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Mayor De Blasio

Bill de Blasio (born Warren Wilhelm, Jr., May 8, 1961) is an American politician currently serving as the 109th mayor of New York City.

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ICYMI: .announced all-time record number of television shows shooting in New York City:…
Blog: Mayor de Blasio now says he wouldn't have marched in parade honoring a terrorist
The mayor stands for reelection, and naturally, he needs big bucks. ... Destination: Beverly Hills, 90210.
THEORY: Mayor de Blasio is expending his remaining political capital on his gym routine bc he has a revealing Merma…
If Theresa may has a beef with Bill de Blasio, she is smart enough to keep it to herself, wish Trump would do the same with Mayor Sadiq Khan
Skeptics say NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to diversify public schools would do too little
De Blasio's argument: I'm the Mayor,therefore do what I say & not what I do; what arrogance! Should set the example.
Mayor Bill de Blasio standing up on behalf of Local Union 3 and their fight against Spectrum! .
Next Thursday, there will be a press conference to end the radical agenda being imposed by Mayor De Blasio and...
Mayor de Blasio is fighting traffic congestion, sort of
Do you wonder what other countries think of Americans when they read things about Bill de Blasio? LOL What a loon that mayor is!
Mayor of NY, Comrade De Blasio, is a closet Muslim.
After planning to march in the PRD Parade, the mayor says he was publicly holding his tongue. . Yeah right! .
Mayor De Blasio really blessed Far Rock with his new NYC Ferry Program. Summer really lit this year for us
NYC Mayor De Blasio wants jobs for ex-cons first & foremost
Mayor De Blasio connects racist murder to Trump, ‘atmosphere of hate’ featured in NBC s Science of Love
Mayor De Blasio deems pizza in Staten Island ‘sound enough’ to eat like a New Yorker at Lee’s Tavern, Staten Is
Attention Is anybody running against Mayor De Blasio? Anybody? Republican or Democrat! Make your voices be he…
New York City seeks up to $35 million for security costs, says Mayor De Blasio. via
I heard that former Mayor Dinkins has endorsed Mayor De Blasio for re-election! That would be another accursed nightmare for animals. Awful
Mayor De Blasio's definition of "terrorism" formed during his externship at the famed "Wahabi School of Pizza Eating."
Mayor De Blasio is too PC to say it was terrorism. They found a pressure cooker at the sce…
Take a good look at Mayor De Blasio. He's more concerned about having to admit it was a Muslim than the attack itself.
Mayor De Blasio wouldn't let the families of children to go to charter schools.WHY?
Mayor De Blasio creates New York City Commission on Gender Equity to get things done. . Toronto can too. https:/…
I've also met with this entrepreneur woman (won't say her name) she's close with Mayor De Blasio .. She saw me speak and we exchange numbers
Currently tuned in to Mayor De Blasio & Police commissioners live press conference
Memos Imply That City Hall Knew of Nursing Home Deal de Blasio may be a one term mayor with a credible challenger
Watch our intvw w/de Blasio's press secretary Karen Hinton, leaving after 1 yr. Says she was kept out of the loop.
Mayor de Blasio appoints new press secretary Eric Phillips - NY Daily News
- Lame racist skit w Mayor Didn't hear much about this.
Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that West 33rd Street adjacent to Madison Square Garden will be temporarily renamed 'Muhammad…
it isn't too many dumb people ... but Bill de Blasio is Mayor of New York City
My favorite part of insight here - how good is with public, especially town halls!
De Blasio press secretary walks away, reflects: "We had information flow problems"
Congrats to new appointees. Mayor de Blasio Appoints Judges to Criminal Court and Civil Court via
To NYC press corps: is a top shelf press sec. Smart. Accessible. Good for a sound bite, snappy quote. https…
A Beginner’s Guide to the Many Investigations Involving Mayor Bill de Blasio via
Just stepped onto SCU campus and literally first thing I saw is NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio kicking a soccer ball with his son on the quad
Outgoing de Blasio spokeswoman: The mayor needs thicker skin and a better message via
Mayor De Blasio would have been perfect as the Mayor in the movie Brick Mansions...(tgj)
Mayor De Blasio on Morning Joe; "Brooklyn the center of the universe" today. We'll see you there from James Madison HS.
