First Thoughts

May Allah

Peace be upon him is a phrase that practising Muslims often say after saying (or hearing) the name of one of the Prophets of Islam.

Jannatul Firdaus Eid Mubarak Ramadan Mubarak Muhammad Ali Ahlus Sunnah Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad Happy Birthday Happy Eid Mubarak Promised Messiah Naya Pakistan

This is exactly 40 days we lost you . May Allah almighty makes Jannatul Firdaus your final abode
May her gentle rest in perfect peace... May Allah bless her with Jannatul Firdaus
Every soul shall taste death ..May Allah have mercy on my aunt who passed away this morning and place her in Jannatul Firdaus InshAllah.
May Allah swt bless you both and place the both of you in Jannatul Firdaus... I love you ummi and baba ❤❤❤
May Allah forgive every Muslim who has passed away, save them from the punishment of the grave & grant them Jannatul Firdaus, ameen💕
Happy Birthday Darling May your life be filled with happiness and May Allah grant you Jannatul Firdaus ❤️
innah lillah wainna ilayhi rajioon. May Allah grant her Jannatul Firdaus and your family sabr. Blessed days Masha'Allah.
May Allah bless you with more success aameen💚 Stay Happy :'). PRIDE OF PAKISTAN
I'm sorry for your loss Demba. May Allah grant him Jannatul Firdaus
Pray and rily in Allah. Give alot of Sadaqah. Be kind. Read the Qur'an as much as you can. May Allah dash us Jannatul Firdaus
May Allah bless you with Jannatul Firdaus my lovely sister n also a warrior of sicklcell🙏
she is indeed gorgeous. Ma sha Allah. May Allah bless her with the best of everything. Aaameen.
Indeed we are in the state of Hardship, May Allah ease our pains and Provide sustainable economy in my country Nigeria. I love…
Wallahi Ali Jaber's recitation give peace to the heart. Not my no 1 reciter, but definitely amongst the best. May Allah have mercy upon him
Eid Mubarak to all! May Allah's blessings be with you all today, tomorrow and always.
May Allah bless u Syed Murad Ali Shah. Keep it up sir. A lot of prayers from residents of block-2 Clifton Karachi.
May Allah keep us in peace in pleasing Him, and forget about things that have hurt us and make us remember things that…
many many congrats to you bro,what a performance,May Allah almighty bless u with more such achievements
May Allah almighty recover you soon
It's only the Almighty that can decide who will be in Jannah and who will not! Stop labeling people. May Allah give…
May Allah keep you safe and in His Providence. May He, the Almighty, shower you with happiness in this world and in the hereafter. Ameen."
Juma Mubarak for the last Juma in Ramadan. May Allah shower his blessings upon us all in this blessed month & for all t…
Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said, "May Allah bless you in all aspects of your lives and always grant you good health."
Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said, "May Allah the Almighty save the world from all forms of destruction."
Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said, "May Allah enable you to be successful in all your good endeavours and to grow ever c…
Mubarak! May Allah accept all our acts of ibadah during this blessed month
May Allah accept our good deeds throughout Ramadan. Keep it positive. Ameen. . Eid Mubarak
I love love love when Mufti Menk recites in his lectures Allahumma Barak 3lay 😭 May Allah open the doors of Jannat Al Firdaus to him
Happy Eid Mubarak to ol Muslims, family members and friends. May Allah accept our deeds in the Ramadan.
A lot of prayers for him. May Allah almighty bless his soul. He was my ideal.
Mohammad, a great cricketer has passed away.May Allah almighty place his soul in Jannah&grant fortitude to his family…
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May Allah grant Muhammad Ali Jannah! Wealthy yet remembered the Almighty is most powerful. 2 days before Ramadan:( https…
Happy Birthday Day! You are a beautiful soul. May Allah the almighty bless you always.. 🎂 Ameen
Just heard news of a young father of two who has passed away ...a beautiful respectful brother . May Allah grant him Jannatul Firdaus
Happy Independence Day to All. May Allah bless our country with Peace and prosperity.
Jummah Mubarak have a blessed day! keep all those who are struggling around the world in your duas. May Allah give them all S…
May Allah grant us what's gonna lead us to Jannatul Firdaus
Jumma mubarak! May Allah accept your praying on this holy day. Please Pray for the servants of Allah all around the wo…
To all Our lost loved Ones, May Allah have Mercy on their Souls and Grant them Jannatul Firdaus. All We Have to...
