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Mayor John Tory

John Howard Tory OOnt (born May 28, 1954) is a Canadian politician, the 65th and current mayor of Toronto.

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I was wrong. Oxford properties. Which means OMERS.
John Tory had a good crowd at old city hall,I place my poppy on flag pole that I got mayor David Mi…
At the steps of Toronto Old City Hall Cenotaph Mayor John Tory reminded us that the bitter chill (dang, it was cold…
NYC! What makes Toronto an exceptional tech hub? Find out on Tuesday from Wave CEO Toronto Mayor…
Mayor John Tory speaking at the Old City Hall Cenotaph service
Mayor John Tory is speaking at a Remembrance Day ceremony at Old City Hall. Live stream at
A photo from last year - compare - today's event. Attendees focused authenticity of protoco…
Column: Mayor plan for a second term
Makes me wonder why some ppl still go on about Ford. The enemy is Tory - on the path to a second term
"Polls say that John Tory is sitting pretty on the path to a second term, but he's not unstoppable":
For you Canadian expats in NYC and you Americans who have had enough of Trump, here is an event to understand the...
Don't start counting those chickens just yet. Look what happened earlier this week in Montreal! Mayor John Tory is…
Mayor John Tory is on the path to a second term: James »
Hey NYC! This Tuesday some of Toronto's best, including Wave CEO and Toronto mayor are showcas…
Remember this Toronto, finally got that hideous thing exposed. Good Job. Now find Mayor John Tory.
Join Mayor John Tory at the RemembranceDay ceremony at Old City Hall. Details at
I understand that and that is why someone on city council should explain perhaps the mayor John Tory could
As it stands now,Doug Ford will be elected mayor,unless John Tory makes…
to the time Alma and Hollie hung out with Toronto Mayor John Tory at the Taste of the Kingsway!. 🎡. . . . We ap……
Right out of the Muslim Brotherhood play book; Muslims should try to achieve positions of power in orde…
2nd election, the 2019 Toronto municipal election. Yes, we all should be working t…
Just a small point of order Kathleen but John Tory is the current Mayor of Toronto.
Will Toronto Mayor John Tory tell the Truth the next time he needs a Property Tax Increase?. Like, "I made Toronto a…
Mayor John Tory and I discussing and rock concerts
imagine the front page scorn if Doug was Mayor - but with Mayor John Tory, yeah it might have been nice…
Executing major projects takes strong leadership. Exhibited by Mayor John Tory, City of Toronto when asked about subway e…
Text of Mayor John Tory's speech calling for end to carding
Toronto Mayor John Tory has called for a public inquiry, implores public to not riot.
He calls him "Mr." Tory because that's how players address their owners. Mayor John Tory is also one of the to…
"It's important that members of the Toronto Public Service have a positive work environment in order to deliver hig…
Mayor John Tory unveiled the latest step in his plan to tackle gridlock. .
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Mayor of Toronto John Tory Speaking to the Media. Life goes on in the back ground. No protocol, no security, no fuss
Chris Lennox, President of Lennox Financial Group, had the opportunity to hang out with Mayor John Tory watching hi…
Honoured to have met Mayor John Tory, Councillor Jaye Robinson, MP Marco Mendicino, and…
Mayor John Tory speaking about in to kick off
Mayor John Tory wants Toronto to be the home of Amazon's second North American HQ.
Staff report gives thumbs up to Bloor bike lanes; Mayor John Tory agrees:
After dark too dangerous to be out and about in good old Toronto. Thanks Chief Sanders and Mayor John Tory.
Mayor John Tory names Ana Bailao as new Deputy Mayor and Joe Mihevc as poverty reduction advocate…
Anti-Rob Ford crowd may not forgive Mayor John Tory for his calculated politicking
Mayor John Tory has announced Ward 18 Coun. Ana Bailão as his new Deputy Mayor for south Toronto.
One of Mayor John Tory's Deputy Mayor's comes out in support of Doug Ford for Mayor, so Tory gives him the boot. https…
Canada Energy Citizens had a great chat with Mayor John Tory and spotted PM Justin Trudeau at Tamil Street Fes…
John Tory, mayor of technology enthusiast and fan of Israel, spoke last week at the “Technicity 2016” conference.…
Maybe the mayor of Toronto John Tory is responsible or the premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne is responsible Donald J Trump
Despite some provincial $ Mayor admits units may still be boarded up for lack of repair
Toronto Mayor John Tory warns no guarantee provincial funding up to $343M will keep city's social housing units ope…
.addressing Mayor John Tory, demanding justice for Miller.
