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Medical Center

Medical Center is a medical drama series which aired on CBS from 1969 to 1976. It was produced by MGM Television.

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Goodbye to the Nebraska Medical Center. Thanks to all the staff for taking great care of Kaleb.
My sister's dogs got out of the fence this morning. She found one next door but the other one is still missing. His name is Roscoe and he is a very friendly dog. He went missing near Briarcliff Park and Houston Medical Center. Please let me know if anyone has seen him. Her and her boys are very upset. He is the one on the left in the 2nd picture.
Mrs. Lottie Mae Brown, age 85, of Perry, Florida, passed away April 19, 2014 at Tallahassee Memorial Regional Medical Center, following a sudden illness. Funeral arrangements for Mrs. Brown are incomplete at this hour and will be made public at a later date. Final rites are entrusted to :Trinity Funeral Home of Perry, Inc. (850) 584-9620, Anthony M. White, Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer
Friends and family... My Dad is back at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center in room 212 East...
My sister's dog went missing near Briarcliff Park and the Houston Medical Center this morning. If anyone has seen him, please contact me. Thank you. He and her two boys are very sad.
Calming Scents, a Fox17 news report on the use of doTERRA essential oils in the emergency room at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN. (Scr...
Good Morning Friends!! It IS a Beautiful one again. Thanks for all the nice comments I received on our gig for Children's Medical Center yesterday. I'm sure it did as much for all of us as it did for the kids and their families and I'll be back to do it again if they want us there. And with that said, now I am looking forward to a nice weekend with the Family. Going to see my Son and his wife and the grandkids for a bit and then me and Mom are going to pick up our cousin ,Sue at the airport. Hoping you all have a joyous weekend. I may be a bit "Out of Pocket" here but I will check in from time to time to see if anything "Earth shattering" is going on. Wishing you ALL an Amazing Easter and Easter weekend. Stay Blessed and KEEP ON SMiLiN'!! :-D
Visiting grandma at hershey medical center and I wish everyone can pray on her :)
Looks like a lovely day to go to Salisbury VA Medical Center
Ciera Justice, 8, holds her 8-day-old brother Gunner, left, while her sister Ava Justice, 7, holds their twin brother Gage, right, on Friday, April 18, 2014 in the pediatrics intensive care unit at Hurley Medical Center in Flint. "You're a...
well rockers...I have to tell you about one of my awesomeist friends...bob the bait shot due, we always jokes about him being half blind bob...well..he has suffered a stroke on good Friday and well he is now in upstat medical center...I guess it was a pretty bad one too...I met him a few years ago..and when I did he owned the bait shop and when I told him about the hammerd compound and invited him up here for the first time he told me that there was no way in *** he was going to leave his place because his bait shop was open 24-7 and he didn't want to disappoint the fisherman...but in time we both warmed up to each other and he finally came up...he loved it so much up here and getting out of the house he helped me build a whole lot of stuff out back here...bob was in his 70's back then...and we became awesome friends and he helped put the stages and was around for a lot for the building of the compound here for the festivals I used to do and just about at every party here too...he always encouraged me t . ...
By the way: I was told by our electric company to contact the Mason/ Mitchell fund for help on our electric. My husband is a veteran with cancer from the Camp Lejeune toxic water. We were in disconnect on the electric and because the VA medical center yanked a couple of hundred dollars out of Robert's check this month without warning for teeth he had to have removed due to health issues, we couldn't come up with the past due amount on our own. 2 weeks ago I contacted the Mason/ Mitchell fund. They knew we were in disconnect and knew when we would lose our electric. I filled out their application for help, sent all the supporting documents and waited. I thought for sure they would help. The 15th came and that was the day we would lose our electric. No word from the Masons. I couldn't get them to answer their phones either. I called the electric co and explained that we were waiting for word from the Mason's and so the electric company gave us an extension to the 22nd. She seemed aware of how wor ...
BREAKING NEWS: Fredericksburg Police Department officer Bradley Durst was shot once in the neck and once in the abdomen around 2 a.m. Saturday during a routine traffic stop in Fredericksburg. The motorist then fled, leading officers on a chase over several counties, before he eventually crashed in San Antonio and was taken into custody. Durst, who was able to radio for aid, was taken first to Hill Country Memorial, then to San Antonio Medical Center, where he remains undergoing treatment, according to family members. More updates will follow.
Woke up to wonderful news and immediately thought of the words spoken to me by my brother, Sam Varughese, during my Chaplaincy evaluation at Children's Medical Center: "You are an organization waiting to flourish." Amen & amen!
National Veterans Wheelchair Games Philadelphia VA Medical Center is hosting the 34th National Veterans Wheelchair Games, Co-Presented by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Paralyzed Veterans of America on August 12-17 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This event is FREE to watch, so come out and support the 600 Veterans who participate in these sporting events. This is the largest wheelchair event in the world. Click the link below to learn more.
Boston Strong: Three Boston Medical Center emergency room nurses who cared for the wounded after the bombs exploded last year at the finish line are running the Boston Marathon on the hospital's team in honor of their patients. Amy Peterson was grocery shopping,Karen Hogan was doing yard work & Nancy Johnson was relaxing at home when the bombs went off.All three dropped everything & rushed to the hospital..Their story in today's Boston Herald, page 6... Awesome story, Boston Strong!!!
Today - FREE Event - Spring Carnival Literally thousands of eggs, tons of games, inflatables, lunch will be provided - location moved to Cowarts Baptist Church due to the weather. Cowarts is only about 5 minutes from the Southeast Medical Center on the circle in Dothan Alabama. Come join us today from 11-1:30.
Finally on our way home paisley temp finally broke at 5 something let's just say it has been a long night I was only home from work 1 hour and a half than back at the medical center ugh but paisley white blood count was 14.8 and normal is 10 so sent us home with bad respiratory infection and a ear infection so on antibiotics for ten days and we go see Mayfield next week! ! Thanks for all the prayers calls and txt I appreciate it
Please pray for Kolton! We are being transferred to SUNY Upstate medical center at this point all we know is he has hyperkelemia at 7.0 and we will go from there once at the new hospital!
Hi, guys! I might as well say once and for all that I'm back in the hospital AGAIN. I'm at Franklin Square Medical Center. It's due to those same leg skin problems, this time w/ blisters (regular blisters, not the kind filled w/ lymphatic fluid) on the bottoms of my feet. Bottoms of my feet became red and very painful. That suggested the onset of INFECTION! I even had to go to the hospital by ambulance due to my painful mobility. (The blisters resulted from a flat-footed person like me warring those special glorified soft casts so much lately for the lymphedema problems). Just for your info, not for any pity, and to explain the peace and quiet you have been enjoying on FB since Thursday afternoon, I thought I'd tell you where the *** I have been hiding. I'm doing better now (rap on wood) and may get my "Freedom Pass" real soon!
WE MATCH YOUR EBT PURCHASES UPTO $10 1:1 with the Market Match DOUBLE EBT PROGRAM AT ALL NORTH OAKLAND FARMERS MARKETS. Check us out at 5715 Market St behind the Arlington Medical Center this Saturday 10-3pm and stay for MaMa Ka Soy NOODLE SOUP made with ingredients grown in Oakland by the MaMa Ying and support the Phat Beets Produce Incubator Kitchen!
DURANT,OK -- A local medical center is going to be losing money over a federal lawsuit.
Ok had the nuclear stress test and did fine. My dear friends at the medical center indicated that my EKG looked great but warned that the pictures need to be looked at by the Dr. Can I say that those ladies were wonderful during the whole process. They were so reassuring during the entire process. Never had one anywhere else but I can't imagine a better group of people.
Couldn't take the pain today so thanks to Mark Mimbs for taking me to the Medical Center. My blood pressure was abnormally high (caused by pain). Dr. Kolbie is totally concerned and has the ball rolling to get some things checked out, ruled out or fixed. I have a severe UTI and had no clue. He gave me a shot of antibiotic and pain med. Monday, I will have a sonogram done on my tummy and he is scheduling me an appt. with Dr. Bedingfield to check my gall bladder and liver. Just one more thing to add to the list!!! Thanks for the PRAYERS and much love always. I am PRAYING for you all everyday also:)
What kind of a man would do such a thing? Jack Tilley, a Sergeant Major of the Army, was with a group of people who recently were visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC. He saw a Special Forces soldier who had lost his right hand and suffered severe wounds of his face and side of his body. Sgt. Tilley wanted to honor him and show him respect without offending, but what can you say or do in such a situation that will encourage and uplift? How do you shake the right hand of a soldier who has none? He decided to act as though the hand was not missing and gripped the soldier's wrist while speaking words of comfort and encouragement to him. However, there was another man in the group who knew exactly what to do. This man reverently took the soldier's stump of a hand in both of his hands, bowed at the bedside, and prayed for him. When he finished the prayer he stood up, bent over the soldier, kissed him on the head, and told him that he loved him. Sgt. Tilley was awed by the . ...
Lord, i lift up to You the speedy recovery of Brothers Chito Merza and Jun "Domeng" Platon who are both confined at the Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center (CHMC)...You are the God that Healeth Thee... You are the Lord our Healer.
Northwest Medical Center: A complete joke. A surgeon who just leaves without speaking with the family of the woman she just operated on?
We have just spoken with a nurse supervisor at Arnot Ogden Medical Center- Arnot is NOT on lockdown this evening, and never was. You are free to enter and exit the hospital without any problems.
Just checked my vm and it was a vm from, a medical center they seen my resume.thing is they called from Connecticut sho I didn't answer, but I filled out an app for that medical center n Clinton township. So I hope when I reach them, I still get the opportunity. Well I hope it's the medical center n Clinton township n not Connecticut lol
Great news!!! Told you Sunrise post was double entendre!!! See you all my friends, nurses , docs, staff of the best and biggest ( more than 700 beds) in Vegas: Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center! I start May 14 th!!! :) --- Annette J Flanagan, Faith Marie Unite, Angela Tomaselle, Shandel Downing Trotter, Teresa Irene Reyes Inna Peter
The Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducted an audit of the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center's Engineering Service after getting a tip on their hotline.
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Just spoke with Ziggy. She is at Hunterdon Medical Center Room 321B. She's on intravenous antibiotic and will be for a few more days. If all goes well she may be home Monday. Let's pray she is feeling better soon We love you Ziggy. 💞
When she lost her job . . . Guess what happened? Wow, she must have been really good at her job. At the top right hand corner of page 17, of the New York Post, January 24, 2009, was a column entitled, "Replacing Michelle" in the National Review. Here it is as it appeared: And I Quote; "Some employees are simply irreplaceable. Take Michelle Obama: The University of Chicago Medical Center hired her in 2002 to run 'programs for community relations, neighborhood outreach, volunteer recruitment, staff diversity and minority contracting'. In 2005 the hospital raised her salary from $120,000. to $317,000. nearly twice the salary as her husband made as a Senator. Her husband, Barack Obama, had just become a U.S. Senator. He requested a $1 million "Earmark" for the UC Medical Center. Way to network, Michelle! Now that Mrs. Obama has resigned, the hospital says her position will remain unfilled. How can that be, if the work she did was vital enough to be worth $317,000? Oh, and let me add that, Michelle's positio . ...
