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Megan Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly (born November 18, 1970), formerly known as Megyn Kendall, is an American journalist and news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel.

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They hired Sara too read too Megan Kelly & she can't read either..the Repubs budget plan..don't eat..use Medicine Man..your lazy
Who wants to possibibly see divergent with me megan and kelly tomo?? Kik or txt me
If you've not already backed on her new album you should. Do it right now
love watching I don't have any bad tattoos but I wouldn't mind getting tattooed by or any of the othersโ˜บ๏ธ
"Miss Kelly you're looking so tan you're going to look black like me." ๐Ÿ˜ณ I should make a book of things that are said to me as a teacher
and remind everyone to please keep Jim Kelly in your thoughts and prayers.
At least I know that I'm a complete moron
Nothing compares to this type of hurt
you go girlfriend. I'm proud of you.
Don't forget to watch Ronald Roberts, Jr. in tonight's Slam Dunk contest tonight at 9:00 on
never. You're gonna have nightmares for years. And never want to listen to singing in the rain again.
โ€œMegan Fox and her son are too adorable ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ goals ๐Ÿ˜
Kelly just told me she's allowed to look at pictures of cute squirrels instead of doing homework because she's a bio major...
To bad this worthless paper doesn't find decent policy's like Megan Kelly. I find it interesting you rpt on Fox
The one Fox thing I ๐Ÿ‘ โ€œ: Fox Newsโ€™s Megan Kelly declines to utter the name of the Fort Hood shooter
I'm not even kidding, I am going to do this
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Dan Marino visited former Bills QB Jim Kelly on Sunday as Kelly continues his cancer battle. . (via
Nicole's silver pair when the disco lights hits them๐Ÿ˜ฏ
oh even better Niamh il be able to dance
yeah Kelly imagine Dave's face when you walk in, in them๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
right well I did see them first so it's only fair?
oh and I bagsy red they'll go lovely with my debs dress
we could wear them Dave's to break them in?
I'm thinking we could all get a pair?๐Ÿ˜‚
starts right now and a certain Kelly Severide is stopping by tonight!
yep Megan Kelly, Hannah Collins, Mackenzie (Kenzie not sure what went down) Lyons, and I'm sure if Claire got her ticket get +
massexodus I couldn't pick just one so here are three: Breanne Johnston, Kelly Easton + Allieโ€ฆ
never give publicity to murderers. i like your style Megan Kelly and agree 100% with your policy.
Got an R kelly song on and Megan goes "that sounds like R kelly that" ๐Ÿ˜ถ. Gods sake
CAIR anti-Human Rights and Political agenda Exposed by FOX's Megan Kelly: via
What's wrong with her? โ€” For every race!. Megan Kelly says she won't report the name of the Fort Hood...
Great perspective: "Expect less, give more, and receive everything you ever want." -via
Claud wanted to join the army after watching Cadet Kelly...can we all just take a second to picture her in the army ๐Ÿ˜‚
Two tenners throwing punches in the hall...what are you fighting over, who gets the last lick of the baby bottle pop?
Megan Kelly I stole your gym clothes for today xoxo love you sugar ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
And then my teacher called me Megan. So there's that.
Yes! RT: "Modifying your mindset can help you reach all your goalsโ€ฆ shares a quote.
Will Megan Kelly be doing a segment on how Lopez-y the shooter looks?
Getting excited! Come and watch "Blinded: A Survivor's Story" written by Megan Kelly at the RCAH Theater 4/10-4/13.
