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May Allah

Peace be upon him is a phrase that practising Muslims often say after saying (or hearing) the name of one of the Prophets of Islam.

Eid Mubarak Jummah Mubarak Ramadan Kareem Happy Birthday Ya Allah Ahlul Bayt Allahu Akbar Holy Prophet Mian Nawaz Sharif Prophet Mohammed Patrick Sawyer Muslim Ummah

Sorry for the not clear video. Just imagine and listen to the crowd. It was definitely more than 10 million. Just one thing is sure, this Man never ever goes back from what ever he says, Long Live Imran Khan. Stayed 48 hrs without sleep, still a fresh smiling face, said can stay more for 48 hrs. May Allah give IK long life, good health and courage, Ameen
thats the attitude,prayers and duas needed along with Junoon.May Allah grant the success!
Please recite Ayat ul Kursi for yourself, Imran Khan, family, friends and Pakistan. May Allah protect & help us.
"Beautiful people are not always good, but good people are always beautiful" Ali Ibn Abi Talib, May Allah be pleased with him.
May Allah and Panjtan Pak be with you. Pak Army, u have won back our old trust,respect, & support. Long live Pakistan.
Happy Birthday to my beloved mother, Faridah binti Bolhi. May Allah s.w.t. continue to bless you with…
Happy independence day. May Allah bless our beloved mother land with betterment and prosperity. Ameen. Keep praying. 💚💚💚
Alhamdulillah ❤️once again we are awake to see the morning sun. The sun gave brightness to the earth, with the will of Allah the most magnificent. Let the love of Allah lighten your life, let His kindness mould you into His presence, let Him be your guide as you travel the road of life. Life doesn't come with guarantees. Just know that smiling will brighten your face, laughter will brighten your day, and good people will make your life great...good morning and May Allah bless you always. Ameen ya Rab
Happy Birthday to this unfathomable creation of the almighty!!May Allah bless you with the best of both worlds. God bless hammad (:
A BIG Happy Birthday to my younger brother Azeem ❤️❤️ May Allah swt bless him with many more Happy Birthdays to come in sha Allah 😩😩😩 love you Bro
May Allah destroy the enemies of Nawaz Sharif.Nothing can harm and do a single thing about him.Inn sha Allah he will remain in power.
May Allah never punish my mother, for she drank the love of Imam Ali (a.s) and then fed me with her milk.
WAEC TALK: I Like 2 keep u inform dat west Africa Examination Council has been released lately yesterday at 5:00pm. Accordingto news men said, out of 100% dat wrote waec tis yr 2014/2015 session, 51% faile English and Maths while the remaining 49% pass it. They also reffered it 2 2012 waec result. So my Bro & Sister we've 2 b prayerful may be God can wipe away out tear. May Allah help us through. COMMENT AMEEN.
week end used to be Friday and Saturday we're gonna hav school be strdy ;/..oh my God i don't like it already ..May Allah be with us
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab (May Allah be pleased with them) said: Once we were sitting in the company of the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) when there appeared a man dressed in very white clothes and having extraordinary black hair. No signs of fatigue of journey appeared on him and he was known to none of us. He sat down facing the Prophet (SAWS) leaning his knees against the knees of the Prophet (SAWS) and placing both of his palms over his two thighs and said, “O Muhammad (SAWS)! Tell me about Islam”. He (SAWS) replied, “Islam is to testify that none has the right to be worshiped but Allah, and that Muhammad (SAWS) is the Messenger of Allah; that you observe Salat (prayers), pay Zakat, observe Saum (fasting) of Ramadan and perform Hajj (pilgrimage) of the House, provided you have resources of making journey to it.” He replied: “You have spoken the truth”. We were surprised to see that he had asked him and confirmed the correctness of the answers. H ...
Dictatorship in Pakistan. Worse than hosni mubarak , Saddam or any other brutal king. May Allah bless Pakistan. #
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
May Allah reward our bro Hasan for his efforts in calling to Allah. He did a lecture today, his regular lesson, and transl…
May Allah enable West Africa to contain Creaking health infrastructure can hardly cope at best of …
best of luck bro =). May Allah showr his countless blessings on u guyz =)
Chief Imam of Gwoza among those slaughtered by Boko Haram. Wallahul musta'an. May Allah forgive him.
Mashallah three Jalsas in row , Saskatoon Canada, USA, and then the Big one in UK, May Allah bless the participants and accept their prayers
Force marriage is not permissible in Islam. And sometimes we don't want to take advice but when the difficulty/problem hits us then we had a big mouth. May Allah protect us. In the last part of this video the sheikh is given an example, remember its just an example to draw attention, not a real life story. [Duration 04:42 mints]. Please share, so people will get benefit from it and you can get reward. Thank you.
To the Egyptian Government . “Thank You” !! Thanks for your dedicated stand by Gaza’s side .. Thanks for the closure of border crossing for assistance .. Thanks for your dirty mass media for insulting us all the time .. Thanks for your army for closing the borders between Egypt and Gaza and opening the borders to israel .. Thanks for your participation with israel in putting .. Thanks for refusing Gazan people’s demand of their right to ceasefire .. Thanks for your mass media which supported and encouraged the israeli aggression on Gazan people ..Thanks for allowing israel to kill and slaughter Gazan children .. Many Thanks. To the Egyptian people, you’re our brothers and sisters no matter what, you’ve got affected as much as we got affected. Your prayers are enough to us, May Allah redress the injustice imposed upon us and you. Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi, “Go to *** with your army.”
Alhamdulillah! Allah has given me another day to live, no wishes, just Duas. May Allah forgive us and grant us a long life.
Jummah Mubarak! On this blessed day, remember to keep all those who are suffering in your prayers! May Allah (swt) ease their pain and suffering. May He continue to provide them with strength and patience to get through any hardships.
"Jummah Mubarak, May Allah (swt) forgive us for our sins and accept our dua's. Ameen 🙏
So it's Fridayy! Dayy of Blessings. Jummah Mubarak everyone. May Allah shower his blessings on you and your familyy! Stay …
Jummah Mubarak My lovelies, May Allah subhaan Au Ta'Allah accept all our duas an may our brothers an sisters suffering in Gaza have an Essence of Peace soon Insha'Allah
May Allah help all those in need Jummah Mubarak x
May Allah keep us blessed and give us the strength to better ourselves and our imaan today and forever.. Jummah Mubarak ever…
*** Fire is 70 times stronger than the worldly Fire. May Allah protect all of us from *** and grant us Jannah. http:/…
Patrick Sawyer has succeeded in giving us sleepless nights. Abinga Ebola Issue is becoming terrifying. May Allah save us from this epidemic.