TRAFFIC ALERT in Washington County--- a two vehicle accident is causing delays this evening on 70-W. The accident happened just before 5:30 at the Sharpsburg Pike exit, and emergency crews have traffic down to one lane. According to dispatchers, one person was taken to Meritus Medical Center for minor injuries. They’re expected to have the road cleaned up and reopened within a half hour.
~ ATTENTION!!! This is from Chavis Greenard a message that he sent to me... I have to go to LSU Medical Center in Shreveport where my Aunt is admitted. I'll be leaving in less than two hours. I don't know what's going on other than updates on her condition and other information, but most of the family is on their way now as we speak.
Leaving with transport now, taking Dad to Greenville Vidant Medical Center, Neurology Dept. Room East 327.
I am so excited, I will be donating 300 bunnies to childrens hospital and 100 bunnies to My local NICU at Community regional medical center. As most of you know Jayden was at Childrens Nicu and Joshua was at our local nicu in Fresno.
Jackie and I spent 3 hours at the Medical Center surgery center today for his pre ops.We have to be at surgery center Monday at 5:30AM for heart bypass surgery at 7:30.He has 9 blockages and we already know they cannot repair all of them but Dr Brown will repair the ones he can.Dr Brown is a fantastic surgeon.He did Jackie's bypass surgery in 2004.Asking for continued prayers for the best outcome and healing for Jackie. Also pray for me as well.God has blessed us more than we deserve.I hope everyone has a blessed Easter.
Substance abuse can be a struggle for many college students, but the University of Kansas Medical Center is taking action. Click here to see how KU is improving substance abuse prevention and treatment at colleges across Kansas.
Thanks for giving me 3 different addresses UCONN Medical Center. That's just a small hassle.
The Seminole County Sheriff's Office is asking the public for any information about a homicide which occurred this morning at 7334 Fieldcrest Avenue in Winter Park. At approximately 3 a.m. deputies responded to the residence after receiving a call about a disturbance and shots fired. Arriving deputies found Stephen Beglare, 44, injured inside the residence. He was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he later succumbed to his injuries. Investigators determined that Beglare and his wife were inside their home when she awoke to a disturbance and additional subjects inside the residence. She ran to a neighbor’s home and law enforcement was called. She was not injured during the incident. The subjects involved fled the area. A description of the subjects is not available for release at the present time. SCSO is aggressively investigating this case and following up on leads. Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477)
If you haven't purchased your Easter's a perfect time to run by Winans! Miller Lane, Dayton Mall (behind Rusty Bucket), Beavercreek (across from the Soin Medical Center), or Maineville.
"In reviewing the case, the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center has determined a warning in lieu of a citation is sufficient in this case," a statement released by the VA stated on Thursday.
No I hadn't forgot: My daughter."Mikayla Bryant (Love) was born on "Good Friday"...21 years ago at..Minden Medical Center... weighing in at almost 8lbs...via Cesearean Dr.Russel...and Dr. Kemmerly. I was so happy and distraught at the same time LOL!!.being .I hadn't had a child in almost 11 years. So on today Happy "Good Friday" to you "Love"...(and also to everyone else) Enjoy..and may you be blessed with many many more.
Our Heinrich is HOME, YAY. Tish and I are so Happy that he is back. He is still not 100% but I will say that the Staff at Yucca Veterinary Medical Center, LLC were amazing and great with our Babe Heinrich. Thank you all for helping us with our Heinrich and we will see you in 2-3 weeks. You all have our Business from here on out. Thank you again To DVM Sanchez and his Staff.
Screaming from North Oaks Medical Center in Hammond La. To Eastern New Orleans Happy Birthday To My Sister Sivira Dapremont!!! I hope you enjoy to the max because you deserve it sweetie! I Love Youu!
In case you didn't hear, Lindsay got a job at Southern Vermont Medical Center in the mother/baby unit!! HOORAY!! Throughout this entire ordeal she maintained diligence, strength, and hope. She truly has a heart like a lion. The hospital closed on a Friday and she was prepping her résumé and cover letter by Saturday. She didn't let the unfortunate circumstances keep her from doing what she loves. SVMC is lucky to have her and the incredible skill set she possesses. You're a truly incredible woman Lindsay Moran. I can't wait to tell Brixton someday about how life stacked the chips against you and you smashed them down and demanded a new hand. You inspire the rest of this family to work as hard as you do. Congratulations, Sweetheart! ♥♥♥🚼
Day. Dad will be leaving RML Specialty Hospital and moving back to Advocate Christ Medical Center today. For sure. So they tell us. I'll believe it when the ambulance transport shows up. The last two days have been exciting. The trach tube has been completely removed. Yesterday, the nose feeding tube was removed! Dad's sense of humor, on sabbatical for a few weeks, is back in full vigor. The nurse, washing him underneath his arms, asked "are you ticklish?" Dad's reply: "No, I'm Polish!" His smile is back. He wins the hearts of everyone he meets. How can you not cheer for him? Yesterday's physical therapy session was grueling. The Stand Assist frame is gone. The therapists had Dad standing at the edge of the bed, with their full assistance, and standing as long as he could (or was safe) and then sitting down to catch his breath before doing it again. Despite some pain and major discomfort, Dad kept pushing to do one more. It was his call, until he was finally too pooped to continue. What a to ...
I got the eggs filled and the baskets for the kiddos done!! Going to see the Hubby at Arnot Ogdne Medical Center then off to work. Feeling good today :)
Just scored my second interview at U.T. Medical center!
Dear Cross Roads Prayer Warrior Friends, One of our Own Pam Harris Smith is in need of our Prayers...She found out yesterday that she has cancer & she is going to OU Medical Center Thursday to see a doctor there & will know more than on the treatment plan...Father God, we lift Pam up to you for a Total & Complete Healing of this cancer...we thank you in advance Father God for your Healing Power and we ask that you lead the doctors to know the best plan for Pam and may her healing be Total, Complete & Expedient...we Give you all of the glory Dear Heavenly Father...We ask all of this in your Most Precious Sons Name, Jesus Christ...Amen & Amen...Pam will keep us updated on her condition and we will Pray for and Expect nothing short of a Miraculous Healing...God Bless!
Calling All Prayer Warriors! Please, please, please add my mother-in-law, Vedis "Jackie" Gillum to your prayer list. She is in the UK Medical Center getting ready to undergo hip replacement surgery after falling yesterday. She is in a lot of pain, has numerous other health issues not to mention she is 2 months away from being 80 years old. Thank you in advance and may God bless you one and all.
Jardons Medical Center for cosmetic and bariatric surgery
Pray for my brother Ralph. He was hit by a falling tree limb and air lifted to Carolina's Medical Center in Charlotte. He has brain injuries, 3 fractures in his back and a broken rib but is awake and aware. Thanks for your prayers.
I hate what has happened to some of of the TJ employees. My mother made the decision to leave there in 2006. She had been there going on almost 22 years as a surgical tech. She continued her education to surgical assistant and decided to make a move to The Medical Center in Bowling Green. Mom was at shock to hear the horrible news, I, myself wasn't. I knew it was a matter of time. My mother could have possibly been apart of the ones who lost their jobs this week. I am so thankful she is still fortunate enough to have a job but we are praying for all those who had to say Goodbye. This is why I have never relied on one source of income. Nothing is promising anymore.
Who Works at USC Medical Center?? Are you interested in getting involved with their Integrative Medicine Program? Let me know and I'll get you connected with their RN representative!
Off to Medical Center to list house I sold to a couple three years ago.then time with the family...a rare occasion lately!
Officials with Lane Regional Medical Center in Zachary said the hospital's phone service is out. They said a construction crew severed a cable line that knocked out phone access to the hospital.
According to a spokesperson from Lane Regional Medical Center the hospital phone lines were accidentally cut by a construction crew Friday morning.
DOD Identifies Army Casualty The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. Spc. Kerry M. G. Danyluk, 27, of Cuero, Texas, died April 15 at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Germany, of injuries sustained April 12 when enemy forces attacked his unit with small arms fire in Pul-e-Alam, Logar province, Afghanistan. He was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, N.Y. RIP. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.
Well at centennial medical center with Charles Clark .he just went back now get to sit and wait.
Accident w/ Fuel Leak (Frisco) Multiple Frisco and Plano units are working a major accident involving a large truck and multiple vehicles on EB 121 feeder road at Parkwood. Major fuel leak. Hazmat is assigned. At least 1 patient with serious injuries will be transported to Medical Center Plano via Plano Medic 2.
VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE - PLEASE READ: We have a scheduled time and date for the "family meeting" we mentioned. It is Wednesday May 14th at 1PM at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. This meeting is for anyone who is interested in being tested to see if you are a match to be a donor for Peter. They will take some blood and give all of us the information on the entire transplant process. Even if you don't want to be considered as a donor, you can still attend this meeting just to get the info. Anyone who can't attend in person will be able to be conference-called so that you can hear the meeting from afar. *In order to attend you MUST register with the nurse practitioner, Liz Cruz, by sending her an e-mail at: ecruz1let us know if you have any questions. This meeting is CRUCIAL in finding a matching donor for Peter and we are really hoping to get the ball rolling ASAP as he will be starting dialysis once his catheter site heals in the next few weeks. Thank you all for the continued support. We are so close to Pe ...
I always feel important when I walk into the KU Medical Center Library ...not sure why that is since I know nothing about the profession ... But hey I will go with it for now !!
I would like to thank Ogden Regional Medical Center for saving my Father's life back in April 2006. It has now been 8 years since my Father almost died from Uro-Sepsis that destroyed the electrical part of his heart. I had to get him transported from the hospital that almost killed him, and I almost got arrested in doing so, because they were not going to call an ambulance to let me transport him to another hospital. Ogden Regional literally saved his life. They were not sure he would make it, and neither was I. They got him on IV Antibiotics for over a week, where the other hospital put him on cheap generic pill form antibiotics. They also called in a cardiologist for me, and an internist, because there was no way that my Father would have been able to go to any appointments. It took a year of getting him healthy enough to get a pacemaker, and then after a year, they tried to change their mind, and I had a fit. The VA did not think he would live 5 years, and the protocol was not to give him one i ...
To all our relatives and friends, please join us in praying for our cousin, Bobong Chloe Capistrano Vista as he is in critical condition at Western Visayas Medical Center in Mandurriao, Iloilo City... Thank you very much!
