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May Jehovah

Kingdom Hall Jehovah Shalom

I celebrate you my friends Maxwell and *** Martins. May Jehovah guide you all.
I believe we have Jehovah Jireh, The Lord our provider! Pray to Him that you may be forgiven for denying His Power!
May his sould rest in peace. May the LORD GOD JEHOVAH; give his family and friends solace and strength
Jehovah (True God): Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you. Isaiah 49:15
. Thank you so much for this message dad it just what I needed. May Jehovah bless
Agreed. It may seem bad at times but Jehovah and his organization will come through for you.
They were just kids who were going to school, they just went into the wrong taxi that ended up killing them😭😭😭 May God Jehovah be with them
I raised my faith in God becoz of you. May Jehovah God bless you mightily. May you continue to recieve mighty blessings
A quote from a former Jehovah's Witness below. May it not be so anytime we have the opportunity to share the...
>> ...when others are serial killers and (serial) rapists. May Jehovah have mercy on us
May Jehovah keep you and your field ministry group safe.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Satan may have tried to remove Jehovah's name from the face of the earth but he didn't suceed.
Respect the beliefs of every sector of the Church. May it be Catholic, Protestant, INC, Jehovah's Witness, etc.
Recording the fact that you shut the door in a Jehovah's Witness' face...does that make you proud? You may not follow them but don't be rude
Psalm 51:15. O Jehovah,. open my lips,. So that my mouth may declare your praise.
Ima let you finish but God is awesome...and I feel like I re-learn that everyday. Happy Sabbath, may Jehovah bless and guide you daily.
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Lost one to the world. I'm sorry that's happening. May Jehovah comfort and strengthen you and your husband.
I was woken up by Jehovah's witnesses the other day. may have been a little excessive in retrospec…
One thing I have asked from Jehovah.that I may dwell in the house of Jehovah all the days of my life.—Ps. 27:4.
This is so that they may believe that Jehovah . . . has appeared to you.—Ex. 4:5.
May JEHOVAH have mercy on you! . May the GOD I serve REMEMBER you and wipe away your tears in the name of JESUS!
JEHOVAH'S WITNESS: may we come in for a moment?. ME: by all means please, enter my den of sin
This year, may JEHOVAH GOD open for you doors that no man, no power can shut in JESUS mighty name.
May He who is the Brahman of the Hindus, the Ahura-Mazda of the Zoroastrians, . the Buddha of the Buddhists, . the Je…
Because right now, he specifically may be protector to you, but months from now your focus is gonna be on that Jehovah Jireh aspect
Jehovah-Jireh will provide. Jehovah-Rapha will heal. Jehovah-Shalom is Peace. May healing and peace dwell throughout the land.
That they may know that thou alone, whose name is Jehovah, Art the Most High over all the earth. Psalm 84 For the C…
That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth. – Psalm...
2. We are indeed a people taught by Jehovah! I'm so happy to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses! May Jehovah's name be sanctified…
Others may call it Allah, Jehovah, Goddess, the Universe, ki, intuition, vibes, or just good instincts.
May Jehovah give us the strength to continue in the great privilege work of preaching.
The moment U realize people may or not pay attention, continue praising Jehovah 4 always looking at every smallest detail U can't see.
Hallelujah Jehovah!! I arrived 2Orlando & received an increase in faith. Thank Jehovah 4 great trip down. May the trip back B even greater!
The man from bantema has said it all, , thank him very very much may the almighty Jehovah bless him with more wisdom.
They were making and bowing down to their 9:3
may be because ITS Jehovah God 's design!
Though the sorrow may last for the night but joy comes in the morning .still counting my blessings .Ndewoo Jehovah
It's actually sad how people will go out of their way to ruin someone's day, May Jehovah help you
You may experience existential conflict as you reconsider your... More for Sagittarius
I wonder what it was like being a cover model hired for this May's issue of Watchtower (Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom)
correct me oh Jehovah,. However with judgment, not in anger, that you may not reduce us to nothing
I want to remain bless with Gods word in my mind and hopeful to Jehovah no matter how dark the night may be there is a bright day in view
Yay, at long last a Record Sweep that may actually be interesting.
Early we rise to praise you and commit our day into your hands. TODAY may Jehovah hear your cry and order your...
May Jehovah give us strength to withstand anything life throws at us.
Life's hard I know but living is GRACE. May your GRACE and LOYAL LOVE never depart from me. Forever Thankful Jehovah
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He does not fear bad news, nor live in dread of what may happen. For he Is settled in his mind that Jehovah will...
A good morning to you Activate Family and may your day be full of Jehovah Yahweh's blessing to you. Here are our...
Thank you Jehovah for your protection all day and as the night comes May your Angles keep watch over us
Thursday, May 21: [Hezekiah] kept doing what was right in Jehovah’s eyes.—2 Chron. 29:2.When Ahaz died in 746 ...
May UR husband surprise Uat work every chance he's blessed 2 sneak up on U? Even if it's only 2say Hallelujah Jehovah be4U?
Jehovah I ask that I may no longer seek out side of you for love, so that you may fill my life with the love I deserve.
Where ad. In ad am. Br ad is off etc. Jehovah Abbas father. Elohim etc not multi some may he differed but also just like English Spanish.
Repent and return to JEHOVAH!. Acts 3:19 "Therefore repent and convert so that your sins may be blotted...
If I join that "community" may I be exempt from paying taxes too?
congratulations! May your resilience and story be used by Jehovah to redeem men.
May Jehovah grant us all the strength,and grace,to follow Him to the end.My heart goes out to you all,as you fight the good fight of faith.
I'm off to bed, but I do wish you a good night and I hope you sleep well. May Jehovah watch over your house tonight. Bye!
Jehovah may save but Mangovah is craved
May Jehovah Elohim Humiliate any Foreign god opposing your future plans @ where u dwell, in the Mighty Name of Jesus. http:…
Jehovah reigns. Whatever opposition may arise, His throne is unmoved; He has reigned, still reigns, and will reign foreve…
Woke up to another bright an prosperous day, May Jehovah deliver us through,
I'm so sad. I feel like I'm in a dream. 1:Coco, 2: Barry, 3: Aunty Amy, 4: Robert. Is it possible for people that are close to you to die like this. My deepest condolences to all the families. May Jehovah put his loving arms around you all and may the Holy spirit comfort you at this time. There are no words that can describe my sorrow for you all. Be strong and know that God is with you all. Loads of love from the bottom of my heart.
Chairman, Diana Hotels & Resorts Ltd Port Harcourt, Felix Aluebhosele, Saturday 28 December 2013 presented gifts to widows in Rumuigbo community, Obio Akpor LGA, Port Harcourt Rivers state as his CSR. This is an annual event. May Jehovah continue to strenghten you iJn amen.
Jehovah, i still possess the breathe of life. May Your Kingdom come.
May these terrorists who have an obsession for meet the mightiest Angel warriors of
A Big Thankyou to all who wished me a Happy Birthday Yesterday.One year older is a blessing in itself.Thanks again.May Jehovah bless you all
1 Cor 15:28c. that [Jehovah] God may be all things to everyone.
Praying for those that will be having surgery today. May Jehovah Rapha bring healing!
