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Maury Povich

Maurice Richard Maury Povich (January 17, 1939) is an American TV talk show host who currently hosts his self-titled talk show Maury.

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The new "Win Place Show" premieres 12N ET this Tuesday. Hope peeps aren't too worn out from watching Price Is Right & Maury Povich
Tell her to get herself on the Maury Povich Show
Sometimes the world is like the Maury Povich Show, you never know what the eff is going to happen.👺
A Star Wars light saber battle but the light saber sounds are replaced by Maury Povich saying "You are not the father"
This was the child on Maury Povich's show throwing tantrums in Ebonics. "Cash me outside" etc. She's a r…
I just got the scoop..Maury Povich crazy 😂😂😂
I like the way Zack's anger towards Louis is playing out; he's like Maury Povich: You are *not* the father 😂
Order the Maury Povich and see how it goes.
I hope you fair better than my boy if you score an Old Course tee time. FYI request the caddy who is boys with Maury Povich
This sort of "I watch wrestling for promos, story" narrative, yesshhh WWE stories are like Maury Povich but worse even
You could end up on Maury Povich, lol.
Who do you think you are, Maury Povich?
Dr. Phil. Your show is no better than Maury Povich. A show based on the drama of everyday people. It's a shame.
Do everyone's grandparents worship Maury povich or is it just mine
If these are actually Maury Povich's golf clubs, they're amazing
Maury Povich has You Are Not The Father engraved on his clubs. Incredible. featured in NBC s Science of Love
In 1990, Donald Trump made an appearance on Maury Povich's show. He made a donation to a little girl with bone disease.…
Maury Povich graduated from Landon in Bethesda. His wife, broadcast journalist Connie Chung, graduated from Blair in Silve…
. You're administration is like watching the Jenny Jones Jerry Springer and Maury Povich Shows all over again.
Annual reunion on the Maury Povich Show
I though I was watching Monday night Raw not Maury Povich?
superfetation has been on Maury Povich a woman had twins by 2 different men. It's only happened 10 times in history.
You remind me of one of those guys that goes on Maury Povich for a DNA test and brea…
I really hope Maury Povich is doing the lie detectors for 😂😂He's the best deliverer of bad news 😭
People will never stop saying like Maury povich to me 😩😩
And I suppose Reebok will now sponsor The Maury Povich Show, now?!
They should bring Maury Povich on for a DNA results special in a couple of weeks 😂
I would give an embarrassing amount of money to be in the audience on the Maury Povich Show
This guy doesn't need to be on the Dr. Phil Show.He needs to be on the Maury Povich Show doing a damned DNA…
"what's your name?". "Mauri". "Oh like Maury Povich?". "i mean, i guess". "looks like you're not the father ha ha". "i m…
M In A Maury Povich proved made in America doesn't know who Daddy's are 13 test and still don't know who the daddy from DNA.
Maury Povich: You are...not the father!
Even Maury Povich is out here shooting his shot
My son Maury Povich really been gettin to that bag w the same hustle for like 20 years now
"Wow, this Maury Povich level drama is nuts.". Universe turns it up to 11. "Well *** "
It was like watching reruns of Maury Povich. I'd rather watch paint dry. The person that hired you is h…
What's Maury Povich going to do for work now?
Jorge's Sister: So, how are you guys doing?. Jorge: Pretty Good. Maury Povich: The Lie detector determined that was a lie.
Maybe I should change the name of my show to the Maury Wildn Povich Show
How does Connie Chung and her family respect Maury Povich's career trajectory?
Maury povich is biased against Men he just likes to make all men look Bad and also lie detector tests are never accurate
He presented you with a boxed set of Maury Povich DVDS?
Is it strange at all to you that Maury Povich has the witnesses he calls take a polygraph but our Congress doesn't?
You eat at the Misty Pile Of Dog Poo with Maury Povich. You order Yorkshire fart with amaranth.
I heard the audio and as Maury Povich would say, the tape determined that what Gianforte said is a lie!!!
This suspense is like a Maury Povich kind of suspense!!! I can't yall - omg!
Judge Milian- A real judge, wasn't about to let the ABCD lady's cousin turn into the Jerry Springer/Maury Povich Shows.
