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Medical College

A medical college is a trade association that brings together practitioners of a particular geographical area (a country, region, province).

Aligarh Muslim University United Kingdom Medical School Uttar Pradesh Meharry Medical College Health Minister

its college. Lol travel while you're young. I'm coming back for Medical School.
I've decided where I want to go to Medical School but not college
GMC to comply with MCI norms, says dean: The dean of Goa medical college (GMC) and hospital, Dr Pradeep Naik has…
BMC: one & only medical college. And YES, the province's CM is a doctor. Pic: J.Tarakai
Student athletes should not be paid to go to college. Medical students do not get paid to go to college.
Medical students listening to a lecture at University College,Ibadan in 1953. Credit: Alfred Eisenstaedt
Haryana Health Minister inspecting the water tank in Kalpana Chawla Medical College Hospital, Karnal
The bad health of public medical college in Lahore
The Official SAT Study Guide with DVD: From the Maker of the Test (Official S
Talking with my college counselor about what Medical Schools I'm interested in is the most exciting and unreal feeling ever
I had 2 spend $14k+ out of pocket on medical last year & illegals are getting free health care,free college tuition, free car ins in CA. ***
medical college in ISIS, you'll be a doctor in 3 years.
From the world of Higher Ed: Pot College! Think commercial kitchen products, packaging, and marketing. Boston Globe
College of Family Physicians of Canada Releases Guidelines for Prescribing Medical Cannabis -
But the good news is when my class starts college I'll basically already be in the medical field 😁😁😁😁
At our college function @ llrm Medical College as the Chief Guest n Principal
Medical College of Wisconsin receives $5.5 million federal grant for concussion research /
The MBBS pass outs of 1989 batch of JN Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University are organizing Silver Jubilee...
Higher Education - Students can graduate in 3 years at new 'Medical College of Wisconsin' campus:
Sir,We could have waited for 1 year only and included Bhuj hospital in GMERS for Medical College with no dispute.
When Rajnikant was studying in 3rd std.some1 stole his rough note.& Now they call it as .Wikipedia Crazy people! = When Rajnikant was a Student¦!!! Teachers use to Bunk the classes!!! = Rajnikant started college. All students were confused while taking admission because name of college is "Rajnikant's Medical College of Engineering for Commerce". = THE MOST NEGLECTED FACT OF THE ENTIRE DECADE! Sachin Tendulkar's mothers name is RAJNI Tendulkar And his coach's name is ramaKANT Is there a need to say anything beyond this??? = Rajinikant got 150 questions in exam paper asking - "Solve any 100 questions" He solved all 150 and wrote, " Rascalla!, CHECK ANY 100!" = One day Rajani thought to play cricket in monsoon and rain stopped due to play. =
Dr Rajendra Prasad MBBS , MS from OSMANIA Medical College , Hyderabad visited my medical center to congratulate...
Dear Delegate, On behalf of organizing committee, I wish to thank you for registering for the 7th National conference of IAP Neonatology Chapter (IAP NEOCON 2014) to be held on 1st & 2nd November 2014 at LLRM Medical College, Meerut. We wish to welcome you at 8:30 AM on 1st November 2014 for registration. The Conference will commence at sharp 8:45 AM at the auditorium of LLRM Medical College, Meerut. We are sure that by attending the conference you will gain tremendous amount of knowledge delivered by highly qualified & experienced faculty from across the country & abroad. This conference will also apprise you of status of neonate of India and what is expected from doctors in government and private sectors. You will have the pleasure of listening to an eminent neonatologist, teacher & author par excellence, Prof. Meharban Singh, who is the chief guest and will deliver the key note address. Prof Ashok Deorari who has revolutionerised the teaching of neonatology through electronic media & app shall deliver ...
Fire breaks out in Central ICU of SCB Medical College & Hospital in Cuttack. Patients shifted
The other new trustees and I were given an extensive look at the Medical College, Cornell Tech and the overall...
Six government medical college hospitals in Uttar Pradesh are to be modernised and converted into super-speciality institutions along the lines of the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). The high disease burden of UP, which also has the largest population among India’s states, has influenced the decision to add two more colleges to the already cleared list of government medical colleges for upgradation under Phase 3 of the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana (PMSSY). I attach high priority to UP and have been here twice already in my three month-long tenure. As I had been a medical student in Kanpur, I happen to know that the need of the hour is to expand the infrastructure at an unprecedented rate because we have to make up for many years of neglect. Kanpur’s Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial (GSVM) Medical College, is my alma mater. I was a MBBS and MS student here between 1974 and 1983. This medical college’s upgrade is to be put on the fast track as it is servicing . ...
The government has planned 20 new advanced cancer treatment facilities across the country (one in each state) over the next few years to meet the rising burden of the disease. For Madhya Pradesh, the Centre has planned a new State Cancer Institute (SCI), along with two Tertiary Care Cancer Centres (TCCC). Annually 11 lakh new cases of cancer are detected in India. Of the 2.9 million cancer patients at present in the country, about 6.06 percent are in Madhya Pradesh. The three facilities planned for MP are: Vidisha district hospital, GR Medical College, Gwalior, and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College, Jabalpur. The first two are to be TCCCs while the one at Jabalpur would be a SCI. Each 50-bedded TCCC will be part of an existing government hospital with well equipped and functional departments of Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology, ENT, Pathology and Radiology. The Union Health Ministry will provide one-time support of up to Rs 45 crore to each TCCC, including up to 30 percent for construction and ren ...
ALIGARH, Aug 21- The Aligarh Chapter of Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA), in collaboration with Department of Radio Diagnosis, JN Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University, organized State Council Meeting and CME on ‘ONCO-IMAGING-2014’ at JN Medical College.
Important to know about this! The US Government has known since 1974 that Cannabis cures Cancer. In '72 Richard Nixon wanted a larger budget for his war on drugs. He thought that if he proved Cannabis caused lung cancer like cigarettes do, he would get the support he needed. He gave the Medical College of Virginia 2 years to do a study on the effects of THC on the body. In '74 the study was completed. It turns out, THC when ingested in highly concentrated forms (such as eating Cannabis oil) will attack any mutated cells in your body while strengthening and rejuvenating the healthy cells. They found the PERFECT cure for Cancer. It worked fast, it worked well, it worked on many different forms of Cancer in ALL stages and it had ZERO harmful side effects. (Unlike Chemo which deteriorates your entire body and kills 1 in 5 patients. Not only that, but it dissolves ALL forms of tumors and can even combat super-bugs like MRSA.) When Richard Nixon saw the results of the study he was FURIOUS. He threw the entire r ...
Mom is not well. In ICU. Please pray for her health. (@ Liaquat National Hospital & Medical College)
A car is parked outside a building originally known as the Medical School of the University of Southern California and later the Selwyn Emmet Graves Memorial Dispensary of the University of California, located at 737 N. Broadway. To the left of the building is the St. Vincent De Paul Salvage. The words "Medical College" are visible near the roof line on the left side of the former Medical School and dispensary, which was eventually demolished. Photograph dated March 1, 1954.
I request all FMGs successful and unsuccessful to share this every day n spread the word the more n more people get to know this the more strong we become . Harassment Of Foreign Medical Graduates By MCI / NBE- A Very Sad Story. Respected sir, I am going to narrate in the following passage in the following lines the tragic and the sad story of foreign medical graduates(FMGE),it is though lengthy but very essential to convey to you on behalf of all FMGE students. It is still a dream for many students ( and parents too) to become a Doctor in india despite of many other lucrative and attractive options . Now it is an established fact that study of Medicine has the longest duration and toughest of all the courses available today. Even after completion of all this battle is not won !!! . It is again the beginning of his career and it may again take 5-6 Years( may be sometimes more) to get his career really started . Now every year less and less number of students are opting for Medical career because of the sa ...
"We have seen that a person who is not the son of a doctor and has not attended a medical college is sometimes able to practice medicine. By practical knowledge of how to perform a surgical operation, how to mix medicine and how to give certain medicines for certain diseases, a person can receive a certificate and be registered as a medical practitioner in the practical field. He can do a medical man’s work and be known as a doctor. Although qualified medical men may consider him a quack, the government will recognize his work. Especially in India, there are many such doctors who perform their medical services perfectly. They are accepted even by the government. Similarly, if one is engaged in brahminical service or occupational duties, he must be considered a brāhmaṇa despite the family in which he is born. That is the verdict of all the śāstras." - Srila Prabhupada in purport of Caitanya Caritramrita, Antya Lila, 16.29
I am very glad to announce that my daughter BHAGYASHRI got selected for MBBS in Govt. Medical College, Akola.
by ... Medical college ja..i 6e time thayu.? By you
Congratulations to Mr. Kiran Zite for getting selected for government medical college,Meeraj, for MBBS. Best wishes for his future...