Cant wait to be reunited with my bestiez in 3 weeks ๐Ÿ˜Žโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’™ kelly_urbanski
"The only reason my arms are toned is because I straighten my hair everyday" -Wise words of Kelly Dalton
MORE than honored...shocked be included in the blog newsletter of counter terror expert, Dave Gaubatz..see within - The FBI Are Wimps On The War On Islamic Terrorism By: Dave Gaubatz 31 Mar 2014 Tonight I watched Megan Kelly (FOX) discussing the new movie (Honor Diaries/Link to Honor Diaries Site) about Islamic honor attacks and murders. Kelly was outstanding. She further discussed the reaction from CAIR. Of course CAIR denounces the movie and wants it removed from the eye's of Americans. Do you recall a similar reaction to a book critical of Islam? (Muslim Mafia) Kelly was extremely tough on CAIR (Islamic terrorist group). This amazed me. Her friend O'Reilly is a CAIR friend. For 1400 plus years Muslim men have been raping, assaulting, and killing innocent young Muslim girls and Muslim women. Most people believe this only happens in Islamic controlled countries. This is very far from the truth. Young girls have been exposed to Islamic child marriages in America. Muslim daughters and wi ...
Dear Sean, Please ask Fox News I said to STOP dressing their female anchors ( about 1/2 of them) like fake tanned Barbie doll bimbos in those hiked up babydoll dresses in 4 inch heels! I want to see suits, slacks, and skirts or dresses to the knees please??? By the way their fake tans LOOK fake!! Megan Kelly and Greta ( and 2 others) should be their role modles! They should DRESS LIKE THEM!! They need to look serious, not just be serious in this already oversexed cheesecake culture! We have enough fake blondes out there already...what's wrong with brunette???
I love Foxnews.. Bill O'reilly, Megan Kelly, and Sean Hannity. But they have reported on nothing but the missing Malaysian plane. Sept for O'reilly he has done normal shows. Nothing new stop reporting on it.
Enjoyed the art show last night at Seaweed & Gravel! Featured artists in photo: Cat, Megan Kelly, and Abe Hernandez
KING OBAMA Our forefathers left England to get away from kings, but now many believe that President Obama is trying to destroy our country by ignoring our Constitution. Wait! Before you start saying that's a viewpoint shared only by Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party Members ... read the following. Liberal Constitutional Professor Jonathan Turley (George Washington) told Megan Kelly of Fox News, "You have a president who's claiming the right to basically re-write, or ignore, or negate federal laws. That's a very dangerous thing." Professor Turley admits he is an Obama support as he also said,"I happen to agree with many of President Obama's policies ..." Still, he also said, "I'm afraid this is beginning to border on a cult of personality for people on the left." Bam!!! Turley nailed it. He articulated what Conservatives have been saying. He underscored the fact that every time King Obama is questioned ... opponents are charged with racism --- when all they are doing is challenging on political or m .. ...
I feel like Megan Kelly and Shepard Smith are screaming at me ALL THE TIME
West Chester came-in 4th in the East preseason poll & is led by All-PSAC returnees Kelly Anderson, Kim Murl & Megan Kelly
Steve Lonegan will be on "The Kelly File" with Megan Kelly on Fox News tonight 9:00 p.m. Be sure to tune in.
Please give a little attention to the speech writer for President Bush that was on your HOT friend Megan Kelly's show.
Yes, I just saw Brandon Webb discuss this issue with Megan Kelly, unbelievable. I knew of 4.
Just turned to Fox News on accident and I was sucked in to Megan Kelly's show and I can't switch the channel it's like I'm hypnotized
I like Adam Carolla. I like Mark Levin. I like Dennis Miller. I like The Rachel Maddow Show. I like Bill Maher. I like Penn Jillette. I like Joe Rogan. I like Dana Perino. I like Star Parker. I like Megan Kelly. I like Pat Condell. I don't always agree with everything any one of them says, but I like them. Sometimes they *** me off. Sometimes they are, in my opinion, right on the money. I like people who are sincere. I'm able to not meet them on every single point but still enjoy their honesty. It's a shame that many people can't do that.
please bring on either Megan Kelly or Shepard smith Megan so I can perv on her Shepard cuz I find him hilarious !!
I want to know how many recognize Bill O'Reilly and Megan Kelly.