Behind every successful man, is a greatmother. May Allah preserve our mothers and bless them with Jannatul Firdaus🙏🏻 htt…
My great mother has returned to Allah today. May Allah forgive all her sins, grant her Jannatul Firdaus and sabar to me and my family ameen
11 years, Happy Birthday to the one that i called my laughing gas. May Allah bless you always. 💕💖💕
Burial prayer of late accountant general of nasarawa state. May Allah 4gv all of his wrong deed in duniya. M Dauda.
Dear Shaykh ,very sorry to hear about your mother. May Allah ﷻ have mercy on her and grant her the best reward the hereafter
Today marks the 7-year anniversary of my Abu's (Grandpa's) death. May Allah (SWT) keep him safe and secure and to keep him happy in heaven!
At MCAAN lodge Dutsinma Katsina state for our weekly Ta'alim. May Allah the Exalted increase our Iman and Knowledge. Amin
[2014] May Allah bless all volunteers who work hard to offer all facilities to guests of Promised Messiah at v.
In soft gleaming of star, May all ur dreams come true. May Allah's noor and blessings be with you. Happy Natal Day 🎉🍕
Jumaat Mubarak .. May Allah continue to bless and guide us . Ameen ❤️
May Allah enable the volunteers to cheerfully serve the guests of the Promised Messiah (as)
Ya Allah!!!. May Allah, The Great, have mercy upon him and grant him good health!!!
All the best to our SDAR Symphonic Band for the performance tomorrow.May Allah ease everything. 🎺🎷🎶🎵
May Allah nvr distance us from faith.May He grant us the strength 2 be of those who are dear 2 Him & may He help us safe…
"Hold on to your Salah, because if you lose that, you will lose everything else". May Allah guide us all. Aameen.
May Allah ease the unrest in Turkey and ease the affairs of the oppressed all around the world.
happy b'day my friend.'I ve been here & u've been there,we've had no time to drink that beer' May Allah giv u all…
May Allah help the Nigeria Army they shall be seen In sha Allah
My students at the Islamic University of Madinah will start their exams, tomorrow. May Allah make them successful, https:…
Allahumma Ameen. Jazakallahu khairan for the dua'. May Allah gave the same to you.
May Allah answer your secret prayers, erase your secret fears and lift you to the position you dearly desire.. Allahumma Ameen
May Allah the Most Glorified have mercy upon Ali Jaber.
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Ppl who claim to follow Islam who have undeniable hate for Imam al Azam Abu Hanifah (ra) May Allah destroy you. u Munafiqhs
Happy Birthday to His majesty Sultan Hj Hassanal Bolkiah, May Allah always showers you with his blessings.
Subhanallah, May Allah have abundance of mercy upon Abu Talhah and his wife.
I love you angel you are amazing and all i want May Allah bless us
Our one time SSG, of the NorthEast state Alh. Shettima Ali Monguno, dies at the age of 90. May Allah compensate your effor…
Eid Mubarak to you and your family 🙏🏿 May Allah accepts your prayers and your fasting ! https:/…
This man. Abdul Sattar Edhi. Words aren't enough to describe him. May Allah grant you the highest place in jannat. https:…
INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAYHI RAJEOON . May Allah grant Abdul Sattar firdous & forgive him for his shortcomings
Amin ya rabbal'aalamin. May Allah bless you with better and even greater understanding. Amin
. Assalamualaikum . And Eid Mubarak . May Allah blessings be with you today, tomorrow and always.
Eid Mubarak to everyone.May Allah help us in pursuing our objective of a terror free and strong
"And you think that you are but a little comet, but the great cosmos lies in you". Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib, May Allah be pleased with him
News of Blasts in Jeddah and Madinah is really devastating.May Allah the Almighty protects every being across the globe.
Alhaji wish you all a Eid Mubarak, May Allah make this Eid a blessed one for us all...
Eid Mubarak to you all! May Allah make today a day of happiness and blessings for us all.
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Eid Mubarak beautiful people. May Allah bless us all with the strength to smile against all adversities.
May Allah bring you joy, peace n prosperity on this blessed occasion. Eid Mubarak!
