right now- it's very disturbing what is happening in Dallas right now.
Megyn Kelly brought on Mark Fuhrman, the racist cop from OJ Simpson case, to blame Alton Sterling for being shot:
First, Megyn Kelly. Now, Gretchen Carlson. I never thought I'd sympathize with any of the Fox' robotic newscasters.
Wait a second Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly are different people?
Did playing dumb blonde relate to Gretchen Carlson's firing? As far as smarts, she was no Megyn Kelly. via
Michelle Fields, Megyn Kelly, and Gretchen Carlson all are in cahoots against Roger Ailes. I hope Ailes fires Megyn next. She ***
Carlson was fired for refusing Ailes' advances. . Megyn Kelly got her own prime time show. Probably unrelated. Probably.
Gretchen Carlson refused sexual advances from Roger Ailes and got fired. Maybe the reason Megyn Kelly is still on Fox is that she gave in t…
If the charges of sexual harassment against Gretchen Carlson are true it is so interesting that Megyn Kelly is sitting back saying nothing
After Gretchen Carlson's lawsuit details, who can watch Megyn Kelly the same way again?
Megyn Kelly's pal Roger Ailes being sued by Gretchen Carlson. Claims she was fired for not sleeping w/ him.
Gretchen Carlson is naming names! Steve Doocey, Roger Ailes, other women. Put this case on tv and ask Megyn Kelly what she did for "fame".
The person I think has the balls to mention the Ailes , Carlson scandal is Megyn Kelly. If she doesn't. No one will.
To be honest, if I am Roger Ailes, I definitely would harrass Megyn Kelly more than Gretchen Carlson.
maybe he asked Gretchen Carlson to dress like Megyn Kelly.
I think this explains how Megyn Kelly made it to prime time. Gretchen Carlson alleges sex harassment at Fox
Man, first I had to sympathize with Megyn Kelly, and now I have to root for Gretchen Carlson.
Didn't know Gretchen Carlson was gone. Nor did I know AndreaTantaros had left. I liked them both better than Megyn Kelly.
.Megyn Kelly could have a "Network" moment if she corroborates Carlson. Bet she doesn't.
Gretchen Carlson's lawsuit puts the Trump/Ailes back-and-forth over Megyn Kelly in a wholly new and icky context.
So if Gretchen Carlson was fired for rejecting Roger Ailes' sexual advances...what does that say about Megyn Kelly? Or Sean Hannity? Ew
Paul Ryan's face as Megyn Kelly tells him about Donald Trump's remark about Saddam Hussein. h/t
have you noticed the uncanny resemblance Megyn Kelly has to Nicole Brown Simpson? So strange!
Really quite Unsettling how much Megyn Kelly looks like Nicole Brown.
Megyn Kelly looks like a mini John Shadegg -- gotta love it!
Megyn Kelly at it again, Back to TRASHING TRUMP! Joe Trippi fine Cory Lewandoski not so! BIASED!
WATCH: Megyn Kelly rips Attorney General Loretta Lynch for allowing someone to edit...
Never forget Megyn Kelly's assault on Donald Trump. PERMANENTLY boycott her! CNN may be next!
Megyn Kelly's delirious humor sets up Gregg Jarrett's wealthy dope to be taken by Paul Gigot's seductive con artistry.
feels like Paul Ryan and Megyn Kelly work for Hillary.
I hope he gets waterboarded together with Mitt Romney, Mark Levin, Megyn Kelly, Obama and Hillary.
don't mistake talking heads for news. . Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Megyn Kelly = News journalists . O'Reilly, Biltzer are not
what about when Trump calls Megyn Kelly a bimbo? Is it a sexist then?
Megyn Kelly has been bought & paid for (bribed) by the Clinton Crime family. It's as plain as the nose on your face.
Megyn Kelly asked Laverne Cox if transitioning solved problems in her life or "made new ones". Here's her answer:
Trish Regan and she rocks! Common sense & unbiased the way the old Megyn Kelly used to be
Don Trump Jr. teaching Megyn Kelly how ridiculous the so-called woman issue is and what's really important for our country.