Thought for the day: If Jehovah has taken up our quarrel, we may leave ...
Islam is supposed to be a peaceful religion, another lie from the enemy. May Jehovah strike down the enemy! I J Name
Reminded me of how much Jehovah appreciates my efforts, my faith, and my decision to keep serving him. Difficult as that may be at times
Look! Jehovah’s slave girl! May it take place with me according to your declaration. Luke 1:38.
Jehovah, Jesus, Holy Ghost; Thank You Lord for changing us that we may see U, speak to U, hear U, and tell others about You.
May all my followers be blessed in abundance by my God who is the king of kings, Jehovah is his name. May success be your port…
May Jehovah forgive you. And may he judge you according to your deeds. I rest my case
Good morning people..may di love of Jehovah Jah bless n protect u thru.amen
I am Jehovah's most secret witness so I may just have to dedicate my life to Christmas
may JEHOVAH forgive u...dont do things to please people but rather do then fo Gods glory...
Real talk. To ALL my brothers and sisters in the truth, I truly love all of you. May JEHOVAH continue to bless you and protect you.
This is what JEHOVAH has said: Send away that they may serve me. Exodus 8:1
Psalms 106:5a. Take care of me with your acts of salvation,. So that I may enjoy the goodness you [Jehovah]. show your chosen ones,
Psalms 106:5b. That I may rejoice along with your nation, That I may proudly praise you [Jehovah]. along with your inheritance.
May your heart float upon an ocean of joy today, His Father now, He is with His most glorious Friend,
If all we look for are big signs then we may miss the "still small voice" from an almighty Jehovah.
Sometimes it is to show His power and His sovereignty, that men may know that Jehovah has a right to give or to withhold.
May Jehovah comfort and strengthen you.
May Jehovah give you wisdom to do so in moderation.
.../Repent therefore turn around to get your sins blotted out that seasons of refreshing may come from the person of JEHOVAH. Acts 3:19
We are happy to have a beautiful and a bright day. Jehovah... may you continue to protect and help us to discern what is good or bad...
"Charm may be false, and beauty may be fleeting,. But the woman who fears Jehovah will be praised." proverbs 31:30
My writer is playing on his Devil May Cry HD Collection... It's awesome! Recommend it to all. Except Jehovah's witnesses!
Happy Anniversary! May Jehovah always bless your union!
May Jehovah grant you open heavens and favor you.
Every thing may not be perfect, may have lost some the most important things in my life but I'm anticipating restoration. Thank you Jehovah!
please accept my deepest and heartfelt condolences. May Jehovah grant and others the comfort and peace to live with the loss
May you Jehovah's Grace abide with you and all who warm your heart and soul forever in Jesus name.
- You welcome.. :) .. May you and your family have a beautiful day.. Jehovah's blessings..
May the LORD GOD JEHOVAH Smile on ALL of You this day!!! Magnify Peace yo!!! CHRIST JESUS Of Nazareth is The Prince Of Peace! LOVE on Him!!!
Psalms 83:18 May people know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the Most High over all the earth.
"When infinite power and boundless mercy unite, results worthy of Jehovah may be expected." - Van Doren
We may not always travel in safe territory, but we'll never be alone. Jehovah, our Salvation, is with us. DiSV
Thank you Jehovah. Am much stronger than yesterday. May your name be praised!
Hey girl friend! May Jehovah smile on you today. Have a great day.
Jehovah Nissi is Kenya's banner.2 Chronicles 20. May Jehovah deliver us
Thanking everyone for their prayers & their well wishes, we are calling it an early night he is resting & Im calling this 44 hour shift done & over with, Im thankful that thru all the diagnosis he was given today thay are just a tittle, not a sentence, we have faith in knowing this to shall pass.i had one of his diagnosis wrong it is microvacsular angina that can cause sudden death, but again thats just a name not an acceptance.Good night bookers.May Jehovah be with us all, also I want to say again to Tria Flemons-Hensley & family our prayers & thoughts are with you all tonight.
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Just got ds info abt Peter, Paul n Jude donating 5million naira to our own OJB for his kidney transplant from Linda Ikeji. If it's really true, God am overwhelmed wt Joy. May Jehovah himself increase them beyond their expectations, May d blood that was shed on d cross of Calvary always plead their cause, may they experience peace n joy only the holy spirit can release n may our blessed mother always pray 4 them amen
Hey, Mr deputy president, gd mrn ...that's what we call wisdom ..May Jehovah increase u that wisdom in u and blz u wit ur family ..amen. say hi to Mr president
Can't believe Georges Xavier Lerro is gone. My spiritual big brother passed away yesterday night after giving his last talk at the meeting last night at the Kingdom Hall. Such a shocking news! Can't stop crying! can't believe it! May Jehovah sustain Marie-Laure and her children during this painful period of their lives!
I believe in red of TNA and MANRED win by today. May Jehovah hear my cries
Fuel Price Increase? 50% on my poor LPG? Retaining Mr. Rooster and his collaborators through both fair and foul means was akin to committing national suicide.Where did we go wrong? This is what we reap when we decide not to vote on issues of mutual concerns and resort to trivialities. When JM was selfishly sloganeering 'edey bii k3k3' for some of us to sheepishly join him chorus , did we pause for a moment to establish the true meaning of that? .and so ask: where is Kwasi Pratt, where is Ato Ahwoi's formula, where is the once vibrant CJA, is this the same ndc that made noise about fuel prices some years ago? Why have some voices vanished suddenly. Our social commentators are simply dishonest and inconsistent. My heart weeps for mother Ghana, for this is national suicide ! May Jehovah continue to grant us patience !
Janauary 28,2006 was the day that change my life forever,I decided after visiting betel for my graduation and seeing the wonderful smiles of the friends working so hard that I wanted to be part of this brotherhood and can't nothing compare to that date that change my life forever and right after I became a regular pioneer Sept. 2006 and did it for two yrs and experience 5 different languages now I am looking forward of goin bk to spanish and serving has a pioneer again in that language. May Jehovah get the praise:-)
I won't be on for a few days. I had a death in the family. My sister died of cancer. She was in her early 50's. May Jehovah be with you's.
May Jehovah bring His Church into a time of open eyes and hearing ears, for our world seeks such a people to direct her affairs. May we acknowledge and model the supremacy of the Creator as we walk worthy of the calling of God in us.
May Jehovah be with you president Mwai Kibaki.You have delivered us across R. Jordan!