Eid Mubarak to all our followers from across the globe. May Allah accept our Ramadan & fill this day with happiness and…
A very Happy Eid Mubarak to all friends and family members. .. May Allah bring you joy, happiness, peace and...
wishes to build Arabic school in cape coast. Pls build on our prayer grounds close to RCC. May Allah help you to build for us
Eid Mubarak for all the Muslim nation and May Allah bless us in this holly Day 💕💞🎈🎉
May Allah bless the Imam and the believers at Quba School and Islamic Center as well as Masjid an-Nur of Camden NJ!
Eid Mubarak Sir.May Allah bless you with health& success in your struggle for Naya Pakistan.Long Live Pakistan
Ramadan isn't Ramadan w/o last 10 nights at ICEV doing a 2nd khatam in tahhajud. May Allah bless sheikh Ahmad for bringing us this sunnah
really thank you so much for everything you did n put a smile on my face :) May Allah reward, bless n protect…
l m a very big fan of yours . May Allah bless u and u become very succesful in your life.
Eid Mubarak to all muslims. May Allah bless all of us.
May Allah bless soul of Bro Qulzar and blessed him Jannah on his brave act in Jeddah he has gave somethin to b proud off for ***
Alhamdulillah! SubhanAllah! May Allah bless the donor who has just given £15,000. .
Eid Mubarak to my brothers and sisters around the globe. May Allah bless you with happiness and all joys of life. Strive…   10% Off
May Allah bless our amazing mothers, past and present with Jannah 💞
Thank you PPM members and all others for your strong support to my party reform agenda. May Allah bless you all! Nation…
May Allah bless us and give us patience in this though days. Lets pray for all ummath. Turkey, somali, bangladesh iraq medina
Wishing all my Family/Friends Eid Mubarak and May Allah bless us all on this auspicious day..Ameen.
Happy Birthday to you too Sista 🙌 why could'nt our birthday be on first day syawal😂😂 May Allah bless you and your family.
Where is media reporting? Why you're not tell the world Madinah was attacked ? Hey,its last ramadhan. May Allah bless you!
May Allah bless the soul of my Late Father Alhaji Fasasi .it's been 13years since he left us today
May Allah continue to bless our parents
I have so much love and respect for single mothers, it isn't easy. May Allah bless them 💕
May Allah bless the souls of the victims of madinah terrorist attack.
So saddened by the blast near masjide Nabvi . May Allah protect the city and Rozae mubarak. -- Junaid Jamshed
NASFAT Ago-Iwoye Branch Ramadan Tafsir hosted by my humble self. . May Allah accept all our deeds during the...
Quite right.Nothing can be predicted after Sabri's sudden demise.Salman Ahmad too got threats. May Allah safe all of us & diminish criminals
May Allah bless PTI with more success and dream of Naya Pakistan fulfil soon
Night of forgiveness. May ALLAH forgive us
May allah ease everything for us,have plans for our better lifes,with a brighter future and finally fills our heart with s…
May Allah give u a long life,health and happiness. stay blessed.
Ameen, May Allah accept our and our day's.
May allah bless us all🙏 keep me in ur prayers peeps.. Will pray for each one of u..
With my friend Mohib who is keeping strong n wants 2 b a Qawwal like his dad..May Allah make it easy 4 u h…
My 19yr old brother Hamza was just martyred&may Allah accept him a shaheed,pls make duaa for him&RT so others do too https:…
May ALLAH bless us with peaceful life
Mubarak Sweetie😘 May Allah accept our prayers,forgive our sins & guide us 2 d straight path.❤ https…
May be this night is 🕋 Seek forgiveness from Almighty ALLAH and Remember me in your precious Prayers
may Allah grant as the blessing of lilatul qadhur ameen!
a night better than 1000 months ... . May Allah make us to follow sirat ul mustakeem ⛈🌧❤️
may Allah forgive those who do not allow their sons/daughters to marry from a different culture.
This is not us.May this never be us again. Hey Allah bless my country, my home!!
