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May Allah

Peace be upon him is a phrase that practising Muslims often say after saying (or hearing) the name of one of the Prophets of Islam.

Jannatul Firdaus Happy Birthday May Almighty Allah Jummah Mubarak Ramadan Mubarak Insha Allah Daily Hadith

Am happy for aradication of these fire worshipers destruction from the purified land. . May Allah keep saudi arabia
May Allah keep all our parents healthy and grant them a blessed and long life. 🙏.
. This shouldn't be happening. This shouldn't be public. . May Allah bless all the couples. . Faryal Makhdoom
It's very difficult time 4 his parents n DrNida(his wife)May Allah almighty rest his soul in peace n grant sabr e jamil…
Alhamdu-lillah. By the grace of Almighty ALLAH I am blessed with a baby boy 🚼 😇😊. May Allah make him Nek and saleh. Amee…
May Allah almighty continue to heal Baba Buhari and every other sick people.
I am sad to hear the demise of your mother.May Allah bless her with paradise and give you and all family the courage to bear this
jumma Mubarak to you all .May Allah almighty Give us courage n Sourcrs for work of Humanity follow Quarn pk teachings amen
May Allah put Barakah in the Students of Knowledge, Wallahi it's like we may be on the verge of seeing a…
masha'Allah that's really good. May Allah bless you both. My concern is more with how some people with w…
Happy Birthday SonnyB May you a masha-Allah day and successful year ahead. May Allah grant you all wishes.
Happy Birthday mate.🌸. May Allah shower his Unlimited blessings upon you May you Live long.❤ stay blessed party hard. Lotsa love.
Don't know why i am feeling sad for . & 😞. May Allah always bless both of you. Ameen
May Allah ta'ala forgive me for how much I've spent on this wedding..
Subhan'Allah ! May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala Bless you and Preserve you for this Ummah Sayyedena Sheikh (Ameen)
May Allah grant success and continued health and care to the UAE President HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan an…
Boht boht mubarak. May Allah bless the little one with a long and blissful life. Ameen.
Please say a prayer for the soul of son who was martyred by terrorists seven years ago. May Allah ea…
Such a Patriotic and Genius Leader and a statesman. May Allah shower his blessings on .
Worshippers prayed for President Muhammadu Buhari in Guinea. May Allah accept their and our prayers.
Masha Allah dear sister May Allah bless you and give you happiness all ur life
Nothings new about israel they've always been destroying & disobeying since the time of the prophet Moses a.s, May Allah protect all muslims
Sincere condolences to KSA on the death of HRH Prince Abdulrahman bin AbdulAziz. May Allah rest his soul in paradise http…
May Allah the Almighty gives us the strength.
Muammar Gadaffi, we love you because you help many muslims in this world. May Allah put you in the Jannah heaven.
May Allah the almighty See us Through As we all process the Checking of Our Waec results🙏🏾 Ameen.
May Allah grant our parents long lives, good health and keep them safe. Ameen.
I can't live without my parents. May Allah grant our parents good health and happiness in this life and Janatul Firdous in…
Ma sha Allah very beautifull. May Allah help us see Makkah❤ and Madinah❤ Ameen.
May Allah record your name and the names of your family amongst those who will be forgiven to enter the highest stage…
I love when the believers get married..😊 May Allah bless u all with righteous spouses, Ameen
Alhamdulilah! Be strong dear... Gaskia shine kawai, May Allah keep us together with our love' 1c in heaven.. Ameen thumma ameen!
May Allah lighten all our problems and make our heart firm with trust and love for Him. Ameen
Get Together of Families of Shuhada at SSG Headquarters. May Allah bless every Shaheed with highest rewards in Jannat (A…
I love my Mother...May Allah give me the funds to get her what ever she needs 🙏🏾 Ameen
May Allah liberate Al Quds (Jerusalem) and Masjid al Aqsa from the hands of the Zionist oppressors, Ameen.
Zafarul Islam Khan appointed chairperson of Delhi minorities commission. May Allah bring khayr for all. . https:/…
May Allah award Kashmiris with freedom they are struggling for. Ameen. May Allah divide Aslan Terror…
Eid Milad taluzi!!! May Allah bless you with bountiful blessings ❤️✨ catch up lunch soonest pls 😌
"May Allah help Imam Ali who buried his heart (Fatima) with his own hands...Ya Zahra 💔 Love is defined by Imam Ali…
Inshaa Allaah until the end. May Allah aid his family in this difficult time.
