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Maxwell House

Maxwell House is a brand of coffee manufactured by a like-named division of Kraft Foods. Introduced in 1892, it is named in honor of the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

Maxwell House Coffee Millennium Maxwell House

That time Larry Bird, Cedric Maxwell, and Robert Parish skipped a White House visit — and it was no big deal.…
just had one asking to be transferred to Maxwell Coffee House. for why
Stinks about the lugnuts. Shake it off and race like heck in Vegas!
Ever thought about checking out Maxwell house in AL? Voodoo preacher/murderer? looks pretty cray
This week will be brought to you by Claritin and Maxwell House.
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Do you know she was the Maxwell House Coffee woman in the 70s? I think it was Maxwell House. She was really nice.
“isn’t giving me tea right now. She is giving me Maxwell House because it is good to the last drop”- LOL
To get in the mood for Theresa May's vision sit in a Morris Marina that won't start, drink Maxwell House and listen to Sing…
Didn't have coffee this AM because the hotel had Maxwell House, and I just can't. Now I'm 😴
How Maxwell Grover Stole My House Book 1 in the exciting new kids 9
I sexually identify as a slightly dented coffee can. Maxwell house specifically.
A House Republican said he's used medical marijuana while in office to combat his arthritis
Plumer Street House, Maxwell.Pat. (The small town's main street is pictured above to preserve the privacy...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Leaving the beach house. I have no words
Did you know that Maxwell House Coffee is in Jacksonville?
Ambassador Kevin Vickers, former House sergeant-at-arms, tackles protester in Dublin.
Oh no! Can you DM us with a pic of the UPC (on the box barcode) and your contact info (email + mailing) so we can get in touch? THX
Would you buy a house for £600,000 with a train with its own track thrown in?
This coffee tastes like someone burned down the maxwell house
Coffe at its finest blend of maxwell house and vanilla creamer :) as slow as this morning gets I feel...
Not sure why my parents let their horse in the house.
singalong-able, yes. But so is the Maxwell House Coffee jingle.
More open seats than occupied ones...lady plops down right next to me
U.K. Flava listen to this 🎤 REASON FT LEANNE LOUISE AND MAXWELLD on 🇬🇧🇺🇸
Need a decent coffee to pull it off. *** serves Maxwell House. Foul.
Walmart opens at 7, and they have the coffee that I like, the Maxwell House Lite (1/2 caffeine). It's just the right amount of strength 4 me
Maxwell House/Ronald McDonald better than most tickets containing McCain
like Maxwell House Coffee they are good to the last drop
Perfect for project or organizing , set of empty coffee containers ,
Raise 'em on the water with a fishing pole, not in the house with a gaming console.
ah I'll have to try it. I'm still hooked on maxwell house, good to the last drop!
Maxwell House Coffee is just terrible
My *** skills are like Maxwell House. . .good to the last drop.
How Canada-proof is your house? Steve Maxwell looks at these 3 features:
Erika Kulnys and I are joining Bruce Michael Miller in-the-round at The Millennium Maxwell House in Metro Center...
Kirsten Maxwell, Bruce Michael Miller, and I are playing a surprise round at the Millennium Maxwell House hosted...
Also the only coffee was cold Maxwell House, so I microwaved it and put in a packet of instant Folgers to really ride the snake.
Talent may get you into a position, but DISCIPLINE will keep you there... and will carry you even further. . John Maxwell
so jealous I want some just have maxwell house lol
any giveaways happening or tickets to the Finals!? :)
Come check out and friends tonight at the Millennium Maxwell House at 8:00 pm!
Leave your headphones at home tonight !. DJ Maxwell will be playing live tonight from 6.30pm until 8pm. House and...
June 2nd @ 7 PM I've got a great lineup of singer-songwriters joining me at the Millennium Maxwell House!
Call me maxwell house cuz I'm good to the last drop.
I drink only Maxwell House because it's always on sale and it's the official coffee of the NHL.
Maxwell House should not be allowed to call themselves a "coffee brand.". something more accurate, like a "dirt & soot brand" would suffice.
also you'd think being a barista would heighten my coffee standards but nah Maxwell House still does the trick
ok. : ) Drying out at Maxwell House was from an old SNL skit about coffee addiction. Soaked through this morn. Time for Earl Grey.
