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Medha Patkar

Medha Patkar (born 1 December 1954) is an Indian social activist.

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If just 21% people's opposition is needed to prevent land acquisition, you're handing this country on a platter to Medha…
Will the INO site be used for storing nuclear waste coming from the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in India.
my experience that when Medha Patkar supports a cause it is usually against the interests of India.
First AAP & Anna supports people like Uday Kumar & Medha Patkar who stalls Power projects and then Blame Modi for Precario…
Medha Patkar is egging on the *** He will abandon the march midway if he does not get crowds. And he won't.
already 15% of work completed. Envt ministry stopped work due to opposition from Medha Patkar types in 2007.
Medha Patkar does not want a Narmada dam but wants free electricity in Delhi. What kind of hypocrisy is this? asks Sambit, BJ…
How can Medha Patkar and sane people like Meera Sanyal be part of same party? BJP and Congi have more in common, than they have
its seems Anna Hazare and Medha patkar doesn't want development in India...
More proof that our tribals are more sensible then urbanites of Delhi. Eggs thrown at Joker Anna's sidekick.
there is no ideology, ppl don't get it. AAP is an confluence of contradictions. Meera Sanyal & Medha Patkar are egs
2) remove yesmen frm PAC. . Fill it with more competent leaders. y Medha Patkar,Meera Sanya,Anjali Damania missing I hv no idea
I am saying this from the start nd now, even Tavleen Singh confirms that Medha Patkar is not on India's side..
INO will cause major environmental damages in Theni: Medha Patkar: using explosives, would harm t... http:…
So what rate does medha patkar charge for her support to an agitation?
Am not anti-development, but land ordinance isn't pro-people. .
Why anti-India NGOs & activists, from Greenpeace to Medha Patkar, flock towards AAP? Why AAPis are so brainwashed that th…
Teesta & Medha Patkar are heroes of 90% of their top ten activists are ultraleftists!
In other news, Medha Patkar joins the protests against India's Neutrino Observatory.
Medha Patkar is for AAP what Ram Jethmalani was for BJP. In and out goes on. J fought against Vajpayee. Later Bcm BJP MP in RS
Luddites of the world unite. You've nothing to lose & get free publicity. Medha Patkar, Vaiko Vs poor little neutrino htt…
This is why Medha Patkar et al are scum -> Medha Patkar joins campaign against neutrino project - The Hindu
AK doesn't need the jholawala tribe anymore. Wonder about Medha Patkar & KMChenoy
AAP shd clear Medha Patkar status. She fought LS on its tkt. Still in party, or mere activist now? AAP view on her joinin…
Is she still with AAP? "joins campaign against neutrino project http:/…
Medha Patkar is Pro-Farmers like Saurav Ganguly was pro-Left arm spinners.
Gul Panag, Y Yadav, Muffler & Medha Patkar. All were going to win their MP seats, but they lost their deposits...
Medha Patkar uses funds from abroad to stall projects in India- & embraced by AAP!
The new ordinance on land acquisition will allow land grabbers to deprive millions, destroy agriculture, horticulture, rivers, forests, tree cover and mangroves to extract minerals as well as ground water, without replenishment at a pace that will not leave anything for the next generation, warns activist Medha Patkar. The latest ordinance by the Narendra Modi government amending the Land Acquisition Act 2013 is a big step against the farmers, workers, and all rural and urban poor communities. It is bound to affect the country's natural wealth and development priorities. Many intellectuals, the social elite and youth in the social network may not have realised the implications of the decision nor can our country's toiling masses understand the impact. The ordinance denies 'peace and good government', guaranteed to the scheduled castes and tribes, the most disadvantaged sections, and permit infringement upon the right to life and livelihood of millions, including middle-class workers to small traders. The ...
"illegal donations"? . Is it what "haftaa" is called now?. "Medha Patkar Forcing villagers to pay illegal donations"
with Medha Patkar at the time of the discussion on the topic on "Social Movements in India."
AAP leader in new controversy: . Forcing villagers to pay illegal donations to fight cases against Govt . http…
Yes keep him alive in special cell paid by taxpayers money, bloody goon should have been shot at Taj itself
Medha Patkar is not only an AAPTard but also Mentally Retard.
didn't medha patkar signed petition to pardon Kasab , and bhagoda gave her TKt
he gave LS tickets to the ppl who signed mercy petition of Ajmal Kasab - Medha Patkar and Prof Babu Mathews
...thanks to Medha Patkar Narmada still WIP but her sponsors are completing project in record time
Is Medha Patkar & Aruna Roy going to work for in upcoming Delhi elections?
Medha Patkar calls for ban and here is why it will never happen in Tamil Nadu..
Imagine the outrage if RSS had said this? "Medha Patkar demands total liquor prohibition in TN"
thats fine but any liberal thoughts/jokes on Medha Patkar wanting Total Prohibition in Tamil Nadu?
Medha Patkar's call for alcohol ban in Tamil Nadu may never materialise
Medha Patkar wants alcohol ban in Tamil Nadu... Then along with fishermen, bootleggers will be released before every India-Sri Lanka meet
Medha Patkar calls for alcohol ban in
Medha Patkar calls for total ban of Alcohol in Tamil Nadu...time for " Alcohol bachao andolan"?
Medha Patkar calls for alcohol ban in Here is why such a demand may never materialise
Little Giant Ladders
Only WE, the People for India, can bring in the TRANSFORMATION. By VOTING for AAP in a big way. Today, i was at India Islamic Cultural Centre (IICC) for the release of the report: "New Citizen's Activism in India: Moments, Movements and Mobilisation." This publication was brought out by Centre for Democracy and Social Action (CDSA). There was a good discussion. The points that i made were as follows: 1. Before AAP who was interested in joining poitics. Aam Aadmi Party has brought in the common people as the new face in politics. Politics was hated term, before AAP. But today AAP has animated the discourse. 2. AAP is still a young party. Give them time. 3. To the question that AAP has no ideology, i stated that tell me which ideology has bailed out us from where we are stuck today. All the political Parties with so called strong ideologies have not delivered. Also that Prashant Bhushan, Medha Patkar and Arvind Kejriwal are there, who are our dear friends. We can't question their commitment to the nation an ...
Now the jollawala batch of Medha Patkar to visit to see if they can find some job and agitate
activist Medha Patkar pay the last respects of actor Sadashiv Amrapurkar
Same is applicable to u. Giving tickets to Soni Sori, Udayakumar and Medha Patkar - Naxal and anti development is enough reason
Guntur farmers say no to land pooling: Protesting farmers to rope in Medha Patkar Vandana Siva in the struggle Flay gover...
using abusive words is shamefull. but sir Medha patkar bankr krwana better h Yedurappa bnkr jitne se..
NGO brigade getting fired up 2 protest landgrabbing by govt in Krishna delta
Medha Patkar and Vandana Siva to join farmers struggle in AP
Patkar and Vandana Siva to visit villages in where farmers land will be pooled for capital
Was this sadashiv amrapurkar a left inclined chap..? Medha Patkar attended his funeral..
What did medha patkar say when became PM? Oh, dam!
Medha Patkar joining AAP was enough for me to stop supporting it
Of these people's movements, we hardly know of any 'people' but one Medha Patkar; good going.
Did you know gave ticket to Medha Patkar & muzafar Bhatt who signed mercy petition for Kasab & Afzal guru.
just *saw* Medha Patkar, Yogendra Yadav and others in a conference. S'one had to point them out to me. They were simply part of the crowd.
shouts Vande Mataram at his rallies n gives LS ticket 2 signatory of afzal guru mercy petition Medha Patkar
Medha Patkar and Nikhil Wagle get whistleblowing wrong:.
