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Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters (born Maxine Moore Carr; August 15, 1938) is the U.S. Representative for , and previously the 29th district, serving since 1991. She is a member of the Democratic Party.

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Jealousy rears its ugly head and he has joined the crazy club with Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuc…
Wow. Surprised that Maxine Waters, Cedric Richmond, and Anthony Brown are in this list. 😔
. Maxine Waters is a clown. She is for herself not 4 the people . Tell her to leave her mansion.…
Brian you should have added her wacky partner in Crime to this, Maxine Waters
Maxine Waters to "I've never heard a President of the U.S. being called a liar as much [Trump]."
We have to do something. This has to end! Who cares if Ivanka has an office in WH, Maxine Waters is really James Br…
Was O'rille's James Brown comment about Maxine Waters a linguistic kill shot? Libs made it worse by talking about it. Al I see is James hair
People make fun of Trump's hair 24/7 and now pointing out Maxine Waters buys her wigs at the James Brown store is an outr…
Kinda like saying Maxine Waters wears a James Brown wig is just poking fun at her ugly wig?
Maxine Waters' hair does not look like James Brown's. April Fools.
Libs: Bill O'Reilly made fun of Maxine Waters hair . must be fired now! member this👇
Maxine Waters op-ed: “Republicans who continue to turn a blind eye…must reassess their duty to the Constitution and the A…
Maxine Waters is leaning at the tape alongside Sheila Jackson Lee.
I was just wondering...are Maxine Waters & Sheila Jackson Lee twins?
That's saying a lot considering the competition is Nancy Pelosi, Shiela Jackson Lee, and Maxine Waters!
Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Kamala Harris, and Al Franken are way worse.   10% Off
Politically Correct Rulebook: Liberals can make fun of Trump's hair but others can't make fun of Maxine Waters's. https:…
Disgusting *** Maxine Waters stood before the Muslim Brotherhood & openly DEFENDED & Advocated for Sharia Law in Americ…
Bill O'Reilly apologized for his "James Brown wig" comment about Maxine Waters. Then he went on the attack.
Rep. Maxine Waters responds to Bill O'Reilly: "I am a strong black woman. I cannot be intimidated" https:/…
Maxine Waters: "I'm out to get him...Get ready for impeachment.". That's why the Right Hate her so much.
You are obnoxious. I hope the Dems send only Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, Alcee Hastings and Liz Warren with one demand
Clinton stands up for April Ryan and Rep. Maxine Waters in speech
Hillary forcefully defends April Ryan and Maxine Waters, after attacks by and
After attacks on Maxine Waters and April Ryan, black women clap back with
.on how April Ryan and Maxine Waters were treated yesterday, and how women everywhere are treated dai…
Why does it appear that Dems use black women to discredit themselves? Maxine Waters, Donna Brazile, Loretta Lynch, Sus…
Melania Trump: Fight for women's rights. Sean Spicer: Melania was not talking about Maxine Waters, Sally Yates, or April…
HRC defending April Ryan and Maxine Waters all the while looking like a badass in leather. 😍
Woke up to a world of people leaning into the power, ability, intelligence, & fortitude of Maxine Waters & April Ryan. Catch…
Fox News' Eric Bolling once told Maxine Waters to "put the crack pipe down." Brian Kilmeade once asked a black anchor if she ma…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
. *** there goes my scrutiny of "Moms Mabley" Maxine Waters!! Woman is so awful I couldn't do it…
You were right on the inept Maxine Waters, I call her Moms Mabley! She was a disgrace on the LA City Council and now.
Maxine Waters is totally out of touch with American values. Hit the road and don't ya come back no more, no mo
Shout out to Maxine Waters and every other black woman who's been trying to tell us what's up even when folks didn't wan…
Maxine Waters has been in Congress for 12 terms & California keeps electing her?? That's why we need TERM LIMITS !! . Bill O'…
When Maxine Waters criticizes Trump that anchor sees it as a threat to his own social standing. His own sense of legitim…
Maxine Waters really got flamed up by bill oreilly 😂😂😂
Bill O'Reilly pleading with Maxine Waters to "stop with the ideological nonsense" while on Fox News is something else.
