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Megan Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is an American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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She lowered herself to msnbc status by asking the dumbest of all questions to Donald Trump.
Megan Kelly just interviewed Michael Moore who applauded her for making the statement for "war on women" by attacking Trump...
Megan Kelly. Candy Crowley. What is the difference. Only the net work they work for. Agenda first. Acting.
Trump is afraid to debate because he saw how Megan Kelly shut down Ammon Bundy. Totally killed his momentum.
It's not that Megan Kelly called Trump out on sexism, it's the disgusting way she did it. bye bye Fox News
not if Megan Kelly's there she has no class
I'm not a fan of Foxnews, But I respect Megan Kelly as a woman. She was the professional. Trump is spoiled. NOT POTUS material.
Megan kelly has been out to get Trump and shame on Fox News not really truthful anymore
Donald should slot his event on a competing network at same time. I would watch Trump instead of Megan Kelly.
The sly Megan Kelly certainly not Trumps REAL reasoning; Trumps tactical strategy thinking would never be so superficial !
Yes but not in a good way, no? Big time negotiator can't handle Megan Kelly, world leaders chew him up!
I'm not sure it's a good move Trump is skipping Thursday debate. I go agree Megan Kelly started off the first...
Mr. Trump if you cannot handle the tough questions from Megan Kelly, how can you handle the job as President?
My thing is, if it's about the voters. Pullout Megan Kelly. So all candidates can make their case. Put voters 1st!
I won't watch it because of Megan Kelly and it has way too may low po…
Trump doesn't have time for attacks by Megan Kelly and Ted Cruz he's above all there nonsense
cannot face Megan Kelly how can he face Putin, Kim Jong, ISIS etc
Trump is a COWARD, afraid of Megan Kelly! Hyper-sensitive ego!
Michael Moor supports Megan Kelly. That is like Hitler giving you kudos.
your a back stabber. You know Megan Kelly needs to not do the debate. Where's your balls know she wrong
I'm afraid you really blew it tonight.Megan Kelly=Gorbachev? Boy,have you sold out!
If you believe Trump is scared of Megan Kelly, you deserve Obama!
I think he dropped because Megan Kelly cornered him. And made it uncomfortable for him.
So thinks he can handle hostile world leaders but is afraid of Megan Kelly?
Trump is a COWARD, afraid of Megan Kelly! Fragile ego!
you can keep your Megan Kelly - while WE take our next POTUS straight where he belongs - to The People's House!
If Trump is skipping the next debate because he's afraid of Megan Kelly, why don't we have Meg moderate every debate from here on out?
Don't let Megan Kelly "win" by not doing the debate! Your the only reason why I even watch them!
Donald Trump can't handle Megan Kelly but he can run the Country?
Megan Kelly is on her way to the Fox Debate
After the mudslinging by FOX and tremendous lack of respect shown by Megan Kelly I Truly believe Trump made the appropriate decision!
Trump, I signed the Petion going around to Remove Megan Kelly from Fox News.
was voting for him but i need someone new now if he can't stand up to Megan Kelly let alone putin
Talk about a women full of herself. Geez Megan Kelly is nothing but a Face.
If you can't handle the "unfairness" of Megan Kelly, how the heck can you handle the presidency? What a wimp!
Megan Kelly is horrid Jerkoff to bring in an anti Trump Muslim base to be in the crowd to mock Trump. Trump is about strength not caving!!
Sry Trump supporters, but your guy is too scared to face Megan Kelly. Too butt hurt to face her? How do you get Mexico to pay for the wall?
Fox News and company *** Megan Kelly are establishment media puppets!
Good one Bette. Big mouth is afraid of Megan Kelly. Taking his toys and going home.
Please. All this achieves is showing Megan Kelly to be a dainty fragile wraith. Gag.
What do you mean Megan Kelly is going to be at the debate.
If you can't stand up to Megan Kelly, how can you stand up to Putin? Lose mine & my husband's vote if you don't show up
If Trump cowers at Megan Kelly, he will wilt in front of Hillary!
Donald Trump is brilliant he knows what he's doing Sean Hannity megan kelly Fox News Geraldo Rivera none of them get it donald does
If can't deal with Megan Kelly, he can't deal with Vladimir Putin. Debate over. Case closed.
