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Mazel Tov

Mazel tov or mazal tov (Hebrew/Yiddish: מזל טוב , Hebrew: mazal tov ; Yiddish: mazel tov ; lit.

Bar Mitzvah Bernie Sanders

mazel tov to r' MOSHE YIDA FRIEDMAN to chasunah of his son TONIGHT @ IMPERIAL hall . mazel tov
I understand the circumstances, but mazel tov to you two!
This makes me so happy ❤❤❤ mazel tov to the best advisor I ever had in bbyo
Mazel Tov to R' Shmeia Shwartz (Monsey) to the baby boy. Mazel Tov for the Zeida R' Riven Menachem Shwartz Mashbak.…
*** What's the big deal? The professor didn't have a kid, now he does. Mazel Tov.
Mazel Tov: Trump has been officially on Iran and the rest of the world's naughty list :)
Mazel Tov! . Mendy Miller is engaged to Webber from Williamsburg!. Oif Simches!
Mazel Tov to Arielle Buxbaum - Liberty Region, for being awarded the, "Arnie Weiner Award for Professional…
Mazel Tov R" Moshe Sputz is making a vach nacht by his shver 9 Dover Terrace. Bris tmw after 8:00 Minyan
Mazel Tov. Harav Burech Itzkowitz. To the Chasune of his First Einikal. Tonight in Ateres Chinka hall
Mazel Tov. Harav Yakov Elya Segal - Menahel. To the Tenoyem of his Son. Tonight at Frankel Hall. 672 Whyte Ave. In Williamsburg
Well Mazel Tov! Not expected, but you're a man, your life doesn't have to change, LOL. He's cute!
Beyoncé is definitely carrying Destiny's Child in her belly. Mazel tov! 🤣
Mazel Tov! Moshe Yochanan Follman's kabulas panim is today in Bhm"d Mincatch 4706-14 Ave. Chasunah in Ateres Goldah 1362-5…
I am informed that Beyonce is with child(ren)? Mazel tov to her, then!
mazel tov. Quit worrying bout that stuff (besides being good person/father). & sooner than later she'll be eating wings WITH you
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
MAZEL TOV: To AJ Muller upon his engagement to Chayla Rosenblum of Chicago! May they be zoche to build a bn"b.
way to go Ryan! Mazel Tov! Just watched your railscast on multipart forms the other day :)
"Beyonce pregnant with twins." The 72-pt headline tomorrow on all the major papers to just let us all relax for 5 minutes. Also, Mazel Tov!
Mazel tov, Mel Gibson, you're having your best week in a decade.
he is so beautiful ! Mazel Tov to you, his mom and your sweet little boy!!
Let's all thank God that they allowed white Jesus into the Middle East. Mazel Tov.
Mazel Tov to the living legend G.O.A.T Fabulous news, more babies on the way. Don't y'all just love her.
& do NOT recognize the proper spelling of "Mazel Tov"-Do these corps. have a problem w/ Jews ??? Gonna try some Muslim words
(Mazel Tov, We Hope) Senate confirms Tillerson as secretary of state
First premier league goal for Mazel Tov!!
23 years on & now we all are smiling with you. Mazel Tov Mikey! We are so proud. 📷 1994 U14 GF
Mazel Tov to Former et al Forward, Peter Crouch Scoring his 100th Premier League Goal -for former QPR Manager…
Sooo Yoncé is preggers. Mazel tov! Blue, get ready: you will no longer be the center of attention. Like, at all. Lol
Mazel tov to and on their appointment to Int'l General Board!
Mazel TOV shlomo menachem Aron is making a kidush for daughter this shabbos in cleveland!
OMG my alert went off because Beyonce is pregnant? Mazel tov and all but where is my hourly OMG TRUMP IS GOING TO GET US ALL KILLED article?
Oh and if it's true...1. It's none of my business, and 2. Mazel Tov.
Mazel Tov! I remember seeing you and Juan Gonzalez trying to get into Camden Yards in 1992 and us fans helping you out.
Mazel Tov to Maddie and her family as the celebrate her Bat Mitzvah on the high seas. Everyone on deck will know wh…
Mazel Tov! Tonight is the Wedding of HaChusen Shaya Swimmer in The Imperial Hall at 712 Bedford Ave. in Wmsb"g Oif Simches!