Coffee may be good for the heart Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Harvard School of Public Health, concluded that drinking coffee in moderation protects against heart failure. They defined 'in moderation' as 2 European cups (equivalent to two 8-ounce American servings) per day.10 People who drank four European cups on a daily basis had an 11% lower risk of heart failure, compared to those who did not. The authors stressed that their results "did show a possible benefit, but like with so many other things we consume, it really depends on how much coffee you drink." DO NOT FORGET THAT JESUS CAN ALWAYS MAKE YOUR HEART SING... :-) -bCx
H/T Jo Dowdy A construction worker was hit with a federal fine for refilling his drink without paying the 89-cent refill cost. He says he didn't know refills at a VA Medical Center came at a price, and Wednesday, during his lunch hour, he was slapped with federal charges of shoplifting, a $525 fine and told not to return, even though his job was at the VA. What do you think of his punishment?
So heres the deal... I have packages all over my house pulled or in the process of pulling!!! I have contacted many of you about payment. PLEASE let me know what you want to do so I can get them GONE! We are leaving for The Children's Hospital at Albany Medical Center at 11:30 where we may be admitted today. I have been warned the Eva will stay for quite some time if she does go in!! PLEASE take care of this if you can. I know Easter is Sunday too :)
I have been retired for 5 months. Yet today -at 630 in the morning--I received a call from the AOD @ Martinsburg VA Medical Center to come in for an emergency. A patient in ICU had died Not surprised in the least.
You're all invited to attend Healing Mass by Rev. Fr. Joey Faller on April 21, 2014, Monday 630pm at Metropolitan Medical Center, 8th floor College of Nursing.
Please pray for Wendy Waters Benka... she is the lady who started this prayer chain for Ben and continues to pray for our family... She is in South Georgia Medical Center and is very ill. This is the last post that I have seen regarding her condition from her sister, Michele Waters... Update on Wendy: Doc just came in. Said X-rays looked good. She does have diverticulitis but for now going to treat with antibiotics. Prayer Warriors please pray for NO SURGERY and the meds can kill the infection! Maybe the Easter Bunny will be hopping by the hospital Sunday to visit Wendy...sounds like she's gonna be here a while. Thank you for the continued prayers...please keep them going up.
El Centro Regional Medical Center is proud to offer women’s health services at its El Centro and Calexico Outpatient Clinics.
Well today was quite an adventure. I had an appointment with my primary care doctor (PCM) at Tripler Army Medical Center ( TMAC). It took me 20 minutes to find a parking spot. I had to walk a mile to get to the mountainside entrance and walk all the way to the Oceanside or front. It was like going through a maze. So I finally reach Family Medicine Clinic (FMC). Then hand my ID to the receptionist who hands me a folder and tells me to go back out the door and turn left go all the way to the nurses station. So I get to the nurses station and place the folder in a bin that says, "drop folder here". And take a seat. I was called within a few minutes to get my vital signs and all that fun stuff. And was take to an examination room where I sat for an hour waiting to see the doctor. Well he finally makes his way in and as he's looking up my files he is apologizing for taking so long. But before I left, after two hours of being there, I ended up with two shots, a prescription and blood draws for lab work ...
I learned of what has struck your family from Teri R., my dear friend. In 2002 my husband had an accident with severe brain trauma and was airlifted to University Medical Center (as it was called then). They saved his life. He had brain surgery, an ICP monitor, multiple other fractures, 2 bouts of pneumonia, 2 abdominal surgeries, was also in a medication induced coma, etc. AND he lived and has done so very well. So never give up. It is a tough battle . for you and for Blake (although he probably will remember none of this). Jim Davis was our trauma doc, I loved seeing him on rounds in the morning. He is a wonderful, skilled doctor. Am sure Blake is in good hands. Be there as much as you can. Put photos up, for Blake & the staff. Ask questions. Take rest breaks. Pray. Remember to eat. You all can and WILL get through this. "It's a marathon, not a sprint". The brain is a powerful and mysterious thing, capable of so much. We'll be keeping Blake and his ICP numbers in our hearts and in our p ...
I wanna send a big shout out to Camelback Medical Center for offering their excellent chiropractic help, keeping me healthy for this fight
Little Giant Ladders
Hey Hutchinson Regional Medical Center "Promise (not to care) Hospital" - what happened to QUIET and RESPECT for the patients in your emergency department!?!? When someone comes in with a raging migraine, sound & light causing extreme pain, bouts of nausea and vomiting, unable to walk unaided, etc... You DON'T put them in a waiting area full of loud, obnoxious adults who are actively riling up toddlers and making them make even MORE noise! You put them in the nearest dark, quiet place you can find as soon as possible!!! And, if you can't get them somewhere like that, you get your staff out to make other people be quiet and behave and turn off the TV and turn down the lights and ENFORCE the patient respect that you USED to be known for.
Veterans who often circle the packed parking area at Dorn VA Medical Center looking for a spot will get some relief in a couple of years.
Requesting prayers for two wonderful women in Winchester Medical Center, Olivia Henderson has double pneumonia and Dot Davy Double pneumonia and Heart Attack. Prayers for them and their families
Sweet little Harvey is on his way to his foster home with his foster mama Tammy Jo Johnson. He is in the best hands and we are thankful to Dr. Matt Fehr and Animal Medical Center for taking such wonderful care of him and fixing his little legs. He has a road to recovery ahead but he will be just fine!
Mimi Francis (Bullard) Rudy, age 62, of Winnabow, N.C., died Monday, April 14, 2014 at Duke Regional Medical Center in Raleigh, N.C. of heart complications. Mimi was a longtime resident of Syracuse, N.Y., moving to Courtland, Va. in 2006 and retiring to North Carolina in 2012. Mimi Rudy was born in Syracuse, N.Y. on Jan. 1, 1952, the daughter of the late Robert L. Bullard and Mary (Francis) Bullard. Mimi attended Lyncourt Junior High School and Solvay High School in Syracuse, N.Y. She received her BA in Theology from Rosary Hill College in Buffalo, N.Y. She received her MA in Elementary Education from SUNY Oswego. Mimi was an avid lover of music. When young, she danced ballet and later taught dance in Lyncourt, N.Y. She also appreciated the music of orchestras and bands, seeking out open air concerts every summer wherever she was. She expressed her creativity later in life through a newfound love for quilting, crafting intricate art in fabric alongside close friends. Mimi taught for many years in both pub ...
Medical Center E.R. When you are a floor nurse be nice to the ED nurses even though they are bringing you new patients, they will take care of you quickly when you are sick. Sick but grateful!
Admitted to Boston Medical Center. Pain is getting worse. My whole leg is 3x normal size. Having MRI tonight to see if infection is in bone. Getting PCA now for pain.
We are pleased to announce that Prime Healthcare Service’s Foundation is donating $10,000 to the two students cared for at Shasta Regional Medical Center after the Orland bus crash accident. It’s our hope that this gift will help make the student’s educational dreams, become a reality, as well as support the family’s healing process after their life altering event this past week.
Any audiologists looking for a job? I just saw online that "Cooks Children's Medical Center" in Fort Worth is looking for an audiologist.
Everyone please keep my aunt, Rita Lynn Myers, in prayer. She was admitted to LSU Medical Center's Intensive Care unit. She's been sick all week and now she's in for having a light stroke and light heart attack. From what I know, she's doing a little better, but still I'm requesting prayer for her and her husband. Thank you and may the Lord bless you all.
I got to interview some of the Green Bay Packers today! (My dad would be so jealous!) They stopped by the Norway Schools and the VA Medical Center. I'm going LIVE at 5CT to talk about it. Join me! Here's Brad Jones at the VA:
DONATIONS NEEDED: Child Life is looking for items to fill our spring baskets, which will be given to patients staying at the Medical Center later this week! Donation examples include trinkets, stickers, stuffed animals & plastic eggs. We ask that items be brand new and in original packaging. Please note, candy or chocolate will not be accepted. Drop off your donations at the 1st or 2nd floor security desks located at 282 Washington Street. As always, we thank you for your generosity and support!
Hello FB friends and family, My Mk unit has taken on a project to bless the children in the Scottish Rite, Children's Medical Center and Cook Children Hospital in Ft Worth with a gift for Mother's Day. We are looking for sponsors who would adopt a child (s) for $20.00 each. We will put together a gift bag for each Mom so that the child can present to their Mom on that special day. My goal is 100! It was such a blessing last year because we were able to take care of 1500 children. Thanks in advance♥ you can inbox me for payment options. This is a tax write-off for you.
Hey everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all THIS Sunday at 12pm for the Career Event! Spread the word to any friends and family looking to network, learn more about different career opportunities or just drink some really great chai! Here is a sample of some of the firms that will be represented: Intrinsic Games, Morgan Stanley, Naam Development, CityView, Tarsadia Foundation, Sony Pictures, DKN Hotels, USC Medical Center... and the list goes on. This will be a GREAT networking opportunity! Questions? Message us: Bhavini Bhakta & Krishna Dahya
Mom update/send prayers please: After a week-long wait, my mom is scheduled for surgery at Tuft's Medical Center, Boston, tomorrow at 1:00pm to replace the leaking mitrial valve in her heart. She will remain at Tuft's until she is stable enough for placement in a cardiac rehab facility. Prayers always work so a few more would be appreciated. (Ironically, they will use a cow valve, my second most favorite animal after dogs. Actually, I think I might have been a cow in a previous life so only good things can come of this surgery.) Will send an update tomorrow afternoon. Thanks in advance.
Mr. Charles Wesley Smith, 67, of Manila, Arkansas, passed away on Monday, April 14, 2014 at St. Bernard’s Medical Center. Mr. Smith was born on March 3, 1947 in Manila, Arkansas to the late Clyde and Ethel Wright Smith. Mr. Smith enjoyed working on cars, especially his toy, a 1937 Jaguar . Survivors include; his wife: Rosemary Smith of the home; six sons: Charles Wesley Smith, Jr. of Florida, Ryan Smith and wife Valerie of Indiana, Roger Smith and wife Cindy of Michigan, Thomas Smith and wife Teresa of Michigan, Mark Smith of Michigan, and Chris Smith of Leachville, Arkansas; one daughter: Jamie Kilby of Manila, Arkansas; fourteen grandchildren; and a host of other family and friends. Memorial services will be held at his home, 3932 West County Road 246, Manila, Arkansas on Friday, April 18, 2014 at 5:00 pm under the direction of Faith Funeral Service.
just an update on our daughter Sleda Kitchens she has been transferred to Medical Center of Peach County for rehab. Still no feeling in hands and legs as she continues to fight this Miller Fisher Syndrome which is a form of Guillain-Barre syndrome. She started rehab on Monday and we pray that this will get her to where she and walk and use her hands so she can get home been a long 4 wks! She is in room 100 at the Medical Center of Peach Co, 1960 Hwy 247 Connector, Byron, Ga. 31008. Her amazing husband has been great trying to work, look after her and their son Jordan. It is not easy to be away from your spouse and feel so helpless but he is amazing. Prayers are still needed that God will heal her according to His will because we know He will get us through this.
