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May Allah

Peace be upon him is a phrase that practising Muslims often say after saying (or hearing) the name of one of the Prophets of Islam.

Happy Birthday King Abdullah Hazrat Umar Allahu Akbar Imam Malik Prophet Muhammad King Salman Rasul Allah Imran Khan Happy Anniversary

Wishing our sisters and brothers in a happy national day! May Allah bless you all with joy and prosperity. كل عام و الكويت حرّه❤💚
. Allahu Akbar. ALLAH swt guides who He Wants. Masha Allah! May Allah swt keep him firm if he becomes a revert in sha Allah!
Goodnight. May Allah replace all my sadness into something beautiful. Assalamualaikum.
Abu Yahya Khuraim bin Fatik (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "He who...
1) Spubs' confusion: Audio distributed by Spubs Years Ago:. May Allah save us from ugly Hizbeeyah.
“"We feel like we are buried here". May Allah bless this brother and give him thabat.
Happy 21st Birthday aka Chinkalong ! May Allah bless you and have a blast bro. tika taka 4lyfe 👊
I thank govt of for registering "Royal Africa Securities Exchange"! May Allah continue to shower blessing on o…
Happy Birthday bro. May Allah bless you always. All the best ☺️
Happy Birthday mas! May Allah showered His blessing to you. All the best in your entire life. Hv a blast 🎈🎉
Whoi budak, Happy Birthday ! May Allah bless u always & good luck for your spm. Perh membesar dgn cepat dik! I do, i miss you so much
Happy Bornday Kak Izara 🎉🎉 May Allah bless u . Hv a nice day on ur birthday . Gdluck in ur life 😘😘
Libya is going to descend into Syria-style jihadist chaos. Sunni Arab nations: this is your war. May Allah grant you coura…
Happy 21st birthday . Have a great year ahead. May Allah bless you guys
May Allah brings every muslim here in House of Allah 🌷
My bro turns 21 today. Happy Birthday abang misai macho hero hindustan ! May Allah bless you!
Get well soon, may Allah bless you too.
syaa . Happy Birthday , may Allah bless you . Good luck untuk PT3 . :) awalnya , lol . :3
🌸💦🌸May Allah (swt) give us all the Sabr to fight through our hardships, it will all be worth it in the end ﺇﻥ ﺷﺎﺀ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ. . Am…
Beheading 12 xtians in the name of an ideology on behalf of Allah.may be if you see them as humans, you won't be such fools!! Mtcheeew!
May Allah forgive us for all the Salah’s we have missed for indeed the best of action is prayer at the prescribed time.
Allahul'Musta'an. May Allah guide us and him. Ameen
Happy bornday to my father..May Allah bless my father..amiin.
Mother of COAS Gen Raheel Sharif and Major Shabir Sharif (Shaheed )passed Away.May Allah bless her soul.Ameen
May Allah protect all those that are out for GMB in Borno today despite the fear. Brave people
May allah forgive our sins. Aamiin. Genite world
Dont stress yourself out because of that. Pray to Allah. Think positive. She may be having problems that doesn't want you to worry about.
Godnight people. May Allah bless us all. Spread joy n laughter n love...
May Allah grant him highest jannah.
May Allah remove all your worries and pains and bring you happiness.
Happy Birthday my dear! May Allah bless you always. Wish you happy long live with your beloved person. Stay healthy&cikedin…
"And remember Allah much, that you may be successful.'' [62:10]. .
Also,our deepest condolences and sympathies go to the family of the bereaved, may Allah give the peace to these three belove…
W salam.May allah grant him jaanatul firdos and patience to entire family to bear this loss.-ameen
A screen grab of my nix.. I miss u nix... May Allah protect u..
Masked youth remove flowers from Copenhagen shooter's home, post message: "May Allah show you mercy" http:/…
happy bornday tengg. May Allah bless you. Kbye
May Allah guide some of the kuffar. Some of them have beautiful hearts
May Allah remove hatred from hearts and bring peace to this world. Ameen
We may never be able to thank our parents enough for all they've done but ask Allah to forgive them&grant them Jannah http:/…
tlg wish for my rapunzel. happy belated day! may Allah bless her entire life & with whoever she will be together…
Happy Birthday farihahh 😘 may Allah bless youuu and have fun!
May Allah keep us firm on His obedience and on that which He loves and is pleased with. Ameen
we love you. May Allah grant u jannatul firdaus. . 15 minutes sketch challenge. .
Our heart is with those that lost their lives in Azare's bombing. May Allah grant them Jannatul Firdaus. Amin
Paradise lie under the feet of mothers. Make sure u obey your Mother and Make for her. May Allah grant our Mothers Jannatul firdaus.
May Allah open your mind to see reason. God bless Nigeria. Alhaji Shehu Shagari (GCFR) /32 End
Behind every successful man, is a great mother. May Allah preserve our mothers and bless them wit Jannatul Firdaus. ht…
Mothers; The purest form of love we'll ever come across!! May Allah grant our mothers Jannatul Firdaus. Aameen!!❤
Also met Shaykh Mustafa Kamal. SubhanAllah, what a nice person. May Allah bless him. Btw, when you going?
Jum3a mubarak everyone. May Allah accept your Friday prayers.
My sincerest condolences go out to their families. May Allah reward them the highest level of Jannah. RIP :(
Innocent Muslims murdered in the East and West. May Allah raise their ranks.
Islamic state in west Africa (Wilayat Nigeria) has land the size of Slovakia. May Allah bless them And increase them! http:…
Start the Day with Bismillah and end it with Alhamdulillah ... Do it because our Love to Allah,May Allah Blessing us everyday,Ammiinn *
"My life may not be going the way I planned it, but it is going exactly the way Allah planned it".
" belajar betul betul . ibu ayah dah tua. ". this broke my heart to the pieces . may Allah protect my parents and ease everyt…
May Allah help Pakistan and its cricket perform well in world cup despite injuries
May Allah grant all the children around the world happiness, good health, and innocence.
Happy Birthday Bro may allah bless you always. hihi
may Allah swt make this event a success & a means of benefit for attendees. Ameen. Really sad for missing this. a…
Enjoyed the company of scholars and friends at Academy dinner. May Allah accept all their efforts.
"Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un. Some gems are just special. He was one of them. May Allah grant him Jannah" UA
May Allah cure our Noble Sheikh Rabee' b. Haadi' with a complete and perfect cure
O Allah, I ask You for Paradise and any speech or deed that may bring me closer to it.
have a safe journey chek . may Allah blessed you
Allah loves you so much!. . HE Hears you constantly. . HE always answers ur request,. . may be not with a Yes. BUT. always with th…
Exposing others to make people laugh may end up in Allah exposing you and making you cry on the day of Judgement.
5:35. O you who believe!Take Allâh as a shield and seek means of nearness to Him, & struggle for His cause,so that you may attain your goal
Jazakiallah khair for everything you have done for me may Allah blessed you always my brother
"Done daftar semester 6 👏. May Allah ease everything for this semester. "
jasakallah ...may Allah give u success in your life...
May Allah (SWT) continue to bless and protect Jega and INEC... We all know you're not to blame and we still love and re…
Hari last pecah kepala. May Allah ease me. Lepas nie subjek tenang. Argh.!!! Life must go on, go on…
may Allah ease everything.. even we had previous life in the dark situation.. just forget it.. look forward and keep strong..
A bright sunny day and flying in north makes the best out of it. May Allah bless Pakistan peace and harmony - ameen http:…
May Allah ease everything for us tomorrow. Goodnight. Assalamualaikum 😄
May Allah put the love of the Quran in our hearts and make us amongst those who listen and act upon it. Wallahi we take it fo…
Happy Anniversary may allah bless you with many more 😘
May Allah make us the keys that open the doors of goodness and make us the keys that close the doors of evil. اللهم آ…
Happy Birthday putput, may Allah bless you. Thank you for being such a good friend 😙 love you 💕
Jom. jalan2 cari magnet. flight to athens at 11. may Allah ease. 🙊
By Allah there is none who makes dua for us as much as our parents. May Allah make you and I of those who are humble to…
O you who believe, persevere and endure and remain stationed and fear Allah that you may be successful [Al 'Imran 3:200]
The three signs of a hypocrite. This is according to Bukhari. May Allah protect us.
Happy many retuns day,my angel. May Allah bless your steps to the best destiny ever. Love you… (w/ Fitri) [pic] —
May Allah ease everything for today. Bismillah
m0rning all have a wonderful day may ALLAH bless you..!!
Please read this and honestly it gave me such goosebumps subhanaAllah. may Allah protect everyone from this Ameen
may Allah kill any one involved in this postponement before the election.
My prayer for today:. May Allah give us the wisdom to find joy in the progress we make everyday, no matter how small tha…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Dont think too much dear,like children,shopping s also a real stress buster for girls ;-)May Allah bless u wid d best,be happy
Pc of 25 years Hasan Ali a shining star of Sheffield passed away 2 day was buried by 3pm May Allah grant him Jannat. Al Firdos
Today janaza salah of 1 of our brothers. P.C Hasan Ali frm Sheffield. Came out of a islamic gethering hit by a car. May Allah grnt him janah
May Allah bless us all with togetherness built on getting closer to Him عز و جل and his Rasul صلى الله عليه و سلم. . Ameen.
May Allah grant us the strength to practice Islam with sincerity, humility, and conviction. Ameen
May Allah keep you safe and in providence, away from all evil and harm, encompass your heart with happiness, and grant…
Subhan'Allah, we take things for granted too easily... May Allah guide us
Finally!. Go Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan :). About time :). May Allah reward him and raise his ranks. The next talk...
May Allah send upon our deceased Muslim Ummah His Rahma and Forgiveness... 😢😢
The great leader of Muslim ummah have passed away. May Allah rest his soul in peace and grant him high ranks in JANAT …
May Allah bless us with infinite hppness, fulfil all our dreams, aspirations & answer prayers. May He build a home 4 us in Jannatul Firdaus.
May Allah bless his innocent soul and grant him in jannatul firdaus. Amen.
Prayer is better than sleep! Read Fajr salat my brothers and sisters. May Allah guide us all to do so. Ameen
May Allah release our brother from incarceration.
. Ohh Ya Rabb. So sad. May Allah give them the fortitude to bear the loss and may jannatul firdaus be her final abode
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May Allah (SWT) grant us and all the Marhoomeen Forgiveness and Jannatul Firdaus (Aameen)
May Allah forgive and grant him jannatul firdaus, amin
May Allah (SWT) make You and I the inhabitants of Jannatul Firdaus :')💕
Watching some Hussain Kamani lectures. MashaAllah he's amazing.May Allah grant him Jannatul Firdaus 😊🙌👌👏
MashAllah my leader and first lady of Pakistan. Back from Ummrah. . May Allah swt bless them both
IN THE ALMIGHTY NAME OF GOD ALLAH! MOST GRACIOUS, MOST MERCIFUL! WISE! May Almighty God Allah [swt] keep us upon All that which Is USEFUL & BENEFICIAL, that STRENGTHENS & ENLIGHTENS us! And increases our Knowledge and [Emaan] In Shaa Allah! [Ameen] Assalaamu Alaikum Worldwide, for Sure! "King Abdullah Bin 'Abdul 'Azeez", May Allah [swt] Have Mercy Upon him said to his people: Indeed whoever [firmly] holds on to the Islamic "Aqeedah" Allah [swt] The One Who is free of ANY imperfections AND The Most High; will guard him from ALL [evil] and harm. And INdeed that which is raised as objections against the Kingdom, Islam and the Muslims from the news papers and other than them, the quarters that [support] them ARE well-known, But NOTHING is correct except that which [Is] CORRECT! I advise YOU and MYSELF to have FEAR of Allah [swt]. And that you must know that ALL of [you] ARE being targeted, it is Not just Saudi nor Iraq and it is Not Sudan or [other] than that. The targeted Is Islam. The target [Is] ISLAM! Thi ...
May Allah grant her jannatul firdaus. It's tough living in a place where Muslims are scarce.
. Let them set the standards never set in the history of Pakistan ... May Allah bless us ... All ... Aameen
Thousands protesters in the streets against 86 years for innocent sister Aafia. May Allah bless them and free Aafia
Ina lilahi waina ilayhi raji'un. May Allah have mercy on his soul. He passed away last night. May he rest in peace. I pray he is in a good place. Ameen. Prayers to Mze Masome
Best friend's mother died. May her soul rest in peace.May Allah give strength to bear this irreparable lose to her son and daughers :(
May Allah forgive Arafat Rahman Koko and grant him Jannah. May Allah forgive Ziaur Rahman and grant him Jannah...
