First Thoughts

May Almighty Allah

Eid Mubarak Happy Birthday Jummah Mubarak

May Almighty Allah attend to our pending duas this Ramadan 🙏
Some few days to go . May almighty Allah keep us beyond the end of this Holy month
Exactly!So keep taking care of people and saving lives. Dont be discouraged by peoples attitude. And May Almighty A…
Never stop praying, even when things are going wrong pray, May Almighty Allah accept our prayers as an act of ibadah. Amen
May almighty Allah blessed this baby or boy Ameen
We remember We remember AlQuds. May Almighty Allah grant the people of their Allah given Rights.
We are still in the last bless full 10days of Ramadan.May Almighty Allah grant us his mercy and forgiveness ameen.
May Allah ( swt ) grant our president total health, may all the evil forces against him be crush by the power of almighty Allah ( swt ).
May Allah bestow relief and comfort upon every soul whom only you Almighty hear and know of their pain
May Almighty Allah grant her eternal peace and give her family the fortitude to bear the loss. What is becoming of the 🌎
And you my brother be safe May Allah the almighty keep us all safe from the haters & gi…
May almighty Allah accept our ibadah.
Feel the PAIN they are going through. May Almighty Allah, Bless & Protect Alam-E-Islam, Aameen.
May Almighty Allah continue to bless and grant him Al Jannahtul Firdaus. Ameen.
I am sleepless nights to seek your Mercy upon my life and family and all my friends. may Almighty Allah stamp my prayers
Astagafirulai 5,000. may Almighty Allah forgive all my shortcomings and granted my request
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May Almighty Allah answer our ibada and forgive our sin
. May Allah Almighty accept your attendance... Nice to see live all of you in front of Holy Kabbah...
May the Almighty grant Paradise to victims of the senseless killings in Ramadan. May He comfort the families left behind &…
many many congratulations ..may almighty Allah bless u ..lots of love frm
love u VK u r amazing cricketer, a true sportsmen & brilliant human being. May Allah almighty give u more success in ur life.
May the Almighty Allah accept our prayers.
May the almighty Allah guide you to islam ...
Birthday wishes tahyrah🎈❤. May Almighty Allah bless your new age.
Jummah Mubarak to all.May Almighty Allah accept our prayers.
Dr.Aamir thank you so much for your owsm transmission. You are the real hero of Pakistan.May almighty Allah bless you.😇😇
May Almighty ALLAH gives u strength, courage & best of health. Stay blessed.
Mubarak Tariq may Almighty Allah be your helper, may you enlighten the towards peace , I am quite proud of you
Can't wait for the remaining days.May Allah almighty answer our duas
Ameen. May Almighty Allah bless you with health and happiness.🌹🌸🌹
May the Almighty grant you all the reward & goodness.. persevere.. almost there, few more days to go in sha Allah..
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May Almighty Allah bless our dear country Nigeria. Ameen.
May almighty Allah have mercy on us.
May the Almighty Allah continue to shower his mercy upon you and your family.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon😢. May the almighty ALLAH grant her the highest possible rank in Jannat.
My condolences to the entire people of Islamic Republic of Iran. . May Almighty Allah protect us from any terrorists act
Congratulations to Dr.zakirnaik for getting the saudi citizenship from Saudi King Salman.. May Almighty Allah bless you si…
May Almighty Allah guide us to the straight path, and also grant our heart desires
May Almighty Allah heal you sir. May he give you strengthen and good health. May you return to meet a bett…
May Almighty Allah heal and protect . Come back home strong. God bless Nigeria. . God bless my President.
May Almighty Allah in His infinite mercy give president muhammad buhari GCFR good health and vitality ameen
May Almighty Allah grant us more patience ameen
May Almighty Allah in his infinite mercy bless Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and pple of Osun, I'm jealous,where is saraki&fatah of kwara state
May Almighty Allah give every human being Good health and remove every hardness of their life
May Almighty Allah lift us from glory to glory.