Day 3, as they say, "on the job". 3 coffee choices: Maxwell House bucket, filter coffee or Nespresso. It's a mixed bag.
Good morning face book familia... Coffee has been rocking it for a few hours, thank god... Maxwell House needs...
Maxwell will be played once a week throughout the house. Most likely on Sunday evenings or Tuesday afternoons.
Maxwell House Café Collection brings you an assortment of special blends made with custom roasted 100% Arabica...
On the left, the bottom of several rando bags of coffee and some dank maxwell house. Saved for…
Full table. Happy heart. If you feed them, they will come. @ Maxwell House
but can I get Colombian regular and then maxwell house decaf?
Good to see back in the Geordie Shore house
Folgers or Maxwell House, never again! Gourmet or bust!
Me and Matt are literally stuck at maxwells house without maxwell and we can't leave and we can't even work out the TV
Silas Redd definitely learned that behavior at USC
[just goes back to my coffee] You're the only thing not concerning me right now, Maxwell House.
Been there ... seriously, it's tough. Headaches, total lack of energy, dreaming of that *** Maxwell House Xmas Commercial.
Theodore Roosevelt was the first to announce to the world that Maxwell House Coffee is "good to the last drop."
Maxwell Is In The House: Maxwell lays down a summer romp in support of the second album of…
Maxwell House is my favorite choice of coffees but I usually get original, I have never tri ...
At Maxwell House, we make great tasting coffee that's always smooth and balanced for the best flavor and aroma.
*** nah, I'd buy me some Maxwell House on sale at Save-A-Lot for 5 bucks & some change and call it a morning. F starcrooks
Lord teach me to be a selfless me in a selfie world
I like Folgers. I can't stand Maxwell house though...
I have changed them alot. My boyfriend house has same problem and he's 15 mins away from me
Age of innocence, coffee as seen before Starbucks revolution Cappio via
"My dad laughed...We'll see who's laughing when I crash my Ferrari into the front of his house" -
Hipster Cafe idea: trendy Shoreditch place selling cups of Mellow Bird and Maxwell House for about 10 quid a cup
I think he's ordering some Maxwell House Coffee?
I can definitely tell the difference when we switch back and forth to Maxwell House at work. It's like coffee made from charcoal.
Today, she just drones on about Maxwell House Coffee all the time. But some say she was once a powerful witch. - THE LEGEND OF CORA.
: I think someone woke up and smelled the Maxwell House...
I think Dame Zara Bates did the voiceover after she lost her Maxwell House gig
Unless you *** Maxwell House premium blend Dark Roast it ain't gonna happen.
As a kid all my mom played in the house was Jill Scott, Maxwell, Stevie Wonder, Mint Condition, El DeBarge, Badu, Faith Evans, Outkast
Have you gone out to Maxwell's On Main, Villa Capri II, Station Tap House, or Chambers 19 to sample the entries...
This Dog Got His Paws On Some Ink And Did This To The House - Put your paws in the air and wave them like you j...
Can't wait to have my own house to decorate 🏡🎨
well I'm broke so normally Maxwell House. I hide the sumatra from my kid
📷 Some art I did to represent mornings. I am a huge Maxwell House Coffee fiend and I like milfy bbw...
Had a cup of Maxwell House Coffee this morning 😍.
Now the flyers really have something to play for
When in town. n. When in da house. ...
I'm got a mortgage on house that's falling apart pay mortgage or repair 🙄. Still here & now cheaper than rent . All Good😊
Just topped off my Starbucks Pike brew with freshly made (ha) free Maxwell House from the office kitchen. This oughta be good. >_>
How my first attempt at drinking slightly burnt maxwell house straight black went this morning
my office willingly supplies Maxwell House... I drive out to and supply my own.
"As he dreams of a waitress with Maxwell House eyes /. And marmalade thighs with scrambled yellow hair.". ~ Tom Waits
Dragging my feet this afternoon, nothing like a 3 pm pick me up.
Thanks, Karen, we're glad you enjoyed it! 😀
Thanks for the love! We'll definitely pass your suggestion on to our Marketing Team
We're just glad to be of service. Go get 'em!
Good to the last drop, every time. :-)
Pet dog and cat rescued from burning house
Lois sometimes i feel like as a robot instead of a maxwell house planet.
appoints to newly created Head post.