Mayor De Blasio can't even answer Mika Brzezinski as to why people aren't relating to Hillary the same way as Bernie.
Bloomberg, Trump, Mayor De Blasio & Andrew Cuomo are in my eBook THE New York POOR MAN SUNSETS , on Amazon for free.
Rising fury at Mayor de Blasio over luxury developments
NEWS from kickoff - NYC solar installations have more than doubled during admin:
READ: Under Mayor solar installations have more than doubled in the past 20 months.
Mayor de Blasio says Ben Carson is ‘absolutely wrong’ to say Muslims shouldn't be President.
Solar is just one piece of commitment to power 100% of City gov operations from renewables
James Blake emerges from a City Hall meeting with NYC Mayor de Blasio and police Commissioner Bratton.
Can't wait until De Blasio is out of office. Ever since he's been Mayor more shootings have been happening and gun control has increased
James Blake emerging from meeting with Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Bratton about his police encounter
Mayor de Blasio's meeting with James Blake is going long - about 90 mins already. Meeting started at 4:30; tennis star arrived at 3:30.
Brooklyn/Queens 2 be sprayed w/toxic pesticides again tonite -is spraying worse under Mayor De Blasio than Bloomberg?
Pizza Rat gets life in NYC better than Mayor De Blasio.
POLL: Mayor de Blasio's satisfaction score among Latinos is 57%. However, 61% believe things have not changed. …
Extras: This morning in Times Square, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio got his first 2017 challenger: Rev. Michael Fau...
Solar energy cuts our GHG emissions, is a growing source of jobs & improves air quality~
Mayor de Blasio arriving at City Hall to meet with James Blake re aggressive policing. is here
.NYC mayor isn't helping the schools that need it most.
"My name is and I firmly believe that I will be the next mayor for the city of New York"
Mayor there is no quick fix for NYC's growing population | via
James Blake, the tennis star tackled by a police officer, is meeting with Mayor de Blasio:
Mayor De Blasio, please don't make us pine for Mike Bloomberg …
Mayor De Blasio opened 23 homeless shelters earlier this spring, but there is little sign of change in conditions.
Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo Point Fingers, but There’s Enough Blame for Both: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is n...
Irish Govt should show solidarity with LGBTQ in New York & elsewhere & refuse to join New York parade like Mayor De Blasio
Mayor De Blasio to Close Schools for Muslim Holidays: Fourteen years after 911, Mayor Bill de Blasio, nee Warr...
NYC Mayor De Blasio refuses to march in St. Patrick's Day parade over anti *** controversy
So in other words, when Eric Garner was choked to death, the New York Police Union chief and his boys didn't want Mayor De Blasio to chastise them about misconduct within the Department or elsewhere in the country. Instead they wanted the Mayor to say Garner was caressed, they wanted the Mayor to feed them Gerber cereals, Similac, Juicy juices, 1st foods and give them strawberry bubble baths. Negative! Forget Politics. You can appreciate the bravery of the men in blue where it's due and at the same time talk about the injustices, they are all there and you can't deny it instead turning your backs while the Mayor speaks. Disrespectful.
Mayor De Blasio. i live in humboldt county and i want you to know that i applaud you for not letting anyone bully you
The anguish of Wenjian Liu’s family at the officer’s funeral makes bickering over cops again turning their backs on Mayor De Blasio and defying Commissioner Bratton seem beyond petty.
