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Medway Council

Medway Council is the local authority of Medway in Kent, England. It is a unitary authority, having the powers of a non-metropolitan county and district council combined.

Medway News National Living Wage

Great to be at Kent & Medway Economic partnership infrastructure summit discussing rail, roads and skills with coun…
Medway council announces consultation on plan to build 30,000 homes before 2035
Business rate relief for charities: The beginning of the end? Medway Council to introduce limit on relief
Hi a job has been raised to get this removed. Many thanks
great it's working again thanks! Looking forward to visiting tomorrow :)
Hi Liz, thanks for letting us know. Hopefully the issue has been resolved and it's working again.
Hi can you give more information on the details of what and where in the dm link attached Many thanks.
Public consultation underway into Council Local Plan proposals
Heck of a mess left after the wrecked car was removed from Danes Hill this week. When will it be cl…
URGENT CALL TO ACTION on Medway Council's damaging proposed cut to rates relief for charities
70% of those consulted wanted option 1- so Medway Council voted option 2.
OK ta. Put a disabled bay list in the ideas box please. Ta.
Hi sorry no list of disabled bays in Medway. Many Thanks
Cheers. Is there a list of disabled bays in medway available?
Hi sorry it would need to be disabled bay only for a blue badge. Many Thanks
Hi can I park n a residents bay if I have a blue badge?
Head to Chatham High Street on Saturday, 28 January, at midday for Medway's annual Chinese New Year parade.
Hi Lee, just to let you know the salt bin will be refilled next week.
The excruciatingly long agenda for next week's full Medway Council meeting is now online:
I sincerely hope you aren't employing a blanket ban that blocks anyone under the age of 25 from entering a public car park?
Hi Re: 'racers' at Rochester station car park. What is policy on this? How are guards deciding who…
Miles, have you seen Medway Council's latest plans for Lodge Hill?
Wow and the fly tipping and those that leave early refuse out. MC do sweet FA!
Thanks to on speaking to members tonight on concerns around Charity Tax. Awful decision by
Surrey County Council chiefs are proposing a massive 15% council tax hike...will we see the same in Medway?
Congratulations 93 on the Stonewall top 100 Employers. We would echo that!
Medway Council adopts a new social media policy and we can't wait to see how that works out.
I think there could be merit in a Strood Council. Mind you an independent Kentish Republic of West Medway appeals too.
Your Labour councillors will be challenging Tory-led next week
only at Medway Council is this known as the Battle of Medway. It is and always has been The Dutch Raid.…
Medway Justice for Homeless People call for Medway Council housing chief, Cllr Howard Doe, to resign
Pleasure to be attending this evening's O&S on behalf of
There are lots of very important things to consider in here.
Time for Student Council (in Medway!). I'm updating Council on halls; mental health, fairs, and student safety! Got…
Local charities delivering to local communities shouldn't be forced to close by Medway Council's Do you value us?
Next week's full council agenda with a wide range of issues inc Homelessness, Cemeteries & more https:…
Medway Council has yet to clarify how is defines "supporting vulnerable people "
We have put in a request for it to be refilled. Thanks for contacting us.
. No problem. We used all the grit last week in the snow. Southwark Rd opp Hawthorn Rd is the location
Hi Lee, what is the problem with the bin and where is it? Thanks
Another great guest presentation at today! Thanks to Daune from and everyone attending.
Pressure on Medway Council to do more to prevent homeless deaths in freezing temperatures from Labour councillors https…
Our has called on Tory council to act to challenge homelessness across Medway >>
Sorry to hear that please DM us with your full address and we can look into this for you
Is that the Brian Kelly who was the UNISON rep' at Medway Council? If so: ha-ha-ha! This should be fun if chosen...
Medway Council told mother she'd have to pay £300 to hold charity walk for toddlers. .
Will do, thank you for the provided link.
GMB Medway General activists will be campaigning against Medway Council on Thurs 14 April 2016, 6PM, Gun Wharf.
GMB condemn Medway Council for proposed cuts due to introduction of National Living Wage
this sign was in a Medway council car park even tho it's now 2016. I got a PCN for mis reading!!
Children in Care Council members will represent YLF Downing St. tomorrow opportunity!
Watch the Kent and Medway Police and Crime Panel live at It starts at 2pm.
this particular dog's breakfast is served up by in Chatham.
Medway Council plan to develop a new Marina in Chatham.
GMB demo against proposed Medway Council cuts due to introduction of National Living Wage
The is almost here - 23 April at Riverside Country Park -
New marina planned for Chatham Waterfront - Medway Council is moving forward with plans to build ...
