First Thoughts

May Allah

Peace be upon him is a phrase that practising Muslims often say after saying (or hearing) the name of one of the Prophets of Islam.

Happy Birthday Junaid Jamshed Jummah Mubarak Jannatul Firdaus Moin Khan New Year

May Allah make this blessed day of Eid encompass you with happiness, wellness and love. Eid mubarak to you, your fami…
May Allah shower His blessings and mercy upon our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his pure family, and his noble companions
"May Allah illumine my heart and yours, and increase our love for this noble Prophet, praise and peace be upon him."
AsSalaamu Alaykum my brother, May Allah give me the taufeeq to go Saudi Arabia and do Hajj and Umrah atleast once in my life
Ameen ya rabb!! May Allah accept your duaa and make it easy for us.
Calm soothing heart touching recitation. It helps you picture the verses & reflect. May Allah reward . Sheikh…
My mother expired last night, funeral tomorrow, pl pray for her "May Allah rest her soul in Peace"
Request to all my fans, please, please pray for Moin Khan's fathers He is in ICU. May Allah grant him speedy recovery and…
Good morning! Wishing you a wonderful day 😊. May Allah bless us and ease everything today ☺
Please pray 4 my brother whose mother passed away. May Allah grant her a place in Jannat n make it ea…
I'm from Nigeria. I'm proud with my country and our President Gen. Muhammad Buhari. May Allah help us to fulfill our goo…
baba u are just too much.. May Allah the almighty continue to assist u
Alhamdu-lillah. By the grace of Almighty ALLAH I am blessed with a baby boy 🚼 😇😊. May Allah make him Nek and saleh. Ameen.
Assalamualikum, pls pray for my very very good friend "Mohshin" who got blood cancer. May Allah almighty bless him. Amin
May Allah annihilate these Generals in the same grave with General Zia ul Haq
What legacy is he nothing but turmoil for what ! *** fire May Allah swt bring you back to pak alive to face the nation
Happy Birthday to my brother Usman Shehu (Amir) Garba Idris and my nephew Abubakar Sadiq(Aslam) Umar. May Allah continue to bless you 2 amin
Saydazainab143: May Allah keep you safe, well and always happy. May tears of sorrow never touch your eyes and may He never…
A lot of things I want to achieve this year,may Allah grant me the ability to🙏🏽
finally! Your account MashaAllah. May Allah reward you. 💖
A big big thank you to and Aunty ummi and to Everyone who contributed. May Allah reward you all a…
"Carry out the obligatory duties for the sake of Allah & Allah will lead you to Paradise" Ali ibn Abi Taalib (may Allah…
Alhamdulillah we performed a Nikah at the Da'wah centre for a couple from Congo and Senegal. May Allah bless their mar…
A verse from the Quran can change one's lives because Allah may grant them the understanding of that verse that we may n…
may Allah give her a good health.ameen
Ya Allah, may 2017 be a better year for all of us. Amin. ❤️
tanjoubi omedetou sukidayo. may Allah bless u zutto and give u all the ureshii-ness in sekai. pray for my bio final today pls
May Allah gave us Peace, Health, Happiness, Unity Success & Strength of Emaan in 2017 😊
May Allah ease me and my family. In shaa allah... One day.. Ameen...
Anyways, I hope this is a good read... may Allah swt help us in the task of dispelling myths about women, in Islam (*which is different than
Happy Birthday Hun😙. May ALLAH pak bless you with the best!
MY STORY (Part 2) by Mufti A.K Hoosen -Naseehah 388. An Autobiography of Mufti (May Allah preserve him)
Dear kids with the hand injury:. Please don't cry so ur father will wait till morning before coming to the ER, may allah save u 🙏
In 2017 may Allah answer our nation's prayers for establishing a Just society in Pakistan. . Though I am the...
My friend hijrah journey is so heartwarming 😭💫 may Allah keep you in His guidance.
Dear new admession (for OR tomorrow). Please change ur mind and don't come , may allah save u 🙏
may Allah increase us in Iman & knowledge in 2k17. may we prosper, may we glow up spiritually, physically, & mentally. In Sha…
May Allah give Sabar to his family. (Rizvy Family)
"I've never made dua against anyone who wronged me! I want my entire reward from Allah.". — Sh Nasir al-Fahd (May Allah…
May Allah us all with who have and in their
may Allah shower His blessing to all of u wherever u are.
