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May God Bless

Happy Birthday Happy Father Happy New Year Merry Christmas Emergent Church Much Love Happy Fathers Day Almighty God

May God Bless you, Pakistan is increasingly day by day inch closer the heaven of religious fanatics, nobody is safe except them.
Our prayers are with the survivors and families of missing. May God Bless them all.
A hearty congratulations to all 'ETE KYONGS' who got through the recent NPSC exam. May God Bless you all and wish you all the best in your future endeavor !
Yeah, right on Ms. Lee, you tell everyone how congressman Paul Ryan is racist for telling the truth about the fact of out of wedlock child births within the African American precincts. Because God knows your ideology has done wonders for the black communities. I take care of a disabled, elderly friend in a project here on Staten Island, and there are quite a few horror stories of African American men who have 3,4, and even, 5 children, each with a different woman. I personally know two of these individuals, and they themselves grew up without a father. Yeah, keep being part of the problem and not the solution. There's an old saying that when someone points the finger of judgement at someone else, there's always three fingers pointing back. I like to refer to this ultimate truth as the " Elliot Spitzer Sydrome ". It is a human condition, it's easier to point the finger at someone else than to look at the conduct of one's self. May God Bless you and us by having you thrown the *** out of office before you . ...
In honor of Chris Kyle, a true American Hero. . May God Bless his family and friends today and always.
Good night all. May God Bless us all.
Busy day; Cubs won, Iowa State won, good NASCAR race in CA, watched four Robins in the back yard this afternoon, Sunday chicken dinner tonight...always a great day for a walk. Watched a car thief jack three cars and a pickup . (on GTA-V), visited with sister. Sort of a tiring day but all is good here. Still have time to chat with someone. May God Bless!
Happy Birthday Ronald Houston! It was great speaking with you at 12:09am and listening to you and baby boy tune up your guitar! I wish I was there with my Mic in my hand but that's ok we will celebrate all year long! Love you and May God Bless you with many more! Now bust a move. Please video your bday concert
One Word March 21st, 2014 It’s a wonderful day to be a child of God. Today, I have been commissioned to come and minister to you. The Lord has given me One Word to give to you today. After giving this word, I have been ordered to conclude the devotional for today. My friend, the Lord said, “TRUST” Scripture Reading for Today: Proverbs 3:5-6, Proverbs 29:25, Psalms 118:8 May God Bless you at Your point of need!
GREAT NEWS!!! We ARE WINNERS!!! No, not the "Mega Millions"... not even one of the --2--"million $ winners in FL !! We R still Winners!!! Survived many storms..."Gotta say... Happy 14th Anniversary to my 'Honey Dukes' SOO glad to have you to share my life with, we Have SOO much Fun together... And to my brother Dennis --- we made it Real --- 14 years ago today --- with Dad, Betty, Justice of the Peace, Ken Wright, (who shares the same birthday as my husband --09/07)...and our video 'master' Judy!!! The whole ceremony lasted 5 minutes, and our life together will OUTLAST a Lifetime !!! To ALL our friends and family who are 'couples united' in a journey of "partnership & togetherness"... May God Bless you through All your days, All-Ways !! With Love, D & "d"
Yesterday I posted a story of *** Pastors Uniting in Marriage, I was surprised to see so many people voice their opinions on this subject, some agreed and some disagreed. It pleased me to see so that God has an Army of True Believers we are Warriors of The Kingdom Of The Most High God, Let us continue to plant the SEED OF TRUTH and stand firm in God's Holy Words without any compromising or sugar coating the Word's of God, Let us rejoice in the Victory Of God and the Holy Kingdom that we are looking forward to! May God Bless you all!
Just peeped "The Real Roots of the Emergent Church". I loved your love of the Word of God. May God Bless you.
Bro, I just watched "The Real Roots of the Emergent Church" and loved your sincerity. May God Bless you. Keep in touch!
To all my friends and family. Some of you may know this already but, for those of you who dont, my parents house in Big Spring Tx burned to the ground last Wednesday. We have gotten them the essential things they need for now but, they are going to need a home. An account has been set up for them for anyone who wants to help. Anything you can give would be appreciated. The Avant family who owns a convinience store has provided them with a room free of charge for 30 days. May God Bless them. Friends and family have started to donate money. We are hoping to be able to get a mobile home for them within those 30 days. If you can and would like to help, please donate to: The Renteria Fire Fund at the State National Bank in Big Spring, Tx. Account# 9012478. Thank you and may God Bless you.
I just heard another dear human being gone from our Wall St family... I am so sorry to Mikes family . May God Bless you and give you all strength ... He was an exceptional man, and did so much for those in need of a job, when the chips were down...All the people who knew him would relate to this... It really hurts my heart and loosing so many great friends in such a short period of time... Please GOD help these people get through this difficult time in our lives. May we all be examples of those who suffer and in pain with horrible stories which we can not even imagine, and try to be kinder more patience and loving towards all our neighbors on earth.So one day we will reach that special place in heaven with all our pals and families and Jesus and Mary.
"Jesus specialized in menial tasks that everyone else tried to avoid: washing feet, helping children, fixing breakfast, and serving lepers. Nothing was beneath him, because He came to serve. It wasn't in spite of his greatness that He did these things, but because of it, and He expects us to follow his example. (Jn 13:15). . May God Bless you all !! - PDL-
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God really moved in our service today! His Word today coming from Mark 4:35-41was "Don 't Let the Devil Steal Your Peace!" Three young adults rededicated their lives back to Christ! God. You are truly amazing and awesome ! He doesn't give up on us. Therefore. let's not give up on Him or on others! May God Bless you all real good !
Happy Holli to Everyone!!! May God Bless you all... Fulfill your life with colors... Fulfill all your dreams. Fulfill your life with Joy and Happiness... Let's pray for everyone... Stay Safe and Happy!
Want to wish my one of a kind granddaughter Anesa Gomez a very special Happy Birthday. Also, to my wonderful sister Celia Rios. Happy Birthday! May God Bless you with many more.
Please help little sweet Henry find his new forever Home/ Thanks and May God Bless from Columbus Georgia - No - Please call the shelter - 394- 0800 - Please get this cute little baby a new forever home. Thanks and may God Bless You
So proud of my son Anthony and daughter-in-law Marilou Salomon! Their dream has come true... They got their key for their new home in Las Vegas!!! May God Bless your home and your family!! Mom and Dad is so proud !! Love you guys... I wil try to visit soon!
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Houston. We loved celebrating the marriage of Sam and Amy today. Paul Williams performed the ceremony and Doug Barnes was the best man. May God Bless this beautiful marriage!
"Just Suck it up and go" these famous words come from the well known Fleming Countian Terry Lytle, and there is a lot of truth in these 5 little words. Sometimes, even if our heart and mind are at home with the person we love and miss (Tonia McQueary Hawkins), we still have to tread forward and carry on. If our body has aches and pains, we must not give up but tread on. Even spiritually, when satan hurls those darts, we need to have the shield of faith that they can bounce off of. Each day we need to put on the whole armour of God in which we are prepared for battle for whatever we face each day. May God Bless each one this day.
Happy Birthday may God bless u with many more returns! Now pls courier my piece of cake already ☺
Happy Birthday to my wonderful brother Daniel, May God continue to bless you and give you long life. Love you. The coolest big bro ever
: Thank you it is always a pleasure my for your wonderful welcome have a fantastic weekend May GOD Bless you
pray for my woman. May a few drinks change your mind. God bless
I just want to say Happy Birthday to my nephew Taiquan Jackson. May God bless you with many more. I love you.and have fun and don't forget to Turn Up!
LORD's prayers is Simple but most powerful prayer. Please hear LORD's prayer and pray and SHARE this with your friends as reminder so they can start praying. Thank you very much and May God Bless you
Happy Birthday wyllnp..may ALLAH grant all your heart desires...God bless you maam
Happy Bday to my First Born Son!..19yrs I'm not gettin old..I'm gettin Better! Lol..May God Bless with many many more..Sheeesh time is Flying. .Love you Mario Jr...Keep doin ya Thing Son.
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My brother in every sense of the word. I thank God for your life today. Happy Birthday bro. May God continue to bless you
"Sometimes you just have to let go and let GOD" - Miley Cyrus . Peace and Much Love . and May GOD Bless You
Happy anniversary. may god bless u. May This year bring many happiness in your life.
Happy Birthday my dear friend !! i wish all the best and may God continue to bless u with more Favor and Goodness. imy. love u.
Happy Birthday you sexy little thang, may god bless you with many more 😘🍸
I'm thankful for your prayers, love, and encouraging words, Beautiful Sis. May God bless you 10 fold.
Good Morning Yo All May God Bless You "I want to tell you how I feel but I don't want to wreck the friendship we already have. Sometimes its better to keep silent than to tell others what you feel because it will only hurt you when you know they can hear you but they can't understand.
Happy Birthday god bless you and have a great day
Let's find sweet little Weddell a home.a forever home. Thank you and may God Bless and Reward you for your Kindness.
Even though it was a very sad day for our family, it was great to spend time with some very special people. The memories will be with me forever, luv and may god bless everyone, to many to list but u all know who u are. Will miss you Aunt Jean but will cherish all the great times!
