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May God Bless

Happy Birthday New Year Catholic Church

Revealing the biggest surprise was murdering my Own Dream!. So sad on that... I just Giveup for my friend... May God Bless them...
May God Bless the Richard Family. May Martin rest in the palm of God's hand until they meet again. Sadly...
This may explain the Trump phenomenon better than I ever could. May God Bless
Good night and sweet dreams Uncle Larry, we love you just as much ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’™. May God Bless you as well โค๐ŸŒ™๐ŸŒƒ.
have a safe trip home. May God bless and protect you.
Happy Birthday to my good friend & my former leadership . Hope u have an awesome 1, much love & may God bless u abundantly ๐Ÿ‘‘
... Happiest birthdays wishes Parth.. May God bless you with loads of happiness n success. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–
Happy Birthday sweetie, may God bless you with many more years. Enjoy your day.
may god bless u wid so much of LOVE,HOPE,HAPINESS .
Good night guys and may God bless you all โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป
The Happiest Birthday to you Mr may God bless you with many more and stay humbled.
Happy Birthday parth..๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’— may god bless u.may ur all wishes com true.have long beautiful an prospecious lyf have successful lf
Happy Birthday may God bless you with more and more years.. And keep on blessing us with Good music..
Happy Birthday Ekta Kaul..May god bless you n give all the happiness in ur lyf..
Hapy birthday Mr Coffee May God bless you with many more years to come. ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŽ‚
you really inspire us. May your God bless your family
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I pray for him, for God to bless him, protect him, get him whatever the help he may need and to guide him no matter how mucโ€ฆ
good night. May God continue to bless you with finances and good health. May you be blessed in all areas of your Life.
well we'll agree to disagree May God richly bless your life.
Happy Birthday Jaaju sir.. May God bless u with all the happiness u deserve๐Ÿ™
700 Followers May God bless you all, Protect you and Guide you.
Happy Birthday, Papa !. --. I am grateful to be brought into this world as your daughter. May God bless youโ€ฆ [pic] โ€”
They treat me like..hmmm ok may god bless u
After seeing your ordeal on ID I was so overwhelmed I could not stop crying. May God bless you richly. U R STRONG
God Bless RIP and may all our police stay safe we pray for all of you and thank you for doing your job protecting us
May the New Year be as colourful as the bounties of Nature!. Thank you tweeple and God bless!
we must surely support this govt to achieve this loudable goal, "may god bless Nigeria"
. A Grand Salute to all Green S volunteers. May God MSG bless u always for Humanity works.
If pro surfers stood by her,sponsors may see things a bit differently.Thanks for your time.God bless.
"May god not bless Bashar Assad" Moving film on civilian tragedy on border w Syria. Gt work, httpsโ€ฆ
May god bless you abundantly. Stay happy Stay Blessed.. We love you so much..
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Congrats on your beautiful baby girl ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’œGod bless if I may ask what's her name?
May you with the of which Surpasses all understanding! https:/โ€ฆ
Happy Birthday to your adorable self! May God bless you. Enjoy your day beautiful ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜˜
lol you see? Anyway may God bless and may they be enlightened one day.
Happy Independence Day in advance to My Beloved Country Glory to Thee and May God bless Thee.
Happy Kj โค๏ธ .. Wish you many mores๐Ÿ™ƒ your rl like a brother to me that I always wanted๐Ÿ˜Œ but may god bless you! Xo.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday ji. May God bless you with happiness, good health and longevity.
Wish you many more happy returns of the day bro... I wish all ur attrmpts will succeed. May god bless you
Sweet dreams Bailee. May you always be safe and filled with love and joy. God bless you. LY :)
Happy Independence Day! May we keep Texas free, and may God continue to bless the Great State of Texas.
Wish you a many many happy returns of the day ,may all your wishes come true,God Bless You . ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ.
I wish it counts as more than a hit at box office. May God bless Himesh and I wish he gets recognised for his acting skills.
omg Happy Birthday to you. May God bless you with many more๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰. Enjoy your day...๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ
You're filled with hate but I prayerfully forgive you. May you find peace and not lies. God bless. Jesus loves you.
God bless you today and always and may all your goals come true.
May God bless the settlers that ultimately destroyed every noble soul the came across
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to ji.May God bless you with a long & healthy life.
May God bless you. You deserve more recognition. ;)
you are the beautiful Politician Ever i have seen in my life, May God Bless you. . Pakistan Zindabad! Pak Army Paindabad!
Wishing dis lovely actress a very happy women's day ๐Ÿ˜Š May God Bless u with all d happiness in d world ๐Ÿ˜€ Have a rocking year ๐Ÿ‘
May God Bless your Soul!.. A great Rider , Athlete and wonderful friend!.. May you find peace!.. And justice be...
Faithful sailor with full provisions leaving the dock setting sail with a steady and clear course. May God Bless all who join me!
May God Bless you and be your strength during these days of grief. Pastor Chuck Life Community Church
Shout out to our January Birthdays!!! Happy Birthday to Tony and to our son Frank!. May God Bless you abundantly.
Happy Birthday to my all time favorite hero, Hritik Roshan !! May God Bless you & get lots of success!
your life is turning out like a female version ng Notting Hill.a better version.May God Bless you.
Merry Christmas Charlie...May God Bless you, your family & American Patriots Everywhere..
Merry Christmas to you and your family, aka "Punky Brewster!" May God Bless you all in the New Year! :)
Thank u baby,love u too honey"Happy Birthday ,love .. May God Bless you and Have an amazing day. I Love Yoโ€ฆ
i hope everything is okay... May God Bless you and your family โค Prayers are with the little one โค
May God Bless you and you are one of the kindest souls ever
im forever blessed by your music.Siyakuthanda Mam'Hlengiwe Mhlaba.May God Bless you โ™ฅ
Today all Real Americans are with you remembering the 2996 people lost on 9/11/01 . May God Bless their Families
R.I.P to all who lost their lives on 9/11/01. May God Bless their loved ones and God Bless America!
