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Max Baucus

Max Sieben Baucus (born December 11, 1941) is the senior United States Senator from Montana and a member of the Democratic Party.

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Eh, we'll look back and say, "Maybe it wasn't so bad." . -Max Baucus, on fed involvement in health insu…
Heh, you guys found out what a dodo Max Baucus is in today's interview.
Try the ad that got Max Baucus and the MT Dems accused of *** baiting."
Same with Montana. Used to be the state of Mike Mansfield and Max B…
I blame Max Baucus for failure of even considering Single Payer health care. He took it "off the table" the 1st day.
The way I remember it, we don't have a national public insurance option because Max Baucus decided nah. He's not a senator anymore. Can we?
Oh, like when Max Baucus got Medicare 4 residents of Libby affected by W.R. Grace asbesto…
The problem for me, still today, is that I did a couple of other commercials just before computers. -Max Baucus
8 years ago, Dem Senator Max Baucus said single-payer wouldn't happen "in a million years." Now Dem leaders forced to say it's on the table.
He's simply picking up where his predecessor (Max Baucus) left off
Own exclusive Death Panel. As Max Baucus has said, the Obama and Speaker John Boehner pulled back.
Yup. We let harry Reid and Max Baucus stick around way too long. We should have aggressively challenged…
I'll take regular order if we skip the Max Baucus wasting seven months negotiating with GOPers.
All I can think is how Max Baucus might still be a Democratic Senator if he didn't become an ambassador.
For God's sake that's what Max Baucus did for the whole summer, stupidly and unsuccessfully begging for Republican votes
Hey, remember when Max Baucus spent crucial months in '09 trying to get Enzi on board with the ACA? Good times.
They never had the votes--Joe Lieberman, blanche lincoln, Ben Nelson, ma…
Someone get me drunk Max Baucus. Sober Durbin isn't doing it.
Neera everyone knows there would've been a public option if we had a few more volunteers call Max Baucus' office.
Gruber wasn't the architect, he was an advisor from MIT. Max Baucus is the actual architect of the ACA.
You mean just like Max Baucus, who held career staffer Kerry Weems hostage, and wouldn't even hold a hearin…
I've been for public option all along, but Max Baucus and Joe Lieberman tan…
International law shall never take prescedence over our US Constitution! "in the words of Max Baucus" many years ago. get UN out of US
Max Baucus, former ambassador to China and senator from Montana, scheduled for lecture at Sept. 7.
Doug Heye and Max Baucus offered the most level, centrist commentary I've heard on CNN in a long time. Have them on often!
I like Ron, but this is absurd. Max Baucus spent 9 months negotiating w/Snowe, Grassley and Enzi.
Where was that thinking the last 7 years? Max Baucus told you obamacare was a and what did you do? Nothing.
They arrested doctors and nurses advocating for Single Payer in the Max Baucus hearings and then fei…
I remember Max Baucus, Dem, squashed single payer folks from even getting a seat at the table during all the hearings.
Only one problem with this toon. Max Baucus was about as much of a Democrat, as John Cornyn is.
Max Baucus was culpable as well - wouldn't let public option out of senate finance (dino)
"Max Baucus received at least $19,000 from superlobbyist jack abramoff"
to appeal to DINO Max Baucus and his gang of never-persuadable 'moderate' GOP Sens. Not a true policy pref
Fmr Sens Max Baucus and Richard Lugar co-chair to inform, mobilize and amplify voice of US farmers for free trade.
Max Baucus a conservative democrat who worked with the Bush administration was put in charge specifi…
Lol honestly how much input do you think he had? Written by Zeke Emmanuel,…
"Is Due Process of Law Dead?" Former Senator Max Baucus, who drove stake through heart of due process of…
but it'll make Obama sad and maybe even regret letting Max Baucus and insurance companies have free reign ;__;
Why is Max Baucus still in Congress? I still cannot figure this one out.
Interesting piece, but Max Baucus definitely not from Wyoming - they haven't elected a Dem Senator in decades.
Add Max Baucus to that, the dem who had single payer activists arrested when the ACA was started.
but Max Baucus and Gruber thought the American people are stupid and would fall for it.
once people caught on to the aca written by Max Baucus and Jonathan Gruber and the healthy were paying for the sick people left it.
Hit all classes. Gruber knew this and explained it to Max Baucus in May 2009.…
Senate Health Committee Chairman Max Baucus said his administration most likely opened market capitalized on trading in the voter crisis.
For example- Obamacare. It's easy to critique it when you didn't have to negotiate with Senators like Max Baucus to pass it
It should have included a public option, for example, which would have greatly improved it. But Dems like Max Baucus said no.
Former U.S. Ambassador to China Max Baucus visited with students in Professor Bryan's International Environmental L…
Just saw this good statement by Former Amb. Max Baucus on Thx Amb. Baucus.
Remember when the person who helped write Obamacare said it was a "Train Wreck"? Wasn't that the Dem. Senator from…
Incidentally, this is a nearly perfect description of our current ambassador to China, former Montana Senator Max Baucus https…
I paid lots of attn to Max Baucus, passage of ACA. Trusting Grassley on anything is a serious error of judgment.
Max Baucus and Jonathan Gruber wrote the bill.
Sen. Max Baucus added nearly $23.9 million in the second quarter to seek to make it slash interest rates.
Max Baucus in Helena today to back John Lewis for DOA.
no, Obama got rid of that early. Look at the dems side, Ben Nelson, Max Baucus other corporates..
apparently Max Baucus is still the US Ambassador to China. I wonder if the United States government forgot he was there & left him behind.
.Yes! President Obama supported single payer & it was Senate Dems like Max Baucus & Mary Landrieu who prevented it.
Thank you, Ambassador Max Baucus, for hosting a lovely reception for us at your residence!
Health reform is an essential part of restoring America's economy and ...
I think I can speak for every Senator, saying that he or she ran for t...