Happy Birthday, mAy Allah bless you and you get all whatever you desire💜
Marriage is not easy, but with Allah's help, it can be the best time ever. May Allah bless all couples and those who Follow: talkinspiring
Nice one fam may Allah answers our prayer
May Allah rectify my affairs, make me a better Muslim, and make me amongst the ones He's please with Ameen
No she didn't where's your evidence? Wow speaking ill of the wife of Muhammad (s.a.w) may Allah curse you Shia..
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praying for your fast recovery and good health. May Allah grants you good health and long life to serve d nation.
State of how some Muslims passed away. . May Allah SWT remove our souls while we are doing something pleasing to Him…
May allah ease your pain boo get better ❤️😓 i'A 2k17 beings loads of happiness for u and ofcourse
Anon answers😂: May Allah reward you for making the ... — Ameen, I can't believe 2 anons are having s convers...
And we lost some most famous personalities.. May Allah rest them all in peace... Elahi Aameen! :. Good Bye 2016.
We love Shaykh Rabee for Allah's sake. 87 years old and still defending the truth and exposing falsehood! May Allah pres…
A happy and peaceful New Year wish..may Allah continue to be the guiding force in our lives n enable us to better serve t…
Pray for these kids who are suffering from Thelessemia Blood Cancer. . Such beautiful kids. . May Allah have mercy on th…
this is acc one of the best responses ive seen to staying away from haram relationships, may Allah reward u immensely ❤️👊
happiest birthday. Sweetheart... May Allah bless you... Keep spreading love.. N I'm sure your life will be…
Wishing you very Happy New Year. May Allah bless you and your families during 2017 & beyond. With best of everything you desire. Kind Regards
Alhamdulillah happy New Year ,as each day , seconds and year we are moving closer to our graves .May Allah see us through Amee…
May Allah make us those who constantly recite the speech of Allah, Ameen💕
May the year 2017 be filled with the very best in everything - service to Allah Almighty, love, happiness,...
May this year bring positivity and joy for everyone in shaa Allah.
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Wish u a very HBD May ALLAH give u long life with good health and alot of happiness ameen .
in our community. May Allah swt reunite her with her children . Amiin
A message from my friend whose acquaintance lost his wife Basma Abourazaq (May grant her fasih Al-Jenna)…
And if I may ask, what full time death cult and part time religion of peace was the main cause?. Hint: Allah Akbar. H…
Last day of 2016, Ya Allah please forgive our sins of this year & may we be better humans in 2017. May 2017 prove to be a g…
it's so beautiful how much love she has for me may Allah give her a long life inshaAllah
Just led the funeral of a 20 yr old young man who passed away in an accident.May Allāh bless his soul. This is the…
Be aware of the Day..the day when a father will not help his son nor will a mother care about her child. . May Allah mak…
May Allah make this New Year successful for us and stress free AMEEN !
I pray that whoever reads this shall have Allah's peace & guidance. I may not know your troubles but Allah does, may He kee…
May Allah destroy the Saudi royal family and collapse their empire this year. Ameen.
Ameen sum Ameen. May Allah grant Jannah to all deceased Pakistani Muslims
May Allah curse Abu Bakr and anyone that adds (r) after him
"I wanna get married pls 💯"May Allah bless you wit a wife, who has good character and God fearing. Amen
Happy Birthday to a Great Leader Chairman PSP Syed Mustafa Kamal . May Allah give you a long and happy life.
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Happy Birthday to my beautiful princess mermaid niece May Allah swt bless you with…
Happiest birthday my girl 💞 May Allah bless your life with your loved ones! RINDUNYA 😘😘😘
Happy Birthday dear you 😊 May Allah always blessed you with happiness. Yknow i always love you. Then (6yrs ago), now, and forever❤
Happy Birthday to our great leader! Your determination keeps inspiring us everyday. May Allah fullfil al…
Happy Birthday ❤️🎉 May Allah shower you with his blessings,khair and mercy...I wish you long life and success..Ameen❤️
Happy Birthday iyrah!! May Allah bless you. Hope all is well on your side 😁🎈🎁 😛
Happy belated birthday bro 🤘🏼. May Allah bless you. Sorry for the late wishes.
