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Mean Girls

Mean Girls is a 2004 American teen comedy film directed by Mark Waters.

Regina George Tina Fey Aaron Samuels Gretchen Wieners Daniel Franzese Mean Girls 2 Jingle Bell Rock Karen Smith Lindsay Lohan Las Vegas Lacey Chabert Katy Perry Lindsey Lohan Janis Ian Lizzy Caplan Harry Potter Gretchen Weiners

*Jingle Bell Rock comes on*. Me: does all the choreography from Mean Girls. Ryan: so how much do you hate yourself??
Janis Ian is the true villain of Mean Girls: A thread.
Tim Nelson with APA MT alumnus Kyle Selig. Kyle is portraying Aaron Samuels in the Broadway bound Mean Girls musica…
Danielle Panabaker Reveals She Was Almost Cady in 'Mean Girls' . Danielle Panabaker just dropped a bombshell on us a…
Because she’s a singer and not a pundit and wants to perform, not alienate. This is a silly Mean Girls witch hunt for nothing.…
Actor Bijou Phillips is apologizing after Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese accused her of body-shaming, homophobia in 20…
"Mean Girls" star accuses of harassment, homophobia and assault https:…
has apologized after Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese alleged Phillips haras…
Top story: Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese gets apology for bullying on set of … see more
Bijou Phillips apologizes for homophobic harassment of "Mean Girls" star Daniel Franzese
Bijou Phillips is apologizing to a "Mean Girls" star for bullying him over his sexuality.
Mean Girls is old enough to be nominated for the National Film Registry, just saying...
Tina Fey is the biggest bae in all of Mean Girls idgaf
that scene in Mean Girls when the mama was mimicking her dancing w/ the girls on stage.This the black version LMFAO https:/…
Mean Girls, Princess Diaries, Shutter Island, and Harry Potter for this cold and relaxing afternoon.
Gretchen Weiners the finest one in Mean Girls dont @ me
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Me, Sarah, and Cassidy are basically the girls from Mean Girls. Sarah is Regina George, I’m Gretchen Weiners, and C…
I will! Right alongside my love of Clueless and Mean Girls! Ha. I might watch Jonathan Creek…
James gets thrill up his leg when Mean Girls give him attention as Sanders does when CNN asks him t…
You know you've thought the same before 😉💥 8 Ways a Corporate Environment is Like High School and Mean Girls.
I love how the hot guy from Mean Girls, Aaron Samuels, is now the host of Halloween Wars. 🎃👻🍁🍂
'Mean Girls' faves Kevin G & Aaron Samuels just had the FETCHEST reunion & our hearts totally can't cope 😍…
The most unrealistic thing about Mean Girls is that Aaron Samuels is a high school boy with more than 4 outfits
There was another Mean Girls reunion and we CAN’T COPE
Mean Girls' Kevin G and Aaron Samuels reunited for a photo and it's glorious
The actors who play Aaron Samuels and Cady in 'Mean Girls' reenact this iconic scene in honor of today's date. 😂🙌 https:…
We saw Tina Fey eating cheese fries, so we ate cheese fries. 🍟 Happy from Mean Girls on Broadway!
Mean Girls. -kevin g is the best and most underrated character. -tim meadows' dead pan here kills me
ParaNorman. Who Framed Roger Rabbit . Mean Girls . The Producers . and. man I dunno, one of the Harry Potter movies?…
Aw, some of the Mean Girls cast reunited for October 3rd to raise money for Las Vegas victims. You can donate to
Today's the day for brands to choose the line from Mean Girls that best fits their current messaging.
'Mean Girls' cast reunites to support victims of the Las Vegas shooting. Grool.
I’m wearing pink to work tomorrow since it’ll be Wednesday and today was Mean Girls day 🤷‍♀️
Off to watch Mean Girls in honor of the day
Mean Girls raises an important question: Does what teenage girls say matter?.
I wasn't in NY for Tina Fey handing out cheese fries on Mean Girls day, so I'll never be a complete person.
Speaking of... it's Mean Girls day tonight, and the peeps of are BIG Mean Girls fans.
In honor of October 3, the Mean Girls cast banded together to encourage people to donate to the Las Vegas victims:
I’m sorry, but who cares bout national boyfriend day, when it’s Mean Girls day?Also, does Karen have her hand on the wrong side on purpose?
In Honor of the cast started a for the victims of the DONATE! 👉…
Okay I’m watching the iconic wild child instead which I haven’t watched in a while, but has watched even more than mean girls...