May God Bless you Sheriff Clarke, please help protect us from obama !
Congratulations Pastor Sarah Davis on your Pastoral Installation - May God Bless you as you do his work going forward - Rob Daniels Photos
Happy Birthday bae๐Ÿ’• . May God Bless you and May all your dreams come true . Good luck in your future hunnyy ๐Ÿ˜Š
Judge Sullivan: You are doing great work for "We the people" May God Bless you and yours. Citizens of CT.
AMEN Pastor Kimberly Ray Gavin - May God Bless you all at House on the Rock ~
May God Bless the Gettysburg SD Police Dept for keeping this patch. I actually sent them a Thank You.
Male or Female ... Adult or Child ... May God Bless all my Black Sistas n Brothers. May god Bless America ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
May God Bless the family of Latoya Jackson and her kids. May God give them comfort in this time of Loss
May God Bless the truth tellers. Thanks for the courage to speak out Jim.
Hey hazz!! You are the sweetest person I've ever known. May God Bless you always! Thank You for being my inspiration ๐Ÿ˜Š ILY
I hope every American reads the book Betrayed and learns the history of what happened. May God Bless each of them...
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These are the Honorable men we all should salute, American Patriots who fought for our Freedom, May God Bless !
thank you for the moving tribute of the legend Eddie Zondi, May God Bless you & give u strength.
That's a wrap on the 52nd academic year at Grace Lutheran school! May God Bless the students and staff with a...
You did a wonderful job as the MC for our Spirit of the League Awards Luncheon today! May God Bless!
Tefo Mashamaite is a true sportsman and display a godly character, to give 100k just like that: May God Bless him. Chiefs Awards
May God Bless and protect his people and may America always stand with Israel. Gen 12:3-4 And I will bless those...
"Hanoi Jane Fonda is being 'honored'...let's keep this going please, for our Veterans' May God Bless them,'.
Happy Birthday to my sangin Sis missjillscott May God Bless you with many more! Xoxo
Happy Birthday to my favorite man, Timothy, Lazy ColdTurkey Green, May God Bless you with many many more. you are an awesome man of God,
True Love is still worth believing in and finding and worth fighting for ..( . May God Bless you and Josh always
May God Bless the Woman deep within us,the Woman were're trying to be.May He mend where our Hearts are Broken,and fill every empty space.May
May we face the future with confidence, strength & hope. May God Bless the State of Israel and the United States of America โ€ฆ
For Turning Tides . May God Bless you,. As you go on your way. With your pained Life,. I cannot with you stay. As I...
Happy to d king of the street wullnp... May God Bless ur New Age, Alaga Ibile, Baba Afusa..
Mr. Cub Ernie Banks you were an amazing baseball player and thank you for the years of happiness you brought to me as a kid...May God Bless you and let's win one for Mr.CUB.Rest in Paradise sir...thank you
Congratulation to Mrs. Kiran Bedi. She is declared as Chief Ministerial candidate for Delhi. All the best. May God Bless her.
01.18.2015 | Mass has ended, May God Bless us all. ๐Ÿ™ @ Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod - SM Aura
Happy Birthday Piolo Jose Pascual...May God Bless you with His presence and surround you with His loveโ€ฆ
My Beloved Aunt, PRISCILLA CASTRO BLAS DE VOLDER B1938 my dad's close sister and daughter of Concepcion Castro Blas B1914 and Jose Balajadia Peredo B1901 TUGONG/CAMILO and Juan Cruz Taitano B1901 JEJE/KORORI. My Aunt left Guam in 1958, she married a Navyman named, Raymond V. De Volder after a year of their wedding on Guam they departed in the US after a year as she too lost her baby named, Yvonne, she then remained single and settled in San Diego for 42 years. She worked in the operating room at Sharp Hospital, San Diego and retired 38 years. She relocated to Las Vegas and passed away after being a residence of 5 years. TODAY, her remains are being buried in New Mexico by my sister Sandra with a little prayer as she is finally laid to rest in GOD'S ARMS. May God Bless you Auntie Chilang and we will meet again as she stayed and spent her time with me during my open heart surgery in Los Angeles in 2010. RIP.
North Carolina will be on the prayer clock tonight praying for America and for our President and Leaders. Praying for Fla. also. Praying for Israel, Jerusalem, Middle East plus all other countrys needing prayer for peace. Pray for our Military and Troops. Unspoken prayer request God knows the the situation. One of our Face Book Friends his wife found out she has liver cancer plus could be in the other organs . Please pray for this dear couple going through a lot they really need prayer. Please keep me in prayer i had to put my dog down yesterday on New Year day very sad i am not myself i don't feel like eating thinking about my dog my best friend he loved me dearly . I had him for 10 years. but he was so sick. Praying for all of the sick i pray they can get a healing. Praying for the Bible-Thon i pray they reach there goal. May God Bless all of our prayer partners and all have a great night.
"Blue Light Week" January 1st - 7th In honor of law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty and in very special memory of our own fallen officer...Sgt. Larry Russell...EOW 1-2-04. Thank you to those who continue put their lives on the line to serve and protect! May God Bless you and keep you safe.
On night shift tomorrow so "May God Bless and keep you always, as my sister (vicar) and Bob Dylan and Rae might say
It's been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it.all my family members, friends, my mentor. May God Bless you greatly.
We want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas ! And to remember the gifts that God has gave you. The breath of life, true happiness , and for the ones of us who have searched for it and found it Salvation! That's a gift no one can take from you ever...May God Bless you and keep you through out the up and coming New Year!