Japan, China want land to be reserved for them: Medha Patkar | Business Standard News:
Today why shd children know Shd know Amit Shah "NBT drops chapter on Medha Patkar after govt letter.
Chapter on Medha Patkar out of children’s book after govt letter
National Book Trust drops chapter on Medha Patkar from a book after govt story …
India for the tribals and Naxalites has survived - Nandini Sundar, Kavita Krishnan and Medha Patkar
I expect the news like this from yo channels, but no, they glorify Gilani, Arundhati Roy, Yasinmalik, Medha patkar.
I’m reading Medha Patkar conceals important facts in her el... on Scribd.
I mean supported NBA and medha patkar .. Also advocated fragmented verdict just before the election ..
Kcr has invited all woman vvip celebrities in india including medha patkar to batukamma festival. No invitation to telangana deity Sonia
NBA leader Medha Patkar visits flood affected areas: Manawar : Due to the sudden opening of the gates of the d...
i still cant believe that ppl rejected honest candidates like Medha Patkar and Yogendra Yadav.. Shocking
. Vijai bhai, they are already outside your house.better BJP take trg from Medha Patkar for counter dharna!!
This is: Pure hypocrisy: . India’s fear of foreign funding for NGO's: .
. Medha patkar is CIA funded puppet& she succeeded in destroying Indian agrculture,hydel energy. She shld be deported
Mining scam issue was raised and demanded an unbiased probe by the Central agency into the loot of natural...
Any changes in the new land acquisition Act is unacceptable to the people's movement and will face stiff...
who, in India, cares of Medha Patkar's outrages or what she believes in... or do I live in another India
predicted as early as in May... Social activist Medha Patkar threatens nationwide stir,
Medha Patkar cant think of any constructive agitation or work.
^~^ Medha Patkar objects changes to Land Acquistion Act, warns NDA of nationwide stir |
Medha Patkar in Odisha with Samantara who is a Maoist.Govt shld watch them closely what they r doing.
medha patkar is missing.. and Ravish could feature too with a sort of long balanced take. :D
Medha Patkar joins chorus for CBI probe into Odisha land, mining scams
Do u expect him to take Anjali Damania, or medha patkar with him?
Medha Patkar is very much bothered about the narmada dam & its rehabilitation, if she is really bothered about...
Small wonder doing business in India is so tough coal is illegal nuclear invites protests hydro invites medha patkar bijli kaise banegi
I voted for him,but he is better than anti development Medha Patkar.
AAP candidate for LS elections from that constituency was Medha Patkar # just saying
Medha Patkar leader of Narmada Bachao Andolan says according to clause 24(2) of new Land acquisition act if a...
Medha Patkar is an Indian social activist and social reformer turned politician. She is the founder member of...
Where is that poor lady, Medha Patkar, who lost her deposit in the last elections of Parliament.
you guys have a long list Prashant Bhushan, Medha patkar, sabyasachi panda and many more
i wonder if that is how medha patkar looks at it and talked about it. Arent u trying to make a political career for urself?
Political career? Medha Patkar fought to make a career for herself?
will U allow Arundhati Roy, medha patkar to address UR employees, so that they get a difft. perspective.that U wont
When you are hungry you become combination of Medha Patkar, Mayawati and Mamta Banergee.
. Medha Patkar ji my dream in life is to come and touch you feet. Till date i did not touch anyone's.
We all know the activist Medha patkar to be a great inspiring lady.
Hungry you become combination of Medha Patkar, Mulayam and Mamta Banergee.
Chapter on medha patkar in class III text book. This is not the education but "Toxification" ... has a lot to clean...
There are many more persons who are disappointed Arundhati and medha patkar also, take are of panels please -2/2
Ms. Jai Hind! Vande Mataram. Will u, Arundati Roy, Medha Patkar et al and also naxals also join us Indians in this chorus?
I'm not sure if I want to hug him YET, but you have no idea how badly I wanted Medha Patkar to win.
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Indians love voting 4 criminals ...but wont vote 4 some body like Medha Patkar!
Let a team take over the leadership of AAP. Medha Patkar,AK, Yogendra, PB, Bala, KV ,Mayank and others may form the collective leadership
Ask Medha Patkar. She will solve all water issues :)
AAM ADAMI PARTY PART OF INTERNATIONAL ANTI-INDIA RACKET (shared from Jeetender Ahlawat) AAP part of international anti-India racket: PART- 2 The leftist and disruptive outfits named in part 1 of the report may appear mutually independent, but there is at least one person who is associated with two or more of these groups to link them all together. We now come to Medha Patkar, the ubiquitous activist who is known not only for her Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) but also for surfacing in support of agitations happening anywhere in India — from the protest against setting up of the factory to manufacture Tata Nano in Singur, West Bengal, to that against the Government for delaying the enactment of Shanti Bhushan’s draft of Lokpal Bill, named by the self-styled India against Corruption (IAC) as the Jan Lokpal Bill. Medha Patkar has worked with Angana Chatterji who was named in the first part of this report. The email correspondence between the NBA head and Patrick McCully, former director of the Berkley-base ...
Live : Medha Patkar cross-examined in 2002 Sabarmati Ashram assault case
Medha Patkar cross-examined in 2002 assault case: Ahmedabad: Social activist and Narmada Bachao Andolan leade...
could not call for police Medha Patkar - The Times of India on Mobile via too bad gujjus.never do this.
I could not call for police help: Medha Patkar: Narmada Bachao Andolan activist Medha Patkar said that she...
What are Teesta Setalvad,Medha Patkar, . to name a few?. There are MANY more ISI controlled anti-India NGOs.
now imagining Medha Patkar protesting this ban with night watchmen, I mean candle light vigils :P
. To stop we need many Medha Patkar (Who tried to stop SS DAM). There are many in
Oh, no, here goes the regressive, Medha Patkar again. She wants them to live 100 yrs more as they did 100 yrs ago.
Leftism in India encompasses Islamism, but usually includes other planks like anti-growth protests (Medha Patkar) etc...
teesta. medha patkar and human rights activists are sleeping"How long humans going to tolerate this !!
With the likes of Medha Patkar and Somnath Bharati in your cadre that sounds hypocritical.
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Arundathi Roy and Medha Patkar are all having negative mindset. Has anyone heard them saying good t
Medha patkar Will take INDIA 20 years back with her SICK PROTESTS.
she and medha patkar I have seen up close...thy spk like this as its their bread n butter...yeh sab kehne se kamaai hain..
Arvind Kejriwal is d person who brought ppl like medha patkar into politics,Modi has brought ppl like Amit shah into politic…
narmda is now synonymous to Medha Patkar. Keep it up.
Medha Patkar signs NAPM statement condemning the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip
They don't have clowns like Medha Patkar, Arundhati Roy, Aamir Khan, .
Would lyk to sponsor Mamta didi & Sagarika to do dharna with in Gaza.Any discount for Medha Patkar?
You forgot to add the Kejriwals and Bhushans along with their comrades Medha Patkar, Udaykunar & co
Saurabh Triwedi has created an Interest "Socialite Medha Patkar" on -
. Must be some mole of perverted pseudo Sickular-wants some importance ( Medha Patkar types) . Ignore.
. A party based on dharna & With prashant bhusan & Medha Patkar as core members. How can they make India Developed & Progressive
.If you read ADR list of criminals properly,Medha patkar ranks Top criminals.Decide yourself,it's too subjective.
Right livelihood award is considered alternative Nobel prize all over world and Medha patkar was given that honour
Traitors like Medha Patkar-Arundhati Roy are leeches & parasites in India who wants to stall Development in India by Foreig…
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Anti-Nationals - Medha Patkar, Kejriwal & Arundhati Roy are basically the same person. All are hungry for attention
scumbag exposed... Medha Patkar - "Door-to-door doesn't work; reach out to communities, castes, vote-banks:"
Clearly exposing the agenda. Divide the nation for votes? shows her true color.
