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Maxi Lopez

Maximiliano Gastón López (born 3 April 1984) is an Argentine professional footballer who currently plays as a striker for Serie A club Milan, on loan from Catania.

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Remember in the 90s to get online you had to murder a robot each time, and it would scream and scream until its death powered…
Some incredible passes into the area from Maxi and Lopez. Nothing coming of them... Yet.
the type of player who is all about goals and that's what Icardi is. Obviously the stuff with steal…
When doctors say smoking causes cancer they're not justifying cancer. So, when Corbyn says foreign wars contribute to te…
have you gone on holiday to a Hitman level? seriously where is that? looks amazing
Force everyone who makes glib remarks about British Rail sandwiches to read this until they're sorry
The real Maxi Lopez does not have socials/non ha socials/no tiene redes sociales! http…
Tim Farron is the primary school supply teacher, with the Blakes 7 cosplay secret, who inadvertently stumbled into a General…
What amazes me is the fact that not a single one of these deranged bombers, appear to be deterred by Trident?
A former altar boy too. When will his community speak out.
Can't quite put my finger on why there's been a startling rise in attacks on western countries since the war on terror began…
But it's alright because it was a 38 year old fella from Texas with a sensible haircut and a bomb paid for by his government…
If you think Corbyn is weak, reflect on a man who has been abused, lied about and derided over and over. Who has taken it and…
Voted against Government motion on Libya; what are we getting into? Only a month ago we were training Libyan military and…
I feel like every article on the Koch brothers should note that as small children they had a Nazi governess who made them sh…
Mauro Icardi reveals what helped him steal teammate Maxi Lopez's wife. Shameful!
Let her know that me and six other explosives search dogs and handlers made redundant by her local force due to h…
"Strong and stable for that strong economy" . Evict May in June.
My friend went to a special screening where you could take your baby. He said it was like the cinema scene in…
ISIS grew out of Al Qaeda in Iraq, which grew out of the chaos caused by the 2003 invasion. 'War On Terror' approach does…
When the person who sells weapons to the biggest extremists of all claims to 'protect' us from extremism then we are all in…
It's really really not fun when Mourinho both has the clearly better team and clearly wants to strangle the game.
Not extra Police at all. They are working overtime and there days off to cover
Is it only me who thinks the army are on the streets tomorrow because Theresa May has depleted our police force to a dan…
Police Federation confirm UK needs army out on patrols because of Theresa May's draconian cuts to police. We know: Tori…
In 2015 Theresa May accused the Police Federation of scaremongering. 2 years later we have soldiers on our streets. htt…
Only a West Ham fan would expect a 90yr old woman to travel to Syria and go toe to toe with Mustafa
Staying non political but being practical. Perhaps we can now agree Police cuts are a mistake & funding should increase…
I love Manchester for the people, the music, the architecture, and also the fact it's full of posters like this.
Deaths from terrorism…. 2000… 3361. 2014… 32,658. Wouldn’t you have expected a War on Terror to have REDUCED terrorism?. T…
The ultras hate him coz he said he had their help in stealing Maxi Lopez's wife(something like tha…
Westlife offering out straighteners to Isis. What a website this is
At least we attempt to bring joy. The Cheese Of Truth knows the score.
Celta buying Maxi Gomez, Eibar tying up Yoel, Espanyol with Diego Lopez. Man, they work fast.
He had an affair with Maxi Lopez's wife and rumors for years were Icardi was out of Argentina team becau…
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Wee Tom Robbo legging it up to Manchester to shout in people's faces about the islamification of Britain as we speak
An official came onstage and explained the noise was nothing but it was too late - panicked people crushed, hurt - hundreds…
Did you see people covered in blood?
