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Maya Lin

Maya Ying Lin (born October 5, 1959) is an American architectural designer and artist who is known for her work in sculpture and landscape art.

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Mine too. I love Maya Lin’s work. When you come this way you can see some of her confluence pieces.
The story of Maya Lin is legendary, really. She changed the way we memorialize veterans.
We honored Maya Lin, the designer of The Wall at a reception w/ special guests and Former Sec.…
Depends. Maya Lin did a nice job with her Vietnam Memorial
"I try to give people a different way of looking at their surroundings. That's art to me." - Maya Lin
Contestant Maya Lin, was only 21 when her Vietnam War Memorial design was anonymously choosen to represent t…
Maya Lin: Thinking with Her Hands | The inspiration that became the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
This was incredibly kind of you And yes, I can confirm my friends were worried about me.
An older article, but fascinating read, esp. for HIST 123 & 110 students. Maya Lin is the designer of the Vietnam…
The memorial designed by Maya Lin was dedicated 35 yrs ago . Day 370…
Tour a condo designed by Maya Lin, one of the most acclaimed architects of our time!
First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs turns their sanctuary into a stark memorial, haunting as Maya Lin's.
IA Konferenz, die deutsche Konferenz 2016 Pulitzer Prize With Maya Lin on $20 bill to interfere with sports was attending
Chris, if you visit Newport RI be sure to walk to the waterfront's 18th cen. Trinity Church. The gr…
One of our nation's most moving memorials, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Maya Lin, was dedicated 35 years ago…
We are celebrating Veterans Day with talking about her new Maya Lin PB Bio. https:/…
Today is the 35th birthday/anniversary of the Vietnam Memorial. Thanks to those that helped bring this about, especially Maya Lin.
1982: Designed by University student the was dedicated in Washington,…
On in 1982 the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington, DC. The designer was Yale architect student Maya Lin
1982: The then controversial Memorial wall, designed by Maya Lin, is dedicated in Washington, D.C.
November 13, 1982: The Vietnam War Memorial, designed by Maya Lin, was dedicated in Washington, DC.
Standing ovation from soldiers today for Maya Lin at the Vietnam Memorial she designed. Time heals.
“We're not just here to serve ourselves — we are here to try to make the world a better place.” Maya Lin was just 21 years…
Ceremony marks the 35th anniversary of the Vietnam Wall: "If this memorial has helped to welcome you home and helped heal some of…
Maya Lin was an undergraduate at Yale and ended up beating out her professor in the design competition for The Wall.
.Firsts. Insightful project celebrating women who were the First "Let me be me," Sylvia Earle + Maya Lin, Car…
New top story from Time: . Sylvia Earle, Carla Hayden, Maya Lin and Kathryn Smith will discuss their trailblazing …
Just heard on that maya Lin, artist of the Vietnam War Memorial in US was only 21. Hadn't known that, assumed much older.
I was delighted! I loved reviewing Maya Lin: Artist-Architect of Light and Lines. She is such an inspiration!
"To be able to do what you want to do is incredible freedom." - Maya Lin
MAYA LIN is an awesome look into the mind of an artist.
Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing our book about Maya Lin in cele…
5th gr is getting to explore the Architecture center after reading a book about Maya Lin.
A 1996 interview with Freida Lee Mock about her Oscar-winning docu Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision (1994)
Yes!! There is a great new picture book out on Maya Lin too: Maya Lin:…
Maya Lin received a B+ from her professor for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Power of Vietnam War Memorial is due to skill of its architect, Maya Lin. Article m…
To fly, we have to have resistance. - Maya Lin
The new windows, counters, and shades at Maya Lin look so great. Thanks, Alameda!
17/ This is similarly visible in Maya Lin’s Vietnam memorial in the US - a monument to a war that was lost, rather than won
I offer neither pay, nor how you grow. -Maya Lin
Making art that sends a message while in a minefield of memory is not easy for anyone. Ju…
5 of 5 stars to Maya Lin by Susan Rubin
Do you know Maya Lin, the woman behind the design of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?A must-add-to-classroom-library nonfiction…
have you seen Maya Lin's online water-focused art installation? /ht
How an unknown AAPI 21-year-old architecture student, Maya Lin, designed one of the most recognized monuments ever.
