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Megan Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is an American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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let Megan Kelly interview him and have Mr huckabee hold his hand.
Forget Megan Kelly, this guy is cute.
just remember being a good kid doesn't just mean staying out of trouble. Respecting your parents is key also
Why is machine gun kelly gonna be on catfish tn
, Thanks for taking Megan Kelly off the air. Her question to Trump was out of line.
Did you hear anything that Megan Kelly. Got a week suspension for her Trump attack at Debate
Megan Kelly made a mistake on debate nite but I miss her bubbly happy personality
I watched her last night and did not like her. Acted like Megan Kelly. she is better in the mornings
Things were all good yesterday, and then the devil took your memory
I blocked many a few days after the Megan Kelly incident that were rabid salivating psychopaths lol
Trump rips into Megan Kelly at debate, he gets a pass; Hillary gets testy over one question, calls her COMBATIVE
your Megan Kelly Donald Trump is example. No, she didn't ask properly. she pandered to press you should be angry at. unfollow
they actually all spoke about it on Megan Kelly a while ago
I ask myself WWBAGD. Brain Austin Green had a stint as a white rapper and bagged Kelly Kapowski and Megan Fox. So yea,…
O'Reilly is stuck in his own world. As is Megan Kelly & most others on Fox News. U lost tens of million viewers
Megan Kelly and Fox likes Bush went after Trump !!
Megan Kelly in total Shock after rises to 45% in new Polls Megan was shattered on hearing the news making her look foolish.
Donald Trump confounds critic Megan Kelly with Commanding lead in Republican polls after trying to remove him via
Megan Kelly did a great job. I don't spend a lot of time supporting a billionaire . who's never worked.
This is the "women" Megan Kelly supports and protects? Rosie would spread her period blood on Megan in a minute
Megan Kelly and the Dixie chicks down in Cuba burning American flags
This is so *** cute!! Made me giggle . Alexandra Smiley Erica Studnicka Kelly Mueller Megan Berry Maggie Le Mere
I agree. Also Megan Kelly has become a "DIVA".
Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green secretly ended their marriage. In related news, Dylan likes Brenda more than Kelly
Willing to sell megan and kelly for some Chris Brown tickets lmk
Megan kelly need to do a gangbang next with 12 BBCs
Megan Kelly u were embarrassing! You use too be humble when u 1st started now your ***
People that start a sentence with "Now I'm not trying to be rude" are either about to be rude, or about to sing Ignition by…
Biggest winner in this debate: Megan Kelly. Biggest winner in earlier debate: Fiorina. Likely winner in November 2016: al…
Donald Trump coming for Megan Kelly during the RNC debate and everybody calling him a sexist and anti women.
Megan Kelly has space for rent, cheap.
Electronic Device Insurance
So who are the women supporting Donald Trump? The answers might surprise you -->
the link goes to a Megan Kelly site - not Maddow. - ***
could not disagree more with your approval Megan Kelly during the debates. It was an obvious attack on Donald Trump by Fox News.
Who's going to MMA cage fights this Saturday night? Those three would be Kelly Valliant, Diana Wallis, and Megan...
"I felt that [Megan Kelly's debate question about women] was unfair," to in .
: "firm" Bush "testy" Hillary- here we go again wth. better words 4 a new Megan Kelly type insult.
HTC cheerleading please allow me to int…
HTC cheerleading please allow me to introduce myself no 1
Fox viewers angry with Megan Kelly after debate via
I will watch Kelly File since filling in. No way will I watch traitor Megan Kelly
You Red Stater RINOs really need to get it fixed. Inviting Graham, Bush, Christy, Megan Kelly. Not Carson & Trump? Buwahhhaa.
Brett Baier/Megan Kelly did all they could to destroy . Because is the 9th biggest DONOR to
the only thing reprehensible is your narrow mind and misguided point of view. Megan Kelly earned my respect. She's a heroine.
I don't usually watch Fox News but I just wanted to see what Megan Kelly had to say in defense of herself
from Linda I have gave 15 comments no answer worst debate ever. Turned Wallace off last night. Cause of trump. Megan Kelly must be
Megan Kelly treated Donald Trump as Rosie O'Donnell treated Tom Selleck. It was an unwarranted ambush.
“thinking less and less of Megan Kelly!. A. . .
