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Mega Man

Mega Man (sometimes referenced as MM), known as in Japan, is a video game franchise from Capcom, starring the eponymous character Mega Man, or one of his many counterparts.

Mega Man 2 Criterion Collection Keiji Inafune Shovel Knight Street Fighter Star Wars Toon Link Super Smash Bros Final Fantasy Super Mario

The fifth annual Mega Man charity marathon is returning to MAGFest [Destructoid]
“Look who is watching the cover shoot of Mega Man from across the lava field...” 💙 ©
Mega Man is the best man. notable runners up: Rayman, Bomberman, Michael Mann
Another freaking Monster Hunter. If we got one Mega Man for every ten Monster Hunters we'd have Legends 3, X9 and Rockboard 2 by next year.
the red and blue guy in the back looks vaguely like Mega Man's older brother. 😆
I added a video to a playlist StepMania: Mega Man 2 Hard / spd: 224
note: print copy has 2 covers in one piece magazine--ALDUB is d main cover, Maine cover is flip/extra cover; Alden's Mega Man is insert mag
Not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 COVERS. And there is MEGA and Mega Man. Only ALDUB can do this. PROUD. http…
New DLC preview for MHGen is up. Mega Man and Ghost 'n Goblins Palico gear as well as the Marth Hunter armor and SnS. I could not be happier
all good choices I'd add Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, Sealab 2021, Mega Man, The Oblongs, Mission Hill just to name a few
A Nintendo game showing more love for Mega Man than Capcom has shown him in years. Capcom doing the same for Samus Aran.…
Aqua Man seems to be some what flamboyant; evidenced by some of his taunts to Mega Man, as well as using a rainbow to spell out his name.
Super Smash Bros. Wii U grand finals coming up on starring Mega Man
It's probably a legal minefield, but I wish a (good) company would jump on the Mega Man property and go to town.
'Mega Man' stars in charity speedrunning marathon this weekend
"an all-star team of veteran Mega Man devs.". What went wrong?
3 years worth of Development and $3.8 million funding.I think we all now understand why Capcom kept cancelling all his Mega Man games.
even outside of Mega Man stuff he was behind Dead Rising 1 and 2, Onimusha, Lost Planet. All generally considered good or better
Just saw this on Amazon: Funko POP Games: Mega Man - Mega Man Action... by FunKo for $10.99 via
Street Fighter, Mega Man, and All the Capcom Merchandise at E3 2016 - GameSpot
I added a video to a playlist Let's Play: Mega Man & Bass [ Part 2 ] - Guardians of the New Order
Furry or not, the best Mega Man games tbh
So I've decided to go ahead and go on with the original Mega Man series, so tonight will feature 9 and maybe 10. It's time to die again. :D
So many great Mega Man designs and yet Capcom was like "nah let's look at Flash animation in 2007" for the cartoon
Finally beat the original Mega Man for the NES!! It only took 25+ years! Feeling like an NES Warrior!
For those unaware that Mega Man skin is from Mega Man Powered Up and the Archie Comics. Here he is quoting... Sonic https:/…
Inti Creates reboots Mega Man. Mistwalker reboots Chrono Trigger. Platinum with Panzer Dragoon. Paradox with Age of Empires.
Chicago sideops: complete. Return to the edge of reality, next to the Meme Man. [Mega Man 3 Stage Intro]
The Arkham Knight is Jason Todd, King Boo is behind it all (Dark Moon), Dr. Wily is the villain (Mega Man series).
Played Street Fighter x Mega Man. Have yet to come across a MM fan game that feels like a Mega Man game. And this had Capcom's blessing?
My son's cast is red; he calls it either Kylo Ren's lightsaber or a Storm Trooper arm canon (a la Mega Man). The Force is strong in this one
yeah I have no personal interest in those... Yet. I hadn't actually played any Mega Man until i got the Legacy collection on 3DS
Whether this is real or not, I gotta feel bad for Mega Man fans. (2/3)
Right now at Tuscany there is a Mega tower burger challenge on the go. Half hour to finish. Who will win? Man...
Going to upload my DKRetro Mega Man NES review when I get home and look to try the versions of Castlevania.
I added a video to a playlist Nintendo Minute – The History of Mega Man
The Robot Masters can't win because Mega Man can just Ringo Rodagan back to before the battle started
...possibly tomorrow since dad's off today, not sure. It'll be another backlog stream. Either LoLo 2 or Mega Man 7&8 FC.