If you would like to send a card of encouragement or get well wishes to Sleda here is her address: Medical Center of Peach County, Sleda Kitchens Room 100, 1960 Highway 247 connector, Byron, Georgia 31008
The destination of this train is Heath St./VA Medical Center:
Tristan and Vincent would like to thank everyone for their support at their bake sales at the Rotary Vendor Show and Lingles. Their Youth Leadership Program project was to raise money to purchase hair dryers for the Medical Center and they are pleased to let you know your support has made this a reality. This truly is a caring commnity. Thanks again.
Barbara Crowley, MD, Executive Vice President, MaineGeneral Medical Center, will be a guest on the next Maine Calling on MPBN Radio Monday at noon.Tune in to hear Dr. Crowley talk about how the Affordable Care Act is changing the way Maine hospitals deliver services. She will talk about the Emergency Department Collaborative Care Management Initiative, which was piloted at MaineGeneral.This initiative achieved a 33 percent reduction in emergency department visits by the hospital’s 35 highest emergency department users.This required looking at the whole patient, not just the immediate illness. For example, did the patient have a place to live? Did the patient have access to medication? More information can be found here:
Art of Giving gives back to Dell Children's: At Dell Children's Medical Center the hospital held its second Ar...
Hangin' out with friends supporting Dell Children's Medical Center and Ronald McDonald House!
Got jabbed in the eye doing yard work. (@ John D. Dingell VA Medical Center -
It's official... Rita Eykamp will be presented with the prestigious Steward of St. Vincent de Paul Award at the 27th Annual Cornette Ball to be held Saturday, October 25th, 2014 at the West Baden Springs Resort. Please join us as we celebrate and honor Rita's lifetime dedication and support of both Welborn Baptist Hospital and St. Mary's Medical Center and her commitment to improving healthcare in the Evansville community. To make your reservation for this year's Ball, please contact Brooke Wagner at (812) 485-5850 or brooke.wagner
Death and memorial Main articles: Death of Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson memorial service Jackson's Star with flowers and notes on it Fans flocked to Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, adorning it with flowers and notes on the day of his death. On June 25, 2009, Jackson died while in his bed at his rented mansion at 100 North Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills district of Los Angeles. Attempts at resuscitating him by Conrad Murray, his personal physician, were unsuccessful.[234] Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics received a 911 call at 12:22 (PDT, 19:22 UTC), arriving three minutes later at Jackson's location.[235][236] He was reportedly not breathing and CPR was performed.[237] Resuscitation efforts continued en route to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, and for more than an hour after arriving there at 1:13 (20:13 UTC). He was pronounced dead at 2:26 local time (21:26 UTC).[238][239] Jackson's death triggered a global outpouring of grief.[234] The news spread quickly online, c ...
OVERDOSE RUMORS and FACTS The Sheriff's Office has been contacted by several citizens concerned about overdoses being reported in the last 24 hours in QA. Some have even heard a rumor of several deaths due to heroin. While heroin continues to be prevelent in Maryland and there's no denial that there is usage in QA, the rumor of multiple OD deaths is completely incorrect. In the past day, there was two medical calls for the same woman at a motel for a substance used to get a person off heroin. In both cases she was transported to a local hospital and she survived. Charges are pending. Another incident involved a male in his late teens who admitted to smoking marijuana. It's suspected he used prescription medication of a family member. A search failed to located any drugs. The male was transported to AA Medical Center for treatment. We are aware that MSP handled a suspected heroin overdose in a vehicle north of Centreville. The subject was revived and the case remains with MSP. Again no death occurred. We a ...
Kettering Health Network is looking to hire a OFFICER II – SECURITY in Hamilton, OH Job Details: of Security and/or shift supervisor the officer… Medical Center. The officer fulfills the duties of a security officer and/or security dispatcher and other…
Hey guys! Here's a recap... Ideas from the last meeting: - Letter Writing Campaign - NAHS Partnership to create a mural for our veterans in MW - Thank You Wall (for people to post thanks, similar to the secret wall last year where people anonymously posted their secrets...except less scandalous!) - Memorial Day celebration (need some ideas for this, coming up soon after APs!) - Veteran Speaker to visit MW - Summer Volunteer Program at the VA Medical Center (will be getting more information on this program) Start thinking of possible Memorial Day ideas! See you guys tomorrow!
April 11 & 12 Join Sikivu Hutchinson, Carol Downer and others at the emergency speak-out in Los Angeles on Friday, April 11: 7pm at United University Church USC Campus, 817 W. 34th St., Los Angeles AROUND THE COUNTRY, tune into the LIVE national WEBCAST: Friday April 11, 7-9:30pm EDT Abortion Rights Emergency WEBCAST Host a viewing party and tune in wherever you are at In New York City: Advent Lutheran Church, 93rd & Broadway, 7-9:30 pm Speakers include: Dr. Willie Parker, award-winning doctor at the last abortion clinic in Mississippi Sunsara Taylor, writer for newspaper, leader of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride, and initiator of Merle Hoffman, CEO of Choices Women's Medical Center, which has provided abortions and other health services to women since 1971 Donna Schaper, Senior Minister of Judson Memorial Church, on her own abortion and why we must defend this right Marge Piercy, poet, novelist, memoirist, via video message: "It was a time when ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Gangsta..if you didn't have these you weren't Real..@ Dell Children's Medical Center of Central…
I still have not been assigned a judge/my superiors at the John Cochran VA Medical Center are still giving me bad references of
It’s been just over a year since former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes began making headlines for her erratic and strange behavior. After being forcibly hospitalized and treated at UCLA Medical Center, it was reported last October that the actress was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorde
ALICE DAUGHTERS September 12, 1937 - April 6, 2014 Send Card BIOGRAPHY Bookmark and Share Featured Picture Send a Sympathy Card Alice Daughters, 76, of Winner, SD passed away on Sunday, April 6, 2014 at the Sanford USD Medical Center in Sioux Falls, SD. Funeral service will be held on Friday, April 11, 2014 at 10:00am at the United Methodist Church in Winner, SD. Burial will follow in the Winner City Cemetery. Visitation will be held on Thursday, April 10, 2014 from 5-7pm at the church with a prayer service beginning at 7:00pm. Alice Eileen Keyser was born on September 12, 1937 in Boise, Idaho to Joseph and Elizabeth Keyser. As a young girl, Alice and her brother Larry, along with her parents lived in various placed across Idaho and Washington before settling in Seattle. Alice attended Holy Names Academy in Seattle and graduated in 1955. Alice embarked on a career as a stewardess with United Airlines in 1959. Her travels took her to many areas of the United States and gave her the opportunity to meet many ...
Update on Momma: We started at Texas General hospital but they didn't have the equipment or surgeon to fix her finger so we went to Medical Center of Arlington. They stitched up her finger for tonight and we'll have to go to Parkland tomorrow for a surgeon to fix it there. She's in a lot of pain and stressed. Please be praying for healing and for peace.
JFK Medical Center in Edison unveils new emergency room
clinicians at Medical Center began sharing notes March 1 in electronic records with patients
Clown Visits Kids at UVa. Medical Center: On Monday, patients at the University of Virginia Children's Hospital...
"If Stephen Spielberg walked into UCLA Medical Center...they don't give him a scalpel." - S.B.
important notice...ANy of you that got letters from DOD exposure re Kamishea Alert to this message and call to volunteer if you want to Greetings Gulf War Veterans, I am a research scientist at the San Francisco VA Medical Center and UCSF. I am posting this message be...
R.I.P. Harvey Korman Comic actor Harvey Korman has died at 81, according to the UCLA Medical Center.
I was a Administrator Secretary at the John Cochran VA Medical Center for 15yrs i held down the department, I was to evaluate document and
Learn about the most accurate test for bone diseases from our Medical Center of Excellence Cleveland Clinic. .
there is a lot of sick Service Men And Women and many of the hold government jobs...when i was at the John Cochran VA Medical Center it was
We had a great time helping Marianne's Rentals for Special Events at The Children's Hospital at OU Medical Center...
The Mentor Public Library has partnered with Lake Health TriPoint Medical Center for their "Born to Read"...
Beginning tonight and for the next week CarolinaEast Medical Center's facade will be lit up in blue to honor fallen New Bern Police Ofr. Thalmann. To all of our local law enforcement, fire and rescue crews and other first responders: thank you for your service and your sacrifice. We appreciate you today and every day.
Ct scan to prove I might have a brain.. (@ University of Tennessee (UT) Medical Center)
Megaworld Invites you to the The Faces of Luxury at Uptown Bonifacio Global City Luxury reaches new heights at Uptown Bonifacio, Megaworld's newest township development project in The Fort. This 15-hectare community will be the grounds for all new luxury residential condominiums and mixed-use business and commercial developments optimally designed for cosmopolitan living. With a location fitting to the elite of one of Asia's fastest advancing cities, Uptown Bonifacio is well placed to cater to the fast paced lives of today's young professionals and growing families alike. In the heart of Bonifacio Global City, the township will be within the vicinity of several of the new CBD's popular landmarks, such as Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, the Mind Museum, Bonifacio Highstreet, and the Fort Strip. First class health care and education will never be far with St Luke's Medical Center and the institutional zone mere footsteps away. The Glamorous Face of Luxury The only all suite address in Uptown Bonifacio, U ...
Working on New Shows Daily. Adding April 18th , Benefit for Children's Medical Center -Dallas with DAVID ALLEN!
.Medical Center has the first lab in the country to find stem cells in an adult bladder - …
Looking for in St. Louis, MO? St. Anthony's Medical Center is now
Breaking News: Community Medical Center to be bought by Billings Clinic and Tennessee ...
Going to get hubby — at Alvin C. York VA Medical Center
Makati court OKs Napoles hospital confinement from MANILA - The Makati Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 150 has approved the petition of alleged pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim Napoles to undergo surgery and hospital confinement. However, Makati RTC Branch 150 Judge Elmo Alameda did not allow Napoles to be confined at her chosen hospital, the St. Luke's Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Instead, Napoles was allowed to undergo surgery and confinement at the Ospital ng Makati, a government hospital. Alameda earlier said that while he understands the medical condition of Napoles, he also has to note that Napoles is still a detainee and thus cannot choose which hospital she goes to. "Mas pinili po niya yung government hospital... Kasi siyempre tinitingnan din po ng korte yung pangangaliangan ng akusado lalo na we put in issue here the health of the accused," Makati RTC Branch 150 clerk of court Diosfa Valencia said on Friday. "Tinitimbang din po ng korte... Kailangan di ...
Great work being done by Mary Eimers at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica: A different way to help
Taking my kidd to visit their grandad (at St. Mary's Medical Center) —
Just got this beautiful note from Marci at Connecticut Children's Medical Center. To those of you who came to our holiday party in Dec. please read this note. See the kind of difference you have made! Xoxo
Please get a prayer chain going! Mr. James Williamson has been rushe to Medical Center in Macon ,he is has had a heart attack,was shocked 2 times going to macon...People we need to be praying..Pass this along . Pray that he overcome this!Pray fpr his family. Keep the prayers going! We know the power of prayer...
