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Mayor Tory is speaking about the city's plan to combat anti-black racism. Tune into CP24 for coverage.
Today promised Mayor Tory and Toronto that the Ontario PCs would block ex-convicts from re-applying to com…
MAYOR'S OFFICE: Media Advisory - Mayor Tory to make announcement about Toronto's Towering Challenge…
ICYMI Mayor Tory's pleas for provincial help stumble on obstacles of his own making, says
Looks like NDP leader Andrea Horwath will meet with Mayor Tory tomorrow. They will hold a joint media avail at 4:15 p.m.
Mayor Tory and Chief Saunders you have no idea what you have done in hiring an imam you have sewed internal dissent within the TPS
New Ward 2 Coun. Michael Ford meets with Mayor Tory at city hall
Scoop from - Mayor Tory set to back bid to reopen debate on Sheppard subway
Mayor Tory set to endorse another look at extending Sheppard subway to secure vote on one-stop Scarborough subway
holds press conference to address police and Mayor Tory
I love Toronto Councils double standard when it comes to Pot and Uber. Mayor Tory feels 'The Law is the Law'...
Tuesday July 5 BIG kick-off of Toronto Caribbean Carnival. noon. FREE. 100+ models in Mas costumes. Music. Entertainment. Mayor Tory too!
Mayor Tory's executive committee votes to forge ahead with Expo study :Auto pickup by wikyou
Mayor Tory supports Public Works Committee recommendation to double the investment in cycling infrastructure.
MAYOR'S OFFICE: Mayor Tory launches new art and music program in Toronto parks and cuts red tape for artists and…
“A Mayor for all Londoners” : the winning slogan from which could learn.
How can Print Patel, still support the blatantly racist tory party,what with ref of Obama skin colour,and accusations of extremism/ MAYOR...
Can you imagine a Tory Mayor stating they will halt the closure of London's clubs?
was ok with breaking the law but not medical pot shops. What a HYPOCRITE!
Londoners, do you want this man as your next mayor?
My uber driver has been so cheery! We never had this with a Tory mayor. .
A few hours later Tory was spotted devouring slices at Amato's on College Street.
True colours under all that money and charm? This is what Zac Goldsmith's campaign looked like from the inside
I didn't vote against the tory party in mayor elections for you to work along side them. Labours reason should be different for staying in.
Mayor John Tory says proliferation of marijuana shops ‘out of control’, reports https:/…
London Evening Standard and Metro are gonna have some real issues following their biased Tory agenda with a Labour Mayor.
Londoners will witness a new era as Labour’s Sadiq Khan sweeps in to City Hall, ending two Tory terms under Boris:
his campaign seeked to portray Khan as a muslim extremist - this from Tory Peter Oborne
Tory campaign feels like french national front campaign. This is very sad for democracy.
Despite Tory protests & all the window dressing, I think they've a long way to go for racial equality. London Mayor elections show that.
A fascinating Tory view from inside the campaign - even more horrible than I imagined
but Karren Brady's a Tory, and Johnson was the Mayor. Trough. Snouts. Etc.
Labour needs to speak to Tory voters in order to win elections, the new Mayor of London has warned.
Mayor Tory says increase of marijuana shops ‘out of control’
Tory Laura kuenssberg still finding it hard come to terms that labour sadiq knan is mayor of London. .
Mayor of Toronto John Tory and Premier of Canada's Ontario Province Kathleen Wynne attend 50th anniversary...
Perhaps something the Tory party can learn from. But if history is anything to go by- probably not:
Anyone who doesn't think Zac Goldsmith's campaign was abhorrent please read this (written by a Tory no less)
And Zac outperformed the Tory list vote by almost 10k. Like last time looks like there was a significant Tory Mayor-Dismore crossover.
As Trump now says cd be 'exception' to Muslim travel ban, Mayor says Tory party 'owes London an apology'
If the Tory press is as successful with as it was with London Mayor then IN will have an easy victory
Sadiq Khan was declared the 1st Muslim Mayor of London tonight after comfortably defeating Tory rival Zac Goldsmith http…
But...But...Mayor Tory supported the Bloor Street bike lanes pilot project, so...he must be progressive!
When asked about medical marijuana dispensaries, Mayor Tory didn't comment on that that Lake Simcoe incident.
