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Megan Gale

Megan Kate Gale (born 7 August 1975) is an Australian model, brand ambassador, fashion designer and actress.

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Really? Because, yeah, George Miller did want her as WW when he was supposed to direct Justice Leag…
Did you fancast Megan Gale based on who George Miller wanted? ;)
Izabel Goulart joins Megan Gale, Hailey Clauson and Hailey Baldwin at Victoria's Secret casting call in New York
still waiting to see what there costumes would have looked like, Megan Gale looked like she was straight outta the comics
"Armie Hammer was cast to play Batman, Adam Brody as the Flash, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, and D.J. Controna as Su…
Richmond's Shaun Hampson, Megan Gale's partner talks about what we can expect this season. Tonight on…
Megan Gale is still beautiful, dj cotrona as superman, Armie Hammer as batman etc
Jamie Oliver follows in Lara Bingle and Megan Gale footsteps with son's name (News)
Megan Gale sells her Palm Beach mansion after after putting it on the market for $3.5 million...
Megan Gale sells her Palm Beach mansion for $3.5m after putting it up last October
Megan Gale’s birthday bonus: TOP model Megan Gale turns 41 on Sunday and a birthday bonus this week is the sa...
: Model Megan Gale sells her Palm Beach getaway The glamorous Palm Beach holiday spot lost one of its hi…
No, no. I cannot deal with both Jen Hawkins AND Megan Gale being photographed together. No. They are too beautiful. No. NO.
Quick on the scent: Actress Megan Gale shares fun video of her posing without
Megan Gale’s top 5 things to do in New Zealand.
Megan Gale poses for Australian Traveller magazine and reveals how motherhood has ...
Megan Gale says rivalry with Jennifer Hawkins never existed
Jennifer Hawkins and Megan Gale set the record straight on their long-standing rivalry.
When Megan Gale visits for and gets some amazing latte art, we have to…
Recreating Sweatshart music video by . Sweatshirt played by Megan , alexis as girl, shelby as jacob ht…
*sighs wistfully* I guess we'll never know, now. Megan Gale as Wonder Woman was *** bank for sure.
Perfect weather for cycling coming up... Megan Gale – Model, Actor, Mum and now NZ Cycling Ambassador via
Megan Gale has a bed line at target and they're literally amazing! Bought one for my bed and I'm obsessed
Any chance the Blues will give us Cripps & Kruezer & we give them back Hampson/Megan Gale plus 40k Mad Max DVDs?? Please 😍👍
He courted Megan Gale so he's doing something right
He was drafted for poor weather games when it's blowing a megan gale. 💨💨☔ 😂😂😂 👌👍
Megan Gale, Chris Yarran and Zac Dawson also get a mention.
yeah ages ago and megan gale was going to be Wonder Woman
Funny thing about Justice League: Mortal. Megan Gale (meant to play Wonder Woman) did a photo shoot at my house before they started shooting
George Miller was going to do a Justice League movie with Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, and I am REALLY SAD this never happened.
Most of you don't know, but as an Australian, seeing Megan Gale nude in Fury Road was a huge deal.
Best lessons when Gale's in a good mood ❤️
I look like Megan gale today. People have told me I look like her before. I don't but some days I do
Of course gale garter and the other lady on your show will defend Megan wouldn't look good if they didn't including
Every day a different trail with Megan Gale: Otago Central Rail Trail via
Sorry guys I couldn't hear you, Megan Gale just came on, parading well
Bruce, the only time in history my name is going to appear next to Megan Gale's
Rebecca Gibney, Megan Gale, Delta Goodrem and Sam Frost––share what beauty means to them.
The travel trend! Megan Gale follows in the footsteps of fellow Australian stars Chr...
New Zealand Tourism ambassador Megan Gale follows Chris Hemsworth's lead: Megan Gale is only the ...
Megan Gale loves our Stockton range just as much as we do. Great choice of artwork too. What do…
Isn't it awesome! Megan Gale and the great Australian flag. Awesome. Proud to be an Aussie, like Megan.
Awesome breakdown of some visual effects in Mad Max Fury Road. Can we also talk about how great Megan Gale was?
updates Megan Gale for rank 1513 to 1254
Here's a drawing I did of actress Megan Gale
I have many unanswered questions and they are all about Megan Gale sliding down that rope in the nuddie in Fury Road 🤔🌮🔥
Proud to share Lindsey Gale's appointment to Advisory Board!