David will be on Fox News tonight with Megan Kelly. 9:30 p.m. tune in.
Yeah I'm a fox watcher. Cause msnbc don't deal with the real stuff. They live in la la land.& people but their bull. Which is not much real news. Maybe I don't agree with fox on everything. But @ least ya get more truth than these other smoows.megan is my girl& lovely by all means. Bill Hemmer top shelf. Neil my boy love that man.i would love have Megan Kelly interview Hillary. You shall know the truth& the truth will set you free. Lets start with. B-e-n-g-h-a-z-I.? Those moms deserve answers& now. Love Eric bolling Dana perino Kim guifoyle. They are easy on the eyes too. Planned parenthood there are other options. You can get treatment from clinics for a very small fee. Even free. Planned parenthood is a slaughter house to kill innocent babies in the womb. There is always an option. Think adoption before you offend your bodies with the insult of Abortion. It is a lifetime damage to the womb.& A women's body. It not only destroys innocent babies. It screws up the mind& body. Don't buy the abortion kool ai ...
A very heart warming program on Fox to honor World War Two Vets. Ronald Raegan's famous D-Day tribute at the beach- head in Normandy in 1984. I was thrilled to hear they now have an organization that makes it possible for each WWII VET TO VISIT THE MEMORIAL that pays tribute to their service. All expenses are paid. How my beloved Lee would have been honored to get to see it. Special interviews with those Combat Veterans with tears in their eyes as they remember. Saluting The Greatest Generation - on The Kelly File with Megan Kelly. So proud to see it.
I will watching Megan Kelly tonight on fox at nine PM. Guest Andrew Wilkow is one of my favorite realist.
Richard Morris *** on fox calling it a vile evil hate speech ?? and no one has the right to hate speech on tv ?? hmm how about AL sharpton,Jessie Jackson,Obama, every *** Muslim,and *** calling for violence against Christians,whites infidels,and those who do not support homosexuality ? that hate speech on tv is fine huh ?? I am disappointed in Megan Kelly for letting the liberal *** wad get away with that !!
"Martin Luther King is always portrayed as black," wins the internet for worst defense of Megan Kelly's white Santa comments.
Santa Claus is made up so why does he have to be "white"...Megan Kelly?
Thank you Megan Kelly for proving Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are still relevant. Oh and the dry cleaner says your sheet and hood are ready for pick up.
Megan Kelly wants ratings to dominate Cable news night time . She wants to beat the King, Bill O. Why not say sensational remarks?
At the boat parade in Dana Point with my sweetheart Megan Kelly
kelly how could monica Crowley have served Nuxon? She was born '68. He left office in '74?
My parents and grandparents think I'll be the next Megan Kelly
Fox is working fine on my Dish. Megan Kelly looking good.
Here's the thing, Megan Kelly is a pretty face but not a journalist at all
Kelly, Kelly, Megan and Connor left ๐Ÿ˜” at least Brrryyy is still heaa โ˜บ๏ธ
and the best drivers award goes to... NOT KELLY
literally was driving on the wrong side of the road.. Omg how are we alive
alright! ๐Ÿ˜Š yesterday me Megan and Kelly watched a movie called babysitters on there and it was so messed up
Oh no wait, not too many! Megan Kelly just said, not too many because it will clog up the great Obamacare system!
and aunt megan and her husband and kids and aunt Kate with Ashley and Morgan
still See uncle thuan and you're going to see any patti and uncle jim tomorrow
you know I still haven't seen anyone from Bakersfield
Uhm bc our whole family is out there
why do holidays make you miss California
My helping QuackQuack cook for tomorrow!
My baby sister Kelly and my future husband
When I hear I'm Not That Girl from Wicked I think of when Megan wrote the lyrics in her rock n roll Spongebob notebook cuz she was "cool"
is it except able to go in sweatpants ? I'll do it if you do it
Our first Thanksgiving Eve together! Can't wait for Giovanni's &Christmas lights with Kelly&cousins!
