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Megan Young

Megan Lynne Young (born February 27, 1990) is a Filipino-American actress who is a member of Star Magic Batch 15. She is best known for being a former celebrity housemate on Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2. Megan is an alumnus of ABS-CBN's rival television station GMA's StarStruck and a former member of GMA Artist Center.

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When it all comes back and hits you like a brick...
I was born in the wrong era man I should have been a bright young thing
“Brigham Young university, here we come!”
I'm too young to have back problems like this.
What do these do..? (Also, I'm super psyched to see young the giant they are my fave)
'You're too young to understand' how patronising
Megan Young & Valerie Weigmann. So far two of the best Queens that Team Aces…
SASH FACTOR - View topic - Megan Young vs Polly "Punika: The crowned and the dethroned
remind me of a Megan fox chick for some reason
Tune into BBC World Service at 3pm today to hear our graduates Sarah Young and Megan Folsmon talk Women in Tech!
Will the Philippines have its first back to back title? Excited for this December as Megan Young crowns… [pic] —
My first lesson starts in 45 minutes and I've just woken up *** it
Miss World 2013 Megan Young headlines the beauties that will parade with the PBA teams in the elaborate opening...
Megan? You get away from that stage right now!! You get home young lady this instant!
Congratulations to our own Megan Stone for being selected as Massachusetts Youth Soccer Young Referee of the Year! Awesome job Megan!
18 is just too young. I didn't know you very well but the way you affected everyone shows how truly beautiful you were. …
MT: Attn: young professionals in CHI- are you looking to get involved in your community & network? Contact me a…
Senior Night at Girls Swim/Dive...a BIG congrats to Megan Contarino our lone senior on the team...Quite an impressive career young lady!
TBH I'm just waiting for Young Sensei's mixtape to drop .
My face when you don't vote Megan Young for junior homecoming princess💁
Everyone in the junior class vote Megan Young for homecoming ! 😍
Tim Yap, Cristalle Belo, Miss World 2013 Megan Young and 'Ang Lihim Ni Annasandra' star Mikael Daez at the...
Miss World 2013 Megan Young is in India for the Miss India contest. At a sub-contest Tuesday, Megan walked the ramp and talked about being a Miss World. Howe...
Miss World 2014 winner Megan Young with our students. All at our GMP School's library
The story of how an young girl become 'Tiger Lily of ' by
Megan came to young life screaming cause someone took the D 😂😂
I'm young. I'm single. There are no rules. Sometimes I need to tell it to me straight. 💚
I just wanna have fun and be young & dumb
I love Diane and Megan they're the realist OGs out there
WIN! STARS WIN! STARS WIN!. The vets and the young guys shine as the Stars down the Blues, 4-3, in the preseason op…
My heart aches for the family and friends of all of these young people going too soon. Not understanding God's plan now more than ever. 💔
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Tell them young bulls stay in a child's place before I dead'em this Megan's Law it's Child's Play -
Nice one. Megan Young's term is extended. … —
Megan good got some nice pictures goin around
Megan Young's term extended for another year! Congratulations!
I feel so flattered when someone say "you look like Megan Young" or some beauty queen. 😂 far out kaayo but thank you pd kaayo!!!
happy birthday to Mema, 85 years young and still smiling 💛💛💛
Thank you for supporting Megan, the aspiring young physical therapist on your show! We love being PT's and know she will too.
. hi ♥. I'm too young to know about forever, but I promise that I'll love you while my heart beat ♥. FOLLOW M…
Know a high-performing 7th grader with financial need? Then check out our Program here:
This goes to Megan Campbell , Live fast die young be wild have fun !! Follow her we miss you Megan
Some awesome young talent on show tonight, especially Laura Siddall, Ben Lancaster & Megan Bibby. Stars of the future?!? :-)
megan adams . I dont no her but she a young girl lol,
Accidentally dropped Megan's fish down the sink 😭
So weird to think me and Megan have know each other since we was young and are now such good friends
“An inspirational story on this Monday afternoon. Watch: Class act
is Lee Thomas Young aka Frost from Rizzoli and Isles 😍😍. Cliche but "why do the good die young"…
Why can't every young actress be like Emma Watson: sophisticated, influential, and determined.
ahhh we were so young!! Can't believe that was 6 years ago!!! 😱😱
All good thanks. Life's great & the future's looking bright. Take care... enjoy
Sun behind the clouds by Mike Young
Middle school boys hitting on me today and asked if I could go to lunch with them then asked what class I had next. Cons of looking young...
