May Allah & Jumma Mubarak

Peace be upon him is a phrase that practising Muslims often say after saying (or hearing) the name of one of the Prophets of Islam. 2.7/5

May Allah Jumma Mubarak Mubarak Ali Good Health United States John Reid Yvonne Ridley Good Morning Jummah Mubarak Prophet Muhammad

jumma Mubarak to every muslim in the world..May Allah bless all.
May Allah bless you and your family by plentitude of blessings. Amin. Jumma Mubarak
Jumma Mubarak... May Allah showers his blessing on the entire world.
May Allah cherish our lives with happiness. Jumma Mubarak 😊
May Allah fulfil all our needs, may He accept all our duas,remove our difficulties and Protect us from Shaytaan and All …
A salam Jumma Mubarak to u machi n family May Allah bless u all n protect 4m all types of danger In Sha Allah…
Jumma Mubarak Every1!! MaY Allah bless each & every1 !!😊Remember me in ur Prayers! May Allah shower the right path of Par…
Jumma'a Mubarak to you and your family, May Allah shower us with his blessings on this beautiful day.
Jumma Mubarak to everyone... Stay blessed and May Allah keep showering his blessings on us! Ameen 😊😊
Jumma Mubarak to all Muslims. May Allah bless you all.
Jumma Mubarak to everyone. May Allah guide whole Ummah & put us on right path,Stay Blessed. Remember me in your prayers http…
Jumma Mubarak To you and Your Family, May Allah bless you and forgive all your sins..!! . Jummah Mubarak ht…
jumma Mubarak,May Allah keep u in His protection.
May Allah bless all. "jumma mubarak to is the greatest wall ..we are bricks that make it tall"
Jumma-tul-wida Mubarak. May Allah give peace in & everywhere around the world Stay Blessed
Jumma tul widha mubarak.May Allah accept our n remember the and the ppl of in Ur prayers.
Jumma tul widah mubarak. May Allah accept our prayers and fast.
Alvida Jumma n badi raat Mubarak to all,the biggest nite of ramazan,May Allah forgive all of us n shower his blessings on us!…
Salam,, jumma Mubarak to all !! May Allah showers his unlimited blessings on all of us!!
Jumma Mubarak ! May Allah accept your not forget to include all Muslim brothers and sisters in your duaa 💖
Jumma Mubarak my dear brothers and sisters... May Allah accept our repentance and sand blessing up on our beloved prophet Mohammad SAW. Repent as much as possible an make Dua... May Allah make us among those who sit in the front raw of the Imam on jumma day... May Allah give us the chance to attend jumma.. May Allah open a door for us to never miss a jumma Ameeen!
May the light of Juma'a, shine in our homes. The strength of Eemaan, stay in our ht. & May Allah showes his blessing on …
Happy birthday to my princess zunaira who is 1 years old today... May Allah swt give her a long and healthy life . And guide her and us all in the right path ameeen... Jumma Mubarak too all
Good Morning and Jumma Mubarak everyone. May ALLAH bless us all. Ameen
Jumma Mubarak to all my muslim family. May Allah shower his blessing upon all of us to increase our believe and faith.
Jumma Mubarak you all of my firends:)) May Allah bless you all:))?
Jumma Mubarak friends! May Allah swt accept your duaas and give a happy and healthy life! Ameen :)
-. May Allah light up your way,. With the blessings. and. Lead you to the Peace, Happiness and Success. EID-UL-FITR & JUMMA Mubarak.
Jumma Mubarak brothers and sisters - this is a little old, but i only got to read it now and felt like sharing with those who do not know Yvonne Ridley's story of her conversion to Islam. May Allah bless you and your families on this auspicious day inshallah ameen. How I Came to Love the Veil (by Yvonne Ridley - Oct 22, 2006) LONDON I used to look at veiled women as quiet, oppressed creatures -- until I was captured by the Taliban In September 2001, just 15 days after the terrorist attacks on the United States, I snuck into Afghanistan, clad in a head-to-toe blue burqa, intending to write a newspaper account of life under the repressive regime. Instead, I was discovered, arrested and detained for 10 days. I spat and swore at my captors; they called me a "bad" woman but let me go after I promised to read the Koran and study Islam. (Frankly, I'm not sure who was happier when I was freed -- they or I.) Back home in London, I kept my word about studying Islam -- and was amazed by what I discovered. I'd been . ...
The beauty of each Friday, ( Jumma) is the knowledge that Allah has given us another week to thank Him and to wish a wonderful person like you a Jumma full of prayers. May Allah grant us and our loved ones Good Health, Wealth, Happiness, Piety, Taqwa Insha-Allah Ameen. Jumma Mubarak
When you’re hurt by people who share the same blood as you, then just remember Yusuf (AS), who was betrayed by his own brothers. If you find your parents opposing you, remember Ibrahim (AS), whose father led him to the fire. If you’re stuck with a problem where there’s no way out, remember Yunus (AS), stuck in the belly of a whale. If you’re ill & your body cries with pain, remember Ayoob (AS) who was more ill than you. When someone slanders you, remember Ai’sha (RA) who was slandered throughout the city. When you’re lonely, recall Aadam (AS) who was created alone. When you can’t see any logic around you, think of Nuh (AS) who built an ark without questioning. If you are mocked by your own relatives then think of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Allah (SWT) put these Prophets to trial, so that later generations may learn a lesson of patience & perseverance. May Allah SWT give us perspective & understanding. Aameen. Jumma Mubarak
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