What would the world be like without Dorothea Dix, Shirley Jackson, Frida Kahlo, Maya Lin, Margaret Mead, Ellen Ochoa?
TIL that Maya Lin, designer of the Vietnam Wall, got a "B" in her architecture class for her design from her profe…
okay but I never realized that Richard Serra's Tilted Arc was created the same year as Maya Lin's Vietnam memorial?
What an amazing acknowledgment of Maya Lin. She is also the designer of the Museum of Chinese in America (
memorial Maya Lin to receive Medal of Freedom.
The inimitable Maya Lin will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom today:
I was so happy to see Maya Lin receiving the 🎖of Freedom! Her Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall was/is a masterpiece!…
We spoke to 2016 Medal of Freedom recipient, artist, and architect Maya Lin about art, politics, and the environment
Pres. Obama awards artist and designer Maya Lin with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Maya Lin's simple and brilliant design helped heal a generation and our nation
'Speechless': Vietnam Veterans Memorial architect Maya Lin to receive Medal of Freedom via
Dear your 'Quiet Uptown' ranks a full ten on the scale of perfect ugly cries. Thank you (and you,
“Sometimes I think creativity is magic; it's not a matter of finding an idea, but allowing the idea to find you.”. ― Maya Lin.
For the most part things never get built the way they were drawn.
Here we go! . MIXTAPE . I produced 14, 22 and Co-prod 9. 🎬🙌🎹
My dad was dean of fine arts at the university. I was casting bronzes in th...
Don't miss a chance to see our Maya Lin kids sing at this Saturday!. 12:00 choir 1 . 1:00 choir 2…
My parents are both college professors, and it made me want to question aut...
The process I go through in the art and the architecture, I actually want i...
Is it possible to both love&hate someone at the same time? Because that's how I feel about Lin. He somehow makes an…
All my work is much more peaceful than I am.
Growing up, I thought I was white. It didn't occur to me I was Asian-Americ...
Designed by Maya Lin when she was 21, and now it's Christmas.
Our political history club tees turned out SO good! inspired by the fabulous cast & h…
We were unusually brought up; there was no gender differentiation. I was ne...
Maya Lin speaks at Feigenbaum Forum on Innovation and Creativity at
At Maya Lin's Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, listening to a group of engineers discussing…
Math, it's a puzzle to me. I love figuring out puzzles.
✈ "To FLY, we have to have... R E S I S T A N C E" ~Maya Lin
When I was very little, we would get letters from China, in Chinese, and th...
I started studying what the nature of a monument is and what a monument sho...
I was probably the first kid in my high school to go to Yale. I applied alm...
It's only in hindsight that you realize what indeed your childhood was real...
OK, it was black, it was below grade, I was female, Asian American, young, ...
Nothing is ever guaranteed, and all that came before doesn't predicate what...
You should be having more fun in high school, exploring things because you ...
I had very few friends. We always ate dinner with our parents. We didn't wa...
Art is very tricky because it's what you do for yourself. It's much harder ...
A lot of my works deal with a passage, which is about time. I don't see any...
my sister dressed up as Hamilton for Halloween what a queen
You have to have conviction and completely question everything and anything...
I felt like Maya and Lin were looked down upon because they didn't have the success or stability like Joan or Toni
The definition of a modern approach to war is the acknowledgement of indivi...
Maya Lin will be joining us with for Person, Place, Thing on November 16 @ 6pm! Don't miss it!…
I'm eager to join Maya Lin in conversation for Big fun!
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Maya Lin speaks at Union College: Maya Lin, the artist known for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington,...
Maya Lin spoke at sharing her theory of art bringing earth and water to a new light:…
President's Women of Yale Lecture - 'Topologies - Process and Projects' by Maya Lin '81, '86 M.Arch
Maya Lin speaks at Union College: In 1981, Lin was a 21-year-old senior majoring in architecture at Yale Univ...
You have to let the viewers come away with their own conclusions. If you di...
