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Mayor Emanuel

Emanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuil or Immanuel are personal names and surnamces deriving from (Hebrew: עמנואל, God is with us), a prophetic name used in Isaiah 7:14. The middle letter m is doubled in Hebrew causing that single m and double mm variants co-exist in many languages.

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Midway-area homeowners call on Mayor Emanuel to step in and make amends for the potentially toxic soundproof window…
A Cook County Commissioner heads to the United Nations to seek help combating Chicago gun violence. Mayor Emanuel p…
Chicago Fire, Mayor Emanuel team up to unveil plans for "mini-pitches" to grow soccer in Chicago
Mayor Emanuel loves the arts, and loves burnishing the golden gleam of the city’s many famed cultural institutions.…
A new report from finds that Mayor Emanuel, 13th Ward Ald. Marty Quinn, and Speaker of the House Michael…
Listen to Mayor Emanuel's speech last year, in which he promised to add more officers, here:
Mayor Emanuel and the Chicago Park District Cut the Ribbon at Bernard L. Stone Park
Mayor Emanuel says President Trump's unpopularity with Chicagoans makes his job easier "from a political standpoint" ht…
Mayor Emanuel raises the Illinois Policy Institute cartoon that some are calling racist. Everybody can see what it…
Cook County stands firmly behind Mayor Emanuel and the City of Chicago in protecting our reputation as a county welcom…
In email, fashion world boss tells Mayor Emanuel to police dog poo offenders
Mayor Emanuel cares more about illegals than his law abiding citizens. It is all about vot…
Mayor Emanuel on Chicago's suit against the DOJ's sanctuary city warning: "We will never be coerced on our values." https…
Mayor Emanuel trickles out details about lawsuit against Trump's Justice Department over sanctuary city funding https:/…
withholding comment on Mayor Emanuel, this is p fascinating.
1) History Time: Rahn Emanuel left to successfully rule for Mayor of Illinois. Peter Rouse wa…
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SNEED: Mayor Emanuel denies president's repeated claim on city crime
SNEED: denies repeated claim on city crime
Trump says he identified this cop to Rahm but hasn't heard back from the mayor. Mayor's spokesman says Emanuel never received any name.
In 8 years lol. Rahm Emanuel left because he got elected Chicago m…
Emanuel stepped down to run for Mayor (Obama knew going in) and had an interm replace him.…
Send Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his CPD Sup. over there with MSM to report - taking the ICBM's off the streets…
And resigned to run for Chicago mayor isn't running for mayor of Milwa…
Just wondering if Mayor Emanuel is accepting (drug) money from Chicago's gang leaders? They never are arrested?
Rahm Emanuel is really just Cyrus Beene playing mayor.
And didn't Emanuel leave to become mayor of Chicago? Else he'd have lasted longer
Didn't Emanuel resign after 6 Months to become Mayor.
Observation on Rahm Emanuel. When this Obama Liberal became Chicago mayor, not immune from same violent minority fr…
Emanuel is a massive *** Chicago should be embarrassed by him!! Keep voting him mayor though!!
Mayor Rahm Emanuel refuses Cubs' request for more night games at Wrigley
Mayor Emanuel Doesn’t Want the City to Give the Cubs Any More Night Games
I wonder if Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other Chicago officials are actually harboring illegal immigrants by shielding them from detection.
For middle & lower income Chicagoans who rely on the this is just another way Mayor Emanuel has let them down.
Mayor Emanuel & his CPS board engineered this crisis. Result of charter proliferation & gentrification, policies th…
Mayor Rahm denies the Cubs' request to play more night games + more news briefs:.
(Pastor Vance Henry he is the Deputy Chief of Staff Community and Faith Based Initiatives in the Office of Honorabl…
I just realized that the current US administration is basically a real life twist on Fake Mayor Emanuel,…
Love to see Mayor Emanuel throwing his weight behind Ameya's airport employees living wage ordinance. .