"What are we fightin' for?" Fight? Nah, let Max Baucus stall ACA in committee all summer to let Tea Party be launched as corp media darlings
Honored to have US Ambassador to China Max Baucus to speak at
Privatizing Social Security will take dollars out of young folks' pock...
Apparently this guy is a well known fringe L political agitator & political consultant who cost D Max Baucus his seat in 2014.
Want us lefties to "come home" & "invest" in the party? Be careful what you wish for. Also how is Max Baucus a loyal democrat and not slime?
I think I'm the luckiest guy in the world.
I know the problem of obesity. I got to tell you, I think that's tepid...
So no more Max Seiben Baucus courthouse? Dems plan bill to prevent naming of public buildings
Don’t see outcry from about Max Sieben Baucus Federal Building in Helena (Built in 2001)
There are significant human rights abuses in China. In some areas, the...
Nor more expensive.We need single-payer option,Medicare for all.Thank Max Baucus for stopping that.
Due process of law and protection of taxpayer records died with secret deal made by Sen Max Baucus
1990 - A Truce In The Trade War; Sen. Max Baucus , "our trade disputes are likely to continue for many years."
Arrgh! Some of the biggest obstructions to ACA were Dems frm conserv states like Max Baucus. Get real people. NUANCE. Compromise.
The administration's attempt to keep us from selling agricultural products ...
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You really think Max Baucus or Joe Lieberman were going to vote for the public option?
Max Baucus helped kill the public option when Dems still had 60 votes.
Right. Biggest enemy of public option was Max Baucus, not GOP.
I believe strongly that the opportunity is here for us in America to finall...
Burns was not the longest serving U.S. senator from MT. That was Max Baucus, 36 years.
09-10, not that Ben Nelson, Blanche Lincoln, Max Baucus, Evan Bayh, or Byron Dorgan were especially helpful.
I see Max Baucus, Cui Tiankai, Qin Gang, and that US interpreter accompanying top US officials all the time.
Saw U.S. ambo Max Baucus roll up to Yang Jiechi, China's top diplomat, this a.m., speaking some *** good Mandarin before Susan Rice meeting
Max Baucus (in Yunnan w/ Chennault) to represent US at China's September 3 military parade
Tax complexity itself is a kind of tax ~Max Baucus
I've had trouble taking Grassley seriously since the defenestration of Max Baucus.
Obama names Max Baucus as new envoy to China
I added a video to a playlist Senator Max Baucus Drunk / Intoxicated on Senate Floor - Shouts Down
Yes, except. Tim Geithner was an unforced error, an own-goal. Giving Max Baucus the ACA negotiations, ditto.
Honors scholar and president got a great red towel photo with Max Baucus, U.S. Ambassador to China. http:/…
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Kevin Sheekey, Ee Chuan Ng,and Helen He join YUNDI, Max Baucus,and Clive GIllinson at the reception. Photo: Chris Lee http:/…
As well as Teddy Kennedy and Max Baucus in that hotbed of business Montana.
Max Baucus, ex-senator & current ambassador to China, still has $1M+ in his campaign war chest, new doc shows
Why did Democrats like Max Baucus pay nearly $400k to deceive "stupid American voters"?.
Where the heck is smiley Max Baucus...I remember that sanctimonious nitwit chairing the hearings and lying through his teeth
I believe your friend Senator Max Baucus actually resigned because of OCare. Was given Ambassadorship as a token.
Tell Bob that Max Baucus stated on national TV that he had never even read the ACA bill. He surely didn't write it.
Montana embarrasments and get their treats for deception.
Everyone knows lobbyists wrote the ACA, ask Max Baucus- Pelosi on Gruber: 'I don't know who he is'
Nice shot of former MT Senator now US Ambassador to China Max Baucus Good article JC
Video: Max Baucus on Obamacare's hidden agenda - redistribution of wealth |
Dear Senator Tester: I am coming for you the way I brought down Denny Rehberg, Max Baucus and John Walsh. You...
I thought Chuck Grassley and Max Baucus wrote it in all those weeks/months the two of 'em kept it hostage
"It does cost a trillion dollars. But it raises a trillion dollars so it costs nothing." Democratic Senator Max Baucus of Montana. Say what?!
Max Baucus and Jon Tester owe Montana and America an apology for being complicit in this Obamacare fraud.
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You're entitled to Medicaid regardless of your income. Don't worry about your health care. ~ Max Baucus
Hey Sen Max Baucus it looks like you were duped by Obama and ACA Architect Jonathan Gruber! How does it feel? Hey wait maybe u werent duped?
Credited by Max Baucus on Senate floor for CBO numbers:
Beijing pooler ran into Amb. Max Baucus. Is POTUS visit important? "I think so," he said. "All things considered, yes."
Max Baucus, diplomat: asked by if Obama's trip to China has been successful, he says: "All things considered, yes."
Sen Max Baucus said tax credits are state compliance incentive via King:so what?re Gruber
If I were Max Baucus, Henry Waxman, Nancy-Ann DeParle, etc., I'd be a bit annoyed seeing Jon Gruber get all the credit for w…
One DC analyst says Obama China team is "weak." Amb. Max Baucus admits he's "no expert on China." By
Nice catchup with US Ambassador to China Max Baucus at APEC Leaders Welcoming Banquet, Water Cube, Beijing, 10 Nov
Dems need to purge the Mary Landrieus & Max Baucuses & Ben Nelsons. DINOs.
I blame former MT. Sen Max Baucus for the demise of a Public Option.
Democratic Sen. Max Baucus predicted would be "a huge trainwreck"?
US Ambassador to China Max Baucus presented US$950,000 to the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center and Project HOPE. http:…
The Leadership Delegation to the PRC paid a visit to Amb. Max Baucus at on Oct. 14.
Montana Christians, Conservatives, Constitutionals, Independents. Please vote out Max Baucus, Save America and our Rights.Unity2014
.is more to the "right of Max Baucus and Joe Lieberman." …
U.S. Ambassador to China Max Baucus welcomes the China Trade Mission delegation led by
Montana trade mission group lands in Beijing, greeted by Baucus: BEIJING -- U.S. Ambassador to China Max Baucu...
