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Meghan Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is a news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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Btw, Kelly Clarkson looks like she ate Meghan Trainor.
"Alexa play Ignition Remix by R. Kelly" . Alexa: No. Me: What? Why? . Alexa: You know what he did. Me: Oh right. I forgot…
Meghan Kelly looks like a cheap tramp advertising for an escort service on her book. IMO. You’re cert…
I wish I had a love like jim and pam but most of my relationship experience resembles more of a kelly/ryan dynamic
And what’s wrong with it? It’s no different than the cover of Meghan Kelly new book or anything, my hair? Makeup? I…
my mom walks in the door & goes “really meghan alyssa!? a beer!?” . yeah Kelly, a Labatt while watching the steeler…
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She ain't exactly Grace Kelly. Rather some Hollywood liberal who got a break in life by playing some paralegal in a…
Here's how can draw influence from Grace Kelly's wardrobe:
okay but on a real note , Meghan is fr gonna be slayin in high school . 😻🤤💕
I totally agree and thanks for a positive message regarding Meghan Kelly for a…
. Is a male Meghan Kelly.too biased for FOX.
James - are you down at yet like Or did you cut a deal ratting y…
It’s almost 1:30 am on a Saturday and I’m ranting about the Meghan Trainor/Tori Kelly 2016 Best New Artist Grammy to my dad.
BTW, Meghan Kelly is great n I’m a fan of hers but her show is the best NBC came up with ? Don’t think so
Grace Kelly and Meghan Markle give me hope that I will become a princess some day
is not only the next Meghan Kelly but a BETTER…
“Her constant sex simulation makes her a laughing stock and an embarrassment to this country"
Why is Meghan Kelly on this list? Her show is terrible. Low ratings.
You lost me at Meghan Kelly, sorry.
Why the *** is Meghan Kelly on this list? Oh, it's our quarterly forced feeding of you…
Someone needs 2 muzzle Harf so she doesn't dominate air time or your viewers will leave in droves...Ma…
Here's one that was on Meghan Kelly's interview. She said Trump 'raised the armre…
Other scorers: girls 4x4 4th (Meghan, Francesca, Charlotte, Lucia) girls 4x8 was 5th (Caroline, Deirdre, Kelsey, Ha…
We are going to miss YOU!! I'm so ticked they did that to you. I will be following you to CNN. W…
Meghan Kelly, leader of war on Christmas and a leading Fox Liar now at NBC. WHY? Who owed who money? Why destroy t…
Meghan and Kelly the Elephant bonding over some lettuce
Why is Chief Andy Lack sabotaging trying to fire O'Donnell, firing & rehiring…
My girlfriend tries to sneak her panies n my pocket for sneaky business entry,when I smoke cigar Garcia Vega too ci…
Meghan Kelly will step on whoever she can to get what she wants. Her show is horrible. I…
I think if these two are in then Gretchen needs to come back as a friend. Peggy and Meghan…
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If that Meghan Kelly show is not Kabuki Theatre nothing is!
Accidentally watched Meghan Kelly because there was a segment on the Kroc Center's culinary program. . Amazing story though!
Prince Harry is marrying a far-left SJW feminist dunderhead. This isn't going to end well. Divorce within 5 years. https:…
*** Meghan Kelly who would love nothing more to wear a hijab and put her *** pics" on the side.
Lorraine Kelly can't wait for Harry and Meghan's wedding:
Lorraine Kelly can’t wait for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding
Seriously. So was Meghan Kelly, Greta Van Sustern etc. Lou Dobbs is too.
you expected HRC to tell the creep to back off but not Gretchen Carlson and Meghan Kelly? HRC is human too!
Meghan Kelly said Dear old Saint Nick 🎅 is white
Meghan Kelly is like Typhoid Mary, spreading FOXNews disease to other networks.
(2) Bridget Kelly, Meghan Kelly & Kennedi Van Allen for earning Century Club Honors and to Claire Casey for winning a Junior Book Award and
Shep Smith needs to be replaced like Meghan Kelly, there are enough DemLibs spewing contempt for OUR POTUS
Wow, surprised, never ever felt that from Bret. Shep Smith, and Meghan Kelly - absolutely yes...
Wait Im confused wasnt it Meghan Kelly who left for Nbc liberal media. Shepard Smith sure sounds like it was him. Must be interviewing
Shepard Smith is terrible for buisness please send him with Meghan Kelly!!!