THE RESUME OF JESUS CHRIST BY Tarrent-Arthur Henry THE RESUME OF JESUS CHRIST Address: Ephesians 1:20 Phone: Romans 10:13 Website: The Bible. Keywords: Christ, Lord, Savior and Jesus Hello. My name is Jesus -The Christ. Many call me Lord! I have sent you my resume because I am seeking the top management position in your heart. Please consider my accomplishments as set forth in my resume. Qualifications: I founded the earth and established the heavens, (See Proverbs 3:19) I formed man from the dust of the ground, (See Genesis 2:7) I breathed into man the breath of life, (See Genesis 2:7) I redeemed man from the curse of the law, (See Galatians 3:13) The blessings of the Abrahamic Covenant comes upon your life through me, (See Galatians 3:14) Occupational Background I've only had one employer, (See Luke 2:49). I've never been tardy, absent, disobedient, slothful or disrespectful. My employer has nothing but rave reviews for me, (See Matthew 3:15-17) Skills Work Experiences Some of my skills and work experi ...
PROFESSOR MRS KEMENE OKONJO RELEASED Compliments. I can confirm that Professor Mrs Kamene Okonjo, wife of the Obi of Ogwashi-Uku, Professor Chukuka Okonjo and mother of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy/Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was released this morning, five days after her abduction. The Okonjo Family is full of thanks to the Almighty for this happy development. The family is also highly appreciative of the support and encouragement of President Goodluck Jonathan; the Country's security services for their excellent operations; Governors Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta, Peter Obi of Anambra, Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers and other Governors as well other friends and well wishers within and outside government for their prayers and encouragement during a very difficult period. May God bless you all. Paul C Nwabuikwu Special Adviser to the Coordinating Minister
We play Mali in our semi-final later today. Your prayers are highly appreciated. God bless KDF! God bless Kenya!!
GOD’S MERCY IS ALL WE CLING TO! Psalm 130 Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD! O Lord, hear my voice! Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my pleas for mercy! If you, O LORD, should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness, that you may be feared. I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I hope; my soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning, more than watchmen for the morning. O Israel, hope in the LORD! For with the LORD there is steadfast love, and with him is plentiful redemption. And he will redeem Israel from all his iniquities. What an amazing song for the pilgrims to sing, as they returned to Jerusalem! The grace of God is so amazing and so clear in the progression of these words. In deep distress over sin, the cry goes out to the LORD: Jehovah, the One before whom man needs to take off his shoes. Here the holiness of God is magnified and the sinfulness of man is utterly exposed. There is no other way to approach God than by . ...
Imagine somebody died last night,somebody is in hospital now struggling for life,somebody cant read this,somebody is breathing his/her last breath at the moment but you the Lord has given you a better life.Is it because you are special? Think twice.98% of people ignore GOD and only 2% of people reading this will comment AMEN,LIKE and SHARE.Don't ignore God's blessings.If you are among the 2% then Shout a joyful AMEN LIKE & SHARE
In the Mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray this morning that as your day begins, may you be covered in the precious blood of Jesus. God's mercies are new every morning as the bible declares, I therefore declare that His mercies shall rain in your life. His abundant favour shall descend on you and your family. May you be enriched in spirit by His Grace. May you have divine understanding of His word when He says 'seek ye the Kingdom of God first and the rest shall be added unto you.' By His stripes you are healed. May His wisdom and understanding be granted unto your spirit. May you have immeasurable joy because you are a blessed child of the Almighty. May you be blessed and have great breakthroughs. Whatsoever you need , the great Jehovah Jireh has already provided in Jesus' Mighty name!!!
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so u find the fact that I may die a lol matter yh! Kmt you Jehovah's Witness's lol
May I take this opportunity to thank all the staff, students, clients and friends of Pambo school for the support and commitment so far. My warm greetings to all On 2nd Dec we had a breakfast meeting with all the Pambo alumni currently working with Pambo salons .We do not only train but also offer employment after training for the best. Currently we have 14 in various outlets. See the breakfast pics 5th Dec the school conducted hair clinic in Kiboswa market where over 200 clients received hair and beauty services FREE. The reception was marvelous . Very good experience for the students who worked nonstop from 10 am to 5pm. The locals are demanding for a repeat. See pics 10th Dec 2012 Pambo school [KONDELE CAMPUS] was born.That makes the 5th Pambo outlet. The same day 40 students enrolled. 12th Dec 2012 was a unique date and remains special and memorable our in our minds.The school visited Bouye compassion center supporting over 200 orphaned children from one day old to school going youths.We shared food . ...
Thank You Lord for Such a Blessed day, We ask for more of your protection as we go about our normal duties and may you grant us success in all we do this day forward. Your Name is Jehovah, and may your name be praised Lord God my Saviour , AMEN!
Do you know that only 16 days left and we say bye bye to 2012? Some slept yesterday and did not wake up today? We're sinners but God showed mercy? God still has plans for you before this year ends. Some mates are there in jail without committing any crime. You got your daily food yesterday but somebody somewhere did not have any. GOD LOVES YOU. Could you just LIKE and SHARE this status and write THANK YOU LORD!! Ignore if He has never done anything to you and remember He is watching
Here is the Proverb for 12/14/12 Proverbs 14:1-35(ASV) 1 Every wise woman buildeth her house; But the foolish plucketh it down with her own hands. 2 He that walketh in his uprightness feareth Jehovah; But he that is perverse in his ways despiseth him. 3 In the mouth of the foolish is a rod for his pride; But the lips of the wise shall preserve them. 4 Where no oxen are, the crib is clean; But much increase is by the strength of the ox. 5 A faithful witness will not lie; But a false witness uttereth lies. 6 A scoffer seeketh wisdom, and findeth it not; But knowledge is easy unto him that hath understanding. 7 Go into the presence of a foolish man, And thou shalt not perceive in him the lips of knowledge. 8 The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way; But the folly of fools is deceit. 9 A trespass-offering mocketh fools; But among the upright there is good will. 10 The heart knoweth its own bitterness; And a stranger doth not intermeddle with its joy. 11 The house of the wicked shall be overthrown; B ...
ミ★Bible Text for Tuesday, Dec 14th★彡 That which corresponds to this is also now saving you, namely, baptism.—1 Pet. 3:21. How would you describe the purpose of baptism? Some might think that it is to protect them from giving in to sin. However, baptism is not a contract that restrains you from doing things that you would secretly like to do. You should get baptized when you are fully aware of what being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses involves and when you are sure that you are ready and willing to take on this responsibility. (Eccl. 5:4, 5) One reason to undergo baptism is that Jesus commissioned his followers to “make disciples . . . , baptizing them.” (Matt. 28:19, 20) Moreover, baptism is an important step for those who want to be saved. This does not mean, though, that baptism is like an insurance policy that you obtain in case a disaster should strike. Instead, you get baptized because you love Jehovah and want to serve him with your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.—Mark 12:29, 30 ...
Please pray for me, my children, marriage and husband. For me.I am praying for strength, wisdom, healing from a broken heart , employment and to get my son back from my has been a difficult couple of years for me.I had so much faith and believed.and now I am drained and don't have children are so unhappy living with their father and step mom and step siblings .and it hurts me because of my financial situation, I can't do anything for them or see them as much as I like because they live an hour away from daughter has so much anger.and my son is acting out.I am asking for prayer for my marriage. my husband left 8 month's ago.he has been very verbally, emotionally and mentally abusive.he was all about our marriage and me.but when he came home over a yr ago.he changed.he has me on a emotional roller coaster. one minute he wants us. then he does not.then he is unsure.he says he loves me.but his actions prove otherwise. When I met him.he was all about God.that is what attracted me to h ...