Max Baucus personally met Governor Steve Bullock and a team of business and industry leaders in Beijing. Details:
1 of major architects was Max Baucus wonder how he feels about this?Glad he ain't running anymore! China can keep him
& martha bensons in alexandria or their other place in maryland he sleeps in a chair right max baucus?. Bob benson the banker & villanova
How bout hannah montana the treasure state max baucus john tester. & the missing hannah on sledding hills or hannahs hills
"Everything is on the table" says Roger Goodell. Insert Max Baucus joke here.
Crazy Mary Todd Blames Max Baucus is the United States Ambassador to China. He served as a US Senator from Montana
It took the Montana Democratic party less than two hours to select 34-year-old Amanda Curtis as its candidate to replace Sen. John Walsh in the race to maintain Montana’s long-held Democratic seat in Washington D.C. Curtis now has less than three months to convince Montana voters to choose them over Republican U.S. Rep. Steve Daines of Bozeman. “This election could decide who controls the Senate, and I don’t mean the difference between Republicans and Democrats,” Curtis said. “I mean the difference between the millionaires and the middle class.” Curtis, a math teacher from Butte, and Dirk Adams, a rancher from Wilsall, were the two candidates party leaders nominated during a historic nominating convention held in Helena on Saturday to decide who will replace Walsh in the race. Walsh dropped out earlier this month amid allegations he had plagiarized part of his master’s degree thesis. He was appointed to the Senate in January to replace Sen. Max Baucus when he was appointed by President Barac ...
Do note Max Baucus (primary drafter of Senate Ocare) was saying back in 2009 that subsidies only applied to state exchanges.
Did you ever interview Max Baucus or other Democrats? They wrote it that way.
I'm starting to think passing zillion-page bills nobody reads is a bad idea. In response to Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber Once Again Ties Subsidies to State-Based Exchanges: These are terrific finds, but Gruber wasn't the only one saying this stuff, and he's not the only reason ObamaCare critics have long maintained that the federal exchange is not empowered to dole out the New Dole - the health insurance subsidies every member of what we used to call "the middle class" is now dependent upon. Senator Max Baucus said as much too, but it's even bigger than him. Quite a few members of the ObamaCare brain trust thought it was a good idea to offer subsidies as a reward for states that set up exchanges (or, to be less charitable, withhold them as punishment from states that refused.) There was also a point when ObamaCare was supposed to require states to set up those exchanges, but the idea was dumped because it was feared state governments would rebel. Imagine the level of resistance to this boondoggl .. ...
Uh oh. VIDEO: Dem. Sen. Max Baucus talks about how tax credits will be given-- through state exchanges. info out right now as Max Baucus (D) chairman during senate finance hearing says subsidies only for state xchanges
another example has emerged on the ACA state exchange issue. This time from Max Baucus at Senate Finance hearing. Uh oh!
I guess you missed it; Senator Max Baucus: tax credits for Obamacare are only available on state exchanges
It wasn't a typo: C-SPAN publishes video from 2009 of Max Baucus explaining why tax credits are only for state exch…
Boom. Headshot: Max Baucus in Senate hearing in 2009: Ocare subsidies ONLY available for state, NOT Fed. exchanges:
Another architect, Senator Max Baucus, on tax credits and state exchanges. via &
It was fairly quick. Watching Max Baucus run the PPACA hearings was a minor turning point. One of a few.
Insty just posted this gem: Max Baucus also had a speako
Admitting subsidies State only? - Sen. Max Baucus admits the ACA conditions tax credits on state compliance:
Jamelle Bouie ignores that Max Baucus(D-MT) who authored Obamacare admits he didn't read it
US Ambassador to China, Max Baucus, met 6 Chinese who were granted student visas this morning in Shanghai.
.Max Baucus played a role in drafting the bill, no?
If Max Baucus had run for re-elect, John Walsh would be an unknown lieutenant governor in Montana.
Well Montana, It's time to get the WALSH done. Too much dirty laundry... Wow, you guys are in trouble... Max Baucus is an M-T Suit..nice
Reid's hand-picked replacement for Sen Max Baucus (D-MT) first nailed on Ethics violation and now busted for plagiarism- a LOT of plagiarism
Senator Max Baucus, Montana willing 2 sign over your 2nd amendment rights to the United Nations. Needs to be arrested for TREASON!
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.~ Democratic Senator "Max Baucus" of is also part of that cabal ... Just ask the
Welp! There goes his chances at retaining Max Baucus's senate seat come this November!
Shirt suggestion: "I sent Max Baucus to China and all I got was this lousy story"
“Dems just lost Montana Senate seat Max Baucus held for many years:
Sino-U.S. relations and Max Baucus as envoy to China: via
So, do you bring Max Baucus back from China now, or...
Dems just lost the Montana Senate seat that Max Baucus held for many years:
Senate confirms Max Baucus to be ambassador to China on a 96-0 vote
I said that those who voted on it did not read it. You disagreed. Your wrong. Sen Finance chair max Baucus admits he didn't
Just finished speaking with US Ambassador to China Max Baucus about investment relations. Top US envoy urged more transparency
I think it was Democrat Max Baucus, who is the senior Senator from Montana.
Update: Max Baucus has specifically repudiated only piece of evidence
I'm not a journalist, so I don't get any chances to ask Max Baucus what he thinks. But many of you Tweeps can!
"Well I'm not really an expert on China!". -Max Baucus, ambassador to China
Thanks for the crappy complex insurance company giveaway law, Max Baucus and Evan Bayh!
was Max Baucus who told John Ensign during fin. commee that subsidies would not be available in federal exchanges
Working for Max Baucus this last decade is opposite of Integrity. He was America's Most Corrupt Senator.