Happy Birthday Ahmad Zaimi 🎈. May Allah bless you and ease you on everything 🤗. Jange sakit pliss ! Nnt takde pengarah g Sinai 🙊
Happy Birthday..Sarah ❤🎂 Happy belated birthday to u...May Allah pak give u more many like this day…
A very happy nd warm birthday wishes for my bro nd senior . May Allah give you best in your life . Insha Allah
Happy Birthday. May Allah's blessings find you always.
Happy Birthday tootoowa 💕 May Allah spare our lives to celebrate that love. ✨
Abdulwahab baby boy Happy Birthday. May Allah grant you the best of both worlds. Turn up when I get home??💃💃
Happy Birthday to the best dad in the world.May Allah bless u with long life,perfect health&never-ending happiness❤️ htt…
Sister, I wish u the happiest birthday out there 🎂🎈May Allah bless u…
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HEY GURL,Happy Birthday TO U! May Allah showers u with bless every single time. I hope u have a great day everyday.…
Happy Birthday to my brother. May Allah keep on blessing you and your forehead 😂. Much love bro🙏🏿💯
A visionary leader who created a balance in society to steer on path of development. May Allah rest his soul in peace https:/…
Many happy returns of the day to my dear brother Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif... May Allah grant you a long and heal…
How can you not love hamzah abdur razzaq man ! May Allah preserve him and reward him for his ilm and dawah ameen
May Allah have His utmost rida on Sayyida Umm Salamah. I love her so much that words cannot do it justice.
Maulana Tariq jameel blessing for us! May Allah give him a long healthy life!
May Allah always be happy uzma sister and Mushtaq Ahmed brother may Allah live you long happy life Ameen
10s of 1000s offered funeral prayer of ever loved Junaid Jamshed, What an Icon you were & will remain. May Allah rest h…
May Allah have mercy on King Faisal. I wish I was alive during his reign.
May Allah grant him a place in Jannatul Firdaus and join him with the mutaqeen May Allah SWT grant him the highest of Jannah Ameen
*** all of a sudden i miss arwah so much 😔😭 May Allah places you with the righteous and His highest rank of Jannatul Firdaus sis 🙏🏻😞
May Allah revert my barber Steve to Islam
😭💔 may Allah grant all of you Jannatul Firdaus. Forgive us.. May Allah forgive us.
SubhanAllah, may Allah have mercy on the ummah that is suffering in the world. May Allah grant them sabr and Jannatul Firdaus in sha Allah❤️
Ina lilahi wa ina ilayhi raji'oon...May Allah be pleased with her & grant her Jannatul Firdaus! Allahuma Ameen
Subhanallah, May Allah grant him forgiveness and place him in Jannatul Firdaus.
Dil 💔 Pakistan :'( . Still can't believe he is no more with us. May Allah bless his soul in afterlife
May Allah bless you always, my Dear lovely brother
Dear CFSIIUM-ians. Mohon viralkan please. May Allah bless you all 😢
Makes me sick to my stomach. May Allah bless Syria and those in similar situations.
What's more beautiful than this, a Mother Teaching Qur'an her Children's. May Allah bless them All Aameen.
Just came back from my Abti's wedding. May Allah bless his Marriage.
Happy Birthday to Rukes Malaysia . Have a good day and blast. May Allah bless you always. Amin
Another year, another steps closer to the death. May Allah have bless on our souls. Ameen.
Goosebumps shooting across my body watching and reading about the tragedies in . May Allah swt protect and bless the pe…
May Allah bless all your steps Your Majesty 🙏🏻💚
May Allah bless you with the happiness you deserve.
May Allah bless u & keep energetic & courageous. U r the only brav man sying "Ahmadia Mosque" instd of " place of worship".
the little dua at the end 'May Allah almighty bless you and your loved ones alway' His mannerism truly portrays Isl…
Im grateful to have my clique by my side. They are always there for me. May Allah bless them in shaa Allah
May Allah bless you for remembering to pray for me in my darkest hour, thanking for condolences for Baba , regar…
Start our days with,. "Rabbi yassir wala'tuassir. Rabbi tammim bilkhair". May Allah bless our days. Ameen.