"Meeting with Toronto Mayor John Tory reveals continued demand for condominiums and houses by Canadians and foreigners"
All of this illegal job is in Toronto since John Uber Tory became mayor of Toronto.what a shame
An important question is who in Mayor John Tory's office consulted with Di Ciano on the writing his Op-Ed.
This kind of Crim happing since illegal Uber is operating.of course behind the sen is Jo…
During a recent business visit to Toronto, I had the pleasure of meeting the Mayor, Mr John Tory.
5 star for driver.1 star for passenger middle finger for John Uber Tory mayor of Toronto.…
Mayor John Tory: Seven-stop Scarborough LRT the best option for transit riders - Signez la pétition ! via
Honoured to be part of the Ukrainian Independence Day celebration at Etobicoke Centennial Park with Mayo…
Pot activist Jodie Emery calls out Mayor John Tory on opioid crisis
As Sadiq Khan delivers on a vision for London as a 24 hour global city. Mayor John Tory does anoth…
Mayor John Tory has some pointed words for Sue Ann Levy in the Toronto Sun.
Well John uber Tory mayor of Toronto is *** otherwise he could have this offer from the same uber driver
Left for dead on the streets of Toronto mayor candidate Kevin Clarke message to john Tory this election will be...
Mayor John Tory playing some darts on the opening day of the Canadian National Exhibition…
Mayor John Tory defends controversial shelter from critics on his own Executive Committee
LIVE Mayor John Tory speaks about new Airbnb rules, which would require hosts to live at property they're listing
Mayor John Tory pushes support for controversial Runnymede shelter in late-night debate
Mayor John Tory calls on Toronto tech community to make diversity a priority at
(The Globe and Mail):vacant homes tax could be hard to enforce, city officials say : Mayor John Tory..
This needs to be Mayor John Tory's legacy: He surrounded himself on his Executive Committee with some of the worst, dumbest.…
Mayor John Tory tours flooded Toronto Islands, hails work of city staff
TO Mayor John Tory says Anti- Black racism continue to exist in Toronto and the City will work to confront it.
.Mayor John Tory of Toronto took the Lyme Challenge! We are challenging Fox5 to get NYC Mayor…
Shahid Afridi with Mayor John Tory in Toronto where he is promoting cricket & raising money for Sahibzada Fazal Rehman…
The clear message Mayor John Tory needs to send to the province is drowned out by his politics:
From the fellow who played a central role in Mayor John Tory's Task Force on Toronto Community Housing.
Mayor John Tory 'disappointed and frustrated' after police say they won't participate in Pride parade…
Mayor John Tory and NDP leader Andrea Horwath hold joint press conference after meeting.
Mayor John Tory has shelved his push to contract out trash collection in Scarborough. ht…
Mayor John Tory says Patrick Brown is "playing politics” on road tolls, “That’s fine, Toronto can strangle on its own growth.”
You ask, what's Mayor John Tory's connection? . not much except Jack once had a place next door in Palm Beach.
Celebrating the upcoming Rosh Hashana holiday at Toronto City Hall with our neighbour Mayor John Tory. Wishing...
Mayor John Tory speaking to Toronto and Region Board of Trade. Among those attending luncheon is former Premier Dal…
Should Toronto taxpayers be subsidizing Mayor John Tory's golf cart?. Indirectly they do because of a perpetual tax…
Mayor John Tory declared August 10 in Toronto just hours before their fi…
Mayor John Tory declares in Toronto ahead of first ACC show
.are in To honor the band, Mayor John Tory has proclaimed August 10
Ahead of their show in Toronto tonight, Mayor John Tory declares today Tragically Hip Day in T.O. Pretty cool - TA.
Mayor John Tory calls on governments to relieve housing supply shortage
Mayor John Tory says he hasn’t closed the door on taxing foreign buyers in Toronto’s red-hot real estate market.
In this press release, the head of the TTC union plays Khizr Khan to Mayor John Tory's Donald Trump. h/t
In proclaiming Tragically Hip Day in Toronto, Mayor John Tory says his favourite hip song is 'Bobcaygeon'
Mayor John Tory flatly denies a casino could be included in Toronto's new urban park proposal: "You sure as *** don't ne…
Here's the full text of Mayor John Tory claiming that the Sheppard LRT is dead:
Mayor John Tory set to back another look at a Sheppard subway extension via
Mayor John Tory to discuss Toronto transit, pedestrian deaths on Metro Morning »
Mayor John Tory should 'stay in his lane' amid Pride protest uproar, Black Lives Matter says. . Tory has every right!