Great job on Kelly File - my husband says you should replace Megyn ! Thanks for the "heads up" on U sitting in 4 Megyn !
Kelly File:Trish Regan would be a great replacement for Megyn Kelly.Talented, professional and yes fair & balanced. Pleasure 2 watch.
Wow, you're great on Megyn Kelly's show! Tough questions. Beautiful too.
Trump will, inevitably, be the greatest money President Megyn Kelly has ever seen! If I win, WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
the woman who is doing the Megyn Kelly File tonight is super & much better the Megyn Kelly herself. Give her that show
that's your interpretation - was it "professional" for Megyn Kelly to go head hunting for Trump?
Becky suitemate. also likes Megyn Kelly. starting to think I should avoid the drinking water.
Trish Reagan doing a great job filling for MK. Megyn Kelly has no journalistic integrity.
Wow.. Replace Megyn Kelly with this woman subbing for her on She knows her stuff.. MUCH smarter than Megyn who I BOYCOTT.
Can someone tell me who this is filling in for Megyn tonight on The Kelly File? She's good.
and, as a woman, I agree with him on Rosie O'Donnell and Megyn Kelly
I think Megyn Kelly gets on O'Reilly's nerves. And vice versa.
Notice how and his weasels don't dare run my trailer for fear it might make their viewers go, "H'm" https:/…
Trish Reagan knock-on it out of the park on Megyn Kelly show much better than Megyn
Can you please just take over the kellyfile. Your so much smarter and sharper than ding ding megyn kelly
Trump will, without competition, be the FINEST jobs President Megyn Kelly has ever seen! Just you wait, we will fix our broken system!
Megyn Kelly actually thinks she will be able to take me on? Sad! I'm going to be the best President you have ever seen!
Megyn Kelly of said just because the judge is a Mexican doesn't mean he's a Mexican.
FoxNews thanks for replacing megyn kelly with TrishReagan, she is great, and pleasure to watch and listen to.
I see Trump as Carrie @ a prom after Chris Christie dumps pig's blood on him that he got from a gestation crate, or Megyn Kelly's wherever.
OK skinny I guess ill put on Megyn Kelly and her pearl necklace forcefield. She looks like a stars wars cast member FFS.
Joe Kernen. What a joke. Might as well watch Megyn Kelly and Fox News.
Murdock is liberal? Does Hannity, Bill O'Reilly or Eric Bolling know this? It explains Megyn Kelly's Trump attacks!
Is giving Katy Tur the Megyn Kelly treatment yet?
Watch: Fox News's Megyn Kelly unleashes on Trump for his racist attacks on a federal judge via
Hot photos of horse racing fan and Fox News host Megyn Kelly in 2016 via
Megyn Kelly really thinks he will be able to take me on? A disgrace, isn't it? We're going to Make America Great Again!
Excellent thriller. Megyn Kelly and Charles Krauthammer are outstanding.
Megyn Kelly, Charles Krauthammer astound in touching, well-told tale of rebirth and redemption.
You are running for president but you are petrified of Michael Moore, Megyn Kelly and Bernie Sanders.
if you watch Megyn Kelly these r the only type of ppl she has on has to scrape bottom feeders Michael Moore types
The Kelly File: Never before seen footage from Megyn Kelly's interview with Donald Trump.
: Megyn Kelly bringing trans gendered *** Michael Moore on her show was a huge mistake and it will cost her millions.
Tonight on Megyn Kelly opens up about the price of fame!
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Megyn Kelly can’t handle the truth, abruptly cuts off during Freddie Gray segment
Rush continues his loyalty to Megyn Kelly and Eric Erickson, and keeps an arms length distance between himself and Trump.
If not for Trump, many of us would still think the Koch Bros, Bill Kristol, Megyn Kelly & many people like them are rea…
A Show you'll never forget.Megyn Kelly and Ed Henry are unforgettable
Megyn Kelly and Gayle King share same flight down to Kentucky Derby. via
Ann Coulter vs. Megyn Kelly on Fox News : "Anyone Who is Not White" via
In The Kelly File, anchor Megyn Kelly does something simple and audacious: He takes the guilt out of organized crime.