Wallahi missin you loads ya shaykh . . . May Allah keep you firm, grant you patience, and give you a prolonged life full of deeds.
May Allah open the doors of His Mercy for us, strengthen our Imaan & keep us on the right path ♥♡
"Ya Allah, I seek refuge in You from objectionable characteristics, deeds and passions." (Tirmidhi) May Allah protect u…
Balik kelas terus cari kek. Surprise for my mum. Happy Birthday mama, May Allah bless u and I love u y^o^y
The prophet of Allah(saw) said, when there is an epidemic in a particular community, nobody shpuld leave the area where the epidemic is nor go into the community to avoid spread and disaster. May Allah continue to bless his soul. Havent said that, there are lots of question bothering me on the issue of Ebola virus: 1. Is there conspiracy or delibrate attempt by Patrick Sawyer(American Citizen)) whose Sister died of same virus and knowing he has contracted same and still headed to Nigeria without care of the danger that lies ahead of spreadin the virus at the point of contact? 2. What moral justification does Patrick Sawyer has to travel? 3.if Sawyer is representing Liberia at Ecowas summit in Lagos and already showing sign of the virus, why can he submithimself for quarantine or the government stop him from travelling? 4. Why is the Virus prominent in West Afric Country? Are they the only part that eat from the wild? 5. Could it be that some international drugs company like pfizer etal are behind the mena ...
. . May Allah give them victory wherever they go. To enforce the Islamic Sharia. Amen
May Allah protect you from evil and grant you patience to get through this Tan Sri - My family and I support you throughout!
Abu Khubaib `Abdullah bin Az- Zubair (May Allah bepleased with them) reported: When Az-Zubair, got ready to fight in the battle of Al-Jamal, he called me and said: "My son, whoever is killed today will be either a wrongdoer or a wronged one. I expect that I shall be the the wronged one today. I am much worried about my debt. Do you think that anything will be left over from our property after the payment of my debt? My son, sell our property and pay off my debt.'' Az-Zubair then willed one-third of that portion to his sons; namely `Abdullah's sons. He said, "One- third of the one-third. If any property is left after the payment of debts, one-third (of the one- third of what is left is to be given to your sons.'' (Hisham, a subnarrator added: "Some of the sons of `Abdullah were equal in age to the sons of Az-Zubair, e.g., Khubaib and Abbad. `Abdullah had nine sons and nine daughters at that time)". (The narrator `Abdullah added:) He kept on instructing me about his debts and then said: "My son, should you ...
Listening to mufti menk...May Allah give him the ability to practice upon what he is saying,ameen🙏
May Allah guide these sisters, I wonder if they would turn up like that if Mufti Menk was in town.
Wish you a very happy and peaceful Eid. May Allah accept your good deeds, forgive your transgressions and ease all suffering. Eid Mubarak UIUBC
Eid Mubarak to you and all your family! May Allah bless you all :) Insha'Allah x
Mushfiqur Rahim's wedding ceremony will held this october. Finally Rahim gets his life partner. May Allah give...
Where I'm from we got this saying "Don't talk me to death".. Or "Don't talk my ear off".. Alhamdullilah the most high has been placing people who are tired of talking and ready to get their hands dirty, and making efforts to make efforts step by step.. So what we did we jacked the Nike statement "just do it" because it's bigger to us then just sport, so while some are to busy saying what one should do without never doing anything, I know a team of brothers and sisters tired of the talk so they May Allah continue to guide our steps towards positive directtions.
Photo - Footstep of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. May Allah's Peace and Mercy be upon Him amin.
I remember tom from the news... May Allah hav mercy on his soul.. A good man murdered
Hello Friends Every one must and should watch this video consist of real facts about Israel country and innocence of Palestine people. May Allah protect the people of Palestine. Allahu Akbar!!!
Are you teaching your children the basics? Have you taught them how to pray, short surahs, and social etiquette? Indeed, let us try to teach our children to have good manners, a strong religious bond, and a loving family, in sha Allah. May Allah (Subhanahu wa ta'ala) bless our children, past present and future, Ameen! Allahu Akbar! Ukhti Fillah Rahimakumullah
I thought I saw the worst... Allahu Akbar, May Allah forgive us for not doing enough
The only Masjid in the tri state area of NY, I have seen doing something regarding the Situation in Gaza. The North Hudson Islamic Center from Union City, NJ. This is the second time they rent a bus to come to the March in NYC. The other Masjid, they act like the Arabic governments. Keep silent as the problem is not theirs; but, all of them during Ramadan talked about Sakat , regarding that a portion of it could go to the Masjid, which is ok. But sometimes charity is not money, it is also what do you do for your brother when he is in need. I was very glad to see Sheikh Yusuf Steve with us too. May Allah reward everyone who is doing something against the suffering of the Gaza and Palestinian brothers and sisters in Islam for the love with supposed to have for one another for the sake of Allah. Masalam.
May Allah make Muslims rule the Middle East to bring Justice & Peace, and exile the Thieves from the land they stole. Ameen
May Allah grant him quick recovery, Amin. I am Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Saleh Al Rashed Asalam Aalekum wa Rahma tul Allah wa Barakatu. I request you if you open my letter , please send it to your list in contacts . Please pray or make dua for my quick recovery. I have stomach cancer and it spread to all my organs. I request you not to close my message only if you have sent it to your contacts. Because one day you will need dua so please pray and make dua for me. May Allah Bless all those who helped me by spreading my message, May Allah reward You for ur dua "Aameen"
Bismillah irahmaniraheem friends. its heart melting war in Palestine One of muslimhands workers in gaza just phoned in on islamchannel. He said ground invasion started in gaza. He said the ground is shaking from the tanks and shelling! Ambulances are staying away as they will be on the hit list! Electric has been cut off and only a matter of time before they cut off all the communication in gaza. Israeli tactics. Make dua for our brothers. They are all alone being attacked by one of the most technologically advanced armies in in the world. May Allah demolish and destroy them and break their backs. they cant fight back with Israel,they r killing innocent people, children.. see the humanity of the world.. all countries r watching... this war but no one upcoming to help those people.. plzz plzz plzz share this pic as u can & PRAY FOR GAZA... insha allah... may allah stop this soon..
Sallam Please make dua for my uncle in south africa He is very ill May Allah give him full recovery Ameen
May Allah bless them,, all pray to you Palestinian,, from Malaysia with love.. .
clarion call 2 ebonyi state May Allah see me and my frnds 2ru, make our place of posting beneficial 2 us and make us a beneficial 2 dose places and save us 4rm all d evils of it, make it a reward 4 us here and here afta
Happy New Month Nigerians. Happy new month beautiful of Zamfara state!!! May Allah continue to direct us all. Alhamdulillah
.May Allah reward you Sheikh Omar. I appreciate your voice on the issues that matter!
