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May Allah

Peace be upon him is a phrase that practising Muslims often say after saying (or hearing) the name of one of the Prophets of Islam.

Happy Birthday Imam Mahdi Eid Mubarak

May Allah protect IK . Dr shahid masood told on tv govt secret open plan that they will attack on container of 28th nov night
What we suffered is nothing compared to the likes of Sheikh Omar Abdul Rehman & Sister Aafia Siddiqui etc.. May Allah re…
May Allah hasten the release of Aafia Siddiqui, keep her in good health & keep her steadfast. Free my sister in islam! htt…
Ramadan Mubarak to all! May Allah bless all of us in this holy month, Amen! . Farhan
WHO SMUGGLED "BIRTHDAY" AND "MAOLUD NABIYY" CELEBRATIONS INTO THE DEEN In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Merciful. I give thanks to Allah, subhanahu wata'aala and I bear witness that there is nobody worthy of worship except Him. I also testify that Muhammad, sollaLohu 'alaihi wasallam is the Messenger of Allah. May Allah shower His abundant blessings upon him, his household, Companions and the entire Muslim Ummah who follow his footsteps till the Last Day. In the first place, let me advise that we conduct individual reasearch on the origin of Birthday and Maolud Nabiyy Celebrations for us to see whether or not they have any link with orthodox Islamic teachings. Similarly, many of the issues we have termed to be controversial in the deen are not controversial. The confusion we have experienced so far on the legality or otherwise of Maolud Nabiyy celebration are created by scholars who interpret the shari'ah based on their whims without considering the proper modes of interpretation as laid down ...
May Allah curse Yazid. So much water, and he didn't allow one drop to Imam Hussain (a.s)...
[Re-post] You Don't Have Free Time! ᴴᴰ - Powerful Reminder [Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan] Salam all! - This video is created by The Daily Reminder Network. If you like what you see, you can fund our progress here: video is creative common's (not copyrighted). **No impermissible music was used in the production of this video. May Allah reward you, TDR team.
May Allah have mercy on khadr wallahi he was an amazing brother with such good Adab and akhlaq he always had amazing manners rip
Speech of ameerul mumineen Abu Bakr Baghdadi (hafizahullah). May Allah hasten victory for them over the crusaders and the tyrants of the Arabian peninsula and give them the ability to correct their own mistakes and unite them altogether. aameen.
Those who think Ameerul Mu'umineed Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi has been martyred by coward USA air strikes.. dream on. Not yet. After the media of lies and deception has been brainwashing the masses about the alleged death of Khalifa Ibrahim bin Awwa (May Allah protect him and preserve him) Islamic State has released an audio clip of the Khalifa refuting the lies of the media and bringing bitterness to miserable faces of the hypocrites and kuffar. “However much the disbelievers detest it”
The day we took first breath .. Remember that is when our times start .. And for each breath , we take we are near to our death !!! so indeed Allah swt says repent and ask for forgiveness !! 2:160 -- Except for those who repent and correct themselves and make evident [what they concealed]. Those - I will accept their repentance, and I am the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful. And this kind of ayaah is mentioned in Quran more than 100 times ... !!! Just imagine how Allah swt is always waiting for repentance from his slaves !! Ameen. May Allah swt guide us protect us forgive us and have mercy on us ! ameen !!
Poem For Imam Ali (A.S) He was born in the Ka’ba The Prophet he saw He supported him always Though times were raw. He married Fatima And had Hassan and Hussain And Zainab and Umme Kulthum Who would later all be in pain. He stuck by the Prophet From the beginning till the end He became successor Little did he know that the Prophet had few real friends They set his house on fire And killed Fatima’s unborn son They took away Fadak The pain of Ali’s family was their fun. Fatima was dead Nobody knows where She never forgave the enemies Who never did care Ali married another Fatima Who was called another name They had Osman, Abdullah, Jafar and Abbas Who’s relationship with Hussain was like the Prophet and Ali all the same. Imam stood loyal to Islam no matter Until he got struck by Ibn Muljim, may Allah curse him He told Abbas his new master was Hussain And then he took his last breath; Najaf he is buried in. May Allah curse all oppressors who troubled the Imam (A.S) and his family . May Allah bring bac ...
Happy Birthday khan..May Allah give u the happiness n goodness n let the kindness surround all ur life chapters,be protected always
Wife of our brother and Ameer of Jamaat ud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has passed away.May Allah forgive her and...
The Greatest.. Imam Mahdi . Peace be upon you . May Allah hastens your . Reappearance..
The Most Oppressed Individual in this time is none other than the Imam of Our Time (aj). May Allah (swt) hasten His reappearance. aj
Today marked 2nd years we lost our GREATLAM May Allah grant him Aljanah Fidua. Amin
Hazrath Imam Mahdi, the Promised (May Allah bless him and give him peace) is narrated to have said that -. "To...
May Allah bring peace and security to Al-Shaam(land of Muslim ummah)
Hide ur good deeds the way u hide ur bad deeds.Its easy for intentions to become flawed. May Allah grant us sincerity h…
May Allah save Muslim ummah from the hand of kuffar of disbelievers.
From Allah we come and to Him we return. Ex GTMO detainee Brahim Yadel lost to cancer. May Allah grant him jannah.
. May Allah bring from the Syrian conflict a blessing greater than the Khilafah . Ameen
When ever I see saen Zulfikar Ali Bhutto I miss my late Father,He was huge Fan of him.May Allah bless them with Janat
One of the many many signs of judgment day. May Allah protect us.