Megyn Kelly dishes on being a little starstruck by Taylor Swift on the carpet.
8 minutes of state department Iran talks missing but FOX promoting Megyn Kelly special
Amazing to me that, with *** like Chris Hayes, Rachel Madcow, etc scumming the airwaves, we attack Megyn Kelly.
Hillary gets softball interview on CNN n Neil steinberg says Megyn Kelly too easy on trump. Lol oh Neil
"You are so powerful,” Megyn Kelly, of Fox, said to Donald Trump, with a note of wonder in her voice..".
Agree that gave Trump a very easy ride: Megyn Kelly's Guide to Surrendering to Donald Trump
Tim Conway Jr & Thompson making Fun of Megyn Kelly is a riot... HCQ and HSQB. lol
- Trump and Megyn Kelly, two of a kind. MK talking Trash with Sterns, Bimbo?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Amazing how quickly people have forgotten crap Megyn Kelly has said in recent months
"What you did might have been a favour": Trump plays nice with 'arch-nemesis' Megyn Kelly
Mexican isn't a race, Muslim isn't a race, Rosie O'Donnell and Megyn Kelly do not represent all women. How about an argument?
Megyn Kelly special led to Diane Sawyer research & I think she really was DEEP THROAT not Mark Felt. Rabbi K agreed.
Nothing I love more than liberal contrarians who pretend Megyn Kelly is a real journalist.
Micheal Douglas gets very personal with Megyn Kelly
Archive: Fox News fed on years of "sick, extreme" Trump fixations. Megyn Kelly is just the latest.
Megyn Kelly is at a bar somewhere tonight with Chris Christie. He's probably the only one who understands.
Mainstream Media embraces Megyn Kelly after she attacks Trump.
'I like our relationship right now': The Donald and Megyn Kelly make nice in a cozy intervi... via
“When I’m wounded, I go after people hard. And I try to un-wound myself." Well, Megyn Kelly got the defining quote of the 2016 cy…
Reminder: Megyn Kelly is also a horrible person
Mitt Romney speaks, Megyn Kelly does debate prep and Chris Christie denies
Donald Trump interview with Megyn Kelly and Mariah on Andy Cohen! Good tv night
"Have to wonder how long Megyn Kelly can stomach the Fox News/Donald Trump honeymoon marriage. Or how…" — Fred Worfe
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Chris how is it u and ur colleagues ran to support Megyn Kelly, but not the same support to and
Think my crush on Megyn Kelly stems from my childhood crush on Ivan Drago's wife in Rocky IV.
Dan Senor interview w/ Megyn Kelly and Huckabee. Trump is not Romney status quo. You getting scared Dan?
Megyn Kelly on Watch What Happens Live is awesome right now
what other worst feuds (HS, etc) has Megyn Kelly had in the past besides Donald?
Very excited for Megyn Kelly's highly-anticipated interview... . with Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.
Megyn Kelly talks to about coming prime-time special - and drops a Brian Dennehy reference
Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly humiliated TX Lt Gov Dan Patrick on her show last night. He made her look like a progressive. He's THAT bad.
..Megyn Kelly be my story on Brian Williams lies.course you may cry like a little baby when I get done with you.TTTNEWS
Megyn Kelly is taking her first crack at a prime-time special on Fox — the broadcast network, not the cable station
Mr. & Mrs. Irrelevant, Romney & Megyn Kelly. Fox should drop Kelly, will never watch if she on. Mitt craw back into your hole.
(Megyn Kelly, Contract Set to Expire, Is Primed for the Big Show: The Fox a... (Shaquille)
Go get yourself sandwiched between Megyn Kelly and TRANSGENDERS. Selling out your base, suc king up to Ms Kelly.
whether they should release the 20k of H's emails that they have hacked into” Judge Andrew Napolitano told Megyn Kelly on Monday.
ex Michigan Governor what a bimbo.just like Megyn Kelly
domain names
Jennifer Granholm is on Megyn Kelly. She's annoying, but still sort of a cutie despite her man cut.