In this video shot after the Aam Aadmi Party's dismal performance in the Lok Sabha elections, Narmada Bacao...
Listen to Medha Patkar in AAP LS candidates meet in Delhi held yesterday. (part 1)
Listen to Medha Patkar, Indian social activist and social reformer who was our L...: Listen to Medha Patkar, I...
Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan joining Medha Patkar in her fight of "Narmada Bachao Aandolan" yesterday at...
make people aware. There are many ignorants who respect people like Medha Patkar, Aruna Roy,Prashant Bhushan,Arvind Kezriwal.
Almost everyone in India had heard of the protests against the nuclear power plant at Kudankulam and Udayakumar - an NGO activist who was protesting against the power plant . we saw pictures of lakhs of protesters with Udayakumar . PERIOD . this fellow Udayakumar contested Lok Sabha elections on AAP ticket from Kudankulam area . he got less than 2% votes and his security deposit was forfeited. now the question arises who were those lakhs of people who were seen supporting Udayakumar ??? from where were they ??? were they not a paid crowd out to thwart India's progress ? were their payments not a part of the foreign funding that these so called activists and NGOs receive ? by the way same was the fate of Medha Patkar .
U guys deliberately pretend to be naive or are u actually dumb / on payrolls? You never get context?
Medha patkar exposed having links with Patrik McCullay director of International rivers network (US)
Why self called activist like Medha patkar,Salim yadav,Ashutosh lost elections,voters knew opportunist in face of activist
The Narmada Dam has benefitted millions of Indian villagers. The only thing it has drowned is Medha Patkar's credibility
In the case of Narmada Dam it took the SC to bring the curtains down. But even that is not acceptable to Medha Patkar and u
Medha Patkar exposed! NGO's need to be scrutinized and banned if they're found threat to our nation! .
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Sad truth...immediate need for ngo regulation.
Do U say un officially in pay roll.Typical jholla walla who want to b next Medha Patkar
Tribals angry with activists fighting for human rights of Naxals while ignoring poor ‘adivasis’ threw rotten eggs and tomatoes at Magsaysay award winner Medha Patkar and Sandeep Pandey as they reached Dantewada town in Chhattisgarh on Wednesday.
Hey all AAP supporters Please read this leaked version of NGO/AAP's Candidate emails, how they are halting the...
Remember these Lawyers who have helped Medha Patkar!! http…
Please be part with medha patkar for NARMADA bachao as you are our national HERO..
Remember these Lawyers who have helped Medha Patkar!!
off it. Medha Patkar's, who accepted foreign funds for what reasons. Why does she need Ford Foundation Funds?
This is how NGO gangster+AAP leader Medha Patkar communicates with her American boss.Confidential emails>
Medha Patkar's emails detailing her "managing" a Supreme Court verdict by Justice Kabir.
Shameless Arnab never had the guts to even ask question to regarding this All debates are only for TRP
Oxfam is 50% funded by British Govt. Partnered Medha Patkar's NBA heavily.
Details of Foreign Nationals attended rallies/Dharnas of Narmada Bachao Andolan led by Medha Patkar.
There's enough evidence of Medha Patkar's assoc. with US orgs. But our media is gagged.
The most lethal example is medha patkar' s NBA & whole network of foreign funded NGOs she led
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Activist & member in cahoots with American firms to stall growth in India. love.
If this is true very disapponting. Medha Patkar was an inspiration to me.
From my personal experiences I can tell that to opposed Narmada project Medha Patkar used...
Medha Patkar LIVE chat, June 17, 10pm. Join us and post your questions ht…
Shazia Ilmi's resignation from AAP (Posted by: Mr. Kaleem Kawaja at Aligarh Network) Shazia Ilmi is a good social activist but currently she lacks the stamina for real struggle, sacrifice and perseverance for alternative politics that entails much hardship. She is a “silk stocking” activist who drives a mercedes car and lives in a posh house. Compare her intellectual abilities and her ctivism record with other high profile AAP people eg: AK, Yadav, Bhushan, Sisodia, Vishwas Kumar, Medha Patkar, Anjali sanyal, Anjali Damania, Kanchan Bhattacharya, Rajmohan Gandhi, Ashish Khetan, Phulka, Udaykumar. She simply does not compare. She was a prominent AAP leader prior to December 2013 when AAP was small and confined to Delhi. As AAP has grown and has attracted many good activists with solid social activism and intellectual background, there is a competition for leadership in AAP. Only those who make substantial contribution will come up in the top ranks of leadership. In this democratic tussle Shazia is find ...
Dear Friends. After seeing the functioning of Election Commission in Lok Sabha Elections I am made to believe that our electoral system is not fair and is biased. Incidents at polling booths in Amethi,Votes controversy in Varanasi,EVM controversy in Medha Patkar's constituency,Rigging in Gurgaon,Voters name missing in a lot of constituencies,Violence in punjab on the polling day all these and many more point to this fact. So AAP should not take a chance of re-election in Delhi. This oppurtunity is a blessing in disguise. Give AAP one year in Delhi the facts will all get cleared.Fast Track AAP and AK will do a lot to facelift Delhi if our belief is correct about this party. We should give AAP the fair advantage of forming government in Delhi.
So AAP could manage 4 seats in 2014 elections. 1 seat less than what I expected. 300 was a pipe dream and even 100 was an unachievable target. Varanasi, Amethi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi - all lost. Kejriwal, Yadav, Illmi, Khetan, Ashutosh, Bala, Medha Patkar, etc. etc. - all lost. Most importantly, over 95% of their candidates lost their deposit. So is AAP over? Have they lost the plot? I don't think so. Remember Laxman's 281 against Australia? That was a tsunami. Rahul Dravid's heroics were forgotten in that tsunami. Even Harbhajan's hattrick has been out of our memories. In this election, everyone outside the BJP lost, dynasties have been destroyed, political reputations have been demolished, and party leaders like Sharad Pawar, Narayan Rane, Nitish Kumar, Mayawati, Lalu, Omar Abdullah, along with the entire Congress cabinet have been sent into oblivion. In this wildfire, AAP survived. AAP has higher seats than the BSP, CPI, JDU, JDS, JMM and MNS and almost same as RJD, SAD, SP and N ...
Thank you Arvind Kejriwal for bringing so many social activists together. People just vote for stable Govt nobody care about strong opposition. They prefer rapist and criminals in govt. but not the social activist like Medha Patkar in opposition. Just one simple question for citizen of this country "Will 20 social activists in opposition going to be problem for your stable govt?" As we have seen one stable Govt. from last 10 years.
If I cast my vote to AAP MP then who will be a PM ? Hmm, it would a third front / UPA-3 and would be leading by Maya , Mulayam or may be Kejriwal !! But don't think about that just think about clean & honest MP , as MP will do all your household work and Mohalla work , he will also make national policies and will make sure that they are implemented in your Mohalla !! Hmmm, clean and honest MP and key people from AAP - Terrorist Afzal Guru and Kasab sympathiser Raza Mujaffar Bhatt from Kasmir Deadliest Naxalite Leader – Sabyasachi Panda from Orissa Deadliest Gangster and Kidnapper – Kundan Singh from Bihar Naxal Sympathizer - Kamal Mitra Chenoy from Andhra Pradesh Maoist sympathizer - Soni Sori Kashmir Separatist, Terrosist Afzal Guru and Terrorist Ajmal Kasab Death Hanging Protestor And Supporters - Prashant Bhushan, Arundhati Roy Afzal Guru and Ajmal Amer Kasab sympathizer - (Medha Patkar) Naxal Terrorist joins AAP (Dr. Binayak Sen) Kashmiri Sepratist sympathizer Arundhati Roy's mother Mary Roy joins ...