Had an awesome trip with and to mount Snowdon! May Allah azzawajal reward the brothers for organising this
Abu Bakr ask Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) that what are things a Muslim should have/ keep? He (PBUH) said 1. A MIND that always remember Allah, 2. A TONGUE that always praise Allah nd 3. A GOOD WIFE that always prepare her husband for Jannah. May Allah give us all these things. Aamin
"The Zionist have been attacking Muslims for decades and are now on the verge of destroying Masjid Al-Aqsa to replace it with a Jewish temple, yet this has not prompted a response from the Arabs. Bashar has been massacring Muslims for 3 years with daily barrel bombs and the occasion chemical variety, yet the Arab world is silent. The Houthis captured the Yemeni capital and it barely got a mention in the media. Muslims strive for the establishment of an Islamic state, and to raise the words of Allah above all others, and this drives the West along with their Arab allies into a frenzy and they now feel compelled to use the weapons that the enemies of Islam have been spared from to bomb Muslims. It is a clear war on Islam with Arabs allied with non-Muslims in a feeble attempt to suppress the awakening giant and protect their seats. May Allah rid the Ummah of hypocrite leaders and replace them with those who strive to establish la ilaha ilallah on earth, ameen." Aameen!
Make Dua for our amazing akhidemics! They are leaving tonight at 12 to climb mount Snowdon!. May Allah give them...
May Allah grant him mercy and Jannatul Firdaus
Inna lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’un May Allah in his mercy grant him rest, may his grave be a part of Jannatul Firdaus Ameen
May Allah have mercy on her and may He forgive her all her sins and grant her Jannatul firdaus"RIJF Siyama Bukar :("
May Allah save Palestine and grant them all Jannatul Firdaus .
proud of our army , real and true khair khawa of our nation. May Allah gave us true leader aswell who just know ***
A bit more older but do not know if I am a bit more wiser...5th November is Guy Fawkes night in the UK. the infamous night of "Gun Powder Plot" by Irish nationalists to blow up the British Parliament. The leader of the revolutionaries died as the gun powder exploded pre-maturely. On this day another mini explosion happened. A young Bangalee women had her first male child after three daughters... the trouble maker Shaukat Ahmed was born. Rest is history.or just a fantastic memory. I cherish all the people I have come across and made friendship with in this short span. Thank you for making me a part of your life. Thanks to all my friends and relatives who have sent me birthday wishes. May Allah bless you all and all your wishes and prayers come true. Well, join in the celebration, the fireworks, go out to a safe bonfire near your home and have a jacket potato on me. "Live long and prosper"...
Mashaallah, I've just listened to the new song "The Center" by Sami yusuf, I like it so much, May Allah keep between us those who love
BBC News - Middlesex University murder suspects arrested Please make dua for my cousin, May Allah ha…
Shia'at Ali in Qatif (. May Allah protect them from the dirty Wahhabis today.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW):Hussain is from me & I'm from Hussain.May Allah keep him as a friend who keeps Hussain as a frie…
May Allah protect and preserve you akhi. Whatever fitnah your going through will pass bi'ithnillah!
May Allah strengthen his faith Age in God's hands Assuming I lived 60 years * If grown eight hours a day in 60 years, has grown in the last 20 years. * I work eight hours worked 20 years * 15 years of his childhood * If I were at the dinner table, twice a day, half an hour has Asthlklt three years old, for the food Total sleep, work and nutrition in infancy and 58 years of age 60 in the remaining two years only I wonder how many hours it took to worship What will you tell God on the day of reckoning with age Avnith Words sound 100% 100 Not Alkarim Koran not exceed 600 pages or (604) ..sah If you do not see the incredible Almsahv quickly assigned .. You saw how much of the page, then .. Ok ... to complete the modern .. Mus 600 pages 30 km in the same .. ?? Do not torture the account .. It is simpler than 600/30 = 20 pages ... The process is very easy ... Ok media today in 20 pages. We and our five daily prayers Remains 20/5 = 4 pages set permission ... Because if you read four pages after each prayer ... Y ...
The situation of Albanian Muslims supporting the Islamic state by the brother May Allah protect them.
VIDEO: - Shaykh Muhammad Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman lecture on Jummah tul Mubarak at The Jamia Masjid in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Faith is a sacred seed, sown in the heart and worn by the soul it has an aura over appearance, it is to be felt rather than to be seen. The Awliya place the seeds in the hearts. May Allah preserve the Shaykh Ameen
My beloved Father "Irshad Hussain Khan Langah" Ex Director Development and Finance Bahawalpur departed on 29-10-2014 during training session for the promotion in 20 grade at NIPA Lahore. Quran khawni (Qul khawni) will be held on 9-11-2014 at 8:30 p.m at Dera Ghazi Khan. Please Recite Surah Al Fateha for the departed soul. May Allah provide him place with Muhammad Wa Aley Muhammad (a.s)
Exceptional piece written by our brother Tarek Mehanna... May Allah bless him and free him!! "Orbit - Tarek Mehanna:
May Allah the Almighty bestow good health on Dr Farooq Abdullah, I own a lot to his kindness n affection for me..hope he returns soon to J&K
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Happy Birthday my prince,Irfan.May Allah bless you,stay healthy and be a good brother,love you
The Strength of Emaan stay in your heart n May Allah shower his countless blessings on u & ur family on this holy day. Jumma. Mu…
May Allah give us the ability to follow the footsteps of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) & Sahabah. Ameen.
Father of Waseem Ahmad Shah (Daily Dawn) passes away. Funeral at 11 am in Pabbi. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace. (Ameen)
May Allah forgive us, for every Mistake we did.
May Allah remove all your pains, worries, and bring you happiness every day in this life. Ameen
usaha,doa dan tawakal.may Allah ease everything for paper Math on this evening.
May Allah bless those couples who read Quran and teach each other instead of talking and concerning about what other people doing
Happy Birthday🎁🎂 , may Allah bless u and enjoyed your birthday today
Happy Birthday aina! May allah bless you. Stay cute & yah i love your eyes lol. Ok. Saranghae!
"Gonna start first paper on 2.30pm & im so nervous. May Allah ease everything. Amin." Good luck fyy !
Marriage is not easy, but with help, it can be the best time ever. May Allah bless all couples and those who are seeking.
Subhan'Allah, so this man in Makkah passed away whilst in prostration. . May we be fortunate to have such a death.
May Allah increase competence in the race of good deeds. May Allah grant their all efforts.
