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Megan Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is an American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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Oops! Megan Kelly not ready for daytime television!
Megan Kelly still defending Trump over media after Trump ridiculed her-Absolutely amazing what some people will…
I'm not buying the Megan Kelly is a fun person schtick. I also don't think I'm going to enjoy her as a…
I nominate for tribute New York, Pauly D, Brian Dunkleman, Phaedra Parks, and Megan Kelly (she'll be free by then)…
Why? She’s at least as vapid as Sean Hannity and Steve Doocy... They’ve essentially replaced Megan Kelly with THAT?
Fellow patriots Tucker Carlson uses the same format as Megan Kelly letting the opposition s…
The last straw for me with Hannity was Trayvon Martin. The Megan Kelly "feud"…
Dana Perino can be such an *** Her and Martha Maccallum do not like Trump. Send them to with Megan Kelly
Google the tape on FNC of 6-2-2016. Trump attacked the judge's Mexican ancestry. Bill Bennett & Megan Kelly nail it.
Megan Kelly looks like Dino from the Flintstones and Katy Tur is more fake than 's neck job !
Trump hater Chris Stirewalt put in his place by Eric Bolling. Stirewalt should have gone to NBC with his soul mate Megan Kelly.
What? So, DJT bashing Rosie, Megan Kelly and mocking physically challenged, Talking of s…
I hope Megan Kelly is next!. Greta Van Susteren parts ways with MSNBC
They got rid of Greta already, lol?! Megan Kelly has been a disaster in NBC too.
A re-run of ABC's "America's Funniest Home Videos" beat out Megan Kelly's interview with Alex Jones. 😂.
Alex Jones is a POS whether Megan Kelly edited the piece or not. Children died and he's profiting off of their deaths & his lies.
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Megan Kelly. Trump. Alex Jones. Thick as thieves. I don't know what's wrong with people, but I know that trying to exp…
It's really sad because I used to look up to Megan Kelly. I don't anymore. But I do have a new found respect for Alex Jones
I hate Megan Kelly and I hate Alex Jones. I hate the show and the birds that fly over while it's being shot. Any qu…
I have no problem w/ Megan Kelly interviewing Alex Jones if she also airs his bizarre rants & challenges him on them. Daylight disinfects.
LOL the executive producers of NBC fell into their own pit & Megan Kelly walks away with a cool 17 mi…
Shining a light, like Megan Kelly re:Alex Jones...but re: "the rage...of the progressive left."
Gregg, could you make correction: it's NOT MSNBC, it's NBC that air Megan Kelly. Not fair…
Out of respect for Sandy Hook families, do not watch Megan Kelly Sunday night .
If you're feeling helpless, do something!! Call NBC switchboard or boycott the NBC Megan Kelly show. Boycott her sponsors as w…
Megan Kelly sucksyou will lose me as a viewer if you keep letting her be a silly fool.anything for are becoming FOX!
Obviously Megan Kelly needs to lose her job too. Alex Jones is as f'd in the head as Trump…
NBC will find hiring Megan Kelly will be the bomb that's blows their ratings to ***
I'm no fan of Joy Reid's but saying you respect Ann Coulter and Megan Kelly more is suspect and over the top
I refuse to watch that tramp for any reason and I wont watch Megan Kelly either
BOYCOTT NBC and it's sponsors for airing Megan Kelly's interview with Alex Jones who denies Sandy Hook happened!
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BOYCOTT NBC and all it's sponsors for putting on Megan Kelly's interview with Alex Jones who denies that Sandy Hook happened!
Fck Megan Kelly and I don't mean physically. She is a cheap crap
Megan Kelly is not the source. Just the tool.
I just love Alex Jones and wanting to support Megan Kelly again because she's getting attacked
And that was about Megan Kelly who is insensitive and aloof to The Real A…
And AGAIN, who determines who the people are that make that choice. A lot of people LIKE Megan Kelly, what about their rights?
Find out why MSM fears and is lying about Infowars so much! Were live breaking down the Megan Kelly firestorm live! http…
No, Megan Kelly, contrary to your statement, journalism is not supposed to give a national broadcast platform to a…
Alex Jones being interviewed by Megan Kelly and aired on NBC, Sunday. Jones claims Sandy Hook a lie.