Megyn Kelly has gone to the dogs. Michael Moore on her show, and she was just laughing it up with him. I'm glad she has him as a buddy .
Like Trump was when he called Ben Carson a pathological pedophile, called Megyn Kelly a bimbo? You're twisted!
Hillary Clinton defends Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina in outlining how she will run as a woman against Trump
I just added Megyn Kelly to the list with Shawn Hannity as to why I now don't watch Fox News.
I do watch Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace.
Having to watch Megyn Kelly espouse the same political beliefs as me is like being forced to listen to Eric Clapton sing I Shot The Sheriff.
Megyn Kelly is a snake! Baits you in her show with loser Rich Lowry! No interview for her! She is way too smug; Furk her!
Rich Lowry on Megyn Kelly was so weak tonight. He cannot help him self as he cowers in fear of Trump supporters. Man up, fall in line.
- Megyn Kelly back at it against Trump - why have biased Rich Lowry on
I've laid off it a lot with Megyn Kelly & Bret Baier & their bias against Tr…
The only cancer Fox News needs on their station is Megyn Kelly and Shepard Smith
Megyn Kelly grills Pat McCrory over anti-trans North Carolina law: ‘What is the fear?’
Black woman responds to Megyn Kelly's claim that Jesus is white—and it's stunning
is a SWAT team rescue being planned for the Christies?Megyn Kelly hostage negotiator?
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Megyn Kelly set to interview Trump. Sunny Hostin & Paula Faris have different takes on the way she approached it.
Donald Trump will sit down with Megyn Kelly for an hour-long TV special: Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly will int...
Megyn Kelly to interview Trump on Fox News special - Business Insider.. Related Articles:
Donald Trump agrees to interview with Fox’s Megyn Kelly
I don't like Fox News at all but Megyn Kelly seems to be a brilliant person. I can't wait for her to start reporting on a real news channel.
as POTUS & as VEEP. as Sec of State. as Megyn Kelly's co-host.
I have supported Megyn Kelly more than anyone, but has she caved to Trump? . Anyone that watch able to answer this for me?
Bill Bennett tolf Megyn Kelly she took the high road going to see Couldn't be to get 'The Interview' could it? Uh, yeah...
I just saw Professor Larry Sabato on Megyn Kelly. This is what he said Trump needs to do to win the nomination
We hope Trump doesn't SELL OUT HIS BASE by trying to crawl under the covers with Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly what your guest fails to realize,is the people of America will not allow Donald Trump to be the President,Fox News will we wont.
Megyn Kelly just now re: making amends with Trump: "We'll hopefully have an announcement for you soon.."
*** I'm a liberal but Jesus. Megyn Kelly is hot AF.
And where does Megyn Kelly go after the election. OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT!
How dumb can one person be,Donald Trump made an *** out of Megyn Kelly,and she does nothing but praise His racist ***
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worst plaque is darkness of Trump's soul. Worse than rivers of Megyn Kelly's blood.
The White signs book deal with HarperCollins for up to $10m
There you have it. Megyn Kelly saw this and was like "Oh Gosh... I need to schedule a sit down with h…
Trump is a year older than her, and Sanders is about five years older than Trump. (And Ted Cruz is younger than Megyn Kelly!)
We've damaged Megyn Kelly and even if she leaves she enters a more uncertain media situation than Beck did 5 yrs ago https:…
BREAKING: Megyn Kelly just said something positive about Donald Trump.
Whatever Trump said to Roger Ailes, Megyn Kelly, et al., really seems to have stymied their anti-Trump messaging.
Megyn Kelly spotted doing something with Ties to Chinese Govt.
Greta I hope you realize that we know your a RINO just like Megyn Kelly .
Megyn Kelly cut her own throat karma is a b* Megyn
lay off the methamphetamines,you have to be one of the most overpaid low info *** just like Megyn Kelly💩
I literally have nowhere to go for a news outlet. All I have is the National Review and Megyn Kelly.
What would megyn kelly do without Trump ? I mean she will be bald soon if Trump doesnt come on her show and save her soon
Viewers will either like it, as I did, or hate it, based on Megyn Kelly's abrasive, but fascinating personality.