But no Reveal is complete without Maury Povich speaking truth t…
God you guys are lame. Entertaining though. Kind of like the Maury povich of social media
Maury Povich has 2 wedges in his golf bag that are stamped, one with "you are the father", the other you can figure out. 😂😂 gotta love it
"Be gone witch!". "My spreadsheet won't do that thingie! Help me! What are you doing anyway?". "Adding Maury Povich on Snapchat"
*** belong on Jerry Springer Maury povich and Steve wilkos lmaooo
“If you’re trying to stop Darth Vader then don’t even bother / Unless you’re Maury Povich saying, “You are NOT the father”…
Wat. He has about as much journalistic experience and integrity as Maury Povich. FOH
Watching CNN is like watch a Maury Povich Show! 🙄
Good! These news outlets are like watching a Maury Povich Show!
Watching Maury povich in a hotel room
I think CNN has their Maury Povich audience and are just gonna stick with them fo…
I have to make sure that my jokes aren't related in any way with one another because I can't afford another trip to the Maury Povich Show.
Channeling dad vibes. Nobody has asked me to go on maury povich yet
Where's Maury Povich with the lie detector test results?
Maury povich needs to read those results
Fox and Banks in the rubber match, Maury Povich Show in 9 months
She was murdered after appearing on Maury Povich Show
WHAT? Why? I thought the Maury Povich Show was the sequel?
JUDY Johnson never got to see her appearance on the Maury Povich Show
I can see Maury Povich inviting this woman on his show...if Springer were on he'd reenact the brawl.
"And YOU...are not the author!" - Maury Povich doing a show on mystery manuscripts.
Who do you think would win in a gift fight: Maurice Sendak or Maury Povich?
People like the death penalty 4 same reason as shows like Maury Povich. 2 have someone 2 look down on & co…
Ever feel like you're living in a Jerry Springer episode...? At least it's not Maury Povich I guess!
I just watched the best YouTube video of Maury Povich putting a girl in her place "The people in the crowd didn't repeat 7th grade 3 times".
Who cares what this guy thinks, is fox going for the Maury povich crowd?
Oh snap. Maury Povich has to be on standby
Kirk & Rasheeda need to be on. Iyanla FixMyLife -both need to go. Maury Povich -baby. Jerry Springer -cheating . Judge Hatchett -divorce
this season must be sponsored by plain B, vagisil and Maury povich.
Don't thank me. Thank the great Maury Povich
Billy: "What is this? Some Who's the Daddy Talk Show?". Maury Povich immediately popped into my head. It had its entertaining moments.
Billy, on the WTD story: "So, for all we know, there's a third guy out there getting a letter just like we did?" Paging Maury Povich!
At first glance I thought you had talked to Maury Povich and was very confused.
Matt has more kids than the green room of the Maury Povich Show 😂🙌
I never understood how that Maury Povich anime got greenlit in the first place.
We want Bristol Palin on the Maury Povich Show!
can we Maury Povich on to determine who Bella's real father us?
For example, college coaches saying WA doesn’t do enough football stuff to get an assessment of skil…
I suddenly got the urge to watch some Maury Povich.
Kornheiser, Gary Williams, Maury Povich et al rename their Friendship Heights bar after what they'll do there: Talk.
I think I saw Dr. Jeff on Are You the Father bka The Maury Povich Show.
Nothing says woke like the Maury Povich Show
your just going for shock value.Try harder and actually write a good story. This isn't the Maury Povich Show.
Family Feud would have been a much better name for The Maury Povich Show
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This is exactly why CNN is a joke. It's the "news" equivalent of trashy daytime talkshows like Maury Povich
We have too many in the church today playing Maury Povich..."And the legalism test, says God is not your Father!"...
If I was Forrest, I would have taken Jenny to the Maury Povich Show ... show me the DNA ***
Geronimo, flirting: I want to tell you a secret. The Earth is pregnant. Maury Povich slides in: You're NOT the father!. Earth: Whew!
It's kinda amazing that Oedipus Rex, regarded as one of the greatest tragedies written, could've been solved in ten minutes by Maury Povich.
Is really the biological father of ?guess we'll find necks week on Maury Povich
having Maury Povich tell me I'm really Serena Williams baby daddy! 💰💃
She might be knocked up, and i will take her on Maury Povich Show, to get the answer!! You are _ the father
Is Maury Povich still married to the Chinawoman who Dan Rather hated?
