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May God Bless

Happy Birthday Happy Mother Red Skelton God Bless America Good Luck Emergent Church High School Holy Mass First Holy Communion Happy Anniversary Happy Mothers Day

Good Afternoon to FB Family, I hope your Monday is treating you good! May God Bless, Comfort, Protect, all of our children who are in school. I plead with you parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties to get involve with your children's education. I just want to share with you why it is so important to get involved. We are spending a lot of money for education, it's a huge chunk!! This past session, the State of New Mexico, we as legislatures appropriated the following, THOUGH I'am facing some " REPERCUSSIONS " only because I had voted against the House Budget (HB2), the Senate Budget (SB 313) added more funds, (WHICH IT INCLUDED MY DISTRICT AND OTHER RURAL DISTRICTS). This was done with a good "bi-partisan" COMPROMISE. NOT, by PARTY LINE. So here is the outcome - PUBLIC EDUCATION: This year we appropriated $2.74 BILLION, for public education, an increase of $171 MILLION. (Which, I wholeheartedly supported, because it includes rural/my district) The STATE EQUALIZATION GUARANTEE DISTRIBUTION to school di . ...
Dahil sa trending spot kagabi maraming willing to donate and vote for Loisa!! Thank you sa inyo. May God Bless you! :)
(Q.13) Our son has left the Catholic Church and is now a Messianic Jew, he argues that we should not have statues, pictures or images of Jesus in our house. How do we respond to him? ~ Please join us in praying the Rosary for Fr. John Corapi and all falsely accused Priests. May God Bless and reward you!
Oh Lord... I am in total Shock at the sudden jolting news & tragic demise of one of my all time favourite actor Robin Williams. I grew up watching in awe this amazing soul who not only made the world & I laugh starting from 'Happy Days' & 'Mork & Mindy' to 'Good Morning Vietnam', 'Patch Adams', 'Aladdin', 'Hook', 'Birdcage', 'Mrs. Doubtfire' & 'Dead Poets Society' (amongst many others) but also made us cry in films like 'What Dreams May Come', 'Awakenings' & 'Goodwill Hunting' of which the list goes on & on... His talent & timing was unmatched by any other. His energy was awesome!! I along with millions will miss him dearly. He was one of my inspirations as an Artiste. He told the world to 'Wake-Up' in 'Good Morning Vietnam' & who could have imagined that he would leave us so soon at the age of 63 only... Well, the Lord Giveth & the Lord Taketh away... May he Rest in Peace & May God Bless his Soul... Thank you Lord for blessing us with Robin Williams... "God Night Mr. Williams" & "Nanu Nanu"...
I want to thank evrybody who sent me warm bday greetings. I do appreciate them and they made me feel so special. May God Bless you all...THANK YOU! @ exactly 12midnyt bahay nla 5k na pindala mo u
Watching the Greg Allman tribute on WYES. "Whippin Post" solo is what music is all about. May God Bless
Buchtel United Methodist Church...I am going to miss you today...Going to listen to my friend Steve Cox at First United Methodist Church deliver the message this morning. May God Bless everybody today and everyday. Amen!
Just want to congratulate our new Presiden Republic Indonesia Mr. Ir. H Joko Widodo and our Vise Presiden Mr. H. Jusuf Kala...May Allah SWT guide you through to make our country a better place to live and show the world that we are a great country, best of luck and May God Bless you.!
May God Bless and protect our border patrol agents.
As of friday i want be on face book for a long while we will be having Jase a 1st birthday party on 8?23 around 3 at daddys any body that wants to come can come im going to miss my face book friends alot of you feels like family to me i can ask for prayers from u all and get them and I thank you all for that May God Bless you all
My first born Julio Da Trippiest.was born on this day at 9:30 am... I will never forget that day I was scared, nervous anxious... but in the end it was all worth it... I love you mijo Happy Birthday!... wish I could be by your side and celebrate it or just give you the biggest hug my lil arms can give... May God Bless you with so many more... de parte de tu mom ke t kiere mucho y t extraña. 🎁🎉🎈
Linda thank you for this post. You're doing a good work. May God Bless the United States of America!
Thinking about Scot Alpeter today. He was my best friend who passed in 2004 and was my best friend in High School and the years following. He shaped my musical world and helped me get started with Peaches in Maple Heights. Scot started at Peaches in Cleveland at Pearl and Brookpark as the store artist under Larry Bole. Then he opened the store in Dayton, left Peaches and came back to run West Palm Beach and then moved to open Winston Salem to raise his family. I do miss him and think of him often. Just felt like sharing with any of you Peaches folks that remember what a great guy he was. May God Bless.
Update.Full Gospel Holiness Church has ended another yard sale and Poor Man's Dinner and Hotdog sale! Thank each and everyone who helped us and bought dinners, hotdogs and yardsale items! May God Bless each and everyone of you! Don't forget church tomorrow at 10:00am Sunday School and 11:00am for worship service with our amazing Pastor Ralph Rawls & then at 6:00pm evening worship! Hope to see you all there!
You are reading & believing BS. And I am now wasting time one it or you.May God Bless you.
bblal. I wish you speedy recovery. May God Bless you with long life, full of health,, happiness and safety to guide friends
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Our prayers go out to the family and friends of Ian Davis, former Fire Ant, who tragically passed away early Sunday morning. May God Bless.
May God Bless you this day with Divine favor in all your endeavors! This will be a glorious day for those who serve the…
Congratulations are in order to Jaylyn Morris and Sean Johnson on the birth of their daughter! May God Bless!
vivian ku sayongsss Happy Birthday ya😘😘 wish all the best for you may all your wishes come true😂😘 miss you😭 God bless👼👼
ok time to rest May God keep protect heal and bless us all may the angels bring us the sweetest of dreams always smile and help others
Happy Birthday brotha hope you've had a rawkin' day today. May God Bless you in your 16th birthday!! You rawk!
Good night beloved family.May God bless you and your families always...
Happy Birthday babe may be better, hope you have an amazing day, god bless you chris. Love u 😚🎉🎁
What about all the innocent people.I bet your against abortion. No problem with killing children with bombs. May God Bless You
TY so much Anita! May God continue to bless your Marine sons! Pls thank them for their service, from all of us here!
May God richly bless each of you in a way that only He can!
night night may GOD bless you all on FRIDAY 13TH ❤️
May God bless the Pickelsimer family and give them the strength to cope with this awful and tragic loss. Praying so much right now.
Soojin unnie is so kind and not the type of girl who like to flirt or something else. So, if u hate her, may God bless ur life.
it was funny god bless your soul and may you have fertile crop season for many moons. G night
Thank you! May God continue to bless you and your family.
Happy Birthday Troy, may the Lord continue to bless you with many more years of wisdom. God Bless, love ya!!
May God bless your parents for making such a beautiful species.
May God bless the memory of a legendary actress and pioneer.
happy birthdaaay! God bless you. May the Heat lose. Have a good one ☺️
may God bless all into the Kingdom of Peace...
father's day to my beloved n handsome man abah En. Ahmad Faisal bin Hj Zubir. May god bless u…
Hope everyone's summer is going great! May God bless you all😊
Congratulation to all JPS' students, who successfully promoted to the next level. May God bless you awayz. Have… —
Thank You for Following May God Bless You and Keep You. Walk with me in Faith
May God bless and keep you always, may your wishes all come true, may you always do for others and let others do for you ☺
Thank you for the CD I love it You are so friendly May God Bless you
welcome juice box , may god bless your journey . I know you'll be the man you always wanted too be .
May God Bless you for bringing this to light - perhaps more should speak up
Thanks for the follow! We really appreciate it & are blessed with our connection. May God bless U.
