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Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Israel Emanuel (born November 29, 1959) is an American politician who serves as the 55th Mayor of Chicago.

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withholding comment on Mayor Emanuel, this is p fascinating.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel sues Feds for defunding city & "endangering his citizens" by not allowing Chicago to be a sanctuary…
Residents of Chicago now know that mayor Rahm Emanuel "welcomes" violent illegal alien criminals into his bankrupt, crime in…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel refuses Cubs' request for more night games at Wrigley
I wonder if Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other Chicago officials are actually harboring illegal immigrants by shielding them from detection.
Emanuel: Cubs chose lucrative concerts over more night games: Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday..
Cubs' request for more night games at Wrigley Field rejected by Mayor Emanuel
Mayor Rahm Emanuel talks about President Trump's executive order on transgendered people: via
Not a surprise. "...Mayor Rahm Emanuel chatted with City Clerk Anna Valencia, seemingly paying no attention to the…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel post-City Council meeting presser going on now. Watch here:
Things I've learned so far today: Mayor Rahm Emanuel never sits down.
So what's Mayor Emanuel think about ts? not doing my deal having Il Dem Party…
Watch the meeting live! Will Mayor Rahm Emanuel address the $55m in TIF funds laundered to Navy Pier?!…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Trump's announcement regarding transgender people in military
Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Midway International Airport should Bring McDonald's back - Sign the Petition! via
Trump can't stop: Slaps Rahm Emanuel again on crime. But there may be more to the story.
$SSTI Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says gun violence is down in nearby Englewood, which already deploys the (cont)
And Rahm Emanuel; who is a crappy mayor, but knows a thing or two about winning midterm elections.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration has agreed to a $38.75 million settlement of a class-action lawsuit alleging...
Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Lower the maximum temperature for horse-drawn carriages in Chicago - Sign the Pet... via
The first step to toppling a mayor: Getting on the ballot
Mayor Rahm Emanuel defended Monday his use of $55 million in TIF funds to renovate Navy Pier after mounting...
Chicago Mayor wants to install more safety equipment bcs of bikes.
Say hello to the UK’s best they try to honor Cubs' Crane Kenney tweaks Mayor Rahm Emanuel at my parents farm loans is negatively
Mayor Rahm Emanuel: "This technology does not supplant what our police officers do. ...It makes officers smarter, more effective."
Rahm Emanuel has FAILED Chicago as a Mayor he needs to step down 84 blacks killed in june 12 killed in july so far he is doing…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel pushes back at "financial shell game" allegation about Navy Pier funds https…
Emanuel pushes back at 'financial shell game' allegation about Navy Pier funds: Mayor Rahm Em..
Mayor Rahm will gladly take all the credit even if someone else does the work
Chicago Board of Ethics finds five more lobbying violations tied to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's personal emails
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is talking to Elon Musk about an underground high-speed rail line from downtown to O'Hare airport ht…
After Laquan McDonald shooting indictments, Mayor Rahm Emanuel still defends no court oversight of police reform:
Mayor Rahm Emanuel hints at a rewrite of Chicago ethics law after lobbying violations found in his personal emails:…
Inspector General Joe Ferguson bucks Mayor Rahm Emanuel and calls for federal court oversight of Chicago police:
Chicago Mayor Rahm’s Emanuel's latest flight of fancy: a high-speed subway train to O’Hare
They need to wake up and get rid of that arrogant, smug and useless Rahm Em…
A woman collapsed from the heat in front of the mayor's motorcade. Guess what happened next. via
your city is falling apart financially bc u let Obama "place" Rahm Emanuel as the, good luck w/that!!
Tesla and SpaceX chief reportedly learned of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s abiding desire to speed a journey that...
A full-service mayor, Rahm Emanuel lends a hand whether at City Hall or in Pilsen, writes…
For Mayor Rahm Emanuel, it is a small world
Sign! Tell to stand up to & defend Chicago against his executive actions.