Wishing all of my family and friends a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let's remember to be thankful for all of our blessings when there are so many who are without even the basic necessities in life. Why not give to someone who is in need in whatever fashion U can give. God will reward U. God has blessed me in so many ways!! God is Good! May God Bless all those who are in Griefing at the Loss of a Loved One ( my sister Mary & her family), The Rivers Family and the Losher Family. May they find comfort and Peace in the Lord! So many have gone Home to be with the Lord in previous days, years.many precious memories R drawn to mind at this time. Treasure those memories as well!!! Thank U God for treasured years with my husband Dennis! And all other family gone on before us! My beloved sister Etta, brother Jesse, my Mom & Dad,niece Joanne, nephew Dave, Jr., sister-in-laws Janet and Debbie, Louise (family),Grandma Mary Smith, and all of those who have gone on ahead of us.some we feel have ...
Happy Born Day to ma Ninja Max aka Maxiido Jr Skepsel ! I call him Nyovest the 2nd.! May God Bless you with many...
While most of us are preparing Christmas and shopping Dean and I are preparing to send Marley Eliza to Hundouras on her mission to help build a school and medical care for children in a third world Country. I know many feel that we should help our own first. I will let you know she volunteers for a Rape Crisis Center 10 hours a week in South Carolina. This mission trip was made possible with the help of a few family members and friends. We are forever grateful. She will not be bringing toys, videos, bikes and such to these children. Marley chose to bring school supplies as all children have the right to be able to learn. Thank you all again for your contributions. May God Bless you all. Pictures to come. Please pray for her safe mission and safe return:)
May God Bless all the Akwa Ibom childerd in New Year in Jesus Name Amen.
Saw Canon Andrew White on TV the other morning. He is truly a man of God! May God Bless him and the Christians in Iraq.
May God Bless you with many more birthday's Pastor Greg Laurie.
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We at Giovanni Ristorante had the privilege of having Retired Navy Veteran Jack Rogo dine with us yesterday evening on Sunday December 7, 2014...As many of you know yesterday was Pearl Harbor Day! Jack is a 93 year old Veteran of WWII and Pearl Harbor survivor. Although Jack is 93 years old he looked and acted like a spry 70 year old...Jack we at Giovanni are all so grateful that you spent Pearl Harbor Day with us! Thank you again Jack for your sacrifice, courage and service to this great country. It's hero's like you that make us proud to be Americans...May God Bless you now and always!
SHILOH! SHILOH! SHILOH! At last the long awaited annual prophetic gathering of the WINNERS' FAMILY WORLDWIDE,SHILOH 2014 edition "HEAVEN ON EARTH" is just some hours to go. Dearly Beloved i wish we maximise this Heavenly Oppoturnity greatly,for no one knows what tomorrows holds.God always come down in His Person at Shiloh to answer His children.But every manifestation answers to an expectation. So what therefore are our expectations. My prayer is that He pays attention as usual to us and turns every of our expectations to a manifestation.I wish everyone the best ever Shiloh,and may Heaven On Earth become a reality in our lives in the Name of Jesus. Also brethren,i wish we keep praying for God's Grace and Revelation upon our Daddy Bishop David Oyedepo and the other anointed men of God at this year's Shiloh. May God Bless us abundantly as we do so. SEE YOU ALL AT THE NEXT,TOP AND EXCEEDINGLY GREAT HEAVENLY PLACE AS WE POSSESS OUR POSSESSIONS TO THE GLORY OF GOD ALMIGHTY. JESUS IS LORD.
I do have to say she unleashed so many astonishing facts so fast that I had to watch it twice. With the way the world is today and the *** in Ferguson. We Americans need to stand up for our rights granted in our USC and not let anyone try and take them away. Even though this is only focused on the 2nd amendment, if we let our guard down one by one our rights will be taken away and I for one will not give up my 2nd amendment and become a victim. May God Bless the USA
~~ Fellow patriot's ~~ Is a civil war ahead ? The framer's of our constitutional second amendment specifically designed our right to bear arms to protect our country from Tyranny!! Be prepared to protect & defend!!! Look around Folks it is already occurring in America .. May God Bless us !
2014 DOP UPDATE - Kansas City, MO - USA To our Sisters in Christ, We held the World Day of Prayer on November 3rd, with 22 men and women. The study and sharing the topic of Faithfulness was great. All present were excited. Prayers were touching, as some weer experiencing some of the same problems as other nations. North America is not without suffering of women and children. Our men came home from wars as wounded warriors for life. May God Bless, Southside First Baptist Church
An early Happy Thanksgiving to everyone,May God Bless u and your familys.If your in Pigeon Forge this week,come by and see us at MEMORIES THEATRE.We have Shows Tues,Thurs,Fri,and Sat
Happy Birthday, Vice President Joe Biden!!! May God Bless you with many many more!
Early Bird and Breakfast Club good morning everyone hope you have a great blessed day stay warm today so what's on your breakfast plate this morning hope it's good I am hungry too May God Bless your families keep them safe and warm today
May God Bless and Save the Unites States Armed Forces and our Veterans of Service. Amen.
Up- Date from PaPa: Tuesday First of all want to say Happy Veterans Day to all our men and women who are serving or have served in our Country's Armed Forces...May God Bless you All!!! Austin and Mom Abby returned from NYC Sunday afternoon and were exhausted to say the They both had a wonderful trip and Austin could not stop talking about everything he saw while in the Big Apple. Austin especially talked about the taxi drivers..not favorably by the way,.he said they drive crazy up there and he did not like all the congestion and he loved New York City!! He got to ride the subway,eat NY Pizza,see the Statue of Liberty,visit Grand Central Terminal,walk Times Square,go to the Empire State Building, and visit lots of other places as they made their way around and to New Jersey where the Macy's Studio is located. The highlight of the adventure was of course, to visit the Macy's Studio where the Thanksgiving Day Parade Floats and Balloons are created. Austin was chosen and . ...