We’ve come a long way from the jar of Maxwell House, writes Tom Doorley
I should be backed by Maxwell House Coffee and Monster Energy with a pinch of Cope.
So excited, my orientation is 5 days after my open house
Last show of The Barber of Seville at The Sydney Opera House tonight. It has been wonderful to…
Just added a 'Bright House' playlist to my laptop to add to 'Council House' 'Maxwell House' 'Pub Step' and 'Speed Double Garage'
Remember the Maxwell House Haggadah? This is not that.
As a fan that doesn't follow to closely, have there been any Hellbenders releases since the Christmas episode?
im fine with Folgers and Maxwell House Coffee
isn't it obvious? Maxwell House Coffee. It's your namesake.
This workout brought to you by maxwell house
Performing at the maxwell house in Hoboken on April 29th.
Might want to fill your cup extra full this morning. Happy Monday!!
I was drinking maxwell house through some pod Brewer!
House of Fraser creates new Head of Sustainability position: House of Fraser has appointed Dr Dorothy Maxwell ...
My mom made Maxwell House Coffee, it's like I work at Starbucks for nothing
Not expecting this to be a full house like the WI-SL game. Australia don't have a Maxwell. Oh wait..
It's a second pot of kind of day. Thankful for
Premium department store group House of Fraser has appointed Dr Dorothy Maxwell as its first Head of Sustainability.…
The Maxwell suite... Isn't it beautiful?! Could you see this in your home?!
Our house is not a fancy place at all . Our house, we have better shopping malls. Make your Maxwell coffee🎤🎤
Melody Guy has a show on 03/22/2016 at 09:30 PM @ Millennium Maxwell House... in Nashville, TN
【4-10: YUBAN are givng away a trip to a STANLEY CUP®
Maxwell: Why did anyone let her leave the house in those pants? Me: They're one of a number of things, including her enthusiasm.
I'm seriously obsessing over this by My only complaint is that it I need a bigger bottle of it.
Save on McCafe, Maxwell House, Betty Crocker, Charmin and more in this week's ad.
Maxwell House is making a big push for single serve coffee bags that you dip and figured he was a natural spokesman.
By the river, with your cane pole and Maxwell House can of red worms.
Jordan made a whole pot of Maxwell House this morning and didn't drink any. Now he's determined to drink the whole pot.
Enter to win 4 boxes of Maxwell House from here:>>
Geez, I'll have to check the expiry date on my jar of Maxwell House ...
Congrats to the Redskins for earning the right to get their *** kicked by the Seahawks in the playoffs.
My mother decided to let Lexi have 10 little girls over for her bday and they're all running around my house yelling rn. 🆘🆘🆘
Maxwell house's coffee. God I've misseed this!
so in other words Maxwell is not in the house
T’was the night before Christmas, he lived all alone. In a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone. I had...
1949 magazine ad for Maxwell House Coffee - Skier on slopes scene by Paul Sample
Honestly, they were Arabica beans but I think they burnt them. Hey, I'm OK with Maxwell House!
The creepy looking guy wiv tasche played in Bleak House wiv Anna Maxwell M she also came in Bletchly Circle dont know Robin
I wish my grandparents had better coffee than maxwell house... :[ lol it's just not in me to drink that ish
Maxwell House Instant Coffee Just $1.97! via Wild for Wags - You can grab a great deal on the ...
Ran out of my regular, Maxwell House Coffee blend. Rummaging through the cabinets to see what else I can find.
for a chance to win a GeForce GTX 980 Pure Performance!
What an amazing evening at our friends house last night! They are the best! Cathy Maxwell Devoti Bruce...
Liverpools defense has forced Leicesters two best players off the field
Here's how built up to opener vs. Leicester City.
Thanks for enjoying Maxwell House, Ryan! We hope you have a great day!
Thanks for enjoying Maxwell House, Soto! Have a great day!
Get up to $3.50 in coupons for Maxwell House Coffee, instantly!
"I'll get you your clothes back tomorrow but I gotta go do a walk of shame and have the neighbors laugh at me" my cousin leaving our house.
they executed Jordan Maxwell, raided house, bullet to the back of the head, and he was X-naval Intel. They'll kill anyone
The funeral of Jim 'Maxi' Maxwell will take place Monday 28th December leaving the house at 11:30am for 12pm mass in St Johns...