The American people do NOT honor or respect you, Maxine Waters! . We DO Honor and respect our .
Every time someone speaks ill of Maxine Waters the ghost of Harriet Tubman comes down to roundhouse kick them in the bac…
Uncooked chicken cutlet Bill O'Reilly has the nerve to comment on the appearance of Congresswoman Maxine Waters.
Rep. Maxine Waters has served under 5 presidents, and she's 1 of only 19 black women in Congress.
"Can’t people see what’s going on?" had some WORDS about Trump's closest advisors: http…
Protect Maxine Waters at all costs. Form a circle of protection around her. Cast some spells. I don’t care what you gotta…
Maxine Waters speaks like she cares for impoverished minorities as she enjoys a Net Worth of $4.5M while her District…
Clinton stands up for female reporter who was told by Spicer to stop shaking her head
Her grammar, sentence construction and cadence reminds me of the homless people that talk to themselves on subway
I never thought of Bill O'Reilly as being funny, but saying Maxine Waters hair looks like a 'James Brown wig' is absolutely H…
He needs to be removed from television...right now . ⚡️ “Bill O'Reilly insults Rep. Maxine Waters' hair”.
Maxine Waters dragging Bill O'Reilly AND Roger Ailes (and Donald Trump) right now on
Hillary Clinton slams sexist and racist attacks on April Ryan and Maxine Waters.
Maxine Waters: 'I cannot be intimidated' via
In fairness, Maxine Waters's hair is much less ridiculous than everything she says.
Bill O'Reilly is correct. Maxine Waters has James Brown wig.
Nothing new from Fox News, here is another Fox host telling Maxine Waters to "step away from the crack pipe"
PSA- . Protect Maxine Waters. She's on the list with Beyoncé, The Obama family, Oprah, Robin Roberts, and Mary J. Bilge.
I'm patiently waiting for Black men in power to come to the aid of Maxine Waters and April Ryan. This is truly a test of co…
It's ok to call Kellyanne Sewer Rat Barbie but not ok to say Maxine Waters hair looks like a James Brown wig 👌🏻
The left is more outraged over Bill O'Reilly's joke about Maxine Waters' hair than the Pakistani blogger being executed f…
Maxine Waters tells Elle Magazine she’s ‘out to get’ Trump; maybe she should be the one impeached
Maxine waters stood on the House Floor Today and Ripped Our President in ways that Makes her Guilty of Sedition. Rebellion
Sally Yates, April Ryan, and Maxine Waters continue to prove that women are leading us in Thank you!
Bill O'Reilly compared Maxine Waters hair to James Brown's wig.RT if you are laughing & agreeing w him! You're racist accordin…
She is THE Maxine Waters. We never say "White man in Congress," despite how abundant and, often, forgettable and medioc…
Love women who are warned but persist Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Maxine Waters, Joy Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth War…
.on Bill O'Reilly comments: "I am a strong black woman and I cannot be intimidated"
Maxine Waters: "To women out there everywhere, don't allow these right wing talking heads, these dishonorable people to i…
Bill O'Reilly apologizes after mocking Rep. Maxine Waters by saying she has a "James Brown wig" http…
‘Go straight to *** : Angela Rye smacks Bill O’Reilly for racial attack on Maxine Waters’ hair https…
Chris Hayes, msnbc, had Maxine Waters on. She read the riot act & the only thing missing was a gun on ea hip.
Read the full transcript of his racist remarks against Rep. Maxine Waters here:
Maxine Waters responds to Bill O'Reilly's 'wig' insult: 'I cannot be intimidated'
I just heard about Bill O Reilly's joke about Maxine Waters' hair looking like a James Brown wig. HILARIOUS!! 😂😂😂
🤔 can't hear a word that Maxine Waters is saying because of her, "James Brown wig." But he hears EVERYTHIN…
Bill O’Reilly apologizes to Maxine Waters for comparing her hair to "James Brown wig"
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
No, it's not racist. Bill O'Reilly is right. Maxine Waters is a delusional clown with a James Brown wig on her head.