Mayor John Tory promises to back new this fall via
Mayor John Tory announces new allowances for . 550 Toronto families on City’s housing wait list. More:
press conference--15 Wellesley E, 10 a.m.--on Pride protest, reaction by Mayor John Tory and media:
Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun - July 6 2016. Talking BLM-TO and Mayor John Tory's support of the TPS...
Mayor John Tory promises to back new taxes this fall
Time for Mayor John Tory to stand up to Black Lives Matter | LEVY | Toronto & GT
I've caught a fever. Hella sick. In other news, yesterday Toronto Mayor John Tory emptied an entire super soaker into my face. :(
Mayor John Tory unveils new trash diversion contest for condo, apartment dwellers
Bold words from former TTC chief general manager: "Time for Mayor John Tory to be ‘honest’ about transit"
Jesse Royal - Modern Day Judas [Official Video 2013] and John Tory our Toronto Mayor or whateva lol
Cyclists and friends of cyclists in Toronto. I just started this petition calling on the City of Toronto to start...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Mayor John Tory on the new taxes Torontonians may face | Watch News Videos Online
Mayor John Tory at 550 Ontario st to announce competition for multi-res buildings to divert their waste from landfill. Win…
Dear John and all city councilors, quit playing politics and give us some REAL transit.
is now a good time to revisit mayor John Tory's honest comments on supervised injection sites
Board of health is meeting this AM to discuss moving forward with supervised injection services
TPSB chair Andy Pringle proclaims July 4 as Youth in Policing Day in Toronto, on behalf of Mayor John Tory who couldn't attend today.
Me talking to mayor John Tory about the male issues yesterday. .
Members of federal Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, Green Party, & Toronto Mayor John Tory all demonstrated their support for Pride.
I love Toronto Councils double standard when it comes to Pot and Uber. Mayor Tory feels 'The Law is the Law'...
was a great time! Watched Mayor John Tory get into a stand off in a water fight. SO MUCH FUN!!
I'll give the mayor credit: John Tory looked like he really enjoyed himself today.
Bravo Prime Minister Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn and Toronto Mayor John Tory for marching in the Pride...
Primate Minister Trudeau & Mayor John Tory (Toronto) march in Pride Parade. So proud to be Canadian
Mayor John Tory's staff confirm he was at an event with MLSE and Steve Stamkos on Monday.
Mayor John Tory accused of ‘political posturing’ as Scarborough transit plans balloon by $1 billion via
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Mayor John Tory set to make an announcement about Scarborough subway costs at 10:45 a.m.
All lanes on the Gardiner are now open. Maintenance work finished 4 months ahead of schedule, says Mayor John Tory. https:/…
Moment of pride flag raising 0ver Toronto by Mayor John Tory 2day-you can see Cab Min Glenn Murray on bottom left
it's official. Mayor John Tory lost the respect of about half the city. We voted this guy over Rob Ford.
Mayor John Tory and Premier Kathleen Wynne will take part in celebrations at Nathan Phillips Square Sunday, May 8...
Mayor John Tory says proliferation of marijuana shops ‘out of control’, reports https:/…
Mayor John Tory ready to use hot sauce to repel critters - Toronto Sun
Tonight, it's BRASS FACTS TRIVIA at 7:30. You are all welcome! "It's fun!" - Mayor John Tory
Mayor John Tory wants the late Rob Ford’s Etobicoke North council seat to be filled by election via
The amount of time Mayor John Tory spends on Rogers affairs. Just don't ask anything about his intimate relationship with…
Mayor John Tory's lobbying on behalf of Bell to limit internet competition. Just don't ask about that or how Rogers would…
Mayor John Tory and Cllr Mary Margaret McMahon plat a tree in Glen Stewart Ravine for
DTN Canada: City takes rail worries to new transport minister: Mayor John Tory and a coalition of Toronto city...
"Thank you for loving Toronto." Mayor John Tory writes in Rob Ford's book of condolences at city hall.
Mayor John Tory: Do not rename Centennial Park after Rob Ford. - Sign the Petition! via
UPDATE: Mayor John Tory to discuss status of contract talks at 10:30 a.m; CUPE Local 79 president Tim Maguire to give his update at noon
Happiest place on earth, no that's Disney, this is Mayor John Tory on his Warner Bros tour
And a preview of Mayor John Tory's NBC/Universal Studio Tour at noon today.