My house is high key haunted not gonna front , this house was built before locks in door knobs
Omg my new house is over 100 years old, it's probably haunted
Feds just stoped me name, ned Kelly address 3 maxwell house, stop being smart that is the name for coffee
What better way to wake up than with Maxwell House Available today! via
I feel like I'm sitting in the house of rep trying to deal with 265 tea partiers
You're never too old for light sabers at the Maxwell house 🤘🏽💯🎄
From the Maxwell house to your house, Merry Christmas! May today be filled with joy & peace for you & those you love.
Lots of new added to - Maxwell House, Duncan Hines and More!.
hometown of Maxwell House now has how does compare to FR?
Please don't make me change. Give me some Tim's, Folger's or Maxwell House and send me on my way. I'll settle for Nabob at this point.
Thank you for teaming up with Fans 💙 to support companies that 🚙💨 https:…
"yeah, i bought the Maxwell house and a kettle and daddy done the rest"
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
your cereal addiction is beyond humorous😂😂 but has Maxwell House to go rounds, buncha pots!😉 Much love💋💋
Romance is: cup of gourmet coffee shared at a Parisian sidewalk cafe. is: whole pot of Maxwell House, ready-to-go when you wake up. ☕💞
I'll have Maxwell House Coffee & the cheesiest plate of spiced beef & nachos"says H Solo smiling, Chui grunts"I'll have coca-cola" STAR TREK
STAR TREK, 7-of-9 says to Dr Crusher & Natasha, "I hope Hans Solo has been drinking copious amounts of Maxwell House Coffee all day"
Having coffee at people's houses is the worst like idk how to tell you this but I'd rather die than drink that Maxwell House breakfast blend
Coffee for less! Amazon has this 18ct pack of Maxwell House on sale for just $7 shipped
Concentrated coffee ina squeeze bottle? Maxwell House you're the coolest.
Was at Pocono and Watkins Glen. Went out and got me some Maxwell House Coffee to support those who support us
I wonder if a Maxwell House Coffee enema would be good to the last drop?
watched last night. Didn't notice the boxers.Maybe a new Maxwell House Coffee commercial?
Maxwell House, in the Middle of the Street
Black People the Maxwell House is brewing!. PLEASE: help promote "The Chris Miles Show," If you haven't already...
call me crazy but I prefer the taste of Maxwell House to Starbucks
Just got a lapdance to Tupac changes tropical house remix I feel weird
On the 1st August, we'll have music, memorabilia + + for all the family. special guest Maxwell D, yes Maxwell D will be in the house too!!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Greetings from the Maxwell House in Warren. Team 5 fyi kills her own & eats them.
Lol 3 hour drive alone. I'll scoop you from your house
to the big guns for surviving a full weekend at the Maxwell house last weekend.
Starting my morning off right with real Colombian coffee ... . This ain't yo MAXWELL HOUSE.
Wow, that coffee just hit the spot. And I'm talking about a WINA brewed Maxwell House blend. That's how desperate I was.
This pack of 8 cappucino sachets from Poundland is perfect for a quick, creamy special coffee. Maxwell House...
Maxwell House Makes every day good to the last drop. Get 8 cappucino sachets from
I'll nip out for the Maxwell House then!
Time for another "Awkwardly Inserting into Old Commercial Slogans" "Good to [Markiplier's] last drop." (Maxwell House, 1915)
If I ever get in a rap beef I'm just gonna send Sprite to their house as a peace offering.
"On a scale of 1 to Maxwell house, sweet' n low" -Anon
Former penn state keeper playing against barca right now...pretty crazy
Two former Liverpool team-mates, Luis Suárez and Gerrard, meet at the Rose Bowl (via
It would pay for a pot of coffee. if you chose to buy the rest of the large container of Maxwell House on your own.
Maxwell Mansion and Baker House are from 1856 and over the top accommodating. Stylish. Comfortable and near the...
I remember Max, he was in those Maxwell house commercials
your grandparents are at my house. Do the right thing and come hither. It's my bday in a week
Bobby Labonte drives the beautiful Maxwell House Ford Thunderbird at the 1993 DieHard 500.