Mr and Mrs Khan many many congrats for umrah May Allah bless you and your family ameen
Saudis recalled the late King Abdullah’s concern for the people in general and Saudis in particular, and his unique contribution in making their lives peaceful and comfortable. They expressed their full faith in his successor, King Salman. Omar Abdullah Nasseef, dean of the English language institute of King Abdulaziz University, said: “May Allah forgive and bless the soul of King Abdullah. He not only won the hearts of Saudis but Muslims all over the world. His great achievements in the form of development of the country and for the prosperity of Islam are unforgettable. The whole nation is with King Salman and we are fully confident that the transformation of the Kingdom will bring more development and progress. We hope to see a giant leap for King Abdullah’s project of interfaith dialogue for the peace and prosperity of the whole world.” Bakri Matwaq Assas, director of Umm Al-Qura University, told Arab News that he was shocked and felt very miserable when he got the news. “King Abdullah not o ...
Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raj'un, May Allah have mercy on the king of Saudi Arabia who has past away and forgive him for his sins and shortcomings. May Allah make his successor a man who will cling to the book and the Sunnah and protect the lands of Islam. “There is no Muslim who dies on the day of Friday or the night of Friday, but Allah will protect him from the trial of the grave.” (The Prophet ﷺ, Narrated by Ahmad, 6546; al-Tirmidhi, 1074. al-Albani, hasan, saheeh). SHEIKH UMRAN
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Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz has died. He dies at 90 after been admitted to hospital with pneumonia. May his soul rest in peace and May Allah make Jannatul firdaus to be his final abode. Ameen!
The custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia passed away this morning. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon. Prince Salman bin Abdul Azeez takes ovee the charge of new King. May Allah have mercy on King Abdullah and May Allah make tasks easy for King Salman.
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia passed away a few hours and prince Salman is da new king.May Allah forgive his sins
Education is one thing, but to come out of a class with renewed confidence, focus and direction is an extraordinary thing. was the recent course I attended provided by the AlKauthar team in Toronto, may Allah reward them. The course is not geared towards children but the environment and impact they have go far beyond what we can imagine. It inspired my daughter to come out of her comfort zone. I will admit I am nervous for her, but my daughters choice is her choice and I will support her and most likely smack anyone who gets in her way. Bad daddy thinking, but I feel that way. Sunnah is to NOT HIT! ;) Anyway my daughter decided to begin practice of hijab in a non-islamic environment. First day at school with khimar (headscarf). May Allah make it easy for her, and may Allah grant me Sabr. Thank you AlKauthar Canada for the truly inspiring experience that I pray will strength the deen of others as it has for me and my family.
Ramadan Kareem beautiful followers. May Allah accept our fasts, 'ibadah and salaah. May He help us to reform and become clos…
when our leaders will start to give us respect??? May Allah give Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid good health and...
1/2 Each day I'm going to post a victim of Israel in Palestine. May Allah accept them into Janna, peace at last.
Mohammad Ali Javed AliJaved93 :. Uncle Ishtiaq passed away. 3 heart attacks in a few minutes. May Allah him high place in Jannah, Amee...
Abu Hurayrah may Allah raise his rank said to the Prophet: “O Messenger of Allah, when I see you I feel elated and my eyes become filled with joy.”
Happy Birthday ! May Allah bless you and your family always 🎂🎉🎊🎊
May Allah Destroy them again and again and again
Only a mother knows that pain and sorrow :( May Allah gve them courage ..
Marriage is not easy, but with Allah's help, it can be the best time ever. May Allah bless all couples and those who are se…
assalamualaikum sister. may Allah grant your prayers today 😇
May Allah Forgive those who died in today,s accident and pray for those who injured in abbotabad u turn abdal). :(
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Bara. He said may Allah be pleased with him: what you see something better than never "ﷺ.
To Allah we belong and to him we return. May Allah keep you safe from the punishment of the grave and may he reserve a place in jannah for you. In Sha Allah and Amiin. Allah yarhum.
Are you really muslims?. Did Allah say you may murder innocent people?. And if you receive money,you will stop execute japanese.
Whoever is suffering from whatever illness, may Allah grant them cure and ease. Ameen.
I sin,. You sin. We all sin. BUT the best among the sinners are those who repent. May forgive our sins,Ameen. صَلَّى ا…
thank you so much!!! hehe may Allah showers you with his blessing too!! ❤️☺️
Salam Shop Grand Opening is Sat,Feb 7th noon it's going to be epic please share with family and friends and support this sister amazing boutique with awesome vendors it's going to be one amazing shopping experience! May Allah grant you great success Salam Shop Ameen
Happy 16th birthday ! May Allah shower you with his blessings, stay pretty and goodluck in your studies! :3
Anas may Allah be pleased with him,said, "The Prophet, peace be upon him best people in character."
"Masha Allah! New beautiful. May Allah grant us all a chance to. visit His Home at least once. Ameen. .
May Allah ease everything! Always back to Him whatever happen!!
Happy Birthday pretty!! may Allah bless you and may good things come to you in shaa allah ☺️
My mother is just the most sweetest woman on earth. May grant her the highest level of Jannah. Ameen.
Shoutout birthday to (batch36) May Allah bless u. Goodlck in evrythng u do. Last batch nver forget u bro !
Yes may Allah continue to forgive our sin
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Great message from a muslim brother.. Pls watch and share.. May Allah swt guide us all..Aameen!
May Allah grant his Parents e jamil .
All are requested to please pray for my father's health. His one side got paralyzed... Although it was an initial attack and he has recovered a lot but still needs full recovery. May Allah give him very speedy recovery . Ameen
Umm 'Umarah Al-Ansariyah (May Allah be pleased with her) reported: Once the Prophet (ﷺ) visited us and I served him some food.