"It is better to light a Mazel Tov cocktail" . -Scottie Nell Hughes.
Mechy Bauksbaum would like to invite you to the vacht nacht that he's making TONIGHT at 21 jasinski road (of Union Rd rd.). Mazel Tov!
And here are some for election night. L'chaim!
Every artisanal cocktail bar in Williamsburg is scrambling to create a "mazel tov cocktail" right now.
"Mazel tov cocktail." Pairs well with tacos from a truck. WHICH WE WERE PROMISED.
BTW: congratulations on your win with Mata Hari! It was a grand show. Mazel Tov!
In case you need an Election Night toddy,might I recommend the "Mazel tov cocktail"-one part Fireball,one part cheap vodka 😬🍸🔥
Why erupted over mazel tov cocktails today - :
So they were, like, "Mazel Tov!" And then... you know what? *Still* illegal to offer alcoholic beverages to police while on duty.
I can only imagine the ptsd people in swing states have. May need to make a mazel tov cocktail
Sounds like you folks need a Mazel Tov Cocktail 🍸
CNN contributor makes embarrassing gaffe on live TV
A Mazel tov cocktail is a martini with Manischewitz instead of vermouth.
A Mazel Tov cocktail is like a Molotov cocktail but it burns for 8 days.
What a boon this year has been for novelty kitsch between bad hombres, basket of deplorables, nasty woman, and inevita…
Just in case you were wondering, here's a recipe our archives:
Sounds like Boomer pre-gamed with a few mazel tov cocktails.
Everybody get on board the love train, Mazel Tov cocktails are available in the dining car!
Just keep thinking about Mazel Tov cocktails.
I wasn't sure who else to ask, so Neil, or Tova...what exactly is a "mazel tov" cocktail??
I had SOOO many Mazel Tov Cocktails my first semester at the Electrical College.
Please make a Mazel Tov cocktail on your Friday show.
I liked a video from Trump Surrogate: Jay Z Video Has "Mazel Tov Cocktails!"
fiancee and I are celebrating with "mazel tov" cocktails (Moscow mules) :)
I'm planning on drinking mazel tov cocktails all day tomorrow. Anyone have a recipe?
.“I feel like it’s something you serve kids at a Bar Mitzvah... a variation of a Shirley Temple.”
is guest bartending at tomorrow night, serving up her special Mazel Tov Cocktails.
I believe the very first "mazel tov cocktail" was thrown by Perchik the radical, at Tzeitel and Motel's wedding https:…
The main ingredient in my Mazel Tov Cocktail:.
Mazel tov cocktails are what I reward myself with after a long hard day of controlling the media.
Don't know whether to laugh at STUPIDITY... Or cry at BIGOTRY... sometimes hard to tell with HUMPs surrogates... .
Already discussing how many people will appreciate if our featured wedding drink is a Mazel Tov Cocktail.
Bartenders? Show of hands - who's trying to concoct the perfect Mazel Tov cocktail right now?
⚡️ “Thank this Trump surrogate for all the 'mazel tov cocktail' recipes”. Stupid is.
A "mazel tov cocktail" is whatever I happen to be drinking the moment this election is finally over.
This whole kerfuffle is perfect for your brand. Mazel tov! It's hilarious
Mazel Tov! May you have many more years of happiness and joy! All the best, mb.
To every man who is experiencing his very first Trump *gasp* tonight: You're a woman now. Mazel Tov.
My uncle works for access Hollywood and he got Billy Bush to say mazel tov in my Bar Mitzvah video. Not sure how I feel about that right now
.Tony LaVorgna - you have your own station? Mazel Tov. Great article. All the best from...
And by French our Amish friend really means Arabic. Mazel Tov to the Dutch.
Someone just asked me to describe mazel tov and I couldn't remember. I really am the worst jew
Mazel tov! one week from today the best show is about to hit netflix. best early birthday present ever!
you deserve very bit of happiness. Mazel tov! my friend! So So proud of you
Mazel tov! Another day down on commemorated by this delightful espresso martini!
Mazel tov! The world's oldest man, 113, celebrates his Bar Mitzvah a century late.
Mazel tov to yiddinie R' Yakov erenreich upon the birth of a baby girl lmz"t
Mazel Tov to Shia Orgel upon the birth of a baby girl. Kiddush this Shabbos at Tosher Shul 4615-14th Ave. Oif Simchos!!!