. Megan Kelly telegraphed the hit job yesterday
Attention Trumpkins: you all love Trump's fighting attitude, so how do you defend him cowering to Megan Kelly?…
Trump is a bully & a coward. A scaredy-cat afraid of Megan Kelly. How could he ever stand up to Putin? DUMP TRUMP!
. Replace Megan Kelly out of respect for the American people. Fox needs to demonstrate it will not allow …
Trump or not, I won't be watching bc Megan Kelly is a terrible moderator. Demonstrated that last time.
Fox News Megan Kelly rotten people.put horrible Michael Moore on show for meaness.dont watch debate as long as Megan is on there
Megan Kelly is a disgrace to Fox News. I'm done watching!!!
Megan Kelly is a jerk!. Why does she have to be so insulting! Go Teump!
. What is Trump scared of? Megan Kelly, he'll make some negotiator!
Scared Don runs from Megan Kelly! That's the guy who will be the next leader of the free world? NOT
poor Donald Trump..afraid of little Megan kelly.
"My pal was just on Megan Kelly's show! He digs Trump. Thank you David, you were great!
Just shows how he'll turn tail and run from Iran, China, The deficit, Isis, Megan Kelly...etc…
Of course the good old media sticks up for each other, that's what makes Trump great, he doesn't take crap, it's not abt Megan Kelly
not the least bit surprised with his response! Fox stood by Megan Kelly as they should. And he ran away like a child!
I'm sick of the Candy Crowley and Megan Kelly ed debate anchors.
Bring back this series just for the Trump v Megan Kelly death match. And Sanders vs Clinton
TL Update: Trump supporters are mocking Megan Kelly. Non-Trump supporters are mocking Trump.
GOOD for Trump! Megan Kelly repeatedly asked Trump lame, inappropriate questions about his personal opinions on... ht…
Bad move to snub the number one cable news network. Agree Megan Kelly was not fair. Still believe you should be on stage.
You are making a big mistake by not doing the debate. Megan Kelly did you no damage before. You've made an a-- of yourself.
Megan Kelly will lose and so will Fox News
Really, hope we never face an Army of Megan Kelly clones, we're screwed
hey, I heard you quit the race bc of Megan Kelly was to *** you
Mr Trump doesn't need to bow down to the biased inquisition from aging prom queen Megan Kelly!
that is a Wimpy move that made if he can't stand up to Megan Kelly what kind of President would h…
Megan Kelly is completely unapologetic for her previous unprofessional, disrespectful behavior. Trump is right not to show up.
Trump threw a monkey wrench into Megan Kelly's plans to insult and bash TRUMP for 2,hours. Boycott the F…
Megan Kelly has always been rude..Before this I changed the channel on her ..She has no should be Greta or Diane Sawyer
you think Fox News will fold to the pressure and pull Megan Kelly?
Megan Kelly v Trump, PP Video Guy v Grand Jury, Ammon Bundy v Law Enforcement: watchin white privilege take over the news like 🐸☕️
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Trump shoots Megan Kelly and won't loose any votes... It's like...INCREDIBLE.
Trump is about to prove he is more important to FoxNews than Megan Kelly is.
now Megan Kelly is having Michael Moore on her show? Man has she jumped the shark!
Donald Trump is cry baby he cannot handle megan kelly if he cannot handle megan kelly he is not fit to be in the White House
how can Megan Kelly even be considered to moderate when she comes with a bias. She's not o…
You've got guts to face the wimps in congress. Now. stand up to Megan Kelly and throw her garbage back in her face.
the debates suck and so does the person insisting on having Megan Kelly at another :(
isnt afraid of tough questions by Megan Kelly. is inside Megan. The only fighters for the people are Bernie Dems
I don't think Megan Kelly and the debate monitors have the equivalent of Putin and world leaders questions.
Apparently Fox News Channel is on a-Trumpbashing frenzie. They will NOT PICK OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. and Megan…
I guess if Trump is not man enough to face Megan Kelly, he won't be man enough to face Hillary Clinton.
re Donald Trump's issue with Megan kelly- can you refresh memory on the question he was irritated by. It was a fair question.
That's BS and you know it. But I support any boycott of Fox News and Megan Kelly. Fox News is an oxymoron. With morons.