Rahm Emanuel while assisting Obama an WH was caught by FBI and put under House Arrest. Had to leave WH & setup as Mayor.
Rahm Emanuel when asked by how Trump team is doing: "Thank God I'm the mayor of the city of Chicago"
Sign petition Tell 2 stand up 2 & defend Chicago against his executive actions.
John, Go ahead and say his name ... Rahm Emanuel! Oh wait ... Do you impeach mayor's? If we are lucky & if we ask n…
P& Partner Cheryl Pope will be collaborating in a city-wide public initiative in for all 50 wards!…
yeah Mayor Rahm Emanuel is doing so a great job..NOT
Mayor Rahm Emanuel seems to have the funds to keep his Sanctuary City in full swing and tell F…
Why talks between Mayor Rahm Emanuel & Gov. Bruce Rauner on Thompson Center and pensions careened off the rails:…
That is sad. But Chicago has a lot of blame for that. Their slimy Mayor Rahm Emanuel has destroyed that beautiful c…
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel talking about the Chicago economy, innovation and the growing tech…
It quotes Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Rauner administration. You can keep guessing -- or read the story.
Mayor Emanuel, hit the pause button on a police reform deal
Rahm Emanuel is a terrible mayor I would never take any advice from him. Fix your city first Rahm!
Rahm Emanuel, the mayor who will go down in history.
"Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will beg his friends at The New York. Times and the Washington Post to write angry editorials to save him"
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is no different. He tried to cover up the murder of
Cubs' Crane Kenney tweaks Mayor Rahm Emanuel at workshop, writing with The_RHS and let's help the use °c to know it or DAPL!
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) said this at The National Press Club this week. Republicans can't thank Democratic leade…
The lawsuit accuses Mayor Rahm Emanuel of trying to cut “a back-room deal” with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. ht…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Former top Obama Justice official slams this move by Mayor Rahm Emanuel as 'woefully inadequate' for police reform https…
Take them to fed court, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel tried doing the same thing hiding that Police kil…
As Chicago sees 2 black kids murdered every day, Democrat mayor Rahm Emanuel has nothing to say but "welcome illegal alien…
Mayor Emanuel responds to US withdrawal from Paris Agreement via
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is scheduled to introduce CPS CEO Forrest Claypool at a sold out luncheon today.
For those who support us, call Mayor Rahm Emanuel at (312) 744-3334: Tell him to reinstate Sarah Chambers.
Let's vote (and force our government to act) to arrest, try, convict and imprison Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago. Their fairy princess mayor
Singed by U.S. Census report that shows Chicago shrinking, Mayor Rahm Emanuel counters with a study from ... U-Haul
Forget about all the MURDERS Mayor Rahm Emanuel Says Illegals are “Part of the Chicago Family”
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel when asked whether Hillary 2020 would be a good or bad thing for party.
Worst mayor? No. Way too wrapped up in a mock of a girl? Absolutely​. Move on from the mock, mayor. It's over.
Michelle Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) will also participate on the event.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel tips his hat to diversity of city, country and chefs.
Sanctuary City” is a superfluous term… It’s all about the actions, not the PR. “Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the City...
Once again, Mayor accepted gifts from affluent friends & donors via
The mayor gets gifts - and we let you know what they are.
Chicago should GROVEL for help. Terrible mayor Rahm Emanuel is.
Why would Rahm Emanuel take a mayor job when he could make bank after getting Obama elected? What is…
Please contact the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, and tell him that.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel says will be in school until the end of school year. June 20th.
Couple years ago Mayor's son got mugged. Chicago is a mess. .
Let's brainstorm & think outside the box. Start a GoFundMe to buy slaves & free them?. Appoint Rahm Emanuel mayor of…
Rahm Emanuel, the blatantly anti-black mayor of Chicago. Who's policies are hurting poor Black Folks, who was also…
needs a real mayor, not Rahm Emanuel !