May Allah make us those who raise the banner of Holy Prophet (SAW)
Anjem Choudary . May Allah bring the Shariah back to India sooner rather than later
May Allah sooner or later will perish zionist doubt about that . eg. What happened Ariel Sharon now.
May Allah bless you and may you have a joyous Eid celebration. Salam 4 Syawal.
السلام عليكم ورحمة اللهِ وبركاته My uncle Haji Shahid sahib fro Manchester passed away today. انا لله وانا اليه راجعون He was a good man who served Allah's makhlookh. Allah granted him wasa'il and from Allah's given means.. He served Allahs deen and His creation. Allah blessed him with a big heart. May Allah swt Make the questioning of the grave easy and facilitate his ziyarah of Rasoolallah صلي الله عليه وسلم May Allah have mercy on him and forgive his sins or raise his darajaat if his sins have been washed. He was a cancer patient. Please recite surah Fatiha once and surah ikhlas 3 times, with durood before and after and please do eesal e thawaab for my uncle. بارك الله فيكم فى الدارين
It's humbling seeing all the support we've received for Masjid Abdul Aziz bin Baaz. May Allah reward you all. After di…
A rare picture of Dr zakir naik and ahmed deedat in hospital. May Allah grant him and us heaven in sha…
May Allah make possible the safe return of Ajmal Khan,Shehbaz Taseer, Ali Gillani, Arbab Zahir,etc. Hope our prayers will k…
Assalamwalekum.Chand Mubarak to u n ur family.May Allah bless us all with his Rehmat and Barkat.Ameen ya Rabbil Aalameen…
Eid Mubarak to Mothers in Gaza who will not hug their Children but the Graves today.May Allah give your sabr.Ameen. htt…
Eid Mubarak yet again! I love you all for the sake of Allah. Make sure you make your loved ones feel extra special on this day. May Allah accept your deeds and wipe away your sins. Do things that your kids/families will remember for the rest year!
Wishing you all celebrating or about to celebrate - Eid Mubarak! Eid is an occasion of joy and while we celebrate this day, thoughts and prayers to those around the globe who have looked forward to and wanted to celebrate Eid but due to tragic circumstances they cannot - be it in Syria, Gaza, Iraq, Burma, Pakistan, India etc. May Allah find a way to ease their hardship and provide means for them to experience a few minutes of joy with their family and loved ones. Ameen!
Another Eid day without mom... May Allah shower his countless blessings upon her soul. Wishing a very happy Eid Mubarak to everyone. May your year ahead continue to be filled with a healthy, wealthy, and joyous life, with all your dear ones, including people of all faiths and humanity, filled with love, peace, and happiness.
Eid Mubarak to all Muslims Missing my Father :( May Allah give him rest in peace Ameen.
I wish you a very happy and peaceful eid. May Allah accepts your good Deeds. Forgive your transgressions and ease the suffering of all peoples around the Globe. "Eid Mubarak" SAVARAM ROHIT President Youth Congress Guntur(w)
We need to crush Hamas and Support Israel. ★May Allah
Do not open unexpected packages from Muslims. ★May Allah
Eid Mubarak to everyone! 🎉 May Allah accept our good deeds and repentance from Ramadan and admit us through the gates of Jannah. Ameen.
Wow last Iftar of Ramadan 2014. May Allah accept all our fasts & prayers inshaAllah. May He forgive us and our families.…
May Allah accept our Ramadan and good deeds. Happy Eid Mubarak y'all!
Eid Mubarak yaa ikhwaat ... May Allah accept this month of Ramadan and forgive our sins inshallah 💕💕
Eid Mubarak For All my Muslims Friends, May Allah bless you and accept your Fasting and Prayer during Ramadan ;)...
Maghrib has passed, and with that, so has Ramadan. May Allah accept all our fasts, and may you forgive me for all I’d done. Eid Mubarak !
Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim sisters and brothers. May Allah accept your fasting in Ramadan and prayers!
Provide protection to people of Arunachal Pradesh . ★May Allah
Defamation of Shiv Sena will not be tolerated. ★May Allah
Today, July 27th, 2014, we are just coming from visiting a bereaved Sierra Leonean family in our community, my dear wife Bondu Sidibay, myself, and our daughter Mariama for the 7 day prayer services of the deceased, may her soul rest in perfect peace.Today also happens to be the last day of Ramadan, to be able to have a community gathering of such in this holy month of Ramadan it's a blessing, even though it is a tragedy of a family in the community we never wished for, yet we are all able to meet and share cordialities, we thank God for that. We started the event an hour or two before Iftar wherein many people in the community recited verses from the holy Quran and did Mahgreeb and Iftar afterwards. The Imams in our community said the new crescent had been sighted and authorized the end of Ramadan. Thank God we did it all in good faith. May Allah answer the prayers of all those that were able to fast this year and to enable others to do it next year. InshAllah Sister Bintu Ibrahim, who lost her mom in fr ...
Eid Mubarak to you all. May Allah watch and protect you. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Gaza.
The youth wing of JIBWIS Keana branch Nasarawa state wishes to invite you all to her annual preaching (wa'azin goran sallah) scheduled as follow: Date: Tomorrow Monday 28th july, 2014, Venue: JIBWIS mosque, amiri, Keana. Time: 8:30pm. May Allah bless you as you come.
Prophet Mohammed's sex life😯 according to Quran & Hadiths. May Allah save this Hypocritical world.
Do our seculars have problem with Prophet Mohammed's sex life?😯. May Allah help Asaram Bapu Ji.
We are deeply shocked to intimate you with the fact that eminent agricultural scientist and educationist, Prof Dr. Golam Ali Fakir, Vice Chancellor of Bangladesh University (BU), Ex-Vice Chancellor of Khulna University, Ex-Dean of Agricultural Faculty, Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) & Founder Director of Seed Pathology Centre, BAU passed away yesterday (Saturday 26th July 2014) morning at his house in Uttara-13, Dhaka due to heart failure (Inna lillahe wa innailaihe rajiun). His first Janajah was held yesterday at Uttara-13 Masque, Dhaka after Jahr Prayer. His 2nd and 3rd Janajah prayer is scheduled to be held today (Sunday, 27th July 2014) at Khulna University premises after Juhr prayer and at his village Fakirhat, Bagherhat after Asar Prayer respectively. Let us pray for his departed soul. May Allah bestow his soul in the Zannatul Ferdous. ~ "Life Sketch of Prof. Dr. Golam Ali Fakir" ~ Professor Dr. Muhammed Golam Ali Fakir was born in 1941 in the respectable ‘Fakir Family’ of Fakirhat Upa ...