Dawah with the team in may Allah reward brother
Faith is accepting that you may not understand everything, but knowing that Allah will direct you to what He wants for your life
With Allah in your life, you may get knocked down, but you'll never get knocked out! Allah will help you get back on your feet!"
sorry for your loss! may Allah SWT grant her Al Jannah Firdaus! Amin
Alhamdulelah, by the grace of Allah rabuAlazet, Me along with my 5 members of family are leaving today for performing Umrah in KSA. May Allah accept our prayers and deeds. Billions of thanks to Allah for allowing me to come again.:)
" sometimes we feel we're weak to come forward. Don't worry, keep calm and may Allah ease everythings "
Had a rough night... Feeling shattered. May Allah protect us from those who wish to harm us from amongst people & jinn
Sabah el kheir to the beauty of my life, my beautiful mother. May Allah give her a long life. Ameen.
happy 17th birthday einani, May Allah bless u and have a blast, goodluck for spm😀 🎉🎁
Happy Birthday to my angry bird.may Allah give u happy and long life.ameen Stay blessed. One wish for my nephew M.Reyan.khala love u ♥♥
Blessed me and my wife with a healthy baby boy. Alhamdulillah.. . MashAllah May Allah protect us and our childrens from evil
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Allah may be testing other people in their difficulties but also remember that Allah is testing you in your comfort.
Happy Birthday again Hilal, my classmate^^ May Allah bless you and get straight A's in SPM :)
Wishing everyone happiness & peace 3 times over. May Allah give you all that u desire & more this year & ever after.
Oh really^^ so cool^^ may allah accept her prayers and duaa ^^ i wish she comebck home safe and gd health .
May Allah grant our mothers with the highest ranks in Jannah. . Ameen.
may Allah make the dream for the masses fulfil the journey is a collective strugle Chnge is a must as u can test…
Today at 220 pm this little princess was born and today she is blessed to celebrate her 16th birthday. May Allah continue to bless you as you journey through life. Mom loves you then, now and forever you will always be my little princess. Happy Birthday
Narrated `Abdullah bin Mas`ud (may Allah be pleased with him): “I asked the Prophet (peace be upon him), ‘Which deed is the dearest to Allah?’ He (pbuh) replied, ‘To offer the at their early stated fixed times.’” [Sahih Bukhari] on time, and stay on top of your game! Youtube Link:
Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilah Shukar Alhamdulilah God has selected our home for his REHMA and has blessed us with cute Baby Doll..Thanks Almighty Allah May Allah guide and strength us for her right care and growth in accordance with Islamic values and may she has happy,prosperous and successful life ahead.
Are you ready for the grave and for what comes after? Are you living life obeying your Creator your Maker Allah swt, or are you being pimped by Shaytan? When you fall into sin and you make a mistake do you rush towards the Mercy and forgiveness of Allah swt or do you continue in your transgression, to proud to apologize. Do you treat people with dignity, kindness and respect? or do you display the worst of manners when you get upset, cursing, using foul language,and violence. When someone reminds you with love that your slipping away from what's pleasing to Allah and they remind you to remember Allah do you humble yourself and make Tawbah and prayer or do you arrogantly continue in your ways being pimped by Shaytan? May Allah swt help us to always turn back to him seeking his forgiveness and mercy and if we have done anyone wrong may we never be to proud to apologize so that when the grave comes we are in a good state inshaAllah. “Bring yourself to account before you are taken to account.” “Weigh y ...
izzat mahab janab Muhammad Munir Saheb an international legend and the best scholar . we are proud of him ... may Allah bless him peace, prosperity and good health !
SHAREProcession in Harrow is taking place on 1st of Feb,you are requested to take part in this procession along with your family & friends for the following reasons ; Harrow central Masjid is purpose built Biggest Masjid in & around London.It was built with millions of pounds,soon the building work finished,all badmazhabs have made an alliance to take over the Masjid.Unfortunately they have won the election by conspiracy.Charity commission is investigating the election process & hopefully it will declare the election null & void,but those badmazhabs can't wait to take over the Masjid & pressurising the current Sunni but week management to hand over the Masjid.Brothers we need your support on 1st of Feb to demonstrate the Sunni power.We urge all Aashqan-e-Rasool from UK to please help us on the day to save this Masjid.May Allah reward you for your efforts. While the sunnis have been sleeping, the wahhabis HIZB Tahrir and DEOBANDIS have formed a alliance to takeover the mosque. With recent events in Pakist ...
This video made me ashamed.. May Allah help all Tormented people and his beloved creations.Ameen ..!!!
A great asset and son of dagbon was born on this day 20th of january, somewhere in Sankarayili. This great and proud son of dagbon has paid his dues so well in advocating for good governance. His great sense of humour always make him exceptional among his peers, this chap has hold Islam in high esteem and with that, SMC has unanimously endorsed him as our Imam. Ibrahim Meisuna today is ur day, enjoy it to the fullest and may Allah fulfill ur dreams and aspirations in life.
Dearest brothers and Sisters, this is a short lesson about some physical attributes of our master Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The Messenger of Allah, Sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, said: the one who sees me in a dream has truly seen me for indeed the devil can not take my shape to deceive people. The Prophet, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, was not short and not tall; rather he was medium leaning toward tallness in height. His abdomen did not protrude beyond his chest. His face was by birth tinged with redness. His eyebrows were thin. His teeth were beautifully arranged with a slight gap between them. His eyes were broad and had very black pupils, very white base and plenty of eyelashes. He had a thick beard. His hair was black. His forehead was clear with no hair on it. He had plenty of hair on his head and was not bald; his hair was curly. He used to grow it long to his ear lobe and sometimes to his shoulders. He had only about twenty white hairs. He used to walk steadily and whenever he wanted to ...
Emotional | Kaash Meree Maa Zindaa Hotee by Maulana Tariq Jameel May allah give us Taufiq to respect our Parents.
Contemplations regarding the attack on the offices of the French newspaper ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Shaykh 'Aasim al-Qaryooti Reference: praise is for Allah and may peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions. I had previously published an article entitled: “Mocking and insulting the Prophet Muhammad and his religion incites terrorism.” [1] This was after the vile behaviour of the Danish newspaper ‘Jyllands-Posten’ in which they published (in Sep. 2005) twelve different cartoons mocking and depicting the Messenger of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him). In one of these cartoons, the Prophet (peace be upon him) appeared to be wearing a turban resembling a bomb around his head! I said in my previous article: “The shameless position of these two newspapers incites organised global terrorism against which conferences and workshops have been organised – of course, the definition and understanding of terrorism is differed over. These newspapers incite terrorism, because so ...