Helios - 02: ENLIGHTENED San Diego - R:459.2 - E:576 Boston - R:184 - E:292.6 Philadelphia - R:364.8 - E:141 Regional Cell Boosts - R:151.2 - E:181.728 Total - R:1159.2 - E:1191.328 This was one to remember. Resistance Agents pushed hard across the board, capturing Philadelphia with a wide margin and 3 of the 6 Regional Cells connected to this Anomaly. The Enlightened pushed just a hair harder. The day belongs to them with an absolutely razor-thin margin. They won by 32.128. Of that lead, 30.528 came from the work of their fellow Agents in Regional Cells across the world. In a final triumph, the Global MU Count as displayed on the Intel Map and in the Ingress Scanner stood at 866 Million Mind Units, well above the minimum that Dr. Martin Schubert predicted will protect the XM Portals from Dr. Devra Bogdanovich and the CDC’s next deployment of her ‘Portal Virus.’ To Agents on both Factions: Much to be proud of today. Go rest your weary feet and parch your thirsts. The Helios Series stands tied at 4-4 ...
Assalam o Alaikum ! My friend Salman has started a campaign for collecting fund for the relief of Internally Displaced Persons ( IDPS ) of Waziristan . We are students of Army Medical College . We aim at reviving THQ hospital at Domel , Bannu .My friend Salman himself is from Domel . He has surveyed the area. The condition of the hospital is very poor. Approximately 1.5 lac refugees have settled in there whereas the capacity of Hospital is barely 50 thousands plus the local people are also facing the problem . The medicines are short , no water and above all there is no supply of electricity . Doctors there are facing great difficulties in treating patients . Moreover the idps are used to cold temperature and they are feeling great discomfort in the hot environment there in Bannu . So we are aiming at buying the drugs needed , we are going to establish a Filter Plant and get some Solar Panels and generators to supply the electricity . I request you all to donate some money so that we may be able to take . ...
My brother was allotted bundelkhand medical college sagar. .
Select the best medical college for in in 2014 by attending the counseling sessions of...
A few pictures of monno medical college here I am working as a lecturer
A fresh autopsy of a West Bengal school teacher,Ganesh Choudhory's was done on Wednesday 23rd July,2014. Angry mob of Bagdogra had blocked the road from 7p.m. evening till midnight. RAF was deployed on areas in and around Bagdogra. 3 buses were set ablaze, 2 on NH31 in Bihar more and on in Upper Bagdogra bus stand. A truck was pelted with stones and broken down. Demonstrators carrying his body blocked the national highway and fought pitched battles with police. The fresh disturbances started after police handed over the body of Ganesh Chowdhury to his family members after the second autopsy. Claiming Chowdhury was killed in judicial custody in Uttar Pradesh, the demonstrators demanded a proper investigation and the opening of a murder case. They also demanded "exemplary punishment" to those responsible for his death. "We were attacked by the mob. So, we were forced to baton-charge the demonstrators," said Siliguri Deputy Commissioner of Police O.G. Pal. Earlier, a few hundred people demonstrated with Chow ...
Confession- "Hey frnds is their any senior frm allen who got selected in govt. Medical Colleges..!! Pls pls help me guys i have studied 2 yrs in allen though i dnt got selected.. Pls guide me ,how could i study to get selectd,. N pls pls give a appropriate answr coz i knw hard wrk is needed bt some perfct style of studying is also needed ..:-)" - help her out guyz !!!
Can't believe this is going to be my 3rd year in college come August!! :)) God is great! One more year after this and its Medical School:)))
Finally college is planned out , even joining a medical program in September after classes I'll get the starting pay I been working for 🙆🙏
Can I just be done with college and Medical School? I want to start my career and my life already!!
my son Medical College of Georgia works University Hospital in Augusta Ga
No taxes , don't gotta pay for college nor university plus dental and medical care & I got my own land and bout to get a house built 😩 😎
Foto: Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1892. “In diaries and letter from the late...
Think medical care has gotten expensive? costs have increased at almost twice the rate
My beautiful daughter's new Mustang..she's worked so hard..College a Grad n a medical career
Protein Foundry first start-up in Medical College of Wisconsin's incubator program
You get college and medical care in exchange for joining the US military.
Gotta get me a medical alert dog tag for college to put round my neck and never take it off.
Let's play a game called "Pay for medical bills or college tuition?"
At -- Ask doctors medical questions free at
Ask doctors medical questions free at
New scholarship money available for Lee College clinical medical assistant program in Anahuac
congress govt in kerala allocated only Rs 1000 for Kochi govt medical college in FY15 budget great na!
Had to count up how many hours of basketball I'll have played in college for my Medical School app. 3,782 hours doesn't even seem close. 🏀❤️
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I can't wait to finish college and go to Medical School .. I'm treating myself good that 1st check 😈
oh yes you told me, let me know how you did. Will you be starting medical college from this year or 2015?
I am sooo glad I have a sister that actually went thru college and works in the medical field bc she is such a big help to me rn omg💕💕
I had lot of hair on my head. Then I decided to to join Medical College.
I'm not even worried about these 4 years of college I know ima get passed it. It's Medical School that's about to kill me 😩
more than 30k teachers in recent years, enhanced faculties, new University campus in different areas, Engineering and medical college,
rejects plea from 78 students of Adhiparasakthi medical college to direct MCI to issue course completion certificates.
Thank you! Christian Medical College . For having me teach this morning — at Terranea Resort
Join us to help clean up our government hospitals in Chennai to be held at Kilpauk Medical College & Egmore...
13 yr old girl admitted to Calicut medical college in Kerala, allegedly sexually abused by father and friend and her brother.
Career Point College as a Medical Billing and Coding Program in Tulsa. Learn more at
"You could brush your teeth with milkshakes.". "Hey, did you go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College too?"
Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan begins two-day visit to Odisha - Union Health Minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan, began a two-day visit of Odisha this evening to personally experience the remarkable growth story of the state’s health profile. “Odisha has done well in keeping the maternal and child death rate low. I want to keep upgrading its hospital and medical education infrastructure and hope to have fruitful discussions in this regard with the Chief Minister and Health Minister,” the Minister said. The Minister said he was happy that the Medical Council of India has agreed this week to increase the number of MBBS seats at Cuttack’s SCB Medical College. “I will personally follow up on the issue of non-denial of permission to the ones in MKCG, Berhampore and VSS, Burla”, he said. The Health Ministry is concerned over the drop in this year’s intake of MBBS aspirants all over India, especially in Odisha which the Minister pointed out has only one doctor for over 1,740 population. Before le .. ...
MLN Medical College, Allahabad, Performance by Net Batch Alumni at its Golden Jubilee meet
North MCD Medical College, which is attached to Bara Hindu Rao Hospital, was given a letter of permission by the Medical Council of India.
" Jane kahan gae woh din kehte thay teri yad mein" by Dr.Qasim Dear Friends, this song is my favourite song and I used to sing a lot in Dow Medical College life. Hope you like it Please click like and share my music page and song as well. Thank you
BUDGET Highlights till now → * Allocation of Rs.150 crore to improve safety of women in larger cities * Allocation of Rs.500 to provide 24x7 power in rural areas * Allocation of Rs.100 crore for "Beti bachao, beti padao" programme * Allocation of Rs.8,000 crore to improve rural housing * E-visas to be introduced at nine airports * New scheme to provide assured irrigation * Total sanitation in every household by 2019 * Shares of PSU banks to be sold to retail investors * Aiming at fiscal deficit of 3 percent by 2015-16 and 2 percent by 2016-17 * FDI in defence sector raised to 49 percent from 26 percent * CBDT to scrutinize all cases under 2012 law on retrospective tax cases * Problem of black money to be fully addressed * Expenditure Management Commission to be established this fiscal * Slow decision-making has resulted in lost opportunities * Green shoots of recovery in world economy * Budget will lay down steps aimed at 7-8 percent growth in next few years * The aim is "Sub ke saath, sub ka vikas" (Wi ...