I think Megan Kelly should have started her questions to Trump with "when you were provoked by Rosie you hit hard with ." To make it fair
Megan Kelly question,to trump,she thinks was good?than Megan should ask Hilary if bill getting blow... In office from intern was ok?
Rosie O'Donnell is vile, and Megan Kelly is a bimbo who effed Britt Hume yuck
Japanese had Tokyo Rose in WWII and Fox has 2015 Megan Kelly and Chris Wallace to poison the airwaves..
Everybody is up in arms about Megan Kelly's questions for Trump about his "sexist" comments. If he can't handle...
I'll remind those angry at Megan Kelly about how the left-press treated Rubio's boat. There won't be a paper-cut they won't rip open on GOP.
Britt Hume says people would be mad the way Trump treated Megan Kelly More like the way Megan Kelly treated Trump
A clear hit job from Fox "News" aka the RNC/Karl Rove/Bush/RINO Channel! Megan Kelly was pathetic with her Karl Rove questions.
Don't count on it. People really like Megan Kelly. She's not Meet the Press.
Recipe from Megan Kelly w focus in holistic woman’s hormones and spiritual
Actually a Jon Stewart, Megan Kelly slam is just as powerful. Replay but goodie. Megan's a frickin twit via
Bless you Megan Kelly for holding accountable for his inaction on Kate Steinle!
Hmm... Ailes as Boss Hogg, doocey and the other one as the Dukes, Megan Kelly as Daisy, and Hannity as Enos?
Megan Kelly, Kimberly Guilfoyle do too. Or do you require 100% adherence?
Megan Kelly?? TOO DRAMATIC!! Geez just do the story...You have a smart audience.. Don't insult their intelligence..Be more Martha McCallum
"Don’t insult our intelligence.". Megan Kelly and Ann Coulter blast AP over Ted Cruz gun photo.
This is why I love watching Megan Kelly. She has the jurnalistic chops to put Anderson Cooper off the air.
Even Mark Furman thinks McKinney cop was wrong but nog Megan Kelly via
Megan Kelly, "The girl was no saint". No one is. So we're ALL eligible for police abuse? . Oh, wait, I'm white so - No, not really.
That is 1 for Megan Kelly and 1 for Greg Gutfeld, any one else at fox getting sick of working at the propoganda factory?
you've got a good start. Contact Barracuda Brigade. Contact Megan Kelly. Look through contacts.
Megan Kelly is a NeoCon mouth piece. Fox is a NeoCon News outlet. The GOP is NeoCon!
Megan Kelly. Doug Blunt Ziggy mgr Kobe heavy is the Crown and I am King Caligula all Powerfull C
I have a vocabulary word of the day app if you ever need some ideas 😉 it's the nerd teacher in me !
*** stepping up your vocab game with Neanderthal
anyone who would vote for megan Kelly for president would vote for Obama same qualifications
R. Perry on Megan Kelly: the next president will have to deal with the chaos this president has created.
Megan Kelly I'm going to bed thousand million dreams .. girls smerk B
Matt Stafford gave away some BALLER wedding gifts
OKAY tomorrow is bushra, me and kelly. WEDNESDAY is bushra, me and megan
Great time in DC today with the family & on Kelly & Michael Show.
no silly, I hate Fox News but I want to bang Megan Kelly or how ever you spell it. I love and
you know I might fight wit you later but I think Claire or Megan have a pic of us in front of the boys will you send it to me
Love these photos of actors behind the scenes!-Kelly
LEO.DECAPIRO Tom.Sr would have sex date BOTH Megan Kelly while FINDING some ONE better
Megan Kelly I dont have to be nice I dont exist I was never born
“my friends are the reason everyone hates freshmen” you're the reason I hate freshman MEGAN ...
Congrats to Megan Kelly for making second team all-area!
Teaching swim lessons with my girl Megan!! (@ Kelly Rec Center Complex) on
Megan Kelly rips Reid. Does she know that he's part of the the "big brother" she says we need.
Kelly Marcy one joke Hike the ball .Usmc adapt over come
Megan Kelly penuts Tom Sr all about Jimmy Hoffa and Final id take Meg As Wife . Lindsay my sarcastic What ??? C!
bruhh R.Kelly - Down Low 😩🙌 megan really playing the throwbacks!