Based on the Putin interview Megan Kelly won't challenge any of the outlandish and offensive claims made by this vi…
Listening oFox now on this subject..Martha McCallum is another Megan Kelly..there's probably a mirror in front of her desk
You could have replaced Megan Kelly with Mario Lopez and gotten the same responses from Putin. She's a glorified Mary Hart.
Only cold blooded Megan Kelly could interview Putin and end up looking like the villain.
Greg Gutfeld inadvertently dissed Megan Kelly with his reference to interviewing Kardashians who are slated to appear on her…
Nor watching this distraction circus. Megan Kelly is a lightweight that gives Putin exactly what he wants. try report…
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Time for a Bond movie. Daniel Craig is better than Megan Kelly any day and twice on Sunday.
Hats off to both Keir Simmons and Megan Kelly for some hardball reporting. Seems the media are the only ones taking anyone to task!
Watched the Megan Kelly special and I now, LIVE via:
File a counter suit against NBC and Megan Kelly.
Like crazy Megan Kelly, Debbie Schlussel is moving over to the left wing using lies against Sean Hannity
He made Megan Kelly, Jesse waters, and many more. He is brilliant,honest and fair in his Commen…
We hate Megan Kelly, we love Trump. Vote Trump and make America great again. Go Trump.
Top 5 white specific order. Angelina Jolie. Kelly Kapowski(in her prime). Charlize Theron. Megan Fox. Emilia Clarke
Chris has the same virus that that infected Megan Kelly and Shep Smith!!!
She will be Megan Kelly's replacement at Fox.
Only some of Fox News hates him and that could get you in trouble there -ask Megan Kelly.
why is it we can't watch the news without SOMEONE plugging Megan Kelly's book really gets OLD no one…
i feel it too esp after seeing him interviewed by Megan Kelly
they fired her *** huh? She is blonde, Megan Kelly is gone from Fox News. Instant spot for a blonde ***
oh he did she wants to be like Megan Kelly all talk no action she says she is this but acts like that 4 views!
Megan Kelly is an overrated political activist hack for the Left. So glad Fox dumped her. Let the liberal media pay her high salary!
Megan Kelly 2.0 is sure going to suffer from this 🙃
has the best words!. Some of 45's Lightweight recipient's . Megan Kelly, John Huntsman, Don…
Kelly and Megan getting a whooping dat is all
Conservatives sure turn on their own when Trump does. Megan Kelly, Paul Ryan. Who's next? It's like watching sheep walk off a cliff...
love that, look closely at clouds they will make cool shapes, God rules.
Muslims would throw Shepard Smith off a roof and put Megan Kelly in a head swaddle is this really your d…
Don't you see, there is no big splash for Megan Kelly looking for the D C girls.
Can't watch Megan Kelly anymore. Just seems like she needs to be on CNN
Why hasn't Shepherd Smith come out and disclosed that he's a *** . Get out and go to CNN with your girl friend Megan kelly
I'm annoyed Greta and Megan Kelly pushed their way into NBC. I liked Tamarin Hall as well.
Remember what Megan Kelly said about how DJT took revenge?
Another Megan Kelly that needs to go
A human being isn't no one without faith in Enjoy a lot your Sunday
Megan Kelly's profile says she's a anchor . Another fake news story from She has NOT anchored one…
MEGAN KELLY WAS IN A REAL LIVE NEW ZEALAND DUPLAY. why don't I have an autograph???
Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding . Proverbs 3-5
The poor news anchor Megan Kelly for is butchering the Cajun names of those running for election tonight
Megan Nugent and Emily Arrocha scored, and SMNW's back line helped goalie Courtney Jones preserve a win over BVN. ht…
I would not ask Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Sean Hannity, Megan Kelly, or any of these news celebrities for their opinion on anything.
Shep, why not get Juan Williams and y'all join Megan Kelly??
should go to work for MSNBC there he will find himself at home meaby look for Megan Kelly and pls take Juan Williams with U
Just read Tamron Hall has left MSNBC.Megan Kelly is in.BAD MOVE MSNBC.Are you trying to be Fox News 2?