Happy Birthday girl!!! TU one time for the one time. May God bless you with many more & I hope you are enjoying your day. 💁😊😗
THANK THE GOOD LORD !! KAITLYN HAS BEEN FOUND IN PHOENIX ! Thanks to everybody who put the word out and shared all of our posts and the many agencies who helped in posting her pic all over the web ,We Kaitlyn's family can not express the gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all of you, if it were not for you we would still be looking for our little girl ...Again thank you, thank you, thank you and may God Bless You All.
Thank you so much to all of you for the greetings and all the good things you wrote on my wall for my BIRTHDAY. It was very nice of you :) and I've got to unpretentiously say that I kind of felt special :p. thanks again and may God bless you. Mil gracias a todos por las felicitaciones y los buenos deseos. Que Dios les bendiga ricamente.
The bc moment when u see people updating statuses like is eating magnum !! Feeling lost !! Drinking orange juice!! Feeling sleepy! Like seriously :xd may God bless u people :)
Am saying a big thank you to all those that remembered me yesterday. May God bless you in Jesue Name
Happy Birthday May God always bless all of your plans.. Hope you all the best.. GBU.. :)
A massive Happy Birthday going out to my younger bro may god bless u with a lifetime of happiness! Love ya!
Morning to all fbprindz... Have a great day ahead & and May God bless US all.. it comes to LOVE, expect the unexpected.
Happy Birthday Beautiful! 🎉😽 I hope you have a wonderful day and may God bless. I miss you! 💕
But first.. CONGRATS May God bless you & your beautiful new baby girls👧👧 & of course, continue to bless your lo…
You're a good friend & an even better person, may God bless you with wonderful times ahead ..wishn u a very spec…
"God bless this great institution. May its name be spread for good across the earth as good men and women,...
for all Pathfinder members in Indonesia. May God bless you.
My prayers go out to this beautiful little girl with Cancer! May God bless you!! RT
Happy born day sis . Hope u success in ur life and may god bless u always . Keep calm and stay healthy :)
She has been bestie for 25 years and we are still "in love"!!!May God bless us with many good years ahead!!!:):)
Happy Birthday jerry! wish you all the best may all your dreams come true,sukses segalanya,longlife God bless you😇☺️
Happy Birthday honey, hope you have a good day and get everything you want bebe, May God bless you…
later. May god bless us bountifully on the event.:)
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Amen Im praying that any mountains in your way may they be moved.God bless,Sista,!
Happy Birthday to the one and only !! Yaay May God bless you& stay pretty and awesome. Have a blast! xx :)
Me: *Sneezes*. Class: *Silence*. Popular kid: *Sneezes*. Class: "Oh lord, God bless you, may God protect you from your sneeze!"
Happy bday my 1st born may God bless
Happy Birthday kakak 😘😘 May god bless you 😘 & may your life always full with happiness 💞 Stay gorgy as always ❤ ily x
Hi ! Your still in my prayers may God bless you and your family (Melo).
bro'ham May peace and blessings be upon you:May GOD bless you.
May God Bless the souls of those who are innocent, and punish those who have hurt the innocent.
Happy Birthday !!! Enjoy your day. May God bless you with many more
Last RT. I'm proud of you young little girl. You're so brave that you jumped for a bullet just trying to save your mom. May God bless you.
God always bless me in disguise 😌 He may not give me when I want but he do give me when I need 🙌
i may not love you as I do your girlfriend but since mahal ka nya, TRY kitang mahalin. lol God bless…
Happy Birthday adorable girl! May god bless you stay pretty and I love you el!
Happy Internasional Woman's Day To mY Mom and All Moms in The World. maY God Bless U with Health, Wellness and Long Life.
God Bless as we are 59Days away from elections. May win with overwhelming 2/3 majority.
Saturday morning. May God bless us all! :)
praying for this mission trip & my daughter while she is there. May God keep you and use you to bless others!
Sending out a megaton of bromance love and best wishes! May God bless you today!
Happy Birthday preng all the best for you and may god always bless you ;;) knp nda prnh aktif bb mu?
happy...birthdAy lexi may God bless you...and have a don't let anyone upset you its *GOD BLESS*!
Happy Birthday I can tell you're a great man by your fruits on this platform. May God bless you richly. Keep soaring high Sir.
thanks for your encouragement bro, may God richly bless you for it!
Some people making fun of me be hind my back may God bless you all. May God help you all. May God make u all a kind and a caring heart
Happy Birthday dearest :) May God continut to bless you abundantly :) Have a great one! :*
Happy Birthday,Wish u a many many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with health, wealth and prosperity in ur life
We'll miss u Mel! Enjoy this precious time and may your delivery be quick & painless. God Bless your family
Happy Birthday . May God be your guide and bless you forever :)
Lectionary for the 1st Sunday of Lent is Genesis 2:15-17 and 3:1-7;Psalm 32; Romans 5:12-19; and the Gospel of Matthew 4:1-11. The sermon will be "When Ego Becomes Sin" and the scripture taken from the Matthew reading above. Sunday School begins at 10 am with Morning Worship immediately following at 11 am. The Lunch Bunch will be dining at Miyabi's following worship. We look forward to having you join us for worship and fellowship this and every week. May God Bless.
To all our TOWN MATES, COLLEAGUES, FAMILY and FRIENDS, It is our PLEASURE to share with you the EXCITEMENT in the preparation of our Barangay CAMANGGAAN, Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur FIESTA (May 4-5, 2014) We are knocking on your doors and your hearts & we are humbly asking your help & support for the celebration to share our blessings to our BARIOMATES. If you are interested please let me know so that we can add your names to the Barangay Fiesta Program & to the list of GENEROUS DONORS. To ensure that your donations will reach the people, Donations MUST be received by MAY 1st, 2014. For more info please feel free to contact our Barangay Captain Mr. Felipe Bal-Ut, Ms. Flora Agpoon CARRIDO or myself. Thank you in advance for your GENEROSITY!!! May God Bless us all! 2014 PROJECT PROPOSAL: 1) BARANGAY HALL ENTRANCE-PAINT JOB 2) CAMANGGAAN ST. AUGUSTINE CHAPEL-PAINT JOB 3) WASHROOM + WATER SYSTEM FOR THE BARANGAY HALL Previous Sponsors and Donors of Medical Mission and Misc. Gifts. Rabara Family and Colleagues from ...
Sacrifice beyond measure. May God Bless our military. .
Godly Woman Daily shared the following link and had this to say about it: Too cute ! I hope you enjoy hearing Elesha tell the Christmas story. She passed away on June 22, 2007 and has joined the heavenly chorus singing "Glory to God in the Highest, peace on earth to men on whom his favor rests!" We’re sure this is a cherished video for her family . May God Bless the Family.
For many years General Hospital's (Sonny Corinthos) has been by man,(except for Harold) well he just got shot out of the saddle. Matthew McConaughey just took his place. His acceptance speech on the Oscars was the best I have ever seen, I was so proud, he shocked EVERYBODY!!! When he gave God credit for EVERYTHING!!! I wish more people would speak out like that. If you did not see the Oscars last night I would recommend you watch his speech on fb, it will be well worth your time. Ladies it doesn't hurt that he is easy on the eyes. May God Bless you all, have a warm and safe day.
Early Morning Everyone.! Thesis making na.. I need to finish this today para may time pang mapag aralan.. Goodluck sa may mga defense ngayon. May God Bless all of you guys.. Father God, thank you again for this brand new day. Thank you for everything. I love you Father God.:-*
Pass two weeks, God as be Blessin me wit Money & material things, Wish i taught i have enough & am satisfy, still yet he wanted to Bless me, he never 4 sake me, all i know God is Blessin me, I thank God 4 is indeffinite mercy inlife, let is name be Highly Be Praise, Amen, I Pray 4 those that God as use to Bless me, Finanacialy, Matterially, Job opportunity, & also 4 all Minister Of God in Redeemed Christian Church of God, New anointin area, In my Family, one way of another, May God Bless every one Richly, In Jesus name, Amen, Gud morn every one,
What a great day. Started out on a positive note and only got better. Went to church twice to day because the message was so strong this morning wanted to hear more of it. Thank God for Ministers like Kenny, at First Baptist Church of Fort Meade. Had lunch with perfect friends and now holding my cat. May God Bless and Keep You all
Thanks for all you do Jose Ramos. We love you and your beautiful family. May God Bless.
Please Keep me in yr. PRAYERS as i am going to Minister The Gospel in Salt River from Sunday to Wednesday in a 4 Day Healing and Deliverance Crusade-May God save more souls as in Last Weeks Crusade that was in Ottery-May God Bless!!
Hugging my two children a little closer to me I mourn the loss of an amazing wife, mother, teacher, and friend. Even though none of us really knows how long we will walk this Earth, I always struggle with with death of a young life cut short. May God Bless her family as they move forward in their lives.