Megan Kelly don't have a clue she is worthless 👍
gross Michael. Moore...Megan Kelly is getting desparate
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Wow, Michael Moore love fest with Megan Kelly, she's finished I think? Kelly
OK… I am officially done with Trump.. This guy is complaining about possibly getting a tough question from Megan Kelly? He …
does Megan Kelly think any of her viewers want to see Michael Moore or care what he has to say???
Remember when Trump said Megan Kelly took that vacation because of him?
Hey you can't face Megan Kelly, but expect us to believe you can handle int'l relations? Bun bye dude.
how can protect us from ISIS if he is afraid of Megan Kelly?
Megan Kelly showing beauty is only skin deep.besties with Mike Moore. Never thought you would sink to these lefty tactics.
What a big angry chicken! Afraid of Megan Kelly. Afraid of Ted Cruz more likely!
The media is not reality and Megan Kelly epic fail has moderator
Megan Kelly in my humble opinion is after ratings for her own show. She now has tried to make this debate more about her than the candidates
Better option. Trump holds fundraiser for Vets and Wounded Warriors. Vets and Trump are Winners, Megan Kelly, not so much
. More likely to help him. He's the candidate running for Potus not Megan Kelly (drama queen…
Gotta chalk this up to bad timing--but Megan Kelly yucking it up with Michael Moore right now looks pretty bad.
put Greta as a mediator she would be able to be fair and balanced. Get rid of Megan Kelly.
Megan Kelly should apologize to the Donald!
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So if Trump is afraid of Megan Kelly, what's he going to do when a crisis hits? Go golfing?
Turn Megan Kelly off when she comes on to support Trump. She thinks she is a little to cute
sorry Mr. Trump but I watch Megan Kelly every night and others, and Not heard her say anything out-of-the-way about you. ?
Megan kelly from the start has been the only one asking him legitimate questions, I don't blame him I would be scared to death. Poor baby
Running from the debate because of Megan Kelly? Donald Chump
the Donald deserves the respect of the Fox because he is the front runner. Who the *** is Megan Kelly? Give me a break.
I agree with Trump. Megan Kelly should not be there. If so it will doom Fox News as a good media netw…
Yes, Megan Kelly can be fair. Trump just didn't like the question she asked. So what? Grow up and get over it!
A 'man' who is afraid of Megan Kelly and got a 'medical deferment' wants to be our Commander In Chief'?? God sa…
Says Megan Kelly tonight. Trump doesn't get to control the news. 😐 Yeah, he kinda does
Hey Megan. Going to ask another dump question like the last time you were a moderator. Ask what the American people want to learn about from the candidates and not stupid questions like you did Trump about saying mean things to a couple of women. How about this question for you. Are you going to change your hair style for the 3rd time this month and continue to wear more make up than Tammy Baker? That is the same kind of questions you would ask a presidential candidate when we want to know much more.
Let me first say that I have not decided on any one Republican candidate so it isn't like I am supporting Donald Trump or anyone else at this time. I have 3 that I am considering. This is also a first for me to even write something like this about any news show but like everyone that I have talked to it is time to speak up. Megan Kelly, WE GET IT. You don't like Donald Trump. Every show since that first debate you have bashed Donald Trump sometime during your show and we are finally tired of it and you. Tonight January 26th when she devoted her whole show acting like a proud peacock that she was mentioned by Trump in reference to the upcoming debate was the last straw. I have watched Fox News every night from 6pm - 11pm for a very long time. After tonight I will turn the channel between 9pm and 10pm EST. I was looking forward to the first debate to hear the candidates position on the economy, the safety of the country, immigration, etc. Megan's first question to Donald Trump was about saying mean things a ...
Your over inflated ego will not allow you to miss it. Another chance to grandstand. Get over the Megan Kelly thing. Grow up
Please consider dropping Megan Kelly from the debate she and Roger Ailes are biased and have an agenda against Trump!
Seems to me if Trump can't handle Megan Kelly he sure can't handle the Presidency.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Megan Kelly is an egoless version of Bill O'REILLY. But why does Frank Luntz look like he is living in a dumpster???