Cannot decide whether Maxine Waters looks better in the Modified *** Jagger, The James Brown, The George Harrison…
Whoa— Bill O’Reilly says he couldn't hear what Maxine Waters said because he was distracted by her “James Brown wig” https:…
Bill O’Reilly’s comments about Rep. Maxine Waters inspired to have a
Liberal logic: The left can make fun of Trump's hair every single day, but if Bill O'Reilly makes fun of Maxine Waters' hair…
Maxine Waters & April Ryan. Today seems to be the day for Republicans to insult black women.
When Bill O'Reilly said he won't listen to Maxine Waters because of her hair.
I loved James Brown's music. Maxine Waters lib *** .James Brown came to the arena in New Haven years ago and I we…
show this to Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi wake them up maybe if it were there grandchildren
Bill O'Reilly versus Maxine Waters is going to be like Martin Payne versus Tommy "Hitman" Hearns.
Bill O'Reilly heard Maxine Waters,she said yo *** got healthcare,first time ever-Remove Rep. Devin Nunes,CA dairy farmer
I think Maxine Waters and Al Franken should go on the road. It would be the return of Moms Mabley and Mr Goober.
So many lessons on resilience and resistance to learn from our elders John Lewis and Maxine Waters. So many.
Nancy Pelosi, Joe Kennedy III, Maxine Waters, John Lewis, Adam Schiff, the millions of Americans that called/faxed/…
Spirits, grant me the body language of Maxine Waters
Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee are women. every time they ta…
Three reasons California should be embarrassed: Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters.
Cummings is right up there with John Lewis, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, Adam Schiff...
Maxine Waters is showing signs of missing those all nighters she had with Michael in the Lincoln bedroom#
Thank God, and thank you Maxine Waters. As Joe Madison says "What are you going to do about it". You are my Hero!
Rep. Maxine Waters blasts Wells Fargo for meeting with Republicans but stonewalling Democrats
Maxine Waters, John Lewis, and Al Sharpton. are a few of the reasons liberals. don't let us watch Amos & Andy on tele…
Donna Brazile ranks right up there with Sheila Jackson Lee and Maxine Waters on the intelligence scale.
Thanks to Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson,Democrats own the title of having the dumbest elected representative in congressional history
I am from the Maxine Waters wing of the Democratic party. Progressive, the real Base, and a real Democrat. Yeah, I said it.
Sanders probably consults with Maxine Waters and she consults MOONBEAM Jerry Brown. It's a California connection. H…
Does anyone else think that drug testing those in Congress and the Senate is a good idea? Nancy Polosi and Maxine Waters for sure!
Maxine Waters says Golden Showers from so-called Russian Dossier are true. Yes, it all happened while Putin was invading…
Maxine Waters is one of the DEM's that agreed with Hank Johnson that the island of Gaum would capsize if we put mor…
Rep. Hank Johnson is right there with Maxine Waters!
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I see your Shelia Jackson Lee & Maxine Waters and raise you one Hank "Tippy Guam" Johnson
Maxine Waters claims allegations in Russian dossier are true, offers no proof — Video - ...
. Good move by Rep. Maxine Waters. If Trump can do it (make wild allegations about Obama), so can Maxine Waters. Revenge is sweet!
Can it also be without Madeleine Albright, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Jeanne Shaheen?
Maxine Waters should get together with Hillary Clinton, Nancy Polosi and Elijah Cummings and knit a blanket! Ignorance!
, - Please HELP these vets. monsters, Henry Waxman & Maxine Waters have been ripping them off bli…
Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are two swamp dwellers that need to resign but they are fighting back just like swamp people would..
Rep. Maxine Waters proves "The Bell Curve" by Richard Herrnstein and Charles A. Murray was correct in its assumptions❗
Perfect jeopardy, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, & Nancy Pelosi.they would owe money at the end!
Definitely but we need to throw in Obama, HRC, Schumer, Warren, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Meryl Streep, Jake Tapper, T…
Let's do it. All of these folks need to be investigated. Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Elijah Cummings, Lahe…
Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee combined don't make one functioning brain. 🤕💀👾
Maxine Waters-eloquence the way - In hot pursuit of Nancy Pelosi for most hated trophy-making her stop a…
Maxine Waters was a Millennial once just as Sheila Jackson is a freed slave.