May Allah make it easy for her and her family an every other person in Gaza as they are in our duaas with love from Cape Town!!!
Asalam aliekum wa ramatullah wa barakatu my brothers and sisters in Islam.Alhamdullah! We thank Almighty Allah(S.W.T) for given us d strength to carry on thru out this year's Ramadan Kareem. May He forgive all our short comings during d fasting,bless us and accept it from us as an act of "ibadah" .. Ameen..I also use this medium to inform us dat our (OSASP) meeting comes up on d 29th July,2014,at spc secondary sch by Pls come we ideals,suggestions dat will lift d association to d greater high.May Allah bless us all. ameen. PLS SIGN IN...
This is the goodbye of Ramadhan to so many Muslims. Many will never see Ramadhan like this ever again. Who knows if I am among. Please pardon me if in anyway I offended U, either known to me or not, either known to U or not. For I have forgiven U. May Allah forgive us all. Ramadan Kareem
loads of love and best wishes on ur bday .. May Allah fulfill all ur best wishes .. My prayers and live to u…
Honorable Rufai Ahmad Chanchangi wrote As Ramadhan is bidding us farewell and as we are striving earnestly to witness Laylatul Qadr, let me use this golden opportunity to seekn your forgiveness for any wrong I might have done to you ( either in words or actions), knowingly or unknowingly in the course of our day to day relationship. This is important for me & for u too because none of us has the guarantee of witnessing another Ramadhan ( although we sincerely pray to see more Ramadhan in shaa Allah). On my part , I've forgiven u for anything u might have done to hurt me in my presence or absence, directly or indirectly. May Allah forgive us all , have mercy on us , liberate us from *** fire and admit us into ALJANNATUL FIRDAUS. Aaameen. Allahumma Innaka 'afuwun tuhibbul-'afuwa fa'afu Anna! Ramadan Kareem
No one have knowldge like zakir naik . I ve not seen any one in this world like him . May Allah bless him long life .
Ya Allah! This is so heart breaking. May Allah bring peace and tranquility to the Palestinian, Syrian and other peoples undergoing brutality. Aameen Valley of the Wolves: Palestine
May Allah bless Dr Zakir Naik for helping convert 15 people in one session. (Sorry, this video is in Hindi)
"Hum matam-e Shabbir yaha Kar ke rahe ge ,Lucknow hai ye sham ka bazar nahi hai.." I strongly condemn Azam Khan, Mulayam and Akhilesh for inhumane act on Shia Ulema.. Where are the Pudency of Lucknowites. Your ulema were beaten by police, your properties are occupied by state government. Get unite and show the power of Husainiyat.. Lucknowites, you must be ready for scarifies, then only you can fight with this most corrupted govt..Azam Khan, I think- your time is over now..May Allah curse Azam, the son of Yazeed (Lanatullah)..
May Allah bless all. "jumma mubarak to is the greatest wall ..we are bricks that make it tall"
Narrated Abu Hurairah: The Prophet (Salallahu Alayhi Wasalam) said: . May Allah show mercy to a man who gets up...
Jumma-tul-wida Mubarak. May Allah give peace in & everywhere around the world Stay Blessed
Jumma tul widha mubarak.May Allah accept our n remember the and the ppl of in Ur prayers.
Inna Lillahi Wa'inna ilaihir-Raji'un: Son of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sayyid Mahamud Zakzaky(H) martyred by Tyrant Nigerian army after an attack at the tail end of International Qudus rally held at Zaria, Nigeria, today. 10 other members of the movement were martyred with about 30 casualties claimed by the army. May Allah accept his martyrdom.
Jumma tul widah mubarak. May Allah accept our prayers and fast.
Just heard the news about nizami saab. What a great man and patriot he was. May Allah grant him a highest place in jannah
Alvida Jumma n badi raat Mubarak to all,the biggest nite of ramazan,May Allah forgive all of us n shower his blessings on us!…
May Allah swt allow us all to be of those who worship and earn His reward during the this Ameen.
May Allah swt allow us to be of those who worship with sincerity and commitment on this night. Ameen.
"May Allah accept our fasts in the month of and accept any act of worship that we perform for His …
The best part of Ramadan is May Allah accept our worship and shower his blessings upon us! AMEEN! 🙏🎉🎊
Worship in night of Qadr is worth more than worship in the average human lifespan. May Allah grant LaylatulQadr to all …
May Allah keep you and your team safe and sound whilst you are in the open prison. Aameen
Garaad Abdullahi Garaad Soofe Garaad Abdullahi Garaad Sofe Was born in 1932 in the northwest of Buhotle district -Sacmadeeqo . In his early years , he grew up nomadic life . He began's Quranic school in Mogadishu . He furthered his religious studies in Lower Shabele and Bay region . He returned in Mogadishu to emphasize Islamic fiqhi (jurisprudence ) and learned Arabic language . Garaad Abdullahi returned in Buhotle in 1961 and began teaching Quranic school in The district of Horufadhi . In 1975 he traveled Saudi Arabia and received further education in Makkah . In 1983 Garaad Abdullahi Garaad Sofe was inaugurated chieftain .in conclusion Garaad Abdullahi Was pious and righteous person who always dedicated's life peace and unity for greater somalia . May Allah granted paradise and spread out his graveyard for him , shower's mercy on him .
Sharing below status from Muslim from Srinagar, Kashmir, India who don't know, that pray for disbeliever is forbidden, (100 was AIDS patient) even NOT from Prophet even Prophet do dua 70 times to Allah Post is below: - Inna Lillaahi Wa Inna Elaihi Raajioon. Malaysia Airlines crash: 295 passengers killed as flight MH17 'shot down' at Ukraine-Russia border May Allah have mercy on them, forgive their sins, and grant them Jannatul Firdous, And give their family patience and strength to get through this difficult time... Aameen -
When someone judged you, make du'a for them. May Allah bless them.
A very Happy Birthday to my friend have a blast buddy! May Allah bless you. Stay success…
May Allah bless the souls of those 576 Palestinian lives that were taken by the unruly timing. May the month of Ramadan bless their families
May Allah bless and guide him always.
This brought tears to my eyes..RIP n May Allah bless your soul..
May Allah (SWT) bless the dead with the highest ranks in Jannah. Ameen.
May Allah bless you. May Allah protect you, dear doctor.
- Thank you for your dedication to Gaza & their plight. Plz thank your family for their sacrifice also. May Allah bless you, Ameen...
Happy Birthday . May Allah shower you with His bless. I rindu you guys! Cc . Nnti meet up eh❤️
Forget the days of troubles and remember the days of blessings. May Allah continue to guide, protect and bless our lives
May Allah bless you with Jannah, forgive our sins and accept all our fasting. :)
Am vry greatful 2 u al. May Allah bless nd reward u all 4 makin my day. Tnk u al. May d blessin of ramadan b upon evry1 of us. Amin.