Was just there. Smoke everywhere in one room bodies on floor. People needed to get out. Wasn't sure of more exp…
Add Icardi vs Maxi Lopez to it. Lopez's career is the one that went downhill despite the fact that he's the one who…
I'm sure there'll be a terrorist attack to distract everyone for a few days
I want to remain -> I want to leave. I don't want an election -> yes I do. I want a dementia tax -> no I don't. Our NHS deser…
May malfunctioning in Andrew Neil interview is biggest robot disaster since Westworld.
Messi friendship is not behind Icardi's Argentina exile, says Maxi Lopez
also suspect would be another arsenal player a bit too fond of flexing and selfie behaviour. Also the Maxi Lopez backstory
The day Neil Buchanan lost his mind - as requested by Simon Ovenden
Just read 2.5 billion taken out of United by the Glazers since 2005. The word leeches simply doesn't do that family justice…
Walking around the office after hearing martinez was fired today
Thought I'd share some of my favorite Uncharted 4 photos. NO SPOILERS!
Martinez went from youngish looks with jet black hair to aged an grey managing Everton for 3 years, Pellegrini will look fuc…
Footage of Moshiri with the Everton squad after the club statement regarding Martinez Departure.
Everton huge club. Can't believe they appointed someone who'd just been relegated. Briefly flirted with doi…
This was our half time show so from now on I am supporting Chelsea.
An electrician has been trying to fix my doorbell for over 2 hours, and I just told him I have to leave because I have to p…
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Icardi: Maxi Lopez wasn't my friend and I didn't steal his wife Wanda!
5 out of 5 in the Czech Republic!! I just completed The Maxi Burrito Challenge at Pepe Lopez in Prague!! A 1.4kg...
Product of the Mind Plus Size Jennifer Lopez Maxi Dress s at
Must be the only journalist in Britain who wasn't influenced by Bowie, Prince or Cruyff and who won't miss going to Up…
Top 10 teammates who hate one another. Mauro Icardi and Maxi Lopez (Sampdoria). ..
VIDEO: The awkward moment when Maxi Lopez met Mauro Icardi who stole his wife from him!
google Maxi Lopez and Mauro Icardi (Argentine soccer players) for the craziest bro code violations you've ever heard.
Mauro Icardi's controversial relationship with Wanda Nara, the ex-wife of his best friend and team-mate Maxi Lopez,
When you consider cost for VR, think about what you spend on airfare. That's what you are already willing to pay to go some…
Never liked players taking penaltys after coming off the bench. Maxi lopez did earlier for torino & now oscar
Cristiano, Di Natale and Maxi Lopez missed their penalties today. All would have been crucial.
Now we all know why maxi Lopez missus cheated on him with icardi because he obviously can't finish in the box 😩
0-0 : Maxi Lopez penalty saved late on
maxi Lopez can go suck a dog off. I'm all over another vibe
Maxi Lopez is the biggest bottle job going, missed a pen which now looks like the only game to let me down. No wonder Icardi took your girl
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Maxi Lopez jus cost me £200 why didn't immobile take the penalty?! 😧
Toro should have won this game, and Maxi Lopez's missed penalty the best chance. It will be interesting to hear why Immobile didn't take it.
Ronaldo, Maxi Lopez and Di Natale all missed their Pk today. If this don't point to a Milan win tomorrow I don't know what will.
A missed Torino penalty by maxi Lopez (c*and a mlada red card Milan baros (c*have just messed up both our bets 😩😩😩 so gutted 😩
Italian football and more specifically Torino and Maxi Lopez are the devil
Vid Belec saved a penalty taken by Maxi Lopez awarded by Claudio Gavillucci after Foul by Riccardo Gagliolo.
maxi Lopez missed a penalty, no wonder you never made it at Barcelona specially when you let people down with accas on
Torino have a penalty, and on first viewing looks a little fortunate. Maxi Lopez to take.and it's saved by Belec.
Maxi Lopez on for His first touch results in a penalty. Granata so much sharper with him on the pitch
Maxi Moralez puts ahead 2-1 over 2nd goal this tourny for the Argentine
Mauro Icardi was joint-top scorer last season with Luca Toni (still doing it at 38). Maxi Lopez wouldn't agree with you though!
