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May Allah

Peace be upon him is a phrase that practising Muslims often say after saying (or hearing) the name of one of the Prophets of Islam.

Jummah Mubarak Imran Khan Happy Birthday Abu Bakr Pak Army West Africa Prophet Muhammad Straight Path Nawaz Sharif Afzal Khan Boko Haram Javed Hashmi Holy Quran

Happy bornday Qys ! May Allah bless you and stay cute :)
"Junaid jamshed no match to your love for this country and nation.. May Allah bless you , Ameen
Study for Islamic Wealth Management, then Bank Operation and Management. May Allah ease.
My mother has made me happy without a price since my birth. May Allah keep our mothers happy while they're alive. Ameen.
Good job boyz in the Barret ! May Allah reward you for your services. Now stand with the Nation againt the tyrants who have already murdered 10s of people in the uprising against the most corrupt unjust mafia ever in the history of Pakistan. The nation is united to change the status quo. Show your people your mettle ! ISI Zindabad, Pakistan Paiindabad!
Insha Allah.. Beginning of a great journey. May Allah bless you both and keep you safe from every…
May Allah grant Aljant firdaus for baba Sheikh Mustapha Olayiwola Ajisafe Chief Imam of Osogbo and President General league of Imams and Alfa in south west
Alhumdulillah a true blessing to be able to talk about depression, marriage and family therapy, stigma, and hope to a huge audience. May Allah bless us with more opportunities to open up minds and hearts. May He accept our efforts and forgive us of all of our shortcomings.
May Allah bless the soul of Sheikh Ajisafe (Chief Imam of Osogbo) and give the the fortitude to bea…
Prayer for Nigeria, Lagos state, Ikeja, myself, all members of my family including YOU! @ MASJID NABIY ( Prophet's Mosque @ Medina ) May Allah accept all our activities as act of Ibadah. (Worship).
Thumbs Up to Nigerian Army and Civilian-JTF for Job well well well done today. May Allah strengthen them and make us victors over those Boko thugs! (Y)
Special prayers for flood victims in jumma prayer.. May Allah help all of them.
American Kuffar Terry Jones finally burn Quran and flag of tawhid. May Allah curse him.
May Allah make me better than what you think of me and forgive me for what you don’t know of me — Prayer of Abu Bakr (First Caliph).
" undergoes surgery for prostate cancer May Allah give him…
Prof Dr Wasif M Kadri,a living legend,teacher of the teachers,great personality and a light house for all of us is ill for last 2 months.I visited him this evening and Alhamdolillah he was feeling much better than last week.As usual he advised to identify the talented students and to groome them ,transfer of knowledge & skills to the juniors,to lookafter the poor and nonaffording patients and to have second opinion by colleagues if finding difficulty in making diagnosis or treatment of some patients.Please pray for his speedy recovery.May Allah bless him always.Ameen
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Asalam u aliakum .Appeal to all doctors in this group..As you are aware of the fact that natural disasters follow worst kinda aftermath.Flood in Kashmir is going to invite lot of health problems n concerns like epidemics of infectious diseases, water borne , vector borne , injuries and God knows what not..May Allah protect people there. I want to request you all to brain storm about protocol for public awareness about preventive measures against these challenges..whether its providing chlorine tabs, awareness about consuming safe drinking water , staying away from flood water which may be contanimated with infectious agents , sewage etc. So looking forward for a brief awareness guideline which we can circulate among social networking groups or even hand over to volunteers working in kashmir for distribution among common masses..just to make them aware of measures they have to take. Also if there is any way to run free vaccination against hepatitis . Jazahkallah khairan.
Jumma Mubarak To you and Your Family, May Allah bless you and forgive all your sins..!! . Jummah Mubarak ht…
On Defence Day our sons rose to protect Pakistan from a deadly & v damaging terrorist plan.May Allah help us to wean away o…
Anytime you find yourself wrapped in the Dunya, enjoying it's pleasures, finding yourself complaining and becoming ungrateful, Just Remember all those who are suffering while your swimming in it's comforts. May Allah ﷻ help all those innocent people and their children who are suffering all over the world and reward them with Jannah!!! May Allah ﷻ the Creator of mankind guide all of the leaders to live by the way that is pleasing to him and guide them and us to the haqq and firmness upon it. May God Almighty Allah ﷻ forgive us of our sins. Ameen
May Allah almighty rest his soul in Jannat-ul-Firdaus & grant his family strength to endure this loss.
May Allah shower his mercy upon all of us n May the almighty curse the rulers for just showing off...
Assalamu alaikum. Kindly pray for my Local Government, Michika; Boko Haram has taken over it this Morning, possibly advancing towards Mubi. May Allah guide and grant us peace. Aameen.
ISLAM MEANS HUMILITY NOT ARROGANCE *The prophet (pbuh) said " Allah has cursed wine, its drinker, server, sellers,buyers, pressers, the one for whom it is pressed and one who conveys it ".(Sahih Abu-Dawud) * Narrated Ibn Abbas (RA) : The mother of sad bin ubada died in his absence.He said " O Allah apostle ! My mother died in my absence, will it be of any benefit for her if i give sadaqa on her behalf ? The prophet (pbuh) said " Yes ", sad said, " I make you a witness that i gave my garden called " Al-makhraf " in charity on her behalf ".(Sahih Bukhari Vol 4 : No 19) * Abu Qatada (RA) reported that the messenger of Allah (pbuh) said :The worst thief is the one who steals in his prayer,then the companions asked, " how can someone steal from his prayer ? The prophet (s.a.w) answered, " He does not make his back straight in RUKU and SUJADAH ".(By Ahmed,Tabrani , ibn khuzaimah, hakim).May Allah guide us, forgive us and may he give us the ability to do what is required of us all
2day, on defence day we honour our armed forces who sacrifice their today 4 our better tomorrow. May Allah protect them.…
To him we are And to him we shall all return! Yesterday I lost 7 of my University who were involved in gangly car accident along Bauchi Gombe Road. The Funeral Janaiza will take place today hospital Gombe and finally their corpse will be accompanied to graveyard. what a great loss to the entire Nigerians, And Gombe state university. May Allah forgive their sins and grant them Aljannatur Firdausi. Ameen
May Allah safe and protect pakistan from enemies. and give strength to our nation to be united again...
I was saddened by the death of Anwar Al-Awlaki, and his son. Yet "Muslims" rejoice. . May Allah guide Muslims.
Exactly 5 years ago, he died after he was wrongly diagnozed. Still, our leaders have not changed their dubious ways as all what you fought for have now found their feet in our democratic governance. It is worse than you left it. May Allah repose the soul of the late human rights crusader and give the family the fortitude to bear the loss. Since he died, I've not seen any true activist except those who have commercialize their activism. Chief Ganiu Oyesola FAWEHINMI (SAM) friend of the students of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, rest in the bossom of God.
jumma Mubarak,May Allah keep u in His protection.