Happy Birthday may allah bless you and ease everything today. Have a nice day birthday boy!
Happy new Islamic year may Allah forgive our previous sins and give a new and better start
Professor Kamal puts it that "Marriage is a question of money and manner." May Allah bless us with both.
This person passed away in the haram today performing the Duhaa prayer! May Allah grant us a great ending as well!
A recitation of Surah al-Hujurat by myself, May Allah accept.
My best friend who I know as close as 13 years is dieng kindly make her dua3,May we all meet fe jannah in sha ALLAH
Bismillah, may Allah ease everything. Goodluck to all matriculation's students!
agreed. May Allah give him and us more success Ameen
Narrated 'Aaishah (may ALLAH be pleased with her): ALLAH's Messenger (peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him) said: (1/2)
The righteous servant is refined through tribulation. Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) said,. “Son of Adam! Do...
Heavy typo sorry, May Allah mAKE it easy for you
AlFatihah to one of our brother, Abdul Syukur bin Balya. Passed away due to dengue fever. May Allah bless his soul
That's Christian and pagan Africa. Muslim Africa is largely safe biithnillah. May Allah protect the believers
My children... My world. May Allah gives His protection and bless to all of you. Teacher love you so much kids... muaaahhh!
May Allah grant us the ability to control our tongues.
no problem. May Allah bless you too.😉
may Allah gives us strenght to deal with our nafs! 😍
may Allah forgive us. for every mistakes we did. in sha allah.
birthday kau niari? happy 17th birthday!! may Allah bless you and your family! hehe enjoy your special day aye! ☺
This sent shivers down my spine. May Allah bless our mothers 😭
"My mother is just the most sweetest woman on earth, may Allah grant her the highest level of Jannah. Ameen"
May Allah help us all from being like this:
Good luck, May Allah it easy for you :)x
This morning a very fortunate man passed away in Makkah whilst in prostration. May Allah swt grant us such a death. http:…
how beautiful ths girl is may Allah bless her I really want her follow cuz I love her so much
May Allah defeat the enemies of Islam
This week was so busy at work am tired now I need to sleep good night may allah bless us the next day inshallah
may Allah protect us from the enforcers of shaitans law. ameen
Miracles in quran 1400 years ago,shocking nowdays science!! 1 - The Almighty said: (Then He turned to the sky when it was smoke) separated 11: - Made these verses in the conference's scientific miracle of the Qur'an, which was held in Cairo, and when he heard a Japanese professor (Yoshidi Kosei) that verse got surprised and said, did not reach science and scientists to the stunning fact only recently, after the cameras caught the satellite strong images and movies live show and a star is composed of a large mass of thick dark smoke and then had (if our information, the former by these movies and live images were based on false hypotheses that the sky was fog) and said (this may be added to the miracles of the Quran miracle Amazing confirmed that you tell about it is the God who created the universe billions of years ago). 2 - The Almighty said: (not those who disbelieve known that the heavens(sky) and the earth were sewn together) of the Prophets 3: - I was stunned scientists in the Islamic Youth Conferen ...
Assalamu Alaikum Warahamatullahi Wabarakatuhu. May the peace, mercy nd blecin of Allah(swt) be upon our prophet(pbuh) his families, hiz holy companionship nd all muslim ummah who emulate hiz tcin up 2 d day of Qiyama. Kindnez is d language that deaf person will hear and blind person will see. May Allah(swt) make us among those who do kindnez 2 ozas not 2 ourself. GOOD MORNING 2 U ALL.
To my son Shaakir today u starting ure final exams. May Allah be with u and all the matriculants out there from today to the end of the exams. May he open ure minds to understand the questions being ask to use ,to stay focus when writing and studying Insha Allah. Good luck to all the Matriculants.of 2014 with ure EXAMS.
Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahukabar . we get a new HOME! May Allah ease every single steps taken ahead. Keep moving forward with the best people supported behind.
: Im sorry if i havent reply your messages or whatsapp. Currently I have 3 commitments to undergo: Home, Ripas and School. Would reply your messages soon. In shaa Allah. Thank you for asking and caring. May Allah bless us in everything we do. :)
ready for last week clinical attachment at male medical ward of hospital raja permaisuri bainun ipoh :D May Allah blessing us always . amin !
Imma be just fine JUST started thinking to fast about all my LOVEd ONE'S THAT ARE GONE and ALL MY KIDS and got depressed MAY ALLAH BLESS EVERYBODY and the WORLD PEACE BE UPON YOU ALL
SUBHAN'ALLAH OUR SISTER WAS KILLED FOR DEFENDING HERSELF! O'MUSLIMS WAKE UP! You’d think Alan Henning was the Muslim and Reyhana Jabbari was the Non-Muslim with the lack of outcry. May she be raised amongst the shuhadah. Harsh I know but reality. If you don't know who's that sister then here's a little explanation for you. Our Sister Reyhaney Jabbari (26 years old) got executed in Iran yesterday for defending herself from a rapist whom she killed. May Allah SWT except her as a Martyr and give Patience to her family, and Sabr to every single Brother and Sister locked up . Allahuma Ameen Unjust Judge - They will be in Hellfire by Imam Anwar Awlaki.
Iman is 3 years today. Thanks be to Allah for such a wonderful gift. May Allah continue to bless and protect her
Our princes Shanzay arrived in Pakistan jxt today morning...she z so Adorable MA..May Allah bless her. :)
Please pray for Maryam she is in hospital and today is her sugeory. May Allah grant her shifaa and long life Ameen.
Assalamu Alaikum... Brothers and Sisters. Have a nice day. May Allah help us keeping this day clean of all sins.
