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Megan Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is an American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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Look closely, he has a picture of Megan Kelly with him.
Megan just said she can see me and kelly selling kandi out of a teepee at coachella ๐Ÿ˜‚
you Cavuto, but stunning you r not. Now, Megan Kelly is stunning.
She's never happier than when she's eating ๐Ÿ•
Is it really going to be Megan Kelly or that squirrelly blond girl from SNL? Send Oreilly instead!!
Congrats Megan Kelly - Someone noticed your recent Act of Civility & it's earned you a Target gift card! Thanks for making great.
Almost a year later and black Santa is still in Megan Kelly's mentions
Your presentation may be so flamboyant now that it gets in the... More for Leo
I am getting way serious 2012-PTSD from Megan Kelly walking down this hallway on Fox News.
Going to bed have to go make sure mom Kelly don't lose her mind while I get results at Henry's school !!!
Megan Marilyn and Kelly are my biggest h8rs i feel
I agree most of these women are conservatives...but I would call Megan Kelly a moderate
Today, Madison was presented with the 1st Buddy for Battens, in Honor of Ali; by Kelly, Ana & Megan Herndon.
GOP governors win the blue states ...but PA went back to blue? Pennsylvania McConnellKelly.
I now have Megan, Kelly and Laura following me ๐Ÿ˜ thankyou
โ€œcourse I hope my kids hav kids of their own. I don't want grandchildren,I want revenge.โ€
Hey, do you mind sending me that pic of Megan and I, when you get the chance?
And now they're off. Goal by Kelly Gorman followed by a Megan Collins point 2.05 to 1.01
Obvious to say but Lorraine Kelly is just wonderful.
Megan Kelly, Director of Sales and Marketing Pasadena, w/fellow associates. .
Happy birthday hope you doing good one with Kelly & Sarah oh college girl
Ik I'm so glad I have mrs Kelly for lit and la ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
Urgent Prayer Request.! . From Kelly Harper: . A friend of hers, Megan Wallace & her infant son, Easton, have been...
"I like feeling it, I like feeling it everywhere" -
I thought you werevralking about Megan kelly!! Oops
Megan Kelly Kelly file.Aug 26' I was blocked as she said this to the tv. With a snare look of hate for new Media.
I thought i could not like megan kelly more,till now. she is spot on about the gov jumping the gun .
Great job Megan Kelly! sick of Ferguson taking front page and the terror of IS being pushed back! We have enemies, 80K strong!โ€ฆ
Megan Kelly is really pointed with her questioning of the Michael Brown family attorney.
Megan Kelly on MacArthur McCain: "what the *** s he doing in Syria [fighting side by side with the terrorists]?" Gotta love this lady.
Megan just wow proud to be conservative wow wow
If someone asks you what the 90s were like, show them this picture
'Did you know I'm obsessed with noses, they feel so good, I'd love to just chew on one' -Megan Byrne
Your network talked about Beyoncรฉ not being a role model for young girls. But Megan Kelly is?
Fox News does this all the time MEGAN KELLY defender of African Americans comes in to pitch a weak argument for Bill to knock down
The Megan Kelly - O Reilly bit is a Fox News red herring. Ferguson are protesting police brutality, not an abstract debate of WP.
Megan Kelly dropped an elbow on bill o Reilly
Julia, did you see this? Megan Kelly & Bill O'Reilly commenting on Asian community.
While megan kelly and oreilly may have 'white privilege', most of the other white 'folks' do not!
These Megan Kelly stories are fascinating... I'm dying to know why she's going off script all of a sudden.
Kelly and megan: only people that keep me grounded
I'm gonna next time I come home I'm excited
Photo: superhero-auction: Wonder Woman by Megan Kelly Partย of a Superhero-themed Charity Auction in memory...
Cheers for the nomination Megan Kelly Martina Sands and Niall Carbery. I would like to nominate Catherine Smyth,...
Megan Kelly of Fox News serves up a heaping side of White Guilt.
I've texted Kelly's mom more than I've texted Kelly since she's been gone
I enjoy O'Reilly's rants most of the time. I think hes extremely naive though, I like Megan Kelly though
I agree, but Fox IMO has legitimate news reporters that don't take a side, like Shepard Smith, Megan Kelly, Mike Tobin.
Megan Kelly on Oreilly quoted stats white vs black, but she failed to state the isn't race bias, it is race behavior!