Happy 14th Birthday Devon! I love you. . And happy Birthday to the old man too
And here are all the Amiibo I've collected up until now, really hope I can find Sonic, Mega Man & Pac-Man soon.
Do you have what it takes to handle Zero? Download Mega Man X5 for your PSVita and find out!. CAPCOM...
+1 doesn't adequately express how much I agree with this statement
appreciate it... just tryna be Mega Man without the blue suit.
Mega Man Legends 2 leaks for the PlayStation 3 release through the ESRB
I use some Sony noise cancelling but even that isn't enough sometimes so I use my white noise app on my phone piped to headphones
megaman legends 2 may be coming to PS3, PSP and PS Vita
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
"I'm gonna break you, mega man!". Is that really a thing Dr Wily just said. That seems so. Wrong
Yo legit, how is the Sonic Comic now? Always avoided because of the amount of characters and romance but The mega man crossover looks dope
Agile: I see now why Sigma fell at the hands of Mega Man X. He is quite formidable.
Great game, but that VO. It's no Mega Man 8, but it's bad.
Check out playing the Mega Man though
I also have many in box amiibo that I am looking to trade for MYY and Gold Mega Man also looking to trade AC cards as well!
oh man. You should just start listing off mega-rich pot-smoking celebs
collection update! Only missing mega yarn yoshi and gold mega man :(
Next week on the podcast: Mega Man 9 & 10!
Hey Timothy DaSilva... Told you I'd make him!. Treble from Mega Man!!.
*Whew* Good this I don't talk about Mega Man X that much. ☺️
"Mister, I'll... make a man... out of Juju!"
I still remember my friend inviting this mega Christian girl to her bday party and the only thing she said to me was "You'r…
I like Mega Man's evolution. He feels like a natural progression with tech, especially how he was handled in Smash.
.um.coming from the largest $AXP shareholder and biggest Chenault fanboy, that's pretty rich
Little Giant Ladders
Yup. Super cute looking new Mega Man art doesn't really do it for me.
Mega Man Legends 2 is hitting the Playstation Network. All because of my Let's Plays obviously. You're welcome.
Try Mega Man 2 or 3 stage start or stage select
Can't say I agree with this example. Smash Mega Man is the most appealing Mega Man design I've seen. Captures him brilliantly.
On the Memphis authorities investigating why a man showed up at mega-church armed with 2 guns on
Mega tea!When British tea is not good enough and you need to drink like a man, MEGA TEA! It's for manly men!
Is it just me who thinks that as graphics evolve, they somehow lose their charm? Take Mega Man, for instance...
So there'll be that slight feel of sluggishness. Mega Man 2 felt like someone was stretching the sound chip.
Not only does he think the design is poor, he outright said it was the worst Mega Man game produced under his watch
Not dropping him, but I am picking up the lizard. Feels like a combo of Frog and Mega Man
Mega Man Battle Network has its 15th anniversary today. Lan Hikari controls Mega Man through the Cyberworld.
Luis Manzano Don’t forget to get a copy of Mega Man, i’m on the cover!…
Been thinking a lot about Mega Man lately...The 3D open world one...couldn't think of the name til I looked it up...Mega Man Legends!!
Now I really want to play some Mega Man.. Really need to finish Legends 1 and start the X series.
Zero/ZX/Legends = my trio of Mega Man series that I like the most.
Super 7 ReAction and MUSCLE at Toy Fair 2016 - MOTU, Street Fighter, Mega Man, more!
Metal Blade is totally a balanced and fair weapon in Mega Man's arsenal, what are you talking about?
Did you know that in Japan, Mega Man is known as - wait a second... (Art by Sony Tran)
lrt Luda had pretty big hands in the Def Jam games. not Mega Man huge, but more like Joe Mad huge
Mega Man Legacy Collection currently priced incorrectly on the 3DS eShop
Jamie and Claire struggle with Black Jack trauma when returns
Wait Mega man legacy collection is out LETS GO BOYZ
Mega Man Legacy Collection comes to 3DS with a golden Amiibo.
'Mega Man Legacy Collection' Is Finally Available On 3DS: While the Mega Man Legacy Collection was released on...