Our beautiful sweetheart who's now married to our brother! Mazel tov!
Mazel tov!! Yehuda Bernstein will be making a Sholom Zachor at 33 Sanztown rd (westgate) in the basement.
Mazel tov yosef aryeh swimmer had a boy
Mazel Tov Sage welcome to the world and more importantly welcome to Herb's Country Store!…
Man if this is the hill you wanna die on, mazel tov.
Mazel Tov-Shidduch: Harav Yosef Weisblum, Admor M'Shedlitz-Lakewood did a Shidduch with his Daughter (to Weinberg from London). ~ 45
Mazel Tov (on both, the first is wonderful and the second beats the alternative!)
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Mazel Tov to our shammas Mordche Arye Spitzer for a newborn girl einikel by hs son Avrum Zanvil. Kiddush in Toales Yakov. Simcha V'nachas
and also a mazel tov for R' Shimon Yoel Jakobowitz for the birth of his daughter (kiddish in williamsburg)
Mazel Tov!!! R' Yosef Kraus is giving Kiddish in shul this shabbos for the birth of his daughter
Mazel Tov to R' Yedidya Yosef Tirnoer (Monsey) to the baby girl. SIMCHE VENACHES
tov CF who hit his 1st post season HR top of 5th inning giving 5-1 lead over Game 2.
MAZEL TOV to R' Yosef Aryeh Swimer on the birth of a baby girl.
Mazel tov ! Wishing you both many years of good health, happiness, and love!!
Mazel Tov to R' Shrage Oberlender for becoming a Zeide the first time by his Eidem R' Amrom Fischer. The Zucher @ Byhm"d Puppe 654 Bedford
Mazel tov! Yitzy Fruend is making a kiddush on the birth of his daughter in Beis Medrash Spink 18 Ave bet 51 & 52 St.
Mazel tov! I humbly recommend Shelia Chandra for the soundtrack of your glorious & aesthetic reign.
Mazel tov on the record and asach nachas from the new baby! May you all indeed be inscribed in the Book of Life.
MAZEL TOV for the newborn Yingele baby by R'Shye Meisels, SHULEM ZUCHER in Zupnick keep Oif simches git shabbes
Celebrate life while drinking out of these Heroes of the Torah glasses! Mazel tov!!!
mazel tov. Make sure to include me on your hits.
Wow! Mazel tov, Prof. Alexander & Tapping the power of faith in the pursuit of justice!…
I think I congratulated you on other platforms but not this one. Congratulations! Mazel tov!
Mazel tov on finally finding that Fizmo.
Mazel tov Mensch of the Week, 3rd grader David W! He was excited to receive the medal among friends this mo…
Thanks rabbi! Please Help us praying for the peace in Colombia. Mazel Tov.
Mazel Tov maybe send directly to Florida and South Carolina governors
Mazel tov to Chaim ber and Esther Ruchy Steinmetz upon the engagement of chana Rechy to yitchok eidlisz
Mazel tov!! Shloimy Kraus (England) is a Chossom to Sharyashuv from London, England!! (he learnt in pkskl till last year pls ptxt)
Mazel Tov to Thomas for making the top 10 Jew hating list on Canary Mission for Oct. Shame on Wayne University
Sending a hearty Mazel Tov to my friend Madeleine Thien. We met after she stayed overnight in Susiya. Congrats!.
MAZAL TOV to Gary & Suzy Cohen on the engagement of their daughter, Leah and Aaron Bassin . Mazel Tov to parents Dima & Marina Bassin.
ah mazel tov dude! I know u enjoy that line of work. Happy 4 u man
I'm impressed you remember. Mazel tov you evil old bat.
Tried to look up Mazatlan on Google. Typed Mazel Tov instead.
Mazel tov!! HaChosson Binyomin Pruzansky will be getting married tonight at Ateres Charna, Chuppa at 7:15.
Mazel tov!! Vort of HaChosson Yudi Weissman will be today from 5:00 in Rabbi Forchheimers Shul.
mazel tov. Next year silver and gold we take. It only shows that Egypt is completely afraid of Israel still. G-d is Great
We all love . Make an impact at your . https:…
mazel tov! I get postcards from insurance about such things too. Youngest is 7.