Hey,, Did you make it to the medical college!!
Female Doctors must work after MBBS. Equality shouldn't be limited to just getting admission in Medical College.
New projects ƒÜ 5 IIMs to be opened in HP, Punjab, Bihar, Odisha and Rajasthan ƒÜ 5 more IITs in Jammu, Chattisgarh, Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. ƒÜ 4 more AIIMS like institutions to come up in Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Vidarbha in Maharashtra and Poorvanchal in U  ar Pradesh ƒÜ Govt proposes to launch ' Digital India’ programme to ensure broad band connectivity at village level ƒÜ Kisan TV for farmers, Arun Prabha TV for northeast. ƒÜ National Rural Internet and Technology Mission for services in villages and schools, training in IT skills proposed ƒÜ Govt proposes Ultra Modern Super Critical Coal Based Thermal Power Technology ƒÜ A project on the river Ganga called ‘ Jal Marg Vikas’ for inland waterways between Allahabad and Haldia; Rs 4,200 crore set aside for the purpose. ƒÜ EPFO to launch the “ Uniform Account Number” Service for contributing members. ƒÜ New programme “ Neeranchal” to give impetus to watershed development in the country with an initial outlay ...
CHV director Prof Jane McKeating is named as a Highly Cited Researcher by Thomson Reuters!
^.^ i am in first year mbbs :D Nishtar Medical college. Senior Aapi :p
Hey GOPers... helping women pay for birth control is FAR less expensive than paying for 26 yrs of medical care & 4 yrs of …
My college denied to give me my money back even though I almost died. Apparently that's not a good medical reason. who knew.
HISTORY: Great building of Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri in 1859. I Love Homeopathy,. Iman Navab
If the Canadian Medical Association or the College of Physicians and Surgeons would like me to name this guy publicly I'll happily do so.
1/3: Patrick J. Lynch began his career as a photographer’s assistant and medical illustrator. Today, when not oc...
RESEARCH STUDY: Pain in ALS - Dr. Zachary Simmons at Penn State Hershey Medical Center and College of Medicine,...
I remember 1 medical student from our college involved was caught in Mumbai train blast.imagine a doctor terro
Wanna become a medical assistant? What about nothing else? Here at Fake College, choose 1 of our 1 options. Here's a re…
I'm starting at the community college out her because you need medical experience as like a rn, cna, emt etc before you can
Excel in applied health courses for careers in the medical field through our Prep Program:
Rajasthan Govt to sets up task force for 7 new medical colleges, 1 medical college in Barmer.
Fsc pre medical .2nd year . And next year i'll be in a Medical college hopefully
Dr. Chris Cribari, Medical Centers of the Rockies, sharing history of American College of Surgeons and trauma center verification.
-through my head. How I still wanted a grand 18th birthday bash, how I wanted to pursue medical college, I even thought of how I hadn't yet-
The whimsical way medical students learn about the body
MVLP is pleased to partner with the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation, Midtown Partners, Inc., Millsaps College 1...
MPPEB scam probe turns murkier: Dean of medical college ‘commits suicide’ -
Want Delivered To Your Door?! There's an APP for that! [VIDEO]. Pair it with PIZZA and you're GOLD…
My future kid: Mama what's valentinesday? . Beta, idk i was in medical college.
So thanks to 1 more year of college studying Bio-medical Engineering, I am moving to Colorado when I graduate. I'm gonna need roomie's!!
Dr. Arlauskas completed her MD from Jefferson Medical College and her residency at Welcome to MGC.
I added a video to a playlist Maulana Tariq Jameel bayan in King Edward Medical College. Lahore 19
please set up a govt medical college at West godavari district, as it lacks basic development or NIT in tadepalligudem WG dist
Update your maps at Navteq
there's an ICDC college commercial on my TV with Lil Romeo crip walking on large letters that spell MEDICAL. *cancels cable*
INTERIM RELIEF given to students of private medical college
Medical College of Wisconsin spins off a new company by
DiRaimo: budget will have level funding for education, ag extension, Hershey Medical Center & $2 million increase for Penn Col…
Passed my navy medical - now just on a waiting list for my placement so its hopefully college for criminology until then😊
Cousin missed medical college seat by few marks, all colleges asking insane amt of bribe. Any1 with pehchaan who can he…
Open invite to speak at OSU College of Med at any time. Strong group here. - Co-chair of OSU Christian Medical Dental Assc
This Allianze University College of Medical Sciences (AUCMS)'s programme is customized to meet the aspirations of...
Posing with a cadaver - Members of the Missouri Medical College pose with their cadaver, circa 1891.
Principal Job in Azad Jammu and Kashmir Medical College: announced Principal Job in Azad...
I'm Finally a College Graduate as a Medical Assistant it wasn't easy but I did it and I'm proud of…
Approval for admission to medical college will be obtained soon: Rangasamy: Hopes that Statehood...
Join Career Point College's Health Care Administration program and learn more today at
An accredited, 4-year medical college in Tempe, Arizona, training naturopathic doctors to treat the whole patient and focus on wellness and prevention.
Kudumbashree protest at Medical College continues: via
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Dr. Subhransu Sekhar Panda, an intern at SCB Medical College and Hospital, Odisha, India. Subhransu is a charming personality who beamed with a grace and is one of the liveliest medico you find in a m
Dr. Harsh Vardhan corruption is core issue in health system form addmission in medical colleges to discharge of patient out of hospital (alive or dead) & which is expected to be resolved by govt on priority basis it seems that chewing condom stories & dancing over sex education u just want to follow the life -path of (most corrupt & most loved) former HONORABLE MCI CHIEF ,Dr ketan desai after delhi election we all expecting u as new MCI CHIEF,,,
Youth Congress points out shortcomings at Govt Medical College Hospital: Nagpur Today : Nagpur NewsNag...
The three women pictured in this incredible photograph from 1885 -- Anandibai Joshi of India, Keiko Okami of Japan, and Tabat Islambouli of Syria -- each became the first licensed female doctors in their respective countries. The three were students at the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania; one of the only places in the world at the time where women could study medicine. Tabat Islambooly was a Kurdish Jewish woman. Tabat moved to Cairo after finishing her degree in Pennsylvania, and died in 1941. As Mallika Rao writes in HuffPost, "If the timing doesn't seem quite right, that's understandable. In 1885, women in the U.S. still couldn't vote, nor were they encouraged to learn very much. Popular wisdom decreed that studying was a threat to motherhood." Given this, how did three women from around the world end up studying there to become doctors? The credit, according to Christopher Woolf of PRI's The World, goes to the Quakers who "believed in women’s rights enough to set up the WMCP way back in 18 ...
Th latest is a medical college which is under SCST why would any govt form a public hospital under SCST dept?
First I'm going to barber college. Then I'm getting in the medical field. I won't stop till I get mine. Run with me or run from me.
Intensivist - Medical Intensive Care Unit: Houston, TX - is affiliated with the Weill Medical College of Cornell…
University Medical Center earns national accreditation from American College ... -...
I'm joining the navy and I'm doing medical you don't need college.! You work your way up in there do class while you there
No to go into the medical field in the military you're required to have college years and sometimes even degrees before joining
Got paperwork for college to take. Adult Education for Medical Assistant Certification 6months course. Got to take test soon.
The more and more I think about my future in the medical field the more excited I get to start college in the fall.
Education Coordinator at Weill Cornell Medical College (New York) - - the Department of Healthcare Policy and ...
“Imma go to college to be a referee” tf up. You go Medical School you get a's. You make proud
Carrington college to be certified in a medical assistant & mayb go to UNM after I'm done.
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Chatwing college Gossip Party tonight University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Chat Rooms
Odisha moves centre on reduced intake capacity issue in SCB Medical College
I am working as professor and head , dept of physiology , GMERS medical college , gotri, Vadodara
Needed 2 unit O+ Blood for my friend's mother to Govt. Medical College, MulankunnathKavu, Thrissur before 10 AM...
Harvard's Murphy recovering from medical issue -
Policeman beats wife, mother-in-law for divorce: Both women were admitted to Enam Medical College Hospital in ...
um, excuse me ma'am/sir, I've been gaming for my entire life. I plan to pursue medical practice in college.