BUHARI in Jummosque, today 5/5/2017, May Almighty Allah continue to provide good health and prosperity.
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May Almighty Allah save you from fornication 😒
PMB at Jumu'at Masjid today 5th/5/2017. May Almighty Allah guard you, protect you, cure your sickness & give you mo…
A man with a human heart.May Almighty Allah grant you Aljannatu firdaus Aameen.
Barka jumat to all Muslim souls on 🌏, May Almighty Allah accept our…
22 days to Ramadan, May Almighty Allah grant us all the chance to visit His House as many times…
Forever in our hearts. May Almighty Allah grant him Jannah 🙏
May Almighty Allah grant this freedom fighter & Ex- Member of Parliament in Jannatul Ferdous.
It is very helpful and supportive to the families of the martyr's. . May Almighty Allah bless you.
Happy Birthday . Accept my best wishes for the years ahead. May Almighty Allah grant you your heart desires. Amin.
May Almighty Allah grant Al-jannah fridaus to all the deceased and grant the ones alive safety. Pray for Syria
May Almighty Allah continue guiding you to fulfill your promises
Wao highly happy with this brave governor.. May Almighty Allah reward you abundantly
Congratulations and Happy Birthday my dear Dadah,May Almighty Allah shower his blessings upon you and guide you to…
Have you payed back last year's missed Ramadan fast(s)? May Almighty Allah make it easy and May He grant us mercy to witness this year's
Happy Birthday to you Sir. May Almighty Allah forever be pleased with you
Every grave we pass contains a person that once lived like us. Sooner or later we'll join them. May Almighty Allah make it eas…
Happy Birthday . May Almighty Allah continue to grant you Wisdom, Success and radiant beauty as always .
Thank dear,. May Almighty Allah safe you and the entire Islamic Republic of Iran
May Almighty Allah save our soul from bragging, Amin.
The MWL organized a Quran competition in Italy where 125 entrants participated in the competition. May Almighty Allah grant…
Extend my best wishes 2 ur son. May Almighty Allah continue 2 guide n protect him, may He grow up n becom more than ur expectations
slimzy4nv May Almighty Allah bless you with love from good people, bless u with money and…
I'm so proud of you sir my able President. May Almighty Allah continue to be with you and the entire soldiers. Ameen.
May Almighty Allah accept all our prayer!!!
May Almighty Allah grant your mother Jannah and her loved one with patience to deal with loss. To Him we belong To Him we return
May Almighty Allah continue to bless my mum nd protect her for me. Iya ni wura omo
May Almighty Allah always be with you my President.
better luck to you sir. May Almighty Allah continue to be your guide. Aameen
May Almighty Allah continued to protect us in this world, may Almighty Allah continued to increased us love our prophet Muhammad S W A Amen
Rest in perfect peace brother. .. May Almighty Allah bless you with…
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May Almighty Allah bless all muslim ummah!!
Om puri was a great man nd Actor. May Almighty Allah place his soul in the heaven Aameen 🌾 🌾
Barakallah!! Habibi.U've been amazing this year!! May Almighty Allah always bring success to you in the same way...Ameen
May Almighty Allah continue to make your trip peaceful and successful my beloved Daddy. Aameen
buhari only deceiving Nigeria about payment of NPOWER. Nothing of such. May Almighty Allah save us from all this clueless leader
May Almighty Allah grant your wish sis.
Congratulations on your wedding dear ,May Almighty Allah bless your home , may your home be fruitful 🙏🙏🙏
May Almighty Allah forgive you all your sins & grant you Al-janah.. RIP Alhaji Saheed Onikoyi
May Almighty Allah bless you all, makes your life easy & give you everything what you want, if it's better for you.. Amen…
may the almighty Allah continue to protect you,Happy Birthday
May Almighty Allah disgrace evils planning evil against Sen. and his men.
May Allah almighty help the poor girls and show His wrath to deserving people.
The EX Nigerian president, alh umaru musa yar aduawa,may allah almighty forgive him,and grant him paradise. ameen.
may the Almighty Allah continues to grown your efforts as you lead the masses to their comfort zone all the times.