Thanks to all involved in making this RV possible May God Bless you all
Loved your family Daily Devotional Book. My husband is 74 ex-Navy, he is going blind, we just lost our little dog of 14yrs. We are both still grieving for him. His name was Rusty, we thought we would go and save a small dog at the shelter but it's so expensive. Would you pray for my husband and I , I know you won't think me silly for crying over a pet because you will understand. May God Bless you all sharon and Bill Wood sharonpsalms23
My uncle Jerry landed at Normandy, first wave, and survived, my uncle Donny was in the South Pacific, I'm not sure exactly where, both are gone now. I'm very honored to be part of a Military Family, from The Revolutionary War to The Iraq/Afghanistan War. To all our beloved Military past and present, May God Bless you and your families, all heroes to me.
Guys if you have any questions regarding our new campus ... Don't hesitate,just inbox on page or contact at cell no. Provided ... May God Bless all of you
Been at the hospital with my beloved Mom since 6:30 this am. She's had another heart attack. She seems to be doing fine however lab reports were not so good tonight. Please keep her in your prayers! Thanks to all my family, church family and friends for all your prayers, love and support! May God Bless you all!! Don't know how I would make it without you and my Lord Jesus!! Praise the Lord Mom is still with us!!
May God Bless all our beloveds in heaven inshaAllah Ameen (Checked in at Forest Lawn Cemetary)
Everyone else in bed. So Camden & I are watching "Jessie" then "Good Luck Charlie". On Disney. So all have a good evening of whats left. Checking in later, May God Bless. cya
Little Giant Ladders
Dang! This brings tears to my eyes. R.I.P. Willie Jones. My heart & prayers are with his family. May God Bless & Strengthen You All.
Bangerz Ballroom Package bought for March 29th in Quebec Ontario,. Much Love and Assalam Alaikum From Canada,. and May God Bless
Six months ago today, the love of my life was receiving his gift of life at Hahnemann University Hospital! It was the most difficult day of my life and yours too Charlie! I came very, very close to losing you. My cousin Tony and his wife Maria were my saviors that day. It has been an unbelievable six months. The support my family and friends and all of you here have given me and Charlie has helped us make it to this very big milestone! It has not been an easy recovery, but Charlie is strong and determined and he will get his life back to where he wants it to be in time. I am lucky and honored to be your wife Charlie. I will be by your side every day to support you. I love you very much. We have been tested like I would never have imagined, but I thank God for giving us the strength to get through this tough time. May God Bless our donor and his family every day! With out people like him, those who are ill the way Charlie was would have no chance. Because of him we are thankful for every day we have toge . ...
getting ready for going to Nineveh Fast Convention @ St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church, Ahamadi, Kuwait. Starts with evening prayer @ 6.30pm. May God Bless u and your Lent and fast.
The Dalmatian and his handler are crying for Firefighter William Scott Tanksley of Dallas Fire Rescue who died in the line of duty this evening while working at the scene of an automobile accident after a 40-foot fall off of an icy overpass to the highway below. May God Bless his soul. Please pray for the family and friends he leaves behind. RIP Brother (image from Bill Day - Detroit Free Press 1987)
Americas one true strength is our Military.. May God Bless each and every one of them. Love ya Robert Morris II !!
OUR GOD AT WORK IN DIFFERENT WAYS AT DIFFERENT TIMES WITH DIFFERENT PEOPLE. YOU MIGHT NEED HIM NEXT. ARE YOU SAVED ? Salvation through the blood Of Jesus Christ makes all the difference. Be ready when you need Jesus in you life. May God Bless you as he blessed this family, Rev. Steve Wilson.
Yesterday 9 innocent people were killed in Balochistan, in counter attack 6 extremists were sent to Jahanum by Pakistani Armed forces. 8 died and several injured when unidentified gunned men opened their fire on AASTANA (place for Sufi resident). More ever different attacked were made whole around the country and around 40 were killed in those attacks but we didn't took any voice against them. A Hindu guy from Umerkot district (Sindh) was kidnapped 4 days ago, police knows the kidnappers but not taking any action against them because Guy is Hindu. (Town is completely shutter downed for 3 days) A Ahmedi guy was Killed in Karachi-orangi town (Sindh), just for being an Ahmedi. May God Bless our Pakistan with peace and offer opportunity to Pakistani Muslims to become Humans and understand Humanity.
To all who are called SCHOLASTICA, happy Feast day. May God Bless your Lives.May u witness the dawn of the new life. May you "immediately" recognize that he is Christ The Crucified. witness with your lives the Deeds of God. May this day brings joy,hope,fulfilment, and vigour to continue in the Way.God bless,God bless you,God bless you abudantly.
Thank you God for waking me this morning and allowing me to go in the house of the Lord to sing, worship, and praise His Holy Name. To the Fairview Baptist Church family, thank you all for your kindness and heart warming welcome. May God Bless you all.. AMEN.
It begins Ash Wednesday. Please support those in need! May God Bless us all! Thank you.
I have the most wonderful pastor's wife.I LOVE YOU MISS JOAN! You always make the time to listen and talk to me. And I know for sure it stays with you. And Brother Jim you are a great preacher! Through all the ups and downs I have had, you both have always been there for me. May God Bless!
NATIONAL SIGNING DAY AT GRACE Congrats to Andy Eddins -Campbell U, Geoffrey McReynolds- Carson Newman, and Devin Smith- Tennessee who signed letters of intent yesterday to continue their education and play football at the next level. The Ram Force Football Family is very proud of each of these young men. Good Luck and May God Bless each of you.
Hello Stephanie , My name is Tina Anderson My Husband Mike Anderson and I own Anderson Hot Shot & Trucking, LLC we would like to let you know that all of us have worked with Caleb for a very long time as a team out there Mike and the Guys just want to say that he is in our prayers and that you and the girls are everyday . This has really hit home and we are here if you need us Please let Caleb know that Mike said " Hang in there Brother" that we wish him a fast recovery May God Bless you and your Family. Sincerely, All of us At Anderson Hot Shot
May God Bless and always keep you May your wishes always come true May you always do for others And let others do for you May you build a ladder to the stars And climb on every rung May you stay, Forever Young Bob Dylan
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Last football post for a while... the best one, yet. :) May God Bless them with extra Favor! : Mike Morgan Chris Clark Knowshon Moreno Wes Welker and unknown prayer partner.
I always remember the one acting as Mr. George Willis, Jr in the "Scent of a Woman". I wish to pay tribute to Mr. Philip Seymour Hoffman for his contributions to the movie industry! May God Bless him & RIP, Amen !
I wanna also put Trayvon Martin here...such a young man thats gone way too soon over nothing..said vengeance is mine if the justice system dont have ya back best believe God do..May God Bless your family and give them sound peace...rih
Friends, Some of you may have heard, My BFF Tim Murphy shared some bad news with me this week concerning the passing of his Oldest Brother Tom. I have many fond memories of Tom, first watching him play QB for Campbells Construction in the Millbrook Flag Football League, for many years, as a Coach and a mentor to many of us , especialy for me. One of the fondest memories I do have , was on the way to the Butler Building at Halftime of the Haldane game in 1983, Tom was insis...tant that the 618 Bootleg Pass would work, we ran that play on the first pocession of the 2nd half, turned out to be a 62 yard TD, and propeled us to the Championship. Tom is in a better place today. Tim and his family are in good spirits his Mother and brother Kevin are doing fine also. If I receive more information , I'll share. May God Bless the Murphy Family during this very difficult time
May God Bless you with beautiful, clear, unwavering voices this afternoon and may you feel His overwhelming peace and love! I will miss you guys, I just found out an additional game was added to my son's BB team, which I coach, at 2:00! :( Remember heads up, let it rip, and have a great time... you're Fordsters... it's what we do!
Greeting and Happy Birthday to my Son Peter may the Blessing of God wil Rain on you May God Bless everybody who birthday is today:-)
My Cousin Richard Murray came from Utah to play at my dad's funeral. The viewing & funeral at our church was & will be remembered by all for many years to come. We are so Blessed to have such beautiful & wonderful family & friends. The support has made us so overwhelmed that words are not enough! Thank You All & May God Bless
Thrilled we were able to help another local family! With the help of our state council, we facilitated a $7,000 donation to assist a local family! They are converting their family van to handicap accessible for their daughter. May God Bless them!!
Paul Harvey was an American that I always loved listening to on the radio. They are using his down to earth approach to sell American products. May God Bless this good man.
So Sad. I was recently in Pakistan and working with Ali Qazalabash CFO Sayyed Engineers for developing a Export and Marketing Startegy for Central Asia. We had agreed that he will very soon Visit us in Tajikistan. A wonderful Professional. He was previously working in Treet corporation as Financial Controller. Shocking News. May God Bless his soul Ameen. How much blood has to be shed before people will wake up. May Be KHUSRAS never Wake up and janawars do not have the common sense to differentiate between Friends and Foes.
Thanks to the technology team at Bethel Franklin Mills for me to be able to hear today's message while I am home with the flu. May God Bless you abundantly.