Miss the front porch swing at my old house more than I can explain
Hi Folks Join us on Wednesday Night at The Milennium Maxwell House at 8:00 PM. Lee Rascone Sr., Ed Beaver, Sam...
When ur dad is way too into ur competitive card house building
When I think of coffee, I think Maxwell House.
Hehehe! Maxwell's house is a Podcast done by a guy in Nashville. He is super funny!
have you listened to Maxwell's House?
Went to the store today, you have made the Colombian container smaller once again - back to Maxwell House
Have the best iced coffee you will ever taste at your fingertips all summer Concentrates
one of the biggest things I miss while I'm here is strong, freshly ground coffee, not that medium roast maxwell house crap
which decaffeination method do you use on your Maxwell House Coffee?
so I just started tuning into Maxwell's House but I heard your boy's Craig's voice and LEGIT you two have the BEST 'radio'
Mixing early house strengths with 2015 muscle! Nice one
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Spending the night at my moms house is great cause that means I get to take breakfast and lunch to work😋
Maxwell's House where we forget to talk about the contest or Mike Schwagel and Ian Hall not claiming their prizes is up.
Home of Maxwell family for 700 years *** house .love this
Full house here at the MCG for the City game. City feeling right at home
4 Bedroom House for sale in Silver Lakes | Lyn Maxwell: via
Possibly kickback at my moms this Saturday? Got the house to myself 😈
Maxwell House Ground Co...ouse Blend, 10.5 Ounce is now on sale for $2.20 at Amazon. Product page:
Fun Fact 14: The Maxwell House slogan "Good to the last drop" was coined by President Teddy Roosevelt
Well I disagree with YOUR disagreement. Unless it's Maxwell House instant. Then we are in agreement.
Is maxwell house tastier than nescafe? Lol
I just beat Kevin 6 times in a row at my house
I do Rich Maxwell house gd 2 da last drop.
oh yes Friday house feels are some of the best feels. :)
Do you even understand that not only is Maxwell House my competition in coffee they also have a mercenary??
I put a container of Maxwell House in an empty cabinet with a container of Coffee Mate. 5 minutes later I heard moaning & Barry White music.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
* She holds his hand as they walk through the house * Ready to know who you really were , Maxwell Lehsnherr ?
If you guys liked that keyboard I reviewed; I'm getting about five more, but with all different styles from black to "gamer…
Good luck at the game tonight Jeremy, thanks for drinking Maxwell House!
Hey that's awesome man happy for you. Thanks for the content
Bæ, watch Marks spooky house video. He uploaded it today and skip to 3:31 and listen to what he says.
More fantastic work carried out today on Maxwell's new house 󾌰 how fantastic is it looking in the sunshine??...
Your entries. Give them to us. NOW. Enter to win a life-size Terminator from http:/…
Obama takes on a heckler at the White House: . "I am just fine with a few hecklers, but not when I'm up in the...
Can confirm Maxwell House is worse than Folger's. But the Coffee Fairies at work only offer this, and the likes of me abide.
i dunno what is worse... maxwell house or folgers. You need coffee salvation soon brother.
Want do join us at The Hoxton, Holborn tonight for We've got Dj Maxwell in the house!
Not any more. I drink Dunkin Donuts coffee. I grew up on Maxwell House. Not many premium brands then
I don't like this Maxwell House Coffee. Where's my other brand that I don't know the name of but like???
Start with a brownie mix and then add Maxwell House Coffee to make this java-inspired sweet dessert.
I grew up on Lipton Tea, Salada Tea also, all bags, but mostly Maxwell House Coffee. No milk in the tea please
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I just use store brand Columbian. Kroger, Marsh, Maxwell House Columbian is pretty good.
Coffee brewing - a Maxwell House breakfast blend - and I'm ready to take on Thursday. Good morning everyone.
chewyuk it's top drawer, I'm on Maxwell house cappuccino
it's top drawer, I'm on Maxwell house cappuccino
You know you've been listening to many episodes of Maxwell's House when "Suck a bag of *** becomes your go to response.
1940s vintage ad for Maxwell House Coffee -459
My boss & occasional replacement co-worker bought me a large can of House :). Smells SO good!
There's a super secret about a Maxwell's House personality that I'm going to reveal on the podcast. $5 now or never.