Young kids so nasty now a days. When I was young all I did was have Hilary duff sing offs with my friends
So Megan good Nude pictures are stupid sexy.! ☺☺☺☺☺
I know nobody perfect but Megan good is an exception lol
My baby Megan good nudes were leaked tho
her inspiration? Wanting to be like that woman in Total Recall (you may be to young to remember that film) ;)
hope you are both well. All the best for academic year. Have fun 😆
Congrats to Megan Engel on her Rhodes Scholarship! An inspiration to young women in STEM.
I know, was awesome bumping into you too! Thank you Jen, have a fab time celebrating Georgie's bday. Hopefully see you soon!
Megan Good is a *** pastors wife. Dem church women gon be lookin at her like !
I think I got a lot of life skills; I got a lot of wisdom; I've seen a lot of bad things happen to a lot of good people.~ Young…
It just makes me grateful that I'm young and healthy
So lovely to bump into earlier! Have an amazing Freshers and see you at the pool!
Kim Chiu or Megan Young should have won the award for the female category. For the male category, should have been Daniel Padilla.
Best Dressed for me are Kathryn Bernardo, Kim Chiu and Megan Young. For boys: Daniel Padilla only catched my attention.
you're too young to be thinking like this Megan
“she said she wasn't coming back maybe till spring”Megan and katty went back
Our very own Dr. Megan Young, our technician, Malvin, and our VP crew!...
He doesn't look a thing like Jesus, but he talks like a gentleman like you imagined when you were young
With the Miss World 2013 Megan Young! Way to start my 1st day in Bora!
To the people who said I'm too young to be mature.
We're still young I'm not gonna stop anyone doing that
I just had to tell you that you were to young since you tell me that I'm to young😂
hmm weird. Well, *** you in the states so 21 is the age. Which makes you to young😂
Came to see Megan before she leaves. - Drinking a Young's Double Chocolate Stout at -
Hi guys, please check out >he is a young youtuber that's has big ambitions, I've subscribed on his channel so should you :) ty x
like Don and Betty are pretty much hollow shells, and Megan is young and vibrant
Friday night in the Young household ft Megan ❤️
I swear, all of the freshmen look so young... did we all look like that?
"megan people have their life planned from a very young age and you still don't have a clue" WOW THANKS I KNOW
He is has all of his dreams come true while so young... . LUKE YOU DESERVE IT ALL!!
I am because I want to give the same strength to young girls that Gamma Phi Beta has given me.
Young, enthusiastic & full of potential- no I'm not describing but welcoming our new intake! Welcome to
Crowning Moment 2013 Megan Young from the 63rd edition of…
Miss World Megan Young with Miss Puerto Rico!. Thank you Megan for the Honor and Pride you gave for the Philippin...
Meet the young YouTubers changing the way British media stars are born (http:…
U learn most from elders and young kids, hardly ever from people in your age bracket
Wear it Purple for rainbow young people. Today and every day.
.looks a bit like a young Megan McArdle: "This is why you need to take a vacation" via
To all the girls who think they can't be with their fav because you're to young,
He kissed me like he meant forever, we were too *** young to know any better
Yo: Give it up for Valor backup QB Parker Courier ... the young man did quite well against Pomona. Take a bow.
When Malik is a soccer dad with two young kids and a house payment>>>
“Spencer Hastings you’re under arrest for the murder of Bethany Young.” – Detective Holbrook.
happy birthdayy i remember way back from those XFactor days u were soo young and now u are A man :)
I beg to differ young lady, it's 10 times better
Megan Young is Miss World Philippines' standard of beauty
Megan Young, Georgina Wilson, Anne Curtis to name a few. He's always his gentleman self around girls pero never nagtake-advantage :)
So Georgina Wilson is the face of RCBC, Anne Curtis for PSBank, Derek Ramsey for EastWest Bank and Megan Young for Security Bank. Hm...