And I may or may not have called the cops to escort out a group of Jehovah's Witnesses.
Finallly it happened to me ye..You may not believe eve it Jehovah done it
"Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord from the heavens; praise him in the heights above. Praise him, all his angels; praise him, all his heavenly hosts. Praise him, sun and moon; praise him, all you shining stars. Praise him, you highest heavens and you waters above the skies." {Psalm 148:1-4, NIV}, morning 5 a.m Church and let us pray in Jesus name!!
A handful Zy may be,but without the help of Jehovah&Lydia,I would be lost..
++Prayer Alert++ S.T.P is requesting corporate prayer for all who are without Employment at this time: Father, In the name of Jesus, we intercede in behalf of all the unemployed. Father, You are the Supreme Authority: You have instituted all structures that provide All things neccessary to maintain healthy spiritual, mental ,emotional, & physical needs : LORD, In this economy, We are barely making ends meet but Jehovah Jireh YOU are able to supply our every need!We rely upon YOU, even When doors of opportunity are few. Circumstance of Lack causes people to think their lives are spiraling out of control. Lord, intervene & cease the enemy's lying lips! Remember your people in the midst of fear, lack & hopelessness during your celebration season:Help them to diligently seek YOU that YOU may provide reward. We ask that you would be a "Way Maker to all struggling to survive & provide for them blessings from on high:that men may see your glory & give testimony of your power, in Jesus' name we Thank you A ...
Alright I have a question and I need you all to weigh in: I have two different sets of neighbors who don't celebrate Christmas ( I actually think they are Jehovah Witness) they are sweet as can be and I wanted to give them a gift to celebrate how great of neighbors they are. Do you think it's okay or it will offend them if I brought over a box of homemade cinnamon rolls?(.I don't want to offend obviously)
May the LORD, our Great Physician, Jehovah-rophi, heal your body and soul as well as your son's; in the name of JESUS. AMEN
Who has come to know the mind of Jehovah, that he may instruct him?’ But we do have the mind of Christ.—1 COR.2:16.
Encouragement to the Body of Christ: Our God, Jehovah, reigns! To speak more plainly, He is reigning (ruling) in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of our government. God bless, Doyle Davidson
“For G-d will save Zion & build the cities of Judah: that they may dwell there, & have it in possession.” Do it Lord G-d Jehovah!
One of the many Names that we know our Great God by is Jehovah-Jireh, God my Provider. Whatever your need may be today trust in the Lord for His provision and know also that He is the provision.
"...she laughed and squirmed the sorts of laughs and squirms that Jehovah may have witnessed on the day He created misogyny."
A man went to a barber shop to have his hair cut and his beard trimmed. As the barber began to work, they began to have a good conversation. They talked about so many things and various subjects. When they eventually touched on the subject of God, the barber said: “I don’t believe that God exists.” “Why do you say that?” asked the customer. “Well, you just have to go out in the street to realize that God doesn’t exist. Tell me, if God exists, would there be so many sick people? Would there be abandoned children? If God existed, there would be neither suffering nor pain. I can’t imagine a loving a God who would allow all of these things.” The customer thought for a moment, but didn’t respond because he didn’t want to start an argument. The barber finished his job and the customer left the shop. Just after he left the barber shop, he saw a man in the street with long, stringy, dirty hair and an untrimmed beard. He looked dirty and unkempt. The customer turned back and entered the barbe ...
I pray that Jehovah God gives you good night's sleep, watches over you your friends and your family. May you be refreshed/rested, may your soul and mind be at rest and may your body be healed in Jesus's name!!!
Gen-11:1-32-(Jehovah is speaking to another person-teaching as he is up-set with their behavior)Why now there is nothing that they may have-
Customers Helping Retailers Increase Sales Through Myths And Superstition = what? Right down the first letter of each word and you'll get the answer
A WORD FOR TODAY, December 12, 2012 – Midweek Oasis Scriptures for Sunday, December 16, 2012, Third Sunday in Advent: Zephaniah 3:14-20; Psalm 85; Philippians 4:4-7; Luke 7:18-35 “But what went ye out to see?” Luke 7:26a John sent some of his disciples to Jesus to ask, “Art thou he that cometh, or look we for another?” This seems like an odd question coming from John the Baptist. After all, John was related to Jesus. Mary went to John’s mother in the early days of her pregnancy, and during that visit, John leapt for joy in Elizabeth’s womb. Though he would not have remembered that, surely his mother and other relatives shared the story of Mary’s visit when he was a child. They probably spent time together when the families gathered in Jerusalem for feasts and festivals. We also know that he identified Jesus as the Lamb of God. In the Gospel of John, John the Baptist explains the his followers that God gave him a message that he’d know the Messiah because he would see the Holy Spir ...
When you haven't learned your lesson, God will make you repeat the class.
What ever happened to Jehovah witnesses?
If you have tinsel on your tree, you may as well become a Jehovah's Witness
Its so important people of God to get into the presence of God, nothing else matters now. Infact manheru ano I want you to find yourself ryt in the holy of holies... I can see his presence, I can feel the annointing. And when I am in his presence I know I have the ryt , whatever I need he will supply..toda kungoti manheru ano open the flood gates of heaven Lord, send down your blessings, mweya mutsvene we want you to move in this place, and I know he is doing it right now.. Mutendere asangane newe manheru ano.. .. Am singing now HERE I AM to worship, here I am to bow down here I am to say that you are my God you are all together loving altogether wothy all together wonderfull to me. Share you worship song tonyt as we enter into his presence with worship and thanks giving in our hearts...
Lets pray: Heavenly Father creator of heaven and earth, Lord Ebenezer thank you for making us see the end of this day. Thank for answering our prayers and giving us a chance to be remnants of this day. We adore and worship you. Tonight Dear Father i commit all your people unto. Visit each and everyone and answer his or her prayers for the glory of your Holy name. Remember the childless, the weak, the hopeless, the sick, those who are mourning, our marriages, single fathers, single mothers, widows, widowers, orphans, jobless, the slaves, prisoners, the disabled and all others who are in dire need of your touch. Intervene in all our situations. Thank for the gift of this great nation of Kenya. This is our year of Jubilee. Lord god annoint for us good leaders to leader our country after the General elections. Bless the current leadership led by President Mwai Kibaki. Protect our nation and we curse insecurity in Jesus name. Lord God we pray for peace and harmony. How we pray for a good relationship between . ...
Just click on LIKE and God will make you see the new year.Comment,"God guide me to the new year,in Jesus name" to show your faith in God.
