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Megan Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is an American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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Hey Megan Kelly thanks for the follow I really appreciate it.
I think Bernie tricked me into watching the news *voluntarily watches a Megan Kelly piece on Scientology*
The whiner and cry baby is Trump. whined& insulted Megan Kelly--why? She asked him "hard questions" Ha
Shes just like Megan Kelly both of them are waiting on their sex change couple of Bull ***
You should have a show of your own ! It would give a lift to Fox News! maybe Megan Kelly spot.
I can believed to defend Megan Kelly but she was a reporter just trying get answer
4get megan kelly, with her as a friend to us who support Trump, we won't need any enemies. Go Trump, pleas…
Journalistic standards have been disappearing. TV news puts ratings ahead of journalistic standards (e.g., Megan Kelly)
I quit watching Megan Kelly as soon as she tried to embarrass our next president.
just realize politi fact isn't the final word on things. When Megan Kelly caught them jumbling the facts.
I stopped watching Megan Kelly after first debate. She started this trump doesn't like women crap. So unprofessional
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Megan Kelly, Neil Cavuto, and a couple of others seem to be doing Hilary's work for her.
"Standing shoulder to shoulder with my sisters on the truth of who we are" -megan kelly
You're going to end up like Megan Kelly.
why? O'Reilly is a joke. He can't do any better than Megan Kelly. Joke
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Or Megan Kelly was threatened by Trump - seems more likely
Trump says he raise 6 million for veteran when he skip the debate with Megan Kelly The veterans didn't get that money
Donald Trump May 16 2016 Megyn Kelly Begs Trump For Interview her ratings went down Megan *** is done
Fox new your ratings have got to be going down , 🕵🕵in the Tank ?where was Megan Kelly Another Trump Basher ??? Go Trump our next president 🔜
dumb Kun* of all time TV history...well, there is Megan Kelly!
lets not forget the name calling hes done about many Americans. Like Megan Kelly.
agreed, Trump couldn't even apologize to Megan Kelly for anything, he deserves no ones grace at all.
I've turned to Fox Business Channel since Fox News lost its way with Megan Kelly. CNN & MSNBC are still left wing. Lou Dobbs is the best.
With her contract up for renewal, Megan Kelly may be pay a price for her high profile softball interview with Trump.
smith good reporting enjoyed your show hope they leave you there in place of Megan Kelly
"Watched the Megan Kelly special and I must was very well done on bo…
Megan Kelly on Watch What Happens Live. Class act. Andy Cohen has been a perfect gentleman.
in a pigsty did I just here lady Michigan democratic governor refer to trump as such on Megan Kelly show!
I have never seen Megan Kelly get cut off on her own show by this Michigan governor democrat woman who will not answer
/I could only watch a few minutes this morning. Was like watching Megan Kelly.
biggest *** on Fox is Sheppard Smith, the man or whatever he is cannot report a story without his questioning it, Megan Kelly
I agree, ppl are not watching Fox because of the behavior of Megan Kelly,Stephen Hayes, etc.They have treated us like GOPe does
Sanders/Warren on national green party wins over HC/Jane Harman and DT/Megan Kelly
I hope to get to Eric Trump and stop his dad from interviewing with Megan Kelly before she too stabs him in the back.
Not a fan of Megan Kelly or Fox News but they have also done some great reporting in the rape hysteria as well.
Greatest personification of "skepticism" I've seen,next to Megan Kelly's expressions when interviewing Marie Harf.
You might not understand what people are trying to tell you to... More for Leo
Sean Hannity you might want to familiarize yourself with the law,talk to Megan Kelly,restrain from character assassination leave Michelle be
I really like Megan Kelly, but what a bad group she had on tonight
I do appreciate Megan Kelly batting for you. Then maybe she'll go back to not liking you. 😂 sigh..
Wotsherface from FOX..Megan Kelly does more research than mods RTWhat's the grade for these moderators? F or F+?
thought Megan Kelly had scruples. She sold out to Trump to be heir apparent at FOX after O'Reilly.
to weak to stand for his colleague, Megan Kelly, an assertive professional woman that is no blonde bimbo, like Trumps girlfriends
yes you're absolutely right, they realized Can't mess with Trump. Megan Kelly begging forgiveness at Trump Tower.