By Glenn GreenwaldThe Guardian (U.K.), Dec. 5, 2012       When the legislation that became known as "Obamacare" was first drafted, the key legislator was the Democratic Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Max Baucus, whose committee took the lead in drafting the legislation. As Baucus himself…
Max Baucus and Ron Wyden in Untaxed U.S. corporate profits held overseas top $2.1 trillion: study
Max Baucus was later sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden on February 21, 2014[65] ; with his swearing ends the ambassadorship of Gary Locke
Rauner might be the leader of the Republican party in Illinois as Governor who will he be working for? "Rauner and his wife Diana have given to the Democratic National Committee, Sen. *** Durbin, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, U.S. Rep. Ed Markey, Sen. Max Baucus and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, campaign disclosure records show."
Daines is seeking the seat vacated by Max Baucus. Governor Steve Bullock recently appointed his LT. Governor John Walsh to fill the seat until the election.
Joe Biden will swear in Max Baucus as the new U.S. Ambassador to China at the State Department at 3:15pm.
American Crossroads, the conservative super PAC behemoth that slumbered through 2013, is awakening. In recent days, the group has spent more than $187,000 on negative advertisements targeting Democrats, according to a Center for Public Integrity review of filings with the Federal Election Commission. Of that sum, about $137,000 went toward television ads critical of John Walsh, the Montana Democrat who will be sworn into office Tuesday to replace Max Baucus. ~~ Huff Post Getting right in there with with 'swift-boating tactics".
How do the Obama supporters feel about this: Juliet Eilperin writes: A century-old debate over whether presidents should reward political donors and allies by making them ambassadors has flared again after a string of embarrassing gaffes by President Obama’s picks. … Even former Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.), the new U.S. ambassador in Beijing, managed to raise eyebrows during his confirmation hearing by acknowledging, “I’m no real expert on China”… The troubles began last month, when million-dollar bundler and Chartwell Hotels chief executive George Tsunis testified at his confirmation hearing to be ambassador to Norway. Tsunis admitted he had never been to the Scandinavian country and suggested, among other things, that the nation’s Progress Party was part of a discounted “fringe.” It is actually part of Norway’s center-right ruling coalition. Noah Bryson Mamet was asked during his confirmation hearing this month if he had ever been to Argentina, where he would be ambassador. “I hav ...
RE-ELECT (D) John Walsh as Senator! Was just appointed 2 seat as Max Baucus took another position
☛ Noah Mamet bundled at least $1 million in campaign donations to President Obama's two presidential election campaigns, and now he's in line to be the U.S. ambassador to Argentina ☛ When Sen. Marco Rubio asked him during his confirmation hearing if he had ever visited the South American country, he admitted that he hadn't ☛ Last month the Obama nominee for a similar post in Norway demonstrated a lack of knowledge about that nation's political structure and said he had never been there ☛ Newly minted ambassador Max Baucus, now headed to Beijing, freely admitted in his own hearing that he's ''no real expert on China'' ☛ The new ambassador to Hungary is a soap opera producer and prolific Democratic fundraiser who couldn't tell senators what America's strategic interests are in that country
Watch out for tax reform The last overhaul of the federal tax code was in 1986. Will we finally see major changes in the Internal Revenue Code in 2014? Probably not. Will we hear a lot of talk about tax reform? Yes. It is an election year and talk of taxes makes for good campaign ads. Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., and Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., are insistent that there will be some tax reform before they leave the chairmanships of, respectively, the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees. Both have led a cross-country tour to solicit public input on tax reform, as well as set up a website on the topic. Camp has focused on 11 specific tax reform working groups. Baucus also has coordinated tax reform option papers and recently released some of his ideas in discussion drafts.
In my e-mail from the Montana Republican Party ICYMI: Montana Newspapers Blast Bullock, Walsh for Putting Politics Ahead of Montanans This morning, two of Montana's largest newspapers published scathing editorials condemning Governor Steve Bullock's decision to appoint his "political buddy" John Walsh to be Montana's next U.S. Senator. Not the kind of headlines you want to see on the morning you're being sworn into office. Missoulian Editorial: No transparency in Walsh appointment “Gov. Steve Bullock should not have appointed his lieutenant governor, John Walsh, to the Senate seat vacated by Max Baucus last week. That he did so without even an attempt at transparency – without even the barest explanation of his reasoning to the people of Montana – is appalling … Bullock should have chosen someone who isn’t going to spend his short time in the Senate running for election. Someone who has at least a little legislative experience … what else can Montanans conclude but that he made a politically e ...
URGE SENATE TO PASS MILITARY JUSTICE IMPROVEMENT ACT Tell your representatives to support the Military Justice Improvement Act take action February 3, 2014 Please email and call your senators and urge them to support S. 1752 Senate Vote Soon - Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's (D-N.Y.) bill, the bipartisan Military Justice Improvement Act (S. 1752), that would establish an independent, objective and unbiased military justice process to better respond to the epidemic of sexual assault in the U.S. military will soon come to a floor vote in the Senate. TAKE ACTION: Urge the Senate to pass S. 1752. Your email message and your call - yes, please also call your senators - could make the critical difference. Seven more senators are needed to meet the 60 vote threshold to overcome a filibuster challenge. Here are the names of senators who should receive special attention; most have not yet announced their position on the Military Justice Improvement Act: Sens. Max Baucus (Mont.), Sheldon Whitehouse (R. I.), John Barrasso ...
Ron Johnson and Max Baucus in How not to pick an ambassador:
No chit!!! Jon's "good friend" the corrupt John Walsh was the ATTORNEY GENERAL! I bet that was a surprise to Bullock! This is an email I got from "fornicating *** Testor looking for money. (I never get an email or regular mail from him without his begging money for his out of state, and now in state liberal buddies!) Dear John, Montanans have two new reasons to be proud today. Just last week, my friend Senator Max Baucus was confirmed to become the next US Ambassador to China. I’m going to miss working with Max to bring some Montana know-how to Washington -- cutting wasteful spending and bringing some much-needed transparency to Washington. But Max is going to be a great advocate for the United States in his new role, and I wish him all the best in the next chapter of his career. Max is leaving some pretty big shoes to fill. But I think the guy coming to fill them will do a great job. Lt. Governor John Walsh has been named to replace Max in the Senate. John has spent his career serving this c ...