Megan & kelly better be loving my chat tonight
think I'm too depressed about Kelly :(
Pregnant Kristin Cavallari shows off her movies on the
Poor Kelly was at our house all by herself until I came home. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Need to catch up on sleep bigtime omg so wrecked this day
Megan Kelly just wrote her name in sharpie on my pants and drew a *** on my leg um
This Is the rhythm of the night, theee night oh yeahh
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Pregnant looked gorgeous at the event to stop
New celeb photo round-up on Megan Fox, Kelly Clarkson, Kristin Cavallari, Kendra Wilkinson
Megan has an appt with Kelly at 4 so the three of is will hang them...can you all meet me at Brickshot at 3:30?
Oh Megan Kelly how I missed your bird face. Time to get angry at Fox News. Wo
I miss Megan Good! Vegas wasn't the same without her the last time I went.
Our best friend Megan Good is in Anchorman 2!
Cleveland bound with and the Royal Coachman, Uncle Kelly!
You can't decide if it's a smart idea to accept additional res... More for Leo
hey Eugene, saw you on Megan Kelly show tonight and you are encouraging. God Bless you.
Kelly Rowland overjoyed over engagement: Singer Kelly Rowland, who is said to...
Megan Kelly makes me upset sometimes, but she still is my friend
Megan just had me send a snap chat video of her dancing to My cousin, Danny, Jill and Kelly
Eugene Craig. Saw you on Megan Kelly/ Fox Thanks for standing up for what you believe and exposing the truth about Obama Care.
Megan Kelly is my new hero. She is ripping Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel to shreds over this Obamacare mess! I think she may need to run against Hillary in 2016. She can stand her own with the best of them! Smart chick who can think on her feet...
Megan Kelly totally kicked the *** of Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel tonight on her show talking about Obamacare while Rachel Maddow on her show was talking about an obscure Idaho politician and some politician who was impeached in 2004.Keep up the GREAT work Ms. Kelly.that's why your ratings are 2 1\2 times those of Ms. Maddow.
Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N. J.) Needs to be impeached. Flat out lies to Megan Kelly (Fox) about the ACA being cheaper than Employee-supplied personal insurance. Lies, lies, lies. (FIRE THEM ALL.EXCEPT Ted Cruz!)
Megan Kelly took a selfie with Ariana Grande. So yeah that happened and you could say I'm pretty jealous
I actually get so violent when I'm fired up
Megan, I love ya Girl but you were hammered on Friday. Oct 25. I hope you get him back and you take control.
I wouldn't mind playing valley if they didn't think they're all that and a bag of chips
megan kelly interviewed someone the nite before about it but I can't find the video
You might attempt to create a strategy for success around your... More for Leo
Bringing it back home with and The Violators! Photo by Megan Kelly. @ Union Transfer
"What's it like to be the most hated man in America?" Megan Kelly to Ted Cruz on Fox "News" during government shut down.
I am absolutely buzzing for Tiesto & Calvin Harris
shocked that Megan Kelly actually thought that Rahm Emanual's would give her a straight answer on anything
You looked very good on Cavuto. A little more TV time and you'll have your own show like Megan Kelly.
Halifax might be a beautiful city but we have the absolute worst drivers on the face of this planet
text me, my phones sent away and I lost all my numbers ๐Ÿ˜ž
Megan Kelly is intelligent, fair, and nice. Maddow does nothing but spew hate. You do the math.
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Megan Kelly can't handle the 8 PM ET slot on FOX. Rand Emanuel's brother totally took over the discussion on OCare last night.
Time for Megan Kelly to apologize to Joe the Plumber?
Zeke Emanuel (Obamacare) gave a great interview on Fox News last evening with Megan Kelly, even though it was a typical interview for Democrats who go on Fox News; DEMOCRATS DO NOT GET TO FINSIH A SENTENCE, and neither did Zeke Emanuel.