Reported by Ibn Mas`ud (RA): I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) saying, “May Allah freshen the affairs of a person who hears something from us and communicates it to others exactly as he has heard it (i.e., both the meaning and the words). Many a recipient of knowledge understands it better than the one who has heard it.” (Tirmidhi)
u look like educated jahil whatever u said brother May Allah guide u because that book of syed zaid hamid is also islamic
Congratulations chines President visit to Pakistan canceled due to your hard struggle. thanks. May Allah grant you some aqqal.
This is Imran Khan's speech @ Muridke back from 1996, I repeat its from 1996. He starts with the same words he starts his speeches today 'iyaka nabodo wa iyaka nasta'een'. He says he will rid the system of corruption and provide justice for the people. The man has stayed true to his words for 18 years. People say this march is an over reaction or that it is disproportionate. I urge them to consider that Imran Khan has struggled for 18 years and even today he is only fighting for the principals he promised to his voters and to those who became part of this movement. Ladies and Gents, this march is not an exaggerated reaction, it is simply a man who refuses to bow down to pressure and wants desperately to provide justice to this nation. May Allah help Khan in his objectives, long live Pakistan!
QURAN CHALLENGE!!! I nominate everyone who follows my page and all who are interested. Lets collect the rewards and challenge your friends by reciting some verses (or short Surah) of the Holy Quran. You will get for every letter rewards. Record a Quran Challen clip and post it on my wall. But please share this clip also on the walls of Mohammed Zeyara, Adam Saleh and Omar Esa. SHARE PLEASE :-) May Allah reward you for your support!
Beautiful lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). May Allah help us follow his way, Ameen.
Now a Maulana speaks, in whose twisted mind boys & girls singing & dancing on music commit Adultery; May Allah save us from his "democracy"
Brothers and Sisters, please make a special du'aa (prayer) for the Muslim and non-Muslim Ummah (communities) in West Africa. Allah is trying them with the plague of the Ebola Virus which is spreading like wildfire, killing at least 50% of its victims as it devastates household after household, neighborhood after neighborhood, country after country. May Allah make it purification for their sins and a successful test of their faith. But surely it is a test of our own faith. May each and every one of us find a way to do something for them, even if it is only our du'aa.
Masa'Allah! Thanks so much Omar Suleiman for sharing this video with us.May Allah (swt) bless you always :)...
Cricket World Cup 1992 seems to be reminiscing. People have been doubting Imran Khan's Azadi March and the possibility of success for the past few days, but our Kaptaan has been super confident all along. Media has been writing this movement off but the people of Pakistan keep showing up in huge numbers everyday despite of rain, heat, containers, threats and other obstacles. This is a Major Breakthrough for this Azadi Movement. We are thankful to Afzal Khan for listening to his "Zameer ki Awaz". May Allah keep him secure as he continues revealing the facts regarding Election Rigging along with exposing big names like Fakhruddin Ibrahim, Iftikhar Chaudhry, Justice Riyaz Kiyani and others. Kaptaan, we are proud to have been standing with you through this movement. We trust that you will lead this nation towards victory like you did in 1992! Sab Taj Uchaley Jayenge Sab Takht Giraye Jayenge Hum Dekhen Gey Lazim Hai Ke Hum Bhi Dekhein Gey
Happy Birthday kwn dr kecik . May Allah bless you. Hopefully you will always success in whatever you do. Hadiah…
I will lyk to entreat all non ahmadi muslims to watch GTV n see d beauty of islam ahmadiyyat. N d taking of our international ba'iat.d ba'iat d holy prophet mohammed(saw) started n its stil on continuatn whch is practisd by ahmadis.may Allah almity grant us d blessings in dis bi'ait nw n in d hereafta.ameen. N may He open d eyes of dose hu are nt seeing dah d imam mahdi has cam n it wil continue to b establishd in d instituitn of dat dey wud also see dah yes d light of dis world is shining n wil continue to shine. Inshallah. May Allah almity gve us all undastandin
Congratulations to Pak Army and Chief Justice of Pakistan ! You have truly defended your motherland with Honor, Dignity and Pride. ( I GUESS ) You have protected the AEEN , EMPTY BUILDINGS , SO CALLED LAW and SO CALLED DEMOCRACY for the sake of your positions. May Allah bless you all !
Like i hv always said IK is not a politician He is just a good leader NS is a politician and a besharam one ... As u need to b one to b a gud one TUQ is neither .. He is a gud jugglar .. Just like aamir liaquat IK has been played by TUQ probably He has made another mistake just like a many few he made over the past few weeks He shud hv shown some flexibility He shud ve known that NS being a man of dhittai wud never resign He shud hv cashed in the chance provided by Pak Army as that in my humble opinion was his best chance to get any justice After cmng bak from meeting wid chief he shud hv announced that there is no other institute other than army to trust in this country and he shud hv requested the army to mediate the probe into election riggings through appointment of senior army offrs ... That was all A win win situation But i am sorry IK U lost it ... The best chance ever u cud hv got Even if NS resigns he wud still b influencial enuff to get the desired results .. May Allah help Pakistan
Shame on our police force and government of Mian Nawaz Sharif :( May Allah guide our governence.
may Allah give you health and strength to fight for the right.
beta there are few like Ur father May Allah always protect him ...
Police forces continuous to shell 'anso gas', which is said to be expired and deadly. May ALLAH help them.
Happy Birthday baby girl, best friend of life! My rock! I love youu! May Allah continue to guide and…
may Allah grant him a speedy recovery in sha Allah.
What about the innocent protestors you are ruthlessly killing? May Allah not protect them from your wrath?
May Allah remove all your pains, worries and bring you happiness every day in This Life (:
yup, exactly what the legend said. may Allah SWT grant the oppressed victory ASAP iA.
Thanx for making dua. We r in a real bad situation. May Allah from ths corrupt govt. soon :'(
Peace for Pakistan...May Allah have mercy on them.
stay safe Ary team Islamabad . great job . May Allah help the people there... Why still Army is sleeping ?
But when u go expecting perks, the perks become "not perky enough." May Allah azza wa jal giv us all thabaat...
Palestinians sit on the beach in Gaza City after a long term ceasefire took hold. May Allah keep them safe.
Happy Birthday 🎁🎉🎊🎈 May Allah bless you and have a blast ! Loveyou crazy girl 😘💕
May Allah protect valuable lives..Of those brave policemen fighting attack on state &of those pitched against state by men of great 'valour'
There are two features that nothing of piety may be above them: the faith in Allah and to benefit the people of Allah. …
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The mujahideen live and fight for the sake of Allah ﷻ while we sit at home and slander. May Allah ﷻ forgive us.