Rosemary and I have just returned from the wake of assassinated NYPD Detective Wen Jian Liu in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Like last week's wake for Det. Liu's partner, Rafael Ramos, the mood was sad and somber -- a mood matched this day by the sinister clouds in the Brooklyn sky and the incessant rain which crashed against the car window as we drove down 13th Avenue toward the Aievoli Funeral Home on the corner of 65th Street. As Rosemary and I got out of the car, we saw the crowd of mourners overflowing from the funeral home onto 13th Ave, around the corner on 65th St, and continuing for blocks. Many were uniformed but there were civilians as well - all braving the cold, wind and rain to demonstrate their respect for a fallen warrior. Inside the funeral home Rosemary and I waited in the back of the room as Mayor De Blasio and Commissioner Bratton stood at the open coffin and then paid their respects to the family members seated across the front row. The room was filled with flowers which had banners on them ...
NYPD cops are mad because they don't want to be accountable. Mayor De Blasio is making them realize nobody is above the law and that they are "peace officers". Turning their back on the mayor is unprofessional.
The NYPD has just demonstrated that Mayor De Blasio was right to win on a campaign of comprehensive NYPD reform, and ough…
Mayor's office releases statement after police turn backs on de Blasio at funeral for slain NYPD officer
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TAKING SIDES: I wonder if Mayor Bill De Blasio would prefer to be protected by street thugs and protesters than by the NY…
Rudolph Giuliani, on 'Face the Nation,' says Bill de Blasio should apologize to NYPD - Former New York City Mayor...
With the incredible disrespect shown to New York's Mayor de Blasio by the NYPD recently, it's instructive to go back and reread what de Blasio said that sent New York's finest into such a paroxysm of rage. Via Michael Tomasky: ...
Hundreds of police officers turn their backs on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio at funeral
Not listening: When Mayor de Blasio gave a speech one of the slayed cops' funeral on Saturday, lines of officers outside the church turned their backs in protest
Rudy Giuliani to Mayor Bill de Blasio:. ‘Say you’re sorry’ to NYPD
This week Mayor De Blasio has the option to make things better with the Police. Show you guts and don't appoint that man beast judge that Bloomberg appointed and you have the option to do this Wednesday when her term expires. She is a piece of garbage and is against NYPD. She released 2 scumbags that made threats. She isn't worthy of being a judge.
1000s of police officers on Myrtle Av turn their backs on Mayor de Blasio as spoke at funeral of
Another reason the NYPD are turning their backs on Mayor de Blasio.
NY police union outraged that Mayor told his son to be extra careful when dealing with police http…
My full support goes out to Mayor De Blasio & family. Prayers to survivors of 2 slain Cops.
Preview: Mayor de Blasio will speak at NYPD graduation tomorrow
‘Coalition of NYPD Cops, Detectives, and Supervisors’ Send NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Very Defiant and Public Message
Here's what De Blasio said to his son. Both respectful of police and true.
That moment a selfish group of cops make a funeral all about themselves by turning their backs on Mayor de Blasio.
Mayor de Blasio is either or stupid asking if the media is going to continue to divide us!
"Standing strong with Mayor de Blasio. Are you?
THE ANT RANT It's not often when a person steps up to the plate. I'm referring to the world plate. The plate that today's technology allows the world to see and hear what's on your mind. But this lady did. So if you have not seen her in action your missing out. I'll try to keep her on my post. Till death do we part. I want to personally thank her for being so honest, real and right on target about the recent cop bashing media, police officer assassinations, Mayor De Blasio and the President of the United States Barrack Obama. To her, if your ever in Las Vegas hit me up because I'm giving you a night out of fine dining and a show of your choice. And my word is stronger than titanium. God bless you and your family. May your brother be forever safe. His service is greatly appreciated. And Thank you John Campor for sending this my way.