Why the real estate industry is cheering Obama's appointment of Max Baucus to serve as ambassador to China
MT Senator wins seat on committee after Max Baucus takes China post
Say what you want about the US Senate but for the first time in decades there is no Max Baucus and no Joe Lieberman.
Ed Markey wins seat on climate committee after Max Baucus takes China post.
John Walsh was officially sworn in as Montana's U.S. Senator replacing Max Baucus on Tuesday.
Sen. John Walsh was sworn into today in Washington D.C., officially replacing Max Baucus.
Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) is set to be confirmed as the nation's next ambassador to the People's Republic of China. "For more than two decades, Max Baucus has w...
Breaking news on Max Baucus nominated as US Ambassador to China via
VP Biden has administered the oath of office to new Senator John Walsh. Walsh succeeds Max Baucus, new US Amb to
John Walsh sworn in as new Montana senator to replace Baucus: Walsh replaces Max Baucus, the former Democratic...
John Walsh sworn in as Montana's junior senator: John Walsh was sworn in Tuesday to serve out the term of former Sen. Max Baucus.
Congrats to on his new position as U.S. Ambassador to How do you say “Cheers” in Mandarin?
John Walsh sworn in as Montana senator, replaces Max Baucus, reports
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Biden to preside over the Senate to swear-in Sen-designate John Walsh to succeed Sen Max Baucus, confirmed to be Amb to China.
In Montana, democrats scrambled to find a candidate to replace Senator Max Baucus. The people of Montana were...
VP Biden in Capitol to swear in Walsh as Max Baucus's replacement
Governor Bullock of MT abuses his executive power pushing Walsh in as replacement Senator for retiring Max Baucus. 17th Amendment of US Constitution states that replaces need to be voted on by public.What is up with this Progressive, in your face Governor.
Happening soon: Joe Biden to swear John Walsh in as the junior senator from Montana, replacing Max Baucus.
• Montana's U.S. Senator Max Baucus was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as U.S. ambassador to China on Thursday. The senator is the primary author of the Obamacare bill that is today's law. The reason he's being sent to China is because if he goes any farther, he starts coming back. - Argus Hamilton.
Sen. Max Baucus took 'vow' to help Libby residents harmed by from W.R.Grace mines:
Senate to swear-in Sen-desingiate John Walsh (D-MT) today to succeed Sen Max Baucus who the Senate confirmed as ambassador…
Senator voted to send Max Baucus to China as the new ambassador..96 - 0. He must not be that important to the Obama regime if they took him out of the Senate.
Senate confirms Sen. Max Baucus as U.S. envoy to China - Incoming US ambassador Max Baucus pledged Thursday to...
BBC News - Max Baucus approved as China ambassador by US Senate
Sen. Max Baucus won Senate approval to become ambassador to China, putting him at the center of Obama's efforts to strengthen ties in Asia.
The Senate easily confirmed longtime Sen. Max Baucus on Thursday to become ambassador to China, handing the job to a lawmaker well-versed in U.S. trade policy but with little expertise about military and other issues that have raised tensions with Beijing. Senators gave final approval to...
Rather than appointing a placeholder to serve the remainder of Sen. Max Baucus’ (D-MT) term, Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) made a move on Friday that Democrats hope will Lt. Gov. John Walsh (D-MT) an edge in November. Baucus had already
A photographic look at Sen. Max Baucus through the years.
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Do you care about having access to local and sustainably produced food or protecting your drinking water? Are you concerned about corporate influence distorting our elections?If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should be worried about legislation Senator Max Baucus and Rep. Dave Ca...
Another fine example to OBAMA DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING. He nominated Max Baucus as Ambassador to China .. but Baucus says he doesn't really KNOW anything about China. And then there is the Ambassador to Norway --- "Tsunis admitted he’d never been to Norway and yet was still the nominee to be the ambassador there." I wonder if these two DUFUSES could point out these countries on a map ! ?
News: A US business group has urged China to expedite recently announced economic reforms, saying it will smooth the way for an investment treaty being negotiated between the world's two largest economies. The US-China Business Council's president John Frisbie said that should be a top priority for Max Baucus, the veteran Democratic Senator confirmed last week as next US ambassador to China. Communist Party leaders pledged in November to open state-dominated industries wider to private competition and ease limits on foreign investment in what could be China's most significant economic overhaul in at least two decades. Mr Frisbie said that's promising, but there have been few specifics, adding that easing foreign ownership restrictions quickly would generate support in Washington for the investment treaty and smooth its passage through the Senate.
McLean named Montana lieutenant governor HELENA, Mont. (AP) - Gov. Steve Bullock has named Board of Regents chairwoman Angela McLean as lieutenant governor. McLean will replace John Walsh, whom the Democratic governor appointed last week as interim U.S. senator. Bullock's office announced McLean's appointment Monday. She is a native of Twin Bridges and a schoolteacher in Anaconda. Bullock says McLean will help ensure the state's schools and colleges are giving students the tools they need to build a bright future for the state. McLean was appointed to the Montana Board of Public Education in 2006 and to the Board of Regents in 2010. She has been chairwoman since 2012. Walsh is expected to be sworn in as Montana's senator Tuesday. He is replacing Max Baucus, who was confirmed last week as the next ambassador to China.
In the interest of my sanity, I go out of my way to avoid politics. I cannot help thinking about just how ridiculous it is that a scumbag as lacking in any redemptive qualities as Max Baucus gets appointed ambassador to anything. Reason 1,423 that I have lost any faith in Obama. Not that I'd ever vote for a Republican... Just that not voting doesn't bug my conscience one bit. Everyone have fun with it, I am out.
