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Maury Povich

Maurice Richard Maury Povich (January 17, 1939) is an American TV talk show host who currently hosts his self-titled talk show Maury.

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Maury Povich and Chuck Scarborough taking about former mayor Ed Koch. We're all behind the scenes and stuff.
Maury Povich is almost as amusing as Jerry Springer.
REVISED Dear African American people, let us no longer support TV shows like Bill Cunningham, Jerry Springer and Maury Povich, as i feel as a people we are more than just "cheaters" & "baby daddy". we will now support shows such as Mr. Tavis Smiley, Montell Williams, Steve Harvey, Arsenial Hall, Bryant Gumble and of course His good brother to satisfy your sports info. This text as you may see is from negative to positive.
will be on , if you can get passed this Maury Povich,Ricki Lake mess that's on now.
This reads like an episode of Maury Povich - is Michael Jackson really the father? Well find out when we return.
Everett Hall is one of America’s top designers and clothiers. He is a tremendous businessman as well as an award winning designer. Not only does he have his own store, but his designs are carried in Neiman Marcus and other top shelf men’s stores. He has built a multi-million dollar empire. Everett has dressed some of the most prestigious men in the world, including former South African President, Nelson Mandela, television and movie producer, Tyler Perry, actor Blair Underwood, boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard, CBS Sports anchor,, James Brown and TV host Maury Povich! Gentleman Quarterly (GQ) Magazine have named his clothing, “One of the most popular brands for celebrities.” Everett Hall is a graduate of Howard University and frequently shares his success secrets with students and young entrepreneurs. Here are tips from the interview: • Just as a designer designs clothing, with a picture in mind of what he wants to accomplish, we must also be designers of our lives with a picture in mind. • Work ...
I hate when: Some women and some men too: Being held financially hostage by government checks. I don’t knock public assistance because there are some us who need it when times get tough. What I have a problem with is complacency and entitlement. My pet peeve: Young women walking around talking about how grown and independent they are when they can’t do anything until the postman says so. The economy is tough, and this threatened “fiscal cliff” is no joke. But if you are healthy and able to work, there is no reason you should be spending your days watching Maury Povich while waiting on a check or waiting on income tax time like it’s the second coming of Christ. Real women work hard to maintain their lifestyles.
For black history month, I wanna give thanks to Alek Wek, Tomiko Fraser, Naomi Campbell & Kenya Moore for showing the world u don't have to be light to be beautiful. Beauty comes in many skin tones. I wanna thank Tatyana Ali, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Gabby Douglas & Dominique Dawes for achieving your goals & showing young girls you don't have to be a video vixen, a reality show hoodrat, twerking, or on Maury Povich to be famous & successful. Stay classy & make our forefathers proud !
Is it my failing memory or was Maury Povich an anchor on one of the DC news channels? Willard Scott did weather too, not?
The State of the Union should just be 90 minutes of Obama smoking cigarettes and showing the highlight reels from Maury Povich's "Out of Control Kids" episodes where the kids scream "Whateva, I do what I want!" and smack their moms. The Republican response should just be a 30 minute video montage of John Krasinski from "The Office" making the Jim Halpert face.
Today is an amazing day to celebrate your birthday! Look at all the celebrities also celebrating today, January 17th: * Betty White - turns 92 * Jim Carrey - turns 52 * Muhammad Ali - turns 72 * Michelle Obama - turns 50 * Benjamin Franklin - (1706-1790) * Zooey Deschanel - turns 34 * Andy Kaufman - (1949-1984) * Steve Harvey - turns 57 * Lil Jon - turns 43 * James Earl Jones - turns 83 * Kid Rock - turns 43 * Maury Povich - turns 75 * Vidal Sassoon - (1928-2012) Happy Birthday!!
Not gonna lie, when I was younger I had big crushes on Pony Boy from The Outsiders, John Ritter from Problem Child, and Maury Povich. God, what was I thinking? I had bad taste! Lol Although Maury Povich is hot for an old guy! Lol Don't judge me!
Ha, The "Hardcore Pawn" show from Detroit looks like the Maury Povich show only more gangsta and ***
Bed time! Tomorrow morning is breakfast with my wife, ex-wife and sons from each. I wonder if Maury Povich, Geraldo Rivera or whomever is today's 90s equivalent will also be there.