Holly white santa clause is that Megan Kelly trying to school Bill O'Reilly about on Fox News
I never know if I should call Megan 'Megan' or 'Kelly'
So happy that Kelly and I managed to get Becca and Megan's birthday presents sorted today e!!! :D:D:D
Is Megan Kelly of all of a sudden becoming a liberal champion of that news network or am i really missing something.
We just woke up and got ready for swim and then megan decides to tell us we don't have practice ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜‘
I love Megan Kelly, but she blew it on the O'Reilly factor tonight. She offered excuses for the behaviors of black folks in Missouri.
Laura Ingraham. Save us! Save Megan Kelly! She drank the kool aide.. What happened?
โ€œIt was really fun hanging out with Megan tonight just incase anyone was wondering.โ€ Suck my ***
9 quotes from Westpac CEO Gail Kelly that give an insight into her success:
Ah crap wrong reply, Kelly is my bae back off Megan ๐Ÿ‘Š
we will find out I just sent to Megan Kelly, Bill O'Reilly and James Rosen
Megan Kelly isn't very bright all that peroxide has killed what little brain cells she has left
All purpose parts banner
Beyoncรฉ has nothing on Who rocked the Megan kelly show tonight. Thanks for clarifying feminism.
Darren Wilson moved from one racist pd to ferguson. KKK Megan Kelly Fox News goes after NAACP. Sorry she I s a...
Saw the Beyonce feminist deal on Megan Kelly show. I did not know Beyonce was so big thick thighs and dat *** Wow
โ€œ"fake and biased" is what my dad always says lol. I just like it bc Megan Kelly turns me on frequentlyโ€ lol you rascal
MEGAN KELLY we Fox News are with racist
priv exists, says Megan Kelly. Do stats alone prove more than correlation attributable to any # of causes? Really?
That's disgusting. Megan Kelly deserves better than that.
One of the most BEAUTIFUL pieces of Tel-Lie-Vision I have had the pleasure of witnessing in the fall out of the events in following the murder of Michael Brown. This St.Louis Black Pastor was basically set up by Fox News to do an attack Job on the Reverend Al Sharpton. Its something they do pretty regularly when issues such as these come up - distract from the issue by basically tryina discredit Al, Jesse Jackson, maybe Farrakhan, Cornel west or Michael Eric Dyson. etc. They basically brought Pastor White (LOL. The irony...) on to condemn Al for "stoking up racial tension" in light of the killing. BUT... The Brother flips the script EVER so nicely... watch Megan Kelly try her hardest to get it out of him and how she changes her tune when its clear that he wasn't gonna toe the line. THEN. SUDDENLY... Random "Fox News Alert", which appears to be a pre-recorded bulletin featuring no new information interrupts the Broadcast. LOL. Now... I got my issues with Al, but with all his many many MANY issues... when i ...
Thanks for sharing your cold Megan Kelly and Troy. NOT!
Megan Kelly hooked up with Peter Theoharis while his older brother Thomas was at lifetime
hey, remember when journalism used to be a respectable profession?. cc: Ann Coulter, Don Lemon, Megan Kelly
Bill scum bag Ayers will be on Megan Kelly again tonight. Watch the BO method of dodging and not answering question.
Megan Kelly on FOXNEWS is doing a 2 part interview with the founder of the 60's murderous radical group the Weather Underground...part 2 tomm night...if this was done in summer of 2008 . you would never have seen Barack Hussein Obama in the Oval office...period..
If you don't know who Bill Ayers, watch Megan Kelly and see who this criminal is.why charges against him were never brought is justice un served.these are the folks Barry hangs around with..they all think America is an evil country that needs to be brought down...Ayers has done it with his wife Bernadine Dorn through the college system...Lefties all the way pushing propaganda to the young skulls of mush...
Listening to the Bamster's good buddy Bill Ayers interview with Megan Kelly. Good Lord has anyone listened to this? Why isn't this commie in prison. The" Weather Underground" Wonder if they teach this in our schools. The guy and his wife Bernadine Dorhn. Tell ya where is the media? Liberalism is a terrible disease.
So I'm watching an interview with Bill Ayers, conducted by Megan Kelly of Fox News. He was a member of the Weather Underground, a radial liberal group who declared war on the "establishment" in the late 60's and early 70's. This guy is a friend of our President. This Terrorist group bombed judges and police. As a "pig", at least in this terds eyes I'm the enemy. I would love the opportunity to debate this punk Man to Terd, in a closed room, that's locked. When it's over the world would be better off and then I'd take my dog for walk. Love that dog.