The state is out of money and pulled out of lottery. AND, Chicago has the worst murder rates in US. AND, Mayor Emanuel is…
Cubs' request for more night games at Wrigley Field rejected by Mayor Emanuel
So what's Mayor Emanuel think about ts? not doing my deal having Il Dem Party…
Gov. Rauner shot down Mayor Emanuel's offer to clear way for a big tower on Thompson Center site, reports. htt…
Mayor Emanuel, hit the pause button on a police reform deal
Mayor Emanuel backs off commitment to court-enforced agreement to reform Chicago Police Department
Mayor Emanuel responds to US withdrawal from Paris Agreement via
Toss this guy out of office by the scruff of his global neck.
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mayor posted the deleted EPA climate page to its own site: "In Chicago we know climate change is real." http…
Here's another way the South Side is locked out of the decision-making process. Mayor Emanuel gave away 20 acres of Jacks…
Gov. Rauner dangles property tax money from Thompson Center redevelopment for CPS. Mayor Emanuel just scoffs.
Mayor Emanuel welcomed Consul General of Honduras Karol Escalante to Chicago and discussed priorities for the Hondu…
Mayor Emanuel met with the new Consul General of Romania, Tiberiu Trifan, and reinforced Chicago’s commitment to th…
Mayor Emanuel had to know that some would snicker over his love for dance, but isn't one of them
You also could spin this as Gov. Rauner predicts election win, third term for Mayor Emanuel
Mayor Emanuel hasn't even said that he'll seek a 3rd term, but Gov. Rauner predicted he won't be around for a 4th.…
I feel if Mayor Emanuel wud hire me like Michael Madigan wnats him to?
Just spoke with Mayor Emanuel. He’s in NYC spreading the gospel of Chicago tech with at
Release of Mayor Emanuel's emails show pushing back against Chicago City Hall's home rental regulations:
Business pitches were among dozens of possible lobbying law violations found in Mayor Emanuel's emails
Release of Mayor Emanuel's emails cause major ethics concerns over Airbnb's push for supportive regulation:
I know Mayor Emanuel was out front like whom was ☘️used 2 walk out from & d tells me
Now since ur foremt chief of staff & my Mayor Emanuel won't hire me? I'll show him why IL Dem Party Chairman
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
A "mixture" of tax dollars and campaign $ pays for most of Mayor Emanuel's travel costs to speeches, meetings
d n why d heck does Mayor Emanuel need 2 hv his hand n Gov Rauner's pocket & take our hard
of Cook County n when Mayor Emanuel has 4 sports stadiums n 2 airports & city gets
Mayor Emanuel n d SAME position Andrea Zopp currently has? So Chance sud ask why does need d tax $
Attorney General Jeff Sessions declines to commit to Chicago consent decree, Mayor Emanuel responds.
wondering why their tax $ they send 2 Springfield returns back 2 them at a lower rate. Now when U talk 2 Mayor Emanuel? Of
me d BLESSINGS GOD has 4 me & I'm sure glad Mayor Emanuel didn't od my deal-->
Mayor Emanuel announces plans for new Green Line station at Damen Avenue. Will fill gap between California and Ashl…
Mayor Emanuel's admittance of the CPD's code of silence is making life very difficult for city attorneys (via h…
Governor Rauner and Mayor Emanuel to Skip Inauguration: It’s not just Democratic Congressmen who are…
I wonder if anyone gave Mayor Emanuel a heads-up, "Uh. Hey, Rahm…"
Mayor Emanuel is a joke.pinning the tail on the Donkey! i.e. Blaming the CPD for his useless governing
provide me my tx & my can hire me cuz I know why my Mayor Emanuel won't hire me but he
President-elect Donald Trump took another shot on Monday at Mayor Emanuel and Chicago’s crime problem.
Chicago's rich and powerful ask favors big and small in Mayor Emanuel emails
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Mayor Emanuel heads to Washington, D.C. this week to meet with Reince Priebus, former chiefs of staff.