Let's not forget all the ol' school cereal:Golden Grahams,Honey Smacks,Golden Crisp,Cheerios,Frosted Flakes (They're Great!) and ya boy Tony the Tiger. Can't forget about that Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Let's not forget the Honey Comb. Then you had all the ghetto versions of this. I remember King Vitamin. The cartoons was off the chain too. He-Man,GI Joe,Thundercats,Transformers (all my old school Brooklyn fam remembers when there was a gang called the Decepticons),Bionic Six. Mask and Go Bots too. Let's not forget the Centurions. I KNOW y'all remember the Cosby Show and Fraggle Rock. How bout the Muppet Babies ? Night Court was all right too. Let's not forget A Different World and Gimme A Break! Let's go back to when MTV and VH-1 showed VIDEOS. We also had Saved by the Bell and Family Matters. There was Fresh Prince,90210 and Melrose Place. And what about Donahue,Sally Jessy,Montel,Richard Bey,and Morton Downey,Jr. ? Maury Povich was doing A Current Affair and was becoming Connie Chung's baby daddy.
I have to say, columns by do fill a niche in my media's akin to FoxNews, Maury Povich, the Housewives...
White Supremacist Lynches Himself after Learning of His Black Ancestry. STAMFORD, Conn. – After white supremacist Craig Cobb learned that he was 14% black while in front of a live studio audience for the Trisha Goddard Show, he decided to “end the humiliation” by lynching himself, according to members in attendance. - “I didn’t expect that,” said audience member Jon Baker. “Being here I figured we’d be treated to some wacky, Maury Povich-type stuff. But a real-life, up-close hanging? That’s straight out of a Tarantino flick.” Cobb at first denied the DNA test results linking him to a Sub-Saharan ancestry, referring to the findings as statistical noise. “Wait a minute, wait a minute, hold on, just wait a minute,” said a frantic Cobb. “Do I look black to you?” But as host Trisha Goddard moved to fist-bump Cobb while exclaiming “Bro!” Cobb reportedly said that he “could feel the blackness suddenly and uncontrollably creeping up inside of [him],” precipitating a fist-bump r ...
Love is when I can’t pay attention in class because I’m too busy wri watching Jerry Springer and Maury Povich show
Okay Natalia Soumis here are my 9 things some people don't know about me: 1. I am a big hot-head. Only the people closest to me see this. I am fortunate that those people still love me after my tantrums. I'm working on it, and one day when I grow up hopefully I won't be that way. 2. On my days off I watch Jerry Springer and Maury Povich to make me feel better about myself, and know I'm happy that I will know who the father of my children is. 3. I have lived in Michigan my entire life, I have yet to go to the upper peninsula. 4. The only thing that I ever pay full price for is groceries (sometimes). I shop the clearance racks and use a lot of coupons. 5. I have this phobia about things that are hot catching on fire. I even take pictures of these things (candles, heaters, curling irons, etc) so that if I worry I can look at the picture. 6. I was at one time mistakened for a boy. In my defense it was a old nun and she had thick glasses. 7. I would like to learn how to weld and do wood work. I like to be crea ...
Wow ... if you are a fan of baseball AND Jerry Springer or Maury Povich... look no further than the Detroit Tigers to take care of both of your guilty pleasures... RUMOR has it that Prince Fielder, going through a bad divorce and recently traded to Texas Rangers was being cheated on by his wife and she was doing it with Avisail Garcia, the young OF who was traded to the White Sox in the Iglesias deal, lucky for Dombrowski, Illitch and Co., the tawdry affair didn't derail the Tigers... too much anyway, and it paved the way for a new look, top notch middle IF next season.
Does anyone think that Maury Povich and Skip Bayless look alike? Since all watch is sports and white trash I see them a lot and i think I've got a real argument here.
this is a really good panel, with Scott van Pelt, Bonnie Bernstein, Maury Povich and more. impressive discussion of Terps to the B1G, Maury Povich is bad enough, but Bill Cunningham is so worse!
I swear I hate reality shows, and them Maury Povich, Bill Cunningham, Jerry talk shows. There is nothing entertaining about ppl who dont know who their child's father is, women fighting other women, ppl flaunting money they too dumb to invest and guys who think they are pimps. I got better things to do... Like watch Scandal. Lol!!!