.book was delivered while I'm on holiday, luckily I can download and listen to this on the beach instead!
Maxi dresses on her make me feel some type of way.
Hot pink maxi dress by Jennifer Lopez. Inbox me for details.
sorry but you have been misinforming Gala fans lately..What about Farfan,Maxi Lopez??
Gerard Lopez benching Dongou permanently for Maxi would make me like him already.
Maxi Lopez will look lovely pressed up against that glass.
I heard some rumors about Barcelona's ex-forward Maxi Lopez... didn't even know he was alive.
Pauly D looks like the perfect combination of Michael Cera and George Lopez
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Maxi Lopez is Haldir in Lord of the Rings ?
"I don’t think it was the right decision by the referee to rule out my second goal,” Maxi Lopez told Sky Sport Italia.
Maxi Lopez to Toro, tomorrow perhaps in field
:*:*:*:*:*: FOOTBALL NEWS :*:*:*:*:*:*: (15TH SEPTEMBER 2014) * Southampton loanee Dani Osvaldo scored his first two goals for Inter Milan as they routed 10-man Sassuolo 7-0 for the second successive season in Serie A. A year after winning at Sassuolo by the same score, Inter picked up their first league win of the season. Argentine striker Mauro Icardi scored a hat-trick with Mateo Kovacic and Fredy Guarin also on target. The visitors had striker Domenico Berardi sent off for an elbow with the score at 5-0. Italy striker Osvaldo, 28, cost the Saints £15m a year ago but only played 13 times and, after spending some of last season on loan at Juventus, joined Inter for a season in the summer. Inter allowed Algeria midfielder Saphir Taider, 22, to move to Southampton on a season-long loan in exchange. Elsewhere in Serie A, Rafael Benitez's Napoli lost 1-0 at home to Chievo after Gonzalo Higuain missed a first-half penalty and Maxi Lopez struck early in the second half for the visitors. * Goalkeeper Iker C . ...
A Tokyo Metro sign apparently detailing how local police fish for the Monster in the Gap?
Found possibly the worst mixtape ever in my parents house that some guy made for one of my sisters.
"Wear a suit and tie, cut your hair, and they'll accept you as one of them"
So Mauro Icardi had an affair with Maxi Lopez's wife, married her after they divorced and tattooed their children's names...
fan rescued after 19 hours in shark-infested waters says YNWA tattoo kept him going:
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Maxi Lopez realizo su venganza . . The bomb has been planted
find it Gary Neville, your our only hope
I'm sure he was an extra in dog soldiers
Broke into football management coaching a group of Iraqi POWs in a situation not unlike Escape to Victory.
My cat is sad because he has just opened a direct message from Ian Botham.
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if you think Aiden McGeady's goal against Leicester was the best of the weekend.
Jennifer Lopez takes the plunge in comfy maxi-dress alongside BFF Leah ... - Daily Mail:
our history with players coming directly from South America is not all that good : Bonano, Saviola, Riquelme, Maxi Lopez, Henrique, Kerrison
it takes about 1.5 hours for me and I'm only about 25 miles away
I don't believe that there are real people like the ones in Top Gear audiences. They are all lizards basking in clarksons b…
"I've just been to the very depths of *** said Thomas.
I would question just how many Zx Spectrum "strategy games" that former manager Howard Kendall has played... h…
"Just off to the football love:. "But Everton played yesterday?". "I know, but those Southampton fans aren't going to stab t…
Si Currie. Beached on his sofa. A mouth rammed with meat pie as gravy cascades down his chin. Leicester equalise. His mout…
This Michael Owen interview is beyond words
Maxi Lopez signing an autograph for Mauro Icardi. 9 years later, the 21-year old steals Maxi's wife.