Neither Jenn or Kelly are concerned about my knee which I self-diagnosed infected✋😒
early start off to Stevenage to make over these lovelys & the rest
A beautiful stick check from Megan Kelly started transition for Penn. She found Bensen who hit a charging Williamson who drew the foul.
kelly megan and I casually met Jonah Hill at lighthouse today
ya kelly for once you were smart and robbed mine and Megan we all know that you love dumbo too more
Way to go to the effort of the girls 4 X 400 team today! Nice work Therese, Megan, Marisa and Kelly
Oh right rambling about space lizards. Megan Kelly looks EVEN more like a space lizard now.
I'm at my moms😂 even if I was at my dads we don't really talk in person, it's a weird sibling thing going on😂
I'm texting him rn but I usually do😂
OMG I guess hip hop is and r n b is too.. u better stick to pop britney katy megan.. Kelly etc
An image from our wedding I edited! The sky is real! So grateful for my little eternal family this…
Megan KELLY wanted attention as DISCUSTION whorexMind Body and soul .. THERE Final .. STATMANTS on THEM DISCUTION ***
SB SCORE: Megan Kelly's 1st-inn. home run the only score through four innings as leads 1-0
Megan Kelly Ok one joke how lying.. the Statmant London shuts down early when she Arrived party 1am London
Bye X Megan Kelly One ping only.. and about 5/4 Confidant .. Knight all my LOVE Just Art..
Megan is now talking to her socks and is offended that I made fun of her
Megan Kelly all My love.. missed you at Work Fox News Kelly File.. Percy the Cat want tell Whoopie he heard the show
Megan Kelly Husban bearly Living 4 arions white supremeist
Megan Kelly got it wrong. People should come to our Country to be a part of it not to colonize it. Our fore fathers did that already.
she's sassy. Some white trash stole her VS bag at the mall today
What it's like to go through life having met your dad only twice
Kelly if I was Israel I would boom Iran and then turn around and send one of my airplanes to the White House
Megan Kelly the trapped in metal steal box channals not any part body move ...bondage
Megan Kelly pre dip.shiy husban my new intelagance is Now!! Making a Swatt move on Gavan Doyal info Bondage
ill say it.. id Love Dinner in .NY city with megan kelly .. we all know has had 500 dinner dates
ok Gregg im done with Megan Kelly Husban A- Gain
clue.. Megan Kelly Husban at Fox News Netwerk .. its a joke Clue game . Art at Braodmore Hotel Vodka Bottle and Candle
Bulletin: FOX sends O'Reilly to real war zone as he joins ISIS. Megan Kelly sent to protect him fr bad men RT
I agree all islamic terrorists & those who support sharia law should be deported & banned from the US
Have lunch w author Megan Kelly at Reader Luncheon
Meet Black Singles 300x250
really appreciated that interview with the primemister of isreal megan Kelly did and allof your repoerters are great!
the 9pm Megan Kelly show Califorina time Over at 1am NY is live .. as Robin meed repeats
- you need to think about running for President with Megan Kelly. Think u. 2 would rock this nation to the core.
I become seriously enraged any time I hear Megan Kelly talking.
I don't even know, just reminds me of Megan😂
Megyn Kelly: Let's import more followers of sharia law Let's not, Megan.
Congrats to Megan Flynn & the rest of Hoosick Falls. Let the cannons fly & onto the state finals after beating Irvington 55-36!
Baskets b y Kelly Pine and Megan Flynn have provided Hoosick Falls its biggest lead at 25-17
Rachel Pine leads the Panthers with seven points. Kelly Pine has six points and Megan Pine has four.
Starting lineup for Rachel Pine, Anna Wysocki, Kelly Pine, Megan Flynn, Cheslea Stevens. No. 2 team in NYS rankings.
yes I saw that on Megan Kelly's show last night funny how none of the major network nightly news showed that clip
Bryan Starr and why is Megan Kelly defending Obama? This is what all my friends and bloggers want to know
Rudy Giuliani nailed it on Megan Kelly's show. Mark Levin is getting ready to do the same on Hannity. Someone has to lead.
Thank u for NOT APOLOGIZING! Megan Kelly was way out of line tonite. Pls stick 2 ur guns we love you for speaking the truth
I'm surprised by Megan Kelly's inability to see Rudy Giuliani's point. The factual evidence is there.
America's Mayor just doubled down on Megan Kelly!!!
did any of you just see Rudy Giuliani interview with megan Kelly ...he was AMAZING!!
every word said on megan kelly is true. His mentors R those who hate America. No shame in saying it. We all know it.
Megan Kelly sounded more like a reporter from NBC, ABC, CBS. Disappointed.
