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Mayor Bill

William Howard Bill White (born June 16, 1954) is an American lawyer and politician. He is a former mayor of Houston.

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Do NOT Trust a word the Jihadi panderer, NYC Mayor Bill "dhimmi" deBlasio says about today's terror attack in Manhattan!. World…
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says of West Side incident, "This was an act of terror... a cowardly act of terror." 8 people dead.
Members of the Black Eyed Peas joined Mayor Bill de Blasio to help those struggling in Puerto Rico.…
That should not be taken for granted. God bless Mayor Bill de Blasio
Thank you Mayor Bill de Blasio for your outstanding leadership for all humanity that should be taken for…
This cop needs to be relieved of his duties! Full stop! Mayor Bill de Blasio
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio starting a committee to evaluate all city statues and monuments– full of far-left loons. The Comm…
NYC Mayor Bill de Blassio raises cigarette pack price to $13 in an attempt to end smoking. Should he also raise the pr…
Why do Democrats find it so necessary to hid their conversations from mandatory archives?
HR 74 is the Tenant Bill of Rights introduced by she invites citizens Mayor & Sup. Wilma Chan to support
Shorter Phoenix mayor: Don't take your guns to town, son. Leave your guns at home, Bill.
Sorry Mayor, he's another corporate sellout from the No different than the
Another used personal email for city business. Just like
Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a review of "all symbols of hate on city property," and some are already removed.
Well, ain't this special, You Dems think you can get away with anything. Can u say 🤣
"Mayor Bill de Blasio gave New York’s museums and arts groups an ultimatum last month: Take steps to make your...
What is it with DemocRATS and their email?.
When Bill Clinton was President the Republican Mayor of Saratoga Springs asked / told him to stay a…
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio used personal email for city business, report says via the app
Final Power Update- Carroll Electric is reporting all power has been restored . Mayor Bill
Mayor Bill de Blasio had a private lunch meeting with state Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan in Midtown...
Yesterday, I had the chance to attend Mayor Bill de Blasio's Harlem Town Hall. As Harlem residents, what issues concern…
Mayor Bill de Blasio Tuesday announced plans for Healthview, a 77,000 square-foot medical facility that will be...
NY Post on NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's trip to Hamburg.
NYPD Officers turn their back AGAIN on Mayor Bill de Blasio at Funeral of Fallen Officer. I hope he noticed.
Mayor Bill de Blasio will implement special new garbage cans in the unending struggle against New York City rats
N.Y. Post has perfect headline for Mayor Bill de Blasio. Deutsch Bag.
Can somebody tell us "What in D *** is wrong with Mayor Bill de Blasio? & Why is he in Germany Protesting? He Needs…
⚡️ “NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is heading to Germany for G20”.
These are the people Mayor Bill de Blasio will be protesting the G20 with this weekend instead of attending the ceremon…
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio skips NYPD swearing-in ceremony just one day after officer assassination to rally against G20 s…
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NYC Mayor Bill de-B to present his plan for closing Rikers Island Jail Complex.
Waiting for today's press conference to begin Mayor Bill de Blasio will speak about extending mayoral control of th…
Skeptics say NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to diversify public schools would do too little
Mayor Bill de Blasio standing up on behalf of Local Union 3 and their fight against Spectrum! .
Mayor Bill de Blasio here in PBQN visiting P.S. 81 in the working on getting a playground & air…
Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Muslim Community eats Iftar-2017
Mayor Bill de Blasio: Oscar Lopez Rivera agrees to step aside from formal role in Puerto Rican Day Parade.
Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a plan for free preschool for 3-year-olds, expanding current program for 4-year-olds
Republican Field for Mayoral Race Decidedly Unsettled - Republicans are eager to unseat Mayor Bill de Blasio at... http…
The New York City Council are urging Mayor Bill de Blasio to allocate upwards of $23 million from his city budget...
Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced he wants to shut the city's notorious Rikers Island jail complex
Reversing course, Mayor Bill de Blasio is said to now support a plan to eventually close Rikers Island.