= How MIM pays back its voters and well-wishers = Yesterday people in my neighboring colony "Asad Baba Nagar" were talking to Medha Patkar when she came to campaign for AAP candidate. 1. The residents complained about the water problems, overflowing drainage, roads etc in the locality. The locals were angry that the MIM leaders visited them only during elections and then disappeared for 5 years. 2. They told her that when Akbar Owaisi was attacked 2 years ago by his rivals, the party members requested everyone in the locality to offer special prayers for his safety and fast recovery. All the residents offered special prayers. Once he recovered, he never visited to meet all those people who offered special prayers to save his life. He never tried to help the people who are living in those slums. 3. Couple of days ago(I guess it was last week, dont remember the exact day), when the MIM sitting MLA of Bahadurpura Constituency Mr Muazzam Khan visited the same locality for campaigning, one of the residents (a ...
India has witnessed iconic Indians like Mahatma Gandhi, Lokmanya Tilak, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru, Babasaheb Ambedkar, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Lal Bahadur Shastri, including enlightened souls or activists like former Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari and Medha Patkar to name a few. And today, hordes of sheep-like consumerists are championing a myopic, fundamentalist and violence-mongering Modi. If he wins, the spine of our nation will be seriously fractured.
Columnist The banker, the crusader: Mumbai poll's study in contrast By Smita Deodhar 'The Banker and the Activist come together on the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) plank': that is how the media has been playing up the contrasting personas of the two women candidates of AAP, Meera Sanyal, 55, and Medha Patkar, 59, who are contesting the parliamentary elections from South Mumbai and North East Mumbai, respectively. Of the two, Patkar already enjoys a high profile, thanks to a lifetime devoted to activism. Sanyal, too, is a known face. During the 2009 General Election, this former CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland fought from the same constituency as an independent candidate, but failed to make an impact. Sanyal and Patkar are two of the 57 women candidates that have been fielded by the newly founded AAP across the country. In fact, among all the political parties, AAP has the highest percentage of women in the fray. The list is a virtual rainbow of identities - there is Tiliya Devi, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and d ...
The plan was to vote for AAP in Delhi, and for BJP at the centre. We voted for AAP in Delhi, at least those admins who are from Delhi did. AAP formed the government too. Next round was to vote for the BJP at the centre. But something happened. We saw animosity between AAP and BJP supporters. Animosity of the worst kind. Naturally someone like me, a neutral unbiased observer, found it all cheap and appalling. I saw social media get divided into groups. The most vocal group comprises of the strong supporters of BJP to the extent of behaving like a fanatic. These people resort to name calling and name distortion. Kejriwal is called Khujliwal. Kumar Vishwas is called Kumar Bakwas or badhawas. Shazia Ilmi is called Chilmi (whatever that means) Social activists like Medha Patkar are mocked. AAP supporters are called AAPtards. Fake documents and accusations are floated on social media. A suggestion that the army presence in civilian areas in Kashmir should be done after a referendum is wrongly presented as a ref ...
Will you equate Medha Patkar and Sharmila Irom with A Raja,Yeddyurappa or the Delhi rapists?
22 Nov, 1993: Police lathicharge NBA dharna in Dhule, Maharashtra injuring scores of people who were protesting killing of Rehmal Vasave, 15 year old adivasi boy in police firing during a peaceful protest against the displacement. Medha Patkar tai was with people then and she is with the people now! Support her camapign:
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Anyone who is planning to vote for Sanyal,Mayank Gandhi or Medha Patkar should urgently check their mental health in nearest hospital .
Sometimes undercurrents are stronger than waves, Medha Patkar - - tells Geetanjali Minhas.
AAP very very scary. Meera Sanyal, Manish Sisodia AK49 Medha Patkar all have NGOs funded by Ford foundation controlled by American interests
Who else but Ajit Pawar can dare say this: Medha Patkar
Medha Patkar has 50-50 chance of winning.. even middle class marathi voters backing her.. lot though depends on Ghatkopar, Mu…
Medha Patkar has to keep Kirit's lead in Ghatkopar East & Mulund..and then run the table in Mankhurd where BJP was cleaned up…
The sight of an activist Medha Patkar and a corporate Meera Sanyal on the same forum ( when AAP released its city manifesto), Mr. Kumar Vishwas and Ms. Soni Sori contesting on the AAP ticket may have been something quite unimaginable a few months ago. The point here is that disparate elements make up AAP and it is this internal make-up which could lead to a churn in Indian politics.and hope good days for Indian politics soon.
how many seats do u think aap will win in Punjab ? Realistically I put 1 in Maha of medha patkar
Medha Patkar needs a turnout of 55-60% in Mankhurd and then has to get 55% votes there..
Today i was listening to a debate by Medha Patkar of AAP on Rape/women safety: what a Dumb women she is! absolutely no Brains & Hats off to Murli deora - he is the man with Practical ideas! - doesnt matter which party he is from!!
Why AAP is silent about Medha Patkar-Mamata's relation during the days of Sardha's plunder?
Medha Patkar-acted on behalf of TMC.So, suspicion about Medha Patkar is quiet natural.
The indefatigable Medha Patkar dons the Aam Aadmi Party cap to channelise electoral politics towards the many causes she espouses
Watching CNN-IBN debate where the participants are Milind Deora, Medha Patkar and Poonam Mahajan. Impressed by Poonam Mahajan! Rajdeep is clearly biased and is not letting her speak but she is using the time she is getting very well!
I had respect for Medha Patkar till she donned the AAP topi.
In Mumbai to campaign for Mayank Gandhi ,Medha Patkar and all AAP candidates!!
Medha Patkar has out campaigned both Kirit & NCP sitting MP Sanjay Dina Patil.. one of the best campaigns run by an AAP cand…
I envy the people those who have Medha Patkar as contestant to vote. We are not so lucky.
Respected Friend, We hereby invite you for the Jansabha on 21/04/2014, from 5.30 pm to 9 pm at Mourvica Showroom,Near KDMC Bus Stop, Dombivli East. Our Star Campaigner Medha Patkar Ji, Maruti Bhapkar Ji and Oscar Fame Actor *** Director Nandu Madhav Ji will be coming. Our Star Campaigners & Naresh Thakur will be addressing mass. "Is bar ke ladai Janta Vs Netao ke hai" We will win if all good people come together.
Rally in progress... well attended basti meetings. People responding to Medha Patkar with great enthusiasm.
In Varanasi CPI-ML (Liberation) will support Arvind Kejriwal to defend democracy & pluralistic culture against the threat of communalism & autocracy. Our support is for select AAP candidates like Anand Kumar, Yogendra Yadav, Medha Patkar, Soni Sori, Dayamani Barla and Arvind Kejriwal - Dipankar Bhattachariya
This is the Official Page of Medha Patkar, managed by her colleagues in Narmada Bachao Andolan/ National Alliance of People's Movements /Aam Aadmi Party
Dear Medha Patkar, you may not be most fav contestant or social worker, but certainly you have risen to a higher level into my eyes. People believe you, harass you or even keep mum, but none dares to oppose you. (I can see a criminal charge being addressed against you in the comment, thats all these all-fb-good BJP supoorters can do, Google out a link but wont come out to help their own NaMo leader. I wonder they also know their local leader, qk banners pe sabse bada foto to Nimmo ka hi hai)
Big Story No 1 AK In Amethi Big Story no 2 Medha Patkar original supporters from Narmada Andolan from 15 states have arrived to campaign for her THAT IS HUGE !! Big story no 3. Even a maid in Amritsar says "jhaadu waaleyan da zor hai pind ch" The villages around Amritsar city are completely fans of Kejriwal !! Big win expected for Dr Daljit Singh. Calls coming from NRIs scolding their relations in Amritsar not to vote for drug mafia and criminal BJP Akali Dal Big Story no 4 Yogendra Yadav joining rally of Meera Sanyal this afternoon at 2 pm at Fancy Market mohd. Shahid Marg nr. JHULA maidan & Madanpura Aap ka swagat hai Big Story no 5 Famous USA hotelier Chatwal likely to be imprisoned for illegal political funding in US. India gave him a Padma Bhushan for committing frauds with banks
Respect for Medha Patkar has increased 100 Times. Only 4 days left for her Campaigning. And she is in Madhya Pradesh to campaign for others.