Its October 3rd! Vamos Netflix poneme mean girls YA!
It's been a really rough week for everyone. . But this just made me smile... It's Mean Girls Day
TONIGHT we play starting at 8pm. Reservations at;
Ok why i see so many comments about is October the third and Linsey Logan in mean Girls lol 😂? Umm do tell me
Thank goodness for Mean Girls otherwise we would never know what day it is
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Clueless was way better than mean girls. I mean she fell in love with her stepbrother for God’s sake, what a plot
Folks are really arguing today over whether Mean Girls or Clueless is the best teen movie. Pfft 🙄
It’s October 3rd. Here come all the Mean Girls memes .
I'm really disappointed in the lack of mean girls jokes on the internet today
The mean girls of pro wrestling, The Beautiful People!
Yall talking about mean girls when its * ***
These were the Mean Girls days, & although iCarly & Victorious are mine I never saw a single ep of Zoey 101 until now. Never had the time.
Mean girls quotes are stealing my attention for my birthday
Ariana and her friends recreating Mean Girls is everything IM YELLING
Nia and Alexa are the best mean girls I've ever seen in wrestling They have that natural chemistry
Bob hit 15K on Mean Girls Day! This is 10x more special to me now! I will never forget October 3rd 😭
Everyone: Happy Mean Girls day hurhurhur. Me, an intellectual: Happy Smash 4 3DS day
Happy October 3rd!! Some call it mean girls day but really it's October 3rd
I'm just saying I'd pay $10 to see Mean Girls in theaters again
Who is down for a Mean Girls movie night tonight??
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Happy 💋 Here's what the 'Mean Girls' cast is up to 13 years later
If you cannot quote the entire mean girls, I don’t need you in my life.
cast reunites to raise money for Las Vegas shooting victims
prime opportunity lost by not having special theater screenings of Mean Girls every October 3rd
.recreating Mean Girls is potentially the best thing you’ll see today
Forget Mean Girls, Fullmetal Alchemist immortalized this day, dammit.
If anyone knows me , you know mean girls is really one of my favorite movies 😭💕💕
If I ask you what date it is & you don’t respond with the quote from mean girls I will have to re-evaluate our friendship
Honestly, I love that October 3rd is a holiday in Germany because then I always have time to watch Mean Girls
i know it's mean girls day or whatever but I've never seen it before lol
Ah yes. The two genders. Mean Girls and FMA.
Here's what I think would happen if there was a little more ND nice at North Shore High.
So two weeks from today should be Mean Girls Day Part 2 with this kind of logic. 😉 lol
on October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.. national boyfriend day, duh 😉 @ Mean Girls
Get in loser, we're quoting Mean Girls to escape from the horrors of reality.
Until Mean Girls came out in 2004, people didn't know when October 3rd was. That's why we celebrate this scene every year…
Has anyone else realized that the host of Cupcake Wars is Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls?
to 2012 when Dollys were bffs, Newsies were vlogging, Mean Girls were cheering & more:…
Amanda Seyfried, Lindsay Lohan and Lacey Chabert on the set of Mean Girls (2004)
I have gotten, at various stages, Kal Penn, Kevin from Mean Girls & Aziz Ansari. Recently, I'm an awful…
Man we created this beast. Consumerism transformed from products into media. Tina Fey warned us in "Mean Girls."
5 Things we've learnt from Mean Girls >> On the Rock On Ruby blog! xx
Tina Fey's "Mean Girls" musical has its Plastics, and an official release date via
Mean Girls cast: Remember Janis Ian and Damian Leigh? Actors Daniel Franzese and Lizzy Caplan both make BIG……
Aaron Samuels from "Mean Girls" didn't recognize Lindsay Lohan in a picture and it got awkward https:…
This is Amazing! Mean Girls is going to be a Musical!
Meet your new Regina George! Here's the first look at Tina Fey's Mean Girls musical.
Here's the first look at Tina Fey's 'Mean Girls' musical
My dad can never understand girls shopping power. . I mean baru sampai kadai tarus masuk bakul 🤣
well I mean he's also fluffier and cuter in digimon nama when girls are around so
Ok I'm sick of people saying that mean girls is going to be like heathers. Like give it a chance! Besides, mean girls is its own thing!!!