Just got back from PIMS the situation is ridiculous. IK standing on top of the container even now, May Allah keep him safe
May Allah ease everything for us insyaAllah
Evry1 plz start readng ayate kareema atleast 300 times. May Allah protect our people.
Today Islamabad is not less than Gaza.May Allah give His Mercy to us.Aameen
All my prayers, best wishes, respect & love to A great man. May he get well soon. I feel like crying. May A…
My prayers go out to those in Islamabad right now. Innocents are suffering & over 200 have been injured. May peace return soon. I…
May Allah guide this lost world.Ameen
Happy 57th National Day. May Allah protect our country from any disasters. Let our proudly PM doing his duty easily. Amin.
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest leaders ever,May the blessings of Allah & The Ahlulbayt forever be with you
the grasp of the people of Pakistan may not be as strong, but Allah holds firm onto whoever He wills. Justice will be served.
dear mam pls. .stop spreading it. May Allah liberate u from slavery of lies .
May Allah Ta'ala protect you all.Ameen! Take care of yourself & eachother, proud of your bravery!
Someday day we will all leave this world behind I pray we all find rest & peace wherever we go. May Allah have mercy on all the loss souls.
stay strong! May ALLAH grant him a high level in Jannah. Ameen. Praying for the family.
Everybody please start reading ayate kareema at least 300 times . May Allah protect my people . I wish I was in Islama…
There was a peaceful sit-ins for 3day thru out Pakistan. Fake propaganda will not help u guys May Allah gi…
May Allah take care of us in this nigth. 've a nice day!!!
MADNESS IN ISLAMABAD! Many injured as police fire rubber bullets and tear gas plus running baton charges with the crowds supporting Imran Khan and the people. May Allah keep everyone safe, expose the corrupt powerhungry "leaders" and give them what's best for them Ameen
Islamabad has become the view of Gaza :'( It shameful how people are fighting with each other on social platforms. I think praying for the nation and country would be a better thing to do than abusing people. May Allah bless us all AMEEN
Lovely 3 days of celebrations, Congratulations Sumaira Thapper, Sheikh Sumbal Ghafoor Bhandari, Saira Sheikh on your brothers wedding, may Allah bless their marriage. I haven't been to such a wedding for such a long time, where there was so much warmth, hospitality, caring and fun, usual weddings are too many people just eat and go home, but dulhas familymade sure everyone was involved and the bride and her family were just so so lovely. I've also met some lovely auntyjees who I've had some interesting chats with, and I've made some lovely new friends who are beautiful inside and outside Shazia, Saadia Faraz, Alliyah-Jabeen Rafiq (your mum too). God bless you all x
Retiring to bed early today. Tight day tomorrow. May Allah see us true.
Imran Khan May Allah bless you with long life and health Ameen. YOU are the only hope for Pakistan.
One wedding today and one marriage. Congratulations to my Husbands cousin on his wedding today inshallah the weather stays amazing!! Also my wonderful sister is completing half her religion today by doing her ketb ektab to a amazing man! May allah swt bless your marriage sis :) ♡
Imran Khan on stage...MAY ALLAH keep you safe...
a shameful and brutal act of PMLN Govt on peaceful protesters at islamabad,,n now they portraying it to be a defensive act for the security of state buildings..shame on all of those who support there lies,,,May Allah send His justice..
I request to both parties that find the solution of this recent crisis in Islamabad through democratic process. The situation in Islamabad is a heavy tense for whole nation. We should have to learn from our past and i wish that may Allah protect our country and he bless us all.
was exTremly shocked to hear about the death of my friend's father plz pray for his soul may Allah forgive all his sins Ameen...
A very sad day for Pakistan... may Allah help those and their families who are injured and those who are dead .
Road to Italy. To be a man is not easy. May Allah let things to easy for us.
Dear PMLN Supporters: Let's pray together. Repeat after me. "May Allah Prevail Justice and Truth in Pakistan. May He Save us from Barbarism" GO AHEAD!
May Allah give us all hidayah and make us a good person who care for others and help others. Ameen
he made some point May Allah Guide him to islam
I have never before sat in front of the TV watching news for this long! May Allah protect the people of this country, Ameen
Goodnight everyone take care love you all for the sake of Allah. If I hurt some of you may Allah forgive me in sha ALLAH walaykum salam.
May Allah be with the people of Pakistan.
Gudnite friends may Allah bless you all
Please donate money to save There Lives And Give them hope And dua and pray for them may Allah help them inshallah our brother and sister in Palestine and Syria# allahu akbuur#
This Is A Beautiful Truly Hadith. Pls Read And Share It To Others. Narrated by Abu Huraira (RA): Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: "There is a group of Allaah's angels who move about the streets searching for the people who mention Allaah (swt). When they find a group doing that, they call each other, "Here is what you are looking for." Then they cover that group with their wings right up to the sky. When these angels return to the heavens, their Lord asks them, although He knows the answer, "What were My Servants saying?" They say, "They were describing Your holiness and greatness, and were busy praising and glorifying You." Allaah (swt) then asks, "Have they seen Me?" The angels reply, "By Allaah! They have not seen You." Allaah (swt) says, "What would they have done if they could see me?" The angels reply, "They would then be even more busy in their worship, glorification, and praise." Then Allaah (swt) asks, "What did they want from Me?" The angels reply, "They asked You for Jannah (Heaven)." Allaah (swt) ...
Oh no , it is way past my bed time And I just can't sleep , and I have to get up so early , have a function to attend. Not sleepy at all , sigh !!! But I have company So guess its ok :) Much love and dream sweet Allah answer all your duas Keep smiling no matter what
My grandfather's sister passed away last week in Bangladesh. She was dumb. Her hearing was ok but she had no speech. But Bangladesh visits were great for me coz of her. She would hold my hand and take me round the whole village. No doubt Allah swt will restore her speech when the angels question her in her grave. Miss her a lot even though I'm in the UK. May Allah swt make her barzakh easy for her and enter her into jannatul firdous. And let her enjoy talking which she never could do in dunya. Ameen.
Happy Birthday TO our lovely big baji Safina Akhtar May Allah swt bless u with good health and many many more birthdays to come x love u loads x
, praise be to Allah me and my companion on our way to Germantown masala to offer prayer may Allah be pleased
Sad day for PAKISTAN. May ALLAH help PAKISTAN and those who are righteous.
Allah didn't promise us a lyfe wiz out pain, strugglez en hardship. may Allah bless we all.
Little Giant Ladders
*sad* I thought I almost found it... *sad* alahmduillah for his qadar. May Allah grant them much better then I ever am or could be amen
This political unrest is really depressing. May Allah keep everybody safe
No more comments on *** politics... As I don't have any political association but always supported to the peaceful solutions... Just can make dua for my homeland... May ALLAH almighty save it from evil and make us one nation...