The district’s high counselor-to-student ratio comes as Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants every student to graduate wi...
IL now ranked dead last for most dysfunctional politicians. Schools Will Stay Open Mayor Says After Big Court Loss
The Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel which you know that story of how bad he is running chicago.
Ms. Byrd-Bennett, who was handpicked for her job by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, learned of her prison term as the...
Chicago Public Schools will remain open through the end of the school year, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Friday,...
They can thank their worthless mayor Rahm Emanuel.. probably getting money from the gangs..
"Man, it's hot in here. It's like synagogue at the end of Yom Kippur" - Mayor Rahm Emanuel starts his news conference 30…
most in Chicago, thanks to Obamas buddy Rahm Emanuel leadership as mayor.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel, facing widespread condemnation from lawful city residents and outraged Americans,.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he can speak as a parent. Of course, his children attend private University of Chicago Lab School…
26 potential lobbying violations found in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's emails could carry fines in excess of $14 million https:…
Schools will stay open past June 1, mayor says — but doesn't know how CPS will fill a $129M deficit
I don't know.. but it's Creepy. Mayor Rahm Emanuel . The Administration
"We want to make 14th grade universal. That’s the new goal line.” -Great Idea!
I don't suppose he'd like them to be truly honest, lest their reply include direct language. . ? Bleep you Rahm!.
Why Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Should Rethink His H.S. Grad Plan - not now but RIGHT now:
In a first, mayor tells no HS diploma in his city without a plan for graduation:…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is trying to make it a little bit harder for Chicago youth to get their high school diploma.
Rahm Emanuel has had a lot of trash ideas, but this one is cottage cheese covered in cat hair and toenails
This guy is a complete *** and he can't pack his bags fast enough. I can't name a single person that had a plan...
Mayor Emanuel had to know that some would snicker over his love for dance, but isn't one of them
will increase the pressure + promote more policing. Chicago mayor: No high school diploma without acceptance letter
Only a Democrat could conceivably think a policy like this is progressive:
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel meets with Trump aides Jared Kushner and Reince Priebus
Sometimes I wonder whether Mayor Rahm Emanuel is annoyed that the first Jewish-American elected U.S. president is Jared…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Chicago will continue to be a welcoming Sanctuary City as long as you don't mind dodging a b…
just heard Mayor Rahm Emanuel speak. Chicago INVESTS in young children! Bravo!
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to require HS grads to show proof of getting a job, an apprenticeship, or college: . ht…
More on the Mayor's comments coming up at 4pm today WGN TV
Question: Rahm Emanuel was a once rockstar for Obama & Dems, why become mayor of such terri…
Trump: Chicago mayor should ask feds to help combat homicides. President-elect Donald Trump said Monday that Chi
Mayor Rahm Emanuel will introduce a new ordinance this week that cracks down on illegal party buses in Chicago,...
Excited to be ring the Nasdaq closing bell today with our 2016 Award winners and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanu…
So we don't want 2 have Mayor Emanuel 2 keep whining he's broke cuz knows he need 2 be more fiscally
I feel if Mayor Emanuel wud hire me like Michael Madigan wnats him to?
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Chicago will remain "welcoming city" to illegal immigrants
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: We'll still be a 'welcoming city' for immigrants - CNBC
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Well still be a welcoming city for immigrants
Mayor Rahm Emanuel believes the key solution to gun violence is locking up more people for gun possession.
SPONSORED: A Chicago Sun-Times exclusive one-on-one interview with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, 4/4 @ 6pm. Details:
Chicago's marginalized communities are in the cross hairs of the police, ICE, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Governor Bruce Ruaner and…
Chicago's social safety net has been systematically dismantled by Mayor Rahm Emanuel & Illinois governor Bruce Rauner.