Reporters confirming that some officers inside the church did indeed turn their backs on Mayor De Blasio as he spoke at the…
Baltimore Detective Suffers Intimidation And Hara…: i sit back watching and gathering info on the NYPD cop shooting yesterday, i am sitting here just annoyed. First of all the shooter Ismaaiyl Brinsley was the only one responsible for the shooting. Second, no one is talking about the fact he shot his child's mother in the stomach prior to going to NYC. Third, he wasn't a NYC resident. Fourth, blame has been placed on many people but the actual shooter.(Mayor De Blasio,Al Sharpton,Protesters,Police Accountability Advocates) I feel it's sad our leaders can't fix this issue because i see it as a simple solution. The is the main problem. Any officer that reports corruption or stops it from happening is threatened,fired,blackballed and lose their pension. Cops that stand up to corruption aren't protected in this nation. This is why we have a police problem. The feds need to reassure and protect cops that report crimes with whistleblower laws and protections. A 19 year veteran in the Buffalo police dept was f ...
New York Mayor Bill De Blasio should immediately resign from office as the last bit of honor he could oblige the people of New York and a nation that witnessed the murder of two police officers by a killer with "rage against cops". Mayor De Blasio's recent comment that his own son has been "trained" how to interact with police for his own safety, after the Eric Garner Grand Jury decision to not indict an NYPD officer for Garner's in-custody death, is absolutely outrageous. That very stance from an elected official is purely racsist. The murderer of these two police officers, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, sought revenge for a perceived injustice. While Brinsley is black, the color of his skin has no more to do with the African-American community than a bad cop means all law enforcement officers are corrupt. Pure and simple. America does not need rascism, nor does it need rascism stoked by elected officials at the highest level, from the office of mayor in New York to the White House. The American people want resp ...
Video shows NYPD officers turning their backs to Mayor De Blasio as he enters yesterday's press conference
Petition calling for NY Mayor De Blasio's resignation reaches over 52,000 signatures!.
Mayor De Blasio & Al Sharpton best hope they don't need the NYPD for anything now!.
So a thug gets killed while assaulting a police officer . Another dies while resisting arrest. The country goes nuts. Samuel L Jackson sings about racist police. Mayor De Blasio sides with Al Sharpton. St Louis Rams players make a gesture that perpetuates the ignorance towards what happened. Obama sends members of the White House to the funerals to show support. 2 Police men are shot while sitting in their car. Evidence shows it was in retaliation for the 2 examples listed above. Nothing. FB is quiet. Nobody crying about how unfair it is that these lives were lost. These 2 were the only ones out of the 4 deaths listed THAT WERE ACTUAL TARGETS. Sharpton, De Blasio, Jackson, and all others who spewed hate and riled up people should be held accountable for this. Kudos to the NYPD for turning their backs, (literally), on that racist mayor as he visited the hospital this morning. Let's see if the Jets, Giants or Bills players come out and simulate sitting in a car to show support for the fallen police officer ...
Disappointed that Mayor De Blasio isn't on the same page with us in terms of broken windows policing.
The less cooperation with ICE the better. Thanks, Mayor De Blasio!...
OK, I'm watching the news conference from New York about the Doctor who has Ebola. In the middle of the press conference, Mayor De Blasio stops and starts to translate what he said into Spanish. HuH?? Since when do we translate press conferences into Spanish? New York is the second largest ENGLISH speaking city in the WORLD. And this plague comes from Africa! It's not a Hispanic disease infecting the Hispanic community. Immigrant Africans, Caribbeans, and African Americans make up 25% of the city. Whites make up 44%. What about all those minorities? Why not translate into Italian, German, Russian, or Polish? This isn't Canada where there are two national languages and that is protocol. is what we speak. It may not be law but if there is going to be a determination then put it to vote whereas the legal population can make their voice heard. And I speak read and write other languages fluently, so don't even go there.
Mayor De Blasio is taking on a new role---as a landlord. He’s renting out his home in Park Slope. TAKE A TOUR:
In case you missed the piece that aired on NBC 4 about the potential closure of the Verrazano Bridge, I'd like to make it clear once again that Mayor De Blasio needs to intervene and not grant these permits. He is the Mayor, NOT Al Sharpton.