Heathers the musical is on youtube and it's mean girls but with murder
Mean Girls is going on Broadway. What a time to be alive
I'd pay to go see mean girls the musical
important point to be made, although i don't know that i agree.. just because we don't SEE distress/impairment, doe…
The world needs more fit girls. By which I mean "with muscle."
But let's be honest. Guys lick where girls pee so I mean it's not like people aren't putti…
If you watch "Mean Girls" backwards, it's about a girl that got so unpopular so she moved to Africa.
Come on girls we're in college.being mean& rude to people isn't cute. Grow up and start acting like an adult
Mean Girls on Broadway tickets go on sale October 3rd. Major kudos to their marketing team for that one.…
Psyched to have own on tonight! Will share the very spoopy Mean Girls-…
to win: Spectrum Mean Girls Brush Collection 💗 must be following me to win
El mejor dialogo de Mean girls:. "She's not pretty, it sounds bad but whatever." -Regina George
Girls that intentionally try to hurt other girls... Shame on you! I mean really. Shame on you!
Idky some guys treat girls so bad.? I mean hello, they are a blessing not a curse 👌😂🔥
A "Mean Girls" musical, with book by Tina Fey, is coming to Broadway in March after a run in Washington this fall
Unlike fetch, Mean Girls coming to Broadway is totally GOING TO HAPPEN
They already made a sequel to Mean Girls
Man ion mean to sound mean but like come on now some girls be trynna talk to me knowin *** well they ain't cute enough 😒
Hi if u feel the need to comment negatively about the women playing the plastics in Mean Girls just based on their looks u suck bye
Girls can be so mean and hateful it makes me sick 😒
That's so fetch — Tina Fey's musical set for a Broadway run in April
Meet the Plastics! Broadway bound Mean Girls: The Musical unveils its leading ladies ready to rule the school ⚡️ 💗 😈 https:…
also, I've learned that I have a high attraction to mean looking girls wowowowow can they just hit me up like ???
Y'all are freaking mean man. 💯 the reason I hated high school girls. If you say that…
The little sister (Kylie) in Mean Girls is now 18 years old and looks like this, CRAZY!
'Mean Girls' musical to premiere on Broadway next year
Girls are so mean nowadays that when a girl is randomly nice to me it makes me so happy like there still are some nice…
"Mean Girls" is coming to Broadway. As a musical. Next spring. And this time, the Plastics have smartphones.
musical first look: Tina Fey introduces the Plastics
Here's what Kevin G. from 'Mean Girls' is up to today
When you look closely at the certificates for the walker brother's pancake house in Mean Girls and realize it's the original pancake house 😱
.interrupted me to make a comparison between Kurt Vonnegut's Mother Night and Mean Girls. Then he went back to sleep.
you, woke: lord of the flies but w/ all girls. me, an intellectual: just watch Mean Girls you ***
I just remembered Taylor really sampled a song used in Mean Girls to reference Katy Perry calling her Regina George
Taylor Swift literally reminds me of Regina George from "Mean Girls" . I genuinely can't see that girl being genuine and down to earth.
I feel like Karen Smith from Mean Girls, can tell when it's going to rain by the pain in my left ankle. There's an…
yall the dance for LWYMMD from 3:06-3:20 reminds me of the Jingle Bell Rock dance from Mean Girls. remember when Ka…
A Right Said Fred-&-Mean Girls-sampled diss track? Def love the new Taylor. Plus when you compare it to Swish Swish 😒😒 😏
SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE!. (I'm sure Lizzy Caplan is plenty sick of Mean Girls love, but I love Mean Girls, so ther…
If I could only watch two movies for the rest of my life it would hands down be Mean Girls & John Tucker must die. 😂
me too /: like it's making me so upset to watch multiple girls be THAT mean ☹️ & it's just not classy
Can Mean Girls & Desperate Housewives be put on Netflix if they're not already🙃
I mean she's literally one of the mose beautiful girls on the planet
antis from big groups always come to attack gfriend for NO REASON. just bc your pride is hurt doesnt mean our girls are untal…
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You guys are like high school girls texting each other about how mean the gym teacher is.
Guys, on a serious note. We need to be more selective when it comes to girls. . Fine girl don't mean sense anymore.