Mazel tov to family Levine from gibbers grocer upon the birth of their new baby girl. Asach yiddish nachas gringerheit and gezinterheit!
I added a video to a playlist Klezmer Kings - Chosen Kale Mazel Tov.mpg
A big Mazel Tov to Nuta-Ruchy Retek upon the birth of their new baby boy! Hashem should help they should see loads of nachas!
Mazel tov to Andrew Robison on service to museum-goers, the USofA and civilization at large!
Mazel Tov Robert and Charlotte! What a beautiful wedding at Houdini Mansion
Anyway. Mazel tov and may u live 2. c the dawn!
Seating debate aside, it looks super swanky with those cascading flowers overhead. Mazel tov!
Thank you so much, ! Looking forward to meeting you in person soon, and Mazel Tov to YOU on Jordan's new baby!!
Mazel tov the chemistry is great and the content is what people want. Send bagels!
Mazel Tov to the Mayerson JCC staff on another great summer at Camp at the J!
Mazel tov to them all!! Anyone interested in obtaining this newfound Segula Please contact the Yeshiva office!
Mazel Tov to the Magid Shiur Reb Yosel Mashinsky for the Shiduch of his son, everybody is invited to the Vort **TOMORROW NIGHT** in BP.
go to Szimpla ruin bar and Mazel Tov. Also walking tour is highly recommended!
Mazel tov to Sara Newhouse on the birth of a beautiful baby girl!!!
SimchasAnash:. Mazel Tov to R' Hershel Drummer on the Shiduch of his granddaughter!. Simcha V'nachas!
Absolute mazel tov to and the team for using the Fighting Talk sounds for Winner Plays On. Total hammer.
Is Shaun King Jewish, I want to say mazel tov to the people he blocks
Mazel tov! Welcome back. What's the first thing you want to do outside?
As a final update, the guy I know named Sky has married his girlfriend, also named Sky. Mazel tov
Mazel tov and welcome to my great-niece, a fourth generation Lazaroff Chabad shliach-emissary to Texas!
Awarded by the Mohammed Ali Foundation in my hometown of Louisville, KY . a Light Unto the Nations. Mazel Tov,...
MAZEL TOV! R' Shloma Markowitz did a Shidduch with his daughter to son of R' Yanky Gross (BP). Asach Nachas and Simchas wishes Kol Hakuhal
Mazel Tov to R' Yechiel Nadborny upon the birth of a baby girl! May he be zoche legadla ltorah lchupa ulmassim tovim!
Israelis take home two bronze medals for Judo. Mazel tov to Yarden Gerbi and Or Sasson!
Mazel Tov to our devoted members. Dr. Adam and Karen Skolnick. on the bris of their son, Noah Samuel, and to the...
mazel tov Usain Bolt fastest man on planet earth 9.81coincidence with gravity except it's acceleration
Mazel tov to former Zone staff Chaya Shulman on her engagement to Dovid Yaakov Michaeli!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Mazel tov to 50 State LLC on their great get
Mazel tov on the new job, from a fellow tribesman NASCAR fan.
Bar Refaeli gives birth to baby girl: Mazel Tov!
Mazel Tov to Lisa Levy and Richard Myers who got married under a beautiful chuppah - congratulations Mr & Mrs Myers - great party!
One of my best friends from college texted me asking for my address today I responded "Getting married huh? Mazel Tov"
That's too much to ask 4, Mazel Tov!
Mazel tov my friend, you're finally a man
Loved these logos and colors we used on last weeks Bar Mitzvah...Mazel Tov Jonathan!
"Mazel Tov, to you and your wife, what a beautiful baby"
I need to proof read.. too not to: can cook too but don't stop doing sportsnation best half hour of the day Mazel Tov
Check out this super cool "SC" Game Day themed Bar Mitzvah our EC Real Events Page! Mazel Tov Seth!...
Mazel Tov, Jay O’Brien! Join us this Friday, June 3, at 6 p.m. for a special service and oneg:
Just heard the wonderful news. Congratulations to you and your fiancé. (Sorry, I do not know his name.) Mazel Tov. ❤️
A hearty mazel tov to and on the launch of Extra Crispy, A WEBSITE ABOUT BREAKFAST.