: May GOD Bless you Dr Sahib needs your presence on ARY Trolls on payroll of PMLN galore on other Chann…
Beautiful baby, GOD BLESS YOU, and May GOD watch over you.You are in my prayers.
Happy Birthday to ... May God bless you with health and infinite creativity !
My thoughts-prayers go out to everyone in this world to stay strong in Jesus, Have faith in God, may God bless each and every one of us:)
hi anna GD mrng anna hve ah beautiful day😊😊with lots love anna may god bless u with all things😊😊
Got to meet the precious little princess Zion today! May God bless you & ur mommy 🎀💕💖
may God bless you Karen.. you just made my week 😅😍
Happy Birthday Ekaaa, wish you all the best, may God bless you alwayss o:)
My Anthem right now. Keep making powerful music may God Bless you
God bless you all. My your Friday be great. May the sunshine sweet you.
Yes. Will do po. Not a good day to start the month. 😞 May God Bless his soul. Thanks eiz
May God bless u with loads of joy and fun in ur life. Happy… ♫ Happy Birthday by Ten2Five (w/ —
what a wonderful thing to do for this man. May God bless him and the ones who ensured the wish
I saw the 10tv news 4 the 1st time tonight and I must say you looked stunning! Thank you, May God bless Grey Wolf
If there is a God, may she bless them.
In her last film MS. RUBY played my mother. I respect & love her so so so much. May God Bless You. Heaven just got wiser.
May God bless you during this time of uncertainty and sorrow while you grieve your friends passing.Suicide can be prevented!
May the Lord bless us and keep us from all harm, and may God lead us to eternal life. Amen.
*CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES* I want to take a second and congratulate all of the High School and College Graduates! You have accomplished a major task in life. Remember, put God first and let him do the rest. Make goals in life and strive to accomplish them to your very best ability. May God bless each of you in your future endeavors. -Chris
The power outage started some years ago because the water level at Akosombo dam was low! Ghanaians prayed to God for rain, now God has answered with abundance. Our problem now is that Weija dam is overflowing, so we need a gutter that runs into the sea! Yet, we don't have water to drink in our Capital city, Accra! Is that the best our Ministers can do? Any Thinkers around? Would Kwame Nkrumah have done same? May God Bless our home land Ghana with Thinking Leaders!
Remarks by President Jonathan at the All Political Parties and Stakeholders Summit PROTOCOLS About fifteen years ago, our nation found itself at the cross roads of political determination, its stability and progress threatened, and pushed to the limit. Fear, uncertainty and a near total loss of hope took over the minds of our people. It appeared we were close to losing our way in the struggle of building a united, prosperous and democratic nation. 2. At that time, it was the political class that rose to the challenge of rescuing the Nation and steering it back, onto the path of state building and productive enterprise. This courageous struggle for our democracy was fought across ethnic and religious divides, by politicians and statesmen, who put everything at stake, including their lives, to bring back hope to Nigerians and to the Nigerian State. 3. Nigerians will still recollect the courageous struggle waged by various political associations and pressure groups notably - the National Democratic Coalitio ...
Papal Nuncio to the Philippines Archbishop Guiseppe Pinto leads toast for peace & prosperity. "May God bless the Philippines. Mabuhay!"
A Happy&Blessed Easter to all our Troops&Veterans.We pray for your safety and pray for peace.May God Bless all of you
Join us for our Night of extended Worship and Prayer! 7pm @ Calvary Chapel Chino Valley we will be studying 1Corinthians 4:14-21 in a message titled, "A Fatherly Admonishment". Open to ages 18-35 and childcare provided for kids ages 0-12. Don't forget to sign up for our upcoming retreat on July 11th-13th, cost is $50. May God Bless!
Nice job singing from the 4 year old, Darla. May God Bless her soul. I'm glad that the Jimmy Fund and Boston Red Sox gave her this opportunity and moment to sing "God Bless America!
As I serve the Lord. We started a series on RELIGION. I ask them what type of religion we needed for today? In "James 1:27- Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." There is 5 topics that will help us find out . 1 is a PERSONAL RELIGION ! We must accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. John 3:3 tells us .."Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God." It has to be a personal decision to follow Christ through Faith and Belief in Him. What is Faith look at Heb 11:1 it tells you what Faith is. All in all we must make it personal when we accept Christ, no one can do it for you. Till next time my prayer is that God blesses you richly. If you don't have a place of worship we invite you Join us at North Highland Baptist Church in Gadsden . May God Bless!!!
On Monday June 9th the Gates Keystone Club Police Bagpipe Band will be traveling to the Buffalo Airport to meet the Air Transport Plane carrying the casket of Army Sgt. Shaina B. Schmigel of Medina NY who was killed last week in a training accident while at Fort Bragg. The Band is honored to have been asked to participate in the homecoming of Sgt. Shaina B. Schmigel. Members of the Band will pipe her casket from the aircraft to an awaiting hearse and again on Wednesday to her final resting place. May God Bless this fine young American, her family, and her fellow soldiers. “In Onoraigh Ar Marbh” We Honor Our Fallen
I would like to Wish a Happy 16th Anniversary to one one of the sweetest couples on the Planet- Dad & Mom Ruth Allen! You are so blessed to have found each other! May God Bless you on your special day! We love ya! : ) Hallet Thomas Allen
Then said i, Wisdom is better than strength: Nevertheless the poor man,s wisdom is despised, and his words are n0t heard. The w0rds of wise men are heard in quite m0re than the cry of him that ruleth am0ng fools. Wis is better than weap0ns of war: but 0ne sinner destr0yeth much good. (Ecclesiastes 9:16-17-18). "GUDM0RNING" May God Bless to all Believers.. Take care ;-)
I didn't realize that today was Franklin County High School's graduation. Just want to congratulate the Class of 2014. May God Bless you. I can't not believe it has been 18 years since I graduated.
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May God Bless my son Aiden John today on his First Holy Communion! We are so proud of you and love you very much. May God Bless my nephew Anthony and my cousin's son Antonio on their communion today as well. Can't wait to celebrate this joyous occasion with you all!!!
May God Bless our troops and their families on this Memorial Day here in the USA
To all of the men and Women serving and who has served I as a Disabled Vietnam Era Vet, wish everyone a Great Memorial Day. Please make sure to tell each Veteran you see thank you for your service to this great Nation. If you see a Veteran who needs help with benefits, any injuries that occurred during service, or just struggling please call me. I am a National Service Officer with the Disabled American Veterans. I will do what I can to help any Veteran with any issues. I am located in Huntington West Virginia, but we have Offices all over the United States. Call me at (304) 399-9350 and I will help you get the process going. If you have waited for years not to file because you didn't want to bother anyone, or thought that there are people that need it more than me? I can tell you that you have earned your way when you started serving this Country. I encourage each Man and Women Veteran to seek the benefits that you have earned. PLEASE CALL ME !! May God Bless you and your Family. AGAIN PLEASE CALL ME.
To All, Please do not forget the "REAL" reason for this long weekend. While other may view this weekend as the start of summer or just another day off of work, this is a time to honor our Veterans who are no long here on earth but have gone on a higher mission in Heaven. May God Bless all those Veterans to whom we owe for our freedom. Please take the time to honor their memory. There are several events to participate in on the weekend, please attend. Here are a few of the events that I am aware of in Highlands County. The American Legion Riders, US Military Veterans MC, the VFW Riders along with many other riders will be traveling to Lakeview Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Avon Park on Monday May 26th leaving from two (2) locations. Rider North of Sebring will rally at the VFW 9853 in Avon Park on Hwy 64 and head south on Memorial to the Cemetery. Riders South of Sebring will rally the American Legion in Sebring behind the Sebring PD. KSU NLT 0830 (8:30am) in order to arrive in time for the Ceremony startin ...