May God Bless U, UR Noble deed & helping nature shall make Almighty Allah also to help U with his mighty might. Stay Blessed.
So sad and tragic, let pray to Allah Almighty for the safety of every person there. May Allah protect all of us from such calamities
May the departed soul rest in peace and get high place in Jannat and Maghfirat from Almighty Allah.
Security in Makkah. May Allah Almighty reward all those protecting the Holy Land.
ur baba dead. May Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace.
May Allah Almighty grant her place in the highest ranks of Heavens...
May almighty Allah bless you health
May the Almighty protect you all my brothers and sisters. Allah always be with us. I'm so sorry for what has happened in Aceh
Be Bold & don't forget abt ur dignity May the almighty Allah give u the courage to declare winner AMEEN
May Almighty Allah convert:. Our discomfort to comfort. Our pains to gains. Our minimum to maximum. Our losses to...
May Almighty Allah grant and stamps all our desires.
May Almighty ALLAH TALAH always bless you and Saira Ma'am with good health. Take Care!! ALLAH HAFIZ
may Allah the almighty grant him good health
may Almighty Allah get well you soon ,Aamin
have a blessed wednesday. May Almighty Allah always showers blessings, golories,suceess,peace& happiness to you. ameen
Blood is thicker than water. May Almighty Allah continue to shower His unboundless blessings,…
Gift of joy and happiness they are "children". May Almighty Allah guide their steps aright and…
may Allah Almighty punish these devils for their hatred & their evil acts. & protects all the Ahmadies...
May Almighty Allah bestow His Choicest Blessings on you and your family during this Great Month of Rabi` Al-Anwar.
May Almighty Allah bless you to Love the Sunnah of His Beloved, and Practice it in your lives.
May Almighty Allah fill your Hearts with Maḥabbah for His Beloved.
Security centre in Makkah. May Allah Almighty bless all those protecting the Holy Land.
All humans created by Allah Almighty who consider all equal, but disgusting humans themselves creating divisions. May…
asallam alaiki my dear sister may almighty Allah continued protecting you insha Allah
May the Almighty Allah help u in ur gud intentions to revive or beloved country
It is only the will of Allah almighty that women do deliver children. May Allah bless our mothers.🙏
circumstances, may Almighty Allah make this presentation successful and may Him help you to implement it and to also achieve its 2
peace be upon you and good evening my beloved Daddy, may Almighty Allah continue to guard and guide you Baba all the time, at any 1
Dear friends, I wish all of you travelling to go and vote a safe journey. May Almighty Allah take you to your various destina…
May Almighty Allah forgive and bestow Lt. Col Muhammad Abu Ali with Jannatur Firdausi,Ameen. R.I.P to you our gallant Soldier
This video says a lot about the life of this gallant soldier... May Almighty Allah reward you with Aljanna firdaus.…
May Almighty Allah reward your sacrifice. May jannatul Firdausi be your final abode. Ameen
That's right Baba Buhari.May Almighty Allah help you in all your efforts.
May Almighty Allah forgive his short comings
insha'Allah. May Almighty Allah help him in Right decision!
May Almighty Allah show mercy on us and on ur younger generation. May Almighty grant Sabr to his family .
My prayers and thoughts are with the people of May Almighty Allah make it easy for Them.
Inna lilahi wahino lillai rojihun. Came for grandma's burial. 96yrs no be beans. May Almighty Allah grant her Aljannah Fridaus
Birthday wishes daughter May Almighty Allah bless your new age.
May Almighty Allah (SWT) have mercy on the soul of and grant him Jannat Firdaus. Ameen. htt…
May Almighty Allah bless the man who says less and does more.”. — ‘Umar ibnul Khattab (ra)
May Almighty Allah be our protector and guider
May Almighty Allah guide him to straight path islam Insha'Allah
May Almighty Allah make us grateful in times of ease, patient in times of hardship and grant us the best of this life and the…
May Almighty Allah accept our Jumaah as an act of Ibaadah. Ameen 🙏
Happy Birthday to my Lovely Daughter MUHIBAT ADESHEWA May Almighty Allah be with you all time…
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May Almighty Allah help our president to fulfill his promise amin.