Sterling and his new favorite toy in the whole world: an empty Maxwell House Coffee container. Got…
Does anyone know if it'll be televised, or if we'll have to wait till it's on youtube?
Ha ha I love it! Believe it or not, but Maxwell House instant coffee gives me a nice buzz.
Good ole Maxwell House Coffee & French vanilla creamer are all I need for morning meditation!
Finals day Sponsored by Maxwell House and Pink In A Blanket donuts.
one of their best defensive games overall.RT Maxwell House. This is Maxwell's house.
Maxwell House, now available in planet-destroying pods.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
The talk was PMUSA bought Kraft to get Maxwell House.They used the decaf coffee process for the de-nicotine on tobacco processing
Vickie Raye has a show on 03/26/2015 at 09:00 PM @ Millenium Maxwell House... in Nashville, TN
I had a great time at the Maxwell House tonight with Taraji Henson and my TSU family. @ Millenium…
I was sellin 8balls of Maxwell House in the pen and i put that on my moms
x tonight at the Maxwell house. Major s/o to miminea for her award tonight…
Justin Maxwell just got a hit he needed, a two-run double in a four-run third v LHP House. 4-4. McGehee has an RBI double, Arias RBI single.
go to a Starbucks & ask if they have Folger's, Maxwell House, or Taster's Choice.
What kind of coffee do they drink in the MAXWELL HOUSE break room?
If you like NASCAR I’m just going to assume you think wrestling is real and your flower pots are old Maxwell House cans…
The legacy of drinking too much coffee at Maxwell's house, also a 10k donation to Labour in 2007...
Bob Colwell & Justin Maxwell are in the house. Join us for for live music and Guinness glass etching.
I see. Wee Nikki's too posh for instant, eh? Something wrong with Maxwell House is there??!?!!1?g
"Michael Caine fell in love with a woman he saw in a Maxwell House Coffee commercial. She is now his wife"
sometimes I like to wear fake glasses to. embrace my inner nerd ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @ Maxwell House (coffee)
Deals Sample Packets of Maxwell House, Folgers, Sugar in the Raw and Coupons …
“Good to the last drop” now comes in small packages. Try the Maxwell House you know and love in new K-Cup® Brewer …
OIG’s Ann Maxwell testified today before a House panel on the 340B drug discount program; read her testimony:
Maxwell House Coffee is terrible. Tastes like copper. Is there pennies in my coffee?
Maxwell House is lying about their coffee: via
Taraji P. Henson set to visit Nashville: ... scheduled to take place at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel in ...
Playing a show in Nashville, TN at 8:00 PM today at The Millennium Maxwell House Hotel Nashville
Lyn Maxwell Properties | 3 Bedroom House for sale in Savannah Country Estate: via
Maxwell said "SET with a car with a foreign key and my OWN HOUSE and everyone connected to you BLESSED." That's how I know it's not over.😩
Ejoying my Maxwell house "LITE" 50% Caffiene coffee and the TV SET Turned on by it's self lol and vhs machine on...
I'm learning all about Maxwell House Coffee Ground Original at
it's gotta be better than the 1 and half teaspoons of Maxwell house I'm having
It's Happy day Maggie and Charlie, although every day in the Maxwell house is national puppy day
If you do ever see a 1/24 of the Maxwell House car definitely pick it up, they are pretty rare.
if I ever find the Maxwell House car you're not getting that one lol
we got Maxwell House cups of coffee on sale!
[ Non-Alcoholic Drinks ] Open Question : A question to coffee lovers out there! Which is better, Maxwell House or Folgers? Why?
Maxwell's House "Dave's Not Here, Man". is up on iTunes and Those who subscribe, Survive!
Yup. Cora, the Maxwell House lady in the old store.
Maxwell Coffee Instant Win Game I just won a Blanket from Maxwell House giveaway.
10 from the 27th, Broad sending Maxwell for a full house. Just 163 to win for England.
Filling the house with Maxwell's voice. Perfect Sunday
I don't go to Maxwell's house and smack the bath bubbles out his lovers hand.
Every time I go to the Maxwell House it reminds me of when Luscious & friends came there in '99 😩
I wanna go back to school mad bored in this house
I didn't know Maxwell was in the house too!!!
Yes. It's just right 😅 I love iced coffee from Starbucks and Coffee Beanery and hot coffee from Maxwell House at home ☕️
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