Shepard Smith.he is awful biased against trump.cant stand him.he is as bad as Meghan Kelly
Sheppard Smith should go to work with Meghan Kelly. LOL
shawn still kissing DJT booty, Meghan Kelly was right were his "safe" zones
I totally thought Gary was going to say was offering Meghan Kelly a "safe space". Barf.
Will Fox/Meghan Kelly face consequences for PUBLICLY DEFENDING SICK James A. from
Meghan Kelly on this am---Ailes tried to kiss her 3x. Savannah Guthrie does good job on interview. Glad no
I predict Meghan Kelly will go to CNN and leave Fox
your integrity is like your virginity. Once it's gone, it's gone. You lost your integrity on national TV with meghan kelly
world must be about to blow up Meghan Kelly & Ana making sense - have they moved to the dark Side ;)
Meghan is conniving. She is not Kellys friend. She just used Kelly in her tricks.
- We know who Meghan Kelly is for. Hillary /Abortion Thought she was Catholic! I am offended by her disresp…
Meghan Kelly has a new book, so remember she's trying to get her name out there without a book tour.
Another woman says advisor R Ails harrased her 2! Guess who? Meghan Kelly!!! DJT attack on her a coincidence? U decide!!!
You know it's hit the fan when Meghan Kelly now claims she was sexually harassed by RA
- let's see if Meghan Kelly understands English!
egg on their face. I would like to see Meghan Kelly away from that alternative news station
Jeanine u need to replace Meghan Kelly at 9
Strange. Fox only one with HRC LIVE FULL SCREEN. CNN Fox leaving us deplorables behind to keep Meghan Kelly
plus Meghan Kelly hates trup on fix so he doesn't get away with stuff on FOX. More fair station to both candidates.
in the intro of the Ailes story Joy made nasty comment about Meghan Kelly, shame on her.
Gingrich And Kelly Have A Live Showdown On Fox News&Over Guess Who Is it just me or does Meghan look man-ish?
Bunch of liars. The whole lot of them. Meghan Kelly needs to get out while she can. Only credible journalist they g…
You have Meghan Kelly on for the night of election I will not be watching. Disappointed
Meghan kellylearn your lesson not to listen to leaks
Still think they gave Meghan Kelly in the trunk
Meghan Kelly often brings up the alleged allegations concerning the women who claim Trump harassed them. Is she on the Dems payroll
Am glad I can't get to Meghan Kelly. Would have to slap her her evil face. She is such a Devil's Advocate.
I think that Tamra & Heather will certainly target Meghan next season. They will punish her for not hating Kelly
Meghan Kelly obsessed with sex, she can't help herself. Shameful
Lmao Meghan is burning sage through this entire house to cleanse the air & get rid of bad energy. Never heard of that in…
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Meghan Kelly's 15 min of fame after shaming Trump has got to be over, she only has platform for shaming Trump, we can not stand her
Begging u to lose Meghan Kelly, she only got platform by shaming Trump, He Got Her book deal too! I would not read if I was paid!!
Off to see if Meghan Kelly has anything of interest on.
i guess its ok 2 call out minorities, disabled, Mexicans, Meghan Kelly, oh wait if ur a star
My prediction is that Meghan will leave (which I think has been confirmed?) & a friend of Kelly's will take her place.
I'm watching the finale & Shannon's calling Meghan a conspiracy theorist when she's calling them out on getting Kelly drunk
didn't you say Kelly brought Frank to Meghan's event?
they should have given him Meghan Kelly's time slot
And Meghan Kelly was considered to be a friend of Roger Ailes
1/ Heather tried to ingratiate herself to Meghan on the bus by feigning she felt bad Meghan had to basically experience Kelly.
Tonight on Upstate Sports Edge on CW15 at 10:30 pm, Kelly O'Donnell talks with Caitlin Cucchiella…
Heather says Kelly takes things to a new low but heather said Meghan should regret getting pregnant and she felt bad for Kelly's kid
Kelly Meghan has to go! To bad no other network wants her and your going to offer her HOW MUCH!
I guess Meghan Kelly didn't get her 20 million dollar contract so the next strep was obvious. sue for sexual harassment
Meghan knew about the plan to get rid of Vicky/Kelly. It's why she made plans to be e…
good for him! Now let's give Jesse waters Meghan Kelly's slot!
greta should be in Meghan Kelly's place. I'd be on foxnews for 4 hours a night starting at 7pm
"Tucker Carlson" I hope it's 2 replace Meghan Kelly! Kelly File is played out! Love it when Tucker laughs @ a liberal as they spew lunacy!