I saw you at MAG Fest at the Mega Man concert! I like how you dance, great energy :) Have a good day!
|| Alrighty. Oh, I found the one for the Classic Mega Man. It's called, "Mega Man: Wishing Upon A Star".
Please stop by for a classic Mega Man charity marathon for a very good cause whether you can donate or not.
Colony Wars : Vengeance, Gundam Battle Assault, some Mega Man and Final Fantasy games as well. Also have disc's from PS Magazine.
Who's left: Duck Hunt, Mr. Resetti, Timmy & Tommy, Shovel Knight, Mega Man, and Wolf Link. I'd be set with just those.
Cloud, Ryu, Pac Man, Mega Man, Sonic, and now Bayonetta are all in Smash. Is having Danny Divito voice Pikachu really THAT far fetched?
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
So I now have the Pee Wee Herman laugh as my txt tone. Reminds me of time in college at food court w/Mega Man stage select ands tons of txts
Popular movie posters recreated in 8-bit (Mega Man) style: My favourites? The Matrix and Star Wars.
The only thing Keiji Inafune did right in Mega Man was designing Splash Woman.
Mega Man is one of the most popular video game characters ever. Janet Reno has been waiting for js3 to make her a man.
Mega Man: the Board Game w/ Keiji Inafune on Tabletop would explode with the force of exactly 10 Wily Castles.
Hey remember when Strider Hiryu got a new game for his 25th Anniversary and Mega Man didn't?
just noticed the sick Mega Man noise at the end of "Sister Cities" solo (2:49).
Series I’m not that much into as others, but do respect a lot; rated by “care”:. 1. Final Fantasy . 2. Mega Man. 3. Castlevania
Fantastic art by and contributors to Archie's Mega Man comics!
Mega Man and Keiji Inafune cameos, what did you do to the world?!
In a post-apocalyptic vision, inspired by Mega Man and Keiji Inafune cameos, what if Beck races go-karts in a world of ninjas?
Keiji Inafune's "spiritual successor" of the highly popular Mega Man series, Mighty No. 9, is finally coming out...
The 2D side-scrolling game from "Mega Man" illustrator Keiji Inafune showed off more of its gameplay and content...
I like the way he love his baby mama and respect her man like Ace r few...I've got mega love 4 Ntombi&Ace Qabashwe
On location with Mega Man IV live at
“Right. Mega war with the Man of Iron. I'm on your side. all the way.”
By that logic, yes. Man made *** to threaten others for not believing like them
I have to admit Super Mario Maker looks nice, but I would love to see an Mega Man maker game. I would die of happiness.
The French government has lost a High Court action to block a rich man's bid to complete the building of a mega-basement he intends to
Inafune's Mega Man-inspired anime project asks for even more crowdfunded cash (Corrected)
Nice grammar. I vote for the Mega Man amiibo
I'll be today for a Sunday Vegas Smash 4 weekly!. Decked out in Going Kirby & Mega Man.
Dad. Past thailand trip new constellation made for winner of 8 Mega planets. With 3 flint balls. I am the winner of that prize. Right? !
Sorry to keep you waiting, Mega Man X. The greetings will have to wait. We've got to defeat all the Mavericks including Sigma!
Mega man is one of the most slept on
Hey Sonic and Mega Man fans, the Worlds Collide Complete Epic arrives 1/6 in comic shops and 1/26 in bookstores!
More cultural background on Mega Man robot masters
Flight delayed but happy to see these here at NAIA! But no available copies for MEG, Preview or MEGA Man.
The lag on older Mega Man games is just painful to watch.
Police capture suspect in shooting of Pennsylvania officer: (Reuters) - Authorities captured a man early on Su...
Going to watch my little princess perform at the Brindley Theatre. Mega chuffed. A littler performer in the making.just like her old man.
For the record, my current main is Mega Man. He's just bloody fun to use
I liked a video from Mega Man 2 Medley - Super Smash Bros. 3DS
You are a soul driving a meat-covered-skeleton made of stardust hurtling through space on an organic spaceship. Fear nothing.
The best part of hooking up with a MILF is leaving in the morning with a juice box and fruit rollups.