Artist Maya Lin shares theory of art bringing earth, water to new light
"Together, architect and client have produced a prodigy of the Washington cityscape, a building that recalls Maya Lin's…
In the last few weeks, Maya Lin, Terry Tempest Williams, and Bill McKibben offered the Colby College community a...
Creating scale replicas of Maya Lin's Vietnam War Memorial has become a veritable industry.
'Cause these lines break my heart every time
The new WW1 Memorial for the Mall doesn't so much look to Maya Lin as much as cheaply mug her design in the blandest possible way.
My grandfather, on my father's side, helped to draft one of the first const...
One perk of studying architecture these days at Maya Lin might show up to check out your work.
Maya Lin, but reminds me so much of Zarina.
BM Harris thanks Maya Lin teachers for meeting with her and BM Henneberry.
Maya Lin explores the natural beauty and form of rivers in her first exhibiti…
Some artists want to confront. Some want to invoke thought. They're all nec...
Maya Lin commissioned to design a 20,000 SF urban mansion in NYC
Every memorial in its time has a different goal.
Hillary Clinton's latest message to the youth
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A river runs through PaceGallery in Hong Kong:
Testing the water: Maya Lin's new river installations at Pace Gallery Hong Kong .
I probably have fundamentally antisocial tendencies. I never took one extra...
Renwick Gallery re-opening: full of WONDER . Maya Lin's recreated the Chesapeake Bay in marbles
Nov 13, 1982 The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, designed by Maya Lin, was dedicated on the National Mall, Wash. DC
Maya Lin won a national contest to design the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall while still an undergrad at Yale.…
"evolution of Maya Lin piece “Where the Water Flowed: NCY 2012,” pwerful message on climate change academy
Maya Lin's installation at Bloomberg Philanthropies shows the flood areas during Hurricane Sandy.
Maya Lin's intro by Dean Peter MacKeith in a beautiful Moshe Safdie space //
Are you going to see Maya Lin speak at Crystal Bridges tonight? Her keynote will be tonight at 6:30pm…
The District 3 AA championship match between Maya Anderson of Northern Lebanon & Berks Catholic's Lin Robertson is going 3 sets
Amazingly talented artist and architect: Maya Lin via
Tickets are going fast for tonight with Her "Silver Upper White River" now on view:
As always, man, very cool to be reading WSJ and see your name next to some great shot. Nice work on Maya Lin.
Wow! What a great opportunity to hear Maya Lin in Arkansas. Road trip!
Read about Maya Lin before her lecture at on Oct. 19!
Maya Lin, artist + designer of MOCA, chats w/ on her latest projects and why is easier than art
Hard to believe... but Maya Lin designed the Vietnam War Memorial when she was **21 years old**...
Art and Architecture: Maya Lin, nice portrait of artist and architect
All about Maya Lin - the designer behind the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Maya Lin, with work at the Nelson-Atkins and at the Wex, is maybe the coolest artist I've ever heard of
Nice piece about the great Maya Lin. .
Join us this Monday for a Keynote Lecture with designer, artist, & environmentalist
The Mr Rogers episode w Maya Lin is delightful and thoughtful and features Eclipsed Time
just moved from Denver to BK. IN THE HEIGHTS REVIVAL PLEASE
Saturday Sites: Sacajawea Interpretive Center in Pasco, Washington - part of the Maya Lin Confluence Project . On...
Art+architecture w/Maya Lin Gr8 interview w/ Maya Lin won contest for design of Vietnam Mem. at 21.
'What do you do when something like that is your first piece?' Talking with architect Maya Lin.
Story on the great Maya Lin: Art and architecture with Maya Lin via
Weekend Confidential: Art and architecture with Maya Lin via
Maya Lin's Confluence project here in the State Park is a must see when you visit
Maya Lin's Confluence Project fish cleaning table at Cape Disappointment is like new! This is a good day to go...
Thank you Maya Lin for designing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
We feature the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial, designed by Maya Lin
Acclaimed designer Maya Lin and national design firm Shepley Bulfinch chosen to redesign Neilson Library at Smith …
Designer Maya Lin and Shepley Bulfinch to redesign Smith College library @
Go, Maya Lin giving the library a re-do.