That Megan fox got a raw deal out her back in she's majorly sexy that one reminds me of our Megan gale
excited for new Wonder Woman but can't stop thinking about Megan Gale as George Miller's Justice League Wonder Woman
Doosra just uploaded three shots with Megan Gale to his Instagram. Different days, same top
Megan Gale shares video of son River giving her a Maori greeting
Megan Gale shares a cute video of young son River giving her a traditional Maori greeting
Megan Gale posts adorable video of son giving her a kiss
*in the theater watching Hunger Games*. Gale: "it's like kissing someone drunk, it doesn't count.". Roommate Ben: "that totally counts"
So everything has slowed down, and I'm feeling really down. . But Megan Gale, Will Anderson...
Megan Gale 󾬕's mango, how cute is this little guy?!.
Lynda Carter will always be Wonder Woman to me.but holy s**t Batman! How can I not love Megan Gale!
K, they released Megan Gale as Wonder Woman. I'd love to see how Armie Hammer looked like as Batman.
Celebs will flock to Cup’s Birdcage: DAVID Guetta, Megan Gale, Julian McMahon and Louise Roe will be among the…
Mad Max: Fury Road which stars Atelier's Megan Gale has been nominated for AACTA Award for Best Film along with...
Congrats Girls Golf for a fantastic season! Megan Gale is in league!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
still found it hilarious how Megan Gale makes a appearance in Mad Max Fury Road when you LEAST expect it 😂
Megan Gale confesses she has to wear eyelash extensions after makeup free selfie
Megan Gale puts her trim pins on show in skin-tight leather-based trousers
Megan Gale is glamorous in all black as she puts her trim pins on display in skin-tight leather trousers: She ...
Congratulations to Megan Gale on winning the individual league title in girls golf. Great job today ladies
Repping the one and only Megan Gale💎
Yaz can join champions Hampson & Grigg, more value in Megan Gale than those 3
this so called marketing expert thinks it worked bcos until yesterday he didnt know DJ's had ambassadors. Never heard Megan Gale?
Courtney kardashian looks like megan gale
Jesinta Campbell reveals close bond to Karl Stefanovic and says Megan Gale is her model idol -
Jesinta Campbell shows close bond to Karl Stefanovic & states Megan Gale is her model idol
I think Megan gale is cooking pancakes for the Richmond recruitment team ! Let's get Chris judd out of retirement
Why wasn't there this much outrage when Megan Gale became an ambassador for DJ? hmmm?
Megan Gale has decided to cut the last of her real estate ties with Sydney after listing her extravagant beachside property…
Yes. Let's move on to casting, shall we? Gina Torres, Pam Grier, Rutina Wesley, Megan Gale… does Fallon Fox do movies?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
actress Megan Gale says she's appear in a film for free ... via
Megan Gale is so keen to be a Bond girl she’d star in a James Bond movie ‘for free’
Megan Gale says she's appear in a James Bond film for free
Because we think Megan Gale is cool, we always do what she says. Looking for something to get behind till...
Megan Gale has finally announced her 'exciting news'.
Megan Gale looks youthful at 40th birthday celebration. |
Nina got some good Megan Gale game at the rose ceremony
More free fiction for this week. Gale's Gift: Chapter Three
Bare: Degrees of undress with Christine Anu, Megan Gale, Dan Sultan and more.
Megan Gale looks youthful at 40th birthday ...
But what do you goys think about Marvin Gale by Charlie Puth featuring Megan Trainor? :)
Megan Gale ends deal with David Jones, switches to Target
Megan Gale looks youthful at 40th birthday celebration
Megan Gale looks nowhere near her age as she enjoys fun night out with her girlfriends to celebra...
How Megan celebrated her 40th birthday (Entertainment)
How Megan celebrated her 40th birthday: MODEL Megan Gale let her hair down as she celebrated a belated 40th bi...
The woman that played Valkyrie, Megan Gale, was originally slated to play Wonder Woman in Miller's JL film mind you.
Get some 'Night Life' into your day! We're loving Megan Gale's latest release!
The gorgeous Joanna King looking golden in the Isola bathing body suit by Megan Gale and her Vani-T Tan by Brown...
Megan Gale looks sleek on red carpet at Logie Awards
Megan Gale reveals all to Domain ... being a Mum, her dog and her love of living
New favourite saying 'smoke show'. A Texan bartender taught me that. It means when someone is SUPER hot. Like Megan Gale is a smoke show.
L'oOreal has wasted no time in signing the dark-haired beauty Megan Gale as the face of L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise.
nah mate he will bang you like he bangs Megan gale
Megan Gale has come in for Richmond!
we do the best we can, he was developed at Carlton remember 😎 and clearly someone wants Megan Gale at the game for eye candy 👀
It's blowing a Megan Gale up in the T bar @ Picnic Point Café, Restaurant & Function…
Megan Gale has worked with L'Oreal since 2011 but now the Australian model has won a new contract with the French beauty company as the
The sound my dad makes when Megan Gale comes on tv makes me really uncomfortable.