Man with guts! Rudy Giuliani on Megan Kelly tonight will not back down and will not apologize for saying Obama does not love his country!
I completely agree with Rudy Guliani. Megan Kelly, you are either a complete fool, or naive beyond belief.
Megan Kelly is showing her ignorance now
Megan Kelly get your facts straight. Stop trying to defend the defenseless.
Megan Kelly is making Psaki look like her intern
Is it true? Did Megan Kelly get groped by Joe Biden??? Who knows, the dame won't rat him out on T.V.. ...Megan is a better human than me...
Move Megan Kelly to that spot and give a shot.
Luis Guiterrez (D_ILL) on Megan Kelly once more stands up for illegal aliens...Why doesn't this man go to Mexico where his po…
Conversation between me and my sisters. Amy: Megan we got the boobs and Kelly got the height. Kelly: true that. Me: yeah.
explain how Megan Kelly saying Santa is white is real issue facing nation but murdered ambassador unimportant?
counting down the days till I'm hours and hours away from you 😄😄😄😄
Banner completion winners tonight! Thanks Megan & Rhian! 😊! Make sure you make banners for every tour…
He ( Guiterrez) was interviewed on Megan Kelly. Yeah, he's a duck alright; nutsy! Not far removed from Pelosi..ugh
I'm doing another LDS Temple print order! Guys, these look so stunning on these metallic prints. Email me!
"I told him one day he's gonna have more than two teeth." - Megan, PA
Illegal immigration is an invasion of the USA. These aren't American families, they are invaders. BTW... Megan Kelly OWNED you
Possible illusion to the injunction? Sounds like Luis's interview with Megan Kelly, hm
Congrats to Megan Kelly, Danielle Ferris and Madi Ambush they were selected to play in the Roundball Classic All-star game!
There's a window of opportunity to make a clean break from som... More for Leo
I still listen to Tori Kelly's cover on p.y.t and it never gets old 😍
What the *** was Gutierrez on tonight Megan Kelly couldn't get a word in is he the next Al Sharpton the Mexican version what an ***
Rupert Murdock is killing NBC with kindness by parading Megan Kelly and Brit Hume out to say what a swell fellah he is during hit piece. 😂😂😂
- Sean Hannity ,O'Reilly and Megan Kelly- They don't make 'em like that anymore - ! -Thank You
I dunno about that. Skip Bayless and Steven A. still have jobs. So does Bill O'Reilly, Megan Kelly, and Sean Hannity.
Hannity, Bill O'Riley with Fake False News and Megan Kelly isn't arrested for prostituon then brian Williams is okay!
she might be presenting the questions that will be discussed tonight on Megan Kelly and Sean Hannity.
Sorry folks but you need to know. Subject: Very disturbing, maybe tip of iceberg I have heard some of these Muslim leaders speak on the Megan Kelly and Judge Jenean programs. We had better get a hold on our country before it is too late. Many college professors are responsible for 80 % of our decline as they teach hate toward this nation and students believe them. Back in the 70's, Ward Churchill was the first one I remember and he has been poisoning the minds of students for almost 50 years. At least some of the retired news journalist from the major networks are speaking out such as Cheryl Atkinson and others. The email below is very disturbing to say the least. DO YOU SUPPOSE IF WE IGNORE IT, IT WILL JUST GO AWAY OR DOES IT NEED TO GET WORSE BEFORE WE WAKE UP?? YOU NEED TO READ THIS ONE, WAKE UP AMERICA~ Date: November 15, 2014 10:52:28 AM EST OBAMA'S TEMPER TANTRUM AT TOP U.S. MILITARY BRASS In a fit of rage, Obama snaps at U.S. military brass: “Don’t you dare try and paint all of Isla ...
no more bill o Reilly, stossel, or judge Jeanine. I do like Megan Kelly though
Judos to Megan Kelly for kicking Bill O'Reilly's *** in the ratings
I dedicate this one to Megan Kelly & Bill O'Reilly!!.
I listened to Megan Kelly report that Dr. Shakil Afridi Died in prison just a few days ago
Did you know Megan Kelly has a show on Fox News? The Kelly File? She's pretty.
turn on FOX and watch Megan Kelly. Amazing interview
Fox's Megan Kelly slaps down the "Council on American Islamic Relations": via
Ya'all Megan Kelly gonna put a hood on and burn a cross on live TV!
have U seen Megan Kelly, Shannon Bream, Andrea Tanteros, Julie Banderas? so many hotties.