Eid milad saied Raihana! May Allah shower you with His endless blessings 🎈
Sorry . Today could not stand for your safety. Terrorism has crushed our souls. May Allah c…
Happy Birthday my lovely. May Allah grant you many more blissful years to come in sha Allah ❤️❤️✨
Happy Birthday to the sweetest child on earth.May Allah keep protecting , blessing and elevating you.Enjoy your day 🎂🎉
Happy Birthday my runaway boo"May Allah guide and protect ur new age
Happy Birthday bby mai. May Allah bless you sayang. Akak love you 🎉💕
Happiest birthday to my beloved sister. May Allah bless you with all…
Happy Birthday to you. May Allah bless you with all the happiness of your upcoming life. Stay safe. :D
I almost forgot my man. Happy Birthday. May Allah lead you through life and may he also gv u more ideas to write gud music,
Happy Birthday to you Dilps. May Allah bless you you with happiness. May you live long long long. May you…
Happy Birthday handsome 🔥. May Allah bless you with everything you've ever asked for 😘. Love you and everything you do❤️✨
Happy Birthday... May Allah bless you a Happy healthy and successful life. Ameen.. may u hv many many more.😊
Happy Happy Birthday to you and many many happy returns of the day May Allah bless you Aameen
Happy Birthday... wish you many many happy returns.. May Allah fulfill all of your dreams and all of your wishes come true..❤
Happy Birthday Tun ! Thank you for putting Malaysia on the world map! May Allah bless you always!
Specially for u bro. May Allah gave u and ur family lots of happiness and success. AMEEM .HAPPY BIRTH…
May Allah bless you with infinite happiness, fulfill all your dreams, aspirations & prayers. May He build a home for yo…
May Allah give us all the opportunity to go and visit the shrine of Imam Hussainع & Mola Abbasع ♡
Ghassan also called "Father of the kittens" has been feeding cats at Al Aqsa Mosque since 1971. May Allah reward him h…
Much love man :). Ameen inshallah! May Allah bless you and your loved ones, Jummah Mubarak!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jummah Mubarak Good people 😊❤.. May Allah bless dan protect you and family.. 🙏🙏
Friday things. . Jummah Mubarak to you all. . May Allah accept our Ibaada and forgive us our sins known and unknown. . Aameen.
Good morning,. May Allah accept our prayers today. Jummah Mubarak to all.
May Allah heal president Buhari and return him to Nigeria in peace. Ameen 🙏
May Allah bless everyone with a kind and sweet mother like your " Ami"
Proud to be from your town brother.May Allah accept your cause. Death is better than slavery :Harriet Ann Jacobs…
May Allah make it easy for me to attend this, the last I attended Sheikh talk was on Ali R.A & F…
May Allah show us right path..Ameen😞
May Allah subhanahu wata'alah rest his perfect soul in peace
May Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala have mercy on the soul of Yusuf Maitama Sule. Nigeria needs more Maitamas. God bless her🙏
“May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala increase love between husband and wife. Make them coolness of each...”
May Allah's (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) accept our Fasting, Prayers, Charity & all good deeds and forgive us our transgressi…
Kareem . May Allah bless us with happiness and grace our country with warmth of Peace.
Alhamdulillah, we are almost done with Ramadhan. May Allah gives us another chance for next year's Ramadhan, insyaAllah. Salam…
Happy Birthday cheery berry 🍒 !!! 😂 May Allah bless you and grant your wish ! May the force be with you xoxo !
May Allah protect all. Police must take action to stop this terrorist crime against Muslims.
Daily Hadith. Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported that: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:...
We're doing the same Bani Israel did. Making fun of Allah's commandments, taking em for granted, questioning his wisdom, May Allah guide us.
May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala keep bestowing his blessings upon this project so it may be finished as soon as possible. Allahumma amin
My best regards to everyone who is celebrating Eid today. May Allah bless you all. Eid Mubarak.