Happy Birthday ! May Allah bless you and enjoy your wonderful day! Hv a blast ! ✨ nah balloon 🎈
A man so fierce that the shaytaan doesn't even go near him yet he has such a warm side to him. May Allah bless him.
We may call our god by different names but god-fearing people are all the same. They are honorable. They have integrity. They have a conscious. May Allah bless this Israeli Jew and increase him in rank. Ameen.
Happy Birthday, May Allah bless you in whatever you do :-) ♡
Happy Birthday ! May Allah bless you . Keep up doing vine . 👏🍰🎂
Dear bff Kasih Mizlia, Khairul Irwan Khalek, Hafizah Mohd Arshad dan Acik Siti, Happy Birthday. May Allah bless. May only the precious will be yours. Happy fasting too.
Oh boi... This one is strictly for me. "Amin make e reach ma side ooo“May Allah bless my Dhastor for me.”"
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
May Allah bless every single doctor, nurse, and paramedic in Gaza. They are warriors of this ummah."
In the see some doctor, for something called "operasi". Tommorow will be amazing :). May Allah bless me.. Wish me luck guys ^^
Congratulation PM and people who had involved in MH17. U did a very good job so far :) May Allah bless the victims till Jannah
Happy Birthday to you ! May Allah bless you and your succeed . enjoy your day bcos today is the day you …
8 Lebanese channels unite to speak up for May Allah bless Lebanon, its people & its media http:…
Dr Seri Suniza.. May Allah bless ur journey & protect ur family! B4 saying that u're an extraordinary…
Thanks dearie. May Allah continue to bless us all
“Be thankful that you have fresh air to breathe in, good food to eat and a house for shelter. But don’t ever forget to make du’a for our brothers and sisters around the world who doesn’t have this opportunity. May Allah bless and reward all of you insyaAllah amin.”
Thank you to all our individual donors who have contributed specifically for this Iftar for the Guardians of Al-Aqsa project. And special thanks to our Representative in Gaza, Hani Thraya for making this arrangement with the organizer in Al-Aqsa, West Bank. Hani said: "I am in Gaza I can't reach Al Aqsa...But when I prepared for this project my soul fly to Al Aqsa...and after I got these photos I feel so is no different between Gaza or West is one land one country." May Allah bless Hani, his family and all the Palestinians. May Palestine tastes her FREEDOM so that all Palestinians are free to visit Al Aqsa and their family members within West Bank and Gaza. Ameen. And today (About now) we managed to provide hot meals for Iftar for 1,500 Palestnians who are taking shelter in UNWRA School in Gaza. Photos will be shared soon insha'Allah.
May Allah bless them boys for the brilliant job they did…
May Allah swt grant sheikh mohamed bin rashid al maktoum health and safety and security and happiness
Nice, May Allah bless you with happiness and joy in reward
Our Prince Halid Mukadi of all people.. I musah mohammed awal a.k.a. Eminent from home economics class of 2007 batch want to use this page as an opportunity to give my shoutout to you and all old students of KASHS & funs of this group.. May Allah best us .. Not forgetting our only Sister Halid Shekuriya... God keep us in unity.
Please sign this e petition 2 hold Israel responsible 4 war crimes in Gaza..May Allah bless us all & help Palestine.
Umar Ibn al-Khattab, the second Rightly Guided Caliph, May Allah be pleased with him, once said: “We were the most humiliated people on earth and Allah gave us honor through Islam. If we ever seek honor through anything else, Allah will humiliate us again.” If we want victory in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Burma, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Central Africa, Egypt and everywhere else, we must go back to the Qur'an and Sunnah. That is the only way Allah will bring us out of our current state of humiliation.
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ASAK and a very happy ongoing ramadan to you all. By the blessing of Allah (SWT), we are having a very comfortable Ramadan. Along with fasting we are maintaining our daily life chores, attending the Taraweeh prayers at our DMS. This is always a time of peace, contentment and gratitude. May Allah always bless our Dayton Mercy Society, ameen. While fasting many of us are also engaged in different charitable activities to live up to the true spirit of Ramadan. MSD along with the communities of Dayton and Springfield were able to send 58 staple food packages to the congregants of local masjids who needed some extra help. The amounts received for the food packages from a single entity ranged from $11 to $500. Packages, which contained 12 food items and $10 in cash, were delivered on the first and second Jummah in Ramadan to the masjids of Xenia, Taqwa, Noor, and Madinah. We had an extra amount of $2,890. We gave $1400 to the Edhi Foundation and $1490 to Islamic Relief for Syria and Palestine. All this work was ...
At a Islamic relief charity ifftari. Proceeds going to Palestine in Sha Allah. Such heartbreaking footage. May Allah (SWT) protect all
Islamic Relief Canada on the ground in Gaza. May Allah reward them for all their efforts inshaAllah.
Happy Birthday to lovely Yasmin & Aimi do hv a blast and to our beloved ones, Aziera. May Allah bless your soul. We miss you & always will.
Happy belated birthday . May Allah bless you :)
May Allah bless turkey and Erdogan, the only Islamic state and leader that still have blood running through their veins.
How many dreams will be murdered by bad construction of ? May Allah have mercy on the souls of these two young men.
MaashAllah! May Allah reward you all for your donations. Let's make Masjid Abdul Aziz bin Baaz debt free!!
A student of Dow Medical College with a vision of helping the society and a promise of saving lives himself got shot today. Zia Masroor may you rest in peace. May Allah forgives you and bless you with eternal peace. Ameen
what a huge lost for Chelsea fans 😖 *** u morhnio ..May Allah bless u demba in these holy days ..wish u the best luck
Bless your soul Mesut Ozil, paying for 23 children health care in Brazil and donating your winnings to Gazains. May Allah bless bless you.
May Allah destroy Israel, and May Almighty Allah give them pain like how they giving pain to Palestine people's.
confirms Adnan Rashid was arrested by US ally Pak army in South Waziristan,Shakai area,3 days ago.May Allah free him,Aameen.
Al Shabab have declared the 17th of Ramadhan the Day of Badr for Somalia. May Allah protect the innocent lives
The Israeli massacres are still ongoing on the strip . May Allah protect Gaza and its people .