CNBC: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: We’ll still be a ‘welcoming city’ for immigrants
Just spoke with Mayor Emanuel. He’s in NYC spreading the gospel of Chicago tech with at
... certain individuals were able to get access to the mayor [through Private Email channels,".
Release of Mayor Emanuel's emails show pushing back against Chicago City Hall's home rental regulations:
“hit with a record $90,000 fine for emailing Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel without registering as a lobbyist”
77-"Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago. Chicago is a Leo Chart. Queen has always controlled this nation through Chicago.".
Soulless Mayor Rahm Emanuel can't be bothered to fix schools so girl has to get out of wheelchair to go upstairs. https…
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is asking all thugs to use eco friendly green bullets when shoo…
Chicago ethics board to look into possible lobbying violations Tribune found in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's personal emails
Rauner says Emanuel causing a CPS 'crisis' Rauner brought Emanuel into the fray Tuesday, saying the mayor was caus…
but didn't Rahm say everyone was safe in Chicago!? No one is safe in Chicago with Mayor Emanuel in charge!
Full text of emails to Mayor Rahm Emanuel that raise questions about possible lobbying violations
Mayor Rahm Emanuel: "(Jerry Krause) will forever be remembered as the architect of one of the most dynamic eras in Chicago sports history"
Business pitches were among dozens of possible lobbying law violations found in Mayor Emanuel's emails
"Dozens" of possible lobbying violations by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel being investigated yet silent.
COMMUNITY ALERT:. Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently joined officials from the U.S. Department of Defense and City...
Tribune the email is why Rahm Emanuel fail to regulate ride share New York mayor. No background check for convict that drive people atound
Michael Madigan in cntrl as Spkr of House >40 yrs. Daughter Lisa is AG. Rahm Emanuel Chi Mayor. Killing IL econ.…
Release of Mayor Emanuel's emails cause major ethics concerns over Airbnb's push for supportive regulation:
.and adviser facing ethics review over illegal lobbying of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
Search through and read some of the key emails sent to Mayor Rahm Emanuel. PDFs:
Emails to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel raise questions about dozens of possible lobbying violations
Why has been suing mayor's office for emails? Because of important stories like this:
Release of Mayor Emanuel’s emails show dirty tactics uses to push its agenda at the cost of housing.
I for one am shocked that the Mayor of Chicago, frequently accused of past campaign violations, violated ethics law
"I want to thank Rahm Emanuel for not endorsing me.I don’t want the endorsement of a mayor shutting down schools and fir…
hopefully enough snow to cause Paris Mayor to cancel her trip to see Rahm Emanuel
I know Mayor Emanuel was out front like whom was ☘️used 2 walk out from & d tells me
Now since ur foremt chief of staff & my Mayor Emanuel won't hire me? I'll show him why IL Dem Party Chairman
A "mixture" of tax dollars and campaign $ pays for most of Mayor Emanuel's travel costs to speeches, meetings
2/3 backing of some party heavyweights. Sen. Chuck Schumer & Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel - both of whom I never cared for 🙂
Please sign to ask Chicago Mayor to support CeaseFire Illinois for funding to save lives in Chicago.
Governor Bruce Rauner fire the Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for not doing his job and having a Sanctuary City for the illegal Mexicans.
To boost tourism, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel unveils new city attraction. People are dying to try it.
Who is more annoying Zeke Emanuel (Obamacare) or his brother Rahm (Chicago Mayor) I say Zeke, his voice grates and he's a know-it-all! lol
After Trump’s election, Rahm picked up pace of travel: Mayor Rahm Emanuel took 10 out-of-town trips in as many……
Up until now, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's been totally unable to control Chicago PD. But are things finally about…
But wait, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said they got their guns from Indiana!