Ramadan is moving so far. May Allah grant us more grace 2 finish it
May Allah reward as with blessing and forgiveness of what the hard work we done in this Ramadan ,
My prayers and Duas goes out to those who have been affect at the attack in Bangladesh. May Allah ease their pain. Ameen
May Allah (swt) gather you with your Donald Trump.
after watching your positive reaction to these're a better person than most👏 . May Allah watch over you❤
sir may ALLAH bless you and your family as well with all happiness of life shab e qadr mubarak
May Allah guide all our parents to the straight path & live in a state of Tawhid and depart this dunya in the state of Tawhid…
May Allah guide these people to the right way and let them know how stupid their act is. Ameen.
she hate me for no reason , May Allah bless her
May Allah forgive all our sins and bless us with peace, emaan and happiness. Ameen. Do pray as much as possible.
May Allah show kindness to the departed souls in the month of Ramadan !
May Allah accepts our humble prayers and ibaadat. May He makes this life and after life easy for us.
MUBARAK BHAI 😊. May Allah remove ur all worries and erase your secret fears Ameen Sumah Ameen . Pray 4 me BHAI
May Allah forgive us all and guide us to the right path. (Ameen)
May Allah fulfil all our needs, may He accept all our duas,remove our difficulties and Protect us from Shaytaan and All Evil…
If u dont worship Allah on laylatulqadr it means you've missed ibadat of thousand years, May Allah forgive us plz reme…
May Allah (swt) humiliate you. The man did so much for the Ummah and this is what you say about him?
May Allah humiliate and destroy all those you just mentioned (Ameen)
. You bring shame on your religion Minha. May Allah have mercy on your soul.
May Allah help the people of my country in this blessing month of Ramadan 💔💔
May Allah remove your burdens and bless you with the happiness you deserve.
May Allah take out every negative person from our lives no matter how close they are, or guide them to become less hate…
This is so beautiful to see, this is the kinda brotherhood we need in islam. May Allah bless him.
May Allah Grant Our Mothers The Highest Jannaaah ! 🙏🏻 they have struggled with us since before we were born. Allahuma Ameen…
Happy B'Day to my beloved homeland 💚💚. May Allah protect our country from internal and external dangers. Aameen :'). Pakistan Zindabad ❤❤ !!
May allah(swt) help us to show direction of Deen and give us better understanding, ameen.
" May Allah make us among the Ummah that love each other for the sake of Allah. "
May Allah bless us peace in Pakistan
Mubarak to all💕 May Allah accept our prayers and forgive our sins.
May Allah grant us righteous deaths. May we be taken from this world only with Islam in our hearts, and the name of Alla…
May Allah shower his mercy upon us. Prayers needed 😊. May the night of thousand months be special for us ❤
The smile of the dogma brothers heals the heart... They are motivation indeed may Allah soon gather me with them
We mourn for our brave cops and People Who died on Gulshan Tragedy May Allah Ta'la give patience to their family
Qadeem Ali Shah the illustrious CM Sindh will soon be performing Umra.May Allah accept his Umra and forgive his SINS i…
I love your transmission. May Allah grant you more and more success. You are great warrior. Stay blessed. . . Tariq Ali
May Allah's Blessings on Him. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) also said hurting an human is like hurting of whole humanity
It's the last Friday of Ramadan! May Allah swt accept all of our fasts and prayers. Don't forget to recite Surah Al Kahf…
His father Abdullahi Abba is a Hafeez too,from Zaria LG, Kaduna state.Now that is how you train your kids, May Allah give…
May Allah continue to look over me & my brothers.. Da streets don't love nobody... NOBODY!
Good bye Amjad Sabri You Will alawyz live in our hearts May Allah give you highest Place in Jannat. Aamen. Regards, Irfan_A…
May Allah bless you & your family with health and happiness. Good to see u Emraan. My love to Ayaan.
May Allah make us from amongst those who seek out, witness, and benefit from Laylatul Qadr. ameen.
Lailatul-Qadr. The night of destiny... May Allah see us through.
May Allah make us benefit from lailatul qadr!
May Allah accept & protect the two best English speaking Shouyoukh of our era Sh. Anwar Al-Awlaki and Sh. Ahmad Musa Jibr…
May Allah have mercy upon Sheikh Zayed, the man who was a father and a leader to his people
May Allah bring back the Imam Mahdi (A.S) soon .
Birthday Hamza Ali Abbasi"!Manny manny happy returns of the day.May Allah shower His countless blessings on u. ameen
Hazrath Imam Mahdi,the Promised,(May Allah bless him and give him peace) said that -. "A person whose heart is not...
