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Maury Povich

Maurice Richard Maury Povich (January 17, 1939) is an American TV talk show host who currently hosts his self-titled talk show Maury.

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Omg... Jerry just walked up and shut this lady's bag that said "I am obsessed with Maury Povich"
Let's get on your show! He did Maury Povich and Good Day NY now its YOUR turn!
Dragged to a strange planet where an alien Maury Povich tells you, "You are the father!"
*** tried to tell me Murda Muzik wasn't a classic..and the test results say that was a lie..(Maury Povich)
Why does my FB feed read like an episode of Maury Povich? ...( Is Maury Povich still a thing?).
Sounds like a Maury Povich themee show
Watching Hannity right now and it's like watching Maury Povich. Sad to say it's always this way and that's too bad. Sad part is Hannitywrong
Can I come when Maury Povich tries to find out who the father is?
So, Brettanomyces trois is actually a Saccharomyces. Did they bring in Maury Povich to reveal the genetic results?
"Sorry, Joseph. Test results show you're NOT the father!". When Jesus, Mary, and Joseph go on Maury Povich.
At this age it's great to still remember those immortal words by Maury Povich "Jaime you are NOT the father of the baby" even on April Fools
Once a year Maury Povich calls Evander Holyfield and says he's not the father.
That's Maury Povich. That's more because he's with ol' Connie Chung lookin'
Had Maury Povich been in Star Wars, we would have known who the father was a lot sooner.
Ted Danson should play Maury Povich if they did a biopic him, titled "the results are in, and you are not the father"
Go all Maury Povich on Sunday and show the Hawks who their Daddy is.
When I need to feel better about myself I watch Maury Povich
"The Jeremy Kyle Show" is almost as terrible as Maury Povich, but not quite as terrible as "The Bill Cunningham Show."
"Clancy has been watching too much Maury Povich... .
Kahlil Gibran once wrote a poem saying your kids are not your own. Black men and Maury Povich been saying that for years.
: I don't know who the father is.I may have to recruit Maury Povich to help me.
I have to be up in 4 hours yet I'm still laying here watching Maury Povich "You are not the father!" Compilations on YouTube😩😴
I don't completely understand the Maury Povich Show, but I'm more than happy to watch it all night long
There's going to be a Maury Povich episode in a few months, eh?
Clancy has been watching too much Maury Povich... .
"If you like sex and violence and you watch Maury Povich then the Family Law Clinic is for you"
Have you ever just had one of those days where you ask yourself . Should I call Maury Povich now, or just wait...
probably the real baby daddy. Don't need Maury Povich for this one.
Woman looking at Led Zepplin Records today: "Ohhh my momma was wearin' this shirt when we was on the Maury Povich Show! Her favorite shirt."
Poor Maury Povich. People be on this show playing. Lol
Not on Chicago locals, just checked. *** Maury Povich & the baby daddy's got 2 hrs in afternoon, but no Cubs V. Sox game.😱
had to waste time watching Maury Povich
Whenever I'm down and I watch the Maury Povich Show it lifts me up. It makes me realize I'm not doing too bad after all. It's not my fault.
Maury Povich and Waka Flocka Flame for president and vice prez 2016
I bet after all those paternity tests, Maury Povich is a pro at opening his mail.
I have more wacky premise type stuff, but it's wacky. Won't land unless you're pretty high. Example: Tuesday's with Maury Povich
How many RT's to go see a Maury Povich Show?.
He said "The last time I've seen this many brothers together, Maury Povich about to open up a envelope." 😂😂
Where's Maury Povich when you need him?
Remember A Current Affair with Maury Povich? Kelly File is the same show.
It'll be more dramatic if you let Maury Povich tell him.
I'm not gonna lie, watching Maury Povich tell some guy he's not the father is one of the great joys in my life. It's exquisite.
I going crazy who's Paul daddy Maury Povich needs to come with white envelope you are or aren't the father.
