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Max Clifford

Maxwell Frank Clifford (born 6 April 1943) is an English publicist, considered the highest-profile and best-known publicist in the United Kingdom.

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Max Clifford . Jonathan King. Sir Philip Green . Harvey Weinstein . Kevin Spacey. "A man is known by the company he ke…
Simon Cowell - publicist Max Clifford, posted bail for Jonathan King, planned to go into business with Sir Phillip Green…
Ha! Funny how time puts a diff spin on things. I might as well have dated Rolf Harris or Max Clifford…
The Max Clifford bit made me laugh this week.
Max Clifford has been in prison for 1,224 days. Not a particularly significant landmark. Just nice to think about from time to time.
Meet Max...he likes Clifford books 📚 and his favorite food is steak 🍽
PR companies. Max Clifford springs to mind as the epitome of the industry
with their clientele bell pottinger might b doing PR for max clifford
Bury your memories: Max Clifford has been disciplined for describing a bladder full of water as 'better Paul Verhoe...
They could get in with that great look they've got going on obviously got Max Clifford advising them
Not to be confused with Max Clifford.
Biggest for a long time. News Corp was similarly dominant but Edelman angle less so. Ketchu…
they're gong to have to hire Max Clifford now😂
they're going to have to hire Max Clifford
That lass will be on next celeb big brother. Wouldn't be surprised if she's already got a public…
I can't get started, clifford brown & max roach.
Breast Cancer Awareness
The only thing I miss more than lounielle is the friendship between Max and Clifford
More to come on Max Clifford's clients
The irony of Max Clifford making the allegations!
Clifford's 'Glass Bead Games' is easily in my top 10 all-time favorites. How he played/Max Roach on 'S…
The last couple of days events have got me wondering who the go to guy for kiss and tell stories is, now Max Clifford is banged up?
Who thought this would go down well? Is Max Clifford handling your PR and Marketing?
Am sure Max Clifford got some dirt via Antonia de Sancha on Mello…
believe Max Clifford had a hand in the Mellor stories
It's all the fault of a man called max clifford. A publicist who started selling these stories in the 8…
What about the victims who came forward because of htye media attention. Max Clifford, Stuart Hall, Ralph Harris
Max Clifford did his PR at one point. Lots of story's in the press about him with women. Why would you do that?
Saxophonist Clifford Jordan was born on this day in 1931. Hear him with the Max Roach Quartet at '64 Newport.…
So Simon Cowell paid bail for convicted paedophile Jonathan King and had convicted abuser Max Clifford as his PR. Inte…
Amanda Knox, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile and Max Clifford all pulled the wool over Simon Hatterston…
a preview of what's to come..Bill Maloney vs Max Clifford..Simon Cowell's publicist..
Yes? Just like I heard about Sidney Cook, Max Clifford, Jimmy Saville, and Ian Watkins.
Are you projecting again, Piers? You're the one who was friendly with Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter
If Trump had live in the UK , he'd be sharing a cell with Max Clifford and Ralph Harris.In America, they make him President.
Max Clifford and Rolf Harris hire private eyes to investigate alleged victims Humberside police at it again RISC ltd
Did you know he is working for Rolf Harris & Max Clifford even Sean Henderson who with all his millions needs bent cops to prtcd
why does Peter Stringfellow always want to add something and Max Clifford want to be in charge?😀
Hey! Max has an aquarium containing tuna a rusty chisel.
I still don't tire of saying out loud 'convicted sex offender, Max Clifford'
I was once in the same room as Max Clifford, Dale Winton and Vanessa Feltz. Luckily I had my SPF50.
Guest Christian Tanzey is in studio vibing with Clifford Brown and Max Roach's "Joy Spring" on…
He did Louis meets Max Clifford and Louis meets Hamiltons - so looking forward to his new p…
How dodgy does Simon Cowell act in that Max Clifford X Louis Theroux episode.
If she stans tøp then she will put the volume up to max every time she hears "Fall Away".
Inconceivable! Max Clifford has Photoshopped his wife into own reflection.
I liked a video from Clifford Brown And Max Roach (Joy Spring)
He's like a version of Max Clifford. That's not being nasty to Alan 😃
Thanks to my followers! Here is a little musical interlude to put a spring in your step! Clifford Brown & Max Roach
Gigi defended herself when a man grabs her after the Max Mara show.