Mayor Emanuel says Chicago will continue green energy efforts as "a pure driver of economic activity"
Mayor Emanuel won't talk about his super agent brother Ari's meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump:…
BREAKING: Mayor Emanuel says Cubs victory parade will be tomorrow. Details to follow, but expected to run from Wrigley Fiel…
not doing like Mayor Emanuel who is not hiring me cuz of partisan politics!! Charles Thomas wrong n only
If only Mayor Emanuel cud do my Agreement like ts cuz it's been 14 months since had my deal!!
If the Cubs win the series, Mayor Emanuel should turn on the air raid sirens like *** Daley did for the White Sox penna…
Mayor Emanuel has proposed a 7-cent fee on shopping bags. on why this isn't a bad idea:…
Mayor Emanuel: "Today, I am presenting you a budget unlike any we have seen in recent memory."…
Mayor Emanuel still working details of planned address on Chicago's law enforcement, per &
So has Mayor Emanuel's approval rating still %25? I tried 2 get Hillary 2 hire him 4 her prez campaign Her husband had
Young man who robbed Mayor Emanuel's son sentenced to boot camp in other crimes.
Now if Hillary wud just hire Mayor Emanuel she'll help me w/ALL my current debt!!
Clinton" (HILLARY) written by d & Hillary wud hv such a much easier time if she hire Mayor Emanuel!!
Mayor Emanuel & Mayor discuss the importance of strengthening the relationship between Chicago & London
So like Mayor Emanuel has dragfged his feet too long w/my deal in I have 2 takeit 2 d next phase!!
4 get Trump!! How about challenging 2 improve d & Brooke know Mayor Emanuel
The last time Chicago had a Republican Mayor was 1931. The city is a cesspool of sewer rat politicians, including its present Mayor Emanuel.
staff & my current Mayor Emanuel is so toxic d Chicago media says that Hillary doesn't want 2…
shows? I heard evidence that Mayor Emanuel mayb playing d role of a 4
aphrodisiac that keeps d Clinton's going!! revs there moter!! I said it's kinda like Mayor Emanuel saying he
Pull the cord. Mayor Rahm Emanuel got thrown under the bus.
needs to also criticize Chicago's Mayor:
ACA was unaffected by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Chicago is significantly worse off for Rahm. Does the CTA even have enough buses to run over him?
Mayor Rahm Emanuel ignoring video of Laquan McDonald's shooting > DNC video
Photos of Mayor Rahm Emanuel at Hamilton while Chicago schools were deciding whether to be open in 2017 > DNC video
Mayor Rahm Emanuel issues statement after a Chicago police officer is wounded in shooting:
Mayor Emanuel defends himself on DNC video, saying he was just giving Obama “a fresh, honest assessment"
Mayor Emanuel shows up for the Illinois delegation breakfast on the final day of DNC
Memo lining our cages this AM? to Mayor Emanuel "Sometimes you're the bus, sometimes you're under the bus. Ca…
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You know that health care reform bill you love. Democrats? Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wanted it dead. Act accordingly.
Mayor Rahm, national aspirations are dead as DNC National Convention video leaves Emanuel 'under the bus'
Sen. *** Durbin says he doesn't think DNC video threw Mayor Rahm Emanuel under the bus, says Obamacare wouldn't have passed without him.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel will announce the details of a multi-billion dollar plan to modernize Chicago’s O’Hare International A…
Mayor Rahm cuts school budget while the city’s TIFs are flush with money.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel thanks Indiana Governor Mike Pence for bringing jobs to Chicago!
Question for Pres. Barack Obama: if you felt like you got bad advice on ACA from Rahm Emanuel, why did you let him become Mayor of Chicago?
Rahm Emanuel gets thrown under the bus at the DNC via I now like my mayor, Rahm, a lot more.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel shows up at last Illinois delegate breakfast.
Democratic National Convention video leaves Emanuel 'under the bus': So far, Mayor Rahm…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel has arrived at the IL delegation breakfast - a plate of melon, strawberries and black coffee.
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel watched the DNC festivities tonight from former President Bill Clinton's friends and family su…
HANDSHAKES ALL AROUND -- Mayor Rahm Emanuel joins Illinois delegates this AM after a big night.
Mayor Emanuel's not even mad about Preckwinkle's seat next to Clinton. Actually, he talked to Bill over the weekend.