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Please don't post my name I would like to send a request for a Christmas miracle. I know God loves my family and I and He wants us to be happy. I'm praying for a financial blessing for my family as times are tough. We know and believe that God is our provider. I also ask in prayer for restoration for 3 relationships. God know us so well,even the hair on our heads are numbered!! I thank Gid for that. I pray that God will restore these 3 relationships and give each of us an amazing Christmas with the ones we love so dearly. I ask for bonds so strong that not even we can break them. Please God,please reconcile us. My trust is in You alone. Please bring back the love. I pray this in the Holy name of Jesus Christ.Amen
He had a brain tumor.The doctors gave him three months to live.X-Ray proved his fate.He lost his cognitive functions to the infirmity.After much praying ,miraculously he was healed.X-Rays proved it.Doctors are baffled .Listen to our guest tonight on the Big testimony as he testifies.(8.00pm-10.00pm) with Moses Lugusa.
On a preplanned day, pro-life middle and high school students place a graphic abortion postcard in as many lockers as possible.
"Don't be afraid,' the prophet answered. 'Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.' And Elisha prayed, 'Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see." 2 Kings 6:16-17a (NIV)
I invite your prayers for my father in law, Wendell Gragg who is about to have surgery. Lord guide the surgeon and may he heal fast.
I can only imagine my friends trying to wrap their head around the whole "Satanist" thing. 2,000 years of patriarchal stigma has certainly seeded its way into our subconscious. And for those who have not de-friended yourselves from me, I thank you. Recent events have compelled me to write this note briefly explaining some of my viewpoints. The average Satanist would let you think what you want and not give a *** either way. Well...I care. I don't see Satan as the evil destroyer of mankind that has been portrayed over the years. It astounds me how Christians worship a god that is responsible for the deaths and merciless massacre of millions in the Bible, not to mention the Psalm (forgive my failed memory at the moment) where it talks about "smashing their babies against the stone". In fact, Jehovah cursed ALL of humanity to death over a fruit! Satan IS a task master, yes. He IS...difficult...sometimes. But every experience I have walked away from has made me stronger. And He is currently walking ...
Dot Reed G'morning & happy Thursday family!! Dealing with some pretty severe pain in my left leg which started yesterday..can barely walk, but I'm a trooper I rarely complain & rarely let anything stop me frm doin what I need 2 do pain & all...ihowever, I do solicit ur prayers..plz pray 4 me as I pray 4 u! Have a favor filled God blessed day everybody!! Love ya!!
May you REST and ENJOY our HEAVENLY FATHER'S PEACE through CHRIST JESUS His Son, in the Power of His Precious HOLY SPIRIT with the full assurance of His Word and promise found in Exo 33:17 And Jehovah said to Moses, I will do this thing also that you have spoken. For you have found grace in My sight, and I know you by name. Exo 33:18 And he said, I beseech You, let me see Your glory. Exo 33:19 And He said, I will make all My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name of Jehovah before you. And I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will have mercy on whom I will have mercy. Exo 33:20 And He said, You cannot see My face. For there no man can see Me and live. Exo 33:21 And Jehovah said, Behold! There is a place by Me, and you shall stand upon a rock. Exo 33:22 And it will be, while My glory passes by, I will put you in a cleft of the rock, and will cover you with My hand while I pass by. Exo 33:23 And I will take away My hand, and you shall see My back parts. But My face shal ...
Declare that you are blessed inspite of what things may look like at the present Jehovah Jireth is our provider.
Dear Admin, i m a gal 22yrs,i m fair cute n sexy.I m single,i ve one child .I m lookin a responsible man to like wit.I need a man who is luvin n carin.Who wil luv me n my son.Whether white or black man.I need a grown up man nt like my age group .I m serious pls
My Wishes For You Today. May your doors of success be always open to you. May you see opportunities where other people see troubles. May the Lord's presence never hide from you. May he grant all the desires of your heart. Because of you, your family is blessed. You will always stand and not fall. Abundant wealth and good health shall be your portion now and always. Like and write Amen NOW!
As I say to Jehovah people at the door: May your God go with you, wish you well & I hope the rain keeps off Bye
Hosea 4 vs 1 - 2 The Lord has an accusation to bring against the people who live in this land, listen , Isreal to what he says "There is no faithfullness or love in the land and the people do not acknowledge me as God. They make promises and break them they lie,murder,steal and commit adultery. Crimes increase and there is one murder after another.
Think my little discussion with the Jehovah Witnessess may have worked. They avoided my door like the plague!
I've just been told we have everlasting life by Jehovah Witnesses so we may yet have time to watch them all :-)
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May they draw comfort from Isaiah’s next words, which highlight a special aspect of Jehovah’s personality.
I cannot make a world and hold it in my hands I cannot make the lightening flash across the land I cannot take a piece of clay and mold it into man But I have a father, I have a father who can. Now he sits high and looks low and guides my feet where ever I go. When I don't understand I have a f...
TOO much to do ! Decided I may turn Jehovah's Witness !!!
“Seek you Yahweh while he may be found; call you on him while he is near: (Isaiah 55:6)” time is on Jehovah!
Schizophrenia is an illness caused by demons...many person possessed may not believe in Jesus/Jehovah.
Thank you God for everything. I know that you are bigger than the obtacles I may be facing, you are my Jehovah Jireh, your love is marvelous
Hi May Jehovah continue to bless u today.
I have two beautiful girls. I love them very much. May Jehovah God bless them always.
Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long in the land which Jehovah thy God giveth thee.
This may be stupid, but, DO Jehovah Witnesses celebrate CHRISTMAS? Anybody chime in!
Now that I've beaten those Jehovah's Witnesses to death with a four-foot plush giraffe for waking me up, I guess I may as well start my day.
Im praying for the people who have been experiencing tribulations im their lives. May Jehovah bless you all. Pls be safe.
How many disfellowshipped Jehovah's Witness know they may have been disfellowshipped over organizational policy, not scripture?
May Jehovah‘s will be done in your life,family,friends and enemies.Shalom
Thank you Jehovah for a pleasant night rest. May today be good
Its JUBILEE for our beautiful nation. May Jehovah continually watch over us as we navigate through this turbulent...
Jehovah Lojiji, the God of Suddenly . is just a blessed writer! laughter for days :)
"Well may the accuser roar of sins that I have done, I know them and a thousand more, Jehovah knoweth none."
your relationship with Jehovah is your escape. Use this as an opportunity to let him mold u under fire. This may help u later on
Moses pleaded with JEHOVAH for sins of Israel that they may not be wiped out of book Ex32:32,33
It may be that Jehovah will look on mine affliction, and that Jehovah will requite me good for my being cursed this day. 2 Samuel 16:12
I curse him that blocked my career because of jealousy,that my innocent offspring may not eat.IN JEHOVAH NAME!!!
God of immediate effect . Jehovah sharp sharp
I may surrender to Jehovah and let Him work His Will through me!!! OR!! I declare WAR on God!
Good mourning; good afternoon; good nite my friend's. will be seeing you tomorrow. May Jehovah bless whatever you do.
My FB friends and family I know I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate you and love that you share your life and pictures with me. Thank you for letting be part of your life & experiences, thank you, as well, for letting me brag of my little happiness. I have a small group of FB friends & family but truly quality over quantity ❤love you guys! May Jehovah god bless you always & give you lots of happiness! Have an AWESOME day! ❤
My thoughts and prayers go out to Becky Draper, April Zachary and Family. May Jehovah bring you comfort in your time of sorrow.