On Campus : Maya Lin WIll Design a 'Library of the Future' for Smith College
Women in [design] leadership - Maya Lin and to redesign Smith's Neilson Library
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Maya Lin will join the National Design Firm Shepley Bulfinch to Redesign Neilson Library
Oh how I look forward to revisiting and seeing the landscape and library through Maya Lin's eyes!
.announced today that Maya Lin & Shepley Bulfinch will redesign Neilson Library. VERY exciting.
At the Civil Rights Museum. Memorial by Maya Lin (Vietnam Memorial ). They also had a cool display to add your...
Maya Lin shifts paradigms through her work. Proud she will design the Neilson Library renovation.
"Maya Lin to Lead Redesign of Smith College Library" by GRAHAM BOWLEY via NYT
5 MAY: Director Paul Hobson will be chairing Maya Lin's lecture 'Between Art and Architecture'
Visit works by Alexander Calder, Sol Le Witt, Claes Oldenberg & Maya Lin at before it closes for the wint…
The glorification of Kim KarTRASHian is disgusting! She has yet to show that she possesses any real talent, skills or substance. Her "following" represents just one of the many vehicles for our crumbling society and a hindrance for feminism and "equalism" How about we admire those such as Alicia Keys, Hilary Clinton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Toni Morrison, or Maya Lin? I've seen enough of her *** How about you try to make a difference by devoting TIME to something other than sex, money or fame
As a veteran of the Vietnam era, I am especially appreciative of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial where the names of many of my Army friends are inscribed. Although I could share pages of information about the memorial, I have tried to limit my comments to details that many may not know. Today in 1984, President Reagan dedicated all 3 units of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial--the wall (designed by 21-year-old undergrad Maya Lin of Yale University), the bronze statue of slightly larger than life-size men named "Three Servicemen" (sculpted by Frederic Hart, who also did massive sculptures at National Cathedral), and an American flag (12' x 18', which flies from a 60' pole 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). The wall is a simple, V-shaped, black-granite wall inscribed with the names of 57,939 Americans missing or killed in the conflict, arranged in order of death, not rank. The architect's Asian heritage was a sensitive issue. Maya Lin, born in the U.S., the daughter of Chinese immigrants, was not even named in ...
Maya Lin, who alongside her husband is building an arts center in won the Gish Prize. Congrats, Maya!
What Is an Architect? An architect is a licensed professional who organizes space. Architects design houses, office buildings, skyscrapers, landscapes, ships, and even entire cities. The services of a licensed architect depend on the type of project; fees may range from 10% to 15% of the total construction costs. Architects organize different types of spaces. For example, architect Maya Lin is known for sculpted landscapes and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, but she has also designed houses. Likewise, Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto has designed houses in addition to the 2013 Pavilion in London. What Do Architects Do? • Design and plan structures for looks (aesthetics), safety, and accessibility • Turn ideas into reality (see Liberty's Pedestal: Richard Morris Hunt's Architectural Design) • Manage the building project (large projects will have both a design architect and a project manager architect) • Continue their education throughout their career Professional Architects: Architects are trai ...
Maya Lin. Vietnam War Memorial, 1982. When a visitor looks upon the wall, his or her reflection can
Maya Lin unveiling her new interactive sculpture for the Lab!
Going to see Maya Lin (Designer of the Viet Nam memorial) at Smith College in an hour. It should be an interesting lecture.
Exciting news! Maya Lin, designer of the Vietnam Memorial, will be speaking at Smith College on Tuesday, March 11th at 7:30 PM, in the Weinstein Auditorium. Make sure to mark your calendars!
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall designer Maya Lin to speak at Smith College: Event scheduled for March 11.
Years ago, I read Maya Lin's book about her making of the Vietnam veteran memorial. Her new project is stunning,...
1982: Designed by Maya Lin, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated in D.C.
Ann K. Silver of Rand Commercial Services with her clients, Maya Lin & Dan Wollf
Yonkers City Council with buyers Maya Lin & Dan Wolff. Continued expansion of the Yonkers Waterfront!