Mazel Tov on great production of last nite > JRGoodman &
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Mazel Tov Eddie V. of Your stock portfolio increased by 35%. Registration now open for Challenge
Justice Dept. asks erratic federal judge to stay his bizarre order on Obama's immigration actions Mazel tov
Mazel Tov zeidy and the tatty, and the nachas
But shout out to morning ppl. Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov on your move. Cali will miss your smiling faces!
Hearty Mazel Tov to Brandeis Member Kathleen Wilkinson on being named Defense Lawyer of the Year by the PADC:...
Mazel tov to all those who finished kiddushin and seder nashim today
Congratulations and a hearty Mazel Tov! Wishing you a very bright and successful future!
Your boys live with you and have managed to win academic awards???. Mazel tov!
Happy birthday and mazel tov to go buy a lotto ticket
Spotted the we designed for the new Rhinebeck Mikvah on today. Mazel Tov to Chabad of...
Mazel Tov Manis Berger on the birth of his daughter! Simchos Venachas!!
What a beautiful wedding. Mazel Tov to the entire Family!
Mazel tov to Yehuda Leib Freund upon the birth of a baby girl!
belated Mazel Tov on becoming a MK. Its already a better place with you there.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Speaking of hitting the big time and all Jewish mazel tov, I want to turn you on, dead man.
That said, I consider you and Tony Alamo better liars than myself. Mazel tov. Enjoy the big time.
I discussed Bill Maher with everyone we all find him disgusting. Mazel tov, Mr. Root
To these privileged few, I say from the bottom my American heart, " Mazel tov. Christ was a Jew."
Many more happy and healthy years to you, Robin. Mazel Tov!
Mazel Tov on ur new bundle of baby boy joy!!.
Mazel Tov to Ian Kinsler on his 1st career Grand Slam Home Run!!!
A colleague of mine just informed me that David Blatt is about to get a job in Europe. MAZEL TOV
At the game and it is night! I had no idea. What a great surprise! Mazel tov!
Mazel Tov! Pinchus Mordecah Meislish became a chusen to Laufer (Wmsb). L'chaim is now at 725 Bedford Ave. Oif Simches!
Mazel Tov Noah and Ilona on your wedding day today!
Mazel Tov! Wish you a long happy life together.
Mazel Tov to the 12th grade 2016 class of AJA
No one more worthy of being honored by community than Yitz and Hilda Applbaum. Mazel tov!
Thanks for indulging my juvenile creativity & humor Last Mazel Tov!!
Mazel Tov on the wedding and have a great trip!
Simchas Beis Viznitz. Vach Nacht. Harav Shulem Mordcha Friedman. Eidem of the Ruv. In the Shtiblech in 6 Lee Ave. Mazel Tov
Mazel Tov Eric & Becca Maurer! Good things are happening in Hartford!
Mazel Tov to Paul Andrew Hewitt and his iconic on the opening (last week) of their new...
Mazel Tov to all the brothers of for being honored as Fraternity of the Year at this week's Greek Awards!
Mazel Tov to our 2016-2017 Council N'siah, Sammi Jill Agranov, and Council Godol, Daniel Lewis Alpert!
Mazel Tov to Jim and Valeria Shapiro on being honored at Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center's...
Mazel Tov on Theodore's birth. May he live a long, joyful and healthy life.
En route to my first Bat Mitzvah in what seems like a lifetime. Mazel Tov to Jasmin, and all the family! X
*dad walks up to the girl having the bat mitzvah in the ballroom above us in hotel*. "Mazel Tov dear but you need to stfu"
It's a huge loss for UW Madison and the whole state of Wisconsin to lose the great Mazel Tov, Sara!
.Mazel Tov to The Jewish Enrichment Center on your inclusion in the Chicago guide!
We are excited to wish Debbie Brant a hearty Mazel Tov on being selected as one of the Enquirer - Cincinnati and...
Mazel Tov to the students and teachers nationwide who are participating in Challenge
Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed his third grandchild today. Mazel Tov to the Prime Minister!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Mazel Tov to Michael Gevaryahu and Tali Alter on their amazing wedding Sunday night!! We had a blast performing...
Mazel Tov to the Mara d'Asra Shlita on the Bavarfen of HaChasan Asher Zelig. All is invited to the Bavarfen B'vais Midrasheini.