Because she's worth it! Megan Gale thrilled with winning yet another contract with L'Oreal..this time showing off...
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Mad Max's Megan Gale thrilled about winning yet another contract with L'Oreal...
I assume she is the third person to ever give birth, after bec judd and megan gale?
amazing voice and looks like Megan Gale 👌
Megan Gale - Aussie model and mum - has teamed up with to release a huge home range that…
Megan Gale affectionately snuggled up to her baby son River on Saturday.
It's everything you think it would be, but more.
Megan Gale releases new homewares range with -
He's not fussed about Brownlow votes but we hear is devastated about his 5th place finish in this poll
If a woman like the Valkyrie in Mad Max (Megan Gale) approached me and made it clear she was interested in...
Jimmy Bartel is a cat-ch. He's been voted the AFL's sexiest player by readers
Guess who is voted AFL’s sexiest player (again) in our Herald Sun Footy Fans Survey?
Five in a row for top cat-ch Jimmy: THE results from the Herald Sun Footy Fans Survey are in, and a familiar n...
...and today's most pressing topic: I don't get how Megan Gale always gets queen WAG? Would have thought Nadia or Bec (pre-Judd retirement)
I went one on one with this gorgeous girl, Megan Gale, who is the new face of L'Oreal Paris' Hair…
We go 1 on 1 with Hair Expertise Ambassador READ NOW>
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Nick (or is it Andy at the TT helm) will tell u Megan gale's other half was injured and didn't play
The L’Oreal ambassador talks breastfeeding, babies and natural beauty. Megan Gale on Being an Earth Mother
She just spent several weeks jetting across the globe to promote Mad Max Fury Road. But now Megan Gale is enjoying some rest in relaxation
Good work mate.You scored a Chinese Megan Gale by the looks of things.
Doting mum affectionately snuggles up to her baby son
Doting mum Megan Gale affectionately snuggles up to her baby son River as he snoozes delicately on her shoulder
It's blowing a Megan bloody Gale here in but it's never bad weather for a David Baguetta
Seeing Megan Gale being giant and badass and wonderful reminded me how sad I am that she isn't playing Wonder Woman.
I demand a TV show about the Vuvalini starring Megan Gale.
MKR Judge Colin is under the spotlight (literally) and Megan Gale and Jen Hawkins join forces. More shortly on ShowBiz News on Magic 882
Megan Gale and Jennifer Hawkins sign up to judge Australia's Next Top Model: Actress and David Jo...
Megan Gale and Myer's Jennifer Hawkins will battle for the spotlight as both sign up to judge Next Top Model: ...
I know I'm complaining about a movie I'm not going to see until it's free, but why isn't Megan Gale Wonder Woman? How Gal Gadot?
It also paired Bruce w the Valkyrie (Megan Gale) from MMFR, which was interesting & layered & grown up??? Also they are only 8 yrs apart...
Golden girls’ rare pic together: THEY were model frenemies from afar, the faces of rival department stores, b...
dude here in Aus, i don't think i know anyone who knows Megan Gale is half Polynesian/Maori. Eaton looks very Slavic imo
Megan Gale prepared for nude scenes in her new film with
Wow Megan Gale getting run down in Mad Max...sad but sexy...
> Maori/Chinese. Megan Gale is pretty white passing so people might not know that (I didn't!) but like... c'mon
other way around, Megan Gale (the Valkyrie) is Maori, Courtney Eaton (Cheedo the Fragile, the youngest wife) is>
Megan Gale wants to act more after Mad Max success.
Most of the ladies were models I think??? And omg Megan Gale was in it too 😍☺️
I can't believe George Miller's Justice League movie was axed. Megan Gale as Wonder Woman!?! Why isn't Megan Gale in more films?
I loved Megan Gale as the Valkyrie. I wish she had gotten to play Wonder Woman.
Megan Gale hits the red carpet in Cannes
I believe this is the article where I learned that info. Daily Mail
George Miller wanted to work w/ Megan Gale someday in spite of Justice League falling through therefore he created Valkyrie.
Very cool George Miller created Valkyrie role in for Megan Gale b/c Justice League movie did not happen.
After seeing Megan Gale in Mad Max I reckon she would make a great Wonder Woman. Also Katee Sackhoff for Captain Marvel.
LOL one betting agency is taking bets for the following people to coach . Andy Lee. Dave Hughes. David Boon. Megan Gale
Megan Gale chats about her Mad Max character at ...
Megan Gale was the most underrated character in Mad Max: Fury Road but undoubtedly the most beautiful one to boot.
Mad Max actress is a big fan of organic juice cleanses. Love it!!