Happy birthday, Maya Lin. Past October 5s: 1646: A bounty of 100 pounds of tobacco is offered in the Virginia Colony for evidence of having killed a wolf. 1843: The first American female college professor, Rebecca Mann Pennell, begins teaching geography and drawing at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. 1953: Earl Warren is sworn in as the 14th chief justice of the U.S. 1981: Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg becomes an honorary American. 1983: Polish leader Lech Walesa wins the Nobel Peace Prize 1985: Eddie Robinson becomes college football’s all-time winningest coach as Grambling defeats Prairie View A&M 27-7. It is Robinson’s 324th career victory, one more than Paul “Bear” Bryant. 1989: The 14th Dalai Lama, the spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet, is named winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. 2010: A previously unknown and threatened language, known as Koro, is discovered by a team of linguists on an expedition to Arunachal Pradesh, in northeastern India. Only about 1,000 people speak this ...
Born today: 1959 US architect (did the VietnamMemorial in DC) Maya Lin, 1960 actor Daniel Baldwin. Cheers
Today in History -- Saturday, Oct. 5 (Barry Switzer, Steve Miller, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Karen Allen, Clive Barker, Bob Geldof, Maya Lin, Kate Winslet) The Associated Press Today is Saturday, Oct. 5, the 278th day of 2013. There are 87 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Oct. 5, 1921, the World Series was carried on radio for the first time as Newark, N.J. station WJZ (later WABC) relayed a telephoned play-by-play account of the first game from the Polo Grounds, where the New York Giants were facing the New York Yankees, to a studio announcer who repeated the information on the air. (Although the Yankees won the opener, 3-0, the Giants won the series, 5 games to 3.) On this date: In 1892, the Dalton Gang, notorious for its train robberies, was practically wiped out while attempting to rob a pair of banks in Coffeyville, Kan. In 1910, Portugal was proclaimed a republic following the abdication of King Manuel II in the face of a coup d'etat. In 1931, Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon com ...
Good Morning all! If you were not able to click the link from yesterday's New York Times article, I have posted the text below. It's a pretty interesting read, which I hope you all might agree. Squabble Disrupts a Refuge for the Rich NEWPORT, R.I. — Change has rarely been welcomed in this seaside haven of the uber-rich, where the famously over-the-top mansions of the Gilded Age are still called “cottages.” Longtime residents weren’t happy when the America’s Cup defected, or when Bob Dylan went electric at the Folk Festival, or when Maya Lin designed a contemporary memorial to honor the heiress Doris Duke in the village green. And they’re not happy now that the local preservation society, in the name of progress, has proposed a visitors center — with wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and prepared food — on the grounds of the most visited mansion, the Breakers, where the Vanderbilt family’s carved oak dining room table could seat 34 and at least one daughter changed her outfit up to seven ti ...
Posted artist-architect Maya Lin's excellent talk at Wexner Center for the Arts:
Sabado tem Loox na roça, no Manezinho, com barrca do beijo triplo
Name a sister role model that young Black girls can look up to. -PTH
To fly, we have to have resistance . - maya Lin -
Stress na. Stress na aq. Anu ba to .
Kangen jg ngerumpi di dunia maya ini yo,uda satu bulan dan fb kan.he he he.
Maya Lin's "last memorial" project looks to be astonishing, and potentially as powerful as "An Inconvenient Truth"
Staying tonight in a town where the original True Grit was filmed, where the Grammy award trophies are made, which also features Dennis Weaver park.
Parc Safari, Granby Zoo, LaRhonde, or Great Escape?..,,for a 3 & 12 yr old?
Check out Maya Lin's wonderful Socratic dialogue about the Adam Goodes racism affair
A man said "thanks for being on the wall" 2me2day. 58,195 names on Maya Lin's Vietnam Memorial Wall inThe Home of the Free&Land of the Brave
that sounds worse than picking up Maya Lin's dry cleaning or Liz Diller's ham from 2nd ave Deli.
Born in architect Maya Lin designed the Vietnam Memorial!