Host-anchor Megyn Kelly's mastery of tone and elements turns The Kelly File into a thing of tender, forlorn beauty.
Megyn Kelly is NASTYSHREW - they scrubbed half her remarkCan't scrub our memory
Megyn Kelly should learn from Glenn Beck's failure
also if is correct and Sherwood loves Megyn Kelly, maybe she is offered the show after her Fox deal expires 👀
Megyn Kelly should learn from failure - Charlotte Observer
Joe Scarborough doles out some harsh advice to Megyn Kelly and Glenn Beck
You and Megyn Kelly can live together in Mexico when The Donald deports you
Megyn Kelly should learn from Glenn Beck’s failure: Rumor has it that Megyn Kelly is looking to leave Fox News It’s… https:/…
Megyn Kelly schools Ted Cruz on plan to rewrite the Constitution to punish Supreme Court.
Although there are many juicy supporting performances, Megyn Kelly owns this TV show.
Forum: Which woman would you want on $20 bill?, with Cokie Roberts, Sally Quinn, Elizabeth Haselbeck and Megyn Kelly
Brett Baier, Megyn Kelly and Britt Hume take note! You are the lowest form of life.
Megyn Kelly is dressed like she just came from a reenactment of the Continental Congress.
Citing occupational "brain damage," Megyn Kelly again hints that she’s sick of Fox News, opening door for exit
Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump: There can be peace in our time - San Francisco Chronicle: San Francisco Chronicl...
Alan Dershowitz told Megyn Kelly was one of his smartest students.
Hamilton Collection
"Megyn Kelly made up with Donald Trump. Everyone else on the right will do the same. (It's all about the grift)" https:/…
Kanye West obsessed with Taylor Swift. Trump obsessed with Megyn Kelly. These guys are creepy.
Megyn Kelly had to hand pick most of the clowns giving their opinions. I wonder how much she paid the clowns? Megan Kelly give up.
The Donald and Megyn Kelly have a chat at Trump’s Manhattan offices
Megyn Kelly: Meeting with Trump allowed us to 'clear the air' groveling to the master
I hope Trump sent the black widow(Megyn Kelly) back to her web, watch out for her venom
Megyn Kelly with Al Sharpton and Anderson Cooper with Cruz! OMG! Not watching Rachel Maddow! So it's Daniel Michael Lynch
Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly met at Trump Tower this morning.
ask Megyn Kelly that same
So. Why are the two best journalists in this election cycle Megyn Kelly and Mika Brzezinski? How does this happen?.
If Donald Trump had made the Megyn Kelly comments about Rachel Maddow all of the Fox News guys and GOP candidates would…
You should do one with Megyn Kelly, or Rachel Madcow's head on the corporate owned Include a Saudi prince shareholder...
Billy Eichner: "I feel like this is my bar mitzvah, except Megyn Kelly has replaced my Aunt Joyce." https:…
Robert Zimmerman. on Megyn Kelly is simply. so unlikable he should not. be allowed on normal TV. And, she puts him on again and again!
Kelleigh Nelson -- The Lies of Romney, Megyn Kelly and Ted Cruz via
TV Journalists, Anderson Cooper & Megyn Kelly need to go & do their homework on Basset's PRG website about Rockefeller Initiat.
Megyn Kelly is starting to sound more & more like Rachel Maddow. Make of that what you will.
Is this a message of who Mrs. Megyn Kelly advocates for (Wednesday at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center)? 🇺🇸 TRUMP was right 🇺🇸
I believe it b/c I stopped watching some of the news and shows like Megyn Kelly or Shep, juan williams the ***
Megyn Kelly takes on President Obama's silence after Kate Steinle's murder. via
Remember that time Ward Churchill absolutely destroyed Megyn Kelly & had her actually proving his point?
I'd rather watch Megyn Kelly on @ Fox than Ann Coulter on And that's something.
