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Megan McCain

Meghan Marguerite McCain (born October 23, 1984) is an American columnist, author and blogger. She is a daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain and Cindy Hensley McCain.

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It amazes me how the McCain's, Megan and John are so spiteful and elietest,
Joy Baher is going to be overjoyed on the View tomorrow. I can’t wait for her to throw this Alabama win into Megan McCain’s face.
Megan Mccain is right. Bannon was like a vacuum cleaner for Moore in Alabama-he sucked. Too bad Bannon for you and Trump the womanizer.
oh dear god, now I'm agreeing with Megan McCain on something. .
Like Megan McCain said suck it bannon. Lol.
Here’s a photo I found of Senator Lindsey Graham & Alan Dershowitz with a Putin-linked billionaire who made his fortune off Rus…
Sarah also does the heavy breath between sentences, I guess to make…
I love the different political and religious backgrounds on The View. Yet, I can't seem to…
My compliments Megan McCain on your poise and Grace and your self assuredness while speaking your beliefs and defen…
. I think Megan McCain needs on Ally on your panel.
I am a Liberal but I have to say that Megan McCain is a breath of fresh air and has found her niche!
Megan McCain gives me a headache. , replace her with Ana Navaro, please.
Megan McCain seems so uncomfortable on The View right now.
I wonder if Megan McCain realizes the makeup people at the view r making her up to look hard & old like the other 2…
joy behar MEGAN MCCAIN keeps talking about how divide we are look at her and her fox friends they lie about everyt…
Megan McCain is rocking the mobwife look today.
Joy was not implying that Megan McCain hid one of the clips from Alabama. Someone needs to coach Megan tha…
The View is no worse than any of the panel shows. FOX ha…
must understand "fake news" was not made up as convenience to Trump. Trump gave a name to this elephant in…
The McCain Family, the 1st democrat family. Now I have to believe the stories about you…
Megan Pittington make the winning basket against Cedar Rapids Washington!
Maybe you and Megan McCain will watch
I am so glad Megan McCain is over at right where she belongs in garbageland. with
She’s not a pleasant person at all, maybe she should apply for a spot…
She is a harping harpy pain in the neck. . She is like that Megan McCain annoying and spiteful.…
Please do the right thing. Just because Megan McCain is friends with Tweeden doesn't make her claim legit!…
then you have someone like Megan McCain (who Leeanne is g…
What was up with that outfit Megan McCain was wearing? It looked like something my grandmother wore.
Why are either Megan McCain or Michael Ian Black famous?
Then don't defend people who turn their back on the less fortunate. I mean I'm sure your buddy Meg…
Is it possible to be a respectable conservative? You know like Megan McCain. Didn't think so
Poor Eboni. Now that Eric is no longer there to allow her to run the show, she feels she has a lot of ground to mak…
Thank you Megan McCain I sure appreciate it I am suffering from stage for pancreatic cancer in curabl…
Thank you Megan McCain❤️ You are outnumbered!You do a great job. Please get more conservatives on the show.
Why didn't she confront him privately? Again, she is a friend of Megan McCain. Untouchable. The discussi…
Megan McCain went from being a legitimate political contributor on Fox ‘s Outnumbered .to part of a panel on “the Vi…
I just got my nails done but I still need my toes done!!!
Like I didn’t think that it could get worse than defending Megan McCain but whyte men gonna whyte men.
Meghan McCain why are u on the view 😦me and my 👧s use to 👀 for years 😧 no more megan make the view sad to watch😬
Will the real Megan McCain please stand up
Seems like they're AFAIRD OF THIS SUBJECT, maybe Megan could explain why DADDY…
. Good lord, Megan McCain posed in Playgirl, not nekkies though. Looking it up now!! SMFH Oh DaddyJohn!! 😂🤣😂🤣
The view tv show needs yo drop megan mccain and sarah haines.can keep paula at least we know where she stand.
Wow dont like watching the view any more.especially on fridays.those white girls act to whitey to whitey.megan mcca…
I’m all for a republican on but Megan McCain drives me up a wall 😡😡😡
Megan McCain like her dad is a fraud. Only reason she’s employed is 🐝cause h…
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It is like Megan McCain never said a word. These libtard, (and this will bring back the pas…
Were those "lightning bolts" Megan McCain wore on the show today?? Just asking.