Assalamualaikum dear brother in Islam, I am a 17-year-old female Muslim.  Today at school I heard on the announcement that something happened in Ottawa and if anybody is grieving can go seek help. I did not know what the principal was talking about so after school I went to search it up. I found that a soldier was shot by a man that might be connected to ISIS.  I have heard about ISIS at the news and such, but I don't understand anything especially since I am still a teenager. But I like to understand and know things to have a better judgement and not be ignorant. But at the same time, I'm afraid I might be more confused if I go deep into the matter. When I researched about ISIS, I got different perspectives. Why do Muslims kill people and behead them? I read about this British humanitarian guy getting beheaded. These kind of actions sounds so un-Islamic to me. But at the same time, I understand (or I think so) that their goal/mission is to help those Muslims who are oppressed in Syria and Iraq. So how ...
Listen to this amazing Syrian boy expressing his love and salutations upon the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ). No microphone, no speakers, simply natural beautiful voice!! Despite the oppression they are facing, their love grows strong. May Allah protect the people of Syria. May Allah protect our Ummah. Ameen.
Best wishes from me to the all iti candidates. may allah bless you all plz pray foh meh _/\_
May Allah give you success best Start your day with Bismillah, and end it with Alhamdulillah.& Everything Say . .go_Od mõrning !
May Allah bestow you jannatul firdous.Miss u :( :(
Alhamdulillah. The 1st printing of "The Other Side of The Coin" has been sold out. Waiting for the 2nd batch. May Allah bless. Wait for updates from Langit Ilahi & Puteh Press. And Insyallah the book is already available at Kinokuniya Bookstore.
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An emotional way from KTM Seremban to KL Central whereby I saw a grandmother age 78 alone bringing her bag with her body posture yg sgt menyedihkan.. We are so busy growing up, chasing what we want but actually there's someone need us more than what we are running for. I wanted to cried but dua' for her is more crucial.. May Allah be with you grandma.. I've nothing to gave except my sincere dua'..
Allah akbar.Some of greater and wonder of Allahu.may Allahu bless us with is bless and fill our heart with good iman.ameen
Happy Birthday to my beloved son muhammad zhariff zafran 2yrs today 27.10.2014.Alhamdulillah.. may Allah fullfill all ur wishes & bless u in this new capter of ur a gud muslim syg. syg zafran to all my family
Happy new Islamic year to all May Allah showers his blessing on all Muslim ummah and Pakistan Ameen
Happy new Islamic year 1436.May Allah enable us to lead our lives acc. to the teachings of Quran & Holy Prophet(p.b.u.h.)Ameen
Abu Musa Al-Ash`ari (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Whenever a needy person would come to the Prophet...
Alhamdulillâh... another Jumuah (Friday) - The master of all days, has come again! Don't pass the day without doing many good deeds & getting loads of Rewards! Ma Sha Allaah! Here are the sunnahs you can do today: !! 1 - Praying Fajr in congregation. 2 - Before and during Salaat al-Jumu’ah (Friday prayer): ➲ Bathing on the day of Jumuah ➲ Going early to Jumuah prayer ➲ Walks to Jumu’ah prayer ➲ Listening attentively to the Jumu’ah Khutbah (Sermon) 3 - Seeking the hour of having one's prayer answered on Jumuah day. 4 - Reading Suratul Kahf. 5 - Send blessings on the Prophet (SallAllaahu 'alayhi wa sallam ) . ►► Please Share and Remind Others to do these Sunnah also, as you will get reward too by doing it, In Sha Allaah! Don't miss the Opportunity! Grab & Act! May Allah make it easy. As'salamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.
“O Lord, my sins are like the highest mountain, my good deeds are so few. I turn to you, my heart full of shame, my eyes full of tears. Bestow Your mercy upon me” May Allah bless you all! Ameen.
Salaam Maal Hijrah 1436H brothers and sisters :). May Allah accept all our good deeds from the past year, may...
Assalamulikum, the last jumaa of our Islamic year. I wish and pray for each one of you Magfirah from all sin done in this year and rahma from almighty. The coming day is 1muharram 1436 may Allah bless this year to all of us, may Allah does all Khair to we ummah and give victory against evil and their partners. May Allah give siha against illness, barakh & Khair whatever we do, Magfirah against sins and accept all good deeds we do. Wish u all Happy Islamic new year 1436.
The last Jummah before How time has flown by! May Allah (swt) accept all our efforts and good deeds and forgive us for our misgivings Only 3 days to go to the BEST. WEEK. EVER
May Allah forgive us for all our wrongdoings and accept our good deeds. May Allah bless our actions…
Happy new years, lovelies. May Allah accept all of our good deeds and forgives us for all of our sins. ☺️
Happy New year 1436 AH to all. The new Islamic year begins today being the 1st of Almuharram 1436 May Allah protect the oppressed by touching the oppressors` minds. May Boko Haram that is used to spoil Islam be a forgotten history.
Happy Birthday ! May Allah bless you and stay pretty !
Happy 20th birthday babe . May Allah bless you & wish you happiness 😘😘
Happy Birthday anis, May Allah bless you and stay genius 😙
Happy Birthday dear. May Allah bless you with long and prosper life Ameen.
aww don't be! Happy Birthday Safwan. May Allah bless you! :)
OMG ! Sorry lupa hm Happy Birthday ! May Allah ease everything in ur life and live happily always,enjoy ur day and jom keluar ♥
birthday Ezza? Happy Birthday Ezzahael. May Allah bless you. Have a great one. Heee. Enjoy your day 😉
Don’t contest 2015 election, prominent Islamic cleric, Sheikh Gumi, tells Buhari October 21, 2014 Mohammed Lere Below is Mr. Gumi’s full message to Mr. Buhari. Assalamu Alaikum The Humble People’s General. I know I have access to you privately but this is meant for others to learn also. The Prophet -peace be upon him- told one of the most honest and truthful of his companions, Abu Zar Algafary: “Oh Abu Zar, I truly love for you what I love for myself. I indeed see that you are weak so never accept to lead even two people and never accept safekeeping of the orphans wealth.” An honest and candid advice from the prophet that is still valid today for any leader whose weakness borders on leadership qualities. The reason for Abu Zar’s weakness has nothing to do with his credibility or truthfulness. Never! The prophet was narrated as saying: “there is nobody under the shadows of trees or bare sun that is more honest in speech than Abu Zar”. Abu Zar – May Allah be pleased with him- is ascetic an ...