Addle minded Maxine Waters doesn't know what a millennial is. Term limits PLEASE! Intelligence needed in Washingt…
All purpose parts banner
Maybe we should start with Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters & Elizabeth Warren? Then we need to go after McCain & Graham.
Good! Might be why they are NeverTrumpers?. Cynthia McKinney is nothing like Sheila Jackson Lee or Maxine Waters. Sh…
Rep. Maxine Waters on not attending Trump's speech: "I don’t choose to honor him...I won’t be a part of the ceremony, and…
Linda McMahon just put a Stone Cold Stunner on Maxine Waters
I think we should impeach Maxine Waters!
Rep. Maxine Waters on says she believes based on classified intel she's seen that Trump colluded w/ Kremlin. 👇htt…
2014 video of Maxine Waters claiming BO has J.E.Hover type database on Washington Politicians for blackmail
."They’re calling me 'Queen of Shade,' now, and I’m saying to my grandchildren, 'What’s shade?'”
The ever eloquent Maxine Waters, ladies and gentlemen...
MAXINE WATERS: Scumbags are running our country.
I want to put Maxine"Putin-invaded-Korea" Waters up for the most uneducated person in America. Any objection?
Didn't Maxine Waters TELL YOU, OBAMA Was the one who created the dossiers on reporters,
GET THIS WOMAN OUT OF WASHINGTON!! Support and spread the word for Maxine Waters: Swamp Queen
I think that's what happened to Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters!
OMG! This is writing! "Maxine Waters Is Back and She's Not Here to Play" via
It's all but guaranteed that the Democrats will go MUCH further left. They've made MAXINE WATERS a major spokesthing. htt…
Maxine Waters as Aunt Esther on Sanford & Son Calling Republicans Scumbags via
Maxine Waters is such a dumb politician, dumb woman. So her being proud of you says enough.
Maxine Waters (D-CA) caught on tape bragging that Obama has secret database on EVERYONE like nothing ever seen before ht…
Maxine Waters explained how Obama's secret database will be used
Listening to Maxine Waters blame Russia for invading Korea..
.on her 37 years of public service, becoming a meme, + why she's no fan of the Trump administration
Don Lemon still has a job for the same reason that Hank Johnson, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters still have jobs-…
Impeachment...Laughable. Are you competing with Maxine Waters as biggest baffoon of the Democratic party?
Maxine Waters sounds like she is the love-child of Foster Brooks, and Moms Mabley.
It is time Maxine Waters mouth quit spewing hatred on this adm. We have enough Al Sharpton already.
amen! Get Al Sharpton, John Lewis and Maxine Waters! We pay our taxes and by God, so should they! Plus interest!
Actually is this Maxine Waters or Al Sharpton in Drag??..They sure do look alike..😅😅..and just as Crazy...
"Cynthia McKinney was even dumber. But I think Maxine Waters has everyone beat." — lineguy
Maxine Waters as bad as Charlie Rangel But he never publicly called anyone or was a traitorous seditionist
I can't believe Bernie Goldberg just called Maxine Waters "a mean nasty woman" on Stuart Varney's show😏
Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, etc etc, are filthy rich. 2 claim only Republicans r is absurd.
Maxine Waters is as stupid as Hank Johnson, the congressman who thinks islands float.
Maxine Waters doesn't know how many U.S. intelligence agents are in Limpopo. Which is a river in Africa. …
Elijah Cummings, Al Franken, Lizzie Warren, Maxine Waters - Ninety percent of all problems are caused by *** ish behavior. Stop it!!
Of course, I don't want to leave out Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, Bernie, Hillary. Chuck Schumer.
Maxine Waters walks into a bar in Pyongyang, North Korea... Bartender: What will you have?. Maxine: Something made locall…
Maxine Waters is going around news cycles calling for his impeachment and it's falling on deaf ears even by CNN standards.
& Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson & Shelia Jackson Lee also. Let folks see how stupid these critters are.
Maxine Waters says Trump is leading himself to impeachment. Nancy Pelosi says he has not broken the law yet. I disagree. I…
🚨BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi says we must figure out who the President is so we can impeach him..(Maxine Waters taught her ev…
It's a running contest between Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee as to who's the dumbest Congresswoman.