Michael Jackson: The Footage You Were Never Meant To See In 2003, Michael Jackson trusted Martin Bashir to create a documentary to counter the tabloid gossip that was damaging his image in the public’s eye. Medialoid’s slander threatened to destroy him and undermine all he had accomplished, including his humanitarian efforts and his dedication to the suffering, disadvantaged children and their families around the world. Michael was appalled by the way Bashir twisted his words. Bashir inserted his own opinions; opinions that were in many cases the exact opposite of what Michael said during the interview. However, Michael’s own cameraman also videotaped the interviews that took place at Neverland Ranch and other locations during the time Bashir spent with Michael. Michael presented a copy of the unedited interview to Maury Povich and asked him to view it for himself, without any input from Michael or his staff. Povich agreed to make a rebuttal film so people could see what was said and draw their ...
They're setting us up for when they can Jeff Probst and put in Maury Povich.
Are the guests on the Bill Cunningham show so low rent that they were rejected by Maury Povich?
Oh no Mia Farrow needs Maury Povich help!! Well well well who's that babies daddy !!
Carl Sagan Postulated alien species might try to contact us when our television signals start reaching them. I suggest they started this way, then as they got close they started seeing Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, and republicans on C-span 2, turned right back around and said: " Nope, no intelligent life there". 35 years ago we launched Voyager. Last week it reached the edge of our solar system. Awesome. Now we must hope somebody out there has a vintage turntable that can play that gold record we stuck to the side of it. When they do finally come here they're not gonna be after our gold, women, or water... they're gonna be here for CHOCOLATE! That will be the key to our entry into the galactic trading guilds :P ( and they can't blow us up because we're the only ones who can make it.) . if we'd taped a Hershey bar to that ship we'd have heard from somebody by now...
Why is Finebaum on Game Day? Hey, let's invite Maury Povich, and Phil Donahue to the show.
Morton Downey Jr. - The Godfather of "Trash TV"... without him there would have never been Jenny Jones, Rikki Lake, Gordon, Sally Jesse Raphael (the later shows), Richard Bay, and the later shows of Maury Povich and his "You are NOT the father" shows...
If you've ever wondered why zina - pre marital or outside of marriage sex is unlawful in Islam just watch Maury Povich and Je…
Maury Povich is on full volume at the soul food spot. Everybody is hollering at the TV. Just like church!
Did anyone see Connie Chung and Maury Povich in the Pearl today? Heard they were doing some shopping.
Am I the only person who wonders how Maury Povich landed the beautiful Connie Chung as a wife?
Trisha Goddard Show is the new Maury Povich! Love it!
I'm gonna be the next Montel Williams/Maury Povich.
*Random Thought*.so I'm sitting here watching Forrest Gump, and I'm at the part where Forrest shows up to Jenny's apartment and she drops the he's your son bombshell on him! I guess Forrest didn't know to call Maury Povich since Jenny was bangin every Tom, *** and Harry from San Fran to Brooklyn!!!
A life without friends seems... lonely. When I was a kid, I was a shy nerd. It's really hard to rock pocket protectors and asthma inhalers like a fashion symbol but I made it work. I got bullied a lot to the point where I might as well have written punching bag on my forehead. Oh those years. My face hit the gravel so many times, I'm still spitting pebbles out my mouth to this day. But that was my life and I got used to being the nerd. The shyest kid in the school. The one everyone thought was mute. I always wished to myself that I was popular. I saw so many kids with little teenybopper acne faced fan clubs following behind them that all I could think is, one day I would like to be popular. Not like Maury Povich or reality show popular. More like Brad Pitt popular but without the 8 united nation kids and drunken hobo beard he sometimes rocks. I had a few friends back then but deep in my heart I wanted my friendships that would last forever. It was so important to me that 3 years ago when I moved to Berkel ...
My daughter saw a picture of Colin Kaepernick today and said "dada". Ill see you on Maury Povich in a few weeks Lisa Nunney
Did you know that on June 18, 1994 O.J. Simpson was sitting in a county jail for one of the slowest police chases in history? You know where O.J. is now? He's free. That's right the Juice is loose. Now there is controversy over whether or not he is the real father of Khloe Kardashian. This guys gets around, eh? Read the tabloids. I bet next week will have him walking Kim Kardashian down the aisle to Kayne. Then some kind if way Maury Povich will have a DNA test revealing that OJ is Kayne's father too. Maury: OJ you are 99.9% the father. Happy belated Father's Day And then Chapelle will come out say: I'm rich biatch for no reason. And then the world will explode.