Bill Ayers is being interviewed on Megan Kelly's the Kelly File. Bill Ayers is a scum bag and I don't understand why he isn't in prison. I lived through this era and in fact was in downtown Chicago when the SDS was formed. They became the Weather Underground and bombed around 20 properties, killing some. 3 Underground members were killed when the bomb they were making to take to a military ball prematurely exploded. I believe at the minimum he's an accessory to murder. He's the guy whose house Obama launched his campaign from. Arrogant, elitist scum bag who should be in prison.
Megan Kelly /fnc fox and the Weather Underground terrorists on now
In keeping with her recent streak as a "real" journalist, Fox's Megan Kelly asked pro-Iraq war neocons Andrew McCarthy and John Bolton some tough questions.
Megan kelly hits it out of the park
Kelly.getting really tired of offended mooselims.
Good morning Patriots. I don't normally watch Megan Kelly, but she really nailed it on the head with this one. -...
Entitled, "Then God Made a Farmer," this 2013 photo winner was taken by Megan Kelly in N...
.Does Megan Kelly know the leverage she has. 2b the top pd Fox Host? . O'Reilly, move over. U got beat by a woman.
Megan Kelly starts of strong in this interview w Cheney, but reverts to Fox pablum in 2nd half. Disappointing.
You got the Megan Kelly /Cheney interview wrong. She kissed his butt.
Impulsively expressing your feelings today can land you into a... More for Leo
I'm following you Megan...follow me :)
Kelly texts me at 2am to inform me of the ongoing bath&body works sale true ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Minka Kelly, Jane krakowski, and Megan Fox were the hotties of 2007
Buy all the things!! If you've liked a piece of jewelry I've worn, Amy Kelly probably made it.
If you take Megan Kelly seriously I don't trust you
Megan Kelly gets no CREDIT. Her interview was a Joke. 2nights Panel was HORRIBLE ! & Edward Snowden is still an A
me & Ashley thought he would turn out like this.
Guy who posted Megan Kelly video told me to "get the *** out" and called me "ignorant" so yeah
Megan Kelly I admire the hard questions that you asked *** Cheney that was fair and balanced. congratulations!
sad state of msm that had guts facing Cheney re his bs-Megan Kelly actually sounded like a journalist
Megan Kelly has hit the nail dead on the head. Watch this!!!
Megan Kelly is going viral with this video. I think I telepathically gave her this
I have to turn off Fox when the speed at which some people, including Megan Kelly, talk at the speed of light! Aagh!
Great analysis of Obama admin criminality on Megan Kelly show by Ben Shapiro tonight!
Look what I did to Kelly and Alexa's hair. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’‡
Now I understand why everyone loves FOX's Megan Kellyโ€ฆ takes it right to FOX hero Cheney on air
Folks, Megan Kelly just nailed it. Obama has to go.
Seriously had the best day ever yesterday with Kelly and Megan
Excellent frome Megan Kelly. She'll be put to pasture like david asman was.
GR8 interview with former Veep re: Iraq. Megan Kelly has the chops to go toe to toe with the big boys! Bring on Hillary!
at the expense of so many?โ€ Kelly said. inb4 megan kelly shot in face "accidentally".
that shud be pretty dull. as Megan Kelly pointed out, his track record is at least as faulty as the present duo in WH
What would do if they couldn't always play the victim? Fair and balanced reporting my a;s! And that Megan Kelly, cโ€ฆ
why every1 praising Megan Kelly is beyond comprehension.She DIDNT challenge *** video CAREFULLY! Dems r so gullible๐Ÿ˜
I wonder if and have found enough time to go meet baby River.
Your little bundle of joy is so stinkin cute๐Ÿ˜Š
Of course he was wrong, Megan Kelly. He was lying through his teeth just like you & everyone @ FoxNews does every day
UTSA Team Camp is deep with quality PG's. Kyra Lambert, Japreece Dean, Gabby Connely, Tana Driver, Megan Valdez, Deja Kelly, and more!
Megan Kelly was a bully toward you last night. Disrespectful and not justified.
Already a speaker of house leader. And guess what?! Still not done Be Megan Kelly with Cheney and question hard.
Kelly from saved by the bell might be the coldest white girl ever her and Megan Fox
Megan Kelly did not "grill" *** Cheney and it's sad that the softball she lobbed at him is considered a grilling. Yay, journalism!