Belting quote from Sherwood on Sky just then:. "There's a lot of very good managers out of work at the moment & I'm certa…
I don't think Icardi is the right profile. Can't see Rodgers being impressed with the Maxi Lopez drama. Great goal scorer though.
what's Icardi like as a player. All I know is he has big potential and that he had an affair with Maxi Lopez's Mrs.
the whole Maxi Lopez thing isn't exactly attractive
He wears a track suit and a cap, if he wore a chain he could probably rap
Pulis came in, played Chamakh upfront, wrecked Liverpool's title hopes and vanished in a blur of baseball caps and track…
Pulis is a great manager and will always be a hero to me
If my dog Maxi Lopez ever runs for election this is his poster picture. Do u approve ?
the guy's attitude is a real problem . what he had with Maxi Lopez's wife showed how unprofessional he can be
When your maxi dress is too long I like to suggest perhaps tying the bottom rather than tucking it into your delicates.
so, you are the belgian Maxi Lopez, right?
Somedays you wake up and feel like Maxi Lopez
Maxi Lopez has revealed he turned down offers from other clubs to join Chievo from Catania.
Former player of Maxi Lopez has signed a one year contract with
Former (2005-06) Barcelona forward Maxi Lopez (30) joins Chievo Verona, from Catania, for one season plus an option for a s…
Maxi Lopez has found a new home in Italy. This time in Verona.
Chievo sign Maxi Lopez: Chievo have confirmed that they have signed the Argentine forward Maxi Lopez f...
Inter Milan striker Mauro Icardi, 21, was booed by rival fans throughout the 4-0 win at Sampdoria on Sunday because he is now living with the ex-wife of former team-mate Maxi Lopez, who plays for the Genoa side.
PAPER TALK. the times Chelsea are planning a renewed attempt to sign Wayne Rooney in the summer in the belief that his expiring contract will enable them to get him on the cheap. daily mirror Wayne Rooney wants to stay at Manchester United, who are ready to open contract talks once Juan Mata's move to Old Trafford is sealed. Arsenal will make a last-ditch push to buy Schalke midfielder Julian Draxler now rather than risk getting caught up in a summer bidding war. Leicester goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel is a £3.5million target for AC Milan. Newcastle will have to "pay what Real Madrid paid for Gareth Bale" to get Montpellier midfielder Remy Cabella this month, claims the French club's president. Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone is willing to pay Chelsea £20million for goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, who is in his third season on loan at the Spanish side. West Ham are considering loan moves for Catania forward Maxi Lopez and Roma striker Marco Borriello. Norwich midfielder Wes Hoolahan - a target for Aston ...
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Maxi Lopez to leave for turkish league
[Football Norwich City is weighing up a move for Catania striker Maxi Lopez, who is believed to have a £3.5m price tag.
There are so many reports linking Maxi Lopez to Norwich, that I'm actually shaking with excitement he could be in the BPL next season
Maxi Lopez would be good business for
Definitely getting a Norwich shirt if Maxi Lopez joins them this summer!
I said to my 11 year old son "You're having a taste of Kenny's Liverpool now" He Replied "It tastes good dad"
oh right good I don't hate you then! Maxi Lopez en route to Norwich!
Catania forward Maxi Lopez is linked with a mover to Norwich and two Spanish teams, Valencia and Malaga.
Maxi Lopez to Norwich could actually happen.
Saw Maxi Lopez in poundstretchers the other day searching through the books to find a copy of 'El Diego'
Like the film footage this boy can play
I would love to see Maxi López in EPL, even for Norwich. Champ Man legend.