Rahm Emanuel protects these scum, somebody tipped them off of train supply. Smells like a BIGGER RAT INFESTATION MAYOR
this is the kind of violence is talking about in Chicago. Mayor rahm Emanuel needs to be removed from office
Why is Mayor if Chicago still mayor??He is CORRUPT! The city is being decimated and he SITS! STOP THE KILLINGS…
Good news for some N Shore Channel trail users: Park Replacing Lot On McCormick Blvd. Breaks Ground
could you ever imagine President Obama doing that, or Mayor Rahm Emanuel? Heh.
Father is Deputy Chief of Staff to our Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Hmm no wonder "Chance" has…
Hold back Federal funding from Chicago! We want criminal violent illegals deported Mayor Rahm Emanuel!
d n why d heck does Mayor Emanuel need 2 hv his hand n Gov Rauner's pocket & take our hard
Yo when are you gonna run for Mayor of Chicago? Rahm Emanuel's gotta go!
of Cook County n when Mayor Emanuel has 4 sports stadiums n 2 airports & city gets
Mayor Emanuel n d SAME position Andrea Zopp currently has? So Chance sud ask why does need d tax $
Ballerino Mayor pirouettes to hide Chicago govt emails
What EXACTLY is mayor Rahm Emanuel doing about these murders himself???
Mayor says he's calling in from Chicago's City Hall, where he just had a meeting with Rahm Emanuel.
I want Trump in Chicago Didnt u endorse Rahm Emanuel 4 mayor & u want people to listen to ur opinion Was ok 4 Obama
Mayor Rahm Emanuel murder rate approaches 100, do you know or have you forgotten you're in charge of the city. Do something to shut it down
When is Rahm Emanuel gonna get off his *** & act like a mayor ! He should be working diligently to curb the violence !
Democratic Chicago is the murder capital of the world. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is trying to get us killed !!
Mayor Rahm Emanuel at mHUB's opening, saying it "completes the ecosystem" of Chicago manufacturing
Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Democrats allow Chicago citizens to be murdered in their neighborhoods for decades, yet blame Trump…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel should be held accountable for his *** poor management of Chicago!
Supporting the City of Chicago with Anna Valencia, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Trina Fresco
Tonight on Channel 11 - Sophia King endorsed me for Mayor to run against her Appointer Rahm Emanuel in 2019!
TRUTH SPEAKS OUT: The REAL Obama and Emanuel - partners in CRIME:
Emanuel administration clears bribe-paying red-light camera vendor to bid on city contracts: Mayor Rahm Emanuel's…
wondering why their tax $ they send 2 Springfield returns back 2 them at a lower rate. Now when U talk 2 Mayor Emanuel? Of
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on standing up to hatred: "I am Muslim ... I am Mexican ... I am *** and *** "
Emanuel says it's 'imperative' for Trump to speak against threats: Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wedn..
Mayor Rahm Emanuel and police Supt. Eddie Johnson defended the promotion of a police commander with 90 complaints
So cool to have Mayor Rahm Emanuel join us for this morning!
Sanctuary City. That's what Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proclaimed this city. So much so that he stood up to President...
Hey Chicago, do you think your Mayor Rahm Emanuel really cares about you? Do you think he gives a *** about your shootings…
Yes it will. Problem is that Mayor Rahm Emanuel has turned finest into social workers instead of cops. http…
Plouffe was an unregistered lobbyist for Uber when he contacted Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Board of Ethics...
Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago is a hard core white collar criminal worse than Al Capone.
Chicago activist slams Mayor Rahm Emanuel for not addressing issues
Sign the petition! Tell to defy & defend Chicago against his executive actions.
deal 4 Mayor Emanuel 2 do & see? If wud hv hired me? I wud hv not rec'd d Romans 8:17 GLORY we
They think immigration laws are a joke. They think gun laws are a joke. They think mayor Rahm Emanuel & his 50 thieves are a joke.