Powerful that scrolled the names of those murdered in Chicago this year. I cannot figure out how Mayor Emanuel still gets a pass!!
Forty-two principals have resigned this year, the most for any year under Mayor Emanuel
They missed the BEST solution to Chicago killings: getting rid of Mayor Emanuel and the corrupt Democrats in control!!!
Michael Madigan, my fiancé/biographer & Mayor Emanuel a referral letter so can hire me to
"We as a city & taxpayers had to step up." - Mayor Emanuel. Sure, step up because IL pols failed
This is what happens when corrupt folk like Mayor Emanuel and Gov. Rauner close Mental institutions. You can not...
Mayor Emanuel says schools will open on time this fall
LIVE on Mayor Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools officials addressing today's actions in Springfield https:/…
Mayor Emanuel says Chicago schools will open on time this fall
In response to Rauner school funding plan, Mayor Emanuel says governor is "holding the entire state hostage."
Mayor Emanuel kicks Chicago’s largest jobs program to date: Mayor Rahm Emanuel kicked off the 2016 One Summer...
Mayor Emanuel asks aldermen for authority for city to buy CPS debt CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a new proposal…
With little help from Lucas himself, Mayor Emanuel unable to close deal on lakefront museum htt…
Mayor Emanuel's plan to revamp oversight of the Chicago Police delayed by at least a month
Mayor Emanuel ordered to give deposition in officers' lawsuit:
Judge orders Mayor Emanuel to testify in federal lawsuit filed by 8 Chicago cops
Mayor Emanuel and Chicago Blackhawks break ground on Community Training Center: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicag...
when he scored those 63 points 4 d against d Mayor Emanuel
& I want in on d fund raising deal he just did cuz Mayor Emanuel refuses 2 do my deal &
Now/momentum has just like what d gave me n when I sent Mayor Emanuel
d ? is did Hillary drop off my referral letter 2 Mayor Emanuel cuz I NEED $!! or my fiance/biographer
I wonder if Hillary when she come 2 Illinois 2 do a fund raiser will drop off 2 Mayor Emanuel my
Committeeman Like Madigan LOVES ts & it will Guarantee 2 get a city job!! So what's Mayor Emanuel's problem Michael???
what I do & it's ALL Mayor Emanuel's fought & my parting shot is he shudn't win re-electn cuz Rudy Polk whom 1st worked 4
Mayor Emanuel plans to replace IPRA with civilian agency: In an Op-Ed to be published in the Chicago Sun-Time...
Lee McCullum's Dad gets 'father-to-father' phone call from Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel makes last-ditch effort to save George Lucas museum.
Mayor Emanuel: Our next steps on road to police reform
Chicago is going to reform its police oversight system: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to reform the syste...
The WGN Morning News is on! Details on Mayor Emanuel's plan to scrap the Independent Police Review Agency. Watch now
Mayor Emanuel will disband IPRA according to Op-Ed - WLS-TV
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants a new oversight agency for the city's troubled police department.
UNO’s records-request dodge was artless, but other charter schools may try the same move Given that Mayor Emanuel'…
that is 2 get Hillary's attention!! So I need Hillary 2 send Mayor Emanuel my referr…
& gas service SOLELY cuz Mayor Emanuel refuses 2 do my management deal cuz my former US Rep Jesse Jackson Jr for
Senator? Since Hillary won't send Mayor Emanuel my refferal letter so she can distance herself from that
situatn cuz Hillary will not write my referral letter 2 have Mayor Emanuel do my deal
In the spirit of transparency, City Hall staff would not confirm nor deny if Mayor Emanuel saw Hamilton on Broadway
Mayor Emanuel asked the offices of the U.S. Attorney and Cook County State’s Attorney to initiate a hate crime.
Mayor Emanuel will announce the first female director of the Office of Emergency Management & Communication. More:
How about that!! I wrote her 2 see if she can get Mayor Emanuel her husband's former chief/staff 2 assist me!!