I was deeply saddened to hear the news of amjad sabri's passing.!. May Allah grant him the highest rank in Jannah...! Ameen
May Allah send His choicest blessing on our beloved Master Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.
May Allah grant Amjad Sabri a home in Jannah. Pak enemies active to create chaos but thr designs will be thwarted IA h…
Keep Hamza Ali Abbasi (in your prayers. May Allah grant him protection from the evil doers. Ameen!
Masha Allah.. May Allah reward the Governor of Borno state. Ameen
May Allah take away the pain and suffering of our brothers and sisters all over the middle east😑🙏🙏
And now it s a year and a half since his passing. May Allah grant his understanding of knowledge to this generation. Tuan Guru Nik Aziz
Happy Birthday 🎂 to with warm regards. We shall have not one like her. May Allah shower His blessing upon her!
May Allah helps us to. treat people with. Patience. Love. Equality. Honestly. &. Grant us understanding when facing challenges on d…
May Allah grant us Jannatul Firdaws through Al Rayyan(GATE for those who fast) Ameen.
One of the most inspiring man with most inspiring life Muhammad Ali passes away May Allah rest his soul in peace. You'll…
Sad to hear about 's mother. May Allah give him and his family patience and grant her paradise. .
Astagfirullah! May Allah be pleased with us before He takes our lives. Ameen ya Rabb!
Ngl I wish to meet shaykh Ahmed Musa jibril one day. The amount of love I have for him. May Allah preserve him
Islam is being questioned just because of the actions of some Muslims who are nothing but a disgrace to Islam 😪.May Allah have mercy on us🙏🏻
May Allah forgive her and admit her into Jannatul Firdaus. Take heart. Allah ya sa ta huta
May Allah grant her Jannatul Firdaus. ameen
May Allah forgive her short comings. May Allah grant her Jannatul Firdaus. Amin
inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. May Allah grant her soul eternal rest and may Jannatul Firdaus be her abode inshaa Allah
Jazakullah bi Khairun I guessed this would be so I had never come across such a situation. May Allah wa Ta'ala forgive&guide us
May Allah rest her soul and grant her Jannatul Firdaus. Sorry for your loss bro
May Allah reward me Jannatul Firdaus too, ameen.
RIP to all the people we've lost, May Allah grant them Jannatul Firdaus! Ameen.
Ramadan Mubarak all ! May Allah accept your prayers And May this month get us closer to Allah subhanah Wa ta'ala ❤🕋
What a man he was! . May Allah reward him with Jannatul Firdaus and protect him from torment of the grave. Ameen
I can't wait to find a new place with my husband. May Allah guide us on the right path towards our future.
How beautiful is this place!? 😍😍😍. May Allah give us all the opportunity. to visit his house one day.
Subhaan'Allah there's just something in Maulana Tariq Jameel's voice and way of explanation. May Allah preserve him and bless him. Ameen.
Images from the funeral of Muhammad Ali . May Allah accept his good deeds and grant him Jannah
The coffin of Muhammad Ali. . May Allah forgive his shortcomings and elevate his rank in Jannah.
May Allah make it easy for me to wear my hijab with pride Insha-Allah Ameen 💕
sister I don't want to argue. May Allah bless you Ameen
Rehma/Baraka to Ummah of Nabi (SAW), who begin Fast 2mro, Tues, Done with 1st Taraweeh & 3 Para's, May Allah gv us…
Your good deeds should stay between you and your Rabb, unless you sincerely want to encourage/inspire some. May Allah g…
Death is closer than we think... May Allah grant us a good end, Ameen . 😰
Jazak'Allah khair for the gifts, May Allah reward you for every word that is recited from the musHaf Ameen
Ramadan Mubarak to all taking part this year. May Allah accept all your prayers and give you all courage to complete your fast…
Alhamdulillah for another Ramadan & May Allah grant those who couldn't make it Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen thumma Ameen ❤️
May Allah grant our parents long lives, good health and keep them safe. Ameen
Late Capt Timta was the son of late Emir of Gwoza, both were killed by BH. May Allah rest their souls! Ameen
May Allah ﷻ through the barakah of this blessed month cure all those sick and grant everyone a healthy long life. Ameen…
Everything in our life has been prewritten, but with doa, In Syaa Allah it can be rewritten. May Allah grant our doa. A…
"Ramadan Mubarak". to you all. May Allah keep you healthy wealthy blessed and Happy. A'ameen. Remember me also in Dua☺. https…
Ramadan Mubarak everyone :). May Allah's blessings and guidance always be be with us and … — Khair Mubarik . Ameen 😍
remember all of those in the ummah who are suffering. May Allah make it easy for them and reward them with Jannah ameen
Package among employees.The best feeling ever to be amongst them!May Allah swt shower His Barakah's.Ameen
May Allah make things easy on us Ameen
May Allah forgive us, accept our deeds, & cleanse our hearts. May this month change you & me
May Allah preserve all the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah, special dua for them always
Gauahar...May Allah always bless u and ur family...lots of love and good wishes😘❤
May Allah's blessings & love always be with your family. Mubarak! 😍 htt…
May Allah make this Ramadan pleasant for us, pic of today, Margalla Hills on fire.