Assalamualaikum, Such a beautiful voice n recitation, Mashallah may Allah (swt) bless her and her parents with Good health n Jannah in after life. Subhanallah aisi video dekh kar subah *** toh kya baat hai. Pls watch share and tag. God bless us all.
I wish that 8 Billion people of the World could watch this video, which may not be possible, thus i am wishing that it may be watched by all truthful people at least once. I dedicate this poem to all humans in general n all Pakistanis in particular This poem was written by National poet of Pakistan Doc Allama Iqbal (May Allah grant him a highest abode in Jannah. ameen). Lastly i dedicate it to a group Known as NASHEED n
Is manage like dating?? You can find the answer in this video May Allah help us all to be better by following Allah bath AMEEN
By the passage of time you come more close to are everywhere,there is not a minute without are in your sisters chat,you are always with your father while he is driving,eating,dreaming.i am always trying to cook food which you used to like.but you were such a shy and less demanding child that only like few never says that you dont like this,you only take few bites and left.some times i tried to remmember which fruit you liked but again unable to find that too.hopefully you were enjoying fruits there in are chilling with your new friends as you usual.happy you are in the best place,out of this fake world.whenever i see people struggling for their future,i remember you,when one day your sisters were sitting beside you and asking worriedly that shahzeb what do you want to be,what are your future plans and you answered innocently that i dont know but whatever you people decided for me i will try my best to achieve my i realised that my allah has better plans for yo ...
îBeautiful messageîî Which made me ashamed of myself î. âªHave you ever wondered what would have happened if we treated the Quraní ½í³ the way we treat our îmobile phone...? âªWhat if we can carry it with us wherever we go; In our bags îî£. & our pockets? âªWhat if we looked at the pagesî several times a dayí ½í³? âªWhat if we went backî to take it if forgottenî? âªWhat if we treated as though we cannot live without it..? - And really, we cannot live without it...! âªWhat if we give it to our children î¨ as giftsî?? âªWhat if we read it while travellingîí ½íºîîî?? âªWhat if we made it a priority everyday?? Let our logo be : " Quranî is my best friendí ½í²." âªOnly 7% will re- send the message. âªBe amongst them & send it to the largest possible number of peopleí ½í±¬í ½í±­. âªDon't be of the 93% who will not share the message. âªThinkî... Even once... Day of Judgment... we will realise we daily opened messages from friendsî¨... âªWe ...
Majority of the people, Muslims and Non-Muslims have a bad past where they lived life not caring about the consequences of their actions. Some realise their purpose and so change their lives in a way that will please Allah, while others still remain in the dark. So firstly Alhumdulilah for Allah to save us. "And He found you lost and guided [you]..." (Qur'an 93:7) "Will Allah forgive me?", "Will Allah allow me a fresh start?", "Will Allah love me?" The plain and simple answer to all is YES! In sha Allah He will my brother. There is plenty of evidence in the Qur'an and the Adhaith which tells us Allah loves those who repent and indeed He loves to forgive, afterall He is Al-Ghafour, Al-Ghaffar - The Most Forgiving, The Repeatedly Forgiving - “Say: O ‘Ibaadi (My slaves) who have transgressed against themselves (by committing evil deeds and sins)! Despair not of the Mercy of Allaah, verily, Allaah forgives all sins. Truly, He is Oft‑Forgiving, Most Merciful” [al-Zumar 39:53]. Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah ...
24Hrs left until I go To court and sit in front Of these people who can take ma Freedom at any moment and its their Jobs to do so... May allah🙌 guide me on a straight path to success...👳 HOPIN FOR THE BEST PREPARED FOR THE WORST... GM FB FRIENDS,FRAUDS AND ASSOCIATES
Few more days left in Malaysia, so much more to do, to all my friends and client am so sorry if I can't make time to spend with all of you, the thought of buying me lunch or dinner are really appreciated, am so Blessed, am trying my best to slot in all the invitations, really exhausting moving house, so much to do, I hope all of you would understand, may Allah bless all of you for your kindness
Hey guys I'm leaving this group Agr koi baat buri lgi *** maaf kr dijie ka, it was nice 2 meet you all. May ALLAH bless you all and your family/families AMEEN
Never marry just because you have to fullfill someone else's wish or command. Marry when you feel you have found your mate and marry to please Allah. May Allah (SWT) help us in making everything easy for us in our path to marriage. Ameen.
If you feel like your iman is so low that you don't even feel guilty about committing sins or missing prayers, you stop making dua and you can actually feel the hardness of your heart, to the point that no reminders affect you, you start to repel away from listening to lectures and your Quran is covered with dust.. you start to fall back on Islamic sweetness and replace it with music, romance novels, inappropriate movies, gossiping etc.. but a small thing in you is still alive, you still WISH you felt something even if you don't, but you wish you did. The way to solve this Is not easy, but you'll have to climb out of the hole you dug. Going down was easy, but climbing back out? Not so easy. All you have to do is try by just focussing on your 5 prayers, that's it nothing else. If you do this, you will feel yourself climbing out just a little bit, enough to give you a need for more. Eventually, you will open the Quran, your heart will become a little more soft and the things you didn't feel guilty about, st ...
May Allah Safe guards us and forgive our shortcomings...
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Gulshan e Fatima(R.A) Ke the sare Gulab Reyt par ... Nazrana e Aqeedat ba Huzur PUNJTAN Pak ...! May Allah accept all our prayers and forgive us on behalf of this Beloved Family of Our Beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) ! Ameen
Woke up to a very somber and sad mood this morning, my day couldn't have started worse than to the shocking news and demise of a very dear father, friend and mentor I admired a lot of respect for this individual not just because he was like a father-figure to me, but because of his amazing personality, his ability to touch the lives of Men, Women and Children alike, his individual sense of character, his never ending loving charm and above all his regard and respect for humanity in general! The world would never be the same without him in it, he left this huge vacuum of space in our hearts and minds that without any shadow of a doubt no one can ever be able to fill. Our hearts are left broken, our feelings are shattered and our lives are yet empty at the thought of such a great loss. The Community of and its suburbs has lost one of its GREATS! An Icon in his own right, an exemplary Parent/Guardian and a wonderful human being. My good old Dad use to tell me "Death is a necessary end" and "Life is too short ...