U know is Mayor Richard J Daley & current Mayor Emanuel has been sitting on my deal since
Lawyers for woman alleging Chicago police cover up want Mayor Emanuel to give testimony about "code of silence" https:/…
douglas of 21th century if Mayor Emanuel doesn't hire me!! So d Black Bernard Madoff Jesse Jackson Jr
Mayor Emanuel opening new Malcolm X College - many congratulations
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Mayor Emanuel holds news conference on new runway deal at O'Hare International Airport
Many black pastors boycotted Mayor Emanuel's prayer breakfast. talks to
Chicago Teachers Union calls for resignation of Mayor Emanuel
Teachers Union calls for resignations of Mayor Emanuel
Presidential candidates shouldn't have to chime in on Mayor Emanuel. You can't dump him you want a recall election.
Chicago City Council: IMPEACH Mayor Emanuel for the cover-up of the LaQuan McDonald murder by Chicago...
Why am I so suspicious of Mayor Emanuel?
Poll: 51% of Chicagoans say Mayor Emanuel should resign | R his days
Mayor Emanuel has the opportunity this week to to be the leader he purports to be. Op-ed:
Mayor Emanuel faces another difficult week in dealing with the Laquan McDonald video release fallout
Heads rolling in Mayor Emanuel fires police superintendent McCarthy over death & cover up. h…
Josh Earnest on whether Rham should step down: “That’s a decision for Mayor Emanuel and the voters of Chicago to make"
Josh Earnest asked about whether Rham Emanuel should resign, says he doesn’t know if Obama has had time to speak to Mayor Emanuel
Mayor Emanuel's not going 2 move on my deal? He's clapping here-->but Committeeman Michael Madigan on d
Mayor Emanuel to announce city's first police recruiting campaign.
we NOW see I'm having 2 use what Rudy taught me so we'll see if Mayor Emanuel wud go AGAINST Mayor Richard J Daley &
Mayor Emanuel allows me 2 take my Mayor Richard J. Daley politics 2 d campgn? I'll let U intv me 4 U restoring my home
Mayor Emanuel to announce gun buy-back fund today: Mayor Emanuel will announce a new fund today to support local…
Mayor Emanuel had many chances, but today was first time he said his office questioned no-bid CPS deal before vote.
A history of Mayor Emanuel's statements on CPS no-bid contract scandal
Mayor Emanuel's office more involved in CPS contract than previously known, but keeps emails that could detail more:
Mayor Emanuel's statements on SUPES contract scandal
Mayor Emanuel should hire an auditor to dig deep at Chicago Public Schools, writes ht…
Mayor Emanuel honored and personnel for exemplary service.
NEW YORK/CHICAGO (Reuters) - Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel took his city fiscal push to New York on Monday to see...
The Internet hates you. Public shaming in the global age: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel ... Within minutes of sen...
Hey Fight for fire sprinklers and make sure all Chicagoans are protected from fires! .
Shades of similarity to Jersey City? . Chicago's Mayor Emanuel faces a lawsuit from The Chicago Tribune due to...
Outrageous! Obama's "hometown". Isn't his buddy Rahm Emanuel still mayor there? ~Jo...
CEO Chris Crane helped open a dynamic new light exhibit at last week:
Tribune sues Mayor Emanuel over use of private email
Tax Man Emanuel outlines his Chicago budget. Details here.
2016 Budget Unveiled. As you most likely have heard, Mayor Rahm Emanuel this week released his proposed 2016...
.has lawsuit against Mayor Emanuel over use of private email. We discuss w/ David Kidwell. LIVE
Rahm Emanuel has nightmares of Arrieta running for mayor.
Mayor Rahm's education dream team ain't so dreamy these days.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel displays his messaging chops in rolling out his budget. My story today:
Chi Trib sues over FOIA of his email he blocked access to donor's email http:…
Emanuel shows messaging chops in rolling out budget: As Mayor Rahm Emanuel prepared to call for...
Jack and Jill - West Suburban Chicago Chapter enjoys Chicago HBCU Classic with Mayor Emanuel
CHICAGO (AP) — The Chicago Tribune filed a lawsuit against Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Thursday over claims he violated open records laws by
Chicago Tribune files lawsuit over Mayor Emanuel's use of personal email for city business
Business hit hard by Rahm's tax plan. says more needed.