Enough...We must change the culture. Hallmark's Mahogany line for African Americans makes a "Father's Day" card for mothers. Single mothers wish themselves and other single mothers a "Happy Father's Day." And we somehow think that's okay or cute. It is a denigration of God-ordained masculine parentage and a slap against good fathers; a subtle undermining of the divine prescription of joint parenting by a mother and a father. Women can never "father". That is a lie from *** I'm sorry y'all but I'll add to it before I take one word away. So, dear sisters, all I can say, in my best Maury Povich voice, is, "YOU are NOT the father!" Dr. Lisa Carroll, can you help me understand?
the Trisha Goddard show is the name of it. She is supposed to be the female Maury Povich
All these years later and Maury Povich is still a *** (And don't get me started on Springer...)
I'm looking forward to Maury Povich at center ice telling Luc Robitaille "You ARE the father" while pointing at Tyler Toffoli.
holy crap is still on TV w episodes!!! Maury Povich is the mofo'n man! helpin *** out for like 20yrs!!
Catching up on some Maury Povich today
Lol watching the Maury povich show cad
My bucket list contains one item and it is to attend a live recording of the Maury Povich show.
I have noticed that Dr.Phil has become trash tv. He is like maury povich for white people
Someone needs to highly encourage Maury Povich not to renew his contract next time. How many more DNA shows can we handle?
Maury Povich couldn't even test the kid.
"That's the classiest thing I've seen around here in a very long time."~Security at The Maury Povich Show: Somehow, the point seems moot.
Maury Povich show is just a real live pregnancy test with an announcer.
Somewhere, Maury Povich just developed a raging hard-on.
Listen, maury povich is all the way turnt & I'm only 6 minutes in. This is the best. day. ever.
One of the highlights of being out of school is the Maury Povich show
Turned on the day time tv... Mauri Povich has a day time talk show... "50yr. Old denies being the baby daddy!" ... I think I just got a little dumber for watching all 5 minutes of it! Smh
Maury Povich is the Chief Keef of daytime tv & he must be stopped!!! It was cool to watch ignorant ppl on tv when I was 18 but now it's sad
Maury Povich always brings me to tears.
"Hi, I'm going to see Maury Povich in person...yes, I'd like to buy a pink shirt that reads "You are NOT the father." C-L-A-S-S-Y
Bored as idk what!!! So guess I'm watching the Maury Povich show for slight entertainment
That's horrible. Hope she doesn't get pregnant! End up on Maury Povich.
oh girl, get out my mentions with this touching Maury Povich story. Im not here for it.
Oh Maury Povich Show, you never fail to make me feel better about my life.
Wow!!! I forgot how ULTRA ignorant Maury Povich's show is. These people make themselves look like ghetto trash. This is what non-working people watch instead of working? Glad I work!! With a name like Raymesha. Hood!!!
I don't even wanna get into how cross I am at Maury Povich right now
Last but not least gud mornin maury povich...
On the bus and haven't seen these many baby mommas since DNA tests on Maury Povich LOL!
Anyway lil niggah don't test the kid. Even Maury Povich could test the kid. Even R. Kelly couldn't touch the kid
I didnt know maury povich was the host of maury wow...
I can't stand shows like Maury Povich who earns a living off of out of wedlock paternity shows. Like sex and violence, drama sells too.
I wonder if Maury Povich and Connie Chung ever have dinner parties and if so how I could swing an invite to one
I love the Maury Povich show. These people make me look like I have my life together.
Celebrating Memorial Day like a true 'Mercian , watching Maury Povich
Those guests on the Maury Povich show, crack me up. Why you got to be so loud??
A day to remember those that fought for our freedom. And I'm watching the Maury Povich show prove baby daddies one DNA test at a time.
geez! That'd make the Maury Povich show a lot more interesting!
The moment when Obi-Wan Kenobi figures out that Anakin Skywalker is the baby daddy makes him the Maury Povich of
NBA officiating is just as bad as maury povich's "Who's my baby daddy" shows
I cannot stand 3 people in my life 1. Paul George 2. Maury Povich and 3. Amy Capwell-Burns
Quad was so classy she was Maury Povich how she pulled those results out!!!