Tommy, Madison, and I are so Blessed!! Thank you. Jodi Lalama and Eric Lalama Mike Siegel Julie Miller!! We are lucky to know you. May God Bless you all and your familiesI just got this message from the beautiful jodi !!! " I have the part you need. It just appeared on my porch this am from some concerned coworkers. Mike will get in touch with you about when he's gonna come fix it. I'm thinking when he wakes up. See. Everything always works out for wonderful kind hearted people like you! "
May God Bless and Comfort you Bears Counted Cross Stitch Kit by PollysPlace via
Rest in Peace~Heaven Deployed~Never Forgotten~ Please say a prayer for the grieving family of this fallen warrior. May God Bless them with peace and comfort in the days ahead. Thank you Hero for your service and sacrifice. We will Never forget you. Sherry~ DoD Identifies Army Casualty The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. Sgt. First Class William K. Lacey, 38, of Laurel, Fla., died Jan. 4, 2014, in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, of injuries sustained when the enemy attacked his unit with rocket propelled grenades. Lacey was assigned to 201st Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Knox, Ky.
kol hakavod, good job guys! May God Bless you and keep you safe.. Shabbat Shalom
May God Bless u wit what u prayed 4, Reward u wit what u worked 4, Grant u what u hoped 4, & Surprise u wit d best of what u 4got 2 ask 4. Happy 2014! A bigger AMEN will do (Pastor John Nissi)
HAppy13th Birthday to my Second Eldest Xavier, Man Man Mom Mom Loves you Very Much , May God Bless you today and Everyday, Strive for what you want outta this World ! I Love you always!
I love Christmas, its my favorite time of year! Sad to say all the decorations are down and even the outside lights are put away until next Christmas. Happy New Year all! May God Bless each of you. P.S. Only 358 more days till Christmas! :)
My younger GrandSon Dylan Hamilton starts his studies with Monash University this year! May God Bless and keep him always in Jesus name! I Love you Dyl xxx
Happy Birthday to a wonderful woman. May God Bless you with many more!! I luv ya !! Happy Birthday Karen Peck ***
I want to Thank the good Lord for letting me & my family get through another year. We've had trails , but The Lord seen us through them all, we've also had lots of blessings. To many to mention. But a few I want to mention is, he gave us the opportunity to buy our own place, and a healthy new little Grandson Avery Kingston Webster.. He has blessed my husband with a good job throughout the year. And he's gonna bless him with another one. (I have faith it will happen.. ).. And I Thank God for letting me enjoy my Husband Adam Brown & Kids Emilio Perez Amanda Priscilla Brown Webster Latonya Brown & Son in law Derek Webster & my Grand babies Demetri & Avery another year & the rest of my family. And most important I Thank the good Lord for loving me unconditionally through all my failures.and for giving me another year to serve him..Thank you Lord for my Church family , they are a big part of my life & a blessing to me.. I love you all very much & pray everybody has a safe & blessed 2014.. May God Bless you al ...
Good Night Friends in Christ, I know for some of you the night is just beginning and for some it may already be over. Either way, never forget how long, wide, and deep the love of Christ is for you! May you feel His guidance and presence as the New Year begins! May God Bless you all, today and everyday! Pastor Dennis
Well we are almost ready to sing, "Just another year that the Lord has kept me." Oh if it had not been for the Lord who was on our side in 2013. Tonight we at New Life are excited to share in a Community Watch Nite Service to be hosted by: Friendship Missionary Baptist Church located at 1220 S. Johnson St. Roswell. There is a fellowship potluck at 9:30 and service begins at 10:30. No greater place to be on the final night of 2013 than in the house of the Lord. If you are looking for something different and yet exciting come worship the Lord with us and begin 2014 in the presence of the Lord. May God Bless and Keep Each of YOU and THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THIS MINISTRY!!!
MALONE AVMETS, SONS OF AMVETS, AMVETS LADIES AUXILIARY AND GI CLUB WOULD LIKE TO WISH EVERYONE A VERY HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR. We are very thankful for the great year we had in 2013 and look forward to another great year in 2014. The club will be closed on New Years Day to allow our employees to spend the holiday with their families. May God Bless and Keep Our Troops Safe.
Please come to Pizza Inn today from 5 to 8 to support Little Creek Baptist Church Youth, to raise money to go to Macon to YEC.. Thank you and May God Bless you all!!
I was at the grocery store a couple of days before Christmas, There was a young lady with one child on her hip and another one maybe two years old , This lady looked like she didn't have enough food stamps to pay for all of her groceries , so I asked the cashier how much she needed so she would not have to put a big bag of potatoes and a couple other things , this lady was looking frantically for more money in her purse , I told her to stop looking that I would pay the rest for her and her children and I told her and her little girl Merry Christmas. It made me feel so good to be able to be behind this young Family . May God Bless them And Send Angles around them and keep them safe and to have a more prosperous year for them Amen..
CONGRATULATION!! Kelly Robert Lunceford and David Jason Waits on your ordination today and your new position at Guiding Light Community Church as Assistant Pastors . May God Bless and Lead you both
We thank the Almighty God for his care and protection during this year. May God Bless you.
The Celebration for my beloved wife. Will be Saturday, January the 11th at 11:00. At the Apostolic Faith Church, 5601 south east Duke Street Portland Oregon , May God Bless.
I hope you are all safe out there. there are 7 red severe warnings and several amber warnings in force this morning.109mph winds recorded in Aberdaron in West kept me awake most of the night with everything clattering about...I cannot believe that my light Gazebo is left standing and also my large garden angel did not topple.but everything else was strewed across the garden.I have been out in it early this morning to upright everything.and now my hair looks like Worzel Gummidge.May God Bless you all and keep you all safe.xx
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Loaded and ready to go. Long Island New York here I go. May God Bless me on the road
Thank you my Heavenly Father for giving me another Christmas to worship your son Jesus. I believe Jesus is your son. May God Bless everyone in this world.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the World War Two Veterans that helped in fighting for our freedom and peace we all have enjoy, May God Bless you and your families for eternity as our Generation can never repay you for your gifts that you have given us since World War Two: France, Poland, Belgium,Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Newfoundland and South Africa, United Kingdom,Netherlands,Norway and Yugoslavia,,United States, Soviet Union , Southern Rhodesia,China,Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Greece, British Raj (India), Mexico, Albania, Korea,Mongolia,Romania, Tannu Tuva,Egypt. Merry Christmas to all and may you spend it with family and Respect that you deserve. We Honor all of you.
Merriest of Christmas I wish you all the very best. I am at a friends house sharing past Christmas's. Our lives go so fast and we all have stories of good years and hard years. May God Bless you all and especially our Dame judi Dench.
national grid: Thank you for the hard cold work of restoring power to all of our neighbor hoods. Also, a thank you to the brush cutting crews for all their hard work. We hope you all get to go home and spend time with your families on this Christmas day. May God Bless you All.
May God Bless you too so you won't have time to be bitter ontop people's small small blessings. Amen🙏”
Was this on the money on are you thinking a so called mess up May God Bless all of us who love USA
Merry Christmas to all 556th MP . May God Bless us all !!
ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) Please if u have an I Phone, please down load their App so you can sign the petitions. It is so easy. Once you put your information in, you never have to do it again. If all the Christians would do this and donate just $5 a month, we might could change America back to the good old days. I am shocked at how little the American Christians are not paying attention at what is going on around them. It seems to me that most Christians are in there little bubble and guess they don't think it will ever touch them and their family. It is free to sign petition. We should have Millions to sign these petitions and millions to donate. It is terrible of what is happening her in America and to the people of America. May God Bless you and yours this CHRISTmas Holiday. God Bless and Amen.
Happy Birthday to my Son Bradley James Flowers.May God Bless you with 28 more years and many many more after that.I Love you Son.
Today, I felt very happy reading an email saying: "Marriage Invitation from Amogh Mahapatra"... who is like a brother to me at UMN. May God Bless him with double happiness for the rest of his life!!.. Happy for you bro!!.. :):):)
Many thanks to all those who took their time to mourn with the Mandela family.Special thanks goes to Mr Morgan Tsvangirai the former Prime Minister who is also the President of the MDC in Zimbabwe for representing the Zimbabwean community at this funeral.though it was not for a long tym,am honoured to have spoken to him about matters which we are facing in the diaspora and bek home. all went well accordng to how they planned and would lyk to thank all involved in organising one of the most celebrated funeral of my we are now preparing to head bek to Joburg.i say May God Bless the Memory of Cde Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Nelson Mandela and Unite the whole of Africa and the World at large I Thank You
Thanks to you the 7th Annual Cure Kids Cancer raised over $115,000 dollars to help children in our area! Thank you to Children's Hospital @ Erlanger, Planet Fitness, Wright Jewelers, River City Property Management, Linda Brock Prudential Realty and most importantly all of the incredible kids and families that so bravely shared their stories this week. May God Bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you with peace this Christmas season.