One never knows what tomorrow brings. I do know I am busy, so I thought I would pay my respects and give heartfelt thanks to all whom have served this country, in war and peace...past , present and future. May God Bless you all! You gave up so much, and so many never came home with a smile or as a wounded, but in a wooden box with a flag draped over it, and some never found. All deserve our love, thank you ,and eternal support for your efforts.. Sadly there have been so many wars and conflicts, and we as Americans , jump in to help. The same cannot be said of all countries, and that makes me even prouder of you and to be American. I thank you all from, before WWII too today, for your sacrifice for our country. You are all heroes in my heart. One thing I do every Veteran's Day, is to remember my 8 uncles who joined up and served in WWII. They all came home alive. I thank my brother in law who served in Vietnam, and pays the price daily from Agent Orange. In this , he sadly is not alone. He is al ...
I May Now Say Happy Birthday To My Lil Cousin don't Think you Grown Am Still The Bigger one so I Can still Put some Licks on you when u give Trouble so On That Happy Birthday cuzo Enjoy and May God Bless you to see many More To Come have a Great day cuz much love and I will also send down a plane load of Girls for you and I Also know that you wish to beat me in long Jump one of ur big dream done know cuz its all love man have a blast and be Safe
Prayers can be answered. Welcome home, Sgt. May God Bless you and your family in your transition home. htโ€ฆ
My Lighthouse! Matthew 5:14 โ€œYou are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. โ€œCome on Christians of Hamilton let our light shine so the Lord Our God Can See Our Faithfulness to towards him the almighty God the Great I am! โ€œ Revelation 18:23 The light of a lamp will never shine in you again. The voice of bridegroom and bride will never be heard in you again. Your merchants were the worldโ€™s important people. By your magic spell all the nations were led astray. โ€œLook at Hamiltonโ€™s businesses and factories closing, the crime and poverty levels grow slowly as Satanโ€™s finger prints are all over this city. Itโ€™s time for us to stand firm and Rebuke his presence and take back what God has Entrusted Us With. God Has filled us with his Light!โ€ John 9:5 While I am in the world, I am the light of the world. โ€œFor we have nothing to Fear For God is with Us!โ€ May God Bless and Anoint us with his grace, protect us each and every day! Amen.
My little 98 Ford Ranger "which happens to be my Oldest and Favorite Vehicle" got clipped by a Ennis School Bus today. Just a minor incident and Thank God that everyone was ok. My truck was parked in front of the house and no one actually saw the incident. But the Bus Driver actually Stopped and Knocked on the door and told my Wife that he had hit the truck. May God Bless that Bus Driver for being an Honest Human Being! And by the way, I still drove it to work tonight!
This is my best friend Terry Barton Warren, Recently she was diagnosed with a lung cancer. We are having a BAKE SALE NOVEMBER 2, 2014 at IGA SHOPPING BASKET in BALLINGER, TEXAS from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Funds will be going to help with medical expenses and travel expenses for her treatment. We would like to thank all for thier kindness in helping at this event. May God Bless your hearts and fill your days with much happiness
thanks Tyla!!! Congrats to you and your recent marital status!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š May God Bless your new family!
87 school shootings in the past two years since Sandy Hook. *** is wrong with people? Our thoughts and prayers are with Marysville-Pilchuck High School families. My daughter Elexa helped with respiratory with two of the victims at Harborview. May God Bless everyone involved. My heart is broken.
We wish a very Happy and prosperous Depawali to friends and partners colleagues and well wishers. May God Bless you โ€ฆ
Could not wait to get home from work to take Brandon to the foothills but when I got home had to take him to the ER he was running a fever of 102.6 and meds was not taking it down ! I hate it when my baby is so sick ! Please keep him in your prayers and me to I got poison Ivey in my eyes ! Thank you all ! May God Bless !
So proud of our dad, malo lava le faamalosi dad Ps Pue Mamea at Onesourceaog Melbourne.. Faafetai I Le Tama oi le lagi for his blessing... May God Bless you xx we love you xx
Wishing my Nephew Bookie a Happy 25th Birthday.May God Bless you with many many more to come.Love ya! Enjoy your day
When complexity of the soul is gone, simplicity prevails, in other words known as divinity. May God Bless us all. - Yogi Bhajan
Good Morning America: We have a beautiful Eclipse of the noon this morning and everything is Okay in the Heavens. May God Bless the Christians in America. About an hour ago it was about 1/4 covered by the shadow and now is 3/4 shadowed and a few minutes we will have a total eclipse. John Kennedy set a goal of reaching the moon, He was assassinated before he was to see Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon. Osama Been Lying dismantled NASA and appointed an Ungodly Muslim as Director and now we Rent Space on Space Shuttles for our Astronauts. You Just can't fix Stupid but his term will expire in two years and America will never recover from his Presidency. hp
Saddened to read about David Haines this morning. I did not know this man, but I do know that he was providing a humanitarian service.. There is no greater sacrifice than that of another giving up everything to care for those in need. His voice will shout louder than the voices of those who took his life. RIP David. May God Bless you
May the Holy Cross be your light. I pray for your family and your Grandfather. May God Bless you.
May God Bless you with the kind of Wealth that will make your elders call you Big Uncle and Big Aunty. Amen
Not a fan but RIP to Ladies. Code's EunB. Condolences to family. and friends. And also to the driver. May God Bless you. We'โ€ฆ
The ultimate sacrifice so that we may live Free. God bless the troops!
how sweet! God bless! May you always find luck on your side!