Norwich are weighing up bids for Juventus forward Fabio Quagliarella and Sampdoria's Maxi Lopez. (Source: Norwich Even…
Liverpool join chase for Jesus Navas Spanish daily Marca understands that Liverpool are the latest club to have joined the chase for Sevilla winger Jesus Navas. Los Rojiblancos seem to have decided to cash in on Alvaro Negredo and Jesus Navas in an attempt to improve their difficult financial situation. Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund are believed to be keen on Jesus Navas, but Marca reports Liverpool have joined the race as well. Chelsea rival Arsenal for Jovetic Daily Express has learned that Chelsea are looking to hijack Arsenal’s move for Fiorentina star Stevan Jovetic. The Gunners were believed to be leading the chase for the Montenegrin forward, but their Premier League rivals seem to be keen as well. Jose Mourinho, who is set to return at Stamford Bridge, has instructed the club chiefs to launch an assault on Jovetic. Rubin Kazan eyeing Maxi Lopez Russian newspaper Izvestia has suggested that Rubin Kazan are looking to sign Catania striker Maxi Lopez. According to Izvestia, Rubin Kazan will ...
maxi lopez case is by gone. The question is wld they sign a better attacker if Robinho eventually leaves?
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I hope don't have the same Jan. transfer window as the one last year. Pursue Tevez hard, get Maxi Lopez instead.
Maxi Lopez: "The group is strong and we have a lot of players who can show what they’re worth against Chievo"
Hollywood babble-on? He does so many, I cant even keep up
I'm gutted they ain't showing the rest
6pm tomorrow someone will win this... Everton fans, get your RTs in
ahh yeah i know, ridiculous, its worse than N.Korea
based on his political views I guess, which he is absolutely entitled to.
a former season ticket holder who has been banned from Goodison for expressing an opinion against the Everton Free School...
Nice. I'm on 836. Avg of 50 is tough. My problem has been poor capt choices, so hard with rotation. Plus double GW this week
He was given a chance when Cédric got suspended, & under the new coach has become Sporting's first choice at right back.
I could use some of that magic myself!
i liked your article about Martinez in the Blizzard
i need Demba Ba to work his magic again and save my week on FF
" I am Phil Neville, I have to try my very hardest just to reach and average level"
royal court theatre in town. I'm on late bar so won't be out ti 1ish probably
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I'm in work til late and in early Saturday. I'll come out and say hello if everyone is still out when I finish work
thanks mate I'll have to check that place out
you tell him alan, trump is a grade A bellend
I stopped on 39 before, like my life the minute. Its some way to go out that like
or its like Eid al-Adha where they sacrifice a goat and then eat it
cant wait to hear AVB's bitter interview after that
Still 1 point! May b at the end of the season. This point ll b importante for us! Stay positif! LoL coys
I've gained even more respect for both Antonio Cassano and Maxi Lopez for praising Messi as the best player ever.
If we compared and as your source.. It's like comparing filippo inzaghi and maxi lopez.
will it be available on iplayer? I will be out of the country when it's on and will return a few days after!
personally, in my 3-4-3 i have Osvaldo, Borriello and i occasionally exchange between Bergessio & Maxi lopez.
"As I left, Jimmy Savile came up to me...I've always loved Jimmy Savile." 2009 "I never met Jimmy Savile" 2012”
Nope.. Everton are close to his heart. Dad was a blue I think. Likes Arsenal style of football.
he's an arsenal fan more than Everton
great article. My dad had a similar accident on his bike and it's crazy how similar this story is to my dads
Maxi Lopez was called "White Drogba" after missing a PK for River vs Boca Juniors the same week Drogba missed vs Egypt in the final
Maxi Lopez has been taken off. It's Amauri to take the penalty
i do trebles. If the Blackpool game ends BTTS and Hercules win I will have landed 3 out of 4 today
good isn't it :) over the course of the season stats will win more than they lose. Trick is to not have your accys with loads in
colchester let me down for about £300 all other teams i picked from your spreadsheet came through so it seems to work
the biggest loss has to be maxi lopez. Surely the next argentinian prince after d.milito.
I didn't watch the game, just flicked over checking the score. Couldn't tell you how he played myself.
first time I seen him tonight. So lazy. Never tracked runners never offere himself for the ball. Crap!