Chatwing college gossip University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Chat Rooms
Data Analyst I-Institute for Health and Society at Medical College of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI...
Learn medicine from top UB physicians at Mini Medical School: BUFFALO, N.Y. — If you’ve always been curiou...
Told dad about medical bill and said oh that's not bad! I'm like *** yea it's *** 21grand I can use for college and a truck!
I love when civilians think they know what's best for veterans because they've been to college and know "medical terminology". Leave.
Chatwing college party tonight University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Chat Rooms
Want to learn how to grow and legally provide your own medical cannabis to patients? Enroll for a two day seminar...
ANNOUNCEMENT!!. Santa Barbara Roasting Company now offers 20% discount to:. *Medical Professionals. *All College...
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AND ZHEJIANG MEDICAL COLLEGE enter partnership great opportunity to transform lives
medical assistinh i went to fortis and social working i went to central ohio technical college but thats in Newark
Penn State Executive Programs is helping to develop leadership acumen in University academic medical professionals:
Hartnell college: Monterey county high schoolers and recent grads learning more about careers in the medical field
Dear patients,. Just because I work at doctors office and go to college DOESN'T mean I'm pursuing career in medical field. so please stfu!
"I would say the entire medical community is excited about what we're going to be doing up in Dublin."
Clinical studies conducted by researchers at Virginia Commonweath University Medical College demonstrated that chlorella has the ability to
My brother is off to Johns Hopkins for another medical degree and I'm still an unemployed college grad.😑
Then during and after college I did some bio/medical research and I miss it.
Dr Craig Young of Medical College of Wisconsin evaluating one of the Summer Intensive dancers. We are very...
It's the Medical College Admission Test, an exam that will determine my medical future basically. 😰
medical device sales. An industry I wanted to pursue since college. I'm through the roof w/ excitement of this opportunity.
Dover's Berkeley College sends medical mission to Ecuador
And the winner is. Natalie Rahming has been a global compliance analyst at GE Healthcare since 2011. Her responsibilities include managing transparency reporting initiatives, leading the establishment of a data governance program by writing and executing policies and procedures, and designing, building, and implementing reporting systems. Prior to this role, she was a Clinical Research Coordinator in Neurosurgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin for 6 years. There she organized and managed research protocols and projects; monitored and reported data quality metrics and trends; captured, analyzed, and remediated issues; assured compliance with all relevant Internal Review Board’s rules and regulations; and, recruited, screened, enrolled, and obtained consent from participants. She has also worked as an instructor in Neuroscience for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s PEOPLE Program, and held various internships and research positions both at UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee. Natalie earned her PhD fro ...
Did Krishna exist? Most certainly, says Dr Manish Pandit, a nuclear medicine physician who teaches in the United Kingdom, proffering astronomical, archaeological, linguistic and oral evidences to make his case. "I used to think of Krishna is a part of Hindu myth and mythology. Imagine my surprise when I came across Dr Narhari Achar (a professor of physics at the University of Memphis, Tennessee, in the US) and his research in 2004 and 2005. He had done the dating of the Mahabharata war using astronomy. I immediately tried to corroborate all his research using the regular Planetarium software and I came to the same conclusions [as him]," Pandit says. Which meant, he says, that what is taught in schools about Indian history is not correct? The Great War between the Pandavas and the Kauravas took place in 3067 BC, the Pune-born Pandit, who did his MBBS from BJ Medical College there, says in his first documentary, Krishna: History or Myth?. Pandit's calculations say Krishna was born in 3112 BC, so must have b ...
A delegation of JKAA visited AICTE Delhi to know about the progress regarding release of funds for scholarship renewal cases as well as those who had submitted documents in AICTE for release of scholarship of last session. The visit was successful and grant of those students who had gone to AICTE for submitting lacking documents was released so they are requested to submit their claim forms in their respective provost offices immediately as their scholarship for session 2012-2013 has been granted. The names of such students is given below: 1. mohammad Azharuddin BA 2. Basharat Hassan BA 3. Peer Sufia BSc 4. Neelofar Jaan BSc For release of scholarship of renewal cases, AICTE has requested for some more formalities including utilization certificate of these four students ,individual utilization certificate from JN Medical College and Zakir Hussain College of Engineering and Technology and some more formalities and once they are completed, the grant will be released.
I had an amazing day today with my precious great grandson Liam and his Mommy Skye.. We enjoyed hello time with sweet little hugs and kisses and some silliness he and I enjoy. Those special little smiles make my heart melt. Skye is in Medical College doing so good. Three A's and two B's at mid way.. So proud of her. Pray for her and Daddy Jeremy . We went guess where shopping. Imagine that. Liam always enjoys this You should see his little face. The lights colrs and riding in the buggy. We have a fun time. " Lunch at Chilis, one of our favorite places. The food is and was delicious.He got plenty of attention and he loved it. Mommy and I caught up and had a great visit. Back home we laughed, cut up played balland he crawled up in Granny' lap and I sung him to sleep. He loves music. Skye and I visited a little and I started home. Now you see why I had am Amazing Day. Love my Liam and Skye.
Thursday, June 5 at 8:00 p.m.As the Medical College of Ohio celebrates its founding in 1964, WGTE chronicles the school's history with a new documentary, "MCO: A History of Healing and Teaching."The hour-long film describes, through interviews, archival and contemporary images and footage, how a sho…
medical college viva mein - Prof: you don't know the mech of this drug, even an auto-wallah would know. You: 😐
And then there were girls! Learning to treat a girl (or a woman) as a human being is something the Nilgiri Schools failed to impart. The Josephites ( College) could be excused because theirs was not a co-educational school. But in Lawrence and Stanes where the boys and girls sat in the same class and played on the same field, there still was an aura surrounding the female of the species. Brother Breen, my ninth standard teacher and one of my most lovable pedagogues, noticed this flaw in young Indian men and considered holding “socials” to introduce us to the civilized graces. He thought we were not abnormal but subnormal – like the apes I suppose. Socials did not happen, unfortunately. I am sure the nuns were reluctant to let their girls out. So we were left to nurture and Nature. When we were in the middle classes, we got used to the idea of “dames” – a word I was first taught in St Joseph’s College and which I dared not use on my sisters. We examined these “dames” from afar with mild u ...
Water broke. We are about to meet our baby boy! — at College Station Medical Center
wait…so if i go to college and Medical School, i won't be able to go on the prowl till I'm 32?
Mr. Johns Hopkins was not a poor man. He gave us a wonderful medical college.
I love to go to beautiful places that includes a medical center.
college mein hoon graduation first year and saath hi saath trying my luck in Medical field
students visit the School of Medicine of Universidad de Chile in preparation for their shadowings ...
=) Aw thank you. Well i'm leaning towards the medical field / biology. College is about exploring interests though so i'm-
Efik History A Brief History of the Efik By Onoyom Ukpong, Ph.D. The Efik are an ethnic group settling along the Cross River estuary and the banks of the Calabar River in Nigeria and in the western Cameroon vicinity. The history of their origin and settlements dates back to the fourteenth century A.D., following their migration from Uruan in the thirteenth century, and to the years that marked their first settlement at Ikpaene prior to them arriving at Creek Town and the rest of their present riverine locations. In the antiquity sense of the name, Efik (which derives from the Hebrew word Aphik or Hepik) is synonymous with Old Calabar—both names have been used interchangeably in nearly all historical accounts of the Efik for over six centuries (from the fifteenth to the twenty-first). The Efik aboriginals are recorded to have migrated from Palestine, following the Roman conquest in 63 B.C. and the resulting revolts against the conquest in the first and the second centuries A.D., drifted through Egypt ...
No nod for extra seats at Stanley: Government Stanley Medical College’s bid to renew permission for the...
Job Opening: Biostatistician | College of Medical and Dental Sciences. (University of Birmingham)- UK...
Ozumba is new VC..cuu..let's hope he sanitizes d medical college currently in ruins
An entry test to get admission in medical college.
Relationship between trainers, coaches back under spotlight via
MD path in SDM medical college hospital Dharwad
US Drug Enforcement Administration investigators have visited the homes and offices of Massachusetts physicians...
DEA targets doctors linked to medical marijuana US Drug Enforcement Administration investigators have vi..
Wednesday Memo: Pot luck on medical marijuana …...