Ezekiel Amanual dismissed Megan Kelly as if she were dirt!! Same additude as George Bernard Shaw. Satan has returned
Acknowledging your emotions enables you to add your perspectiv... More for Leo
Sophie made a new friend tonight! Great night hanging with Nathan Antle, Megan Kelly, and Christianโ€ฆ
Now ex teacher Megan Kelly from REV has a civil suit against her from a former female student for sexual battery and emotional distress.
Why don't you have honorable Dr. Ezekiel on your show? Megan Kelly so disrespected him and would not let him talk.
Question for Megan Kelly: why put those clowns on the program? You know who they are: Dems who refuse to give a direct answer. They are joke
Fox/Megan Kelly show 2night:Dr. Emanuel "architect of ACA" sd it was designed 2 B free for abt half of participants
With Megan Kelly as a supposed conservative talking head, Conservatives are in trouble.
kelly U do NOT shy from straight on the point ..questions we all want to ask. awesome!!!
hey guys I saw dr. Evil on Megan Kelly. He helped wrote Obama care. That man is evil. I not go to him or dog
Imanuel didn't answer a single question Megan Kelly asked. She folded as do most so called conservatives.
Megan Kelly. ObamaCare's no preexiting conditions is a TERRIBLE idea. That's WELFARE. That's LIke buying home ins. after house burned down.
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kelly Who provides and pays for the services of people who still refuse to buy insurance?
Wow just watched One of the architects of Obamacare on Megan Kelly. Now I understand why we are in the mess we are in. What a goober.
Ezekiel Emanuel, just got crushed by Megan Kelly. Nice work, Megan!
Ezeikal Emmanuel only wanted to toot his own horn. It seemed like he didn't care what Megan Kelly was asking.
Kudos to Megan Kelly for "handling" Dr Dr. Emmanuel about the rollout of this abysmal OCare. She made sure the American people were heard.
Megan Kelly was stellar in the face of Dr. Arrogance. Kicked his butt p&s
Megan Kelly I have never been so disappointed with your interview with Mr. Emmanuel architect of OBAMACARE. O'Reilly needed that interview.
As usual, the lib (Imanuel) ran rings around Megan Kelly. She doesn't know how to argue her point.
Megan Kelly owned Emmanuel on Emmanuel couldn't wait to utter one word: "Bush" !
megan kelly Dr E is as full of crap as his brother and the guess at b the white house
Megan Kelly this is a hateful man he is not in the real world kelly
The Doctor/Rahms Brother couldn't be more arrogant and disrespectful to Megan Kelly. Plz don't have him back on. He is scary.
What a jerk...Dr Ezekiel Emanuel who apparently provided the framework for on Megan Kelly show.
Megan Kelly has Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel on her program pushing Obamacare as he helped write it. He has to be a Commie or an *** Maybe both.
Megan Kelly has lost her street credibilty.
This guy on Megan Kelly is an arrogant jerk.
Megan Kelly just lost control of her interview big time...gotta slow thier roll lady.
Zeke Emanuel on the Kelly files tonight. Should be interesting. Fox News slamming obamacare all day long. I do not like Megan Kelly but I want to see the interview with Zeke. Shame on Fox News.
Megan Kelly gives a killer report on BROKEN PROMISES:
Oooops, set it to record from now to 11:00, Megan Kelly has good stuff scheduled with Ezekial Emmanuel
WHAT? Fox Megan Kelly getting ready to interview that corrupt putz Rham Emanuel's brother who is DR behind nobamacare! Tune in!
Well the corn maze was somethin else make it difficult, I have to decide between you and Megan Kelly on Fox News.
The only person on Faux worth watching is Shep. And on occasion Megan Kelly has a moment of clarity.