May Allah make this a month of many victories for Ahlus Sunnah in Sham and elsewhere.
Amount of people claim to be from 'Ahlus-Sunnah' while they innovate. . May Allah protect us and guide us. Ameen https:…
To Him We Belong, To Him is Our Return. May Allah accept his deeds and grant him Jannah. May Allah give us more...
Muhammad Ali: Boxing legend dies at age of 74. May Allah rest his soul in peace. [Photos] Muhammad Ali in
Muhammad Ali rated Sugar Ray Robinson as the GOAT. Muhammad Ali was a very good Muslim. May Allah grant him Jannah.
May Allah bless you and keep you Muhammed Ali for your commitment to the liberation of black people. Aluta Continua!
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Legends never die . They just pass away. Mohammad Ali passes away at 74 . May Allah bless his soul
Saddened by the demise of Muhammad Ali,the greatest sportsman ever.May Allah grant him the highest place in Paradise http…
Ramadan is in a few days, in shaa Allah. Who's ready??? May Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, give us the strength to fast the whole month. Ameen.
Eid milad sa'eed ! May Allah shower you with His blessing
happy mother's day ma, my gift to you everyday is dua after dua. May Allah grant you Jannatul Firdows, May we meet again in'sh…
Got a job from this company to handle media and public relations in an event today. May Allah ease.
What an amazing success! Congratulations to Dr Aminu on his PhD graduation.May Allah make it beneficial to humanity,
The latest tragedy to befall the already devastated Muslims of Myanmar. May Allah (swt) ease their situation.
May Allah give Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef best of health & long life&may he keep serving the nation for many decades.
May Allah bless your beloved Father Mian Nawaz Sharif Sahib with early recovery, best health & happy longer life
I'm a Pti supporter. Butt nawaz Sharif I want you to see you well. May Allah protect you.. Indeed.!! You are good man
Salam Jumaat. Wishing everyone a blessed 'Jumaat'. May Allah forgive us and guide us on the right path. Amin.
27 years since the foundations for Pakistan Awami Tehreek were laid. May Allah protect the leader and workers of
May Allah grant her babies and her family sabr. May he ease their pain during this difficult time. 😖.
His parents must be so proud of him mA. A very big achievement in life. May Allah make this beneficial for him in this life & the aakhirah
May Allah enrich my besty new married with abundant blessing and wisdom.Insha Allahu
May Allah bless Sheikh Muhammad al Sanad!! Here he says one reason for the delay of the Mahdi (AS) is for the...
Heartfelt condolences to HH Sheikh Muhammad Al Maktoum of UAE & family on the sad demise of his son. May Allah bless the…
To all the Muslim and non Muslim children out there in unstable homes, May Allah guide you and shower you with grace and mercy. Aameen.
Happy Have enjoyable and peaceful Eid. May Allah accept all our fasts.
Alhamdulillah for the gift of today! Make everyday a day of hope, faith and repentance. May Allah make it easy for all…
happy teachers dayy..May Allah bless you all..💕
May Allah bless you and your dear once for a happy and prosperous life on EID and always...
May Allah protect our brave soldiers to serve the citizen. For more click on...
Thank to you king Khan for everything you are do love, health & happiness to u &your wonderful family May Allah bless you 😘😘❤❤
May Allah make this day beautiful for everyone 😊
May Allah bless our parents and accept all the duas of our beloved parents in shaa allah ameen
This quote goes for you husbands and wives. May Allah bless you all with a pious husband or wife. Ameen
May Allah help & protect all those who are suffering from this unstoppable rain, flood & landslide .
salaams aapi. How r u aapi? Aapi I pray that may ALLAH protect u and ur family from sadness, illness and harm. AAMEEN
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May Allah grant success to all those sitting exams and may we all pass the exam of life to enter Paradise. Ameen.