Grace and Christopher singing Amazing Grace at Soulfest 2010 with Paul Colman. Then Chris and Paul sing Gloria by Paul Colman. Christopher Duffley is Blind and Autistic and loves the Lord. May God Bless? Christopher's parents for sharing God's gift with us and God's love with Christopher.
Day 5, May 18, 2014 – We are blessed with the best weather of the ride! Beautiful sunshine, even though the morning was very cool, as the day progressed, the lower 70’s was the norm. At the rider’s meeting, Jerry relayed an interesting story. Last night the Doniphan American Legion Post 300 raffled an amazing American Flag crocheted afghan. The winner was Colleen Leitschieck. Colleen has a brother, Terry Dubberly, who is a Vietnam Vet, and who is currently dying of cancer. His last wish is to be wrapped in something patriotic when he is laid to his final rest. Another little miracle happened when she was provided with the perfect answer to her brother’s wish. May God Bless, Colleen, Terry and their families. After breakfast at Grandma Max’s, 29 bikes, 4 trikes and the chase vehicle left Grand Island, NE. Riding Missing Man Formation were Dave Wilkins, Mike Rinowski, and James Kearney. We traveled 155 miles to Council Bluffs, IA for a visit to very old friends at the Bayless Memorial Pa ...
Hi Teresa. Love watching your show. Would love to win a reading. It would be amazing. May God Bless you and your family.
Hi Teresa, Always enjoy your show. You are such a kind and caring lady. May God Bless you and your family. Best wishes always.
*239 perished on MH370 *276 girls abducted by Boko Haram *300 pple missing/ dead from the South Korean ferry disaster *271 dead from Turkey Mine disaster & how many more dying in Syria Its only mid May This is beyond pain but thank God for Zimbabwe.May God Bless this land.
Friends I present myself as a candidate for Roane County Commissioner Harriman District 2. Please spread the word and help me as we raise awareness and prepare to go to work for Roane County! I will post often on this page and make sure that you always know where I stand. May God Bless you and this great County. Thanks for your Support!
Good Morning Friends and Fellow Patriots and happy Saturday to everyone. Today is May 17, ARMED FORCES DAY in America. Yesterday was the start of Operation American Spring in Washington D.C. I urge everyone to get out today and every day and wave OUR FLAG and show our Pride and Love for our flag and our country. his is AMERICA, OUR HOME, and WE ARE PROUD OF IT. We may not like our current government, but we Love Our Country and we show it. Thank you one and all for all you do. May God Bless each of you and God Bless America. Thank You...
Lol...check this out...Tara, the "Attack Cat", will be honored by the Bakersfield Blaze...This is great! I'm so pleased the little boy attacked is on the mend!!! May God Bless this whole family!
Watching the twin towers dedication memorial. Very sad but proud of those who risk their lives for others. May God Bless us all.
It is with much consideration and heartfelt prayer, that May 25th Cowboy Church will be cancelled. We will be doing Septembers Cowboy Church as regularly scheduled, as well as others. Scheduling conflicts, health, work, family deaths are among many of the reasons for this decision. Please be in prayer for each of these needs. We will be having a campfire devotion on Saturday night. It will be followed by a bonfire and wiener roast.not knowing how to prepar, if possible, please bring what your family will eat and drink. If you are unable, we always have plenty and love to share. Please remember to keep those that are seriously ill and those that have lost loved ones in your prayers. As Proverbs 35:6 states..."Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths." May God Bless you and hopefully we will see you on Saturday 24th at 7:30. Weather permitting, you may bring your horse and enjoy the show ring or trail ride. R ...
★ Don't give up...Don't stop dreaming.Don't quit I'm reminded of the story of Thomas Edison: "In his early years, teachers told Edison he was 'too stupid to learn anything.' Work was no better, as he was fired from his first two jobs for not being productive enough. Even as an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. Of course, all those unsuccessful attempts finally resulted in the design that worked." May God Bless you on your journey! Pastor Tim Westley
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GN ALL The Lone Wolf slowly fades into the Forrest again. May God bless you all and keep you. I will be back tomorrow. Have a great night.
May God continue to bless our beloved nation. Give courage to all who want to defend His honor, but often feel themselves alone and afraid.
Happy B-DAY 2u and may God bless u with many more!
💯👍 God bless you, my bros in Christ! May God continue to richly bless you guys!
I enjoyed your sermon Sunday, "A Miracle in the Meantime!" Truly blessed me and may God continue to bless you & Bates!
Thank you, Claudia! I'm happy to receive your Hugs!! May God bless you and Mother Mary intercede.
Happy Birthday love and enjoy may God bless you with more
HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY SAMU!!! May god always bless u with never ending happiness & all ur dreams come true♥️
I may be a day late but Good Luck & speedy recovery to in his upcoming surgery. All the best & God bless you &
so happy for you. My 4yo Habesha son will look up to you! May God bless you!
Congratulations for the gud work may God Bless The Work of ur hands.
Mrning ☀ hve a nice day ahead . Hve a blast! May god bless you'all .
May god bless the broken road that led me straight to you
Brazil loves you may God always bless your life! Happy Birthday!
We're good to always hear from you. May God keep bless you as a fan of yours! ♥ featured in NBC s Science of Love
He will always be her first love and she will always be his precious diamond , . May God bless our fathers
just a bit of warning: once you go parks and rec, there may be no escape. God bless
Hi Faif. Sounds like a rough problem to have. Just thought I'd drop in and let ya know it's Tuesday, May 13th. God Bless.
😳 May God bless me with a spouse who comes in debt free! 👀
I offer my sincere condolence to their lost ones in Manisa, Soma. May god bless and cherish the lost families on this tragic day. KIRMIZI
I just can pray hard may God bless our relationship Idk what happen if we back separated.
Can I get an Amen here? “whoever thought to put sea salt in dark chocolate... may God RICHLY bless you..…
SWEET 17th mbak ({}) wsh you many hppy returns of the day, May God bless you wth health, wealth & prosperity in your life. amin
May God bless you with his special favour and wonderful peace as you come to know Jesus, our God and Lord, better and better. See 2Peter 1:2
Thanks for the follow. May God bless you! :-)
Yes I do too! Even people who I don't follow might just do it. They really care about me meeting him and just GOD BLESS EM ALL
Thanks for follow and may God bless you.
Happy Birthday Chelseaaa, hope you have a good day and may god bless you 😇🎉👏
may God bless your words are always hurt others!!!
Thru intercssion of our Blessed Mom,may God bless u on 2day&always.May his luv b the sustnance from whch u draw strngth2b giftGod has made u
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May God bless all coal mine workers..
Happy Birthday ! ☺️🎉🎈 I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, and may god bless you with many more to come! 💚
Happy Birthday nd enjoy nd may good God bless you ☺
I’m happy for you if you already found your happiness.. may god bless you.. (:
Good Luck & may God Bless these Fear not, you've been well prepared for WHATEVER!
Good morning! May God bless all the activity today~ o:)
"Happy Birthday ci Wish you all the best, may all your dreams come true, God bless you! :)"
May God bless his soul and give you and your family strength . Neetal
may God bless you so u can feed us with some good motswako ..God bless
Good morning, today may god bless me(at Home Abil) —
Happy Birthday to my brothers &love you both, may God continue to bless you both ijn ❤️
May God bless both with abundant life.
May God Almighty Bless you with 103%! Best of luck!
