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Megan Roberts

Megan Roberts (born November 21, 2000 in Toronto, Ontario) is a junior elite Canadian artistic gymnast and a member of the Canadian National team.

River Ouse York St John University

Paramedics petition: Local paramedics Matt Wiesendahl (from left), Nancy Dron, Megan Ferguson and John Roberts were…
Had a great day today meeting up with Emma Poli and Megan Roberts in Sheffield . Lush lunch . Tea pigs mint tea is to die for, chatting all t…
you could just drink those mini espresso shots from Starbucks
Went to decorate and visit my brother today. I love you so much Austin Tyler
This has been the weirdest Valentine's Day of my life
I want someone who says I love you every night and proves it every day
Ellie makes me feel like I'm a horrible driver
Knights drop to 13-8. Emma Tecca led with 16, Rachel Chessar had 11. Jackie Roberts added 9 and Megan Hutson had 8 in the loss at Padua.
I love you to the moon and back and across the galaxy ❤
a lot of that going around Bro. Chelsea. The Bush girl , Abby Huntsman, Huckabees daughter Cokey Roberts, Megan McCain
When you walk into currys and see Megan Roberts
4 a.m. this morning I hear a munching... . Hunter & I woke up to find that Ellie decided it was finally time to eat her dinner.
I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to relate to Julia Roberts in my best friends wedding. The only differences are she's incredibly sexy 😂
worst customer service ever!! After 4 weeks of waiting my order still hasn't arrived!! Next day delivery…
Granny: "I'll be praying for your grades" . Me: I don't think God can help with that
Hi, Meghan Roberts. Seasons greetings & a happy New Year. Peace, love & happiness Megan Roberts. The best of the season MR.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
👀 Umm Megan of the Roberts family tho'😉
"How long have you & hunter been dating?" . Me: 5 years . "Ohhh 😏 so you guys are getting married soon?" . Me:*walks away grabs another drink*
"I don't know what frightens me more, the power that crushes us, or our endless ability to endure it." - David Roberts
Megan was the name I thought could be nice too
I've been thinking for ages this is so good😂😂
I'm watching and Megan Roberts is the finest, sexiest woman I've ever seen on the show. Simply delicious! ***
oh no but I haven't worked out my will with Megan yet
Last minute Christmas shopping: a memoir by Megan Roberts.
Emily Schild, Ashley Foss, Rachael Luckas, Sami Davis, Megan Roberts & Rachel Baumann are going to be incredible!
Go BEES Math team members Megan Zhao, Krista Roberts and Adam Galauner who will be heading to the State math competition OHMIO
My good looking man catching dinner. @ Ray Roberts State Park- Johnson…
congratulations once again to Marcos and Megan :)
Just wish i was skinny and tanned and 5 foot 9 with long hair and perfect skin :(
Megan Roberts (CAN) has committed to Georgia Gym Dogs for 2018-19 season, woo!
Would self-avowed institutionalist CJ Roberts approve of GOP blockade of SCOTUS nom? I do some speculation
CJ Roberts says politics don't belong at SCOTUS. So what does he think of GOP putting it in partisan crosshairs?
So curious: Would John Roberts prefer conservative successor to Scalia even if that means only 8 justices til 2017?
Some day I will eventually get over this news. Megan Roberts CAN to Georgia c/o 2018!!!
Megan Roberts to Georgia 2018: Heart this photo on Instagram. Thanks Daniel.
Megan Roberts to Georgia … . Haven’t seen it posted publicly as yet. Confirmed by coach Lawson Hamer
Sotomayor was on a roll w/ challengers & Roberts tried to cut it off. She wasn't having it
Happy birthday to my beautiful, talented, witty and fabulous niece Megan Roberts. I love you!!! Xoxo C
If that's not what you meant then why did you post it then mate
I just read an idea worth sharing from Megan Roberts - QuotED
Devastated mum of drowned student Megan Roberts warns others of water dangers
good segment in re Drowning Prevention. Brave mother of Megan Roberts
NEWS:Mum of Megan Roberts who drowned in York supports UK's first ever national drowning prevention plan-aims to halve deaths in/near water
Okay I'm here and ready. All I can say about the carpet is that Robin Roberts looks great.
“THIS HAPPENED TO MY DOG TOO wouldn't be surprised if this was Furr 😂
you rock! Steel bands, a bagpiper, a running flamingo, fab supporters! Well done htt…
Powered round the today by nibbed energy boosts
Let’s change the way we talk about the teaching profession A message from MƒA Executive Director https…
Thank you to our Sunday mentors Nada Aldobasic, Michael Roberts, Vanessa Colon, & Megan Tittensor
yes ! Good luck everyone I know running the 🏃🏃 go smash it 💁👋
Megan Roberts: "I paid 600 dollars for this trip, I should be able to stay at the f*g Parthenon for 20 minutes!"