There are a few openings at The Medical College of Wisconsin for schedulers! If you are interested let me (or Sarah Cunningham) know and I will give you the information. Must have good attendance, be available to work Mon-Fri, no weekends, paid holidays off, benefits, etc
I want a job in the medical field so I can be prepared when I finish college. 😭
all? lol :D. shifa medical college in isb is the best one, i applied there but test pe na ja ska due to some prblms
We are in Obhur, just behind Batterji Medical college. Call us on 9200 20 723
Music majors are the most likely group of college grads to be admitted to Medical School.
Maharashtra medical college seats down by 500 this year
A perfect representation of the summer between college & Medical School:
Rambo in Canada and college shooter in Seattle yesterday. Stabbing at the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, Va today.
It's a moment of proud for all the JNMCH students From nowhere in Top 25 Colleges in 2013. JNMCH secured the 15th Spot In Top 25 Medical Colleges of Indian in 2014. In Shaa Allah We will make our Contributions to push it further up.
Newly minted doctors talk to WHYY about medicine and their futures as they graduate from Jefferson Medical College:
Employers can cap medical leave at 6 months, court rules via
Strictly adhering to the nutritional guidelines provided by Hollywood Upstairs Medical College. 👍
A lot of students are confused that first letters should be sent by the principals. This effort has already been made by many principals including the Dean of Allama Iqbal medical college who also happens to be the "Chairman Board of Education". And it happened the very next day when the datesheet came out. Uhs seems to be determined on this datesheet and showed no signs of flexibility in response so its our only chance to PROTEST ON MONDAY.
Lmao I remember in Tennessee @ that medical college that man had me not wanting to be a nurse 😭😩💯
Since college, I really wanted to be part of the Emergency Medical Service because of their uber cool…
There was a time when the whole civil lines area was covered by dense trees ..even around the company garden and thorn hill road,in the night after 9 pm ..the rickshaw pullers were reluctant to go towards the Nazreth Hospital side or MLN medical college as at that time many ghost stories were prevalent, even some people narrated their live encounter with spirits,Even in the peak summers,at nights the roads were cool & marooned and a peculiar silence grips with fear and a shiver ran down the spines if you happen to take a rickshaw ride around 11 pm .Who knows ..that those time will be just memories and now gradually the whole place will converted into real estates,even the number of cars out numbers the number of human beings on road.? 360 degree change almost.
Southwestern Medical College became Southwestern Medical School of the University of Texas on 9/1/49
If I could fast forward at least 3 years and be in Medical School I would be content..I could do without the "college experience" honestly.
when we will b in same medical college I.A :p
hey I'm getting accepted to this online college called ultimate medical academy, I'm soo excited about that though.
it's an internship at NWP for business finance in the medical field which is what I'm studying in college 😊😊😊
I finished highschool, I did a semester in college, did my medical assistant course, EKG technician course, and Phlebotomy course.
I'm more excited than ever to say I made a college change to Brown Mackie for Medical Assistant can't mess this...
Likewise except I'm pre pharm but I'll still apply to Meharry Medical College as an alternative
The event would be hosted @ Hotel Shree Ram Excellency,Opp. Medical College, Ratanada, Jodhpur by
Join on 6/9 for a Development Bootcamp Medical College! Register today
I need help from all my fellow RSHT Medical college class mates! I know that we are owed money by the school if we went there between 2009-2011, but who do we call about this?! Obviously the school is no longer there so I'm kinda stuck 😁
So another great performance by the junior DMC debaters: The only team from Dhaka Medical College in IUB Parliamentary Debating Championship 2014, represented by Tasnim Jara and Sanjana Islam, ranks 6th amongst all the teams, Alhamdulillah. :) It feels so awesome to see kids who I myself trained debating from the very scratch doing so well in the tournaments. My efforts were not in vain. They are gonna be better than their not-so-good mentor very soon, insha Allah. Wishing them best of luck in the next round! :D
frnds cmnt fast.Que- Haryana me kitne Medical college h or kis 2 govt me bne ?
Joined as a emergency physician in velammal medical college hospital
Students of 3rd year GNM participated in a dance competition on the eve of International Nurses Day at RG Kar Medical College and Hospitals .The Guest of Honor, Mr Nirmal Majhi (Member of Legislative Assembly, President of Indian Medical Association& Vice President of West Bengal Medical Council). The students of our institute were awarded the 1st prize for their unique dance performance which was a fusion of indian contemporary dance & south korean culture.They performed with utmost professionalism and grace.
Proud to be selected as a Clinical Research Assistant for Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit, A joint collaboration between Mahidol University Thailand & Oxford university United Kingdom with the aim to research and fight against deadly tropical diseases in Asia. Will be working in Chittagong Medical College Hospital which is our primary ground and will stay focussed on Malaria,Scrub typhus,Rickettsial diseases this time with also quite a few interesting research issues. Visit this site regarding our objectives and aims.
Dear IMA Greetings from a fellow alternative pathy qualified practitioner. While I respect and understand your legitimate right to protest, against Maharashtra government decision to allow homoeopathic practitioners to take a one year course in allopathic pharmacology, may I suggest some more effective ways of protest. Today you may go and take charge of hundreds of PHCs across rural Maharashtra that have not seen a doctor for past many years. The people who are used to being treated by nurses and midwives will actually see the face of a real 24 carat DOCTOR and not a so called quack whom they routinely visit for their medical needs. You all are very fond of discussing various health indices and ratios and statistics inside AC conference halls in cities over 5 course lunch or dinner. But here you will get a real glimpse of mal nutrition, infant mortality, maternal mortality, common easily treatable infectious diseases, tuberculosis, diarrhoea, the list is endless. All these are presently managed by the .. ...
Notice ! Notice ! Notice ! Notice ! This is to inform all the 1st and 2nd year MBBS students of Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar that 1st National Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz, Nepal is going to be held at BPKIHS, Dharan dated June 20-21, 2014. Interested students are requested to contact Nobel Medical College, Department of Physiology as soon as possible.
Medical College in Dera Ghazi Khan. Soon Dera Ghazi Khan will be considered part of Lahore by IK and PTI supporters :)
its a *** BRD medical college... unfortunately i posted here... no current.. and today's temp. is 46°C.
When asked a question on women reservation by a female engineer, Goa CM replied: In Goa, our 63% Graduates and post graduates are all girls, and actually I ones thinking of opening up a boys special medical college! Ones a delegation of 1st year students of pharmacy came to me; they had there problems and it had only 1 male student out of 60!! I told that student, I envy you!! So this kind of situation is in Goa, and its On merit, NOT by reservation! So reservation is the NOT the solution, creating a right atmosphere and mindset will bring the change! - Manohar Parrikar, Goa CM
Dear Friends ! An incident strikes down at the bottom of my heart this morning. I got a phone call from a gentleman , calling from Gauhati Medical College, requesting me to donate blood as he urgenty requires the same for one patient. Same kind of call i received few weeks back too. Indeed, I voluntarily donated blood on few occassions when I could know that people were in distress in situation like Guwahati Bomb Blast case in Oct 2008; few unknown cancer patients both in Guwahati and Kolkata. I was inspired to do so because my father was ill about 23 years back and we used to infuse blood to our father almost every alternate day for couple of weeks. Realising such hard facts of life, I voluntarily donatted blood to unknow persons when they were at distress. But, when people contacts me as " Blood Donor in a difefrent sense"; it gives me trouble. I donot instantly dislike the person who contacts me with that sense but I have started hating our system. The noble and humble approach of me ha ...
Salient Features of Chief Minister Punjab's Visit to Dgkhan : 1 ) Arrival in Intense heat of 118.4 Degrees fahrenheit 2 ) I had the honour & Privilege to Drive CM from Helipad to Various Places 3 ) Laying of Foundation Stone of Teaching Hospital 4 ) Formal In-Augration of DgKhan Mrdical College 5 ) At My Brother's Awais Ahmed khan Leghari's MNA Observation , Giving Immediate Direction for Appointment of Board of Governors for Dgkhan's Hospital. 6 ) At My Reminding , Immediate Directive to Expedite the Process of Appointment of VC & PD for Ghazi University . Allocation also kept for Ghazi University in the Upcoming ADP. 7 ) Address to Students of DGKhan Medical College. The honourable CM Punjab Won the Hearts of Everyone by his Sincere Words & Immediate Remedial Actions 8 ) Approval of Fort Munro Water Supply & Chair Lift Project 9 ) Forming A committee chaired by himself and My brother Awais Leghari MNA as the Vice Chairman for Successful implementation to Make Fort Munro an Ideal Hill Resort for South P ...