Angelica Panganiban, Megan Young and Bianca Gonzales commented on Kath's photo.♥
My oldest bro baby 1yr young nd my other bro baby due in December...I think I'm going to wait a year to get Megan Good pregnant then
Also the main theme of almost all young adult movies is "be yourself!!!" but I've done that at least twice and both time…
How does one avoid their parents for like a month
Megan fox can make anyone feel young again if you know what I mean
So scared of getting older. I'm only good at being young🎶
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Megan Muncy is the best thing that's ever happened to my life
Megan ordering a takeaway:- 'can you deliver it I've broken my toes? Plus can you bring a card machine?' 😁🙉💩
Megan Hayes, Harrison L. Young and Drew Andersen, this makes me think of you
Megan is currently trying to repierce her forward helix in my bathroom
Did you miss Check out Megan Quibell's report: (1st pic made me think of you,
Make dumb decisions while we're young or you won't have anything to tell stories about when you're older.
I hate to see so many young hearts broken 💙 praying for the family
My heart breaks everytime I see a young girl wearing a crop top. Actually anytime I see any girl wearing one.
Thanks Megan you know I'm a young adult and I'm 20 years old. :) :)
Too young too dumb to realize, you shoulda bought me flowers and held my hand
Reassured to know that there are motivated young leaders like Sierra Durr and Megan Marud of htt…
Uuuugggh Megan Young I'm so kilig you are so pretty and nice. Even if you said no, you still were super nice!
Saw Megan Young at GH, asked for a picture, but she said she can't because she isn't "fixed" so bawal. She shook my hand instead.
I'm reading tonight at 8pm as part of the Young Woman Authors' event Come keep me company!
Megan our new Assistant Ranger has reopened Farm Walk as the young fawns are now up and about.
Why is everyone worried about a relationship? We are young worry about being happy and make yourself happy 😊
5⭐ Get your copy 2day. The Blood Feud. | h…
The Very first Miss World from the Philippines during the Dances of the World.. Miss World 2013 Megan Lynn Young...
This smart young man has invented a way for developing countries to save water and it's shaking up the world!
Why is trying to strangle Megan Find out here
First East Coast bet for Miss World Phl to be chosen Miss World Philippines national director Cory Quirino is flying to New York City to oversee the first-ever beauty pageant to pick the East Coast Fil-Am community’s official delegate to this year’s Miss World Philippines in Manila (with Megan Young as the reigning winner) slated for Aug. 29, with venue to be announced. The NYC search will be held on July 12 (Saturday) at 7 p.m. at the Symphony Space at 2537 Broadway on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Ten Fil-Am beauties of different backgrounds are vying for the crown of 2014 Miss Philippines Quest USA. Cory will also sit in the panel of judges. Funfare’s Big Apple correspondent Edmund Silvestre said that Grace Huffano Labaguis and her Synergy Production are behind Miss Philippines Quest USA, which is a franchisee of Miss World Philippines. “We are all excited to welcome Miss Cory Quirino who not only epitomizes exquisite mestiza beauty, but also exudes substance,” said Grace, a marketing con ...
The beautiful game lived up to its name when Miss World 2013 winner Megan Young became Barcelona’s newest fan. The 24-year-old, holding a Barcelona shirt proudly, was honoured by the club’s president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, as she pledged her support to the La Liga giants. Young, the firs... The...
Presenters of the Mister World 2014 is Miss World 2013 Megan Young and Frankie Cena
Photos: Barcelona nab new talent… in the form of Miss World 2013 winner Megan Young...Read more!
so proud of two inspirational young women who were baton bearers today. Well done Megan Hand and
Hindi man manalo si kath sa celebrity of the year, it's still a great honor to be lined up with Marian Rivera, megan young, sarah g.,and kim
Bindi, please realise that people sexualising young girls are in the wrong and that they are the ones who need to reev…
∞ One of our Miss World 2013 Megan Young's unreleased photos during the beach beauty challenge in Bali. ...
Watch me on PEPTalk and get to know me a little better!! ✌️
Ultra gorgeous Miss World 2013 Megan Young in a stunning photoshoot for Mega magazine
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young Miranda makes me think of Megan
This is Leah's friend Megan. She is a young troubled girl who ran away from home yesterday. We are worried sick.
When I was young I couldn't wait to grow up, but now I wish I was young again.