Shawn Bacca-I built a 3000hp truck. . Maury Povich-Sorry Shawn but the dyno determind that was a lie.
Over here, the Maury Povich Show provides this service, with fights and cursingthrown in free of charge.
I like Tuck but his show is a little like Maury Povich garbage at times . He interviews to many frea…
I don't know why you posted this GIF. Maury Povich's is a terrible show.
Not exactly impressed with his first guest. Expected more from him than a rerun of the Maury Povich Show.
I went on the Maury Povich Show to find out who my father is but, instead I found out I have a black baby.
How do I stream the Maury Povich Show?
Do you think Maury Povich is ashamed of his show, proud of his show, or just too busy counting his money to care?
Probly just smoke a blunt and watch the Maury Povich Show .
I want that dude on the next Maury Povich Show.
Maybe we should get Maury Povich to do a DNA test on his show to resolve the whole "Who's really Spencer's Mom" thing.
invite to appear on Maury Povich's show
Looks like the Maury Povich Show. More likely to ge…
Who thought it was a good idea to give Robert Irvine a Maury Povich-type talk show?
Robert Irvine goes from Food Network "Resteraunt Impossible" to Maury Povich type trash talk show. He's become food scraps on a dirty plate.
Yes, although paternity hasn't been proven on the Maury Povich Show. So I'm skeptical at best.
I found a Roku channel that shows re runs of TV talk shows such as the Maury Povich Show. I've watched three...
It's like men saying, "I take CARE of my kids." on the Maury Povich Show. I'm sorry, do you want a prize?
I'm sure Maury Povich is a nice guy but, how does that show stay on the air and where do these people come from and why do I watch??
He is going the way of Phil Donahue and Maury Povich.
Socks always preferred the Jenny Jones show while Buddy had an affection for Maury Povich.…
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Cant wait for the Maury Povich episode with Ciara, Russell Wilson and Future
Jerry Springer,Maury Povich,Judge Mathis and Steve Wilkes wouldn't be on the air if not for their commercials.
*** even Maury Povich don't know who yo daddy is. USAvsRSA
"Fox New Channel is proud to announce the hiring of political analysts Sally Jessy Raphael and Maury Povich in advance of the DNC."
She's so terrible. Maury Povich was a better journalist.
Probably because Maury Povich paternity tests proved the black guy was the father.
True is Reddit the Maury Povich of social media???
lol Maury Povich is salivating at the thought
I already said they should do a Maury Povich/GH crossover episode
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should take a lie detector test so we can settle this Maury Povich-style
Maury Povich needs to go to Westeros to do some DNA tests!
Maury Povich should buy Wilt's headband for Connie Chung
"Anyway, lil' *** don't test the kid. Even Maury Povich couldn't test the kid. Even R. Kelly couldn't touch the kid"
Joe Girardi was on Maury Povich and he was the father of her 6 babies
New colloquialism: Well if that isn't the Bachelor viewer calling the Maury Povich viewer trashy.
They should go on Maury Povich Show and get a DNA test to find out who the real daddy is even though you could tell
It's been 24 hours since where are all the Nedd Stark on Maury Povich memes
Think someone could trick 'er? Tell 'er she's gonna do a CNN interview & instead take 'er to the Maury Povich Show?
Why do I feel like an episode of Maury Povich is around corner - who's your baby daddy? Kathryn - my god.
Waiting for Maury Povich to die so I can remember your name you're already half-way to being loved.
You're telling me not ONE dude has ever thought to wear a Darth Vader mask to his Maury Povich paternity test episode?
Hoping that Maury Povich hosts the reunion tonight.
American politics have now devolved into a Maury Povich episode.
Maury povich ruined those yogurts for me
who is Maury Povich that how common i am
The PM is hosting one of his Maury Povich-style "forums" this morning where he asks totally random people why he should be prime minister.
seriously how can I be in the audience of the Maury Povich Show
My sources have confirmed that Maury Povich will be a recurring cast member on Game of Thrones beginning next season.
Scott Brown is the Maury Povich of the 2016 GOP.
And the flashbacks are like a makeover episode of Maury Povich. So there's that.