I'm pretty sure Megan Kelly and Martha MacCallum are the same people.
Oh life is good. Fox's main *** Megan Kelly introduces Mike Huckabee live by saying "Welcome Mike Huckebee,...
Other than Megan Kelly, who's reporting this?
Well what can I say. Megan states it all correctly. Where can we all find Jonathan Gruber this evening or the...
tonight even Megan Kelly said this broke today. I saw it over weekend and I don't check in often
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Kelly can't even post a slefie now a days .. Without something happening😂
I don't know, Aaron carter is pretty cool 💁
please rap against me in look at me now. Until then...Sh 💁
When i die and theyre lowering my casket into the ground make sure ignition by r kelly is playing in the backround.
Megan Kelly told us tonight that we were lied to by the ObamaCare architect. Ultimately by Obama himself!
Megan Kelly talks about firing the bad apples in the VA centers. No one can do this when labor unions are involved, period
I could write a book. 📷 by my beautiful niece Megan Simon Kelly…
yes I did and I feel dehydrated and depressed because of it.
Megan Kelly Still laughing, host blankucklebee and with Gov Hucklebee
Seriously on cloud 9 right now!! I love my big for the amazing gifts! And Kelly for the thoughtful letter!!
Did Megan Kelly just say what I thought she said ?
I love watching Megan Kelly. She has so much passion and such a great personality. Makes the news even more interesting.
Look closely, he has a picture of Megan Kelly with him.
Megan just said she can see me and kelly selling kandi out of a teepee at coachella 😂
you Cavuto, but stunning you r not. Now, Megan Kelly is stunning.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
She's never happier than when she's eating 🍕
Is it really going to be Megan Kelly or that squirrelly blond girl from SNL? Send Oreilly instead!!
Congrats Megan Kelly - Someone noticed your recent Act of Civility & it's earned you a Target gift card! Thanks for making great.
Almost a year later and black Santa is still in Megan Kelly's mentions
Your presentation may be so flamboyant now that it gets in the... More for Leo
I am getting way serious 2012-PTSD from Megan Kelly walking down this hallway on Fox News.
Going to bed have to go make sure mom Kelly don't lose her mind while I get results at Henry's school !!!
Megan Marilyn and Kelly are my biggest h8rs i feel
I agree most of these women are conservatives...but I would call Megan Kelly a moderate
Today, Madison was presented with the 1st Buddy for Battens, in Honor of Ali; by Kelly, Ana & Megan Herndon.
GOP governors win the blue states ...but PA went back to blue? Pennsylvania McConnellKelly.
I now have Megan, Kelly and Laura following me 😍 thankyou
“course I hope my kids hav kids of their own. I don't want grandchildren,I want revenge.”
Hey, do you mind sending me that pic of Megan and I, when you get the chance?
And now they're off. Goal by Kelly Gorman followed by a Megan Collins point 2.05 to 1.01
Obvious to say but Lorraine Kelly is just wonderful.
Megan Kelly, Director of Sales and Marketing Pasadena, w/fellow associates. .
Happy birthday hope you doing good one with Kelly & Sarah oh college girl
Ik I'm so glad I have mrs Kelly for lit and la 🙌🙌
Urgent Prayer Request.! . From Kelly Harper: . A friend of hers, Megan Wallace & her infant son, Easton, have been...
"I like feeling it, I like feeling it everywhere" -
I thought you werevralking about Megan kelly!! Oops
Megan Kelly Kelly File.Aug 26' I was blocked as she said this to the tv. With a snare look of hate for new Media.
I thought i could not like megan kelly more,till now. she is spot on about the gov jumping the gun .
Great job Megan Kelly! sick of Ferguson taking front page and the terror of IS being pushed back! We have enemies, 80K strong!…
Megan Kelly is really pointed with her questioning of the Michael Brown family attorney.
Megan Kelly on MacArthur McCain: "what the *** s he doing in Syria [fighting side by side with the terrorists]?" Gotta love this lady.
Megan just wow proud to be conservative wow wow
If someone asks you what the 90s were like, show them this picture
'Did you know I'm obsessed with noses, they feel so good, I'd love to just chew on one' -Megan Byrne
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Your network talked about Beyoncé not being a role model for young girls. But Megan Kelly is?