Mega Man 2 is being developed for the Master System by indies developers https:…
"You are far too weak, Mega Man. Wily may fear you, but I do not!" (Bass, MM7)
problems: Mega Man X and Mother 3 aren't higher up
I added a video to a playlist Mega Man X: Scrolls of the Ancients -part 6- RFD Gaming
That one mega bff of yours who can relate. Now you know what I felt man. 😂
I'll give you one more one-off for free, if you want more, start with Goof Troop, Kirby, or Mega Man 7
Tonight is another fun filled Tom Dog Plays, live on Continuing our Mega Man game plays with Mega Man 3
"I... I'm sorry... It's... It was I who recreated the duplication of X... That's why..." (Ciel, Mega Man Zero)
The nice man from Asda has been with my mega food delivery. All put away and I'm now considerig semi-hibernation until Spring.
pretty good. May finish Mega Man X today haven't done that in a long time!
Hey guys! Super excited for the Mega Man Game! Do you have a release date? Will it be before Christmas? I want to gift it!
Sonic Lost World (Wii U) & it pains me to say this, Mega Man X6…
This is the perfect morning for mega man battle network 3...
Did really refer to a human being as an import? The man is a mega *** ignore him
I wonder if Keiji Inafune still has that Mega Man poster I made...
On a less grim note: I had a dream about Platinum Games making a Mega Man game. I'm sad about that in a completely different way.
I've received some suggestions like Punch Out, Dig Dug, and Mega Man designs. Always welcoming more ideas!
Thank you, Mega Man. If you can, please bring the meteor back.
You could dress as Izzie Stevens... 😁 or as Mega Man that would be cool an unexpected.
.Martin and the team you all did a very fantastic job on Mega Man
I want Capcom VS Musou in Musou style. Ryu, Ken, Frank West, Phoenix Wright, Mega Man, all in a Musou game HYPEE
Monster Hunter cumulative sales have overtaken Mega Man. MM was for well over fifteen years.
"Mega Man has ended the evil domination of Dr. Wily and restored the world to peace." (MM1)
"This is Pacman like you’ve never seen him before," - Mega Man magazine. Congratulations, Kapusong Manny Pacquiao!
"Um...Dr. Wily? You´ve got a fever! Did you catch the Roboenza virus, too?" (Mega Man, MM10)
My mains are Robin and Lucina, my secondaries are ROB, Ike, and Zelda, my tertiaries are Toon Link, Mega Man, and Little Mac.
Hoho you got some really good ones. Love Dr.Mario, Mega Man, Bowser Jr and Toon Link :D
I just got all 25 Kidz Bop CDs ordered to Mega Man's house.
Mega Man X3 Live Stream Come join us! have fun!
Having fought countless Robot Masters over the years, Mega Man is ready to lay back, relax and enjoy his 25th Anniversa…
the mixtape coming soon man Young King and Mega Hands.
So I saw you in the comments about Mark on Mark's channel(LOL). Did you see that video? Yes I mean Mega Movie Man Mark
These Mega Man playthroughs with are fun. Learning a few tricks I didn't know about.
The YouTube commenters are mega honest a man just said on a mans video "Dead! No hate" loool.
Switching back & forth between Rockman 1 on and the newly released Mega Man Legacy Collection. Staggering differ…
PLEASE tell me you've heard of, and listened to, the Mega Man tribute band The Megas. Just discovered them, so good!
Wax Pack: One man’s road trip to track down every player from a pack of baseball cards.
Chan chan chan. Mega drone carries man into the air and other tech news -
Got a pretty sweet blind box character from mega man blind box.
Mega Man Legends still as good 3D adventure game on the PS1, which featured a world mystery.
I liked a video from Mega Man X Guitar Medley
But that ending was so stupid. I didn't understand why Mega Man busted through the wall, shouted OOH YEEEAH, fade to black.
I'm going to sell my Kinect today to get mega man X and Bangi- O digitally
I read an article where the author said Mega Man 2 wasn't that hard. The beat it in their first sitting in 4 hours. Don't tell lies, kids.
i wantee to get the Streets Of Rage one until I heard about the Mega Man picture disc being sold at Hot Topic.
*** Koji, Hideo, and the Mega Man fella are all indie now. Seems like a good time to bust out weirdo Mario Maker levels.
Mega Man movie blasts onto big screen: Capcom. With superhero cinema in full swing and studios finally getting...
Ah, Captain N. The first time Mega Man disappointed me.