Photoset: dcwomenofcolor: Concept art for the now-abandoned Justice League Mortal movie.  Megan Gale was...
like the dad from Always Greener, Megan Gale, Abbey Lee, Quentin Kenihan.
I would imagine you do, like when I hear shows talk about Megan Gale, they NEVER mention as if trying to hide it??
Oh yes. Megan Gale shooting people from a moving motorbike. Pretty cool stuff.
Just remembered Megan Gale was George Miller's choice for Wonder Woman, back when he was making a Justice League movie. Hol…
Megan Gale poses on hotel balcony for photo shoot after Can... . |
Pregnant Megan Gale dare to bare All for Marie Claire
Good on you Model hits back at critics who say River will be ashamed of her via
Kelly tells to 'shut up' in new ANTM preview
Outspoken start! Kelly Osbourne tells Alex Perry to 'shut up' as she joins ... - Daily Mail: Daily MailOutspok...
Megan Gale is the best mum ever, tells haters of pregnant and nude shoot to shove it
'I'll be raising my son not to get concerned about trivial things': Megan Gale hits back at…
Megan Gale gets trolled by the mummy mafia and her response is perfect. >>>
news_in_summary : Megan Gale reminiscences over nude pregnancy shoot …
Megan Gale reminiscences over nude pregnancy shoot
las vegas New mother Megan Gale reminiscences over her stunning nude pregnancy Marie Claire shoot after framin...
fr Megan looks like amber in one of them
Barbara & Megan Gale on the red carpet for the Australian launch of Makeup Genius app by L'Oréal Paris
you should be the next face of you're a stunner! Watch out Megan Gale!
I know😶 all depends on how quickly the house sells and how quick we find a new one! xx
“Megan Gale and Abbey Lee Kershaw shine in new Mad Max trailer
Megan Gale and Rebecca Judd with Kris Smith at lavish Jaguar bash
Remember that time Megan Gale dated a bloke half your age & had a child with him?Now that was funny
"Safe to say Megan gale is my favorite model"
Life’s a beach! Megan Gale shows off her post-baby body in a skimpy string bikini on…
My shell is always open for Megan Gale
“how much out of ten, have you got the fire trucks lined up lol” 4 stars or 8/10 and Megan Gale makes a gr8 Turk
Megan Gale and Pia Miller. Love the lave over the hips and down the thi
Megan Gale gets some help from puppy Bosco as ...
Megan Gale reflects on coping with motherhood to ...
Megan Gale's 10-second cameo as a devout Turkish Muslim woman in The Water Diviner is already the strangest cinema moment of 2015
"Do you realize the words you say make bruises that don't fade away?" - Megan & Liz.
My only photo from last night is one of Megan Gale having a wee against a car on the grange.
The gorgeous Megan Gale in the Storm Dreamer dress for L’Oréal Paris. Available in stores and online
Megan Gale, Laura Dundovic and Rachael Finch look dangerously good in red - The Daily Telegraph: The Daily Tel...
Check out my new jersey. The model is my wonderful niece. Look out Megan Gale :-)
Thanks to Michael Clarke, Andrew Gaze,Megan Gale,Steve Commando, Chrissie Swan & Dave Hughes for all their generous donations for Team Indi
I wish megan gale hadn't woken up, she's being abusive.
there's a Megan gale blowing out off my balcony
Surprised to see Megan Gale voted WAG. I thought WAGS had to date footballers.
"Outside of Prim, my mother and Gale, how many people in the world love me unconditionally? I think in my case, the answer m…
I reclaimed my half of the bed and sleeping megan gale seems most displeased
Had a lot of "Likes" on the runway shot of this swimsuit by Megan Gale’s brand Isola so I thought I would share a...
Do you think Lorena hates Megan Gale for stealing her life?
Laurina is a bit Megan Gale and a lot Lady Macbeth.
14 Aussie Couples We Will Never See Again: True love doesn’t exist. The (not so) eternal love of Megan Gale and Andy Lee...
*thousands stare on in horror as Megan gale tears the head off a small child and drinks its spinal fluid to power her radiance*
Dr Chris Brown and Megan Gale reach out to fans to find Champ the dog - The Daily Telegraph
We have been very fortunate to have had Dale Dorning hair / make up / education / beauty writer teaching a masterclass upstairs in our new and improved teaching facilities! Dale Dorning is an amazing man who helps hair and make up artists develop their skills further. He has been commissioned to work with Crown Princess Mary along with numerous celebrity clients including Miranda Kerr, Delta Goodrem, Rosario Dawson, Ruby Rose, Natalie Bassingthwaite, Megan Gale, Ricki-Lee Coulter, Sophie Monk, Teresa Palmer and Jennifer Hawkins being a few in his long list. His signature style has been called ‘effortless glamour’ as his celebrity clients will attest. Please check out his page, you may see some local Perth artists in his photos.