Maybe Trump and Megan Kelly are comparing their NCAA brackets.
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Megan Kelly met with DJT. . Think she is ready to REPORT News rather than trying to MAKE News?. We will see.
Megan Kelly slighted Kasich and favored Trump supporters when moderating the question and answer panel on Fox cable tonight.
Trump speaks it as it is. :). Megan Kelly had angry Cruz plants after Trump spoke. Ugly.
Is trump really obsessed with Megan Kelly or does trump have good taste. Guess we will never know.
I don't trust Sean Hannity and Megan Kelly any longer. These two are trump supporters.
Just finished an interview with Megan Kelly on the Kelly File with FOX
Megan Kelly showed all the signs of an abused Woman. I can hear her saying, he said he was sorry for beating me & we made up.
a Sora Trump trick shame on them and Fox News is this why Megan Kelly met with Trump this week what a set up
Megan Kelly's focus group dinged DJT for non-substantive speech. They just don't get it.
Megan Kelly ask them why Ted lied he said Trump wanted the deal with Iran Trump has said time and again he hated it.
kelly TRUMP/RUSSERT INTERVIEW 1999 in his own words. HIS NY VALUES VS IOWA VALUES!!! look on you tube & know your facts for once!
Megan Kelly focus grp - Kasich has a lot of content but not interesting speaker.
hey Megan Kelly all the establishment wants is a robot politician to keep there cosy jobs of keeping the middle
Kelly u should be ashamed of yourself 1meeting w/trump and u defend him,booo
# Megan Kelly, great lively crowd, lol
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This NY GOP thing on Megan Kelly, lol a voter just threw out a nutty conspiracy theory.
You, Megan Kelly, made DT your project now live with the ramifications of your actions. Tip: Shut…
The 5th word out of Megan Kelly's mouth tonite was "Donald Trump". She dispises him but she can't live without the ratings he…
Kelly. I must say I give you credit and you have regained my confidence. I see a new unbiased Megan! TY.
Megan Kelly is really defending trump! Amazing. I may start watching her again. I used to love her
Megan Kelly ask the people to talk one at a time you can not understand them when they all talk at the same time
Megan Kelly lost control of the audience. Not Barbra Walters.
Megan Kelly focus grp - man wants to know why George Soros is funding Gov. John Kasich?
This NY GOP thing on Megan Kelly is a battle royal with this NY voter panel. They are gonna throw down and canibalize each other! Rabies
Megan Kelly focus grp - man said Reagan was behind Carter & won election - so can Trump.
Megan kelly at it again with her phony focus group tonight!
Looks like the cruz supporters were the hostel ones on Megan Kelly's panel on the gala speech
Donald J. Trump the next President --should not go on the Megan Kelly show--she is not his side -
Donald J . Trump next President---he should not go the Megan Kelly show--she is not on his side --
Megan Kelly may have apologized but she stacked her tv panel with anti-Trump people.
Megan Kelly can still stack a panel to keep up the controversy this is the night for unity not politics
Megyn Kelly had to hand pick most of the clowns giving their opinions. I wonder how much she paid the clowns? Megan Kelly give up.
I think Megan Kelly and the Don...really like each other. the end!
Where did Megan Kelly get these twisted hateful people to attack Trump's talk which was all good they want loser Kasich son of mailman
VEry Presidential Trump speech, sentimental values of New York, Megan Kelly audience out of control,except for men
Megan Kelly focus group - most ppl in group were impressed with Trump speech - saw another side of him -
Listening to Fox News Megan Kelly! Why are these CRUZ people not giving credit to Trump for the projects he has finished in NY! Experience!
Bunch of women talking over people,Megan Kelly audience
When Megan Kelly comes on, Fox News goes off. Rather watch CNN. Unless Trump is on
BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Stuns Fans, Leaves Fox News in Hard Position Sounds like Megan is blaming Trump.
I see. Megan Kelly change her tune, on Trump
Biggest Pet Peeve of mine is when people email me calling me Kelly 😑😑 happens too often
The snake story that trump has read to us many times, based on Megan Kelly
Two names I do not wish to hear again. . Megan Kelly and Michelle Fields. I prefer classy women like Melania Trump!! https…
Megan Kelly first started the woman hater rumors
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Why is Megan Kelly singing the national anthem on CNN?