You are loved! Being seated with Christ is really our starting place. It is important to understand this because it means that everything in the Christian life begins from a place of rest. The Christian life never begins with what you must do, but with what He has done. Daily Bible study for November 8, 2012 Dear Lord God our Father, we bow before Your throne of grace and acknowledge Your Sovereignity. We BELIEVE that You have the last Word in all things pertaining to Your people. We BELIEVE that You hear us and answer our prayers according to Your will, for Your will is always good. We, Your children, have just witnessed many things and actually witnessed evil at work. We actually see how Barrabas, the liar and thief, was chosen over Jesus when the people were given a choice. You, O God, have given us all a free will to choose whom we will serve. We, Your children, choose to serve You, O God our Father, and follow the Real King of kings, Lord of lords. What comes next upon our nation is in You ...
My phat daddy gone went shopping for more Christmas presents for him can't wait till me and him take Christmas pics may Jehovah let us breath to see that day I love me and mine
This is the family of Tracy Marie Berryhill /Sleeper. We want to inform friends and family that she is doing okay she's awake and alert right now. But she is losing blood at the moment. But she feeling ok She's at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City off the turner Turnpike . She is in ICU Room 24.note ICU is Close 6:30-8:30. Thank you. And may Jehovah bless each and every individual.
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May JEHOVAH-ROPHA my AMEN, rise and rejoice in knowing that HE IS ALL that I desire to be, knowing all the impossibilities that lie in the tween... I desire anyhow. Worthy is the LAMB to be praised on such a day as this... why not... ONLY he can open the seal. May the Angelic ones continue to sing without ceasing. May my bones and my mouth harmoniously praise GOD with each precious moment that has been afforded me of this life. It was on this day in 1998 that I woke up from a comatose state in the hospital in GA after being tagged for dead. I remember the fear in my heart and in the eyes of the priest that sat at my feet. As I sit with these tears streaming and burning my cheeks, I can hear him frantically saying... NO NO my sister... NO YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO BE HERE. In total chaos... GOD said differently. In all that he desire to see me fit for... I only hope I find his smile faced toward me and that he may not find regret in his heart for my restoration. For those that know me know I have fought for ...
I am refraining from analysis today and will probably be re- evaluating many things over the next days, weeks and months. However, I do want to speak briefly to the finest people I have ever worked with, the Republican leaders and workers of the 9th Congressional District of Virginia. We will have plenty of time to look at what went right, wrong or otherwise. I and many of you will need to look at the direction our nation is headed and where each of us may fit. For me, that time will come later, for today I only want to say thank you. May Jehovah bring to repentance and save America!
May Jehovah cntinue blessin en protectin us al en preserve our souls alive. May he strengthen th families of those mornin en toilin. So sry 4 those tht hv lost there lives in Ghana.
Shalom. May Jehovah continue to fight you enemies and be assured that you will have victory and peace in the midst of the storm.
hey friends! got to work late like always i need to stop dis trend... i never can seem to get here on time... well u all have a great day @ work special hello to my family and over all may Jehovah keep us safe in Jesus name
Brothers and sisters , how different are our times compared to the times of this Levite? Look how far he travelled from to find Micah worshipping idols and accepting the appointment as the personal priest to Micah's family not because he wanted to deal with idolatory in the family but just because of the reward. God cannot bless us , because our Levites are not about turning us to God but about the reward. Judges 17 vs 7 - 13. May Jehovah grow your faith and knowledge
Great treagedy has hit my country today at 9:30am.a shopping centre with the company name melcom has collapse of which the number of people in there are not eyes are wet with tears may Jehovah grant any one under this building a favour.may we continue to pray for his kigndom to take place on this earth to wipe out all these calamities.
Well done Mr President Gods blessing. Favor hover over and around you and your family may Jehovah guide your every footsteps. your thought as you lead this nation for the next four years.
Area dry & things are hard now. May Jehovah help us.
The greatest achievement is to do what people say u can't do , may jehovah empower us to reach our goals in life and even more
Bible prophecies are much more evident. Pple in nigeria now die from deadly diseases. D faithful slave class are helping us 2 be alert. May make good use of these warnings & reminders. May Jehovah help us.
May Jehovah d God of comfort see all Wht u r pass tro & comfort u!
May Jehovah the God of all comfort,console the families of our fellow christain Jehovah's Witnesses who lost their life on their way to the district convention.And give them d fortitude to bear the lost,as we all await the resuration of our dead loved ones
I was truly astonished @ the fact Romney won voting % over Obama here in Texas ...I'm proud to be a Texan, yet this is still a WHITE state w/ people who are afraid of the power & strength of a BLACK man. I'm grateful for OUR win!!! Congratulations to all the Democratic voters!!! We have elected a MAN who truly cares... MAY JEHOVAH GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS IS ALL!!! AMEN
Christian sisters may Jehovah keeps you firm in your conviction,your price is drawing near.
There is a melody in my heart today,may jehovah be praised!
Oh! My God, what is it dix time? what have I done wrong? may Jehovah be with me in this critical time
May JEHOVAH out of his willfull mercies help me to make a good and wise decision on this matter.
The official statement coming out just now from the Justin Turney camp: "In the course of the history of man when a nation populated by God's people become incredibly self-centered and despondent it seems that the Almighty Living God of the universe give man over to the hands of those who will bring presecution and discourse so that there is put into proper perspective what really matters and will separate true followers of the God Most High from religious zealots who know not of true divinity but rather false inclinations of self exaltation. America, I officially welcome you to this reality. We have forgotten the One who loves us and gave himself for us. We have turned from the Living God and turned to a false god that is manifested in our reflection. May Jehovah forever be exalted and may forever be humbled in even the smallest thoughts of Him."
America, we all need to get behind Our President Barack H. Obama to get this country Forward. We Love President Barack H. Obama. May Jehovah Jireh bless and watch over the USA. Jehovah Jireh Bless America. God Bless America
TWO BOXES God's Boxes I have in my hands two boxes, Which God gave me to hold. He said, "Put all your sorrows in the black box, And all your joys in the gold." Two Boxes From Me to YouTwo Boxes From Me to You I heeded His words, and in the two boxes, Both my joys and sorrows I stored, But though the gold became heavier each day, The black was as light as before. With curiosity, I opened the black, I wanted to find out why, And I saw, in the base of the box, a hole, Which my sorrows had fallen out by. I showed the hole to God, and mused, "I wonder where my sorrows could be!" He smiled a gentle smile and said, "My child, they're all here with me.." I asked God, why He gave me the boxes, Why the gold and the black with the hole? "My child, the gold is for you to count your blessings, The black is for you to let go." BLESSINGS TOO YOU AND FAMILY IF U EVER FEEL LIKE U HAVE MORE LOAD ON YOUR SHOULDERS OR IN YOUR HEART GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES ,OR GO TO A QUIET PLACE AND TALK TO JEHOVAH GOD LET HIM CARRY YOUR ...