We have 48 recycling points with 265 banks recycling paper, glass and metal cans.
In Medway can be at our 3 recycling centres or 5 recycling points.
Thank you this is fab! how do others encourage their children to or do they encourage you?
Less than a week left to register to vote in the elections. Call 332030 to check if registered. Register at
Website Builder 728x90
Sorry to hear that Carol, alternatively please call 01634 3.
Registered my details for the Medway Mile in July :D Though may have chosen a too small a size for the t-shirt! Lack of tea!
Tried to do that 1st but it wont work for me.
Thanks to the Nth team for hi-lighting AGAIN,the road surface on Maple Ave to wont hold my breath.
Our have some exciting news... Watch this space! The to Wednesday begins! 1 clue...
As you go into Conifer Drive from Badger Road – split down the middle, the right hand side of the road is TMBC & the left Medway
Thanks. I'll the exact location of the pothole because the road is split - can you tell me which house number it's outside of?
Off to check on the progress of build by this morning in with
Good afternoon, please let me know the road name and we can find out for you. Thanks.
Medway Council & councillors once again pushing flawed Medway City idea. Medway is a RIVER, Rochester should be city
The link do not work but tried it again and works now. Thanks
In a road that is one side and other side Tonbridge and malling, who do I moan too to get the massive potholes fixed
Hi Mark, the FOI page appears to be working correctly. Could you please DM us with details of the problem you had with it?
In Rainham today, footway defects will be repaired at High Dewar Road, Peveral Green and Glynne Close
In Rochester today, defects are due for repair at Bush Road, Smith Street and Sharfleet Drive
We will pass your request to the Engineers to consider. You can report defects at
Some of your followers might be interested in attending with us
Thank you I have just sent request via email you have given. Mark
how long is the Allotment waiting list please.
Sorry to hear that, we'll take a look at the problem. The email address is customer.relationsThanks.
Hi Carol, please report this via the following link and this will alert the relevant team, thanks -
I have been trying to make a Freedom of Information request via website does not work. Please let me have email address
Pleased to announce the Guarantee was authorised by Medway Council last Tuesday. Laying foundations for a stronger community. Join us!
Only seven more sleeps til market day and we're beginning to get excited
Have your say on our fair and affordable cost of care consultation
Police said council need to ticket so owner removes it.
Traffic W need to visit Durrell Gardens & ticket the car that's been dumped making it awkward for others entering street.
Love the fact that both & flawed £20 bulky waste charge have been answers in the quiz!
The sponsor award goes to Jason Blackburn
The next award goes to life saver Jason Blackburn
And the award goes to the courageous lifesaver Jason Blackburn! Well deserved!
Medway Council selects Idox to deliver an integrated solution for their Management System rationalisation project
At the Pride in Medway Awards with ,Leader of Council,Mr Mayor celebrating amazing local residents
It's day! Big shout out to event sponsors and Uniper
Temporary traffic lights on Hempstead Road all stuck on red - contact contractor ASAP please.
..Bin bags dumped off Frindsbury Hill. Please arrange for them to be removed.
Looking forward to it - always a highlight. Your challenge is fab!
Medway News published Revealed: The hundreds of thousands of pounds Medway council is...
Stacie Dawn Davison of Farnham has been sentenced to pay £392 following her failure to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice for littering on 11/08/14
Thanks Ben for helping collect 20 bags of rubb…
Temperatures staying above zero again this evening, with only heavy rain predicted, so no salting action required tonig…
Book now for new diving lessons launching Fri 22 April at Medway Park.
Thanks Ben for helping collect 20 bags of rubbish + 2 trees
Looking for your first teaching job? Come along to Medway's biggest teacher recruitment fair
in have nominated 5 for Primary development progs! Join the and contact us!
Hello, you can contact local police to report this - call 101
With the scaffolding down I get the view from my window back!!
For those replying to you have to remember that cabs in his borough are cross border hiring in Medway Council's area
Medway council tax to rise by nearly 4% - BBC News
Looking for a job in or Come along to Medway's biggest teacher recruitment fair
as is part of the Medway Neuro Alliance to adopt the charter
Glad to hear the problem is resolved John.
Actually would not open on my phone. Your IT guy has told me what to do and my daughter has a place at Fort Pitt. Ta
so how can I find out if the email you have sent out is blank and has no details of the school my daughter is being offered?
Nice one the admissions email stating which secondary school my daughter has got into has come through blank!!
Open lecture by political editor Faisil Islam this Thursday
By endorsing the western link, Medway Council will be going against Highways England's preferred eastern option.