Girls gotta understand, just because I disappeared on you for 3 months and I started dating someone else doesn't mean we alre…
What girls really mean when they say they like it rough😂🤠
Girls are supposed to be there for one another!!! Not stab eachother in the back!! Being mean is not cool
Not intended purpose? sounds like it was named by a group of mean girls who wanted an app to bully Sara
Since I read this book when I was 5 i learned to never tell girls what to do..i mean eve disobeyed God..Who am I?😂😂😂
The bar I'm in has Mean Girls playing on the big screens, I just adore San Diego 😂
Doesn't mean girls aren't interested
Dear girls,. Just because we somehow make eye contact with you in passing or smile at u, doesn’t mean we are being creepy &…
girls please stop mean mugging. People are only trying to make friends.
She's one of my favorite Drag queens ever. People won't believe when I tell them girls can be dragqueens, I mean lo…
white boys cant handle thicc girls! — That's not completely true, but I mean 🤐
I remember every line from mean girls really love that movie
Girls your age never mean what they say
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Ya know that scene in Mean Girls where Lindsay Lohan imagined her poppin Regina in the caf... Yeah I imagined that.
I thought this was the line from mean girls
As a girl if you haven't watched wild child, mean girls, aquamarine or angus, thongs and perfect snogging you aint lived…
If true it would mean the mahous showing up eventually would have much deeper meaning than just "hey we're the new girls"
Just finished three servings of Pad Thai, and am about to watch Mean Girls for the seventh time. *** I could use chocolate.
When guys say they like girls with no makeup, this is what they mean
you shouldn't put down girls for having a different body type than you have, I mean like lets be honest all girls are just beautiful
Compliments mean so much more from girls bc girls be hating and guys hit on everything that walks
That's what I mean. Honestly it *** but even with strict parents most girls just do what they want anyway
"Annoying girls that have too much power than they need.". Cough. "I mean-. Superheroes."
Although, being a lolicon doesnt mean you're a pedophile, just that you're into young girls.
I think you mean late night reruns of the golden girls
I haven't even seen mean girls why would I be saying that..
Her senior photo has gone viral because of their resemblance.
Wait a minute!!. You mean girls DON'T have cooties?
max bemis i bet it mean weaklings LOL girls :(
Britney is iconic but many pop girls are iconic too. Not just because I'm a britney fan doesn't mean i d…
Honestly wish I was one of those girls that always looks hot af but here I am with my goofy looking *** and I mean…
David Reale - 31. Mean Girls. Despite inspiring one of the films best lines, David was never credited or paid, but he go…
I can quote majority of mean girls .. it's actually sickening
People always say girls who are mean are insecure but thats false because if I'm being mean to you there's a reason and it'…
As I bowl next to 2 lanes of Jr High girls, I remember just how ruthless and mean they can be... No one deserves to be treated that way.
I had my Massachusetts shaped necklace on wrong all day because I put it on looking in the mirror and now I feel like Karen from mean girls
I'm sorry but I love when the girls that were mean to me in hs get fat in college.
Other ppl relationships so funny 😭 cuz I'm so different n mean. So when I see girls being a hassle n getting on a *** nerves it's funny
The bachelorette is proof that 💎 really are a girls best friend. Who needs a Peter when you can have a Neil, I mean Bryan?!?!
That's petty to say. They look like light skin mean girls angry for no reason
HS girls are so mean... I hope they get older and learn that's now what life is about
Why does Jon remind me of Regina George's mom dancing in Mean Girls?
Seriously.She's never heard that before?!
Exactly! It's really turned in to The Mean Girls of LA
Girls are so mean for no reason I hate it
I mean I'm not surprised that girls growing up in America don't want to be coder…
Just seen this 😂 Which Mean Girls character are you?
Some girls will have a natural mean face, but be cool & goofy 🤞🏽💯
It seriously is!!! Im over here with all my girls like *** ! Any why is she being mean to Peter now?
In the photo doctored from mean girls she's eating salads?
Well.I mean we know your father in law is a racist cool with killing y…
The Craft is the Mean Girls of witches.
if u wanna make it like another Mean Girls 2..go for it lmao
ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL GIRLS. Don't look into what a boy says . They are a simple species. What they say, they mean . No hidden messages
I try my hardest (99.9% of the time) to be nice, kind-hearted and a good person, for the life of me idk why girls are…
'Progressives' certainly act like mean girls, and it's not a good look for anyone who cares about the nation's future.
Bondage but I am a *** so only other girls. And I mean real girls not a crossdressi…
can't wait to get back to Natty and crack a cold one open with the girls... by "cold" i mean white wine & by "one" i m…
American Mean Girls : Blackmailed By Your Secretary - As your personal secretary I know everything about you. I know
I guess progressives are mean girls now. Lol. If I had more gravitas I'd appreciate neoliberals more.