NY Mayor Bill de Blasio vows to close the Rikers Island jail complex: "It will take many years...but it will happen"
Breaking -- Southern District of NY doesn't "intend to bring federal criminal charges" relating to Mayor Bill de Bl…
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio shows off designs for planned tech hub
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio dropping Staten Island "Chuck" (Charlotte) she later died of her inj...
Staten Island Chuck is ready to make his call but Mayor Bill de Blasio AKA Butterfingers, will not atten…
US Attorney Preet Bharara will question Mayor Bill de Blasio as his office investigates corruption at City Hall
Mayor Bill de Blasio says Donald Trump's actions on immigration will make the city less safe:
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to protest at Trump International Hotel on Thursday # via HuffPostPol
New York City's Democratic activists are clamoring for Hillary Clinton to take on Mayor Bill de Blasio in a...
Pres.-elect Trump's team and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's aides get in spat over security costs for Trump Tower.…
Trump team and aide for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio get into spat over New York security costs
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says the city will no longer foot the bill for Trump's security.
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio will ask Congress for $35 million to cover the cost of protecting President-elect Trump
Mayor Bill de Blasio is urging New Yorkers not to stay silent if they see acts of hate or bias being committed.
When you elect progressive social democrats like Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City, this is the type of...
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has increased spending on homeless services by about 60% since he took office 🔓
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio brings laundry list of concerns to meeting with Donald Trump. "I told him what I believed." http…
New York's mayor has urged people to join anti-Trump protests 'take away his power'
N.Y.C.'s de Blasio said he told Trump that "many New Yorkers are fearful" of what his administration would bring
Mayor Bill de Blasio addresses the media in front of Trump Tower 11 16 16
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has strong ties to SOROS family. Pictured with Son of Economic Terrorist 👉George Soros
Supporters of Bill de Blasio see Trump’s victory more as a positive for the NYC mayor’s re-election bid 🔓
NYC mayor tells Trump about fear of his immigration policies in private meeting: Bill de Blasio told Trump that…
New York Mayor Bill de Blasios senior advisors page until they took it down. These *** need to be educated. h…
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio met with President-elect Donald Trump for more than an hour at Trump Tower
The Mayor of NY Bill DeBlassio is someone that concentrates on watching CNN very closely. listen to this guy.
Mayor refusal to provide underutilized public school space to charters is deeply harmful to children http…
Bill Deblasio New York Mayor is a total disgrace-time to resign- matter of fact shouldn't of been elected
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is pretty irrelevant now. Who can respect a leader who, as revealed, needs Clinton approv…
‘The Ball’s in His Court,’ Says After Meeting With Thanks for standing up!
mayor Bill de Blasio met President-elect today & told him that he will do everything to protect immigr…
Park Slope, Brooklyn has never been more powerful. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and new Dem Senate leader Chuck Schumer are b…
Where is Bill de Mayor of threatens to ignore law. that would be a
Mayor Bill de Blasio tells president-elect there is a lot of fear in New York City. 🔓
Mayor Bill De Blasio has got to be the biggest *** I've ever seen. HOLY ***
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to meet with Muslim leaders: via
Oh, put a sock in it, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. President-elect Trump wasn't running for your job. Stop grandstanding.…
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said his city will resist the most controversial plans proposed by a Donald Trump admin.
An Open Letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio & NYPD Police Commissioner O'Neill on the NYPD's murder of
so somewhere he has Mayor Bloomberg tied up a Puppet of Bill Clinton and a bomb that'll destroy NY while being a brain in a jar
Bill Cashmore named as deputy mayor
Franklin ward Councillor Bill Cashmore is now deputy mayor for Auckland
Bill Cashmore announced as Auckland's deputy mayor. Read more:
"Elected officials should be out there supporting union organizing drives" - Mayor of NYC Bill DeBlasio.
You can get involved right now. Tell Mayor Bill De Blasio what you think about the shooting of Deborah Danner.