Capt Akash Rabbani (123L/C) SSG embraced martyrdom today at Mir Ali. You did your best Akash. May Allah bless u dear! htt…
May Allah give us guidance to unite all the leaders of Muslim Ummah against the Genocide of innocent
Wish you have fast recovery & get well soon brotha May Allah bless you
have been ended,Now plz speak some thing about the shouting of Children, May Allah help them.Ameen
The thief was not just stolen my bag:the bag itself was memory and all things in bag were memories ... Shame or it's conspiracy From 1 branded shop it was taken as it wasn't present ..The sales people just didn't know but the shop was empty not that crowded THIS MONTH IS "BIGGEST KUFA" 4 me.. every year this month brings sadness ,loss for me. May Allah protect me Dear Friends, PLZ SEND UR CONTACT NUMBERS AT MY INBOX " and pray 4 me
May Allah help the Muslims around the world who are suffering from wars and hungers, for Allah is the best of Giver and Protector.- Ameen Aameen Ya Rabb.
Hazrath Imam Mahdi,the Promised,(May Allah bless him and give him peace) was traveling during the month of...
at this moment there is no point of being sunni or shia, May Allah guide all the muslim leaders to Standup for
Ameen ya Rabb"May Allah forgive us, guide us, purify our hearts, and rectify our affairs."
“May Allah accept our fast as an act of ibadah!”Ameen ya rabb!
Cheers for 33yrs of living in healthy bro. My one & only brother. May Allah bless you (Amin ya rabb) and wishing u a prosperous life. Xoxo
oh wow, you're much too kind brother! I'm not worthy of such huge compliments! May Allah bless you with health and happiness.
Very strong lady 👍 the way she look. May Allah bless her 🙌
May Allah free our beloved sis Aafia Siddiqui frm the prison of US & grant her ease.Remembering our
May Allah be with Mian Nawaz Sharif at every step he takes, May Allah guide him in each decision he Makes... Ameen
May Allah bless Mian Nawaz Sharif with best health & happiness Ameen
Showing Off Your Good Deeds ᴴᴰ - [Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi] Salam All! - This Video is Created by The Daily Reminder If you Like what You See, then Help Us Help You & the Ummah at large by Supporting The Dawah. Click Here To Support The Dawah: This video is Creative Common's (Not Copyrighted) ** No Impermissible Music was used in the production of this video May Allah reward you, TDR Team.
Yes Nation needs a Leader like Mian Nawaz Sharif for the betterment and rapid development of Pakistan. May Allah bless him.
Prophet Muhammed (SAW) said "Ameen" to this when Jibraeel put it past him... May Allah forgive us. Jummah Mubarak
Jummah Mubarak to all The Muslims across the world ! May Allah accept our prayers ! May Allah forgive us all .. May Allah bl…
Jummah Mubarak everyone.. May Allah grant us all health..Strengthen our imaan.. And keep us away from all the evil and nastiness that exists
Jummah Mubarak to all. May Allah shower his countless Blessings on Muslim Ummah.! :)
Jummah Mubarak ♡ ! May Allah bless us all with his uncountable blessings.Please remember in your prayers.
second jummah of Ramadan already, will be over before we know it Perfect time to make changes a little goes a long way in this blessed month of Ramadan. May Allah shower His blessings & Mercy upon us and our family always Ameen Jummah Mubarak everyone remember people in 'GAZA' in your duas 🙌 :-* 🙏❤ "
May Allah put the spear into your *** head! delete this post or this thing will be lodge to police and SKMM,
They attack Islam from the outside and the Shia from within . May Allah humiliate both ameen
Basis of our Deen is to always assume the best in others. Imam Ali AS taught this particularly. May Allah guide us
Truth regarding the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) revealed. May Allah curse the liars.
May Allah forgive us all, for sitting idol while the walls of home of our brothers and sisters are torn down.
right... But real-life dead bodies is just a lil too much I think. May Allah make it easy on me anyways.
These are the lions of Allah. While we are in slumber, they are fighting for the Ummah. May Allah grant them Jannah. h…
Alhamdulilah. Allah helped thousands of Muslims get back on their 5 daily prayers after watching this video. We are thankful and amazed by the feedback. May Allah accept our efforts and keep us sincere. Expose this video to your friends and family, maybe it will help someone without you knowing. Produced by: For the Sake of Allah Production Youtube Link:
Getting detained but still smiling. May Allah give them and their families strength.
"Oh servants of Allah, do not despair. Allah's help may be delayed but it is never deferred."
My brother Congratulations for the new born baby boy. May Allah swt mk him pious and righteous for Ummah.
Before becoming disappointed at a situation, remember that ALLAH may have placed goodness in it that you don't know about. ALLAH Knows
May Allah save our family out there. Keep strong. Stronger each day.
My prayer goes to all the people in Palestine, it's all about peace&humanity. May allah always bless&protect them😭👼
deepest condolences to all of victims in Palestine, may Allah SWT bless you :(
Millions of Muslims happily watching football while is burning May Allah Help Them !
Did you know that Ramadan will happen TWICE in 2030! 1st Ramadan will be on 6 Jan and then another on 26 Dec. May Allah he…
In the holy month of Ramadan May you be blessed good health, And may ALLAH blessing always shine Upon you and your family ameen..
May Allah gives the endless strength for them.. stay strong..
Our brother and a baby who was martyred in the airstrike on . May Allah AzzaWaJal grant them a jannah.
May Allah be with the our brothers and sisters in Palestine. May Allah protect them and give them strength.
All purpose parts banner
Birthday shout to may allah bless u with all HIS kindness...hv a great life n gudluck for ur journey
MashaAllah, your donations have helped feed children in Gaza. . May Allah reward you for your efforts.
May Allah S.W.T gave you happiness in heaven.
May Allah grant the Muslims of Palestine success and grant those who have suffered the highest ranks of Jannah. Ameen.
INSHALLAH. May Allah grant you the strength & protect you from the blame of the blamers !
My heart breaks for this angel. May Allah keep her safe. May Allah make all he duas come true. Ameen.
May Allah protect our brothers and sisters in Palestin. Amin .. Azan sayang ..
Al Qassam lions. May Allah be with you guys.
You may have wronged a million times, but what Allah needs from you is Tawbah, He loves it. His doors of mercy is alwa…
May Allah grant us the strength to practice our beautiful faith with sincerity, humility, and conviction.
🌹🌸Ramadan is the month of victories, Many battles were fought on this blessed month. May Allah grant our Muslims around the w…
What a beautiful thing to see it really touches the heart seeing this father and his daughter reciting the Qur'an MashaAllah. May Allah the Almighty Creator help us all to be motivated to teach our kids the Qur'an with understanding. MESSAGE TO PARENTS Dear Parent, Imagine that you are in the day of judgment, waiting for your final destiny and hoping for the mercy of Allah. Then, suddenly angles will cloth you with garments, which far surpass everything to be found in this world, and will be given a crown to wear whose light will be like the light of the sun, and you will say, “O Lord, how did I earn this.” It will be said , “Because you taught your child the Quran.”’” It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah said: “The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: ‘The Qur’an will come on the Day of Resurrection like a pale man saying to its companion, “Do you recognize me? I am the one who made you stay up at night and made you thirsty during the day…” Then he will ...