Kelly you are one of the few sane folks at fox thanks for UR honesty
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
H8 Fox News but Megan Kelly deserves credit for asking her question. I agree she should ask a follow up but 1000x journalism norm
bro that Megan Kelly video spoke the truth
this is what was said by Fox News Anchor Megan Kelly and god *** did she hit the nail right on the head.
Hold up. I was friends with Kelly in 2nd grade, Sam in 3rd and 4th, and Megan in 5th. Why were we not the crew until high school?!
This pretty much sums up the Obama presidency. Megan Kelly hits the hammer on the head.
Ya know you've crossed over to the other side when the play place in mcDonalds becomes painful instead of fun
via Megan Kelly wipe the egg off your face; . V.P. Chaney told you to check your info!
Megan Kelly asks *** Cheney (and his ventriloquist) hard questions about Iraq until someone stops her- interesting!
Can't believe that just happened anyway Tonight should be good with my girlies
i don't really see a difference between her and megan kelly of FoxNews.
On the end of the day, i will rise again. by Caras Ionut
Lovely breeze of early morning. by Caras Ionut
glad 2 hear that- Megan Kelly w *** Ch was the exception but C-Mathews got right in Liz Warrens face!
Question of the Day: Megan Kelly and Brit Hume of Fox News said we now have a failed presidency. Do you agree?
Megan Kelly is a joke. She is really becoming rhino rider. And ann coulter whom I love. I can't believe she is upset. Megan Kelly thinks thanking God is a joke. Really.
as Memorial Day approaches not only do we have to remember those loss fighting for our freedom and rights but the ones who still are. Thank you for your service. We need to remember it is our responsibility to as Americans must protect our own rights and freedom. We must unite and stand strong together and protect our rights. The specific right is our parental rights. As what happened in Boston to Justina Pelletier is not an isolated incident. It in fact is an epidemic and happening across Nation. Please help support Pelletier and all other families falsely accused of medical child abuse. Chuck Norris, Josh Duggar, Glenn Beck, Governor Huckabee, Megan Kelly from Kelly files, first to break the story Beau Berman FoxCT, many Politicians and so many more have covered this story an took a stance and stand behind falsely accused Pelletier.
Megan Kelly is a smart woman, why the *** does she allow this twit, Karl Rove on her show??? He's a waste of skin.
I am so excited about Mike Stevens, III and Megan Kelly's elegant beach wedding this weekend at the Rehoboth Beach Country Club! I am in the process of packing all of my things to head down to the beach tomorrow to start on the flowers!
The only people who appear on FOX that I trust are Megan Kelly, Gettya, Laura Ingram and Michelle Malkin.. . Cont.,
Megan Kelly needs to have Franklin Graham on her show, right?
Megan Kelly covers the disrespect Mark Begich has shown to Dan Sullivan and his fellow veterans. Take 5 minutes to watch this.
Body sculpt class with Megan Kelly in a bit ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ This should be funny!
It's good to know that FOX didn't lose anything when it bumped Megan Kelly to the prime time schedule. Heather Childers is the perfect replacement. She is everything Kelly is; empty headed and doesn't seem to mind being so. Kind of a blonde Michele Bachmann. She even looks like Kelly, blonde, pretty and a kind of "deer caught in the headlights" look in her eyes.
Kelly Rowland has always been my biggest celebrity crush besides megan goode
lmfao, do you have the radio 1 'nixtape' on, it's r Kelly and usher so far ๐Ÿ˜
Of course, if you ask the Megan Kelly question, "is this just math you do as a [Lyon supporter] to make yourself feel better?", I say yes.
You may have extremely high standards today, creating unrealis... More for Leo
They hired Sara too read too Megan Kelly & she can't read either..the Repubs budget plan..don't eat..use Medicine Man..your lazy
Who wants to possibibly see divergent with me megan and kelly tomo?? Kik or txt me
If you've not already backed on her new album you should. Do it right now
love watching I don't have any bad tattoos but I wouldn't mind getting tattooed by or any of the othersโ˜บ๏ธ
"Miss Kelly you're looking so tan you're going to look black like me." ๐Ÿ˜ณ I should make a book of things that are said to me as a teacher
and remind everyone to please keep Jim Kelly in your thoughts and prayers.
At least I know that I'm a complete moron
Nothing compares to this type of hurt
you go girlfriend. I'm proud of you.