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by "Happy Birthday abby!!! May God bless you with more blessings and happy life ! Youโ€ฆ
Happy Birthday my friend . Great Seeing you Last Week. May God Bless you with many more & Yes, Lots of FraJagers tonight :-)
yea i can understand their bitterness tbh. but gd's been partying lol :P may the Kpop Music God come and bless him some inspiration
With my loyal may God bless them 4 me paulafhaddad miroakheir andโ€ฆ
Just wanted to tell good luck on his journey in the army! May God continue to bless you and watch over you ๐Ÿ™
๐Ÿ˜ Happy Birthday to mi pretty foreign, u look tf good as always, may god bless u wit many more, I love u sandbox๐Ÿ˜˜
Thank you May GOD continue to Bless you
Good to hear that all has been well, may God continue to bless you and yours. One love
happy bday big cuh. May god bless you to see many more. Love you big holmes, enjoy your day. TU!!
May god bless U and your kingdom, always! Cheers 2 U, your Majesty!
It's ok ...thank you. may God bless you all
Love your work may GOD bless you and keep you .
I swear to god, may The Lord bless your soul rn.
Please be nice to me. May bless us. :) ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ™
Ig Neymar: "May God bless us and protect us... ๐Ÿ™" [neymarjr]
Happy Birthday nina ! May god bless and goodluck in life ! โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜โœŒ๏ธ
"Here every creed and race find an equal place and may God bless our nation" - Happy Independence Day T&T!
Shalom St. Mark familia, thank you for wonderful 12 months (1 year) since my relocation from the Cape. The past 12 months are amongst the best time in my pastoral ministry. I pray that together we have renewed many old fountains the Philistines had tried to destroy. Your best is yet to come and remember that obedience is better than sacrifice. I ask you prayerfully to give my successor, Rev. CD Fredericks the sterling cooperation and support you've rendered. May God bless you individually and collectively.
Hope you're having a blessed sunday & may God continue to bless you throughout the rest of the day. Be Blessed :)
well . a tok gajah fan . pakai speck hitam. kuat senyum .. pretty high if im not mistaken . and of course Ag's (may god bless you)
"hello Happy Birthday , llnp , may God bless you today amen!."thanks dear!
God bless you brother. May U open your heart to God's true views about this issue & His word guide you. I was speaking in love
it was great concert from great Star,,may God bless u
โ€œmy prayers are with you Jeanine๐Ÿ™โ€ May God Bless you and your family โค๏ธ
[140901]. Happy 14th birthday to my sis!! wish u all the best and may god always bless you!
Thank you, I appreciate your kind words. May God continue to bless you and your family.
Happy for my sister n bro kibe.may God bless your marriage!
Enjoyed the last couple of days with my wonderful son and his family. May God continue to bless and keep them in his hands.
aw thank u kak meerah๐Ÿ˜› You too may God bless you and do well for your exams๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’–
I wanna wish my a Happy Birthday!! May God bless you with many many more yearsโ€ฆ
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Happy Birthday, May you always be THIS happy! God bless (photo credit:
We are who we are. We are responsible "to and/or for" our own happiness. Well, happy 1st of September! May God bless us all. Good night! :)
Brian as an Eagle fly high high Go Fordham xoxo enjoy Son May God bless you always MOM
Thank yall and may god bless our MB guys for all they do.
Good morning/ thankful to see another day! May God Bless you all.
thanks, I have VA benefits & they are great. I would probably not be here either if not for them, may God bless you brother
on your big day yesterday. May God continue to bless you two and let no man come between you too. I pray Mr. right will find
most welcome . May odd always be your sleep partner . God bless you . Ameen .
Please be nice to me. May God bless us. :)
May god bless and direct our paths so that they may cross again
Whatever Circumstance you are in know that God is there with you. May The Lord bless you and keep you.
you are the most ideal couple that I've seen. May God bless your amazing relationship w lots of love & happiness.
Many many happy returns of the day dear:) sry 4 wshng u so l8t:(. May God bless U all d way
โ€œgod works fast i don't like her since her jadi host for Fashion Police. Well may god โ€ฆ
Let's each of us hand the coming week into God's Hands. May He bless us all as we work with Him in His world. Alleluia Amen!! โ€ฆ
. congrats on ur wedding beautiful pics on sunday tribune may God bless ur familly
Happy Birthday to one of my greatest friends jacobb_rey ! May God bless you with many more to come! Iโ€ฆ
Ok, im up and not really wanting to go into work today. Not feeling much better but I gotta be a man of my word and at least show up. I need to get motivated, May God Bless Us All. :-)
Today I want to wish my first born, our daughter a HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY!! It seems like yesterday I gave birth to u.. my how time has flown away. From the moment I heard ur heartbeat, felt ur move inside if me, heard ur cry and looked into ur eyes.. u stole me and ur daddies heart... i can't believe have u have grown into a beautiful young lady.. my prayers are that u let God keep u and lead u.. He will keep u, shield and protect u... send grace and mercy with u... We love u so much.. May God bless u with many more to come... Happy Birthday MICHELIA ARIAH NORTON..OUR "KEL-KEL"!!
My new car. May god bless our ways on street and life :)
Happy happy happy.Birthday to my very beautiful, kind, hardworking, super bootan nga ate. Emily Legados-Apilan Gumolon :* i love you so much te.. i wish you all the best in life. May God bless you and guide you always. Happy Birthday ate love you always :*
Congratulations to my brother Ikaika and my sister in law for life Denelle! They did it! They tied the knot! It was such a beautiful wedding, I wish you both nothing but joy, love, happiness, calmness, and eternity life together! May god bless you both on this new journey you are about to take! I love you folks more than words can say! I love you so much Ikaika N Denelle! XOXO
.woke up feeling tired this morning pillow monster got a hold of me in Jesus name kicking pillow monster to the curb I'm going to church excited to see what God has for me.. get up go to church new life..take the whole family they don't want to go you go starts with you... may God bless you all
I wanted to Thank each and everyone one for the Birthday Shout outs and Wishes!!I truly appreciate all the Love, May God Bless You All!!!