AND the lie detector determine that was a LIE ~ Maury Povich
When I figured out I didn't need to call Maury Povich. Clearly he was the father.
Another glossy promise that turned out to be a complete lie. Maury Povich would have a heyday
Maury Povich called are NOT the father ! ! !
did anyone watch Maury Povich today.
She "poked" me. I "poked her back. Now what do I get this invite to appear on the Maury Povich programme?
The Maury Povich Show is one of my sole sources of entertainment
the show is becoming a farce looks like Maury Povich leave and start your own show
Andre please go on Maury Povich to get a DNA test, she been whoring to much
Empire has done more to destroy the image of black fatherhood than 24yrs of Maury Povich, The Color Purple, & BET.
I was asked to be on the Maury Povich Show
I guess Maury Povich can start using that method rather than the lie detectors?
Just heard Maury Povich in my mom's room utter the word "Snapchat". I might need to go watch Maury rn.
I'm the last person to find out Connie Chung and Maury Povich are married. Glad my journalist queen & fave trashy talk show host are a thing
Maury Povich talking baseball with Brian Kenny and on
Maury Povich sits down w/ Brian Kenny to talk about his baseball past, his time as a bat boy & more on at 2pE http:…
Maury Povich needs to show up to tonight's NBA festivities & surprise the players with paternity test results.
Why all these *** run around screaming when told he isn't a father on Maury Povich Show? Biatch, you seriously didn't know it? Smh
Jim Ross just name dropped Maury Povich and Connie Chung after Luger said something weird
Hey everyone! I'm still hanging at Glenbrook Hospital, but slowly recovering. I still have some stomach flu symptoms but it unfortunately triggered the Crohn's. I'm on a low dose of steroid. Started on a soft diet today. I'm watching a lot of TV, reading and resting. Hoping to go home tomorrow. BTW, Maury Povich is actually a pretty funny show. I never watched it much before. I can't believe these people really exist on Earth!😜Happy Healthy New Year!
Skip Bayless is the Maury Povich of sports talk. Nobody takes him serious.
Why does Maury Povich still have a show?
Get on Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. And I don't mean the show.
** gazes over at you sitting next to me on Greyhound bus and asks you if you want to discover if "I'm the father" on Maury Povich Show
Talk show host Maury Povich pokes fun at his paternity test slogan with Christmas sweater
The mall tonight was a cross between the Zombie Apocalypse and the Maury Povich Show.
Maury Povich's 'Not the Father' Christmas Sweater Wins All the Awards: Maury Povich, best known for his show M...
Last night I woke myself up by unconsciously yelling at Maury Povich to pay me my money for being on his show..Dont worry. Im not the father
"I am too good looking to be that ugly baby's father" - chyron from the Maury Povich Show
send it to the Maury Povich Show for a lie detector test
Maury Povich has his own talk show and it's full of drama
sho_theaffair After an engaging start, this show became more pedantic & silly each week. It's Maury Povich pretending to be Phil Donahue.
[ The Interview: Maury Povich ]. Are you surprised you were never fingered for setting fire to the tour bus on Wang Chung's 1986 world tour?
Groupon sent an email for a discounted DNA test. Maybe for Maury Povich but not me
🎶 I'm a mom, I'm a mom, but my boy won't admit it 🎶. If Maury Povich had been in The Who.
In the meadow we can build a snowman, and pretend that it is Maury Povich. He'll say "you're the father," I'll say "no man."
Lyoto should get his wife on Maury Povich to talk about this kid on the left
Maury Povich could've gotten 400 t.v. episodes out of this guy
Local Guinea Pig on Maury Povich Show says: "They are NOT mine."
Some next *** almost slid in, but didn't fit in. Nah, I ain't Maury Povich but who the fck is you kidding?
All that's missing is Maury Povich telling Hadyn Fleury "you are NOT on the roster," followed by some dance music.
If DNA and Maury Povich were available in Bethlehem. . "Joseph you are NOT the father."