One of the "officials" who will be greeting Mayor John Tory for his Warner Bros Studio Tour
ICYMI: Mayor John Tory is meeting with a few studios in LA today, including Paramount and Sony, to promote Toronto.
Toronto city councillors debate 2016 operating budget and funding for police: Mayor John Tory and budget committee chair Gary Crawfor...
Mayor John Tory is launching a writing competition to help celebrate Black History Month. Mayor Tory is inviting...
Mayor John Tory is Honorary Patron of the IDI Inaugural Peace and Dialogue Awards on January 19. Tickets:
Bell wants to kill affordable Internet access for Canadians. Mayor John Tory is a supporter
Looking back on 2015. Mayor John Tory hosts an Ex Comm meeting with Rob Ford watching
Landed in Paris ready for Mayor John Tory with David Miller and Berry Vrbanovic . h…
Mayor John Tory repeats his belief council shouldn't reopen the Scarborough subway decision
"I think people should count on seeing a transit fare increase every year" Mayor John Tory via on Rogers
Rogers advisor & Mayor John Tory met with a telecom CEO in the Mayor's office one week ago today. Nothing in the Lobbyist registry.
Mayor John Tory with strong words at Toronto vigil for victims of Paris attacks
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Mayor John Tory lays a wreath at the Old City Hall cenotaph.
Mayor John Tory to proclaim tomorrow Blue Jays Appreciation Day in Toronto to give thanks for an incredible season https:…
Mayor John Tory to put spotlight a Rogers backed startup in London, England | .
"It's a total myth" Mayor John Tory on "myth" that Rob Ford fixed city budget when he was mayor
Mayor John Tory to put spotlight on Toronto in London, England | BetaKit
NEWS: Mayor John Tory won't accept any new budget increases—oh, except for the Toronto Police (via
Steven Harpers very happy when John Tory won the election for mayor
Toronto, Kansas City mayors bet beer and ribs on ALCS
John Tory does a bat flip over bet with Kansas City mayor
Mayor to put spotlight on Toronto in London, England
John Tory has fighting words for Kansas City's mayor as take on
(That, or we can blame John Tory's rather unimpressive bat flip.
John Tory bets local beer, flips bat in Blue Jays bet with KC mayor
Ummm, John Tory smokes Crack? You know, the mayor Toronto has had for almost a year.
VIDEO: Looks like Toronto Mayor John Tory has caught himself a case of 'bat flip fever'!
Mayor John Tory's SmartTrack plan faces big hurdles in the west ~ 92
Mayor to put spotlight on Toronto startups in London, England
'Mini Bautista is meeting with Mayor John Tory at city hall today. (PHOTO: Tracy Tong/ CP24)
or why Mayor John Tory selected Councillor Bernardinetti for his Executive Committee
"I can remember with great frustration when ... Dalton McGuinty actually did declare a new holiday" Mayor John Tory
"They buried it and they did not allow the people of Toronto to even speak on it" Cllr Janet Davis on Mayor John Tory's Executive Committee
Today at City Hall - Mayor John Tory will be at the Thompson Hotel with the for the 2016 Grey Cup announcement
The 2016 Grey Cup to BMO presser will be at the Thompson Hotel on Thursday. Mayor John Tory and commish Jeffrey Orridge will be there.
Mayor John Tory announced work on from Strachan to Bathurst will be completed 3 months early 12
"I think a lot of people will be very happy to have this done 3 months earlier" Mayor John Tory on current Gardiner construction
Mayor John Tory predicts council will vote to regulate Uber
Mayor John Tory says it makes sense and is more practical to "regulate Uber" rather than banning it
"I've just found out about this" Mayor John Tory on province appealing MPAC assessment on its properties
"I will do whatever is sensible and whatever is responsible to get the city moving" Mayor John Tory
"We need to find ways to see construction projects, including this one, done faster" Mayor John Tory standing on the G…
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BREAKING Mayor John Tory says Gardiner construction will be done 3 months sooner (in 2016) for $3.4 million
"I know this causes significant frustration" Mayor John Tory on construction lane closures
Coming up: Mayor John Tory's press conference on Toronto's Olympic bid status LIVE. Listen here -->
Mayor John Tory says he's sponsoring Syrian family, urges Toronto & Canada to be generous in midst of refugee crisis
Toronto's Mayor John Tory was responsible for this Ad.
Jason Kenney dance off with Mayor John Tory via
Mayor John Tory and Minister Lisa Raitt take the inaugual escalator ride down to pedestrian tunnel.