I hope so too. But this election season, who knows? Did you see story about Roger Ailes groping Meghan Kelly?
how can we vote Kelly and Meghan with an H off the OC
Grace Kelly, Marie-Chantal Miller and more American women who married princes. Will Meghan Markle be next?…
love you all except for Meghan kelly(Donald Trump) but you all look fabulous.
will someone please fire Meghan Kelly , your ratings are going down and we the people cant stand listening and looking at her face
About time FOX! Now get rid of Shepard Smith, Meghan Kelly & we'll watch F…
Meghan Kelly wrote a book settle for more she's trying to sell it on Fox don't buy it Boycott it
new report that FBI split from DOJ and secret recordings. Watch Meghan Kelly
Ok well I don't think Meghan Kelly is worth 20 million, the network could spend the money elsewhere.
Is Meghan Kelly guest tonight on uppers? I think she is crazy and needs medication. Hillary needs to be investigated! DOJ is in cahoots
Boycott Meghan Kelly join The Jewboy is broadcasting live on the air! Listen Chat Call in at
Agree 100%! Her leaning over Meghan talking about Kelly was disgusting.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
y'all I'm still bitter that Meghan Trainor won a Grammy over Tori Kelly
Keep Kelly and Meghan. Dump the real "trash."
Stirewalt is ANOTHER dud that needs to be fired on Fox (includes Juan Williams and Meghan Kelly).
She is articulate and respectful on "stage"-- please replace that horrible (now horrible and biased) Meghan Kelly!
Hears research, Sheppard Smith,Meghan Kelly donated heavy to Clinton campaign, and look this up,Chris Wallace is a Democrat .
Shepherd Smith and Meghan Kelly need to go work for the Clinton News Network. Good riddance you prices of biased garbage
Krystal Ball on Fox w Meghan Kelly said "I don't see why we shouldn't take her at her word" This was after HRC's 15 year old ?er.
If you knew Shepard Smith and Meghan Kelly donated $70,000 to the Clinton Campaign via associates would their reporting make more sense?
Meghan Kelly you need to stop beating trump We need to give Pat Smith a few breaks
Fox with the exception Shepherd Smith & Meghan Kelly who don't even try to be "fair & balanced" about Donald Trump.
Just wondering why in the *** Fox News keeps those two Hacks Shepard Smith and Meghan Kelly on...I watch everyone but those two.
Would someone please tell me why Meghan Kelly thinks that any Fox viewer cares what Michael Moore thinks about anything Both losers
Michael Moore, really? Can FOX do any better then this? Meghan Kelly, desperate for interviews. FOX ratings slipping
So we are just supposed to forget about the Fox sanctioned Meghan Kelly hit on President Donald Trump Mark?
; tired a Meghan Kelly. Why is she still too line? FOX has better female commentators. Do something about Kelly.
That's why Fox wanted Meghan Kelly to kiss and kiss and make up with Donald-all about the ratings
Fox's Meghan Kelly is mor Liberal than we know,. Against N.C. Law that keeps transgender's out. of restrooms.. Showing her true colors..
Contrast this with recent statements to Meghan Kelly on Fox. So much for telling the truth.
. Time to replace Meghan Kelly and replace her with Andrea Tantaros. That would improve Fox
Come on! He ATTACKS anyone who DARES to ? him- Meghan Kelly, Carson, Fiorina, Fox News, Heidi Cruz.
u r so WRONG abt Meghan Kelly. Her audience is not loyal. She cant go out on her own. She will stay at Fox guaranteed
You have a real star in Shannon Bream and need to use her more, rather than divisive Meghan Kelly
DEPORT GEORGE SOROS have him take his NAZI friend Meghan Kelly with him. We are sick and tired of these people who are paid to hate Trump
You have to win Meghan Kelly, put her to work, and make her your first white house press secretary.
Trump will choose Meghan Kelly to be his VP. A Kennedy Johnson relationship
Steve Hayes and Meghan Kelly hated by millions for slamming Trump. Fox unfair and unbalanced.
The Democrat DNC Chair does not represent her party very well. Hard to watch interview with Meghan Kelly on Fox.