They're in a hurry because of Roy Moore. And McCain in interview said he has 3-14% chance of living out…
Outrageous. Because she thinks it would tear this country apart, Megan McCain would rather have a…
I LOVE that Cong. Woman Frederica Wilson just put Megan McCain in her place!
Megan McCain, do you remember when congressman Joe Wilson yelled “you lie” at Obama’s SOU address?
Abby Huntsman, Sarah Sanders,Megan McCain, Ivanka Trump. What a disservice to the smart, hardworking women who don'…
Where is Megan McCain I have been wondering
Chris McCain ends the first half with a BOOM!.
Is megan McCain still around since her father's treacherous votes? I would think FOX wiould hide her.
Sooo.was wondering...What happened to Megan McCain on Outnumbered? Too embarrassed by her dad I'll bet. Can't blame her. 😎
McCain to North Korea: Aggression will lead to 'extinction':
I do are just fast forward when they r on. Hope Megan Mccain does not come back just like her daddy.
What's happened to Megan McCain? Is she still at Fox. Haven't seen her haven't' missed her. Just asking
Megan McCain STILL in hiding. Has to be some kind of record for missing days at work bc your "daddies" a jerk
tt,. Harris Faulkner. Megan McCain (post surgery). But all the rest of you. Hope you are headed. To Flori…
Has Megan McCain left the country in shame or what?
Danger: even if Collins & Murkowski vote 'no' again, 2 of the GOPers we talked about in July (McCain+Heller) clearly back Cassi…
Where's Megan McCain? She disappeared after her daddy shot down Repeal and Replace and hurt American people. Sen.…
Has anyone but me..noticed Megan McCain is nowhere to be seen on FOX??? She was a staple on Outnumbered..Sins of the father??
🚨 ALERT: McCain has flipped on ACA repeal. All hands on deck. We need to pummel them for the next 24 days. 🚨.
Megan McCain should wake up and realize her daddy is a criminal
No one told Megan McCain to shut up after her Dad lost, nor did they tell Palin and her d…
Then he should step down! He's a traitor and America knows it! I fe…
Has McCain resurrected ACA repeal? Not quite, but activists are taking no chances.
Did Megan McCain get out of the way because she new her Dad was choosing not to help America heal.
Megan McCain. Please hurry back. Marie Harf is antagonistic, argumentative and unpatriotic.
Maria Harf or Megan McCain... who do you think has more cellulite?
I cannot not force myself to watch this show as lon…
I cannot not force myself to watch this…
Traitor McCain hates POTUS so much he is willing to throw Americans under the bus ,even Megan is ashamed of you 😳
McCain blasts Trump: Ending DACA is "wrong approach to immigration"
where in the Sam Hill did John McCain get $9 million? Is that the reason Megan isn't on Fix News anymore? Doesn't want to answer?
Earlier today Megan McCain said American needs John McCain. I was like REALLY? According to whom?
That's what happens to thise who trash Trump. Ask Megan Kelly or Hollywood, lowest box office totals…
Oh my Megan McCain . Ed Henry. Abby Huntsman. Geraldo . And the list goes on and on . Kat . Eboni
Megan McCain ed Henry Geraldo Richard Abby Huntsman and more
I live in Arizona. I have never voted for McCain and will never vote for McCain. He's a snake. I f…
You are despicable looking at you too Megan McCain. Wish your father well. Glad he has heal…
Do you think you can get Megan McCain to sit in for her dad on this vote? Ivanka did for Donald
Yes and notice Megan McCain's reaction. We see you, Megan.
I know the clip doesn't go on, but Megan McCain is laughing at the comme…
Megan McCain knows zero about anything other than using Daddy's name to get her big mug on TV for a few bucks.
I'm so proud of you & your mom.Such character & class as Megan McCain sits there laughing with those deplorable people.
Good for Megan McCain for blasting her dad for not getting HC repealed. Glad to see this. Fox has a good one there after all.
I didn't see the interview, but I heard Megan McCain say it offended her.