WOW... in the words are Maury Povich: YOU ARE THE FATHER... (Apparently more than once...rofl) Poor guy... this...
don't try to understand! Are they planning to get Maury Povich to announce the results!? Shouldn't Brown be too busy for this?
campaign has devolved into an episode of the Maury Povich Show.
Tomorrow is the real Season Finale for Game of Thrones. The finale will be on tomorrow's Maury Povich Show. Look...
later in life it switched to odd future now it's Maury povich and coco Chanel
someone get maury povich on GoT pls
I've discovered something even more entertaining than Maury Povich: From the UK, The Jeremy Kyle Show!
Imagine Marie et Joseph au Maury Povich Show: - Joseph according to our DNA test, you are NOT the father of baby Jesus.
. Just waiting for Monday so I can watch the Maury Povich Show.
Girl, you look like you wanna be a guest on the Maury Povich Show
I'm picturing the Maury Povich Show with a crying Desert Cottontail and a defiant Coyote nervously awaiting the results of a DNA test.
im pretty sure half my coworkers have been on the Maury Povich Show
you gotta get on the Maury Povich Show. gotTA DO IT
Certain people review a show from the Maury Povich (B-'s be crazy) corner. I review from the Adult Table (he tried)
I think my real father is Ebenezer Scrooge... Maury Povich... Please help me out...
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Maury Povich is 77. His wife, Connie Chung is 69. They both look good still.
Libs point to not taking criticism. They all "forget" that made Connie Chung (Mrs. Maury Povich) disappear
he only dates Dana Barrett for like three months! Then he becomes the Maury Povich of the supernatural!
The legendary Maury Povich stopped by said it all to Howard Stern!
our guests this morning: Connie Chung, and Maury Povich
Connie Chung look who she is married to Maury Povich ...really! He is a real role model lol
Maury Povich says some campaign trail fights have reminded him of his daytime talk show "Maury"
24 hours til I had a fun "pre-interview" with Connie Chung & Maury Povich... I think you're going to love h…
Great show today w/Connie Chung and Maury Povich. Loved story of them yelling f/u debate q's at the TV!
Why a weekly tabloid owned by Maury Povich might have 'the best newsroom in Montana': Though Brock Osweiler di...
Maury Povich should host his show backstage, that way when he says, "You are NOT the father" the woman will run ou…
the dinosaurs baby and the Maury Povich Show
New dude from work used to intern at Maury Povich Show. I feel like we're going to get along.
Being invited to a Maury Povich Show taping.
What if God took a Paternity Test on the Maury Povich Show? [VIDEO]
No. Take child to Maury Povich or Jeremy Kyle show to find out who the Daddy or Mother is. . Simple. .
Megyn thanks for making America great again. trump see you on the Maury Povich Show.
You're like a Maury Povich Show. Good Lord, sis. Get a grip.
If the campaign season has been the Maury Povich Show, the will be its "You are NOT the candidate!" outrageous reveal.
Is it because he wants a Jerry Spinger/Maury Povich reality show with Carson in a supporting actor role?
rumor has it Jerry Springer and Maury Povich are suing Trump in a No Class Action for stealing their TV Audience Fight Show business models
The "Getting to know your Seeds" sounds like a gardening topic or a Maury Povich Show topic :)
Montel Williams was fine but needed more offensive Maury Povich "are you the baby daddy" segments to be talk show royalty.
maybe you and Katina can get married after all this. Then you can take your three ring circus to the Maury Povich Show.
I wonder if Maury Povich's father was happy he had him.
ALL WEEK: Elsa's House of Sleep TV Commercial "Two Locations" will air on. Judge Mathis at 12pm and Maury Povich...
Connie Chung & Maury Povich. The whole show was awesome, but Wacha eating the glasses = priceless.
Jason gets Maury Povich and Gilbert Gottfried mixed up 😂😂😂
.Details mag did a feature on this ages ago. Best was "We will cook cornmeal porridge" (Bob Marley) as "We will cook Maury Povich."
is of the daytime trash ilk: Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Ricki Lake. A like in more ways >1
why does CNN give Montel Jordan all this analyst time? What qualifies him to speak on these issues? Why not ask Maury Povich?