The cabinet of looks set to endorse the A2 West variant of the Lower Thames Crossing next week.
Medway Business Council to host social media marketing presentation
Have you seen the KM Media Group's brand new website My Kent Family
Please report traffic light matters here - - or call 3 & ask to speak to the Highways team.
New tender opportunity from Medway Council for hosted telephony services
Nice to speak with school in re Fellows programmes! Join the
Nearly 97.5% of Medway children have been offered 1 of their preference places at secondary school
changes to traffic light sequence in New Road/Best Street area have caused chaos. Please advise the plan for these lights.
Later today youngsters across Medway will find out which secondary school they've been offered a place at for September
Is your son or daughter considering teaching? Look no further.
Pleased the untidy land on has been secured, just needs to be cleared of rubbish now htt…
To celebrate the Queens 90th have 23 organised
.target Medway Tory MPs for blame for Council cuts >>
College Avenue, Gillingham drainage works due to be undertaken tomorrow, 1st March, lasting one day with a diversion in…
Temperatures will remain above zero tonight so therefore Medway's roads won't require salting this evening
Thanks to all today! 47 volunteers collected 30 bags at 3. events
Informative workshop with and colleagues from ,
Council Tax is up 4% and public services are cut. Give the council *your* opinion. Consultation ends tonight
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Looking for your next job? Medway's biggest recruitment fair is on the 23 March
Medway News published Last chance to have your say on Medway Council's 'local plan'
Medway has 49 Find out where they are.
thank you so much for coming to visit us on Saturday, we hope you found it interesting.
Exciting day - the scaffolding on our beautifully restored 17th century façade is coming down! https:/…
Medway Council: Don't demolish the Georgian Royal Oak pub in Frindsbury, Rochester - Sign the Petit... via
Top school leaders to be rewarded at Kent Teacher of the Year Awards supported by Medway Council
Download the new-look 2016 fitness timetables for our sports centres at
Be the first to know about the latest news and events, sign up for our email newsletter service today:
Twydall library is undergoing a makeover from Monday, but there will be a pop-up library
Medway council has opened consultation for the new Local Plan. This may shape our area for the next 20 years.
Medway News published ​Medway council tax set to be hiked by FOUR per cent
And those that rely on a closer library should accept they will need to pay more to visit their library?
Instead of 15 different buildings, there should be one decent central library. Concentrate funds, not dissipate.
And as a librarian, always disappointed to see writers happy to see funding cuts for libraries...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
What have MC done in the last 20 years, nothing! You have overpopulated the area, which is full of scum!
Your idea is to kill Gillingham High St, and turn it flats!
Hope all those Medway residents who voted last May will be relishing their 4% council tax increase this year. Reap what you sow...
and what are MC goals put the rates up, poor service and make Medway a town for scum, g8!
Our next fostering open evening is Saturday 16 January. Book by emailing fostering
So thought it a brilliantly clever idea to up council tax by 4%... And once has had her way? 6/7% increase? Rubbish
Medway Council is consulting on its new local plan -
Thanks for the feedback but we need people to fill out a survey via this link - Thank you
a close look at resident parking please my street is inadequate a sympathetic eye to look at marked spaces Room for more
We're preparing a new local plan to shape Medway over the next 20 years - and we'd like to hear your thoughts -
Traffic lights in Chatham which were out this morning are now back up and running.
Crouch: Controversial to say but Medway council kept the free swimming but as a consequence were still getting people participating.
Please take care on the roads while work is carried out to restore power. 2/2
Some traffic lights in Chatham aren't working after power was turned off due to a fire. 1/2
No worries. Come on though, The Propagandatron is a far better name than the Chatham Big Screen :)
Hi Ed, we're aware of the technical issue with the Chatham Big Screen and are working to get it fixed. Thanks.
Obviously - do they not realise it's 2016 now ;)
I'm looking for a page with dates for all the local events, last I checked there were no dates for the advertised events.
Be more creative in 2016. Book on a course with ://
Twydall Library closes on Friday until summer to allow for Community Hub works. From Monday there will be a temp library at 11 Twydall Green
Turner-esque view across the Estuary this morning
Only a few days left to see Siege of 1215 exhibit. Admission FREE
Medway Council Tax and rail fares raising. When are teachers going to get a rise? You're losing them fast.
Council tax in may rise by nearly 4% -
Council tax set to rise by almost 2% in Medway
I thought they wrote off ten years aa was to expensive to collect?
Disgusting, we are paying for the scum, druggies and cheap rents that MC allow!