We lost our Dear Sister Mary Doggett yesterday.she was loved by everyone and will be greatly missed. Please keep her family and our ER Stacy in your thoughts and prayers. May God Bless them with peace and comfort their pain. Visitation is Monday, 12/16 at Heritage Funeral Home from 1 to 3; Services at 3. Our Sister has her Wings and is now at Home with our Lord. Rest In Peace Mary
advance!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! :) May God Bless us always good night :*
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Well early gdmorning fbf 's just wanted to.share another blessing of I being an Blessed Mother! I Congrads goes out to my middle son Willie.Silas Jr. for a job well done,I'm a proud mother of December 14, 2013 ASU GRADUATE majored in Math and has his BACHELOR'S! WOW! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! LET NO MAN PUT US UNDER! Great Job Well Done my Son. On his way to PURSUE his PHD.@ ALBANY STATE IN ALBANY GA . 2x yrs. and transfer to another College. LOL with his high G.P.A. GOD ALREADY answered his next calling! May God Bless You Willie and we're sooo proud of keep up the good work. May God Bless and Keep You,this is our prayers! with all our love,strength,guidance,respect! your mother,stepdad ,and two brothers,& family. Mr.& Mrs. Derrick & Clarice Bradley
This Report is submitted in partial fullfilment for the award of Postgraduate degree in Polygammy (As described in Luo Culture and Customs and as passed down to our generation) of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Culture and National Heritage! I declare that this is my Original work and that I've never been involved in Plagiarism! My gratitude to my supervisors - The Luo Council of Elders for their unwavering support and guidance. May God Bless you abundantly!
Additional Commissioner of Customs & Excise Mr. C.K. Jain will celebrate his daughter Shubhangi Jain's Birthday on 14th December. May God Bless her. TEAM SSJ
This year, Christmas will be entirely different for many families post-Typhoon Haiyan. Please come out and show your love and support this Saturday, 12/14 as we do as the Lord commanded: to love one another. Matthew 25:35-36 says 'For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ The Well and Lifebridge Church will be hosting a benefit for Help Camp Efraim. 100% proceeds go directly to this cause. Admission is FREE and we will have live music, a silent auction and more! For more info, private message me. May God Bless you this season!
an encouraging verse for those who seek to walk in Peace, Love and harmony.. many lonely christians out there.. May God Bless
Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes wrote a song called wake up everybody no more sleeping in bed, no more backwards thinking time for thinking ahead, the world has changed so very much from what it used to be, there is so much hatred, war and poverty, as I reflect on that song my heart goes out to the victims of violence, spousal abuse, and drug addiction, why is it that we allow something as small as a few dollars or a few chosen words to cause us to want to take another human life, is it really that serious? The song goes on to say that the World can't get no better if we just let it be, so it's up to us as whole to promote peace, love, and harmony towards one another, leading by example and educating our youth, May God Bless you all and have a Blessed week :-) Kevin Jones
U can rest assure I'll always have a Rivera in my corner, Thank You Bato (Raul Rivera) for hooking up the freestyle concert tickets for me and Moni, as memories bomb rush my heart from grade school to Superior st, running away from your dad lol, all the way to watching grandbabies being born, I found myself luving life, appreciating it and feeling like myself again, so just wanna say THANK YOU. Luv your family very much. May God Bless all the days of your lives.
Good Morning Fb Family ,there want be any Sunday service tomorrow at Trinity Grove Baptist Church ,any more information call Cecil Williams at 851-1744 or Brenda Laws at 803-9033.May God Bless you and your family..
I would like to thank every body for helping me with my dear friend Tom Perry, MOUNTAIN MAN. John Robinson, Mark Phillips, Robert Palerino, Danielle Massey, Natalie Massey, Kim Massey, Glenda Massey, Kay Palerino, Scott McDonald, Miles Massey, Brandon Purvis, Judy Toms niece his little "ANGEL", Bobby Dempsey, Donnie Capes, Scott Blalock, Tim Gibson, Nancy Craig, All of his doctors at all the different offices he had to go to, Hospice. matt wright. I wanna personally thank all these people above for all the help with Tom's doctor visits with his vehicles and just being good friends. Also wanna thank all the people in all the auto clubs all the car shows, the lisle company. May God Bless all of you.
War Dogs ! They have been a big part of interacting with the military dating back to the time of the Roman Legions ! May God Bless our Dog Soldier's !
Nelson Mandela Passes Away, May God Bless the Departed Soul, the Entire World will Miss Him and Will Celebrate his life, some think, finally he is free, no prejudice or apartheid can touch him any more. Rest in Peace. The world is without God's Ambassador of Peace today, we hope that leaders and populations of nations will always remember his message of peace and tolerance. Today he must be looking down on Robin Island where he was prisoned for more than 20 years, he must be looking at the people who put him their, and with his graceful smile, must be feeling great, for finally he is free. RIP. He has played part in all Michael Jordans, Michael Jordons, Majic Johnsons, Muhammad Ali's, Obama's and hundreds of thousands, today I can say I owe him everything that I may have. RIP. The greatest freedom in the world he was the true messenger of peace and non- violence he kept on and struggled to achieve his goals . ًNo offense he is a leader of peace Not only he taught the entire population of the world, how t ...
RIP,Nelson Mandela for having shown the best leadership ever in the African countries,May God Bless u
Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela! He changed his country and the world! May God Bless his Soul!!! May we as a people follow his example!
Yet there property taxes haven't gone up. Just SALES TAX in Ohio. 550 NEW Millionaires - good for them and May God Bless them. However out towns have never looked worse. Everybody pays the price of living in " boomtown", some just don't get paid. And that's ok!!! But, please understand some , around 30% are doing worse off than before. Most employed. Ohio’s Utica shale has created approximately 550 millionaires in Carroll County, according to OSU Extension Education Chris Penrose, in an interview with the Morgan County Herald. Penrose also said that Harrison County, Ohio’s second most drilled county after Carroll, has about 80 new millionaires. During a phone call with the Shale Gas Reporter, Penrose stated that his numbers came from M3 Midstream (Momentum). Momentum is currently in a partnership with Chesapeake Energy to develop midstream services throughout Ohio’s Utica shale region. » Via: Morgan County Herald » First Horizontal Utica shale permits granted
May God Bless you always in your career! hope you had a great day & stay handsome. Mario maurer ♥
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Thank u to the photographers and models for being part of the Share for a Cause to the victims of super typhoon yolanda. May God Bless us all...
I'm thankful for this time with my family and for our GREAT nation. I'm especially thankful for those who forfeit their seat at dinner tables across this nation in order to defend our Freedom. Almost 400 years ago, my ancestors took a leap of faith coming to this country, and after they had made it, they thanked God for what he had given them. May God Bless all of you and keep you safe in your travels throughout this weekend!
accomplished my first remittance to support Typhoon Haiyan Victims. A million thanks for donations from members of Bray Choral Society, SMH staff Marie (lab tech) and Dr. Daryl Desouza (and family). May God Bless you for your kindness.
Kia Ora Jenn! Love your profile..May God Bless and protect you and your family!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all. May God Bless you all
A big THANK-YOU to everyone that responded to our call for formula. What a blessing you are to Breath od Life. May God Bless you as you have blessed us.
Shout Out to Yolanda Denny Weddle for her Help on Today and Lunch @ Java Cafe. Thanks A Bunch, May God Bless & Keep You Always. Luv ya much
Today is New Canaan Church Thanksgiving day. May God Bless you all..
Happy Birthday Liu Xiaobo -So many people owe thanks for their Birthdays -May God Bless you and keep you safe
This will acknowledge the passing of David "Dave" Pulchinski formerly from Kirkland Lake. To begin with, I first met David when he was working at Kokotow Lumber and owned and operated the Kenogami Inn. He was blessed with a great disposition a warm personality and a nice family, too. May God Bless.
I want to thank everyone for the Birthday Wishes,they really made my day.I was under the weather all weekend.Spent Friday at the cancer center on many IV antibiotics for a blood infection from my lymphodemia from breast cancer.I 'am cancer free. I have been suffering this kind of stuff for the past couple of years with my right arm swelling.Please if everyone can put me on their prayer list, God may work with me through his healing power. Thankyou,and May God Bless!
To All of you who sent me best wishes, cards, calls, visits, text... key lime pie, flowers, new earrings, Tikki torches, calender, sweet cards, not so sweet cards, and pure stinky cards, Beautiful cards... LOL just a wonderful Birthday, ALL DAY.. Thanks A Million, and May God Bless each of you is my prayer. I am Blessed to have each of you in my life.
Hey!! Read this!! Seems western union is stepping up to the plate!! FWI I use Western Union all the time to ship money to the Philippines.. A specific western Union address is not needed, Just the name of the receiver..( in this case Maribel Ellsworth). From now until Nov 30th WU is waiving alll transfer fees to the Philippines. You simply need to enter the promotional code HAIYANRELIEF (all caps), and 100% of your money will be sent.. I have already used this 3 times and the money arrives almost immediately to Daanbantayan. May God Bless all the people in the Philippines and the givers of any and all gifts
No ending thanks to all my Relatives in Cebu ,Masbate, and Manila , for the Prayers my Family in Australia to my Ever dear dear loving and supportive ate Norma Johnston and kids Krystal-Jane Johnston and Family, Casey Johnston and Family ,Arde And Family to my Ate Ellen Wilson & Family to my ever dear sister Vilma Cajurao ang family My Daughter Hanna Ajon to my niece Mbell Smith & Family in England to my ever beautiful and very kind cousin in Richmond USA, LM Markle & Family to my Niece Donabelle Ajon in England Caverte Family in cebu To my Niece Vicky Nogra & family to my cousins in Lutupan Tolido City ,To my Ajon Family my sis In law Ate Lulu My brod in law kuya Goring Ajon , Totit Ajon i know you are so worried my Beautiful niece Liezel Ajon Abesamis,Sheryl Ajon cousins Ging Almodal and Baby Almodal .to all my Friends and FB friends thank you so much for all your support and Prayers.May God Bless you all.