People who believe anything, instead of asking the truth are so closed minded..may God bless them 👏
Happy Birthday to our RJ Saras Bijin. May God Bless you and give you all kind happiness.
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Happy Birthday, Kak ! 😚 Wish you abundant happiness and love. May all your dreams become a reality. God bless xoxo ♥
Happy Birthday to beautiful little miss Emma Grace. ☺️💕 May God bless you with many more birthdays to…
Thank you for continuing to have a good heart. May God continue to bless you.
to all in the Holy Land, Shalom, God (Yehowah) bless you all, it is May 14, have a Happy 66th birthday :)
Our prayers go out to some friends may god bless this family and that all will be in gods holy hands ( take care of him my god )
on this side of the world not Wednesday yet but, Happy Birthday! May God bless your heart always and forever!
God will bless those, who may struggle but Survive. Those who won't take no for an answer; those who risk standing, even if that means ALONE
Please join us in praying for those in the 4S Ranch/Fairbanks area as a rapidly growing wildfire is threatening homes and perhaps lives. May God bless those fighting the fires and keep His children safe.
It's warming up please everyone watch your pools and kids. So sad i feel horrible for this family and losing their 2 year old. May God bless them.
This morning I had the great pleasure of welcoming Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical County for the Family to Philadelphia. We were joined by Governor Tom Corbett and Mayor Michael Nutter, Honorary Co-Chairs for the World Meeting of Families – Philadelphia 2015 at a press conference at the Independence Visitor Center. Together, we announced the Official Theme for the September 2015 World Meeting of Families, “Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive.” I’m sharing with you several photos from today’s tour of historic sites in Philadelphia. Please continue to pray for our preparations for this global event and that we will be graced with the presence of Pope Francis. May God bless you.
Alexis Suletti May god bless you on this day
When tragedy struck Mayflower ARVAC Freedom House was there to help! The ARVAC team knows that its not just monetary donations that gets those devastated by a disaster through its the people who flood the area with support and hope. May God Bless those affected by the tornado.
One of our students, Ashlyn, had her appendix burst over the weekend. I saw her today and she is resting and regaining her strength! Sent her lots of love from all of us at Reverence! Before long she will be sharing her smile in class and on stage. May God bless you and protect you Ashlyn!
This is Anadi Mishra. It's a very SAD NEWS !! That the video song 'CIGARETTE' which you all gave so much of love and which was going to achieve one million views very soon.. Has been DELETED from the youtube by some people's bad controversy REGARDING THE TITLE OF THE SONG. All the Hardwork which was done to make a full complete song a success is now no where. Some people out of jealousy reported against the video song. But as you all know it was nothing bad in it. This was really a shocking news to me and my family. May god bless the people who did this bad controversy out of grudges against me. I know you all love me and you have always supported me in my every music. Thank you all for always being with me. Keep blessing me with your love and affection towards my every song. But it was really shocking and a sad news for me.
TRUE HEROES, are those that go that EXTRA MILE for someone. That put their HEART & SOUL in helping OTHERS, True heroes have a heart of Gold, May God Bless All the HEROES,.
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Sometimes it's not the song that makes me emotional, it's the people and things that come to my mind when I hear it. A 3 shots of Vodka made me lorong to the max :D :D mamawi na ko'g pislok kay there were so many nights nga sleepless ang mommy tungod ni 12. :D :D goodnight my fellow faithbookers! May God bless and protect us from any harm.
Happy Anniversary to Julie & Steve Taylor!! May God Bless you with years to come full of happiness and love!
Many Thanks to all those who donated and helped with our Easter Dinner. May God bless you all.
Good Tuesday morning. Hope every one is doing good be careful out and keep your guns close now days and know how to use it. It is a shame how we have to live like this about time to take it back and show them you can't do these things praying that the new chief and law can help us turn this around. So every one have a great day and May God Bless us all and keep us safe.
Humanity is ONE. The moment you separate yourself from it, you are at odds with the propagation of world unity and peace. The moment you become a racist, anti-Muslim and other negative and divisive stance, you are a breaker, NOT A HEALER. IF you select and choose who you want to be with, CREATE a divide and talk ill of other faiths, race and culture, then you are a war-monger. War mongers are PEACE OUTCASTS. Constructive criticisms do not INTENTIONALLY DIVIDE. It constructs. But if you sow hatred, you are DESTRUCTIVE. You destroy humanity by your passion for disunity, intrigues, and collective hatred. Poor soul. May God bless you always for your path is too dark. Thanks to the Almighty Allah (swt) for always lighting my way. :D ~~ Princess Maleiha Bajunaid Candao Bai Maleiha Bai Maleiha B. Candao
Good Tuesday Morning Dear Friends and Family welcome to a Wonderful day which you make as you go Along . "May God Bless You; With sunshine to warm you when the world seems cold.With smiles to cheer you ,when the road seems long.With bright stars in the sky when the way seems dark. Has anyone told you yet today just how absolutely, positively, incredibly, amazing you are well don't take my Word for it go Look in the Magic Mirror and that AWESOME you ." God Bless you All are Always in my Prayers .
If Modi comes i believe that more importance will be given to manufacturing and agri sectors leading to generation of middle class jobs . Indian Rupee might strengthen . Our nation might have a sustained economic development . May God bless India - Gnani Bhavani
Good morning my people its going to be raining out there be careful out there...dropping kids off and on your way to work. .may God bless you all.
Dear members Aslam o alikum. May God bless you all stay tuned with Safe Home Enterprises and get free suggestions for your home and offices renovation and improvements. Thanks Bukhari
May God bless you all and keep you safe and help you to be strong enough to take control of what ever you are battling. Night all.
HapPie anNiversArY my Sweetest Akka and AnnA ... May God Bless u both and little princess
My Grandson Colin has been home since yesterday and is doing well. He is a happy and hairy lil guy with a great attitude. He is going to be 100% in no time. From our family I would like to thank those of you who prayed for him and sent positive energy his way. The love we received is overwhelming. May God bless all of you, shine his grace upon you and bring you peace!
I really would like to appreciate each and everyone of you for all the birthday wishes again I say thank you and may God bless you
Resurrection Kids Graduation today. May God bless the kids who are graduating and their families. Class of 2027!!!
this is the 2nd version MV with new musical arrangement and video arrangement. Special thanks to ko Raymond Oo *** for helping this mv. :D i tried to look smth surreal feeling . Hope u guys like it . And btw Big Bag 1-11 MV is gonna out soon ;) don't forgot to turn on HD. May god bless the Connection .
Happy 90th Birthday Bessie Hildreth! Our visitation "Sunshine" crew gathered today and celebrated Bessie's milestone. May God bless you Bessie and thank you for all that you have for our Church! WE LOVE YOU!
As you start your week, may God bless you in all your decisions and endeavours.
I certainly hope that all mothers had a very Happy Mother's Day yesterday. My life certainly would have turned out very differently in a very negative way had it not been for a mother who dedicated herself to the success of both me and my brother. May God bless all mothers and continue to do so.
Happy Anniversary to our members Ravven Edwards, Shimyia Jones and Gregory Realford, Jr., who all joined LBA 1 year ago today! And Happy Birthday to our members Dewana Dampeer and Toni Wallace. May God bless you both on your special day!
I must say I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I have 2 daughters at home that made it so special, My other four children live in different states but they called their momma. I hope all you mothers felt loved on Mother's Day. I want to thank you for the new likes and too those that follow my page, I can't thank you enough for all the support. May God Bless each one of you. Tammi
New Song extends a hearty congratulations to Roger Atkinson and his new bride, Elvie, on the announcement of their marriage yesterday. May God bless you abundantly as you embark on this new adventure together!