Megan Kelly and O'reilly weigh in on this Iran deal so we'll know which position to take. Opposite of
Megan Kelly reveals she was very sick when she tangled with Trump at the first GOP debate: htt…
We know why Howie Kurtz's SCHNOZZ is spreading; why Megan Kelly's JAW is so IMMENSE; why Rich Lowery's MOUTH LUMP is so enormous,
Don't forget: According to & Megan Kelly, Santa Claus is a White Man and so is Glenda the good witch htt…
where have I heard that before? Oh yeah. When he dissed McCain, Megan Kelly, Fiorina, Mexicans and everyone else.
next teaser, "Is anyone that wants to let in a Muslim extremists? Megan Kelly finds out."
Megan Kelly asks why Intelligence could not see Paris coming. "His" Jaw hid everything in sight.
Carly has proven herself to be a panderer. First to Megan Kelly, now to Muslims.
CAIR anti-Human Rights and Political agenda Exposed by FOX's Megan Kelly via
Congrats on the impressive win beauties->
your exactly right on your comments on Megan Kelly tonight the president is with the coalition
I'd RATHEE see a Megan Kelly vs Erin Burnett jello wrestling match WITH me OFFICIATING!
Tryna find me a chocolate girl that resembles to Megan Good or kelly, maybe Gabriel Union *spell check*, or Keke Palmer fine *** .
ICYMI: Interactive announced new additions to the Featured Speaker lineup:
Robert Zimmerman on the Megan Kelly show now makes my Effen skin crawl
SHUT THE *** UP Megan Kelly and let Ms. Ali talk so we can hear what SHE has to say! She had a message we were trying to hear.
Hi Megan Kelly. Richard Zimmerman is not right on everything he is saying. He makes this crap up as he goes.
We face the greatest threat and Megan Kelly wants to debate the usage of words.
If you want to know about the next set of names coming up in the world of starlet sextastic, you could check out...
Megan Kelly needs to join MSNBC. Turning into a Liberal Bi**h!!
I can't believe that you are appearing on Megan Kelly show! What a shame! You are dividing the conservatives
Megyn kelly has lost 25% of her audience .I support boycott Megan Kelly
I've already got my TABINOF and NOW you send out signed editions. K fam.
Megan Kelly is one of the worst news reporters I have ever seen Fox should get rid of her
I feel the heat coming from this rn😤🔥
Why don't you like another one of her photos☺
Great talk by on the effects of nickel on cabbage white size, # of eggs, and development time!
Congratulations to Norwich's Megan Kelly for being named honorable mention for Class 1A-II All-State volleyball.
Today I told the guy at Spaghetti Factory I wanted ranch on my Spaghetti and if that doesn't say Kelly I don't know wh…
Need approximately 28.5 milkweed plants to produce an adult migratory monarch in the north central region
You have 20 minutes to get to room 211D for what will be a fabulous talk on monarch citizen science with
goodnight I love nay cinnamon anne kayla megan marie consu gigi kelly and kaley so much
Sandra Smith had better not act like Megan Kelly she feels in for Megan Kelly Sandra we're watching you
Megan Kelly said it shows his humanity
aw gawd bumbling laura Hayes on sky news live get someone like Megan Kelly
good job on the Megan Kelly interview. This real issue IS accountability esp of Patrick Kennedy and Ms Lamb.
Megan and Kelly from DASA just emailed me asking if I knew you- I gave you a hearty recommendation. You're welcome 😊
Go back to sleep Megan Kelly. You need more beauty sleep
after your president I hope Megan KELLY eats crow. I've deleted her for good. Bad lady shame on ailes.
MSFOX This Chris guy you and Megan Kelly always have on what a creep
The lady I mentioned on Megan Kelly show said Harry Reid should Retire that the Democratic party is dysfunctional.
The conflict between your desire to get ahead professionally a... More for Leo
u seems to be angry today. Megan kelly vibe?😉
Megan Kelly *** She gave last word to an abortion proponent on whether pregnancy care centers s/b forced to advertise abortion options.
brooke I just listened to your interview on Megan Kelly and I gotta tell you that was an awesome job good job Brooke
First denying he accused Megan Kelly of being on her period, now denying he blamed Bush for 9/11
wait what's your grade in English again??? a 14 right? 😉😉
Megan kelly is a man in a woman's body who over runs her mouth and pushes her way around on her show that's why I don't watch
There was a lady on Megan Kelly show and her son was killed by an illegal alien said if don't like our laws then Go Home.