Ethics in PR: Max Clifford, Peter Mandelson were seen as practitioners of the "dark arts." We've moved on. -
and represented by the lovely firm reborn out of Max Clifford? Class act.
was business partners and best friends with max Clifford who got convicted for horrible crimes against minors
this is giving me the same warm feeling inside that I experienced when greasy faced PR *** Max Clifford was arrested 😀
.Simon Cowell required PR protection 24x7 from Max Clifford, . so presume he owes his teflon to Israel.
max clifford is a v good example of this. Conviction might not have happened without others coming forward
Breaking: Massimo Cellino has hired Max Clifford as his new PR consultant. . They met in Jail, where Massimo is headed. 😜
Yes, he could do a show called Kelvin Mackenzie's Love Island, with Max Clifford, Freddie Starr and Jim Davidson
Jimmy Saville, Max Clifford, Rolf Harris to name a few, Patent theft or Corp network theft of SME gets no media
Max Clifford case: Judge to accept majority verdict
I thought Jimmy Savile, Stuart Hall, Max Clifford, etc, etc were white last time I looked. (It was Rotherham btw)...
.what about Max Clifford, Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Dave Lee Travis and white girls... Common factor...
I hope Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall & Max Clifford are watching from their prison cells to watch what an innocent man looks like! Xx
What a surprise Simon Cowell's PR man and convicted pervert Max Clifford helped Ben Butler get his daughter back. http…
can we get Stuart Hall's, Gary Glitter's and Max Clifford to give us an overview also Dave, can I call you Dave?
Imagine if he sang the song using the voices of Stuart Hall, Jimmy Savile, Max Clifford and Rolf Harris.
Just got down a book about Max Clifford from shelf and signed photo of George Osborne fell out. Very sinister.
Newly engaged Denise Van Outen has found an unusual rock on the surface of Max Clifford.
Mad that Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Fred Talbot & Adam Johnson are in a prison cell right now.
Press Gazette: Royal butler wins privacy claim over Max Clifford's News of the World leak
Paul Burrell awarded £5000 damages in privacy action against Max Clifford re letter faxed to News of the World - https:…
Paul Burrell hails 'end of a nightmare' after winning Max Clifford privacy case: ... in 2002…
Paul Burrell wins privacy case damages from disgraced Max Clifford - via
Ex-royal butler Paul Burrell wins privacy case damages from Max Clifford - Lancashire Telegraph from UK News on:
Paul Burrell and Max Clifford in a court battle. A grim pair of ***
Paul Burrell succeeds in breach of confidence & misuse of private information claim against Max Clifford
Royal butler Paul Burrell wins damages from Max Clifford: Princess Diana's ex-butler said he had hired Cliffor...
Paul Burrell wins damages against Max Clifford... the sort of contest you wish neither side won!!
The former royal butler Paul Burrell has won a privacy claim against the publicist Max Clifford at the High Court.
Paul Burrell hired Max Clifford to defend him in press, but instead he faxed Rebekah Brooks
Ex-royal butler Paul Burrell to hear privacy claim result in Max Clifford case via
Rolf Harris, Stewart Hall, Gary Glitter,Jonathan King,Max Clifford.. And there's more lots more . In time JUSTICE .…
Sir Jack statue, Early Bird tickets, Jez Moxey, Steve Morgan. I think could do with a PR guru. Now, where's that Max Clifford?
Walton seems to be teeming with sex offenders, Jonathan King, Max Clifford and this murdering pervert.
I heard from a journalist yesterday that Max Clifford has a case full of evidence against his clients.
When life gives you lemons, make a G&T. When life just gives you a G&T, sniff it and then make a pre-emptive call to Max Clifford.
Trying to max out my layers but I can't get past 4
sounds like when Max Clifford said celebrities were being hounded & couldn't be expected 2 remember what happened yes ago
BREAKING: Max Clifford given life ban after defective jig scheme.
horford is max. bazemore is 15mil +. teague is max the season after. GL bud.
I hate it: Max Clifford has bring into the world an unmarked grave.