Please tell me that you did not hire Megan Kelly. I am so going to miss Hoda and Kathi Lee. ( bc I will boycott…
Will love to see Kathie Lee Gifford replaced by Megan Kelly !
we don't need Megan Kelly racist *** If anything team with try to get too!
oh know we love your line up the way it is, 9 Al & Tamron, 10 Honda & Kathie Lee, no where for Megan Kelly, will not watch
Today show, 3rd hour, Hoda & Kathie Lee best morning tv. Done with it all if Megan Kelly bumps anyone them.
I’m just not into Megan Kelly. Al Roker is a legend, Tamron Hall is AWESOME. This is not the change to make http…
We all know Chris Wallace should join Megan Kelly
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Chris Wallace fox: Go join Megan Kelly on the liberal media. No more dishonest press!
Chris Wallace has exposed himself as a partisan hack like his daddy, go over with Megan Kelly to the other side where you belong 👎😘
Chris Wallace of Fox News, maybe needs to follow Megan Kelly over to nbc, or is retirement in the near future?
Spread the word then to boycott Chris just like we did Megan Kelly.
Juan has been replaced with Bob Beckel.Juan didn't leave like Megan Kelly did, but it's a good start. Winning has started!
Get Alan Colmes off FOX Radio. He can go cozy up with Megan Kelly and Greta Van Sustren on an NBC station & talk about $$ over ethics.
Want to know why Bill O'Reilly attacked Megan Kelly for calling out Roger Ailes sexual harassment?.
Lisa will be the next Megan Kelly at Fox
So now you along with that other ahole Megan Kelly are going to that horror NBC!! *** right I wont watch either of you!.
I'm ready for tomorrow. Go the Mighty Texans. I'll be tuning in in the morning 😎🏈
Megan Kelly is about to enter a propaganda free zone: How will she fare:. Vote now
glad Megan Kelly is going to a network where she will be more comfortable. Adios
I would love to see Megan Kelly get the boot. Carlson is great! American, Patriot, America First! MAGA!
Long shot, but if Megan Kelly came out of the gate day one on NBC with this when no one else is covering it -…
Big Day for these beauties on national TV->
Megan Kelly has to go. She should be fired for inaccuracy and falsification. Most of all because she is still against the
We are all happy that Megan Kelly is joining NBC with all the other BIASED & BENT fake journalists.
if the true value of the Megan Kelly deal to NBC is getting her off Fox, why didn't Fox just ante up to keep her?
. You guys gotta shot with no Derek Carr. Good luck!
how does it feel knowing you'll never be as pretty smart or successful as Megan Kelly
Megan Kelly and Greta vansustren are moving to the dark side
PROOF is Megan Kelly.havent you looked at her book ( I think it's a book she wrote)
will DOOL be cancelled for Megan Kelly's show?
And mentally ill to watch Megan Kelly.
is it true DOOL will be cancelled for Megan Kelly's show?
Maybe he wants to follow Megan Kelly?
everyone knows the WIP is very based and untruthful when reporting on trump.watched Megan Kelly too much
NBC can't improve the reputation of Megan Kelly all she can do is ruin the legitimacy of & .
Watch out Maddow. Megan Kelly on her way to NBC to compete with you in trashing Trump.
megan kelly, nope we are not watching. Waste of time
I've been blocked by all the RHOC wives except Kelly and Megan . Still like Vicki .
If you want to follow Megan Kelly and get the *** out of !
guilfoyle you should've gotten the Megan KELLY spot. If not why not Tucker's slot. Don't understand fox.
"Agreed (Juan Williams is an embarrassment to He should follow Megan Kelly to one of the MSM channels…
if you think Megan Kelly can fill the timeslot of days of our lives you've lost your mind she will fail
Is Megan Kelly really going to get $25million from nbc to read the news?? I'll do it for $20million!!
good job I think you're great. And I'm going to miss Megan Kelly
Don Irvine, “Megan Kelly goes for the gold at NBC News,’ Accuracy in Media, January 4, 2017
ur the most disgusting pos I have ever forced myself to listen too ur worse then Megan Kelly and that's saying something
Good riddance Megan Kelly. She belongs on the liberal media channels. She is a liar too!