Obama walks into a room with Joy Reid& Megan Kelly. POTUS not had sex in a month. Does he go after Joy or Megan. Let me see ah
Oookay go back to your Rush Limbaugh Glenn beck Megan Kelly Sean Hannity fan pages and continue to live in ignorance
If Megan Kelly and other babes were to replace mccarver & buck, I'd start watching the World Series again - stopped > mccarver
To my future kids: . You say swag once, you're wearing turtle necks and sketchers until you're 18.
You may feel as if you're in an ideal social environment today... More for Leo
Kirsten Powers on Megan Kelly on unhappy as a self insured with
Megan Kelly on Fox News has the same phone case as me
Fox News ratings are up because people are waking up to the liberal media. Liberal leaning news station, MSNBCโ€™s president was shocked to see conservative-leaning Fox News ratings beat MSNBCโ€™s lineup on Tuesday night since Fox News added Megan Kelly to go against liberal Rachel Maddow and demands an investigation, Hot Air reported on Saturday. Cable news channels are always looking for ways to increase viewership but according to MSNBCโ€™s president, Phil Griffin, he says that something seems fishy on how anyone can beat liberal Rachel Maddow in her time-slot. The report of Griffin demanding an investigation was revealed when TVNewser attended a briefing to preview the new
Today could be a turning point as you obsess about your shortc... More for Leo
is not conservative - I don't watch them anymore. I record Hannity and that's about it. Forget Megan Kelly.
You're right Megan Kelly is not a Republican nor a " Conservative ", She is an American!!! Good luck Megan
megan kelly has shown her colors. Another liberal affected by her las degree backgound. Such a shame for FOX.
Megan Kelly Files. Love the new show. You look fantastic. . Baby is precious and sooo glad to have you back!
Kelly/kelly file x- great show, congrats!! Enjoyed seeing the 5 - get Gutfeld now. What a beautiful baby boy!
Really disappointed in Megan Kelly's first night. Fox going overboard to show "balanced."
Loving the Megan Kelly File. Enjoying watching one of Fox's best having her own show!. I've enjoyed her intelligent & hard hitting opinion!!
Megan Kelly after talking about gov shutdown: "time to move on to more important things, Mikey Cyrus"
Megan Kelly tonight Sen Cruz & she quoted Politico poll not favorable. Know this is wrong & so does she.Please start weekly poll
I thought the same thing tonight. Especially with Megan Kelly and Senator Cruz
Wondering where Megan Kelly got her poll results about Ted Cruiz. Perhaps Saudi owner of FOX?
Megan Kelly, use one more Politico poll and act like it's the real thoughts of the people, and your credibility will be really in question.
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Respect Megan Kelly but want Hannity at 8p CST!
Glad to have Megan Kelly back, sure missed her
Disappointend in Megan Kelly's questions of you to tonight. You are NOT the most hated in DC. Keep up the fight. We support you!
Kelly why not tell Cruz what the country is going thru because of are still in your little bubble
FWIW--I will never watch one second of Megan Kelly's show. Ever.
Not impressed with the Megan Kelly's new show.more Fox entertainment than Fox News.sigh...Hannity now the only one worth watching IMO
Congrats Megan Kelly on ur new show. BRING IT Ted Cruz!
Megan Kelly, Fox News, interview of Ted Cruz pretty one sided. Is she auditioning for job in Obama Administration?
I think Megan Kelly is a Obama supporter
I like Megan Kelly on other people's shows but just turning into her show briefly and catching The Five cast talking about Miley isn't NEW
Megan Kelly pulls Fox hard left. O'reilly wanna be?
Pls. Five dont get too cute. Wish Megan Kelly had not ventured off path with Beckel's sex life.
Listening to all of you cackling at the same time on Megan Kelly is annoying as ***
and the Megan Kelly show has already lost my interest
megan kelly allowing bob beckel to spread his propaganda on Fox.
Gotta step up my game with my marks tho
Even Megan Kelly just leaned in the direction of GOP Winning!
Watching on Megan Kelly's new show "The Kelly File" Congrats Kelly and hold the line! Tired of sissy R's crying!