The 3 worst people on are forming a clique, of course. That's how mean girls roll.
I feel like I'm one of the few ppl who doesn't agree..just cause he likes another girls pic doesn't mean he's disrespecting…
Shaunie and Evelyn wanna be the mean girls so bad. Buh-bye.
I mean its no Secret that girls love flores
Mean girls are insecure girls. Keep that in mind
My girls mean the world to me and I wish them the best and glad I have them by my side :) 💕💕
Mya:. " just bc you see new flesh doesn't mean you have to go after it"😂😂she was talking about guys going after girls all the time
Grown *** women acting like mean GIRLS! Girls, not women. So annoying. Not watching next season.
I need people to stop telling me to watch What The Health. It's not gonna happen *Regina George voice from Mean Girls*...
tfw Karen Smith from Mean Girls goes on to become part of an authoritarian regime's propaganda apparatus.
Tina Faye in Mean Girls: who here has been called a *** . Me watching: 🙋🙋🙋
Does anyone else know the Jingle Bell Rock dance on Mean Girls
The Jingle Bell Rock part in Mean Girls is so inspiring. Wow :')
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I added a video to a playlist Mean Girls - Jingle Bell Rock
So you telling me that Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls was also Eliza Thornberry? 🤔That's amazing.
Mean Girls, starring Mo'Nique and Sam Worthington. Directed by Wes Anderson, music by James. Budget: $150m
Okay now someone on the internet needs to recreate the Mean Girls scene with Kyrie's face over Gretchen Wieners'
I missed a Mean Girls question at pub trivia tonight. I'm ashamed of myself. Totally not fetch.
I am here for Taylor Lourderman as Regina George for the Mean Girls musical O M G
Taylor Louderman (will play Regina George in 'Mean Girls' musical
There was never a bad time to quote lines from Napolean Dynamite and Mean Girls into a conversation.
I'm kinda mad my boss just used a Mean Girls reference to compare it to the Lehman Brothers for me to understand how bad they were 😂😂😂
My dad just pointed at Lindsay Logan in Mean Girls and said "this is before she became a crackhead right?" I'm dead
I turned Mean Girls on just in time for the iconic Glenn Coco line.
"I mean if you were anyone in Mean Girls you would be Glenn Coco". Glad my best friend thinks so highly of me
Mean Girls. Seen pieces of it, but fell asleep each time. Also Brokeback Mountain.
On a day Trump acted like Mean Girls: "Donald, stop trying to make energy week happen! It's not going to happen!"
Iggy Azalea says she, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato "got on a call like Mean Girls" and laughed about Halsey insulting them.…
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How did they film that one scene in Mean Girls where Gretchen Wieners kicks a stereo in that guys face I need answe…
My career in researching comparative Gulf politics has been reduced to Mean Girls...and I tell you something, it's…
Herbie Hancock, Ladysmith Black Mambazo (from Mean Girls lol), B.B. King, The Sound of Blackness, and Elvis Costello
Wise words said by Karen Smith on Mean Girls 💁🏽
PHS gone be like in Mean Girls when Regina George made the copies of the Plastics' "Burn Book" 💀💀💀
There goes Jon hyping up like Regina George's mom from Mean Girls again 😂
I remember when college was fun. Now Minority Report meets Mean Girls.
Mariah Carey acting as Regina George in "Mean Girls" is the funniest thing you'll see today 😂
I mean she said her opinion bc it's not cool to even 'joke around' about stuff like this either ,the girls sp…
Girls are literally so mean it's disgusting
In disbelief that taishi has the gall to date all the girls but Lauren wasn't his type?!!??? I mean
I'm honestly a nice person I don't get why I'm constantly being surrounded by mean girls who love to hate others??I'm tryna make friends😠
That contradicts with the concept of facials. I mean girls don't receive *** on they back of their heads...
Tina Fey is here to get you excited about the Mean Girls musical because it sounds so fetch:
Montreal's pride and joy and mean girls star v.s Kusnetosva in Madrid Open Quarter Final today 15h30…
Stop teaching girls that boys are mean to them, just because they like them
I liked a video Tina Fey Shares Details About the Mean Girls Broadway Musical
This is like in Mean Girls when Cady takes credit for the Burn Book
Girls really be out here asking guys to send them money just cause they look good lol. I mean do you boo. Can't respect it…
When your boyfriend gets you tickets to Mean Girls the Musical 😍💖
Yeah but girls complain about guys being mean after they chose the *** over the nice guy🤷‍♂️
Now I feel so so so so so so so OLD if Mean Girls now now a my mom might know this thing...