Mazel Tov to R' Nusi Brisk on the Bavarfen of his son, HaChasan Shloime Shimon at the Renaissance this Shabbos.
this list could be ZAZ, Landis, and Hughes for all I care. Mazel tov!
FD & C: Mazel Tov to our devoted member Mendy Greenfeld (FD14/C14) Upon the shidduch of his daughter.
Mazel Tov to R' mendel greenfeld upon the shiduch of his daughter w/ b"r Isaac fisher (KJ) =Nor of Simchas=
got it. Well Mazel Tov!! May you have a life full of happiness and nachas together for many years to come.
Mazel tov to the and friend on 107 years of advancing civil rights in our country.
Mazel Tov: Personal invitation to my dear siblings, dear nephews & nieces:BAVARFEN for my son LEIBY in DESH Shul 172 Ross St. All invited
Mazel tov The rov(R' Cohen) is making chasunah iy"h this coming wednesday so we would like to give him some $ we are asking if you can pl...
A big Mazel Tov to Ari on completing course Makim, Commanders course. . May you continue to go…
so apparently we are not letting it go. Mazel tov !.
so happy for you. Nice to have fans in high places. Cool that recognized your talent. Mazel Tov!
Mazel Tov to our Lifetime Achievement Award honorees Ellen and Peter Livingston. Less than one week until the...
Mazel Tov! Shimshon Kaufman is engaged to Miriam Zentman of Lakewood!
Yay! You get references. Mazel tov, woman.
Mazel tov to Zelig Album upon his engagement to C Smith from Brooklyn . Simchos !
I would donate more than 27 bucks to if he ended a speech with "Mazel Tov!"
Ah!!! Mazel tov from (You'll always be in purple & black in my heart, Torrey, even if that's cray. 💝)
You must have amazing access to all their minds. Mazel tov!
Just finished your classic. Mazel Tov on your daughters. You are to be commended for getting to where you are.
You are one of the least annoying Bernie/Hillary partisans in my FB feed. Mazel tov!
And neither do I. BTW: Mazel tov on breaking the barrier. You have over 1,000 followers now, and it's well-deserved. https:…
Mazel Tov! Shimshon Kaufman is a Chosson to Ventman from Lakewood (East 9th).
Mazel tov to our dear member Gabriel Ohayon on a well deserved honor!
Mazel Tov to Bernie Sanders, the First Jew to Win a Presidential Primary
Pinny Zions will be making a Kiddush this Shabbos at his parents - 1105 Forest Ave. (corner Carey). Mazel Tov!
great news Mazel tov and thanks Mr. Mayor
Mazel tov to R'Yaakov Gibber and the Boca JewishCenter and the honorees on a beautiful dinner!
Not sure what the thank you is for but Mazel Tov! 😙💨🍃
Mazel Tov to Shmuel Green upon his engagement to Chaya Heiman! . vort iyh Sun at Stoin Karlin 153 E 7th st. 2-5pm
Mazel Tov! To the ruv shlita upon the brith of a meidele einkel by his eidem R Pinchus Medelowitz. . Ouf-simches
Alright, alright, fans...mazel tov. Now get off my lawn.
Mazel Tov: to our Chaver R' Yakov Nusen Lichter opun his new baby boy. Simchas Always.
mazel tov, my friend. I voted for you day and night all autumn long.
Toss in Debbie Wawa Schultz for an extra guffaw!
Mazel Tov to Yehuda Lob upon the birth of a baby girl!
Mazel tov to Bernie Sanders, the first Jewish person to win a presidential primary:
Someone said some pretty nasty things to me for saying "Mazel Tov" to Willie Reed. I congratulated Showtime, who is now a father of two
Mazel Tov to Alex Selsley,on 1/28 he passed his Eagle Scout board of review. He has earned Boy Scout's highest rank.
We are proud to share this wonderful news!! Mazel Tov to all in involved especially Anat Hoffman
Dovi Schwed will be making a kiddush this Shabbos in R’ Rosenblatt’s yeshiva - 218 Joe Parker - Shachris 8:30. Mazel Tov!
Mazel Tov to Eli Jacobson and family upon the birth of a baby boy!
Mazel tov for hilarious performances by my dear friends & 🔝❗XOXO VD
Mazel Tov Joshua on his Bar Mitzvah! Love the green and gold combination!