Please pray for Palestine,Dua of a fasting person is powerful 🙏. May Allah protect them. Amen.
its really break my heart to pieces how cruel Israel is. May Allah bless you guys
May Allah grant us the proper comprehension and accept our fasting. Ameen
may Allah SWT will always be with them, amin.
These pictures reported from Palestine are so depressing 😪😓 May Allah protect those people
Your parents brought you up! Don't bring them down. May Allah grant Jannathul Firdous to our parents.
" Oh Allah make my wife the most loving person in my life, and oh Allah may I be the same in her life ♥"
Jabatul Ekrad the one who helped YPG in the situation May Allah protect both of them from ISIS murderers
Say ALHAMDULILLAH if your awake and reading this. . May Allah bless you all 😊
Take a moment to pray for victims of Gaza. May Allah protect them & give them patience through this di…
may Allah SWT protect and save palestine from israel
May Allah bless this man for having such a kind soul and doing what any human should do
there is no humanity anymore. may Allah s.w.t protect our brothers and sisters in Gaza.
Don't call them israel, but zionis! May Allah destroy them soon on this earth.
Reading about people in Palestine makes me cry. May Allah gives them more an more strenght and the best solution for all
oh last paper esok. May Allah ease everything for us!
Happy Birthday to you, may allah bless you
May Allah pay for what they have done to them in the end and they will regret what have they done towards our muslims family in gaza.
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Why women wear Hijab ? great answer by Sister Aminah Assilmi , May Allah have mercy on her soul ~Ameen. -Admin:AA
May Allah swt oppress the oppressors with a severe oppression. Masjid al aqsa under attack again.
An Incredible recitation by a young boy that will move you. Note: Even if you don't understand him reciting the Quran your heart and soul will connect with the Quran because it's from your Maker. Below are also: 7 Reasons to Read the Glorious Quran LIKE+Share (1) Intimate: It dares you to disprove it. How? It says that humans can not write a book like this even if they pooled all their resources together and got help also from the spirits. The Quran said this fourteen hundreds years ago and yet no one has been able to disprove it. Billions of books have been written - but not another one like the Quran. (2) Incorruptible: It is the only religious sacred writing which has been in circulation for such a long time and yet remains as pure as it was in the beginning. The Quran was kept intact. Nothing was added to it; nothing was changed in it; and nothing was taken away from it ever since it was completely revealed 1400 years ago. (3) Unsurpassable: The Quran is God's final revelation to humankind. God reveal ...
Parents We all know Allah S.W.T ordered us to behave nicely to our parents. The status of parents is very high in Islam, the Quran even states don't say 'uff' to your parents. We know all that. But what is Allah's definition of good? How good? Good in what way? Do what nicely? Watch this beautiful reminder. May Allah S.W.T give our parents a long, happy and prosperous life, may He protect them from all harm and may all parents live long. May He make us children that make their parents proud. I pray that may He guide us all. Ameen,
A very important message by the Hashim Sisters: "O sisters of Islam, always remember your Hijab." Unique and inspirational Track by the Hashim Sisters. May Allah bless all of the sisters who try their best to follow the sunnah of Bibi Fatima (sa) and Bibi Zainab (sa)!
May Allah SWT protect our Muslim brothers and sisters. Ameen.
I ask where are the child supporters when it comes to those kids? where are those people who supported Malala and they said they want Malala's freedom, are these kids any different? or they are not considered as children since they are palestinian they might be considered as monsters , brothers and sisters don't forget to remember them this ramadan in your prayers may Allah bring the end of the oppressors, may the eyes of the mothers and fathers don't shed tears any more , may the children don't get orphan in young age any more, may Allah destroy all the oppressors , may Allah unite all the Muslim Ummah for one cause under one banner ameen ya rab ul alameen
Todays Reminder: “Eat the suhur, and be particular about this time. In addition to it being a blessed meal, the best time to make istighfar (seeking forgiveness) is in these early morning hours.” [Abdullah 'Azzam - May Allah accept him]
Salam. I am not exposing any bro or wtv, but just beware of Mohamed Ibn Albaraa from Bilad al Shaam ,he has blocked me for not agreeing with his views, and exposing his true self...probably out of fear his followers will read and see.. He blocked me before he could even wait for me to quote him! He called some Muslims khawarij-like and munafiqeen, and let's not forget about those who don't give Ba'yah to his Ameen... SubhanAllah. Anyways, here is some proof. Try to talk some sense into him...Give him naseeha, as I can't now... SubhanAllah. May Allah guide him. And of course you won't find my other comment either, he has blocked my other account lol.
Anyone who shares this beautiful reminder may Allah forgive them and reward them in this world and hereafter. ...
Amazing lecture by this brother. May Allah grant us all the wisdom to be united.
As we have our iftar, it'll be a question for those children wether they'll have something to eat tonight or not.. SubhanAllah this is just heartbreaking :'( .. Say Alhamdulillah for all the things you have, even the smallest 'cus remember someone else in the world is having nothing at all.. A reminder to us all.. May Allah give them sabr!
Watch how this man is able to do all these things and at the end of the day shows his gratefulness to Allah. Amazing!!! Must watch!!! Here are just 7 Reasons for Being Thankful to God (Please leave some more of your reasons in comments below) Many times, we take things for granted; but we should always be thankful for the daily blessings we receive from Allah. As Muslims, we need to be aware that everything we have in our lives is a gift from Allah and in return they require gratitude from us. Among thousands of blessings, here are seven which we should be thankful to Allah. 1. Creator of all things We ought to thank Allah for creating us as human beings and all the other things in this vast universe for the servitude of mankind, because everything Allah created is good and fair, and nothing is to be rejected. We should receive everything with thanks. 2. Forgiving us If Allah didn’t forgive our sins, they would affect many aspects of our lives and rob us of our joy. We must be thankful for the gift of f ...
Hi frnds i missed u all a lot hope u ppl missed me 2 .At last its a dream come true just looking at dis sweet lil angel sleeping on my lap so sweet so innocent unaware of dis world still.I have started worrying frm d day she was born its been just a week now n i have realized wht it is 2 b a mother of a daughter. Anywayz thanxxx 4 all d good wishes and blessings cant sit much now catch u guys later God bless u all.LOts of luv frm me n my lil angel :).May Allah forgive all d sins of everybody and give dem a chance to start a new life again.
There's no enemy outside our soul. The real enemies live inside us; ANGER,EGO,GREED nd HATE. May ALLAH save us from our own enemies..! ALLAH bless you.