May Almighty Allah heal your wound and make you happy again
May Almighty Allah make it easy for us, purify our mind, put joy in our hearts , increase our Iman, elevate us beyond our expectations.
have a blessed thursday.May Almighty Allah bring happiness, peace, honour and smoothness in your life.ameen
May Almighty Allah shelter him from every harm!!Inshaallah.Allahamdulliah 4 everything
Allahuakbar...! May Almighty Allah (swa)grant Jannah to all sahaba of prophet (saw)
a living legend. You are the last hope of this country. May Almighty Allah help u achieve the dream of…
May Almighty Allah always be with you sir
Thank's alot. May Almighty Allah forgive us and let us obey what ever hardship we come across ameen.
Happy Birthday dear🎉 May Almighty Allah continue to bless you.
May Almighty Allah bestow His mercy on Muslims of Syria (Ameen)
Allahu Akbar... May Almighty Allah grant her an outstanding success, Ameen...
We have nothing to upper to you accept prayers.May Almighty Allah grant you the wisdom to upgrade our beloved country (Nigeria) Ami
May Almighty Allah 4give your dad of all his inequities & make Aljannah fridaous his last abode. Amin.
Among the most beloved of people to Allah are those who have the best attitudes. May Almighty Allah give us the best of attitudes.
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May Almighty Allah accept the efforts of Aunty Shameema Patel and all the donors! Great work
May Almighty Allah forgive his sins and grant him Aljanah Firdauz, stay strong
Really he was well known of Ups &Downs of Music.May Almighty Allah rest his soul in Jannat ul Firdos
we will always luv u man!😘😊 Stay blessed May Almighty Allah blessed u wD all D happiness,success of this whole globe! Ameen!
Beautiful message, like and share. . May Almighty Allah protect the Hujjaj and may he bless us…
everywhere :) . May Almighty Allah bless them all.
No child deserves to suffer like this.😢😢 May Almighty Allah protect them 😢😢
May Almighty Allah be ur guide and protector.if what u are doing is for za benefit of Nigeria, and if not,ma…
Thank u for making our morning butifull with a very beautiful DUA. May almighty Allah bless u. Aameen
Wishes on the anniversary, may Almighty give more strength and courage, achievements praiseworthy, Almighty Allah's blessings shower upo...
Happy . Let's Celebrate Together ✌. May Allah The Almighty protect our Country from all these enemies. Ame…
Travelling to May Almighty Allah bless us all with a safe journey. Aameen. With
Profound my brothers and sisters!May the Almighty grant you all whatever your Hearts desire Insha Allah Ameen!:)
The day to celebrate . May ALLAH almighty helps and save us and our country
may ALMIGHTY ALLAH KAREEM give us all abilities to b really greatfull to ALMIGHTY and to our Pakistan
have a blessed Monday. May Almighty Allah bless you wth good health,happiness,peace of mind & huge success.ameen
Dsr I watch ur program focus on news u r going very well May Allah Almighty give u more Success.
Happy Birthday . May Almighty Allah bless you with a long,healthy life with Imaan & may He grant you endless happiness &barakah💕
May almighty Allah take them safely and bring them back to their destination safely.
May Almighty Allah protect us all from the evil ones among us.
what I can say. May Almighty allah give you hedaya
5/5 May Allah Almighty in His Infinite Mercy Forgive our Shortcomings and Sins.Aameen.Unsung Zeroe of
A lot of prayers for him. May Allah almighty bless his soul. He was my ideal.
may almighty Allah blessed you.i enjoy your music so Mach.keep it up
🙋Happy 70th Independence day to all my Indian brothers & sisters. May almighty Allah bless all of us peace & guidance💞
I wish that Pakistan prospers day by day & may ALLAH ALMIGHTY save it from all evil forces. meri jaan. .