It bound to be happened. If demand -PM resignation would be done, then that protest would have not become riots. May ALLAH get them well soon, and save their brothers and sisters ahead.
may allah swt keep my Pakistan safe!Whats happening is not good for the country at all,these leaders always lead the poor and uneducated people to destruction in the name of CHANGE.
It isnt only Palestine and iraq you have got pakistan, Afghanistan, kashmeer, yemen, sudan and many other countries that are struggling with little wars may Allah protect them all
May ALLAH protect the people of PAKISTAN and R.I.P to all that have passed away today. ALSO pray that Nawaz Sharif and his whole family get killed. the heartless ***
The International Student Center (ISC) at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) just started receiving VDR (visa with reference) letters the day I booked a plane ticket and left Johor Bahru after suspiciously being blocked from issuing VDRs for 5 months. UTM is not the problem. The Malaysia Immigration department is nothing more than a corrupt and criminal enterprise blocking me from a work visa in late 2010 with an excuse that the company had too many Malay working there. The corruption there is extremely rampant and well known with just about everyone saying that with a USA passport one can accomplish anything and a bit of bribe money can accomplish anything else. Endless stories of corrupt immigration officials taking bribes are present including with passport check harassment games. The CIA owns the place and there is little I can do when my FBI record is "blocked" and classified as "top secret" so they can rationalize persecuting me since by exposing their militant homosexual recruitment *** syndi ...
“There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers Let's all of us take a moment and pray that good prevails over this chaos and insanity. May Allah protect the lives of those suffering. May we emerge stronger through this ordeal
ARMY: We are there to protect borders (and they watching the show) Police: We are there to protect buildings (and they killing unarmed innocents) Who the f**k is there to protect innocents ? Dead sisters/mothers.faint elderlies.wounded kids. FORCES watching the show. Show is on for all those who were supporting the regime and were insisting to let them complete 4 years so they can get more stronger and recruit more gangsters! Anger - Grief - Frustration - I have no words to express my feelings!! may Allah protect them from further harm!!! History has got another red page drenched in the blood of innocents!!! May Allah help those unarmed - innocents ameen!!!
Cant sleep thinking about islamabad. .a peaceful spot turned into battlefield. .. may Allah have mercy on its ppl.
Army needs to take over to stop all the mess before it spreads more. we don't need democratic government. we need a system that takes care of the people and democracy isn't seems to be the one. may Allah bless all the victims and curse all those who are involved in this violence.
May Allah Subhanu Wat Tu Ala give Shifa to those who are wounded under great Badmaashi by the Beghayrat hakoomat. Aameen.
May Allah paak protect our leader Imran Khan and rest of the Pakistanis currently in this critical situation. Long Live Pakistan
May Allah protect all innocent people of Pakistan especially those who are taking part in protest. AMin
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
More than 300 reported injured ... feeling so sad .. May Allah give us some sense.
The country's situation is vry tragic.. may ALLAH protect the ppl.. What the govt n police r doing is wrong n brutal... but what is wrong with Pat and Pti leaders.. y did thy called their ppl to move forward, wen thy knew police or army will have no other option but to take action as per their duty n responsibility to save the national institutions. . u cant just let the ppl to come in the Parliaments or pm president houses.. I mean what option is Police left with when u go into sensitive areas. N im sure same procedure is adopted everywhere.. On part of the govt.. thy shud have solved ths matter way earlier.. right now the govt shud protect the ppl n cure the injured. Mistake frm both sides, will result in bloodshed n war.. Even if the PM doesn't matter much.. these political parties have created a new norm of how to kill a govt n get the seat. This will become the new culture of dirty politics. ALLAH reham farma.
I have no doubt ARMY is with Government and Nawaz Sharif. Today when NS said that soon this hijanii kafeeyat will be over . He was looking so confident, I was wondering why? I got the answer now bcz our chief Saab has struck the deal with NS. May ALLAH prove me wrong but sadly preception is that ARMY has gone on silent mode.
May Allah save Pakistan from such foolish & selfish type of leaders. Aameen
& despite of my all dis agreements with you i must say that both of you are very brave man .. May ALLAH protect you ...
May Allah swt protect us from falsehood and then he make us among those who are truthfully at all times..
Thanks friends 4 de best wishes of my birth day,may Allah reward u abundantly..thanks once again.
Who said strangers cant be good brothers or sisters? Well, u met me when I met with an accident and I did not even knew u BUT m soo happy that u have considered me as ur sweet sister. Moral of d story, relations are not only d ones which are of blood, some true and pure relations u can encounter when u have really not expected it. May Allah always bless u Tahir Mirza
Going to try and sleep, despite my heart and mind being in Pakistan...may Allah keep our Pakistan and it's citizens safe...and stable the situation and inshAllah prevent things from getting worse by daybreak in Pakistan...this is just a minority of our nation the rest are yet to rise...
Hats off and salute to those who are in Islam Abad at and they are fighting for us , i wish i could b there and participate but.. But it is request to all of u who are nearby to Islam Abad please go to nearest hospital and donate blood and pray for quick recovery of injured persons... May Allah protect everyperson , our lovely country Pakistan...
Asallaam aleikoem warahmatoullah wa barakatoe, my name is Chaima, i live in the Netherlands and i love Palestine and the Palestinians!! May Allah swt be with you and give you all sbar and strenght.
Dr Tahir ul Qadri is unstable due to shelling & Ch Shjuaat is injured by shelling, May Allah keep them safe All!
IK u proved that u r real leader . Salam tumhari Azmat ko. IK Aaj se tumhara muqam meri nazar mein bhar gia. May Allah Bless you . You are Brave you are standing with ur people .
My brain is totally stuck. May Allah be with the innocent people all around the globe. Aameen
Status by Saima Khan if anyone asks you "arent you too hot in that hijab abaya or niqaab?" reply *** is hotter, this is nothing!" lool May Allah swt save us from the fire of *** Ameen (not my last status though)
May Allah protect our beloved country, Aameen
Never thought I would say this but I really want to see someone hanged till death in front of millions of people and on live television and that someone is none other than Nawaz Harami... Sorry for my language but Shareef isn't really a word I should or would use here. May Allah protect and relieve us from such men who have no humanity left in them and only worship money and power. May Allah protect the innocent people who are out there only to raise their voices against unlawfulness and corruption in the most peaceful way any of us can/could imagine! May Allah protect Pakistan. A truly sad sad day in the history of our nation!
Hats of too our brother Iqrar Ul Hassan once again you risk your life without any greed or matlab to show the reality of these yazeeds may allah always protecr you from evil and harm ameen
Who will protect citizens when looter rulers become terrorists ? May Allah SWT keep pakistan safe , Ameen
Today pmln has proved that they are a product of a Dectator and they all having mentality of Dectators The Traitor Nawaz Sharif history will never forgive you and i pray that may Allah .