Mazel Tov to the rest of the the and the entire on getting to the
As if millions of voices had just cried out, "Mazel Tov!" and were suddenly dancing to "YMCA."
Mazel Tov on getting to the Grey Cup
If going half or straight up buying the ring herself makes her happy, mazel tov.
Mazel Tov to on the RedBlacks making it to the in only their 2nd season
Mazel Tov to the on making it to the in only your 2nd season
Their weddings to child brides are 'mazel tov!'
Mazel Tov Gab ! 💙 Glad to celebrate your special day with you!
Mazel Tov! Tonight is the Wedding of HaChusen MECHOEL RUBINSTEIN in Torah V'yirah Hall 5411 Ft. Hamilton Pkwy in Bp Oif Simches!
Mazel tov! Harav Moshe Greenfed did a shidduch with his son Meshilem. Mechiten R' Yekisiel Hersh weinberger.
Wowie!!! Huge Mazel tov!! Michoel stein is engaged to Bassie gold from savannah GA!!
"Democracy won tonight. Now comes the long, hard slog to arrive at matzo ball soup. Mazel tov, everybody. Let's get to work!"
Lowest point in Philadelphia sports history...Mazel tov!
Mazel tov to upon the birth of a grandaughter. May the simchas continue to pour in!
Part of me's like "It's not even Thanksgiving yet, Charlie Brown," but I get it, it's snowing now, they feel the spirit, mazel tov, etc.
Mazel Tov to my good friend upon the birth of a granddaughter, may we keep on sharing many more simchas.
Mazel Tov to my dear friend and community activist Dovid Schwartz. May your future be bright and overflowing with the r…
Happy birthday to my fam🔯 marketing these two years has been wonderful. Mazel Tov!
The proud parents of bat mitzvah girl! Mazel Tov, Elizabeth! We had a blast being a part of your celebration...
Dude, honored to get re-followed. Mazel tov on the ToC. I've done the Jeopardy and poker scenes too (to smaller $) 😏
Mazel tov to family shtul & shlome eilish Bochner for the bris the new name is Moshe Chiem Bochner asoch naches
And finally: the new Director is... Dan Rickman! Mazel tov!
Mazel tov Tara and Jon . It was an honour to perform for you . Thanks to planner extraordinaire and...
Congratulations! Mazel Tov! As a mom of 2, I know the feeling. Enjoy.
Interfaith Partnership of the Year Award: Northwood & Pinner Liberal! Mazel tov
.Mazel tov on all your success Watch their update now:
MAZEL TOV! tonight is the WEDDING of hachusen MICHOEL RUBINSTEIN in Toira v'yirh hall 5411 fort Hamilton prkwy.~oif simches~
love you. Happy b-day and Mazel tov from Tel Aviv. See you soon!
The Mighty will playing for the OLPH cup this afternoon; after a heroic win over the Strikers! Mazel Tov you MOONSHINERS!
Mazel Tov! r' Luzer Elya Breier to the chasene his daughter, tonight @ Pardes Feiga -wmbg. simche v'nachas
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jewish weddings are filled with symbolism: groom crushes a glass under his foot to the shout of “Mazel Tov!”
Huzzah!! Mazel Tov to everyone there. You're on TV!! I'll make it there one day. COYS
Dude has a beautiful daughter and a gorgeous wife. Mazel Tov
Big congratulations to the cutest couple ever! Mazel tov kids
I'll never forget your drunk on a plane playlist. Seriously, enjoy your hiatus. Mazel tov, as they say.
Tarek, I saw the story online about your diagnosis. Mazel Tov. I am battling myself. God Bless you and your family
So happy to be celebrating Rachel Chafetz tonight at Gala Mazel tov!
TENOIM - Hershy Grunbaum and Tziry Adler - tonight in Beis Esther Hall, Montreal - Mazel tov!
Mazel Tov! Pinchus Levy Steinmetz is making vach nacht tonight at 60 Division Ave.
Mazel Tov. R' Shabsi Green. To the Chasune of his daughter tonight in Tiferes Mordche Hall. (pls come with Bigdei Shabbes)
Mazel Tov! Levi Brikman is a choson To Mushki Moskowitz from Chicago. Vort is Tonight. 556 Crown St in Crown Heights
Mazel Tov - Rudetsky's Disaster! Musical Headed for Broadway with Adam Pascal and Faith Prince
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