Megan McCain was right there at the table - She should know better as a daughter of - S…
please leave Megan McCain alone. Just because her dad is a *** don't make her a bad person. U sold like the left, THE SINS OF ..
And get that sad sack megan mcCain off
Don't try to make sense of nonsense. Where is the oversight at Fox, that is outrageou…
But having on Megan McCain is draining. It's like they…
Megan McCain ate all of your comments.
One thing about she knows the score; it's Megan McCain who's falling short.
July 14 2017.please don't let Megan McCain on. She is rude,Arrogant,sanctimonious and it's all about me, me me!
Please consider a meet w Megan McCain/great take on what the resolve is/ideas will help stop all t…
Megan mccain' sire is a treasonous wast of skin and a soros puppet😡😡
Their topics are going off kilter. im starting to…
I find it interesting that Megan McCain's father is at the heart of this Russian Lawyer and she has the nerve to chastise Tru…
some please tell Megan McCain to stop interrupting everyone and talking over - she getting close to rude.
Why is Megan McCain put forward as some expert on political strategy? Her jerk daddy ran several horrible POTUS campaigns
Truth now coming out. Megan McCain like her dad! A closet Demoncrat! There is no There There! ABSOLUT…
Great show tonight, love Lisa Boothe and Megan McCain!!
Their topics are going off kilter. im start…
Get rid pf Megan McCain! She's a no talent fat pig mouth-piece 4 her LOSER father! Wouldn't have job if not 4 her dad! TURNING CHAN
love Megan McCain...if Juan defends liberals he should know the real facts..not fake new.move him to cnn.
Hear me now Megan McCain, there is no Democrat out there that will get a Trump voter to switch back to a Democrat. No One.
Why is Megan McCain on TheFive? She is not a good addition. If not for her dad she would be selling jeans at Old Navy. Dump her.
It was actually Megan McCain who said it, of all people, lol.
How is Megan McCain allowed to talk about Russia when her dad is at the center of it 🤔
You are so right. Now get rid of Megan McCain. Her father is trying to take the President out.
I see Megan McCain's on "The Five" again, to ensure they don't bring up her father's role with the dossier and FBI.
Waiting for Megan McCain to complain again..that we are picking on daddy
With Megan McCain there, they are afraid of her. She is vengeful in person. If…
Megan McCain are you serious she is way to much like her dad I like Dana…
What McCain and Flake are seeing: Arizona Medicaid recipients face dire consequences if Senate bill passes
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Why haven't Fox news brought this up? Outnumbered should debate it with Megan McCain see what excu…
Can you please reign in the bratty Megan McCain. She should show respect to her elders and stop screaming. I'm Republican.
considering that McCain is a sitting Senator now in the middle of Russia issue maybe Megan should t…
am I the only one sensing animosity between McCain ? Megan seems 😒 that she's there
I cannot listen to Megan any further. FOXNews not reporting it?
megan mccain the hillary campaign set Donald Trump Jr. the Mueller investigation must be stopped, HealthC entities fee caps to all
Shut off Megan McCain starts her monologue with that word "Kremlin" linked attorney which has been clearly shown 2 be false.
Ya think the Fox panel will ask Megan McCain any questions about this on the Fox show she's…
*** is Megan McCain doing on the five? . Only person worse would be shep smith
Megan McCain and Abby Huntsman. End the nepotism Fox. Get some journalists.
RuPaul called and he's looking for contestants. Leslie Marshall and Megan McCain would be perfect.
a lot of that going around Bro. Chelsea. The Bush girl , Abby Huntsman, Huckabees daughter Cokey Roberts, Megan McCain
Hi Megan, our just wanted to up their game with a new look and new name: McCain Marché!
The bobble heads actually think they understand the American people. Like Megan McCain.
I actually kind of like Megan and John McCain. Colin Powell's awesome. Conoleeza Rice wasnt bad.
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is as irrlevant as Bristol Palin and Megan McCain. . Your pre-programmed opinions do nothing and mean NOTHING.
are you all still on in Tucson AZ? The time slot is filled with Megan McCain.