May Jehovah provide a full reward for you
May jehovah help our brothers & sisters that were involved in motor accident
Some slimey sneaky appostate who I was trying to block and couldn't so cliked like to unlike and gethim away...noticed he was still onmy page like and reunlikede him off of there. If you (APOSTATE) think you can sqiurm like a worm or snake into my page...MAY JEHOVAH BLOCK YOU! You are NOT welcome here!
To my boy.John "D". boy.we are so sorry for you loss.maintain Bro.we are here if you need us.remember that "superhero" piece you shared.You know what is fam.May Jehovah be with you.and the family.
Gud night pals. Pls always remember to pray before you sleep. may jehovah God protect us.
Our hearts goes out to our brothers & sisters whose reletives were involved in the mishap, may Jehovah comfort their hearts
MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2012 20 members of Jehovah Witnesses Died in Road Mishap In Nigeria It was indeed a black Saturday in Akwa Ibom State, as a man, his whole family were among more than 20 members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses that got perished in a fatal road accident along the Utu Etim Ekpo road, in Etim Ekpo Local Government Area of the state. The tragic incident which occurred on their way to their annual convention in Ikot Ekpene Local Government area of the state also left 40 other members of the church severely injured. It was gathered that more than 70 members of the church had hired a Lorry from Ukanafun Local Government Area to Ikot Ekpene for the three-day annual district convention on Friday, but on their way, tragedy struck, leaving many members of the church dead. The corpses and those injured in the accident were said to have been taken to nearby hospitals and mortuaries. May Jehovah console the families of those affected. *crying*
Dear Friends: Thank you very much for your e-mails and text messages asking how we are doing. We are doing fine and the Bethel Family in all three complexes are fine. There were no injuries and in Brooklyn they are dealing with a few issues due to the flooding. We received an unprecedented display of loving kindness by the U.S. Branch Committee when they announced on Monday morning that the Bethel Family in Brooklyn did not have to come in to work on Tuesday due to the expected high winds, flooding, and flying debris. This is a first. However, it underscores the loving concern of our brothers. Later that day at lunch, the U.S. Branch Committee made another announcement advising those at Patterson and Wallkill that lived in the Patterson Inn and off-site housing could leave at 4:00 p.m. on Monday to avoid the storm. They also made provisions for the Bethelites to pick up food for the evening and for the next morning . Finally, they advised those at home that they would be tied in to the Monday night Watcht ...
May JEHOVAH bless your soul in all that you do.
Thanks to all of you, today has been wonderful. Your wishes, prayers and blessings have been so enriching and humbling. With all of you out there showing such love and care, my life couldn't have been better. I am blessed to be loved by you. May Jehovah God cause Host face to shine upon you and bring you to the Land flowing with Milk and honey. Keep on shining cos that makes us also shine. God bless you.
Preaching couples/singles just out of an educational program. Congratulations everybody! You all look so happy. Ready to serve where the need is great. May Jehovah bless your self-sacrificing efforts. Your love for Jah is great and for your brothers. He must be very proud of you all. Joey Lomas and wife Laura Iris Lomas (Laura Iris is in black boots and husband behind her with the huge smile)
Gudnte and may Jehovah watch over u tonight.
Praying for brighter days when everyone in the world can have peace &love in their minds & hearts & smiles upon their faces! In the meantime thanking God above for my loving heart that does not judge & always forgives, my hand that always gives to anyone in need. People are so mean these days may Jehovah bless them w/the fruitages of his holy spirit as well as myself, in the name of Jesus Christ AMEN!
Brothers and sisters, do we still have prophets of God out there who do only what God wants them to do? I mean prophets who do it not for a reward. I love Balaam, a true spiritual being without material interest. He is not intimidated nor corrupted by the rage of the king and his rewards, but only says what God says. This is the type material of a believer God can use. What type are you? Numbers 24 vs 10 - 14. May Jehovah grow your faith and knowledge.
Good morning is election day so get out and let your voice be heard! I'll be working the poles here in Tucson not for dollars but for! Obama four more...may Jehovah god bless.
Friend, in every prayer of mine pls pray 4 love and richly wisdom of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, rule i our hearts.And pls let each 1 of us look out not 4 his own interests, but also 4 the interests of others , that is love . May JEHOVAH OF ABRAHAM have mercy on us all,thank u i love all.
May all who seek ur downfall get network problem, may de Devil b out of coverage area in ur life. may de problem dat comes ur way b put 2 call divert. May Jehovah God bless u all my dear friends.
anadER day Comes...gO 2 WORk..mAY JEHOVAH GOD guide me.. iLoveyOU My family!
Thank u all for ur msgs yesterday may jehovah God be with u all.I really love u all.You rock my world!
Thanks to JEHOVAH for a successful wedding, and everyone that came, and did not come because of some good reasons. May JEHOVAH bless you all.
It does feel good to be a university graduate. How elated I am that Jehovah in his infinite mercy made me come this far. To Mum & Dad, U are indeed a blessing to me, u gave me hope. U saw through it all. My prayer for u is; May Jehovah keep u.
For those brothers in Akwa Ibom state who lost their lives in obedience to Heb.10:25; May Jehovah the God of comfort see!
R.I.P Mark Reynold Armah. May Jehovah keep you in his memory till we meet again in Paradise. Will always and forever love you !❤❤❤
May Jehovah keep her in his memory. And you'll see her soon again.
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May Jehovah bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse or seek to harm Israel, as He promised to do.
I thank all my friends here who make out time 2 attend my mum's burial on Saturday. May Jehovah be with u all.
Wife and I agreed yesterday; our goal is to be baptized at our Circuit Assembly next year in March!! :-D May Jehovah bless our path!!
My prayers to those affected by Sandy. Stay safe and may Jehovah protect you.
Thanks to everyone that helped our CHS Band get to where they are now. You great contributions during there fund raisers is what made it possible. These are a great group of wonderful kids and they worked their tail ends off to make Clovis Proud. Jacob I want to say I Love You With All my Heart. You were a great Drum Major but more than that You Are An inspiration to many. I will see you when you get back home. May Jehovah travel with all of you and bring you home safe.
"May Jehovah reward the way you act, and may there come to be a perfect wage for you from Jehovah the God of (cont)
This story hits me deep!! It must be so hard to go thru something like this! Seeing as my family and Whitney's family are of the same religion I'm glad that so many, not only our fellow Jehovah's Witnesses brothers and sisters, are reaching out! She has given one of the greatest witnesses of all! I wish she would still be here to see it! May Jehovah keep her in his memory! Agape
may Jehovah Shalom envelope u today.
We lost a beloved sister! May Jehovah's blessings be with the family of innocent victim Whitney Heichel of Gresham, OR. Agape' We will see her soon!
may Jehovah Rophi send speedy recovery in Jesus name
Hey hope all of you are fine. The weekend is long so take very good care of yourself and may Jehovah be with you...
Whitney Heichel was a wife/sister/daughter and only 21 years old. May Jehovah keep you in his memory.
"May your heart feel the warmth and love that we are sending." May Jehovah be with you in your time of lost.