Rumor is that Megan Kelly seeks a high-profile guest for a Barbara Walters-style prime time special on Fox. Hmm...Donald Trump?
Now I can see why Megan Kelly wants to make up with Trump...
. Even better: choose Megan Kelly for a running mate!
Classy response Bret. I still have respect for you, but Megan Kelly has been anti-Trump for so long it ***
Bill O'Reilly is not your advocate. He's the male Megan Kelly.
fire Megan Kelly. She is acting like a libtard constantly bashing trump. It's like watching rachel madcow
Should not be called Megan Kelly file new call is Jerry Springer show ! unfair and unbalanced !! "sideshow".
Watching reruns of three stooges not Megan Kelly
Kate bolduan stop trying so hard to be Megan Kelly its unbecoming
Doesn't Carol Costello (CNN) sound like Megan Kelly ? Same tone Same Negativity when it comes to Trump -So tired of slighted Media reporting
so much better than Megan Kelly like able astute steady I'm impressed listen t Shannon bream when poss
to quote Megan Kelly "Seriously?". Stephen Miller's comments on today's SOTU. CNN time to rethink having him on your shows
Megan Kelly is the only journalist I watch. Hannity, Gretta, O'Reilly and others I refuse to watch!
Only one Fox News commentator that has any credibility is Megan Kelly. All of you on fox business & news are in it for the D.T.
Interesting how FOX poll is continually well bellow CNN's. Maybe they multiply Megan Kelly's response.
I dislike Megan Kelly, but Carol Costellois just about the most irritating TV personality going.
- the show i'd like to see is a debate between u & o"reilly, Rachel & Megan Kelly, and
Shawn Hannity and Oriley are the best. I will not ever again watch Megan Kelly. She very biased.
Ted Cruz to Megan Kelly: Trump has been treated by the media with kit gloves. Present company excluded.
If I have any spite, it's because of Megan Kelly, NRO, Paul Ryan, 'Pansy' Graham, L. Lynch, and now mittens Romney.
Megan Kelly looks curiously like Brigitte Nielsen tonight:
.thanks for warning me Nancy, if Megan Kelly is going to strip during the debate, I'm not old enough to watch.
He demeaned Megan Kelly and Rosy O' Donnell..where the *** were you..he demeaned disabled people by mocking them..😤😝😱👎
That explains why Megan Kelly stopped swooning over him
"As long as Fox News is cleaning house - get rid of Megan Kelly and Juan Williams as well." — Blanche
Dr. killing it on Fox News in his segment with Megan Kelly. His policy plans are well articulated and offer real solutions.
Megan Kelly has a Rachel Madcow
i'm glad LINDA MCMAHON only ran for the US Senate in Connecticut! After and Megan Kelly dueled.
Fox's Megan Kelly slaps down the "Council on American Islamic Relations" via
.Bravo!The feminist team Hillary, Megan Kelly and Lena Dunham could not stop you! And the haters Michael Moore, Glen Beck 2
Hope you watch Michael Lynch NewsMax Unfiltered. Runs opposite Megan Kelly and the reason I found it. Megan's gone.
Do you mean Shepard smith or Megan Kelly
wow great debate tonight. Megan Kelly is no Rachel Maddow.
like he respected that sound guy, or Muslims, or Mexicans, or Megan Kelly, or women in general?
I think Megan Kelly went to the same barber that Leslie Knope went to
Megan Kelly: Give me the young Val Kilmer . Stylist: This is Madness. MK: THIS IS Fox News
Good job trump. Stick to your guns. - Megan Kelly.
I would not let Megan Kelly work as a masseuse at my hotel...
Megan Kelly looks like she'll fill in for Donald thurs nite cuz theyre wearing the same hairstyle & colors as Donald's: Silver, gray & gold
Trump is a big baby and chicken, he can't even face Megan Kelly.
Megan Kelly has the Zika virus..mutated into this..Be on lookout
Ms. Kelly tried to get cute. Asked questions of zero substance.The Donald called her on it. Megan ran for cover.