Creased at the fact that people actually think this is someone called Megan Roberts😂 it's Ashley Tisdale like 😂😂
Megan Roberts : MegRoberts83 . Want t0 get an iPh0ne 6s with0ut buying it? Check my bi0 f0r rules. Thx
Megan Smith Baker - Maybe you should try with Gus? It'd keep him from devouring the back yard! :)
UA Senior Cassie Roberts is a Biomedical Engineering major. "I'm motivated by a desire to help…
Megan Bash of Cleveland Equestrian at Roberts Arena, where she won her first GP of the season in her new custom...
My mum dropped her phone on the drive without realising and then ran over it reversing out😶😶
Highlight of the night was probably getting free KFC off Ross
Megan Roberts' mum backs campaign for student safety.
I get burned, I don't learn. I'll be back, give it time. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy. But guess I like playing with fire 🔥
Me and Becca just text eachother the same thing at the exact same time??? Friendship goals
Update your maps at Navteq
"John Roberts is conservative, beyond any doubt, but he’s a 20th-century conservative in a 21st-century world."
How many times can one wake up in one night??
those flowers Nate picked for you, so cute 😍
please help my amazing friend Megan raise money for domestic abuse survivors!
Lovely day off. Me and Megan taking Sky for a walk at Hugenden whilst Georgina Roberts worked ☺
booked tix to see you in November masterclass! Cant wait 😎
Jessica Salmons and Megan Broderick from with our very own Nick Roberts!
I have 300mb of data left to last me 2 more weeks, goodbye life
congrats Megan Galloway from sureway employment and training! Off to Venice whohoo!
Megan will be travelling to Venice to attend the OECD LEED forum in 2016 with NESA CEO Sally Sinclair
Jackie Roberts, mother of Megan Roberts who died in one of York's rivers last year, tells Georgey Spanswick about...
The Mother of 20 year old Megan Roberts who died after falling into the River Ouse is supporting a new Royal Life Saving Society Campaign
Mother of York student Megan Roberts who drowned in York is backing campaign to warn others of the dangers of drinking near open water
"Wanna go to Freddie's with me? It's nice outside, if you're into that sort of thing." 😂
Has had a lovely long ride out this evening with Footsie and Megan Roberts on Darla
Has had a fab schooling session on footsie this morning thankyou Megan Roberts for calling out my tests and a fab...
What is your favorite thing in your room? PAP! — My bed 😴
After working my butt off all week, I'm so pumped jet off to Nashvegas tonight!!
missing you is an understatement, I'm well excited 💖💖
We get a speech from our chair governor Megan Roberts.
I have bought drew a sausage roll BC they are her fav, she better love me
Cannot wait to see Becca tonight, I have missed her SOOO much 💖👭
MƒA Executive Director Megan Roberts shares ways to foster your daughter’s love of STEM via
Ran into Chief Justice John Roberts after the speech. Wasn't very talkative. Any thoughts about the Pope's remarks? "No"
Okay family and friends. My grandson, Landon Squires and I was going through loose change tonight and we found a 1983-P Washington Quarter that he had been looking for, for his collection. It's a rather hard to find quarter. Anyway, he was so excited. He found it in "his" loose change. After pulling out his ole coin book and his albums, he ask me, "is it spitting paw paw, is it spitting? " Unfortunately, it wasn't but it was a very nice grade 1983-P. So now y'all, he is diligently looking for the "spitting eagle" 1983-P. Please help him find one. Friends of Jay Squires friends of Sprynghe Squires Roberts friends of Shirley Allred Squires friends of Megan Roberts friends of Jay Squires friends of Ryan Squires friends of Kourtney Roberts friends of Jason Roberts . Please see the photo. That is a "spitting eagle" Remember, 1983-P Washington Quarter "only" . Thanks all for your help, because everyone has a change jar. Go look.
“Barbie's full first name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.” Megan Millicent Roberts
Love this. Do half of these and you will be 10x more creative than the average business leader
Read some fantastic marketing tales in from available now http:/…
Wow Emma Roberts props to you you're the luckiest woman in the world
if they actual called their kid Gherkin😂😂
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
it's like preservatives and flavouring for a long time I think
Megan's oboe lesson on drake and josh
Right! That guy has issues though. What happened to the Emma Roberts? Lol
My boyfriend is so last minute, actually gives me heart ache it angers me that much 😠
In honour of Johnny Mac's retirement, here's a look at his best defensive gems with the Jays. htt…
Today I have mostly been grateful for my super amazing power pack from
The Amazing Spider Man 2 makes me ball my eyes out everytime I watch it😓
Action on York river safety ‘was long overdue’, says mother of Megan Roberts: THE MOTHER of a 20-year-old stud...