Lil B - Flexin Maury Povich is bout to slap
Video: Lil B - Flexin Maury Povich via worldstar he had on the Steve Austin shorts 😂 this video hard
Lil B just released 'Flexin Maury Povich' what a day
LIL B IS BACK! Flexxin Maury Povich has that classic Lil b sound! Like Wonton Soup or Suck my *** ***
Ay I'm so proud of this Flexin Maury Povich video thank you so much
Lil B - Maury Povich (Music Video): drops another video from his forthcoming mixtape Thugged Out…
Blessings for that Flexing Maury Povich streets needed that
what's good cuz said flexin like Maury Povich succ. Curse this fucc *** he disrespecting the BG
Flexin maury povich im dead for real, jody's next im sure he's gonna give me tears as always
Already listened to flexin Maury POVICH 8 times and its not even 8:30am
Extremely rare snapshots of legend and myth "Lil B" from new song Flexin Maury Povich
Maury Povich makes guest appearance. Turns out Darth is NOT the father. Old Ben Kenobi is the only hope.
I bet Connie Chung looks at Maury Povich the same way Nicki probably looks at Meek.
In advance of CNN's airing of the film 'Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie,' Don Lemon asks Maury Povich to share h…
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So was no one ever going to tell me that Connie Chung and Maury Povich have been married since 1984?
Maury Povich, Connie Chung join Keith Lockhart and the Pops via
I guess we might eventually see the pregnant girl & her roommates on Maury Povich's show. :)
An even better show would be Maury Povich running DNA tests on *** couples' adopted kids and announcing that nobody's the father
Ex-‘Bach’ star: Lots of sex on show | These *** s will show up on Maury Povich, It ain't my BABY
This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for fighting, and this is for getting on the Maury Povich Show
Hard Evidence sounds like a show Geraldo or Maury Povich would have hosted back in the ’90’s.
Debra always reads her speeches like a disgruntled father on the Maury Povich Show during the segment when they state their case.
Thought I stumbled into a Maury Povich Show here.
They said get a hobby so I'm on the Maury Povich Show demanding DNA on my kids.
+Just make sure you have clean sheets, and a standing slot on the Maury Povich Show to check paternity and we're all good. *I +
While we're in town for the Maury Povich Show, let's go ahead and tie the knot. BTW why are we going on Povich?
so what? What is preventing three people from getting married? When did this nation become the Jerry Springer/Maury Povich Show
If we went to the Maury Povich (spelling) show what do you think would be the results? or…
Is it true the next Palin reality show will team with Maury Povich to find the father?
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Maury Povich is 76 years old! Holy cow I never knew he was really old over the years of watching Maury show. He always looked at least 52-56
All the news concerning *** marriage and other nonsense has drove me to watch the Maury Povich Show paternity...
Living in heady times, my lunch place turned off Maury Povich Show and put on
So wrote this thing on Maury Povich and I'm dead of laughter.
iz she gonna be appearing on the Maury Povich Show 4 DNA results?
I keep waiting for that family to show up on Maury Povich and Jerry Springer.
I can only hope this means Bristol Palin will soon be appearing on the Maury Povich Show.
Any truth to the rumor that Bristol Palin will be appearing on the Maury Povich Show?
Maury Povich,Jerry Springer,Steve Wilkos,Montell Williams & Dr. Phil do not mix well with Father's Day.
Charles Gibson, Connie Chung, Maury Povich named as Pops by the Sea concert guest conductors
I heard Jerry Springer and Maury Povich will be campaigning for Presidency in 2016. Sweet...
Observation while working at my desk with The Golf Channel muted: At a glance, Hank Haney kinda looks like Maury Povich.
When you have tested 7 different men's DNA on the Maury Povich Show I think I would call it Game Over...
Omg... Jerry just walked up and shut this lady's bag that said "I am obsessed with Maury Povich"
Let's get on your show! He did Maury Povich and Good Day NY now its YOUR turn!
Dragged to a strange planet where an alien Maury Povich tells you, "You are the father!"
*** tried to tell me Murda Muzik wasn't a classic..and the test results say that was a lie..(Maury Povich)
Why does my FB feed read like an episode of Maury Povich? ...( Is Maury Povich still a thing?).
Sounds like a Maury Povich themee show
Watching Hannity right now and it's like watching Maury Povich. Sad to say it's always this way and that's too bad. Sad part is Hannitywrong
Can I come when Maury Povich tries to find out who the father is?