YO just a casual reminder re: Bindi's comments that if you sexualise young girls' bodies regardless of clothing that YO…
And if hope keeps you young for awhile then I'd like to die as a child
Megan retarded but she's also young so imma forgive her.
Lauren Young on beauty queen sister Megan: ”She treats me like an equal.”... via
Here's my slutty new protege, Megan. She's a young version of me. :)
Pls READ VOTE & COMMENT to my 2nd story at wattpad starring megan young & Abra!! thanks!
"Live fast, die young, be wild, have fun." Megan Campbell
Young Megan strips and uses a large vibrator .
When I try to act cool around young kids.
Megan just said she would rather die young than old.
Megan was an intimidating young girl😂
Miss World 2013..from the Philippines. . Megan Young. ..a Filipina Beauty.. Credits to owners of the photograph
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Live fast, die young that's my choice 💕
this young new generation is so messed up. When I was 7 I was playing Poptropica, not texting my boyfriend about the party Saturday
Chad Micheal Murray is in this horror movie.. I can't take it seriously now
Vote now for my favorite Yahoo Celebrity Awards nominee Megan Young
Everyone says ignorant things when they're young, dumb, and have Internet access. Learn from it. Apologize. Grow. I've don…
Ronaldo cut his hair to match the scar of a young fan who had surgery to remove a brain tumor last week
Miss Spain 2014, Elena Ibarbia, and Miss World 2013, Megan Young, were presented with FC Barcelona jerseys by FCB President Joseph Maria Bartomeu during the closing ceremonies for the CineEurope convention. Young said, “Since the last World Cup, I have made many Barça friends who make me watch games and explain things about football. It’s great to learn about this fantastic team who we all now support.”
Miss SWEDEN World 2014, Mr. World Niklas Pederssen från Denmark 2014 and Miss World 2013 Megan Young from Philippines. They were with us this big event in Gävle. They are so beautiful Queens and King World.
FC Barcelona finds pride in the support of Miss World Megan Young, as its president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, even gave the Filipina beauty queen a Barca shirt to thank her.
Not that I'm counting but this time in 4 weeks we will be in Florida. With craig, Chris, Katie MacFarlane, Vikki Young, Andrew Young, Megan Young and Emma. And not forgetting mum and dad and of course meeting up with the Wightman clan. Also the worrals.hopefully. Xxx
"One day, I woke up and realized I deserve better". -Megan Young.
“Whys loyalty the hardest thing to find this old yet so easy when we was so young.”
Wow u live in philippines , are u know megan young Miss World 2013 her comefrom philippine too "Philippines"
Miss World Megan Young during the Philippine Independence Day celebration in New York last Sunday. How will you...
I know that this is NOT how normal young girls ACT. At all. Just *** Like meganrose. This one is megan rose's doppelganger
Young and fun, guys. Young and fun. ✌️
CONFIRMED! Miss World 2013 Megan Young and Mister World 2012 Frankie Cena are the hosts of Mister World 2014 Finals at The Riviera International Conference Centre, Torbay, Devon, England on June 15, Sunday. Indeed our very own Megan Young has been proving herself as one of the best Miss World winners ever..
I am so feeling the love!!! Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, gifts and cards. I truly had a special birthday. Enjoyed the evening with my hubby Owen, Megan Young Johnson, Steve Johnson, grandson Lucas, my son Aaron Marshall, Deb Young Lee Young and his mom Marie visiting from Wpg... Feeling grateful
I accept d.j Tomlin's cold water challenge for the 2014. I'm still donating $50 to the Brooke hamlet memorial fund. In return I want to call out Megan Young Thompson with Jefferson park fire dept. Jessica Wiegratz with the Jefferson park fire dept. Mandy loft is with prince George fire and ems. Misty Bartlette with Jefferson park fire dept and Christopher Pisarek ( Casey Pisarek ) with Hopewell police department. If you do not accept and complete your challenge within 24 you have to donate $100 to the Brooke hamlett memorial fund.
Weavers Cottage excitedly welcomes the reigning Miss World 2013 (Megan Young - Miss Phillipines) and the 2012 Miss World from China as well as Miss Oceania/Australia for a high tea! A wonderful afternoon enjoyed by all!