Happy Birthday 😋 May Allah bless you. Goodluck for your finals. I know you will do the best. Hiks hiks stay cool bro!
24 Oct ? 🎉Happy Birthday to you 😝 May Allah bless you and ease everything. May you achieve success…
Mek, birthday mu ko? Hok aloh. Happy Birthday mek! May Allah bless you and enjoy your day! 😙🎁🎉🎂
Happy Birthday . May Allah bless you and have a blast 😘.
Every Ramadan period is a gift of new lyf wit fresh opportunities, blessing n success. May Allah mek us amng d virtues 1s.…
May Allah greatly reward Imam Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance) and all my dear brothers and sisters as...
Kareem to all of you .. May Allah shower his rehmat to everyone, n all live in n gud health.
May Allah have mercy on your family/friends and grant them good life.
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Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan This brother amazes me more every day mashaAllah. ~الله أكبر ~ May Allah (swt) reward him and h...
Good morning all. Just going through the images from Nasik's & Safiyya Choudhri's walima reception which we organised at Tatton Park yesterday and thinking the hard work these last few days was worth it!!! Lol. Huge congratulations to our amazing couple. May Allah bless you both. Ameen. Great to see so many familiar and old faces like Shazli Azmi Omair Razzaq and the rest of the Azmi family. Tabish Shah with out your efforts and dedication yesterday wouldn't be possible, your eye for detail is just amazing!!! Massive thanks goes to the entire Simplicity Events team your dedication and commitment these last few has been great and it was team work at it's very best. Special thanks to Piara Khan Fritz Deejay Aruff Asif Muhammad Sohail Nabila Din Sherin Ahmed Nicola Budd Carol Howarth Safiyah Ahmed Sangeetha Singh Sonalia Kaur Aashana Devi Kaur. and the list goes on. Far too many people to mention everyone. But thank you and apologies if not specifically mentioned. Rehan Siddique Zeeshan Siddique looking fo . ...
Ramadan kareem for you and for your family .. May Allah guide you all and reward you all.
WINTER BLANKETS FOR REFUGEES IN SYRIA. UPDATE: Got home from work and had cash donations for the blankets which I had to count almost instantly as the sister didn't count the money her young son did from his money box and she wasnt sure if he counted accurately and wanted me to make sure so she dropped off any remaining donations. SubhanAllah it was more than what the little bubba said 4 blankets. Its a different feeling counting money donated by a young child. May Allah continue to bless this beautiful family. Ameen Not too late to donate 12.00 each WINTER BLANKET PROJECT.
salaam! Thank you for the follow and support! Love to see the work you're doing, mashaAllah :) May Allah ta'ala bless u in it
Salaam and thanks for the follow! Love your work!! May Allah ta'ala bless you with tawfiq and increase, ameen!
Shout out to the Allentown PA intentional community! Watching your houses be built daily is a joy! May Allah ta'ala bless your work, ameen
May Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) protect us all from the punishment of the grave.Ameen
Salam, brother. Thank you for the follow. May Allah ta'ala increase you in your work and state! Ameen
thank you for the follow back, Sidi. May Allah ta'ala bless your work and travels, ameen
In Sha Allah ta'alaa, everyone go follow for beneficial knowledge, May Allah (SWT) increase us in beneficial knowledge, Ameen.
well it really shows a mothers work is neva done,heheh.even Mother Nature works hard.May Allah ta'ala make it easy for u guys
May Allah subhanahu wa Ta'ala remove the suffering from all those who suffer, may He forgive our parents and all the ummah.…
That's one main reason why PMLN is not ready for a new election. May Allah make their life worse than ***
We're deeply touched by the shocking death of Mustaf Abdi Dhuux, one of the students of the Faculty of Computer Science & Technology (BIT14).Mustaf was a victim of a car explosion that blasted tonight near the National Theater. All SIMAD FAMILY members are sending heartfelt condolences and share this sorrow with Mustaf's family and friends. It's a dark day. May Allah (swt) grant him in Jannah. Amin!!!
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On the authority of Abu Yahya Suhaib bin Sinan (May Allah. be pleased with him) it is related that the Prophet...
ASA my beautiful Sis hope all is well with you, May Allah bless you with every step you take in life.
A case has been registered against Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani and his guards after they allegedly killed a student last night. May Allah bless his soul. My question is if there had been no outcry, would anyone have taken any action? And more importantly why was the case registered only on Sharif's intervention? It's clear that there would have been no case otherwise. The other family, of course, handed over the guard who was just a pawn acting at someone's orders. What about the master? Murdering any innocent human being is murder of the whole humanity. May Allah protect us from these people who call themselves public representatives.
Assalamu Alaikum, The great year 1435AH is coming to an end. Every Muslim is required to compare and weigh his/her good deeds with bad ones for the outgoing year. One should improve on good ones and shun all the bad ones so as to enter the new year with fresh mind. It was reported that Umar Ban Khattab(RA) always said overtime to Muslims gathering "Judge yourself before you are judged." May Allah continue to guide us and protect us. Ameen
Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh I came to say good bye to all my brothers and sisters here. I want to thank you for how you treated me here and for the time you lost to see my posts :)...May Allah bring the best in everything for all of you and help you always only in good deeds. I hope to meet you all in Jannah, in shaa Allah! Barak Allahu!
Happy Birthday :) May Allah keep showering his blessings on you and may all your dreams come true Enjoy :)
Selamat pagi. May Allah ease everything for today😄😊
Masha'Allah. May Allah continue to make things easy for you.
Good morning. May Allah bless us and protect us ^_^
May allah shower bountiful blessings on you today nd everyday of your life
The Lion is known to be the King of the Jungle. Yet he will also face death. Here, we can actually see the events. This is a powerful reminder on death. We tend to forget that the same thing is going to happen to us. May Allah make it easy for us when our time comes and grants us all in Jannatul Firdaws. Ameen.