So, Brettanomyces trois is actually a Saccharomyces. Did they bring in Maury Povich to reveal the genetic results?
"Sorry, Joseph. Test results show you're NOT the father!". When Jesus, Mary, and Joseph go on Maury Povich.
At this age it's great to still remember those immortal words by Maury Povich "Jaime you are NOT the father of the baby" even on April Fools
Once a year Maury Povich calls Evander Holyfield and says he's not the father.
That's Maury Povich. That's more because he's with ol' Connie Chung lookin'
Had Maury Povich been in Star Wars, we would have known who the father was a lot sooner.
Ted Danson should play Maury Povich if they did a biopic him, titled "the results are in, and you are not the father"
Go all Maury Povich on Sunday and show the Hawks who their Daddy is.
When I need to feel better about myself I watch Maury Povich
"The Jeremy Kyle Show" is almost as terrible as Maury Povich, but not quite as terrible as "The Bill Cunningham Show."
"Clancy has been watching too much Maury Povich... .
Kahlil Gibran once wrote a poem saying your kids are not your own. Black men and Maury Povich been saying that for years.
: I don't know who the father is.I may have to recruit Maury Povich to help me.
I have to be up in 4 hours yet I'm still laying here watching Maury Povich "You are not the father!" Compilations on YouTube😩😴
I don't completely understand the Maury Povich Show, but I'm more than happy to watch it all night long
There's going to be a Maury Povich episode in a few months, eh?
Clancy has been watching too much Maury Povich... .
"If you like sex and violence and you watch Maury Povich then the Family Law Clinic is for you"
Have you ever just had one of those days where you ask yourself . Should I call Maury Povich now, or just wait...
probably the real baby daddy. Don't need Maury Povich for this one.
Woman looking at Led Zepplin Records today: "Ohhh my momma was wearin' this shirt when we was on the Maury Povich Show! Her favorite shirt."
Poor Maury Povich. People be on this show playing. Lol
Not on Chicago locals, just checked. *** Maury Povich & the baby daddy's got 2 hrs in afternoon, but no Cubs V. Sox game.😱
had to waste time watching Maury Povich
Whenever I'm down and I watch the Maury Povich Show it lifts me up. It makes me realize I'm not doing too bad after all. It's not my fault.
Maury Povich and Waka Flocka Flame for president and vice prez 2016
I bet after all those paternity tests, Maury Povich is a pro at opening his mail.
I have more wacky premise type stuff, but it's wacky. Won't land unless you're pretty high. Example: Tuesday's with Maury Povich
How many RT's to go see a Maury Povich Show?.
He said "The last time I've seen this many brothers together, Maury Povich about to open up a envelope." 😂😂
Where's Maury Povich when you need him?
Remember A Current Affair with Maury Povich? Kelly File is the same show.
It'll be more dramatic if you let Maury Povich tell him.
I'm not gonna lie, watching Maury Povich tell some guy he's not the father is one of the great joys in my life. It's exquisite.
I going crazy who's Paul daddy Maury Povich needs to come with white envelope you are or aren't the father.
AND the lie detector determine that was a LIE ~ Maury Povich
When I figured out I didn't need to call Maury Povich. Clearly he was the father.
Another glossy promise that turned out to be a complete lie. Maury Povich would have a heyday
Maury Povich called are NOT the father ! ! !
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did anyone watch Maury Povich today.
She "poked" me. I "poked her back. Now what do I get this invite to appear on the Maury Povich programme?
The Maury Povich Show is one of my sole sources of entertainment
the show is becoming a farce looks like Maury Povich leave and start your own show
Andre please go on Maury Povich to get a DNA test, she been whoring to much
Empire has done more to destroy the image of black fatherhood than 24yrs of Maury Povich, The Color Purple, & BET.
I was asked to be on the Maury Povich Show
I guess Maury Povich can start using that method rather than the lie detectors?
Just heard Maury Povich in my mom's room utter the word "Snapchat". I might need to go watch Maury rn.
I'm the last person to find out Connie Chung and Maury Povich are married. Glad my journalist queen & fave trashy talk show host are a thing
Maury Povich talking baseball with Brian Kenny and on
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