Congratulations to all the UMHB graduates! May God bless your future with His promises.
Thanks to those who travelled to Kithyoko on saturday. The day was a sucess na mlisalimiwa na Alif Ketty. Thanks to those who contributed and may God bless you abundantly. We will have a meeting soon so that we can give a report on the same. Who is next??? Cfc Cfc Julius Captain??
May God bless you with enough foolishness to believe that you really can make a difference in this world, so that you are able, with God's grace, to do what others claim cannot be done. - Franciscan benediction
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. (Colossians 3:23) May God bless the work of our hands!
Thanks all pepps!! For wish my birthday today. Appreciate it!!! Ur are ma best friends... Take a few minutes and just use a simple word to wishes me.. May god bless you all guys!!!
May God bless you and your family today and always. guys :* you'll have a
Long Live Arvind Kejariwal !! "Thank u volunteers for ur selfless work n passion for the country. May God bless you."- Arvind Kejriwal
Two mins silence for those who clap after "Happy Birthday" song. And 3 mins silence for those who awkwardly continue with "May God Bless u"..
"Mother, you're still a pretty girl. Your arms surround the world with your embrace. ...You're beautiful, you're far more beautiful than anything the world will ever know. Keep your eyes on the King- May God bless all your tomorrows." -Far More Beautiful off the album "For the Glory." Happy Mother'S DAY!!! We love you!
May God bless your struggles today in Jesus' name.
It's your day... Enjoy it to the fullest... Happy Birthday 😍 May God bless you to see many more. ❤
I waited for today to pay special tribute to the greatest woman under Jah sun. Yesterday, social media was inundated as everyone remembered their mothers. But u r too special to be one among many. Regina Musau, or Lengina, Inyaa Mwathi, inyaa Tony as they call u inthe village, I am proud & indebted to the world bcz of u. May God bless you every single minute of your life.
The angels are rejoicing in heaven tonight. Kyle Fletcher and Jodi Wright were baptized at 8pm. May God bless them!
Just want to wish our amazing girl silvina an amazing birthday : May God bless you richly .
Happy Mother days and may god bless to all the mothers.
I'm so thankful for my kids' birthmothers. May God bless you wherever you are.
Happy Mother's Day to all our mothers, grandmothers, spiritual mothers, and those who are mother-like in our lives! May God bless your day!
says, Thank you for ALL the Mother's wishes May GOD bless each & everyone of you and Lord, Thank you allowing me to bare the title as Mother :-) Good Night !
Folks , don't give up just because things aint going on well with you,remember there are a lot of people out there who passing through a lot of appalling situation more than you ,So just have faith and keep struggling hard ,JAH TIME IS THE BEST .. MAY GOD BLESS EVERY HUSTLERS HUSTLE !!
Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers!! May God bless you and continue to work through you. What is the first flower most mothers received from their child? I asked at Mass this weekend and it was shared by many "the dandelion". The dandelion is a beautiful flower and says a lot about our faith. It has deep roots and cannot be contained in a flower bed. It spreads its seed far and wide. Isn't that what we are suppose to do with our faith. People try to kill the dandelion. People persecuted the early Church trying to kill it. She spread far and wide. As we see the dandelion, may we realize the call for us to spread the Word of God far and wide. :-) :-) God is so Good to us!!! :-) Love and prayers, Fr. Joe P.S. This may help us see the dandelion in a little different light. :-)
Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful mothers in our program! We are thankful for you and for you allowing us to teach your children! May God bless all of you !! Proverbs 31:28-29
Happy Birthday to all my dear friends who a have a birthday today and may God bless
The family took mom-in-law to IHOP to celebrate Mother's Day today. Our queen still has seniority 😊 May God bless all moms.
To all my Revolution Moms new and old...hope you each had a happy and relaxing Mother's Day! May God bless each and every family 😘
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I want to wish Everyone a Happy Mothers Day and May God Bless you all! Mothers are special! I know God has bless me with a Wonderful mom that will give the world if she could. Growing up I said I not going to be like you because you are too nice. Truly I've grown to be the same. Love you Mother Maggie! Work flow at 3am! Please if you have your reservation with Heavenly Taste. I want to Thank you once again. 1316 Fenwick Lane mezzanine Level Silver Spring MD 20910 ATTN Parking Free Montgomery County Public Parking Garage or Street Parking. Please don't park anywhere else. If you need to contact me please call business phone or inbox me. Thank you
Congratulations to all St. Vincent de Paul School & Religious Education students who received their First Holy Communion today! May God Bless you all & always remember that Jesus loves you so very much!
Congratulations to State University's Graduating Class of 2014! May God Bless you all in your…
Please Pray for Traveling Mercies Leaving for Oak Lawn,IL tomorrow at 2:30-3 A.M. Most of you know My sister is having Surgery. Pray for God's Healing Touch for the Dr.'s Nurses,Team of All specialities and Most importantly Christy's Life! May God Bless and keep You all! Goodnight! Beth
1 of the most painfully thing is to be a Caps United fan,Khain Nyambuya,Teacher VeDembare,Innocent Mashingaidze,Matthew Kamanga,Norman Chihumo,Last Ziweya,Thomas Nganga,dis are Dembare fans,and they are role models,guys to those who went to Mutoko to see their sick collegaue,May God Bless you and hope my fellow Caps fans will learn from you,Makadadisa sando dzenyu.
During his time as Executive Chairman of Tenaga Nasional we the staff of TNB had our enjoying, beautiful and happy days. Now and than we the staff were given this bonus, that bonus or the hand shake bonus. Many many thanks to our Executive Chairman of Tenaga Nasional Mr. Tan Sri Ani Arope, May God Bless you all the happiness you need
GOOD MORNING MY FELLOW AMERICANS! May God Bless and Keep You and Yours on This and Every Wonderful Gift of a Day!
Thank you to all the teachers! Special shout out to my Sorors in education. ...May God Bless you and…
Prayers to the WHS student body , Faculty and Staff as they return to school today. May God Bless all of you!
Had a gr8 time in Delhi ...Suvarna Mandal now Puri got married with Chaitnya Puri.Made for each other couple...My chote mama's only daughter..Grand gala arrangements,marriage and receptions.Everyone enjoyed the functions,marriage and hospitality of both sides families.It was fun and enjoyment.Thnx to both PURIs and MANDALS.May God Bless the couple and may they lead a long happy married life. :)]
Just wanted to say thank you to Texas FCA Motocross, Belray Sports Action Park a 3 Palms Action Sports Park facility, Scott Willingham, Kasi Willingham, Emil C Shebelbon II, David Hillman, Larry Hughes, Kevin Johnson, JM Racing, Richard Beasley, Beasley's Smokehouse Sausage and everyone who volunteered, donated resources, contributed time, or came out to ride, at the Texas FCA Motocross ride day to help support my family as my wife Gina Biegalski battles breast cancer. If I have forgotten to mention anyone I am truly sorry and really appreciate you all. May God Bless you all.
Just want to set the record straight, I am not endorsing anyone for superior court judge. There are three fine candidates, Rachel Hill, Jarret Cline and Lisa Gamoian. I wish them all well and support their decision to enter the arena. May God Bless and guide them all!