Why did Megan Kelly say on Fox News "does everyone have mesothelioma medicine"??? Very unprofessional!
Megan Kelly brought it with her from Fox. Lol!!
Fox brought Megyn Kelly on as token crazy liberal Democrat because of political correctness bye bye we will forget you…
So long Megan Kelly... You'll be missed. Good luck at NBC.
WHY am I seeing a People Magazine headline that could be cancelled this year for New Megan Kelly gig? NO, just…
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I am so glad Megan Kelly is leaving Fox. I'm celebrating
Obama Going going gone. Don't cry, Megan Kelly with her Left attitude & 8 figure NBC salary unable to stop what America wa…
If this happens I will be so upset...all because of Megan Kelly, which I will never watch!!!
Megan Kelly left because after Trump interview no one took her serious 😎
The only reason Megan Kelly or whatever has a career
What garbage Megan Kelly will fit in well with these frauds.
In other news... I hear fox new is replacing Megan Kelly with Ivanka Trump. What an upgrade!
Donald, after listening to Megan Kelly with Anderson Cooper, is clear you and your team are a MAFIOSOS.
What does Megan Kelly want? She seems to be another narcissist.
What the *** are you thinking cancelation of a 52 year show 4 Megan Kelly. Will watch a show on another network b4 watching her
Megan Kelly may need a backup at NBC. I think Juan Williams would be a good fit there...and Eric Bolling would help Juan pack.
Megan Kelly will FAIL! NBC don't make the same mistake ABC did. Days of Our Lives has a loyal audience. You will lose view…
Megan Kelly's final night on performance reminds me of a fan favorite pro wrestler who is teasing a heel turn.
"For NBC, [adding Megan Kelly] may help address [the] challenge [of] connecting with a politically diverse audience" h…
Megan Kelly a negative force against republicans! Glad to see her go!
Oh good, with Megan Kelly and Greta Van Susteren leaving, is now a white men's-only club .
bye Megan Kelly enjoy your time at NBC. I always thought that you were a liberal person,& that's fine but now you'll fit in better.
Megan Kelly will do just fine with the folks at ABC.can't wait to watch Tucker Carlson 👍
FYI: Megan Kelly is a registered Democrat . How many Fox News Anchors are Democrats ??
Where is Megan Kelly going? What has happened with her and Fox? Does anyone know?
Megan Kelly looks like every girl in the opening scene of "Carrie"
Ug. FoxNews doubles down on Tucker Carlson by giving him Megan Kelly's show. This guy
What a great move having Tucker replace Megan Kelly!
SO, Megan Kelly left Fox News for NBC News, it is TIME FOR HER TO FLY HER FEMINIST FLAG. For what she exprnced is why its needed…
I wish they would give her Megan Kelly's slot.
. The pizza shop guy in Washington was on Megan Kelly saying it's fake news hmm or is it?
Megan Kelly and the Washington Post are both worthless trash
Megan Kelly is covering up a Satanic pedophile ring in Washington. She may be involved with Michael Obama in sodomy
cont..especially when you put Joy from 'The view' in her place and Megan Kelly, your my
Megan Kelly is such a total *** and Fox is no better for airing her. She is a hater and a Democrat plant.
Megan Kelly is a disgrace, slamming Trump every opportunity, needs to clean up her act or leave Fox
Fox anchor Megan Kelly unloads on colleague who predicted Trump victory via She'll ha…
On board for a Roger Ailes movie. That interview with Megan Kelly was enlightening
Fox needs to take you off the air just like Megan Kelly, your not funny and those of us who watch fox for the good stuff... don't like:((
Megan really wouldn't understand a word your saying---Change your tone, you moron Kelly
three worst in the bunch and see Cooper Megan Kelly will lids are Anderson Cooper is a filthy pedophile and sexually devian
great! Would you ever consider replacing Megan Kelly on Fox News? Love what you do! Keep it up! :)
Kelly is a Living Horror on Fox. Need to send her packing to CNN. She can host Attack Trump Hour with Megan Kelly.…
I think it was Mega Kelly who singled out Donald Trump ~~Oh well it has made her famous ~ And More Money. Megan is a Beautiful.