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. I love it when goes on a hammering spree when it comes to Mayor De Blasio and fashion.
At dinner on UES & Mayor De Blasio just walked into restaurant and passed table. He nodded hello. No jumbo sugary drinks tonight, Bill.
How nice of Mayor De Blasio. Just received a robocall about an information session on Pre-K, but I in
This banner is flying over New York City today to influence Mayor De Blasio to implement Montessori in the new preschool incentive there.
And yet.Bill Maher, Ron Perlman and Mayor De Blasio are conspicuously silent on the issue...Ted Danson? DeNiro? Frank Langella?
Mayor De Blasio surprised many by coming out in support of some big tax breaks from the Bloomberg era in an effort to keep the Big Apple in the business of show business. Andrew Siff has more.
Mayor De Blasio's approval drops to 45 percent in new Quinnipiac poll: Just 45 percent of city vot...
NYC Mayor De Blasio's new New York City:4 people shot in Brooklyn
New York: not thrilled with Mayor de Blasio ~
Apparently, the ultra-modern, forward-looking, city of the future voted for this tool and didn't see this coming.
I wanted the entire Success Academy family to see this powerful story in today's Daily News. You made your voices heard!!! - A lesson in political shenanigans Charter kids come to Albany, and learn about the politicians who don't care much about their success Errol Louis MARCH 6, 2014, 4:00 AM Politicians opposed to charter schools made a great show of outrage over the fact that thousands of charter school students traveled to Albany this week to plead for a cease-fire in the war on their future. One accusation, voiced by City Councilman Danny Dromm, who chairs that body’s education committee, is that the trip was purely political, with no educational value. I beg to differ. The kids in extraordinarily high-performing schools — who worked extra hard, learned everything put in front of them and grinded out high test scores to prove it — are getting a rich lesson in how the city actually works. And they also have the chance to learn some splendid vocabulary words. One of them: disingenuous. I’ll use ...
Mayor de Blasio claimed Cardinal Dolan Thursday as a high-profile ally in his fight for universal pre-kindergarten - but Dolan stopped short of supporting the tax on the wealthy de Blasio wants to fun
Poll: New York not thrilled with Mayor de Blasio's Performance, but still like him. • *** is wrong with you, NYC?
Mayor De Blasio And Cardinal Dolan Visit Wakefield Catholic Mayor De Blasio and Cardinal Timothy Dolan toured a pre-K classroom at the Catherine Corry Academy at the Saint Francis of Assisi School in Wakefield on Thursday,…
"De Blasio’s critics got headlines. But they r the minority who either voted 4 his opponent or did not @ all".
Congrats to my former employer on their new poll! .
Democrat NYC Mayor De Blasio Tumbles in Polls to 39% Approval (From High of 73% a Month Ago!)
We've compiled >70 sets of policy recs for the new administration, incl on good government:
My, my, how the mighty fall so fast...Poll: NYC Sandinista Mayor Bill de Blasio tumbles to 39 percent..
The thrill is gone: New Yorkers having de Buyers Remorse with de Blasio
Mayor de Blasio, Is your war chest more important than these bright students? Really?
Why do they keep voting for disaster while expecting the opposite?
Mayor de Blasio, How does closing the highest achieving help anyone except your union cronies?
Snake year is over and now this Ox isn't doing near as well, just wait 'til 2015 (Sheep year=Ox's enemy)
So much for the honeymoon. New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio's approval rating at 39%. You asked for it, New Yorkers.
Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio Clash on the Subject of ... - Latinos Post: Latinos PostGoverno...
Moskowitz considering litigation to save charters blocked by de Blasio, latest from Albany...
Voter’s remorse? Only 39% NYC think de Blasio doing good job. Tough luck, dim bulbs are stuck with him for 4 years.