I need one. Gotta run that mega man back
You're the reason Capcom doesn't like Mega Man anymore! ***
Just gotta record the comms for Mega Man 5 and 5DAS and that's all of October's stuff done.
Mega Man is more appropriate than Rock Man. The others are named for their powers / attributes, and Mega Man can use the powers of all.
Capcom, hear our cries. We want more Mega Man X. Comics good, games please!.
"Community college is so laid back" I tell myself while I sit in the library downloading Mega Man to my phone
Free Ads to online >> Man Utd made mega bid for Thomas Muller in the...
//Mega man Music is amazing in general.
Photo: Mega Race 2 for DOS CD ROM! Man, I played the first game a bunch on my PC. Seems like Lance Boyle is...
Your ram was mega tho make sure you focus on bringing it with her man
Word on the street is that a Mega Man film is possibly in the works. Anyone else interested in seeing that...
Uhm, I bought mega man legacy collection about an hour ago, and I can't download it?
//Dynamo's theme is one of the reasons I love the music in Mega Man X5.
gOD swampert is my fave started of all time and the mega is so good and powerful man it would kill you with those arms
Think I will get that Mega Man Legacy Collection when it goes on sale! I hope they do a X one down the road.
ps Mike Bartlett sends love - was with him post show at press night last night - mega man
I worked my first summer job with the goal of buying a PlayStation because I "needed" Mega Man 8 & Final Fantasy VII!
pspnigeria : Ondo State govt has released one completed mega primary schools St James School, Ile-Oluji to the man…
Mega Man movie blasts onto big screen
I'm here for a Mega Man movie that gets visual cues from the newest Speed Racer mixed with Scott Pilgrim.
Archie's Mega Man and Sonic Boom cancellations in favor of their Archie IP makes sense, but troubles me.
The influx of new Mega Man merchandise + cameso/crossovers with Nintendo + MMLC helps create IP mindspace. (1/2)
Kid Robot and Capcom are bringing Mega Man and Break Man to San Diego Comic Con! More info→ 
Shovel Knight himself is a celebration of the 8-bit era, and not a Mega Man clone. While very new, he's a perfect fit.
Mega Man in Hd with a faithfully recreated pixel-perfect engine absolutely makes a difference. Puts the anniversary collection to SHAME.
how to play Super Mario Galaxy or Mega Man?
Mega Man starts with 1000 Zenny and must survive 10 rounds and leave the table with any money at all. The game has no sound.
If I could add four more characters to MvC3, I'd pick Mega Man, Rathalos, Doc Ock and Loki, I think
We truly live in a world of horrors when a game modeled after classic Mega Man is delayed 4+ months because it doesn't work…
Using Americanized box art Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken was funny as *** Honestly can't understand how anyone can be upset by it.
Mega Man's dog Rush was given the spring ability due to Mega Man's love of trampolines as a child. Mega Man
I still find it funny that the Winnipeg CFL team is Mega Man. The Blue Bombers
Mega Man, his combat-weary brother Blues, Fire Man, Jewel Man, and Zero travel to Egypt to confront WILY once and for all
So Baron Corbin beat Mega Man in a few seconds. Ok. Does any real wrestling fan want a fast match like that? I guess if it's Corbin...
Mega Man is known as Rock Man in Japan, it was changed in America because 'rock' is a well-known slang for crack cocaine.
Was this the same Sean that ran that Mega Man fighting board or am I remembering something else entirely?
Inafune showing up to this Bitsummit talk wearing a 8-bit Beck shirt is kind of hilarious. It looks so much more like Mega Man like that.
IE Mega Man's deaths and final level from your your childhood, Wind Waker's from mine?
It's a god send that we had Snake in Brawl and Sonic to return, as well as Mega Man's debut, but honestly? to me is 2 Ben Franklins
Y'know how Mega Man Legends 3 was a big deal because it left Mega Man on the moon in MML2?
You heard it here first: If Nintendo miraculously announces a Mega Man game, I'll table dance in my MM shirt and Super Mario boxers.
Kind of like Capcom and Mega Man for awhile there. Mega Man was waiting for his next major game...tending to his Auto Body and Sandwich Shop
'Mega Man' compilation kicks off gaming's Criterion Collection: The first six Mega Man games are coming to PC,...
'Mega Man Legacy Collection' Features All Six NES 'Mega Man' Games - . The Blue Bomber is no stranger to ...