May Allah make it easy for us all :(
The environment we live in today is just full of filth, its easier to sin than to abstain from it. May Allah make it eas…
May Allah guide and protect our children forever..ameen
Morning, may Allah ease our day. Amin
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may Allah remove my worries & bring happiness in my life. just gotta stop worrying over unnecessary things & take it easy. …
Happy Birthday to My beautiful Fiancé, May Allah give you a long happy and healthy life, and make you my wife …
Ill miss you nenek. Rest in peace, may Allah blest you. :')
To all Muslim Men : watch the determination of this differently abled young man, to go to Masjid for Salah. What excuse do any of us have to skip performing Salah in the Masjid? Please share and awaken those who are heedless. May Allah bless us with Imaan and dedication to the Deen. Ameen.
May Allah protect him and guide him and grant him Jannatul Firdaws💜✨
May Allah help us refrain from this.
goodluck for today :) May Allah ease your way to success :)
Hello de Happy Birthday to you! Stay beautiful and keep young yaa, may Allah bless you always O:) get a joy! ♥{}
The caption in the beginning of the video says the boy was caught with several illegal immigrants at the Malaysian borders. While in detention, he then started reciting the Qur’an. Understanding the background of his story will give your listening to the recitation a special taste. He’s reciting from Sūrah al-Qalam, 10-28. May Allah ease his affairs and grant him a smooth platform to learn the Qur’an further. Amīn. Allāhu Ḥāfiẓ :)
May Allah keep us away from backbitting
Mashah'Allah May Allah bless you and Increase you in Deen and taqwa.. You will be in Jannah Inshah'Allah 😊 🙏
Woke up with big puffy eyes. Another tough day. Bismillah may Allah ease everything. 🙊
Intermediate macroeconomic 2 quiz will be this 8.30 morning class. Please pray for me. May Allah ease adli to answer quiz today. Amin!
Good morning everyone. Start your day with a smile. May Allah ease everything and bless us all ✌
May Allah make it easier for us all in this life and the hereafter. Amin!
May Allah protect us from evil eye and hasad
May Allah ease everything tomorrow. All is well 🙏
Gonna be a rough day. May Allah ease the day amin
Bismillah. Good morning. May Allah ease everything for us.
I won't comment on Benghazi, I'll leave that to Benghazinos, but just one thing: May Allah protect all the good people o…
May Allah ease everything today. Positive vibes on.
May allah ease eveything for today 😌
but still i never forget my closest E's . El and emme. . May Allah bless us.
ahh you doctors.. may Allah give you peace n rest
Happy bornday, may Allah bless you. Have a nice day.
Nobody can replace your mother,Once she's gone she's gone. May Allah preserve Our Mothers.
"Speaking test today,may Allah ease." All the best bro 👍
Shirk Al kaba'ir, May Allah keep us away from any form shirk😭
Take care in singapore daddy {} happy holiday , may Allah always blassed you :)
Happy Birthday saadaq 💕💕may Allah bless u with many more to come.
Surely the strongest of us isn't he who lifts KGs but he who lifts his blanky for fajr Prayer. May Allah grant us understanding.
Happy Birthday to my idol May Allah bless u,man. Come back soon! Can't wait to see u play between Alexis and Walcott. :D
""Start your day with Bismillah and Alhamdulillah. May Allah ease everything.""
All in blue 💙💙. May Allah ease everything for me and my team 😌. Aminn ~~
Masha'Allah what have they done to you. May Allah grant this Ummah victory
Learned how to stay humble and keep quiet. Was thought a valuable lesson today, in which has started to change my life dramatically already. May Allah give me the best of guidance.
proud dotter of mine.may Allah bless all of u the best jannah.
"Imam Abu Hanifa (May Allah be pleased with him) was asked, 'how have you gained so much deep knowledge of the deen?' He replied, 'whenever Allah bestows knowledge upon me, I praise Allah and thank Allah.' The key to his increase in knowledge was - A talk by ShaykhFaisal released byRemembrance Publications
Please friends make dua for me,may allah give me shifa
They can bark all they want but the final bark will be on them. May Allah Azzawajal protect our sisters, brothers and children as they stand firm to protect His house of Al-Aqsa.
Without my mother nothing would be good. Cooks for me cleans for me prays for me and supported me in religion wise as well as dunya may Allah preserve her always there reminding me.
AssalamAlaykum ..May ALLAH Protect and guide us to the right path ...Have a Blessed Day to All of Us.
We have so many imprisoned brothers who we need to remember in our du'a. One of these prisoners is bro Ahmed Abu Ali. This young man was so smart masha'Allah and extemely beloved in his community in Virginia. He was active in his mosque especially with teaching the youth Qur'an. After high school, he decided to go study at Madinah University. Soon after 9/11 he was arrested, tortured, and accused in the 'war on terror' and sentenced years later to more than 30 yrs in Jail for nothing. Wallahi, we need to remember this great brother. We can't allow any of these heroes to go by forgotten. Here he is reciting Qur'an in Darr Al-Hijra mosque in Virginia, it's the same mosque where Shaikh Anwar used to be Imam of. You'll feel so at peace listening to him and masha'Allah you feel nour coming out from him. May Allah hasten the release of Ahmed and all our prisoners.
This is how the Christian missionaries rejecting the truth about prophet Jesus Issa peace be upon and they run away from the truth or turn their faces from the truth of Islam May Allah guide them Ameen (Share)
DID YOU KNOW THAT ISLAM IS A PEACE RELIGION. MUST WATCH!!! One of the BEST Arguments against people who claim Islam as a religion of war. the problem is not Islam, Muslim or all other religion. It's is problem created by a group of Human being who play and use religion as weapon or tools to express their anger over the others Human Being then put all blames to religion. For me they are rather call Devil than human. Judge me, don't judge my religion, my religion is perfect, I am not... Islam is what the holy Qur'an and the sunna came up with, not the individuals' practices. Please share it as much as you can and may Allah reward you.