Happy New Year to all our lovely followers! Special shout out today to our venue partners
BBC News - Council tax in Medway may rise by nearly 4%
Council tax may rise by nearly 4%: Medway Council tax bills may rise by nearly 4% to cover the cost of s...
Buy Miche Bag Online!
The deadline to apply for primary school places in Medway for this September is Friday, 15 January. Details here -
Medway Council spending hundreds of thousands on pointless Japanese garden on a roundabout for example. Easily better spent
NEWS: The amount of council tax you'll have to pay if you live in could be going up
Why havent our council collected unpaid tax? I missed a payment once & the fools were onto me immediately
Why do all Medway Councillors think we all have botomless pockets when it comes to Council Tax?
And how much Council Tax has not been able to collect in previous years?
Medway Council to hike up taxes for 2016/17 - see how much you'll be paying HERE:.
I love that Medway CiCC are being recognised for there continued contributions to Medway Council's children's services!
Good job Closing a large part of the parking on the Esplanade today! Makes parking the van so much easier. Thanks
Dear when will we leave the dark ages & get wheelie bins like the rest of the country? Sick of this!
festival kicks off today! Head down to Chatham for Street Arts Day. More details -
Head to the Strand, Gillingham tmrw for ParkSport; free organised games for the whole family http:…
sign down field back of Stoke Rd Hoo top of bridle path op Yew Tree Lodge Residential Home
Hi. I sent an email to democratic.servicesand could do with an answer today. Is that possible? Thanks.
Action packed programme will put disability sport in focus
This weekend! Tom Waits-temptation has been top of my playlist...…
Download the Fuse Medway app for up to date info
Inspiring Leadership Conference has been truly inspiring, shame that leaders from Medway Council were not here to learn from others
Fantastic coverage of the Dutch Raid event in the . Great photos.
Great to see you all last night https:/…
Come find us @ Medway maritime hospital today. Information for and cake! 🍰
Take a look at our Foster Carers' Handbook for lots of advice
Last day working for Medway Council. It's been a privilege to manage the Arts Development team and work with such amazing artists!
Protest in Rainham precinct on Saturday 11am against unaccountable pro-austerity Join us
What's it like to be a foster carer? Hear from people who have experienced fostering
Medway Council's new leader Alan Jarrett launches issue 8 of Medway1 magazine
We're at the latest launch, opened by leader Cllr Alan Jarrett talking about regeneration
Tegan Whittten from Cuxton but unfortunately she had left before the presentation
Great to see so many girls at the Mini Youth Games good to some GCOE girls h…
New mini being tested out at available to hire for parties @ Strood Sports Centre
Great afternoon at Football Tournament! Lots of smiling faces! Supporting
The festival is this weekend! Everything you need to know, here -
Please take a look and save the council money
HMS Medway, built in Scotland, will be ship for the whole of the
Fuse Festival is nearly here! Street Arts Day in Chatham on Saturday & Fuse BigPicnic Sunday in Rochester
Celebrating the launch of the next edition of tonight in Rochester with Thanks to sponsors
So wants to tackle corruption! Heres a start I have evidence of fraud Show us U mean it …
If placed your family in danger wudU stillB silent ?http…
Voters in Medway will lock out UKIP. Within a fortnight of election 1/4 of group on Council defected >
15 mins on the phone to rectify your mistake, 5th in the queue, I'll keep you posted.
Off to Medway council who have been successful in their EOI for SENDirect partnership work. Congrats, Medway!
The tunnel will be closed from 8pm tonight until no later than 5.45am tomorrow morning.
Foster Care Fortnight is drawing to a close. Find out more about fostering, here -
Enjoyed a stroll through Rochester today for
when are we going to get new blue bags. We have 2 with no handles and holes.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I wonder where all these people are the rest of the year - maybe they only come out at night! X
I'm not from around here too. When I first saw the Goths in the sweeps I was very scared.
My daughter's boyfriend is from New Zealand and he really didn't get the Morris dancers at
I'm site everyone must think we're bonkers in !
Thanks to those who came out today despite the weather, have a safe journey home and we'll see you at Dickensian Christma…
Festival highlight! Play on words doing 'a bite of Oliver Twist' see them at Blue Boar Lane
Today's Parade was brilliant, despite the rain!
packed up from the Dickens Festival for another year. Looking forward to meeting our new members on Friday
Our already overpriced bus fares increased again! Why? .
3 months of acar without tax sat here. Told traffic warden and council owner has left and still nothing done. Fed up now
Can't wait to make our latest appearance at the Dickens Festival tomorrow. Come say hi in the most...
sorry just seen this. I'm afraid I am have to go up town & I'm sorry to miss it.