"Mayor Tory's attempt to divide and conquer the black community around this is quite frankly disgusting."
thank you Mayor Tory for joining us on this important issue. A pleasure meeting you…
Mayor Tory sounds open to inclusionary zoning but won't preempt what the legislation looks like
At Regent Park Aquatic Centre where Mayor Tory will make announcement about sign ups for recreation programs
Mayor Tory & councillor McMahon visit Mark Tholen and students at Steam Canoe at the Beaches -beautiful day!
Come mingle with Mayor Tory, Piers Handling, Cameron Bailey & Atom Egoyan - still have a few tickets for the Ryerson…
Mayor Tory having a great time on his Universal Studio tour, they even let him dress up as the conductor.
Here's the crowd gathered at City Hall for a news conference w/PM Trudeau & Mayor Tory.
Sunday itinerary - "Note: Photo-op only. Mayor Tory will visit the world's largest indoor lake, drive a motorboat and go fishing"
So how long does Mayor Tory get to ride the "Not Rob Ford" wave? One year (now)? Two years? 3? Whole term?
Mayor Tory continues Ford's war on public transit by continuing to subsidize car storage.
He's never talked to me about the budget. "Mayor Tory just now on CP24 singles out "those people"
Mayor Tory just now on CP24 singles out & "those people" want everything on the wishlist and give a 5% tax increase
Globe &Mail interviews Mayor Tory, who essentially says we've already seen how President Donald Trump would govern:
On Island Airport, Mayor Tory honorable re recusing. Councillors given gifts by/via Taxi Cos/Uber should recuse on taxi/uber votes.
I'm extremely disappointed with the new levy that Mayor Tory has proposed. My statement -
Mayor Tory's London trip to rebuild Toronto's reputation, erasing the stain left by Rob Ford on its image.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Mayor Tory to put spotlight on Toronto startups in London. . including one that'…
John Tory's Rogers media () all over Towey's Rob Ford book. Mayor Tory savoring the moment.
Mayor Tory's trip will include visits to the Crossrail - "the inspiration for SmartTrack", the Canary Wharf (inspiration for Port Lands)
I am supporting Zac Goldsmith for Mayor not because he is a Tory, but because he will make a great Mayor
John Tory threatens to up rent on city buildings leased by province: Toronto mayor says city could ‘jack up the…
Dear Mayor Tory doesn't approve of social media fights, so I guess it's open season for you.
Mayor Tory has photo opp re: The Gardiner. What about this water main construction mess on Broadview? No one on job.
Good news drivers! Mayor Tory says work on the will be done 3 months early!
Unbelievable. Bid for a cycle event, then pull out at the last minute... Crap Tory mayor!
Ottawa Tory candidates will snub Mayor Jim Watson ... again
can Mayor Tory do anything about the mess at Keele and Finch? how delayed is that?
MayorTory joins call by Big City Mayor’s Caucus for federal parties to support affordable housing
Video: Mayor Tory announces Gardiner construction will be finished earlier than expected
Let's build affordable housing under the Gardiner Expressway. That would really get Mayor Tory's attention.
Why ? He will beat Red Khan and be a radical Tory Mayor solving London’s big problems. Vote now.
City "hard at work" this morning on Broadview. Not! Disgusting mess. What say you Mayor Tory?
No Tory candidate available for Ottawa debate, mayor's office says (by
New plan could see Gardiner Expressway construction completed up to 3 months early, Toronto Mayor Tory says -
If I weren't on holiday I might be flipping tables and swearing. Mayor Tory on wrong side of history.
New plan could see Gardiner construction completed up to three months early, Mayor Tory says
Mayor John Tory announced work on from Strachan to Bathurst will be completed 3 months early 12
"Be a hospitable home for your musicians" so affordable housing for artists! Mayor Tory
The last wk to vote for the Tory London Mayor candidate. Vote "I believe in a London of ambition opportunity and enterprise"
Only 48 hrs left to vote for Tory candidate for Mayor of London. If still undecided please vote for
During presser, Mayor Tory said he believes that council will move forward this week with regulating Uber.
Mayor Tory's new iPhone already proving to be a great investment.