Don't worry, Ivy. Just let Maury Povich break it to him. "Derek, you ARE the father..."
maury povich taught me "age is justa numba. You dunnooo meh!"
canceling the Maury Povich show. How else will they find our who their fathers are?
cancelation of the Maury Povich show
maybe you should call Maury Povich and settle it on TV
Shout Out to drunk Dudes in Vegas or Miami NOT using them Condoms for Memorial Weekend! the Father! (Maury Povich voice)
Bees and biological weapon scientists dying off...not on the next Maury Povich.
I really want to go to a Maury Povich show..
My alleged children are 15 and 14 yrs old. They're cute so we kept them. I've never been on Maury Povich for a DNA test:-)
Jocelyn watches Survivor. To me it is a show were being a hypocrite back stabbing lair makes you a winner. Not my kind of people. Especially Dawn the two face rat.
Eerie simplicity to Charlamagne's throne. Wonder what Vankin would discern from Harvey's dillemma? man has marraige nightmares over Ceausescu. first lady to be depicted as a slave. first lady to be threatened with execution by her bodyguard. president who has incarcerated more whistleblowers, than all other presidents combined - is threatened with death by his bodyguard, who is then fired as a "whistleblower". little circular like a torture witch execution, psychic driven on Maury Povich, kangaroo court in Stalin's Caligula's euthanasia torturre gulags. Fats has his fictional pinned vermin for Mao's war on sparrow.
if your college advertises during Maury Povich commercial breaks.
Stu: "I love Maury Povich!" Kelsey: "Who DOESNT like a good paternity test?!"
If a girl knows she a thot, why would she go on the Maury Povich show with hella *** and none of them are the father.dumb thot
Sometimes u just gotta watch Maury Povich to remember how good ur life is lol
Shout out 2 all the baby daddies & mamas that aint afraid 2 show up on Maury Povich show for just a few mins of embarrassment
If yall homie end up on Maury Povich, he b one *** mofo
Just realized that "Billy Jean" is the musical equivalent of the Maury Povich show.
Maury Povich's show is like a car wreck on the freeway. You know you're not supposed to look, but you can help yourself. Where does he find
Just watching a couple minutes of Maury Povich shows me what a waste of time the American Public Education System really is
How come the Maury Povich show doesn't ever have anyone whose names are Bobby and Sue
"I love Maury Povich, I can't explain why." Things you overhear...
the Maury Povich show gives me a headache now. like who cares who's baby it is?
"It's exactly the same sort of DNA testing that you might see on Maury Povich to figure out how many dads there are"
I love getting under your skin & it's true Previn. Degenerates love Maury povich & count me in too.
there is nothing more American than trash appearing on Maury Povich & degenerates who eat it up.
I knew shark pups ate each other in the womb, but I never guessed Maury Povich was involved. Endlessly fascinating.
Maury Povich should host a game show. It would be exactly like his talk show but the paternity test winners get fabulous prizes
Anyway lil *** dont test the kid even Maury povich couldnt test the kid
How does anyone get tricked into going on the Maury Povich show
I secretly wish I had Maury Povich's job.
Hi Craig, Geoff, & Secretariat! Has someone ever told you Craig that you kinda look like Maury Povich? Just asking.
"hoping to get Donnie results" the 3rd most common Maury Povich episode title.
.getting an invite to be a guest on Maury Povich is right up there sir.
I wonder which brand of socks Maury Povich wears as his go-to?
no, I really just want the fancy hotel stay on Maury Povich's dime.
Who do I look like, Maury Povich? I'm not your relationship counselor.
I can see writing a new song about this. Will this one be called 'Jerry Springer'? We've already had 'Maury Povich'. lol
If you get a link from Dr. Phil and Maury Povich then you'll be the envy of the ball.
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I'm going to add going to watch a taping of the Maury Povich show to my bucket list.
Life goal no.12: Get tickets to Maury Povich and act super ignant
Even Maury Povich couldn't test the kid, even R. Kelly couldn't touch the kid, and even w. All ya bars you couldn't test the kid
will be disregarding your Expectant-Mothers parking sign 'cause he took no part in your particular pregnatizivation, so sayeth Maury Povich.
Also known as "Maury Povich" month. Wait, Jewish, Asian-American and Older-Americans month are all the same month?
Sorry to everyone I told Maury povich was going to be the speaker at graduation.🙈🙊
Lessons learned from Maury Povich: People be lying, DNA tests need to be cheaper so people can take them at home, sexy decoys are the devil
Watching Maury Povich and laughing at these stupid girls that will do anything to stay with these guys... LMAO!!