May Allah bless:. Your days with happiness;. Your weeks with prosperity;. Your months with contentment;. And your... https…
May Allah cure any sickness or pain that we re facing.
It's crazy hearing someone you knew passed away. May Allah (SWT) grant her the highest of jannah
Assalamualaikum good morning , may Allah safe our journey to Perak 🚃
Attach your heart to Allah and you’ll never be disappointed, you’ll never be let down. The world may change but Allah’s Lo…
Allahu naxariisto, May Allah grant her the highest level of Jannah ❤️
Heartbreaking to see his mum crying on Channel S 😢😞💔 may Allah make it easy for him and his family
Just heard that the beheaded DSP was from Niger State,he left behind his wife and three children.May Allah f…
"May Allah give me strength to fight nafs as they are too strong for me.". Unknown
Meeting CAS Sohail Aman. . Highly motivated by him . May Allah protect him n his flyers.
Snow is only beautiful when we r in our warm homes.Something many Syrians don't have.May Allah protect all whom r without warmth & shelter.
I'm bringing this with me to 2017 in shaa Allah may I grow stronger & wiser
Turn to Allah before you return to Allah. May Allah grant him and all those on Jannah. "He found you lost an…
May Allah ease the burdens this dunya has placed upon you.
On now, an address delivered by Huzoor (May Allah be his Helper) at York University in Ontario, Canada.
May Allah bless our brave Leader shifa kamila and early recovery Ameen
Congrats Sir, May Allah keep U so as witness many more years ahead in Good health and prosperity !!! Ameen Happy belated birthday.
Ma sha Allah😍 Rare view of . Hajr-e-Aswad May Allah take me there Ameen🙏.
Coming up soon on Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada class with Huzoor (May Allah be his Helper) this Sunday @ 6:15 & 15:10 GMT
Sad to hear about the Bombings in and today, May Allah help them . killing innocent people is...
May your C's turn to B's and your B's raise to A-'s or A+'s. In the name of Allah i pray, amen.🙏
Death has never scared me, not fulfilling my religious duties beforehand does. May Allah take us only when we're ready.
Muslims are not to celebrate Christmas and New Year. It's Haram... It's Shirk... Please let's be cautious... May Allah gu…
thank you, may Allah grant us all success inshaAllah !
May Allah reunite us with our loved ones in Jannah
May Allah swt grant my dearest great grandmother the highest rank in Jannah tul firdous💔🌹
Everyone can relate to this song . We all have lost people who were close to us . May Allah give us al…
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I really love you and how you put your whole heart on your work which is making all of us happy may Allah make…
Heading to KLIA . May allah ease everything 😘
May Allah give his family strength. Rip
If you wanna commit a sin do ya thing and may Allah forgive you but pls stop justifying the sin and making it 'halal' 4 ur…
May Almighty Allah bless you all, makes your life easy & give you everything what you want, if it's better for you.. Amen…
May Allah ﷻ enable all of you to visit Makkah and Madinah time and time again - Ameen.
so far the most impressive public surau that ive ever been in, may Allah bless the owner & everyone who has made this be…
please do share . may ALLAH accept our ibadah
May I be blessed with clear skin in 2017 insha'allah ❤️
Pray for beautiful Istanbul . May ALLAH bless you beautiful Turkey Afghanistan always with Turkey .
Wow is that blog real? If it is may Allah make it easy for her and her kids.
May Allah grant the wisdom not to fail this country. No one would gain from his failure. Let us all pray for his s…
Many thanks to and Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan for putting together such a wonderful evening. May Allah bless you all with success.
Proud of you People's choice 2019 I'm proud of voting u as my Senator. May Allah distance us from shame and fa…
to all Muslims. May Allah bless you and your. family by the grace of this. beautiful day. Aamin
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May Allah grant patience to his family, friends and followers, truely a nice person. Proud to be a member of tableeghi jamaat.