Megan Gale must have a thing for comedians, 1st Andy Lee, and now Shaun Hampson, the bloke is hilarious
"I didn't need to see Megan Gale in a pregnant photo, full pregnant". Tony Shaw is so bogan.
Tony Shaw is turned off by our girl Megan Gale posing for a photo while pregnant: Pulverise them Hammer.
Tells us a lot more about Tony Shaw than Megan Gale.
If you thought the opening of the Adelaide oval and the first showdown was big, Well you are right! And it's all ok for you Crow supporters, as North Melbourne ( my team ) will bring Port back to earth this week. However this will be just as big: with Jay Weatherall, Steven Marshall, Andrew Dimitriou, Russell Crow, Megan Gale, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, even Valdamir Putin, little Prince George, and the Crows and Power line ups, all coming tonight, to see our Lofty Women at Brighton High, kick off the 2014 season with a bang, by beating Austral. ( In spirit anyway ). Followed by the Lofty centre kick off tomorrow; with our Reserve men, Div Women, and Div men playing at 9:00am, then our Reserve women at 10:30am, and the League Men begin their season assault at 12:00pm against Austral. Then stay on to see our second Div men play at 2:00pm. Come along and support your club and see the best volleyball in our state being played at your local centre. See your League guys before we head off to the National Club ...
World famous British QERP therapist Paul Emery is coming to Turkey. Winner of the award for “The World's Best Spiritual Therapist”, British therapist Paul Emery will again be a guest at Richmond Nua, Turkey’s first and only destination Spa hotel, from March 14 to April 6, 2014. Paul Emery has developed his own QEPR “Quantum Emotional and Physical Release” therapy, and has used it to change the lives of thousands of people, including supermodel Kate Moss, actress and TV star Megan Gale, pop band Human Nature’s lead singer Phil Burton, Sigmund Freud's grandson, Sir Clement Freud, and Monaco’s Prince Ernst. Quantum Emotional and Physical Release’s (QEPR's) founder Paul Emery can help you quit smoking, deal with your fear of flying, emotionally triggered excessive eating, uncontrollable obsessions, heartbreak, fear, phobias, and a whole range of bad habits, all with just a one-hour session. Emery also uses his method to treat migraines, neck pain and psychological issues such as eating disorde ...
Thanks...and now i've got Megan Gale and Sarah Jessica Parker stuck in MY head.
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"According to a poll of over 1,000 Australians commissioned by leading razor brand Venus and Olay SugarBerry, Jennifer Hawkins has been voted to have Australia’s most perfect pins, outranking fellow models Miranda Kerr and Megan Gale. When asked whose pins they wished their partners legs would look like, men voted Katy Perry. And it appears that Australian women should be proud of their thighs. More than half of all men find a woman’s thigh to be the sexiest part of the leg". So there you go... (and of course males would like a body part most women are self conscious about :))
Chris Hemsworth looks great in this Zegna suit! He's pictured here with Paola Zegna, Gildo Zegna and Megan Gale.
"Back in 2007, following the relative successes of both Superman Returns and Batman Begins, Warner Bros. was looking to move forward with a Justice League movie. Mad Max director George Miller was tapped to direct, Lone Ranger star Armie Hammer was set to don the cowl, D.J. Cotrona was cast as Superman, Megan Gale was up for Wonder Woman and Adam Brody was on board to play the Flash. However, due to an escalating budget, the writers strike and fan ambivalence toward the project, the movie was shelved. That’s not the end of the story though. The script for the movie, titled Justice League: Mortal has surfaced online and you can read it by going here. The script drew on source material from JLA: Tower of Babel, Superman: Sacrifice and Crisis on Infinite Earths and also saw Aquaman, Maxwell Lord and Martian Manhunter make an appearance."
So far this week I have spoken with Steve McQueen & Megan Gale. Sadly, neither of the celebrity variety.
Megan Gale on the Eva Longoria wardrobe malfunction at Cannes. "... It was a wet carpet". Classic
Our staff are training at David Jones Market St today and look what's on the wall. The beautiful Megan Gale in one...