In addition to meeting w/ the Progressive Caucus, Mayor Emanuel is also discussing the budget w/ the Council's Latino Caucus this afternoon
The Progressive Caucus is meeting with Mayor Emanuel this morning on budget issues, members tell us.
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Mayor Emanuel is set to call for the biggest property tax hike in modern Chicago history. *eye …
yours cuz I'm going 2 "school" Mayor Emanuel on d "Boss Daley" politics of former Mayor Richard J Daley & Committeeman Madigan is
Mayor Emanuel burnishes Chicago's architectural stature and maybe his own
Spokeswoman for Mayor Emanuel says City Hall called Redmoon about Chief Keef concert
More on Mayor Emanuel's comprehensive plan to address the budget crisis at
wut MT [New city aviation chief Ginger] Evans starts speech by comparing Mayor Emanuel to Cornel West...
On Saturday the Mayor Emanuel named Eugene "Gene" Jones Jr as the next CEO of the Chicago Housing Authority.
Mayor Emanuel nominates new housing authority CEO -
Mayor Emanuel nominates new housing authority CEO
Mayor Emanuel nominates new housing authority CEO: Chicago officials have nominated the former CEO of the Toronto…
Mayor Emanuel won't say if CPS can make $634 million teacher pension payment
"It doesn't get better than that." Mayor Emanuel puts bizarre Stanley Cup demands of Tampa Mayor to shame
Our Executive Director Jorge Perez at the Inauguration of Mayor Emanuel and City Council.
ComEd SVP Fidel Marquez & Chicago’s Mayor Emanuel at the National Museum of Mexican Art, Gala de Arte
Da Way! "Mayor Emanuel is pushing a new plan to skim... $$$"
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Mayor Emanuel is back in the dealer’s chair, trying to sell legislators on a Chicago casino.
Mayor Emanuel's second inauguration to be smaller than 2011 extravaganza
As votes, Mayor Emanuel accused silence' over
Mayor Emanuel on Homan Square: "That's not true. We follow all the rules."
As Chicago votes, Mayor Emanuel accused of 'cowering in silence' over Homan Square
VIDEO: Civil Disobedience at Mayor Emanuel's office Demanding an End to Police Brutality
Love this hashtag MT Mayor Emanuel snaps at mental health advocates ‘You’re Gonna Respect Me!’
SNEED: Gov. Rauner has called Willie Wilson — twice! — asking him to endorse Mayor Emanuel.
I spoke with on last night about how Mayor Emanuel has failed Chicago. Watch:
Challenger Garcia says he's ready for showdown against Mayor Emanuel via
Jubilant "Chuy" Garcia says he's ready for round two against Mayor Emanuel
Reacting to defeat, tomorrow Mayor Rahm Emanuel will invade Grenada.
Rahm Emmanuel headed for a runoff+hopefully a run out of Chicago's Mayor's office.
Rahm Emanuel, mayor, to face runoff against county commissioner
Emanuel forced into runoff against Garcia for Chicago mayor
CHICAGO (Reuters) - In a surprise result that showed the limits of a big-money campaign, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel failed to get more
Mayor Emanuel To Face Chuy Garcia In Runoff Election « CBS Chicago - Jesus "Chuy", just stay true to your namesake and you'll be gifted!
Take our poll: Who will get your vote for mayor on April 7: Emanuel or Jesus “Garcia?
Rahm, Obama Stumble With Chicago Voters: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fell far short of the 50 percent of the vo...
Emanuel faces runoff in Chicago to stay mayor
Chicago's incumbent mayor Emanuel fails to win more than 50% of the vote despite big advantages.
Mayor Emanuel heads to runoff against Garcia
Chicago's Mayor Emanuel hopes to avoid run-off in election
News: Chicago ready to decide Mayor Emanuel's re-election fate
Take 5: Read about Mayor Emanuel's response to Republican attempts to cut federal ed $$ in favor of local control
Mayor Emanuel joined by city officials for groundbreaking ceremony of a new arts and rec. center in Ellis Park.