May Jehovah God by means of His Son Jesus Christ,receive all the glory.For I am but a brother sowing seeds for our Father. He makes it grow.
May jehovah God protect us as we sleep
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Since the discovery that Holt was also going to the Kingdom Hall the news shows video of the husband with a beer bottle in his hand and puts the Sign of the Kingdom Hall up. The media is a mess. Circuit Overseer, in one of my best friend's congregation said at an assembly, just two months ago, that he has had to deal with two murders in the congregations since he has been a circuit overseer. He stated that we need to work on our personality. So true. This is experience for those elders on that body, not always do you have to judge a case like this, however, many will be brought back in the resurrection who may have similar histories, so now is the time to learn mercy and compassion. Sin has its degrees but is still under the blood of Jesus and all things can be forgiven. May Jehovah grant these ones strength to cope with an such awful and tragic situation.
No parent should ever lose their child. May Jehovah protect us all from untimely death in Jesus name amen.
May Jehovah be with the heichel family... So sad!
We sadly lose another member to our spiritual family. May Jehovah give her family strength.
kudos to KDF.being in somalia to defend Kenya is not a small challenges.may Jehovah God of host keep u protected.
Morning to u too and thank u 4 such kind words hey:) Morning my darlings♡ may Jehovah Bless you & Protect you.
Since if Armagedon does not come,Paradise will not come.And Jehovah will not destroy his faithful servants with the wicked ones.May Jehovah help us to remain firm throughout the whole great tribulation.
May Jehovah have mercy to the families of the uniport 4. Mostly there mothers.Give the family strength in this trying period.Shame on Rivers state govt and the Nigerian police with the community involved .Another prove that the nation is not working. Shame,shame ,shame .!
They say tomorrow never comes but tomorrow is definately coming and i just cant wait!!!May Jehovah help all of us to be there and BENEFIT.!
Well it is that time again, time to hit the sack, Pray you all have a good night rest. Pray we all get the greatest wake up call in the morning. Sending love out to my family. Sending lots of kisses & hugs out to my babies Chevy & Jaz. Granny will always love you both. May Jehovah look after you until next time we meet. Sending Love Out To You Cornelius My One And Only Son. Take Care All!!!
Lord lift up a standard against the situation and may Jehovah Shalom cover anthony w peace in Jesus name.
God bless Prophet Abraham Nadutey, a mentor & a big brother...thank you for being a blessing to the people of Columbus, Ohio. May Jehovah favored you & increase you!!!
I want to officially thank everyone who assisted the Barbour family with their move this past Saturday. May Jehovah bless all of you in return 100 fold for your generosity in assisting our family with getting settled in. THANK YOU
When your enemy falls,do not rejoice; and when he is caused to stumble, may your heart not be joyful, that Jehovah may not see-Prov 24:17,18
Good Morning! Let's pray that no one is affected physically by Hurricane Isaac. Worldly possessions you can replace but life is much more precious. Remember those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Most of us were affected emotionally for those who lost their homes as well as their lives. So may all of us pray that everyone make it through safely. May Jehovah continue to bless all of you.
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Dear Jehovah's Witnesses please forgive me but my mother and many of my family died and I have been in too much grief . I am a member of The Church of England now and study the Holy Scriptures with them and share Holy Communion . Please feel free to keep in touch . May Jehovah's love and the Lords peace be with you all . Thankyou love David John Smith .
Thank God for the gift of life. A chat out to our brothers and sisters who will be at the new Kingdom Hall site for some work. May Jehovah be your strenght.
Mr. Prez, may the good LORD keep u till we all meet again. May Jehovah EL shaddai give u a peaceful trip to where He has prepared for u.
Headed to the Kingdom Hall to meet the group in an effort to make disciples. May Jehovah bless the efforts of all of us worldwide as his ministers! What a loving and wonderful Brotherhood we have!
Afta watching d videos: "NOAH He walked with God" and "DAVID, He trusted in Jehovah", I wept profusely, I cried out loudly, I will I serve Jehovah like Noah and David! May Jehovah give me d strength 2 Serve Him as David and Noah did
*As a mother i am relieved and happy!!! I have followed d story of cold-blooded murder of an innocent guy since last boxing day, hence my reaction ds am wen i heard it via Sky dat d guy(Stapleton) who shot Anuj Bidve(Indian student) in d head, at point blank last Boxing Day, in Salford Manchester, has been jailed for life, and he is 2spend at least 30year!!! Why am i happy? As if wot he dd wasnt bad enof, it was reported he laughed, smirked after he gunned d guy down and boasted he killed him! Few days later, he tattooed a 'teardrop'' (a sign used by gangs 2mark d person had killed som1), under his right eye - Wot a Psycho!!! mcheeew!!! Ddnt show any remorse during his trial, he was quoted to have said, he was very happy he killed the Indian student bec Anuj Bidve shdnt be in UK! Thank God he is now locked away. May Jehovah protect our children wherever they go IJN amen.
May Jehovah bless you all, each and every one of you who slave out of a pure heart, my dear integrity keepers... ZzZzZzzZ
There is no like or comment selection for this, so, I shared. This is so sweet. Jesus was a little boy when he started his preaching work. May Jehovah bless this little boy. :)
To my Wonderful Friend Tanisha! Tanisha, I hope everything works out for you and your husband in this time of grief. Hang in there, do what is right, endure and continue to fight! It will all work out for the best, in the long run, even if we have to suffer major inconveniences right now (for they are a short test of our faith). Remember to that being at the Kingdom Hall is like being in Jehovah’s caring hands. There you are able to throw your burdens on Jehovah and experience a measure of inner calm (Isaiah 59:1, Psalms 55:22 and Phillipians 4:13). However, I sincerely hope that your loved one returns home safely. May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts. Love Always Gina
Always loved how Moses cared about Jehovah's name, may we imitate his example and understand the mind of Jehovah for this world!
Opportunity knocks but once, if you hear a second knock, it may be a Jehovah's Witness.:)
Welcome to the month of PERFECTION. i pray that Jehovah will make everything perfect in your life now and always. HAPPY NEW MONTH TO ALL MY FACE BOOK FANS. And a big one goes to all those who were born in this month of perfection Just like me, May Jehovah continue to guide and guard you as you Journey through this earth and i pray that we won't miss the glorious crown.
Congrats May Jehovah who gave u joy continue to provide all blessings & guidiance to u & d snatcha baba.
my dearest mum today u ar 62 whaaoo! May Jehovah grant u many mo happy returns coz u ve been th greatest mum of all loving, caring etc etc wat more can a daughter like me ask for!! you have been great
Jehovah's Witnesses may have to pay millions
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
May Jehovah the God of all comfort guide and protect me as i leave port harcourt for imo state.On my way to owerri now.O JEHOVAH PLEASE MANAGE ME AS YOU SEE ME...
I will call unto Jehovah, that he may send THUNDER...(1 Samuel 12:17 NBA)
Thanx to everyone who remembered this special day of mine & wished me well today. May Jehovah's blessings be your portion, gudnyt & sweet dreams.
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