This is the *** that just came onto the pitch and pushed over Chris Kirkland. Ban him for life.
this is the Leeds fan that assaulted Chris Kirkland.
that's why I want one. Can't wait to fap in it
Your boyfriend hasn't texted you back in 20 minutes? That must mean he doesn't like you anymore
Nah mate. Too late. Had a boss time though
Since September 2001, terrorism has killed 4300 civilians, and "the war on terror" has killed more than 2 million civilians.
you know what man. He never came close to England. Maxi Lopez. From River Plate to Barca. Maybe confused with Vorinin. Ta anyway.
Update your maps at Navteq
I reckon Seve Ballesteros and Osama Bin Laden are looking down, smiling.
Sampdoria have absent! Maxi Lopez, Pozzi, Maresca and other 2-3 players can't play today.
Ferrara, who is from Napoli and has strong ties to the city, will face Mazzari's squad without Maxi Lopez and Maresca both suspended.
Jimmy Saville was always a complete professional. Don't know if I could introduce a band properly if my cigar tasted o ...
Fotoset: 50 footballers that I love (in no particular order) - 1/50 Maxi Lopez
Once Everton Tony has touched your kids, nothing will be the same
Honest to god i think it's possible la
My girlfriend is 14 years younger than me. Back of the net!
Why does MikeLove feel the need to wear his own band's branded baseball cap? He looks like Alan Partridge!
Am I watching listening to the same Beach Boys as everyone? Everyones slagging them off, I think they sound incredible! ...
The Beach Boys are on Jools Holland joyfully singing Bomb Iran.
Even if you just think Candyman 3 times, HE WILL APPEAR. RT to break the spell.
Won my first FUT match. Maxi Lopez scored the first goal of the season for the Nittany Leónes
and they did it without Maxi Lopez. Ferrara started off very well at Juve, hopefully he learned his lesson
Maxi Lopez suspended for Sampdoria which is a blow. At home, Roma leaked 11 in those 5 winless games & not kept a clean sheet in 7 at home.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Andrew Mitchell and Gate Gate, justin Lee Collins, every day they find something to keep Hillsborough off front page ...
after the Cagliari debacle Roma catches another break with Maxi Lopez suspended, too bad he was playing well
Totti , Derossi and Bradley are Back for Roma ..while Samp will miss Maxi Lopez and Andrea Poli .. this should be in Roma's favor of course
Allegri and Maxi Lopez both fail in ban appeals: Under fire AC Milan manager Massimiliano Allegri and...
neil warnock, the love child of de-vito's Penguin and jack nicholsons Joker
It was on Diouf. Ergo maximum punishment is a yellow and a word from the ref: "do a proper job next time, son"
Our Tony taking me to see Planet Of the Apes at the Imperial , and worrying when I heard about Guerilla warfare in t ...
and everton never winning this trophy, id like to win it more than the FA cup
[Football Sampdoria's Maxi Lopez to miss 2 games; sanctioned for kicking the referee's door after their 1-1 draw with Torino.
Allegri & Maxi Lopez have both failed in their appeals over bans as Allegri have 1 match, while Maxi will miss Roma & Napoli game.
Ferrara confirms that Poli will miss the Roma match as well as Maxi Lopez.
Zeman has shown so much class that he deserves all the breaks (Cagliari and now Maxi Lopez suspension) he has received recently
Zemanlandia has been catching a lot of breaks with the Cagliari debacle and now Maxi Lopez (who has scored 3 goals) suspended for Roma game
Looks like Roma will have Totti, DeRossi back tomorrow versus Samp (who will be without Maxi Lopez) and Bradley back for Juve game
Maxi Lopez banned for 2 games for kicking the referees locking room door after the game vs
Cioe'pozzi tira il rigore e maxi lopez no?