Miss World 2013 Megan Young meets of The Black Eyed Peas at the Philippine Independence Day parade in N...
Apl de Ap, Megan Young and other celebrities to join 116th Philippine Independence Day Celebration in New York City
“I'm too young to have these aches and pains...”
For just 50 rt's we can save this young THOT
Megan Young and I have the same crop top. Lol! 😍☺️💃
Ludy Green's daughter Megan chosen as a Young IWF Leader in Berlin
with Miss World 2013, Megan Young at the "Beauty with a Purpose" event @ Harvard University!!
Young Men, Here's How to Handle Being 'Friend Zoned' by a Girl: You've been...
Megan and Yerin.. Wah I find some similarities with this two talented and beautiful young ladies..
What if you see Megan Young again in PBB house? hhhm!!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Who inspires you? — megan young lady gaga francis libiran solenn heusaff Georgina Wilson and many more + mah par...
Live Fast, Die Young, Be Wild, Have Fun ~Megan Campbell can't stop thinking about this terrible tragedy.
As the years they pass us by, we stay young through each other's eyes, and no matter how old we get,. It's okay, as long as I got you, baby
“If you're young, have fun. Act reckless and learn from your mistakes. There's plenty of time to be mature in the future.”
We're too young to act like every decision we make is life changing. Take chances & maybe the outcome will be in your favor.
Miss World 2013, Megan Bata Young, in a tour of the United States recently.
And myself, Megan Young will be hitting out the tunes from 2000 to the prsesnt day, here on
Just sent to me by a very young aspiring author - Megan Myers. (Who I absolutely love and adore.) This young girl...
Okay. Lola went to america and had a picture with Megan Young.
Megan good crossed spr 04 in this movie 😳 *** I'm young af
BBC World News interviews Miss World 2013 Megan Young. Shows why she definitely deserves the crown! Brace yourselves, "Proud to be Pinoy" posts are coming. =P ~ When In Manila
Sayang i missed the shoot ni Megan Young for all ATL spots. They did it 2 weeks ago lang.
That's my personal preferencem I mean you can't be all Megan Good, the moment I give head I have put on a respirator *Spits
No ones ever carried my load, I'm too young to feel this old
Realizing exs are exs for a reason. Just gotta move on & stop trying to make things work. We were just young. 🙅 I deserve mo…
lmao y'all are a match. He's a lil young though
Megan's a little butt she replied to my text saying k. i disapprove young lady
Once again I get in bed and can't fall asleep
Not all young moms are bad and not all old moms are good. Age doesn't define maturity. Parents can be bad or good at any age.
it's funny cause I'm wearing my antler shirt rn
Megan Goode ever show up at my door.
Young & Hungry aka the show of Megan Weisbecker
After game of thrones I'm gonna get this young work out in💪👊😅
Brothason used to love Ricky Martin as a young boy.
A young fan of yours has a question for you regarding Shakespeare.
I love trying new face washes and mask. Gotta keep this face clean and clear! Going to stay young forever! 💁
If you put an "o" where the "i" is in Shakira, she suddenly turns from a young latina to a ghetto girl with a weave.
3 days until The Young Blood Chronicles premieres in full on
Kendall is so young and was one of the only people that announced by themselves. If you guys only knew how big and intimida…
VIDEO: A smooth youngster pulled the old switcheroo and gave a decoy ball to a pretty lady. http…
Sometimes I like that ziggie thinks she's a lap dog because I've always wanted a lap dog
Prime example why Kendall Jenner is famous for absolutely nothing
Megan is a beautiful 36 year young woman who is a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt and best friend but most...
Oh my my my. Now this right here was way too cute!!! You go girls...! With- Nichole O'Brien Lynsey O'Brien Julia Megan Young!!!
“Even young Leo was ridiculously attractive
Carla and Megan are two beautiful young ladies with a good head on their shoulders. It's really hard…
Shoutout to Young Megan she kept it lit last night rockin wit me an the homie lol
there is a tv show called young and hungry... why didn't you tell me they made a show about u?¿
I just know Megan Young can't resist and has to come see me this weekend! !