Poll: New York not thrilled with Mayor de Blasi - Flash Player Installation
What happens when a mayor like NYC's De Blasio is in the pocket of Unions? They start closing terrific Charter Schools...
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Hey NYC, sometimes you get the Government you deserve.
NYC Mayor de Blasio released details about plans to expand after-school programs for city's middle school students
Thirty-nine percent of registered voters in New York City approve of Mayor de Blasio's job performance
Mayor de Blasio's poll numbers are slipping. Now just 39% say they approve of the job he's doing:
Well, this didn't take long, did it? de Blasio already down to 39%. Nice job New Yorkers!
De Blasio approval at 39%. If you voted for feel pretty stupid now don't you.
"What a small and politically vicious man New York's new mayor is."Peggy Noonan: Bill de Blasio and charter schools.
Mayor de Blasio closes charter school that was run by a political rival. via
Education in the News - Moskowitz will keep on fighting Mayor de Blasio over nixed charter schools" NY Daily News - March 6, 2014 Harlem Success Academy EXCERPT: “My personal philosophy is that we do want to support the charter school movement and we want to see it increase,” the governor said. New York State Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch called on de Blasio to find space for the kids affected by his decision to chop the Harlem charter. “These kids and parents were promised a space last year, so it’s really important to keep our word,” said Tisch. “Let’s stop fighting against charters.” Moskowitz, who operates 22 city charter schools with millions of dollars in assets and earns a $475,000 salary, also said that she’s exploring legal options for taking the city to court over de Blasio’s decision, which leaves 194 kids without seats next year. The politically connected founder of the city’s largest charter school network has already proven herself to be a powerful enemy of the rookie ...
In his high-stakes contract talks with city unions, Mayor de Blasio is pressing for healthcare savings in exchange for pay raises, the mayor’s budget director told the City Council Wednesday.
Mayor de Blasio revoked the city’s offer of free classrooms for Success Academy Harlem Central Middle School last week, arguing it would displace crucial programs for disabled students.
Just over a third of New Yorkers - 39 percent - approve of Mayor de Blasio's performance in his first two months in office, according to a new poll that came out on Thursday. Thirty seven percent
As Mayor de Blasio battles Gov. Cuomo over prekindergarten and charter schools, nearly 200 kids whose Harlem charter de Blasio booted don’t know where they’ll go to class in September.
Voters who swept Mayor de Blasio into office by a 49-point margin last year aren’t too thrilled with how he’s been running the city so far. Just 39 percent of…
Eva stop using the the colors children to do your dirty trick,this is one of your ex- mayor plan to make money,mayor de Blasio don't give in you is the mayor now so do what you think is right for us.God will guide you,let the devil go away.
Hello Black African American Liberal Democrat Voters, Mayor De Blasio (aka - progressive who went to Cuba on his honeymoon and supported Nicaragua) has shut down Charter schools. Not just any Charter School, but an all black school in Harlem that has the highest 5th grade math scores in the entire state of NY. Nice job. Keep voting. The Dems are on your side?
New York: Mayor De Blasio announced today that he will be dropping a Lawsuit against stop & frisk policy over the NYPD.
Just got word that Mayor De Blasio will be hosting the annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast at Gracie Mansion. !
Kudos to the democratic governor of New York for standing up for charter schools! I worked in their state house in 1996 and it's refreshing to see the governor so pro charter school! "Education is not about the pensions, the districts, etc. it's about the students." Thank you, Governor Cuomo! You're right and parents DO deserve a choice. And education does make the American Dream a reality. This made me cry happy tears this morning. ;-) AMEN!!! I love when Democrats get it! Success Academy in the South Bronx has some of the best results in the state of New York! And according to Governor Cuomo, 50,000 parents are on the waiting list. These are the types of charter schools that need to be replicated far and wide. It sounds like NYC Mayor De Blasio has started a war within the Democratic party in New York. It's about time! What a breath of fresh air!