For Megan. By Dobbyrose "You love me. Real or not real?" I turn away, my hair covers my face, I can't look at him. I whisper "Gale." and that is my decision. "What?" I turn around and see his face is bewildered, he hadn't heard me properly. "I love Gale." I say, this time clearer. Peeta looks down and I spot anger in his expression. "Have you ever loved me? Because I don't understand this, after the war you made me love you again. But why? Now I feel more heart break." I think I love him, I think I always have, but more as a friend. Gale is more to me though, I have felt different things after Prim died. But now I just know Gale is the one. "I love you as a friend." my voice breaks, guilt floods it, his face has melted. "I think I should leave," and he does. . "Hey, can you arrange a hover craft to District 2?" Getting to the other Districts is tricky but not impossible, but people have been trying to get me out of District 12 for months. So when I ask to leave I am out of there that afternoon. I phoned G ...
A BIG sunny god morning to ewe Megan Gale +Paul Murry I've been votting for both of ewe daily! :-)X
Headed to hospital to check on Gale. Please say a pray for Allison Rhea Graves and Megan Hines grandmother and Dana Perry Brown and Cheryl's mom.
Taking Megan for an eye test this afternoon and might take her to the park for a bit if it don't rain
Had such an amazing night last night...but i must say i can now cross being arrested and being put in the back of a paddy wagon off the bucket list lololol
Megan Gale is scary as all *** LOL I remember seeing her on Derby Day a few years back and she scared me.
Lucky I guess Kanye West didn't have a baby with Megan Gale.
Happy solstice all! Longest day of the year and I'm hoping the sun will come out soon! :) no worries if not, it's around here somewhere. Love light and solstice healing to all!! X
Well i got italian suit in green wedding at the the park by the water just get few people and you Megan Gale you in a white wedding dress we in and get my daughter and granddaughter as flower girl maybe my cousin Celia
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Megan Gale is the Ants No:1 supporter now that Hammer can't get a game!!!
We got three likes so we are playing the email game! heres the rules: i give you a character from the hunger games, and you make an email for them. example; katniss; girl_on_fire.HG.panem its easy. the one i like best wins. were going to C.A.T.O first one there gets a photospam of their choice wendy: C your second person is. gale! ~RuesMockingjay
Hey Grace Place folks! Did you see Larrypace Pace, Gale and Megan on the Today Show this morning? Gale got a makeover that completely changed her looks. Amazing!
You are honestly the weirdest *** person I know... and that's why we are meant for each other.
Hi Cameron, know the models and actresses Valeria Mazza and Megan Gale?, kisses
Just want to make sure everyone saw this post by Team OVCARE co-captain Chris: Team OVCARE newsletter recipients this will be coming to you very soon from Nadia Gale. But just wanted to get a schedule happening so we're all on the same page. Saturdays Ride: We will be doing a ride out to Horseshoe Bay in honour of Xavier. 8:15am meet at Elysian on Broadway and Ash, for peeps who live in the hood. 9:00am at Milano Coffee shop on 849 Denman St., which is very close to Stanley Park. 9:30am is the ride. Word.
With this contest since Monday our likes have increased by 349. I just have to brag and say we have some awesome residents. Here is the latest update Megan Daniel: 40 Mary Ford: 35 Charloette Elmore: 32 Syed Monir: 15 Randy Shanahan:6 Sarah Dubroff: 6 Please make sure that your Friends understand that when they like our page they must leave a comment of who sent them. We have more likes then we do comments.
In the perpetual argument about who is hotter out of Megan Gale and Jen Hawkins I have always sided with Ms Gale. But after just seeing the new Australia's Next Top Model ad I think my allegiances might be changing.
What Megan Gale do want to get married now with my daugther has prince Harry has groomman
Check out the 11th ASTRA Awards voting ad currently playing on FOXTEL. There's only two more weeks for you to vote, so get to it and you could win a VIP trip to the awards.
Hi again just if you did not know but Project Runway Australia season 4 is finalist for two categories at this years Astra Awards congratulations same goes to Megan Gale as she is nominated as well this year. Good Luck To all
Remember when they were talking about Megan Gale as Wonder Woman?!
Right Wonder Woman fans here is a list of lovely ladies who have been rumoured and fans have favoured to play the next Amazon Princess. I want to know what you think…. These are the fans Contestants so far: Bridget Regan   Gina Carano   Christina Hendricks   Cobie Smulders LAURE...
And I will say it again people. Leggings are NOT PANTS .
LIKE and SHARE the fan card for your favourite personality to get your friends voting for your chance to win a VIP trip to the 11th ASTRA Awards
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
A massive well done to Alex Kay, Samantha Bullen, Mel Gale and Megan Graham for walking a great 26 miles to raise money for Diabete's UK.
This week, local *** run theater company Quince Productions kicks off its fifth go-round of
Brittany Gale omg you know this is happening lol
I really hope my irrational dislike for Jennifer Hawkins/hardcore Megan Gale stanning doesn't stopshameless love for Aus Top Model.