I wish my friend Chintoo a very Happy Birthday :) May God Bless my brother with all the love happiness and success :)
We also need to thank Rachel Riley for always being involved within the community of Anaktuvuk pass.Thank you Rachel for finding ways for cheaper Air Fares for charters n such n forever helping People with abundance of Food you also share with anyone.May God Bless you with Abundance of nigrutit n always sharing your Smile .We Love You Rachel
On my April 24 posting, I recommended 2 things:1. Dream big dreams and 2. Work as a Team. I congratulate the Coppage TEAM of Mereia and Jemellah, mother and daughter, for their accomplishment. This is a Double Jeopardy to the Coppage family for a double recognition. I am proud of the Coppage for their great Team work which is an indicative of their vision, belief and commitment to higher education. I like Mereia because she dreams big dreams all the time!! In America, sky is the limit so I encourage Mereia to remain focus and accomplish your BIG DREAMS in your newly adopted country. Thank you Mereia and the Coppage family for being an example to the Tueli family. I wish both MEREIA and JEMELLAH the very best in their future studies...May God Bless the Coppage.
Little Giant Ladders
May God Bless and keep safe All of our warriors! For them the fight continues each day.Always in Gratitude 4 them & what they do
We have heavy hearts to hear of the passing of our young Brother-In-Arms. We will share more info as it becomes available. We do know that the family has asked for an escort. Please take a moment to remember all the men and women who have served and are serving, and the ones that paid the ultimate price. May God Bless your family and friends and May you RIP US Army Sgt. Shawn Farrell.
Dear Youth Movement Members and other patrons, The Managing Committee and Office Bearers of Dadar Cathedral have conveyed their thanks to each and every youth member who participated and helped the church during the Lenten season, Holy Week and Geevarghese Sahada Perunal for preparation of food and volunteered in other activities. May God Bless each one of us and may we all continue to serve this 'Amma Palli' with the same spirit. - - - - Philip Varghese, Secretary - OCYM, Dadar.
This is where my weekend starts. Be safe and May God Bless you, God Bless Kenya. PEACE
Prayer Request.. Class of '67 C.H.S. Members, The Wife of Our Classmate Tyrone Williams is Requesting that We Include Him in Our Prayers. He had a Stroke and is Now in Rehab .. Any Cards or Get Well Wishes may be sent to: Mr. Tyrone Williams 119 Pennsylvania Ave. Freeport, New York 11520 ALSO: Our Classmate Dr. Lucy Faye Bell- Shaw would like the Class to know that She will Preach Her Sermon on Mother's Day ( 5-11-14) @ St James Baptist Church in Brunswick, Ga. to Obtain Her License as a Minister. Please Continue to Keep Tyrone, Lucy, and All of Our Classmates and Their Families in Prayer.. May God Bless & Keep All of You.
I'd like to wish our Aloni Chevon Taylor a very Happy 14th Birthday.she is our 1st Kiowa Princess 👸👸👸 May God Bless her with many more years!!!
Joan Rivers has gone too far. As a residence of Northeast Ohio I am really offended by her remarks concerning the 3 Young Ladies that were held captive for ten years. A story that many of Ohioans are still trying to close the book on this story, not to mention the pain those three young women endured. Joans comments are heartless, inconsiderate and just outright nasty. Nothing was funny about it. We made her rich and look at the thanks we get. Sad,sad,sad. To those three young women I say keep on living your lives, don't let the demons (JOAN RIVERS) rain on your shining days! May God Bless you all.
Mabuhay.Maupay tanan akon kababayan waray2 Have a blessed and lovely day to all...May God Bless us always...Be Safe...
Special "Behind The Scenes" (rough footage & sound) of this incredible cast discussing their experience working on this film. Most of this footage is shot right on set, and all of it was shot right there in Bainbridge, GA while we were shooting this film. This is very cool. May God Bless the future careers and lives of all of our cast & crew, Bainbridge, and the future path of "Brother's Keeper". Enjoy...
I want to wish my favorite auntie in law/other mama Rose Lee a Happy Birthday!!! May God Bless u!!! Enjoy, love u and see u later today!!!
'And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’ Acts 2:21 Have a goodnight :) May God Bless you always.
Baby Sana is scheduled for liver transplant surgery tomorrow. Her father is the donor. God watch over them and protect them. We pray for these surgeries to be a success. Thank you all for your contributions. God bless you for your generosity. The rest now lies in the hands of God. We hope and pray that everything goes smoothly and she has the new life we are all hoping for. Thank you from the entire team of Heal-a-Child-Foundation (Anil Kumar, Karen Campos Bhatia, Rachna Mehta, Sabina Xavier, Caroline Brad, Dinesh Chirla, Cate Van Den Hil-Hermsen, Kiran Krishnamurti & Elahe Hiptoola). May God Bless you all and watch over Baby Sana.
I am so grateful that there are fellow Christians who understand what it is to believe in the Message of the Cross. May God Bless each and every one of youl I am still learning and it was like a light came on. I got it. I have felt freedom since. Thank God for Jimmy Swaggart. My family thinks I am nuts. I have been riduculed, osterized for leaving a church I had attended for l5 years. It came to the point I approached the minister about preaching on the Holy Spirit. He just said, I can't do that. Maybe they can teach it in Sunday School Class. I left because I knew it was not right. Since then I have been blessed and learned more in 3 years than I have all my life. Praise God for SBN and the Swaggart Family.
Okay now all...I think I'm catching on..."PICK ON the NEW OLD HEAD MEMBER to YOUR CLUB"...LOL...It's been a long ride but I couldn't pick and God couldn't give me a better "CLUB" of family & friends to "enjoy the ride"...Love each & everyone one of you & your families in my own way...May God Bless all!
Happy Easter to everyone. Especially to all the rescues of both animals and humans. Fellow ADVOCATES thank you for working together to change laws to protect our furry friends. May God Bless all of these special people who sacrifice everyday for the betterment of both man and animal. Jesus gave so much love and sacrificed for all of us. Jesus will continue to be my motivation to help those in need.
May God Bless you Glen Campbell and your family as you enter this last phase with this horrible disease.You've given so much joy with your music over the years and it is so sad to know you've been robbed of those memories. May God take you peaceful to heaven.
Our loving Princess celebrating her Birthday today... Enlighten our life...May God Bless her...Happy Birthday to her
As I said earlier, it takes a village. We had a wonderful group of folks helping with the Smoky Mountain Spinnery booth at the recent Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival in Townsend, TN. I just want to mention once again three special angels. April Baker and Amy Mears both came from Nashville, TN to help out on Friday and had plans to return to Nashville Friday night. But due to unforseen circumstances, Karen Keene could not be back for Saturday and April and Amy called home and made arrangements to stay and assist Saturday also. And the third angel, Frances Fox Shambaugh who graciously put them up both nights in her home as well as demonstrate weaving and helping with the booth both days. I do not mean to slight any of the many helpers - you were all wonderful, but these three really went our of their way to help and all I can do is say "Thanks You All", and May God Bless.
Its very hard now Mel doesn't want to each much and is pain Its like starting all over. Please pray for him. Love to all May God Bless everyone
Tomorrow the kids have the English part!! an Kaitlyn have been studying all afternoon!! Good Luck to all Peach County Kids an May God Bless each one of u as u work an study hard!!!
Was in the John Hancock building last year.the scene I witnessed afterwards😔.but Boston is Strong!! A year went by so fast ill never forget it💙💚🙏 May God Bless this city!
God Morning Fb Fam ...You should never have to make drastic changes to get someone's attention, You cant force, hurry, or move love along If it's real, it's real. If it isn't, it's not but stay on the look out. Because You'd be surprised how many people only want you for there own convenience. So be sure the person you're interested in isn't childish because Games aren't for the heart.May God Bless & Be With You This Day
We want to thank the Socastee Original Freewill Baptist Church for there warm welcome on Sunday.The food the fellowship as always was great.It was good seeing all our friends again.May God Bless you all and keep you until he comes to take us all home.Keep Praying for us as we will pray for you also. Richard & Verla and Jack & Pam.