May Allah accept from us, and from you, and may every year find you in good health! . Happy from
Wish all of u a happy EID MUBARIK .😊😊. May Allah bless u with happiness 🌷🌷🌷
Welcome my dear brother Dr. Muhammad. May Allah aid you and the Muslims with all good. Ameen
All muslims around the world. May Allah bless our holiday season. Wish you and your families happy Eid
Eid mubarak brothers and sisters! May Allah grant all your wishes and bring you happiness in your lives, IA! Enjoy…
May Allah turn the hearts of Americans & make them a mighty force for Islam just as He turned the hearts of Khalid…
May Allah continue to heal baba Buhari,other sick ones and continue bring peace back to our great country Nigeria🇳🇬
May Allah grant us everlasting Hope in Him. Aameen Ya Rabb.
May Allah reward MbN for his service to the Muslims & keep King Salman & MbS firm upon the Truth, merciful to the believe…
This is so sad. This young girl was beaten to death after taraweeh. May Allah have mercy on her and comfort her... htt…
May Allah ( swt ) grant our president total health, may all the evil forces against him be crush by the power of almighty Allah ( swt ).
May Allah bestow relief and comfort upon every soul whom only you Almighty hear and know of their pain
And you my brother be safe May Allah the almighty keep us all safe from the haters & gi…
love u VK u r amazing cricketer, a true sportsmen & brilliant human being. May Allah almighty give u more success in ur life.
Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed in holy land prayed For the State and Nigeria at large. May Allah accept the prayers.
Can't wait for the remaining days.May Allah almighty answer our duas
This is disgusting. . Subhanallah, may Allah swt grant her the highest ranking in Jannah. May Allah swt have mercy on her soul…
May Allah make it easy for everyone. The worst is still to come call me mad for what I've just said but mark my words. Pray for the world 🙌🏼
It's beautiful how gets everyone to make some sort of effort to become better. May Allah accept from all of us…
Happy fathers day to the best father in the world. May Allah (SWT) bless you with happiness and health forever and ever.
,Father is the only shelter in this cruel world and your best friend also.May Allah bless your Father !
Assalamu'alaikum Friends,. May Allah bestow upon us the blessings and miracles of the night of a thousand months.
'DM¡tezbells. [Assalamu 'alaikum. A donation of 150,000 naira by you for Ramadan Feeding on 14/6/2017 has been acknowledged. May Allah rewa...
Assalamu Alaikum Khurram Bhai. How is Ramzan going on... May Allah bless u with huge happiness.…
Assalamu Alaikum​. Ma special prayer for u at these last 10days of Ramadan is: May Allah make us among those that will witness night of ...
During the Month of Ramadan, every night Allah save people from the hellfire May Allah put us (& our family) among those…
May Allah save us all from misguidance
May Allah save us all from misguidance. Say Ameen 😊🙏🕌
This caption is too poor and unprofessional, biased in All Ramifications, May Allah forgive Gen.Sani Abacha,grant h…
last before death, he wrote, "May Allah make us more big in Jannah(Paradise), not in Dunyah."
May Allah grant Cheick Tioté (former Newcastle footballer) Jannah. Passed away in the month of at only 31 years old.
May Allah protect all our parents and reward them with the fruits of this world and the akhira Allahumma Ameen
When you go sehri shopping at 1130 just to wake up and miss sehri. . May Allah didnt like me buying junk food.
May Allah make it easy for the people suffering in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, Eritrea and the rest of the region
Many people will be praying for you. May Allah grant you jannah.. Al-Fatiha for Staff Sergeant Nadzrie Matin..👮
May Allah bless you and your family.
Ramzan Mubarak n best wishes. May Allah bless you all.
Today Indian army released list of freedom fighters in Kashmir which they are fear most l. May Allah swt safe them from they…
What's done in secret is never hidden from Allah.Choose to love Allah more than your sin. May Allah forgive our hidden…
Alhamdulillah our Dawah today at cubbon park. May Allah accept our little efforts. Aameen
Ramzan Kareem Mubarak to all.May Allah protect & guide us through this Holy month to keep us safe and help us be the be…
COAS conveys 'Ramzan Mubarak' to people of Pakistan and Muslims across the globe. "May Allah continue His blessings upo…
May Allah, the Lord return peace to sweet of ASAP that Bush America and Blair UK destroyed a genera…
Ramadan Mubarak eveybody ! May Allah accept your prayers And forgive us for our sins ! 🙏🏿
Ramadan Mubarak Slimmm.May Allah shower his blessings upon u and your family😊❤
Ramadan Mubarak to everyone. May Allah bless you all with his mercy In Sha Allah.