It's very sad to loose a mother,the beating heart of a home,a angel sent from above,who loves you like no other,let's make a little dua to Joba Bibi's mum,that she lost today, Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un,may Allah make easy for her,never ask her any question for she is a mother who put everyone els first before her, may Allah give her jannah ..AMEEN..
SHOCKING VIDEO MUST WATCH May Allah guide the Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam [ SHARE ]
Nawawi Narrated Abu Dharr Jundub ibn Junadah & Abu Abdurrahman Muadh ibn Jabal. The Prophet ﷺ said, “Have taqwa (fear) of Allah wherever you may be, and follow up a bad deed with a good deed which will wipe it out, and behave well towards the people.” Commentary: Taqwa is one of the most important and comprehensive Islamic concepts. The term is derived from its root “waqayya” which means “to protect.” Taqwa therefore means to protect one own self from the severe punishment of Allah by following His guidance. Some translate Taqwa as “to fear Allah”. However, fearing Allah is only one aspect of this comprehensive concept. Ali ibn Abi Talib defines it as: “Fearing Allah, adhering to His commandments, being content with what He provides one with, and getting ready for the Day of Judgement.” By realization of Taqwa a Muslim is granted many bounties and blessings which he/she may gain. Among them are: the Love of Allah, a criterion by which to judge and distinguish between right and wrong ...
Wai yaushene ebele zaizo bauchine yasha ruwan duwatsu the killer of nigeria the sponsor of boko haram any body who love jonathan to continue killing us, may allah stand with him in the day jughment a correct muslim will say ameen kafir and desivers of islam they would not says.
May Allah have mercy on Saleem's youngest brother, Ahmed, who died this morning in a work-related accident.
20th January 2015, am officially 23 yrs old..thanks to my family n friends for all the du'a n glad to have all of u in my life..thanks again..may Allah bless all of u..😘😘 xlupe pd yg "gigih" cari gmba tu, thank u sgt2..understood why u r always being crazy when saw u guys..😉😘
We have lost one of our significant Maple Leaf family member Ashraf Uzzaman Sir. May Allah rest his soul in peace.
MashaAllah to brother Jibril Wahab from France who accepted my Quran Challenge. Wonderful voice and good recitation. May Allah strenghten your Iman and bless your future. So also you, take part, record a clip upload it with & , nominate your friends - post it on my wall. I will watch it and take anyone to present it on my page :)
shi'a followers are muslims, but prophet will never ever proud with them. out from shi'a so that your faith (iman) will fullfill. may ALLAH guide them.
The second tallest twin-towers in africa will be established in Nairobi by Hass Petroleum,each tower with 56 Stairs.wonderful achievement in 17 years .May Allah protect you brother Nasir ,The chairman .
Happy Birthday dear cousin .MAY ALLAH BLESS you with all happiness
Parents... Please don't leave your kids unattended; even at home! May Allah protect them for us. Amīn! Allahu Hafiz :(
Alhamdolillah, Allah is very very very kind to me and my family. My wife, son in law Khawaja Naveed and daughter performed Umra last day and 2nd Umra starting in few minutes in sha Allah. Pls dua for all to be at Mekkah & Madina every day,Ameen Happy Birthday Naveed at Mekkah. May Allah bless you happy healthy long long life,Ameen
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May allah send you ahelper this week if you have time Type "AMEN"
One of my dear non-Muslim friend just text me from Spain . Just wanted to tell you that today, your btothers are doing something wonderful here in Spain: in the town of Soria, they're donating blood as a gesture to show that Muslims respect the human life above all things. "When you save a human life, your'e saving all Humanity", or something like that, stated their spokeperson. Thanks for all your kindness, my dear Siraz :) A big thanks for my lovely brothers in Islam in Spain for doing this kind of events. May Allah help you. and try to know ... Siraz Ibn Malik
All plezz for of Syed Yousif Raza Gilani . May Allah help the Syed Ali Haider Gillani.
ouhh . Happy Birthday . May Allah bless you
hai cantiik 😍 Happy Birthday . May Allah grant all your wishes and sweet 19 beb . Be cantik selalu …
Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you and havva blast ☺️have fun!
I'm officially 16 now. Happy Birthday to ME. May Allah ease everything. I will do my best and I'm…
Happy Birthday REZA! May Allah always blesses you and your dreams come true. Wishing you a hundred…
May Allah give us the patience to hold on through the dark hour for surely the dawn of a new day approaches.
Hazrat Jarir bin `Abdullah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: We were sitting with the Messenger of Allah [SAWW](PBUH) when he looked at the full moon and observed, "You shall see your Rubb in the Hereafter as you are seeing this moon; and you will not feel the slightest inconvenience in seeing Him.'' [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]. Lesson: as mentioned in Surah Fatir Ayat 35. “"All the praises and thanks be to Allah) Who, out of His Grace, has lodged us in a home that will last forever; there, toil will touch us not, nor weariness will touch us.” Just as when we witness the moon there is no problem, no rush or troublesome gathering of people and no pushing of one another, the pious will see Allah without any trouble or difficulty. How shall we see Him, we cannot describe this even by any instance or parable. In Surat Ash-Shura, Verse 11, it is said that there is nothing like Him. However, we cannot see Him in this world with these worldly eyes. The reason is that, as Imam Malik says, these eyes are . ...
In honesty all that clown Charlie Hebdo from Paris France did was open the flood gates around the world to the non Muslims to find out who our Prophet is. The more people like Charlie Hebdo who try & mock our Prophet only open doors to people joining Islam by the truck loads 2.5 billion & Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Philadelphia alone houses the most Muslims in this country, so to the people who didn't know who our Prophet was now they know who he is because of his followers who love him & spread Dawah & educate the non believers that our Prophet was the best MAN who ever walked the face of the Earth. May Allah increase on the scales of the Muslim Men & the Muslimah Women who put in the hard work everyday of spreading Allah's Quran & the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him 👆
As we return home, a big Jazak... 2 all donors and supporters. May Allah reward U all abundantly. Ameen. Jazak... also from
Ameen. . Jazak'allah khair for the du'a. Wish the same for u Akhi. May Allah grant you success in this world and hereafter
Jazak'Allah. May Allah bless you with more than what you have asked for me. Ameen
Jazak'Allahu khayra. May Allah ta'ala preserve and protect you. Ameen. I will keep you in my du'as.