Remember back when Obama said that lobbyists "won't find a job in my White House"? Did you believe that lie as well? Are you aware that in 2008 Obama received more money than any other candidate ($1,172,964.00) from the Pharmaceutical lobby? Hillary Clinton was second at $588,860.00 and John McCain followed a distant third with “only” $530,813. During the 2012 Campaign $260.4 million went to federal candidates, including Obama. Sadly, the Drug lobbyists were unaware that the media was going to award the election to Obama and they paid out more to Republicans than they did Democrats. Lobbying in DC used to be the tobacco industry’s gig but of the $487 million spent in lobbying more than $235 million came from the Pharmaceutical Industry. Public servants like Max Baucus, the Democratic who is the longest serving Senator from Montana has pocketed $3.9 million from the Pharmaceutical and Insurance lobby (and that was just between 2003 and 2009) more than any other Senator. Lamar Alexander is also a big ...
IS RAUNER FOR TERM LIMITS? IS HE AN OUTSIDER ? IS HE REPUBLICAN? YOU DECIDE: 8 Democrats who Bruce Rauner Backed for Election Posted on September 4, 2013 by Administrator We decided to choose 8 of the Democrats who received Rauner campaign cash and support over the years. 8 in honor of the phony campaign Rauner is funding to limit all Illinois state politicians to 8 years in office. It is nothing more than a publicity stunt because the Democrat majority Supreme Court can invalidate any petition drive to limit terms, which they did back in 1994, the last time this issue came up. Here are 8 Rauner Democrats. Here they are in alpha order, with $ donated by Rauner in parenthesis: Max Baucus- Democrat Senator from Montana since 1978 ($1,000). Forrest Claypool- Democrat and Independent candidate for multiple offices. Founded Political Consulting firm with David Axelrod in 1984 that would later launch Barack Obama’s political career. Served as Chief of Staff to Mayor Richard M. Daley ($250,000). Richard M. D . ...
As U.S. Sen. Max Baucus departs Congress after 39 years, none would disagree that the senior senator from Montana has left an indelible mark on the state and the nation,
Liz, Alex and Ron, Did you know that Max Baucus attended Carlton College for a year? I was reading his bio in the Billings Gazette. He graduated from high school in 1959, and received his BA from Stanford in 1964 "after transferring from Carleton College on Minnesota, whee he attended for a year.
Good Bye Max Baucus and family, We will truly miss you in Montana. Good Luck in China. Maybe you can find a "House of Wong" there. Keep in touch with all of us. Thank you for all your work for Montana and the U . S.
The perks were taken out of the equation, along with campaign finance rules and no lifelong suck from the government once they are out. Also stop automatic pay raises they voted for them selves and that those in Congress have to live by the laws they create, no exemptions... Also having to recuse themselves from voting on legislation that they/their family may have had stocks/an interest in /or will benefit from ie. like those Congress persons in the House that own Farms and want to collect Farm subsidies? Dirty dealing from my view on both sides of the aisle look at both Roy Blunt and Max Baucus in regards to the like of Monsanto. Also the swinging door between Industry and being in Government needs to close. It is a dirty system that needs to change to include all in Government including the Supreme Court.
Democrat Senator Max Baucus, Montana, was just confirmed as US ambassador to China by a 96-0 vote in the Senate. THE most corrupt member of the Senate, known as the "connoisseur of revolving door corruption" should be in jail, or at least expelled from the Senate, but instead is rewarded with a post that is full of perks, and the most likely one to net him lots of gifts and money, which is standard practice in China. The fact that the very liberal Bill Moyers gave him this moniker is indicative, because normally Moyers never allows a negative word concerning democrats to part his lips. Max Baucus is one of the authors of Obamacare, and as such is responsible for millions losing their health care, and millions more losing their jobs. He has set some kind of record for the number of staff members and aides that are now lobbyists in Congress. More than likely whether you know it or not, the Senator has touched your life in some way with his corrupt practices.
Incoming US ambassador Max Baucus pledged Thursday to build trust with China as fellow senators confirmed him to the post at a time of high tensions in Asia. The Senate approved Baucus in a rare unanimous show of support for one of President Barack Obama’s high-profile nominees, although four...
HELENA — For residents of Libby ravaged by asbestos-related diseases, U.S. Sen. Max Baucus has delivered on health care — including special government coverage like nowhere else in America.
This group was formed to promote the idea of getting Max Baucus out of the senate. I wanted to expose his role as puppet master of the "health care" "reform" debate that most people are just starting to realize was actually a bailout for the bankster-dominated insurance industry. Now that Max has faithfully performed his services to the corporatocracy, he is being rewarded with the ambassadorship to China. Fellow anti-reform tool Senator Ron Wyden is set to take his place. Wyden opposed the Public Option early on and stood with five of the most corrupt Republicans in an attempt to block it. I am sure that Montanans will pick wisely from the corporate tools they are given to choose from, so I leave this group to those interested in using it any way they want.
Yay Jon Tester-- folks Mr Tester is one of our single most significant supporters. He and his staff have met with locals throughout the state of Montana on several occasions to hear our voice and positions, and has toured the P&DC in Billings. He and Max Baucus have worked to support rural delivery and singlehandedly stopped closure of small post offices. YO!
Just moments after being confirmed on Thursday to be the United States’ top envoy to China, Max Baucus said he was considering running the Beijing marathon in October.
I just saw Senator Max Baucus on the causeway or maybe former Senator Max Baucus. Not sure but I am sure it was him.
Montana lieutenant governor to replace Max Baucus
Montana Lt. Gov. John Walsh (D) was appointed by his state's governor to fill out the rest of former Sen. Max Baucus's (D-MT) Senate term.
Montana Lt. Gov. John Walsh was appointed to fill the Senate seat being vacated by Max Baucus.
Montana Governor names Lt. Gov. John Walsh to succeed Max Baucus in the Senate
What are UM alumni up to? Savanna Cochran ’13, Glenwood Springs, Colo., received a Peace Corps assignment to Nicaragua last year. She also served as an intern for Sen. Max Baucus on the Senate Finance Committee, and received a scholarship for the Presidential Inauguration Seminar.