Junaid Jamshed, you'll be badly missed. May Allah give you & all those who lost their lives in today's crash, the high…
Very sad news about plane crash of Junaid Jamshed and other passangers. May Allah grant them status of shuhada
May Allah give Junaid Jamshed Jannatul Ferdous. You know that the ummah has lost a gem when so many great people amongst us mourn his death.
Saddened by the death of Junaid Jamshed in the Havelian plane crash.Great loss for the nation.May Allah give him an eleva…
So sad to hear about what happened to Junaid Jamshed and the 40 passengers. Inna lilahi wa inna ilahi rajiun. May Allah g…
Every soul shall taste death. Junaid Jamshed will always have a place in the heart of every Muslim. May Allah grant them…
Innahlillahi wa innah ilayhi rajoown. May Allah grant Junaid Jamshed and all the others that were boarded on the plane Jannatul Firdous.
My heart goes out to the families whose loved ones were lost. May Allah make it easy. Let's say Fatiha for all & sp Ju…
We lost our great person, brother Junaid Jamsheed. Pakistan tableeghi jamaat. Allah :( May Allah grant you jannah!!!
Shocked & saddened by the tragic PIA plane crash near HavelIan. May Allah give the families of the deceased courage to be…
May Allah almighty help the poor girls and show His wrath to deserving people.
So sad and tragic, let pray to Allah Almighty for the safety of every person there. May Allah protect all of us from such calamities
It is only the will of Allah almighty that women do deliver children. May Allah bless our mothers.🙏
Love till the end of life. May Allah swt bless our marriage to the end of jannah..Happy Birthday
oi oi Happy Birthday Iza! May Allah bless you here ahead and after. Stay beauty stay healthy ♡♥
Happy Birthday kanini. May Allah bless you and be happy and gorgeous forever 💖💖
Happy Birthday to u eman , May Allah bless ur life with lots of happiness! :)
Happy Birthday Bhai ☺️. May Allah bless you with good health & happiness.
Happy Birthday gorgeous ! May Allah bless your life dunia akhirat😘😘
Happy Birthday 🎊 May Allah bless you forever and always 🙌😇
Happy Birthday to my sweet bro . So many respect for u in my heart. May Allah bless u 🎂🎂🎉🎉.
Happy Birthday qids, my first roomate! May Allah bless you and have a wonderful day ahead!😘❤️
Wish you one more Time, Belated happy Happy Birthday, May Allah gv u everything u want
wish u many happy returns of the day. May Allah bless u with his countless blessings. Happy Birthday to U…
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people! May Allah bless you with many more years. ✨
Thank you all for your warm wishes!! You made my Birthday. All the more special. May Allah bless you All.
Happy Birthday syerahhh! May Allah bless you with all kindness and goodness in the world 🙆💕
Happy Birthday to my lovely soul sister!! May Allah bless you w many more years 🎉💓💓
Babe, Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you 🙆
So it's 12:00 now. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday . May Allah fulfill all your dreams. Stay Happy.
Happy Birthday Sir. May Allah give u all the happiness and success in life. Have a beautiful year ahead.
Happy Birthday cuk May Allah bless you and havva blast one!🎉🎈
Happy Birthday ☺️🎈 hope you enjoy it, May Allah grant you many more too in shaa Allah 🙏🏻
Last month in 2016. Counting days to my birthday,. May Allah bless me. Life brief candle
Happy Birthday my 'good' friend May Allah bless and prosper you beyond your imagination mate. Set unassailabl…
Happy Birthday Ameenu my pesin! May Allah grant you all the best in this Dunya and Akhira ameen 🎉💗
Happy Birthday dear Amy it's U'r birthday at ur many many Happy returns of the day.May Allah always bless U. h…
May Allah bless the man who says less and does more. -Hazrat Umar ibn Khattab
May Allah continue to rest his soul and grant him Jannatul Firdaus. May He also give you the fortitude to bear the…
"Find a spouse who will encourage you, elevate your iman and most importantly bring you closer to Allah. May Allah grant us…
Sir I'm from Azad Kashmir and I stand with you. Courage and candour that you have is rare. May Allah bless you.
inalillahi wa Ina ilayhi rajioon. May Allah give him Jannah tul furious. And make it easy for you and your family
What's your excuse for not reading/studying the Holy Qur'an? You can do it too. May Allah make it easy for us.