OMG Today is a Huge day of Celebration and Love. BIG SHOUT OUTS TO THE BIRTHDAY MEN IN MY LIFE! To my love Joey and best friend Joseph Ignitenyc Afflitto , my amazing and awesome grandfather Ramรณn Fernandez, my bro in Christ and band mate Andrew John, and to the greatest music professor of all time Dana Talley!!! Much love to you all on this awesome sunny day and May God bless you all
happy married life lill' sis. may God bless ur new home.
Just a quick message from a top Koko Head crater in Honolulu HI. May God bless y'all today!
Welcome September...gudbye August... Today is the 1st Sept n the special day to me ... bcorz today is my mom's 54th bday ... Mak, epy bday to u! Thx for everything! I Love U forever! Ngarap panjai umur n gerai blama ya. May God Bless U. amen.
Thank you lord,thank you my friends,u all made my 30th august bday Glorious and worthwhile,i am so grateful,May God bless you.
Good. Morning. F B family / friends I give All praises to the most high God for. Life itself. And the new journey. That he has placed upon my first. Born as she walks hand in hand with her. Husband. Asking him to guide. Them safely. On there honeymoon. In Italy. Thank you God for family. And. Friends. In Jesus. Name. Amen. May God bless. You all people
Happy 51st Anniversary to my mom and dad, June Brown and Edward Brown. David and I love you and may God Bless you today and always!
May God bless all my friends. Wishing my nephew Dante a happy b day tomorrow.
While you are worshipping and going about your business today please say a small one for Mom. She's having a hard time this morning and she's had to take extra BP meds and trying to get hopefully a migraine in her temple to ease up. Thanks for your prayers already and may God bless each of you.
STATUS UPDATE: Hereโ€™s the latest as of now. Melody is fine, she is in a hospital in OKC and being appropriately treated. For privacy reasons I will not expand on the why she is still an inpatient. I have spoken at length with her nurse and everything will be ok. As far as what happened last night, I am dealing with that on several levels, most of you know me more than well enough to know my level of protection over Melody and my attention to detail when there is a problem to deal with. Suffice it to say, the concerns mentioned in previous posts WILL be addressed. At this time I canโ€™t answer as to when Mel will be released or if she will be returning to her motherโ€™s home or back here to Alamo. That will develop over the next few days/weeks. I obviously have my own opinion on this subject, but at 16 yrs old, itโ€™s really all up to Melody. I canโ€™t thank all of you enough for your prayers as shown through the โ€œlikesโ€ on the two posts below. Also your understanding about not clogging the thr ...
So gonna have an awesome day !!! Not letting the likes of *** ruin my positivity!!! I am the Queen therefore I put forth the rule of my queendom that everyone shall have an awesome happy day today. And the *** will burn in the queens ring of eternal fire !! Peace be with you all and may God Bless all of US!
14yrs ago God blessed us with a healthy bouncing baby boy! Now our baby boy is no longer a baby as he's grown into such an amazing young man filled with potential! We wish you a very Happy Birthday Kyle Soodeen! May God bless an protect you, guide you in your future goals and help you to achieve success in all you do! We luv you Kyle and wish all your wishes come true..xoxoxo
So who is ready for some more Sharon T? Fourth video now up on my channel. If her music touches you, and blesses you.Please leave comments on youtube. If you find it in your heart to help support the cause for her surgery please use the gofundme link on my wall. No donation is too small, it will be greatly appreciated. May God Bless you for the support.remember Keep The faith!
Smiling face of honourable minister is best adorable with actions . May God Bless
Saying Goodbye to Gray's Creek Baptist Church today! May God Bless you as you move back to your daily life
I pray that your success continues to grow. May God continue to bless you.
I've been enlightened and inspired by your writings, may god bless you with more fruitful knowledge :)
Happy Birthday dear. Have a fantastic day and may god bless u. May all of ur wishes will be fulfilled
May the Auguries of the Ancients line up in consanguineous fellowship with inherent mercies. You are A Kingdom Super Star.. God Bless u...
Happy Birthday!! God bless, more birthdays to come and may all your wishes come true ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’—
.May God bless you all today, in a special way! ๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜
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Happy Birthday Park Choong Jae!~ ๐Ÿ˜ May god bless you โ™ก Remember to hide behind Mama bird when you need to ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜š
"Thanks for the follow. May you grow in the love of God. Peace be to you and God bless. :)" via
Happy bday my magical wonderful oshi ... May God give you His greatest bless and gift.
From The Administrators and Moderators of Luzerne County Fire Companies. We would like to send our Prayers to the McAdoo Fire Company in the Passing of Aaron Leshko. May God Bless the Leshko Family, & Everyone that has Been Touched By Aaron.
Happy Birthday !! Hope you have an Awesome Day! May God bless you with many more years of life! Take caโ€ฆ
Babyyy... Happy Birthday! May god bless you. Good luck for trial and spm. Have a blast! Stay cute like me. Hehe. Miss you
Congrats to my cousin abreeze7 and my new cousin bsummerlin13 on jumping the broom. May God bless youโ€ฆ
Happy Birthday to my brother and classmate. may God continue to bless your way...sipping on some Lyne*..