At first brush Megan Kelly's show seems like just more of the same.
Megan Kelly is a liberal. It didn't take long to find out. Turn u off. Fox is over after 9
let's tell Megan Kelly how much we love Ted Cruz!! Pls RT!
Megan kelly is a fool. using a senseless poll to attack Ted Cruz. Sorry kelly, I will no longer support u
Megan Kelly suggested Ted Cruz is the most hated man in America? It depends on who you ask!
Ted Cruz was the 1st guest on the new Megan Kelly show. Very articulate about his plans going forward. Very proud to call him my Senator.
Disappointed Megan Kelly cited a Politico poll when talking to Ted Cruz. Might as well cite DNC poll.
Obamas poll numbers are not any good either. So I don't understand what Megan Kelly is trying do by attacking Ted Cruz on his record.
YeY... Megan Kelly is BACK!! I can now breathe again. Megan brings the news to us viewers real and in truth.
Yea Senator Cruz on Megan Kelly. Thanks Megan for listening, not interrupting . Great start.
Screw Megan Kelly, I have turned off FOX prime time, O'Reilly is a limo geek and that is it with me
. Saw you on Megan Kelly show. I think poll is wrong. We love you!Please protect us, Ted! God bless you and your family! And USA!
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I think what Ted Cruz done was a great thing no one want dramas health care Kelly
Did kelly just call Ted Cruz the most hated man in America... *** kinda reporter is she!
Ted Cruz is a weird little man. This I am learning from Megan Kelly's new show on FOX.
Megan Kelly and Ted Cruz have the same eyes, it's freaking me out
So I really want to like Megan Kelly...
Can't wait to see Megan Kelly's new show! 2 minute countdown.
Well is turning into a cesspool of misogyny and hate towards Megan Kelly.
Megan Kelly has the personality of Lucretia Borgia. She makes a pretense of integrity she's slipping arsenic in your tea.
Megan Kelly should scare the *** out of the Left simply because she's brilliant.
Fox News line up changes tonight. Greta at 7, Bill at 8, Megan at 9 and Hannity at 10. All new hours for the shows and Megan Kelly added in.
Super excited for Megan Kelly to hit prime time tonight!
Loved that surprise visit from my other halves tonight โœŒ๏ธ
it's game time and news time with your girl on Fox Megan Kelly see you at home
If Megan Kelly is on at 9PM, where are you going??
You may be feeling the need to retreat as your thoughts pull y... More for Leo
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Up for school and I can't sleep way my side:(
Megan Kelly about her new show expressed her views. She will not give opinions, but only the news.
I wish Megan Kelly at fox would have more kids, she *** as a reporter I won't watch her she is a twit
Wow I really need to be reminded I look like a potato
A lovely day is in store for you Lions as you get the opportun... More for Leo
Cool, me too. So is your name Kelly or Megan? Lol โ€” Megan Kelly
Megan Kelly Jordan Taelor n Kristina are my true true friends.
the 9 p.m. Slot goes to Megan Kelly. I understand that Megan Kelly was put in that slot to promote a homosexual agenda!
About 80% of people actually text someone then there's me hehe
Between births, Megan Kelly will be making a brief return to Fox.
Since it seems as though our receiving of mail at ku has come to a standstill, Megan Kelly & I are resorting to mailing each other letters.
I'm not joking! 2 good looking people Ofcourse we're living together! We do nothing with our lives!
Can't wait to the weekend I really dislike school
"I heard our team song come on yesterday here I come I'm coming home" ~megan kelly.
and he will be number 1 at 10...just like Megan Kelly will be leading the ratings at that time slot...keep watchin MSNBC
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if Megan Kelly starts her show on OCt 7th at 9 where are you going??
Feeling a bit insecure today can lead to tricky relationship d... More for Leo
Do you and Megan Kelly have anything together โ€” No
So basically, Shep Smith lost his prime time slot by moving Megan Kelly? Why does Fox News channel have to sugar coat it?