Storm King! Wander through fields, look at modernist sculpture, picnic under the Brancusi, make out behind the Maya Lin...
Among the artists discussed: James Turrell, Maya Lin and Ellsworth Kelly.
The single greatest day in Athens history may be approaching. Yes, even bigger than when Maya Lin took a computer class at OU. We may be getting.a Steak n' Shake!
Public Art Instillation by Maya Lin Honors Historic Preservation in Newport, RI Newport, RI: ‘The Meeting Room,’ an installation by world –renowned artist and architect Maya Lin, was dedicated and opened to the public today in Newport’s Queen Anne Square. The Doris Duke Monument Foundation (DDMF), a...
Queen Anne Square Newport, RI – The long awaited installation from world renown artist and architect Maya Lin will be unveiled and opened to the public at Queen Anne Square in Newport, RI on Friday, May 31 as 10:00 a.m.. Titled “The Meeting Room,” the project has the dual purpose of honoring the mem...
Ira writes: "This outfit called the Academy of Arts and Letters gave me a medal last week. The Academy is supposedly made up of the 250 greatest writers, composers, artists and architects in the country. One has to die for another to join. It's been around since 1898. Its membership is a hilariously intimidating list of writers you read in school and iconic cultural figures you'd never think you could meet: Joan Didion, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, E.L. Doctorow, Paul Auster, Toni Morrison, Robert Coover, Elie Wiesel, Don DeLillo, Tom Wolfe, David McCullough, W.S. Merwin, Claus Oldenburg, I.M. Pei, Richard Serra, Chuck Close, Michael Graves, Red Grooms, Tony Kushner, Maya Lin, David Mamet. The medal I received — for Spoken Language — has these previous winners: Bill Clinton, Mario Cuomo, Paul Robeson, Claude Raines (you know, from Casablanca). Crazy, right? They award the thing on the stage of the vast clubhouse they have in New York, a building the size and general vibe of a museum. There's a room that loo ...
Maya Lin's interactive added my memory of Northern California. Great project!
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"A flood doesn't exist except in our memory banks." Maya Lin, of Veterans Memorial, has new "City" project:
Thomas Jefferson, Julia Child, Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Maya Lin, and Audrey Hepburn. Who would you invite?
Finally saw the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Watched A Strong Clear Vision 18yrs ago, 10x since; Maya Lin has my heart:
Did you know?? When she was 21, Maya Lin designed and built the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.
Diego Rivera to Maya Lin - 80 Yrs of Art in SF Comes to Life in Book /I have a photo in it
Wow, Sequin displays remind me of Maya Lin's Pin River -- Potomac in 2009.
Maya Lin and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial March 26, 1982, ground was broken on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Trustee Kahn had asked where concentrations of English language learners are; McMahon says Ruby Bridges, Paden, Haight, Maya Lin
If you come across any good shots of Vietnam Veteran's War Memorial by famous sculptor Maya Lin-we would love to see them
Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer Maya Lin speaks on the process & moment of inspiration:
The House of Zelda&Fitzgerald, the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King, Jr. was a pastor,The Civil Rights museum which is designed by Maya Lin, the greyhound station where the participants in the 1961 Freedom Ride were violently attacked is in my plan to visit Montgomery tomorrow
Phoenix Art Museum did not plan well for last night's Maya Lin lecture: terrible connection for the 200+ in the overall at the Grand Hall.
giving my seat up to an elderly lady during the Maya Lin lecture at the Phoenix Art Museum
Maya Lin will be presenting at the Phoenix Art Museum TONIGHT! Looking forward to it
Maya Lin made waves in 1981 when she won a public design competition for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Architect and artist Maya Lin to speak at Phoenix Art Museum (this week:
Sometimes the first one to do it is the only one. There can only be one Andy Warhol, van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, Kruger, Kandinsky, Maya Lin...
names r goin in hat 4 letta baby girl narrowed it down to 3 ANAYA,,, DAISY,,,OR EMILY XXX
Sometimes you have to stop thinking. Sometimes you shut down completely. I think that's true in any creative field. - maya lin
Happy birthday to my beautiful niece Maya! Cant believe shes 5 already! :-)
It's not Christmas anymore. Stop playing Christmas music.