St. Mary's Medical Center: Is it allergies or is it a cold?
One thing's for sure. St Mary's Medical Center has better wifi than Kaiser
St. Mary's Medical Center's Department enjoyed the cookie basket they won in the contest a couple weeks ago!
SF Supervisors to Speak in Favor of Proposed Soda Tax: At the meeting, held at St. Mary's Medical Center at 22...
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite & Cohen Children's Medical Center of NY joined the Zoofari Project!
AHA Basic Life Support Training Course Batch 19 March 23, 2014 Prime Dagupan Review Center is the ONLY American Heart Association authorized training site in Northern Luzon , in line with Philippine Children's Medical Center, an AHA - authorized Training Center with Dr. Florentina Ty as the Training Center Coordinator and Dr. John Fernandez as an AHA Faculty (BLS-HCP, ACLS, PALS).
Matched at Mercer University/Medical Center of Central Georgia in Internal Medicine! Very happy and blessed.
PC will be passing along our biday gifts by making cards for both Scottish Rite&Children's Medical Center! Please stop by&help us celebrate!
Dr. Rodney Jay, ER and Sports Medicine physician with Davis Hospital and Medical Center shares information about...
Now feeling groggy with high dosage of pain relievers/narcotics. If pain will not recur (i hope) within the day, I maybe discharged before 5pm today (20 March 2014) and will be treated as out patient under medication (mostly pain relievers) and strict observation with hope & wish that I will not reach the point where I need to undergo operation. - 11/F St. Luke's Medical Center, Fort Global City.
News Update: University Medical Center partners with the Tennessee Department of Health to reduce infant deaths
University Hospital and Medical Center urges all adults to get regular blood pressure screenings to alert...
Kylie is hurting again. Please say a little prayer for her! — at Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas
Yes,deliver appropriate care in the community, rather than try to suck it back into the Medical Center (mother ship).
Before we donated a big bag of Teddy Bears for the children in the oncology unit of the Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women & Children in Honolulu, we decided to let them have a little fun around Waikiki. Here are just a few photos of our "tourist" bear, Mr. Button, seeing the sites and making some new friends around Honolulu.
Hood JH update: 34 taken to Medical Center; 30 students & 4 staff members. All stable and will begin sending them home soon.
All purpose parts banner
Late check in by 25 years! ;) (@ Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center) on
Should sideline reporter at the Big East Tourny for Fox have in her notebook Duke University has a Medical Center.
Clinical Faculty Spotlight! The UW Speech and Hearing Clinic would like to spotlight our newest clinical faculty member, speech-language pathologist Heather Krug. Heather's clinical focus is on working with adults with neurogenic communication disorders (aphasia/CVA, traumatic brain injury, concussion) and voice. She obtained her master's in Speech-Language Pathology from Indiana University. Heather have additional certification and training in reading and dyslexia. Her clinical experience includes past work in acute inpatient, rehab, and outpatient settings. Heather most recently worked as the Polytrauma Speech-Language Pathologist at Alvin C. York VA Medical Center in Murfreesboro Tennessee, working with Veterans with cognitive-communicative changes related to concussion and blast injury. Welcome, Heather! Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders University of Wisconsin-Madison
New of Horizon BCBS of New Jersey and JFK Medical Center includes care coordination payments
Who's ready for the Irish Balloon Fest & Carnival?. Starts tomorrow - Balloon take off from the VA Medical Center...
Here it is! The official program for "The Drowsy Chaperone" at the Dothan Opera House! Inside you will find all the info about the fantastic cast and support staff as well as the people who care deeply about the theater and arts in Dothan! Special thanks to the folks that made this show wend its way to the stage: - The Mike Schmitz Auto Group: Mercedes Benz/Mazda/Hyundai - Al Simmons & Aero One Aviation - Pepi Foods - Joshua Sik and the new feature film "Christian's Carol" - Ed Lafontaine from Ted's Jewelers - Marley & McGee Design - Firestone Wood Fired Pizza & Grill - Women's Medical Center - Back and Neck Pain Clinic - The Bencze Theater at Wallace College - Merrill Lynch Wealth Management/ B. Scott Parsons - The Nature Gallery - MH Yoga Health Stiudio - Dothan OBGYN - The Tom West Real Estate Company - Troy University - First United Methodist Church, Dothan - CapSouth Wealth Management Services - Whitehall Assisted Living Community Please patronize these fine folks and businesses a ...
The injured trooper in Ohio Turnpike crash Andrew Clouser, 29, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo in intensiv…
Educational tour (with Bosz, Thomas Jorell, and 3 others at St. Luke's Medical Center) —
ER - St. Joseph Job Description - STAFF NURSE ER / NEW GRAD HIGHLY ENCOURAGED (1404280) STAFF NURSE ER / NEW GRAD HIGHLY ENCOURAGED ( Job ID : 1404280) - EMERGENCY SERVICES About This Position Join our team of professional and passionate health care professionals who are committed to the well-being of our patients and provide patient care based on competence, professional expertise, knowledge and evidence based practice. Our Staff Nurses are critical to the success of St. Joseph's Medical Center and require the full understanding and active participation in fulfilling the Mission of Dignity Health. It is expected that the employee demonstrate behavior consistent with the Core Values. Staff Nurses assesses patient/family health problems and resources, takes a leadership role in the development, implementation and outcomes evaluation of a plan for nursing care provided by the nursing team. Provides technical nursing care and interventions to designated patient populations. This position requires providing . ...
Veterinary Receptionist/technician (Medical Center): We are looking to expand veterinary assi...
Good evening fbf Here I am again asking for prayers for my grandson MALIK, was taken to Children's Medical Center in Dayton today, MALIK has sickle cell anemia, and he is in a full crisis at this time, please,help me keep him in prayer, my house seems empty when my little man isn't here. THANK YOU! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.
* LOCATION CHANGE * The Hazardous Materials Awareness class taught by Jason Smith (hosted by Medical Center EMS) beginning tomorrow (Tuesday, March 11) will be in the Board Room at the Medical Center main entrance.
We went to the St. Luke Ministry Center tonight to hear the DNR* Band, a local group made up of doctors and other medical personnel. They were doing a benefit for a St. Luke mission, Naomi's Village, an orphanage & school in Kenya. Several friends are in the band: Mac Molnar, surgeon (bass); Vincent Nicolais, Chief of Internal Medicine at the Medical Center (trombone); Jeff Jones, family practice doc (guitar); Vincent Naman, plastic surgeon (keyboards); Joe Surber, hospitalist at St. Francis (trumpet); Frank Saucier, Emergency Dept. at the Medical Center (later known as Mid-Town Medical Center)-(drums & vocals); and Nicole Gill, family nurse practitioner (singer). They are a great group with a powerful sound and plenty of energy. It was a lot of fun. *Do not resuscitate. Oh, and the only non-medical doc, Bill Fry, PhD in Music (sax). There are three other fine players whose names I don't know, but, I will learn them.
One more day! :-) (@ 10th Floor - South Wing, St. Luke's Medical Center, Global City)
Two people were taken to U.T. Medical Center after a shooting in East
Candles burn at the site of a deadly shooting at Medical Center Drive and Union Street on Thursday.
The Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held on the Medical Center lawn on Saturday, April 19 @ 10 a.m. sharp!
Happy birthday to the first Ronald McDonald Family Room in the nation that opened in 1992 at KU Medical Center.
KU Med Center to create multiple sclerosis center: The University of Kansas Medical Center plans to open a center...
I feel like I'm on Grey's Anatomy or something.. All the nurses and doctors in this medical center are so *** attractive 😍
It is with deep sadness that I must inform you a child from our community has died after being struck by a vehicle while waiting for the school bus. I know there are many questions, but I cannot offer much information, as I must protect the privacy of this child and her family. I can confirm that the child was a second grade student at Juniper, and she was with fellow students who were waiting for the bus at Sycamore and Peach when she was struck by a car. The child was airlifted to Loma Linda Medical Center. All other students were safely delivered to school. The principal and teachers at the school are keeping a very close eye on these children, in an effort to offer the support that they might need as they process this devastating event. There are also two counselors at the school to meet with children as needed. Our hearts and thoughts are with this family, as they face the unthinkable. Please help me offer them the support they deserve by keeping them in your thoughts. David McLaughlin Superi ...
don't forget Mardi Gras is on April 4. get your tickets from Joanne Gauthier or Dr. Mary Banda at Mercy Medical Center
My mom woke up sick today she is at Russell Medical Center right now. Will let everyone know what's happening when she gets through.
Dear our customers all stuff of pet medical center are transfered to 104 hassan almaamon nasr city we are waiting u
The immediate threat of a tornado impacting the medical center has passed, however, the tornado warning remains in effect for Pinellas County until 12:30 PM EST. Please remain vigilant and take necessary precautions.
KOAP at Victor Valley Global Medical Center. Thanking the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, SWAT, and CA Hospital Association for training and development in how to respond to an Active Shooter. Great job VVGMC
Some confirmed teams for April 4th--Searcy Medical Center, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, USAble Life Insurance, and the Scott Kimberly, Ben Stanley, Charlton Thiede, and Adam Hooten team!
please go see at the Nebraska Medical Center while you are in town!
Well frm the looks of things me and stphen r gna be here in omaha nebraska for awhile... to day I applied for a cashier job at the food court here inside the Nebraska Medical Center. Crossing my fingers tht I get the job. gud luck to me!!!
Glendale Adventist Medical Center specializes in quality health care with state-of-the-art facilities in a comfortable, family-friendly environment.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I'm tired and sleepy, wish they hurry up! @ St. Michael's Medical Center
that is so cool! I moved to houston so when I finish my undergrad I can go to med school here. Medical Center=My paradise
KLPX is inviting you to get in on the TMC Mega Raffle! Proceeds to benefit the Tucson Medical Center to help...
Thank you to Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano for being this month's sponsor. Women's Division: Building...
Hey our co-worker Gina bought pizza for usChildren's Medical Center Orthodontic team
In case you've missed me, I've had a temporary health setback & just did 8 days in Pocono Medical Center. Let me express my thanks & respect to all the personal there! They do service & are kind as well as sincere ! KUDOS POCONO MEDICAL! Ps I'm on the mend 'you'll not take me yet! HA!
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month fact of the day: Colorectal Cancer is the most common cancer among both men and women, but also one of the most treatable. Talk to your doctor about how to complete a screening kit (FITkit). Early detection is simple, painless and easier than you may think! On Thursday, March 20, LAMC along with other Southern California Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers will join together in a colorectal cancer screening day. Be part of this life saving event. More information to come.