Why? Trump does not need you for ratings. You need him though. Wait, you have Megan kelly..Th…
Megan Kelly is way more attractive than Donald Trump. Just saying. Maybe when Donald's hair was longer, but not now.
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Donald Trump is scared of bears. That's why he refuses to attend the debate, way to be a woman, Megan Kelly!
what is that weird feeling I'm getting? I feel a sensation of rooting for Megan Kelly and Fox standing to Trump
The fact of the confrontation at the first debate; Who allows Megan Kelly to be anywhere NEAR a Presidential Candidate?
Shame on you! Be a man. Megan Kelly is a reporter like it or not. Deal with!! DEAL WITH IT. Deal with it in an adult
Fox is making a huge error having Megan Kelly in debate. don't need conflict we need harmony focus on issues not grudge
The media is tasked with a certain truthful or at least opinioned coverage necessary in USA. If Megan Kelly is
He said if She wasnt his daughter he would date her but he never said he would like megan kelly if she was his daughter checkm8
That's not true. Trump isn't afraid of Megan Kelly... he's afraid of Cruz. Kelly is a c…
Why is it so natural to assume Putin is more intimidating than Megan Kelly?
Megan Kelly asked leading questions akin to the "wife beating" fallacy. Anti-Trump surprised by Trump's self respect.
Megan Kelly is biased. Will not watch the debate.
Donald is afraid of Megan Kelly. Trump afraid of News anchor, he wants to be CNC? is why Putin likes him.
the two of them shaking hands should say all you need to know about Fox News and Megan kelly
I hope Megan Kelly actually loves because all she's doing is sealing the deal.
Megan Kelly is no longer fair and balanced. I will no longer watch her show.
I'm not a Megan Kelly fan,l. As a matter of fact, I kind of dislike her. But this is just childish
Please Donald re-think backing out of the debate, Don't allow that worthless Bimbo, Megan Kelly to get the best of you.
Megan Kelly is the MVP.she made trump forfeit the debate . cc:
You should go and ignore Megan Kelly - don't respond to her questions if they are any way slanted. We need you there.
"Will Trump deal w/ ISIS the same way as Big Bad Megan Kelly? LOL". Hopefully. I sure don't want our President agreeing to ISI…
If Trump does not want to attend the GOP Debate because of Megan Kelly, just imagine if he were to debate Hillary. Feeling scared Donald?
you guys are forgetting the hit piece Megan Kelly did this week with national review
I don't believe Megan Kelly is worth the argument Fox probably needs to rethink
Excuse me...,...I have to give Megan Kelly a drink of water.
I agree! Statement was Megan Kelly all over! Designed to belittle you. I won't be watching debate.
Sorry, TRUMP doesn't intimidate me, can't buy me like others. I liked his success, but he lost me at Megan Kelly.
Life is not fair Trump, we have boys dying in the Middle East and you are whining about Megan Kelly not being fair. Not Good!
>was about what Fox News did, not Megan Kelly alone, nice try on framing it that way
Megan Kelly has been attacking you on her show since the problem. I think you are right Fox is not fair and balanced here.
No on my feed today. I'll assume he's hiding under his bed so Megan Kelly can't find him. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Donald Trump, in Feud With Fox News, Shuns Debate can't face Megan Kelly? What about Vlad Putin…
I just heard on fox radio that is "afraid" of Megan Kelly. I don't think he's afraid but just doesn't like her.
enough is enough WE the people watch the debates to hear candidates not see Megan Kelly they should have made her apologize
Megan Kelly is an irritating woman no different than the trash talking Dems
I used to watch Megan Kelly but I don't like the way she does her questioning I think she tries to embarrass people and I quit watching her
Trump is NOT running from Megan Kelly from weakness! He's negotiating from strength! Fox stands to lose MILLIONS!
Disgusting. Michael Moore and Megan Kelly. Talk about digging up disgusting creatures from the past.
You want to be President but u run from Megan Kelly? Is this your new book "THE ART OF FEAR OF REPORTERS"? Get in that Debate
He didn't skip it because he was being a whiny baby. If Megan Kelly is too tough for him, then he is a weakling
I agree Mr. Trump and I watch FoxNews everyday. What Megan Kelly said in the last debate was not professional!