Mayor John Tory and federal transport minister Lisa Raitt are at Billy Bishop airport for the tunnel ribbon cutting.
Mayor John Tory now has a line on SmartTrack funding from 2 of the big 3 fed political parties htt…
Mayor John Tory doesn't know anything about Kanye West but he knows lots about Kim Kardashian
Kanye West will close down the Pan Am Games on July 26, but Mayor John Tory had someone else in mind.
City to study logistics of shifting Don River to allow Port Lands redevelopment: Mayor John Tory says the city will…
Mayor John Tory is taking steps toward regulating ride-sharing service in
Mayor John Tory says Uber operating outside of the current law, promises swift action
Stephen Harper to announce federal funding for Mayor John Tory's SmartTrack plan
Mayor John Tory ends era of prejudice by kicking off festival .
Mayor John Tory stabbed Alok Mukherjee in the back, and that's a very bad omen for the future: http:…
Mayor John Tory making an announcement with Federal Minister of State for Sport Bal Gosal at York University. Tune in to CP24 to watch LIVE
Federal SmartTrack money is a big win for Mayor John Tory, argues the Star's Editorial http…
Mayor John Tory begging for federal Smart Track money to Minister of Transportation Olivia Chow. That will be awesome.
Mayor John Tory wants Toronto "to be the most friendly place in North America" for startups | BetaKit
“In a modern city like this the subway should be open more than starting at 9 a.m." Mayor John Tory
Mayor John Tory is just as disappointed as Mike Harris that more savings didn’t come out of amalgamation
Mayor John Tory assures Americans we've had same-sex marriage in Canada for years and everything is fine http:…
Mayor John Tory says council has $2.6 billion federal government dollars/reasons to vote for SmartTrack
Mayor John Tory choking up as he talks about conversations with the city's black community about carding http:…
Mayor John Tory about to announce he's calling for a moratorium on carding, wants fresh start. We sat down this morning. Story u…
Mayor John Tory giving opening remarks at Meagans Walk hug at City Hall today!
Carding has killed the credibility of the mayor and police: James: Mayor John Tory and Chief Mark Saun...
Fourteen major property owners and developers came out Friday urging Mayor John Tory to tear down the east end..
Electronic Device Insurance
Mayor John Tory foolish to ignore Toronto’s leading lights on carding: James
Watch live at 6:06 p.m.: Mayor John Tory promises changes to carding but won't end it
LIVE on Mayor John Tory speaking at new Toronto waterfront development
Gardiner debate is no Spadina Expressway moment: Mayor John Tory. New blog post
Mayor John Tory says the looming Gardiner decision is different from the Spadina Expressway debate of Bill Davis days
The Star's Editorial: Mayor John Tory is right in favouring a reconfigured Gardiner Expressway
Mayor John Tory may fail his first real test. Show some vision (and common sense). Tear down Gardiner East- save the bucks.
ICYMI: Mayor John Tory on the future of the Gardiner Expressway.
Mayor John Tory is right on the Gardiner: Editorial via
"I've only watched it a couple of times" Mayor John Tory on - but he's a Don Draper fan
Send an email to tell your councillor and Mayor John Tory to keep Toronto’s solid waste collection public.
Huge thanks to for bringing Mayor John Tory tomorrow to meet our lovely seniors and amazing volunteers! U rock Mark
So excited to welcome Mayor John Tory to our Centre tomorrow.
did you miss interview with Mayor John Tory this morning on the Gardiner? We'll replay clips after the break.
LISTEN: Mayor John Tory reacts to poll that suggests half of Torontonians want elevated Gardiner torn down
"We're talking billions of dollars" Mayor John Tory says he asked about burying Gardiner via
Mayor John Tory says tearing down east end of Gardiner could be "recipe" for traffic trouble via
"The Gardiner and the Parkway will both sort of in effect come to an end" Mayor John Tory on what happens if Gardiner is tore down
Mayor John Tory about to join to talk about the Gardiner. Tune in online
Congrats to St. Maria Goretti Teacher Dr. Rawle Biran--presented with Spirit of Cricket Award by Mayor John Tory.
Mayor John Tory - with the exception of yourself - the fact that Prime Minister David Cameron is on…
Dwight Drummond and Kelly Gruber with Mayor John Tory at our Believe to Achieve Fundraiser all went well.