Megan Gale are sick fuel there a woman sick with the fuel i know i have to go the middle easting i think is Dubia remeber what i said well i cant not say no that was white man dres made me stronger to stand for my self i want a woman beside me n in my bed
Just saw shaun hampson with megan gale
Love this shoot featured on The Lane starring Megan Gale and Pia Miller.
Goomblar is an amazing Didge player. We just met him by chance in Katoomba. Check him out
Wow some of my mates confuse me 1st they say I fancy them then when you turn your back and look back round you see her looking at some other boy and calling him fit *** !! Xxxx with Megan Hull Sky Christians Macadie Gale Jordan Kitcher Brandon Williams x
I get stressed out, but when I take a step back and look at the whole picture, I am truly blessed. I'm surrounded by people who help me through all my struggles, and while this time is going to be tiring.. I have two jobs right now when some people are struggling to even find one. So blessed and so thankful for those special people in my life!
A behind the scenes look at our travels & adventures in Mexico while shooting our editorials 'Nomad' & 'The Wanderer' with Megan Gale & Pia Miller. See full post on The LANE backstage:
Omg just nearly shoulder charged Lara bingle what a glamour
Happy Father's day to my amazing dad Gale Thompson - you've taught me so many important things but especially to keep my heart open with loving kindness. I love you dad! Big hugs to all the dad's out there!
Happy Father's Day to all the "dads" in my life. A special Father's Day to my wonderful old man Samuel. Without you I wouldn't be the stubborn person I am today. To my wonderful husband Todd. You are the most caring and loving father, husband and uncle I know. To my brother(s) Kenny and Mike (Susie). Thank you for being you. To my wonderful but silly father in law Charles (Gale) thank you for raising your son the way you did. He has the same heart of gold you do. To my loving uncles David, Chuck (Lisa), Ricky (Megan and Joe) happy Father's Day to a great group of guys that you are. To all my "other dads" growing up and all the men I know who are daddy's or stepped up to be someone's daddy, whether 2 legs or 4 today its your day. Happy Father's Day. Enjoy your special day. God bless you all.
Had the most amazing day at the Australian Bushball League round 2 at windsor today... Thankyou to my amazing teammates Benjamin Gale, Brady Mitchel Wheeler, Hector Pineda, Jordan Davidson, Mitchell Narwhal McCarthy and the Burke brothers for making it an absolutely amazing day. Thankyou to Simon Trestrail, Elliot Albotelli, Jordan Hurst, Sean Mcadam and all the other players who we got to compete against. Thankyou Peter Moss for hosting the awesome event, and a big thankyou to Craig and all the referees for organising and running the event today, you guys all made my day shine today :)
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Just found out Megan Gale is 37. What the actual the *** I literally thought she was 25.
Well, what a busy day!!! Huge thanks go out in all directions!! To everyone who came & saw us at the Tombola today( Jo Walsh & family for 1); thanks to all those who donated prizes; thanks to Sabine White for the tea, coffee & scrummy cakes (& to Mike Smith for going to get them!); thanks to the lovely peeps from Nourish Community Foodbank for helping & supporting us today &, lastly (I think), BIG thanks to Geoff Adams & Megan Ryan for all their help setting up, selling & closing up!! The best news of all.we raised £107.90!!! Woohoo! Unfortunately, the Mares 2nd XI didn't win today but it was a close thing.good effort considering the bloody gale blowing across the field!! Onwards & upwards chaps.bring on the next game! Well done to the 1st XI tho.a resounding win! ;) Knackered & going to bed now!! Tomorrow is another day! xx
I dress like Megan Gale or Jennifer Hawkins you need to have the body of them too.
well after 36 years at BERG AUTO SUPPLY I retired my lunch bucket and me too. I had a very nice retirement party last night - thank you one and all - and you to Megan. today I had a pizza party at work and said my good-byes.
My gorgeous and talented friend has had her Bo & Luca gown modeled by Megan Gale (right).
The Wool Award is an annual event which awards the Australian Merino woolgrowers' commitment to quality. This April (2013), Ermenegildo Zegna honoured the 50th Anniversary…
At camping missing Megan Griggs, Sharon Riddell, Will Gale, Shane Finegan, Ben Waite, and Samantha Hallumi Hallam. Even though half of them are just down the hall.
Comment your fav color , whoever likes it add them :)
Pia MIller in Mexico for THE LANE. See full story here
Grab a quick cuppa today and enjoy flicking through "the lane's" latest newsletter featuring Megan Gale in their Nomadic issue. Happy Friday!