Ted Cruz and others are making a big mistake trying to say Trump is afraid of Fox or Megan Kelly. That is stupid.
Megan Kelly convened a special panel of anti-Trump writers from National Review.
Megan Kelly's stunt was no different than Candy Crowley when she injected herself into the debate that she was moderating!
The democrats wont let Megan Kelly ask them any questions ? Dont blame Trump its not an equal stand !
She lowered herself to msnbc status by asking the dumbest of all questions to Donald Trump.
Megan Kelly just interviewed Michael Moore who applauded her for making the statement for "war on women" by attacking Trump...
Megan Kelly. Candy Crowley. What is the difference. Only the net work they work for. Agenda first. Acting.
Trump is afraid to debate because he saw how Megan Kelly shut down Ammon Bundy. Totally killed his momentum.
It's not that Megan Kelly called Trump out on sexism, it's the disgusting way she did it. bye bye Fox News
not if Megan Kelly's there she has no class
I'm not a fan of Foxnews, But I respect Megan Kelly as a woman. She was the professional. Trump is spoiled. NOT POTUS material.
Megan kelly has been out to get Trump and shame on Fox News not really truthful anymore
Donald should slot his event on a competing network at same time. I would watch Trump instead of Megan Kelly.
The sly Megan Kelly certainly not Trumps REAL reasoning; Trumps tactical strategy thinking would never be so superficial !
Yes but not in a good way, no? Big time negotiator can't handle Megan Kelly, world leaders chew him up!
I'm not sure it's a good move Trump is skipping Thursday debate. I go agree Megan Kelly started off the first...
Mr. Trump if you cannot handle the tough questions from Megan Kelly, how can you handle the job as President?
My thing is, if it's about the voters. Pullout Megan Kelly. So all candidates can make their case. Put voters 1st!
I won't watch it because of Megan Kelly and it has way too may low po…
Trump doesn't have time for attacks by Megan Kelly and Ted Cruz he's above all there nonsense   10% Off
cannot face Megan Kelly how can he face Putin, Kim Jong, ISIS etc
Trump is a COWARD, afraid of Megan Kelly! Hyper-sensitive ego!
Michael Moor supports Megan Kelly. That is like Hitler giving you kudos.
your a back stabber. You know Megan Kelly needs to not do the debate. Where's your balls know she wrong
I'm afraid you really blew it tonight.Megan Kelly=Gorbachev? Boy,have you sold out!
If you believe Trump is scared of Megan Kelly, you deserve Obama!
I think he dropped because Megan Kelly cornered him. And made it uncomfortable for him.
So thinks he can handle hostile world leaders but is afraid of Megan Kelly?
Trump is a COWARD, afraid of Megan Kelly! Fragile ego!
you can keep your Megan Kelly - while WE take our next POTUS straight where he belongs - to The People's House!
If Trump is skipping the next debate because he's afraid of Megan Kelly, why don't we have Meg moderate every debate from here on out?
Don't let Megan Kelly "win" by not doing the debate! Your the only reason why I even watch them!
Donald Trump can't handle Megan Kelly but he can run the Country?
Megan Kelly is on her way to the Fox Debate
After the mudslinging by FOX and tremendous lack of respect shown by Megan Kelly I Truly believe Trump made the appropriate decision!
Trump, I signed the Petion going around to Remove Megan Kelly from Fox News.
was voting for him but i need someone new now if he can't stand up to Megan Kelly let alone putin
Talk about a women full of herself. Geez Megan Kelly is nothing but a Face.
If you can't handle the "unfairness" of Megan Kelly, how the heck can you handle the presidency? What a wimp!
Megan Kelly is horrid Jerkoff to bring in an anti Trump Muslim base to be in the crowd to mock Trump. Trump is about strength not caving!!
Sry Trump supporters, but your guy is too scared to face Megan Kelly. Too butt hurt to face her? How do you get Mexico to pay for the wall?
Fox News and company *** Megan Kelly are establishment media puppets!
Good one Bette. Big mouth is afraid of Megan Kelly. Taking his toys and going home.
Please. All this achieves is showing Megan Kelly to be a dainty fragile wraith. Gag.
What do you mean Megan Kelly is going to be at the debate.