Clifford Brown - Max Roach Quintet: "Flossie Lou" in "Clifford Brown and Max Roach at Basin Street"
yep and I think he is already on a sticky wicket given some of his acquaintances max clifford Jonathan King etc
Two of the best in Clifford Brown with Max Roach. And since I was at…
I like to look at the London skyline from my flat (it's just high up, not a Max Clifford-style penthouse) and think how amazing
you sound like convicted pervert Max Clifford.
just compare the list of Yewtree convictions and the sun columnists from that era. Max Clifford = the sun IMHO
Hail Marxists. I am on the front page of the Morning Star today (!?!) *Goes into hiding, hires Max Clifford...doesn't hire Max Clifford etc*
they bled and are bleeding Sir Cliff, Al-Fayed & Clifford without doing one bit of PI work! Max sacked BCL copeland.
Max Clifford and Rolf Harris set to face fresh sex charges.
Yet more tackiness from the daughter of the sexual abuser Max Clifford. Shameful
Remember when Max Clifford used to spend his time between appearances on This Morning by thumbing his whelk into places he shouldn't have?
Not so keen to reveal what they know about ex clients of Max Clifford? Shocking?
I walked in the studio and Max Martin was there adding some ideas to the song. Most surreal moment of my life.
and don't forget Simon's old pr man Max Clifford I think his name is, who is in jail for underage client sex.
Villa will crumble like a Max Clifford alibi now.
Hamiltons & Max Clifford too. How could he not have known? ☺
you have to pay for an introduction. He's like a low rent Brummie Max Clifford.
Best jazz trumpet player ever - Clifford brown with the amazing max roach.
Max Clifford claims Paul Burrell has lied in high court case
Max Clifford taking his place from prison to put a positive spin on things.
Backing vocals by Gary Glitter Produced by Jonathan King and Distributed by Max Clifford
1D actually saved him, what with all the dodgy connections with Jonathan King and max clifford, 1D distracted the press
amazing what a good PR company can do. Maybe his PR agent is Max Clifford
We don't need this to point out the creep that S. is.Just google Simon in relation to Jonathan King & Max Clifford
Going to be interesting to see whether it's a Max Clifford or a Bill Roach outcome.
Llunatics supporting the paedophile Max Clifford are really going to town on us today. What strange folk. Nearly as bad as Rolf Harris crew.
yeah that's what Max Clifford would say. Maybe that what we should say to his victims. Let the poor man go huh?
not at all. You're trying to belittle my grievance. That's what Max Clifford, Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile would do.
. ..courtesy of Jackie magazine... spoon-fed by Max Clifford...
max clifford is in prison and now has no connection with Simon Cowell
Nope. and still haven't mentioned Cowell's DJ show has been axed. is Max Clifford working from prison?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I agree. Probably a tactic learnt from the infamous max Clifford himself
Stick to being angry. It'll rightly get you nowhere. Max Clifford is a nonce and he's rightly in jail. May he die there.
Max Clifford accused of procurring children to Stringfellows
We never said anyone had to agree with us. We simply will not be changing our views on the paedo Max Clifford. He is evil,
One week we deal with nutters supporting the sex fiend Rolf Harris, the next its ones supporting Max Clifford. What are these people on?
You plainly see Max Clifford through rose tinted spectacles. A shame they're so grubby.
And you celebrate that? No wonder you support the paedophile spinner Max Clifford. Funny friends he had too.
The only thing Max Clifford has ever done right is to have finally (for now) shut up. Long may it continue.
Someone who lauds Max Clifford as likeable is Someone with a very warped sense of right and wrong.
Bloody 'ell, Che', eh! Even Max Clifford must tip his hat to that Psychopath's PR team... ;o( Halloween aside ~
in 2005 I told my Cowell appointed manager about historic abuse. I was banned from interviews and vilified by Max Clifford. Go on.
you sound like Max Clifford. Something to hide?
yeah I guess all those Max Clifford and Jimmy Savile victims were just "harping on" too. Right?
i also didn't realise the man employe to bury me (Max Clifford) was going to turn out to be a histori…
Simon Cowell's PR man Max Clifford buried stories with The Sun that embarrassed X Factor back in 2005. All in the book…
domain names
3 Thick Tory Voters Rolf Harris,Stuart Hall and Max Clifford walked into a Irish bar,and the barman said not yewtree again
Max Clifford denies molesting girl of 17 in 1980s: Former publicist to the stars appears at Southwark Crown Court to plead not guilty...
Max Clifford via videolink from HMP Littlehay to Southwark Crown Court denial sex claims
My Dad works right by Southwark Crown Court. Where Redknapp, Tulisa, Max Clifford etc. all went to court.
. So basically anyone non-white is "foreign?". What ethnicity was Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Max Clifford etc?