Love PM Nawaz Sharif.May Allah give him strength to give us our money back.
I wish a very happy & peaceful EID. May Allah accept your good deeds, forgive your transgressions & ease the suffering of…
Zakir bhai gets the support of the Saudi government. Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless that man. Ameen. May he...
Resolution Day✌. May Allah bless our Pakistan all with integrity 🇵🇰. May we understand the true meaning of Independence ❤…
Easily the most beautiful girl i've ever seen in my life. Masha'Allah. May Allah protect her from evil eye 😭❤️
May Allah bless this man with good health and more years!.May grace and favour of God Almighty be with him al…
May Allah grant her the highest ranks in Jannah and grant patience to the family.
We are with U khan.. At every walk of life.. Thank u to be our leader at a time of hour.. May Allah bless u alot ameen
May Allah free East Turkestan, from a fellow Syrian muslim.
Little Giant Ladders
You either take it or leave it, President Muhammad Buhari is recorded in the world legendary book. May Allah ease his pain, Ya Salam
2/2,Ask Akram sheikh, Did IK Deny no, be fair , tomorrow What you will reply to Allah Almighty, Akram sheikh May Allah help him
I am fully glad to see my dear President today, but life and death belongs to Almighty Allah, May Allah heal Baba Buhari.
May Allah almighty continue to distance us from haram and take us very close to halal.
Mashah Allah, May Allah, the almighty shower all the blessings upon your lil princess..
Love and peace brother, wallah I'm so tired.May Allah almighty make us steadfast on the Haq.
Allah is Almighty, Please pray for those people who are not in right way,,May Allah show us what is right path,,,
This is how a secularist/modernist speaks about our beloved Prophet Ibrahim (as). May Allah humiliate these devils, Ameen!…
May ALLAH SWT grant us whole MuslimUmmah forgiveness in this blessing day nd Help us to love each other nd guide us all on straight path..
Ramadan is almost here may Allah forgive are sins
Ramadan is less than a month away. May Allah allow us to reach Ramadan and may he allow us to reap all its rewards. https:…
May Allah allow us to achieve our dreams before our parents are taken away from us..
“May I never forget. On my best day, that I still need Allāh as desperately as I did on my worst day.”
The legend and the famous journalist of VOA, Sntv, HCTV AND UNIVERSALTV has passed away may Allah make him among those…
Hapy birthday to my one and only sister god has blessed me with may Allah swt bless you with many mo…
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May Allah bless their souls in heavens.Ameen
This is sad! So many Rape cases in the last few months. May Allah protect our young girls.
No words to say. May Allah grant Jannah to Junaid bhai and all departed souls of PIA crash.
Thus far, over £80,000 has been raised to go towards the purchasing of Markaz May Allāh bless this project.
Congrats cousin!! May Allah bless your marriage and have a happy…
His believe in Almighty Allah is strong enough ! May you succeed in all your hardships !
Sad News: Abu Nasr Mahmood sb one of oldest in US from NoJ Majlis passed away. May Allah forgive his soul & elevate him…
May Almighty Allah grant this freedom fighter & Ex- Member of Parliament in Jannatul Ferdous.
Happy Birthday 🎂 May u have many more. ..sister May Allah bless you with lots of love and Happiness 😊 https…
MashaAllah, so sweet. Yes, no harm to unify to reveal the truth. May Allah show us the right path, taufiq n Hidayah.
May Allah bring peace in the valley so that ban on social media will go away.
Allah’s way is perfect. We may not understand a few things, but we know we can trust it to be better for us than anything e…
May Allah swt help us reach Ramadan and make it a fruitful Ramadan in which we gain His forgiveness and reward. Ameen ya Rabb.
Happy Birthday umarr! Stay awesome and may Allah showers you with an eternal happiness xx
Astaghfirullah for everything, may Allah forgive our sins.
I love this pick. A man with a strong heart and strong stiff arm. May Allah ease the pain of his loss and make him…
Brothers and sisters, please keep the Palestine prisoners in your duaa. 12 days without food. May Allah be with them and t…
It is very helpful and supportive to the families of the martyr's. . May Almighty Allah bless you.