Fox News does this all the time MEGAN KELLY defender of African Americans comes in to pitch a weak argument for Bill to knock down
The Megan Kelly - O Reilly bit is a Fox News red herring. Ferguson are protesting police brutality, not an abstract debate of WP.
Megan Kelly dropped an elbow on bill o Reilly
Julia, did you see this? Megan Kelly & Bill O'Reilly commenting on Asian community.
While megan kelly and oreilly may have 'white privilege', most of the other white 'folks' do not!
These Megan Kelly stories are fascinating... I'm dying to know why she's going off script all of a sudden.
Kelly and megan: only people that keep me grounded
I'm gonna next time I come home I'm excited
Photo: superhero-auction: Wonder Woman by Megan Kelly Part of a Superhero-themed Charity Auction in memory...
Cheers for the nomination Megan Kelly Martina Sands and Niall Carbery. I would like to nominate Catherine Smyth,...
Megan Kelly of Fox News serves up a heaping side of White Guilt.
I've texted Kelly's mom more than I've texted Kelly since she's been gone
I enjoy O'Reilly's rants most of the time. I think hes extremely naive though, I like Megan Kelly though
I agree, but Fox IMO has legitimate news reporters that don't take a side, like Shepard Smith, Megan Kelly, Mike Tobin.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Megan Kelly on Oreilly quoted stats white vs black, but she failed to state the isn't race bias, it is race behavior!
Holly white santa clause is that Megan Kelly trying to school Bill O'Reilly about on Fox News
I never know if I should call Megan 'Megan' or 'Kelly'
So happy that Kelly and I managed to get Becca and Megan's birthday presents sorted today e!!! :D:D:D
Is Megan Kelly of all of a sudden becoming a liberal champion of that news network or am i really missing something.
We just woke up and got ready for swim and then megan decides to tell us we don't have practice 😩😑
I love Megan Kelly, but she blew it on the O'Reilly factor tonight. She offered excuses for the behaviors of black folks in Missouri.
Laura Ingraham. Save us! Save Megan Kelly! She drank the kool aide.. What happened?
“It was really fun hanging out with Megan tonight just incase anyone was wondering.” Suck my ***
9 quotes from Westpac CEO Gail Kelly that give an insight into her success:
Ah crap wrong reply, Kelly is my bae back off Megan 👊
we will find out I just sent to Megan Kelly, Bill O'Reilly and James Rosen
Megan Kelly isn't very bright all that peroxide has killed what little brain cells she has left
Beyoncé has nothing on Who rocked the Megan kelly show tonight. Thanks for clarifying feminism.
Darren Wilson moved from one racist pd to ferguson. KKK Megan Kelly Fox News goes after NAACP. Sorry she I s a...
Saw the Beyonce feminist deal on Megan Kelly show. I did not know Beyonce was so big thick thighs and dat *** Wow
“"fake and biased" is what my dad always says lol. I just like it bc Megan Kelly turns me on frequently” lol you rascal
MEGAN KELLY we Fox News are with racist
priv exists, says Megan Kelly. Do stats alone prove more than correlation attributable to any # of causes? Really?
That's disgusting. Megan Kelly deserves better than that.
One of the most BEAUTIFUL pieces of Tel-Lie-Vision I have had the pleasure of witnessing in the fall out of the events in following the murder of Michael Brown. This St.Louis Black Pastor was basically set up by Fox News to do an attack Job on the Reverend Al Sharpton. Its something they do pretty regularly when issues such as these come up - distract from the issue by basically tryina discredit Al, Jesse Jackson, maybe Farrakhan, Cornel west or Michael Eric Dyson. etc. They basically brought Pastor White (LOL. The irony...) on to condemn Al for "stoking up racial tension" in light of the killing. BUT... The Brother flips the script EVER so nicely... watch Megan Kelly try her hardest to get it out of him and how she changes her tune when its clear that he wasn't gonna toe the line. THEN. SUDDENLY... Random "Fox News Alert", which appears to be a pre-recorded bulletin featuring no new information interrupts the Broadcast. LOL. Now... I got my issues with Al, but with all his many many MANY issues... when i ...
Thanks for sharing your cold Megan Kelly and Troy. NOT!
Megan Kelly hooked up with Peter Theoharis while his older brother Thomas was at lifetime
hey, remember when journalism used to be a respectable profession?. cc: Ann Coulter, Don Lemon, Megan Kelly
Bill scum bag Ayers will be on Megan Kelly again tonight. Watch the BO method of dodging and not answering question.