Maxine Waters: He has brought Wall Street right into the White House. WATCH
I want Kimberly Elise to play Maxine Waters in a biopic.
good morning to no one except Maxine Waters!
I am always here for the sermons from church of take note!!
Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rep. Maxine Waters pushing to protect CFPB in court. Comes days after similar move by 17 AGs
Maxine Waters always telling it like it T-I-Z...
*congresswoman. Her name is Maxine Waters. she an OG tho
The first time I heard Maxine Waters speak was at the height of the LA riots. She was beautiful, brave, a voice...
Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has a fiery message for the president at D.C.'s
I don't know who I love more ... Maxine Shaw Attorney at Law or Maxine Waters . They're both great .
My only regret is that I didn't know about Rep. Maxine Waters sooner.
if Maxine Waters is your favorite person right now.
Rep. Maxine Waters is the epitome of Black women carrying a movement. Where others won't go, Black women always do. I hope she gets credit
Must see: Maxine Waters on Trump's 'outrageous lying' on voter fraud | MSNBC
Morning. Pretty sure my mood is a Maxine Waters expression for the next 4 years. Really just saw a gif and said yes that's me right now.
To be a political revolutionary, you cannot work with oppressors. Bernie needs to take a note from Maxine Waters.
Need to take a minute to shout out Rep Maxine Waters. Thank god we got somebody thorough af in Congress
& you know what-Katy Tur yelled at Maxine Waters yesterday on MSNBC when Waters called out the media as responsible. but W…
let's send them to one of those places they flashed up on the screen when they took over C-SPAN during Maxine Waters speech
Rep. isn't tired & will continue to fight for our rights & urges the American people to not be silent:
"'I don’t have any intentions of pretending that we can get along with him,' Waters says of Trump. 'He has...
Maxine Waters has all the balls of the democratic party. The rest need to take lessons from her on How to grow ball…
Maxine Waters, longtime Democratic congresswoman, has a fiery message for the president: …
Maxine Waters to Trump: We are here to tell you "to stop sending those dog whistles to white supremacists."
You are the ones I trust. Thankyou. You are my Maxine Waters and my John Lewis
I love the party of Uncle Joe, Alan Grayson, Maxine Waters, and Sheila Jackson Lee calling someone stupid.
Rep. Maxine Waters long-identified as one of the most corrupt members of Congress:.
EthicsOffice! WhatAJoke. Started by unethical Charlie Rangel just &JustCleared Maxine Waters of misuse o…
"We object to the way was he was elected.". Rep. Maxine Waters failed to muster enough support to challenge Trump's Electoral C…
Sheila Jackson Lee AND Maxine Waters were in on the Why was Hank Johnson not in on this?
Rep. Maxine Waters rose near end and pleaded for just ONE Senator to object because 50 electoral votes were cast illegally. No…
Rep. Maxine Waters, ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, refuses to meet or work with Trump https:/…
Michael Moore and Maxine Waters named as one of the “most corrupt”... key
re Maxine Waters up in arms re Bannon...gonna ask her how she felt/feels about Bill Ayers? Rev Wright?
You are a cowardly putz. I now don't plan to support Ryan Zinke, Rino, MT. His voting record is worse than Maxine Waters.
Maxine Waters is writing a bill to break up Wells Fargo. Now Sherrod Brown is writing a bill to prevent Wells from using arbit…
I dare anyone to walk the districts of Shelia Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters or Marcia Fudge & tell me that these Blk Dems…
Maxine Waters, Carolyn Maloney, Gregory Meeks, Juan Vargas: A Call for Congress to Reconsider the Dec... via
But 'geniuses' like Hank Johnson, Maxine Waters, & Sheila Jackson Lee are all MENSA candidates?? Give me an effing break!
Cecily Tyson is here. . Bernice King is here. Snoop Dog is here. . Maxine Waters is here. . ...and so many I do not...
.and Senate Banking RMs Maxine Waters and Sherrod Brown put out statement FSOC decision on GE Capital shows Wall St. reform working
Maxine Waters with Pelosi not John Lewis and it"s 2:37am in Texas did anyone catch that I think reporters name is"Brown"
It was the likes of Barney Frank,Maxine Waters,Greg Meeks,Arthur Davis, DEMs ALL, blocked regulation of Freddie, & you know it.