If you can't stand up to Megan Kelly, how can you stand up to Putin? Lose mine & my husband's vote if you don't show up
If Trump cowers at Megan Kelly, he will wilt in front of Hillary!
Donald Trump is brilliant he knows what he's doing Sean Hannity megan kelly Fox News Geraldo Rivera none of them get it donald does
If can't deal with Megan Kelly, he can't deal with Vladimir Putin. Debate over. Case closed.
. Megan Kelly telegraphed the hit job yesterday
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Attention Trumpkins: you all love Trump's fighting attitude, so how do you defend him cowering to Megan Kelly?…
Trump is a bully & a coward. A scaredy-cat afraid of Megan Kelly. How could he ever stand up to Putin? DUMP TRUMP!
. Replace Megan Kelly out of respect for the American people. Fox needs to demonstrate it will not allow …
Trump or not, I won't be watching bc Megan Kelly is a terrible moderator. Demonstrated that last time.
Fox News Megan Kelly rotten people.put horrible Michael Moore on show for meaness.dont watch debate as long as Megan is on there
Megan Kelly is a disgrace to Fox News. I'm done watching!!!
Megan Kelly is a jerk!. Why does she have to be so insulting! Go Teump!
. What is Trump scared of? Megan Kelly, he'll make some negotiator!
Scared Don runs from Megan Kelly! That's the guy who will be the next leader of the free world? NOT
poor Donald Trump..afraid of little Megan kelly.
"My pal was just on Megan Kelly's show! He digs Trump. Thank you David, you were great!
Just shows how he'll turn tail and run from Iran, China, The deficit, Isis, Megan Kelly...etc…
Of course the good old media sticks up for each other, that's what makes Trump great, he doesn't take crap, it's not abt Megan Kelly
not the least bit surprised with his response! Fox stood by Megan Kelly as they should. And he ran away like a child!
I'm sick of the Candy Crowley and Megan Kelly ed debate anchors.
Bring back this series just for the Trump v Megan Kelly death match. And Sanders vs Clinton
TL Update: Trump supporters are mocking Megan Kelly. Non-Trump supporters are mocking Trump.
GOOD for Trump! Megan Kelly repeatedly asked Trump lame, inappropriate questions about his personal opinions on... ht…
Bad move to snub the number one cable news network. Agree Megan Kelly was not fair. Still believe you should be on stage.
You are making a big mistake by not doing the debate. Megan Kelly did you no damage before. You've made an a-- of yourself.
Megan Kelly will lose and so will Fox News
Really, hope we never face an Army of Megan Kelly clones, we're screwed
hey, I heard you quit the race bc of Megan Kelly was to *** you
Mr Trump doesn't need to bow down to the biased inquisition from aging prom queen Megan Kelly!
that is a Wimpy move that made if he can't stand up to Megan Kelly what kind of President would h…
Megan Kelly is completely unapologetic for her previous unprofessional, disrespectful behavior. Trump is right not to show up.
Trump threw a monkey wrench into Megan Kelly's plans to insult and bash TRUMP for 2,hours. Boycott the F…
Megan Kelly has always been rude..Before this I changed the channel on her ..She has no should be Greta or Diane Sawyer
you think Fox News will fold to the pressure and pull Megan Kelly?
Megan Kelly v Trump, PP Video Guy v Grand Jury, Ammon Bundy v Law Enforcement: watchin white privilege take over the news like 🐸☕️
Trump shoots Megan Kelly and won't loose any votes... It's like...INCREDIBLE.
Trump is about to prove he is more important to FoxNews than Megan Kelly is.
now Megan Kelly is having Michael Moore on her show? Man has she jumped the shark!
Donald Trump is cry baby he cannot handle megan kelly if he cannot handle megan kelly he is not fit to be in the White House
how can Megan Kelly even be considered to moderate when she comes with a bias. She's not o…
You've got guts to face the wimps in congress. Now. stand up to Megan Kelly and throw her garbage back in her face.
the debates suck and so does the person insisting on having Megan Kelly at another :(
isnt afraid of tough questions by Megan Kelly. is inside Megan. The only fighters for the people are Bernie Dems
I don't think Megan Kelly and the debate monitors have the equivalent of Putin and world leaders questions.