"I think a lot of people will be very happy to have this done 3 months earlier" Mayor John Tory on current Gardiner construction
Mayor John Tory predicts council will vote to regulate Uber
Mayor John Tory says it makes sense and is more practical to "regulate Uber" rather than banning it
"I've just found out about this" Mayor John Tory on province appealing MPAC assessment on its properties
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
"I will do whatever is sensible and whatever is responsible to get the city moving" Mayor John Tory
"We need to find ways to see construction projects, including this one, done faster" Mayor John Tory standing on the G…
Mayor Tory says the current portion of Gardiner construction could be done three months sooner, summer 2016.
BREAKING Mayor John Tory says Gardiner construction will be done 3 months sooner (in 2016) for $3.4 million
Gardiner "is a vital artery" that cuts through heart of the city, Mayor Tory says, adding that construction can be done 3 mos sooner
"I know this causes significant frustration" Mayor John Tory on construction lane closures
Toronto Mayor John Tory is live on CP24 speaking to reporters at the Gardiner Expressway construction site.
LIVE NOW: Mayor Tory speaks to reporters during break in executive committee meeting
Great interview with Rob, worth a listen! Blasts the Olympic bid, blasts Mayor Tory, updates his health, and more.
A sad day for Toronto after years of Rob Ford when 3 mths ago Mayor Tory's office threatened Lifeline Syria.
Clear from the presser, Mayor Tory will send that Olympic letter. His contempt for Council and exceeds that of Rob F…
Toronto residents voted against Ford because he didn't want Olympics in Toronto. Mayor Tory will deliver.
-how can council have final say when deadline Sep 15 & Council doesn't meet till end of Sept. Mayor Tory's weasel words.
More $ and distraction while the COC and Mayor Tory push Toronto 2024 Olympic bid, in a beleaguered economic climate. …
LOL Trans Minister, Lisa Raitt just thanked Rob Ford whilst ignoring Mayor Tory at the Billy Bishop tunnel ceremony. .
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.Mayor Tory, just let Kanye West take it back to his 'Canadian' home town as a gift for doing PanAm.
Mayor Tory, you would never allow Nazi rallies in Toronto, so please ban the Al Quds anti-Israel/anti-Jewish hate fest, July 11th.
Mayor Tory, please stop Al Quds Day Jew-hating protesters at the U.S. Consulate in Toronto on Saturday, July 11th at 3 pm
Mayor Tory now reading clippings written by a guy who lives in Peterborough. Shouldn't staff write a 5 min speech.
.More like Royson Maims. Hope he's planning on sending Tory a bucket of ice for this burn
Developers, business leaders call on Toronto's mayor to tear down the Gardiner Expressway
Mayor John Tory giving opening remarks at Meagans Walk hug at City Hall today!
I trust our current and past chief planners recommendations, former mayor crombies, 14 top developers. all say Tory wrong
Tear down Gardiner Expressway: Developers, Globe and Mail: Businesses write letter to Toronto mayor.
I still think John Tory was our best choice as mayor. C'mon John, support the take down
Carding has killed the credibility of the mayor and police: James: Mayor John Tory and Chief Mark Saun...
I’m surprised Mayor Tory doesn’t hate the thing because it will become a terrible symbol of his failure.
Mayor Tory, you're light years above of the last.. (person). Stake your claim to greatness, hisTory! Merge to the boulevard!
You got that right, Sue Anne. This is totally contradicted by Mayor Tory's assemblies; seems to be counterprop ab them.
Let's prioritize the city over the suburbs and demolish
Cisco's Karin Scott tells me "Internet of Everything Innovation Centre TO" will open in Sept+Mayor Tory in San Jose meeting execs,tech expts
Fourteen major property owners and developers came out Friday urging Mayor John Tory to tear down the east end..
Mayor's no. 2 embarrasses himself on Had this been Ford, Tory voters would've destroyed him.
Waterfront developers are urging the mayor to rethink his poistion on the Gardiner.
Mayor John Tory foolish to ignore Toronto’s leading lights on carding: James
Stop police Former mayors and community leaders to Mayor John Tory
backs does not want Metro Mayor, and "Greater Birmingham" is total non-starter.
Mayor Tory may not be able to smooth over criticism of police
While John Tory throws good money at bad ideas, Calgary mayor fights for infrastructure funding from feds.