My nephew Sohail has won another great fight in boxing tonight, Suban Allah. May Allah SWT give him success in every step he takes and bless him with good health. Ameen! muwwah love you! xx♥♡
Qadri and imran are responsible for this whole incident. Police have to arrest them, they are enemies of my beloved country pakistan they are doing all this for there personal benefits may Allah safe my country imam and qadri should written in the history of Pakistan as meer all prayers with the poor and innocent people who are being used by these so called leaders they are not leases they are stupid persons May Allah help the people of my nation. I love pakistan
Pak Army should ve to take charge of Govt after this shameful act by Noora. May Allah (swt) bless on Pakistan. Long live Pakistan.
Latest updates: The number of injured have swelled to 294 people. May Allah Bless Them All..
Rascals we dun need you at all in goverenment.. you all are creepy murderers.. Seriously my heart is crying fa d victims of this oppression !! ALLAH SWT save d lives of all protestors nd d people of righteousness ,, !! !! xxx
I feel that i m in GAZA. May ALLAH protect our all inocent people...My all prayers r with them.
InshaAllah that day will come in the presence imam Mahdi (ajtfs) May Allah give syed a long healthy life
Hamid Mir is now new Hamid Mir.May Allah give him courage to face cruelity.
The picture tells it all,so touching. May Allah give strength and health to the next generation to lead aamiin!
Here's list, it's pretty long - I'm trying to boycotting them all but have been advised that it is best if struggling to concentrate on the big ones like Coca-cola, McDonald, Loreal, Starbucks, and Nestle, first and add in the rest as soon as you can. Take guidance from the BDS Movement: Boycott products that are supplying the Israeli state with funds. Boycotting had a big influence in the changes to the apartheid system in South Africa, educate friends and family (and even enemies!). May Allah bring us Justice to the Palestinian people. A Arsenal Football Club AOL Australian newspapers Aqua Velva (body care) Ambi Pur Aramis Apex Supply Company Andrex Products After Eight Aero B Body shop Bioderm Bobby Brown (beauty products) Barbie Banana Republic Brylcream (body care) Bumble Bumble Buitoni Body Mist Brands Hatch Leisure Holdings C Calvin Klein Coca Cola CNN Cross & Blackwell Caterpillar Clinique Champion Camation D Disney Dr Pepper Donna Karen / DKNY Douwe and Egberts (coffee and coffee systems) Danon . ...
“If someone corrects you, and you feel offended, then YOU have an EGO problem” -Nouman Ali Khan - May Allah give us understa…
(30/60) and Ibn Kuzaimah, and said this is a sound narration]. Imam Ibn Hajar said 'Umar (May Allah pleased with him) did not differentiate
Happy Belated Birthday to the most entirely crazy cousin. May Allah bless you and kahwin nanti jemput. Uhukksss
Gud nite all. Allah hafiz... May Allah bless us all.
, its 73rd Foundation Day of , May Allah give them more courage and progress.
Javed Hashmi back on Imran Khan's Container. .. welcome back sir..May Allah bless you with good health..
May Allah have mercy on those who have passed away. Ameen
2nd day at dataran merdeka. May Allah ease everything to us. Ameen
the salaf were something else. May Allah give them what they were seeking in the best of ways.
What can I say? May Allah be wit the people of Borno,yobe and adamawa...There is indeed massive war going on in that state.
Javed Hashmi is not feeling well,May Allah give him health..Amin
We're taught to accept death as a part of life. Don't fear death, fear the state we will die in. May Allah grant us all…
Now you know who 'Pyaray Afzal' was? ;)). May Allah protect Muhammad Afzal Khan, again saying. htt…
Take a bow Afzal Khan (Ad. Sec Election commission), May Allah protect you from this vicious Gullu butt mafia!
All the status cou are gathered to save their corruption...! May Allah be with Khan! . We want .
Barakallah Abdul Aziz Asmuni on your wedding day :) May Allah bless your marriage all the way till jannah
ﻞﻫ ﺚﺤﺒﺗ ﻦﻋ تﺎﺟﻼﻋ ؟ ﺚﺤﺑا ﻲﻓ ﻞﻴﻟد ﺐﻳو ﺐﻃ ﻦﻋ تﺎﺟﻼﻋ ﻊﻴﻤﺠﻟ ضاﺮﻣﻻا ، ﻰﻨﻤﺘﻧ ﻚﻟ ءﺎﻔﺸﻟا ! جﻼﻋ - ضاﺮﻣﻻا - نﺎﻣﺎﺑ Miracle Of Al-Isra & Al-Miraj (The night journey and the ascension of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him) Praise be to Allah, the Lord of t he Worlds, the One Who exists without a place. To Him belong the endowments and proper commendations. May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and his kind Al and Companions and protect his nation from what he fears for them. May the Lord of Heavens and Earth grant us the sincere intentions and guide us to the acceptable deeds. Thereafter, Allah sent the prophets as a mercy to the slaves and supported them with miracles to indicate the truthfulness of their message. Of all the prophets, our Prophet, Muhammad, was blessed with the most miracles. Al-Isra' and al-Mi^raj are among the many miracles of Prophet Muhammad. The mi ...
Aisha Bint Aby Bakr RA Umm-Al-Mu’minin (Mother of Believers) Note: For ease of reading, we have not inserted “May Allah be pleased with her (RA)” each time Aisha’s RA name or the name of each Companion is mentioned, but please take it that the salutations apply to all of them, may Allah be pleased with them all. Narrated Amr bin Al-As: I came to the Prophet SAW and said, “Who is the most beloved person to you?” He said, “Aisha.” I asked, “Among the men?” He said, “Her father.” I said, “Who then?” He said, “Then Umar bin Al-Khattab.” He then named other men [Bukhari]. Who is Aisha ibn Abu Bakr? Out of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, two have received prominence above the others. The first was Khadija, and the second was Aisha. Aisha was the favourite daughter of one of the Prophet’s favourite companions, Abu Bakr, and was the most beloved wife of the Prophet SAW after Khadijah. Sawdah, the Prophet’s SAW second wife, and Aisha entered the life of the Prophet’s SA ...
Assalamualikum brothers and sisters... It's sad to know that some of our brothers can't get married coz of high dowry, and sisters who are 30th and above are regretting that they can't get married coz lack of men who will marry them, may Allah make it easy for them, marriage is made easy in Islam, if a brother Muslim who has a good character and Deen that you like comes for your daughters hand marry them why wait till they get to their 30, what's funny is they will always say we should assure our daughters future with high dowry, or the only way to know a man's sincere intentions is thru money or if he can't afford it then he can't have her, Allahul mustaan, men are less than women in our age. May Allah make it easy for us brothers and sisters this age is gonna end with many woman in the side alone and no man to take them if we don't follow the Sunnah of our prophet Mohammad peace be upon him.