Somewhere there is a very sad CIA analyst scrapping "Project Baby Daddy" a plan to use talk show host Maury Povich as an assassin.
& that turns out to be a LIE. I feel like he's a contestant on the Maury Povich Show
I haven't heard this much talk about th Padres since watching the Maury Povich Show in Spanish.Usted es el Padre!.
Thanks to Maury Povich, every time a girl tries to show me pics of her kid I slap the phone out of her hand and scream "I AM NOT THE FATHER"
You herd Rafael Nadal. You chat online with potatoes. You stay at the Maury Povich Hotel. Good night.
On the next Maury Povich, the results are in.
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I miss those 90's mornings full of talk shows like Sally Jessy Raphael and Maury Povich and Ricki Lake.
Do I look familiar? I should because I've been on Maury Povich 6 times.
There is a sixth type of fear:. Maury Povich telling you that you are the father.
44-7 Oregon leads Arizona, wow is this the Maury Povich Show? The results are in.
What happened to that interview gal, Connie Chung? She married Maury Povich, interviewed that Condit creep right before 9/11, & disappeared.
Paternity test (...the same on featured on the Maury Povich Show).
Okay, so I think I got the hang of the plot, these people r supposed to find Maury Povich's missing Furniture?? Right?? Guys??
someone needs to Maury baby daddy... on those two kids. Entire family is fraud so is his presidency!
Wait, this isn't the line to get into the Maury Povich Show? We out.
Invite to Maury Povich who's the daddy episode
I've seen bits here and there of Maury Povich. I remember the one where the woman kept bringing in guys & no one was the Dad
When & how do we find out if McCall is staying? Perhaps a Maury Povich-style announcement? .
you make it sound like an episode of Maury Povich
My ex-girlfriend AND the Maury Povich called in the same day? Sweet!
I can't knock maury povich's hustle. There are too many messy people in this society
I’ve been contacted by the Maury Povich crew to tell my story about my bio-dad who I’ve never met. I love my dad still.
Pretty excited/terrified to perform this weird multimedia Maury Povich essay I've got in the works for Monday's Essay Fiesta.
Bastardovich ..a kid who has been officially proven fatherless on Maury Povich
Can anyone help me determine between Racists and Racially Tinged? Asking for a friend that has a Maury Povich joke.
Bump bump bump all out in the open don't make me go call Maury Povich! 🎤 best line has ever written in my opinion 😂😭😘😍
Sort of like Maury Povich without the audience.
Your click-bait article promised to list the best hiphop of 2014. Maury Povich determined that was a lie. http…
I'm watching Maury Povich. All I can say is that women need to choose better. You can't turn a piece of trash into a husband.
shows like Maury Povich, Bill Cunningham, and Steve Wilkos are honestly so good
Envisioned AP hearing about his appeal being denied in like a Maury Povich-style revelation. . Then the irony dawned on me.
Catch me floatin on a 4 leaf clover 🍀that's the pot of gold so we sonnin em like Maury Povich .👶👶👶
Your the Jerry Springer and Maury Povich of sports. It's amazing ESPN employs your sorry *** BTW,stop sitting on assplugs
Chinese restaurant that usually has Fox news on their TV's, had Maury Povich on last night blaring loud. Don't know which is worse.
Even the gray hairs are perfect.. who need Maury Povich eh?? lol
Anybody else ever notice how much Joe Namath and Maury Povich look alike?
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On the next Maury Povich: I'm drunk and it's my baby
You may not be the father, but you could be Maury Povich.
This is the public Christian example set by a choir member and dietary manager for Beloit Memorial. Ignorance is a disease, exploited by Maury Povich.
Yes. That's why you guys do it so much. That's why Jerry Springer and Maury Povich exist.
Noticed an error for correction in Hydra printing 2. Unless Maury Povich is a crewmember?
Your life is an episode of Jerry Springer and Maury Povich all rolled into one.