'Mega Man' compilation kicks off gaming's Criterion ... |
Yea why not? You have Mega Man in Smash and an Amiibo that give the blue bomber more exposure.
'Mega Man' compilation kicks off gaming's Criterion... |
'Mega Man' compilation kicks off gaming's Criterion Collection (Me: Only new gen systems. Guessing it will be pricey)
Mega Man legacy collection bundles 6 platforming classics in a 'criterion' effort for games
This new studio wants to be the Criterion Collection for games, starting with Mega Man
'Mega Man' compilation kicks off gaming's Criterion Collection -
'Mega Man' compilation kicks off gaming's Criterion Collection |
'Mega Man' compilation kicks off gaming's Criterion Collection
A thought crossed my mind: Will we hear Yuri Lowenthal as Mega Man? If so, Johnny Yong Bosch *** well better be Protoman.
MEGA MAN: rocking the videogames world since 1987!. Any favorite Mega Man titles? ;). http…
MM 2 Wily stage theme is overhyped. Mega Man 5 Wily stage, RW V Wily star and MM3 2nd Wily stage are better, imo.
No. 8 Player Uno to me looks like Mega Man if he got shipped to a fat farm and 1st time seeing Michael Elgin. Book a match Elgin/Mark Henry
did I just read that you've never played Mega Man? Inconceivable! You should totally stream some Mega Man 2. Good luck!
Found out I can release 2 Danger Warps simultaneously while short hopping as Mega Man. No capture card & inputs are odd
I've been listening to for the last 2 hours. Great music to practice Smash to! :P Still waiting for that Mega Man cover...
I'm practicing with Mega Man right now and WOW metal blade feels so amazing as a Pac main
lol well Mega Man is my fav and Joe Biden is my uncle lmao
I actually have made another Mega Man related wallpaper, back when Legends 3 got canceled...
Mega Man's successor is Mighty No. 9, and Banjo & Kazooie's is Yooka & Laylee. Successors to legends this year
Follow up question: When will Nintendo buy up Mega Man and make Legends 3?
Hey, just read your Legends of Localization on Mega Man's Monsteropolis. Just so you know, "Mega City" was first in...
I'm gonna marathon all of Mega Man soon. I feel like I'm missing out on Legends
Tempted to get my dad to ship me my ps1 and games so i can play Mega Man legends.
Returning my Mega Man amiibo to Toys R Us, wish me luck!
Hey what's the best Mega Man game on the Wii U virtual console? Want to get into it but don't know where to start!
lol @ last RT. Comparing Destiny to Bloodborne and Dark Souls. Yeah, and Mega Man's a ripoff of Metroid.
I'm only getting the Zelda and Mega Man ones, which comes out to $3. The rest are... not very convincing.
So I can beat 3DS classic mode on 9 with Mega Man, Dedede, Rosaluma, Pit, and Link. But not Kirby.
Gamestop at Tower City in Cleveland has a Sonic Amiibo if anyone out there is looking for one. Some Toon Links, and Mega Man as well
Mega Man binge watches all of Walker Texas Ranger, thrice.
John Carpenter's new album starts and ends in eerie vintage splendor. The between sounds like like Mega Man vs. The Transiberian Orchestra.
I almost forgot to do my introduction. Whoops. Anyway, I'm Porter. I'm 22 years old, and I currently live in Chapel Hill. I'm really into video games (my favorites are Sonic, Mega Man, Mass Effect, The Legend of Dragoon, BlazBlue, and .hack//G.U.), anime (my favorites are Deadman Wonderland, Dragon Ball Z, Tiger & Bunny, and Digimon), and movies (my favorites are Star Wars, Audition, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, and the James Bond series). I'm also into most kinds of music, but my favorite genres are rock and metal (a few of my favorites are Lordi, Dethklok, The Protomen, Kiss, Mötley Crüe, and Crush 40), and I've started getting into Vocaloid stuff in the past year (my favorite is Gakupo). My dream is to become a voice actor. I have a YouTube channel where I do Let's Plays and riffs (SBG Haseo), and I'm also working on an abridged series of Digimon Frontier with some friends. I don't play very many online games, but I do have Xbox Live, PSN, Nintendo Network, and Steam accounts (let me ...