May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you, oh Prophet of Allah🌙
May Allah bless all the cleaners and workers at the two holy Masjids.
May Allah SWT help us, may He open our doors! 💫
"The richest wealth is Wisdom, the strongest weapon is Patience & the best security is Faith." May ALLAH bless us with these no…
May we always remember to give most and pur greatest thanks to our Father... Allah we thank . Shataan our enemy. No other way to it
This statement of khan sahib has hit me hard. Just imagine Pakistan without Khan. Allah o Akbar.. khan G May u have a long…
May Allah bless them and bring ease in their life. Aameen . SuMahAameen
We continue praying for & many other countries in turmoil. May peace be realized someday, & life for all che…
The beginning of Surah Al Kahf (The Cave) may Allah give us tawfeeq to recite it every Friday.
May Allah ease the pain of every heart that’s suffering in silence.
(Allah) ...who has created the death and the life that He may try you which of you is best in action; and He is the Mighty, t…
Daily Hadith. Abu Umamah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: I heard the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) saying,...
May Allah remove all your pains, worries and bring you everlasting happiness. Ameen
Asalam O Alikum. May Allah helps us in following the right path. Remember me in your prayers. Stay blesse…
May Allah grant our parents the highest ranks in Jannah. aameen.
Happy Birthday May Allah always bless your life, ease your journey. Be a good girl and good luck on your…
Allah azza wajal created Him for Her & her for him. That's true love. . Ma SHA'A ALLAAH.. May ( azza wajal ) bles…
Whoever just read this, May Allah grant you success in this life and the hereafter. 🙏🏻
Happy 21st birthday brother May you always be in Allah's loving hand 🎈
Goodluck to all students KPMBP for the final exam 💞 may Allah ease everything for us.
May Allah accept our prayers on this blessed day of Jumuah and allow us to live to see the blessed month of Ramadan.
One day it will be only you and your deeds...May Allah ﷻ forgive us all.
Salam and good morning evryone. . May Allah bless us our families our love ones and our Pakistan. . Wish u all a good da…
Happy Birthday to her Excellency Haj. Maryam Sani Abacha, May Allah give you good health and prosperous days ahead
Al-Dari:(George W.Bush)asked the meeting with the Secretary General Sheikh Harith Al-Dari-May Allah have mercy on him-but t…
Those who go months and years without reciting Quran, their hearts must feel so empty and lost. May Allah bring them back to Quran. Ameen
Imran Khan, the leader does not even centuries. . May Allah bless him with Great success.
You won't know that Allah has bestowed His Mercy upon till you visited a Hospital. May Allah gives quick Shifa to our Patients..🙏🏻😇
Since it's Jummah, can we please make a special duaa for my baby niece who is still in hospital. May Allah give her comple…
*** fire welcomed Zia on earth. witnessed divine retribution. Bhutto martyred. May Allah's wrath be on Zia collabo…
New solution for expensive bombs and aircrafts . May Allah give you 72-year old virgin not 72 virgins
May Allah grant me a future as bright as the blue sea(ky)
Allama Iqbal tried to unify all Muslims to his poetry. . May Allah give him high rink in Jannah ul firduas.
May Allah mercies be on all Muslim ummah, amin
May Allah shower you with loads of blessings on the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem to you all! 🎉💕
Please make dua for my cousin who is currently in hospital after being stabbed. May Allah grant him shifa. Ameen
May Allah convert your heart and may you also become a gud Muslim Dont worry Sonu In sha Allah one day y…
Death is real. U will die alone. Buried alone. Be question alone. Answer alone. U will stand alone before Allah. May Allah make th…
Congratulations for becoming doctor Aapi Yousra... 😍. May Allah prosper you always and ur all dreams come true!...
Happy Birthday za!! May Allah bless you always.stay pretty and awesome bebeh
Happy Birthday mok. May Allah bless you. Stay crazy stay insane and stay with me always k baby? 😘❤️ so may your wishes come true 🎂
May Allah continue to give me strength on these days. Happy Birthday Sensei Ibrahim, you're my idol and I Love You…
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Happy Birthday to you. May Allah bless you. :)
they are but still Happy Birthday batsy! 🦇 May Allah bless you! Enjoy it 😘
Ehh Happy Birthday!! May Allah bless you and have a blast! 🙏🏻💁🏻
Happy Birthday bro🎂🎂 May Allah give you success and happiness in your life.