Coming up on the next Maury Povich Show Is the Biological Father of After DNA Test Results, "Georgia, U are Clemson's Daddy!"
id like to see it go the other way Maury Povich style where Makabe finds out he's not the father and does backflips
16th floor. Danielle Steel bops Maury Povich with a fart politician. Stan Lee weeds Captain Kangaroo all the while.
You think Maury Povich's wife answers the phone, "You've rung Connie Chung!" ??
Maury Povich obviously father, like punk.
Anyway, lil' *** don't test the kid. Even Maury Povich couldn't test the kid.🔥
// I'm convinced Maury Povich is a stockholder in the DNA Diagnostics Center.
Even in death, Maury Povich will still be dying his hair.
When god, Mary, and Joseph went in the Maury Povich Show.
Just got a letter from the Maury Povich Show. It's either a lie detector or paternity test. I can beat one of them...
It makes for one awkward trip to Maury Povich
6 Ft Under finale showed how they all die. Maury Povich does the same for real people.
My night: daydreaming about donut/ice cream dessert combinations and watching Maury Povich "you are NOT the father" comps on youtube.
in the hotel gym, tv stuck on 1 channel. Is the Maury Povich Show the end of the world? havent been this sad since the finale of 6 ft under
Maury Povich reruns are awesome. I love when these *** swear that one of these dudes are the baby daddy..17 guys later...NOPE. LMAO!
Maury Povich has lived one *** of a life when you actually take it in
Gonna hit a lick on Maury Povich to find my father.
Maury Povich deals with the most now
Why the *** does Maury Povich hold his arms out like he's Jesus on the cross, suffering for our sins?
Maury Povich is a sign that there is no hope left in humanity
Maury Povich has it made in the shade
Hey *** Non trad bringing up parental tests in intro to evolution, complete with his relationship status. Maury Povich Show live at Mtech!
Maury Povich is the king of lie detector tests. | Real Funny
On the next Maury Povich Show, a special edition of "Are You The Father."
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Can you ever really prepare to be on Maury Povich?
Then Hobbit-hood is a distinct possibility. I'd suggest you contact Maury Povich.
Awww the joys of taking the day off and catching up on Jerry Springer and Maury Povich..
Hacker News is turning into a crowd sourced Maury Povich.
you're the definition of a Maury Povich "look at them now" episode lol.
Why people come on Maury Povich they know they lie. Just tell the truth. Is that hard...
A panda was caught faking pregnancy for more bamboo and special attention. Man, Maury Povich is really running out of guests.
Hey Frankie, our great Donny is going to be on a soap opera. You'll be lucky if you get invited on Maury Povich.
I wonder how Luke would have felt finding out Vader was his father, but on Maury Povich.
Headline: Star panda off live broadcast after phantom pregnancy. Translation: Maury Povich to Animal Planet.
in America our show for that is Maury Povich. Lol.
After this week maybe USC should have hired Maury Povich as Head Coach.
The Maury Povich Show is the raddest show
I contacted the show several times... But it's like Maury Povich doesn't even care... Who the real father of my new born kitten is?
Hi, my name is Mike, and I'm addicted to Herbal Tea and Maury Povich paternity show re-runs...
They should title the DNA paternity test episodes of the Maury Povich Show: "Can I remember who was in my *** 9 months ago?"
Starting to look like the Maury Povich Show on racism..looking for cameras and 2 minutes if fame..(sigh)..go home
reminded me of jenny jones. Terrible talk show host. Female equivalent to Maury Povich
Just heard a woman say "we've met, but we never conversated." On the Maury Povich Show. Dumbing down America one show at a time.
unless if you're talking about America's most wanted, Steve Wilkos, Maury Povich, or Jerry Springer show, then i can agree w/ you
Maury Povich looks like he wants to leap off a bridge half the duration of the show. So would any other person though
looks like the Maury Povich Show is now on wheels, offering paternity tests...