Lt. Gov. John Walsh chosen to serve out the term of Max Baucus as Senator from Montana. Seems like a good choice and it will give him a leg up in the next election.
Can someone tell me why Max Baucus ought to be ambassador to China? Does he speak Chinese or has studied it? Did he major in Chinese history and culture in college? Has he lived and traveled in China a lot? Is he related by marriage to the Chinese? Did his ancestors employ Chinese coolies on their Montana ranch? Did he play Chinese checkers as a kid? What I know of Baucus is that he studied economics and law, served on the Senate Finance Committee, and opposed a single payer health care plan. Or just tell me the truth I'd rather not hear: Ambassadorships are political pay-offs that do nothing to improve international relations and peace on earth, good will toward all men.
Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., was confirmed Thursday as U.S. Ambassador to China, which could prolong an investigation of the Internal Revenue Service’s handling of tax-exempt applications, along with tax reform efforts.
What does this means for Steve Daines? "US Senate unanimously confirms Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., as next ambassador to China"
Not only has Obama's pick for Ambassador to Norway, George Tsunis, NEVER BEEN TO NORWAY, he also thinks that Norway has a President, which it does not (FTR It has a Prime Minister). He also said- in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee- that the Norwegian Progress Party was a "fringe element" which "spews hatred" and has been "denounced by the government." Except, get this, the Progress Party is part of Norway's coalition government. Not surprisingly, Norway has criticized the selection. Oh, and Obama's nominee for Ambassador to China, Max Baucus, told the same committee that he is "not an expert on China." *** Really, President Obama, what qualifications exactly do these men have?? In the case of the former, apparently that he donated nearly a million dollars to Obama's reelection campaign. I guess $850,000 qualifies you to be Ambassador to a country you haven't even been to and can't tell apart from our own. But rest assured, confronted with these doubts the President we are told, still has . ...
China Daily USA Baucus says he'll guide China ties Max Baucus, who has been nominated by President Barack Obama as US ambassador to China, vowed to strengthen bilateral ties during his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday.
tajarz Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote on Sen. Max Baucus' nomination to be... tajarz
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Check out the hearing for Sen. Max Baucus
Business Times of Singapore PUBLISHED JANUARY 22, 2014 Democrats steal oomph from Obama Opposition to his trade agenda comes from progressive Democrats fighting against trade liberalisation policies BYLEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT Trade off: Congressional approval of a new TPA does not guarantee that the Obama administration would succeed in pushing forward two historic FTAs but unless the White House is granted a TPA, America's trade partners would be disinclined to reach deals with Washington. - PHOTO: AFP IN a rare instance of what amounts to political bipartisanship in Washington these days, Democratic and Republican lawmakers came together early this month in support for advancing the US global trade liberalisation agenda. The leaders of two key Congressional committees that deal with trade policy - House Ways and Means Committee chairman Dave Camp of Michigan (a conservative Republican) and Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus (a centrist Democrat from Montana) - joined together early ...
Check out the article here:  Senate Finance Committee met yesterday, and it was interesting! Here's my account of yesterday: There were about 2 dozen of us waiting in the hall (the meeting was open to the public) and we filed in with signage and sat quietly. Less than 10 senators were in the room, lots of press, and a few international business people.  Before the gavel was banged, the activist ladies in the room stood up with our banner and several fluorescent yellow signs. We stood while many photos were taken until Max Baucus asked us to lower our signs. He had to ask us twice, telling us the police would escort us out if we did not comply. There were 4 panelists: David Cote - CEO of Honeywell (Forbes higest paid in USA with ~$20mil/year salary), Jim Allen (representing the apple industry -- may I remind you American apples contain more pesticides than any other fruit or veg, always buy organic!), Elena Stegemann (representing international business, wants low wages and low prices), and Larry Cohen ( ...
Trans-Pacific Partnership (giving Corporations over governments and a brutal assault on the environment) Fast Track sleezy maneuver is on- Senate Finance chair Max Baucus, (heavy hitters) along with ranking member Orrin Hatch, have introduced the "fast track authority" bill in the Senate. Over in the House, the same basic bill has been introduced by Rep. Dave Camp. What fast track authority means is that Congress is saying, "that's okay, you guys in the administration can handle that. We need to let them know that this cannot happen. Call the White House. Call your representatives.
'Outgoing US ambassador to China Gary Locke has advised his successor Max Baucus to pay visits to the Chinese countryside while on his final trip to Chengdu as ambassador on January 15.'
TWENTY Democratic SenatorS ARE RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION THIS YEAR. PLEASE CONTACT FRIENDS AND RELATIVES IN STATES WHERE THESE SENATORS ARE FROM AND ASK THEM TO CONTACT THEIR IN STATE FRIENDS AND RELATIVES AND ALL VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE.PLEASE. Every two years approximately one-third of all US Senators are up for re-election. These 20 Democratic US Senators face re-election in 2014. 1. Max Baucus (Montana) Baucus is the longest-serving US Senator in the history of Montana, having first won election in 1978. He has voted to allow concealed carry and was a major player in the passage of the Affordable Care Act. 2. Mark Begich (Alaska) Begich is the former mayor of Anchorage and defeated Ted Stevens in 2008, the longest-serving Republican US Senator in history. In his term in the Senate, he has supported the Affordable Care Act, but representing Republican and independent-rich Alaska, Begich has advocated ANWR drilling and gun rights. 3. Chris *** (Delaware) *** won election in 2010 to claim the seat vaca ...
Although there is a strong appetite for comprehensive tax reform among leaders of the tax-writing committees, [Dave Camp (R-Michigan), Max Baucus (D-Montana)] it appears that the bulk of the tax reform debate will not occur until the second session of this Congress in 2014. Recent developments regar...