Here are my five photos that make me smile, It was difficult to pick only these and a lot didn't make the final cut! Kimme Amelia-Louise Dale, thanks for the nomination, I nominate Megan Roberts, Paige Owens and Yan Malinowski, Choose and upload your five!
Sharon Holford, Megan Roberts, and anyone with little ones. cool snack ideas for school treats.
Have fun, work out & raise money in memory of Megan Roberts from Wetherby for York Rescue Boat charity
I wish I looked like emma roberts or megan fox when I don't get enough sleep
ZUMBATHON for Megan Roberts @ Wetherby High to raise money for the York Rescue Boat charity Sat27th 2-4 http:/…
Manchester United in the Race for Fulham’s Patrick Roberts Written by
thanks Megan that's really nice of you
Watching night of champions with my bae..bit late
Chem teacher's current analogy: he, Julia Roberts & Megan Fox are meeting up with Bread Pitt & Angelina Jolie...
"we'll have the seafood platter. Again".
excess is a way of life I'm thoroughly committed to
I miss having a driver and champagne in the back seat. And a suite at the soho
halcyon days, or should I say Cabernet Sauvignon days?
her head did look like the top of a chair. Or maybe it was the wine. Ha that day was hilarious
Sitting on a train to London, I fondly recall the time balanced her bag on a passenger's head. There was wine in the equation
- it's great that they're finally making the river safer. RIP Megan Roberts, Ben Clarkson & Tyler Pearson.
Does anyone want to FaceTime me Sam and Megan?
Megan Good“Roberts from Cooley high Who ppl say u look like ?””
My interview Jackie Roberts: Mum of Megan who died after falling in the River Ouse.
Tonight I'm talking to Jackie Roberts. Daughter Megan died after falling into York's River Ouse.
Open Submerge by Megan Roberts&Raymond Righardo in 5.00pm Caracas. Come!
The team are celebrating Friday with these 10th birthday chocs. Thanks
"It's like being in a horror story,it was just torture." Jackie Roberts video on Megan's death.
Great from celebrates 10th anniversary by launching chocolate cocktail named after
Our celebrations with - a bespoke cocktail for 10p when you dine at
Wow, London's biggest cake last night tasted even better than it looked!Thanks Here's to h…
But if I'm not in the training room everyday am I even Megan Roberts?
Call me old fashioned but a women should never have to take out the trash 😷😷😷
Friends and family of York river victim Megan Roberts mark her 21st birthday -
Megan was choking me today in Spanish with my scarf and we got yelled at by ms. Roberts
Come along to the Zumbathon on 27th In memory of Megan Roberts frm Wetherby 4 York Rescue Boat charity
Megan Marshall & Maegan Roberts, 2 of our GCs who specialize in inherited cancers @ meeting in new Orleans.
do u know Megan Roberts? She is my best friend and she told me all about u (well I'm pretty sure it was you, anyway)
Wow! I just won this for free, The Calhouns: Suzanna & Megan by Nora Roberts (paperback)
0805: Megan Roberts' mum Jackie tells how she'll lay flowers by the River Ouse today where her daughter drown…
The mother of a student Megan Roberts who drowned in the River Ouse in York will lay flowers to mark what would have been her 21st birthday
Based the community service and the Rotary Club’s Four-way Test, on June 27, 2014, the Rotary Club of Stoningtons presented scholarships in the amount of $1000 and/or $500 to ten outstanding Stonington High School seniors. The winners are: William Robinson $1,000; Helene Donahue, $1,000; Daniel Bockowski, $500; Emily Cassata, $500; Michelle Garvey, $500; Dale George, $500; Emily Green, $500; Libby Hall, $500; Megan Roberts, $500; Caleb Whewell, $500. We wish all the graduating seniors lots of success as you move on to reach new goals in your lives.
Groton SUBVETS Award $22,000 in Scholarships GROTON, CT - The United States Submarine Veterans Incorporated Groton Base (SUBVETS) awarded a total of $22,000 in college scholarships to eight children and/or grandchildren of SUBVETS Groton members at their monthly meeting on July 7, 2014. These scholarship recipients will be pursuing a wide range of majors from Architecture and Biology / Pre Veterinary to Criminal Justice and Engineering to Film and Occupational Therapy. This years scholarship recipients are: Megan Roberts who will be attending Northeastern University to major in Architecture. Megan is the daughter of David and Jennifer Roberts of Pawcatuck, CT. Wyatt Antoine of Silverdale, WA will major in Engineering at Washington State University. Wyatt is the son of Eric H. and Alberta Antoine of Silverdale, WA. Aubrey Mae Coutu is the daughter of Glen and Shayla Coutu of Lebanon, CT and will be attending Springfield College to major in Occupational Therapy. Aubrey is the granddaughter of Norm and Ella ...
that's a strong point Megan Roberts
Police confirm the body found in the River Foss on Friday is that of Ben Clarkson, weeks after Megan Roberts' body was found in the Ouse.