Can we get Maury Povich on the show for the lie detector test? . I dont know who telling the truth between Stevie,Benzino and Joseline
Looks like this show is turning into a Jerry Springer, Maury Povich Show cuz that's what minorities watch. Hope I'm wrong
Maury Povich is the whitest guy ever, but yet he has the most ghetto show of all time.
imagine if were the topic for a salacious episode of the Maury Povich Show
a guy asked me if my dog was from Germany I said we are waiting DNA results from the Maury Povich Show should know who his real dad is too
LOL the Maury Povich Show is hilarious 😂😂😂
Maury Povich could have months and months of show ideas if he came to my neighborhood.
I'm watchin Maury Povich. Hes doing paternity tests. That's all he does anymore, It seems. I remember when this show MEANT something.
You are my father? That's not true. That's impossible! Im taking you onto Maury Povich for a DNA test - Luke Skywalker
I can't believe the Israelis have rejected all of John Kerry's ceasefire recommendations: -a hot stone couples massage -group aroma therapy -a Maury Povich DNA test episode to determine who the Hamas baby daddy really is
Cindy sallee working at team d san joaquin mental heaoth might not be jean yong kim but maury pivich and connie chu g's daughter sneaking in here doing interviews. Get 8ut of all our lo ives MAURY POVICH AND Connie Chung
Lovers squabble on Maury Povich. What a shocker!
It's not every day Maury Povich is in your office.
Bear Morning Country Club, John & Leah with Maury Povich! He'll be joining us for the morning show I the next...
Will you buy me a jealous butterfly? Will Maury Povich poo if you learn about him? Is Taylor Swift hushed?
If you ever get scared of getting old, just remember that Maury Povich is 75.
If you go to a "University" that advertises during the Maury Povich Show, don't be shocked if the degree is essentially worthless..
I feel sorry for all those Moms on Maury Povich that didn't find their baby's daddy. No where to send the card this Sunday.
Maury Povich episodes where the guy was bummed to have failed the paternity test.
I really want a quality sample of Maury Povich, saying: The lie detector test determined that was a lie.
Photoset: The Maury Povich of WWE. I used to be able to jump pretty high. Probably still...
All evidence leads to that conclusion. Put her on Maury Povich for a paternity test.
I need to find out if Maury Povich is my real daddy. Which show do I go on for THAT?
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Dr. Phil is the new Maury Povich. every day a new train wreck. Nothing helpful or positive.
Anyway, lil' *** don't touch the kid. Even Maury Povich couldn't touch the kid. Nicki Minaj
They must of just canceled Maury Povich today because everyone is playing this sad "I'm so game". Maybe you should call Everest instead.
So far my village is Me, Steve Harvey, Steve Wilkos, Maury Povich and Blade.
Con: being in the ER alone. Pro: My room has Maury Povich on the television. Con: There is no remote in my room. Pro: the hospital has AC.
Plot twist...Maury Povich is the father
I wonder who Maury Povich's father is.
They're making Cricket like those crazy woman on Maury Povich, who just found out that her man really is the baby's daddy
they gonna make us go and call Maury Povich
I actually paused Tuck Everlasting to watch Maury Povich. 😂
I'm playing Maury Povich in this presentation. I expect a 100. 98 at least.
Omg Maury Povich is like The Simming Community in a talk show.
I used to date "Maury Povich" type women. Slutty enough to require a lie detector, but responsible enough to humiliate me…
Three seconds into Men Tell All and I am trying to figure out why Chris is trying to be Maury Povich?
I was gonna get married,. But Maury Povich couldn't find my Baby Daddy.
Excuse you, Maury Povich. Obviousment you have a DUCK in your airplane. WEIRD, LEER? Step On your meadow. - Rick Dees
who runs this boot camp? Maury Povich or Sally Jesse Raphael?