Just Like Hillary. Fed investigation into NYC Mayor de Blasio is focused on if campaign donors received favors
Franklin Ward Councillor Bill Cashmore has been named as Auckland's Deputy Mayor.
Bill Cashmore new deputy mayor of His good relations with English + Bridges will make him valuable as man in Wgtn.
"is more dangerous than & Mayor will not do a thing about it. Bill
.announces his deputy mayor to be Bill Cashmore.
Two great Tarrant County officials introducing my friend, Bill Zedler, in the home of Tonya Gossett Cook and our Mayor David L. Cook!
Bill Cashmore has just been confirmed Auckland's deputy mayor. Who is he & what's with the pimple squeezing analogy?
Today I am announcing my Deputy Mayor, Bill Cashmore and the chairs and deputy chairs of the 3 committees of whole.
Mayor elect Phil Goff just announced that Bill Cashmore will be the new Deputy Mayor of Auckland.
Bill Cashmore named as Auckland's deputy mayor
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says fatal police shooting of emotionally disturbed woman 'should never have happened'.
Watching and gremlin Mayor Giuliani cannot comprehend why Bill Clinton's indiscretions has nothing to do with Hilary. Baffling
New York police officer kills mentally ill black woman: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Wednesday she "...
Phil Goff appoints centre-right Franklin councilor Bill Cashmore new Deputy Mayor of Auckland
"Bill Clintons' not running Mr Mayor... he's NOT running...!"
.temind the mayor that Bill Clinton was impeached and it tore our country apart- do we want to go thru it again with trump
Can mayor Giuliani Monica Lewinsky had an affair with Bill Clinton she was infatuated with him just go back and look at the pictures
Transcript: Mayor Bill de Blasio on The New York Post: The mayor discussed his views on the newspaper and his...
Hillary, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blazio would love to bring these terrorists to America
Mayor Bill de Blasio has to protect and Democrat Party. Saying it was an act of terror would be a betrayal.
"Trump hater" NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio wants America to think this was not a terrorist attack.
do people in our country & the world STILL not get that NYC is one of the grittiest, don't f* w/us cities ever?.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says "no evidence at this point of a terror connection" in Chelsea explosion .
Get the feeling NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio, couldn't find his butt with a GPS Tracking System and a chain gang bloodhound?
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says explosion looks like "intentional act" but "no evidence it's terrorism." TIME TO RESIGN YOU FO…
LIVE on NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner James O'Neil news briefing near scene of pipe bo… https:/…
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio being asked why he won't call it terrorism: "It could have been something personally motivated, we don't know yet"
Thomas Heatherwick's design for a new Manhattan structure uses 250 stairways:
De blasio says bombing was intentional but not terror. Coward. If intentional, it was an act of terror by someone. https…
BREAKING: No evidence of terrorism in New York explosion, although it was intentional, according to NYC Mayor Bill de Bl…
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio: The city will have an increased police presence & residents must be vigilant
NYC's mayor Bill de Blasio has confirmed an explosion in Manhattan was a "deliberate act." What we know so far:
"You will see a bigger NYPD presence this week- bigger than ever."- Mayor Bill de Blasio on the Chelsea explosion.
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio: "We know there was a bombing...We have a lot more work to do" to determine motivation.
So NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says the explosions were "intentional" but not a "terrorist act."🤔 Info on skin color? 🤔 https:…
ABC: LIVE: Mayor Bill de Blasio briefs press about NYC blast
NCY Mayor Bill de Blasio's statement about explosion.
LIVE: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says all 29 people injured in Manhattan blast have been released from hospital
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says the explosion in Manhattan was an "intentional act," but not terrorism. So basically, a wh…
Happening now: Mayor Bill de Blasio holds conference on last night's explosion.
Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday announced new security measures for Rikers Island
5 Neglected New York City Parks to Get $150 Million for Upgrades: Mayor Bill de Blasio said the spending was ...
Mayor Bill de Blasio said the spending was an effort to combat an unequal system in which parks in poorer neighborhoods w...