Good Morning folks.It seems that after all these years ...I should be able to take care of myself.but its times like these that make us realize how much we need each other. Im talking about Bobbie leaving to El Paso yesterday to take her mom for a day we've been gearing up for. Monday ...Mama Stella will be having colon cancer surgery. The detection was very along with the doctors...we are very optimistic! Inspiration and prayers from family and friends like Janie Mitchell Belew...who have been fighting their own battles.will see us thru this one storm.I will keep you all posted the best I can. Bobbie and I felt it would be better for me to stay here and hold the fort down. Babe .I started missing you the moment you left.I love you and see you soon.I THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE AND PRAYERS. May God Bless you and yours!
Pass this on. Roland Hodge passed away at 6:36 pm. yesterday. His Memorial Service will be at 2 pm today at the Western Star Cowboy Church in Springtown. He was a great Pastor and teacher. While they were Members at DCCC he helped us establish the Senior Group, Ramrods & Roses. he was our Team Leader. We had great bible studies & enjoyed going to different things. Lots of people will be in Heaven because of his Faithfullness to preach God's word. Our love & prayers go out to Linda & the family. May God Bless you all at this time.
Invitation!!! You are all invited to the reception of Rev. Sr. Prudentia Maria Ogochukwu Mba which comes up on the 27th of this month, Sunday at St. Theresa's Parish Onicha Enugu. Holy Mass starts by 9am. She instructed that I give everyone of you invitation cards but I can't reach most of you considering the tight schedules of Exam period. I apologise for this. May God Bless you as you come. Love you!!!
Congratulations to everyone that went to support and protect the Bundy family and his Ranch. If no one stands up against this corrupt government, they'll just keep running everyone over and taking away our rights. Glad that there was no loss of life as well. Congratulations again to everyone and to the Bundy family, way to take a stand and keep standing strong when they tried to shake you down. May God Bless.
Tim Tebow is one of the Greatest Role Models for our Youth today.he lives his faith daily and has all of his life.he spent all his summers working to help needy and ill people in Third World Countries.for most of his school and college years.his parents are Missionaries and have given Tim the Christian Foundation that he so proudly lives.May God Bless his Foundation for Children and Youth that are Ill and in .Need ...May God continue to Bless him and the life that he has chosen to live...and share...
I want to thank Dennis Vickery Jr very much for making me an Admin here. A little about myself. I grew up on 13th & DuPont St. I am 54 yrs old. My brothers are Tom Kane and Harold Brown aka Brownie. May God Rest their souls. My son is Brian Brown. I am a recovering addict. Sobriety date Aug 27, 1987. I have had so many deaths in my family for many different reasons. Illness, Addiction, Murder etc. I am very Grateful that Dennis created this page for us. I would like to say please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Also if anyone is disrespectful please bring in to Dennis' or my attention. That person will be blocked ASAP. there is no reason for ugliness here. Thank you all for being apart of this group and I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me. May God Bless us all. All we have is today. Tomorrow is not a guarantee. Let's count our Blessings.
KAPAGOD! Thank you, Lord ! Done with the 14 stations and a Holy Mass after the stations here in our loving subdivision, Timog Park Homes ! Thank you so much to all who participated, you are all a part of our faith ! May God Bless you all!
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cease fire ended ... May God Bless us ,,,
There are some lovely people still existing in this world. I had this wonderful lady in Hong Kong who went out of the way this one year to sort out my messed up life with kids several people were scared to help me and my little ones. Some just sweet talked and said call me anytime you need something for you and ur kids but disappeared. Finally done with these people who proved to be selfish. May God Bless this wonderful lady and her family. Thank you Stephanie Mathyssek .You were God Sent !!
Good Night & May God Bless: The Red Skelton Tribute. This heart-warming tribute to Red Skelton is family comedy at its finest.
You are welcome, thank you as well. May God Bless you and yours.
I am asking all my Prayer Warriors, Friends, Family to please Pray for my son, T-Boo, Ricky Theriot Jr.'s father, Ricky Paul Theriot, Sr. Right now, it is very Critical, please Pray & Pass it in to all your Family, Friends, Enemy's, right now. May God Bless all of you. He was rushed to Opelousas General Hospital Saturday Late! His Liver & alot of other Critical Problems, In Jesus Christ, my Lord & Saviour, The one who payed down his life for all! Thank you all, AMEN!
I would like to come here and THANK EVERYONE for all the prayers that has been sent the way of the Stacie Miller Almquist , Garrison, Hudson, Mays and Helen Taylor Pannell,, Wyant , Midgett Realty, Red and White families - We lost a wonderful woman - that was true to her self and to others - she lived the life that other dreamed of - she was a wonderful mother and friend - Stacie will always be in our hearts - Would like to Thank everyone for all their donations of funds, food, friendship and love ! May God Bless each and everyone!
Happy Tuesday culture vultures! Lots of fun stuff going on this week and next in the world of CK culture! At the Kiwanis Theatre this weekend not only Orchestra London Canada presenting the "Swingin' Sixties" on Friday April 11th, plus "Good Night and May God Bless", a tribute to Red Skelton on Saturday April 12th! Visit to get your prime seat!
Tribute to Red Skelton-Good Night & May God Bless in support of tomorrow 7 pm Tickets
Prayers go out to Pastor Bob Coy and family, also to the church. God is still in control and there's is not one who is made perfect in this world. It takes a godly man to admit his fault and step down. Were praying for you Bob ! God loves you and your family, HE will make a way for you guys. Thank you for the great teaching I will miss listing to your radio teachings. Keep your eyes on God , 1 corinthian's 16:13-14 May God Bless
I want to thank Mr.Brown for allowing us to have a car wash fundraiser at Brookshires and Big thank you to Rusk, Jacksonville, and Alto who came out and supported Dolls Of Essence! We really appreciated all of the donations and the encouraging words that was received from all.Also would like to recognize Keasha Hall , Kendra Hooper , Ann Hunter, Shonta Horn and Laterricca Smith for all the donations and working with the girls, however I really have to recognize one gentleman who has no children and help Maurice we really appreciate all your hard work in helping today!!! So again thank you from our Drill Team family to yours!! May God Bless you all!!!
I am so excited. My two sisters are coming to my house for a authentic Japanese lunch. I know it won't taste like my Mom's but hopefully I will make her proud and taste almost like hers. No matter how hard we try our dishes never taste quite like our Moms. Only missing is my Brother. He loves Japanese food too. He is so busy with football season being right around the corner. Woo Hoo!!! GO NOLES!!! Hope everybody has an awesome weekend. Stay dry. Love and hugs! May God Bless!!!
Hey you guys, my Godbaby has entered the world! May God Bless him! The next President is here! He is early! So you know what that means! We dealing with a smart one!
As I sit in silence and think about the upcoming event My baby girl ! Getting Married? It's so exciting knowing Christina has met the man of her dreams . He has her heart and he is an awesome man I know he will take her down a path she has always dreamed of . Mark I am so proud to have you as part of our family ! May God Bless you both
Dr. Wolf, a TRUE American PATRIOT and Conservative AMERICAN! May God Bless you and guard you AGAINST Ovomit!
I am also grieving today for the loss of a great man and close friend. Dean Cole lost his battle with cancer yesterday. Our Senior Class President at Lebanon Union High School for the class of 1968. He has been a great leader of our class and a great friend to so many. Our prayers go out to his family. May God Bless!
The search team of Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on the rough Indian Ocean, risking their life. May God Bless you Guys.