David Plouffe sent an e-mail to Rahm Emanuel that cost him $90,000
Mayor Rahm Emanuel to Ald. Raymond Lopez over dispute on tax money: "Why are you f-ing with me?" By https…
An ex-Obama aid will be fined $90,000 for illegally lobbying Mayor Rahm Emanuel on behalf of
Not understanding why more people aren't calling for the resignation of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, seriously 🤔
The fix is in. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's brother is major investor in Uber. Emanuel destroying cab drivers & the…
Chicago votes to fine former Obama aide who lobbied mayor on behalf of Uber
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel presents himself as dignified but should bow his head in shame. Words can't describe how awful he is.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is guilty of mass murder!
Chicago votes to fine former Obama aide $90,000 for lobbying mayor for Uber
.What Rahm Emanuel needs to do is use his powers as a mayor to help the city, and stop being concerned abo…
Rahm Emanuel boasts a remarkably broad set of experiences for evaluating the young administration of President...
Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the City of welcome Covenant House! Check out article!
personally I just really want my mayor (Rahm Emanuel) to fist fight Paul Ryan to the death. Seems like a good matchup.
Rahm Emanuel wakes up in the morning and sits up in his bed]. Rahm: Welcome to Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
"Sometimes, you've just got to win, OK? Our party likes to be right, even if they lose" - Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Rahm: Too many Dems care more about being right than winning: Mayor Rahm Emanuel has warned Democrats they need to…
Patrolling the friendly streets of Chicago. Let's make it easy,. Fire the Mayor,Rahm Emanuel (that's when things we…
“I ran for mayor because I believe firmly in what the city has to offer.” –Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago
"Chicago has lowest cost of living among big cities in the US" - Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago
"Furlough days, we say no, Rahm Emanuel's got to go," chant a crowd of Chicago Teachers Union members gathered outside the May…
why it was off from until I thought Chicago Mayor Emanuel wud hire me n
Trump has threatened to send troops to Chicago if mayor Rahm Emanuel fails to put the villain Oddjob behind bars. My take? It's about time.
Chicago Police Board Chair Lori Lightfoot criticized Mayor Rahm Emanuel Thursday for not implementing...
"The educators need an education. Even after privatizing the schools it just shows how cronyism is…" — Sean
"Kinda fun to watch the Libtards eat their own." — Rico Mapster
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s speech helped him out of a political crisis, but his acknowledgment keeps coming...
I, we (my son & me) had a great life, a life well lived until I met Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago
as long as Rahm Emanuel is Mayor it will continue to be a problem. Pathetically sad. Praying for intervention for a…
Mayor Emanuel's admittance of the CPD's code of silence is making life very difficult for city attorneys (via h…
Great night at the Equality Illinois Gala. Met Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Tammy Duckworth then finished the night with…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel has failed the citizens of Chicago.
OBAMA's former appointees. Rahm Emanuel is now mayor of the murder Capitol. Janet Napolitano pres of rioting & tuition scandal
couldn't address the “carnage.” In response, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he wanted greater involvement and funding from the federal
Instead of a travel ban, invite a few immigrants into your home for dinner--per Chicago Mayor
At the root of Chicago turmoil is a ruthless unlawful profiteering Mayor, Rahm "dead fish" Emanuel. He is very corrupt.
YES,its about *** time,and ARREST any MAYOR or POLITICIAN who DEFIES the ORDER,like RAHM EMANUEL mayor…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel has blood on this hands
.threatens Chicago when it is 18th in US homicides. What about the other cities? Feud with mayor?.
Bill Bennett: "Notice the change of tone from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, saying he would welcome [federal] assistance."
Dem Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel should hide in a corner, given the horrific job he&doing. He, o
Definitely calls out Mayor Rahm Emanuel to fix the problem.
Tell to defy Trump, defend Chicago & expand sanctuary for all the city's residents!
Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he would welcome federal involvement and dollars to help solve Chicago’s surge in violence.
It's all political optics. may seem like Mayor Zorro, but he is a weak, thin, meatless soup.