I don't think they r aloud to talk about it think they will get fired Megan McCain sorta did a slip n said
If Trump was a real man he'd apologize to McCain, Kahn Family, Megan Kelly, U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, etc
if was invisible for an hour. I'd go into Megan McCain's dressing room
no matter how much of a crush you have on Megan McCain, you won't get between her and her pie
anybody that hates Juan Williams, you can turn on the five now he's not on today Megan McCain is taking his spot. Yay yay yay yay!
Megan McCain, etc.. nepotism is fine, just recuse yourself once it becomes personal. Be a real journalist.
is a lightweight. should show her and Megan McCain the door.
If you’re right, maybe he’ll also say HRC started attack on Khans, McCain, Rosie O’Donnell and Megan Kelly.
Trump calls Mcain ,not a hero, his moron supporters still support him,even Megan Mccain
Megan McCain worst talk show host ever. She can't think fast enough to ask good follow up questions. Wishy washy on issues a true mess
megan mccain absolutely positively stunningly gorgeous woman. Beauty at its best. Just saying. 😎
Libertarianism isn't about being an isolationist. Anyone saying that is lying (Megan McCain). It's about knowing we're…
given megan mccain is Fox required to have a Valley Girl quota
Megan McCain is even more irrelevant than her father
Megan McCain hints that she would be fired if she reads the dncleaks and says to read it yourself
Wow.good for Megan McCain. Short, sweet and deadly!
end of Outnumbered they talked about the new Megan McCain said she can't talk about it on TV, she'd get fired! Can't report news?
Having a thunderstorm I came inside and turned on Outnumbered. Replacing Andrea Tanteros with Megan McCain 10 steps back move
please tell Megan McCain that Dr. Oz is a real vascular heart surgeon, he's not just a TV doctor. Pay Attention!
Megan McCain forgot herself on one night last week and she said she's Never Trump, yawn🙄
I've heard the "lifeless body" comment more than a few times. One was Megan McCain, FFS.
You should do Dana Perino and Megan McCain next!
Personally I think its a scam McCain or anyone can be a Senator most of my life. But I'm glad he is alive, *** Megan.
Fox News changed Andrea from Outnumbered b/c she is pro Trump. Replaced her with Megan McCain b/c she is anti Trump.
Funny, Megan McCain's father,John,is exactly one of those politicians 😂awkward ?
Growing muscles on "a chip". The wonderful work of Prof Megan McCain
I don't even spell Megan McCain's name right for crying out lou
it's bad when Megan McCain hits the left. More so than her dad ever did.
Megan McCain had great observation earlier today. Imagine media reaction if my father did that in 2008!
Never defended Megan McCain but lifeless does work in her sentence.
Harris Faulkner & Britt Hume- just filling time. Complete wrong analysis. Lisa Booth & Megan McCain are the only ones coming close!
how close are you to your target??. Megan McCain just endorsed Cruz. You can't be too far away!
first Juan Williams, then Megan McCain now Dave Gregory? Can't you find anyone to represent the left that isn't a rigid ideologue
Insanity wen I see Megan McCain on They r giving that girl a career
Megan McCain needs to stop name dropping and relying on her Dad. That being said, I still hate myself for listening to her.
Please go away your the new Megan Mccain. Sold out for MSNBC now selling out the WH just because you don't like
reminds me of how the MSM trots out Megan McCain as a "Conservative". She's far from it.
I absolutely disagree with Megan McCain. I support Trump. Her dad has meet with muslim terrorists & wanted to arm them.
What does Megan McCain, Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler have in common. Sexy, Smart and Funny-LOL.
I must admit-Megan McCain's is actually doing really well on I give credit to others if they're doing well on the show.
I made the mistake of tuning in to Megan McCain, really Fox?
where have I heard that before? Oh yeah. When he dissed McCain, Megan Kelly, Fiorina, Mexicans and everyone else.
lets hangout after the games Friday!
the John McCain comment. The Megan Kelly. And so on. I was betting on that shallow horse.
Some people you cannot stare at your eyes may burn or was that Megan McCain I was looking at. Have a peaceful evening.
What if ROSEANNE was still on? 'What's the deal Dan? I saw you making eyes at that Megan McCain looking waitress at The Lobo!'