Mayor Emanuel does the TIF reform dance Chicago TIFF and United Airlines
Two robberies reported near Mayor Emanuel's home
Mayor Emanuel is asking voters to let him keep his job. But will they vote for him on Feb. 24?
President Obama comes home to Chicago on Feb. 19 to boost Mayor Emanuel's re-election bid.
Good take by Hal Dardick on fmr Mayor Daley endorsement of caretaker Mayor Emanuel
[Live at 10:30am CT] Mayor Emanuel will open of the new Cermak-McCormick Place Green Line station.
Mayor Emanuel welcomes former President of Israel Shimon Peres to Chicago
Poll: Steady majority of voters disapprove of Mayor Emanuel's job performance on education
Asked about racial segregation Mayor Emanuel says something or other about black legislators?
Challengers attack Mayor Emanuel over his $30 million campaign fund in latest mayoral forum http…
"Mayor Emanuel has been bold, even courageous, and accomplished quite a lot, remarkably so."
Who's Mayor Emanuel meeting with in secret?
Chicago's Mayor Emanuel promises 50 more miles of buffered & protected bike lanes in reelection bid:
Here's the final revamp: Emanuel, mayoral challengers face off for first time
Chicago Election point: How is it that Congressman Luis Gutierrez endorsed Mayor Rahm Emanuel but his closest...
Wouldn't be something if Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago was the first to get Beheaded ?
Mayor Emanuel joins United Center Joint Venture to announce construction of new office building -
“Rahm Emanuel wants another four years as mayor. What did he do with this four?.
“Fioretti says a mayor needs to be "tough, but fair." He claims Rahm Emanuel has been tough, but unfair.”
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"More tough decisions ahead to move the City forward." ~ on support for / from Mayor Emanuel.
Deb Mell was asked if she wants to see Rahm Emanuel re-elected for mayor she said "I'm focusing on my campaign" and the crowd booed her
"appeared to be more of an opportunity for Emanuel’s rivals to posture for viability as his opponent for a runoff".
Garcia on Emanuel-" He doesn't breathe what the city needs"
Garcia is right, Emanuel has TIF mania, favors downtown over neighborhoods
Emanuel, mayoral challengers face off for first time Vote 4 Rahm: ; he has the resources 2help
DFA e-mail blasts Mayor Rahm Emanuel as “corporate Democrat” who has attacked “working families, especially the poor and people of color.”
Emanuel, mayoral challengers face off for first time I'm for Rahm : : He has the resources
The recipe to beat Mayor Rahm Emanuel: I admire the passion and eloquence of perennial mayoral candidate William…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his critics both paint portraits of the “two Chicagos” but with dueling interpretations
If you missed this earlier, Emanuel and mayoral challengers face off for the first time.
ABOUT TO START: Emanuel, mayoral challengers to face off for first time.
What will it take to trump Mayor Rahm Emanuel? This might be the answer. by
I thought the race for Chicago mayor was going to be interesting. I was wrong. It's a cakewalk for Rahm Emanuel.
Is mayor Emanuel actually trying to convince people he's a departure from the Daley admin? That's just...odd.
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Fioretti goes after Emanuel on his son's assault case: "Mr. Mayor, you failed us again."
Linda Lenz of gave Mayor Emanuel a C- on education. How would you grade him?
Emanuel, mayoral challengers face off for first time Rahm has the power and resources to help Chicago, Vote 4 Rahm
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel debates challengers: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is criticizing two of his re-election…
Emanuel, mayoral challengers face off for first time
No more selfies please ... the podium for Mayor Emanuel stays covered until start of an event yesterday.
.got the endorsement of President has the story. Watch:
Our story: Emanuel, mayoral challengers face off for first time
In first of five mayoral debates, Mayor Rahm Emanuel goes on the attack.
President Obama endorses Ben Netanyahu for Chicago Mayor in new ad a month before election. …
Emanuel, mayoral challengers face off for first time [Sale ]
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