Once Again A Fatwa Has been released from "Fatwa Manufacturing Company of Pakistan" against the peaceful protests being held in Federal Capital by both Sunni-Shia Muslims by so-called Riyaal Paid Mufti of takfiris. Obviously this is what we can expect from such ignorant peoples who Slaughter Innocent Muslims, Who ask for them females of others for Jihad-e-Nikkah, Who demolish Shrines of Prophets, attack places of worship of others and so on..! May Allah's curse be upon them.
May Allah almighty speedily recover Rashid Godial Bhai, grant him good health and longevity (Ameen).
BREAKING: Abu Musa, the person who appeared in documentary got martyred today!. May Allah accept him! htt…
May Allah destroy the Nigerian army. They are the real terrorists. La hawla wa la quwatta illah billah what they are doing to Muslims.
Q&A: American Airstrikes on Iraq There have been recent news reports of American aircraft carrying out air raids on some sites controlled by the IS organisation in Northern Iraq. Statements by Obama and some American officials were issued explaining that this measure was taken for humanitarian reasons and from fear of genocide and such talk. Although there were tougher and worse massacres that have taken place in Syria, but America did not intervene, even in Iraq massacres have occurred in Anbar and Fallujah, yet America also did not intervene which means that the motive of humanitarian and the like is not a convincing reason for the American planes raids in the north of Iraq. This can be understood from the track of events... the question is: If this understanding is correct, and that this is not the reason for the raids... then I wish if possible to get an explanation for the real reason that you see according to your political analysis of current events, and May Allah reward you with the good. The answ ...
Those masakeen that slander the brothers at spubs are missing out big time, May Allah aid the salafis world wide
Ml Yusuf Mangera of Stamford hill (same surname us us but not related) passed away today. May Allah make his maghfirah.
haappy birthday dude! May Allah bless you in dunya and akhirat☺️
Sigh this made me tear a bit, may Allah give me what it takes to become a better Muslim iA.
IK zindabad.may Allah give u all the success in Azadi march.
my respected leader I love you for the vision you gave us may Allah bless you and us through you Amen.
May Allah SWT help Khan and enable him to keep his promises,May the change be positive,May Allah grant him respect & success
Please make duaa for a close friend's mother who is currently very unwell and in hospital. Al Fatiha for her recovery, m…
may Allah make the life easier for the people of, gaza. amin
taking over somebody life in Guinea and nobody could help the poor guy. May Allah help the world..
The man who indulges in backbiting will not enter paradise, (Bukhari) may ALLAH saves us from backbiting, all too common these days,
My dad and his team will enter to Gaza at 4am after this.pray for them guys May Allah ease everything for them
May the Almighty ALLAH accept all our Dua's and shower His Mercy & Blessings upon us and our families and the whole ummah, Ameen
Happy Birthday leo 😁😁 may Allah bless you and have a good one yaa
[New video] The Night Life ᴴᴰ - Must Watch [Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan] Salam All! - This Video is Created by The Daily Reminder If you Like what You See, then Help Us Help You & the Ummah at large by Supporting The Dawah. Click Here To Support The Dawah: This video is Creative Common's (Not Copyrighted) ** No Impermissible Music was used in the production of this video May Allah reward you, TDR Team.
May Allah forgive our sins and guide us to become better people, Ameen
No worries ya Umm Awkward, a reminder is always appreciated. May Allah reward you for what you intended :)
May Allah give peace to all Muslims all over the world.
Now 17th August is Indonesia's Independence day. May Allah bless my country
"Happy Birthday sayang! may Allah bless you. kashang love seghaaa more ♥" thank you biskut kacang!…
Happy Birthday raif may Allah SWT bless u In Sya Allah and success in your life
Happy Birthday . May Allah bless you. Aminn
thank you natasya! May Allah bless you too, take care ☺️
they may not get found out by the police or anyone else but they can't hide from Allah swt he sees them & will deal with them! IA
May Allah bless our hearts from madness and loneliness..
Special days, HAPPY WEDDING .maybe everythings has change, but make it become beautiful changes. may Allah alway…
Nite world~ may Allah bless us today,, may tommorrow better than today :D
17 August 2014 - Happy 25th birthday Kak Mimie. May Allah bless your entire life and may He ease you…
May Allah bless me. Give me strength, good health.
May Allah accept our Prayer, forgive our sins, and guide us all to the Straight Path.
It's horrible when the most pious looking people turn out to have the worst characters . May Allah correct our characters, ameen"
May Allah protect our heart from hiding the truth
For the sake of humanity !. May Allah blessed our brother and sisters in ghazzah . Purchased while…
Imran Khan suffering from 102 fever. May Allah bless him with a speedy recovery.” Ameen.
For we are one Ummah and our sins collectively, negatively impacts - not just us - but the entire Ummah as a whole ... May All…
and Allah puts fear in the hearts of the disbelieving men and women. . May He grant us steadfastness on His path!
not me bruv my fam 😂😭 but alhamdulillah Allah has blessed me with amazing parents. May He further guide them ameen
Bismikallah humma ahya. waamut. May Allah forgive our. sins.
Happy Birthday gayyest guy on earth. May allah bless you.
I told u my Leader Will be Back and See He is Back ! With Passion, Strength and Determination! May Allah Protect You 😘
My only uncle on his birthday thanking Allah for their life that he has given him .May Allah shower him with all his blessings .And I beg allah to grant him with good health an many more birthdays. All praise is due to Allah.
Happy Birthday auni salma! good luck in whatever you do. May Allah bless you with His warmth and love 😙
. Listening to him, his speech is a true blessing! What an amazing leader . May Allah protect him from all evil eyes Ameen.
Just think, 2mrw we could be in our graves,,, Subhan'allah, May Allah (swt) have mercy on us, Amen,
That was a way of bribing the protesters which they rejected. May Allah give success to AZADI MARCH.
Imagine if we were 2live in the time of our beloved Prophet pbuh & his companions, may Allah elevate us 2 meet them in J…
Relax. Allah saw your situation coming long before you did. He’s STILL in control. Just be scared of any sin you may h…
People who are passionate and love Pakistan so much that they can do anything to save her, should listen this. may Allah guide us and unite us .. ameen
May Allah continue to strengthen unity among our clans & Ppl that keep social fabric of whilst positively contrib…
Good night AABH.. May Allah bless you and protect you.. Your name always there in my du'a..
This is what's been happening to Burma Muslims for years. Yet, the ummah has remained silent. May Allah help them.
"My birthday ~". Happy Birthday ^^ May Allah bless you. Keeps smile and be strong :b
Mian Maqsood with Arshed Majeed giving Dawa to Youth of Lahore. May Allah bless youth of Lahore with Iman, wisdom and courage to contribute in Islamic Revolution.