I know it is a very long post ! I wish people could spend some time in Reading this and realize! My Fellow Humans, You could be the world’s best person on earth or the most talented individual. Who Knows, you might be the richest person born with a silver or even a Platinum spoon. But basically you are a HUMAN BEING. I earnestly request all of you to have that in Mind. A human being could be any one, A Girl or A boy, A male or a female, An Indian or a Pakistani, A maratian or a Saourashtrian, A Tamilian Or a Keralite, Rich or Poor! Never mind, of course all are human beings. There are certain values for Humans. The so called HUMANITY, COURTESY, KINDLINESS, HELPING TENDENCY ! Guys, Even if you don’t have the mind to help people in distress, just at least clasp your lips tight not to utter any sheer nonsense thing worsening the situation. I agree the society is litigious. You might feel like dragging your feet off the scenario than entertaining a helping hand under any emergency situation on road. It i ...
played at the annual students week of nishtar medical college. Got 3rd prize in one man show. A special thanks to sir Nelson William , my great music teacher. :) and thanks to my friends and mates for supporting me and the teachers for appreciating my performance :)
"When d going gets tough,The tough gets going",said Suchismita Aunty, my former class teacher, once to me 2 yrs ago while I was discussing my difficulties wid her, which I think almost every student faces during making that leap from X to XI. Never had I thought that these words would act as an antidote for me during the most arduous times I had to face before the Wbjee. I know I hv already mentioned it a couple of times before & u all must be irritated, by now, of hearing of my sufferings from Chicken Pox.But it had made my job all d harder. With medical seats being slashed down every moment, the mental pressure mounted up each day as I saw only a paler shadow of my former self in d mirror, drained of d earlier strength & vitality before d exams. Last few days before d results were declared I was on tenterhooks. Disappointment & despair set in as I thought I had failed to make d final cut. Today when I saw my rank was 85 in wbjee medical I was ecstatic at the thought of probably making it to my dream col ...
Was supper depressed to see the HS reults . people who were seemed not deserving got away wid more marks... life semmed so unfair.. but bang on .. today those mistakes were corrected...! too happy to see my frnds bir and bireshwar cracking WBJEE 2014 with high dignity..! happy to see people achieve those they deserved congo to both of them and success od their hardwork .. even i m looking forward for the NRS .. the 2nd medical college of Wb ... happy to be in the trio such great frnds and students.. today luck dont favour people who dont deserve and talent wins..
The Fifth edition of Manual of Practical Medicine by Prof.R.Alagappan has been released. In the preface, he has thanked Dr.M.Ramesh (erstwhile postgraduate student) and Dr.B.Karthik (postgraduate student) of Madurai medical college, for their devoted hardwork in revising and updating this current edition.
I am CR of 2nd Year in AIMC.nd i will write an application against this injustice. I want all CRs of 2nd year of all medical college to be doing the same. At least we should try our best to postpone these dates of our proffs... Nd one thing for sure yr hmain apnay respected HODs nd Principal ko is baat pe cnvince krnay ki puri koshish krni chahiye k wo is kaam mein hmara sath den... IN SHAA ALLAH agay ALLAH behtar kray ga... Lekin hmain sath sath serious parhai b start kr deni chahiye cz we cant afford to waste our time now... CRz of 2nd year of all medical college should cme up with their cments below.thanks - Hamza Saeed
At DR sampurnanand medical college new boys hostal, Jodhpur
Four doctor families from Hubli ( V K Revankar, R N Koulgi, B I Mirajkar and H G M Nadagouda), one from Bijapur (R V Yatagiri) and one from Dombivli ( Vasant Chitguppi) toured Europe for the last 11 days and returned today to India. It was a very enjoyable tour. We all are classmates from Karnataka Medical college, Hubli. This was our 3rd tour abroad together.
Kitui Government has pledged over Sh100 million towards the setting up of a second Medical College in Mwingi town. Deputy Governor Peninah Malonza said the project will be accomplished through a partnership with Kenya Medical Training College. She said Kitui government had set aside 12 acre of land for the college that will augment the Kitui town campus.
got selected in Civil Aid Technologies as QC engineer for medical college project in Gulbarga.
Yesterday,I visited U.H.S for the sake of my MBBS degree.The person 'NAVEED HASSAN" present there at the "RECEPTION DESK" of Examintaion branch was expressing his views publicly to some Government Graduates quoting "I dont consider the Graduates of private medical college real Doctors." It was humiliating and i was so furious about his remarks,i just walk into the V.C office and filed an application against him about disowning private graduates using the U.H.S forum.He was also abusing the P.S to V.C on taking my side against him.I strongly condemn this type of attitude from the U.H.S officials especially using U.H.S forum.P.S to V.C has asked me to file another application against him from my respective college. Do all of you think such immature attitude from UHS officials is bearable?A
Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal unit of Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College has begun an indefinite strike from Thursday morning protesting the killing of Tauhidul Islam, a fourth year student of MBBS 49th batch and JCD leader. The strike has started from 8am, said Aslamul Rudra, president of Chhatra Dal uni
My honorable elder brother is very sick, I think and know he is great pious , generous and honest also he is prof.dr Noakhali medical college running. please pray all for my brother's. Allah pardon my brother's
This my special bday. Today I'm going join n Govt Dental Medical college. Kottayam from Calicut medical college . Kindly include me n your prayers. Thank you Ajith Krishna
Read story on Medical College of Ohio's 50th anniversary
.and northwest Ohio community celebrate Medical College of Ohio's 50th anniversary
Mangat Ram Vs. State of Haryana [Criminal Appeal No. 696 of 2009] K. S. Radhakrishnan, J. 1. The appellant Mangat Ram, a member of SC community, married the deceased Seema, a member of the Aggarwal community on 13.7.1993 at Ambala. Few months after the marriage, on 15.9.1993, according to the prosecution, the appellant sprinkled kerosene oil on the body of the deceased and set her on fire, having failed to meet the dowry demand. On hearing the hue and cry, neighbours assembled and took her to the Civil Hospital, Gohana and, later, she was shifted to the Medical College and Hospital, Rohtak, where she died on 17.9.1993. The appellant, along with his parents and sister, were charge-sheeted for the offences punishable under Sections 498- A and 304-B IPC. 2. The prosecution, in order to bring home the offences, examined PWs 1 to 7 and also produced various documents. On the side of defence, DWs 1 to 5 were examined and the accused appellant got himself examined as DW6. After the evidence was closed, the accus ...
Medical College, Pakistan Department of Family Medicine Staff Medical Officer Introduction Aga Khan University invites applications for the position of Staff Medical Officer. Responsibilities The incumbent will be responsible for conducting clinics in the Community Health Centre (CHC) in morning, afternoon and/or evening sessions. Additionally, he/she may be required to participate in some teaching, administrative activities and peer audits at CHC and/or Integrated Medical Service (IMS) clinics. He/she may provide coverage at IMS Clinics/Corporate sites, if required. Requirements MBBS with Diploma (MCPS) or other additional qualification with 5 - 8 years of experience or MBBS with 12 years of experience in a large hospital (at least 100 beds) Ability to work independently and with teams Strong interpersonal/communication skills Proficiency in computer skills, especially in Microsoft Office. To Apply Interested candidates are requested to send their detailed CV to recruitmentshort-listed candidates will .. ...
Talking on to of nurses from Medical College as a part of celebrating International by District Nurses Council.
Scoring best scores thru school,college n getting admission into Medical College..must have made my Mum proud:)
Pro Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, Brigadier S. Ahmad Ali and Prof. M. Ashraf Malik, Principal and Chief Medical Superintendent of the J.N. Medical College with me (Imran Ahmad Ansari) during inaugurated the Laser and Whole Body Puva Chambers for Cosmolaser Therapy and Phototherapy at the Skin OPD of J. N. Medical College Hospital under the management of Department of Dermatology, Aligarh Muslim University.