Mohammad, a great cricketer has passed away.May Allah almighty place his soul in Jannah&grant fortitude to his family…
Happy Birthday shanawar may Almighty Allah give u long life with health
As you spend da Holly month of Ramadan fasting&praying for Allah's grace may almighty blessU&answer all your prayers https…
Getting ready for a long ride in sha Allah. Colombo to Kalmunai by bike! 🏍. May Almighty Allah SWT protect us. Ameen
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Thank you. May Allah Almighty shower HIS SPECIAL BLESSINGS upon you. ameen
may ALLAH ALMIGHTY give her high place in jannah
May her soul rest in peace and the Almighty Allah grant her a good place in Jannah, we shud expose such dirty docs
. May the Almighty Allah shower all the blessings upon Pakistan on the Independence Day.. Ameen..
Congratulations Team Pakistan WOW what a tremendous gift for all of us on this Interdependence day. May ALLAH Almighty always bless you dears
The needs our support with understanding and patience. May Allah The Almighty Safe guard and protect you
Thanks to Almighty Allah for today's win on this special day congratulations and well done team for this win may Allah always help us Aameen
May Almighty Allah bless you and grant you Aljannatul Firdaus May Almighty Give you long life and prosperity
May Almighty Allah reward u back keep the work moving sir.
May Allah Almighty guide all To adopt right path & may remind them fear of Allah Almighty
may the ALMIGHTY ALLAH keep on protecting you, your government and make the fulfillment of your campaign promises possible ameen
sure...May Almighty Allah bless us with such people
Happy Independence day to my country Pakistan.May ALLAH ALMIGHTY always protect my country.
May Allah grant Muhammad Ali Jannah! Wealthy yet remembered the Almighty is most powerful. 2 days before Ramadan:( https…
Saba's Nana/Grandfather passed away this evening in India. May almighty Allah accept his good deeds & prayers and...
A man of integrity who has given all Pakistanis hope and made nation proud. May ALLAH Almighty Bless our COAS. Salute!
May Allah Almighty protect this country from evil eyes and may Allah give us strength to contribute in its prosperity and peace.
May Allah Almighty bless our homeland with unity, peace and prosperity.
ARAB&SHOLEBOR, may almighty Allah bless you marriage.
May ALLAH Almighty give us Hidayat, forgive all our sins, guide us in the righteous path, showers His blessings on us & accep…
May Almighty Allah let us obey the 10 conditions of Bait truthfully and faithfully as Hazrat Maseeh-e-Maood a.s required of us.
Happy Birthday Mother and Motherland!. May you both always stay under the blessings of Almighty Allah!. Ameen!
Happy Birthday to this rare gem! May Almighty Allah grant her success in the life of this world and the hereafter... Ameen!
Happy Birthday " Islamic Republic of Pakistan " . May the blessing of Allah Almighty always upon you pakistan :).
Happy Birthday Day! You are a beautiful soul. May Allah the almighty bless you always.. 🎂 Ameen
All thanks be to Almighty Allah who owe us a life to witness this Month, May He accept our ibadah and grant us his Jann…
I miss you, I miss the way your smile brighten up even the darkest of moments. May almighty Allah grant you Al-Janatu Firdaus shantel
May Allah Almighty enable us to propagate the true rights bestowed on women by Islam, ameen.
may Almighty Allah forgive you, cus you dnt know what u re uttering
May almighty Allah grant him al Junnah
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Happy . May Almighty Allah protect our country from all evil eyes.. Aameen.. 💚💚🇵🇰
may Allah Almighty keep safe our country from evil elements.
May the Almighty accept our good deeds & help us in following the right path.
May the Almighty Allah grant you internal piece. We wel miss you Baba. Allah ya ye Rahama
May d almighty allah bless and fortifile all my muslaim fans as they break there ramadam today
happy eidel kabir to all muslims brother and sister may almighty Allah accept our prayer ameen
We support u Golden Eaglets with all our heart and we're behind u 100% with mean of success. May almighty Allah help u in every game and...