Is Ched Evans being advised by Max Clifford? Seriously, give it a rest.
Rebekah Brooks was in charge at The Sun in 2005 when they and Max Clifford buried the story. Today is a bad day.
Max Clifford was a genius at manipulating the press. He's left a lasting impression.
370 reviews on kindle. 0 by mainstream media. "talk to the press and we'll bury you." Max Clifford
Max Clifford faces fresh indecent assault charges dating back to the 1980s
Is this why Max Clifford is being questioned by Operation (Full)
Great selection of crap lookalikes in this airport lounge. Neil Ruddock, Nicole Kidman & Max Clifford so far.
think of bogus stories paedophile Max Clifford put out there. Freddie Starr ate my hamster. De Sanchia wearing Chelsea strip.
Stuart Hall handed over his mansion to Hazel (wife) and Rolf Harris, Max Clifford disposed of wealth also.
The convictions of Rolf Harris, Max Clifford and Gary Glitter seem absolutely proper.
Yep. Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Max Clifford, Leon, Janner, Stuart Hall - what was that about again?
As was Max Clifford he thought at start, Rolf Harris, Fred Talbot,, Stuart Hall
> Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers on
Late news. After appointing Danneels to the Synod on the Family, Pope Francis has proposed Gary Giltter, Rolf Harris and Max Clifford.
"Good idea, Max, let's go ask Clifford."
Zayn defending Jimmy Saville, Dave Lee Travis and Max Clifford in a court
indeed. Just like Max Clifford could do no wrong and look what happened there.
BREAKING NEWS: Max Clifford stabbed after criminal lottery complaint.
People who liked the music from Whiplash: look up Clifford Brown & Max Roach's version of "I Get A Kick Out If You"
Remain Max has announced that he has fallen madly in love with mute youth!
I need to watch last nights and want to find the Max Clifford one
"I can't thank the police and the CPS enough" - victim of four indecent assaults by Max in 1977
! Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers on
end up like Max Clifford. Karma has no expiry date. 😩💀
she reminds me of Max Clifford, karma will get her in the end
Apparently my baby names are too 'hippyish' basically because I don't like the name Max. I just think Max Mosely, Max Brannan or Clifford!
Max clifford is appalling so is jailing a man when the sole prosecution evidence is "i was too drunk to remember what happened"
having met him I can personally say that Max Clifford is a hideous little man...makes my skin crawl!
I think he must have a Max Clifford style black bag of celebrity nudes and is blackmailing them into obedience.
Using her logic based on Gary Glitter, Jimmy Savile, Max Clifford and Rolf Harris all older whites pedophiles too!!
So what did Max Clifford witness at Diana Dors' libidinous parties? via I trust what Guy Adams writes.
Still one of my all time most favouretist places !
Football stars 'at centre of sex scandal blackmail plot involving Max Clifford'
yeah might as well leave our kids to Jimmy Savile, Max Clifford the guy from lost prophets and Gary Glitter ;-)
Max Clifford was great at his job. Read about it here
Perhaps Max Clifford was set up too, Steve. By all accounts, he was *** good at his job. Just ask :)
that's the kind of thing convicted pervert Max Clifford would say. New book on Kindle. Read it.
Sounds like one worthy of springing Max Clifford out of jail to broker
I know what you mean - ty - someone did once call him Max Clifford and Mum went mental.
Police investigating Max Clifford over 'honeytrap' claims ^Te
Anyone who says 'Max Clifford' gets blocked instantly.
Police investigating Max Clifford over ‘honeytrap’ claims
Oh ok were Max Clifford, Jimmy Saville and Gary Glitter for instance..Pakistani?
.With recent news revelations about Max Clifford and this you think he s…
TELEGRAPH: Police investigating Max Clifford over 'honeytrap' claims
Police investigating Max Clifford over 'honeytrap' claims
David Cameron can have Max Clifford's old gig
Gary Glitter, Dave Lee Travis, Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Chris Denning, Fred Talbot and Stuart Hall will each be re-interviewed.The ...
Well what has Jimmy Savile and Max Clifford got to do with Muslim gangs grooming, sexually abusing and trafficking girls, nothing.
Former celebrity publicist Max Clifford - serving an eight-year jail term - has been arrested by Operation Yewtree officers, the BBC
Today is ninth birthday. The only people to acknowledge it were Gary Glitter, Max Clifford and the Catholic Church.