May Allah bless the marriage of Habib Umar bin Hafiz's daughter and Sayyid Husayn bin Mustafa Bin Sumayt.
Ina lilahi wa Ina lilahi rajicuun May Allah be pleased with Hamdi and give her the best of mercy & upon her family too.
Is this a man who truly believes in May Allah forgive your racist hatred.
I just received the craziest news, subhanallah, inni lillahi wa ina illah rajoon. May Allah grant her ease in her grave and grant her Jannah
thank you kak ina. May Allah bless you
May Allah forgive Umaru Musa Yar'Adua of all his misgivings.
4 out of 5 players shortlisted for African Player of the Year are Muslim. May Allah give them the best of this world and the…
fam I've not left yard since yesterday I feel as if Mike Tyson just decided I was a heavy bag. . May Allah grant you shifa still
May Allah guide us to the right path
let's buckle up too . May Allah make it easy for the rest of us
sid your happiness matters to me more than anything I don't want u to be sad at any cost . May Allah protect u from sadness
May Allah swt ease everything for me&all my friends in final exam tomorrow ameen.🌸
Your smile really makes me always thought of you, come to Indonesia, May Allah grant my prayer amin,. 😘
may Allah bless you for what you've done 💞💪
How are I hope you're fine and happy... Sid! To be fine isn't enough for me you should be happy 2.may Allah protect u from harms
may Allah ease everything for us. I know it hard but please don't ever give up💪 Let's do it together my dear friends!
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Shaytan may give you a million reasons to stay in bed at the time of Fajr, but ALLAH gives you one which is far superior.…
Really a great job done. May Allah always be guide and protector of Pak/Pakarmy. Amen.
May Allah guide us all to the right path and protect us from all evils. Aameen.
A baby girl touching the holy kabah 🕋😍. 😘 May Allah give us the opportunity to touch the kabah soon... Ameen
May Allah Almighty accept all our deeds and enable us to spread the light of Prophetic Love and Sunnah to make this world…
And remember Allah much, that you may be successful.'' (62:10)
May Allah protect you from jerks & any harms form any ways!! Happy bornday to you & always be confident in anything u do💞💘
It's hard for not responding when you're mad. Because sabr plays an important role there. . May Allah increase me in sabr. Ameen!
On this universal this little girl is missing. May Allah return her safely, Ameen!
Assalamualaikum. Good morning. May Allah ease everythings today. 😘
Mubarak! May Allah bless you all with His love and mercy; and may He accept the efforts of everyone at
Most respected Personality in the history of Pakistan COAS General Raheel Shrief . May Allah Bless You.
Ya Allah, as we kick start this week in good health... May we be among those who will immensely benefit from our sweat & huzzle.
My condolences for the family of Hassan Sadpara. May Allah Bless his soul.
The greatest gift given to a man, is his Mother. . May Allah SubhanuWahTa'la bless all our mothers and may He protect…
THIS IS FOR THE MEN THAT HAVE ONLY ONE WIFE:. ¤ May the almighty ALLAH gIve you the ability and opporturnity to...
May Allah answer my secret prayers, wipe away my secret tears, erase my secret fears and lift me to the position so dearly des…
If Tahajjud is not part of your life, make it from tonight. Start small and then expand, in shaa Allah. May Allah make it easy…
(RA) .. May allah give us an opportunity to visit this place. . Ameen
My life may not be going the way I planned it, but it is going exactly the way Allah planned it. “ALLAH is the best of…
may Almighty Allah continue to forgive and pardon our beloved dad, your excellency peace unto u and good morn
May Allah ease everything for this morning 😊
When you are tempted to sin remember. . 1. Death. 2. ALLAH is watching you. . 3. The Angels are recording you.May ALLA…
Alhamdulillah for today, Alhamdulillah for the gifts of life. Let's not thank Allah by going against His commandments. May H…
May Allah bestow the haqq of Islam in all of our hearts, and help us become better muslims
is . Strive for that which will last for eternity-Jannah, in sha Allah ♡. May…
I look so clapped today, may Allah guide me
the most loved of Pak .raheel sir v will never forget ur efforts for pak. may Allah bless us with such army chiefs in future.