Here and Now: Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in New York City with no public schedule. Ditto, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. At 8…
Worth another look. Parents’ and kids’ messages to NY Mayor Bill de Blasio re testing and learning.
A new group is mobilizing, determined to keep Mayor Bill de Blasio from winning a second term:
Police Commissioner Bratton's departure comes at a difficult time politically for Mayor Bill de Blasio.
I liked a video NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio DNC media scrum in reaction to Hillary Clinton's nomination
Order Miche Bag Online!
Mayor Bill de Blasio and Katrina vanden Heuvel at Working Families Party meeting.
Encountered at Newark airport: Mayor Bill de Blasio, who said he's flying out to Rome for a week for a vacation
Mayor Bill de Blasio calls the attack on police in Dallas an “attack on all of us.”
De Blasio condemns 'attack on our society' in Dallas: Mayor Bill de Blasio urged New York...
The top counsel to Mayor Bill de Blasio has resigned and will take over as chair of the city's police review board:
over 2u "Former City Council Speaker...could be the best-positioned Mayor Bill de Blasio challenger"
Love reading this interview w/Bill Hudnut. Easily the greatest mayor Indy's ever had. Wish there were more like him.
Philadelphia Mayor signs into law bill imposing tax on sweetened beverages; 1st large US city to enact such a tax
.signed the Homeward bill last week! Know what it was? Listen here:
Mayor Bill de Blasio loses out in Albany via
Mayor Slay helps unfold the transgender flag the City of St. Louis now flies. (Photo Bill Greenblatt/UPI)
Thanks for joining us Mr Mayor. It was a superb event and glad you enjoyed it.
Mayor Kenney signs sweetened beverage tax bill into law.
Mayor Kenney addressing a full house as he signs soda tax bill
LIVE on mayor Kenney signs soda tax bill
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
UPDATE: Here's what we know about the federal probe into the and
NYPD probe explained: A breakdown of the investigation after 3 officials arrested, docs show
More corruption linked to Mayor Bill de Blasio.
LOVETT: De Blasio-Cuomo feud ignites mayor to KO bill to fix safety issues at day cares via
De Blasio Ramps Up Criminal Justice Reform - In order to help to take a bite out of crime, Mayor Bill de Blasio...
Isn't it funny how people associated with r all corrupt or being investigated-Mayor Bill DeBlasio.
3 NYPD officials arrested on charges that stem from several continuing investigations into Mayor Bill de Blas…
Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto giving a keynote at the 4th annual CEIR Roundtable
De Blasio loses out in Albany, deepening the tensions and criticisms between the governor and mayor.
Behind scenes in Albany kills reform bill to protect turf 'stead of kids
A businessman who contributed heavily to Mayor Bill de Blasio's campaign already has pleaded guilty in the case.
Remember when Hiram Monserrate sent his girlfriend to the ER after slashing her face? He's running for DL: .
A political adage says you can’t beat someone with no one. Mayor Bill de Blasio may test it
200 yrs of the Leeds/Liverpool canal onwith Mayor of Maghull, Chair of Aintree PC &
the Mayor Touts Growth of Industry, Pushes for at 50th anniversary gala.
Investigations into New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s fundraising focus on specific donors.
I have said it before, I don’t trust Mayor Bill de Blasio and his tricks to hide critical information through...
Mayor Bill de Blasio was critical of Donald Trump for revoking press credentials from the Washington Post:
Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that West 33rd Street adjacent to Madison Square Garden will be temporarily renamed 'Muhammad…
DeBlasio to needy kids: Give it a rest because I'm beholden to people who destroy schools, by
He and the Baltimore Mayor should share a unisex cell together. Liberalism is a mental disorder for sure.