Saw a young women in Asda earlier with some sick ink 💉 😍
no one understands when you try and explain it... My sister is to young to experience this level of comedy :D
On the real. Vegas is gonna be a blast...I am going with a sho'nuff Wolf Pack...June 5th - are welcome to join at your own risk. I have been popping in and out of Vegas on biz and haven't been able to enjoy it in years..I want to see all of my Vegas peeps Jasna Zejnilagic, Megan Young, Samira Knight, Jett Fury, Theresa Olenick, Shirin, Sherry Jackson, Candice A Jackson, Jason Wood, Ch-a Mosley and all of the playboy bunnies.I am gonna use this last bit of Mojo I have left...I am actually staying 3 extra days just to detox and clear up any errant infections.
POLL UPDATE: Who's the fairest of them all? Kim Chiu, Liza Soberano, Megan Young, Marian Rivera, Toni Gonzaga? |...
Miss Philippines Quest USA East Coast 2014 Could Be You! CQ Global Quest Inc.’s CEO Cory Quirino undauntedly believes that there are many exceptionally beautiful Filipinas in the US-East Coast who can follow the victory of Megan Young, the 1st Filipina to win the Miss World title. With the same bel…
Here it is! relive the magical moment when Megan Young of the Philippines was announced the winner of Miss World 2013, and received her sash and crown ...
Last night I had a nightmare! I was bonding with Megan Young and the BEAUTIFUL finalists of the 2013 Miss World Pageant. i had the time of MY life!. . . . . . . . . . IT WAS A NIGHTMARE BECAUSE THAT VERY EVENING... I WON THE PAGEANT! NO!
Yung mga girls na pini-pair kay Xian Lim lahat may CLASS & they're all SOPHISTICATED.. Megan Young, Georgina Wilson & Bea…
Kathy O'Keefe runs away with the victory in the 1500m (4:38), freshman Megan Young is 5th in her first college track race (4:44)!
Megan Young to land at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport any moment from now!. Miss World Chairwoman...
Luis Manzano, Marian Rivera, Megan Young and many more are all amazed by the queen's beauty 😍
Megan Young, Sra Julia Morley and Francisco Escobar in Colombia with a contestant road to Miss World Colombia...
I do wish this girl didn't have the same voice as young Megan Fox..
Hello guys, my name is Megan and I am a sweet, young lady, ready to twist your minds! I `ve been 19y
We had an incredible morning with young innovators from They definitely set the bar high for corporate vis…
Oh young Megan touching her self Sighh
The Queen's Early Life Miss World 2013 Megan Young is the shortest Miss World in years with the height of 5'7. Miss World for over 10 years are mostly 5'9 and above.
Still amazed I got to speak with very own last week!! Thanks…
The beautiful Miss World Megan young in colombia.
lmao I had a weird feeling this is you
Yes, I'm in a new relationship and No, it's not complicated. This relationship is for keeps. -Megan Young :)
Miss World 2013 Megan Young is currently in Colombia doing charity works in behalf of the Miss World organization.
3/16/14 6:45pm SUSPICIOUS-MBTA Call from MBTA reporting 400 drunk young people are returning on train from St Pat's parade
The reigning Miss World, Megan Young is in Colombia! Follow her journey here:...
Megan Young (born Megan Lynne Young on February 27, 1990 in California, U.S.A.)is a Filipina actress who is a member of Star Magic Batch 15. She is best ...
"One day i woke up and realized, I deserve better" - Megan young ✨
The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013: via Megan Young is on the list! top 28
During his funeral, a young child once sat up in his own coffin, asked his father for some water, then died again.
picture picture with the true Megan Young
"SAM! but was it Pluto or not? it had a cool name!? it had to be Pluto bc it was my favorite one." -Megan upon seeing m…
I am the hostess for a lovely young lady, 󾆫 Megan Krautscheid, who is participating in our local Miss Klamath...
he was my Augustus Waters. but i was more like Alaska Young
Some art sent in by a fan! Thanks Emily Megan Young-Chapman for showing us your great art! ~Sauron from Full Metal Saiyans Check out Tumblr is life.