It comes just weeks after the body of York St John student Megan Roberts was found in the River Ouse.
Today's discovery comes less than a month after Megan Roberts was found in the River Ouse near York.
Missing Megan Roberts: Police find body in River Ouse. A woman's body has been found in a river downstream from where a 20-year-old student went missing almost six weeks ago, police have said. York St John University student Megan Roberts, from Wetherby, West Yorkshire, disappeared during a night out with friends in the city in January. It was feared she had fallen into the River Ouse near York's Lendal Bridge. Miss Roberts' family has been told of the discovery, although the body has not yet been formally identified. The body was spotted by a member of the public at 15:30 GMT on Sunday near the Ship Inn at Acaster Malbis, a village almost five miles south of York, police said.
Today on Daybreak: The Fast Show actress and Does My Bum Look Big in This star Arabella Weir talks about her role in Midsomer Murders; It's the end of Motivation Nation, so we'll catch up with some of the viewers we met a the very beginning; A conference is taking place to discuss measures to protect children online and what more needs to be done - we talk more about it, plus concerns are growing for missing York University student Megan Roberts who was last seen in the early hours of Thursday morning - Katy Fawcett brings us the latest. Catch this and lots more from 6am on ITV.
Paige Bennett, Susanne Schmal, Marguerite Moore, Linda Hammond Norris, Ana Duncan Pardo, Charles C Duncan Pardo, Brave Philco, Cedric Palmore, Kitty Boddie Miller, Megan Roberts and all the rest of beautiful unrelated family of friends we must all get together and hit Posta Tuscan Grille. I went there with Elise for lunch today and my goodness that was some god food!
Tiny glimmer of hope cruelly snuffed out! Car key snapped off in the ignition yesterday but I've been able to use the stubb and still drive the car, just gone out to get Gem from work and no joy at all. Spare key can now go all the way in and car will start for a split second and then die. Somebody please shoot me now! I hate letting people down even when it's not my fault, many apologies to Jade Miller and Megan Roberts and I hope everything goes well for tomorrow.
ahh... wouldn't it be nice to have a display of fruits like this every day?! Dávid Varga, Ron Zhong, Daniel Dolga, Maryvone Morais, Megan Roberts
Hottest year 10 girls? — Demi, Celia, Emma Wells, Ellie and Megan Roberts, Amelia, Molly Carrick, there's loads ...
Valentines Day may be overrated, but it still makes me appreciate all the amazing women in my life right now: Melissa: my godly, loving, and crafty girlfriend. Kathie: my supportive mother who is able to forgive past transgressions. Laura: My adventure companion who I am happy is my sister. Krista: my strong and dedicated step sister putting her family above all else. My three nieces who provide me many opportunities to work on my parenting skills. Both of my aunts who challenge me to see life from a different perspective. Glenda: who still treats me like family even though I am the step-son of her ex-husband. Megan Roberts, Jes Saulietis, Katie Geraghty, Amber Mazmanian, Eileen Ng: the magnificent women of my small group who have spoken biblical truth into my life for the past few years. "Behind ever great man is a woman", in my case there are many. Happy Valentines Day to you all!
I really do love my family. Thank you Justin Roberts, Katelynn Roberts, Megan Roberts, Michelle Roberts, Courtney Dawn Klug, Faith DeAnne Klug, Thomas E Korringa, Crystal Korringa, Steven Korringa, Lee Korringa, and Ruffles Korringa. Love you all.
Megan Roberts, author of Matters of Record, gets ready for her session @ Southern Women Writers Conference
I am asking all of you to ask at least ONE person today to work in the concession stand Friday. Tex me, or Julie Sullivan or go to the Lampasas Project Graduation page on FB to sign up. Announce it in every class! Thank you in advance.. I know you can do it!! :) Marley Amanda Berry, Megan Roberts, Cullen Singleton,Mason Murray, Shayne Cofield, Kailey Davis, Tori Liverman, Mike Myles Have a great day!!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
my best friends are coming to see you tonight!Clair Williams&Claire Roberts 4 Megan Roberts 7th Birthday! Please say hi!!
John Stossel (with Megan Roberts from at our Atlas Summit 2012. Read more:
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