I hate but playing Megan Kelly on mute is something I`m willing to tolerate. . So much so I DVR her everynight :(
Certainly Megan Kelly and the GOP have attacked Donald T…
I'm listening to FNC in the car. Who the *** is this *** on Megan Kelly right now?
Megan Kelly and republicans need to get over it Donald Trump will be president
Megan Kelly just announced that the GOP insiders are going to do everything they can to take out Trump. She called it an all out war.
No amount of makeup you put on Megan Kelly can cover up her mouth. Too bad. Time to turn the channel...what happened to swamp people?
Megan Kelly made a fool of herself durning the first debate first two questions were for you to try to set you up .
Keepimg Megan and Kelly in my thoughts during their awful nightmare. Rip precious baby ❤
I watch just about every show on FOX because of Donald Trump news. However, when Megan Kelly comes on, I change the channel
Thinking of megan and kelly as baby Gibson went to be with God today. Love you both!❤👼
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Why don't you support Megan Kelly against spoiled thin-skinned Trump?
Instead of insisting dump Megan Kelly, how about we insist they stop presenting Karl Rove as voice of GOP wisdom?
Megan Kelly has your number. Smart chick.
if I ever hear bree megan kelly madison or any other friend I have call themselves ugly I will kill myself and then them
Ohio's Megan Kelly is the daughter of a USBC Hall of Famer and setting an example for her own daughter.
I don't watch Megan Kelly at all. She doesn't have the voice for the job she's doing. Sounds like a lawn mower.
WA-WA-WA TRUMP's at it again! Megan Kelly sure gets under his thin skin! He sounds like a spoiled brat, NOT LIKE A WANNA BE PRESIDENT!
FOX should put you into Megan Kelly's spot. Her prejudicial reporting is like MSNBC & CNN
I agree with Donald Trump. Don't watch Megan Kelly. How did she ever get on Fox?
FOX must get rid of Megan Kelly b/c her hatred for Trump & pro Rino attitude bleeds into her reporting disgustingly
Kelly Shea has given roses in honor of Mim Starr, Tracy Bank, Elise Coyne, Steph Long, Sharon Griffing, Megan...
Mike Kelly and Megan Van Ham speak to collaboration and the South Saskatchewan River Basin project.
Megan Kelly keeps putting on commentators Marc Thiessen & Chris Stirewalt to bash Trump. Those two make my blood boil. I ruins her show.
Recipe from Megan Kelly w focus in holistic woman’s hormones + spiritual health
Megan Kelly is a tabloid journalist and we no longer watch her and will not. What a disgrace in her debate performance.
Time Fox analysts wake up to the facts. Megan Kelly pushed Rosie Odonnell and now Rosie's own family can't stand her.
also megan Kelly better play the fair and balance and as a reporter don't get her feelings hurt so bad she forgets that
I've watched the Kelly file since it started. I was appalled by the attitude the moderators displayed then. Bring back the other Megan
Come have breakfast with the Premier October 26, you have to register by the 22! Call Megan or Kelly at 436-9651
Megan Kelly you are the freak of all freak journalist if u can b labeled.Everyone else at FOX has stepped up a knotch-duh freak-o
New CNN poll just out. Check out Megan Kelly's ( Trump hater) expression on news Trump winning big!
Foreigner Double Vision & Megan Kelly no one knew Art so Start Jeff Buckley Image and song .imagine my World .Prior I will Return W/?+
Megan Kelly.that is not my Team.that I know.and high high Tec in front Art try try stop Art ..some.way some how Billy hit head
Mr WIlliams is a good man and intelligent but Fox News has to create controversy and its about money and ratings/Megan Kelly
Megan Kelly my notes say I don't go in unless it BIG!! And a Slater!
By his own logic, Trump doesn't honor the free speech rights of John McCain, Megan Kelly, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, or any critic.
including Megan Kelly at Fox News. How naive can one get
Megan Kelly going after the next President Of The United States tonight on the Kelly file. What a total loser she is.