Waters Introduces Bill to Rewrite Credit Reporting System: Rep. Maxine Waters, the top Democrat on the House ...
Jared Polis asked Maxine Waters if poor people smell. She did not appreciate the question. See minutes 33 and 44:
Rep. Maxine Waters, whose district houses LA Southwest College where HRC will speak, is in attendance.
Maxine Waters IS* and has been a friend to veterans, the homeless, so many communities in her position in the House.
I wish Maxine Waters had been given a chance to run for Senate, I think now it's too late.
How the weird road to the GOP convention might run through Maxine Waters' district (f.
Maxine Waters . and look for Clinton to claim she got Obama & Lew to do it
Apparently maxine waters forgot her oath to defend the U.S. Constitution. Sharia law is not!! Compatible with our Constitution
in the taste of Maxine Waters there? FU
New bill sponsored by Rep. Maxine Waters was just introduced: H.R. 4888 Ending Homelessness Act of 2016
Maxine Waters is asking Janet Yellen about credit card rates going up. I cannot.
All these years later Maxine Waters is still working to end mandatory minimum sentencing.
Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Representing the 43rd District of California Always was wacky A burka on her would be an approvement
Good question but not "everybody" voted for it. Maxine Waters and 11 others didn't in the CBC
Maxine Waters... what else can I say?
I think you are safe if you call them Maxine Waters Educated American's.
Maxine Waters proposes bill to end homelessness ONLY AFTER CAUSING HOMELESSNESS with MASS IMMIGRATION.
OK, let's take the example of Maxine Waters. Minority, superdelegate for Hillary Clinton. And congresswoman from Los Angeles
Islam means to change the very culture you live in and the laws you live under America!
Rep. Maxine Waters unveils landmark legislation to end homelessness in Ame...
All has been made ready for Rep. Maxine Waters and Actor Sean Patrick Thomas! if I should disappear...remember Maxine Waters and the vast data base they have on all of us. 😱
When I hear the voice of Hillary, *** Wasserman, Liz Warren, Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson-Lee on radio or tv
Amen but add Barney Frank Maxine Waters Franklin cooking the books at Freddie and Fannie
Why doesn't Sheila Jackson-Lee and Maxine Waters never make appearances?
(1/2) With all his stupidity, I have to wonder if is really just a horse suit populated by Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters
I don't think it works to just be mad at them - Maxine Waters out ranting a...
written by Maxine Waters, Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus at the time. Possible explanation
Are you seriously arguing that morons are underrepresented in Congress? Have you ever listened to Maxine Waters?
.Sounds like you caucused with Rep. Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee.
.Maxine Waters IOW: "I haven't seen it, but I know I'm against it."
If you mate Maxine Waters and Barney Frank, what would you get?,,,something that looks like Michael Moore and sounds like …
I think Hillary and Bill are really liberals at heart. I think that, in add...
"[President GHWBush] is "a racist." (for criticizing rioters and looters in L.A.). --Rep. Maxine Waters, 1992. But TRUMP's a …
Not rare! Amy Klobuchar, Nikki Haley, Ella Grasso, Maxine Waters, Gabby Giffords -- all clearly born to do this. HRC not.
Thank you Congress Woman Maxine Waters for all you do for the community!
CC the Maxine Waters Independent and Private PostSecondary Schools Act as a model
Felt good to be recognized by US congress woman Maxine Waters. Hard work pays off.
What do you think of this Rep. Maxine Waters [D-CA43]:
Sen. Maxine Waters, (son) Coach Ed Waters and Principal receiving the Plaque...
Hoping that private flood insurance will be a viable option. Maxine Waters Save Warfleigh...
Reading 2009 congressional testimony on the Road Home Program-- One thing I learned: We need Maxine Waters in congress.