Someone said that there has been 31 more school shootings in the States since Columbine. That's incredible and sad. For me it was too many when a co worker was describing one at a University or High School and it sounded like his details were wrong until I realized he was referring to one I hadn't heard about yet on the same day as the spree killing I had heard of. Literally too many shootings to keep up with is even past too many. And all the candlelight vigils with children's pictures, sad music playing and politicians talking about another tragedy our heart goes out to the victims and their families is so tiring. It's the same tune over and over. It's ruined the news, for me anyway something I used to watch and now skip over to anything else. A test pattern, a cooking show, even Maury Povich.
Next on Maury Povich: Is Dave Grohl the father of all these triplets? ["No One Knows" by Queens of the Stone Age plays in t…
The conversations around here are better than the Maury Povich Show... — at Santa Clara County Department of...
Amber Portwood opens up about life in prison on the Maury Povich Show! (via
Kathy Griffin talks about the time she snuck onto the set of the "Maury Povich" Show, and who she was mistaken for.
PHOTOS VIDEO Amber Portwood tells Maury Povich about prison life
The great Paul Faulhaber & Maury Povich. Played for the wrap party for Maury & his staff tonight.…
Maury Povich: Darth Vader, in question to Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa.You ARE the father!. Vader: NO!!!
This is an express bus to the Maury Povich Show.
sorry this show Andy Cohen is now no different than Maury Povich or Jerry Springer
You just know Maury Povich had a Google Alert set up for "Tila Tequila pregnant"
Maury Povich and Chuck Scarborough taking about former mayor Ed Koch. We're all behind the scenes and stuff.
Maury Povich is almost as amusing as Jerry Springer.
REVISED Dear African American people, let us no longer support TV shows like Bill Cunningham, Jerry Springer and Maury Povich, as i feel as a people we are more than just "cheaters" & "baby daddy". we will now support shows such as Mr. Tavis Smiley, Montell Williams, Steve Harvey, Arsenial Hall, Bryant Gumble and of course His good brother to satisfy your sports info. This text as you may see is from negative to positive.
will be on , if you can get passed this Maury Povich,Ricki Lake mess that's on now.
This reads like an episode of Maury Povich - is Michael Jackson really the father? Well find out when we return.
Everett Hall is one of America’s top designers and clothiers. He is a tremendous businessman as well as an award winning designer. Not only does he have his own store, but his designs are carried in Neiman Marcus and other top shelf men’s stores. He has built a multi-million dollar empire. Everett has dressed some of the most prestigious men in the world, including former South African President, Nelson Mandela, television and movie producer, Tyler Perry, actor Blair Underwood, boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard, CBS Sports anchor,, James Brown and TV host Maury Povich! Gentleman Quarterly (GQ) Magazine have named his clothing, “One of the most popular brands for celebrities.” Everett Hall is a graduate of Howard University and frequently shares his success secrets with students and young entrepreneurs. Here are tips from the interview: • Just as a designer designs clothing, with a picture in mind of what he wants to accomplish, we must also be designers of our lives with a picture in mind. • Work ...
I hate when: Some women and some men too: Being held financially hostage by government checks. I don’t knock public assistance because there are some us who need it when times get tough. What I have a problem with is complacency and entitlement. My pet peeve: Young women walking around talking about how grown and independent they are when they can’t do anything until the postman says so. The economy is tough, and this threatened “fiscal cliff” is no joke. But if you are healthy and able to work, there is no reason you should be spending your days watching Maury Povich while waiting on a check or waiting on income tax time like it’s the second coming of Christ. Real women work hard to maintain their lifestyles.
For black history month, I wanna give thanks to Alek Wek, Tomiko Fraser, Naomi Campbell & Kenya Moore for showing the world u don't have to be light to be beautiful. Beauty comes in many skin tones. I wanna thank Tatyana Ali, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Gabby Douglas & Dominique Dawes for achieving your goals & showing young girls you don't have to be a video vixen, a reality show hoodrat, twerking, or on Maury Povich to be famous & successful. Stay classy & make our forefathers proud !