Megan Kelly the Drug store was a real.old one the Soda Fountain ice Bmcreame bar stools .
watch O'Reilley and Megan Kelly tonight and every night and learn so much more every day and night.
pre-rehab bloated Jon Hamm as Huckabee. Larry David as Bernie Sanders, Hannibal Burris as Carson. Megan Kelly as herself.
Megan Kelly is the New Geraldo, and I did find Bob interesting
Megan Kelly and her buddy Dana Perino should not , by anyone be considered fair and balanced. Pretty little liars
I don't support Megan Kelly or Trump attacking each other ,just wish they would move along to things of more importance
Megan Kelly gonna get more hate mail: Ted Cruz: "You know it's also the question Barack Obama wants to focus on"
Fox News is wrong with siding with Megan Kelly, she was head hunting and it didn't work.
Megan Kelly tries to take down Trump & he needs to apologize? suspect u will wait a long time 4 apology
Rick Perry is talking sense. Meanwhile the Trumpster is busy calling Megan Kelly names and blabbering on about...
didn't Megan Kelly she say on Stern, about O'Reilly, she would hit that?
Imagine if Megan Kelly were Angela Merkel or a shah's wife he insults. I know: WW3 in the first 100 days to achieve Trump Planet
Megan Kelly's EGO is HER problem NOT Trump - I had noticed PRIOR to the debate!
please book the beautiful as Megan kelly in a gangbang with as many BBCs as possible
So that's how you celebrate Megan being single? By impregnating Kelly Clarkson?
.Just because Megan kelly is on her "scheduled" vacation, let's not forget the hatchet job she did on Trump ..Can U say BIMBO
MSNBC is trying to sex up Rachel Maddow - Megan Kelly style - but the makeup and cleavage dont go with the army haircut.
MEGAN KELLY-Obviously TOLD 2 give apology 2 TRUMP-disguised or not-sure she didn’t like it
Since Megan Kelly, there has not been a reporter with any courage at all, questioning Trump. They are scared of him.
Even the mighty Fox News bowed Down and kissed Trumps *** crack after disrespecting Megan Kelly in the vilest way.Wow!
oh hun if you do the gangbang as Megan kelly your get so much more please follow me ill explain
Kelly: "hey, what is the greatest thing I have learned throughout my life?" . Me:"Time Management" . Kelly: "yeah I haven't learned that yet"
I admired Megan Kelly for her views and courage but I'm so disappointed I can never watch her again.
I never want to see someone attacked by an attack dog like Megan Kelly again so not CLASSY! At all.
Megan Kelly going after Trump, fine. But going after *** girl lost her dress & her mind!
Megan Kelly is foolish. She belongs on CNN she's truly a liberals liberal you go girl.
Megan Kelly and Fox News get blasted online after debate
You just know they will, Wink, Wink or blame Megan Kelly
what say you? libtard Megan Kelly? Ya I know illegal means nothing when it comes to immigrants
let Megan Kelly interview him and have Mr huckabee hold his hand.
Forget Megan Kelly, this guy is cute.
just remember being a good kid doesn't just mean staying out of trouble. Respecting your parents is key also
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Why is machine gun kelly gonna be on catfish tn
, Thanks for taking Megan Kelly off the air. Her question to Trump was out of line.
Did you hear anything that Megan Kelly. Got a week suspension for her Trump attack at Debate
Megan Kelly made a mistake on debate nite but I miss her bubbly happy personality
I watched her last night and did not like her. Acted like Megan Kelly. she is better in the mornings
Things were all good yesterday, and then the devil took your memory
I blocked many a few days after the Megan Kelly incident that were rabid salivating psychopaths lol
Trump rips into Megan Kelly at debate, he gets a pass; Hillary gets testy over one question, calls her COMBATIVE
your Megan Kelly Donald Trump is example. No, she didn't ask properly. she pandered to press you should be angry at. unfollow
they actually all spoke about it on Megan Kelly a while ago
I ask myself WWBAGD. Brain Austin Green had a stint as a white rapper and bagged Kelly Kapowski and Megan Fox. So yea,…
O'Reilly is stuck in his own world. As is Megan Kelly & most others on Fox News. U lost tens of million viewers
Megan Kelly and Fox likes Bush went after Trump !!
Megan Kelly in total Shock after rises to 45% in new Polls Megan was shattered on hearing the news making her look foolish.