I was deciding how to describe artist Andrew Domachowski's interpretations of Mario, Sonic, Link, and Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. when Fahey found the right word for me: "metal."
Got 4 more Amiibo pre-ordered!! Toon Link, Sheik, Sonic and Mega Man! (Toon Link and Sheik arent in this pic)
Gussy up a desk, credenza, or Welsh cupboard with a light-up Mega Man helmet from http…
.got the Mega Man helmet, and it's glorious.
IMO the original 6 Mega Man games were perfect "pure platformers". I think Shovel Knight is a necessity! :)
I wanted Mother 3 or Mega Man SNES Quattro to be my last livestream this year, but Pac-Man 2? Oh no.
Photo: Mega Man’s moveset in smash is cool but pretty hard to use. Maybe a year from now I’ll really like...
And if you say, "games should be made with Mega Man X," you're just kind of pitiable because Capcom does not care about you.
Since I love fancy Mega Man prizes, I ordered a themed NES by and all 6 NES games with it for http…
If Nintendo Ran The Hunger Games: It's the Annual Smash Games and Wii Fit Trainer and Mega Man have been chosen as…
Check out latest and get your Mega Man animation fix!
Claim dem a bad man but them a fool
Well it's like spikes killing you instantly in mega man for some reason
Just released a new of some old school Mega Man check out Flash Man
I don't see the point. It's like saying Zero and Tron aren't Mega Man characters.
As a preview to Friday’s mega concert, from comes a Q&A with Jazz at the front man Ziad Rabie.
On the eve before the new year, it's nice to reminisce and take a look back at how much we've grown. Think back...
very nice. I would love one of those smexy looking outros 0.0
I added a video to a playlist Time is a Flat Circle? (Nietzsche + Mega Man) – 8-Bit Philosophy
Plz can i get a signed mega man helmet please and make a video of me n you playing fifa
Mega congrats man! :D What an amazing way to start off 2015!
Should've tried to pre-order a Mega Man amiibo, because those are gonna sell like crazy I bet.
I liked a video Mega Man Helmet from ThinkGeek
hey have you played Mega Man x Street Fighter?
How is it a slice of lie when Pac-Man had to give up a part of himself for it?!
Worst game I played this year was probably Mega Man Legends 2. Was not worth the long wait to finally experience it, gameplay-wise.
I know for sure, that I want to get the Sonic, Mega Man, Rosalina, and Palutena and the rest when it's Available.
I liked a video from New Nintendo System in 2016? + New Mega Man Game in 2015!?
Yeah. Mega Man is my zoning character, Ganon is my heavy punisher, and while I have Sonic I feel I should get Sheik too.
you're clan is gonna pvp next so get bolt or someone . If no one tells me they gonna pvp within 5 mins dn is gonna forfeit
Subs posted for Dr. Wily's Revenge. Will move on to Mega Man II's after a reboot.
Happy New Years from me to all of you! Ends at Midnight EST! GO!.
How many movies can you name in the fly *** mega mix I made this year with my man ill Chemist?
If you don't mind paying a little more than retail BBTS has Falcon and Mega Man still in stock for pre-order.
I had a dream I was walking to mega video and dropped my phone and broke. Man that was one Hella a nightmare😂
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Btw don't forget to remove me from the lifeboat clan list
Turn desk time into battle time with this gloriously unnecessary replica Mega Man helmet!.
Game of the Week A Capcom game that isn't Mega Man
From Super Mario to Mega Man here are some classic video game music steals - this week on our Who Stole What podcast
Mega Man: Cancelling 3 games after Inafune left, refusing to let him finish them, blaming fans, etc.
I personally wouldn’t mind a Mega Man done in the Osamu Tezuka art style.
With Capcom up for grabs I agree Nintendo should buy the IP of Mega Man. Then we'd actually get more games like Legends 3 on 3DS
Great to see some Mega Man influence in the Star Wars trailer.
What I'm really saying in all of this is that I'm worried I found the perfect fan-made Mega Man game the 1st time around with MM Unlimited.
We desperately need a new 3D Mega Man game that plays kind of similar to Vanquish or Kid Icarus Uprising
Like 8 bit platformers? Shovel Knight is pretty good. Elements of Mega Man with a Super Mario Bros 3 overworld.
News: Sonic, Bowser, Mega Man & more coming in third and fourth waves of Amiibo -
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