"Pluto? what was the name of the one they cancelled?? it was! cause that was my favorite one. cause Jupiter's big r…
Talent Show ... A Huge Success!! March 1st, Wolford students, parents and friends packed the auditorium at Evans Middle School to watch the "Celebrate Wolford" talent show. The largest talent show in Wolford history, the entertainment spanned two performance times ... a matinee and an evening show. From singing to soccer ... from dancing to juggling ... from piano to drums ... our Wolverines (students and teachers alike!) brought the talent, the laughs, the cheers and the groans (of appreciation at the student emcees' corny jokes). A show as big as this is only a success as a team effort. As coordinator, I would like to thank the following people for the tireless efforts on behalf of our students: Kathy Andrews, Robin Cartee, Stephanie Corwin, Judy Dixon, Kerry Doke, Misty Hook, Paula Lough, Julie Luton, Becca Miller, Dan Miller, Corrina Molina, Lea Ann Palya, Kristy Tebbets, Stacie Walton,Vanessa Walls, Grant Wilson and Megan Young. I would also like to show appreciation to our music coordinator, Mrs. C ...
Too young to notice and too dumb to care🎶
I didn't know that Brandon kid but it's just sad thinking about someone that young died. Idc what kinda person you are no …
Words from Megan... I'm not a 'beauty queen' or just some pretty girl in a picture. I am a young woman who has...
I want to go to a Chris Young concert so bad. Someone please take me
There was only you and me. We were young and wild and Free .. ♫ Heaven (feat. Megan Nicole) by Boyce Avenue —
They say we're too young now to amount to anything else
Megan terrifying What are we doing to make so many young people want to end their lives when they should be full of living them ?
is that a young Billie Joe from green day?
I'm going to have to ask you to hush your mouth ms young
Miss World Philippines "MEGAN YOUNG" she is a beautiful and sexy grl.gogogogogo philippines
Watch my broadcast, you must do, my young padawan
Jess and I have this weird bond where we either cuddle and watch greys or we flick each other to death. Idk
Watch Megan Young share her experience in Miss World 2013 and Haiti in Ikaw Na! . Subscribe to ABSCBN News for more Bandila updates!
From the Philippines to the World. Here these are compilation of Megan Young from Miss Philippines World, The Contestant of Miss World, then as a winner :)
Miss World 2013 Megan Young of the Philippines speaks out against abortion.
Megan fox is like sex in that movie 🔥
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
ATTENTION CHEER NATION PRAYERS ARE NEEDED. 💜 for this beautiful young girl who cheered with Cheer Tyme Allstars. http:…
Megan Young celebrates her birthday in Moscow, Russia
Don't want this weekend to end... Can I just trade all the young kids in for the alum?? 🍷🍻💕✨
Miss Universe 2013, Gabriela Isler (Venezuela) and Miss Russia 2013, Elmira Abdrazakova, help Miss World 2013, Megan Young (Philippines) blow out her birthday candles. Both Miss Universe and Miss World were in Russia this weekend to crown Miss Russia 2014. This is one of the rare occasions that winners of these two rival systems are photographed together.
We are a young team dont, slam us for a defeat: Virat Kohli: Virat Kohli led...
Yes itorabi and I like to switch it up sometimes! Lol!
I love Megan Young's gown during the crowning of Miss Russia 2014.
I can't help it, I can't help it, I was young an I was selfish, I made every *** feel like he was mine & no one else's
Photo: Megan Young on the cover of the March 2014 issue of Women’s Health Yey! I have my own...
Gabriela Isler and Megan Young during the introduction of judges..
"too young for David Beckham, and too old for his sons" :/ the sad truth
Megan thinks that when was young he looked like my brother, my mum even agrees that he does
The new Miss Russia 2014 together with Miss Universe 2013- Gabriela Isler from Venezuela and our very own Megan Young, Miss World 2013.
If you offer to ride my young ones that are just being broke
Megan Young and Mario Maurer can't be a couple since she is rumoured to be dating Mikael Daez :)
In fairness, Megan Young's new TVC made me want to invest in Security Bank. Believable! :)
“When I was young I always wanted to grow up, but now I just wish I was a kid again.”
I love megan young's advertisement on Security Bank
“Megan thought Paris and Rome wasn't abroad 😂😂” & young Kofi is the one that has to do a citizens test smh
GOOD LUCK to our lovely Student Megan Badkin in The Young People's Studio who has an audition today. We're all...
Happy Birthday for last week to the beautiful Miss World 2013, Megan Young. You are an inspiration to all and...
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