.You may remember Megan Kelly from her earlier work.
What about Megan Kelly needed bodyguards around the clock after Trump turned his verbal abuse to her?
Megan Kelly says Trump'a comments about her led to death threats. When Trump campaign was told to stop it, they said no. http…
I read on AOL homepage news that Megan Kelly was leaving Fox News, maybe Dana Perino could lend her Jasper so she can pet him to feel better
Kristen are you training Megan Kelly. Can't wait for her to leave Fox
Drumpf's Muslim Registry: even Megan Kelly is vs this... via…
miss u on fox. Maybe u take over for Megan Kelly. C u soon, maybe
Megan Kelly's right: "You can't be citing Japanese internment camps as precedent for anything the President Elect is g…
I actually like Megan Kelly. I like Shep Smith, too, even though I've taken flak for that.
I cant choose! Juan Williams, Megan Kelly, Dana Perino and Shep Smith are all terrible. Editorializers. Not journal…
yes, delusional people. Nobody cares about Megan Kelly.
Shepard Smith. Stop sniveling about Trump and start reporting. Same to Megan Kelly who is hardly a journalist. Make me happy. Leave.
will never watch savannah Guthrie or Megan Kelly again. Sick of you and your obvious agenda.
Wow, just looked at Megan Kelly's reviews on Amazon. 90% one-star. Obvious organized hit job from Trump world. Preview of…
Megan Kelly spills all on doctor Phil. She is the definition of an attention *** oh and she has a new book to promote, how convenient.
ms. Ingraham why don't you take over the Megan Kelly show. " the Ingraham inside report" a great name for your show.
Juan Williams and Megan Kelly should go away
Tucker Carlson Beats Out Juan Williams To Land Good thing go Tucker. If it was to be Juan, I'd quit watching him along with Megan Kelly
Megan Kelly is Fox News Trojan horse against Trump, at least you know Juan Williams is a brown nose lefty, & he does not…
"It is being reported on local talk-radio stations in New York, that Fox News is looking to dump Megan Kelly and...
Things learned during this election: Never want to see Megan Kelly, Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky, Shep Smith, Stirewalt..…
Shame. Ben taking apart Piers Morgan was great. Don't know what happened but now even Megan Kelly is doing a Ben
I really hope Fox rids themselves of Juan Williams and Megan Kelly after this election. They both stink.
get rid of Megan Kelly she hates men ! My first Choice former Congressman Joe Walsh! A true conservative!
Fox News. Closest to being fair in their reporting; with exception of Megan Kelly and Ron Williams. Like Bret Bair.
Dear Mr. Gingrich, thank you for calmly challenging Fox's Megan Kelly for her feminist, insatiable, ad nausea, "sex sell…
Breaking: Newt Gingrich Kicked Off Fox News Guess list after last blow up with Megan Kelly..only fair Fox has been kicked off mine
Newt Gingrich just told Megan Kelly off real bad on Fox News. I enjoyed it! Vote .
I used to like Fox News - Megan Kelly sure changed that. Her "campaign" for women's rights and destroying Trump has do…
Fox News I am an AMERICAN WOMAN and Megan Kelly does NOT speak for me. How can you let a CNN reporter work for...
Megan Kelly needs to leave Fox News!! She's so biased it's pathetic! Yea Newt!
Fox needs to understand that they are losing viewers because Megan Kelly is a HACK. her show is…
Newt Gingrich just ripped Megan Kelly a new one,live on Fox. She's destroying Fox News.
she change the name of the show to the four Megan Kelly's and Kimberly Guilfoyle
Really? You are there, Michael? Where you think Megan Kelly is a great representative of women and journalism? REALLY!!!
Megan Kelly is enraged because she can't PT Donald Trump! He's not interested, he didn't take the bait like BH did!
How about bringing back Greta or Andrea Tantaros. Either will do just get rid of Megan Kelly
Megan. Kelly # it again Ms Broderick we don't . Believe anything Megan Kelly says don't . Pay ant attention to her
is Megan Kelly a Clinton follower, she sure acts it.
getting grilled by Megan Kelly right now. It's a beautiful thing! She's as big a liar & dodger as
Megan Kelly destroyed Trump's 'new senior advisor for communications' Jason Miller on not accepting result and his lies ab…
I'm tired of Megan Kelly being the spokeswoman for fox. Time for somebody else. How about Kimberly Guilfoyle?