Thank you all sincerely for paying your respects to the late US Navy Viet Nam Jeremiah Denton ,whom passed away yesterday. Thank You in helping me to Honor him. May God Bless you all!
Today the 30th of March is my second child Prince Leitualasa Harch Francis Matt Harcharan Mau"u's 1st Birthday e faafetaia le alofa ole Atua ona ua ia aulia mai lona 1 tausaga ile aso. Dear father God thank you for life eternal I pray for my precious gift Leitualasa who is celebrating his first birthday. thank you that while he was in my womb you knitted him together and already knew his and took delight in him. thank you that my child was not an accident, but purposed to come to earth by you with testiny to fulfil in your kingdom. Equip Leitualasa for that testiny starting today we thank you that we can also ask for things for your hand. We ask for supernatural favour, blessings, health, wisdom, grace, annointing and a long fruitful life for Leitualasa. May this prayer on this first birthday be the beginning of a journey with You that will never end. Son You are a gift from God and this day only reminds us even more how grateful we all are to have you in our family May God Bless you my Child on this wond ...
May God Bless you, Pakistan is increasingly day by day inch closer the heaven of religious fanatics, nobody is safe except them.
Our prayers are with the survivors and families of missing. May God Bless them all.
A hearty congratulations to all 'ETE KYONGS' who got through the recent NPSC exam. May God Bless you all and wish you all the best in your future endeavor !
Yeah, right on Ms. Lee, you tell everyone how congressman Paul Ryan is racist for telling the truth about the fact of out of wedlock child births within the African American precincts. Because God knows your ideology has done wonders for the black communities. I take care of a disabled, elderly friend in a project here on Staten Island, and there are quite a few horror stories of African American men who have 3,4, and even, 5 children, each with a different woman. I personally know two of these individuals, and they themselves grew up without a father. Yeah, keep being part of the problem and not the solution. There's an old saying that when someone points the finger of judgement at someone else, there's always three fingers pointing back. I like to refer to this ultimate truth as the " Elliot Spitzer Sydrome ". It is a human condition, it's easier to point the finger at someone else than to look at the conduct of one's self. May God Bless you and us by having you thrown the *** out of office before you . ...
In honor of Chris Kyle, a true American Hero. . May God Bless his family and friends today and always.
Good night all. May God Bless us all.
Busy day; Cubs won, Iowa State won, good NASCAR race in CA, watched four Robins in the back yard this afternoon, Sunday chicken dinner tonight...always a great day for a walk. Watched a car thief jack three cars and a pickup . (on GTA-V), visited with sister. Sort of a tiring day but all is good here. Still have time to chat with someone. May God Bless!
Happy Birthday Ronald Houston! It was great speaking with you at 12:09am and listening to you and baby boy tune up your guitar! I wish I was there with my Mic in my hand but that's ok we will celebrate all year long! Love you and May God Bless you with many more! Now bust a move. Please video your bday concert
One Word March 21st, 2014 It’s a wonderful day to be a child of God. Today, I have been commissioned to come and minister to you. The Lord has given me One Word to give to you today. After giving this word, I have been ordered to conclude the devotional for today. My friend, the Lord said, “TRUST” Scripture Reading for Today: Proverbs 3:5-6, Proverbs 29:25, Psalms 118:8 May God Bless you at Your point of need!
GREAT NEWS!!! We ARE WINNERS!!! No, not the "Mega Millions"... not even one of the --2--"million $ winners in FL !! We R still Winners!!! Survived many storms..."Gotta say... Happy 14th Anniversary to my 'Honey Dukes' SOO glad to have you to share my life with, we Have SOO much Fun together... And to my brother Dennis --- we made it Real --- 14 years ago today --- with Dad, Betty, Justice of the Peace, Ken Wright, (who shares the same birthday as my husband --09/07)...and our video 'master' Judy!!! The whole ceremony lasted 5 minutes, and our life together will OUTLAST a Lifetime !!! To ALL our friends and family who are 'couples united' in a journey of "partnership & togetherness"... May God Bless you through All your days, All-Ways !! With Love, D & "d"
Yesterday I posted a story of *** Pastors Uniting in Marriage, I was surprised to see so many people voice their opinions on this subject, some agreed and some disagreed. It pleased me to see so that God has an Army of True Believers we are Warriors of The Kingdom Of The Most High God, Let us continue to plant the SEED OF TRUTH and stand firm in God's Holy Words without any compromising or sugar coating the Word's of God, Let us rejoice in the Victory Of God and the Holy Kingdom that we are looking forward to! May God Bless you all!
Just peeped "The Real Roots of the Emergent Church". I loved your love of the Word of God. May God Bless you.
Bro, I just watched "The Real Roots of the Emergent Church" and loved your sincerity. May God Bless you. Keep in touch!
"Jesus specialized in menial tasks that everyone else tried to avoid: washing feet, helping children, fixing breakfast, and serving lepers. Nothing was beneath him, because He came to serve. It wasn't in spite of his greatness that He did these things, but because of it, and He expects us to follow his example. (Jn 13:15). . May God Bless you all !! - PDL-
God really moved in our service today! His Word today coming from Mark 4:35-41was "Don 't Let the Devil Steal Your Peace!" Three young adults rededicated their lives back to Christ! God. You are truly amazing and awesome ! He doesn't give up on us. Therefore. let's not give up on Him or on others! May God Bless you all real good !
Happy Holli to Everyone!!! May God Bless you all... Fulfill your life with colors... Fulfill all your dreams. Fulfill your life with Joy and Happiness... Let's pray for everyone... Stay Safe and Happy!
Please help little sweet Henry find his new forever Home/ Thanks and May God Bless from Columbus Georgia - No - Please call the shelter - 394- 0800 - Please get this cute little baby a new forever home. Thanks and may God Bless You
So proud of my son Anthony and daughter-in-law Marilou Salomon! Their dream has come true... They got their key for their new home in Las Vegas!!! May God Bless your home and your family!! Mom and Dad is so proud !! Love you guys... I wil try to visit soon!
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Houston. We loved celebrating the marriage of Sam and Amy today. Paul Williams performed the ceremony and Doug Barnes was the best man. May God Bless this beautiful marriage!
"Just Suck it up and go" these famous words come from the well known Fleming Countian Terry Lytle, and there is a lot of truth in these 5 little words. Sometimes, even if our heart and mind are at home with the person we love and miss (Tonia McQueary Hawkins), we still have to tread forward and carry on. If our body has aches and pains, we must not give up but tread on. Even spiritually, when satan hurls those darts, we need to have the shield of faith that they can bounce off of. Each day we need to put on the whole armour of God in which we are prepared for battle for whatever we face each day. May God Bless each one this day.
Happy Birthday may God bless u with many more returns! Now pls courier my piece of cake already ☺
: Thank you it is always a pleasure my for your wonderful welcome have a fantastic weekend May GOD Bless you
pray for my woman. May a few drinks change your mind. God bless
LORD's prayers is Simple but most powerful prayer. Please hear LORD's prayer and pray and SHARE this with your friends as reminder so they can start praying. Thank you very much and May God Bless you
Happy Birthday wyllnp..may ALLAH grant all your heart desires...God bless you maam
Happy Bday to my First Born Son!..19yrs I'm not gettin old..I'm gettin Better! Lol..May God Bless with many many more..Sheeesh time is Flying. .Love you Mario Jr...Keep doin ya Thing Son.
My brother in every sense of the word. I thank God for your life today. Happy Birthday bro. May God continue to bless you
"Sometimes you just have to let go and let GOD" - Miley Cyrus . Peace and Much Love . and May GOD Bless You
Happy Anniversary. may god bless u. May This year bring many happiness in your life.
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