Maya Lin will speak Thursday 24 January, at 6 pm in Rabb Lecture Hall at the Central Library in Copley Sq!
Mark your calendars students: Architect Maya Lin speaking Copley Square on Jan 24.
I didn't have anyone to play with so I made up my own world. -Maya Lin
This is going to be awesome RT.Maya Lin will be at the on 1/24 to give a talk. FREE FOR ALL!
Maya Lin is such a badass. Her design for the Vietnam Veterans' memorial in DC was picked from 1400. She was 22.
First time seeing Maya Lin's Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It's so amazing to see something that can evoke this much emotion.
Maya Lin of Vietnam Veterans Memorial fame speaks at the BPL in Copley Square on Thurs, January 24 at 6pm
Directed by Freida Lee Mock. With Maya Lin. A film about the work of the artist most famous for her monuments such as the Vietnam Memorial Wall and the Civil Rights Fountain Memorial.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial • for insight into this controversial and moving work see Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision
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This week is the 30th anniversary of the Vietnam Vets Memorial by Maya Lin, learn more here:
On dc November 15, the Museum presents its fourteenth Vincent Scully Prize to Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic Paul Goldberger, for his lifetime work encouraging thoughtful discourse and debate about the importance of design. Goldberger has written for a number of publications including The New York Times, The New Yorker and is currently a contributing editor at Vanity Fair. Scully juror Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk noted his unique ability to “explain architecture to the popular readership in a way that bridges the perceiver and the designer,” and David Schwarz added, “Paul is a person that lets people understand the importance of place.” During the public program, Paul Goldberger delivers an original presentation on the state of architecture criticism today, the changing role of mainstream media in a digital world, and the rise of citizen journalists. Maya Lin, architectural designer and artist, provides opening remarks. The Scully Prize was instituted in honor of Vincent Scully, the Sterli ...
back from a walking tour focused on Mid-Century Modern architecture at the Washington University School of Medicine. Very interesting and informative. Also, I now know the location of the only Maya Lin sculpture in St. Louis. Cool.
"I deliberately did not read anything about the Vietnam War because I felt the politics of the war eclipsed what happened to the veterans. The politics were irrelevant to what this memorial was. " – Maya Lin, designer, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Despite the controversies surrounding the Vietnam...
"Bad company is as instructive as licentiousness. One makes up for the loss of one's innocence with the loss of one's prejudices." "From fanaticism to barbarism is one step." Denis Diderot, art criric, philosopher, earned a Master of Arts at 19, born this day in 1713 Also Chester A. Arthur, 1830, and Diane Cilento, 1933 And happy birthday to Bob Geldof and Maya Lin
Artists for Azuero 2012 Edition The Azuero Earth Project has released its first artistic collaboration, Artists for Azuero, featuring plates designed by contemporary artists Teresita Fernandez, April Gornik, Mary Heilmann, Maya Lin, Richard Prince, and Ed
Yikes: Piece of Maya Lin exhibition goes missing at Expo Chicago —
Designed by artist and designer Maya Lin, Museum of Chinese in America's new home is a 14,000 square foot space in a former machine shop, renovated to featur...
“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Maya Angelou
In need of something tonight and it starts with an A and ends with me passed out until 2 PM tomorrow.
abt to watch this movie on Maya Lin. s/o's to her.
Thursday inspiration. Maya Lin's ongoing project What Is Missing? Greenprint for the future 2015, love it!
Cornell Lab of Ornithology interviews Maya Lin about her new work, "What is missing?"
Maya Lin thanks for your continued & memorable contributions to art. Even in the face of great challenge, art matters!
It would suck to share lockers with Maya Lin
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
A new take on the Maya Lin's pin river installation booth 112 RT
How do you know what you've lost? Maya Lin explores our fading world with NRDC at EXPO CHICAGO
The - like you've never seen it before! Come see Maya Lin's pin river installation booth 112
The designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is now focused on the mass extinction of species, a threat she is highlighting on an interactive Web site. In an interview with Yale Environment 360, Maya Lin talks about her “What is Missing” project, which she calls her “last memorial.”