Someone give Juan Williams and Megan Kelly a job at CNN. Fox should trade them for a couple ash trays.
Fox News is good except for Megan Kelly, Shepherd Smith and Juan Williams.
Katie it appears you and Shepard Smith and Megan Kelly have a pro Hillary club going biased news
if referring to Trump, just last year he attacked Megan Kelly by saying she was bleeding from her whatever.
Mike Huckabee was on Megan Kelly. He said election like 'Jaws", with Trump being Quint and the Shark being Trump. Megan...
Megan Kellys (Fox News) ex said he needed a wife and so did Megan Kelly. Read it here.
I'd bet that's how Megan Kelly rose to such a high position and such a relatively short time - Roger Ailes was a sexual p…
Megan Kelly please quit Fox News and go to cnn or cbs .
Megan Kelly attacking .. Jason doing well to to stand his ground & puts forth facts.
Nasty *** Megan Kelly and wretch Krystal Ball won't drop it about the irrelevant Venezuelan. is as bad as
Hillarys husband had oral sex in the Oval Office, but that's ok !!! Megan Kelly loves to start a bunch of crap just like always!
When is Megan Kelly going to move to the Clinton News Network?
Megan Kelly is a Saint. . Geraldo is a Saint. The Republican Establishment are Saints. We Deplorables will vote Trump.…
I am sickened by Megan Kelly, Paul Ryan and Howie Kurtz.
. Here's hoping it's without Megan Kelly and Shepard Smith # unwatchable
Since Roger Ailes departed FOX, the talking heads like Brit Hume,S.Smith, Megan Kelly and Juan Williams are now pushing Social Marxism w/MSM
Megan Kelly just came on tv. I'm turning the channel Rupert Murdock!
Megan Kelly now is Rachel Maddow 3 years ago. Fox now is MSNBC 3 years ago. They sold out. Other then Hanipede
Rupert Murdock, you are not successful because of Megan Kelly and Shepard Smith, in fact if you don't get rid of them fox may fall!
One more time, Megan Kelly has proven to be much more combative with KellyAnne Conway than with Lanny Davis
Megan Kelly great answer to Davis. You are a great host.
C'mon Lanny Davis, you suck up to Megan Kelly. Hang it up, Lanny. Your days are over.
I agree Lou Dobbs and varney on Fox business, but Fox News just creeping on the liberals specially Shepard Smith and Megan Kelly
Of course Megan Kelly has Mark Cuban on her show.
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Megan Kelly has Richard Fowler on AGAIN.He wants to cause racial tension while he talks over everyone.WASTING AIR TIME !!!
If Trump was a real man he'd apologize to McCain, Kahn Family, Megan Kelly, U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, etc
If you’re right, maybe he’ll also say HRC started attack on Khans, McCain, Rosie O’Donnell and Megan Kelly.
don't forget Shepherd Smith and Megan Kelly and dozens of fox commentators
make sure u don't watch Shepard Smith and Megan Kelly and Chris Wallace these people are liberal Trump haters.say mexico is r allie
Brit Hume as Greta's replacement is the worst possible choice he is as bad as Megan Kelly. Eric Bolling would've been my choice
She is in the Megan Kelly category. .
I always knew she wore a leaky diaper so full of poo! Megan Kelly & Shepard Smith go 2 CNN!
in interview Megan Kelly ask trumph if u don't win,trumph said my money & energy will be wasted
Megan Kelly of Fox News is totally anti Trump. Been watching her for the last 45 mins. Not fair and balance. she should go to CNN
fox is starting to sound like the other cable networks.I'm glad Ailes is stepping down.I respect Gretchen Carlson.Megan Kelly good ri
Her royal whiteness Megan Kelly is completely unraveled by DL Hughley on Fox Misinformation News,don't wow me.