Good Evening Guys ! Before we sleep ,may you please have your prayers for all the victims of typhoon YOLANDA :'( May God Bless all the unfortunate ,all hungry & thirst, all wounded, & all unseen yet.
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On this Veterans day I wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. Thank you for serving the wonderful country and keeping us all safe. I want to say a special thank you to my Uncle Billy Shivers. He served for 30 years and 3 tours in Vietnam. To My Uncle Sill Bunch. He was injured in Vietnam and served until retirement I think it was close to 30. To My Great Uncle Sill Herring. He was a wonderful man that survives the Bataan death march and concentration camps. To Keith who just got out in 2009 and served 5 years in Iraq in the Special Forces. So many Heroes in our families and in this country. We are Blessed. May God Bless and keep you all that have served.
A heartfelt thanks to my husband, sons and dear friends who have served/are serving in our nation's military. John and I have met so many awesome people throughout the 26 years of active Pease AFB (NH), Mather AFB (CA), Castle AFB (CA), Hanscom AFB (MA), Geilenkirchen Air Base (Germany) and finally at Wright-Patterson AFB here in Ohio. May God Bless you have my deepest respect.
Thank you!!! Wilbur grandfather...he fought in the vietnam war...if it wuznt for the veterans this prolly wouldnt b AMERICA! And a special thankyou to the heros who took the ultimate sacrifice for our country.May God Bless ur families and may you all REST IN PEACE.
Shouting Happy Birthday to my LITTLE COUSIN Ne-Ne Webster!May God Bless you many, many more, Enjoy ans be safe.
WOW!!! Did I thoroughly enjoy the CMA Music Awards, I think this was one of the very best ones!!! I got to give a great big shout out to Taylor Swift!!! WAY TO GO!!! I am so thankful to God for the way she uses her fame & prestige to help others/millions all for the glory of God!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! I just love this kid, you are beautiful~ inside & out, she is the same age as my babygirl, my sweetheart, Destiny Taylor!!! God is really using you Taylor Swift for His purpose!!! May God Bless & Keep You~ ever so close to Him!!! I wept like a baby during Alan Jackson's & George Strait's tribute to George Jones with his very own-beautiful love ballad "He Stopped Loving Her Today"!!! Wow, what an incredible job they did!!! For several days now, my sweetly, precious, Godly Daddy has really been on my mind~ he is always in my heart & forever on my mind, but really frequently lately!!! I woke up one morning after Daddy singing to me in my dreams & I sang that song for days & days!!! God is really dealing with me dire ...
A beautiful woman was born on Nov 5(Tuesday) some years bck & she's the reason am still alive. She's also the main reason why i madly respect women, she's played 99% leading role in my entire life. !t would've been very tough for me without her. God Bless Her soo very much This !s what i got to say to her. May God Bless Ɣφů Mum,Your are more than just a mother to Ɣφů to Bits..HBD Mum
Church tonight 6:30 at Swampton United Baptist all l who is able in body and can come out be with us, May God Bless those who are not able in body to travel .
Pray and pray again, der will be time when the request is granted...May God Bless us all...!!!
Thank you for the follow. Much appreciated. May God Bless you on your journey.
/deep sigh! Now I feel better. ^___^ I'm so tired so gonna go offline now. May God Bless you all~~ 🙏
This post will start my Month of thanks.I did this last November,many of you told me what a blessing some of my stories had been too you//But I disagree,You all have been a blessing for me,2013 has been a crazy year for me. As I go through the next 30 days for giving thanks to people and things in my life//Please understand they are in no order as I am thankful for everyone and everything . First up Dr Kiser and his staff at The UNC Heart Center in Chapel Hill//As I lay on a strecher holding my Daughter Erin EB Baker/Sister Nancy Dameron/My Love April Mason hand waiting for open heart surgery you came out gently told us it was time,You asked if we could pray together//You held our hands and we all prayed.You then rolled me in,and as God guided your hands you saved my life.I am thankful,May God Bless you and your family and all your staff
It sure is strange to not be in service after a 107 nights in a row. I am just sitting here reminiscing about the past 107 nights, remembering all the people that came to Christ. My prayer is God send the fire again I am willing to do it again for you Lord. Thanks to all that came and thanks to all the ministers that helped along the way, know that without you this revival would not have been as great as it was. Thanks to all the singers, but I would like to send out a few special thanks to Bishop David Horn, Bishop Avis Hill, John Miller, Frank Ball, Rev David Frazer, Rev James Carter III, Rev Shambling, Bishop David Bragg, Rev Roger Reed, Joe Crawford, Rev Robbie Anderson, Charlie Shelton, Bub Shelton, Rev Berry Eplin. I know I missed someone and I apologize for leaving you out, please forgive me but remember God did not forget you. May God Bless each and everyone of you all, THANKS.
Good Morning world...Time for coffee and some Dog the Bounty Hunter and Deadliest Catch on Netflix. Than I need to organize my daughters bedroom. TTYL.May God Bless each and every one of you today with love and safe travels.
Thanks to Pastor Mike for leading us in prayer this morning. May God Bless you and your Family!
─ Please go to this link and like my Friend's Entry! :) Thank you po. May God Bless you. ♥
My Thoughts. I used to be known for holding grudges. Harboring feelings of hate, and having a to *** with you & your feelings attitude. As I have grown older and more mature I have realized that every situation God had entered me into and helped me get through has been for a reason. I now can say I forgive you & I am grateful to all those who at times hurt me, you have taught me valuable lessons and I Thank you. I love all of God’s children those who call me their enemies, friends turned strangers, words unspoken family members. Everyone who I have loved & or continue to love in spite of. May God Bless you all I pray for & wish you the best. I am happy and will not hinder my Blessings with uneasy feeling on my heart. Have a Blessed day fb ( Bishop Paul S. Morton “Don’t Do It Without Me”)
Wanted to let everyone on Sunday's message." PRAYER AND FASTING." Pastor Brian Graves will be covering in the book of Matthew 6: 16-18. Looking for a place to call home, come and visit us Faithfulword Asssembly LaPlace( Pastor Brian Graves). We still me on Tue for Prayer @ 7pm and Bible Study on Thur also @ 7pm. Service time on Sunday is @ 10:00am. Everyone is welcome.May God Bless u and your family!
Hello all my Peeps , I was going to let you all know how my walk went yesterday . I was glad there was alot of people who showed up , but kind of saddened me . Most were victims of domestic abuse but sadly some lost family members . They had speaker's after our walk we also made a t shirt that will go on display each town. On mine I put one of my fav quotes . " Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over she then became a butterfly ". Then I drew a beautiful butterfly with fabric markers. During the Ceremony they told stories and names of victims who lost their lives. This was tough for me even though im a survivor , I had like flashback memories . It could have been me :( Ok wipe away the tears because each day im healing. I was glad my friend Danielle was with me . When i came home I was proud of myself taking this step & doing this walk for Domestic Violence Awareness. My love & prayers go out to all who are touched by this. May God Bless you all.
Kaaba is like The Black Hole and we are the Universe around it, lots of different planet but they seem the same from far, every planet has life but very unique and is the only one... They all learn where is the destination between two mountains of Safa and Marwah, or traveling all over are the same there are no one to intercede or help them only Allah God Sobhan Allah... Everyone is Abraham or Muhammad peace be on them, facing Allah/God around the Back hole... They know finally are shocked by the black Hole and return by recycling only love, peace and happiness helping them to face Allah/ God on day ...May God Bless you all
Happy Birthday BRANDON.I wish u a wonderful and beautiful day. May God Bless u and your family on your Happy day.:)
Welcome in the new month with praises... The old month is gone and a new door has been opened for you...Enter it well! May God Bless you all and deliver you from whatever situations that has you bound. I know two of the best twins ever, do you?
I have really enjoyed 4 great nights at Anticoh Baptist Church with Bro Chris McCord, sharing what God has laid upon his heart. Got to meet some great folks, and look forward to seeing them in the future. May God Bless!
Can you believe the all out attacks and efforts to diminish the efforts of Ted Cruz and those that stood with him in Standing for the People against Obama Care by the Media and especially the GOP establishment? That Tells me that he scared the heck out of a lot of Congressmen and Washington Establishment types. Too Bad the whole Country didn't get to hear his speech . It was absolutely Amazing the kind of straight forward heart felt talk and truth that was spoken on the floor of that room the likes of which we have not heard in many years. I only wish I could have stayed up to hear all of it. May God Bless him for his efforts and for his strength and courage to stand for so many of us. Bless him for being a man of integrity who obviously has chosen to serve Us instead of Himself in a time when it is virtually unheard of.
Today is the holy day of matrimony in which Duvon Edwards, my brother n law will marry LaToya Williams. My heart is warm by the love and commitment you have made to one another. Toya I couldn't ask God to give me a better sister in law. Love you both! May God Bless & anoint your marriage.