No. They really don't. It's so bad they're making Megan McCain look serious and intelligent:
I just stumbled on a radio show hosted by Megan McCain. Some things cannot be unheard.
Ask Megan McCain & ladies if they prefer talk men. Then ask if men prefer non-fat women
julie stupidsky & the fat little troll megan mccain on the show? No thanks!
Obama wants to change things on the gun laws,On the radio tonight (Megan McCain 560 am Springfield Mass night time radio
. John mccain one of the worse senators we have, and you give Megan Mccain a job? Why?
NO USE for Megan McCain or Joel Osteen. Hey Joel, preach the Gospel like your daddy did!
M16 single or 3 round burst .. I know it sounds sexy Megan McCain Kim Gutfoyal .C
But have u ever noticed that Meghan Trainor, Megan Hilty, and Megan McCain all look like the same person?
is Megan McCain, wants to please somebody by siding with the wingnuts.
Megan McCain of Recology teaching our youngsters and their parents the 4R's Song - reduce, reuse, recycle, & rot!
Your Ran Paul interview tonight made you look like you joined McCain & Obama Megan
Oh great, Megan McCain's gotta pop off, too. Journos need to journ.
Today at Toddler Time Megan McCain from Recology CleanScapes is showing kids how to properly recycle. We've got some pros!
Jesus...she says 'Like' more than like Megan McCain..and stuff.
Megan McCain was just on KFI with Tim Conway...if they thinkin of hiring her, I am finished with LA talk radio...
Megan McCain is smarter than Abby Huntsman which makes Abby a lost cause
I really want to see a Meet the Press roundtable with Luke Russert, Chelsea Clinton, Jenna Bush and Megan McCain
could imagine a tv show with Megan McCain and Abby Huntsman? oops been done, they they called it "The Simple Life"
Megan McCain: 'we're not all crazy rednecks' ..but they are making me that way!
I'm sad that I can't go to the Megan McCain Memorial this weekend 😔
indeed. Just need to make sure we consult Megan McCain on how to remain “cool” while getting our *** kicked
Pretty pathetic of Megan McCain to be shooting a reality show … sheesh … get job kiddo.
Hilary Clinton, Shonda Rhimes, Megan McCain, malala yousafzai, are all what feminism represents IMO.
So Ann Coulter jokes about murdering Megan McCain but they find it necessary to critique over a commercial? SAD
The best ones are Newt Gingrich's code name being T-Rex and Megan McCain's being Peter Sellers.
Now with Joy Behar leaving the view and Elisabeth Hasselbeck rumored to being fired, let the replacement rumors begin! I say add Mario Cantone and Megan McCain. They have a chance here to make The View great again. Yes, I admit the view has been bland for about two years now! But add Megan and Mario, and it can be great again!
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OMG McCain is accusing CIA of not telling the truth to FILMAKERS?? a movie that isn't TRUE?? Shocking. Please Megan, take your dad home.
While..chatting with Brandi 'Prissy' Haynes last night... I wonder how many still got
its okay little one, if you get grounded you can come to auntie Shys and it'd be like you were never grounded..your choice ;)
We want to wish a 'Happy birthday' to everyone born on Jan. 5. A few of them are Jim Rowsey, Jerry Taylor, Jamie Mccain and Christina Napper. If you know anyone with a birthday on Jan. 5, please wish them a 'Happy birthday' in the comment box. We want everyone to add birthday names to the list.
So overbreeding isn't an issue in your world?
I just want to be off work, pay my bills and enjoy my weekend.
Actually, sorry may be the word you’re looking for... ;-)
I've said it before: I watch PBS News hour/ night line/Fox/CNN & I read The New Republic/ New York Times/ Wall Street Journal & Time. When it comes to news personalities, I'm as likely to see Sean Hannity as Rachel Maddow. So I can tell what diet others are ingesting. Or regurgitating. It's easy to recognize when you are as familiar with Dennis Pager as you are Keith Obberman & recognize what Michael Medved said or Laura Ingraham or Megan McCain. The difference being that very few favor a balanced media diet.
To anyone with sense, crating an animal in the way u do is abuse in itself.