Megan Kelly was rude, shouty & out of line in her interview with DL Hughley, who was spot on: IS racist
America is sick of Megan Kelly's "so-called" fair reporting. She despises Trump/his supporters. Bring back Andrea!
I just watched u on Megan Kelly and u r an awesome godly man. Well done good and faithful servant
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Joke that is you Megan Kelly is over same as Lindsay Lohan. as King I have nothing more to say Nasty piece shirt both you and Ron was.killed
Are the women starting to stand up to Fox News - first Megan Kelly goes off the reservation, now Carlson. Is the empire falling (oh, PLEASE)
Robert Zimmerman, on Megan Kelly: spews the same democratic nonsense. I don't understand why fox gives him a platform.
don't interview or give Megan Kelly the time of day -she us using you to make money for herself - she needs you not you her
me: is it.WAXING PEOPLE'S PUBES?. kelly: again yes but just say megan
The Mygan Kelly Report, presented by Mygan Kelly, about Megan Kelly, produced by Mygan Kelly.
Trying to be civil with Megan Kelly, Trump you should have ended her career.
I'm in bed before midnight watching Cadet Kelly on Disney. It's like I'm 10 years old all over again.
It looks like Fox News trying to reinvent Megan Kelly's image won't work we know what a treacherous snake she
It may or may not be Megan Kelly but idk
Megan Kelly, so once again you try to slam Trump into the dirt. Tonight you sucked.
you change like the weather , Megan kelly has nothing on you at this point
I'm still undecided if Megan Kelly is helping or hindering your campaign.
not me I hate Megan gold digger kelly
Megan Kelly fifteen minutes of fame are just about up.
Oh, I have been proven wrong because you claim Megan Kelly attacked Trump by quoting him. Obeisance to a despicable, sad man.
Megan Kelly is milking that interview for everything it's worth, what would she do without ya. MAGA!!!
# Kelly Megan Kelly's Dinner talk with the political pundits is boring and a waste of time. She can't be taken seriously👎!
How many times is Megan Kelly going to run her anti Trump discussion panel? She will never change!
I thought Megan Kelly was so rude to Rep Issa. And she just blathers on at a hundred miles an hour.
Watching Megan kelly... Is Hillary paying her or something?
Can we go back to when Megan Kelly was irrelevant?
On Megan Kelly tonight bless her heart love her , but very unfair tonight on Trump He does not have apologize
b4Donald got his little hands on you, you were *** is Megan Kelly."Never counted on Fox noise for, really, anything
FOXnews, when Megan Kelly get on air, I change channel.
I still think Megan Kelly's out to get Trump.All most of her guests tonight are bias. Snake on grass
still can't watch Megan Kelly. Still so nasty and negative undertones if not blatant neg. She trying to help HRC?
This Megan Kelly interview repulses me. Another example of establishment opinions table. I really do not like Megan Kelly now.
Watching this Trump Megan Kelly interview...He is a sociopath who when in office will not only say the wrong thing, won't apologize either
Sean Hannity I will watch but I refuse to watch Megan Kelly as well. Her time has passed.
@ Trump said he only Counter Punches Not True what he did to Megan Kelly
Megan Kelly needs to get over herself she's pathetic put America first vote Trump
Megan Kelly is on...time to change the channel til 10pm
@ Trump picked on Megan Kelly because he is afraid a Man would kick his A..
Hey Megan Kelly thanks for the follow I really appreciate it.
I think Bernie tricked me into watching the news *voluntarily watches a Megan Kelly piece on Scientology*
The whiner and cry baby is Trump. whined& insulted Megan Kelly--why? She asked him "hard questions" Ha
Shes just like Megan Kelly both of them are waiting on their sex change couple of Bull ***
You should have a show of your own ! It would give a lift to Fox News! maybe Megan Kelly spot.
I can believed to defend Megan Kelly but she was a reporter just trying get answer
4get megan kelly, with her as a friend to us who support Trump, we won't need any enemies. Go Trump, pleas…
Journalistic standards have been disappearing. TV news puts ratings ahead of journalistic standards (e.g., Megan Kelly)
I quit watching Megan Kelly as soon as she tried to embarrass our next president.
just realize politi fact isn't the final word on things. When Megan Kelly caught them jumbling the facts.
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