As the Third Generation now serves on behalf of our USAF family Happy 66th Birthday to n May God Bless
Random . From MyDesktop: "Fear Looks, Faith jumps"! Smith Wigglesworth So, which one is it for you...Fear or Faith? Are you looking or jumping? Be Faithful... Not Fearful!! May God Bless you, Amen!
May God Bless the USA. Pic of Chimney Rock Park. Lake Lure / Bat Cave, NC. God's country. 45 mins from my house!
You as well there, brother! Enjoy Cajun country, and NOLA if ya get the chance! May God Bless our country and Corps. SF!
Golden State Bible College in California! Thank you in advance and May God Bless you in a Mighty Way! FYI other options will be available
🙌💰📖 May God Bless you ! Congrats “Officially apart of the United States Air Force”
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To all Gaither Homecoming. Thank you all for your wonderful praises in song. May God Bless you all.
"May God Bless the 24 hour drive thru"
If you think you can chat with Parineeti Chopra and Varun Dhawan on we chat. . . May God Bless you. . -_- -_-
Screaming Happy 7th Anniversary to The Mr./Mrs. Tony Gibson.. May God Bless them with many many more..…
Please send this message out there , the truth is here . May God Bless you Father.
Not long ago my mentor came in town to do an event at Organo Gold University. When Martha Cooper-Hudson came in she spent time pouring into me just being a true leader concerned about my total lively hood not just about "business". I wanted to publicly thank her for being a true WOMAN OF GOD at all times. Martha never compromises her integrity, does not chase after monery and keeps her family first. I believe that because of her GIVING so much to so many that HEAVEN has opened up over her entire existence forever.We need more GODLY examples of Women of Integrity like Kisha Allen, Lucious Tee, Stormy Wellington, Shirley Smith Montgomery, Taurea Avant, Andrea Loewen, Andrea Blackley, Andrea Burke, Kimberly Phillips, Kim Bean, Michelle Shoemaker, Renee Akeola, Lady Kim McKissick, Lady Earlene Buggs, Lady Renee Nicholson and Lady Narlene McLaughlin just to name a few. May God Bless you all richly with much more than enough of what you need to continue to be the PHENOMENAL LEADING LADIES THAT YOU ALL ARE!
Logan called tonight after they got settled in their rooms in Hawaii. Here are his results from the meet in Australia. He placed third in the triple jump with a season best jump of 43'2 , he placed 3rd in 300 hurdles with a season best time of 39.7 and his 4X400 team places 2nd in a time of 3:24.6. All in all he had a wonderful time and got to make some new friends and memories.Tomorrow he will get to take the tour at Pearl Harbor. Again Becki , Logan and I would like to thank all the groups and individuals who helped make this trip come true for him. May God Bless you all.
Reflecting back on last 39 years. I see people everyday looking up to such people as Bear , Nick,Bo,Sug,and many more I could name.The people that I look up to you want know, but I do.Such great people that always has your back during good times and hard times. I never had to look very far. Some have gone home to be with our savior. I have had the greatest privilege to know such people. One of that means a lot to me and my family needs prayer for healing .Jackie's cousin Jerry Brazeal and his family.This the person I can truly can say he's who I look up to . Such a Godly man. A man anybody would want to be like. May God Bless him and his family .
A message to Obama from the People of Egypt ... May God Bless the People of Egypt!!! Someone posted this message on my page ... from the people of Egypt ... it starts out in their language but soon turns to English ... just get through the first few minutes ... and listen to the message in English ... here it is!
It's been 4 long years since you left us. Those years have been filled with transitions. People come in and out of our lives. Madelin will soon be 7. (I remember the first time she met Uncle Judd and how she looked up at you in amazement because you were so tall. You must of looked like a giant in her eyes (but a gentle giant.) Everyday I miss you and remember your infectious smile. I loved you 4 years ago and I still love you now. Thank you for being my best friend. I will see you again someday, Buddy. May God Bless you and I hope you are having a blast up there.
THE NO NOTES SHOW LLC, ® - Would like to wish Malia Obama, Happy Birthday. We hope that your special day is everything that you want it to be. God Bless, enjoy and Peace/Blessings be with. May God Bless you with many more Birthdays to come. ENJOY THE FIREWORKS!
Its not about a day off from Work or shopping at the Mall or going to the beach for a nice tan...Today is about all those Men and Woman and there Families Who gave all to make sure this Great Nation is free Please my friends lets not forget that Happy Forth of July and May God Bless us all !
150-years ago today marks the end of the battle at Gettysburg. May God Bless and have taken into His loving arms, each and everyone of those American souls who lost their lives during that horrific battle. The Gettysburg battle was the turning point in the American Civil War.
To my anak Noh Bohdee, It's your Birthday again, may you reach your dreams and aspirations in life. I wish you to be happy always. I'm happy to see you grow, but sometimes I can't help to be sad because I miss those days when I still cuddle you in my arms. No matter how old you become you will still be my baby. I will always cherish the day you came into my life. You are one of the reasons why I continue to survive. I love you anak. May you have the best birthday ever. May God Bless you, Rhyne and the kids always.
My heart breaks for the parents who have lost their children. May God Bless you and keep you. Let Him lead you thru this. Praying for you all!
Just wanted to say today was a success in getting donations for our celebration for Independence Day for our vets at the American Legion Post 336, I want to say thank you to Price Chopper for the meat that you are donating, and thank you Walmart for the gift was spent in your store for the plates, the hamburger buns, the Manwich sauce, and the napkins and forks...It covered everything we needed! Thank you so much! We are all set...Sloppy Joe's it is for the boys! Also all us women of the Ladies Auxiliary will be bringing the sides...I just have to say how amazing it is that people acknowledge our vets on this holiday and every American holiday. Thank you so much for your heartfelt and generous is sure to put a smile on all their faces just knowing that people support them. As for the those who chose not to support them...well I guess that is your choice, but I can honestly say that you won't be getting any of my business ever again...May God Bless our vets, our all past and p ...
Indian politics has got an apple named - Muslim... What a joke these politicians are making just for vote... First of all it was Congress, then Mulayam Singh, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswan, Nitish Kumar and now Mamta Banergee... This list may now grow long but why they suppose Muslim Community as a fool... May God Bless these Politicians...
As I read some of the posts on Generations Funeral Home yesterday, I wondered how difficult it must be for the wives and families of the local firefighters at this time of great sadness for them. The local firefighters may not have personally known the 19 firefighters in AZ, but I know they mourn for their brothers. Yes it is a brotherhood. Only those who have served as a firefighter know and understand that comraderie. The wives, children and families of fire fighters also serve even though they only stand and wait. Because my grandson was a firefighter with TVFD, Gerri and I know what it means to stand and wait and pray hard. The one sound I don't miss in our house is the sound of the fire pager going off. Yet when I hear the sirens as the TVFD as they depart the fire house I still stop and pray hard for their safety. May God Bless the TVFD firefighters and keep them safe. TVFD...Thank you for all that you do for our community.
A great Tuesday afternoon to everyone! May God Bless your day! For your investment and housing needs, feel free to contact us! We cater several projects that are accredited to different prestigious Developers in the country, just inform us your estimated budget, house specifications, project location and preferred financing so we can better serve you. You may also refer a friend or be an agent! We'll be glad to assist you! Please like and share ^_^
update on my daughter Gabi as you all probably know she ran away from home Fathers Day Night and we found her the next day in a very dangerous part of Atlanta. She threatened that she knew how to get back there if she ever got the chance so for her protection and safety I placed her in a Christian all girls boarding school who specialize in runaway girls located in Florida. This is only temporary for how long? I dont know, but I do know that she will be getting counseling and she will be well taken care of. Please continue to pray for her and us to get through these very difficult times. Thank you also for all of you who are already praying for us you know who you are and we are grateful to you and May God Bless you
My heart goes out to the Families of the 19 Fire Fighters that lost their lives baffling those wildfires. May God Bless them all.
Congrats Coach J. Johnson, Team, Coaches, and Staff!! Job well done! Great Season St. Jude Pirates! !! We are very proud of you!!! May God Bless you guys to do it all over again next year!!
March for Jesus this Saturday! Meet at the Seaboard Station Railroad (326 N. Main St. of Suffolk) at 8am to be ready to march at 9am. Rally at the Constant's Wharf Park followed by March. Guest Speaker: Bishop E.W. Jackson. "Prepare ye the way of the Lord" Isaiah 40:3 FREE HOTDOGS, WATER AND MUSIC. We will have a great time praise and worshiping our Lord, Jesus out in public square. It is open to all. Come out to join us, and invite your unsaved family members or friends. It will be a blessed event for them as well as you. God will be there with us. May God Bless you all...
We may not be able to reply to all and be able to like each & every comment but just know this. Every single comment will be read and will give us motivation to continue this journey after such a loss. Cage was loved as a family member. He slept with his owners, he rode the back roads with them, walked the parks, went swimming, was there when new nieces and nephews were welcomed into the family. Yes Cage was there as a solid family member. Now he's gone and Kylie and Kelly are heartbroken. So even tho your comments might not get the check mark for liked, or get a response..You better believe they are part of this familys recovery and will be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments, pictures, post & so on. May God Bless us all.
Screaming Happy Birthday to my lil brother. May God Bless him with many many more! Love u Duck!!!