Ted Cruz to Megyn Kelly: Donald Trump has a ‘problem with strong women’. Story at
Megyn Kelly not sure she will stay at Fox News
Megyn Kelly you are not Oprah, Charlie Rose and definitely not Barbara Walter! so come down from that cloud ☁️ and get real! Stay home
Obama praises Paul Ryan for the budget. Hillary praises Megyn Kelly on The View. And the GOP wonders why us voters are PIS…
.Hey what did you think of Megyn Kelly's shoes last night and what would you do to her feet?
Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly you're both wrong the appeal to Donald Trump is nothing like what you're talking...
Megyn Kelly: I wish Bill O'Reilly defended me more...
Megyn Kelly on Fox is interviewing Ted Cruz tonight at the Madison Masonic Center in Madison, Wisconsin. It is...
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Cruz to Megyn Kelly: Trump "seems to have a problem with strong women"
My advice: Avoid talking to or about Chris Matthews, Ralph Madcow aka Rachel Maddow & Megyn Kelly-they're bad news for you.
Jeff Sessions, Megyn Kelly, Mike Lee, Steve King and right on down the line. Again, all you have is smears and lies. carry on
Megyn Kelly calls out CNN and Bill O'Reilly for supporting Trump. via
Trump boycotts Megyn Kelly but talks to Chris Mathews & Anderson Cooper? not too smart. GOP shouldn't let the press moderate debates. period
Thx Would ❤ to see Megyn Kelly take on . Kambree Linda Christi Steph & Lori👍. Out of Your League😜 http…
Ya obviously a Fox News poll would show that considering trump isn't the biggest fan of Megyn Kelly.
. Megyn Kelly is at the top of my dislike list. Don't like the others you mentioned either.
. Agree!! I've stopped watching most fox shows. Megyn Kelly is out. So are several others!!
Megyn Kelly has a theory about why Donald Trump hates her(Orlando news)
I may have to change my point of view with Megyn Kelly with having Allen Combs. And supporting his point of view.Without challenge.VoteTrump
Racist & Bigoted Kelley Praises Trump-Megyn Kelly calls out CNN and Bill O'Reilly but praises Trump via
is afraid. To debate or face Megyn Kelly. How will he face Vlad Putin. When his spine is made of…
Megyn Kelly: I'd 'absolutely' welcome Trump on show
This is the reason why people hate Megyn Kelly so bias against Trump she has a Jerry Springer type show!
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Glee & joy at all the shows (Morning Joe, Megyn Kelly, etc.) is actually interesting to watch Who's acting like a 5 yr old?
how can you not dig a TV show that offers Megyn Kelly and Alan Colmes on top of Hasselbeck?
Oh look. Another anti-Trump gang hosted by Megyn Kelly. We didn't care about the others, we don't care about this one.
Megyn Kelly is the one who pushed her to file the charge. Didn't you know that?
I don't watch any Fox News except Megyn Kelly File! & I don't want 2 c Herman Cain making excuses 4 dt!
Megyn Kelly outclasses everyone @ FNC & The Kelly File is the only show worth watching on Fox or any other network.
Debra reminds me of Donald Trump shaming Megyn Kelly. All night, all day, RT's, and on and on.…
She's the worst scumbag I can't inagine next to Megyn Kelly
We live in a culture that hates women. True when Megyn Kelly mocked me for saying it in 2014, true now.
.When Trump dissed Roger Ailes' darling, Megyn Kelly, I didn't suspect he'd throw the entire weight of Fox News at him.
Donald Trump you're pathetic ,your big *** threatening to sue a hundred-pound Megyn Kelly,you're hateful womanizer Megyn Kelly is a lady
By withholding the NRO, Levin, Krauthammer, Kristol, Megyn Kelly, The Right Scoop,did a disservice 2 ppl of …
Megyn Kelly started with an affair with Brit Hume, landed her gig, then Roger Ailes had to tell them to break it up
Megyn Kelly goes on a 'date' for charity -
Fox News needs to replace Megyn Kelly with Andrea Tantaros! Ra…
Oh is believe that ! Fox is the hit squad for trump. Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume ans Karl rove and Stephen Hayes etc
.Lobo Lying Allah warned to keep his sniffling hands off his wife Mary Ann Todd Lincoln, she's not Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly's coffee buddy Saudi Prince no wonder she gets away with lies Islamic faith says lie to the unbeliever.