While Fox is telling us that Trump has taken MS & MI, Meghan Kelly is telling us how his popularity is falling. Am I missing something?
Sean is there ONLY one we still watch on FOX. Can't stand Meghan Kelly
why was this not mentioned during the debate that Meghan Kelly had lied about AD rating
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Jeanine Pirro firmly in Trump's corner. Fox News has chosen it's next favored candidate, Meghan Kelly notwithstanding.
(clarifying) I blame Meghan Kelly and fox for shaming trump supporters. Cruz 2 far right to beat Hillary. Cruz is scarey/crazy
We the FOX viewers wanting Meghan Kelly to be fired along with Semmon for their dishonesty
Meghan Kelly and Fox DID A great JOB the other night.. but until this moment, I have not been 'more' like Trump...
Fox News is corrupt in in bed with Rubio friends of sammon.setup to tear down Trump by Meghan Kelly
It went better than the Meghan Kelly thing at Fox
Not sure how Meghan Kelly got the 9 o'clock spot on Fox but I sure wish they'd been bring Greta back, she is an amateur Kelly
Meghan Kelly acted more like a candidate than a moderator. Fox should be ashamed.
Meghan Kelly and Neil Cavuto on FOX TV are going to, yes already are losing large numbers of watchers due to their dislike for Trump.
Fox News give up you can't destroy trump before you destroy your news agency get rid of Meghan Kelly thank you
FOX let Meghan Kelly go at Trump, with both barrels. They got BALL$!
I guess Meghan Kelly wants to sell another new book that's why she's slamming Trump
Just listened. Cruz is an excellent manipulator of facts. The only person better at it is …
How on gods green earth did meghan trainor win over tori kelly. Someone please explain how 😑😑
Still can't believe Meghan Trainor won the Grammy over Tori Kelly. I'm sorry but Tori had one of the best years and the best album.
The simlish version of "Expensive" by Tori Kelly is lyrically & meaningfully better than all of Meghan's songs combined
How on earth did Meghan Trainor get a Grammy over James Bay and Tori Kelly? . Genuinely outraged!!
me when Meghan trainor won a Grammy over tori kelly
Tori Kelly everything wise. Meghan trailer park is the dumbest person ever.
unfollowed. Boycott both you and Meghan Kelly now.
I'm still bitter about the fact that Meghan Trainor beat Tori Kelly AND James Bay for best new artist at the grammys
I mean the best new artist Grammy is now kinda worthless since Meghan trainor got one over Tori Kelly
James bay and Tori kelly are both vocally and lyrically better then Meghan trainor, how the *** did she win
We got a new stand-off this week between Tori Kelly's 'Hollow' v Meghan Trainor's 'Better When I'm Dancing! Which one did you like the best?
MC, Beyonce, Adele, Xtina, Britney, Alicia, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Meghan Trainor. What if it had been one of them?
I wouldn't base her deserving BNA off of sales. Tori Kelly was robbed.
3) Tori Kelly has one of the best vocals I've ever heard and was BORN for that Grammy, Meghan Trainor is ab…
Meghan Trainor winning a Grammy over Tori Kelly is disgusting.
"Tori Kelly's voice is annoying and Meghan deserved that Grammy more than her"
9. Meghan Trainor didn't deserve that Grammy she got I was actually rooting for Tori Kelly she actually h…
Proud of she deserves that Best New Artist Grammy! Even though Tori Kelly didn't win it, she's still goin…
Can you imagine Tori Kelly and Meghan Trainor performing together Sam Smith's "Stay With Me"? Sign this petition
Me when I saw Tori Kelly lost her Grammy of best new artist to Meghan who ain't new or a best artist.
How the *** did lose to I'm not bashing Meghan Trainor but I honestly believe Tori Kelly should've won that...
Meghan Trainor has more and than Nicki Minaj and Tori Kelly put together, so shhh haters
Meghan Trainor & Tori Kelly are friends so can you haters stop with the nonsense on who should of won the Grammy! https:/…
dont get how meghan won the grammys when Tori Kelly deserves it more :(
Kendrick Lamar and Tori Kelly fans were FURIOUS over those losses. Reactions:
how? Tori Kelly: Healthy and slim, incredible vocalist, great songwriter. Meghan is none of those things.
Tori Kelly should have won Best New Artist. She deserves it way way more than Meghan Trainor.