I loved combing my brain for gratitude letter by letter and reading and finding new ideas from others - so in my attempt to say something I'm grateful for today - Mayor De Blasio saving our special needs school and having dinner with my friend Martha.
Mayor De Blasio storms out of press conference to dodge questions on his speeding.
The negative comments against Mayor De Blasio will continue to stack up for sometime to come. In order to gain back the confidence of the people he upset he has to admit he made a mistake. In this case being defiant is the same as being in denial. This also goes for NYC Schools Chancellor Farina. Yesterday was no beautiful day by no means. She is equally more defiant and more in denial and needs to come clean by admitting error. In conclusion of my personal opinion against these two they truly represent a tale of two cities. I said this before and I will say it again had I been the Mayor or Governor acting on common sense all NYC Schools would have been closed especially when a Snow Emergency and State of Emergency is declared.
Al Roker and NYC Mayor De Blasio face off on school closure issue
Mayor De Blasio's decision to withdraw the stop-and-frisk appeal is not sitting well with the police.
Mayor Bill de Blasio got serious during his appearance on The Daily Show last night when asked by host Jon Stewart about his promise to ban NYC's horse-drawn carriages. Mayor De Blasio said "In a humane society, horses do not belong in the middle of the traffic of New York City. They don't belong in an urban environment like this. It's not safe for them. It's just not fair when you think about what their lives should be and what our society is like."
Mayor De Blasio is already better than Bloomberg.
NYC Mayor De Blasio wants to honor Lunar New Year and Muslim holidays Eid al-Fitr & Eid al-Adha with school days off
" There is a philosophical grounding to my belief in Israel and it is my belief, it is our obligation, to defend Israel, but it is also something that is elemental to being an American because there is no greater ally on earth, and that's something we can say proudly," "There is no deeper connection across boundaries than this connection we share," . want to commend my predecessor Michael Bloomberg for what he achieved with the Applied Sciences Center," "City Hall will always be open to AIPAC. When you need me to stand by you in Washington or anywhere, I will answer the call and I'll answer it happily 'cause that's my job." Mayor De Blasio. At Closed door AIPAC event. Thursday Jan.23rd 2014.
How you compare Chris Christie's "bridge-gate" to Mayor De Blasio not cleaning up the snow on the upper east side ? Lmao
Gov. Cuomo declared a state of emergency for NYC; Mayor De Blasio keeps schools open. Add this to their beef over pre-k...
In their first meeting since Bill De Blasio became Mayor of New York City, Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Mayor De Blasio expressed a shared desire-- to bring Pope Francis to New York City. ABC Local reports that De Blasio expressed his "fervent hope" that New York City would be included in any future t...
Mayor De Blasio's new schools chancellor is a longtime champion of failed progressive pedagogy.
Just spent 4 hours on line to meet Mayor De Blasio and have a photo taken with him at Gracie Mansion!
NYC Mayor De Blasio: "we do not ask more of the wealthy to punish success. We do it to create more success stories"
Mayor De Blasio - hurray for you! So thankful for a NYC mayor who finally stands up for the horses. 2014 is going to be a year of positive change.
Mayor De Blasio closes schools on his second day of the job? I give him an A+ for the year.
Mayor De Blasio is doing his thing koutous to you Mr. Mayor you off to a great start. POW.
Wow, go Mayor De Blasio! Much better attempt at Spanish accent than Bloomberg! Nicely done. :)
Thank you all for "liking" this page! We have 698 signatures on the petition. Our goal is to obtain 1,000 by January 1. The petition will be accompanying a detailed letter to Mayor De Blasio urging shelter reform, which will be mailed out on January 2. Please share this page and the petition itself with your friends. With your help, we are confident that we will meet our goal. Thank you so much for your support :)
"Stop-and-frisk will still be used even under a Mayor De Blasio," said Bratton.
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