DEN : Berlin Mayor Michael Müller has been accused of blocking a new cycling bill that could drastically cut the… http…
Hey Mayor Bill, no one defends our city or represents it better than How about recognizing? He got plenty of Lunatic votes
Chelsea isn't even Bill Clinton's Daughter, her real father is Webster Hubbell, the former Mayor of Little Rock, AR.
Keeping black voters in the fold is critical for Mayor Bill de Blasio's re-election bid
From Herculaneum Mayor Bill Haggard:. "Hundreds of library books (most in excellent condition) will be available...
Amazing to see Mayor sign the bill to create the NY municipal ID
Together with and to see Mayor sign the bill to speak or attend!
has handed down its budget. All you need to know about the rates rise and projects. https:/…
Mayor Bill Pinkham - Part 2 - Mayor Bill Pinkham explains his role in the Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Fe...
The Mayor of N.Y. Bill DeBlasio belongs in jail for his fraudulent practices during his campaign https…
Mayor Bill de Blasio: "Good morning, Brian. I commend you for giving equal time to Queens." LOLZ.
Cuomo-de Blasio feud alive and well: Mayor Bill de Blasio believes Gov. Andrew Cuomo is out to get him. The l...
He will be carried through the streets as a HERO. What a disgusting POS of a mayor.
Best part is when Mrs Bill Clinton blasts Dem mayor of San Jose for defending violence. What? She DOESN'T?.
Bill O'reily made a good point about the national guard being in Chicago. I think they need to. What are the mayor and governor doing!?
Can't wait to see Mayor sign the bill for NY municipal iD
yes Bill Bratton and Mayor NYC murders are down. So are the elderly carry weapons, stay alive!!!
What if this was your daughter?. Not a word from San Jose Mayor. OR Obama . OR Hillary . OR Bernie.
"New Yorkers would be lucky to have a mayor with a fraction of Ken Lovett's character."
I'm furious!!! That scumbag, Hillary supporting, San Jose mayor said Trump needs to take responsibility for the violence at h…
Mayor Bill de Blasio and members of the New York City Council are calling for a city-wide boycott of Chick-fil-A.
Good morning! The latest on Mayor Bill de Blasio, horse races and more — inside N.Y. Today.
Our City Hall reporter, gets us up to speed on Mayor Bill de Blasio
NYTMetro: What's going on with Mayor Bill de Blasio?
Website Builder 728x90
What's going on with Mayor Bill de Blasio?
De Blasio's $82.2 billion budget would pump cash to hospitals: Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday pre...
RTDe Blasio lawyer reaches out to feds in campaign finance probe: Mayor Bill de Blasio's campaign has...
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to sign chewing tobacco ban for fans and players in NY ballparks. de Blasio doesn't believe in…
Mayor Bill de Blasio’s housing plan emerged from the New York City Council with enough support to pass after some...
Mayor Bill de Blasio is hoping a new study will shed light on safety improvements at NYCHA properties:
"Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio made it clear in January: New York State and New York City were...
Mayor Bill de Blasio is target in race for state Senate seat that was held by Dean Skelos via
Mayor Bill de Blasio will march in NYC St Patrick's Day parade after organizers allow LGBT groups to openly march.
New York City Council worries that Mayor Bill de Blasio's budget is not Gov. Andrew Cuomo-proof
The specter of Andrew Cuomo's executive budget loomed large over the first day of hearings on Mayor Bill de...
Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to ban tobacco from public places (which includes ballparks)
Despite Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s support, the proposal struck Mayor Bill de Blasio as impractical, and it poses many financial and political
Mayor Bill lying to parents about soaring violence via
NEW YORK (AP) — Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to increase the solar power capacity of city-owned buildings five-fold from what it is now,
We need this in New York City as a part of the vision zero campaign by Mayor Bill de Blasio. It's not fair that...