Is it my failing memory or was Maury Povich an anchor on one of the DC news channels? Willard Scott did weather too, not?
The State of the Union should just be 90 minutes of Obama smoking cigarettes and showing the highlight reels from Maury Povich's "Out of Control Kids" episodes where the kids scream "Whateva, I do what I want!" and smack their moms. The Republican response should just be a 30 minute video montage of John Krasinski from "The Office" making the Jim Halpert face.
Today is an amazing day to celebrate your birthday! Look at all the celebrities also celebrating today, January 17th: * Betty White - turns 92 * Jim Carrey - turns 52 * Muhammad Ali - turns 72 * Michelle Obama - turns 50 * Benjamin Franklin - (1706-1790) * Zooey Deschanel - turns 34 * Andy Kaufman - (1949-1984) * Steve Harvey - turns 57 * Lil Jon - turns 43 * James Earl Jones - turns 83 * Kid Rock - turns 43 * Maury Povich - turns 75 * Vidal Sassoon - (1928-2012) Happy Birthday!!
Not gonna lie, when I was younger I had big crushes on Pony Boy from The Outsiders, John Ritter from Problem Child, and Maury Povich. God, what was I thinking? I had bad taste! Lol Although Maury Povich is hot for an old guy! Lol Don't judge me!
Ha, The "Hardcore Pawn" show from Detroit looks like the Maury Povich Show only more gangsta and ***
Bed time! Tomorrow morning is breakfast with my wife, ex-wife and sons from each. I wonder if Maury Povich, Geraldo Rivera or whomever is today's 90s equivalent will also be there.
Let's not forget all the ol' school cereal:Golden Grahams,Honey Smacks,Golden Crisp,Cheerios,Frosted Flakes (They're Great!) and ya boy Tony the Tiger. Can't forget about that Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Let's not forget the Honey Comb. Then you had all the ghetto versions of this. I remember King Vitamin. The cartoons was off the chain too. He-Man,GI Joe,Thundercats,Transformers (all my old school Brooklyn fam remembers when there was a gang called the Decepticons),Bionic Six. Mask and Go Bots too. Let's not forget the Centurions. I KNOW y'all remember the Cosby Show and Fraggle Rock. How bout the Muppet Babies ? Night Court was all right too. Let's not forget A Different World and Gimme A Break! Let's go back to when MTV and VH-1 showed VIDEOS. We also had Saved by the Bell and Family Matters. There was Fresh Prince,90210 and Melrose Place. And what about Donahue,Sally Jessy,Montel,Richard Bey,and Morton Downey,Jr. ? Maury Povich was doing A Current Affair and was becoming Connie Chung's baby daddy.
I have to say, columns by do fill a niche in my media's akin to FoxNews, Maury Povich, the Housewives...
White Supremacist Lynches Himself after Learning of His Black Ancestry. STAMFORD, Conn. – After white supremacist Craig Cobb learned that he was 14% black while in front of a live studio audience for the Trisha Goddard Show, he decided to “end the humiliation” by lynching himself, according to members in attendance. - “I didn’t expect that,” said audience member Jon Baker. “Being here I figured we’d be treated to some wacky, Maury Povich-type stuff. But a real-life, up-close hanging? That’s straight out of a Tarantino flick.” Cobb at first denied the DNA test results linking him to a Sub-Saharan ancestry, referring to the findings as statistical noise. “Wait a minute, wait a minute, hold on, just wait a minute,” said a frantic Cobb. “Do I look black to you?” But as host Trisha Goddard moved to fist-bump Cobb while exclaiming “Bro!” Cobb reportedly said that he “could feel the blackness suddenly and uncontrollably creeping up inside of [him],” precipitating a fist-bump r ...