High alert, 2 suicide attackers wearing bomb jacket have entered the MarchMob in Islamabad. -Security Agencies. May Allah keep all those Muslims brothers and sisters safe, Ameen! Please pray people.
As at the time of zuhr Alhamdulillah, we have two new Muslims to join the community. May Allah ease them for the Deen and ease the Deen for them (Amin)
This video will move your heart. Never waste your food or throw any of it away as you *will* be asked about it on the Day of Judgment. May Allah grant relief to these kids and others who are starving in Syria and the rest of the world.
May Allah swt grant us all a good end and protect us from our enemy Shaytan.
Messages are coming in! May Allah swt open the hearts of the Muslim armies.
Surprisingly I have to say well done to the BBC for the best interview I've seen so far. This man's dignity it undeniable. Either the world frees Gaza or it finishes it!! May Allah (swt) give the whole Muslim umma this much Takwa & defiance in the face of opression. AMEEN!
I guess it's true, not everyone you encounter in life is ment to stay in your life!!..And I guess time has run its course, mashaallah!..No fingers pointed, a mutual agreement,WE tried, so as it is said,"it is what it is!" May Allah forgive us both ...Ameen
Leadership with humility and philanthropist ism. May Allah reward you for paying the bills of those that had accident during national convention to the tune two million naira both the medical bill and little up keep for the team of those that took care of the patient up to the time they are discharged. May I also thank her excellency Hajjia nana Kashim shettima for her personal visit and personal assistance of the sum of 500k to the family of the deceased. May Allah Ta, ala reward you abundantly. May the soul of the deceased Hajjia saratu and Dr Baba Ali the Dr who took the patients to Kano who also died after a brief illness last week, rest in perfect peace. Ameen. May I also appeal to all and sundry to assist in prayers Ibrahim the son of the deceased who is re admitted in Kano for quick recovery. May I still appeal to the His Excellency with his usual magnanimity come to the aid of the Ibrahim and family of the deceased. In conclusion I will also all those who visited the patients and send delegation . ...
Allah SWT has blessed us with a handsome, healthy and precious baby boy on 13th of August, Wednesday. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Alhamdulillah! May Allah grant him a beautiful, blissful and meaningful life ahead, and include him amongst His most righteous servants! Please do remember me and my family in your sincere prayers.
Tracy Zetta Pretorius. check this out...not as professional because I am no baker... this is a banana sponge with caramel topping... baked this afternoon for my brother's birthday. Hope he likes and enjoy! Slamat Riedwaan. .. may Allah grant you many more birthdays filled with Ghayr and bharrakah In Sha Allah!
Alhumdulillah a new addition to the family Salaam to my new baby cousin - Abu Dujana May ALLAH grow him up to be a true mu'min Ameen xXx
Days spend very son:( mising u alot little prince. don't forget us n come soon to us...may Allah bless u always ..loveeualoott:-*
Hay guyz!please pray for my mother...may Allah give her health soon.please please pray for her
My hearty tribute to the legend with tear full eyes, May Allah grant him Jaantul Firdous Ameen
thanx to all who did wished me on my day may ALLAH bless them with prosperity nd thnx to those as well who did not wish me
soldiers continue bombing Tabqa airport by heavy cannons May Allah let his soldiers be victorious
A beautiful Anasheed in the voice of a Shaheed Al-Qaeda Mujahid may Allah swt accept him.
We need to be productive in our communities we need to put the drug problem to sleep and realize what is our main purpose on this planet .we are changing the saying of am I my brothers keeper to am I my brothers pall bearer. Say to yourself "I am somebody and I can make a difference..May Allah guide us aright Amin.
'Famous singers be singing about Haram matters all day long, and Muslims are still following them, listening to them, and idolizing them. How can you claim to have Emaan and at the same time love someone who is inviting you to the Fire?' May Allah save us from this fitnah aameen!
King of the Jungle. A lions encounter with the Angel of Death The Lion is known to be the King of the Jungle. Yet he will also face death. Here, we can actually see the events. This is a powerful reminder on death. We tend to forget that the same thing is going to happen to us. May Allah make it easy for us when our time comes and grants us all in Jannatul Firdaws. Ameen.
had supported IK in elections , will support IK ... The only thing I know is that I'm true patriot , I will support what is in best interest of my homeland , my Pakistan ... I cannot support a leader " so called leader " who has lived in exile even for a month ... IK , my prayers with you ... Pakistan Zindabad Pak Fouj Paindabad ... ps : people are saying it's of no use , that march and all , ... a point of view I respect , but every time I'll think about it in future , I'll have one thing in mind that I supported the one who is on the right path ... cuz , We ain't no kids , we all know who is right and who is wrong ... May Allah show us the right path and give us courage to speak the truth ...
may Allah rest her soul in peace my mother in law who passed away today-
Thanks to all the lovely ladies that attended tonights event DUA FOR GAZA .voice of the voiceless, Nev Zahab 😘 you are one in a million, we couldn't have done this without you, Doumuoa Howcher such a beautiful soul may Allah reward you for all ur help, Halima Chakik love you Nadia Chaouk thanks for the slideshow sis Reem Mechlawi Allam I ❤️u Lamia Allam Samiha Chaouk Manaya Chaouk thanks for all ur help, Zeinab Hawshar and all who performed were amazing Abbs Saleh you really made the night even more special. Fadi FAdi Hajaj May Allah reward all ur efforts Um Ayman you did an excellent job may Allah reward all ur hard work Hala El Jammal always helping when you can and last but not least Hasna Allam my beautiful mother for her recitation of the quran ❤️❤️and there are many more who don't have fb, please forgive me if I forgot anyone ur all in the heart. I'm so tired I can't even see straight lol but just needed to post this before I go bed 😴
Happy anniversary to my wife. Been a year already. May Allah give us many more happy years to come inshallah. Farah A Waqas Amjid
With English subtitles. Click 'captions CC' in the lower right of the video to activate them. A talk by Sayyidi al-Habib Umar bin Hafiz, may Allah preserve h...
In the End.. There will be 2 group... 1. Soldier of Prophet Isa Ibni Maryam a.s with Imam Mahdy who fight for the cause of Allah 2.Soldier Of Al Masih Ad Dajjal who also fight for the cause of Allah (what They Think) May Allah Guide Us to the Straight Path aameen
Today 16 August is the 17th death anniversary of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the great legend. May Allah peace his soul (aamin) Lets share some of his evergreen songs. Thnx
May Allah blessed this child live long life with happiness and prosperity I love u
Asalam aleikum, on the day of judgement, ALLAH will 2 us 3 periods and they will be: wen we r doing gd, wen we r idle, wen wen we r sinning. But we will b in regret 4 da last 2 periods. So sis' en bros we shud make dhikr as much as possible. I pray 2 ALLAH that we meet with rasul (S.A.W) in jannat firdaus. May ALLAH give us the means of making hajj.