KRS-One really rhymed daughters with Maxine Waters. Impressive
Primarily WTA by CD where Maxine Waters district gets as many votes as Tom McClintock's
I love all your work-, but I did want to clarify that while he did vote, Maxine waters later wrote an open letter to Fidel
Cicely Tyson reminds me of Maxine Waters. She plays the dignified but shrewd congresswoman role to perfection.
now THAT would seriously heal the party. She'd probably go for Maxine Waters though (or similar)
Which party warned of crisis & tried to prevent?. Which party claimed no soundness issues?.
Maxine Waters sees "revolving door" between the NY Fed and the banks it supervises. Prepares examination. . Save time & $ - just look at GS.
Crime Bill was voted mostly on party lines. Many GOP opposed (Maxine Waters was rare exception).
Remember the LA Riots? Maxine Waters excused the terrible violence & vandalism & said they were just angry & had every right to be
"Ranking representatives Maxine Waters of the House Financial Services Committee and Al Green of the Subcommittee...
I hope that you are supporting Rep. Al Green and Maxine Waters. In their call for an investigation of the banking regulators.
Thank God someone is finally, looking at banking enforcement. I hope, the rest of the congress, gets behind Al Green and Maxine Waters!
bernie along w maxine waters formed the congressional progressive caucus n 1991 remind HC next time u debate her
Remember when Maxine Waters revealed that Obama had been creating a database on everybody? Extortionist-in-Chief
OTOH Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Maxine Waters actively stumped for Lamont.
I was running late for a meeting & almost ran over Rep. Maxine Waters. .. So clumsy & she's so tiny
Congresswoman Maxine Waters on hold with Bank Customer Service for Loan ...
Congresswoman Maxine Waters on hold with Bank Hotline for Loan Modification.
*writes in Maxine Waters in 2016 ballot*
Republicans warned of crisis. Democrats claimed no safety & soundness issues.
Sherrod Brown, Maxine Waters, other Dems call for action on board diversity disclosures:
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Just met with US Congresswomen Marcia Fudge (D-OH) and Maxine Waters (D-CA) on caucusing for Hillary Clinton!
what kind of people are Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel & Nancy Pelosi? hint
All smiles and laughs from Hillary, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Maxine Waters & crew as she exits briefing room. Meanwhile, mom of …
Happy to see Mothers of Congress, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Maxine Waters, and Eddie Bernice Johnson sitting behind
Enjoying listening to the GREAT Congresswoman Maxine Waters. @ Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles
Rep. Maxine Waters on terrorism: where is the investig8tion of "Domstic Terrorism" in/by
We are a long way from being able to reform Fannie and Freddie. Sen. Maxine Waters
"Don't admit to secretly working at Goldman when Maxine Waters asks"
Yelling at Yellen almost as bad listening to Maxine Waters. Yelling & interrupting is for FOX. You have a job once waiting:)
Janet hasn't volunteered that info yet. Waiting for Maxine Waters to bring it up.
Tim Geithner must have coached her following his "grilling" from Maxine Waters...
.Maxine Waters having animated convo w/staffer. How confused can she get?
Definition of sad: Maxine Waters attempting to question Janet Yellen. The look on Yellen's face: *** is she talking about?
I'm sure that Maxine Waters really is a neo-Fisherite but she's afraid to introduce alternative economic theory.
Anyone with any questions or comments for Maxine Waters should follow
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Maxine Waters “We do not have a crisis at Freddie Mac,particularly Fannie Mae, under the outstanding leadership of Frank Raines.”
She's from Milwaukee. She is the Maxine Waters of Wisconsin.
What are you going to do, Janet Yellen, about banks not loaning money to people with no education, no job and no credit? . -Maxine Waters
These people who can somehow stop themselves from busting out laughing when Maxine Waters speaks should be given a medal
Janet Yellen having to answer another BS question from Maxine Waters...
Just when you thought was clueless, Maxine Waters lowers the bar another notch with pointless question.
Nice, LONG, EDUCATED ANSWER JANET - you've COMPLETELY confused this moron Maxine Waters!
My sources tell me Maxine Waters was trying to decide between asking that question or "what your favorite television show is?"
The only person in the House worse than Maxine Waters is Corrine Brown. If you don't know her, google/youtube her.
Rep(rehensible) Maxine Waters doesn't understand that lending interest rate has everything to do with your credit score,not your skin color.
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