People from different parts of India at Ghatkopar in support of Medha Patkar. Vilas Bongade, Bhusawal, Rajendra Ravi from Delhi, Sunilam Samajwadi from Madhya Pradesh, Kailash Meena from Rajasthan, P T Hussain from Kerala.
Wow medha patkar is contesting election for AAP . Her contribution in social work is commendable
1. Priya Dutt 2. Milind Deora 3. Gurudas Kamat 4. Medha Patkar All above are best choice to vote for this election.
AAP Candidate from Mumbai Medha Patkar was involved in anti-national activities.
Medha Patkar needs no introduction. A social activist who has led the struggle for people affected by the controversial Sardar Sarovar project on the Narmada in Gujarat, she founded the Narmada Bachoao Andolan and National Alliance of People's Movements and is the recipient of numerous awards, inclu…
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Another comparison from medha patkar . Look at guj poverty rate . More ppl in guj starving for food . Instead of promoting guj model give them food .
Forget abt parties ..if ppl like `Medha patkar` contests in elections I will be the first to vote . waiting for South Mumbai s reaction after poll . If she looses it proves again that we all indians suck.
Vote only to AAp candidates . If you do not vote to AAp ,you will regret for 25 years for missing the opportunity for the excellent change. Which is possible in this election only . People like Medha Patkar or Rajmohan Gandhi or Yogendra Yadav will never be seen again in politics. Modi is not a threat to any body but we are tired of old wine in new bottle with same corruption and gross rule. We want highly educated professionals from new generation who are not interested in caste and community politics of reservation and favoritism. Today we saw many thousand quintals of wheat is being soaked in dirty water in open gutter when millions of people starve .we want people who can govern properly and who have great concern for the nation as a whole. Enough of Rabdi Lalu,Balu ,Modi, R.S,S. Foolen devi. Uma. Anna ,Kiran ,Modi. Gadakari Mamata ,Lalita,,mulayam baba, Maulana,Sri Sri. Raj thackery ,Amit, ajit, Or Asharam. Pogo Rahul ,or foreign lady dynasty rule ,descendent of kings . We want highly educated people ...
A video dedicated to Aam Aadmi Party candidate MEDHA PATKAR- created by AAP volunteer, anchored by leading tv artist SPARSH
IIM-B's Prof Vaidyanathan exposed Muffler in a very well researched article Here is the list of Indians/ NGOs who have been funded by or have proximity to Ford Foundation Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia’s NGO – Kabeer Mallika Sarabhai’s Darpana Yogendra Yadav was funded by ICSSR of Jawaharlal Nehru University, which in turn was funded by Ford Foundation Amartya Sen for its books – Ideas of Justice Teesta Setalvad and Javed’s Sabrang Communication, one who has been fighting against Modi all these years And you would know, most of these guys are part of Aam Aadmi Party or are major supporters of AAP. This poses a very serious question on why is Ford Foundation interested in Indian Politics. Just to do further research on members of Aam Aadmi Party, I tried to find some details on other members like Aruna Roy, Medha Patkar, Prashant Bhushan and Gopal Rai… And this was even a bigger SHOCKER to me… Aruna Roy is the one who had sent a petition to President PRANAB MUKHERJEE for mercy towards Ajm ...
Okay, maybe Narendra Modi's "Gujrat Model of development" is something very extraordinary & spending billions on advertisements is also from the "clean" party funds, but people like Rajnath Singh (ex-Ghaziabad MP), Pawan Bansal (corrupt ex-Railway minister), Arun Jaitley (replacing a working MP like Navjot Sidhu), Harsimran Badal (whose property increased 4 times in last 5 years) to name a few & others like them shouldn't be winning after wasting 5 years & doing minimum work. might be inexperienced but they're against the experienced who've made money for themselves & did nothing for the "Aam Aadmi" - this is why they deserve a chance. People like HS Phoolka, Arvind Kejriwal, Meera Sanyal, Medha Patkar, Jiya Lal, Khalid Pervez deserve a chance.
If NaMo (or MoNa) is so confident of his Tsunami - which can only leave destruction in its trail, why is he so hyper about the AAP? They are trying all tricks to prevent Medha Patkar from contesting. Yesterday one of his stooges, V.K.Saxena, who is the CEO of the Adani's Dholera Port and masquerades as the Chairman of National Council for Civil Liberties, sent an email to the press and to the Election Commission that Medha should be disqualified from contesting as she has not disclosed in her affidavit that she heads a militant organisation NBA, that she takes foreign funds, etc.In fact his case on this issue has been quashed by the Supreme Court with costs to him after an enquiry by the Vajapayee govt gave her a clean chit. He must be sorely disappointed that the Election Commission had a good laugh and junked his mail. We will fight and we will win.
People who wrote letter to President not to hang Kasab. - Medha Patkar . - Teesta Setalwad. - Mallika Sarabhai. - Mahesh Bhatt…
Medha Patkar defending Khap panchayats on CNN-IBN! I can't believe it!
Medha Patkar facing really a hostile crowd on IBNlive programme with Sagarika Ghosh, a pro AAP media channel could not collect a pro AAP crowd,how will AAP win a single seat,I firmly believe Magic of AAP is finished,people are tired with this party.They wanted too much and they did not read the wave,Delhi unrest was assumed as India's unrest.
3 Great Grandsons of Mahatma Gandhi have joined AAP, so has Grandson of Lal Bahadur Shastri, not to mention Medha Patkar.
An appeal to the new generation of voters!! 30% of our Loksabha candidates declared so far have criminal cases. 12% have serious criminal cases. ( ref - ADR India report below) I cringe when my neighbors and colleagues ask me this question, with disbelief, 30% criminals among candidates? As a super power in the making, can India afford to have criminals run the country? This election is different, we are seeing the advent of cleaner candidates and mainstream folks, corporates and social workers such as Nandan Nilakeni, Medha Patkar,Meera Sanyal, and a host of other non-career politicians. For the new generation (well, actually every generation), it is the time to think seriously about criminality in politics. Our appeal to you is to think beyond political alignments and for once, think about the criminal element in candidates as you make your precious choice this time. Do we deserve criminals to represent us? Netamaker will be providing assets and criminal records of candidates on our site by end of ...
AAP fields an interesting mix of candidates. The Aam Aadmi Party has sought to strike a balance by giving tickets to people from diverse fields like media, corporate world, films and academics besides social activists, former defence personnel and retired bureaucrats for the Lok Sabha elections. Former CEO and chairperson of RBS India Meera Sanyal, social activist Medha Patkar, actress Gul Panag, academician Rajmohan Gandhi and journalist Ashutosh are among the 242 candidates announced by the party so far for its debut Lok Sabha elections. "After its success in the Delhi assembly elections, the party has got tremendous response with people from across the country wanting to become members. With this, also came a long list of people wanting to contest on a party ticket," said an AAP leader. While party leader Arvind Kejriwal doesn't mince words when it comes to attacking the media, it is ironic that it has given a sizable number of tickets to journalists. Mukul Tripathi, Ashish Khetan, Jarnail Singh, who h ...