Picking between watching The Voice or You're Back in the Room is like picking between Max Clifford or Rolf Harris to babysit your kids
Max Clifford reportedly arrested again under Operation Yew Tree. .
Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers on
John Worboys, Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, Max Clifford. If they had been granted anonymity, they would prob still be at …
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Max Clifford, Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris all maintained that the women they sexually assaulted were lying.
No! Only reason ppl like Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Asian sex Gangs are caught lockup in prison, because ppl,see others coming forward.
* Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers on
has also been known to use the names James Savile, Rolf Harris, Max Clifford and Tony Blair, allegedly.
Well Rolf Harris has been locked up currently & yes Max Clifford has been under police caution oh & Cliff Richard has been at it?
Yetwree Police have arrested Max Clifford over alleged sex offences
Max Clifford 'arrested by Operation Yewtree officers over further sex offences' 
BBC News - Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers
Max Clifford arrested Yewtree again serving hard time Littlehey Prison convicted of buggerry on children's
Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers - BBC News
SOUTHWARK: Max Clifford could face new charges after Operation Yewtree police quiz -
Shamed publicist Max Clifford 'arrested by Operation Yewtree officers over
Max Clifford reportedly re-arrested by Operation Yewtree officers
But then again I guess people stood up for Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, Max Clifford etc. all rich and vile!.
Is the fact that Rolf Harris, Max Clifford, Gary Glitter are facing new charges after more came forward related in anyway to the Cliff...
However she appears to have sacked her previous PR company hired MaX Clifford's daughter's
Sir Cliff calls in Max Cliffords lawyer to help fight abuse claims keep it in house
Cliff Richard calls in Max Clifford lawyer to battle sex abuse allegations.
Max Clifford’s daughter and former employees set up PR firm
they've all denied it until they get cornered and then they cave in. Stuart Hall, Max Clifford, Fred Talbot etc etc.
Max Clifford, Rolf Harris and others strongly objected to 'false allegations' which turned out not to be false.
If they put in with they can do a show and Max Clifford can represent them.
Oh she had now she has Max Clifford's daughters PR company aiding her
Though she has a PR company to do that with. Max Clifford's daughter's company.
Rolf Harris, Max Clifford, Stuart Hall, a good start but when are getting into the big ones and
At one point, Jimmy King scored 19 straight pts for in 4th qtr and OT and Max Clifford hit career-hi 6 3pt.
Jimmy King led with 31 pts. Max Clifford had 18.
Des O'Connor. One of the two people to turn up at Max Clifford's trial to tell everyone what a great guy he is.
How Max Clifford helped Gary Glitter jury come to a verdict of 'not guilty'!
Blimey - never knew # Max Clifford represented Gary Glitter! via
what is steve brooksteins outlook on all this and see he has it in for Max clifford & fell out with cowell? Oh well I've no idea.
this link for a dm group with Michael Clifford. Max.5.
Set up Media i in 2014, hired now Max Clifford's daughter's PR firm?
Anybody interested in ephemera and stuff from the 40's 50's 60's and 70's? A friend has a wonderful website...
seems like you're a troll working on behalf of the perverts within the establishment. Has Max Clifford got photos of you?
so what do you think about Max Clifford threats and the stories being suppressed?
Strangely enough is associated to Max Clifford. Or was
Through yesterdays deluge and steamy bus windows. To this mornings crystal clear sky of blue. Sun shimmers on water...
Didn't know Max Clifford had been released tbh.
Miscommunication to the max using your followers to make other people look bad is so disrespectful
Bosh looking a bit Max Clifford, there.
Al fyed knows Clifford and he told max to get solicitor as MWT on the loose!!
Falcao has a 'Max Clifford' of a first touch
Just got off the phone to Max Clifford, he confirmed the quiz is dead.
I'll never be a Max Clifford will I? And that's a good thing now of course.
"Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are...
Max clifford set up by he always talks to voice over "jessica" mans voice. He found her!! Disgusting
I'm no Max Clifford but it couldn't do any harm.
In 1953, Clifford Brown toured Europe with the Lionel Hampton band before joining Max Roach to form the Brown-Roach Quintet.
Appointments of Andy Coulson and Stephen Green do not prove PM is a poor judge of character, says new Downing St spokesman, Max Clifford.