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for all Indonesian moslems..: beware of Syiah & JIL.. they all stand behind Jokowi.. watch our family members.. May Allah SWT protect our family.. amiinn..
Little Muslim Girl Recites Quran & Finishes it with Beautiful Dua. An inspiring video. Join Darussalam Publishers & Distributors May Allah bless us and our children with the understanding of Deen, Aameen
BIG RESPECT - Ex Rapper Deso Dog reverted to Islam. He is now in Syria protecting our brothers and sisters. May Allah protect them. Ameen
What else is going to happen when ignorant, irresponsible people are put in positions of power??? May Allah...
May Allah curse the enemies of Ahlul Bayt. U want Jannah yet say that about the Master of JannahM
May Allah ﷻ grant all of our single brothers and sisters righteous spouses and children who will be the coolness of their eyes. Ameen
The Signs are listed in roughly chronological order, although the order is not necessarily precise, especially for those in the future. This is a brief summary of the signs; there are many books, articles, and cassettes etc., which discuss these in greater detail. May Allah enable us to recognize and heed the Signs, and strengthen us in the times of tribulation. "Are they waiting for anything except the Hour, to come to them suddenly? But its Signs have already come!" (Al-Quran, Surah Muhammad) Past 1. Splitting of the Moon. 2. Death of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. 3. A form of death, which will kill thousands of Muslims. (Understood to refer to the plague of Amwas during the caliphate of ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab.) 4. A major fighting in Madinah (understood to refer to the battle of al-Harrah during the caliphate of Yazid, 63 AH). 5. The Muslim conquest of Jerusalem. 6. The Muslim conquest of Constantinople. 7. Two large groups of Muslims will fight in war. 8. A war between ...
Rightly said bro,Qadri Saab is indeed a great to this ummah and ahle sunnah wal jammah,May Allah preserve him.
Deeply saddened by the death Tahira Asif. She was one of the most humble personality to meet. May Allah give her …
khawarij.. May Allah curse the enemies of Ahlul Bayt. If u wer ere id take ur haram head off
May Allah bless the souls of the soldiers who have been martyred protecting the Holy shrines of the Ahlul Bayt (as)
dear many many happy returns of the day May Allah pak protect you from evil eyes... . God bless you dear
Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu to all the faithful Muslim Ummah and Ramadan Mubarrak to you and Iqra Da'wa Network need your forgiveness for not being able to bring the Tafseer as the Network does every year due to some few hindrances but this is a special site that offers Qur'an with Tafseer i hope you find this Da'wa helpful insha Allah. May Allah help us in our strife to get closer to Him and may ALLAH accept our fasting and prayers and all our ibaada, Ameen.
Today I attended the biggest Janazah Sallah. (funeral prayer), with over 1500 people. The support, comfort and love was in the air. He was a friend to so many people, a son and a father but he was my brother. He passed away beautifully in his sleep after a brave fight to cancer Zaf you are so lucky in life and as well as death. May Allah grant you Jannah My big brother.
May Allah . Actually 60 were raped by ISLAMIC republic of Pakistan .
dont make fun of my husband's trans. May Allah protect us from evil eye. Mind your own busine…
Question: Dear scholars, as-salamu `alaykum. Does listening to music or watching movies while fasting break your fast? Jazakum Allah khayran. consultant: Ahmad Kutty Answer Wa `alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. Dear brother in Islam, thanks a lot for your commitment to fasting and its principles. May Allah accept our fast, prayer, and good deeds! While fasting, a Muslim should train his soul to bring himself near to Allah by doing as many good deeds as he can and refraining from even wasting his time in valueless deeds. Answering your question, Sheikh Ahmad Kutty , a senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, states: Fasting in Islam is a great spiritual discipline. Its primary objective is to train the faithful spiritually and morally. Therefore, in order for us to reap true benefits of fasting, we must not ...
May Allah accept our fasting, forgive our sins, and guide us all to the Straight Path in this
Yahya al Hajoori: Jarh wa Ta'deel leaves you with no friend. . WHAT A BATIL STATEMENT! May Allah guide this disgusting man!
you are curse on media. Such a shameless ppl geo group are. You guys twist news for your agenda. May Allah protect us from u
“May Allah have mercy on one who holds back the nonsense of his speech, and spends the extra of his wealth.". Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.)
Danyal ...___. .RAMAZAN MUBARAK. May Allah shower His countless blessings upon . you and your family. .___. 'by Tariq ali..
Happy 17th birthday! :D May Allah showering you with blessings. All the best :) salam Eid Mubarak! :) have a good day.
Asalamualikom brothers & sisters,. My brother in law has kidney transplantation, please pray for him. May Allah give him good health. Ameen
May Allah ave Mercy upon her and grant her Janat Firidaus(Ameen).
May Allah break the neck of Abu Bakr al bagdadi if he is a liar Ameen. Say Ameen
The moon is now a evidence that "Today Fast was the right one"; May Allah guide Royat-e-Hilal committee members to right path. Aameen
May Allah curse the Na Pak Army for killing innocent children. Ameen
Ramadan Kareem to all Muslims ! May Allah shower his blessings and accept our prayers, and forgive our sins which...
Ramadan Kareem preity .. May Allah bless you mankind .. ameen !
Remember that you know when your next meal is, and it's only a matter of time. May Allah make it easy for you😁 Ramadan Kareem
Ramadan Kareem Esha .. May Allah bless you mankind .. ameen !
Ramadan Kareem everyone! May Allah give us strength throughout this blessed month and allow us all to use it to grow closer to him! Ameen!
Ramadan is truly a special time. A sister I went to school with sent me a message this morning saying Ramadan Kareem, it was last year on the first of Ramadan that she called me and said she's ready to accept Islam. When I see people hold tight to the rope of Allah and love Islam and being in the mosque as she does it refreshes my understanding of the importance of dawah. With the permission of Allah Dawah changes lives including your own. May Allah accept our efforts, please make dua for our sister in Islam and for our non Muslim families to be guided by Allah Ameen. Ramadan Mubarack John Fontain
As the first day of Ramadhan begins, may Allah guide and protect you, may HE accept all your acts of Ibadah. And as we enter into this HOLY month, may Allah grant all our positive heart desires and restore Peace to our great Nation. Amin! Wishing you & your esteemed family a happy Ramadan seasons, May Allah give us all the blessings of this month and avert any form of sadness away from us. Ameen. Once again, Happy Ramadan Kareem Comr. Fawale Olujacob 4 NANS Senate President
May Allah shower your family with love, Peace and togetherness in this holy celebration. Ramadan Kareem :) Regards Nauman Zulfiqar
...differently! Btw no offence to Amir Khan, he's still a Muslim brother. May Allah guid him, everyone else and Myself In Sha Allah
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