Walmart is a cesspool full of candidates for teen mom, Maury Povich, pitbulls and parolees, and Amish mafia
Maury Povich's show is always outta control
Every rumor should be treated as true until proven otherwise. Prove it wrong Burkie!.. Next week on The Maury Povich Show
Maury povich should be arrested for crimes against black people
Watching DNA paternity tests on Povich makes me think about what the US will be like in 20+ years.
Pretty sure I just saw all the past guest of the Maury Povich show, at save on foods north.
The rites of spring in my neighborhood include the walking of *** children up & down the street for hours. Like a mobile Maury Povich show
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'Reformed theology people using music, books 2 take shots @ other ministers. Stop it! Take ur drama 2 Maury Povich.' that's good
Does it come with a Lego Maury Povich ? :)
They should hav follow up episodes for the families brought together by Maury Povich.
There's a lady on Maury Povich right now who is 102% sure this dude is her baby daddy...102% 😆😆
The people who come onto Maury Povich show really need to re-evaluate their lives.
Wonder if it's produced by Maury Povich?
That's the pot of gold so we sonning them like Maury Povich
Holy Moly! 60 Pokes! We are going to need a Maury Povich style DNA test!
“Why is everyone getting pregnant.” I don't know, but Maury Povich does.
Reformed theology people using music, books to take shots at other ministers. Stop it! Take your drama to Maury Povich.
Changing a word document from single to double spaced is more suspenseful than Maury Povich opening the envelope to announce the baby daddy
Maury Povich is the funniest show on tv
At least in the hay day of soap operas, we all knew who the baby daddy was. I hate Maury Povich.
Maury Povich drives me crazy. There's no way in *** I'd go on national tv for a paternity test.
Today is National DNA Day which is basically Christmas for Maury Povich.
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I want just one episode of Maury Povich where we find out the woman isn't the mother.
The Jets are not the winners signed Maury Povich bo bo
that *** Maury Povich was born in NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE dawg. he's 74.70freakin4
Maury Povich has looked the EXACT SAME since i was in like 2nd grade
If I am ever in Stamford, CT my top priority would be to see Maury Povich
Peter Popoff is the Maury Povich of religion.
yes, that face is included. I need maury povich for commentary.
Maury Povich is one audibly read stage direction away from becoming an awful scripted show. "You're my baby's father, turn to camera"
My room mate gets her social skills from the Maury Povich show
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sometime this year show EDL some Maury Povich. PLEASE.
Today is NATIONAL DNA DAY-There will b a young Sean Kemp lookalike contest hosted by the Octomom and Maury Povich
Maury povich and Jerry Springer back to back.awesome!
Dylan, honey, please call Maury. Please. For all our sakes. Hire Maury Povich, show!
"The down fall of our society will be due to Maury Povich and Jerry Springer," said Mr. Pilcher the Ap Lang. and Comp. teacher
Not even checking my TL. Just living in my Maury Povich *** mentions. Hair just dripping while I condition it and save my reputation.
Maury Povich must have put in his high school yearbook that he wanted to be an embarrassment to journalism when he grows up.
They got a Maury Povich page on FB clownin mfs
Agenda for day off watch Maury povich for a couple hours, some serious cleaning and a trip to big cat rescue with
I think I'm done with Louisiana Tech's getting all Maury Povich and eventually Jerry Springer.
Waking up to Maury Povich, a green tea frap and a lemon poppyseed loaf. Mom's trying to bribe me with Maury & food loool! 😂
When you have to choose a tv show at the Hudson County Courthouse, the choice is Maury Povich. It’s gonna be a long two days….
Painting of Jesus being so white used to bother me as a kid, now I think "roman soldier daddy". Is Maury Povich checking the daddy?
It'd be awesome if Maury Povich and Jeremy Kyle thought they were the father of the same baby.
& killed their scenes today! But this baby mess can be solved with two words: Maury. Povich.
Hudson is napping and Maury Povich is having technical difficulties?!?!
Maury Povich is such an entertaining show
"a break mean munts. not days, and you know dat, stupid." wisdom from the Maury Povich show.
I ain't Maury Povich so who u think u kidding
All thats going on n the World right now & news on every channel except the channel that broadcasts Maury Povich 😳
What interests me about Maury Povich is that the lie detector tests are not reliable, so essentially he could be ruining lives by accident
Maury Povich is such a messed up show
Auntie would have been better served interviewed by Maury Povich, or Jerry Springer.