Tomorrow is 's Sold out Fireside Chat w/ Mayor John Tory. Questions about the city & development? Ask via
March 4 - Fireside Chat with Mayor John Tory, sponsored by:. SmartCentres; . Info:
Didn't get a ticket to tomorrow's Fireside Chat w/ Mayor John Tory? We'll post the video on our website
Mayor John Tory makes a joke about "city council time" after exec committee comes back from lunch 15 minutes late
At least Mayor John Tory did not name his cat "John Tory":
Toronto politics have never been more exciting. Mayor John Tory is pro-dog, anti-cat:
Mayor John Tory tells 102.1 The Edge that he's in favour of Toronto getting a 2nd NHL team.
"Let's get a campaign going" Mayor John Tory on getting a 2nd NHL franchise for via
Mayor John Tory came out firmly in favour Thursday of getting a second NHL team
Mayor John Tory admits the ferries to the Toronto Island are "a bit of a mess" via
Mayor John Tory wants a second Toronto NHL team Poll: Do you?
"I will not take any lessons here about the proper way to do things!" Mayor John Tory to Rob Ford
"Taxpayers out there just can't keep paying more and more" Mayor John Tory
Mayor John Tory's approval rating at 72%, according to new poll
Mayor John Tory performs improv with Second City: submitted by Lucky75 [link] [comment]
.Didja see this?? :O Toronto Mayor John Tory appeared on stage w/
PACHI had a great time celebrating volunteers with Colin Mochrie and Mayor John Tory at Second City...
Today on and the open question of what kind of urban advocate he'll really be.
Mayor John Tory, on behalf of Toronto City Council, do hereby proclaim February 6, 2015 as "Bob Marley Day" in the City of Toronto.
BREAKING: John Tory heckled by TTC workers (video). Tory: "Have I told a lie today, to your knowledge?". TTC...
'Keep transit public': Mayor John Tory faces off with transit union reports
Tory says Scarborough subway still needed despite concerns that SmartTrack would affect ridership: Mayor John Tory…
Mayor John Tory and Wek at the opening of George Chuvalo's youth gym for the less privileged! Roads less travelled!
Tory vows to punch ahead with Scarborough subway.
Mayor John Tory is having a town hall at TTC's Hillcrest complex Monday.
New mayor, new vocabulary: Mayor John Tory used the word "Byzantine" in today's scrum
Mayor John Tory says he has no plans to revisit his commitment to the Scarb subway extension despite sunk costs and ridership skeptics
""People understand if you're going to have proper transit you have to pay for it" Mayor John Tory means ADULTS
More than once at this town hall meeting, workers have shouted "Liar!" at Mayor John Tory.
Mayor John Tory getting a rough ride at this town hall with employees
"Don't lie to us!" Man shouts at Mayor John Tory. Tory denies he's lying, man says he has lied
LORINC: and the need for an activist mayor for - Toronto
Mayor John Tory says Toronto is the Canadian city where you can get New York, California and Chicago all in one place …
Mayor John Tory will attend a solidarity rally at Nathan Phillips Square this afternoon for the victims of the French terror atta…
Mayor John Tory wants the embattled Nathan Phillips Square renovation to be "finished properly."
New year, new course: Mayor John Tory talks about his plans for the city
Mayor John Tory is on with Peter Shurman on the right now. Tune in at
Mayor John Tory says starting Jan. 1, TTC riders can use debit or credit to purchase 10 or more tokens or day passes at subway st…
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Mayor John Tory says city shouldn't pay legal fees for Giorgio Mammoliti beyond $20,000 that the rules allow
Highlight of my weekend was seeing a sober and sane Mayor John Tory and his wife watching youth choir at the Distillery Xmas Market... I think I'm going to like this Guy!
Five ways to look at Mayor John Tory's first week
The 1st NDP rally against Mayor John Tory will be held Friday at 1pm at Nathan Phillips Square...the will demand he resign.…
As we wait for Mayor John Tory's post-inaugural presser, out in Nathan Phillips Square people are skating http…
Mayor John Tory says he thinks Bill Davis is right about "bland works"
In his inaugural speech, Mayor John Tory pledges to make city tax bills "as easy to read as your Rogers cell phone bill".
"There is no one more decent" Mayor John Tory saluting former premier Bill Davis
Ugh, not surprising Mayor John Tory chooses right-leaning Denzil Minnan-Wong to be Deputy Mayor.
Excited to serve as Deputy Mayor for incoming Mayor John Tory.
This is bonkers. Mayor John Tory wants Deputy Mayor Denzil Minnan-Wong to be appointed to the Waterfront…
Exactly, and in two years, hopefully Mayor John Tory will clean things up. :)
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