Apparently Fox News Channel is on a-Trumpbashing frenzie. They will NOT PICK OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. and Megan…
I guess if Trump is not man enough to face Megan Kelly, he won't be man enough to face Hillary Clinton.
re Donald Trump's issue with Megan kelly- can you refresh memory on the question he was irritated by. It was a fair question.
That's BS and you know it. But I support any boycott of Fox News and Megan Kelly. Fox News is an oxymoron. With morons.
Megan Kelly don't have a clue she is worthless 👍
gross Michael. Moore...Megan Kelly is getting desparate
Wow, Michael Moore love fest with Megan Kelly, she's finished I think? Kelly
OK… I am officially done with Trump.. This guy is complaining about possibly getting a tough question from Megan Kelly? He …
does Megan Kelly think any of her viewers want to see Michael Moore or care what he has to say???
Remember when Trump said Megan Kelly took that vacation because of him?
Hey you can't face Megan Kelly, but expect us to believe you can handle int'l relations? Bun bye dude.
how can protect us from ISIS if he is afraid of Megan Kelly?
Megan Kelly showing beauty is only skin deep.besties with Mike Moore. Never thought you would sink to these lefty tactics.
What a big angry chicken! Afraid of Megan Kelly. Afraid of Ted Cruz more likely!
The media is not reality and Megan Kelly epic fail has moderator
Megan Kelly in my humble opinion is after ratings for her own show. She now has tried to make this debate more about her than the candidates
Better option. Trump holds fundraiser for Vets and Wounded Warriors. Vets and Trump are Winners, Megan Kelly, not so much
. More likely to help him. He's the candidate running for Potus not Megan Kelly (drama queen…
Gotta chalk this up to bad timing--but Megan Kelly yucking it up with Michael Moore right now looks pretty bad.
put Greta as a mediator she would be able to be fair and balanced. Get rid of Megan Kelly.
Megan Kelly should apologize to the Donald!
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So if Trump is afraid of Megan Kelly, what's he going to do when a crisis hits? Go golfing?
Turn Megan Kelly off when she comes on to support Trump. She thinks she is a little to cute
sorry Mr. Trump but I watch Megan Kelly every night and others, and Not heard her say anything out-of-the-way about you. ?
Megan kelly from the start has been the only one asking him legitimate questions, I don't blame him I would be scared to death. Poor baby
Running from the debate because of Megan Kelly? Donald Chump
the Donald deserves the respect of the Fox because he is the front runner. Who the *** is Megan Kelly? Give me a break.
I agree with Trump. Megan Kelly should not be there. If so it will doom Fox News as a good media netw…
Yes, Megan Kelly can be fair. Trump just didn't like the question she asked. So what? Grow up and get over it!
A 'man' who is afraid of Megan Kelly and got a 'medical deferment' wants to be our Commander In Chief'?? God sa…
Says Megan Kelly tonight. Trump doesn't get to control the news. 😐 Yeah, he kinda does
Megan Kelly wants to hurt Trump with her mouth like Mosby wants all cops In Prison 4 Freddy Gray. No more Megan 4 me at 9
Hey Megan. Going to ask another dump question like the last time you were a moderator. Ask what the American people want to learn about from the candidates and not stupid questions like you did Trump about saying mean things to a couple of women. How about this question for you. Are you going to change your hair style for the 3rd time this month and continue to wear more make up than Tammy Baker? That is the same kind of questions you would ask a presidential candidate when we want to know much more.
Let me first say that I have not decided on any one Republican candidate so it isn't like I am supporting Donald Trump or anyone else at this time. I have 3 that I am considering. This is also a first for me to even write something like this about any news show but like everyone that I have talked to it is time to speak up. Megan Kelly, WE GET IT. You don't like Donald Trump. Every show since that first debate you have bashed Donald Trump sometime during your show and we are finally tired of it and you. Tonight January 26th when she devoted her whole show acting like a proud peacock that she was mentioned by Trump in reference to the upcoming debate was the last straw. I have watched Fox News every night from 6pm - 11pm for a very long time. After tonight I will turn the channel between 9pm and 10pm EST. I was looking forward to the first debate to hear the candidates position on the economy, the safety of the country, immigration, etc. Megan's first question to Donald Trump was about saying mean things a ...
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