SubhanAllah, just 19 more days until Ramadan.. may Allah show us Ramadan and let us make the most of it. May He have Me…
Wishing my Son Asaduddin Abbas a very Happy Birthday. May Allah grant him all the happiness in the world
May Allah protect our country and it's people from your wicked brother Yameen. Aameen.
I've watched the whole video,and huge respect to her. May Allah keep her and all of us steadfast upon our deen.Ameen
Happy Birthday Intan n Yaya. May Allah bless you and be a succesful person in future 🎉🎊🎉
My heart goes out to you. May Allah subhanu'atallah get you past this difficult phase in your life. https:…
May Allah bless all those who have advised me sincerely and with the best intentions with the best in this life and the next,. Ameen.
May Allah show us what's best for our future so that all of our doubt will disappear and all that's left is our faith in His d…
Happy Birthday bro . May Allah bless you always
💚. May Allah bless our soldiers and keep them safe.
esok first day paper circuit theory 2. may Allah ease.
O Allah! Show us the truth as truth so that we may follow it, and show us falsehood as falsehood, so that we may absta…
May Allah (SWT) helps us to perform Prayer perfectly in perfect time.
Night! Du'a before sleep + al-mulk. May Allah grant us the highest rank in Jannah yea! 🤔🌹
Allah knows the end result. Sometimes He may orchestrate something beyond our comprehension. Have faith in His timing.
May Allah SWT allow us to reach Ramadan.
Almighty Allah may bless people who extend their fullest supports to flood victims with very much difficulty & sanctification
May Allah cleanse our hearts from hypocrisy and grant us sincerity in everything that we say and do. Ameen!
Astaghfirullah for everything, may Allah forgive our sins. Lailahaillallah.
May Allah bless u with a bright destiny and may he give you immense success in any field u may take on. That is my prayer to u.
Happy Birthday ecah nyotnyot🍼May Allah bless you, make you an anak solehah and a successful chemical engineer. iA 💓
May Allah free our minds from the dark things that are pulling ppl down and making them forget about Allah. - Hamza yusuf
Starting our last week in medical school tomorrow. May Allah make it memorable and wonderful. Alhamdulillah ❤️🙏🏻
JazakAllah Brother - Love & Respect For - He is a true leader of muslim world. May Allah be with…
"Oh Ramadhan we've missed you, only a few days until our appointment". May Allah allow us to see Ramadan and benefit https…
May Allah bless you and your family by plentitude of blessings. Amin. Jumma Mubarak
May Allah save democracy from becoming a Widow, after CJ's refusal, seems a new political crisis is in the making.
May Allah allow us to reach Ramadan in good health and to totally, wholly fulfil our duties for the great month. Mubarak!
To all mothers in the world Happy Mother's Day .. May Allah bless you everything and give it strength to face problems and c…
Alhamdulilah Dr. Zakir Naik is blessing of Allah SWT, our lethal weapon. May Allah ease his jihad against evil Amin.
Happy Birthday handsome😍 have a bless day! May Allah ease all your pain. You're a great person so keep it up💪🏼!…
Happy sweet 16 🎈🎊🎉 have a great day and enjoy yr day! May Allah always bless u w health& wealth dear take care much love xo💋💖👅
May Allah protect them and give even more strength our beloved children's in Syria.😞😞 Amen!. happy Children's day
Good Morning bhai. Allah bless you. Have a good day:). May Allah give you happiness. Always be happy my sweet bhai.
Happy Birthday pretty. May Allah bless you with all the joy and happiness. Stay pretty and takecare babe, love you 😘🎈🎁🎂
Aw, may your smiles run deep and may your laughter never fade. May Allah grant you with endless happiness, sister. 💕
Tyrese out in speaking about his first experience visiting a masjid. May Allah guide him to his Deen. http…
A true believer is always asking His Rabb for forgiveness sincerely. May Allah make it easy for us.
thank you bro yip, you the man yip! valar morghulis apaaan anw, May Allah bless you 😏👉👉
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