We went to show respect to Cathy mom finally we met again with Cathy after a long time since my son pass away may god bless her mom she became a angel of god eyes
Happy bday rik, wish u all the bestt and may god always bless you all the time hehehe :D (with
Idc what you guys say about him being 16 is forever bae & da ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฉโค๏ธ May god bless your DNA ๐Ÿ™Œ ๐Ÿ’•
Congrats and may God continue to bless your family :)
Thank you for the follow! May God bless you and your loved ones in abundance!
May God in his infinite mercies visit you and bless you abundantly. "I love Kozza. But Cahill is better."
Praying for all of you, Is Jesus your Lord And Savior,Ask jesus to save you now. Love you guys, May God Bless your Life today
Going to hospital this morning . may god bless me :)
hidden war on channel 4 my heart bleeds for the innocents..just cant watch anymore. God, may your peace reign God bless Nigeria!
Yeah, thank you Chelsea. May God bless you too. :')
Happy Birthday beautiful! May God bless you with many more :)
God bless our children of our orphanages in and may God free our of
The Palestinians are being tested to their limits, may God bless them.
karen worship song "Lord, Strengthen Our Heart".. May God bless you all for watching/listening!
My best wishes to you Papa H ALSO THANK YOU FOR CREATING A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING May god bless you everyday :)
Happy b'day & sorry for keep ignoring your calls, whoops ๐Ÿ˜› goodluck in everything you do in your life & may god bless! ๐Ÿ’–
Good evening FB. I am asking for prayers for my family. I lost my grandfather today. His name is Tommy Conley. Everybody in Blytheville know him as TB. May God bless his soul. Rest in peace,love you and will surely miss you.
The sun rose today with a very special charm,just to wish you a Happy Birthday. May God bless you sunshine
Packed house at PCA All School Worship! May God bless our school year!
Praising God for answered prayer. Marissa is doing fine. Feeling back in all extremities, put knee back in place, scans and X-ray's clear. Dr said she is pretty stoved up and will be sore for awhile but nothing broke. Thanks to everyone for your prayers. Thank you to squad members who prayed as she was being loaded into the helicopter. May God bless all of you. Mostly THANK YOU JESUS!!!
congrats! May God bless you both and shine on you and in you.
Happy Birthday boo โ™ฅ ! Good spending today with you ! God bless and may you see loads more ! Cant wait to see you tomo mwah * xo
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May God bless all of the students awaiting today's A Level results. We hope your hard work is rewarded with great results!
Happy Birthday!! I hope you're enjoying your day and may God bless you always! โ˜บ๏ธโค๏ธ
No shade, but I don't have anything to ask you. I don't know what you do. May God bless you, ma'am.
May God continue to bless Guyanese people๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜
Happy Basudei ! Wish you many good luck and happiness, may the best for ya. God Bless :D
May God bless the people that write/underline the answers in the book. you're the real MVP
dankie ngiyabonga mina for your inspiration words may GOD bless you everyday of your life OF WISDOM
Wishing my beloved husband many happy returns of the day. The one who made so many people smile, who has great vision, working on a big mission...mentoring youth...may God bless you with lot more strength, great health & Happiness. Happy Birthday! !!
I must admit, I have been disturbed by the thoughts and views of my contemporaries. I have known some people for years, yet never knew they had so much hatred for others of my race. I am quite disheartened, but I will still show love where I find hate. May God bless and protect us all!
PFC UPDATE: PFC And passengers are safely home. You are a very important part of PFC. Thank you for your prayers and support. May God bless!!
How do I explain to someone that the Catholic Church is the first Church Jesus founded and not the Jewish Church? ~ Please join us in praying the Rosary for Fr. John Corapi and all falsely accused Priests. May God Bless and reward you!
Well then!!!, after 2 surgeries and complications, I now have a new complete replacement left knee and right hip thanks to Dr. Cavasos! Modern medicine is amazing... and I now do not walk like Quasimodo---blast from the past. I have been released from outpatient therapy, am walking and riding a bike. My competitive athletic days are over, so those of you that I played now know, you may rest easy as I won't be in the arena as a participant! I still will use my walking stick as I play Dr. Franklin and will set off the metal detectors in the airports.. Take care all and may God bless, Your humble servant, Michael aka Ben Franklin et al Silence Dogood, Betty Delight...
I want to take the time out to thank everyone that wish my mother a Happy Birthday. Thank you so much. My mama want to thank everyone also. Love you and may God bless you.
Happy 4th Birthday to Skyler aka Hunny. We love you!! May God bless and protect you always!!
Can anyone beat this arrangement?. So pretty. I would love to have this~~~ But, I am sending it to all my family and friends.Hope you had a good, healthy happy day~~~May God Bless!
I'm not no gangsta, no thug, no real live nicca, no playa, no pimp, no G nicca, yo nicca...I'm me Will Rogers a child of GOD, now with that being have a good day and may GOD bless you all...
Good Afternoon to FB Family, I hope your Monday is treating you good! May God Bless, Comfort, Protect, all of our children who are in school. I plead with you parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties to get involve with your children's education. I just want to share with you why it is so important to get involved. We are spending a lot of money for education, it's a huge chunk!! This past session, the State of New Mexico, we as legislatures appropriated the following, THOUGH I'am facing some " REPERCUSSIONS " only because I had voted against the House Budget (HB2), the Senate Budget (SB 313) added more funds, (WHICH IT INCLUDED MY DISTRICT AND OTHER RURAL DISTRICTS). This was done with a good "bi-partisan" COMPROMISE. NOT, by PARTY LINE. So here is the outcome - PUBLIC EDUCATION: This year we appropriated $2.74 BILLION, for public education, an increase of $171 MILLION. (Which, I wholeheartedly supported, because it includes rural/my district) The STATE EQUALIZATION GUARANTEE DISTRIBUTION to school di . ...