Hey, y'all! I'm working on an article about the Texas Medical Center and need some good stories/comments about your experience. DM me!
Casa Grande Regional Medical Center is possibly the worst hospital in the entire country. I don't think anyone here understands Hippa or the fact that they are getting paid to care for patients.
Q. Is my Medical Director covered on my current policy if he/she performs treatments in my clinic?
"Texting while driving has now surpassed drinking and driving as the leading cause of death among teens, according to a new study. More than 3,000 teens die annually from texting while driving, compared to about 2,700 for driving under the influence of alcohol, according to a study by Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park. Despite a national ad campaign and a national dialogue on the dangers, the study reveals stunning new numbers: 50 percent of students text while driving and half of high school kids who drive said they text behind the wheel, CBS 2′s Carolyn Gusoff reported. “The reality is kids aren’t drinking seven days per week — they are carrying their phones and texting seven days per week, so you intuitively know this a more common occurrence,” Dr. Andrew Adesman, Chief Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Cohen Children’s Medical Center told Gusoff. Adesman, the chief author of the study, found that laws against texting while driving are not effective. Fifty-seven perc ...
Whew! Doc appt., wait, X-ray, wait, medicines, wait, brace shop. Each place at opposite end of medical center from previous. Doc says I am way ahead of schedule on activity etc. Right now I am so pooped that if I ever get home I might not get off my recliner till tomorrow. Bring on my blanket and fireplace! :-)
Innovation to improve access to health-resources in non-urban areas (chance to change shape of health delivery too):
A new study from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center looked at outcomes in regards to the two surgical...
Children’s is the sixth-largest pediatric hospital in the U.S. With two main hospitals, over 5,000 employees, and a strategic alliance with UT Southwestern Medical Center, Children's treats over 450,000 patients a year.
Hamilton Collection
CHESTER: Dorthey Renea Caudill, 51, left us to be with her Lord on March 4, 2014 at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC after a brief illness. Funeral services will be private. Born on June 27, 1962 in Denver, Colorado, Renea was the daughter of Lorene Caudill of Yawkey, West Virginia and the late Thurman Caudill. She was a graduate of the schools of West Virginia and Marshall University. Renea was employed at Piedmont Medical Center as a coding compliance analyst and a member of MCC Church in Charlotte, NC. She was an enthusiastic animal rights supporter and volunteered in animal shelters while living in Myrtle Beach, SC. She had a love of life and often said that she tried to leave a smile or laugh with everyone she met. Renea was greatly loved by many friends and family. In addition to her mother she is survived by her companion and friend Pamela W. Robinson; four brothers, David Smith of Denver, CO, Brad Vineyard of Chicago, IL, Joe Vineyard of CO and John Vineyard of OK, two sisters, K ...
Have Christians lost the culture war? Todd Starnes | Feb 20, 2014 2:15 PM EST The culture war may be lost and religious liberty might not be that far behind, according to a new survey from LifeWay Research, the research arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. Seventy percent of senior pastors at Protestant churches say religious liberty is on the decline in the United States, and 59 percent of Christians believe they are losing the culture war. Eleven percent considers that war already lost. The survey results are staggering - indicating grave concerns about the moral direction of the nation from both the pulpit and the pew. "Ten years ago we were talking about who would win the culture war, and now we're talking about how will Christian rights be protected after the culture war," Ed Stetzer, the president of LifeWay Research, told me. "We've lost our home field advantage. There are going to be some things that are different." Stetzer said it's a big shift, "and it's a shift I would not have g ...
Buffalo to open first ever birthing center to also offer abortion services.
Waiting three hours in Vanderbilt medical center is bad enough, but the loud mouthed woman talking on the cellphone for the past hour makes it unbearable. Hope her battery dies soon.
Today my daughter in law is in LA, at UCLA medical center. She Is Having problems With The twins. I am praying so that God will let them live. We all need a prayer and blessings. God is great and powerful.
We would like to thank you all for supporting Your support aides wounded at the Walter Reed Army Med…
Ocean Township Police seek publics assistance/witnesses in hit & run crash that left victim with broken neck On 02/24/2014 at approximately 08:15 am, Officer Kathleen Delanoy responded, along with officers from the Tinton Falls Police Department, to a report of a hit and run crash involving a pedestrian. Officers arrived to find an 81 year old man who had been walking across Green Grove Road toward the Tinton Falls Plaza. Witnesses reported seeing him being struck by a newer model 2-door white BMW. Witnesses report that the vehicle had just left the Tinton Falls Plaza and was being operated by a white male driver in his 60’s with gray or white hair and wearing sunglasses. Witnesses also stated that the vehicle had a partial New Jersey registration of either “CCW” or “CWW”. The vehicle continued northbound on Green Grove Road toward Deal Road. The pedestrian suffered a broken neck and a fractured left knee and was transported to Jersey Shore University Medical Center for treatment. Attached are t ...
MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center helps a patient exchange vows ! Love is in the air!
New CNL job posting from the CNL collaboration community: "Are you recruiting CNLs or seeking a CNL job position? CNC’s CNL Job Bank is designed for CNL job seekers, employers, and recruiters. Below are some of the positions currently listed on the CNL Job Listing page: Brookdale Senior Living, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of senior-related services, is accepting applications for RN Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) positions in Florida, Kansas and Texas. Iora Health has a Bilingual Nurse Innovator position available in Phoenix, Arizona. St. Lucie Medical Center in Florida is currently recruiting for a Clinical Nurse Leader in its Progressive Care Unit. For more information, contact Dana Reid, CNC’s Coordinator, at dreid
Currently at Cox Medical Center waiting for Amy to go into surgery.
Hurry up and wait to set up my realtime for a doc's depo! — at INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center
The Affordable Health Care Act have you confused? We will host a community forum and open enrollment event on March 10 beginning at 9:30 a.m. at the Pepsi building. This event is sponsored by Enroll Virginia. Certificed Applicatn Counselors from Paths Medical Center of Danville will be present. Call (434) 797-8848 for more information.
Breach affecting University of Pittsburgh Medical Center employees bigger than initially reported
Jeff drazan surreptitious code of laws stuck, bertram medical center wins swan song (b-as far as-b) coat of the...
FYI: Barb Schumacher, 74, died Feb. 27 at the Hays Medical Center. Born Jan. 8, 1940, in Ness City, she was the daughter of Charles W. and Pearlann (Reynolds) Petersilie. On Dec. 5, 1981, she married Ken Schumacher in Great Bend. A resident of Great Bend since 1957, coming from Bazine, she was co-owner and operator of Kansas Door, worked in several flower shops, was an administrative secretary at Fuller Brush and was an Avon representative for 20 years. She enjoyed fishing, water sports and traveling, especially, wintering in Texas. Her true love was spending time with her grandchildren. Mrs. Schumacher was a member of the Trinity Lutheran Church, AMBUCS, and several bridge clubs. Survivors include her husband, Ken Schumacher, of the home; two sons, Rick Tomlinson and his wife Debbie of Great Bend, and Miles Schumacher and his wife Stephanie, of Windsor Heights, Iowa; two daughters, Teresa Wondra and her husband Kevin of Great Bend, and LeAnn Gill and her husband David of Sioux City, Iowa; one sister, Wan ...
Plz like and recommend our page on FB Elaf Homeo Medical Center
This girl has a job interview Monday at Nebraska Medical Center👍👏
Faxton St. Luke's Healthcare and Saint Elizabeth Medical Center announce official affiliation: you think the public will be better served by the
Join Team In Training for our NEW and EXCITING Healthy Start Program, with the Shore Medical Center 5K or 10K.
A jury awards $7.5 million to a couple in against a medical center in Alabama. Get the details via …
If you all are looking for a job, don't go to Casa Grande Reginal Medical Center, if you do wait in till a year or 2 or 3. In till banner takes over.
Parkview Regional Medical Center says 16-year-old Jaid Rex of Topeka is in critical condition following this morning's crash on SR 5.
The driver was taken to Meritus Medical Center. Traffic is getting by at this time, on the shoulder.
St. Petersburg, Florida: A Florida woman is offering to sell one of her kidneys to pay off a hospital debt. Ruth Sparrow ran an ad over the weekend in The St. Petersburg Times. It read: "KIDNEY - Runs good. Taking Offers." Sparrow is serious. She owes $20,000 for gall bladder surgery, and wants to pay it off. She says both her kidneys work fine and she's willing to part with one to settle her debt. She offered one directly to Bayfront Medical Center, which turned it down. The newspaper has stopped running the ad, since selling organs is illegal in Florida
Jaid Rex was flown from the scene to Parkview Regional Medical Center.
I checked in at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery on
Driving like a demon and making it to Baylor Medical Center in record time. Thank God for fast cars.
I just want to thank everybody for the thoughts and prayers for my sister. unfortunately she isn't doing much better but the doctors and nurses and the rest of the staff at integris Baptist medical center are some of the most caring and amazing people I have ever been around. I just want all of my friends and everyone at the hospital that I love all of you so much and your thoughts and prayers mean so much to my sister and our family. I am truly blessed to have all of you as friends
1955 Indian Medical Center not up to the job. New $155M facility will replace it.
Waiting on my sisters. I thought I'd make myself comfortable. @ Asheville Children's Medical Center
OVERTON COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE PRESS RELEASE SCAM ALERT The Overton County Sheriff’s Department would like to alert citizens that calls are being made to residents of Overton County with a person stating that they are with the Cookeville Regional Medical Center. The person is saying that they need background information from the residents and requesting personal information such as Legal Name, Date of Birth, etc… Sheriff WB Melton would like to remind residents not to give anyone personal information over the phone. Identity Fraud is on the rise and we do not want anyone to be a victim. ~ Overton County Sheriff, WB Melton
.first VA medical center in the nation to achieve redesignation of Magnet status twice.
Lavaca Medical Center will have hosting a Blood Drive on Monday, March 10th in their parking lot. The Drive will be from 1:30-5pm and all presenting donors in March will receive: a chance to win a pair of plaza level SPURS tickets(parking pass included); a T-shirt; a mini physical; and a $10 HEB gift card. Help save a life on Monday.
Everyone at Mercy Medical Center who helped with this video has been touched by breast cancer in one way or another. Many have had mothers, sisters, wives, e...
The Virginian-Pilot October 22, 2011 CHESAPEAKE A woman who was dropped off unconscious at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center and then died earlier this month was likely bashed in the head with a shoe. And the man police believe may have been responsible for her death...
For those of you who have been praying the past few months for April, our Mississippi friend, here is her obituary. Such a beautiful person!! (I've tried to copy the picture, but it won't come through) April DeLoach Madison April DeLoach, a loving wife, mother, sister, and friend, is now with the Lord after a courageous battle with Leukemia. She was 37 years old. April passed away Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. Visitation will be on Thursday, March 6, from 5:00 to 9:00 pm at Broadmoor Baptist Church in Madison. Funeral services will be held 11:00am Friday, March 7, at First Baptist Church Madison with a visitation beginning at 9:00 a.m. Following the service, interment will be in Parkway Memorial Cemetery in Ridgeland. April was born September 14, 1976, in Jackson, Mississippi. She graduated from Madison Central High School in 1995, earned a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Mississippi State University in 1999, and then received h ...