Mumbai: The candidature of social activist Medha Patkar from Mumbai North East Lok Sabha constituency on Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) ticket comes as bad news for Congress-NCP which made a clean sweep in the financial capital in 2009. Patkar's name is in the list of 20 candidates announced by AAP for the general elections today. NCP sources said sitting MP Sanjay Patil, who is also the president of the Sharad Pawar-led party's city unit, was facing resentment from inside the party and from Congress. "Congress accused him of sabotaging its candidates in the municipal elections two years ago. NCP corporators and senior leaders are also not in favour of him," a source said. The constituency has a sizable Dalit population, which had helped RPI leader Ramdas Athawale in the past. But now Athawale, recently elected to Rajya Sabha, is with Shiv Sena-BJP alliance. Patkar, who shot to fame with Narmada Bachao Andolan, has some base in the constituency as her National Alliance of Peoples Movement (NAPM) works in the slums ...
Kejriwal is the best person for the post of prime minister : Medha Patkar | The Indian Express:
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interview in . Know about the splendid work done by Medha Patkar. Link :
we have doctors working in remote inaccessible areas, where we don't even have the basics of civilisation... we have medical students beaten up by goons, and now even police... we have social activists protesting for a lot of issues, there's even organisations which care for dogs & cats... yet now we have a situation where medically students have been brutally assaulted, one has been killed, one is seriously injured, many are injured... and where is justice, where is Satyamev Jayate & Amir Khan, where are the social activists, where are people like Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar, Arundhati Roy, Medha Patkar, even man of the moment Kejriwal...
Requesting Rajnath Singh Narendra Modi Yogendra Yadav , Arvind Kejriwal , Manish Sisodia, Medha Patkar you have seen the News Express expose, 11 major opinion poll companies allegedly found red handed. They were taking money from political parties and cooking up the results of the opinion polls. Then News Media buying these, and showing to the voters. Then political parties going on a mass propaganda saying they are the winning party, so people should vote for them. You can regulate banks, because they provide service to the public. you can regulate media because they provide service, you can regulate stock market, cinemas etc etc. But pre-poll opinion polls are just an entertainment service which is playing with the democracy. Please stop the madness of pre poll opinion polls. Instead focus on your policies, and let people decide who they want to vote for. Do your internal surveys if you are curious. Respect people's vote on the election day. Ban pre-poll opinion polls. Supporters of BJP and AAP, most po ...
We need candidates like Medha Patkar to save our country from the CHAI Republic backed by crony capitalists.
Yesterday afternoon 25 odd NCP goons attacked AAP Chakala Office with ink balloons they also burnt Arvind Kejriwal effigy placed in our office, the interesting part was that despite police being present during the violent protest they preferred to stay inactive. To protest against the Himsa of NCP with Ahimsa of AAP our National Executive Member & Lok Sabha Candidate from North West Shri Mayank Gandhi with Volunteers decided to sweep nearby NCP Office. As expected Police detained them en route & took them to MIDC Police Stn At Andheri. Meanwhile a few of volunteers managed to reach & Sweep NCP Office at Juhu Lane. By evening as a mark of protest against detention, thousands of volunteers gathered at Police Stn. The hall mark of the protest was when a few detained Muslim Volunteers offered their daily evening Namaz at Sai Baba Mandir inside the police Stn. AAP Lok Sabha Candidates Medha Patkar & Meera Sanyal also joined the volunteers late night & we collectively refused to leave until our demands are m .. ...
The kindest thing I can say about the economic thoughts of Arvind Kejriwal is that he needs to think some more about his ideas. Citizen Kejriwal announced last week that he was not against capitalism but only against ‘crony capitalism’. This was so astounding a statement from a man who used his 15 minutes in office hounding private companies and flinging charges at major industrialists that I resolved to investigate further. This required careful analysis of the speech he made at the CII meeting in Delhi. The more I analysed, the more I heard the sound of music in my ears. Arvind Kejriwal in concise and clear terms espoused causes this column has espoused ever since I discovered more than 20 years ago that India’s biggest political problems were its economic failures. In this space I have stated ad nauseum that I believe India could still be the richest country in the world if we follow the right economic polices. By ‘right’ I mean right ideologically as well because I think it has been proven t ...
VOH:23/2/2014 BJP to cross more 300 if effective candidates were fielded and even surprise wins will result with best of candidates As VOH followed NAMO'S chai pe chercha and into locations like BENGAL, ODISHA, ANDHRA PRADESH, Tamil Nadu and KERALA with candidates with know face and good track record in these areas may fetch BJP TALLY beyond 300 and all it need is a candidate who can come out in clear about modi vision and follow him blindly and what surprises one and all local or non local immaterial as WHEN IT comes to Lok Sabha all hands up for MODI alone none else and they were seeing a "SWARNA YUGA" under modi like "SRIKRISHNARAYA" period with development, development and development ranging from kanyakumari to Kashmir and all corners of the india. Congress and KUJLIWAL knowing this vigorously trying to stop modi by taking few industrialists names and thinking that they can confuse the nation as per media back up by YSR JAGAN who is running proxy GOVERNMENT IN ANDHR PRADESH to gain under samaikhyandh ...
Dear AAP and AAPtards, "There is more to this nation apart from the corruption.". .AAP's Mumbai Candidate...
Yesterday(22nd February 2014) AAP Andheri Office was attacked by the NCP goons. In protest to the attack, when some 15-20 AAPians under the leadership of Mayank Gandhi decided to sweep the fronts of the NCP office, the police instead of arresting the perpetrators detained Mayank Gandhi and his team at MIDC Police Station. The Police suggested that AAP files a FIR instead of carrying on the protest. As it was not the arrest of the young misguided souls that really mattered but a strong condemn of the violence by means of non-violent ways, it was decided not to insist on any arrest etc ; instead leave it to the State to follow the due process of law. Nevertheless the wrongful act had to be condemned. Mayank Gandhi therefore declared that no matter what he shall not go home without (symbolic) cleaning of dirt and garbage in front of the NCP by the AAP Broom. There ofcourse is no law that prohibits cleaning public roads and paths. The Police however would not allow the AAPians to let go for the purpose of cle ...
would prefer Congress to a party filled with full-time protesters like Medha Patkar
"Kejri is still occupying his official house in Delhi after quitting as CM. He says it…" — Corrupt Liar Quitter Kejri
"do you mean to say the people of Gujrat are fools who keeps on electing him year after year" — bubloo
"One thing that I don't understand here is.. AAP keeps attacking MODI, a successful CM of a successful state…" — Ram
"1984 riots , its a finished story, why ur loose and stupid leader Ak ordering SIT probe now…" — Pavan
"What a fall for AAP... Started as anti-corruption crusader, but now completely going after most…" — Ittiam
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"If govt. is handed over to her entire mumbai become slum and all dams will be destryoyed" — sandeep
and u see Medha Patkar AAP candidate from Mumbai NE has a understanding with Sharad Pawar. Will not speak against him.
Mayank Gandhi, Medha Patkar & Meera Sanyal coming out of MIDC Police Station yesterday night.
I dont know how many people identify Medha Patkar but my school teacher used to mention a lot about her, back in 90s
Just to add a drop into the vast knowledge pool of smart, secular, futuristic, transparent Aam Aadmis specially from Maharashtra,( because delhians are already infected), Medha Patkar was against death sentence of Kasab and Kejriwal was against death sentence for Afzal Guru, both had signed Petitions to save them.
Mumbai North east, Medha patkar doing very good work in slums and NCP's Sanjay Dina patil has contributed a lot to development here.
If you are wise then can u please justify Prashant Bhushan and Medha Patkar views on terrorist?