Mean Girls is going to Broadway and will be at the National Theatre this fall. Who going with me?
I need to talk to more girls, starting to forget what kind of personality I like, don't want to be stuck w/ someone mean again 🤒
When girls say they're attracted to geeky guys this is totally what they mean
But I dont know why I never liked guns in a girls hand 🤔 whats ur reason for it. I mean I m not agains…
Tina Fey shares the 411 about with and coins the term "Baby Timberlakes."
Girls be horny on their period that's why they be so mad and mean
*** girls are beautiful I mean look at me
Tina Fey on the Mean Girls Musical Cast: 'They're Like a Bunch of Baby Justin Timberlakes!'
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I'm annoyed at the fact that he says beautiful girls shouldn't be going thru this. I mean ***
Men are emotionally stronger. You mean to tell me that men CONSTANTLY asking girls out n getting reject doesnt strengthen them emotionally?
When girls say they like guys in glasses this is definitely what they mean
Girls have been hearing "he's mean to you because he likes you" since they were 5 years old. What do you mean by "why do th…
Tina Fey gives updates from the Mean Girls musical rehearsal room. Playbill >>...
you should 'tame' white girls... me: you mean tune? LOL
So I just met Jonathan Bennett aka Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls
Dare i say it.. Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. And then there's Erin Br…
"Coach Carr step away from the under-age girls." From "Mean Girls"
Mean Girls: Senior Year is so fetch! Check it out!
Long story short she called me tonight and has been quoting dialogue from Mean Girls for the last 15 minutes straight.. somebody.. SAVE. ME.
From "Mean Girls" Gretchen Wieners tries 2 make it a trending word. Regina George the "Queen Bee" t…
You probably got that magic power that Karen Smith had in Mean Girls.
Channels the 'Bad B**ches' of 'Mean Girls,' 'Gossip Girl' and
Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls is in this. I feel bad
When the Mean Girls say you can't sit with them, you get your own *** throne. http…
Gretchen Wieners was the hottest plastic in Mean Girls
if you don't get that this is a Mean Girls reference. Gretchen Wieners dad did not *** on my toaster strudel
Friday funday calls for watching Mean Girls with all your besties. All the cool moms will be watching too!
I can think of maybe 4 films that genuinely made me laugh: Napoleon Dynamite, Mean Girls, Step Brothers, and Bridesmaids.
Mean Girls reunion: Lacey Chabert reveals the TRUTH on those sequel rumours -
Love her on ! 📺 Lacey Chabert comments on 'Mean Girls' reboot rumors, talks 'Party of Five' past
Is it just me or does Katy Perry's new look seem like a blonde Janis Ian from Mean Girls
I took some time out from groomsmanning to make a Mean Girls reference but no one picks up on Sunday's Bahrain Grand Prix.
Too many girls remind me of Regina George off Mean Girls 😩😂
Jill is Regina George Mom from movie Mean Girls during Jingle Bell Rock talent show performance "she's a cool mom"
Wanna go watch Ladysmith Black Mambazo because I heard about them on Mean Girls...
honestly if Mean Girls leaves or if Mean Girls 2 is added I'm never using Netflix again
i watch Mean Girls like 2 times a week
Mean Girls moment: she reportedly broke her statue in 2 and gave half to Beyonce!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Adele snapped her award in half last night, Mean Girls style
Did a quick interview with Jonathan Bennett of 'Mean Girls' fame. Really cool guy with some great wisdom to share. https:/…
Breaking news from Hollywood! Gov. Mike Huckabee cast in title role for remake of "Mean Girls."
(the scene from Mean Girls where they're all standing in front of the mirror but it's steve bannon): "ugh my pores are…
Saturday night we'll be at my place discussing the nature of failure in solemn tones. Might also watch Mean Girls. Dro…
Nobody can touch Lindsey Lohan in the Mean Girls days
Is it bad that I've never seen Mean Girls, The Breakfast Club or White Chicks?!?!?!
George HW Bush out here pulling a Karen from Mean Girls
From "Mean Girls" to helping Syrian opens up about her humanitarian work. w/
Here is a fearless picture of Danny De Vito in Mean Girls only to be scared away by an overwhelming, admiring fan.
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