Where's the media outcry over this act of terrorism. May Allah aid our brothers and sisters in Central Africa... http:/…
_ Allahu Akbar. _ May Allah destroy the enemies of our beloved prophet (s.a.w)
Quran chapter 18. Verse 23. And do not say of anything "Surely I will do it tomorrow " 24. Without adding: "If Allah wills" when you forget, remember your lord and say "May Allah guide me and bring me nearer to the truth ". Allahu Akbar. Quran is just sweet and perfect. Yaa Allah make us among those who can memorize n understand the meanings. Yaa Allah we ask you for guidance; for whom Allah guides are rightly guided and whomever Allah let's go astray, no guardian can lead him. Yaa Allah forgive us; make us better Muslims ; use us to promote this Deen. Yaa Allah you are enough for us.
“May Allah have Mercy upon Imam Malik. He only narrated authentic ahadits; he would never report anything if (cont)
Aslm o alikum ... Jumma mubarik to all of u must read surah kahaf after jumma prayer also darood pak of our beloved holy prophet (Sallallaho allihi waaliwasalim) ... May Allah pak forgive us , show us the path of Islam and sunah nd fullfilled our all true desire . Allah bless to all of u nd ur families . Regards: Rajput
wishing You n Sneha Di a very Happy Anniversary!! May Allah bless both of u with eternal love and happiness ♥
Valima Anas bin Malik (radi Allahu anhu) reported that Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) saw the trace of yellowness on Abdur-Rehman bin Auf (radi Allahu anhu) and asked: “What is this?” Thereupon, he said: “Rasul Allah, I have married a woman for a datestone weight of gold.” He responded: “May Allah bless you! Hold a wedding feast, even if only with a sheep.” [Sahih Muslim] After a simple ceremony of Nikah, the only celebration in an Islamic wedding is that of a Valima. The Valima is a meal hosted by the groom.
We composed 142 verses of poetry, each verse dedicated to a life that was lost on 16 December 2014 in Peshawar. Our intention of having 142 people read out these verses is simply the fact that it is quite easy to say out 142 as just a number. It is easy to the perilous extent of us being desensitized to what is actually taking place in reality. It is that very idea that we aim to break down with this small project. That we want everyone to realize that 142 is not just a number that can be said out and forgotten. This is what 142 looks like and this is what 142 sounds like... We thank the individuals from all over the world who contributed their time and energies for the production of this small but heartfelt effort. Thank you for showing that you still stand firm with the victims of the Peshawar incident. That the world still stands with Peshawar. May Allah bless you all. Watch in HD. - Pirangi
May Allah bless us all abundantly!! That`s all i`ve got to say, He is all giving and knowing, its been a long way for all of us but at least looking back at yesterday, things were never same! don`t forget to say Alhamdulillah everyday for we still have bread to eat..
Sannah helwa . May Allah swt bless you always 🌸
Please recite a surah fatiha for father who passed away during the early hours of this morning. May Allah (swt) bless his soul.
To my lovely sis Ubah ibrahim Words cannot be enough to express how thankful I am, u have been an amazin sis, Thank you for making me feel complete and takin a place of hoyo You did everything to make my wedding a success I cant repay u enough macaanto May Allah bless you abundantly In sha Allah, You are the good luck in my charm, Genie in my lamp and the magic in my world most importantly – the reason for my smiles. Thanks u lots.
Alhamdulillah... with the blessing of Allah Almighty... i have win the election of DBA. Sargodha and become President of DBA_Sgd... Thanx to all members of DBA sgd to vote and support me... May Allah bless you all... InshaAllah i'll work for the betterment of Sargodha Bar.. pray for me...
May Allah bless us all with the opportunity of going Umrah and being among those who stand in front of the Kaaba.
15 January 15. Birthday my mum. Sannah helwah maa. May Allah always bless you and Iloveyou so much♡
Thank you so much all of you. You made my day. May Allah bless all of you.
Asalaam alaikum brothers and sisters.My grandmother is seriously sick,i kindly request you to pray for her because her condition is not good.May Allah bless you.
Ya Allah. Alhamdulillah. I Dont know how to describe my feeling rn. Thanks a lot mdm jasmin. May Allah bless your life.
A brother shared the article below on my wall and i thought i share it as we could all benefit from it. May Allah bless you for taking the time to read it..:) Muslims, Christians, whatever religion, please read. “Arabic is the language of the Qur’an, but Arab cu...
May Allah bless u. The message is clear
Muhammad ﷺ spoke softly, walked humbly, interacted politely, cared for the poor & took care of the old. May Allah bles…
we'll always and keep praying for you. May Allah bless you. amin
Happy Birthday May Allah bless you with lots of happiness and success You are an awesome actress I really love u
Good wishes for Every Victims of Attack ..May Allah bless all Innocent people
MashaAllah! May Allah bless and guide him on his new path to Islam. Join Imam Omar Suleiman & MAS-ICNA Convention in welcoming him!
May Allah bless you. Please get xray of lungs done. Many present on 30th Aug got lungs effected by pois…
Nine years passed in a blink!!! Fizza you brought us blessing and made us the proud parents!!! Being parents is definitely a blessing and you are the first to bring that happiness in our lives!!! Love you loads princess. May Allah bless you with many more
I have learn so many things so far in my 23 years. I hope my 24th years journey this year show me something. May Allah bless me to you too🌸
Really sad news..Condolences to all the families lost their beloved member today in wahga boarder blast..May Allah bless the…
for your friendship, guys. Both of u always support each other. May Allah …
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Happy Birthday May Allah bless you. Stay pretty as you are ☺💕
Sorang classmate aku ni dah convert agama ke islam. May Allah shower her family with his loves. And may Allah bless her f…
Hend , Lili, Lana , Happy Birthday to Lana Kareem , Happy Birthday day to all of You. May Allah bless you all with health, wealth and joyful long life. Amin.💋💋💋
In the line of duty hav not been able to b with either Farah or Farhan on their b'days. May Allah give the cousins the best of …
(2/2) that u keep ur family members out of politics & PR appearances, no matter how brilliant one wud be. May Allah bless u.