UPDATES on case procedings. On 3/5 the survivor had a second medico-legal examination in Medical College. On 4/5 she gave a confidential statement before the Calcutta Metropolitan Magistrate's office. The medico-legal exam of 3/5 (just like the primary medical exam on 29/4) flouted several govt. norms, and some of her medical care (testing for STD and preventive medications) were still not done on 3/5. A deputation was sent to the Superintendent of Medical College, giving her a memorandum. Only after that, on 4/5 the requisite medical care/tests were given. Medical College Superintendent in fact took the copy of MoHFW guidelines from us and got them photocopied! Clearly, the government is taking no steps to circulate necessary guidelines. Pursuing this case on a day-to-day basis is teaching us all over again how a survivor goes through a second level of harassment! However, the statement before the magistrate went well without any hiccups. On 4/5 afternoon, we again went to the Amherst St. PS with mass si ...
Bigs and Littles learned firsthand what it is like to work in a medical profession during Medical Explorer’s Day at Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin. This cool activity was organized by Andrea, a Big, and her husband, who is an emergency department doctor at Froedtert. Healthy living, medical career experiences and a behind-the-scenes tour of the Flight for Life helicopter were part of this fun-filled day. Thanks to Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin for hosting!
How do prayer and meditation affect brain activity? Dr. Andrew Newberg, MD, is the Director of Research at the Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine at Thomson Jefferson University Hospital and Medical College, and he has studied the neuroscientific effect of religious and spiritual experience…
Dear Friends, Greetings to you in the name of our savior Lord Jesus Christ. I want to share something about our historical Methodist church in Srinagar. This church was established in 1908 A.D.As a small prayer group. Srinagar is a big town and hilly area of Uttrakhand.Thisis a pilgrim historical tourist rout & places of Hindus (Badrinath , Rudraprayag and Himkund Sahib). So many tourists always passed from this rout. Times to time so many tourists’ visited our Church and attend Sunday worship. Here are so many educational institutions like polytechnics, Medical College, central university, technical colleges, Military academy and many schools. I am really very thankful to God because day by day every Sunday gathering is growing very fast. During this year many students & families have accepted Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior and are attending regular Sunday worship. In October I have given 35 baptisms to young people & families. Our prayer hall is very, small only 30 to 40 peoples can sit. W ...
Who's excited? "RT Medical College to begin recruiting students for De Pere campus in June
20 injured in Kathua mishap KT NEWS SERVICE " KATHUA, Apr 11: Twenty passengers were injured, three of them seriously, when the mini-bus in which they were travelling in turned turtle at Logate Morh near Saar Khad on Jammu-Pathankot National Highway in Kathua, this afternoon. Police said that ill-fated mini-bus bearing registration number JK02AH-7944 was on its way from Nanan Palad to Kathua and when it reached Logate Morh near Saar Khad after crossing the bridge the vehicle turned turtle as driver lost control over it, this afternoon. Twenty passengers including some students travelling in it sustained injuries. Hearing the screams of injured, locals, wayside shopkeepers and police rushed to the spot. They shifted the injured to District Hospital, Kathua from where three injured were referred to the government Medical College (GMC) hospital for advanced treatment. The injured identified as Ashok Kumar, son of Sona Ram of Ghatti, Meenakshi, daughter of Subash Chander of Nagrota and Sapna, daughter of Raj ...
Health Ministry Nod for PG Courses in Medical College: The uncertainty over admission to Post Graduate courses...
Gulam Nabi Azad, Narendra Modi, Mulayam Singh Yadav This is yet another eye opening disclosure further revealing the susceptibility of both the Congress and BJP and the Samajwadi Party to powerful persons and money power. In another similar application of collective clout as in the case of Mukesh Ambani, both the Congress and Modi’s BJP together in a thoroughly despicable manner have, despite the ongoing criminal cases pending against Ketan Desai, restored his clout in the Medical Council of India (MCI). In April 2010, the notorious president of MCI Ketan Desai was arrested[1] by CBI from the Office of Medical Council of India on the charges taking a bribe of Rs. 2 crores form the management of Pvt. Medical College i.e. Gyan Sagar Medical College, Patiala. It was not the first time that Desai was facing the music for his corrupt activities. Earlier also in 2001, the Delhi High Court vide its judgment dated 23.11.2001 has removed him from the presidentship of MCI on charges of misuse of the office of the ...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Dr Anandi Joshi, the 1st Hindu Woman to study abroad & earn an M.D. from Medical College of Pennsylvania (US) in 1886 http:…
Inauguration of Urban Health Mission of India at Freedom park similar to the Rural Health Mission, to take care of people who live in cities. AACP participated in the event to mark the inauguration. Most of the Pharmacy, Nursing and Medical College staff and students were participated in the event. Health awareness programs, kiosks were also present.
To day my loving daughter Rayapu Monica Rachana has created a record in the history of SV Medical College, Tirupati by securing 16 Gold Medals and 1 Silver medal in her MBBS course – She got distinction in all the subjects and in the final year she is the only one distinction candidate in SVMC . The Gold Medals are :1. Anatomy, 2. Biochemistry, 3.Physiology + 4. Best out going student, 5.Microbiology, 6.Pharmacology,7.Pathology, 8.Forensic Medicine +.9.Best outgoing Student, 10.Ophthalmology , 11. Community Medicine + 12. Best out going student , 13.Medicine , 14. Surgery ,15. Gynecology , + 16.Best out going student and only one silver Medal in E.N.T -17. She is also going to get 3 more state medals after completion of her Internship . Our sincere thanks and gratitude to all the teaching and non-teaching faculty of SVMC , Classmates , friends and well-wishers of Monica Rachana for their immense help , encouragement and co-operation for all these years. Hearty congratulations my dear Moni and God ...
Woo-Hoo - - We had a check presentation to the Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr. Carol Williams is the 3rd...
Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant - Transplant Surgery - Medical College of Wisconsin
The first lady doctors from India, Japan and Syria - Christopher Woolf There's a remarkable picture that's been making the rounds on the web recently, and it caught our eye. You may have seen the shot: it's of a group of medical students and they're all women. One's from Japan, one's from India, and the third from Syria. They're all wearing traditional clothes from their home countries. Nothing too remarkable in that, you might say. Until you see the date - 1885. These women were students at the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania (WMCP). I was able to authenticate the image which resides in the archives of Drexel University which absorbed the successor to the WMCP in 2003. And, thanks to archivist Matt Herbison I was able to dig up much more. These women were nothing short of medical pioneers. All three graduated and each of them thus became the first woman from their respective countries to get a degree in western medicine. The most information available relates to the very determined looking woman ...
Rebecca J. Cole was born on this date in 1846. She was the second United States African American woman physician and was the first Black woman to graduate from the Woman’s Medical College in Pennsylvania. Please read and share!
HISTORICAL EVENTs ON MARCH 11th. 1702 - The Daily Courant, the first regular English newspaper was published. 1810 - The Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was married by proxy to Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria. 1824 - The U.S. War Department created the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Seneca Indian Ely Parker became the first Indian to lead the Bureau. 1850 - Woman's Medical College of Penn (1st female Medical School). 1895 - Spanish cruiser Reina Regente sinks in Straits of Gibraltar, over 400 die. 1901 - U.S. Steel was formed when industrialist J.P. Morgan purchased Carnegie Steep Corp. The event made Andrew Carnegie the world's richest man. 1918 - Moscow becomes capital of revolutionary Russia 1935 - Bank of Canada opens. 1955 - Sir Alexander Fleming remembered for his discovery of the drug penicillin dies in London of A Heart Attack. 1969 - Levi Jeans add the latest craze of jeans to their line of Jeans which had become fashionable as part of the hippie counterculture movement together with love beads, granny ...
Death of 154 children in Thar because of poor medical facility. Why government can not announcing Medical College in Mithi Sindh?
Letter from a medical student... Please answer Mr.CM... An open letter to Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, Cheif Minister, U.P. Sir, I am one of the hundreds of students studying in GSVM Medical College, Kanpur persuing what is considered as one of the most prestigious and toughest courses of the world, which takes one of the most talented lot of students in its entrance, MBBS. After the incident that happened in the evening of 28 February 2014 in the campus of GSVM Medical College, Kanpur, I feel dreaded, tortured physically and mentally, lost all my spirit of serving humanity what is my utmost job, and find the hostel or rather the city to live in, UNSAFE. Your MLA Irfan Solanki, along with the support of SSP Yasashwi Yadav mass assaulted the students of a Medical Institute, lathi charged the teachers, destroyed the public property, ruined three of our boys hostels, our bikes, our belongings and worthless to mention books. They also beated the media persons covering the event. The police arrested 26 of our students ...