How do you mispronounce Tori Kelly as "Meghan Trainor" on national television
12. still baffles me how bubblegum pop meghan trainor ROBBED tori kelly at the grammys, how tf
is that Meghan Kelly or David Bowie in "Earth to major John"?
I don't like Meghan Kelly but I would tap that white ***
Meghan Kelly devotes 10 minutes of her show every night knocking Trump...How is that working out for her!
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I vote to replace Meghan Kelly with
Meghan: this drink is gross. Kelly: did u say Moes???
Shannon Bream soo much better than Meghan Kelly Kelly interrupts the guests constantly,practically argues with them.can't stand her
did she insult and demean women by insulting fiorinas hair and suggesting Meghan Kelly was menstruating. No!
You betcha! And, the Queen Bee of their tirade is Meghan "Attention *** Kelly. She's sold her soul to Islam!
ok, time for schooling for Julie Verdone and Kelly Ann . also for Jude Bond, Meghan Gerety...
Meghan Kelly just said "problem with letting people in who are trying to kill us!. BUT she is against TRUMP!
Glen Beck is laying on some truth on Meghan Kelly"s show right now. Heavy.
Can anyone see what I see in Kelly Meghan's eyes that she dislikes Donald Trump. I could be wrong though. I like her haircut
Idk if I wanna marry rebel wilson, adele, meghan trainor, or kelly osbourne lmfao
When you go to in Blackshear Georgia to buy a device go to Jessica Clough, Meghan Kelly, or don't go to Jake
you not have a remote? Funny but Meghan Kelly was fuming because MSNBC and CNN were Trumping ALL DAY. No Trump zone.
I started to distrust Fox after Meghan Kelly on the first debate
Hanging out with Meghan at Kelly's in Wildwood for TIA All Chapter Championships. Circa May 2010.…
He was very professional! Enjoyed the whole interview. Meghan Kelly should take lessons
Unfollowed Meghan Kelly way too negative in Trump
it is Meghan Kelly doesnt like Donald Trump. She can't stand that he's getting all the press
Meghan Kelly upset me last night with the way she talks about you. A reporter should stay neutral.
what is poor Meghan Kelly gonna do when she realizes yo r president. She'll b no use to anyone then
Meghan Kelly just said we accomplished nothing. Your show. Your statement is accredit to you and you alone.
Agree. He looks like he has aged 5 years in 6 months . Meghan Kelly is about only one who has him on anymore. Sad.
you're getting like Meghan Kelly. stop interrupting your guests & let them speak.
People Tori kelly should win that Grammy for best new artist not Meghan Trianor like no.I am not a big fan of Tori but Meghan Come on.
stupid Kelly. Who does she think she is?!
Trump knows how to get free airtime. Even Meghan Kelly gave him some. Righteous indignation! Or the best she could fake.
Yo Bryan Duff, what characters do you think Kelly Meghan will play tonight? Inquiring minds want to know.
I added a video to a playlist The Voice 2015 Meghan Linsey and Kelly Clarkson - Live Finale:
If Meghan Tranior wins that Grammy over Tori Kelly I'm out bro. Leaving this planet. 🚀🖕 😂😂
tori kelly got nominated for best new artist at the Grammys and if meghan trainor wins instead of tori I'm gonna kill myse…
Meghan trainor and tori kelly are nominated for a Grammy but one direction isn't. One Direction
Meghan Kelly is a waste of time. She is no asset to Fox. Her personal dislikes of Donald Trump shows through, shame.
Trump is right on ! World Trade Center 911 Meghan Kelly is a *** .. How the news media Fox forgets way to soon
all of Fox ppl are experts Bill Oreilly types out a book a month,Meghan Kelly they are all bimbos and liars
. We are bigger than Meghan Kelly. Bigger than Fox. Bigger than MSM. THANK YOU TRUMP!. TRUMP. TRUMP. TRUMP
I am a Trump supporter but you did THE BEST job with the debates. Fox was a disaster especially Meghan Kelly.
Straight questions on straight issues! Thanks Fox and Meghan Kelly for not doing the same!!! What the *** were you thinking?
I don't hate ALL of Fox News. Bret Baier is terrific. Meghan Kelly is also good. Most act like bozos.
Rooting for you! We need your toughness. Pls offer interview w/Meghan Kelly. Win FOX over!! You can do it!