The problem is that those who support racing have a very narrow view of what is abuse!
so excited for all the families packing up for Inheritance of Hope retreat at Disney beginning tomorrow! praying for the marvelous team of volunteers, staff, & these dear counselors who love so well: carol moses, Jennifer McCain Thomas, emily roberts, & Megan Montgomery Clark . can't wait to hear all about it!!!
It's not a matter of belief, but of well documented cases of abuse. A small mind ignores the truth.
okay i would die if listened to my New Cover :) … :)
Can you PleaseListen To my new cover? … :)
Stefano!!! Can you pretty Pleasee Listen To my new cover? :) LOVE YOU
Hi :) could u please Listen to my New Cover? :))
heyy Cristy can u please check out my New Cover? :) lemmi know what u think!
I had a blank face the whole time listening to it lol.
Greys do sleep about 18 hrs a day, so if they have a big comfy crate, they'll be OK
Greyhound breeders actually convince themselves that dogs "like" to live in small cages for long hours each day
She only gets worse.. Twerk was the highlight of her career...
“Just unfolloweda god... 30 people to see if you're still following me*
So I'm wondering if having greyhounds in crate for 20 hours everyday is fine? How would it impact them?
Dear, Wrestlemania - Here's a PPV booster for you: Chris Christie v. John Boehner. Steel cage. Maybe Megan McCain is the guest referee.
“I feel like twerkin' instead of doing my homework lol.” lol.
I hate how there's no parking a the hospital... Ever
McCain's daughter Megan, isn't listening to him either since she's considering leaving the GOP.
Every time I lay down it feels like I have butterfly's in my tummy. I'm pretty sure I'm too early to feel anything?
Maturity does not come with time or experience. Maturity is a state of mind
Seriously if what Megan McCain said is right then John bohenner needs to step down. That's flat out rude and unprofessional. Not a leader!
try Megan McCain I got blocked by her
“please follow me I am paranoid about this now so please follow me before I go crazy"he loves you.
just found the iPad keyboard it was under my desk👍
Leaving Scott's soon,had a great night with and for some
sexy military man. God bless America baby!!!
Watching Sarah Millican live with and Has been a good night !💚
“What a hottie . Scott wanted you to see this
fine. I'll move on to Megan McCain or Hayden Panettiere.
Last Tuesday provided proof Positive that the "Ole Boy Network" better known as the REPUBLICAN PARTY are forever finished in Politics and American Society. The Republican Party has become America's secret "child" born out Wedlock; now full grown and is not only embarrassing it's self in Public. But embarrassing it's FAMILY (America) in front of the whole World. President Obama in the next 4 years will do more to move the United States closer to true Equality and Unity among All it's people than has ever been done since Columbus "claimed" he discovered America! The President will also restore are Prominence as a Global Leader, not by waging War but by Compromise, Understanding, Resolve, and Leadership. Now for the first time in it's History these UNITED STATES; are going to have to start living up to it's own Constitution and Bill of Rights(Imagine That!) The Republican Party is DEAD! They haven't had an Agenda since 9-11. After 9-11 all they did was CREATE War by lying to the American people and using ...
why Newt? Megan MCCain or the Baby Bush are the GOP future, let them talk about the GOP generational gap.
I have a new show idea for Megan McCain that she could produce
Megan McCain is a bigger RHINO then her father if that's possible
Oh, come on. Megan McCain is so sexy in those shorts!
Not @ that sad Romney supporter in avi looking like Megan McCain after a full meal lmao
Too bad Megan McCain didn't have all this clarity abt. Repub. party & how to win campaigns when her Dad was running for President.
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Smerconish, Crier, Megan McCain, Schmidt, WTH! Moderate GOP/ind need a voice! And Donohue they OWE to bring back!
Megan McCain called for GOP to "evolve"- your thoughts? I don't think we should sacrifice our principles
quiet McCain, chipping in will get you no where :P
Question for non-Republicans: Can you name any Republicans who you would like to see more active / visible / being the public face of the party? Some of my names (off the top of my head, in no particular order): Megan McCain Steve Schmidt Michael Steele Colin Powell ...I am sure I will find more names once I start paying more attention.