Thank you to & for the funding that made possible
Heading to Rochester, Kent for today w/UK cousins.
Help us protect children in Medway from fake & cheap tobacco. Call 01634 334455 or use the Love Medway app htt…
does the strand pool now have lockers ? Also how much for adults
Day one of over, are you ready for the sun tomorrow
Cracking day at Thanks to for keeping us warm.
Strike a pose! Photography workshop results from event in today
Thanks to everyone who stopped by today, it was lovely to meet you all :) And thanks for having us
Love how getting Rochester ready for by closing half the disabled bays in town.
Vanessa Gillies looking fantastic as usual!
Kent Stage Academy, back again at 3.45pm in the guildhall forecourt
The lovely John and Dawn Howard as Mr Brownlow & Lady Dedlock
Due to bad weather our stand on Chatham high street has ended early. We will be back out with our illegal tobacco gazebo…
Video courtesy of features taking the Rainham North case to
One of our regulars Nick Baines as a Victorian police officer!
We've a great place to see the parade from!
has arrived! We are excited about our programme of events starting tomorrow.
& follow for a chance to 2 tickets to the Castle Concerts!
could you surprise my fiancee at her wedding she loves you. And seeing you on tour in Rochester Kent
Medway Concert Band will be playing at Central Park, Dartford on Sunday, 2-4pm.
Dickensian style spectacles fit for the this weekend! http…
So far, we've been visited by Treacle Twitchnard and Nadgett Chuzzlewit, amongst others!
possible irregularities. Video features and
We're all set up and ready for the crowds!
Set up and ready on Chatham High Street today. Come & talk to us about smoking and illegal tobacco!
Steam Punk Talk about to start at Library. Find out about the connection with Charles Dickens.
Tuesdays don't suck, fangs to 'What We Do in the Shadows' showing May 19 at RPP. Doors at 7pm, film 730pm x
It does look increasingly improbable.
Medway speaks to packed BristolBaptist church City Rd. Unfairness in council funding from arrogant Tories
Help us get our audience survey out there We need to hear from people in & Thanks :)
We'd heard that the previous record for fewest votes for a candidate was 1. This chap at got zero.
We have been nominated, let's try and make the finals for
-term events Lots to do and see. Join in our and themed activities. See h…
Head down to The Strand this half term as there'll be free sporting fun from 12-2pm each day! More info here -
The Strand in Gillingham is holding an open day this Saturday - free sporting fun. Details -
More post election hoo-ha in The MedwayTowns Has anyone seen this man's vote(s)?
.statement "Following the recent speculation, I would like to confirm that I have withdrawn from the UKIP Group on Medway Council"
Spread the word, not the germs. Join the and pledge to do your bit!
Do you know what Campylobacter is? It's nasty but you can avoid it Join the
It's Food Safety Week & we've launched the Enter our comp and win great prizes!
Our free dog micro-chipping service is touring Medway this Spring. Find out where they are -
The will run from 29-31 May in Rochester. This year's theme is Oliver Twist.
Officers from Kent Police and Medway Council are on patrol today looking for children truanting from school. Community Policing Team
Medway Council & Kent County Council launch a new campaign to reduce the number of cyclists and motorcyclists killed or i…
no advertising again for events happening!! My kids would have loved the bikes today.disappointed
"We're not aiming to just make up the numbers, we're aiming to take control of the council. There will be casualties" Medway Ukip, Dec 14
At the Medway Big Bike Ride great to see a council get behind people exercising
shame some couldn't remember the Highway Code on the lower Rainham road...!!
Good to share platform with to welcome to Dock Rd as neighbours of (if they need a cup of sugar!)
SPORT: the main event of the Big Ride gets underway shortly
thanks. This not just a issue need to restore some legitimacy to govern
SPORT: a 70 day festival of sport kicks off with the Medway Big Ride today
Can't wait to be volunteering for big ride today
Yes Medway Council carry on sending Bully Bailiffs to OAP'S with alzheimers and frighten them to death
So glad; he was useless anyway as is Medway Council
Medway councll must be one of the worst in the Country.It is sending bailiffs to collect council tax arrears from my Dad who is 70 and dying
trying very hard to look shocked. Not yet. I'll keep you posted.
Depressing to see in the national press for the count process with TUSC candidate who voted for himself polling zero votes
Dear if are missing. As a 2 votes cllr ward doesn't it mean other …
':-) The sooner the Returning Officer at Council finds the missing votes, the less their final emba…
Serious questions re 's failure to account for Rainham North votes. Contact us if you voted Paul Dennis
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