I will only watch Meghan Kelly, Bret Baier and Brian on FF on Fox
trump is bigger than Fox, Meghan Kelly, Ramos and the media in general. That what people like
Meghan Kelly needs to apologize to Trump! Can't watch her anymore and some other Fox shows!
Report: Trump at War With Fox News Newsmax via Roger Ailes and Meghan Kelly are a joke ! Two peas in the same pod .
It won't work.It's just turning people away from Fox, and Meghan Kelly.
I am so sick of hearing Fox News say how Donald Trump should apologize to Meghan Kelly truth is she started something with the wrong person
Fox News get with the program as far as Donald Trump is concerned... are you even listening to his message. Get over Meghan Kelly.
Chris doesn't care, he is fixated on Meghan Kelly & Fox. Meanwhile latinos are loosing their minds over treatment of Ramos!
Meghan Kelly is the worst fox reporter dope for being honest !
I have to give credit when it's due...Kudos to Roger Ailes (Fox Chair/CEO) for finally coming to Meghan Kelly's defense.
Meghan Kelly was ok at first but now she is the most annoying Host on Fox. She's loud, interrupts too much and boring.
i used to watch Fox until Meghan Kelly degraded Trump and used her media platform for her own Liberal agenda.
Oh my - you mean Fox News propagated falsehoods? I am shocked. Shocked I tell you. Somebody get me Meghan Kelly pronto.
Meghan Kelly also viciously attacked brave Hero for USA Lt. Col Terry Lakin for refusing to deploy to middleast under Obama
Meghan Kelly is right. SHAME on White House for not sending FBI or reps to funeral of Kate Steinle, but for criminals in Ferguson, Baltimore
Watch old Russert tape to see how it is done. Then watch Brett Baier interview with Romney or Meghan Kelly with Rand. No soft.
This guy named Richard on Meghan Kelly is lying, just lying, about Ferguson and Baltimore. No wonder those places are such a mess.
Kelly Clarkson music makes my ears bleed
Let's stick to bashing the actual fat people aka meghan trainor and kelly clarkson
Meghan we could have become dictators of the Dominican Republic for gods sake
Minimalist bedroom with a view of Manhattan.
cool.. Mine calls "meghan meghan" (sp?) when she sees Kelly .. Nice to know won't be ***
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Follow us on Periscope for our new live stream Water Cooler talk with Kelly and Meghan! Our 1st one begins in 5 minutes!
It has everything. Wrap around porch, balcony, stone👌
Meghan Kelly very deferential to DWS, much snarkier to Rand Paul, quit being a suck up Meghan.
My dad just told me Megyn Kelly on Fox News is way cooler than Meghan Kelley...his daughter.
I'll be watching Meghan Kelly and Sean Hannity tonight, hopefully they'll be something on this
which means Meghan is Kelly...meaning she only did that one good song with R Kelly that one time.
Who is going to address any of these issues about Hillary ? Nobody... Hey Hillary...Meghan Kelly waiting..
HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO THIS CRAZY CHICK! Love you so much Sammy girl and I couldn't be more…
S/o to my mains cause it's there birthday 😍🎉🎊🎂
Does anyone else think that Meghan Trainor looks like Kelly Osbourne ???
nope Kelly song was Koryn. Meghan sang little big town
listenerdriven: on 101.3 The Jockey? kelly_clarkson, nellyfurtado or Meghan_Trainor? Vote @ …
Dana great job on the Meghan Kelly show up the good work
I'm raising money for Meghan Kelly Trip to France. Click to Donate: via
listenerdriven: on 101.3 The Jockey? lordemusic, kelly_clarkson or Meghan_Trainor? Vote @ …
Breast Cancer Awareness
I left bc kelly said she was gonn give me a couple weeks off to get used to Pet Supplies and to train her new ppl
I know 😔 has Kelly said anything about me comin back yet? 😭😭😭😭
Being basic with is my favorite thing to do
Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, that Meghan all about that base girl and Shailine Woodley something are are *** Man, I liked+
Tomi, wow you are the Meghan Kelly of OAN ! Keep Rockin' it girl ! You'll be discovered.
keep it going with the fire! You are kicking *** and hope to see you grow! Look out Meghan Kelly, here comes Tomi !
For me this Is a picture of hope for you all to follow me!!!Please!!!:)
So much fun on stage with after my gig in Birmingham last night singing "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" 🎶❤️ http…
Fox News folks arguing..this Meghan Kelly character is either idiotic or evil or both.