If Medha patkar manages to divide sanjay DinaPatil's votes,BJP may get 1 seat in Mumbai north east,provided Poonam Mahajan is not contender
AAP ki Medha Patkar uses funds from abroad to stall development projects in India. This is what AAP brings 2 the table
Where was your intellectual when Prashant Bhushan and Medha Patkar were pleading human rights for terrorist.
Modi has the right to take up the cause of the Bangladeshi Hindus in the same Medha Patkar did in Kasab case.
Giving LS tickets to activists like Medha Patkar is wants to play safe?
declared the defendant for 'Ajmar Ali Kasab' (Medha Patkar) as a 'Lok Sabha' candidate from 'North East Mumbai' , so whenever another blasts takes place the terrorist can have a minister to let them scoot free.They say that they have fielded the sympathiser of 'Dawood Ibrahim' (Anjali Damaniya) against 'Nitin Gadkari''s constituency (get your facts clear that this seat has a leader representing it at the Lok-Sabha). In 'AAP''s website they say that 'Milind Deora' is from though the fact is he is from 'Congress'. I just want to say "khujliwal" don't make people
AAP's new member Rajgopal Gandhi supports pakistan ISI agenda. AAP's Medha Patkar requested not to hang Kasab. AAP's alok protested against hanging of Afzal guru AAP's Yogendra Yadav one of those who wrote letter to america not to give passport to namo AAP's Sanjay singh wants to give Indian citizenship to illegal bangladeshis. AAP's Prashant Bhushan wants to gift kashmir to pakistan. Wow!!! AAP is so innocent.
Mahatma Gandhi: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win! This fight against rampant corruption, genocide and caste politics and thus worse governance for 66 years (which is bjp and congress now call governance) is a fight for the billion of Indians led by Arvind. Indian people and Arvind is on the verge of win and that would be the next LS election. The first list of 20 AAP LS candidates include iconic Indian activist like Medha Patkar. As long as all the AAP candidates are known and their manifesto offering life betterment facilities for people is out all the poll surveys are meaningless and the brahmin janata party and congress would get to know about it after LS. B for Bharat = B for "Bapu" (father) where brahmnis are just a part of the population that would get necessary respect; but ofcourse not B for Bharat = B for Brahmin that killed the greatest and strong leader Mahatma Gandhi (he was in a prayer and he gave India the identity in the world) where people fr ...
Kejriwal shoukd clarrify what is his relation with medha patkar & Arundhati Roy
I think Sundays are getting better by the day.. Today, Chidambaram speaking to Rahul Kanwal, Mamta with Rajdeep Sardesai, Medha Patkar on Zee News, Modi in Ludhiana, Rahul Gandhi rally somewhere, Kejriwal in Rohtak... Long back there used to be a concept on Zee Cinema... Sunday Dhamaal..Back to back superhit movies.. Waisa hi lag raha hai aaj ;-)
Can Mumbaikars Forgive these people who wanted Kasab Alive ?? List of some people who signed mercy petition for Ajmal Kasab 1) Mallika Sarabhai 2) Medha Patkar 3) Prashanth Bhushan 4) Shabnam Hashmi 5) Teestha setalvad 6) Aruna Roy
Well, I don't know why they behave like this, but it's the time to ask the devotees some questions about their brand ambassador of honesty Arvind Kejriwal. I request them to ask these facts to Mr. Kejriwal and get the answers if they ever get. 1. Who gave the Bungalow in Connaught Place for Rs 1/month as rent to Aam Aadmi Party? Why his/her name hasn't been disclosed? 2. Binayak Sen, a member of Planning Commission, drafts policies of Aam Aadmi Party. Then, what is the connection between AAP and Congress? 3. AK says, he served 5 years as an honest IRS officers, but no transfers happened ever. Whereas, in the same system people like Ashok Khemka gets transferred twice a year for his honesty. Why? 4. Admiral Ramdas, who is a part of AAP's internal Lokpal, was against Nuclear Tests held in Pokharan. He even vowed to fast in front of 7 RCR against the tests. In a reaction to this, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had said, "Ramdas can sit on a fast in Islamabad because Pakistan was planning to conduct nuclear tests." (Ref ...
Most people in India have a positive impression about Medha Patkar. Is she not the secular activist who takes on big business, fights for preserving India’s greenery and defends the poor and downtrodden?
So, dear Medha Patkar ji, is it perfectly alright to use foreign funds to stall Indian project??
Sardar sarovar bandh has changed life of residents in gujarat , This ambitious project was planned in the early 90's but was opposed without any valid reasons, the delay in the construction of dam resulted in increment of 10 times in the initial cost of projrcts,the opposition agitation was funded by some sources outside INdia and one of the main opposor is contesting election from AAP party,was medha patkar correct to oppose any project of national intrest ? .kindly give your valuable comments on this question.
medha patkar says lavassa agitation is on ! Doesn't seem like! wad bout dvlmpnt ,economic, ntnl security issues for country?
Candid & honest Medha Patkar on Star Majha. Gr8t!
UPDATE: NCP uses Police Force to crush Civil Liberties in Maharashtra AAP volunteers are being beaten up and arrested across the state – for the heinous crime of sweeping the streets. Earlier in the day NCP goons attacked the AAP office and AAP retaliated with an offer to sweep their offices to help clean the cobwebs of corruption. Mayank Gandhi was detained at 4pm the moment he set out for the NCP office along with 100 karyakartas. He is still under this illegal detention and another 500 volunteers have joined him. Medha Patkar has also joined the detainees. Anjali Damania led Nagpur volunteers to sweep the streets in front of the NCP office and the NCP goons there attacked Anjali and our team with the lathis of their flags. And the police arrested the sweepers, obviously not the attackers! Exactly the same happened in Thane where AAP karyakartas were attacked by the NCP goons while sweeping the streets and then the police came and arrested our karyakartas. Press statement from AAP.
Oh! The Mess iahs of good governance .Just the thought of Medha Patkar is so scary. Nightmare unleashed
really? Jairam ramesh is same as ultra leftist medha patkar? There are many who (cont)
If Kejriwal sincere about his belief in capitalism, what is he doing with the likes of Medha Patkar
Narmada Bachao Andolan is a monster in the guise of civil society. Medha patkar has very carefully projected it as a non-violent organizations. However, the ...
AAP - AN INTERNATIONAL CONSPIRACY AGAINST INDIA.. It is not Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) which is being portrayed as the party of common man but actually, it’s an international conspiracy hatched by anti-Indian forces within and outside the country. People like Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Anand Kumar, Yogendra Yadav, Manish Sisodia, Sanjay Singh, Kumar Vishwas, Ashutosh, Shazia Ilmi, Gopal Rai and Dilip Pandey are Indians but only in name. Who is not aware of their pro-Maoists and pro-radical Islamist credentials? Who is not aware of Medha Patkar credentials and those who constituted the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) and the essentially subversive and anti-system National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) of which Patkar is an integral and crucial part? Similarly, Kamal A Mitra Chenoy, had been exposed by the writer and rendered clueless in the Jawaharlal Nehru University in a well-attended international seminar more than a decade ago. Others of his ilk, who are in the process of openly making com ...
Let the media not support. Delhi was won by AAP despite these media and India will also be won despite the media. People are by the side of truth. The very fact that Medha Patkar, Lal Bahadhur Sastri's grandson and Mahatma Gandhi's grandson have joined AAP is proof enough for the credibility of AAP. People will shun these media and sonner or later these media will have to either shut down or find some other business like tea shop or barbour shop.
Excellent work. Next arrest Medha Patkar, I suspect she's involved in human trafficking.
Spotted Medha Patkar in Avantika Express Didn't know that she travels in 1st AC. :P
Medha Patkar singing a song on humanity blessed to have such candidate with us at Mumbai northeast
account being transparent is as fraudulent as Medha Patkar's claim of Gandhian simplicity. Both get countless crores…
An old article .. Medhatai is our Narmadamai, say villagers in the Narmada valley; they think the feisty activist...