From North American Wind Power. Wind Tax Incentives Congress recently provided the wind industry fodder for speculation regarding the future of renewable energy tax incentives. The following is a discussion of the modified accelerated cost recovery system (MACRS) depreciation news and the possibility of extending master limited partnership (MLP) status to renewable energy projects. First, Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., who chairs the Finance Committee, released his outline of corporate tax reform. His proposal is intended to achieve a lower corporate tax rate (the exact rate remains to be specified) but sacrifice MACRS. Under the proposal, a wind farm would be depreciated 5% a year using a declining balance calculation, meaning 5% in the first year, 4.75% (i.e., 5% of 95%) in the second and so on. This is drastically less accelerated than the current depreciation over five years, using a 200% declining balance. Further, as compared to the 50% “bonus” depreciation that is available for projects in service b ...
On December 18 Bruce Alpert reported in Times-Picayune that our senior Senator Mary Landrieu would be in line to chair the Senate Energy and Environment Committee, if and when when Sen. Max Baucus becomes the next ambassador to China during 2014.
WASHINGTON -- Word that President Barack Obama is ready to appoint Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., as his new ambassador to China could have big implications for Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La.Nothing is definite, but the appointment, assuming Baucus wins Senate confirmation,...
Sen. Max Baucus, Chair of the tax-writing Finance Committee, has proposed a dramatic overhaul of clean energy tax incentives. His proposal would cut a number of clean energy incentives in order to lower the corporate tax rate and provide benefits to low-carbon energy sources including nuclear energy and natural gas. What do you think of the plan?
I'll add this blurb by Paul Craig Roberts on Baucus: Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont), a recipient of millions in contributions over his career from the insurance industry, proposes to impose up to a $3,800 fine on Americans who fail to purchase health insurance. The determination of "our" elected representatives to serve the insurance industry is so compelling that Congress is incapable of recognizing the absurdity of these proposals.
Very interesting! Looks like Max Baucus is following a Montana tradition of serving as Ambassador to China after a distinguished Senate career like Mike Mansfield. Just what is the Montana-China connection?
DEAR PRESIDENT BUSH,. ER, OBAMA...Max Baucus our ambassador to China? Did you forget, Barry, that--although a Democrat--he was the main mouthpiece for the barons of the insurance industry which led to many of the problems with the Affordable Care Act? Does Baucus have pictures? What in the *** were you thinking, Mr. President. More proof dirty and stupid are not the province of one particular party.
Max Baucus tipped to replace Gary Locke as US ambassador to China
Baucus Tax Reform Cuts $46 Billion in Oil Breaks By Dan Weiss and Miranda Peterson On November 21, Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), chair of the Senate Finance Committee, unveiled a discussion draft of tax reform legislation that focuses on cost recovery and accounting rules as part of a comprehensive overhaul of the U.S. tax code. The discussion draft proposes to eliminate as much as an estimated $46 billion in unnecessary tax breaks for hugely profitable Big Oil companies over the next decade.
Wyden Statement on Senator Baucus’ Nomination to be Ambassador to China Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) issued the following statement regarding Senator Baucus’ nomination to be Ambassador to China: “I want to congratulate my friend and colleague Max Baucus on the next step in his career in public service. Like his personal mentor Mike Mansfield, he has served Montana and the nation with great distinction for decades and has left his mark on the Senate and the Finance Committee. Our diplomatic relationships in East Asia are some of the most important of the 21st century. He will be an excellent representative of America’s interests. The Senate Finance Committee has many important responsibilities which include promoting job creation, ensuring competitiveness and stabilizing the nation’s fiscal health. I also look forward to continuing my work on preserving the Medicare guarantee and protecting retirement security, updating the nation’s tax system with a focus on growth, fa ...
Obama to pick Max Baucus as ambassador to China, officials say - Baucus, 72, would succeed Gary Locke, a...
Senators Jon Tester and Max Baucus recently secured new high-speed internet access for 4,500 new businesses and homes in Ravalli County.
Influential U.S. Senator Max Baucus is reported to have been chosen as Washington's next ambassador to China, filling one of America's [more]
Baucus, Conflicted Architect of Health Overhaul, Is Obama’s Pick for China: Senator Max Baucus of Montana is so...
"The president’s decision to nominate Baucus signals his interest in focusing on economic ties with China."
Max Baucus, Obama appointee for China Ambassador, HUGE bid coal apologist. Let White House know you oppose this!.
Obama to pick Sen. Max Baucus as cyberambassador to China, cyberofficials say
Max Baucus (said to be new China ambassador) led successful U.S. effort to admit China into WTO in 2001
Senator Max Baucus to be named US ambassador to China Max Baucus, who helped devise Presid
"U.S. to nominate Sen. Max Baucus of Montana as ambassador to China. heard about this.
I'm confused as to why anything other than "public flogging" is happening to Max Baucus.
WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic officials: Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., expected to be named ambassador to China. Read more on
BREAKING! W.H. to nominate Sen. Max Baucus as next ambassador to China! Democrat Governor Bullock will appoint successor. Eventually likely GOP pickup
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Thank you John Tester and Max Baucus for agreeing to lower retired military benefits, I hope like *** you don't get reelected, screw you both.
Senator Max Baucus, a Democrat from Montana, has ticked off many members of his party during his 35 years in office. Baucus co-wrote the Bush tax cuts in 2001, is an advocate for tax reform, and warned months ago that the Affordable Care Act, which he shepherded through the Senate, ... More »
President Obama is expected to appoint Max Baucus an ambassador, throwing new heat onto the U.S. Senate race.  Brian Schweitzer appeared tonight in one of the most influential presidential stumping states.  And an e. coli warning is forcing some East Missoula residents to boil their water tonight.
Montana Senator Max Baucus will be the first non-Chinese speaker in the position in 13 years
Max Baucus has been named the new ambassador to China. Ugh. Wonder how much money he threw around to make that one happen. Good news is that means for the first time in 36 years someone else will be in his seat.
Baucus departure throws new wrinkle into Montana U.S. Senate race: HELENA — The news that Sen. Max Baucus may ...
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