May Allah Almighty give us health, prosperity & patriotic leadership. to all of you.
hoping ur eid goes great & you health prosper May Almighty Allah always bless u and your health✌ Eid Mubarak hoping u see this😭
To Muslims around the world, May Almighty Allah reward our sacrifices with increased blessing and a more prosperous future.…
Happy Eid-ul fitril 2 all my Muslim brothers n sisters. May d peace of almighty allah abide with u always
May the Almighty Allah bless you and your family with peace and happiness on the auspicious occasion of Eid - ul - Fitr. Eid Mubarak
Gudnyt...mama Bukky Ajayi may your gentle soul rest in bossom of Almighty Allah!
Eid Mubarak to all Muslim faithful. May Almighty Allah continue to shower us with his Barakah
Eid Mubarak !!!. may almighty Allah bless all... :-) :-) :-)
To Everyone around the world celebrating it! May Allah SWT the Almighty Bless everyone!
to U & your Family... . May Allah Almighty Shower His Blessings Upon You and your Entire Family. . By owner Hazrat Ali GB
May Almighty Allah preserve our families in this time if Moral Corruption!. From Toronto after Eid Salah with family.
May the Almighty Allah shower His blessings upon muslims all over the world. Have a great Eid Day !!!
Eid Mubarak to you and your family. May Allah Almighty bless you hapiness & ability to do more noble deeds in the...
May the almighty Allah accept our Ramadan deeds, forgive our sins and reward us his best in the life of hereafter
News of Blasts in Jeddah and Madinah is really devastating.May Allah the Almighty protects every being across the globe.
Wishing you all a blessed Eid-Al-Fitr. May the blessings of Almighty Allah brighten up your lives with peace, prosperity,…
Happy Sallah to all my Muslim brothers and sisters. May Almighty Allah accept our ibada.
Eid greetings to entire Muslim Ummah! May Allah Almighty ease the pain & sufferings of Muslims around the world & strengt…
Barka de Sallah, to the entire Muslim Brothers and Sisters. May Almighty Allah accept our Fasting as an act of ibadan
Al kjf follower; Wishing you a very blessed eid ul fitr may Allah Almighty keep you under his all blessings. Regards,:. sajan
"Eid Mubarak" to everyone. May ALLAH Almighty grant us a lot of Blessings & Happiness on this Eid ul Fitr. ht…
Eid Mubarak. Eid is the occasion of happiness,caring and sharing. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY shower His countless blessings upon u&ur family. Bilqees
MASHALLAH what a passionate Muslim may almighty Allah bless him
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I wish all my friend s happy sallah.nd may almighty allah accept our ibadat
Happy Eidulfitar Mubrak May Almighty Allah shower his countless blessings forever upon you & your family. From...
Baraka da sallah to you and your family. May the almighty Allah (SWT) accept our ibadah and prayers Ameen.
May almighty Allah accept it as an act of Ibadah.Eid Mubaraq
Eid Mubarak to all Muslims. May Almighty Allah accept our fasting and Prayer.
Alhamdulillahi for the successful completion of this year Ramadan, may Almighty Allah accept it…
to all Muslims.But please remember& feel the miseries of the people affected in resent tragedies.May Almight…
May Almighty Allah bless and filled your Life. with a lot of Happiness...󾬒󾌵. 󾆶󾀔."Eid Mubarak".󾀔󾆶
Ed Mubarak. May Almighty Allah accept all our fasts and efforts from dis just concluded ramadan…
Eid Mubarak! May almighty Allah accept our prayers and continue to bless us with peace, health, unity & success.
Wishing all Nigerians a Happy May the Almighty Allah continue to bless our nation.
Nation will never forget you, always praying that May Almighty Allah forgive you and reward you Jannah tul Firdous. ht…
May Almighty Allah forgive her sins and grant her aljana firdaus. Bukky Ajayi Zainab.