New video: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel responds to Donald Trump -
Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Federal help to stem Chicago violence is welcome, but National Guard is out of the question https:/…
‘Fix Crime Rate or I’ll Send in Feds’ – Trump to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Murder capital mayor Rahm Emanuel defends Sanctuary Cities. The city of mass homicide. .
"You are are supported.". Mayor Rahm Emanuel explains why Chicago will always be a
Whadda ya thank about that old Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel❓ .
President Trump's feud with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel could have big, big consequences
Mayor Rahm Emanuel says IL Gov. Bruce Rauner has "abdicated his responsibility" by telling legislative leaders "you go work on a budget."
Mayor Rahm Emanuel ripped Gov. Bruce Rauner tonight on saying the state's "rudderless under Rauner" who he called "Governor Gridlock"
Chicago (aka "Chirac")Mayor Rahm Emanuel is the CEO of racist's that encouraged black gang members to keep killing each other,
start at the top. Rahm Emanuel, a Clinton crook is Mayor and should be impeached
How is Rahm Emanuel not universally acknowledged to be the worst big city mayor in America? Too close to Obama, I…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel says Justice Department report on Chicago police is "sobering," promises to proce
. excessive & neglective force - what a terrible combination. what a legacy you have Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Mayor Rahm Emanuel's remarks focused on supporting officers and helping them. Very little said about victims of systemic…
GOOD LUCK: Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office says "there will be no media availability" after the DOJ announces its police miscond…
By the time Mayor Rahm Emanuel is done with this torture case, he'll charge the white Special Needs kid for inciting a…
By the way, why is Rahm Emanuel still mayor?
chicago,RAHM EMANUEL mayor,FOUND guilty of "POLICE BRUTALITY",no mention of the EXCESSIVE MURDERS of BLACKMEN,and no mention of…
//BREAKING// Mayor Rahm Emanuel had signed an agreement in principle to work with DOJ on Chicago police Dept reforms
Obama DOJ new agreement with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel provides that ALL criminal felons be harbored & protected, not…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel with a big smile on his face after the one-hour press conference into police misconduct ends.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Mayor Rahm Emanuel getting frustrated with reporters: "I obviously wasn't clear enough, so let me try one more time."
A theme: Lynch, Gupta and Fardon all praising Mayor Rahm Emanuel for taking action while investigation was ongoing. All D…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he believes in consent decrees, but says he can't yet negotiate with Sen. Jeff Sessions (Trump's pick for AG).
Mayor Rahm Emanuel on police misconduct report: "I can't negotiate on behalf of Sen. Sessions."
I wonder if anyone gave Mayor Emanuel a heads-up, "Uh. Hey, Rahm…"
Mayor Rahm Emanuel says it is his intent is to work with the Trump administration toward a consent decree.
MORE: 'We need essential changes to strengthen the Police Department' - Mayor Rahm Emanuel
AG Loretta Lynch: "All of Chicago problems are the racist police fault... none are the fault of the man in charge, Mayor…
Trump blasts Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for one of the most violent years in Chicago history
Far left Chicago Mayor Emanuel is All EXCUSES in Response to Trump Criticism Over Ghastly Homicides
they should be sitting in on Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office & demanding the stop of black-on-black…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel: CPD has made real progress, incidents described in this report are sobering to all of us.
Watching mayor Rahm Emanuel try 2 explain how and why after called out by really shows how incompetent city is
Mayor Rahm Emanuel after release of police misconduct report: "There is a difference between holding people accountable and being cynical."
Nothing he didn't already know. Mayor Rahm Emanuel called the incidents described in the report "sobering."
The idea that the Chicago Police Department will enact any meangiful reform with Rahm Emanuel in place as mayor is straight…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is guilty as *** for being a terrible Mayor.Loretta Lynch and the are pathetic.They don'…
Mayor Emanuel is a joke.pinning the tail on the Donkey! i.e. Blaming the CPD for his useless governing
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