NCP office swept clean with 'AAP' 'JHADOO' Medha Patkar, Mayank Gandhi & Meera Sanyal with 1000s of AAM AADMIs!
3 reasns y AAP Offce ws attckd. 1. NCP's MP Sanjay Patil cd be behind this attack.Medha Patkar is going to contest again…
This is a fact which can be verified from what the often repeated statements of Prashant Bhushan and others on Indian culture, civilisation, Kashmir, Army, Maoist-affected areas, nuclear energy plants, anti-terror laws and their frequent hobnobbing with radical Islamists, Maoists and other similar forces which consider the majority community their enemy and dismiss India as an ‘unnatural formation’ (or a formation of disparate regions and mutually exclusive social groups and communities). Indeed, Kejriwal and his associates are on the same side. Medha Patkar formally joined the AAP and assured the NAPM’s full support to Kejriwal on January 13, 2014 with the statement “We know the philosophy and views of Kejriwal” and hence, her plunge with the AAP. It was not a coincidence that Kamal A Mitra Chenoy, who I have personally known for more than two decades and whose biases for Kashmiri separatists, Maoists and similar other anti-national elements are apparent, bemoaned that he wanted the Left leader ...
Conngress, Its Allies, Anti India & Anti Hindu Lobbyists have Portrayed 2002 Gujarat Riots as the Worst Riots in the History of the World. It is Just to Demoralise Hindus, BJP, RSS & Deny Indians their Best Leader in 2014, and to Misguide International Community & Encourage Pak Sponsored Islamic Terrorism in India. Congress knows that they can't Win Against Modi in Politics, Administration, Honesty, Austerity, Nationalism, Secularism, Patriotism & International Popularity, they have used 2002 Very Effectively, through Beni Prasad, Lalu, Nitish, Mayavati, SRK, Amarteya Sen, Bhatt, Arundhati Roy, Anant Murthy, Medha Patkar, AAP, SIMI, MIM, IM & Owaisi Brothers.
Aam Aadmi Party’s first list of Lok Sabha Candidates released today By admin on February 16, 2014 Today, the Aam Aadmi Party released its first list of candidates for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The first list included the names of 20 candidates who would contest against AAPs listed ‘most corrupt ministers’. The party aim to not let a single corrupt politician enter Parliament. The names of the candidates were finalised during the meeting of the party’s political affiars committee (PAC) today afternoon at Kejriwal’s residence. First List of Candidates 1. Royal Bank of Scotland CEO Meera Sanyal will take on Milind Deora from South Mumbai. 2. Kumar Vishwas will contest against the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi from Amethi. 3. Ashutosh will fight elections against Law minister Kapil Sibal from Chandni Chowk area. 4. Mukul Tripathi will take on Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid from the Farrukhabad seat. 5. Senior advocate HS Phoolka will contest from Ludhiana against Informationa and Broadc ...
Medha Patkar joins the protest with Mayank Gandhi . They are still this time detained at MIDC Police Station.
Medha Patkar joins the protest at MIDC police station!
AAP leader Medha Patkar has been involved in anti development activities and has been involved in foreign funds adjustment to settle the anti indian activity It shows how AAP is unfair to get their goal where they adjust the things according to them .
Medha Patkar, who earned her food by opposing the development of the country. Used to get funding from foreign countries to carry her Protest against Developmental work.. Wrong Person in Wrong Party... (Y)
Medha Patkar(Tai) Is on her way to join Mayank Gandhi in Detention. SATYAMEVA JAYATE. on her way to join in detension at Andheri. arrested in Nagpur
In an event in Bhandup(Mumbai), Medha Patkar was felicitated by Brahmakumari Sammelan today.
I wish Medha Patkar,Arun Bhatia and other AAP members respect the decision not to engage with discredited Time for s…
Meera Sanyal worked at a bank financing Enron's India Project at a time Medha Patkar campaigned against Enron
is a mess of Irony & Contradictions. Hence it messed-up Delhi. Imagine an economy by Meera Sanyal & Medha Patkar
In 1994, firebrand social activist Medha Patkar launched a massive campaign against US power giant "Enron" in India. Meera Sanyal, was working with a bank that was financing Enron's India project. Now, both have come on same platform and are contesting from Mumbai seats on AAP tickets. the AAP will face ideological challenges in the days to come? One is anti development while other is pro market.
Yesterday Aam Aadmi Party kicked off its Lok Sabha election campaign in Maharashtra which was attended by Medha Patkar, Anjali Damania, Vijay Pandhare, Meera H Sanyal, Mayank Gandhi, Yogendra Yadav and our very enthusiastic Aam Aadmi Party Mumbai team. I request the people of Maharashtra to support our candidates in their fight against corruption.
AAP Maharashtrra conducted a rally today marking the start of AAP mahharashtra's campaign for Loksabha 2014. Event was attended by Yogendra Yadav (National Executive Member), Mayank Gandhi (National Executive Member, AAP Candidate from Norrth West Mumbai), Anjali Damania (Convener AAP Maharashtra, Candidate from Nagpur), Vijay Pandhare (Convener of AAP pune) , Medha Patkar (Candidate from Mumbai North East), Meera Sanyal (Candidate from South Mumbai) and committe members of Mumbai and Maharashtra. Event was a huge suuccess.
Adversaries on Enron, banker Meera Sanyal and activist Medha Patkar are now both AAP candidates in Mumbai.
19th Feb 2014 AAP Mumbai held a Rally and Jansabha ''Elaan e Jung - Chunaav 2014''. The Jansabha was addressed by senior AAP leader Yogendra Yadav and party's poll candidates Mayank Gandhi , Anjali Damania , Medha Patkar , Meera Sanyal and Maruti Bhapkar. Thousands of supporters came in the rally and throng the Jansabha ground.
It was such a great experience to be a part of the AAP Aelan-e-Jung in Mumbai with Medha Patkar, Yogendra Yadav, Anjali Damania, Meera Sanyal and other leaders of the common man. Kisi ne Chaai tak nahi puchhi phir bhi hazaaro.n log aaye apne kharche se, jabki baaki parties chaai paani nashta khaana aur paisa bhi dete hai. Kisliye? Apne Bhavishya ke liye. Have heard YY speak in a TV programme but heard him and Medha Tai live for the first time and realised why they are such popular leaders for the displaced and downtrodden. If you compare this rally with any Namoji rally, it was "Paani Kam Chaai" but YY said it was bigger than any election rally of AAP in Delhi before Assembly elections. Mayank Gandhi spoke about Slum lords, Police and BMC nexus. Meera Sanyal came from Churchgate to Andheri by local train along with her supporters and alighted at all stations to spread the message of AAP.
The Beohar House:- A landmark in North Civil Lines area of Jabalpur, this elegant and prestigious manor.. Constructed soon after completion of the building which now houses the High Court of MP. This private manor has had the singular honour of hosting several visiting luminaries including Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Jawaharlal Nehru, Vinoba Bhave, Osho, Bacha Khan, Mirabehn, Jamnalal Bajaj, Maithili Sharan Gupt, Shankar Dayal Sharma, Kaka Kalelkar, Thakkar Bapa, Makhanlal Chaturvedi, Somnath Hore, Arunachal Perumal, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, Medha Patkar, Nirmal Verma, Rehman, etc. History books of the early 1820-1830s refer to the vast expanse/estate of this manor as Jamnera and subsequently Beohar-Grove. It was later converted to Civil Lines by the British. When the railway line was laid, it bisected the area into North and South, and this area became Civil Lines (North). This entire area is now popularly referred-to as Beohar-Bagh, or Garden of the Beohars'. High Court of Madhya Pradesh is situat ...
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