Donald Trump confounds critic Megan Kelly with Commanding lead in Republican polls after trying to remove him via
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Megan Kelly did a great job. I don't spend a lot of time supporting a billionaire . who's never worked.
This is the "women" Megan Kelly supports and protects? Rosie would spread her period blood on Megan in a minute
Megan Kelly and the Dixie chicks down in Cuba burning American flags
This is so *** cute!! Made me giggle . Alexandra Smiley Erica Studnicka Kelly Mueller Megan Berry Maggie Le Mere
I agree. Also Megan Kelly has become a "DIVA".
Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green secretly ended their marriage. In related news, Dylan likes Brenda more than Kelly
Willing to sell megan and kelly for some Chris Brown tickets lmk
Megan kelly need to do a gangbang next with 12 BBCs
Megan Kelly u were embarrassing! You use too be humble when u 1st started now your ***
People that start a sentence with "Now I'm not trying to be rude" are either about to be rude, or about to sing Ignition by…
Biggest winner in this debate: Megan Kelly. Biggest winner in earlier debate: Fiorina. Likely winner in November 2016: al…
Donald Trump coming for Megan Kelly during the RNC debate and everybody calling him a sexist and anti women.
Megan Kelly has space for rent, cheap.
So who are the women supporting Donald Trump? The answers might surprise you -->
the link goes to a Megan Kelly site - not Maddow. - ***
could not disagree more with your approval Megan Kelly during the debates. It was an obvious attack on Donald Trump by Fox News.
Who's going to MMA cage fights this Saturday night? Those three would be Kelly Valliant, Diana Wallis, and Megan...
"I felt that [Megan Kelly's debate question about women] was unfair," to in .
: "firm" Bush "testy" Hillary- here we go again wth. better words 4 a new Megan Kelly type insult.
HTC cheerleading please allow me to int…
HTC cheerleading please allow me to introduce myself no 1
Fox viewers angry with Megan Kelly after debate via
I will watch Kelly File since filling in. No way will I watch traitor Megan Kelly
You Red Stater RINOs really need to get it fixed. Inviting Graham, Bush, Christy, Megan Kelly. Not Carson & Trump? Buwahhhaa.
Brett Baier/Megan Kelly did all they could to destroy . Because is the 9th biggest DONOR to
the only thing reprehensible is your narrow mind and misguided point of view. Megan Kelly earned my respect. She's a heroine.
I don't usually watch Fox News but I just wanted to see what Megan Kelly had to say in defense of herself
from Linda I have gave 15 comments no answer worst debate ever. Turned Wallace off last night. Cause of trump. Megan Kelly must be
Megan Kelly treated Donald Trump as Rosie O'Donnell treated Tom Selleck. It was an unwarranted ambush.
“thinking less and less of Megan Kelly!. A. . .
I think Megan Kelly should have started her questions to Trump with "when you were provoked by Rosie you hit hard with ." To make it fair
Megan Kelly question,to trump,she thinks was good?than Megan should ask Hilary if bill getting blow... In office from intern was ok?
Rosie O'Donnell is vile, and Megan Kelly is a bimbo who effed Britt Hume yuck
Japanese had Tokyo Rose in WWII and Fox has 2015 Megan Kelly and Chris Wallace to poison the airwaves..
Everybody is up in arms about Megan Kelly's questions for Trump about his "sexist" comments. If he can't handle...
I'll remind those angry at Megan Kelly about how the left-press treated Rubio's boat. There won't be a paper-cut they won't rip open on GOP.
Britt Hume says people would be mad the way Trump treated Megan Kelly More like the way Megan Kelly treated Trump
A clear hit job from Fox "News" aka the RNC/Karl Rove/Bush/RINO Channel! Megan Kelly was pathetic with her Karl Rove questions.
Don't count on it. People really like Megan Kelly. She's not Meet the Press.
Actually a Jon Stewart, Megan Kelly slam is just as powerful. Replay but goodie. Megan's a frickin twit via
Bless you Megan Kelly for holding accountable for his inaction on Kate Steinle!
Hmm... Ailes as Boss Hogg, doocey and the other one as the Dukes, Megan Kelly as Daisy, and Hannity as Enos?
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