Who is the only white man who can go through any hood in US and be safe? Maury Povich
this family drama stuff with the Boston Bomber aunt and uncle is playing out like a Maury Povich show.
The family should book themselves on the Maury Povich show at this point. How are their ramblings at all constructive at this point?
I love my Maury Povich job...cause I swear some the calls I go on smh
jay did U say Stephen Jackson went From sister2sister, doing that will get U slapped on TV! s/Maury Povich guests
"You think you've seen people dance? You've never seen anyone dance till you hear Maury Povich: 'You are NOT the father! '"
Quoted yesterday "as sure as a paternity test on Maury povich" lol, co-workers got a kick out of it
I just realized looks like Maury Povich
girl! Is your town a Maury Povich audience? LoL
Classic Maury Povich paternity test all over the place!! I think the camera man had one done. "You are the father"
Watching Maury Povich increases my superiority complex.
maury povich's paternity results are hilarious! Type in Jerry Springer midget fight, its actually brilliant!
Girl, I want a DNA test done on Maury Povich to see if we are long lost sisters.
Photoset: I totally look preggers in that top pic… *side eyes Maury Povich, here we come….  
Maury Povich couldn't test the kid.
I'm more sure than a paternity test on Maury Povich.
LADIES is you only sleep with one man at a time and take a small break between them .Your would put maury povich out of business
Im justin im 7 years old and i smoke cigarettes and my favorite drink is whiskey i swear and slap my mom
> Well, I turned on the TV today & the US version of that show was on. He is a more aggressive Maury Povich. Like a pit bull Jerry Springer.
This beat is Maury Povich, I am all y'all fathers !
I think twerking was something that was started by Maury Povich to ensure that his show would never go off the air!
Go on the Maury Povich show with balls on my chin.
For every grown *** man that openly rides another mans *** Maury Povich will help you find your father 1-866-99-MAURY Theres the number
A pregnancy test that also tells who the father is. But instead of a stick, you pee on Maury Povich. Don't worry, he's into it. TRUST ME
I wonder if Maury Povich has stock in DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC).
Maury Povich: angry mom: his eyes, ears, nose, forehead, chin, cheeks are identical... Results: not the father...
Trisha Goddard is Maury Povich...In the form of a black female, of course.
"Catch me floating on a four leaf clover. That's the pot of gold so we son'n them like Maury Povich."
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Gotta Smithsonian mindset in a Maury Povich world
Performed open mic at and for a bait-n-switch approach to the Maury Povich china set was ,don't ask,alright
Maury Povich is gonna be on ESPN First Take in the morning lmao I gotta see this
Still waiting for somebody to come out with a hit single called "You are not the father" & dance like the dudes on the Maury Povich show.
the people on the Maury Povich show are cra cra...
that was a lie (aka I'm Maury Povich) whoops forgot the 5 dollars. Lucky we're good kids.
"I bet maury povich receives more daps than every single white man in the world." I just remembered I thought that a few days ago.
I'm sure congrats are in order for does this mean we will see him on Maury Povich?
don’t be surprised when I sue you for ruining my life. I’ll soon be on Maury Povich going on about how I’ve lost my job…
Maury Povich and you are the father?
Maury Povich kills me all the time... Whose the father? We shall never know.
Maury Povich just punked this hillbilly named Barbie.
"Albert Einstein, in the case of the general theory of relativity, you ARE the father!" - Maury Povich
That's my winner, to date. Everyone was waiting for Maury Povich to testify. And he deferred it, so we get to hear it again!
Did y'all know that Maury Povich older than Jerry Springer??
Maury Povich is that dude..he smove as ***
It's actually Maury Povich, but still funny! RT:"Joseph, you are NOT the father." -Jerry Springer
After tragic events in my country, I watch Maury Povich and regain my faith in humanity.wait a minute
Watching the Maury Povich show again:) I find this show interesting:)
Nurse Povich as in Maury Povich, you know because of all the paternity testing episodes.
" are NOT the father!" - Maury Povich, Nazareth, circa 2 B.C.
It's like the Maury Povich show, it's so horrible but I can't tear myself away from it. :(
The Don't get Scroogled campaign is just sad. Feel like i just watch Maury Povich.
