Maya Angelou & Morgan Freeman

Maya Angelou (born Marguerite Ann Johnson; April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014) was an American author and poet. Morgan Freeman (born June 1, 1937) is an American actor, film director, aviator and narrator. 5.0/5

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Most people wish Morgan Freeman could narrate their lives, but I always wanted mine to be narrated by Maya Angelou. Sadly, that will never happen. Freshman year is what really turned me on to poetry, and while watching Def Jam slam poets on YouTube was great, it was Maya and Frost who really caught my attention, and opened up to me the beauty of words. I've never been much of a poet myself, but I try, and I know I wouldnt even be trying if it weren't for many of the greats, but mostly her. R.I.P. Maya Angelou, the caged bird is now truly free.
Strong chance the same people confusing Maya Angelou for Rosa Parks are those who confused Nelson Mandela with Morgan Freeman.
Yup! Just like Betty White and Morgan Freeman “I don't know why but I expected Maya Angelou to live forever.”
Maya Angelou. Bill Cosby. Morgan Freeman. Stevie Wonder. Are all people I'll never expect to pass, they're supposed to live forever
Tyler Perry is to Madea as Morgan Freeman is to Maya Angelou.
If Cicely Tyson, Morgan Freeman, Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier and Maya Angelou ended up in the same room, we might time travel backwards.
People I have to ask "are they still alive" Morgan Freeman, Betty White, Bill Cosby, Bob Barker, Maya Angelou, Hugh Hefner, Cicely Tyson...
We did it: Oprah, Maya Angelou, Morgan Freeman, Lady Gaga, Natalie Portman, Ellen, Fallon, Stern, Kimmel, Obama, Biden, Clintons all the hippies and baby boomers, thank you and to so many others for bringing us out of fear and into love, bravery and independence again. We did it and we can sustain it if we live in moderation this time. I think we can.
Obama has Morgan Freeman and Maya Angelou. Romney has Donald Trump and Hank Williams Jr.
Maya Angelou been sipping that same drank as Morgan Freeman and Cicely Tyson them.
Dr. Maya Angelou, Morgan Freeman, Prof. Wole Soyinka & James Earl Jones... I'll kill to have their Diction, i love it when they speak.
I could vote for Bill Cosby, Orpah Winfrey, Condoleezza Rice, Maya Angelou, or Morgan Freeman. But not for the incumbent... It's not a racial thing for me it's a respectful thing...
Bucket List: 1. Sit and have a "coffee clatch" with Maya Angelou and Oprah 2. Visit Canada and toss a penny off Niagara Falls 3. Go to Hawaii 4. Smoke with Jr. Gong Marley and Nas 5. Drive a snowmobile thru the McDonald's Drive-Thru in Alaska 6. Find a giant grassy field with a steep hill and roll down it in a giant hampster ball 7. Record a song with Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake 8. Sail on an oceanliner painted to resemble the Battlestar Galactica with my friends Erika Tate, Bethany Ford and the entire cast of the show except Richard Hatch 9. Have a drink with "The Most interesting Man in the world." 10. Do a movie with Jason Statham as The Transporter, Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, Kathy Bates as herself and Morgan Freeman as "GOD."
Wouldn't you just love to be in a room with Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones and Maya Angelou while they talk to each other?
Julie Andrews is the best narrator ever, next to James Earl Jones or Oprah Winfrey or Morgan Freeman or Maya Angelou. Well that was a list.
rofl @ lizard lick towing.. This process server got "smacked in the face" yet it hit his shoulder lightly and his nose is bleeding? i'm an addict for awful tv.. but in reality his voice cracks me up. It's a mixture of Maya Angelou, Bill Cosby, James Earl Jones, and Morgan Freeman. just thought you should know :D
Samuel L Jackson, Maya Angelou, Danny Glover, and Morgan Freeman all watched Jesus being crucified on the cross live in action
I swear idk who's going to kick the bucket first: Sam L. Jackson, Bill Cosby, Maya Angelou, or Morgan Freeman.
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