Happy 19th birthday, Aqif! May Allah bless you and have a good one 🎉🎊 Wish you all the best for everything in your life 😊
Happy 22nd Birthday babe 💕🎉 May Allah bless you always. It's been so long we nvr met, one day lets meet up ya (: Takecare 😉
Happy belated birthday Chairman Anass Ibn Chambas ! May Allah bless your new age!🙏🏽. More life and Good health 🙌🏽
Happy Birthday 🦋 lets eat cake 🎂 May Allah bless you not only today but everyday! Rindu akak 🙁
Happy 36th birthday to my big brother! May Allah bless you! Thank…
Birthday wishes sister May Allah continue to bless you. Have a good one 🙏
Happy Birthday kakyin! Love you! May Allah bless you always dear lil sister!
Happy Birthday Zainab 🎉 May Allah continue to bless and guide you.
Happy Birthday !! May Allah continue to bless and protect you dear ❤️❤️
Coloring by me for your Birthday🙆🏻 I wish you have a nice life with your family&friends.May Allah help yo…
Happy Birthday! 😄 May Allah fill this year with many blessings 😊
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celebrating the 2nd white coat ceremony. Congratulations to the graduands May Allah put barka in your knowledge
May Allah almighty Help you.ameen. Remember me in your prayers please.
May Allah the Almighty make it easy for all those suffering from the drought in Aameen. . Somalia...
arrives in Germany. May Allah the almighty be his Helper.
🌹May Allah, Almighty grant Marhoom Farouk Adam the highest stage in Jannah. He…
May Allah protect our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East from terrorism and grant them security in their homeland
Okay. I'm Muslim and so peace. May Allah give you hidayah (guidance). Assalamu'alaikum .. (Peace be upon you) 😊
Assalamu alaikum muslims ummah may Allah continue to heal PMB. May Allah protect him from evil people. Amin.
May Allah create Revolution in Middle eAST and throw out modern pharoahs like Salman abdul aziz etc for killing of babies/syria
May Allah make it easy for you. Just study hard then put your trust on the all might and Insha'Allah you'll succeed
Dewasa itu pasti, bijaksana itu perlu. . May Allah give me the way that I needed and Insha Allah to open the way for other people.
Another year. Till we meet again Insha Allah. May Allah ease everything for you sister 😘💕
May Allah bless u.Hope the day comes soon we don't need to differentiate Kashmiri & Indian.We all lo…
It is easy to act pious behind a keyboard & screen, proving it with our actions is a test.May Allah make us pious bette…
May Allah grant good health and long life. May He also grant you immense wisdom to achieve your progressive visio…
Strongly condemn the cowardly attack at Noor Market Prayers r with the Martyrs & those affected. May Allah sw…
Jummaat Mubarak to all Muslim Ummah worldwide. May Allah heal our President completely and bestow on us all good...
Marriage is not easy, but with Allah's help, it can be the best time ever. May Allah bless all couples and those who are seeking.
A small birthday shoutout to a special lady. May Allah continue to bless you and may your future be bright. 😁…
Happy Birthday baby 🎉🎉May Allah bless you and grant you more happiness this year 😘😘❤
Honorable , Happy Birthday to you brother. May Allah grant you the best of both worlds.
Happy Birthday fazz just one day before my brothers bd how cool is that. May Allah make u better muslim this year
Happy Birthday ex roommate. May Allah bless you always and stay amazing love you lots
Happy Birthday keyda! May Allah bless you always and all the best in ur life dear 😘🎂🎉🌸
Happy Birthday my bro . May Allah bless u, sudah2 la kutuk org tu. Have a good day
Happy Birthday MY RARE GEM ❤🎉.. May Allah continue to bless with good health and baraka in all you do Ameen. Love y…
Happy Birthday shaistay! May Allah bless you with happiness always and many more birthdays iA 🎉💕💕
Happy Birthday baby ✨ May Allah ease everything in your life and stay pretty 💕
Happy Birthday farah !!! . May Allah shower u with happiness and watch over u always.Cek xda dah nak jaga kome , sobs . . -
💖Happy Birthday syahbae 👸🏻😘 May Allah bless you. Miss and love you xx 💕
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Happy Birthday hana! May Allah surrounds you with never ending happiness 🎂🎂
Wish you very very warm Happy Birthday . May Allah bless you in life. Stay Blessed.