Mayor Bill de Blasio on crane collapse in New York City -
Mayor Bill de Blasio announces CleaNYC, new effort to keep New York City clean |
NYC Council pulls the reins on a plan by Mayor Bill de Blasio to overhaul Central Park's carriage horse rides:
Mayor Bill focuses on small businesses now during State of City speechCollege, CUNY, in the Bronx:
Mayor Bill de Blasio giving his State of the City address at Lehman College
Mayor Bill de Blasio’s 2016 State of Address, as prepared for delivery at Lehman College in the Bronx
Protest against Mayor Bill de Blasio!. TOMORROW 5:30PM. Lehman College in the
“Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Address at Interfaith Worship Service for Eric Garner” by
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s new budget would shift one-third of the City University’s costs to the city from the state, displeasing Mayor Bill
Speaking at Covenant House - 41st. Street. Thank you Mayor Bill de Blasio for opening 300 shelter beds for youth living in our community.
At a press conference held at Covenant House New York today, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced exciting new...
Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city would spend $7.9 million to expand its immigration services, and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo vo…
Mayor Bill de Blasio denied an accusation from former police commissioner Ray Kelly that crime statistics are...
Bob Buckhorn co-authors op-ed with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio in favor of Puerto Rico bankruptcy protections
After calling for the New York City pension funds to divest from gun companies, Mayor Bill de Blasio said he...
A plan by Mayor Bill de Blasio to reshape New York City’s neighborhoods is under fire via
Though embroiled in a long-term conflict with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio has now embraced a feud with the New
Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito announced that the city will spend...
Waiting backstage to introduce Mayor Bill de Blasio to speak at the Apollo Theater on world AIDS Day
The children of Maes Owen and sang together at Mayor Bill's civic service this afternoon. They were amazing!
Gov. Chris Christie jabs at Mayor Bill de Blasio in spat over Syrian refugees: De Blasio publicly c...
with Mayor Bill de Blasio and Vernon E. Jordan Jr., a longtime friend and adviser to her husband
NEW YORK (AP) — Mayor Bill de Blasio attended a memorial service on Thursday to mark the 14th anniversary of the crash of an airliner into
Marchers Warn of Safety Crisis Amid Spate of Pedestrian Deaths in New York: There, Mayor Bill de Blasio, elect...
Mayor Bill de Blasio says NYC on alert after Paris attack
Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo visited Puerto Rico to show solidarity, though not with each other.
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio endorses Hillary Clinton for president and Mike Bloomberg for mayor.
JUST IN: Mayor Bill deBlasio to meet Pope Francis said 'heaven has room for pets' is not true - Reuters
Museums Lend Paintings to Gracie Mansion, How to Make Viral Internet Art, and More: Mayor Bill de Blasio's home,…
"The number of 311 calls about the homeless jumped nearly 60 percent since Mayor Bill de Blasio took office" -
The art at Gracie Mansion, home to Mayor Bill de Blasio, is becoming more diverse
Staten Island BP James Oddo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have forged an unlikely partnership. reports:
De Blasio to hold first town hall meeting of his mayoralty: Mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday evening will hold the…
I consider Mayor Bill de Blasio to be a great mayor with just one truly bad issue: how you address the NYPD after...
De Blasio to sign bills combatting K2 sales: Mayor Bill de Blasio is set to sign three bills Tuesday to combat...
Mayor Bill de Blasio is going to the New York Mets game tonight. He is sitting in the nosebleed seats and bought his own tick…
Why is NY Governor Andrew Cuomo picking fights with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio?
.Tx for Mayor Bill de Blasio Signs Legislation on AC Regulation via
CHANGE REALLY IS HAPPENING AT CITY LEVEL ... and New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio is at the forefront. . As well...
The political organization founded by Mayor Bill de Blasio sets a date for its bipartisan presidential forum in Iowa:
A7 New York City Mayor Will Make First Official Visit to Israel: Mayor Bill de Blasio will arrive in the Jewis...
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is headed to next week to discuss fighting anti-Semitism. Plays well at home.
Bill de Blasio just banned all from blasting A/C on New York’s sidewalks Mayor Bill de Blasio a...
New York just cracked down on businesses that spew air conditioning onto the sidewalk: Mayor Bill de Blasio...