Don't forget to watch Ronald Roberts, Jr. in tonight's Slam Dunk contest tonight at 9:00 on
never. You're gonna have nightmares for years. And never want to listen to singing in the rain again.
โ€œMegan Fox and her son are too adorable ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ goals ๐Ÿ˜
Kelly just told me she's allowed to look at pictures of cute squirrels instead of doing homework because she's a bio major...
To bad this worthless paper doesn't find decent policy's like Megan Kelly. I find it interesting you rpt on Fox
The one Fox thing I ๐Ÿ‘ โ€œ: Fox Newsโ€™s Megan Kelly declines to utter the name of the Fort Hood shooter
I'm not even kidding, I am going to do this
Dan Marino visited former Bills QB Jim Kelly on Sunday as Kelly continues his cancer battle. . (via
Nicole's silver pair when the disco lights hits them๐Ÿ˜ฏ
oh even better Niamh il be able to dance
yeah Kelly imagine Dave's face when you walk in, in them๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
right well I did see them first so it's only fair?
oh and I bagsy red they'll go lovely with my debs dress
we could wear them Dave's to break them in?
I'm thinking we could all get a pair?๐Ÿ˜‚
starts right now and a certain Kelly Severide is stopping by tonight!
yep Megan Kelly, Hannah Collins, Mackenzie (Kenzie not sure what went down) Lyons, and I'm sure if Claire got her ticket get +
massexodus I couldn't pick just one so here are three: Breanne Johnston, Kelly Easton + Allieโ€ฆ
never give publicity to murderers. i like your style Megan Kelly and agree 100% with your policy.
Got an R kelly song on and Megan goes "that sounds like R kelly that" ๐Ÿ˜ถ. Gods sake
CAIR anti-Human Rights and Political agenda Exposed by FOX's Megan Kelly: via
What's wrong with her? โ€” For every race!. Megan Kelly says she won't report the name of the Fort Hood...
Great perspective: "Expect less, give more, and receive everything you ever want." -via
Claud wanted to join the army after watching Cadet Kelly...can we all just take a second to picture her in the army ๐Ÿ˜‚
Two tenners throwing punches in the hall...what are you fighting over, who gets the last lick of the baby bottle pop?
Megan Kelly I stole your gym clothes for today xoxo love you sugar ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
And then my teacher called me Megan. So there's that.
Yes! RT: "Modifying your mindset can help you reach all your goalsโ€ฆ shares a quote.
Will Megan Kelly be doing a segment on how Lopez-y the shooter looks?
Getting excited! Come and watch "Blinded: A Survivor's Story" written by Megan Kelly at the RCAH Theater 4/10-4/13.
Cant wait to be reunited with my bestiez in 3 weeks ๐Ÿ˜Žโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’™ kelly_urbanski
"The only reason my arms are toned is because I straighten my hair everyday" -Wise words of Kelly Dalton
Please stop Megan Kelly drama!She's become the Nancy Grace of Fox.She demands her guests almost contrive stories to explain events.
MORE than honored...shocked be included in the blog newsletter of counter terror expert, Dave Gaubatz..see within - The FBI Are Wimps On The War On Islamic Terrorism By: Dave Gaubatz 31 Mar 2014 Tonight I watched Megan Kelly (FOX) discussing the new movie (Honor Diaries/Link to Honor Diaries Site) about Islamic honor attacks and murders. Kelly was outstanding. She further discussed the reaction from CAIR. Of course CAIR denounces the movie and wants it removed from the eye's of Americans. Do you recall a similar reaction to a book critical of Islam? (Muslim Mafia) Kelly was extremely tough on CAIR (Islamic terrorist group). This amazed me. Her friend O'Reilly is a CAIR friend. For 1400 plus years Muslim men have been raping, assaulting, and killing innocent young Muslim girls and Muslim women. Most people believe this only happens in Islamic controlled countries. This is very far from the truth. Young girls have been exposed to Islamic child marriages in America. Muslim daughters and wi ...
No matter how Megan Kelly tries she'll never hold a candle to Rachell Maddow. She's just another tabloid Nancy Grace. Fox News CNN
Dear Sean, Please ask Fox News I said to STOP dressing their female anchors ( about 1/2 of them) like fake tanned Barbie doll bimbos in those hiked up babydoll dresses in 4 inch heels! I want to see suits, slacks, and skirts or dresses to the knees please??? By the way their fake tans LOOK fake!! Megan Kelly and Greta ( and 2 others) should be their role modles! They should DRESS LIKE THEM!! They need to look serious, not just be serious in this already oversexed cheesecake culture! We have enough fake blondes out there already...what's wrong with brunette???