May Allah make it easy for us all.Type Ameen
Qari Abdul Basit is back safely Alhamdullilah! We Pray that Allah swt. blessed his Hajj and accepted it from him! May Allah bless all those who went on Hajj and accept it from them! Amin
" Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." Mawlana Rumi How many of us are clever and how many are wise?... May Allah Subhana hu wa ta ala allow us to be steadfast on the blessed seen we have been blessed with ! May Allah allow us to change and become better muslims not only for ourselves but the ones whom love us including his beloved messenger Muhammad SallAllahu alai hi wa sallim. The Greatest man to have ever set foot on this planet. He who cried for us until his blessed feet were swollen ! Say Alhamdulilah !
Ibn Kathir (may Allah have mercy on him) says that before the ayat of Hijab the women of Jahiliya (the time of ignorance) would wear a khimara and show their forelocks, ears, neck and chest. When this ayat was revealed, the muslim women immediately drew their cloaks around to cover themselves and took their veils and aprons and drew them around to cover the above mentioned body parts. SubhanAllah !! all it took was a word for them to change. We have had these commands for the past 1400 years and still have hang ups over hijab... AstagfiruAllah ! “And tell the believing women to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts) and not to show off their adornment except only that which is apparent (like both eyes for necessity to see the way, or outer palms of hands or one eye or dress like veil, gloves, headcover, apron), and to draw their veils all over Juyoobihinna (i.e. their bodies, faces, necks and bosoms) and not to reveal their adornme ...
It's raining ,,, May Allah SWT bless us all :)
Parody of isis lmfao u see Allah relieves the true believers pain with funny videos like this Ur a joke and the ones crying inshallah khair they will b smiling in heaven and the joke will b on all of u because the shaytan will b laughing that u took him as Ur best friend inshallah khair may Allah make u see inshallah khair Allah already said he sees all he is the final judge for your sake repent and take Ur punishments accordingly if u do may Allah have mercy on Ur soul but do it not and your all fools and I pray that Allah judges u swiftly inshallah khair
Another visit to the graveyard in the holy land. Al hamdoulillah after completing our Hajj, we made our way to Almadina Al Munawara. During our comfortable journey, where we were supplied with plenty of drinks and air conditioning, we had to make a stop at the pilgrims centre, a new initiative that was introduced by the Hajj ministry where the passports of all the pilgrims who intended to visit Al Madina from over different parts of the world had to be checked. SubhanAllah, once we arrived, feeling very tired and VERY low on patience due to the journey and delay, i met brother Abd Al Elaah from Sudan at the pilgrims centre, specifically inside the medical centre where I was treating my mild cough. I could see he was distressed, and so I approached him to then find out that he managed to take his 62 years old father for his first and last Hajj. His father was waiting like the rest of us, some on the coach and some inside the centre. During the long awaited passport check, he complained to his son that he . ...
Unbelievable footage from Makkah right now. May Allah allow us all to complete the Hajj.
Counting minutes ... omg at 7.30 my speaking Muet session will be started... May Allah help me to give my best... ... In Shaa Allah ..
Do you text and drive.? Well if you are not going to THINK about your self then at least think of the other person who you may KILL! May Allah give me the ability first and then everyone who reads this to stop texting whilst driving!
A love of a Mujahideen & Mujahidah... Subhan Allah.. Wallahi! Love has no May Allah accept from them and guide us all righteously. Ameen Marry someone who will promise to wake you up for fajr. In Sha Allah
Alhamdolillah Murtaza Finished Quran.May allah accept what he recite and to understand the Qur’aan in the manner that Allaah is pleased with and to act upon it and memorize it We are so proud of you...may Allah keeps you reciting it all your life IA.
Imran Khan visited PTI's worker Saleem-Ullah home in Qasim Bella for condolence to the grieving family. Imran Khan showed pain and grief over their loss. We pray that May Allah bless him with Jannah and give his family Sabr, Ameen.
Asalam Alikom Sisters and Brothers, Another update AlHamdulilah. I will be cooking the donated chicken legs at home (donated by a Halal Restaurant in Granby), Rice and a Salad will be donated by alBasha Restaurant 1550 Marcel Laurin St. Laurent... May Allah give lots of Baraqa to both of these Establishments.
Janazah of Tahir and Zubair Nawaz's father will be held in Glasgow Central Mosque tommorow after Zohr Salah. Please keep the family in your Dua's during this difficult period, and may ALLAH SWT forgive him and grant him ease and Jannah. AMEEN. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilahi Raji Un. All praise be to ALLAH (SWT), who revived us to life after giving us death, and to him we shall have to return. Please pass this message on to others.
lol. May Allah make it easy for you. Ameen
May Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'ala) continue to protect you and all muslim ummah, wish you speedy recovery!
The militants of the so called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria executes a number of their own politicians in public. This how this group functions and executes anyone who disagrees with them even it was among them. May Allah protect the innocents children and women and the Iraqi and Syrian warriors defending their country against their cruel regimes.
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh The creme de la creme of the scholarship and journalism industry will be in town this November. Tariq Ramadan and Harry Fear will be speaking about Path To Justice. Get this. Some of the sales proceeds will go to a fund that will provide the scholarship for female university students from all over Gaza strip. Buy your tickets now! RM50 for 14th November and RM30 for 15th November. You can buy online at OR you can buy the tickets through ME! Barakallahu feekum May Allah ease all of your affairs today! Allahumma amen!
Spare time to read especially you sisters. This is so inhuman. May Allah protect us from evil doers. Ameen!!
I love sheikh Abdul - Aziz al Tarifi for the sake of Allah. May Allah preserve him and increase him in guidance.
JazakAllah Khair for your duas brother. May Allah grant you and your family Jannat al-Firdaus. Ameen.