We are a catering equipment distributor located on the new Interchange Business Park in Birstall and we are looking for an office assistant to support our busy team. Full time Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. Catering background/knowledge would be preferable but not essential. Email CV's to sales
Joanne love to your parents n me about to your parents n friends about me nthem to me Megan Gale that i said came farwd iam tire off going out with n hang out with n people that to assuming and to blind to see all thier like me married to who Annalias no
We are surprised that sometimes our wonderful residents of Greater Springfield are not aware of some of the developments happening around Greater Springfield so SPRINGFIELD LAND CORPORATION is putting on a free information session at SPRINGFIELD TOWERS next Sunday at 3pm - you will get the chance to see a 3D Model of Greater Springfield, witness the development from the viewing platform and get a complete presentation of the latest and greatest about the area in which you live and work - we only have 30 spots but we will be hosting these every month. Leave us a post below if you would like to attend. There will be drinks and finger food served as well :)
I take my state test Saturday and I am so glad to get it over with. Everyone please pray that me and the girls in my class all pass our test and get our license. with Lauren Elizabeth Latta, Danielle Dillard, Maxine Cooper, and Gale Carmen.
May17                                            From now until Labor Day I'm going to get, "Hey…when you guys doin' the Rally?" Then I'll say, "We already done did." Then they'll say, "Is that the only one you're doin'?" And I'll say, "yep." Then they'll be obliged to act all disappointed. Then I'll shrug my shoulders, change the subject, or explain why it's a bad idea for us to do more than one Rally. Dang! 2013, and we still have trouble with the transfer of information. Where's the friggin' Pony Express when you need it? Pony what? Oh well.  So… Bubble Wrap, you ask? HHHMMM. Ok here goes… The whole night was a cluster of bubbles. And I'm not referring to Jacko's chimp either. I'm talking bubble, bubbles. Bubbles within bubbles and bubbles in a chain like Super String theory. Huh?  For starters, there always seems to be a big 'ole bubble of angst surrounding the Rally for us. Or me anyway. The weather, the early start, the new songs, the latest gimmicks, and of course, eve ...
Nothing good can follow a voice mail that begins: "You have one message, sent today at 2:59 a.m. ..."
Early morning wake up! Everyone tune into the morning show you may just see my ugly mug on there xxx
Dollywood here we come! Couldn't sleep, I feel like a kid again! :)
Tsui House in Berkeley...inside the belly of the beast:
This kid gives me goosebumps nearly everytime he sings. Hope he gets through. Wished Steve Clisby got through though.
I think megan gale is funnier than hamish and andy put together...and better to look at!!
You guys weren't kidding its warm in AZ. Who is coming to see me tonight ? Hopefully I won't be wilted :)
had a great weekend yesterday was awesome the nyt was eventfull full of laughter and fun with Megan Elizabeth and Matt lol it was a well needed nyt and thank you so so much to Ericka Gale and Joey Clark for watching lil man for ne to have a great nyt thank you so much hope everyone is haveing a great sunday its a perfect day to go fishing oh ya but lil mans nappin love yall
Tomorrow is our 7 Year Anniversary...Gale says..we have been together for 9 Years and I say "Wow, that is the longest I have been with Anybody!" He says...Really, Megan, That's All You Got!!!
Supercollider (SPRCLLDR) at the Blind Pig tonight! We go on around 11 and will be slangin' some delicate 7" vinyl for public consumption.
*CATCHING FIRE QUIZ - WINNER GETS PHOTOSPAM OF THEIR CHOICE* 4. Which one of Gale's sibling has the measles soon after gale is whipped? Points: Chloe:1 Bella:1 Rebecca:1
Interview with Chris Hemsworth and Megan Gale at the Ermenegildo Zegna event Sydney 23 April 2013 via
Here's a backstage pass to show - we speak to Sarah Murdoch, Megan Gale and all.
Megan Gale is on my plane. Just as cute in real life. :)
he dated Megan Gale. I wouldn't feel too sorry for him!
he was CLEO bachelor an had 5 years with Megan Gale. I think he's had a good run :)
be interesting to see which one of them wins. Best thing about Hamish and Andy was Megan Gale (eye candy)- and Andy stuffed that!
give me Miranda Kerr any day oh wait Megan Gale.
Is anyone else still not over Andy and Megan Gale breaking up and still wants them to get back together?
Is that a clip in ponytail that Megan Gale is wearing? your colour
I miss Peeta, Katniss and Gale so much.
I have the hottest date tonight at the Logies. Megan Gale you ain't got nothing on
If Hampson played tomorrow, we may see Megan Gale at the 'G!!
But i love Megan Fox. I liked jennifer tho
Ran into Megan gale at dinner. Ahem. @ The Merrywell
depends who is raping me I guess. Megan Gale 👍 Borris the Busdriver 👎
Whoever did this to Megan Gale's hair should be fired. Even though this was filmed in 2012. I'm outraged.
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