I love Foxnews.. Bill O'reilly, Megan Kelly, and Sean Hannity. But they have reported on nothing but the missing Malaysian plane. Sept for O'reilly he has done normal shows. Nothing new stop reporting on it.
Enjoyed the art show last night at Seaweed & Gravel! Featured artists in photo: Cat, Megan Kelly, and Abe Hernandez
KING OBAMA Our forefathers left England to get away from kings, but now many believe that President Obama is trying to destroy our country by ignoring our Constitution. Wait! Before you start saying that's a viewpoint shared only by Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party Members ... read the following. Liberal Constitutional Professor Jonathan Turley (George Washington) told Megan Kelly of Fox News, "You have a president who's claiming the right to basically re-write, or ignore, or negate federal laws. That's a very dangerous thing." Professor Turley admits he is an Obama support as he also said,"I happen to agree with many of President Obama's policies ..." Still, he also said, "I'm afraid this is beginning to border on a cult of personality for people on the left." Bam!!! Turley nailed it. He articulated what Conservatives have been saying. He underscored the fact that every time King Obama is questioned ... opponents are charged with racism --- when all they are doing is challenging on political or m .. ...
I feel like Megan Kelly and Shepard Smith are screaming at me ALL THE TIME
West Chester came-in 4th in the East preseason poll & is led by All-PSAC returnees Kelly Anderson, Kim Murl & Megan Kelly
Steve Lonegan will be on "The Kelly File" with Megan Kelly on Fox News tonight 9:00 p.m. Be sure to tune in.
Please give a little attention to the speech writer for President Bush that was on your HOT friend Megan Kelly's show.
Yes, I just saw Brandon Webb discuss this issue with Megan Kelly, unbelievable. I knew of 4.
Just turned to Fox News on accident and I was sucked in to Megan Kelly's show and I can't switch the channel it's like I'm hypnotized
I like Adam Carolla. I like Mark Levin. I like Dennis Miller. I like The Rachel Maddow Show. I like Bill Maher. I like Penn Jillette. I like Joe Rogan. I like Dana Perino. I like Star Parker. I like Megan Kelly. I like Pat Condell. I don't always agree with everything any one of them says, but I like them. Sometimes they *** me off. Sometimes they are, in my opinion, right on the money. I like people who are sincere. I'm able to not meet them on every single point but still enjoy their honesty. It's a shame that many people can't do that.
please bring on either Megan Kelly or Shepard Smith Megan so I can perv on her Shepard cuz I find him hilarious !!
I want to know how many recognize Bill O'Reilly and Megan Kelly.
David will be on Fox News tonight with Megan Kelly. 9:30 p.m. tune in.
Yeah I'm a fox watcher. Cause msnbc don't deal with the real stuff. They live in la la land.& people but their bull. Which is not much real news. Maybe I don't agree with fox on everything. But @ least ya get more truth than these other smoows.megan is my girl& lovely by all means. Bill Hemmer top shelf. Neil my boy love that man.i would love have Megan Kelly interview Hillary. You shall know the truth& the truth will set you free. Lets start with. B-e-n-g-h-a-z-I.? Those moms deserve answers& now. Love Eric bolling Dana perino Kim guifoyle. They are easy on the eyes too. Planned parenthood there are other options. You can get treatment from clinics for a very small fee. Even free. Planned parenthood is a slaughter house to kill innocent babies in the womb. There is always an option. Think adoption before you offend your bodies with the insult of Abortion. It is a lifetime damage to the womb.& A women's body. It not only destroys innocent babies. It screws up the mind& body. Don't buy the abortion kool ai ...
A very heart warming program on Fox to honor World War Two Vets. Ronald Raegan's famous D-Day tribute at the beach- head in Normandy in 1984. I was thrilled to hear they now have an organization that makes it possible for each WWII VET TO VISIT THE MEMORIAL that pays tribute to their service. All expenses are paid. How my beloved Lee would have been honored to get to see it. Special interviews with those Combat Veterans with tears in their eyes as they remember. Saluting The Greatest Generation - on The Kelly File with Megan Kelly. So proud to see it.
I will watching Megan Kelly tonight on fox at nine PM. Guest Andrew Wilkow is one of my favorite realist.