Your story re SAM BAILEY leaving SYCO records is interesting MAX CLIFFORD got her seen by SONY + on X-FACTOR w/o Auditions
DW EXCLUSIVE . Malky Mackay is our new manager. Please also welcome Nick Griffin and Max Clifford as assistant manager …
🙉 he wasn't a max George or a Michael Clifford but he was ok 😱
.(22 pts), Max Clifford (21 pts) & Collin Sonderman (10 pts) are ft in our Indy Roncalli evals at ($)
Jimmy King led with 22 pts. Max Clifford had 21.
Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris and Max Clifford walk in to a bar, and the Irish Barman says not Yew tree again
Max Clifford and Rolf Harris set to face more charges...
We should have Gary Glitter, Stuart Hall, DLT, Max Clifford et al in Celebrity Big Brother. We get to choose their cha…
I added a video to a playlist Bill Maloney fights Max Clifford outside Court. National media cover up
Nothing's been learnt from Jummy Saville, Rolf Harris & Operation Yewtree & Max Clifford it seems. :(
Bret's misogyny is incredible. A friend of Max Clifford, an ex friend of Peter Sutcliffe
He'll be sharing a cell with Rolf Harris and Max Clifford soon
Oldham Football Club are set to appoint Rolf Harris as new entertainments manager. Max Clifford is handling the PR on th…
ok to have Rolf Harris do a gig at Linnets? What is the difference? Max Clifford do your PR? Sturat Hall the PA
So come on Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall et al . who else can you name in your depraved paedophile circles???
Having a Louis Theroux binge. Is there anywhere I can watch the Jimmy Saville/Max Clifford eps doc. . P.S.not a weirdo.
. You would not have believed the facts about Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, Max Clifford & the other freemason paedos.
Prince Andrew says he had nothing to do with sex with a minor. Isn't that what Max Clifford, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall s…
michael clifford should follow me bc I'm just bored to the absolute max rn
no that was you Mr Trendsetter. I just wore a Clifford shirt and ate ice cream
First disc of — Max Roach and Clifford Brown at Basin Street.
Bolton defender Max Clifford has emerged his first album in one titled 'Longing for a cult of young offenders'.
On my recent night out - we decided that Max Clifford was the *** of the year. Democracy at work right there.
I can't imagine you putting Max Clifford voluntarily into your novel unless I'm completely wrong and he's a wonderful person ?
hopefully the Max Clifford saga will have persuaded the producers to stop booking vile human beings of which Katie Hopkins is one.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
reading The Hippo and noticed that Max n Mary Clifford r in it? Was it a charity thing that they donated be s/one in your book?
Hey dont forget about the Project. Due by 15 July and doesn't have a max length! confidential as well h…
After the awards for Farage & Blair, it seems odd that Max Clifford and Andy Coulson didn't get an OBE each. .
This New Years Eve spare thought for Max Clifford who will be spending it in jail... Oh OK - Sod him.
Can I make a suggestion. CanMili visit Max Clifford In prison & campaign for forgiveness so Clifford can do his PR
2014 highlights. . Clifford,Max: Birded off. . Finding a bit of Chester in TK Maxx Ealing. . That's about it,really.
that despite all evidence to the contrary, Max Clifford is actually not a very nice man.
I think Theresa May shld be given a gong for services to child protection, and maybe Max Clifford for services to sex equality
Farage is The Times 'Briton of the Year'? I can only assume Max Clifford turned it down...
Nigel! Oh No! EricHardcastle: Simon_Danczuk Aggykins7 dolphinmaria IanMcFadyen1966 Nigel_Farage more like leaf out of Max Clifford's "10...
more like leaf out of Max Clifford's "101 PR Stunts".
You weren't talking about Max Clifford then?
i'v not heard much from max Clifford. What hotel is he staying in?
Sir Max Clifford has controversial he made about a photograph of a engraving.
Thanks for that! I thought it was Max Clifford in a hat! Phew!
quick, let's get help from Max Clifford. 😂
Max Clifford was called PR Guru for years so maybe it's another way of saying sex pest?
I like how Ashton has a bandana holder for when his drumming gets to the max and he wants to release the hair
omg I thought that read Max Clifford 😂 he some famous for the wrong reasons
Glad includes Rolf Harris , Max Clifford et al. Other reviews of the year have ignored them and the CSA enquiry debacle. Thank you
Watching "Max Clifford was a well-connected, silver-haired man who claimed to be able to 'fix it' for people."
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