Congratulation the marriage of our beloved big brother Will be taken place on 7th September 2014 may ALLAH swt blessed this marriage and given them long life and properties, as well bless them with wonderful kids. Hip Hurray !! for dreams turning to reality . Pius Revelation Walkalone Prince Jadon Wagna Waddell Robert Gjandey GH Dankwa Seidu D Black Positive Jalloo Jah Bless Jr Cosmos Abubakari
Sorry for the not clear video. Just imagine and listen to the crowd. It was definitely more than 10 million. Just one thing is sure, this Man never ever goes back from what ever he says, Long Live Imran Khan. Stayed 48 hrs without sleep, still a fresh smiling face, said can stay more for 48 hrs. May Allah give IK long life, good health and courage, Ameen
Have a great respect for Makhdoom Javed Hashmi. A great laeader. May Allah swt bless him and give him good health Ameen
thats the attitude,prayers and duas needed along with Junoon.May Allah grant the success!
Please recite Ayat ul Kursi for yourself, Imran Khan, family, friends and Pakistan. May Allah protect & help us.
"Beautiful people are not always good, but good people are always beautiful" Ali Ibn Abi Talib, May Allah be pleased with him.
Hazrath Anas Rz. narrated: . The Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and give him peace) said that -. "Recite...
May Allah and Panjtan Pak be with you. Pak Army, u have won back our old trust,respect, & support. Long live Pakistan.
Happy Birthday to Khaleda zia. That's really a very good day for the nation. May Allah give her long long life...
Happy Birthday to my beloved mother, Faridah binti Bolhi. May Allah s.w.t. continue to bless you with…
Happy independence day. May Allah bless our beloved mother land with betterment and prosperity. Ameen. Keep praying. 💚💚💚
Volume 1, Book 8, Number 428 :. Narrated by Abu Huraira. Allah's Apostle said, "May Allah's curse be on the Jews...
Alhamdulillah ❤️once again we are awake to see the morning sun. The sun gave brightness to the earth, with the will of Allah the most magnificent. Let the love of Allah lighten your life, let His kindness mould you into His presence, let Him be your guide as you travel the road of life. Life doesn't come with guarantees. Just know that smiling will brighten your face, laughter will brighten your day, and good people will make your life great...good morning and May Allah bless you always. Ameen ya Rab
Happy Birthday to this unfathomable creation of the almighty!!May Allah bless you with the best of both worlds. God bless hammad (:
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A BIG Happy Birthday to my younger brother Azeem ❤️❤️ May Allah swt bless him with many more Happy Birthdays to come in sha Allah 😩😩😩 love you Bro
May Allah destroy the enemies of Nawaz Sharif.Nothing can harm and do a single thing about him.Inn sha Allah he will remain in power.
May Allah never punish my mother, for she drank the love of Imam Ali (a.s) and then fed me with her milk.
WAEC TALK: I Like 2 keep u inform dat West Africa Examination Council has been released lately yesterday at 5:00pm. Accordingto news men said, out of 100% dat wrote waec tis yr 2014/2015 session, 51% faile English and Maths while the remaining 49% pass it. They also reffered it 2 2012 waec result. So my Bro & Sister we've 2 b prayerful may be God can wipe away out tear. May Allah help us through. COMMENT AMEEN.
week end used to be Friday and Saturday we're gonna hav school be strdy ;/..oh my God i don't like it already ..May Allah be with us
Dictatorship in Pakistan. Worse than hosni mubarak , Saddam or any other brutal king. May Allah bless Pakistan. #
May Allah reward our bro Hasan for his efforts in calling to Allah. He did a lecture today, his regular lesson, and transl…
May Allah enable West Africa to contain Creaking health infrastructure can hardly cope at best of …
best of luck bro =). May Allah showr his countless blessings on u guyz =)
Chief Imam of Gwoza among those slaughtered by Boko Haram. Wallahul musta'an. May Allah forgive him.
Mashallah three Jalsas in row , Saskatoon Canada, USA, and then the Big one in UK, May Allah bless the participants and accept their prayers
Force marriage is not permissible in Islam. And sometimes we don't want to take advice but when the difficulty/problem hits us then we had a big mouth. May Allah protect us. In the last part of this video the sheikh is given an example, remember its just an example to draw attention, not a real life story. [Duration 04:42 mints]. Please share, so people will get benefit from it and you can get reward. Thank you.
To the Egyptian Government . “Thank You” !! Thanks for your dedicated stand by Gaza’s side .. Thanks for the closure of border crossing for assistance .. Thanks for your dirty mass media for insulting us all the time .. Thanks for your army for closing the borders between Egypt and Gaza and opening the borders to israel .. Thanks for your participation with israel in putting .. Thanks for refusing Gazan people’s demand of their right to ceasefire .. Thanks for your mass media which supported and encouraged the israeli aggression on Gazan people ..Thanks for allowing israel to kill and slaughter Gazan children .. Many Thanks. To the Egyptian people, you’re our brothers and sisters no matter what, you’ve got affected as much as we got affected. Your prayers are enough to us, May Allah redress the injustice imposed upon us and you. Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sisi, “Go to *** with your army.”
Alhamdulillah! Allah has given me another day to live, no wishes, just Duas. May Allah forgive us and grant us a long life.
Jummah Mubarak! On this blessed day, remember to keep all those who are suffering in your prayers! May Allah (swt) ease their pain and suffering. May He continue to provide them with strength and patience to get through any hardships.
"Jummah Mubarak, May Allah (swt) forgive us for our sins and accept our dua's. Ameen 🙏
So it's Fridayy! Dayy of Blessings. Jummah Mubarak everyone. May Allah shower his blessings on you and your familyy! Stay …
Jummah Mubarak My lovelies, May Allah subhaan Au Ta'Allah accept all our duas an may our brothers an sisters suffering in Gaza have an Essence of Peace soon Insha'Allah
May Allah help all those in need Jummah Mubarak x
May Allah keep us blessed and give us the strength to better ourselves and our imaan today and forever.. Jummah Mubarak ever…
*** Fire is 70 times stronger than the worldly Fire. May Allah protect all of us from *** and grant us Jannah. http:/…
Patrick Sawyer has succeeded in giving us sleepless nights. Abinga Ebola Issue is becoming terrifying. May Allah save us from this epidemic.
Wallahi missin you loads ya shaykh . . . May Allah keep you firm, grant you patience, and give you a prolonged life full of deeds.
May Allah open the doors of His Mercy for us, strengthen our Imaan & keep us on the right path ♥♡
"Ya Allah, I seek refuge in You from objectionable characteristics, deeds and passions." (Tirmidhi) May Allah protect u…
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