Maxi Lopez talks to Swide about the most important things in life, how passion is the key to achieving great things in life and how family is the most important thing in the world. Here's a teaser of the interview!
I just bought Faux Leather Leggings, Sand Top, Basic Black Maxi Skirt on Stardoll. Check out my Suite!
if you consider who left the vote is 2. Nesta, Thiago Silva, MvB, Gattuso, Aquilani, Seedorf, Maxi Lopez Ibracadabra
Was that Uncle Bill's masters of disinformation at work
he's been good for a while! Though River sold him for less than they got for Maxi Lopez, a flop.
River Plate sold Falcao for less than Maxi Lopez (remember him?)
River Plate sold Falcao for less than they sold Maxi Lopez
Get The Look: Jennifer Lopez Wearing a Wyatt Maxi Dress Out and About: Maxi dress mode is always in season at BI...
I dont know about you...but I am drooling over this maxi dress Jennifer Lopez is wearing and its on sale for only...
ha! Don't most football fans use airports on "I'm at Gatwick- just seen Maxi Lopez! Arsenal for £7m."
Video: The fans applauding Maxi Lopez when he came on yesterday at San Siro: ...
I prefer Bendtner to Borriello, Maxi Lopez etc. but it's such an underwhelming signing.
We love it! It's very similar to JLo's striped maxi:
We adore the chambray topper. Check out how JLo worked her striped maxi
tbf, I'm more pleased about Bendtner than if we'd resigned Marco Borriello or gone for Maxi Lopez for example. Not a fan but he is useful.
New blog post: Who made Jennifer Lopez's black and white stripe maxi dress and white tote handbag that she wore in M...
Nice in Stripes: works a striped maxi and white bag in Miami
Should have signed Maxi Lopez instead of Bendtner.
Sampdoria quietly had a good mercato. Estigarribia, Poulsen, Maxi Lopez, Maresca, not bad. If they hold onto Palombo and Po ...
my opinion,Maxi Lopez is better than Stephan El Shaarawy Lopez didn't played as much as Shaarawy although he make us win
From now on I will be known as Maxi Jorge Lopez, I'm a 25 year old Mexican.
first Europe match ba and cisse got injured for months lmfao! Luckily I'd signed maxi lopez
Glam Photo of the Day: Jennifer Lopez looks gorge in a nude & white A.L.C. maxi dress for a special lunch d...
Splurge and buy me that amazing ALC Maxi Dress just seen on Jennifer Lopez ;)
Fall back if your paddies is Maxi, please
Kaka may be going back to AC but I mean.. He is no longer a feared and prime player. Cassano and Maxi Lopez are very good strikers though.
Jennifer Lopez wore the flowing A.L.C. Elastic Pleated Maxi Dress when she and her boyfriend Casper Smart leave...
New blog post: Who made Jennifer Lopez's nude wedge sandals, white chain handbag, white pleated maxi dress that she ...
why not Maxi Lopez or becos Matri is an Italian? Mbiwa never heard of him, if he is good fine!
I just don't understand why Milan would buy Matri for 12m when they didn't pay 8m for Maxi Lopez. We are financing juve to buy Jovetic..
Milan didnt pay 8m for Maxi Lopez, but will pay 10-12m for Matri? Thus financing Juve to reinforce themselves with Jovetic...
Matri to Milan? I'd not take him. If he's the replacement of Zlatan but definitely as a replacement of Maxi Lopez..
The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros (DVD): THE BLOSSOMING OF MAXIMO OLIVEROS tells the story of Maxi (Nathan Lopez...
When Anne Hathaway sits in the batpod, her *** balloons in size" , .
if melan signed maxi lopez last season why not Bendtner or Carrol maybe...
Bendtner to Milan? People saying Zlatan replacement, More like a Maxi Lopez replacement if you ask me!
they got maxi lopez why not Bendtner? LOL!
if guti had accepted river's offer,he would have been their blondest player since . maxi lopez! :D!
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