Black Fox News reporter lets his feelings for Mike Brown and Rioters interfere with his reporting to Meghan Kelly. Argues on air with Kelly!
Meghan Kelly going off on this reporter about ferguson on Fox News 😂😂
This just in.. Meghan Kelly - Fox News.. Martin Luther King was White..
Katie Pavlich just brought it to Meghan Kelly on Fox! Awesome job Katie!
So with Stephen Colbert leaving Comedy Central to take on the Late Show with David Letterman. which i'm excite about! I had an idea for the replacement. if any of the Viacom, MTV Networks, or Comedy Central execs are listening. I think they should take Samantha Bee and do a spoof off like the Meghan Kelly's or Nancy Grace's of the world. (In the same way Colbert spoofed the Bill O'Reilly types. Prolly wont happen .. but heres to hoping.
Steyer won’t pay for Obama library if the Keystone Pipeline is allowed go through. Fox News - Meghan Kelly
After a three-year run, CNN has given up on trying to make Piers Morgan the new Larry King and will pull the plug on the Briton’s 9 p.m. talk show, which has been finishing far behind rivals Meghan Kelly on Fox News Channel and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.
Looks like we can add Joy Reid to the *** of Christmas" list. I bet her and Meghan Kelly never thought they would be on the same list together:)
Meghan Kelly is shredding Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel; loving this exchange!
~ Today's Worst Persons in the World: Conservatives ~ Republicans are making the Affordable Care Act website roll-out their newest mission in life since they looked like fools during the government shutdown fiasco..The GOP's best PR after their own disastrous actions seems to be that the websites are not working well. And now the pig *** are going to be the kings of hypocrisy and deceit, and pretend that they are upset with Kathleen Sebelius for not making the program they hate work better...These Hypocrite Tapeworms make me sick to my stomach.. GOP lawmakers and Right Wing pundits are calling for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' head on a platter..All week long Fox News has done a 24/7 smear campaign against the roll-out of the Obamacare website...Every one of those *** Fox News employees,,,from the creeps at Fox & Friends to Gretchen Carlson to Sean Hannity to Bill O'Reilly to Meghan Kelly have ridiculed and mocked the roll-out of the Obamacare website and all demanded tha ...
NASA chief engineer says he’d love to see the space agency crowdfunded via Meghan Kelly
are you sure about that Meghan Kelly? Because I'm not
Hipmunk takes on HotelTonight with last-minute hotel deals: Meghan Kelly/VentureBeat Hipmunk…
“Always Wanna Do What I'm Doing this is living with
Meghan Kelly/VentureBeat Kevin McNamee, director, Kindsight LAS VEGAS — So, you downloaded an app from a third party…
Spy phones: How everyday hackers can turn your devices against you via Meghan Kelly
Watching some of the osu football games from last year. *** I can't wait for this season to start
NSA chief stands up for surveillance; fends off hecklers via Meghan Kelly
Can't believe I'm going to be in Lake George in just 10 days 😍
Bradley Manning guilty of nearly 20 charges, faces over 100 years in jail via Meghan Kelly
I actually miss TUS, can we relive senior year just one more time?
What is going on with these trains lately 😣
I kinda wanna delete all the pictures on my phone since there on my computer now... But I like emotionally can't.
I need to stop talking to at night I start think about too much
so what's it like knowing ohhh I mean me
It's so weird to watch Amanda Bynes in she's the man now
This guy can try to ruin our pictures but it just doesn't work 😏🚣🚢
The HORROR! Super successful Meghan Kelly has THREE babies in THREE years. What a slap in the face to Failing Feminists everywhere.
Apple restores iOS, Mac, and Safari dev center sites after hack via Meghan Kelly
Happy birthday to this crazy chick love ya so much you nugget k8roxx 😘😘😘
the Tuckahoe trolley has to be the cutest waste of taxpayer money ever
5 alleged hackers charged in the largest cybercrime credit scheme in U.S. history via Meghan Kelly
In Manchester,NH for Meghan Kelly's graduation at the Verizon Wireless Arena
Jusr watched FOX's Meghan Kelly school an arrogant, blustering, condescending old man named Congrssman Jim McDermott on the US Constitution and a citizens right to address grievances before his elected officials without harassment. Way to go Meghan!
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