Megan Kelly on FOXNEWS is doing a 2 part interview with the founder of the 60's murderous radical group the Weather Underground...part 2 tomm night...if this was done in summer of 2008 . you would never have seen Barack Hussein Obama in the Oval office...period..
If you don't know who Bill Ayers, watch Megan Kelly and see who this criminal is.why charges against him were never brought is justice un served.these are the folks Barry hangs around with..they all think America is an evil country that needs to be brought down...Ayers has done it with his wife Bernadine Dorn through the college system...Lefties all the way pushing propaganda to the young skulls of mush...
Listening to the Bamster's good buddy Bill Ayers interview with Megan Kelly. Good Lord has anyone listened to this? Why isn't this commie in prison. The" Weather Underground" Wonder if they teach this in our schools. The guy and his wife Bernadine Dorhn. Tell ya where is the media? Liberalism is a terrible disease.
So I'm watching an interview with Bill Ayers, conducted by Megan Kelly of Fox News. He was a member of the Weather Underground, a radial liberal group who declared war on the "establishment" in the late 60's and early 70's. This guy is a friend of our President. This Terrorist group bombed judges and police. As a "pig", at least in this terds eyes I'm the enemy. I would love the opportunity to debate this punk Man to Terd, in a closed room, that's locked. When it's over the world would be better off and then I'd take my dog for walk. Love that dog.
Bill Ayers is being interviewed on Megan Kelly's the Kelly File. Bill Ayers is a scum bag and I don't understand why he isn't in prison. I lived through this era and in fact was in downtown Chicago when the SDS was formed. They became the Weather Underground and bombed around 20 properties, killing some. 3 Underground members were killed when the bomb they were making to take to a military ball prematurely exploded. I believe at the minimum he's an accessory to murder. He's the guy whose house Obama launched his campaign from. Arrogant, elitist scum bag who should be in prison.
Megan Kelly /fnc fox and the Weather Underground terrorists on now
In keeping with her recent streak as a "real" journalist, Fox's Megan Kelly asked pro-Iraq war neocons Andrew McCarthy and John Bolton some tough questions.
Megan kelly hits it out of the park
Kelly.getting really tired of offended mooselims.
Good morning Patriots. I don't normally watch Megan Kelly, but she really nailed it on the head with this one. -...
Entitled, "Then God Made a Farmer," this 2013 photo winner was taken by Megan Kelly in N...
.Does Megan Kelly know the leverage she has. 2b the top pd Fox Host? . O'Reilly, move over. U got beat by a woman.
Megan Kelly starts of strong in this interview w Cheney, but reverts to Fox pablum in 2nd half. Disappointing.
You got the Megan Kelly /Cheney interview wrong. She kissed his butt.
Impulsively expressing your feelings today can land you into a... More for Leo
I'm following you Megan...follow me :)
Kelly texts me at 2am to inform me of the ongoing bath&body works sale true 😂😂
Minka Kelly, Jane krakowski, and Megan Fox were the hotties of 2007
Buy all the things!! If you've liked a piece of jewelry I've worn, Amy Kelly probably made it.
If you take Megan Kelly seriously I don't trust you
Megan Kelly gets no CREDIT. Her interview was a Joke. 2nights Panel was HORRIBLE ! & Edward Snowden is still an A
me & Ashley thought he would turn out like this.
Guy who posted Megan Kelly video told me to "get the *** out" and called me "ignorant" so yeah
Megan Kelly I admire the hard questions that you asked *** Cheney that was fair and balanced. congratulations!
sad state of msm that had guts facing Cheney re his bs-Megan Kelly actually sounded like a journalist
Megan Kelly has hit the nail dead on the head. Watch this!!!
Megan Kelly is going viral with this video. I think I telepathically gave her this
I have to turn off Fox when the speed at which some people, including Megan Kelly, talk at the speed of light! Aagh!
Great analysis of Obama admin criminality on Megan Kelly show by Ben Shapiro tonight!
Look what I did to Kelly and Alexa's hair. 😂💇
Now I understand why everyone loves FOX's Megan Kelly… takes it right to FOX hero Cheney on air
Folks, Megan Kelly just nailed it. Obama has to go.
Seriously had the best day ever yesterday with Kelly and Megan
Excellent frome Megan Kelly. She'll be put to pasture like david asman was.
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