Megan McCain: "I smoked a joint and couldnt feel my arms. Then i woke up the next morning supporting the legalization of marijuana"
Expected Megan McCain, Jamie King and Elijah Wood at but Lana Del Rey? Didn't know she was a film geek. Cool!
A lot of you all probably didn't see on Larry King with, Dan Rather, Margaret Cho & Megan McCain after (cont)
Megan McCain is so hot! She's cute, she's smart and she's political... I sigh with dopey eyes...
Oh I know and people like Megan McCain and Abby Huntsman say their party has to change. They're right.
I don't know, you listen to Megan McCain and she gets it, but a huge part of her party doesn't.
Do u realize how offensive it is to give Megan McCain any air time. Her father is a disgrace. You are becoming FoxNews-like.
FoxNews had Liz CHENEY and MSNBC had Megan McCain. I'm discusted with the time & respect these women get THEIR FATHERS ARE TRAITORS!
Megan McCain, really? At least she stands up for what she believes & let's her voice/opinion known & heard.
if you want to save your party, you should start listening to Megan McCain. White male America no longer wins elections.
Wrong Again better listen to Megan McCain you are killing your party
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Dude, Megan McCain is freaking gorgeous lol jk... Michelle and her are making politics more attractive :)
To those on the right who are blaming the mainstream news for Romney's defeat, perhaps you need to rethink your blame. The biggest reason for the defeat is your own fanatics, (Muoudock, Akin, Limbaugh, FAUX NEWS, O'Reilley, and Hannity etc.) not to mention the governors of the swing states who tried diligently to block voters. That only made people MORE COMMITTED to getting to the polls and standing in line. May we also include Mr. Etch a sch-etch himself--MITT ROMNEY. Carl Rove, the Koch brothers et al have hopefully learned a valuable lesson in this. The people of our great country will not be bought with lies and deceptive advertising. Perhaps the Republicans who are feeling run over by a freight train right now should read Megan McCain's comments and take some of her advice. She is the future of your party if you want to stay alive.
Voice on the left? Tough. Radio: Mike Malloy. Politician: Bernie Sanders. TV: "left" of GOP: Megan McCain.
"I have my McCain tshirt at home in my memory box next to the newspaper clipping saying Obama Won"- says
When did Michael Steele and Megan McCain become the most sensible Republicans? Listen to them so I can be a "real" independent again.
If the wants to survive, perhaps they would be wise to listen to Megan McCain. I'm no fan of conservatism, but she seems to get culture
Baffled. I just don't understand how Megan McCain qualifies to be on politically tending news network with highly intelligent personalities.
I'm starting to believe he's nuts! & Megan McCain who has ZERO value! She's just a last name with blonde hair!
Megan McCain should talk,father's a white supremacist,says she lie O'Reilly well o really? More gop BS
no turned on the tv and saw Megan McCain and that hogan guy.
Megan McCain said "GPO must face reality or party will die'. They live in the Twilight Zone, I wonder if they'll heed her warning!
"This obsession with social issues is killing us." - Megan McCain just now on referring to the GOP.
Megan McCain, a Republican who understands the party must change! Happy she is sick that the repubs… are polarizing this Country!
Megan McCain really broke down what is strong with her party.. She said if they don't change they are going to die
Megan McCain just said the smartest thing a republican has said!! If the hate and disrespect continues the party is gonna die
One republican I like Megan McCain. she knows what she is talking
Thank you Megan McCain for your honesty! Republican the can't compromise are hurting America!we are all sick of it!
Megan McCain : America is changing. America is no longer an old white man. If at this point we're no longer willing to meet in the middle and compromise, we're going to die as a party and the libertarian party is going to rise up ...
The Republican party needs to listen to Megan McCain and others like her!
Megan McCain is right the right is just getting angrier after this election. Instead of accepting reality!
Megan McCain speaking the truth to her party on Reverend Al's show
Even "moderate" GOPer Megan McCain calls our more diverse electorate a "cold hard reality." Let that sink in.
"The face of America is changing and its not just a old white man" Megan McCain
Too early in the day for this Megan McCain, b.s.
Hate to admit it but Megan McCain actually knows what she's talking about
Why is Megan McCain given a platform? So confused.
Megan McCain makes me sick to my stomach. Somebody get
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