AIIMS, Safdarjung, Jhansi, KGMU, Allahabad, BHU, Saifai, Agra, Mumbai, Bihar, Kanpur, Gorakhpur all have come forward to support GSVM.people its about our safety.16 students are still missing 2 died more than 10 are critical and 26 sent to central jail.this can happen with anyone of us, why are we quiet??? When will we be a part of this fight against the atrocities?? I request one and all to come forward and fight against this injustice. - Kumari Puja, Medical College, Kolkata
LETTER OF CENTRAL IMA TO ALL DOCTORS, SHARE IT Dear Friends, We have received a complaint from the Students of GSVM Medical College of Kanpur (U.P) informing us about the brutal attack by the Samajwadi Party MLA, Shri Irfan Solanki and his supporters on 28th February, 2014 (photographs attached) In this regard, we had sent a letters to the Director General of Police UP, a copy of the same was also sent to Union Home/Health Minister, Govt. of India, Chief Minister/Health/Home Minister of UP and Superintendent of Police, Kanpur. Today a Press Conference was organized at IMA House, New Delhi (copy enclosed) apprising the media about the atrocity committed by the police and administrative authorities in Kanpur in which we have demanded for the following actions to be taken: Immediate revocation of all charges against the arrested medical students and assurance for their safe transit from the Jail to medical campus. Shri Irfan Solanki should immediately be arrested and FIR should be lodged on attempted murder ...
just in The police has blocked the medical college gate to prevent entering of ARVIND KEJRIVAL into college premises.. ! ARE WE REALLY LIVING IN A DEMOCRSTIC COUNTRY?
height of gundaraj govtmedical College2 final yr students :(
She is an assistant professor of psychology at Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University and a former...
all medical college of Delhi r planning to go on strike ..tomorrow onwards.
Protest against gsvm medical college case by kgmu at saheed smarak lkn
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hats off to all our friends in Meerut, agra, Gorakhpur, Lucknow, jhansi, allahabad, kannauj. ambedkarnagar, bhu, SGPGIMS, and several students of other medical college... you are our strength guys... you made it very clear tht we won't let government play with life of any medico... hum sab sath hai inki toh hum mil kar band bajayenge. the msg is clear aaj ke baad police gsvm Kya kisi bhi college ke students ke sath aisa karne se pehle 100 bar soche... jeet humari hogi we will protest until they secure our futures with our respect. jai hind
Protest in k.g.m.u lucknow.. against barbaric assault and beating of doctors of GSVM medical college,kanpur by police and goons of samajwadi party.. The entire college premises was attacked and every one was beaten up badly, doctors thrown from 1st n 2nd floor of hostels, hostels ransacked, 2 shot,most students badly injured, one ended up being paraplegic, even teachers n principal assaulted... Its time to unite against this gundaraj..
Medical college students n doctors clashe with police and SP MLA in kanpur. 2 doctors in icu.3 doctors leg fratured... one have spine fractured. but no news anywhere... news u will get is "10 patients die coz of strikes by doctor" Shame on electronic media... paper print media. media earns crore of rupee by not reporting also. AND THEN THEY SAY WE ARE UNBIASED , WITHOUT ANY POLITICAL LINK PATHETIC MEDIA AND POLITICAL SENARIO.
MLA bringing indiscipline of Assembly to medical college
Seeing the lawless nature of UP state ,where police and samajwadi party goons are breaking into girls hostel of GSVM medical college late night haressing faculty ,residents and students ,really embarassed by the way doctors are being treated in kanpur
Ganesh Shankar Vidhyathi Medical College campus on Saturday presented a sordid picture of police high-handedness and the pitched battle waged by junior doctors on Friday night.
A day after police raid, GSVM Medical College Campus wears a deserted look.Jr doctors are still in fear after the crackdown. On Friday evening Samajwadi Part...
Totally dumbstruck by whatever happened in GSVM Medical College, Kanpur, India! What do I call it…ruthless, insensate, cold-blooded or barbaric? I have witnessed a few incidents myself involving the brutality of police against medical students when I was in LLRMMC, Meerut but this one seems to have crossed all limits. It’s hard to even imagine the kind of treatment meted out to our fellows in Kanpur. Absolutely horrifying!! And it’s really sad to see the state of affairs in Uttar Pradesh. It’s yet another incident to prove that “Gundaraj” in UP prevails. But the good point is that everyone in the medical fraternity is united in this protest against injustice. Yes, we need to show our solidarity! I wish a speedy recovery for all those medical students injured in this inhumane act and pray to God to bestow at least some wisdom to the law-makers!!! P.S. : For those who wish to know what all happened, please visit and
Torture equivalent to Jalliawalah bagh in GSVM Medical College... police started firing on medicos n they had to suffer severe fractures including spine and pelvis fracture.. severe barbaric act by police.. they are much worse than britishers, is this independent India... a question to medicos
Arvind khejriwal was planning to meet doctors who were victims of brutal attack of supporters of SP MLA and police today in Kanpur. Police closed all four gate of medical college. DM and SSP were on site to prevent news nation!
The real story behind the Kanpur Fight between Irfan Solanki and the doctors : There is a petrol pump right outside GSVM where a handicapped doctor fell down after Irfan Solanki s gunner opened the door of his car and it hit the doctor who was in his 3 wheeled scooter . When the doctor asked him to see before he opened the door , the other guys in the car including solanki came out and started slapping the doctor black n blue . (Irfan Solanki told on tv that he was trying to save an old man whom the doctors were beating ) After this they went off and within no time there was police all over the place along with SSP Yashasvi Yadav who cordoned off the whole area and started beating the doctors . Exact words of SSP to the force were - you guys are well equipped .. go ahead and crack their spines (kamar tode do salon ki) After that the police went on a rampage hitting each and every doctor young or old , male or female . 26 doctors are missing .. they were taken away by the police to some unknown location .. ...
By Rahul Sharma, medica student,GVSM medical college Kanpur This is to inform you that road accident occurred in front of our college gate with the car of Samajwadi party MLA IRFAN SOLANKI .He made this regular day to day road accident as a matter of their pride. They intentionally started beating and abusing medical students .Soon some local passengers passing by road and some of our friends came to solve the matter .He ordered open firing at the student .Some of our friends were shot. Against this we decided to sit peacefully in front of our college gate and protest against this GUNDARAJ. The story didn’t end now. Their supporters and police entered hostel and started beating each and every one they found on the way. Not only students they also attacked teachers whoever came their way. They brutally damaged all the hostels, vehicles,hospital,laptops and everything they found. One of our friend was thrown from third floor.he is badly injured and is now fighting for his life in emergency. We the student ...
last month netaji had inaugurated medical college in saharanpur. Whc is now turn to referral centre for patients.
students at medical college Meerut have given time limit of 6 hrs.if students of GSVM Medical College Kanpur who are held captive by the police are not released unconditionally we will stop all types of emergency services being provided in the hospital.OPD,ICUs,ISU and IPD have already been closed SINCE YESTERDAY .
It's not a tale promo-2 2005 winter Hey Anuridh, where are you man? we got to practice for the freshers night. it was Mike who was searching for Anuridh. Anuridh Patel a 3rd year student of Harvard medical college.. Living in America for last 10 years.. he still wants to go to his home land.. Smart,Tall, fair complexion, a classical singer... a bit nerdy guy... What happens when they meet.. stay tuned to Together forever...
As we are well aware of the act of brutality done on our colleagues in Kanpur medical college where a MLA with the support of local mob and police entered the campus and atrociously beat the innocent students out there. Professors and even the principal assaulted. This is what is happening in kanpur. I strongly urge all the medical faculty of all the states to protest against this massive and heinous act of crime committed by a MLA in support of Police. The media is prohibited as always. Strike has been declared in medical colleges of Agra, Jhansi, Meerut and Kanpur.And the worst news is an innocent student EXPIRED today because of this. Kindly support in this regard.
24 doctors sent to jail from medical college Kanpur.strike continues.countrywide strike is the need of time
Hoonu badhan kany infront of medical college..
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