Love is when I can’t pay attention in class because I’m too busy wri watching Jerry Springer and Maury Povich Show
Okay Natalia Soumis here are my 9 things some people don't know about me: 1. I am a big hot-head. Only the people closest to me see this. I am fortunate that those people still love me after my tantrums. I'm working on it, and one day when I grow up hopefully I won't be that way. 2. On my days off I watch Jerry Springer and Maury Povich to make me feel better about myself, and know I'm happy that I will know who the father of my children is. 3. I have lived in Michigan my entire life, I have yet to go to the upper peninsula. 4. The only thing that I ever pay full price for is groceries (sometimes). I shop the clearance racks and use a lot of coupons. 5. I have this phobia about things that are hot catching on fire. I even take pictures of these things (candles, heaters, curling irons, etc) so that if I worry I can look at the picture. 6. I was at one time mistakened for a boy. In my defense it was a old nun and she had thick glasses. 7. I would like to learn how to weld and do wood work. I like to be crea ...
Wow ... if you are a fan of baseball AND Jerry Springer or Maury Povich... look no further than the Detroit Tigers to take care of both of your guilty pleasures... RUMOR has it that Prince Fielder, going through a bad divorce and recently traded to Texas Rangers was being cheated on by his wife and she was doing it with Avisail Garcia, the young OF who was traded to the White Sox in the Iglesias deal, lucky for Dombrowski, Illitch and Co., the tawdry affair didn't derail the Tigers... too much anyway, and it paved the way for a new look, top notch middle IF next season.
Does anyone think that Maury Povich and Skip Bayless look alike? Since all watch is sports and white trash I see them a lot and i think I've got a real argument here.
this is a really good panel, with Scott van Pelt, Bonnie Bernstein, Maury Povich and more. impressive discussion of Terps to the B1G, Maury Povich is bad enough, but Bill Cunningham is so worse!
I swear I hate reality shows, and them Maury Povich, Bill Cunningham, Jerry talk shows. There is nothing entertaining about ppl who dont know who their child's father is, women fighting other women, ppl flaunting money they too dumb to invest and guys who think they are pimps. I got better things to do... Like watch Scandal. Lol!!!
Michael Jackson: The Footage You Were Never Meant To See In 2003, Michael Jackson trusted Martin Bashir to create a documentary to counter the tabloid gossip that was damaging his image in the public’s eye. Medialoid’s slander threatened to destroy him and undermine all he had accomplished, including his humanitarian efforts and his dedication to the suffering, disadvantaged children and their families around the world. Michael was appalled by the way Bashir twisted his words. Bashir inserted his own opinions; opinions that were in many cases the exact opposite of what Michael said during the interview. However, Michael’s own cameraman also videotaped the interviews that took place at Neverland Ranch and other locations during the time Bashir spent with Michael. Michael presented a copy of the unedited interview to Maury Povich and asked him to view it for himself, without any input from Michael or his staff. Povich agreed to make a rebuttal film so people could see what was said and draw their ...
They're setting us up for when they can Jeff Probst and put in Maury Povich.
Are the guests on the Bill Cunningham show so low rent that they were rejected by Maury Povich?
Oh no Mia Farrow needs Maury Povich help!! Well well well who's that babies daddy !!
Carl Sagan Postulated alien species might try to contact us when our television signals start reaching them. I suggest they started this way, then as they got close they started seeing Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, and republicans on C-span 2, turned right back around and said: " Nope, no intelligent life there". 35 years ago we launched Voyager. Last week it reached the edge of our solar system. Awesome. Now we must hope somebody out there has a vintage turntable that can play that gold record we stuck to the side of it. When they do finally come here they're not gonna be after our gold, women, or water... they're gonna be here for CHOCOLATE! That will be the key to our entry into the galactic trading guilds :P ( and they can't blow us up because we're the only ones who can make it.) . if we'd taped a Hershey bar to that ship we'd have heard from somebody by now...
Morton Downey Jr. - The Godfather of "Trash TV"... without him there would have never been Jenny Jones, Rikki Lake, Gordon, Sally Jesse Raphael (the later shows), Richard Bay, and the later shows of Maury Povich and his "You are NOT the father" shows...
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