Richard Morris *** on fox calling it a vile evil hate speech ?? and no one has the right to hate speech on tv ?? hmm how about AL sharpton,Jessie Jackson,Obama, every *** Muslim,and *** calling for violence against Christians,whites infidels,and those who do not support homosexuality ? that hate speech on tv is fine huh ?? I am disappointed in Megan Kelly for letting the liberal *** wad get away with that !!
"Martin Luther King is always portrayed as black," wins the internet for worst defense of Megan Kelly's white Santa comments.
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Santa Claus is made up so why does he have to be "white"...Megan Kelly?
Thank you Megan Kelly for proving Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are still relevant. Oh and the dry cleaner says your sheet and hood are ready for pick up.
Megan Kelly wants ratings to dominate Cable news night time . She wants to beat the King, Bill O. Why not say sensational remarks?
At the boat parade in Dana Point with my sweetheart Megan Kelly
kelly how could monica Crowley have served Nuxon? She was born '68. He left office in '74?
My parents and grandparents think I'll be the next Megan Kelly
Fox is working fine on my Dish. Megan Kelly looking good.
Here's the thing, Megan Kelly is a pretty face but not a journalist at all
Kelly, Kelly, Megan and Connor left ๐Ÿ˜” at least Brrryyy is still heaa โ˜บ๏ธ
and the best drivers award goes to... NOT KELLY
literally was driving on the wrong side of the road.. Omg how are we alive
alright! ๐Ÿ˜Š yesterday me Megan and Kelly watched a movie called babysitters on there and it was so messed up
Oh no wait, not too many! Megan Kelly just said, not too many because it will clog up the great Obamacare system!
and aunt megan and her husband and kids and aunt Kate with Ashley and Morgan
still See uncle thuan and you're going to see any patti and uncle jim tomorrow
you know I still haven't seen anyone from Bakersfield
Uhm bc our whole family is out there
why do holidays make you miss California
My helping QuackQuack cook for tomorrow!
My baby sister Kelly and my future husband
When I hear I'm Not That Girl from Wicked I think of when Megan wrote the lyrics in her rock n roll Spongebob notebook cuz she was "cool"
is it except able to go in sweatpants ? I'll do it if you do it
Our first Thanksgiving Eve together! Can't wait for Giovanni's &Christmas lights with Kelly&cousins!
Megan & kelly better be loving my chat tonight
think I'm too depressed about Kelly :(
Pregnant Kristin Cavallari shows off her movies on the
Poor Kelly was at our house all by herself until I came home. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Need to catch up on sleep bigtime omg so wrecked this day
Megan Kelly just wrote her name in sharpie on my pants and drew a *** on my leg um
This Is the rhythm of the night, theee night oh yeahh
Pregnant looked gorgeous at the event to stop
New celeb photo round-up on Megan Fox, Kelly Clarkson, Kristin Cavallari, Kendra Wilkinson
Megan has an appt with Kelly at 4 so the three of is will hang them...can you all meet me at Brickshot at 3:30?
Oh Megan Kelly how I missed your bird face. Time to get angry at Fox News. Wo
I miss Megan Good! Vegas wasn't the same without her the last time I went.
Our best friend Megan Good is in Anchorman 2!
Cleveland bound with and the Royal Coachman, Uncle Kelly!
You can't decide if it's a smart idea to accept additional res... More for Leo
hey Eugene, saw you on Megan Kelly show tonight and you are encouraging. God Bless you.
Kelly Rowland overjoyed over engagement: Singer Kelly Rowland, who is said to...
Megan Kelly makes me upset sometimes, but she still is my friend
Megan just had me send a snap chat video of her dancing to My cousin, Danny, Jill and Kelly
Eugene Craig. Saw you on Megan Kelly/ Fox Thanks for standing up for what you believe and exposing the truth about Obama Care.
Megan Kelly is my new hero. She is ripping Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel to shreds over this Obamacare mess! I think she may need to run against Hillary in 2016. She can stand her own with the best of them! Smart chick who can think on her feet...
Megan Kelly totally kicked the *** of Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel tonight on her show talking about Obamacare while Rachel Maddow on her show was talking about an obscure Idaho politician and some politician who was impeached in 2004.Keep up the GREAT work Ms. Kelly.that's why your ratings are 2 1\2 times those of Ms. Maddow.
Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N. J.) Needs to be impeached. Flat out lies to Megan Kelly (Fox) about the ACA being cheaper than Employee-supplied personal insurance. Lies, lies, lies. (FIRE THEM ALL.EXCEPT TED CRUZ!)