Finally! Imran Khan got what he deserved. I'm proud of them parents who finally realized. May Allah guide all of us Pakistanis to the right path. United we stand. We do not need such fake leaders. Where were you when the kids were dying ? A bird dies in Punjab and the CM and PM is to be blamed and 155 children die in your province and you're busy celebrating your marriage ? And now you show up with such security pushing innocent people away, misbehaving with them, disrespecting them ? And you still claim to be the leader ? You still claim to be fearless ? Shame on you Mr. Khan! All you aim for is to be the prime minister may it be at the cost of thousands of Pakistanis! And more interestingly, your information minister comes and says yeh log hote kaun hain Khan Sahab ka rasta rokne wale ? Hello ? Dear sir, Yeh log apki awam hain. Yeh wo mazloom log hain jinhon ne ap jaison ko vote diye yeh din dekhne ke liye. Friends.. Do you really still wish to support such people who even reject to recognize you ? Who ...
: Suicide bomber fails to bomb mosque at kasuwan Mata, Gombe state. The bomb only killed the bomber. May Allah, prote…
There are eyewitness accounts testifying that Boko Haram in Baga cut stomachs of pregnant women open. Thus they follow the Sunnah of the original Khawarij. Infants, elderly, men, women, children, people were butchered indiscriminately, some were shot, some were burnt alive in their houses, some were drowned in the lake. May Allah curse Boko Haram and their supporters!
May Allah reward Ustadh Yahya Adel Ibrahim for sharing this message with us, ameen _ Guidelines for my Muslim Community regarding new cartoons to be published Tomorrow - Wednesday 14 January 2015 The following points are general guidelines for Muslims on how to initially deal with and immediately react to the depiction of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in magazines due to be published tomorrow (WEDNESDAY). 1. For every Muslim, Love of the Prophet ﷺ is a NECESSARY part of his/her FAITH. He is dearer to us than our mothers, fathers, sons & daughters. We prefer him to our own self. 2. The publishing of cartoons will hurt the sentiments of 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, as well as millions of non-Muslims who respect the great personality of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). 3. Muslims do believe in freedom of speech. And they do respect the right for people to say what they believe to be correct. However, we all know that there is no such thing as absolute free speech. There are laws to protect the dignity ...
One of the most heaviest and scary reminder from Shaykh Anwar Al Awlaki, explaining a dream of the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. Please Share and remind others. Your reward is with Allah SWT. May Allah protect us from his wrath. Ameen.
Happy Birthday May Allah continue to bless you always xx
congratulations khan saab! May Allah bless you and your family! Keep doing what you are for pakistan, we are all with you!
Mark Zuckerberg’s Hypocrisy. . May Allah guide these people.
May Allah guide and protect all Muslims around the world..Ameen.. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Islam is the world's fastest-growing religion by number of conversions each year: "Although the religion began in Arabia, by 2002 80% of all believers in Islam lived outside the Arab world. In the period 1990-2000, approximately 12.5 million more people converted to Islam than to Christianity". Part of the book's quote can be seen online from this excerpt from Google Books. This was again shown in the 2005, 50th anniversary edition of Guinness Book of World Records, although the number of conversions was not mentioned this time. In 1990, 935 million people were Muslims. According to the BBC, a comprehensive American study concluded in 2009 the number stood at approximately 23% of the world population with 60% of Muslims living in Asia. The report was done by the Pew Forum Research Centre. The forum also projected that in 2010 out of the total number of Muslims in the world 62.1% will live in ...
May Allah help those suffering, hurt, here and there and grant al with perpetual success! Ameen!!
Imran Khan is a life-support machine that Pakistan desperately needs .. we can not afford to shut it down!. May Allah keep h…
Kuala lumpur-bagan serai. May Allah ease my way.
Off to ksm for the burial of my friend n my brother Fidel Castro odinga.May Allah rest his soul in peace.Ameeen.
May Allah keep us on the straight path keep us free from pride and all sorts of diseases that effect the qalb Ameen
. Congratulations! May Allah bless you, the family, and
Innalillahi Wa'ina'ilahi Raji'un...I lost a friend and a brother in the early hours of today...Muhammad Salisu...May his soul rest in perfect peace,May Allah forgive all his sins,May Allah grant him Jannat Firdous,May we all meet in paradise...REST IN PEACE BROTHER!
“The forgotten Muslim hero of Paris attack May Allah rest his soul.
May Allah beautify our tongues with truth our heart with sincerity our souls with contentment our minds with good intentions Juma'at Mubarak
May Allah protect Muslims of France. & in sha Allah The Islamic State will be there for them once they needed it.
May Allah give you and your sons happiness.One day you will soon find the love of your life to spend With InnshaAllah. love you
May Allah have mercy on them .. And guide them to straight path .
May Allah swt protect our brothers across the world who struggle and May He SWT guide us all to the straight path! Ameen!
Happy Birthday to our beloved Prophet, Mohammed (s.a.w.a) 💞💞 May Allah (s.w.t) send his blessings on you and your pure family (a.s).
May Allah bless you success in every bad time may allah give much more u are the best bowler miss u
This saying of Hazrat Umar is most befitting description of this MUNAFIQ May Allah destroy him.
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"May Allah show mercy on the man who shows me my faults". Hazrat Umar (RA)
Sad news and request for dua. I have no details- was simply asked to share for dua. Please raise up your hands and make a special dua for the deceased. Amer Khalil, the Brother of our friend Humaira Khalil, has passed away. May Allah forgive his sins and and envelope his family and loved ones with infinite Mercy and patience at this time. May Allah grant him a wide expansive grave and enter him into the gardens of jannah without accountability. May he be reunited with his loved ones in jannah. Ameen.
187 million people, one dream, unity, peace, love and prosperity~. May Allah bless Pakistan with this all.
Thank you Islamabad for an awesome evening bismillahi ma sha Allah. May Allah bless Pakistan and its people and protect th…
May Allah protect Ahmadi Muslims & all other persecuted people in Pakistan. Aameen.
. at this old When one must be a It is an ad or May Allah help him Via
oh why youtube Alya youre so sweet 💘 may Allah bless you! 💓😊
"May Allah remove all your pains, worries and bring you happiness."
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