Toronto is still looking for a municipal leader. Sigh. Not Mayor Tory who is dancing to another tune than citizens of TO.
Is Tory already a relic, or is he just politically tone deaf? This week has not been a good one for our mayor.
I hope realizes soon he's on the wrong side of this debate.
Watch live at 6:06 p.m.: Mayor John Tory promises changes to carding but won't end it
Mayor Tory's simply fighting for a Pyrrhic victory on the now.
What Mayor Tory left out. His was going to be an (anecdotal) evidence-based decision making administration.
Developers to “Either we’re going to be a great city or we’re going to take a step back to the 1960s." http…
Cllr. Stephen Holyday has also issued a news release, like many others, saying he'll support Mayor Tory's hybrid option for the Gardiner.
You gotta admire John Tory for really striving to be Toronto’s second worst mayor when he knows first place is out of reach. …
When it comes to a choice between anecdotal and research-based evidence, Mayor Tory will take anecdotal every time.
John Tory vs. John Tory: What does our mayor really think of the
Traffic is more than cars & trucks. Every 3 hrs a walker is hit by a car & every 7 hrs a cyclist. Mayor Tory Stop trying …
Is Mayor Tory trying to leave the impression he had a role in a deal declared in March 2014?.
So glad we got rid of that irrational buffoon of a Mayor ...oh wait
“But as Tory has shown with the Gardiner, or carding, ‘rational’ doesn’t mean much in the mayor’s office.”
I would remind you that Mayor Tory was elected to be a safe pair of hands, He is therefore very far from being Johnny Drama.
I have one suggestion for Mayor Tory: ask yourself "What would Jane say?"
John Barber writes that the mayor's awful week reveals a basic truth about who he is.
Regardless the outcome, at least Mayor Tory can take comfort he's amassed council's best and brightest to his side.
Great to spend time with Mayor Tory, Councillor Thompson and Chris Eby last night in Edmonton!
I'm imagining Mayor Tory, arriving at FCM, and a whole bunch of big city mayors saying, you're pushing for what now?
Countdown to Mayor Tory and Deputy Mayor Minnan-Wong getting their own YouTube channel in 3...2...1...
Mayor Tory says they need a little bit of help finding that opportunity to prove what they can do.
Mayor Tory has full confidence in TTC CEO Andy Byford, despite Rob Ford's comments on that Byford should go
Mayor Tory says he still has full confidence in TTC CEO Andy Byford, says he inherited a "poisoned chalice"
GLOBAL - Mayor Tory returns from music business mission in Austin, Texas
Can Toronto soon rival Austin Texas when it comes to live music? reports on Mayor Tory's trip south
Executive Committee's back at 1:45, which Mayor Tory jokes is how city council says 1:30. Now they're going in camera for a bit.
Mayor Tory had a cat. He named him "Cat":
Ford meant well with football foundation fundraising and Mayor Tory and Dep Mayor Minnan-Wong meant well here
John Tory's Rogers/MLSE saved Mayor Tory big time on Friday. Last year Tory slammed Ford
Mayor Tory speaks to workers at TTC town hall: Toronto Mayor John Tory spoke to the media after taking part in a…
Mayor Tory picks Sen. Art Eggleton to lead a task force on the future of TCHC; will look at splitting it up:
Sen. Art Eggleton will be leading a six-person task force on community housing in Mayor Tory has announced.
We idiotic lefties are disgusted with Mayor Tory. Why is he appointing Sen Eggleton to lead task force?? Eggleton knows file well!!
AUDIO: .Mayor Tory on MLSE, the Toronto Argonauts, & the BMO field deal .
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will be hosting a live Mayoral town hall w Mayor Tory on Tuesday Jan 20 8-9pm at Scarborough Civic Centre.
Potentially scary charts to keep in mind for Mayor Tory's first budget - The City of Toronto is gearing up for...
Right now Mayor Tory is simply paraphrasing Rob Ford. Roads are built for cars, trucks, buses. At the end of the day...
Mayor Tory & chair of the public works committee Jaye Robinson: single biggest complaint they get is traffic
What's Mayor Tory doing about all the events that call for the closure of City Streets? ie marathons, road parties, open st…
What a shame MT Mayor Tory chooses right-leaning Minnan-Wong for deputy mayor
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