Happy Birthday to my best friend Dimas Ramadhani . May Allah bless & success for you. sukses jg bersama buat...
My Mom 😍😍. May Allah bless her sole . i miss you so much my mother 😭😭😭😭
May Allah have mercy on ElHajj Malik Shabazz, Muhammad Ali and all who breathed courage & resistance into an ummah. https:…
Masha Allah you smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress and grows brave by reflection,May Allah saves you fr…
May Allah bless the person who says less and does more. Hazrat Umar R. A.
Allah wont test us beyond our ability. May Allah grant my brother good health and give him syifa'.
My Saheeh Muslim teacher and I sat for 2 hours listening to and imitating Shaikh Minshawi's recitation today. May Allah reward her Ameen!! 😭
Hmm! All eyes on Jalingo, Yorro and Zing federal constituency. . . May Allah see us through.
May Allah grant her the strength to pull through . and Allah will never forsake her. aaamin
May Allah give them justice and freedom in their land. ❤️
All the best to those who will be taking MUET exam today. May Allah grant us success, inshaAllah Amin!
Almighty is within us with us and over us... May Allah the Almighty guide us to a reverred path.. aameen
Undesirability of Pretentiousness and Exaggeration during Conversation. 1736. Ibn Mas'ud (May Allah be pleased...
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May Allah (swt) *** the killers of Bibi Fatima Al Zahra (sa) .
Today I feel very sad, because my aunt has died at dawn. May Allah give her jannatul ferdaous. I think all of my friend pray for her.
Our parents are our hugest blessings. Treat them with gentle care, love & patience. May Allah bless them with Jannatul Firda…
May Allah reunite Muslim Ummah under one khalifa as it was..
I acc can't thank Allah enough for my best friend practically my sister and her family. May Allah grant them Jannatul Firdaus 🙏🏼
Massive Respect for this man. May Allah grant his father highest rank in JANNAH. Ameen
May Allah bless you. Guide and always protect you. HBD Mallam Egi Sa'idu. @ Lagos, Nigeria
Jummu'at Kareem.. May Allah forgive our sins & Grant us Jannatul Firdaus.
May Allah our loved ones who have passed away Jannatul Firdaus.
very painful...May Allah give his mother Jannatul Firdaus
May Allah purify our hearts and accept our ibadah,forgive our sins and guide us to the right path and grant us AL Jannatul Firdaus.(Ameen).
May Allah make ur future better than past,ur grave better than ur house ur dead better than ur life and make Jannatul Firdaus ur final abode
I miss my daddys laugh and how he almost always looked like he was up to some mischief 😁. May Allah grant you AL Jannatul Firdaus. Amin.
Another son of the soil embraced martyrdom in line of duty. . May Allah give u the highest rank in Jannah & may ur soul r…
May Allah s.w.t grant this youth sabr, and his mother Jannatul Firdaus..
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So sorry to hear this. May Allah grant her Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen.
May Allah reward her for her patience and grant her mother Jannatul Firdaus without account.
Listening to Sheikh Sudais brings unexplainable joy... May Allah unite us in Jannatul Firdaus
May Allah bless the same self respect and dignity to this Molvi Diesel
Happy Birthday rumet form 1 and form 2 May Allah grant you with His bless. Sweet 18! Aku ingat birth day kau, 😘
I can't stop crying. You have touched my heart dear friend. Thank you Allah for giving me a good friend. May Allah bless you and your family
Happy Birthday 🎉 May Allah bless you always and your wish become true 🎈 Stay awesome and fabulous Diva 👨‍🎤
May Allah bless my nephew. He has a bowl filled with chocolates ❤ he offers me whenever I need it. My boy.
It is best that a daughter hears and learns about Islam directly from her own mother. May Allah bless our Mothers ❤️
Happy Birthday tep. May Allah bless you. May all your wishes come true. 💖💞
a deserving winner in life. His humility was appreciated. May Allah continue to bless him.
Happy Birthday dear😊❤️. May Allah bless u with best of everything in both worlds..Ameen😘
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