Megyn Kelly should be replaced by Judge Jeanine Pirro.please!
Steven miller looked like a complete *** on Megyn Kelly. Hello Steve there is a treaty with Ukraine. What a freakin joke
Stephen Miller on Kelly File. Love him. After 5 minutes turned show off. Megyn Kelly is a creep. Twists things around
Trump has a sick obsession against Megyn Kelly. He has a psychological disorder. What if Angela Merkel gets under his skin!!
Remember when we had REAL journalists now we have rambling morons like Andrea Mitchell,Blitzer,Megyn Kelly & A.Cooper
Megyn Kelly says Bill O'Reilly didn't have her back with Donald Trump. Story at
Does anyone think Donald Trump saw "The Seduction" one too many times. Megyn Kelly is HIS Morgan Fairchild
Megyn Kelly is like Yulia Tymoshenko, consumed by hate and going too far.
Fox News to Trump: Your “sick obsession” with Megyn Kelly is "beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate”
Megyn Kelly: How to deal with the haters
Central Texas News: Fox: Trump has 'extreme, sick obsession' with Megyn Kelly
Little Timmy Miller is like a one-testicled Megyn Kelly - with less credibility that the bloodstain herself
Fox says Trump's "vitriolic attacks" v Megyn Kelly are "beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate". But the rest o…
Fox News slams Trump over his attacks on Megyn Kelly. His attacks on Mexicans and Muslims are still ok.
Unable to resist, Donald Trump calls Megyn Kelly a “total whack job” with “no talent” while speaking to Maureen Dowd https:…
Weird to find myself siding with Megyn Kelly & Hulk Hogan in the same week.
Fox News hits Donald Trump for 'sexist verbal assaults' on Megyn Kelly:
Predictions this week . Water boarding is introduced as 4 play, Trump adds Megyn Kelly to his ticket n Hulk Hogan donates money to NAACP
I wonder if Megyn Kelly will vote for Trump...especially with how disrespectful and unprofessional he has been towards her?
Hulk Hogan has a sex tape and Drumph says Megyn Kelly is obsessed with him: what is the world becoming?
gawker hogan trumps Trumps minor win... news at 11. Megyn Kelly will comment on the sore winner.
I stand with Tired of the Megyn Kelly, Cruz establishment conspiracy. Unfollowing.
Megyn Kelly was trying to stir the pot with these two young black men that are Bill Ayers type (domestic terrorist)
la raza, KKK, and Megyn Kelly, 3 arms of the Democratic party
In the movie of "Donald and Megyn" Michael Douglas can play Donald. But should Glenn Close or Megyn Kelly play Megyn?
Megyn Kelly: far brighter, more lucid, far more knowledgable in political, legal and current affairs than Trump
Let go of narrative Trump would treat a man like he treats Megyn Kelly. No one believes U
'Crazy' and 'overrated' Megyn Kelly interviewed Trump policy adviser Stephen Miller on her 'bad show' last night
Not to forget Megyn Kelly's own obsession for weeks on end the New Black Panther party story, but.
Because, as a company and news network, Fox is defending Megyn Kelly against Trump's sexist assaults currently.
I remember when Megyn Kelly went on O'Reilly to claim this story of Sharpton was old news it was actually new.
Fox News response to attack on Megyn Kelly:
Boom. Megyn Kelly is a saint. The Veronica Corningstone of political anchors.
“Trump’s vitriolic attacks against Megyn Kelly and his extreme, sick obsession with her is beneath the dignity of a presid…
Trump calls for boycott of Megyn Kelly from his iPhone, which he also wants you to boycott https:/…
but it was fun watching Megyn Kelly and Steve Hayes turning green last night!!
Yes, the grapes are mighty sour in the mouths of Steve Hayes, Karl Rove, Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino.
Fox New # Megyn Kelly# Steve Hayes. You're hate for Trump is oozing out of your eyes.
"Megyn Kelly trying to do a hit job on Breitbart. She did not have Steve Bannon or someone…" — Victoria Richardson
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