5 girl bestfriends in your grade? โ€” Megan Kelly Daniela Natalie that's it
S.E. get your own show, right before Megan Kelly - drop the losers
Shannon Bream by far the best candidate for the old afternoon Megan Kelly slot.
Mee without you... Saying the sun don't shinee the sun don't shine
I do not like you 7pm time slat.I will not work.Roger Ales is doing the wrong thing.All this nonsense just to please Megan Kelly.
I'M addicted to FOX, Megan Kelly, Kimberly and all of the FOXES
Although you are known for your playful nature, it's still a c... More for Leo
Karaoke: also known as, stand up comedy by Megan Kelly.
I do not care 4 or watch Megan Kelly any more. She is not my style of politics. She leans 2 far2 the left & supports Homosexuality
I don't even mind spiders that much...until they move
Not even a month into school and I've been slacking so much, I can tell this isn't going to be a good year
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exactly!! I get like that sometimes too.. I feel ya
The past two days of Davines training with the Davines Artistic Team Megan Kelly at Salon Concrete in Red Bank,...
is ruining my life... I can't it anymore, I can't sleep thinking about Jesse, He has my heart broken ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜ž
You think stick handling video was good, check out my version. Much better. .
There's just no need for homework end of
I've such a bad timetable its a joke
I think Helen keller could have made a better test than that
come up on wednesday for a megan kelly rip! Lmao!
Congrats you got my ugliest snapchat ever ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
A big thank you to My flower helpers, Melissa, Megan, Kelly and my Husband who help me get all the beautiful...
A variety of circumstances may stir up anxiety, pushing you cl... More for Leo
Nope. It varies. We our schedules are posted in monthly increments. For at least September, my weekends are Mon and Tues
sounds like a plan... Poor probably haven't a notion what's happening
can we please start leaving out of this... It isn't fair! (They willn't let us back in)
me and Rachel were only devvo when we realized that there's no actual titanic in Belfast.. :/
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we made our own tour!! Rachel knows all the facts about Titanic.. And how it sank in "norweegin" xD
yeah for kings of Leon on results night! Brill trip!!!
"Over 1m people have visited are you coming too?"
Hitting your toe on something is the most sore and funniest thing ever
Imagine I could actually be bothered to get up tomorrow
People like & are still waiting for Megan Kelly 2return from the decision desk 2tell them what to think. LOL
Hardwells remix's that's all am saying
Sundays where made for fluffy socks and pyjamas ๐Ÿ’•โœจ
I hate when parents pull the "I brought you into this world,and I can take you out of it"
Me when coach is yelling at the team..
top 3 sexiest freshman at northville โ€” Megan Kelly, Lauren Sibley, Paige Rosinski
Megan Kelly is walking back to the data room right now.
omg think I want to boke , never again
You're quite confident that you know what the best course of a... More for Leo
I don't fight, but I'd fight for you.
just remind me on Naka the night of avicii
yenoo what.. I don't want to be your friend yer stankin hi and your no mate ah mine were ova..
:O well were you drinking when you made the decision to play BOYFRIEND?!
I want to know who's in charge of the friday songs...
So glad megan Kelly isn't on she needs to be replaced
after seeing Jon Stewarts shows...I think that Sagarika ghose is India's Megan Kelly...
An old issue may resurface today if a close friend or coworker... More for Leo
You can accumulate power today by keeping your deepest needs t... More for Leo
Maybe just for Megan Kelly's new gig.
YOUR a great american NO your a great american no YOU are no YOU are a GREAT american. Can't wait for megan kelly at 9pm
please have Charles Grodin back on you TV show. I'd like to see you humiliated on last time before Megan Kelly takes over.
Had a very successful week of shopping in the USA with
I'd needy get some sort of sleeping routine started
Miley's mom actually stood up for her during her performance. My mom would have dragged me to church and sprayed holy waโ€ฆ
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