BREAKING NEWS: Over $2k worth of electronics stolen from vehicle of staffer working for NY Mayor Bill DeBlasio
Bill de Blasio’s Battle to Save New York—and Himself: Bill de Blasio is unlike any New York mayor in recent me...
A Maine mayor is proposing a controversial name-and-shame strategy for welfare recipients, saying he plans to push a bill requiring the
“A lot of people, white people, really want to hate this guy,” says a veteran City Hall reporter who knows the...
Bill Freeman calls for support for Nashville Mayor-Elect Megan Barry.
Happy to see that Coney Island hasn't totally collapsed into the abyss since Bill de Blasio took over as mayor.
Hi Mayor Bill Gunasti : MayorGUNASTI, Do u want to get FREE iPh0ne 6 TODAY? Please check my bi0. Thx
Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo met with Cuban President Raul Castro. Saturday, it was Mayor Bill de Blasio's turn.
Is there a political figure Bill de Blasio would feel more comfortable talking to than Raul Castro?
The Economist says Bill de Blasio is doing well as NYC mayor and public discontent is misplaced. See graph by race.
Using Trump language to divide and belittle, Big Bill was last mayor of the city. 1930's.
Even the Obama-walks-on-water morons think DeBlasio is a flop as NY mayor. .
Editorial: Give Mayor de Blasio’s carefully calibrated housing plan the chance it deserves
. Rot starts at the top. Fire the chief and the mayor. Taxpayers foot the bill for bad cops. Make them pay
As he prepares to welcome Pope Francis to New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio is determined to harness the influence and celebrity of a
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
When talking "women's rights" w/ Castro, did u discuss Cuban women forced into prostitution to survive?
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio gave the Pope an IDNYC card on Friday. IF WE SEPERATE CHURCH N STATE ANY MORE . Frank will need office at WH
Apart from it being a questionable decision, legal bill for that amount looks on the high side of extortionate
"Since the creation of Mayor Bill De Blasio’s new task unit assigned to improve the quality of life in Times...
Mayor opposes bill for financial disclosures from nonprofit CEOs
GOP Mayor Demands Bill To Post Welfare Recipients’ Addresses Online via we shld dig in his life
Mayor Bill deBlasio city council NYC, MS MARK-VEVERITO: Ban Horse Carriages in NYC - Sign the Petition! via
yes I agree mayor nutter is a complete nut job. At least they got something right and didn't force tax payers to cover the bill
James Blake met with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and police commissioner William Bratton today
Extras: This morning in Times Square, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio got his first 2017 challenger: Rev. Michael Fau...
Ex-tennis star James Blake has a sit down today with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton over his Sept. 9th arrest
School began on Wednesday for more than one million students in New York City, the second full school year under Mayor Bill de Blasio and
NYCHA tenants blast plan for UES tower on playground site: Like Michael Bloomberg before him, Mayor Bill de Blasio…
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio agrees with Trump: New York City is no bastion of conservative values, but their libe...
Mayor Bill de Blasio may have once been reluctant to admit how serious and widespread the issue of homelessness is in the New York City,
Editorial: New York City's homeless crisis is now Mayor Bill de Blasio's problem to solve.
Mayor Bill de Blasio's wife, cause she wants to pawn the silverware from Gracie Mansion??
The 1,300 new officers Mayor Bill de Blasio will add to the NYPD come with hidden costs. ($221 MILLION!)
Joy Reid on MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC. Mayor Bill de Blasio. We the People OUGHT to capture it, and...
The number of cases in the Bronx rose to 86 on Tuesday, though Mayor Bill de Blasio said the pace of the outbreak had slo…
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Blinks on but his war on this business-as-usual ball-wrecker continues - why do progressives ha…
Fox News finds & confronts infamous homeless man who was seen relieving himself in NYC streets
To know Bill de Blasio just look at the failed endorsement of Hillary who gave him his first break and helped him along to become Mayor.
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