Mona might as well take over when Maury Povich retires.
she is a regular on Maury Povich's "Who's my Baby Daddy?"
UGH why delicious chips are you so loud?! I CAN'T HEAR MAURY POVICH
I'm a fan, but I wonder if Maury Povich will be content with his legacy.
watched maury povich all comm tech class :P
Here it is: our offical TV debut on That is, if you don't count The Maury Povich Show...
Right?! It's kinda like watching Jerry Springer or Maury Povich, makes our probs look minuscule!! ;)
You are not the father.for any mother who goes on the Maury Povich show...
Who is a worse instigator , Maury Povich or Joey Greco ?
"They ask me what I do and who I do it for" ~ Maury Povich 😂😂😂😂
: the video they did for that, combined with the Maury Povich show, is phenomenal.
Local werewolf will appear on Maury Povich show today to discuss his Fear of hair
I'm thinking about accusing Maury Povich of being my father.
Seeing a superbowl ad on maury povich is like seeing the prom queen in a crack house.
''So we sonnin' them like Maury Povich, we gonna need paternity tests I guess''
*NSYNC on The Maury Povich Show check out the tracks for the show lol
I think it's the new Maury Povich show
Swore to become celibate. First bump in the road and BAM! Maury povich wants me on his show. Thank you life.
if i ever have a daughter i'm naming her Jae'Tamiqua like the girl on the Maury Povich episode i just watched. She was fiesty.
Why hasn't a condom company used Maury Povich for advertisement yet? Him on the box reading cards, "You are 85% not the father"
S/O to black ppl who call Maury Povich "Murry"
You go girl, get that promotion. I'll be on the sofa, collecting unemployment, yelling at the TV, watching Maury Povich.
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I honestly thought they were announcing Brian Burke and Hazel Mae going on the Maury Povich show
Is Jeremy Kyle like the UK equivalent to Maury Povich?
Only asking the obvious sir that's all would hate to see this develop into a Maury Povich type situation.
And then me Stephon and Thomas are dropping one... Hit singles "Maury Povich" and "Epileptic Smooth Jazz Light Show" are included.
That South Park episode when they had Maury Povich on.. >
I don't care how horrible it is, The Maury Povich show is honestly one of my favourite things to watch. 👌👍
Perm and Keese being Maury povich messy
Anyway lil *** don't test the kid, even maury povich couldn't test the kid.
Maury Povich, I find out just how insanely horrible people are in America, and I become more depressed and cynical.
um I think Maury Povich needs to intervene in our situation
I need to take over for Maury Povich when he retires
Am instant headache is turning on the TV to find Maury Povich on your screen.
Maybe she's not a *** Maybe she's the carrier to the second coming of Jesus. Would make sense - Me, watching Maury Povich.
... I read that in Maury Povich's voice.
I am 100% sure (or 200% Maury Povich sure) I am the only person on this flight who has ever flown before.
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I added a video to a playlist Maury Povich Show
It's like Maury Povich with a twist.
I think the show Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are looking for is Maury Povich..
I'm watching "Maury's (Povich) Future Stars 2013." I can't say it's good, but mom's are crying in the front row. Daughter, you made it?
Lindsay Lohan is pregnant. Maury Povich is going to have to dedicate a whole season to this one.
Will The Mythical Show be more like The Mike Douglas Show, Maury Povich, or Arsenio?
US wearing zebra chinchillas on centerstage with (MAURY POVICH)
Maury Povich could have fixed Westeros in 1 episode...
Not a clue. You think I'm free during the day to know? Come on.. I'm obviously busy watching Maury Povich.
i know who my daddy is just ask Maury Povich
You will never know the excitement of the guys on The Maury Povich show who just found out that they aren't the father.
Bioshock games are like an episode of Maury Povich, always waitin til the end to see who the real father is
Zenyatta's baby boy is quite beautiful. But I gotta ask - where did the chestnut color come from? Do we need an Equine Maury Povich episode?
let me go get my life together and do something productive. like watch Maury Povich reruns from 2002.
If you could block people in real life Jerry Springer and Maury Povich would be 2 broke individuals...
Little Giant Ladders
Been watching "First Take" for years and it never occurred to me that Skip Bayless LOOKS JUST LIKE Maury Povich!
Buy me tickets to the Maury Povich show so I know it's real.
On today's show .in my best Maury Povich voice ha ha ha
Maury Povich is 74 and he could still hit this.
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