Dahil sa trending spot kagabi maraming willing to donate and vote for Loisa!! Thank you sa inyo. May God Bless you! :)
Oh Lord... I am in total Shock at the sudden jolting news & tragic demise of one of my all time favourite actor Robin Williams. I grew up watching in awe this amazing soul who not only made the world & I laugh starting from 'Happy Days' & 'Mork & Mindy' to 'Good Morning Vietnam', 'Patch Adams', 'Aladdin', 'Hook', 'Birdcage', 'Mrs. Doubtfire' & 'Dead Poets Society' (amongst many others) but also made us cry in films like 'What Dreams May Come', 'Awakenings' & 'Goodwill Hunting' of which the list goes on & on... His talent & timing was unmatched by any other. His energy was awesome!! I along with millions will miss him dearly. He was one of my inspirations as an Artiste. He told the world to 'Wake-Up' in 'Good Morning Vietnam' & who could have imagined that he would leave us so soon at the age of 63 only... Well, the Lord Giveth & the Lord Taketh away... May he Rest in Peace & May God Bless his Soul... Thank you Lord for blessing us with Robin Williams... "God Night Mr. Williams" & "Nanu Nanu"...
I want to thank evrybody who sent me warm bday greetings. I do appreciate them and they made me feel so special. May God Bless you all...THANK YOU! @ exactly 12midnyt bahay nla 5k na pindala mo u
Watching the Greg Allman tribute on WYES. "Whippin Post" solo is what music is all about. May God Bless
Buchtel United Methodist Church...I am going to miss you today...Going to listen to my friend Steve Cox at First United Methodist Church deliver the message this morning. May God Bless everybody today and everyday. Amen!
Just want to congratulate our new Presiden Republic Indonesia Mr. Ir. H Joko Widodo and our Vise Presiden Mr. H. Jusuf Kala...May Allah SWT guide you through to make our country a better place to live and show the world that we are a great country, best of luck and May God Bless you.!
May God Bless and protect our border patrol agents.
As of friday i want be on face book for a long while we will be having Jase a 1st birthday party on 8?23 around 3 at daddys any body that wants to come can come im going to miss my face book friends alot of you feels like family to me i can ask for prayers from u all and get them and I thank you all for that May God Bless you all
My first born Julio Da Trippiest.was born on this day at 9:30 am... I will never forget that day I was scared, nervous anxious... but in the end it was all worth it... I love you mijo Happy Birthday!... wish I could be by your side and celebrate it or just give you the biggest hug my lil arms can give... May God Bless you with so many more... de parte de tu mom ke t kiere mucho y t extraรฑa. ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ
Linda thank you for this post. You're doing a good work. May God Bless the United States of America!
Thinking about Scot Alpeter today. He was my best friend who passed in 2004 and was my best friend in High School and the years following. He shaped my musical world and helped me get started with Peaches in Maple Heights. Scot started at Peaches in Cleveland at Pearl and Brookpark as the store artist under Larry Bole. Then he opened the store in Dayton, left Peaches and came back to run West Palm Beach and then moved to open Winston Salem to raise his family. I do miss him and think of him often. Just felt like sharing with any of you Peaches folks that remember what a great guy he was. May God Bless.
Update.Full Gospel Holiness Church has ended another yard sale and Poor Man's Dinner and Hotdog sale! Thank each and everyone who helped us and bought dinners, hotdogs and yardsale items! May God Bless each and everyone of you! Don't forget church tomorrow at 10:00am Sunday School and 11:00am for worship service with our amazing Pastor Ralph Rawls & then at 6:00pm evening worship! Hope to see you all there!
You are reading & believing BS. And I am now wasting time one it or you.May God Bless you.
bblal. I wish you speedy recovery. May God Bless you with long life, full of health,, happiness and safety to guide friends
Our prayers go out to the family and friends of Ian Davis, former Fire Ant, who tragically passed away early Sunday morning. May God Bless.
May God Bless you this day with Divine favor in all your endeavors! This will be a glorious day for those who serve theโ€ฆ
Congratulations are in order to Jaylyn Morris and Sean Johnson on the birth of their daughter! May God Bless!
vivian ku sayongsss Happy Birthday ya๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ wish all the best for you may all your wishes come true๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜˜ miss you๐Ÿ˜ญ God bless๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿ‘ผ
ok time to rest May God keep protect heal and bless us all may the angels bring us the sweetest of dreams always smile and help others
Happy Birthday brotha hope you've had a rawkin' day today. May God Bless you in your 16th birthday!! You rawk!
Good night beloved family.May God bless you and your families always...
Happy Birthday babe may be better, hope you have an amazing day, god bless you chris. Love u ๐Ÿ˜š๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ
What about all the innocent people.I bet your against abortion. No problem with killing children with bombs. May God Bless You
TY so much Anita! May God continue to bless your Marine sons! Pls thank them for their service, from all of us here!
May God richly bless each of you in a way that only He can!
night night may GOD bless you all on FRIDAY 13TH โค๏ธ
May God bless the Pickelsimer family and give them the strength to cope with this awful and tragic loss. Praying so much right now.
Soojin unnie is so kind and not the type of girl who like to flirt or something else. So, if u hate her, may God bless ur life.
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it was funny god bless your soul and may you have fertile crop season for many moons. G night
May God bless your parents for making such a beautiful species.
May God bless the memory of a legendary actress and pioneer.
happy birthdaaay! God bless you. May the Heat lose. Have a good one โ˜บ๏ธ
may God bless all into the Kingdom of Peace...
father's day to my beloved n handsome man abah En. Ahmad Faisal bin Hj Zubir. May god bless uโ€ฆ
Hope everyone's summer is going great! May God bless you all๐Ÿ˜Š
Congratulation to all JPS' students, who successfully promoted to the next level. May God bless you awayz. Haveโ€ฆ โ€”
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