👉 Ameen! JazakAllah khair sis. May Allah grant all your duas, accept your ibaadah and grant you success in both worlds 💜
JazakAllah Khair sis for your beautiful Dua xx . May Allah reward you InShaAllah ... :)
I feel down a bit depressed, I just found out about Raju Dade . I read the comments yesterday was out of it, my vision isn't as cloudy as it was yesterday...! I am saddened because he always gave me hope & strength to keep keep'n on whatever obstacle I was facing in life my heart goes out to my extended family...! Wish'n him a peaceful journey & May Allah grant him Junnah...! Love Is Love Cuzzo Salute'n a Major General...!
May Allah bless you too. Ameen Jazakallah khair
Assalam o alaikum ;;. Eid ul azha mubarak to you and your family members.. May Allah bless his blessing to you. Regards:. S Raza Hussain Zaidi
Assalam o Alaikum Eid ul azha 3rd day Mubarak! May Allah sweet shower his countless blessings upon you & your entire family. Ameen. Rega ...
. Sorry bro unable to message last night. Best friends father passed away. Plz make duwa. May Allah (swt) grant him jannah, ameen.
baba safest flight!! May Allah guide and protect you as you embark on your quest for knowledge
Happy Anniversary for my beloved parents. May Allah bless both of you. I wish both of you will live happily till Jannah. Ameen Ya Rabb ;)
"Shias have nothing to do with Islam. They are their own sect. May Allah guide them all!".
innah lillah e wa innah ilaye hay rajeon. We all are with you in this difficult time. May Allah gives strength to u & ur family
May Allah accept the sacrifice of the muslim all over the world which they done in the way of Allah. ❤ Eid Mubara…
Eid Mubarak Paridhi aka !! may allah blessings be with u today tomorrow & always .. stay blessed :))
Shah I kiss both of you hundred, thousand times and I am not satisfied, all my Prayers for AbRam, May Allah bless him
Thank you so much ezmy_bear90. May Allah bless you. By ezmy_bear90 "is an awareness campaign…
There is no use giving explnations,the Dogs will still be barking,you guys keep up the good work.May Allah bless you all
Happy Birthday to ^^ May Allah bless you and your entire a good husband,father to your wife, & baby^^
Keep sharing so that world could take benefits of it and may Allah reward us in the Akhirah :) shaa Allah brother..may Allah make it easy for you
There is an Ayah in Quran That describes the least punishment of *** May Allah swt save us from it. Earn Sadqa Jaria and help us continue this series by donating: The Message, Let Everyone Know] Watch All Quran Gems to-Date: Youtube Link: Youtube Link: Project in Association with Green Bird Media Productions
Really want to be like u . hurm... may Allah ease...
May allah give me the strength to fight this
Wishing you all a very happy eid to all may Allah shower his blessing on all the Muslims in the world — feeling Eid al-Adha
MashAllah. May Allah bless your trip the most possible.
Beloveds thanks for $30 this morning in donations. May Allah continue to bless you.Remember our daily fund...
Happy Birthday to ! Be a good husband to kaka & a nice daddy to ur lil daughter. May Allah bless yo…
Happy Birthday Many happy returns to you and your family. May Allah bless y'guys always
Please pray for my friend who has a horrible coffee addiction. May Allah lead her to a caffeine free life. Ameen
more then taking care may Allah reward them in this life and the next
The first person in this ummah to die for was a named Sumayya, who was killed by Abu Jahl. May be pleased with her
inshallah,,allah pak sub khair khairat rakhay,,,when ever i will com ei will tell u,,may be in March April
May Allah make us able to practice what we preach day in day out and guide us all ameen.
'Bismillahi ala deeni wanafsi wawaladi wa ahli wa mali''. ("May the blessings of Allah be on my Deen, life, children, fam…
Eid Mubarak!. May our qurbani be accepted by Allah (swt) Ameen
Whenever im upset, I always remember this du'aa my Aunty Zakia used to carry. May Allah (SWT) rest her beautiful soul
Amazing to see the commitment of this old man with one leg making tawaf around the kaabah in Mecca, and anyone who's been on the top floor knows just how long it is all the way around, Alhamdulilah! May Allah swt bless him and everyone else who has made sincere Hajj this year for Allah(God) .
Eid Mubarak to u and ur family . May Allah bless u with happiness of both the worlds :D. . love to mahnoor ali khan :)
Eid ul adha is eid of sacrifice, and commitment to the orders of Allah,. May Allah bless us with the same in all...
May Allah protect our parents and keep them healthy and safe. ameen
May Allah keep these feelings away from me.
♥If the pains of this world tire u,do not grieve. For it may be that ALLAH wishes to hear ur voice by way of Dua.♥☀♥A http…
i want ypg and pkk all eradicated from syria inshaAllah May Allah give victory to Dawla Islamiyah
Children of Syria pay their respects to Allan Hennings. May Allah find him a place in Jannah for his charity work 🙏
same to you srk yaar and little abram may Allah bless you both
Happy Birthday my luv my bestest friend Abuzar u r my best brother and may Allah bless u with lots of happiness and. : :P smjh ja :D
Pls sebarkan. This is the least I can do to help. May Allah ease everything for her. 😔Last seen in Kuala Kangsar
May Almighty Allah make us all obiedent servant of His and grant us jannah...
How some celebrated Eid AlAdha,May Allah bring together those who've lost family for whatever reason in Jannah, Ameen http:/…
On this Eid may Allah accept all our sacrifices... Eid Mubarak to All
may Allah pak keep all of u under his protection.
May Allah bless and reward the brothers We had an excellent day, great hospitality.
I will see you again 2 years . So , take care . May Allah always bless you and find you happy and health .
Eid Mubarak.May Allah keep everyone safe. I hope all who can will join us in Azadi Chowk 4 Eid, beg with Prayers 9am http…
When you are tempted to sin remember 1. Death. 2. Allah is watching you. 3. The Angels are recording you. May Allah gu…
. May the Blessing of ALLAH Fill your life with happiness and open all doors of success now and always. Eid Mubarak
Eid Mubarak to everyone! May Allah bless you always be good do good!
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