Who can pull some strings at the Medical Center x-ray department? I hate having to wait especially when it involves one of my kids. The possibility of having to wait until Monday for the result is pure torture!! Not expecting BAD news but hearing "we didn't see anything abnormal" would be great! Wishful thinking for fast results, I know. A momma can pray for it though right? :)
Susie's press release regarding Justina Pelletier. Susannah Whipps Lee, Candidate for the 2nd Franklin District seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, today criticized the Patrick administration and DCF for not confronting, or rectifying what Ms. Whipps Lee referred to as a “miscarriage of justice and an assault on the family.” “I cannot just sit by quietly, like the Commonwealth’s progressive caucus, when we have rogue state agencies like DCF, who have failed to protect the life of at least one local child, and has literally stolen another child from a loving family.” Lee said. Lee's comments reference the recent story of Justina Pelletier and her family, where a dispute between doctors at Tufts Medical Center and Children's Hospital resulted in an unfounded claim of medical child abuse against Pelletier's parents, Linda and Lou. This charge effectively ripped Justina away from her parents, who were rightfully advocating for their child's treatment , and placed her in the custody . ...
Story: Was feeling pretty crummy yesterday and told myself I would go to the Mercy Clinic the following morning. Went to the Clinic and was promptly advised to head to the OU Medical Center located here in Edmond. After further blood tests and X-rays, the doctor believes that he has a solution to a mild nagging abdominal pain that has been occurring since beginning of January. Currently I am all drugged up and advised to limit my activity for the next couple of days. We all know I will be in class tomorrow morning... LOL Thanks to all who said a little prayer for me today, I appreciate you all!
Anniston Runners Club, we need a volunteer to work the ARC booth this Saturday March 8 for the Mardi Gras 5K. You can pick up the tent and merchandise at the Animal Medical Center in Anniston tomorrow. Message me if you or a family member can do this. It is a very easy job, and a great way for our club members to pitch in and help! Thanks guys!
Woohoo!!! U r now looking at the new Admitting Clerk for Lake Charles Medical Center! Woop woop!!
Scary day...Frankie got rear ended a few min.ago. went to hospital -they were packed out so are now at medical center- prayers please tremendous pain
Please send out prayers for our dad Ronnie Main. He has been admitted to Johnson City Medical Center today.
Tori Martin's obituary appeared in TNJ today. I am sure many people remember her. She was in the Management Development Program in 1992. She was invariably positive with an upbeat outlook, ready to take on anything, and so vibrant. (There is a photo in TNJ but I couldn't copy it to this page). Oh, and she wore the coolest shoes! VICTORIA (TORI) LESLIE MARTIN AGE: 43 • JERSEY CITY, NJ Victoria was born Novem­ber 28, 1970, in Camden, NJ at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and passed away February 26th at the Jersey City Medical Center. In 1974, she moved with her parents to Wilmington, Delaware for her father’s relocation to ac­cept a patent attorney posi­tion with Hercules, Inc. Tori attended Sanford School’s pre-school, Ursuline Acad­emy and graduated from Brandywine High School. She obtained her BA from the University of Virginia and her MBA from the Uni­versity of Miami. Ms. Martin began her cor­porate career in 1992 in the elite Management Develop­ment Training Program at MBNA America, and was ...
Everybody please pray for my grandma we are at North East Georgia Medical Center they have got her on life support they think she had a stroke and messed up her brain or something with her brain they running more test to see. what's goin on only time can tell send prayers our way
Scheduled my physical therapy observation hours at largo medical center for this coming monday :)... after this and as soon as I recieve my letter of recommendation... I have everything to apply :)
Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is key to the production of collagen, a protein that aids in the growth of cells and blood vessels and gives skin its firmness and strength [source: WebMD]. Vitamin C also helps create scar tissue and ligaments, and it helps your skin repair itself [source: Milton S. Hershey Medical Center]. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that slows the rate of free-radical damage -- free radicals are unstable molecules that damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. New research shows that ascorbic acid 2-phosphate, a derivative of vitamin C, not only neutralizes free radicals, but also reverses DNA damage [source: University of Leicester].
  NATIONAL STUDY: SGMC NAMED AMERICA’S 100 BEST FOR SPINE AND PROSTATE CARE Healthgrades Study of Patient Outcomes in Approximately 4,500 Hospitals Finds SGMC Among the Best Nationally  [Valdosta, GA] (March 6, 2014)– South Georgia Medical Center and its Smith Northview Campus released today that it has been recognized by Healthgrades as one of America’s 100 Best hospitals for spine care and prostate surgery. This is the third year of recognition for the Valdosta-based Spine Care Center and the first year Healthgrades has recognized the Prostate Surgery category.   The Spine Care Center affiliated spine surgeons John Eric Gee, MD; James Goss, DO; Hitham Khalil, MD and Edward Mark, Jr., MD gratuitously accepted the award from Healthgrades Representative Bill Stehnee on Wednesday.   “This recognition strongly validates the daily quest for excellence that is set by the surgeons and clinical staff who work in our hospitals,” said Randy Sauls, CEO of South Georgia Medical Center. “Clinical qual ...
Well last three days have had sick kids and friends really sick and then to Children's in Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center where we got pretty good news but boys, Samuel Joseph Willis and Sean Willis, still have to be monitored closely...changing things so they aren't tied down as much and trying new things...not sure we are comfortable with the change or decision but we got to see how their bodies take it...thinking positive...praying for all my friends.and now worn out today with Sean home with upset virusey stomach and fever to 103 really.this mom is seriously worn out...:(
Just received a phone call from Geisinger Medical Center. I have been invited to sit on an advisory panel for weight loss management. It will involve working with GI nutrition doctors and staff as well as patients who are having serious health issues due to obesity. This is a subject very near and dear to my heart due to the issues I have had in the past with severe obesity. There will be 12 lay people on the panel and of the thousands of people who have had gastric bypass at GMC I feel very honored to be asked to do this. Feeling very good about myself at the moment.
ROBERT VERNON DERRYBERRY Robert Vernon Derryberry, age 65 of Brilliant, passed away Thursday, March 6, 2014 in the Northwest Medical Center at Winfield. Robert was born on January 11, 1949 in Jefferson Co. a son of Robert Fred Derryberry and Iva Lee Wates Derryberry; resident of Brilliant most of his life; 1967 Graduate of Brilliant High School; and a member of Assembly of Yahvah in Brilliant. He was preceded in death by his father. Survivors include his mother, Iva Lee Wates Derryberry of Brilliant; three sisters, Belinda Brown, Carol Hurt and her husband, Gary and Mary Ann Hardin, all of Brilliant; nieces and nephews, Christy Dozier, Lisa Hickman, Kevin Hardin, Jonathan and Jessica Hurt; cousins and other relatives. Funeral services were held Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 6:00 PM from the McGraw Memorial Chapel of Miles Funeral Home. James Pridmore officated. Burial followed in West Alabama Memorial Gardens, Gu-Win with Miles Funeral Home of Winfield directing the service.
All severe weather has passed the area. The National Weather Service warnings expired at 1:00 p.m. Clinical and administrative medical center functions are fully operational! Stay dry out there!
Who's near Truman Medical Center I need to be pick up
Nice work to our Albany Medical Center valets, especially Tyler Chewens & Nick Vita. While on duty yesterday, Nick heard a meow. He called Tyler over, who also heard it. They popped the hood of a valet vehicle and realized a young kitten was inside the engine compartment of the car. The kitten was hungry, cold and frightened, so they kept it warm until animal control was able to arrive. Thanks to these guys for saving the life of an animal by being aware of their surroundings. Great job gentlemen.
A. Nick Shamie, MD, was appointed chief of orthopedic spine surgery at David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Shamie has a special interest in treating a variety of spinal conditions and diseases. He is involved in basic science and clinical research related to spine surgery. This past week, he returned from a trip to China where he presented at three campuses of Capital Medical University in Beijing and served as a keynote speaker for the 107th forum for the Chinese Academy of Engineering-Medical Division. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Shamie serves as president of the American College of Spine Surgery. He earned his medical degree at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at St. Mary's Medical Center. His additional training includes fellowships in bone research and spinal surgery at UCLA School of Medicine.
--Tickets for Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation's "Magical Event" are on sale now at Delton Family Medical Center, Elroy Family Medical Center, Mile Bluff Medical Center, Necedah Family Medical Center, and New Lisbon Family Medical Center. Check out our event page to learn more about this magical evening!
$270M & renovation project at Medical Center will consolidate the two South End campuses
MONOC-1 on the interfacility assignment from CentraState Medical Center to Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Safe flight!
This month, 70-year-old Tim Rappis was the recipient of Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center's 800th heart transplant. http:…
James O. (Jim) Browning, age 88, of Jackson, GA passed away Sunday, March 2, 2014 at the Medical Center in Macon. Funeral services for Jim Browning will be Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 11:00AM at the First Baptist Church in Jackson. Interment will be in the Jackson City Cemetery. The family will rece...
James Edward Wallace, age 84, of Flemingsburg Road, Morehead, husband of Mary Johnson Wallace, passed away Saturday, March 1, 2014, at the V.A. Medical Center in Lexington. Funeral arrangements for James Edward Wallace are pending at Northcutt & Son Home for Funerals in Morehead.
North Olmsted patrolman Jack Justice is in critical condition after crash iStock LIVERPOOL TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Jack Justice, a 14-year veteran on the North Olmsted police department, remains in critical condition today after his car was hit just after midnight in Medina County by a truck that had veered into his lane. Justice, 43, was flown to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland after the accident that occurred around 12:15 a.m. Saturday. He was in surgery this afternoon. The Medina post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said Justice was driving south on Station Road, when a Dodge Ram driven by Dalton Phillips struck his Chevrolet Cobalt. The patrol report said Phillips, 23, had first driven off the east side of the road after he missed a curve, north of Grafton Road. While trying to regain control of his vehicle, Phillips overcorrected and went left of center, colliding with Justice's car. The Ram went off the west side of the road and overturned. Phillips, of Columbia Station, was taken to Southwest Ge ...
The inmate for whom you registered, TYLER MCCLAIN with offender number 126757, has been transferred from the Reception and Medical Center - Main Unit to the custody of Columbia C.I. as of 2/28/2014. Your registration has also been transferred. You will continue to receive updates about this offender.