Today as always, I asked God to watch over my children and grandchildren. Special prayer for Claudette's family, let them see the man who murder her learn that the justice system works. And for Roger, may he heal quickly and be home so. Life is what it is; so I ask for the strenght to be there for the ones I love. May God Bless everyone, including you. Amen
hurray passed MCA with HONORS(76.1%). May God Bless me with real common life now.
EDI shall hold her next meeting on the 12 of July 2013. Attendance is mandatory. Please endeavour to come and join hands in giving our Father Land a new facelift. Venue is at Home, Agenda of the meeting is security, construction of Egboronyi Road and portable water. May God Bless u as u come. Long Live Egboronyi ! Long Live Cross River State !! Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria !!! Signed. EDI
Prayer Request: "Prayer Request : Hi, my name is Faith, I'm the Vice President for my Youth Group & being a Vice President isn't easy. My parents are the Pastors for our church & they help me all the time. They lecture me, pray for me, & guide me through this tough job. There are some times I feel like giving up & sometimes I forget to put all my faith & trust on God, but then I realized I need to A.S.A.P. (Always Stop And Pray). So I ask of you to please pray for me. Thank you very much! May God Bless each & every one of you." Please pray with and for Faith everyone. Thank you and God bless.
I've worked many shows over the past 12 years, come in contact with some strange people, worked for acts that leave you scratching your head. Tonight was able to bring a joy to someone who had been rocking out, singing every lyric, having the time of her life. The moment she realized she was getting a brad paisley guitar pick took her to a level of joy that brought tears to my eyes. May God Bless the Paisley Family and the family of that girl.
I like to thanks my families n Friends for the birthday wishes May God Bless every one of yous love you all xxooo
Puerto Rican Soul By Migdalia Torres Puerto Rican decend I was born and Puerto Rican I will stay. No matter what colors brothers and sisters I have I just have to say.Puerto Rico Islia del Caribe the most precious pearl in the sea until this very day. The fountain of youth does reside here in Puerto Rico I can testify to say your warmth and your kindness was always here to show me and lead the way. An enchanted Rain Forest in Puerto Rico will show the serenity to me today, when I stand high up on this mountain top looking down I can hear my aunt Juana say, the Virgen Mary lives here and protects us everyday. May God Bless your Carribean hospitality and chains of kindness which are with me each and every day. Puerto Rico de mi alma, I will always love you no matter what other countries say. Happy Noche de San Juan everyone in my Beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. Have a Safe and Happy Noche de San Juan in Puerto Rico and watch out for that Beautiful Full Moon that will come out Tonight. Muchas Bendiciones .. ...
To my friend, close friend CECILE, thanks for all the support, the encouragement. somehow youve touched not only my life but the lives of the many whom you encounter everyday...Thanks for all May God Bless you a hundred folds as what he promised. :-)
As Sarasota's Nik Wallenda tight-ropes 1,500 Feet above the Grand Canyon without a tether Sunday evening, not only will Sarasota be celebrating with a large outdoor parties, so will the Moon, with a Super-Full Moon, closest point to Earth (perigee) this year... May God Bless and Watch over Nik...
Anchors Aweigh to all in the George Washington CVN 73, for they are on their way to another new adventure. Please pray for Nicole for she has left today for another adventure @ sea May God Bless her and everyone on that ship. Hoorah!
I have 2 sons that married precious sweet ladies, whom I have grown to LOVE with all my heart. I look at these sweet ladies as my daughters instead of in laws. They are the mother of my grandchildren and the completion of my sons. That makes them so special and 50% mine =-) ! I need prayer for Kayla today. As you all know her and her family has been threw pure *** the last couple of months with the lost of their mother and sister. Today will either open or shut doors for closure for them. Prayers are needed for piece and calm hearts and minds. And thank you friends and family for the prayers already sent and the prayers to be sent. May God Bless each of you. I Love you Kayla Reed Bass 󾍂
It feels like I lost a family member. Goodbye Jersey boy.. May God Bless you Tony. Rest in Peace and be sure to visit my mom for meatballs, sausage and Sunday gravy in heaven. So heartbroken.
Hello all my face book friends in cyber land. How about a big yippy aye for my cousin Merle Haggard. On behalf of the group and ourselves congratulations are in order for recently being awarded an honorary doctorate. Now Im gonna go light up a stogie and have mary hold up this pesky opossum while I fire off 50 rounds in your honour. Mama tried to catch that opossum mama tried. Hey Grandpa whats for supper? We got opossum stew hot off the cooker, buttermilk bisquits fresh out of the oven, and sweet potato pie. Yuuum, Yuuum! Wishing you all the Best and May God Bless! The Swingin BeBops. featuring Johnny "Lightning" Daytona aka Doug Crawford and Mary "The Jungle Cat" Rich.
Good morning America. I have some design projects to work on today. I like that. I will get on it just after my coffee. I hope all of yours day is good. I know some of you are ill. My prayers will continue for your health and for the well being of all. Sometimes I sound like I will give in. But, never for We will survive Satan's chaos. May God Bless all!
May God Bless you Prince Philip, may you recover very quickly and be back on your feet.
My youngest child Lauren Michelle (17 yrs young) headed out to Moore, Ok at 6 am today along with others under the sponsorship of the Bonner Springs Church of Christ, to help them rebuild their property and lives. She'll be back on Thursday. I already miss my baby girl. I'm also sure she will get more out of these 4 days in Moore,Ok than she would in 4 days at Cancun, Mexico during spring break. May God Bless my youngest and keep her from harm.
The victims of the Boston Marathon bombings will always be remembered and held close to my heart. Sean will be too!!! May God Bless their families.
Thank U everyone for making me feel Honoured and Special on my Birthday, I deeply appreciate ur Prayers and Wishes for me. May God Bless n honour u @ all times. Thanks for keeping in-touch.
Hi Bharathi Buddhavarapu, Its always a great pleasure welcoming a new member to our family each time... And Timeless Creazion loves when its family grows more and more huge... Thank you for joining us, May God Bless you.. :-) Stay tune in for great products and offers...
Happy Fathers Day to my Husband Matt Bozka Jr., my son's Brian Goodman,and Mathias Bozka you guys are Great Fathers, May God Bless and Keep You :)
What a great Father's Day, talked to my dad, had a call from both daughters, heard from two of my "adopted" daughters, planted 20 seedling trees and got the drip system going, now time for Cowboy Church, a little NASCAR and Rockies baseball. Makes me wonder what the poor folks are doing, I am so lucky. May God Bless all of you on your Father's Day, be safe and enjoy.
Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there, old hands, waiting to be (Brian Bates :)) and adoptive Dads. You are all so special in ways that you may never know, but creating memories that your children will carry with them throughout their lives and share with their children. Thank you for stepping up and being the best Dad you could be. May God Bless you all richly!
Proverb 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go ,and when he is old he will not depart from it . Greater Mt. Calvary Church Daycare . The lord has blessed are church to start our own daycare center ,we are asking for any donation,of cribs,toys,blanket,books,to help us going into this great blessings from god ,we have a mission statement,To be led by god and to build his church and community ,though the power of prayer and faith .To be faithful to the word of god and the ministries he had placed in our care . Pls. inbox me if you have any donation for our Daycare. May God Bless you all.
I want to tell these three girls -Bekah Swanson, Peyton Young and Patterson Young how much we love you and how much you mean to our family! Bekah came apart of our family 7 years ago, when she was 13, and was assigned to my rambunctious son and my quiet baby daughter during our Black Mountain week! 󾰀 Then, 2 years later as our family grew so did her help and that's when we first met Peyton and Patterson. For the last 5 years, all 3 have been apart of our family each and every year! Even now as they are college girls, they were able to come back to see us and see the kiddos! You will never know how much that meant to Jud, Jules and Jace! We love you girls! May God Bless you this Fall/Spring during your studies at Appalachian State And Western Carolina.
With coordination efforts between Porter Loring and Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery we have been able to establish services for my Mother, Mary Jane Buchanan. On June 19th at 1:30pm a service will be held at Porter Loring North. Located off Gold Canyon and Loop 1604. Following we will make a trip over to Ft Sam Houston's National Cemetery for a 3:00 burial service at the grave site. She will be buried with her Husband Robert Dale Buchanan Senior who passed away in Feb of 2001. Once again a sincere thanks for all the comments I have received from our wonderful friends. May God Bless!
May God Bless us as we share in the News from the Vatican Radio.
Wow!!What a great service we had @ my place with my church group 4 my farewell. Great sendoff, May God Bless them.
Praise the LORD.Dearest friends,thanks so much for all the Love,the Care,and above all,THE PRAYERS you have been sending to my Sweet Mom.She was discharged from the hospital yesterday evening and she has spent all day today cheerfully going about her business.You cant know she was on the hospital bed yesterday if you saw her today or heard her voice.She was healed,apart from a little chest pain.Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.May God Bless you all.Thanks so much my dears.LOVE YOU.
Folks, it is time for this Coal Miners Light to be turned off for the night...Good night all and stay safe in the coal mines guys and girls!!! remember to check out some of my poems and get an order in for my book, Coal Miners Light...May God Bless!!!
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