Megan Kelly took a selfie with Ariana Grande. So yeah that happened and you could say I'm pretty jealous
I actually get so violent when I'm fired up
Megan, I love ya Girl but you were hammered on Friday. Oct 25. I hope you get him back and you take control.
I wouldn't mind playing valley if they didn't think they're all that and a bag of chips
megan kelly interviewed someone the nite before about it but I can't find the video
You might attempt to create a strategy for success around your... More for Leo
Bringing it back home with and The Violators! Photo by Megan Kelly. @ Union Transfer
"What's it like to be the most hated man in America?" Megan Kelly to Ted Cruz on Fox "News" during government shut down.
I am absolutely buzzing for Tiesto & Calvin Harris
shocked that Megan Kelly actually thought that Rahm Emanual's would give her a straight answer on anything
You looked very good on Cavuto. A little more TV time and you'll have your own show like Megan Kelly.
Halifax might be a beautiful city but we have the absolute worst drivers on the face of this planet
text me, my phones sent away and I lost all my numbers ๐Ÿ˜ž
Megan Kelly is intelligent, fair, and nice. Maddow does nothing but spew hate. You do the math.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Megan Kelly can't handle the 8 PM ET slot on FOX. Rand Emanuel's brother totally took over the discussion on OCare last night.
Time for Megan Kelly to apologize to Joe the Plumber?
Zeke Emanuel (Obamacare) gave a great interview on Fox News last evening with Megan Kelly, even though it was a typical interview for Democrats who go on Fox News; DEMOCRATS DO NOT GET TO FINSIH A SENTENCE, and neither did Zeke Emanuel.
Ezekiel Amanual dismissed Megan Kelly as if she were dirt!! Same additude as George Bernard Shaw. Satan has returned
Acknowledging your emotions enables you to add your perspectiv... More for Leo
Sophie made a new friend tonight! Great night hanging with Nathan Antle, Megan Kelly, and Christianโ€ฆ
Now ex teacher Megan Kelly from REV has a civil suit against her from a former female student for sexual battery and emotional distress.
Why don't you have honorable Dr. Ezekiel on your show? Megan Kelly so disrespected him and would not let him talk.
Question for Megan Kelly: why put those clowns on the program? You know who they are: Dems who refuse to give a direct answer. They are joke
Fox/Megan Kelly show 2night:Dr. Emanuel "architect of ACA" sd it was designed 2 B free for abt half of participants
With Megan Kelly as a supposed conservative talking head, Conservatives are in trouble.
kelly U do NOT shy from straight on the point ..questions we all want to ask. awesome!!!
hey guys I saw dr. Evil on Megan Kelly. He helped wrote Obama care. That man is evil. I not go to him or dog
Imanuel didn't answer a single question Megan Kelly asked. She folded as do most so called conservatives.
Megan Kelly. ObamaCare's no preexiting conditions is a TERRIBLE idea. That's WELFARE. That's LIke buying home ins. after house burned down.
kelly Who provides and pays for the services of people who still refuse to buy insurance?
Wow just watched One of the architects of Obamacare on Megan Kelly. Now I understand why we are in the mess we are in. What a goober.
Ezekiel Emanuel, just got crushed by Megan Kelly. Nice work, Megan!
Ezeikal Emmanuel only wanted to toot his own horn. It seemed like he didn't care what Megan Kelly was asking.
Kudos to Megan Kelly for "handling" Dr Dr. Emmanuel about the rollout of this abysmal OCare. She made sure the American people were heard.
Megan Kelly was stellar in the face of Dr. Arrogance. Kicked his butt p&s
Megan Kelly I have never been so disappointed with your interview with Mr. Emmanuel architect of OBAMACARE. O'Reilly needed that interview.
As usual, the lib (Imanuel) ran rings around Megan Kelly. She doesn't know how to argue her point.
Megan Kelly owned Emmanuel on Emmanuel couldn't wait to utter one word: "Bush" !
megan kelly Dr E is as full of crap as his brother and the guess at b the white house
Megan Kelly this is a hateful man he is not in the real world kelly
The Doctor/Rahms Brother couldn't be more arrogant and disrespectful to Megan Kelly. Plz don't have him back on. He is scary.
What a jerk...Dr Ezekiel Emanuel who apparently provided the framework for on Megan Kelly show.
Megan Kelly has Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel on her program pushing Obamacare as he helped write it. He has to be a Commie or an *** Maybe both.
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