May Almighty Allah grant those parents that are not here with us Jannah and may Allah forgive them and lighten their graves.
May ALLAH Almighty shower HIS blessings upon you and your family on this wonderful joyful day Ameen. Eid Mubarak!!!. Regards!. Kamran Shehzad
to all. May Allah Almighty bring the message of permanent era of peace, happiness and prosperity. Ameen
A blast in the holy city of Terrible news. May Almighty Allah protect all Muslim brothers and sisters. Amen https…
RIP to those who lost their lives earlier in Medinah,May Almighty Allah forgive them their sins and misdeeds.
This is wonderful. May Almighty Allah blesse the visit, may He continue to guide and protect you, our dear President.
May Almighty Allah take mercy on the person who bid farewell to Ramadan with repentance and devotion.
May Almighty Allah give us another chance to witness one🙏🏽
5. Eid Mubarak to everyone.I wish us all a lovely Eid. May Almighty Allah change the minds of evil doers. unto U
I can feel for the affectees. May Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace.
: May Almighty Allah enlighten our hearts & we continue to worship (Allah ) ..wishing u a happy S…
May Allah ease everything . I put my trust on Almighty Allah .
May Allah almighty have mercy on them
Congratulations dear chair person welcoming newest member of the family. May Allah Almighty protect her and guide her. AAMEEN!
Thanks for replying best wishes for u bro May Allah Almighty shower his countless blessings on u 👍
6 year without u Baba yar aduwa May almighty Allah be with u
like your vision and interest , May Almighty ALLAH bless you
may Allah Almighty grant patience to you &family to bear the loss ,departed soul rest in eternal peace
May the Almighty Allah continue to grant you eternal rest in peace.Ameen
Happy Birthday to snr man Mohammed S Hamza. May all your dreams be fulfilled by the Almighty Allah.
Quite right sir. May ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY help to PTI more and more in building if new Pakistan.Ameen.
Shab e Meraj Mubarak to All the Muslims in the world. MAY Almighty ALLAH. Accept all our Prayers on th…
We will forever Miss you and may Almighty Allah grant your soul Al-Janat
On MehrajulAlam faithful seek forgiveness from Almighty at the Historic Aali Masjid,May Allah accept all our prayers
many more happy returns of the day in advanced. . May our almighty Allah bless u. He save u from devil eyes.
Shaytan may give you a million reasons to stay in bed at the time of but ALLAH the Almighty gives you one which is…
hbd to this cute vj.wullnp may almighty Allah bless ur new age
may Almighty Allah grant him aljanat firdaus, amin.
To late President Umar Musa Yar'adua, may almighty Allah continue to bless your grave and grants you Aljajana firidaus. Rest in peace
May Almighty Allah guide and give us Sabath
Six years after... May Allah Almighty continue to grant him peace.
May the Almighty Allah reward you with Jannah, a leader with great vision for his dear country.
Ameen, May Almighty Allah gives the Family Fortitude to bear the imparable lost
May Almighty Allah be with Tripple R. . belle_lastb
May Almighty Allah give the strength to witness another blessed day of Friday...
May Almighty Allah the almighty healer,heal you and grant you all your hearty desires.
May Almighty Allah gives us the attitude and courage to seek His guidance, protection, and may…
Happy Birthday May Almighty Allah continue to shower his blessings on you and your…
🙏🙏🙏May Almighty Allah count me among those who will say this 👇 👇👇 in next RAMADAN
We all are sinners! . May Almighty Allah forgive us all (Aamin).
May Almighty Allah bless our parents and reward them with Aljannah Firdaus!
May Almighty Allah accept all our acts of worship and grant us forgiveness & success in this life and the hereafter. Ameen.
May Almighty Allah make jannah our final abode amin"
Jummah Mubarak to all of you...May Almighty Allah answer your prayers (Ameen )
May Almighty Allah ease every difficulty in our lives, May ALLAH bless us wit contentment & 4giv all our mistakes and sins.
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