May I never forget, on my best day, that I still need Allah as desperately l as I did on my worst day.
Jummah Mubarak guys.. . May Allah bless your day and bring peace and unity in our Ummah.. Ameen
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Jummah Mubarak to you as well.stay happy always.May Allah pak bless Lodhis with his countless blessings
Thank gosh is 6am. Just want to get on with the day already🤓. Jummah Mubarak☺️ May Allah bless you all with good health and success I'A.
May Allah bless you all with his countless blessings aameen Jummah Mubarak
May Allah remove all the pain, worries & sufferings from your life. Ameen!!. Jummah' mubarak
May Allah shower his countless blessings on you and your family on this holy day. Jummah Mubarak.
Jummah Mubarak .. May Allah bless u all wid full of Happiness... ❤
Happy Birthday Lt. Ayyaz Ahmad. May Allah grant him highest ranks in Jannah. Aameen
V sad news. May Allah bless u Sbar E Azeem. No doubt he has good place in Janmah. Happy there ...
We were sleeping . He was out there fighting 4 us. You are a Hero. May Allah forgive u ur sins. May He bless what u left
We offer our deepest condolences on the sad demise of Yawar Hayat Khan. Pakistan has lost a Gem. May Allah grant him h…
Shiekh Sb wishing you a happy birth day, May Allah almighty bless you more healthy life, ameen
It was a pleasure 2deliver the Friday speech &lead the Friday prayers @ Masjid-e-Salaam,Preston. May Allah,the Almighty,m…
Happy Birthday 🎉🎈 So much admiration for you. May Allah continue to strengthen your imaan. ❤
Sending your way,. Beautiful and heart felt wishes,. On this special occasion of your birthday!. May Allah bless you. Happy Birt…
May Allah almighty bless u and IK for this noble cause
Happy Birthday 🎉🎊 May Allah bless you with all that you desire, ameen
Happy Birthday May Allah shower His blessings on you today nd always..
May Allah bless you with a long life! This is my sincere prayer to Allah on your birthday,
Birthday wishes May Allah grant you your heart desires, Allah yayi albarka🎊🎉
Happy Birthday Allah's Khair now and always. May Allah bless your hustle 🙌🏼
birthday ad ke? Happy Birthday ad! May Allah bless you always and stay adventurous!
Happy Birthday my CEO May Allah reward you abundantly and bless your hustle. Luh you girl.😘😘❤️
Happy Birthday Dilah! May Allah bless you and stay pretty ♥
Happy Birthday azmina bb! May Allah bless you always and have fun 2day! 💖✨🎉
Happy Birthday adik comel 🎉 May Allah bless you. Here's a cake, balloon, and rose just for you 🎂🎈🌹
Happy Birthday handsome boy. May Allah blessed your day. Take care
Together, we stand united and celebrate our symbol of pride. May Allah bless His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nah…
Long day tomorrow insha Allah. May Allah spare our lives, if that is best for us. If we're meant to die, may Allah have merc…
Surely, but Insha'Allah, not impossible. You'll make it. May Allah be with you and succeed you.
Dr Zakir Naik's father doctor Abdul Karim Naik passed away today . May Allah grant him Jannah n give patience to the family a…
May Allah grant Moin Khan's father the highest place in Jannah.
May Allah grant Dr. Abdul Karim Naik Jannah and forgive all his sins. Aameen.
May Allah provide for us to complete our Deen. Amin Yaa Rabb!
today is your birthday? Woww happy born day ❤ may allah bless you and belajar elok². Take care yaaa kak...
A horrible day at work Sad day fr nation .May Allah be wth innocent families of martyrs .May all enemies of state b defeatd .
May Allah protect our country from all these enemies inside and out ... May we see peace and Love everywhere... Ameen.
Happy Birthday beautiful, may Allah bless you with happiness and many more years to come insha'Allah, have an amazing day! Xxx
Captain Rooh Ullah May Allah bless you with the highest ranks of Jannah and your family with sabar aameen
Start your day with Bismillah and end with Alhamdulillah. May Allah bring tranquility and joy to your hearts.
We need a very hostile policy & response to all anti-Pakistan elements..even if it's US or India.May Allah Almighty help us
May Allah ease everything for you. Have faith✨
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