I'm not in a hurry to do a lot of projects. I am very resolved in each project I take on. - Maya Lin
What is Missing? by Maya Lin - about the mass extinction of species |
I miss my freaking puppy this is terrible. Unchopping a Tree, part of Maya Lin's last memorial entitled What is Missing?, debuted at COP15 during the Support REDD+...
Why Robert Hughes was so bloody good at telly: here on statuary and Maya Lin's Vietnam Veterans Memorial (01:25-05:22)
Off to Istanbul tomorrow to fix a sculpture at our embassy by Maya Lin - she also created the Vietnam Memorial. Never been to Istanbul - I hear it's a marvelous city...
Sorry I couldn't do Philosophical Friday on Friday - we didn't get out of depo until 630 that nite. Here goes - 1. Since I can't risk waiting til Tuesday Tantrums - MY LOS ANGELES DODGERS ARE IN FIRST PLACE IN THE NL WEST. 2. Philosophical Friday: I've heard but not confirmed that, in 1965, a Yale student, Frederick W. Smith, submitted a thesis on the need to develop a system for time sensitive deliveries and received a "C." Six years later, he founded Federal Express. I've heard but not confirmed that another Yale student, Maya Lin, submitted her semester's art project and also received a "C." That project was later commissioned to become the Viet Nam War Memorial. In 1929, a young author published his first novel, Cup of Gold. Not many saw this first novel as it only sold 1,500 copies. Not discouraged, the author continued to hone his craft until he published his masterpiece in 1939. The book was Grapes of Wrath and the author, of course, was John Steinbeck. A highly regarded infantry captain returned f ...
Powerful interactive site by Maya Lin (designer of Vietnam Veterans Memorial) drawing attention to loss:
Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer, Maya Lin, talks to about her multimedia project "What is Missing"
Come next school year, the facility will become the Maya Lin arts magnet school.
May is Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a celebration of the immeasurable contributions of generations of Americans of Asian and Pacific Islander ancestry have made to the development of our nation, such as those who helped build the transcontinental railroad, often facing discrimination and exclusionary laws; those who toiled in our fields; the brave men and women in the US Armed Forces who defended freedom during the Civil War, World War I and World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and in Iraq and Afghanistan; those whose innovations led to a digital and information revolution and breakthroughs in technology, science, medicine that have improved the quality of our lives; and those who have made major strides in the arts and sports –like Maya Lin, Hines Ward, and Jeremy Lin. They are the embodiment of our rich American history and experience and we honor them for the integral roles they played in building and making our nation what it is today.
Maya Lin: A Biography (Greenwood Biographies): Many are familiar with the art and architectural design work of M...
Deliberately setting aside the controversies of the war, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial honors the men and women who served when their Nation called upon them. The designer, Maya Lin, felt that “the politics had eclipsed the veterans, their service and their lives.” She kept the design elegantly simp...
 Her long black hair tumbling over her face, 21-year-old Maya Lin sank back in her chair. Crestfallen, she listened as Vietnam War veteran Tom Ca...
Today in Art History: 1981: Maya Lin's design for Vietnam Veterans Memorial unanimously selected from 1,421 entries.
A piece by Maya Lin that was on display at the Phoenix Art Museum; it is made entirely of nails and depicts
If you missed Dayton City Paper's recent feature on Changing Landscapes: Contemporary Chinese Fiber Art & Maya Lin: Flow, you can catch up with the digital edition here:
Had an amazing time at the Dayton Art Institute. It is truly may favorite place in Dayton. Oh and I got to see the artist Maya Lin! Super cool stuff.
Maya Lin: Honoring Our Forgotten Heroes (Everyone Contributes): Presents the life of the young architect-sculpto...
Maya Lin on the making of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Sigourney Weaver on the Environment: "Let's Kick Some *** quot;: Actress Sigourney Weaver, artist Maya Lin and the "W...
Inspiring Rachel Carson Award winners include Sigourney Weaver, Maya Lin and the "Women of the Gulf"
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