5 hurt in 8-vehicle collision in QC ABS-CBNnews | Updated as of 03/01/2014 6:50 PM MANILA – Five people were reported hurt in an eight-vehicle collision along Commonwealth Avenue in North Fairview, Quezon City on Saturday. A motorcycle rider who ended up after the bus during the accident was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Others hurt in the accident were rushed to the East Avenue Medical Center. According to reports, a Mayamy transport bus lost its brakes, causing it to ram seven vehicles in front of it before coming to a stop at the center island. Incurring heavy damages were a dark-colored Tamaraw FX, a Toyota Vios, an Urvan, an L-300, a Mazda 3, a UV Express van and a Ford Lynx. “’Yung bus tumawid sa kabilang lane dahil nawalan ng preno,” a vendor who witnessed the accident said. An unidentified driver of a passenger van told authorities he was shocked to see the bus, which came from the opposite lane, coming right at them. "Sabi ko sa mga pasahero ko tumalon na sila," he ...
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas has launched a state-funded research institute dedicated to brain injuries.
So happy with my roommate from ALNP-TAGBILARAN namely ADELINE or ADZ from LGU-TAGBILARAN moved to HNU-HOSPITAL, an EARTHQUAKE survivor, and I'm RADELYN or RADZ from OSPA-FARMERS MEDICAL CENTER moved to LGU-ORMOC, a YOLANDA survivor.
California Hospital Medical Center (CHMC) is a hospital in Los Angeles, California, operated by Dignity Health. It is located in downtown Los Angeles near the Staples Center and the Fashion District, and not far from Skid Row.
whhaa... relate much. after long period of duty in SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES MEDICAL CENTER ... gala gala at magsasay park together with my two closed and real friends ... enjoyed much huhuhuhu laughtrip and foodtrip. then after all , we saw a teenager like us playing volleyball at the center area of a park. :) :) of course we ask them if we are able to join their company at the same time if they allows us to play volleyball too ... to make the story short ^_^ we played volleyball even though we are still wearing nurse attired huhuhu . goodevening guyz. keep happy and enjoy life ... ^_^
YMF Inc. Has been quiet on social media but we have been working behind the scene to help fight Breast Cancer. Today the board members of YMF Inc. Will join one of our partners, Weill Cornell Medical Center at their Breast Cancer Symposium. Weill Cornell is one of the leading hospitals that conducts research studies to help find a cure for breast cancer. Because of our supporters, YMF Inc. Has the funds to help support one of these breast cancer research. Thank you for your support.
So TODAY is the big day.the Orlando VA Medical Center will be at the Central Florida Zoo hosting our 7th annual "Welcome Home" event for Veterans of all eras. Please don't forget to "thank our nations Veterans"!
Just got home from a quarterly checkup with Papa at Cagayan de Oro Medical Center.
New "embedded arts" program assists patients with rehabilitation therapy at
02.28.14 San Joaquin, Pampanga. Pastor Ptr Alvin Banel and I conducting Disaster Preparedness Training at Tiglao Medical Center. To our CDPM new partner HHCL ( Helping Hands Central Luzon ), composition of doctors and nurses in central Luzon, headed by President Ivy Generillo Tejada, Kudos ! CU all with our joint mission again this March to Tacloban City. Next Disaster Preparedness Training shall be at St. Stephen Parish Episcopalian, Manila on March 15, 2014.
Every hospital in Israel is committed to defending the health of Israel. But in so many ways, Soroka Medical Center Israel is not like other hospitals in Israel. It is the only major medical center in the entire southern half of Israel, the Negev, and is responsible for the care of over a million […
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What are the Different Types of Urinary Incontinence? via
1)Great to drink Aloe Vera Gel : Enjoyable to drink, fresh exotic flavoring. Use daily in the morning and enjoy the fresh feeling all day . 2)Aloe Vera contains a large variety of Vitamin: Including of 12 kind of vitamins :Vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, E. Many of these vitamins cannot be stored by the body so we need consume of the any natural supplements that contains vitamin. 3)Aloe Vera ingredients is an essential nutrient for our body: The leaf contains 200 health promoting compounds, including 20 minerals: Calcium, Phosphorus, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Sodium. 18 amino acids, enzymes and mentioned useful vitamins. 4)Aloe Vera is Immune Support and Function: High levels of ingredients, what the body need for keep healthy life. Among the substances identified in aloe vera is a long chain sugar (polysaccharide) that is known to have an effect on the cytokine system – the chemical messengers of the immune system. 5)Aloe Vera is Energizer: Aloe is promote good metabol ...
Everyone please cross your fingers and pray or whatever you do.the babies levels went up again and we are doing an important blood draw at 1600 today. The doctors are starting to get stumped and are going to consult with neonatologists at Walter reed medical center to try and understand what is going on a little bit more.
In accordance with Sylacauga City Ordinance 2014, Section 20-75, the following changes have been made: (Date of change expected to be on or about March 3rd 2014) The intersection of Walnut Street and Norton Avenue is currently controlled by one (1) signal head indicating through movement for traffic from all four directions. It appears the traffic signal may have been located at this intersection to accommodate emergency vehicle traffic, and to manage traffic for the West Hickory Street entrance to the Coosa Valley Medical Center Emergency Room which was formally located off of West Hickory Street. Since that Portion of West Hickory was closed off and has become part of the Coosa Valley campus, there doesn’t seem to be a reason to have a signal head at this location. All indicators are the intersection can be safely controlled with a conventional two way stop format such as Park Street, Clay Street, West Hickory Street, and the West Spring Street intersections. In addition, the Sylacauga Utilities Board ...
Pocono Medical Center in PA seeking peds/em physicians. Join our Team!
Wecome to a Day in the ''Life'' yesterday mid afternoon a call from my 95 year old Neighbor and Counting''He requested ,That I come over because his wife fel on the Floor and he could not pick her up!...' Shut off my Pasta sauce (not Gravy) and went over ... found her Sitting on the Floor in a house coat proped up against a'' Lazy boy Chair'' not her Grandson''her husband upset saying ''She walks around without shoes ,she never learns,,he was upset @ her! ''...''Asked her what happened ? did not want him to answer,just to che,cking to see if she knew, What had happened ,He Keep on saying She'll be O.K. repeatedly '' Just Pick her up on the 'Recliner'', ... made him sit down and Chill ''I refused to move her ,if she had injured herself..she explaned ,''that She Fel on her way going into the ''Patio from her living Room,between the ''Sliding Glass Doors she than Hit her Head ..At that point with a claim voice ,I ask that we call 911 to allow the 'Para Medics 'to Look At her !Finnally He gave in only, if ...
University of Nebraska Medical Center expert to discuss nanomedicine at ... - Daily Journal
via (with Parlin at RS Family Medical Center) [pic] —
A six-month trial carried out by researchers from Duke University Medical Center studied the impact of exercise...
Looking for in Zachary, LA? Lane Regional Medical Center is now
"Welcome Home, Heroes!" / Veterans Transitional Program kicked off at Atlanta Medical Center this week...with Allstate taking a lead role...along with Tenet Hospitals. Read details at my blog at and help share our story with others... We want to aid over 1,000 veterans and their families this year!
Please remember Nancy Smith and Mr. Bill in your prayers. Nancy will have serious neck surgery on Saturday around 12 noon at the Medical Center. Remember her during her surgery and then both of them, as well as Wayne and Sylvia and Steve and Share during her recovery and rehabilitation.
Here a article that was sent to me, that I just had to share. Watch for this little girl she has a very bright future ahead of her. Bunker nine year old believes you match kindness with kindness Posted: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 11:00 am Processing life isn’t so hard for a nine-year-old girl. There are school and church activities, family functions, and for little Jaylan Williams of Bunker, plenty of time to ride a dirt bike or a four wheeler, too. She told me Monday night that when riding she always wears a helmet. My point is, life normally isn’t too complicated for kids like Jaylan, and you expect them to act like it. There is plenty of time in adulthood to be responsible and caring and unselfish. Well, Jaylan has gotten a jump on most of her peers in those areas. Jaylan’s grandpa, Mike Barton, is battling lung cancer and just a week and a half ago got out of the St. Louis VA Medical Center. While he was in the hospital, his wife, Carmen, and daughter Cassie Williams (Jaylan’s mom) and other . ...
UVa Medical Center plans for majority ownership of Culpeper Regional Hospital via
Orangeburg Area! Regional Medical Center of & Calhoun Counties is hosting an enrollment event 10-2 tomorrow.
UVa Medical Center to become majority member of Culpeper Regional Hospital: The University of Virginia Medical... http:/…
Lee Memorial Hospital and HealthPark Medical Center have been named to the nation’s 50 best hospitals.
The Hospital ranking organization, Healthgrades, has graded Lee Memorial Hospital and HealthPark Medical Center as among the nation's top 1 percent...
Lee Memorial Hospital & HealthPark Medical Center named in Top 1% of 4500+ hospitals in the nation by Healthgrades...
Home for the holidays! Troubled actress Amanda Bynes has left rehab after being there for three months, Us Weekly writes. The She’s All That star was put into the Malibu center after being transferred from the UCLA Medical Center on a 5150 involuntary hold. After drifting off from her family, the Ni...
Medical Center won't let patients watch Fox News /
Transgendered Veteran claims she was harassed, discriminated against at Houston VA Medical Center. via
BENEFIT SINGING FOR DANNY & SHEILA FARMER Danny Farmer has been in the hospital since December 19, 2013. After complications from surgery, he has spent many weeks in ICU at SkyRidge Medical Center and then transported to Erlanger Medical Center. He has had 3 surgeries during this time. This benefit is to help cover medical bills and loss of wages for his family. Danny Farmer is an active member and piano player at Ocoee Baptist Church and with The Ocoee Trio. Please help this family out as they have helped many others and are a blessing to our community. Saturday March 8, 2014 Polk County High School Gym starting at 5pm Any and all donations for the silent auction are much appreciated. If you have something of value that you are willing to donate for this need, please feel free to contact Ocoee Baptist Church for pick up or delivery arrangements. Private message for delivery/pickup for donations! Please SHARE on your wall.
MT have forcibly closed Affordable Women's Medical Center in Houston:
Ku Klux Klan has set an Afro-American woman on fire in yet another act of racism. The 20-year-old woman has received third degree burns after being set on fire by alleged KKK attackers in a park in the state of Louisiana. The incident occurred on Sunday night in Civitan Park in the city of Winnsboro as three men attacked Sharmeka Moffitt while she was exercising. The victim said the men in white hoodies poured flammable liquid on her and set her on fire. She managed, however, to extinguish the fire using water from a tap before police arrived at the scene. Moffitt was found with third degree burns on her arms and additional burns down her chest and legs to the first degree. She is reportedly in critical condition at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, Louisiana. The FBI is investigating the attack as an alleged hate crime. The hood of her car was spray painted with the letters KKK, the abbreviation for Ku Klux Klan, a far-right extremist organization in the US advocating white supremacy, white nationalism a ...
officials have forcibly closed the Affordable Women's Medical Center in Houston, an clinic:
March 1, 2007- Army Leaders Dismissed over Conditions at Medical Center during
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